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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Transgenic reptiles
Heteroaroyl-substituted serine amides
Pyrido[2,3-B]pyrazine derivatives useful as herbicidal compounds
Stabilized foam for medical PSA substrate
Edible plant extract based insecticidal composition
Control of milk production and mammary involution
Substituted indeno [1,2-b]indole derivatives as novel inhibitors of protein kinase CK2 and their use as tumor therapeutic agents, cytostatics and diagnostic aids
Thiophene derivatives as S1P1/EDGE1 receptor agonists
Ammosamides as anticancer agents
Pyridine derivatives as dipeptedyl peptidase inhibitors
Myocardial perfusion imaging methods and compositions
Methods for treating restenosis
Dihydropseudoerythromycin derivatives
Oligomeric compounds and compositions for use in modulation of small non-coding RNAs
IgE antigenic peptides
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chromatographic mass spectrometer
Exhaust gas-purifying catalyst
Water purification material
Exhaust treatment device facilitating through-wall flow
Multi-position head plasma torch
Glass paneling with a sublimated image and process for making the same
Thermal control structure and garment
Non-chemical development of printing plates
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Regulating circuitry for automobile light systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing a primary amine with a tertiary alpha carbon atom by reacting a tertiary alcohol with ammonia
System and process for fischer-tropsch conversion
Polymerization of hydroxytyrosol mediated by horseradish peroxidases
Polymerizable sulfonate ionic liquids and liquid polymers therefrom and methods of making same
Process for the preparation of Cilastatin and sodium salt
Xylene isomerization process and apparatus
Method of fabricating mesocrystals of organic and organo-metallic compounds
Process for the preparation of ethyl-N-(2,3-dichloro-6-nitrobenzyl)glycine hydrochloride
Process for preparation of 6, 7-bis(2-methoxyethoxy) quinazolin-4-one
Herbicidal compounds
Hydrogenolytic denitration of polynitro compounds: pentanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane
Amide compound and thrombopoietin receptor activator
2,4-dioxopyrimidine-based mesoionic pigments
Allergen inactivating agent
Methylated CpG island amplification (MCA)
Composition comprising an antisense sequence implicated in the regulation of angiogenesis
Ferroportin1 nucleic acids, proteins, antibodies and methods
Agonistic binding molecules to the human OX40 receptor
Method for inhibiting new tissue growth in blood vessels in a patient subjected to blood vessel injury
Acrylate nanocomposite material
Single-component coating having alkoxysilane-terminated N-substituted urea resins
Methods for formulating latexes suitable for thermal ink-jet applications
Fragranced soap compositions
Compound WS 727713
Nonviral vectors for delivering polynucleotides to target tissues
Method for producing arachidonic acid and/or eicosapentaenoic acid in useful transgenic plants
Maize plants with reduced gene silencing
Biomimetic urothelium
Ex-vivo priming for generating cytotoxic T lymphocytes specific for non-tumor antigens to treat autoimmune and allergic disease
Ex-vivo priming for generating cytotoxic T lymphocytes specific for non-tumor antigens to treat autoimmune and allergic disease
Oligoadenylate synthetase (OAS)
Biological synthesis of difunctional alkanes from carbohydrate feedstocks
Genetic process for multiplex terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis
Detection and quantification of biomolecules using mass spectrometry
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Method for identifying agents capable of inhibiting APOBEC3C activity in HIV-infected cells
Fixed Constructions
Device and method for closing, or opening and closing, at least one drawer, flap, door, or the like
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device and method for generating reciprocating motion
Fluid driven generator
Aerogenerator having rotation support unit for facilitating rotation of rotational body
Current detection circuit
Reverse bias processing apparatus and reverse bias processing method for photoelectric conversion devices
Method and system for authenticating archeological artifacts
Detection of chemical vapor deposition grown diamond
Measurement of pipe wall thickness using magnetic flux leakage signals
Method for warning of radiological and chemical substances using detection paints on a vehicle surface
Systems and methods for breast cancer detection and risk assessment
Methods to determine androgen responses in prostate cells
IL-8 as a biomarker for sunitinib resistance
AMPK modulation as a method of regulating stem cell and cancer stem cell proliferation, self-renewal and differentiation
Production of antibodies and to medical uses involving antibodies
Signal generating circuit for detecting ground status
Test probe structure
LSI test apparatus, LSI test method, and computer product
Semiconductor device and method of controlling electrostatic actuator
