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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety 92M75
Identifying apparatus
Substituted 4-aminocyclohexanol compounds
Method of preventing pathological levels of factor VIII before, during and/or after a surgical procedure by controlling psychic and somatic stress
Polyphenol inhibition of nucleoside diphosphate kinase-B activity and cancer metastasis
Method of cooking cone-shaped food items
Puffed pet food for diet control
Oil-in-water type emulsion comprising vegetable sterols
Biological tissue closure device and method
Systems and methods for treating septal defects
Pedicle screw assembly
Separation of one or more fetal heart component signals from heart signal information obtained from a pregnant female
Method and apparatus for imaging abdominal aorta and aortic aneurysms
Radiofrequency ablation epiphysiodesis
Non-polymeric lipophilic pharmaceutical implant compositions for intraocular use
Ureteral stent for improved patient comfort
Ethylene-carboxyl copolymers as drug delivery matrices
Total shoulder prosthesis of an inverted type
Extendible stent apparatus
Bis(thio-hydrazide amide) formulation
Butanoic acid derivatives, processes for the preparation thereof, pharmaceutical compositions comprising them, and therapeutic applications thereof
Formulations and methods of using nitric oxide mimetics against a malignant cell phenotype
Substituted aniline derivatives
Pharmaceutically active isoindoline derivates
Method for synthesizing 5-chloro-1-aryl-4-(4,5-dicyano-1h-imidazol-2-yl)-3-alkyl-1h-pyrazole derivatives
5 HT receptor mediated neurogenesis
Anthranilamide and 2-amino-heteroarene-carboxamide compounds
Acetylene derivatives and their use for binding and imaging amyloid plaques
Enteric medicinal composition for oral use
Thiazole derivative
Thiazole-4-carboxyamide derivatives
Azolo triazines and pyrimidines
11-phosphorous steroid derivatives useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Salts of isophosphoramide mustard and analogs thereof as anti-tumor agents
Composition for promoting the proliferation of Lactobacillus casei subsp. casei
Treatment of optic and otic inflammation
Analytical methods for identifying ginseng varieties
Mixture composition and method useful for topical and internal application
Physiologically-active composition based on collagen
Inhibitors of Memapsin 2 and use thereof
Protein formulations for use at elevated temperatures
Fusion proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Methods of treating psychiatric conditions comprising administration of muscarinic agents in combination with SSRIs
Single-crystal platy barium sulfate in cosmetic compositions
Controlled delivery system of antifungal and keratolytic agents for local treatment of fungal infections of the nail and surrounding tissues
Drug delivery systems
Delivery and recovery sheaths for medical devices
Locking component for an embolic filter assembly
Single-wire expandable cages for embolic filtering devices
Energy delivery apparatus and method
Stabilized body care products, household products, textiles and fabrics
Compositions for treating keratinic fibers, methods of treating such fibers therewith and compounds contained therein
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-stage flash evaporator
High capacity and high efficiency filter deck assembly system and method of use and replacement
Integrated water treatment apparatus and methods for natural water improvement
Biological fluid filtration system and biological fluid filter used therein
Particle separator using boundary layer control
Hydrogen permeable membrane, fuel cell and hydrogen extracting apparatus equipped with the hydrogen permeable membrane, and method of manufacturing the hydrogen permeable membrane
Material and process for the filtration of nitric acid and NO.sub.2 from streams of air
Vesicles of high molecular weight silicone polyethers
Loop reactor heat removal
Esterification and transesterification systems, methods and apparatus
Modified reactive sorbents exhibiting enhanced decontamination of chemical warfare agents
Assembly for carrying and holding slides
Forming carbon nanotube emitter
Process for producing aging-resistant rubber material
Method for compensating film height modulations in spin coating of a resist film layer
Protective coating composition
Substrate coating method
Composition and process for the removal and recovery of hydrocarbons from substrates
Soft magnetic material, compressed powder magnetic core and method for producing compressed power magnetic core
Soft x-ray laser based on z-pinch compression of rotating plasma
Dense plasma focus apparatus
Method for checking a nozzle for a laser beam machine
Methods for producing uniform large-grained and grain boundary location manipulated polycrystalline thin film semiconductors using sequential lateral solidification
Energy-efficient, laser-based method and system for processing target material
Vortex control in slurry molding applications
Prophylaxis cup having perlite particles, methods of forming and method of use
Method of treating rubber composition with cure inhibitor to create soft skin in golf ball core
Method of treating rubber composition with cure inhibitor to create soft skin in golf ball core
Mold and molding apparatus using the same
Device and method for joining substrates
On-line making of powder-free rubber gloves
Tire filled with core and curable elastomeric material and method
Biaxially oriented polypropylene film provided with a cold-seal adhesive coating and having excellent lubricating properties
Optical media
Metallic local reinforcement for heavy loaded joints of composite components
Multi-function surface-coating fire and fuel-leakage inhibition
Carbon nanotube hybrid system using carbide-derived carbon, a method of making the same, an electron emitter comprising the same, and an electron emission device comprising the electron emitter
Image forming apparatus, exposure apparatus and image forming method
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head, liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge recording apparatus
Information storage medium and method for producing a storage medium of this type
Wireless sensing system
Tire management system
Suspension control system and suspension control method for vehicle
Systems and methods for use with traffic ticket printing parking meters
Method and apparatus for automated parking assistance
Vehicle start/stop button status feedback and lighting
Eddy current detection of wheel speed with voltage threshold shifting
Printing integration system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of determination of the conditions of exhaustion of a filtering cartridge for filtering carafes with replaceable cartridge and carafe operating in compliance with such method
Method and apparatus for underwater decomposition of organic content of electrically conductive aqueous waste solutions
Arrangement for separating environmentally harmful substances from a polluted mass
Glass ceramics comprising beta-quartz or beta-quartz solid solution
Translucent polycrystalline alumina ceramic
Method for production of PZT-based ceramics having a slow sintering temperature
Optical resolution of 3-carbamoylmethyl-5-methyl hexanoic acid
Synthesis of 3-(5-nitrocyclohex-1-enyl) acrylic acid and esters thereof
Process to prepare a gasoline
2,4,6,-trisubstituted having anesthetic properties
Method for catalytically dehydrating propane to form propylene
Process for co-producing olefins and esters by ethenolysis of unsaturated fats in non-aqueous ionic liquids
Acetic acid production methods incorporating tin or ruthenium catalyst stabilizers
Process for production of piperidine derivatives
Process of preparing desaloratadine
Halogenation of rylen-carboximides with elementary halogen in a two-phase mixture comprising an organic solvent and water, wherein formed halogen hydroxide is continuously removable from the organic solvent
Process for lactonization in the preparation of statins
Factor Xa inhibitors
Use of parthenolide derivatives as antileukemic and cytotoxic agents
Process for the preparation of 11-(4-[2-(2-hydroxyethoxy)ethyl]-1-piperazinyl)dibenzo[b,f][1,4]thiazepin- e
Process for producing 5-methyl-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrothiazolo[5,4-c]Pyridine-2-carboxylic acid
Process for making triphenylboron-pyridine compound
Pharmaceutical compositions of adiponectin variants and methods of storage
Polyamino acids functionalized by at least one hydrophobic group and the therapeutic application thereof
Compositions comprising a (poly)amine and a carboxylated carbohydrate
Drill-in fluids and associated methods
Drill-in fluids and associated methods
Increasing the gas transmission rate of a film comprising fullerenes
Mixtures of substances
Process for the synthesis of polyalkylphenol antioxidants
Electrophoretic particles and production process thereof
Acetylene-terminated hyperbranched poly(arylene-ether-ketone-imides)
Clear and resilient artificial fingernail tip
Flame retardant compositions
Pigment dispersions containing aminated acrylic macromonomer dispersant
Process for preparing fluoropolymer dispersions
Polymer mixtures for printed polymer electronic circuits
Asphalt shingle coating with improved tear strength
Ultrafine particles of Prussian blue-type metal complex, dispersion liquid thereof and their production methods
Snow-melting/antifreezing agents
Ash handling and treatment in solid fuel burners
Flow cell array and the utilization thereof for multianalyte determination
Optical biosensor
Cloned genome of infectious hepatitis C virus strain HC-TN and uses thereof
Robust expression of a bioactive mammalian protein in chlamydomonas chloroplast
Generation of plants with altered oil, protein, or fiber content
Human cell strains for protein production, provided by selecting strains with high intracellular protein and mutating with carcinogens
Arrays of biological membranes and methods and use thereof
Methods for using a diagnostic test strip for collecting and detecting an analyte in a fluid sample
Charge tags and the separation of nucleic acid molecules
Method for amplifying genomic DNA
Methods and compositions for the detection of a nucleic acid using a non-invasive cleavage reaction
Sliding anode magnetron sputtering source
Electrolytic cell leak limiter
Void-free damascene copper deposition process and means of monitoring thereof
Textiles; Paper
Dewatering arrangement on the press section of a web-forming machine
Process for incorporating poorly substantive paper modifying agents into a paper sheet via wet end addition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal EGR control device for internal combustion engine
Power device
Wind power apparatus
