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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus for controlling growth of organisms
Self-propelled mower having enhanced maneuverability
Self-propelled mower having enhanced maneuverability
Bait holder for a fishing lure
Footwear cleat
Boot mounted braking device for snow sleds
Handheld device for holding plastic grocery bags
Posture correcting device
Bed clip system
Replaceable headboard and footboard cover
Cooking utensil
Fitted bed sheet
Apparatus and method for preventing water from escaping a shower area
Mop press
Pad with brush/scrub function
Apparatus to remove a disposable sponge from a hand operated squeeze sponge mop without having to touch the sponge
Cleaning device for sunlight collecting devices in a solar thermal electric power generation system
Vacuum cleaner
Programmable ECG sensor patch
Method and device for cleaning teeth
Implantable biomedical device including an electrical energy generator
Medical lead coil conductor with spacer element
Method to detect proper lead connection in an implantable stimulation system
Lead connector for an implantable electric stimulation system and methods of making and using
Performing Operations; Transporting
Roll stand for rolling bar-shaped or tubular material
Roll assembly for a rolling mill
Method of forming a tenon on one side of a metal plate member
Reducing fluid turbulance in a flexible pipe
Method of manufacturing a rolling element bearing with improved rolling contact surfaces
Fastening structure with a rivet
Power saw
Securing plugs for attaching computer components
Two abutting sections of an align fixture together floatingly engaging an electronic component
Rivet tool with remote intensifier auto fill/recharge system
Fan clutch holding tool
Method and apparatus for monitoring blind fastener setting
Luer lock wrench
Positionable power screwdriver
Split end removing device for a haircutting machine
Foam grooving sled
Automatic hatch closer for marine vessels and recreational vehicles
Mode change control system for hybrid vehicle
Pedal structure for a bicycle
Medicine feeding device
Agricultural bagger with upper tunnel compaction and chute agitation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for bending glass sheets
Textiles; Paper
High tear strength flame resistant cotton fabric
Fixed Constructions
Multi-hole concealer strip
Gabion elements for producing constructions such as walls, barricades and the like
Waterproofing system for a basement or similar structure
Framework connection system
Snow removal method and system for a metal roof
Safety storage device
Window with multi-way for opening
Sliding door security assembly
Rotation apparatus
Coupling structure
Articulating window hinges and articulating window assemblies
Automatic door closing device
Locking core plug
System and method for content protection
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multi-crankshaft, variable-displacement engine
Engine arrangement with an improved exhaust heat recovery arrangement
Method of providing asymmetric joint control for primary frequency regulation in combined-cycle power plants
Fossil-fueled power station comprising a carbon dioxide separation device and method for operating a fossil-fueled power station
Screw shaft turbine compressor and system
Gas turbo set and method for controlling a gas turbo set
Vortex premixer for combustion apparatus
Combustion cavity layouts for fuel staging in trapped vortex combustors
Variable geometry turbocharger with sliding piston
Modification of engine control signal timing by emulation of engine position sensors
Intake air flow rate control device for internal combustion engine
Master cylinder with increased safety and piston for such a master cylinder
Combination of piston and piston ring
Hose clamp
Transportation of liquefiable petroleum gas
Portable cooling unit
Refrigeration system
Vapor compression systems using an accumulator to prevent over-pressurization
Indoor unit, air conditioner including indoor unit and method of controlling air conditioner
Cooler with ordered refilling
Method for operating a cryocooler using on line contaminant monitoring
Drying apparatus having front support mounting assembly
Centrifugal pellet dryer with plastic wall panels
Low-pressure dryer and low-pressure drying method
Gun stock pivot
Method for determining contact erosion of an electromagnetic switching device, and electromagnetic switching device comprising a mechanism operating according to said method
Folding rule having a lighting element
Tape measure with laser beam
Position measuring device with a temperature correction device
Flow sensor, mass flow controller, and method for manufacturing flow sensor
Low liquid level detecting device and method
Device for detecting electromagnetically the level of a material which is conductive, or made conductive, particularly molten glass
Method and apparatus for the variable speed ring rolling simulation of substrates
Force measurement of bimetallic thermal disc
Isolated pressure transducer
Apparatus and method for collecting vehicle diagnostic information
Tuning parameter of kalman filter in a wheel inspection
Automated method and system to assemble and inspect tubing assemblies
Apparatus and methods for dynamically pressure testing an article
Method of sampling from a multiphase fluid mixture, and associated sampling apparatus
Viscoelastic characteristic value-measuring apparatus and method of measuring viscoelastic characteristic value
Robotic sensor
Thermoelectric evaluation and manufacturing methods
Method and apparatus for non-destructive detection of pits and seed fragments in fruit
Automated characterization and classification of microorganisms
Bubble presence/absence determining method and dispensing apparatus
System for detection of turbulent air flow across a sail of a sailboat
Method of making thin film probe tip for atomic force microscopy
Data center power conversion efficiency management
Information processing device and method
Integrated circuit test optimization using adaptive test pattern sampling algorithm
Marine seismic source handling system
Optical fiber module and method of making optical fiber module
Light-guide module
Optical characteristic measuring probe
Sheet processing apparatus having punch unit, and image forming apparatus
Belt drive apparatus for correcting belt position in direction of width
Image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Heat fixing belt with metal mesh electrodes, a fixing device using the belt and a method for making the belt
Process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and electrophotographic photosensitive drum unit
Image forming apparatus
Lock-out, tag-out system using safety programmable logic controller