Method for testing noise immunity of an integrated circuit and a device having noise immunity testing capabilities
Magnetic sensor including magnetic field detectors and field resistors arranged on inclined surfaces
Method for scanning a radar search volume within an allowable scan time
Method and apparatus for weak data frame sync in a positioning system
Downhole telemetry through multi-conductor wireline
Test object for use with diffusion MRI and system and method of synthesizing complex diffusive geometries using novel gradient directions
Optical component, lighting device and display device
Elliptical polarizer and vertical alignment type liquid crystal display device using the same
Optical diffusion device, projection screen, design member and security medium
Liquid crystal display having sensor and spacer arrangement and and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid recovery system, immersion exposure apparatus, immersion exposing method, and device fabricating method
Immersion exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
Silver halide photosensitive material and process of producing black and white image using the same
Superimpose photomask and method of patterning
Four-switch step-down storageless converter
Digital picture frame having near-touch and true-touch
Capacitive touch panel
Rendering three-dimensional objects on a server computer
Method and apparatus for real-time 3D viewer with ray trace on demand
Communication apparatus and method
Self-contained sensor package for water security and safety
Wireless telecommunications system adaptable for patient monitoring
RFID system preventing recognition error and communication method thereof
Wireless fuel level sensor for a vehicle fuel tank
Content provision to subscribers via wireless transmission
Gate driver having a plurality of first stages and second stages for driving a display device and driving method thereof
Image display apparatus and image display method
Method and system for magnifying and displaying local image of touch display device by detecting approaching object
High transparency integrated enclosure touch screen assembly for a portable hand held device
Display device and driving method thereof
Apparatus and method for generating music using bio-signal
Dynamically configurable photodetector arrays
System having a superconductive cable
Planar-helical undulator
Magnetically biased magnetopropant and pump
Nanomagnetic signal propagation and logic gates
Electrical appliance having an electrical connection
Layered thin-type keycap structure
Electronic manually controllable adjustment device
Ion source with corner cathode
Mass spectrometer
Mass spectrometer
Vehicular having a camera, a rain sensor and a single-ball interior electrochromic mirror assembly attached at an attachment element
System and method for backside circuit editing on full thickness silicon device
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Method for semiconductor gate hardmask removal and decoupling of implants
Method of manufacturing a light emitting, photovoltaic or other electronic apparatus and system
Method for fabricating semiconductor substrates and semiconductor devices
Silicon-germanium hydrides and methods for making and using same
Systems and methods for forming semiconductor materials by atomic layer deposition
Free-standing thickness of single crystal material and method having carrier lifetimes
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Methods for forming dense dielectric layer over porous dielectrics
Structure for metal cap applications
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus, computer program and storage medium
Etch methods for semiconductor device fabrication
Method for producing ink-jet head
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of manufacturing porous insulating film, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Quad flat no-lead chip carrier with standoff
Application of Mn for damage restoration after etchback
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, circuit board mounted with the same, and electronic appliance comprising the circuit board
Optical projection engine device having a polarizing beam splitter and a control providing modulation instructions to modulation imagers
Static random access memory and method for manufacturing the same
Schottky diodes
Semiconductor device having decreased contact resistance
Programmable metallization cell structure including an integrated diode, device including the structure, and method of forming same
Tunneling transistor with barrier
Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
Inductor and filter
Semiconductor device including a p-type transistor having extension regions in sours and drain regions and method of fabricating the same
Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory
Semiconductor memory device provided with stacked layer gate including charge accumulation layer and control gate, and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for controllable sodium delivery for thin film photovoltaic materials
Photodiode with a reduced dark current and method for the production thereof
Patterned substrate for hetero-epitaxial growth of group-III nitride film