Stock solution for production of nonlinear-optical materials, nonlinear-optical material, and nonlinear-optical device
Personal rifle-launched reconnaisance system
Radar for use in vehicle
Stokes parameter measurement device and method
Systems and method for predicting the lime requirement in soils
Apparatus for measuring magnitude of deflected probe beam signal generated by laser-induced breakdown and method of measuring size of nanoparticles using frequency distribution curve of magnitude of probe beam deflection signal
Method of inspecting a body having fine-gap grooves and method of repairing the body
Curved surface shape inspection method, fiber optical block, and curved surface shape inspection device
Optical waveguide surface plasmon resonance sensor
NO.sub.x sensing devices having conductive oxide electrodes
Long lived anion-selective sensors based on a covalently attached metalloporphyrin as anion receptor
System and method to measure series-connected cell voltages using a flying capacitor
Method for analysis metabolite difference between biological samples
Automatic loading of sample tubes for clinical analyzer
Velocity independent analyte characterization
ADAM12, a novel marker for abnormal cell function
System, method and apparatus for use in blood testing through luminescence
Blood analysis apparatus and blood analysis method
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of testing same
Overcurrent detection device
Stepped PCB for probe card, probe card having the same and method for clamping the probe card
Cantilever microprobes for contacting electronic components and methods for making such probes
Test apparatus and pin electronics card
Testing apparatus for fixing and testing a LCD panel
Transmission apparatus with mechanism for reserving resources for recovery paths in label-switched network
Method and apparatus for routing data in an inter-nodal communications lattice of a massively parallel computer system by dynamically adjusting local routing strategies
Advanced time domain reflection cable testing
Inspection method, inspection apparatus, and control program for performing electrical inspection by using probe
Power supply noise resistance testing circuit and power supply noise resistance testing method
Method for initializing increment position sensor
Terminal device, positioning method, and recording medium
System and method for model-base compression of GPS ephemeris
Suppressing motion interference in a radar detection system
Method and apparatus for adaptive direction estimation of radio waves
Wettability from electro-kinetic and electro-osmosis measurements
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of exciting two slices intersecting each other with the intersection parallel moved during spin echo reception
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
Reflection coefficient measurement for water-based mud resistivity imaging
Selectable tap induction coil
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus equipped with the same
Zoom optical system, image pickup device, and digital apparatus
Zoom lens and optical apparatus including the same
Picture display unit
Support structure for MEMS device and methods therefor
Information display panel and information display device
Optical scanner configured so a principal ray of an incident beam from a light source to a deflector and a principal ray of a scanning beam from the deflector to a scanned surface travel on opposite sides of an optical axis of optical element(s) having transmissive surfaces both concave toward the deflector in sub-scanning section, and image forming apparatus using the same
Two-element f-.theta. lens used for micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) laser scanning unit
Apparatus and method for optically combining at least three light beams
Optical fiber sheet and its manufacturing method
Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof
Ultra-high density connector
Method for fabricating three-dimensional photonic crystal
Optoelectronic integrated circuit board and communications device using the same
Light transceiver module
Lens-barrel and image pickup apparatus
Adjustment method, particularly a laser adjustment method, and an actuator suitable for the same
Lens driving device, optical pick up device and adjusting method
Optical phase microscope using rotating 1/4 wavelength plate with pinhole in the center position and Fourier transformed lens
Projection lens system
Display medium, display device and display method
Optical buffer device
Auto-focusing camera
Compressible zoom camera
Reflective screen
Immersion exposure technique
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Projection objective of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus and method for its production
Reticle management systems and methods
Lens module and camera module having same
Method of making a grayscale reticle using step-over lithography for shaping microlenses
Test structures and methods for monitoring or controlling a semiconductor fabrication process
Methods and compositions for providing photoresist with improved properties for contacting liquids
Positive-working imageable elements
Positive-type photosensitive resin composition, cured film, protecting film, insulating film and semiconductor device and display device using these films
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Graded topcoat materials for immersion lithography
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Rotary developing device
Grid wire cleaning mechanism
Cleaning device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Holographic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Feedback control system
Power generation system
Step-down DC-to-DC converter
Control circuit for a switching power supply, method for controlling a switching power supply and computer program
Switching regulator
Power converter with power switch operable in controlled current mode
Low power optimized voltage regulator
Bandgap reference circuits
Thin screen enclosure
Mounting apparatus for LCD panel
Fixing apparatus for data storage device
Host with removable device
I/O device and electronic device having the same
Housing of foldable electronic device
Pressing-type pad structure and electronic device using the same
Cover assembly for storage device
Air flap mechanism for server chassis
Printing apparatus and printing data control method effecting distributed driving of printing elements
Automotive lane deviation prevention apparatus
Procedure for the operation of an internal combustion engine
LCD touchscreen panel with external optical path
Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing method
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and system for determining a destination for print data
Test printing for tab paper
Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Onboard-equipment control apparatus and onboard-equipment control system
Medical imaging-quality assessment and improvement system (QAISys)
Method and functional unit for quality monitoring of image acquisitions and simultaneous implementation of an image pre-processing and generation of image processing objects (presentation states) using progressive image compression and transfer methods
Facilitating computer-aided detection, comparison, or display of medical images
Imaging device and methods to derive an image on a solid phase
Method and system to compensate for lamp intensity differences in a photolithographic inspection tool
System and method for binary persistence format for a recognition result lattice
Devices, systems, and methods for improving image consistency
Method and apparatus for processing image data
Document processing device and document processing method
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof, and program
Character recognition apparatus and character recognition method
Encoding control circuit and encoding circuit
Method and apparatus for encoding image and method and apparatus for decoding image using human visual characteristics
Detection of artifacts resulting from image signal decompression
System and method for compressing and scaling images
Prior-constrained mean shift analysis
Information processing system and information processing method
Image data generation apparatus for adding attribute information regarding image pickup conditions to image data, image data reproduction apparatus for reproducing image data according to added attribute information, and image data recording medium related thereto
RFID product identification and tracking system
Anti-collision warning system for marine vehicle and anti-collision analysis method
Method and apparatus for managing power during a discontinuous reception mode
Projection type image display apparatus
Electron Emission Display (EED) with separated grounds
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device having a liquid crystal display driven by interlace scanning and/or sequential scanning
Pointing device with extended travel
Controller and driver features for bi-stable display
Resonance modulator
Standalone electronic module for use with musical instruments
Musical instrument digital interface hardware instructions
Head switch operation for a disk drive
Content editing assistance system, video processing apparatus, playback apparatus, editing apparatus, computer program, and content processing method
Detecting apparatus for detecting statuses of optical disc and method thereof
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with circuit board attachment device
Perpendicular recording head with reduced thermal protrusion
Recording method and apparatus for optical disk drive
Write-once recording medium having a data structure for managing recording of the recording medium, and methods and apparatuses for recording on a recording medium
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Digital servo system with inverse non-linearity compensation
Method for designing an optical pickup
Objective optical system and optical pickup device using it
Multilevel read-only optical disk and method for producing the same
Integrated circuit having a switch
Non-volatile memory device and method of operating the same
Resistive memory including selective refresh operation
Dual port PLD embedded memory block to support read-before-write in one clock cycle
Configurable memory data path
Semiconductor memory device and arrangement method thereof
Black conductive thick film compositions, black electrodes, and methods of forming thereof
Magnetic flux-coupling type superconducting fault current limiter
Multilayered chip capacitor and capacitance tunning method of the same
Switch structure
Input device for electronic device
Switching device
Vacuum insulated switchgear
Power saving switch
Pressure switch
Transistor antifuse device
Circuit for protecting computer