Supervisory control and data acquisition system for energy extracting vessel navigation
System and method for selecting a power management configuration in a multi-core environment according to various operating conditions such as voltage, frequency, power mode, and utilization factor varied on a per-core basis
Secondary battery charging control apparatus
Tiled memory power management
Enhancing power efficiency in a wireless internet card
Reduced terminal power consumption via use of active hold state
System and method for remote recovery with checkpoints and intention logs
Restarting event and alert analysis after a shutdown in a distributed processing system
Security protection for a customer programmable platform
Scoping scripts in a page
Verifying correctness of regular expression transformations that use a post-processor
Memory device configured to execute plural access commands in parallel and memory access method therefor
Storage apparatus and data management method
Program converting apparatus, program converting method, and medium
Method and apparatus for associating requests and responses with identification information
Memory register encoding apparatus and methods
Virtual computer system and method of controlling the same
Arithmetic processing unit and control method for evicting an entry from a TLB to another TLB
Storage system and storage subsystem
Selecting an auxiliary storage medium for writing data of real storage pages
Increasing efficiency of memory accesses by selectively introducing a relative delay between the time that write addresses are provided to the memory and the time that write data is provided to the memory
Cache memory management in a flash cache architecture
Centralized serialization of requests in a multiprocessor system
Remembered set overhead reduction by deferred garbage collections of stable regions
Cache memory management in a flash cache architecture
Method and apparatus for managing software controlled cache of translating the physical memory access of a virtual machine between different levels of translation entities
Aligned data access
Data copying
Transparent processing core and L2 cache connection
Virtual USB key for blade server
Method, algorithm, and computer program for targeting messages including advertisements in an interactive measurable medium
Generating recommendations for peripheral devices compatible with a processor and operating system of a computer
Wheel measuring system
Network transcoding system
Emulation tool and method of using the same for a content distribution system
Metering of telecommunications services
System, method and computer program product for serving an application from a custom subdomain
Method for managing the allocation of data into a peer-to-peer network and peer implementing such method
Selectively granting a floor during set-up of a communication session within a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for maintaining multicast lists in a data network
Techniques for managing a network delivery path of content via a key
Selected alert delivery in a distributed processing system
Message-based communication system monitor
Overlay network
Projector, projector system, and control method
Software tool for generating technical business data requirements
Method for indexed-field based difference detection and correction
System and method for automatic generation of presentations based on agenda
Font data processing system and method
Device for dispensing a preparation, with automatic or semi-automatic adjustment of the properties of the preparation by means of an integrated sensor of the surroundings
Asynchronous peer-to-peer data replication
Transforming a list of purchase types based on a configurable rule
Smarter business intelligence systems
Method and system to manage multiple party rewards using a single account and artificial intelligence
Systems and methods for filtering a signal
Systems and methods for normalizing input media
Memory system for storing and retrieving experience and knowledge by utilizing natural language responses
Query optimization in a parallel computer system with multiple networks
Document management system for buildings
Method for inter-site data stream transfer in cooperative data stream processing
Remote inventory manager
Method and apparatus for generating and reproducing media object-based metadata
High quantitative pattern searching using spatial indexing
System and method for preferred services in nomadic environments
Query expression evaluation using sample based projected selectivity
Transformation of logical data objects for storage
Search apparatus, search method, and program
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data processing program, recording apparatus, recording method, and recording program
Method for determining an arrangement of measurement points on an anatomical structure
System and method for performing static timing analysis in the presence of correlations between asserted arrival times
Method and apparatus for timing closure
Modeling the total parasitic resistances of the source/drain regions of a multi-fin multi-gate field effect transistor
Layout design apparatus and layout design method
Changing the location of a buffer bay in a netlist
Forecasting asphaltic precipitation
System and method for testing a light sensor of a portable electronic device
Data processing circuit and control method therefor
Data encryption device and control method thereof
Transaction auditing for data security devices
Integrity protection in data processing systems
Playing control files for personal video recorders
Maliciouis user agent detection and denial of service (DOS) detection and prevention using fingerprinting
Electronic gaming machine security for software stored in nonvolatile media
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
Electronic device and input-signal switching method
Method and system for reducing triggering latency in universal serial bus data acquisition
Distributed function execution for hybrid systems
System and method for management of controls in a graphical user interface
Methods and apparatus to conceal portions of a visual object diagram in a process control system
Information processing system and method of controlling the same
Method of treating objects according to their individual weights
Speculative execution in a real-time data environment
Copy on access to locked objects
SQL queries for simple network management protocol management information base tables
Preserving and handling native data in hybrid object trees
Query evaluation using ancestor information
Network analysis
Content data delivery system, and method for delivering an encrypted content data
Firewalls for providing security in HTTP networks and applications
Network security system