Light emitting device and method for producing the light emitting device
Electric power generator
Electrical generators for use in unmoored buoys and the like platforms with low-frequency and time-varying oscillatory motions
Carbon nano-film reversible resistance-switchable elements and methods of forming the same
Method for pulsed charging of a battery in an autonomous system comprising a supercapacitance
Electronic device
RF tag and method of manufacturing the RF tag
Apparatus for a connection point between two electrical high-voltage cables
Noise cancellation circuit, analog signal processing circuit, and electronic instrument
Portable solar cell charging device
Energy harvesting based on user-interface of mobile computing device
Battery and ultracapacitor device and method of use
Adaptive winding system and control method for electric machines
Kit servomotor
Electrical direct linear drive device with a stator having two guide rails for the linear guidance of a driven carriage
Cooling arrangement for an electrical machine
Piezoelectric damping device
Method and apparatus for stopping servo motor
Voltage control oscillator and quadrature modulator
Power amplification circuit having transformer
Split cascode line amplifier for current-mode signal transmission
Semiconductor device that degrades leak current of a transistor
Digital high-frequency generator circuit
Low-power oscillator
Phase locked loop
DAC calibration
Scanning image display apparatus
Imaging device and extendable shoulder pad therefor
Lens driving unit and image photographing module comprising the same
Recording apparatus
Internet direct device
Image sensor driving unit and camera
Digital photographing apparatus and method of operating image pickup device
Combination of recorded program index and EPG
Zoom by multiple image capture
Video processor architecture and method for frame rate conversion
Synthesized image detection unit
Audio synchronizer control and communications method and apparatus
Image defect correction apparatus, image defect correction method, and program therefor
Imaging apparatus
Image processor, image processing method and recording medium
Advanced low voltage lighting system
Light source and method for operating a lighting system
Three-dimensional circuit board and its manufacturing method
Wired circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Smart garment system, method and apparatus involved for integrating electronic devices into garments
Haptic feedback for directional control pads
System for and method of implementing refraction mapping
Performing Operations; Transporting
Inertial/audio unit and construction
Product using Zn-Al alloy solder
Device for controlling the operation of driving apparatus
Distance tracking control system for single pass topographical mapping
Piezoelectric actuator
Molded article of pen tip of input pen for coordinate input apparatus, method of molding pen tip and mold therefor
Stepper motor control system
Power window system with control unit for detecting foreign object caught in car window
Multi-function switch unit and function indicating method of the same
Hybrid vehicle and method of controlling hybrid vehicle
Rotary electric machine for electric vehicle
Control device for fuel cell powered vehicle
Occupant sensor
Process for triggering passenger protection systems
Weight detector for vehicle seat
Security system with remote indication
DC brush motor
Pulse based servo motor controlled labeler
Liquefied raw garbage collection method and system
Single crystal tunneling sensor or switch with silicon beam structure and a method of making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Conductive polymer materials and methods for their manufacture and use
Adhesive pad having EMC shielding characteristics
Process for growing epitaxial gallium nitride and composite wafers
Fixed Constructions
Ceiling tile antenna and method for constructing same
Automatic garage door system and method
Automated garage door closer
Methods and computer executable instructions for marking a downhole elongate line and detecting same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Standby power system
Circuit and method for driving at least one capacitive actuator
Spindle motor
Composite-type electromagnet and radial magnetic bearing
Piezoelectric damping system for reducing noise transmission through structures
Base stabilization system
Fitting arrangement for an antivibration mounting for an electromotor
Minimal magnetic field-measurement dewar vessel
Luminaire incorporating arc tube preheater
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Eddy current loss measuring sensor, thickness measuring system, thickness measuring method, and recorded medium
Method and device for the contactless measurement of the deformation of a specimen to be measured
Mask alignment structure for IC layers
Bus-driveable sensor apparatus with direction-dependent current/voltage characteristic curve and method for testing the apparatus
Actuator of a paper or board machine including hall element position sensor
Method and device for absolute position determination