Keypad assembly for electronic device
Electrical service switching device with an arc blowout device
Switching device
Substrate having a light emitter and image display device
Positive column tubular PDP
Plasma display apparatus with electrode structure
Metrology system of fine pattern for process control by charged particle beam
Receiver array using shared electron beam
X-ray tube and X-ray analyzing apparatus
Display filter and display device including the same
Organic electroluminescence device and method for manufacturing same
Integrated optical device and fabrication method thereof
Method for chemical mechanical planarization of chalcogenide materials
Semiconductor chip package and method of manufacture
Staggered source/drain and thin-channel TFT structure and fabrication method thereof
Low wet etch rate silicon nitride film
Process for producing thin film transistor having LDD region
Flexible substrate with electronic devices formed thereon
CMP composition of boron surface-modified abrasive and nitro-substituted sulfonic acid and method of use
Focus ring for semiconductor treatment and plasma treatment device
Vertical device with sidewall spacer, methods of forming sidewall spacers and field effect transistors, and patterning method
Formation of strain-inducing films
Method of threshold voltage control in metal-oxide-semiconductor devices
Method of fabricating a recess gate type transistor
Memory cell having stressed layers
Crystallization method of amorphous silicon for forming large grain with single pulse laser
Deep STI trench and SOI undercut enabling STI oxide stressor
Selective formation of stress memorization layer
Ultraviolet assisted pore sealing of porous low k dielectric films
Formation of thin semiconductor layers by low-energy plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and semiconductor heterostructure devices
Buried bitline with reduced resistance
Power module and motor integrated control unit
Sensor isolation system
Printed circuit board with differential pair arrangement
Semiconductor device comprising fuse sections
Semiconductor device having MOS transistor and protection diode and method for designing the same
Fabrication of transducer structures
Structure of strained silicon on insulator and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory and fabrication method for the same
Method for the production of a semiconductor substrate comprising a plurality of gate stacks on a semiconductor substrate, and corresponding semiconductor structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Highly directional light emitting diode using photonic bandgap waveguides
Semiconductor active region of TFTs having radial crystal grains through the whole area of the region
Micromechanical device and method for manufacturing a micromechanical device
Localized temperature control during rapid thermal anneal
Integrated LED heat sink
Method of removing refractory metal layers and of siliciding contact areas
Transistor performance enhancement using engineered strains
Split gate type non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device including source strapping line
Optical module and optical system
Semiconductor device including a bias voltage generator
Color image sensors having pixels with cyan-type and yellow-type color characteristics therein
Optoelectric composite substrate and electronic apparatus
Strain tolerant metal electrode design
Piezoelectric powered vehicles and motors
Solar charger
Electrochemical device and methods for energy conversion
Process for producing a fuel cell separator
Stack and fuel cell system using the same
Graphitic nanostructured battery
Gas diffusion substrate and electrode
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cartridge, fuel cell and portable electrical appliance including fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system with a fuel tank configured to store a fuel at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure
Tapered slot antenna EC method
Tapered slot antenna cylindrical array
Use of AMC materials in relation to antennas of a portable communication device
Portable storage device with multiple data interfaces
WDM-PON having optical source of self-injection locked fabry-perot laser diode
Optical switch using rare earth doped glass
Surface emitting laser array, production process thereof, and image forming apparatus having surface emitting laser array
Self-mode locked multi-section semiconductor laser diode
Laser diode device
Air conditioning apparatus
Power supply device
Amusement apparatus operative as a dynamo battery charger
Delay time generation circuit, semiconductor device for protecting secondary batteries using delay time generation circuit, battery pack, and electronic device
Power supply unit and electric apparatus
Multiple battery system for reliably supplying electrical energy to an electrical system
Battery charger for aircraft emergency egress batteries
Electrical machine
Driving device and light amount controller
AC to DC converter circuit
Motor drive
System and method for dynamic field weakening
Locomotive wheel speed control
Augmented wind power generation system using continuously variable transmission and method of operation
Crystal oscillator tester
System and method for improving the efficiency and reliability of a broadband transistor switch for periodic switching applications
Oscillating apparatus
Apparatus and method for producing electromagnetic oscillations
Receiver and method of processing received data
Feedforward amplifier
Operation amplifier and circuit for providing dynamic current thereof
Signal oversampling for improved S:N in reflector movement system
Semiconductor device with pad switch
High speed integrated circuit
Techniques for precision biasing output driver for a calibrated on-chip termination circuit
Dual redundant dynamic logic
Voltage controlled oscillator
Missing clock pulse detector
Power supply circuit
Current sampling mixer with harmonic rejection
Photodiode array for an optical encoder, photodiode detection system, and optical encoder
Distortion compensating amplifier
Receiving device
Dual-mode reconfigurable base station and SCA-based service mode switching method thereof
Wireless transceiver system
Method and apparatus for forward link power control
Method for inserting advertisement into PoC and extended-PoC communication system
Digital wireless audio communication system employing time diversity
Method and apparatus for providing orthogonal spot beams, sectors, and picocells
Method and apparatus for increasing survivability in IP networks
Methods and systems for channel estimation in a collaborative multi input multiple output (MIMO) communication system
Passive optical network system and operating method thereof
Data transmission system and method
Transmitting apparatus and channel speed varying method
Radio communication system and overhang station apparatus
Network processor having fast flow queue disable process
Methods and apparatus for combining session acceleration techniques for media oriented negotiation acceleration
Adaptive bandwidth throttling for network services
Method and device for training an RF amplifier linearization device, and mobile terminal incorporating same
Apparatus and method for controlling abnormal traffic
Resource-sensitive parser, method of parsing and session initiation protocol (SIP) network employing the same
Communication method using mobile IPv6 in NAT-PT environment and storage medium thereof
Mobile terminated packet data call setup without dormancy
Frame mapping scheduler for scheduling data blocks using a mapping table and a weight table
Audio network system having lag correction function of audio samples
Communication device, communication system, and communication method
Systems and methods for queue management in packet-switched networks
Systems including packet interfaces, switches, and packet DMA circuits for splitting and merging packet streams
Inter-module communication apparatus
Two-dimensional pipelined scheduling technique
Inter-FE MPLS LSP mesh network for switching and resiliency in SoftRouter architecture
Subscriber line accommodation apparatus and packet filtering method
System and method for interworking SCFs and protocols in open service gateway
Techniques to expedite retransmission of ARQ blocks using temporal relationships in wireless networks
Packet forwarding device with packet filter
Method and apparatus to facilitate scheduling transmissions to group recipients
Method and system for routing calls from a standard telephone device to a voice over internet protocol network
Mobile communication system, mobile communication method, and radio station suitably used for the same
Linear precoding for multi-input systems based on channel estimate and channel statistics
Method and system for filter calibration using fractional-N frequency synthesized signals
Method and apparatus for multi-mode clock data recovery
Adaptive sampling rate converter
Elliptic curve point octupling using single instruction multiple data processing
System for elliptic curve encryption using multiple points on an elliptic curve derived from scalar multiplication
Deviation based antenna control algorithm for an access point
Battery pack locking device of a mobile phone
Interactive method and system of testing an automated call telephonic communication system
Method and apparatus for linking charging records
Contact number encapsulation system
Health monitor for a geographically distributed voice messaging system
Method of providing an improved call forwarding service
Agent detector, with optional agent recognition and log-in capabilities, and optional portable call history storage
Job supplement for electronic printing machines
Photodetection apparatus
Solid-state image pickup apparatus for compensating for deterioration in horizontal charge transfer efficiency
Amplification-type CMOS image sensor
Synchronous detector
Electronic device comprising a gamma correction unit, a process for using the electronic device, and a data processing system readable medium
Camera module package
Digital camera module with manual focusing function
Digital camera
Image sensing system and its control method
Methods for deploying video monitoring applications and services across heterogenous networks
Solid state image pickup device and its manufacture
Solid-state imaging element and solid-state imaging device
Digital terrestrial TV broadcast signal receiving system and digital terrestrial TV broadcast signal receiver
Television receiver displaying call center information based on presetting channels
Wireless TV system and control method thereof
Remote control system for device connected to network
Reproducing system and reproduction method, and data transmission device and data transmission method