Systems and methods of identifying chunks from multiple syndicated content providers
Vibration-restraining control apparatus for vehicle
Managing migration of a prefetch stream from one processor core to another processor core
System and method for managing resources using a compositional programming model
Predictive run testing
System and method for analyzing alternatives in test plans
Methods and tools for creation of read-only-memory software binary images and corresponding software patches
Isolating operating system in-memory modules using error injection
Mining sequential patterns in weighted directed graphs
Detecting design patterns in models by utilizing transformation language
Correct refactoring of concurrent software
Compiling system and method for optimizing binary code
Method, apparatus and full-system simulator for speeding MMU simulation
System and method for thread processing robot software components responsive to periodic, dedicated, and passive modes
Identifying data communications algorithms of all other tasks in a single collective operation in a distributed processing system
Providing computational resources to applications based on accuracy of estimated execution times provided with the request for application execution
Mechanisms to detect priority inversion
Method and a device for merging a plurality of digital pictures
Apparatus and method for embedding searchable information into a file, encryption, transmission, storage and retrieval
Information processing apparatus, control method for the same, and computer-readable storage medium
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
Correcting page curl in scanned books
Method and apparatus for generating special-purpose image analysis algorithms
Media auto exchange system and method
System, method and program for setting wage for call center personnel
Method and system for measuring technology maturity
System and method for determining a hotel marketability index score in a network environment
Workflow system and method with skip function
Method and system enabling dynamic composition of heterogenous risk models
Method and apparatus for collecting data for an item
Anonymous separation of duties with credentials
Method and system for providing access rights to a communications network site
System and method for associating requests with potential respondents to said requests
System for associating requests with potential respondents to said requests
System and method for gathering ecommerce data
Automating the process of purchasing a memory upgrade for a computer system
Method for managing buyer transactions and settlements using communication network between computers, and method for relaying information following buyer consumption trends to the buyer
Autonomously rescheduling appointments
End-to-end licensing of digital media assets
Method and system for detection of motor vehicle movement to avoid collisions
Essay writing system
Greeting card with scanable gift card
Retail display accessory for an article of clothing to assist a consumer in selecting clothing
Composite panel display by refracted light
Weight coefficient generation device, voice recognition device, navigation device, vehicle, weight coefficient generation method, and weight coefficient generation program
Method and system for domain-specific noisy channel natural language processing (NLP)
Voice-controlled clinical information dashboard
Method of assembling an actuator assembly of a disk drive and of reducing torque out retention values in subsequent de-swaging
Optical disk playback device with three-dimensional playback functionality
Method and apparatus for determining the cleanliness of a lens in an optical disc drive
Embedded virtual media
Disk-shaped recording medium, optical spot position control device, and optical spot position control method
Semiconductor device including storage device and method for driving the same
Magnetic memory with phonon glass electron crystal material
Memory device, semiconductor device, and detecting method for defective memory cell in memory device
Semiconductor device with self refresh test mode
NAND flash memory of using common P-well and method of operating the same
Preemptive memory repair based on multi-symbol, multi-scrub cycle analysis
Memory control circuit and memory circuit
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing an inductor
X-ray anode
Method of manufacturing surface-emitting backlight by molding contact member integrally with molded case
Seal apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method for making terminal
Multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
All-optical generation of 60 GHz millimeter wave using multiple wavelength Brillouin-Erbium fiber laser
Stator of an electric motor
Signal detection with adjustable number of interfering signals
Multi-band bandpass-sampling receiver
Method for dynamically adjusting the spectral content of an audio signal
Microphone interface and method of operation
Apparatus and method for calibrating the I/Q mismatch in a quadrature bandpass sampling receiver
Data transmitting device, data receiving device, data transmitting/receiving device, and controlling method of data transmitting/receiving device
Memory device having multiple channels and method for accessing memory in the same
Method and apparatus for detecting trapping sets in decoding of information
Systems and methods for information compression
Narrowband interference rejection for ultra-wideband systems
Bit sync for receiver with multiple antennas
Techniques for improving transmitter performance
Feeder cable reduction
Transcoding system using encoding history information
Communication system
Paging channel prediction for bluetooth paging procedure
Optical transceiver
Multiple star wavelength division multiplexing passive optical networks using a wavelength assignment method
Repeater with mobile communication device feedback
Wireless communication method and apparatus for adaptively biasing channel quality indicators to maintain a desired block error rate
System and method for creating an ad hoc group in a push-to-talk system
Base station device and interference suppression method
Echo cancellation repeater using an inserted pilot with gain-based power level control scheme
Frame mapping for GERAN voice capacity enhancements
OSNR measuring device and optical communication system
Packet transfer device
Method and apparatus for improved cell acquisition with reduced frequency error impact
High data rate interface with improved link synchronization
Communication system, management apparatus, communication apparatus and computer program
Alternate channel for carrying selected message types
Method and system for providing faster channel switching in a digital broadcast system