Method and apparatus for detecting displacement of a magnet moved in response to variation of a physical characteristic of a fluid
Capacitive probe for measuring the level of an electricity-conducting liquid in a vessel
Paint color matching and coordinating system
Sensor for measuring resistivity
Eddy current inspection probe
Use of eddy current to non-destructively measure crack depth
Protective terminal bumps for the variable reluctance sensor
Comb structure using magnetic force and actuator and inertia sensor both using the comb structure
Device for sensing projectile velocity in an underwater environment
Apparatus for measuring parasitic capacitance and inductance of I/O leads on an electrical component using a network analyzer
Silicon carbide interconnect for semiconductor components and method of fabrication
Checker head
Closely-coupled multiple-winding magnetic induction-type sensor
Test chamber
Electrostatic discharges and transient signals monitoring system and method
Method and apparatus for fault detection using multiple tool error signals
RF isolation test device having ease of accessibility
Insulating film method and apparatus therefor
Advanced production test method and apparatus for testing electronic devices
Test and burn-in apparatus, in-line system using the test and burn-in apparatus, and test method using the in-line system
Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for testing a semiconductor integrated circuit
Dynamic register with IDDQ testing capability
Semiconductor device and test method therefor
Method and apparatus for detecting line-shorts by potential and temperature distribution
Separating device response signals from composite signals
Driver circuit employing high-speed tri-state for automatic test equipment
Probe card and method of testing wafer having a plurality of semiconductor devices
Diagnostic relay
Detecting method for detecting internal state of a rechargeable battery, detecting device for practicing said detecting method, and instrument provided with said detecting device
Magnet arrangement comprising an actively shielded superconducting magnet coil system and an additional current path for stray field suppression in case of a quench
Device for the exact centering of an NMR sample tube
Gradient coil apparatus and method of micro-imaging
GPS reception system
FM-CW radar apparatus
Flexible wave guide joint
Universal two-channel STAP filter
Method and system for determining a position of an object using two-way ranging in a polystatic satellite configuration
Radar imaging system and method
Apparatus and method for determining wind profiles and for predicting clear air turbulence
Aircraft docking system and method with automatic checking of apron and detection of fog or snow
Millimeter-wave camera for radiometric imaging and communications
Collision recovery in a wireless location system
System, method, and software for non-iterative position estimation using range measurements
Portable terminal apparatus and the positional information communication method using it
Antenna apparatus and transmission and receiving apparatus using same
Wireless tag, its manufacturing and its layout
Well logging method and apparatus for determining the nuclear magnetic resonance longitudinal magnetization decay of formations
Flat panel display and method of manufacture
Optoelectric integrated device having a three-dimensional solid configuration
Optoelectronic microelectronic fabrication with attenuated light leakage
Active matrix liquid crystal display device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of driving the same
Driving method for electro-optical device, image processing circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic equipment
Liquid crystal display
Optical proximity correction with rectangular contact
Belt-drive-control circuit and electrophotographic device
Multi-voltage electromechanical time switch
Non acoustic alarm device
Single wire digital width modulation for fan control with tachometer feedback
Motor control apparatus
Temperature control method for integrated circuit
Integrable current supply circuit with parasitic compensation
Active current mirror circuit
Low temperature coefficient reference current generator
Curvature-corrected band-gap voltage reference circuit
Current bandgap voltage reference circuits and related methods
Pointing device with integrated switch
Multiplexor generating a glitch free output when selecting from multiple clock signals
Technique for distributing common phase clock signals
System and method for detecting key actuation in a keyboard
Precision crystal oscillator circuit used in microcontroller
Storage circuit control device and graphic computation device
Method and apparatus for memory bandwith allocation and control in a video graphics system
Method and apparatus for using programmable logic device (PLD) logic for decompression of configuration data
System for placing a subject into virtual reality
Coordinate input apparatus and the recording medium thereof
Cut and paste pen for pervasive computing devices
Third-axis input device of mouse
Method and apparatus for executing commands in a graphics controller chip