Data converting apparatus, data converting method, learning apparatus, leaning method, program, and recording medium
Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
Video coding system and method using 3-D discrete wavelet transform and entropy coding with motion information
Coding system and method, encoding device and method, decoding device and method, recording device and method, and reproducing device and method
Apparatus for estimating motion considering correlation between blocks and method thereof
Video coding system and method using 3-D discrete wavelet transform and entropy coding with motion information
Method and system for the controlled delivery of digital services, such as multimedia telematics services
Secure storage device for transfer of digital camera data
Image-data processing apparatus, image-data processing method, and imaging system for flicker correction
System and method for processing video signals
Directional setting apparatus, directional setting system, directional setting method and directional setting program
Method and system for optimizing system-access and soft-handoff parameters based on location information
Message routing in a radio network
System, apparatus and method of scheduling transmissions
Method of using a mobile unit to determine whether to commence handover
Method and apparatus for effecting SMS and SMSC messaging in different cellular communications systems
Message transmission and received message activation methods and mobile communication terminal having message transmission and received message activation functions
System and method for managing incoming call in dual mode phone
Barricade flasher
Anti-striation circuit for current-fed ballast
Light emitting diode drive circuit
Display device
Circuit board and method of manufacture thereof
Carrier tape
Housing mechanism with shield for portable electronic device
Electronic device assembly with transfer card
Electronic apparatus with wiring plates fixed directly to columns to space wiring circuit from base
System-in-package module and mobile terminal having the same
Loadable/unloadable adapter for substrate
Mounting apparatus for circuit board
Electronic apparatus and fin unit
Miniaturized liquid cooling device
Electronic package whereby an electronic assembly is packaged within an enclosure that is designed to act as a heat pipe
Liquid resistant A/C adaptor
Motor control apparatus and method of assembling motor control apparatus
Electronic assembly cooling
Cooling air distribution scheme for communication boards
Plasma display apparatus having improved structure and heat dissipation
Electromagnetic-shielding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Cytoplasmic male sterility system production canola hybrids
Soybean variety 95B32
Soybean variety 93B65
Inbred corn plant 01HGI4 and seeds thereof
Inbred sunflower line PHA305
Inbred sunflower line D116A
Inbred sunflower line PHA283
Solid formulation
Fungicidal composition and method of controlling fungus infestation
Fungicidal compositions based on (N-phenylacetyl-N-2,6-XYLYL)methyl alaninate
Inhibitors of nucleoside metabolism
Pyridine derivatives, process for preparing the same and their use for controlling animal pests and harmful fungi
Substituted aminophenyluracils as herbicides and insecticides
Seed treatment fungicides for control of plant diseases
Glyphosate formulations
Fumonisin detoxification compositions and methods
Production of plants resistant to attacks by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum by the introduction of a gene encoding an oxalate oxidase
Biochemical fertilizer composition
Bread refreshing oven
Fat products from high stearic soybean oil and a method for the production thereof
Making beverages in a microwave oven
Method for manufacturing rumen bypass feed supplements
Soy isoflavone concentrate process and product
Nutritional formulations containing water-miscible lipid derivatives as antibacterial agents
Method of and apparatus in a filter tipping machine for manipulating in a web
Heat resistant cloth for fire fighting
Blends of glycolide and/or lactide polymers and caprolactone and/or trimethylene carbonate polymers and absorabable surgical devices made therefrom
Telemetric measuring method and system
Package containing absorbent articles and inserts
Disposable training pants
Therapeutic intraluminal stents
Crosslinking of polyethylene for low wear using radiation and thermal treatments
Medication Reminder Device
Synthetic detergent base material and synthetic detergent bar produced therefrom
Method for enhancing outflow of aqueous humor in treatment of glaucoma
Softgel-compatible composition containing retinol
Antiallergic agents
Use of 2,3-dimethoxy-5-methyl-6-decaprenyl-1,4-benzoquinone
Helianthrone derivatives as anti-cancer agents
Use of alicyclic diamines as immunomodulators
Antiangiogenic activity of betulinic acid and its derivatives
Methods for treatment of conditions associated with lactosylceramide
Synthesis and use of retinoid compounds having negative hormone and/or antagonist activities
Method of treating skin disorders with high-strength retinoids
Method of using PKC inhibiting compounds to treat vascular disease
Pyronin antibacterials, process and novel intermediates thereto
Methods and compositions for inhibition of angiogenesis
Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting the growth of cancers
Method of preventing abuse of opioid dosage forms
Methods for treating or preventing alzheimer's disease using substituted 2-aryl-3-morpholinopropanones
Transdermal application of naturally occurring steroid hormones
Method for treating symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome by administering a combination of calcium and vitamin D
Methods for treating anxiety, anxiety disorders and memory impairment using naaladase inhibitors
Advanced glycation end-product intermediaries and post-amadori inhibition
Permucous preparation
Biologically active peptides from functional domains of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein and uses thereof
Use of keratinocyte growth factor to improve oxidative status
Treating NIDDM with RXR agonists
Methods for treating neuropsychiatric disorders
Pharmaceutical composition for angiotensin II-mediated diseases
Substituted 1,3-oxathiolanes with antiviral properties
Administration of 5-HT receptor agonists and antagonists, to treat premature ejaculation
Stimulating vascular growth by administration of DNA sequences encoding VEGF
Dicarboxy alkyl phosphate esters
Aqueous nacreous lustre concentrates
Silane copolymer and a method for producing the same
Nanostructured fillers and carriers
Water-absorbent resin granule-containing composition and production process for water-absorbent resin granule
Superabsorbent polymer containing odor controlling compounds and methods of making the same
Method for removal of psoralens from biological fluids
Testing hypodermic syringes prior to automated filling
Pedal operated power generating system
Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of ionomer covered game ball
Sporting equipment warmer having a microwaveable heat source
Performing Operations; Transporting
Organic-inorganic hybrid materials and processes for preparing the same
Continuous processing of powder coating compositions
Drop forming method and sulphur polymer concrete process
Compressed metal oxide product
Calcium-iron oxide composite particles and resin molded product containing the same
Method of making mesoporous carbon
Composition based on cerium oxide and on zirconium oxide with a high specific surface and a high oxygen storage capacity, process of preparation and use in catalysis
Noble metal support
Process for the epoxidation of alkenes
Process for producing a vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst
Silylated water vapor treated zinc or gallium promoted zeolite and use thereof for the conversion of non-aromatic hydrocarbons to olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons
Surface modified carbonaceous materials
Polyorganosiloxane catalyst
Oligomerization catalyst system and method of making and method of using such catalyst system in the oligomerization of olefins
Process for cooxidizing organic compounds, process for producing epoxy compounds and process for producing esters or lactones
Method of metathesis of alkanes and catalyst
Cationic group 13 complexes incorporating bidentate ligands as polymerization catalysts
Synthesis and use of (perfluoroaryl) fluoro-aluminate anion
Process for the hydrogenation of diene (co)polymers
Azaborolinyl metal complexes as olefin polymerization catalysts
Hydroformylation of olefins using supported bis(phosphorus) ligands
Process for producing a catalyst
Process for the preparation of very acidic cation exchangers
Electromagnetic forming apparatus
Inductive self-soldering printed circuit board
Method for laser/plasma surface alloying
Precision laser cutting of adhesive members
Air handling system for a laser-equipped machine tool
Method and apparatus for producing a laser drilled hole in a structure
Solder alloy
Flushing device for a wire-cut electric discarge machine
Movable barrier operator
Endpoint detection by chemical reaction and photoionization
Chemical mechanical polishing process for low dishing of metal lines in semiconductor wafer fabrication
Method for blending rubber or plastics materials
Computer pointing device and method of use
Biodegradable resin foam and method and apparatus for producing same
Method and device for establishing a weld connection between two plastic articles by means of heat treatment
Unique energy dissipating polyurethane elastomeric composition supporting a physically soft magnetic system
Printer and method of using same to print on thermoplastic medium
Thermal transfer printing sheet and process of double-side transfer printing
Thermal printhead
Image forming apparatus and method
Diene polymers and copolymers incorporating partial coupling and terminals formed from hydrocarboxysilane compounds
Production of flexible polyurethane foams
Outside mirror communication system
Vehicle communication system
Lighting-direction control unit for vehicle lamp
Vehicular hazard warning system
Vehicular exterior rear view mirror actuator with emission suppression
Wire harness fixing structure in an instrument panel
Wire harness protector
Device for controlling a motor vehicle occupant protection system
Anti-theft device for vehicles
ECP train line communications for railway freight car brakes
AC input cell for data acquisition circuits
Reflector and reflector element for antennas for use in outer space and a method for deploying the reflectors
Cable for material handling systems in a conveyance duct
Apparatus for distributing objects with a particular longitudinal orientation
Arrangements for the one-dimensional or multi-dimensional determination of the position of a load suspension point in hoists