UPD-based soft phone state monitoring for CTI applications
Method and apparatus for providing replay protection in systems using group security associations
Method and apparatus for performing communication in relay system
Distributed storage of routing information in a link state protocol controlled network
Emergency alerting device
Ethernet differentiated services architecture
Data transmission device
Scalable balanced switches
Quadrature bandpass-sampling RF receiver
Architecture and methods for coexistence of wireless radios having differing protocols
Receiver and reception method for layered modulation
Scoring hypotheses in LTE cell search
SMU architecture for turbo decoder
Multiple-input multiple-output OFDM systems
Certifying a virtual entity in a virtual universe
Validating a batch of implicit certificates
Means of mitigating denial of service attacks on IP fragmentation in high performance IPSEC gateways
Authentication-secured access to a data carrier comprising a mass storage device and chip
Multiple independent authentications for enhanced security
Information processing apparatus, user authentication method, and storage medium
Method and system for providing location of target device using stateless user information
Method and systems for dynamically providing communities of interest on an end user workstation
Remote access method
Methods and systems for managing telecommunications and for translating voice messages to text messages
Double-folded flexible printed circuit board for slider-type mobile devices
Panoramic scene capture using a mobile wireless device
Methods and apparatus to test a subscriber line for a broadband access service
Determining local time in a location of a telephone
Method and system for interfacing systems unified messaging with legacy systems located behind corporate firewalls
Communication system and method for providing a mobile communications service
Communication signal distribution unit and methods
Frequency configuration of femto-cell base stations
Derivation of frame/field encoding mode for a pair of video macroblocks
Moving picture decoding device and moving picture decoding method
Reference picture selection method and apparatus
Method of providing an IPTV service
Method and system for configuring media-playing sets
Recording/reproducing system, recording/reproducing apparatus, and method for controlling recording/reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding using extended macro-block skip mode
Method and device for arithmetic code package outputting
Efficient transcoding of B-frames to P-frames
Bitstream decoding device and method
Method and apparatus for rate distortion optimisation
Crowd sourced, content aware smarter television systems
Systems and methods for distributing and redeeming credits on a broadcast system
Internet service provider callback for satellite systems
Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases
Broadcast pause and resume for enhanced television
Devices, systems, and methods for managing multimedia traffic across a common wireless communication network
Automatic static video summarization
Speaker unit
Methods for manufacturing piezoelectric devices
Method for producing an electronic or electrical component with a plastic-passivated surface
Method of producing a piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Micro-electro-mechanical system microphone chip with expanded back chamber
Television apparatus and electronic device
Concurrent wireless transmitter mapping and mobile station positioning
System and method for providing communication services to mobile device users incorporating proximity determination
Method and apparatus for location determination in a wireless assisted hybrid positioning system
System and method for location-based, interactive consumer engagement platform
UE handling of common configuration after handover
Method of selecting cards for multi-mode mobile phone
Method for setting control multi point in wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
System, method, and device for providing communications using a distributed mobile architecture
Unsynchronized time-of-flight-based wireless positioning system using network broadcasts
System and method of allocating channels for multiple traffic streams
Method for transmitting and receiving resource allocation information and mobile station apparatus using the same
Multi-tier wireless home mesh network with a secure network discovery protocol
Digital broadcasting system and method for transmitting and receiving digital broadcast signal
Neighboring cell search for mobile communication systems
System and method for managing IP sessions based on how many IP sessions are supported
Method and system for providing toll-free telematic and mobile services applications
Grade of service (GoS) differentiation in a wireless communication network
Method and device for sending and receiving control data on a wireless communications system
Apparatus for the connection of articles via at least one connection element plasticizable by heat
Method of making an electronic package
Expired Patents Due To Time
Speech recognition apparatus and method for matching inputted speech and a word generated from stored referenced phoneme data
Method for automatically generating pronunciation dictionary in speech recognition system
System and method for production of audio control parameters using a learning machine
Tone and speech recognition in communications systems
Sleep prevention dialog based car system
Wearable telecommunications apparatus with voice/speech control features
Adaptive speech rate conversion without extension of input data duration, using speech interval detection
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
Method and apparatus for facilitating transactions on a commercial network system
Apparatus and method for providing collateral construction loan insurance coverage
Method and apparatus for automated selection and organization of products including menus
System and method for profiling customers for targeted marketing
System and process for job scheduling using limited discrepancy search
Computer implemented marketing system
System and method for dynamic profiling of users in one-to-one applications
Marketing system, information communications method, and recording medium with dual communications means for acquiring and transmitting information
Magazine, online, and broadcast summary recommendation reporting system to aid in decision making
Transaction system
System and method for discovering calendric association rules
Method and apparatus for collecting information regarding a device or a user of a device
Method and system of managing contract negotiation records
System and method for searching databases with applications such as peer groups, collaborative filtering, and e-commerce