Gain controller using switched capacitors
Low-noise four-quadrant multiplier method and apparatus
RFID passive repeater system and apparatus
Interrogation, monitoring and data exchange using RFID tags
Object editing method, object editing system and computer memory product
Method and apparatus for generating a 3D region from a surrounding imagery
Object modeling for computer simulation and animation
System and method for creating 3D animated content for multiple playback platforms from a single production process
Three-dimensional object shared processing method and storage medium
Progressive 3D mesh coding method and apparatus
Bicubic surface rendering
Image processing method and apparatus for generating low resolution, low bit depth images
Seeding map having intermediate seed values
Semiconductor device image inspection utilizing rotation invariant scale invariant method
Locking device for a motor vehicle having a number of doors
Location tracking of individuals in physical spaces
Proximity monitoring communication system
Warning method and apparatus
Usage of second mode S address for TCAS broadcast interrogation messages
Automatic screen saver
CRT display apparatus
Variable resolution control system and method for a display device
Combined scan/sustain driver for plasma display panel using dynamic gate drivers in SOI technology
Display driving method and apparatus
LED display panel having a memory cell for each pixel element
Noise canceling electroluminescent lamp driver
Display device
Method and apparatus for parallel in serial out transmission
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same
Thin film transistor circuit and display utilizing the same
Apparatus and method for processing synchronizing signal of monitor
Device dependent rendering
Anti-flickering for video display based on pixel luminance
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
CMOS image sensor integrated together with memory device
Method and apparatus for double-sampling a signal
Buffer circuit for the reception of a clock signal
Electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
Current transformer with direct current tolerance
Rotary variable differential transformer
Small footprint power transformer incorporating improved heat dissipation means
Multiple parallel conductor for electrical machines and devices
Pivot joint for a movable contact arm in a molded case circuit breaker
Analog sensor(s) with snap-through tactile feedback
Glass keyboard and method for producing a glass keyboard
Latching magnetic relay assembly
Multi-pole circuit breaker with parallel current
Switch having a bimetal plate with two legs
Photocathode and electron tube
Multilayer ceramic microdischarge device
AC type plasma display panel for back light of liquid crystal display device
Color cathode ray tube having an improved electron gun electrode
Deflection yoke of braun tube and method for fabricating auxiliary coil of deflection yoke
High-pressure discharge lamp having seal with external antenna
Applying prealloyed powders as conducting members to arc tubes
High-intensity discharge lamp
Electron emission element having resistance layer of particular particles
Low work function materials for microminiature energy conversion and recovery applications
Microcircuit die-sawing protector
Split-mold and method for manufacturing semiconductor device by using the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of epitaxial-like wafer bonding at low temperature and bonded structure
Semiconductor substrate processing method
Methods and apparatus for a composite collector double heterojunction bipolar transistor
HBT with a SiGe base region having a predetermined Ge content profile
Lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor and method of fabricating the same
NMOS ESD protection device with thin silicide and methods for making same
Method and apparatus for reducing electromigration in semiconductor interconnect lines
Silicon-on-insulator chip having an isolation barrier for reliability
Semiconductor device with dummy patterns
Memory-storage node and the method of fabricating the same
Thin-film semiconductor device having a thin-film transistor for circuits that differs from a thin-film transistor for pixels
Lead frame for semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a bump electrode
Lead frame, manufacturing method of a lead frame, semiconductor device, assembling method of a semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor memory device for reducing parasitic bit line capacitance and method of fabricating the same
Interdigitated capacitor with dielectric overlay
Asymmetrical semiconductor device for ESD protection
Thin film transistor and matrix display device
Insulated gate bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device with high withstand voltage and a drain layer having a highly conductive region connectable to a diffused source layer by an inverted layer
Method and structure of a dual/wrap-around gate field effect transistor
MOS transistor and method for producing the transistor
Method for forming conductors in semiconductor devices
Wafer support having a dustproof covering film