Intrinsically safe fluid tank overfill protection system
Covered sealed pressure transducers and method for making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Exfoliated layered materials and nanocomposites comprising said exfoliated layered materials having water-insoluble oligomers or polymers adhered thereto
Water soluble, powdered, cationic polyelectrolyte comprising a copolymer of acrylamide and dimethylaminopropylacrylamide essentially free of bifunctional compounds
Polymer dispersants and methods of use in a nuclear steam generator
High-frequency ceramic inductor formulation
Process for the production of compounds based on silanes containing epoxy groups
Fluorescent lamp sealed with glass bead
Fluorescent photosensitive glasses and process for the production thereof
Crosslinkable powder composition which is redispersible in water
Hybrid yard for the fabrication of fiber preforms of composite parts, and method for its preparation
Methods of using cement dispersants for producing concrete
Fluoroalkyl-functional organopolysiloxane-containing compositions
Dispersants and dispersant viscosity index improvers from selectively hydrogenated polymers
Chlorination process
Preparation of fluorinated propanes and pentanes
Process for the production of 1, 2-dichloroethane
Catalyst for oxidative NEF reaction using basic hydrogen peroxide
Synthesis of fluorinated xanthene derivatives
Preparation of substituted aromatic amines
Process for preparing carboxylic acids
Derivatives of aminobenzoic and aminobiphenylcarboxylic acids useful as anti-cancer agents
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Reagents for preparation of caged compounds, and method for preparation of the caged compounds
Dipole aligned NLO chromophores
3-cyano-2,4,5-trifluoro-benzoyl fluoride and intermediate products for the production thereof
Preparation of mixtures of diphenylmethane diisocyanates and polyphenylpolymethylene polyisocyanates having a reduced iodine color number and a reduced chlorine content
Carbamoylphenylsulfonylureas, processes for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
N-aroylphenylalanine derivative VCAM-1 inhibitors
Preparation of S-aryl-cysteine and its derivatives
Preparation process of difluoroacetophenone derivative
Unsaturated fatty compounds with improved low-temperature behavior
Derivative of cardanol and uses therefor
Method for purification of formaldehyde, use thereof and plastics produced therewith
Process for the preparation of hydroxyadamantanone derivatives
Cyclohexenone long-chain alcohol and medicament containing same
Lactic acid processing methods arrangements and products
Elimination of trans-unsaturated fatty acid compounds by selective adsorption with zeolites
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically pure 3-hydroxyoctanedioic acid diesters by asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation
Method for using thermally stable esters in a lubricating oil for a refrigerating machine
Neurotrophic diamide and carbamate agents
4-amino-(ethylamino)-oxindole dopamine autoreceptor agonists
Method for treating tumors using 2-aryl-naphthyridin-4-ones
Process for the preparation of nicotinic acid
Process for preparing quinolone- and naphthyridone- carboxylic acids and esters thereof
Condensed piperidine compound
Compounds useful for inhibition of farnesyl protein transferase
Method for producing substituted pyrazoles
Aromatic heterocyclic compounds and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Dihydropyrimidines and uses thereof
Triazine compositions
Oxazoline antiproliferative agents
Asymmetric epoxides, their synthesis and use
Process for manufacturing paclitaxel and 13-acetyl-9-dihydrobaccatin IV
Process for alkylating hindered sulfonamides
Method for detecting neuronal degeneration and anionic fluorescein homologue stains therefor
Cyclic carbonates and their reactions with amines
Method of omeprazole preparation
Substituted pyrroles
Compounds useful for inhibition of farnesyl protein transferase
Ortho-sulfonamido bicyclic hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase and TACE inhibitors
Angiogenesis inhibitors
Polymorphic form of a tachykinin receptor antagonist
Oxazolidinones useful as alpha 1a adrenoceptor antagonists
Acridone derivatives and method of preparation of 8-hydroxy imidazoacridinone derivatives
Purine derivatives having phosphodiesterase IV inhibition activity
Pyrrolopyrrolone derivatives as inhibitors of neutrophil elastase
Pyrrolo[3,4-d]pyrimidinone derivatives and their use as medicaments
Aromatic esters of camptothecins and methods to treat cancers
Antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone
Dinuclear metallocene catalyst for preparing high molecular weight olefin polymer
Rubber compositions containing borate compounds
Alkyl-1-alkoxyethylphosphinous acid aluminum salts
Phosphinopyrroline compounds and process for producing the same
Process for extracting sweet diterpene glycosides
.alpha.-D-pentofuranosides, and a process for preparing the same
Labeled protein and its producing method, labeling compound to be used in the method, and method for analyzing function of genes
11.beta.-aryl substituted 14,17-ethanoestratriens, method for the production of these compounds and their use in the production of medicaments
Process for the purification of 11.beta.-21-dihydroxy-2'-methyl-5'.beta.H-pregna-1,4-dieno[17,16-D]oxazole -3,20-dione
Synthesis of hydroxamic acid derivatives
Double-stranded peptide nucleic acids
DNA sequences of enterically transmitted non-A/non-B hepatitis viral agent
Human respiratory syncytial virus peptides with antifusogenic and antiviral activities
Polynucleotide vaccine formula against canine pathologies
LicD1 polypeptides
Insecticidal protein fragments
Mycobacterium fol a gene that encodes for the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase
Decorin binding protein compositions
Method for controlling water content of plant
Platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) nucleic acid ligand complexes
Endothelial monocyte activating polypeptide II: a mediator which activates host response
Polypeptides their production and use
Production of bovine growth hormone by microorganisms
Tissue-specific human neuronal calcium channel subtypes and their use
Estrogen receptor ligands
Growth-associated protease inhibitor heavy chain precursor
Solid-phase synthesis of novel 14-membered macroycles for high throughput screening
Selective factor Xa inhibitors
Artificial T helper cell epitopes as immune stimulators for synthetic peptide immunogens including immunogenic LHRH peptides
Peptide derivatives
Peptide substrates phosphorylated by P21-activated protein kinase
Melanocortin receptor antagonists and modulations of melanocortin receptor activity
Amine functional cellulose ester compounds and methods of making the same
Polycarboxylic based cross-linked copolymers
Amino spacered glycosaminoglycan derivatives and their use in copolymerization with acrylamide
Transesterification of insoluble polysaccharides
Solid catalyst component and catalyst for olefin polymerization
Alkoxysilacycloalkanes, process for their preparation and their use for the polymerization of olefins
Donor-modified olefin polymerization catalysts
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization and catalyst
Process for producing polyethlene
Polymeric supported catalysts
Single-site catalysts containing homoaromatic ligands
Polypropylene molding material
Copolymers of maleic anhydride or acid and fluorinated olefins
Two-stage seed swelling procedure for producing monodisperse PVC particles
Polymers of 3-butene esters, their preparation and use
Polymeric imine functional compositions and their use in film-forming compositions
Process for the gas-phase polymerization of olefins
Process for the preparation of ethylene propylene copolymers with a low content of residual chlorine
Compositions and methods for selective modification of subterranean formation permeability
High solids copolymer dispersion from a latex and its use in caulks, sealants and adhesives
Three arm star compositions of matter having diblock arms based on polyisobutylene and methods of preparation
Fluorine-containing elastomer composition
Block copolymer and polymer composition comprising the same
Deprotection of polymers prepared with silyloxy protected functional initiators by reaction with aqueous fluoroboric acid
Process for the preparation of carbamate functional polymers
Star-branched polymer with dendrimer core
Aminoplast curable film-forming compositions providing films having resistance to acid etching
High melt flow, highly-grafted polypropylene
Biodegradable polyester urethanes, method for the production and use thereof
Ionic emulsion polymers and their preparation
High-molecular polyamide
Polyalkylene naphthalate, composition thereof, film, and processes for producing these
Methods and apparatus for the production of amorphous polymer suspensions
Method for preparing high molecular weight polycarbonate
Method of manufacturing polyamides
Aromatic polycarbodiimide and water repellent sheet made therefrom
Laundry detergent compositions with anionically modified, cyclic amine based polymers
Poly (biphenyl ether sulfone)
Organosilicone having a carboxyl functional group thereon
Water-dilutable film-forming binders
Compositions and process for making water soluble polyethylene oxide films with enhanced toughness and improved melt rheology and tear resistance
Tacky polymer particle anti-stick additive
Method of making conductive metal-containing polymer fibers and sheets
Carbonaceous composite material and sliding member using the same
Light-stabilized flameproof styrene homopolymers and copolymers
Water soluble rapid prototyping support and mold material
Fluororesin powder liquid dispersion capable of forming thick coatings
Flame retardant resin compositions containing phosphoramides and method for making
Low-temperature and low pressure unsaturated polyester resin composition
Compositions and methods for reduced food adhesion
Conjugated diene polymer composition and rubber-reinforced styrene resin
Polyethylene crosslinkable composition
Asphalt compositions and methods of preparation thereof
Method for plasticizing a composition comprised of cellulose fiber and a cellulose ester
Solvent dispersible interpenetrating polymer networks
Polymeric resinous material derived from limonene, dimethyl-dicyclopentadiene, indene and vinyl toluene
Rolling bearing filled with a lubricant-containing polymer and process of the same
Electrically conductive rubber composition and article of manufacture, including tire, having component thereof
Thermoreversible gels comprising near gelation polymers
ABS materials
Weatherable colored resin compositions
Carbon black and rubber composition containing same
Powder coating of glycidyl-functional copolymer, dicarboxylic acid and acid-functional polyester
Water based plasticizer free polyurethane-wax coating and repair composition and method
Process for preparing an aqueous dispersion coating material and process for preparing a powder coating material
Powder coating composition
Process of improving the leveling of a floor polish composition
Thermally conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive and adhesive sheet containing the same
Intumescent composition and method
Color-change materials
Solid lubricants containing bismuth sulfide for use in friction lining
Organophosphoryl borates and lubricants and aqueous fluids containing the same
Process for making a viscosity index improving copolymer
Aqueous cutting fluid, aqueous cutting agent, and process for cutting hard brittle materials with the same
Microemulsion cleaning compositions
Granular detergent compositions comprising mid-chain branched surfactants
Heavy oil remover
Method for producing scent intensifying washing and cleaning detergents
Pink colored, aqueous liquid automatic dishwasher detergent composition
Laundry article which attracts soil and dyes
Automatic dishwashing cleaning system
Use of protease in liquid to gel-form detergents
Cleaning composition having enhanced fragrance and method of enhancing fragrance
Method for treating surface of substrate and surface treatment composition used for the same
Use of antisense oligodeoxynucleotides to produce truncated proteins
Inbred maize line R412H
Method of stable gene expression in a transgenic plant utilizing an insulator nucleotide sequence from the sea urchin arylsulfatase gene
Proteins for control of nematodes in plants
Nucleic acids that control endosperm development in plants
Method of increasing fruit size in a plant
Leaf-specific gene expression in transgenetic plants
Cytokinin oxidase
Pacidamycins produced by Streptomyces coeruleorubidus
Nucleic acid indexing
Induction heating system with a flexible coil
Shadow mask in color CRT having specific materials
Wafer handling apparatus for transferring a wafer to and from a process chamber
Sequential in-situ heating and deposition of halogen-doped silicon oxide
Metallic thin film and method of manufacturing the same, and surface acoustic wave device using the method thereof
Textiles; Paper
High-strength high-modulus polyacrylonitrile fibers, method for their production and use
End functionalized polysiloxane surfactants in carbon dioxide formulations
Nonwoven reinforcement for printed wiring base board and process for producing the same
Fixed Constructions
Method of producing wear-resistant traffic marking and traffic paint used therein
Roofing material having improved impact resistance
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Surface wave energy capture system
Split-tube motor
Indicator assembly for a pressurized gas line
Heat treatment apparatus
Camera insertion into a furnace
Apparatus and method of monitoring a power transmission line
Electronic circuit and method for a dimension-measuring device
Wiegand tilt sensor
Method of sensing rotational information of shaft with toothed wheel
Displacement information detection apparatus
Tactile simulator
Liquid sensor for disabling an electrical device
Liquid level meter
Photo detecting element
Bolometric heat detector
Compensated semiconductor pressure sensor
Rotating electric motor system capable of vibrating and method for operating a rotating electric motor capable of vibrating
Analysis of alkali elements in insulators using secondary ion mass spectrometry
Electrical resistance type humidity sensor
Ion mobility spectrometer with improved drift region and method for making same
Method of increasing flux helicity in a polar sensor by means of stacked driving toroids
Method and device for fast measurement of the resistivity index of solid samples such as rocks
System and method for computing the angular velocity and direction of a rotational body
Rolling bearing unit with rotational speed detection device having a tone wheel and a sensor
Test system with mechanical alignment for semiconductor chip scale packages and dice
Contactor floor that holds an IC package to contactor pins within an IC package testing system with minimized solder flaking
Chip carrier to allow electron beam probing and fib modifications
Broadband impedance matching probe
Process for manufacturing high frequency multichip module enabling independent test of bare chip
System and method for efficient hit-testing in a computer-based system
System and method for displaying simultaneously a main waveform display and a magnified waveform display in a signal measurement system
Voltage level indicator
Current measuring device and telephone terminal using such a current measuring device
Alarm apparatus
Method and apparatus for facilitating user interaction with a measurement instrument using a display-based control knob
Power interruption monitoring apparatus
Apparatus for metering at least one type of electrical power over a predetermined range of service voltages
Hand-held harmonics detector
Measuring method by spectrum analyzer
Method of testing electrical characteristics of multiple semiconductor integrated circuits simultaneously
Method and apparatus for testing electronic device in burn-in process
IC socket, a test method using the same and an IC socket mounting mechanism
Circuit and method for measuring and forcing an internal voltage of an integrated circuit
Automated multi-chip module handler, method of module handling, and module magazine
Apparatus for and method of inspecting patterns on semiconductor integrated devices
Integrated circuit with a test function implemented by circuitry which identifies the presence of a control signal
Control feature for IC without using a dedicated pin
Integrated circuit with two operating states
Method and apparatus for burn-in and test of field emission displays
Packed battery examining apparatus
Power tool charging system having a charge level indicator and charge control functions
Magnetic sensor
Open-ended cylindrical type magnetic shield apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging system installation
Magnetic resonance imaging excitation and reception methods and apparatus
MR method
Near-real time DGPS network and server system
Pulse doppler radar system with improved cluster target resolution capability
Radar apparatus
Relative position measuring techniques using both GPS and GLONASS carrier phase measurements
Method and system for determining a position of a communication satellite utilizing two-way ranging
Dedicated apparatus and method emission mammography
Dual amplitude pulse generator for radiation detectors
Detector and method for autoradiography
Position sensitive radioactivity detection for gas and liquid chromatography
Method and apparatus for measuring magnetic properties of sheet material with both low and high magnetic particle density
Magnetic nail/stud sensor
Mapping of pipeline grounding points by airborne or ground magnetic measurements of current flow in the pipeline
Formation evaluation using magnetic resonance logging measurements
Scanning probe microscope assembly and method for making confocal, spectrophotometric, near-field, and scanning probe measurements and associated images
Miniature personal display
Three-dimensional image system
System and apparatus for the recording and projection of images in substantially 3-dimensional format
Manufacturing methods and uses for micro pipe systems
Rotary lens positioning mechanism with lens position feedback
Display device and method for visualizing computer generated image information
Display a driving circuit and a driving method thereof
Active matrix substrate and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display having different common voltages
Nonlinear optically active copolymers
Auto-trace jewelry holder
Flexible printed board
Printer, printing system, and printing method using print paper with photosensitive microcapsules applied thereto
Method of making an antireflective structure
Ashing process by adjusting etching endpoint and orderly stepped positioning silicon wafer
Alignment method for semiconductor device
Image forming apparatus and method for forming an image by overlapping areas of different colors with each other
Controlling the power dissipation of a fixing device
Method for controlling an accumulator charge and device for implementing such method
System and method for alerting a user
Method and apparatus for the damping of motor vibrations
Low distortion line dimmer and dimming ballast
Method and apparatus for electronic power control
Internal power-source potential supply circuit, step-up potential generating system, output potential supply circuit, and semiconductor memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit containing power voltage regulating circuit which employs depletion-type transistor
Voltage regulator compensation circuit and method
Electronic array and methods
Voltage regulating circuit with a clamp up circuit and a clamp down circuit operating in tandem
Source-coupled logic with reference controlled inputs
MOS semiconductor integrated circuit having a current mirror
Method and system for simultaneous operation of multiple handheld IR control devices in a data processing system
Digital FM demodulation circuit
Clock control circuit
Semiconductor device
High speed synchronization circuit in semiconductor integrated circuit
Using programmable jumpers to set an IC device's bit-encoded output during manufacturing and testing
Port-centric graphic representations of network controllers
Voltage overshoot control
Electronic book
Microprocessor, and graphics processing apparatus and method using the same
Methods and apparatus for accessing information from multiple remote sources
File acceptance display apparatus, file acceptance display method, and storage medium that records program for executing file acceptance display method
Method and apparatus for building a uniform resource locator menu in an Internet television system
Use of templates for cost-effective secure linking of video stream objects
User interface for interaction with video
Method and apparatus for managing windows in three dimensions in a two dimensional windowing system
Ghost object for a virtual world
Tablet stacked on LCD read after display line pulse signal in order to avoid impulse noise superposed on the tablet coordinate signal to improve measuring accuracy
Write point detecting circuit to detect multiple write points
Scan converter with interpolating function
Method for merging items of containers of separate program modules
Method and circuit arrangement for signal processing
RF identification process and apparatus
Apparatus and method for detuning of RFID tag to regulate voltage
Communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, methods of forming a communication device, and methods of forming a radio frequency identification device
Pen-shaped handwriting input apparatus using accelerometers and gyroscopes and an associated operational device for determining pen movement
Apparatus and method for producing a representation of a rasterized image and detecting a rasterized image
Tiled image editor
System and method for rendering multi-planar reformations using bi-linear interpolation
Distorting a two-dimensional image to represent a realistic three-dimensional virtual reality
High-speed three-dimensional texture mapping systems and methods
Deferred shading graphics pipeline processor
System and method for automatic motion generation
Method of generating solid-shell object
Rapid terrain model generation with 3-D object features and user customization interface
Arithmetic encoding/decoding of a multi-channel information signal
Sensor for evaluating dielectric properties of specialized paper
Vehicle-detecting unit for use with electronic parking meter
Radio frequency identification device having displacement current control and method thereof
Theftproof tag
Fire protection and security monitoring system
System and method of filtering
Detector apparatus
Display or indicating device
Intersecting beam display panel
Gas discharge display panel of alternating current with a reverse surface discharge with at least three electrodes and at least two discharge gaps per display color element
Active matrix light emitting diode pixel structure and concomitant method
Display apparatus with capacitive light-emitting devices and method of driving the same
Active matrix light emitting diode pixel structure and concomitant method
Organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescent apparatus
Flat panel display unit and display method of the same
Liquid crystal display device and driving method therefor
Liquid crystal driving circuit
Active matrix display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus having display control unit for lowering clock frequency at which pixel drivers are driven
Digital versatile disc playback system with efficient modification of subpicture data
Apparatus and method for controlling a software cursor
Hosting windowed objects in a non-windowing environment
Structural graph display system
Display controller for communication apparatus and method therefor
Method for antialiasing fonts for television display
Digital processing for resized graphics images
Musical instrument stand
Musical database synthesizer
Keyboard musical instrument, position sensing device and light-emitting controller both incorporated therein
Spindle motor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device for use in a disk drive
Data converting method and apparatus therefor
Actuator driver circuit
Editing system with router for connection to HDTV circuitry
Electronic photography system
Cartridge drive door system
Spinstand for testing magnetic heads and disks
Apparatus for air flow stabilization in spinstands with a shroud assembly and a shell assembly
Semiconductor memory device using inverter configuration
Semiconductor integrated circuit device operating stably at a plurality of power supply voltage levels
Internal clock generating circuits having delay compensation and methods for using the same
Thermionic generator
Torque prevailing crimped insulator fitting
Microcircuit resistor stack
Method for forming a thick-film resistor and thick-film resistor formed thereby
Common mode inductor
Variable linearity coil
Autosecuring solenoid
Electrically switchable magnet system
Main switch with extended multiple individual conducting plates
Electronic component with built-in push switch driven by rotary and pushing operation of an operating knob
Composite switch for electronic apparatus
Power circuit breaker with rack-pinion operating mechanism for movable contact
Fitting a casing of a switching device
Operator for an electromagnetic switching device
Contactor for a motor vehicle starter, having improved protection for an electronic circuit of the contactor
Magnetic switch for starter used in internal combustion engine
Integrated thermal buckling micro switch with electric heater and sensor
Circuit breaker with lockable trip unit
Circuit interrupter with break-away walking beam access
Make-and-break mechanism for circuit breaker
Circuit breaker having selected ambient temperature sensitivity
Support of stationary conductors for a circuit breaker
Plasma display device
Electronic power conditioner anode voltage control
Color cathode ray tube having an improved internal magnetic shield
Electromagnetic wave leakage attenuation filter
Cathode ray tube having high resistance film on the inner wall of the neck
Dye combinations for multiple bandpass filters for video displays
Focusing electrode for field emission displays and method
Electron beam drawing apparatus and method of the same
Plasma processor with coil having variable rf coupling
Time of flight mass spectrometer and detector therefor
High speed photography light source
Control of leachable mercury in fluorescent lamps
Electronic device workpiece processing apparatus and method of communicating signals within an electronic device workpiece processing apparatus
Synchronous multiplexed near zero overhead architecture for vacuum processes
Organic sidewall spacers used with resist
Non-shrinkable passivation scheme for metal em improvement
Method of forming wiring in semiconductor device
Method of forming a polysilicon diode and devices incorporating such diode
Method of fabricating a bonding pad structure for improving the bonding pad surface quality
Storage element for semiconductor capacitor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Use of PE-SiON or PE-OXIDE for contact or via photo and for defect reduction with oxide and W chemical-mechanical polish
Method of doping a semiconductor surface
MOSFET with a thin gate insulating film
Semiconductor and method of fabricating
Semiconductor device with a modulated gate oxide thickness
Non-uniform gate doping for reduced overlap capacitance
Ultra thin oxynitride and nitride/oxide stacked gate dielectrics fabricated by high pressure technology
Nonvolatile memory
Method of forming an alloy precipitate to surround interconnect to minimize electromigration
Inverted thin film transistor having a trapezoidal-shaped protective layer
Split gate flash with step poly to improve program speed
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
MOS field effect transistor and its manufacturing method
Vertical double diffused MOSFET and method for manufacturing same
Epitaxial overgrowth method and devices
Device and method for attaching and soldering pre-formed solder spheres to the ball grid array (BGA) integrated circuit package attachment sites in high volume
Packaged semiconductor device
Chip on board with heat sink attachment
Saw-singulated leadless plastic chip carrier
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor capacitively-coupled NDR device and its applications in high-density high-speed memories and in power switches
Ion implantation with programmable energy, angle, and beam current
Storage-annealing plated CU interconnects
Process for fabricating semiconductor device without separation between silicide layer and insulating layer
High aspect ratio sub-micron contact etch process in an inductively-coupled plasma processing system
Plasma etching method using low ionization potential gas
Integrated circuit with borderless contacts
Contact structure for memory device
Hybrid 5F2 cell layout for buried surface strap aligned to vertical transistor
Structure and method for forming conductive members in an integrated circuit
Integrated circuitry and thin film transistors
Field effect transistor with non-floating body and method for forming same on a bulk silicon wafer
Selective reduction of sidewall slope on isolation edge
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation structure
Methodology for achieving dual field oxide thicknesses
Method for trench isolation of semiconductor devices
Process for filling deep trenches with polysilicon and oxide
Method to form self-sealing air gaps between metal interconnects
Method of removing surface defects or other recesses during the formation of a semiconductor device
Methods for forming contact holes having sidewalls with smooth profiles
Method of forming a local interconnect with improved etch selectivity of silicon dioxide/silicide
Non-linear circuit elements on integrated circuits
Germanium alloy electrical interconnect structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating metal interconnect having inner air spacer
Method for fabricating contact electrode of the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory cell
Memory cell configuration, method for fabricating it and methods for operating it
Semiconductor interconnect structure for high temperature applications
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric random access memory device and fabrication method therefor
Core field isolation for a NAND flash memory
Intelligent power integrated circuit
Circuits and method for body contacted and backgated transistors
Method for forming semiconductor seed layers by inert gas sputter etching
Use of a getter layer to improve metal to metal contact resistance at low radio frequency power
Method of making dual damascene conductive interconnections and integrated circuit device comprising same
Process for forming metal interconnects with reduced or eliminated metal recess in vias
Method of manufacturing inter-metal dielectric layer
Semiconductor device, and manufacturing method therefor
Postless large multichip module with ceramic lid for space applications
Low profile electronic enclosure
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Bump structure, bump forming method and package connecting body
Integrated circuit device
Bonding pad test configuration
Semiconductor package having downset leadframe for reducing package bow
Semiconductor device package having twice-bent tie bar and small die pad
Flip chip package compatible with multiple die footprints and method of assembling the same
Chip carrier
Low profile socket for microelectronic components and method for making the same
Multi-layer circuit board with particular pad spacing
Organic pin grid array flip chip carrier package
Semiconductor device having improved insulation film and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with air gaps between interconnections
Programmable-value on-chip passive components for integrated circuit (IC) chips, and systems utilizing same
Integrated circuit having a parasitic resonance filter
Silicon interposer and multi-chip-module (MCM) with through substrate vias
Stacked die integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device and method of forming a semiconductor structure to provide electrostatic discharge protection
ESD damage immunity buffer
MOS type semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor device having protection against electrostatic discharge
CMOS integrated circuit for lessening latch-up susceptibility
Multiple stage high power diode
Ferroelectric capacitor and a method for manufacturing thereof
Multi-function optoelectronic device structure
Using cascaded gain stages for high-gain and high-speed readout of pixel sensor data
Semiconductor device
Conductive guard rings for elevated active pixel sensors
Charge coupled device to enable viewing of a normal or a reverse image
Silicon-based functional matrix substrate and optical integrated oxide device
Woven polymer fiber video displays with improved efficiency and economy of manufacture
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor with laterally non-uniform channel doping profile
High peak current density resonant tunneling diode
Very high aspect ratio semiconductor devices using fractal based topologies
Optoelectronic IC relay with observing hole
Strain compensated indium galium arsenide quantum well photoconductors with high indium content extended wavelength operation
Space solar cell
Image sensor or LCD including switching pin diodes
Planar-type avalanche photodiode
Semiconductor structures using a group III-nitride quaternary material system with reduced phase separation and method of fabrication
Light extraction from a semiconductor light-emitting device via chip shaping
Control apparatus for vibration wave motor
Driving circuit for vibration type actuator apparatus
Multi-layer piezoelectric electrical energy transfer device
Monolithic piezoelectric transformer
Method of connecting two linearly-polarized waveguides, transition plate for the connection, and assembly comprising the plate and locking means
Integral dielectric filter
Integral waveguide structure and semiconductor wafer
Antenna mounts
Glass antenna device for vehicle
System and method for aligning an antenna
Radiation synthesizer systems and methods
Compact Yagi antenna array for aircraft
Antenna for receiving signals from GPS and GSM
Helical antenna
Folded helix antenna design
Retractable dual-band antenna system with parallel resonant trap
Antenna device for automotive vehicle
Antenna coupler for testing mobile telephones
Antenna device
Multilayer focusing spherical lens
Dual polarized flat antenna device
Method and device relating to self-calibration of group antenna system having time varying transmission characteristics
Subscriber based smart antenna
Inverted-F antennas having non-linear conductive elements and wireless communicators incorporating the same
Multiple element antenna from a single piece
Dual-point-feed broadband whip antenna
Safety electrical receptacle
Substrate for mounting electronic part
Group III-V semiconductor light emitting devices with reduced piezoelectric fields and increased efficiency
Spark plug with specific gap between insulator and electrodes
Circuit breaker movement structure with three position locking mechanism
Mineral-insulated electrical cable
Gangable electrical box
Inlet power feed for longitudinally slotted current contact lines
Adapter for mounting multiple circuits to utility poles with a pair of cross-arms using candlestick holders
Current sharing control system of power supply and output voltage sensing circuit
Voltage/current regulator and method for battery charging
Detector for rapid charging and method
Low-voltage-drop, spring-activated bypass of failed battery cell
Charging controller
Battery charger
Dual battery system
High-speed disconnector using semiconductor technology
Transversal flux machine
Rotor construction for controlled-pole electric machines
Electrical machine with double excitation
Accessories tray for an electric motor
Structure and manufacturing method for motor and stator
Synchronous machine, in particular generator for a motor vehicle
Reciprocating motor having controllable rotor position
Electric motor with an upstream frequency converter
Mounting bracket for motor capacitor
Motor having worm gear mechanism
Case for electric motor brushes comprising cooling fins
Power converter mode transitioning method and apparatus
Generation of negative voltage using reference voltage
Two-stage voltage pump
DC-to-DC converter with current mode switching controller that produces ramped voltage with adjustable effective ramp rate
Voltage and current limiting method and apparatus for a voltage/frequency drive
Statistical phase detection and go start-up algorithm
Oscillator circuit having maximized signal power and reduced phase noise
Method and apparatus for a calibrated frequency modulation phase locked loop
Adaptation method and amplifier arrangement
Controlled impedance transformer line driver
High power switch-mode radio frequency amplifier method and apparatus
Class D modulator with peak current limit and load impedance sensing circuits
Multiple channel class D audio amplifier
Methods and apparatus for noise shaping a mixed signal power output
Circuit providing a negative resistance to offset error voltage for use with a folded cascode amplifier
Differential transconductance amplifier
Level shifter
Interface device between a broad-band ultrahigh frequency optoelectronic sensor and a load
Output signal converter for ampliciation or attenuation of tube amplifier output while maintaining output properties
Programmable low noise CMOS differentially voltage controlled logarithmic attenuator and method
Variable gain amplifiers and methods having a logarithmic gain control function
High frequency power generator
Automatic gain control circuit receiving apparatus incorporating said circuit automatic gain control method adaptable to receiving apparatus and recording medium
Balance-to-single signal converting circuit
Zero loss bias "T"
Crystal oscillator
Surface-mount type crystal oscillator
Thickness-extensional piezoelectric resonator and piezoelectric resonance component incorporating same
Surface acoustic wave matched filter
Circuit for driving switching element
Switching device for suppressing a rush current
Power level detection circuit
Stabilized gate drivers
PIN diode switch to AC ground with three biasing sources
Proximity switches with mechanical decoupling of connection pins and connection insert
Output buffer switching circuit
Apparatus for reducing induced switching transients
Input/output buffer capable of supporting a multiple of transmission logic buses
Superconductive logic gate and random access memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit
High-density programmable logic device with flexible local connections and multiplexer based global interconnections
Method and apparatus for reducing dynamic programmable logic array propagation delay
Programmable integrated circuit device with slew control and skew control
Voltage-controlled oscillator
Off-line converter with integrated softstart and frequency jitter
System for quantizing an analog signal utilizing a resonant tunneling diode differential ternary quantizer
Accurate, fast, and user programmable hysteretic comparator
High frequency supply compatible hysteresis comparator with low dynamics differential input
Frequency divider and method
Low-voltage oscillation amplifying circuit
Low phase noise clock multiplication
Delayed matching signal generator and frequency multiplier using scaled delay networks
Active clamp network for multiple voltages
Phase selection circuit
Method and apparatus for generating a time delayed signal with a minimum data dependency error using an oscillator
Circuit for evaluating an asysmetric antenna effect
Frequency range trimming for a delay line
High speed charge-pump
Charge pump for adaptively controlling current offset
Speed-up charge pump circuit to improve lock time for integer-N or fractional-N GSM wireless data/voice applications
Multiple frequency band synthesizer using a single voltage control oscillator
Method for detecting a pulse-usable system
Correction static errors in a/d-converter
Built in self test method and structure for analog to digital converter
A/D converter
Method and apparatus for reducing the disparity of set and clear bits on a serial line
Rate 32/34 (D=0, G=9/I=9) modulation code with parity for a recording channel
Analog clipping circuit for mixed signal codecs
Digital calibration method and apparatus for multi-bit delta-sigma D/A converter
Adaptive differential ADC architecture
Encoder and decoder
Method of generating a symmetrical reversible variable length code
Intelligent transceiver module particularly suited for power line control systems
Method and apparatus for interference mitigation for phased-array beam pointing
Auditing networks
Appliance control
Signal transmitting circuit, signal receiving circuit, signal transmitting/receiving circuit, signal transmitting method, signal receiving method, signal transmitting/receiving method, semiconductor integrated circuit, and control method thereof
Pulse code modulated to DC centered VSB converter
Hand-held electronic camera with integral printer
Scan line illumination system utilizing hollow reflector
Method and apparatus for minimizing visual artifacts generated by an electrophotographic machine during imaging
Device for determining the position of an object relative to a surface
Handheld document scanner
Synchronization control circuit
Horizontal frequency generation
Clamp circuit
Method of and apparatus for determining co-channel interference in digital television system
Image sensing device with delayed phase frequency modulation
Automatic focus control method and apparatus
Blending a graphic
Screen ratio converter for digital TV
Computer convergence device controller for managing disparate video sources
Ambient light-dependent video-signal processing
Motion compensation image interpolation--frame rate conversion for HDTV
Method for transmitting data on viewable portion of a video signal
Electronic camera
Method to transmit downhole video up standard wireline cable using digital data compression techniques
Method of improving quality of radio connection
Soft electrical textile heater and method of assembly
Electroluminescent display of line segments
Device for supplying power to at least one bromine tungsten filament lamp
System for and method of operating a discharge lamp
Variable high frequency lamp controllers and systems
Portable induction heater
Microwave cooking grill and steamer
Heating apparatus for cooking
Switch access guard
Multilayer wiring board
Interconnect device and method for mating dissimilar electronic package footprints
Substrate having trim window in a C5 array
Thin type cable modem and stand for mounting the same
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