Method and device for extracting information from a database
Dynamic content organization in information retrieval systems
Data retrieval system
Network-based help architecture
Method and system for ranking multiple products according to user's preferences
Method and system for providing access for categorized information from online internet and intranet sources
Serial encryption system-bypass of year 2000 date malfunctions
Computer file comparison method
Method and apparatus for the integration of information and knowledge
Distributed object system with deadlock prevention
System and method for restricting database access to managed object information using a permissions table that specifies access rights to the managed objects
Apparatus and method for accessing foreign databases in a heterogeneous database system
Event recording in a service database system
Duplicated naming service in a distributed processing system
Method and apparatus for previewing the results of a data structure allocation
Managing access to data in a distributed database environment
Method for processing computerized date data which spans centuries
Method and apparatus for supporting dynamic run-time object definition in a relational database management system
System and method for displaying data using graphical user interface control elements
Web server mechanism for processing multiple transactions in an interpreted language execution environment
Methods for graphically representing web sites and hierarchical node structures
Verification of port list integrity in a hardware description language file
System and method for enabling pair-pair remote copy storage volumes to mirror data in another storage volume
Lease renewal service
Multimedia application using flashpix file format
Computer-based document management system
Orthogonal transform apparatus
Method and device for correlating detection, and communication terminal device
Correlator method and apparatus
Method for the production of a parameter J0 associated with the implementation of modular operations according to the Montgomery method
Method and apparatus for multiplying and accumulating data samples and complex coefficients
Lossy technique for image and speech processing
Apparatus method and computer program product for client/server computing with improved transactional interface
Method and apparatus for performing a semaphore operation
Task-oriented automatic distribution of software
Method and apparatus for the efficient processing of data-intensive applications
System and method for distributing preferenced data over a communications network
System for controlling the authority of a terminal capable of simultaneously operating a plurality of client softwares which transmit service requests
Method and apparatus for the suspension and continuation of remote processes
Multimedia collaboration system
Method and apparatus for automatic enrollment of a computer to a conference network or the like
Electronic mail system, computer device, and remote notification method
Host central processor with associated controller to capture a selected one of a number of memory units via path control commands
Method and apparatus for adaptable digital protocol processing
Method for extracting hyperlinks from a display document and automatically retrieving and displaying multiple subordinate documents of the display document
System for dynamically controlling a network proxy
Network scan server ready state recovery method
System for managing user-characterizing network protocol headers
Method and system for transmitting and receiving alarm notifications and acknowledgements within a telecommunications network
System and method for preventing duplicate transactions in an internet browser/internet server environment
Method and device for generating access-control lists
Method and arrangement relating to communications systems
Method of data communication and system for carrying out the method
Method and apparatus for downloading auxiliary data to a client from a network during client idle periods
Hypertext transmission method and server apparatus for sending and receiving files other than HTML files
System using integrating server for transforming message from one system-specific native format to another system specific format according to description of client computers
Method and apparatus for detecting unstable token ring local area networks
System and method for adding highly optimized synchronization capability to objects at run-time
Method for object-oriented programming using dynamic interfaces
Interactive information processing system
Input/output control apparatus managing cache memory utilizing a spare hash table for operations if first hash table enters a synonym state
Signal processing system including plurality of processing cards communicating with plurality of independent CPU
Adapter card with vendor unique differentiation and customization using PCI sideband signals
Method and system for defining and discovering proxy functionality on a distributed audio video network
Method for controlling components of semiconductor fabricating equipment arranged in a processing line
Asset tracking within and across enterprise boundaries
On-the-fly redundancy operation for forming redundant drive data and reconstructing missing data as data transferred between buffer memory and disk drives during write and read operation respectively
Configurable operating system having multiple data conversion applications for I/O connectivity
Network interface unit including a microcontroller having multiple configurable logic blocks, with a test/program bus for performing a plurality of selected functions
Avoiding livelock when performing a long stream of transactions
Apparatus and method for high speed board-to board ribbon cable data transfer
Method and system for PCI slot expansion via electrical isolation
Interrupt load distribution system for shared bus type multiprocessor system and interrupt load distribution method
Method for estimating statistics of properties of memory system interactions among contexts in a computer system
Cache management techniques
Method for longest prefix matching in a content addressable memory
Storage and access to scratch mounts in VTS system
Load balancing method for exchanging data in different physical disk storage devices in a disk array storage device independently of data processing system operation
Cache memory with reduced latency
Preemptive replacement strategy for a caching dynamic translator
Supporting multiple outstanding requests to multiple targets in a pipelined memory system
System and method for handling storage consistency conflict
System for multi-volume, write-behind data storage in a distributed processing system
Apparatus and method for transferring data between memories having different word widths
Method and system for determining the data layout geometry of a disk drive
Multiaccess circuit including arbitration capabilities to effectively perform pipeline and suspend operations according to its priority
Memory management with compaction of data blocks
Method for providing virtual memory to physical memory page mapping in a computer operating system that randomly samples state information
Tagged prefetch and instruction decoder for variable length instruction set and method of operation
System and method for generating pseudo-random codes
Method for register renaming by copying a 32 bits instruction directly or indirectly to a 64 bits instruction
Instruction template for efficient processing clustered branch instructions
Code segment default operation determination
Coprocessor interface having pending instructions queue and clean-up queue and dynamically allocating memory
Executable programs
Queuing method and apparatus for facilitating the rejection of sequential instructions in a processor
Reorder buffer configured to allocate storage for instruction results corresponding to predefined maximum number of concurrently receivable instructions independent of a number of instructions received
Microprocessor including multiple register files mapped to the same logical storage and inhibiting sychronization between the register files responsive to inclusion of an instruction in an instruction sequence
Processor which can favorably execute a rounding process composed of positive conversion and saturated calculation processing
Processor and method for generating less than (LT), Greater than (GT), and equal to (EQ) condition code bits concurrent with a logical or complex operation
1 Method to prevent pipeline stalls in superscalar stack based computing systems
Method and apparatus for speeding sequential access of a set-associative cache
System and method for tracking in-flight instructions in a pipeline
Method and apparatus for affecting subsequent instruction processing in a data processor
Synchronous or asynchronous resetting circuit
Method of updating firmware without affecting initialization information
Client-server system with central application management allowing an administrator to configure user and group contexts during application configuration without relaunching the application
Procedure for setting up a secure service connection in a telecommunication system
System and method for using a second resource to store a data element from a first resource in a first-in first-out queue
Apparatus for transfer of secure information between a data carrying module and an electronic device
System and method for electronic transmission storage and retrieval of authenticated documents
Robust efficient distributed RSA-key generation
System for protecting weight verification device private key
Electronic document management system
Power passwords within a data processing system for controlling a supply of system power
Microprocessor including controller for reduced power consumption and method therefor
Method and apparatus for controlling frequency and length of a rest mode in a computer
Power sequencing in a data processing system
Method and a related circuit for adjusting the duration of a synchronization signal ATD for timing the access to a non-volatile memory
Signal processor with intelligent feedback to ensure functionality of microprocessor and state machine based programmable pulse generators in the presence of clock and power supply disturbances
Communication apparatus and method, and program in computer readable medium
Dynamic slew rate control output buffer
Multiprocessor system having redundant shared memory configuration
Library unit with spare media and it's computer system
Apparatus and method accessing flash memory
Method for logical connection resynchronization
SCSI device available for breakdown prediction and self-examination and a method thereof
Method of initializing a control unit connected to a diagnostic bus
System and method for evaluating monitored computer systems
Design for testability in very high speed memory
Testing error correcting code feature in computers that do not have direct hardware features for causing single bit and multi-bit errors
Method for testing circuit design using exhaustive test vector sequence
Method and apparatus for correcting for detector inaccuracies in limited access testing
Method and system for making internal states of an integrated circuit visible during normal operation without the use of dedicated I/O pins
Program patching of a ROM
Method and apparatus for performing register transfer level scan selection
Semiconductor memory device having scan flip-flops
Built-in self-test controlled by a token network and method
Methods for errors checking the configuration SRAM and user assignable SRAM data in a field programmable gate array
High-level synthesis method including processing for optimizing arithmetic sequence of an operation string
Electrical analysis of integrated circuits
Static timing analysis of digital electronic circuits using non-default constraints known as exceptions
Method and apparatus for enabling parallel layout checking of designing VLSI-chips
Method for constraining circuit element positions in structured layouts
Chip layout for implementing arbitrated high speed switching access of pluralities of I/O data ports to internally cached DRAM banks and the like
Techniques and circuits for high yield improvements in programmable devices using redundant routing resources
Toggle based application specific core methodology
Mask pattern data creation method and system that are not subject to data stream data format limitations
Method of, system for, and article of manufacture for providing a generic adaptor for converting from a non-future function pointer to a future function object
Development system with visual design tools for creating and maintaining Java Beans components
System and method for automatically creating source code example files for an application program in a plurality of programming languages
Method and system for preventing unauthorized access to a computer program
Buffered screen capturing software tool for usability testing of computer applications
Object-oriented programming support system
Compiler-assisted or interpreter-assisted windowing solution to the year 2000 problem for computer programs
Method and apparatus for dynamically optimizing byte-coded programs
Method for synchronization between links and group definitions within an object-oriented system
Method and system for monitoring and capturing all file usage of a software tool
Use of relational databases for software installation
System for accessing promotion information and for generating redeemable coupons therefrom
System and method of bidirectional digital video communication over a cable
Steam iron
Injected molded arbor
Plastic lattice
Container for holding insulation equipment
Pallet for holding insulation equipment
Squared side door receptacle
Pet waste container
Clock for kitchen
Combined alarm clock and private weather station with indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity displays
Clockwork clock
Watch case
Watch case
Framing square jig
Measuring tape
Handheld battery tester
Peak strength tester
LP gas tank weighing strut
Hollow rectangular urban terrorism traffic barricade
Bangle watch bracelet
Coin bail
Precious stone
Cut stone
Jewelry setting
Jewelry pendant
Light ornament
Golf cart
Flat tire trolley
Portable food warmer
Grappler tine
Automobile window wiper frame
Mounting arrangement for muffler
V8-V6 car/truck bracket
Submersible vehicle
Automobile body
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Mobile storage tank
Bicycle mechanical cable housing
Tire tread
Vehicle tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Message insert for a trailer hitch receiver
Portion of a disc brake lever
Portion of a disc brake lever
Vehicle carpet pad
Wheel cover
Automotive wheel
Disk wheel cover
Vehicle-wheel front face
Automotive wheel
Portion of an opaque convertible roof
Power input terminal for computers
Linearity coil
Solar battery module
Solar battery module
Case for battery cells
Vehicle charger
Battery charger
Charger for wireless telephone
Heat sink
Heat sink
Printed circuit board for a wireless telephone
Multiple outlet wall tap
Cable reel
Electric connector
Electrical connection mechanism
Terminal module
Mold produced housing for enclosing the connection between a cable and a connector
Mold produced housing for enclosing the connection between a cable and a connector
Processing apparatus
Lighting control panel
Front pieces of control and regulation electronic instruments and relevant regulation knobs
Pedestal housing for an equipment controller
Electric power director panel
Switch panel
Housing for photoelectric control
IC module insert
CD/cassette player
Combined digital audio disc player, radio tuner and amplifier
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Multi-media speaker
Digital music player
Computer mainframe
Notebook computer
Desktop computer
Portable phone organizer and note pad
Handheld computer
Computer case
Disk subsystem for a storage area network
Disc drive
Computer monitor
Housing for a computer terminal
Portion of a keyboard
Computer keyboard
Portion of a computer input device
Computer mouse with bullet shape
Computer mouse
Bar code reader
Virtual image writer device
Portable memory card for storage of personal information
Animated computer mouse cover
Animated computer mouse cover
Support base for an electric device such as a computer, TV controller, video game machine, or audio or video disc player
Computer front bezel
Computer armrest
Window for a computer display screen
Radio vehicle adapter
Portable telephone device
Remote controller for massage chair
Combined digital audio disc player with radio tuner and tape player for vehicle
Teddy bear calendar
Extended tape cartridge
Air operated piston pump
Spray arch for vehicle washing machine
Carpet extractor lower handle portion
Dust cover for an upright vacuum cleaner
Sewing machine
Seal ring for a nutcracking die assembly
Wood planing machine
Band saw table
Extruder plate for diamond shaped extruder insert
Electronic still camera with a monitor
Video camera with video tape recorder
Facsimile machine
Toner bottle
Toner cartridge
Bridge portion for binoculars
Electronic calculator with printer
Control panel for computer printer
Cover for ink cartridge
Type font
Type font
Type font
Postage stamp dispenser
Writing tablet having a movable clip
Combined input pen with ball-point pen
Four headed marking device with a bottle
Marking device
Writing instrument with cap member therefor
Ball-point pen
Hook and loop pen holder
Luminescent display terminal
Transparent card with an opacity gradient ornamental rectangle, machine readable stripe and IC chip
Card with an ornamental rectangle and exhibiting an opacity gradient
Card with an ornamental rectangle
Game machine
Chess-piece set
Surface pattern applied to a casino table
Wooden toy
Golf ball detector
Building block module
Toy car parking facility
Decorative egg toy set
Talking doll
Doll stand
Grandmother love doll
Athletic apparatus
Football having tail fins
Cloth-covered stuffed ball depicting a three dimensional image
Ball delivery retrieval and storage system
Golf club head
Internal tube illuminated, translucent composite wheel, utilizing phosphorescent pigment
Golf putting practice hole simulator
Golf club putting stand
Support for hurdle bars
Candy-holding and liquid-dispensing apparatus
Wagering device display
Archery bow stabilizer
Sharpened nose penetrator
Fishing jig
Solar bait bucket cover
Miniature decorative fountain
Nozzle for dispensing fluids
Washing gun
Faucet handle
Water control product handle
Faucet handle
Shower diverter escutcheon
Faucet spout
Enclosure for a therapeutic bath
Bathtub and support
Showerhead rail
Air conditioner
Personal humidifier
Automotive plug-in fragrance diffuser
Surgical tibial retractor tool
Vaginal ring applicator
Ear piercing gun
Dental hand instrument with opposing smooth wavy handgrip portions
Accessory tray for hip replacement surgery
Trailing end of a spinal implant
Combined eye shield and housing
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device
Massage device
Male shield
Premier S corner with brackets
Paving block
Decorative paving article
Building element
Building panel
Building panel
Premier S panel with brackets
Deer stand
Dog bone-shaped light for pet collar
Illuminating tool
Fluorescent working light
Wall lamp
Wall lamp
Combined lamp base and security system
Lamp stand
Light art structure
Portion of a vehicle rear light assembly
Tomato candle jar
Dart lampholder
Protective unit for airport runway light fixtures
Suspended luminaire
Pendent lamp
Vehicular fluorescent light fixture
Pendent lamp
Ceiling mounted light fixture
Wall sconce
Wall light
Lighting fixture mountable on an overhead support
Faceted reflector assembly
Glass shade
Arm for lighting fixture
Ash tray mug with removable lid
Cigar holder
Detergent tablet
Detergent tablet
Blower handle
Skin rasp
Finger ring cosmetic container having a decorative top
Cosmetic container with slidable cover
Ergonomic glove
Decorative hair strip
Medication inhaler spacer
Aquarium lamp
Pet carrier
Human Necessities
Plant cultivation mat
Landscape covering device
Trellis system and latch mechanism for use in growing vine plants
Linked sub-irrigation reservoir system
Method for recycling carbon dioxide for enhancing plant growth
Nursery trays and handling mechanisms therefor
Protecting trees from vandalisms
Shellfish dredging apparatus
Fishing apparatus
Artificial bait structure
Fishing rod handle attachment
Levitating bait weedless fishing lure
Method and device for weed control
Microwave flower press
Sock clip assembly
Disposable bib
Potpourri sachet
Pocketed waterproof garment and a method for providing same
Lower leg protection means
Warm-up garment with torso wrap
Thumb shielding device
Hospital garment
Trousers belt for a cook
Compartmental heatable hair cap
Hat with front and rear light reflective strips
Hats for glasses
Visor for a baseball cap
Helmet cover with positive attachment
Compound protective helmet
Shoe, optionally shoe with a high upper
Cloth slipper
Boot with strapping to restrain movement of foot
Sandal having active self-adjusting harness and method
Convertible slide and method
Device for adjusting the dimensions of a shoe, in particular a child's shoe and shoe equipped with same
Athletic shoe construction
Balance-enhanced insert for footwear
Boot with easy-to-use upper closure
Golf cart buckle lever retaining clip
Zipper slide with means for restraining pull tab thereof from swinging
Device for clipping a textile article
Ear protection cap
Cosmetic and manicure set
Device for extending the effectiveness and life of electric toothbrush heads
Flexible elastomer floor dust mop attachment
Brush attachment for a reciprocating saw
Toothbrush and brush head for said toothbrush
Toothbrush comprising a brush member having bristles of different lengths, and brush member having bristles of different lengths for a tooth brush
Adjustable slat mounting device
Articulated foam futon mattress
Method of assembling a picture frame
Devices for assisting physically handicapped persons
Bedsheet and blanket combination for accomadating differing sleeper preferences
Kitchen utensil having a length adjusting device
Compressible handle
Sink drain assembly including sink seal cap removal tool
Ventilated toilet seat system
Height-adjustable shower arc
Comb for removing debris on carpet
Duster for pianos and the like
Vacuum cleaner suction nozzle configuration
Suction port body for vacuum-cleaner and vacuum-cleaner having the same
Wet/dry vacuum dolly
Built-in wet/dry vacuum system
Height measuring instrument
Lateral sun shields conformed for selective attachment to a baseball cap visor or brim
Patient support table
Dish assembly for a burial casket cap
Foldable trampoline
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for a spray dryer
Apparatus for automatically dismantling a windshield glass and a rear glass from a disused automobile
Substrate or sheet surface cleaning apparatus
Vehicular storm drain cleaning apparatus
Reversing cold rolling apparatus
Apparatus for manufacturing laminated parts with center interlock
Keyless clamp assembly for reciprocating tool
Viewing window for circular saw guard
Method of forming a phase change heat sink
Method of producing a radiator and product thereof
Rotary turret head apparatus
Assembly aid for machine parts, in particular for housing closure units
Removable grip for ultrasound probe
Snow or other bulk material removal apparatus
Suspended object cable-suspension orienting system
Non-power type of hairs of nostrils cutter
Dispensing razor blade cartridges used with a handle
Scraping tool for vinyl floors
Apparatus for providing drain passage 16S in a metal container of fluids
Apparatus for adjusting tightness of a chain saw cutting element
Chain saw guide bar with chain-tightening device
Decorative three dimensional panels and method of producing the same
Process for producing profiled materials, in particular for door and window production
Template for creating a layered pattern
Angle measurement tool
Wheel pulling and transporting device
Weatherstrip assembly
Advertising hanging display and method for taxicars or other commercial vehicles
Wiper device for vehicle
Modular fabrication and assembly method for vehicle hidden storage systems
Removable submarine sensor in an elastomer coating
Method and system for fabricating, equipping and outfitting an aircraft fuselage
Method for wrapping a vase containing a floral grouping
Display apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Treating sewage or like sludge
Textiles; Paper
Fiber moisture cell for humidifying cotton and method
Top roller of a drafting apparatus
Process of manufacturing an electrical rotating actuator such as for use in weaving looms and weaving systems
Process for forming fibrous structures with predetermined Z-fiber distributions
Air control valve system for a garment press
Convection drier and method of use for manufacturing a material web
Fixed Constructions
Floor receiving concrete block
Ground Anchor
Dragline bucket with quick change basket feature
Clam bucket for use in pipeline padding
Toilet tank assembly
Electromagnetic control device for flush tank
Modular structural members for constructing buildings, and buildings constructed of such members
Roofing shingle bearing release material with identifying indicia
Alternative blocking for roof systems
Tongue-and-groove floorboard
Flooring assembly and fastener therefor
Door frame adjustment apparatus
Submersible life saving platform
Friction support device for swimming pool cleaner
Reinforcement of cementitious walls to resist seismic forces
Dual link door check
Hinge of the soft type with braked open position
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Connector with snap closure
Method of fixing impeller blades of a torque converter
Production of tubes
Centrifugal pellet dryer for small applications
Firearm with safety system having a communication package
Breech block safety device
Pyrotechnic ignition apparatus and method
Bore sighting apparatus, system, and method
Method and apparatus for measuring vehicle wheel roll radius
Tape measure
Electronic level and process for video sighting
Multi-purpose plumbing and measuring apparatus
Microradian adjustment assembly
Apparatus and method for processing a web, more particularly a transponder strip
Promotional display system
Evacuation route having photoluminescent indicators
High-rise building with large scale display device inside transparent glass exterior
Sign stand with single spring base assembly
Device and method for producing lenticular images with motion
Roll-fed method for constructing a rotatable label system
Profile for marking elongate matter
Test fixture for positioning and testing a magnetic head
Method of mounting conductive ball
Method for manufacturing elastic strips, pin holders and similar plug-in connectors
Safe cord cover
Method and apparatus for manufacturing multilayered wiring board and multi-layered wiring board
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