Lead frame for semiconductor devices, a semiconductor device made using the lead frame
Semiconductor memory device having a trench and a gate electrode vertically formed on a wall of the trench
Three dimensional structure integrated circuit
Gate array with multiple dielectric properties and method for forming same
Non-volatile semiconductor device with anti-punch through regions
Flash cell device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method for producing the same
High frequency signal isolation in a semiconductor device
Capacitor array preventing crosstalk between adjacent capacitors in semiconductor device
Passivation integrity improvements
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the device
High-voltage transistor with buried conduction layer
High dielectric constant materials forming components of DRAM such as deep-trench capacitors and gate dielectric (insulators) for support circuits
CMOS circuit of GaAs/Ge on Si substrate
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Integrated circuit heat sink support and retention mechanism
Bonding pad
Motor driving device
System carrier for a semiconductor chip having a lead frame
Module assembly for stacked BGA packages
Interconnection component for facilitating testing of packaged integrated circuits
Parallel plane substrate
Connection structures for integrated circuits and processes for their formation
Semiconductor device of multi-wiring structure and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor die with integral decoupling capacitor
Signal shielding assignment technique for precharge based logic
Semiconductor device having multilayer passivation layer formed over memory cell fuse area
Semiconductor device for controlling electricity
Semiconductor package with conductor impedance selected during assembly
Method of adding Zener zap aluminum bridged anti-fuses to a tungsten plug process
Architecture for implementing two chips in a package
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device structure
Angularly offset and recessed stacked die multichip device and method of manufacture
Package structure of full color LED form by overlap cascaded die bonding
Substrate of semiconductor integrated circuit
Tri-state buffer circuit
Method and apparatus for voltage stiffening in an integrated circuit
Interface device and interface system
Solar cell arrangements
Solid-state imaging device
Low-cost, high-density light-emitting-diode array and fabrication method thereof
Multi-colored organic EL device with protective layer
Thin film transistor and a method of forming the same
MOSgated device termination with guard rings under field plate
Semiconductor memory array of floating gate memory cells with floating gates having multiple sharp edges
BJT with surface resistor connection
Nonvolatile memory using deep level capture of carrier at corner structure of oxide film
High speed electron tunneling device and applications
Compositionally modified resistive electrode
Semiconductor device
Reducing the variation of far-field radiation patterns of flipchip light emitting diodes
Quantum computing method using Josephson junctions between s-wave and d-wave superconductors
Quantum computing method using magnetic flux states at a josephson junction
Energy recovery in electromechanical motors
Methods of manufacturing a two-terminal nonlinear device
Hybrid nanostructured materials based in II-VI semiconductors
Organic light emitting element and method of producing the same
Thin metal-oxide layer as stable electron-injecting electrode for light emitting diodes
Band pass filter
Voltage tunable patch filter element with dielectrically loaded slot
Composite high frequency component and mobile communication apparatus incorporating the same
Multi-resonator ferrite microstrip coupling filter
Optimized resonator filter
Dielectric filter for filtering out unwanted higher order frequency harmonics and improving skirt response
Coaxial circulator with coplanar Y-shaped conductor and ground patterns
Power splitter/combiner circuit, high power amplifier and balun circuit
Dual mode band-pass filter
Antenna mount
Automatic pointing antennae system
Efficient antenna pattern shaping structure and associated radio circuitry and antenna
Multi-frequency band inverted-F antennas with coupled branches and wireless communicators incorporating same
Omni directional antenna with multiple polarizations
Reflector antenna having varying reflectivity surface that provides selective sidelobe reduction
Antenna which can be operated in a number of frequency bands
Dual band frequency polarizer using corrugated geometry profile
Low sidelobe contiguous-parabolic reflector array
Low profile waveguide network for antenna array
Adjustable azimuth and phase shift antenna
Four-point loop antenna into which a matching circuit is integrated
Remote access device having multiple inductive coil antenna
Integrated on-chip half-wave dipole antenna structure
Connector for direct connection testing of electronics devices
Light-emitting element drive circuit
Optical devices
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for producing the same
Power system stabilization system and method employing a rechargeable battery system
Battery pack charging system and battery pack
Charge/discharge protection circuit with latch circuit for protecting a charge control FET from overheating
Set battery charging condition detecting apparatus
Disaster lighting system for railroad cars
Control for main and standby power supplies
Hybrid-magnet DC motor
AC generator having stator assembly with improved phase coil insertion order to reduce noise
Electric motor having a rain baffle
A. C. generator for vehicles having loose-free terminal structure
Slim motor and devices mounting the same motor
Switched capacitor array circuit for use in DC-DC converter and method
Switching voltage regulator including a power MOS switch and driver circuit therefor
System and method for highly phased power regulation
Rotary microactuator having optimally curved electrodes
Method of controlling three phase motor starting sequence
Motor control device
Semiconductor integrated circuit for brushless motor drive control and brushless motor drive control apparatus
Power plant with a gas turbine and method of operating it
Timing signal generator employing direct digital frequency synthesis
Varactor folding technique for phase noise reduction in electronic oscillators
Digitally compensated voltage controlled oscillator
Phase independent frequency comparator
High gain amplifier with rail to rail range and frequency compensation
High voltage operational amplifier
Digital amplifier linearization using analog feedback
Mute circuit and digital audio amplifier circuit
Class D switching audio amplifier
Positive and negative current feedback to vary offset in variable-offset amplifier circuits
Linear variable gain amplifiers
Circuits and methods for extending the input common mode voltage range of JFET op-amps
Dual bridge amplifier
Amplifier having stacked current-driven current drivers
Amplifier bias control circuit
Variable gain circuit
Method and apparatus for a limiting amplifier with precise output limits
Filter circuit utilizing a plurality of sampling and holding circuits
Piezoelectric resonator utilizing bending vibrations and ladder-type filter including the same
Non-linear bulk capacitance bootstrapped current switch
Interconnection switch structures
Semiconductor integrated circuit having output buffer
Circuit to eliminate bus contention at chip power up
High-frequency Circuit
Multiple voltage supply switch
Driver impedance control mechanism
Control circuit and chipset on motherboard for saving terminal resistors and method for realizing the same
CMOS ECL output buffer
Circuitry for a low internal voltage
Monotonic dynamic static pseudo-NMOS logic circuits
Device for the control of a translator-type high voltage selector switch
Level converting latch
Voltage translator circuit
Flip-flop with transmission gate in master latch
System for controlling electrical signal level
Semiconductor integrated circuit including clock modulation circuit
Switched capacitor comparator network
Redundant comparator design for improved offset voltage and single event effects hardness
On-chip circuit to compensate output drive strength across process corners
Phase locked loop with charge injection cancellation
Timing loop bandwidth tracking data rate
Recovery circuit generating low jitter reproduction clock
Self-starter for PLL synthesizers
Method and apparatus for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Successive comparison analog-to-digital converter
Self-calibration methods and structures for pipelined analog-to-digital converters
Method and apparatus for direct RAM analog-to-digital converter calibration
Apparatus for and method of performing a conversion operation
Method and device for pulse density modulation
Encoding and decoding apparatus with matching length means for symbol strings
Flexible sample rate converter for multimedia digital-to-analog conversion in a wireless telephone
Multiple symbol length lookup table
Apparatus and method for decoding Huffman codes using leading one/zero string length detection
Automatic generation of program logic to decode variable-length codes
Method of performing Huffman decoding
Remote control device with location dependent interface
Feed line switching circuit and branching unit
Power line communications apparatus and method
Control and data transmission system
Automotive network and adapter
Method and apparatus for detecting open circuit fault condition in a common-mode signal
Synchronous processing circuit
Interlace noise filter
Image processing apparatus
System and method for displaying a television picture within another displayed image
High definition display unit and high definition display method
Cut-off adjusting apparatus
Detection of progressive frames in a video field sequence
Kerdock coding and decoding system for map data
Method and apparatus for adaptively encoding an information stream
Image correcting method and device and cathode ray tube display unit
High contrast polarizing optics for a color electro-optic display device
Rechargeable portable light with multiple charging systems
Two-wire controlled switching
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew