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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for prescribing site-specific fertilizer application in agricultural fields
Animal harness
Method and apparatus for creating a pathway in an animal
Ice fishing tip-up display
Method and apparatus for controlling pests
Combustible pesticidal products
Insect repellent with sun protection factor
Cooking appliance with an extractor fan
Food additive
Hair extension
Footwear having an interactive strapping system
Web adjuster and harness for child restraint seat
Grease gun handle restrainer
Power tool
Applicator for cosmetic products
Modular worktable and shelving unit
Foldable frame structure for a children's play-yard
Child car seat
Cooking device with handles
Scraper device
Snow tool
Electronic device having a watertight housing
Cell collection device
Cannula with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Method and apparatus for epicardial left atrial appendage isolation in patients with atrial fibrillation
Intralumenal material removal using a cutting device for differential cutting
Methods and apparatus for femoral and tibial resection
Impedance controlled tissue ablation apparatus and method
Ocular accommodative function examination apparatus
Observation apparatus
Microneedle device for extraction and sensing of bodily fluids
Computerized medical diagnostic system utilizing list-based processing
Method and apparatus for lancet actuation
Sensor and guide wire assembly
Self-alignment of radiographic imaging system
Remote visual feedback of collimated area and snapshot of exposed patient area
Dental ozone apparatus with source of reductant solution
Matrix controlled transdermal therapeutic system for the use of pramipexole and ropinirole
Medicated tampon
Dual-layered disposable garment having tailored stretch characteristics
Electromagnetic radiation transparent device and method of making thereof
Noncylindrical drug eluting stent for treating vascular bifurcations
Catheter balloon systems and methods
Adjustable apparatus and method for treating carpal tunnel syndrome
Methods and apparatus to prevent, treat, and cure the symptoms of nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments of human cancers
Vaccine composition
Use of erythropoietin in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Expandable medical device delivery system and method
Protector and blood pump system
Trocar system
Device for treating human and/or animal tissue
Balancing device
Lacrosse head with cushioned sidewalls
Sliding board, in particular ski
Motion conversion mechanism for use with child containment structure
Noise producing device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Used water treatment system for residences and the like
High heat filter fabric and method
Mixed matrix membrane for gas separation
Methods of minimising the effect of integrity loss in hollow fibre membrane modules
Selectable ion concentrations with electrolytic ion exchange
Method and apparatus for asynchronous blending and supply of chemical solutions
Exhaust gas catalytic converter
Hydrogen generator
Reforming apparatus
Pipette and process for producing a pipette
Flexible neck faucet sprayer
Rotary atomizer, and air bearing protection system for rotary atomizer
Contact coating of prostheses
Substrate treatment apparatus
Method for manufacturing heat-sealable packaging material having barrier layer; containing cycloolefin copolymer
Method and device for orienting flat items of mail towards a narrow edge
Geomorphology environmental remediation process and systems
System for forming and securing lift-tabs to can ends having a bridge
Method for manufacturing a liquid ejection element substrate
Repairing kit for automotive dents
Deck leverage anchor with swivel mechanism
Placing tool with means for controlling placing processes
Methods of making metal particles within cored dendrimers
Collet system for rotary tools
Battery powered circular saw
Apparatus and method for aligning solder pads during head gimbal assembly soldering
Thermal compression bonding process cooling manifold
Apparatus and method for mounting an electrical connector to a glass sheet of a vehicle window
Multiple face three-axis CNC machine
Coated abrasive article, and method of making and using the same
Automatic washer feeder for automatic nailer
Hand-held device for picking up objects
Grabbing tool
Sawing machine having cutting angle adjustment mechanism
Device for the production of a granulate
Solid state deformation processing of crosslinked high molecular weight polymeric materials
Coating die with expansible chamber device
Multi-layer preliminary formed body and method of manufacturing the formed body
Method and apparatus for performing a charging process on an image carrying device
Method and apparatus for heat-treating an article and a fixture for use in the same
Device and method for assembling mold for forming plastic lens
Method for producing cathodes and anodes for electrochemical systems, metallised material used therein, method and device for production of said metallised material
Tube welding
Structures, systems and methods for joining articles and materials and uses therefor
Ultrasonic sonotrode
Composite sensor membrane
Ink jet recording apparatus capable of performing a duplex print operation
Inkjet printer cartridge refill dispenser with security lock for spent refill
Image forming apparatus having a member for pressing a print head element against a platen roller
Carriage capable of shielding vibration transmission and recording apparatus and liquid ejection apparatus including the carriage
Imaging apparatus having a programmable throughput rate
Print method and printer suitable for the application of the method
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Identification card printer having ribbon cartridge with cleaner roller
Thermal transfer receiving sheet
Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for detecting a tire deformation of a vehicle tire
Pneumatic tire for two-wheeled motor vehicles
Compressed air treatment device that is designed to be installed in an industrial vehicle
Sound-damping profiled member
Structure for attaching weather strip molded part
Retractable hardtop for a vehicle
High voltage wire routing structure of hybrid vehicle
Power system for dual-motor hybrid vehicle
Dampener for a vehicle seat recliner
Headlamp assembly with integrated reflector and heat sink
Lighting system for vehicle
Luminaire with reflector of adjustable rotation
Multiple sensor controlled vehicle airbag deployment system
Primary/secondary brake system
Vehicle braking system
Method used for bleeding a hydraulic vehicle brake system
Electromagnetic clutch for manual transmission
Method for controlling a drivetrain of a vehicle
Steering control coupling structure for children's wagon
Steering-column fixing-panel assembly of cowl crossmember
Vehicle comprising at least one sensor for detecting the surrounding area of the vehicle
Integrated loading ramp system
Electrically driven track wheels for tracked vehicles
Tilting independent suspension system for motorcycle trike
Seat structure for small planing craft
Water-jet propulsion personal watercraft
Partition assembly having floor parent welded to partitions
Easy open can end with cut protection
Fluid supply assembly
Transparent operational tools carrier
Storage and retrieval unit and method for controlling product storage shelving, especially a commission device
Spring-loaded case hook
Unwind apparatus
Z-folder and standby tray for post processing device
Vertically wound reel assembly
Self locking apparatus
Beverage holder
Electromechanical transducer and method for manufacturing the same which suppresses lowering of sensitivity while a protective layer is formed
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for regenerating spent sulfuric acid
In-situ ZSM-5 synthesis
Porous crystalline material (zeolite ITQ-24), preparation method thereof and use of same in the catalytic conversion of organic compounds
Process for treating alkali metals charged with tritium or components contaminated with alkali metals charged with tritium
Process for treating waste water to remove contaminants
Apparatus for magnetic treatment of a liquid and associated methods
Catalytic removal of dissolved oxygen from organic liquids
Device for producing a glass rod
Liquid-crystalline compounds
Printable liquid crystal material
Display medium
Nanostructures including a metal
Scalable lead zirconium titanate (PZT) thin film material and deposition method, and ferroelectric memory device structures comprising such thin film material
Method and apparatus for purification of crystal material and for making crystals therefrom and use of crystals obtained thereby
Textiles; Paper
Paper additive composition and method for producing paper using the same
Fixed Constructions
Method for making multiple-part concrete pole
Joint connection and applications
Damper and door handle having the same
Adjustable door assembly for a walk-in environmentally conditioned room
Secondary retainer for a downhole hammer bit
Method and apparatus for performing chemical treatments of exposed geological formations
Scale dissolver fluid
Well fluid homogenization device
Methods of treating subterranean formations using derivatized gelling agents
Bit balling treatment
Drilling apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Springless valve system
Two-piece valve cover
Coolant pump arrangement for an internal-combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Dual combustion mode engine
Carburetor valve control linkage
Fuel injection system and method of operation for a gaseous fuelled engine with liquid pilot fuel ignition
Rotary compressor having a discharge valve
Mechanical seal with bellows seating alignment
System for supplying halogen gas or halogen containing gas and method thereof
Blade clamp assembly
Bearing shell made of hybrid material and process for production thereof
Spacer suitable for use with disk brake including caliper
Self energising clutch
Method for supplying bearing components of a hydrodynamic clutch with lubricant and corresponding hydrodynamic clutch
Hydraulic circuit
Shock absorbing box
Drive system for a machine
Multi-port flow selector manifold valve and manifold system
Multiple line administration
Utility hot and cold water mixing system
Fluid operated position regulator
Solenoid valve
Quick-disconnect coupler
Ring light with user manipulable control
Ambiance lighting system with temperature responsive variable color output
Planar light source device and liquid crystal display device
Lighting system for a vehicle, with high-intensity power LED
Edge-type backlight unit
Backlight module and liquid crystal display device using the same
Electromagnetic energy adaptation material
Friction grip fireplace tool
Conveyor oven with improved air return and method
Wireless air-volume damper control system
Air conditioning system
Method of operating auger ice-making machine
Device for collecting atmospheric water
Low profile flights for use in a drum
Vacuum drying apparatus and vacuum drying method
Brazed plate high pressure heat exchanger
Mechanical drive assist for active feed paintball loader
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using
Explosive effect mitigated containers and enclosing devices
Measuring device
Wiring device/wallplate installation tool
Flow meter for gaseous media
Ultra low pressure drop flow sensor
Apparatus for detecting liquid level
Diagnosing a loss of refrigerant charge in a refrigerant system
Surface acoustic wave pressure sensor
Line pressure compensated differential pressure transducer assembly
Pressure sensor and manufacturing method therefor
Portable multi-function system for testing protective devices
Planar micromixer
Method and apparatus for point of care osmolarity testing
High performance, hand-held gas chromatograph, method and system
Flow control in a distributed environment
Acoustic profiler for wind, temperature, and turbulence
Optical interconnect with passive optical alignment
Rugged MT-MT connector
Joining optical fibres
Adjustable lens system with neural-based control
Auxiliary eyewear attachment apparatus
Reverse synthetic methods for making organic non-linear optical materials
Projector system for light modulation device
Light source device and projector
System and method for learning dimmer characteristics
Thermal expansion-enhanced heat sink for an electronic assembly
Transport control server that calculates routing information
Managing and storing electronic messages during recipient unavailability
Method for controlling home network device using universal web application and apparatus thereof
Distributed parallel computation with acceleration devices
Unmanned vehicle selective data transfer system and method thereof
Content suggestion for posting on communication network
Server restart management via stability time
System and method for delivering content to users on a network
Virtual network and management method of virtual network
Method for providing interworking service in home network
Information processing system, information processing device, and authentication method
Networked disposal and sample provisioning apparatus
Apparatuses, methods and systems to provide translations of information into sign language or other formats
Encryption system and method
Processing user profiles of users in an electronic community
Image forming apparatus, control method, and storage medium in which data is shared between applications
Communication apparatus, method of controlling the same and storage medium
System and method for adding members to chat groups based on analysis of chat content
Parking assist control apparatus and storage medium for parking assist control program
Processing algebraic expressions for keyed data sets
POS system, input/output control apparatus for use in a POS system, and method
Strap clip
Method of automatically detecting a test result of a probe zone of a test strip
3D model multi-reviewer system
Location-aware content and location-based advertising with a mobile device
System and method for processing electronically deposited checks
Banknote storing with condition detection apparatus and method
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
System for image projection
Magnetic powder
Process for manufacturing a composite polymeric circuit protection device
Method of manufacturing transverse non-cylindrical gradient coils
LED and a lighting apparatus using the LED
Reinforcement structures for electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cell
Hydrogen storage alloys having improved cycle life and low temperature operating characteristics
Split socket optical interconnect
Terminal member to be connected for cell voltage-measuring use
Surface contact card holder
Squib connector with improved cover connection
Connector in which a mutual distance between contacts is adjusted at terminal portions thereof
Edge and broadside coupled connector
Connector for receiving different sizes of memory cards
Electrical connector and liquid crystal display device
Electrical connecting device
System and method for distribution of electrical power
Shielded connector
Waterproof packing, waterproof connector using the same and process for producing waterproof connector
Handset microphone
Switching installation with pressure controlled short-circuit device
Transformerless resonant boost supply circuit
Apparatus and method for separating two phase-modulated signals having different amplitudes
Millimeter-wave line of sight MIMO communication system for indoor applications
Spatial sound reproduction
Information processing method, information processing circuit, and information processing apparatus
System and method for maintaining integrity of audio data in a multiplexed audio/video stream over a low-latency network connection
White space usage for wireless local area network devices
Apparatus and method for analyzing a packet
Forensics for network switching diagnosis
Loss measurement in a link aggregation group
Estimating processing workloads
Targeted message response
Aligning content and social network audience using analytics and/or visualization
Directed route load/store packets for distributed switch initialization
Directed route load/store packets for distributed switch initialization
Providing I.sup.2C bus over Ethernet
Method for processing a plurality of data and switching device for switching communication packets
Enhanced computer networking via multi-connection object retrieval
Media streaming
Context establishment in marginal grant conditions
Determining location of hardware components in a cloud computing environment based on hardware components self-locating other hardware components
Method and system for identifying storage device
Reading group ebook synchronization
Compressing encrypted data without the encryption key
Generalized certificate use in policy-based secure messaging environments
Voice recognition dialing for alphabetic phone numbers
Mobile communication terminal for PTT and method for processing missed call information thereof
System and method for user certificate initiation, distribution, and provisioning in converged WLAN-WWAN interworking networks
Wireless network design, commissioning, and controls for HVAC, water heating, and lighting system optimization
Single-eye stereoscopic imaging device, correction method thereof, and recording medium thereof
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Stereoscopic imaging device and stereoscopic imaging method
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
Medical image diagnosis apparatus and image processing apparatus
System and method in a broadband receiver for efficiently receiving and processing signals
Stand for IP camera and IP camera having the same, and using method thereof
Blur correction apparatus and image capture apparatus
Solid-state imaging device and camera
Imaging device, information processing device, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
Method and apparatus to detect a demand for and to establish demand-based multimedia broadcast multicast service
Method and apparatus for providing wireless digital television service
Video methods and arrangements
Digital recording apparatus and copyright protection method thereof
System and method for commutation in photonic switching
Floating and waterproof sound box
Speaker system having wide bandwidth and wide high-frequency dispersion
High performance audio headphones and speaker devices
Seal-quality estimation for a seal for an ear canal
Apparatus and method for automatic audio system and recovery from unexpected behaviors
Digital microphone with frequency booster
Method for making condenser microphones
Audio processing method and audio processing apparatus
Method and system for reporting, securing and controlling mobile phones which are lost (misplacedstolen)
Nodes and methods for monitoring of communication
Communication control system, communication control device, and communication control method
Modifying log files and playback files used for wireless network emulation
Aggregated geo-fencing area based information delivery
Query based volume determination
Usage of beacon for location based security
Mobile terminal and instrument diagnostic method
Communication in a cellular network taking into account backhaul loading
Cell switching strategy for an LTE-advanced system based on carrier aggregation technology
Systems and methods of wireless device push-to-talk registration
Communication system to route telephony signals based on originating line information
System and/or method of locating a portable service access transceiver
Architecture and method of call routing based on session initiation protocol presence information
Managing wireless connections based on motion
Apparatus and method for detecting a location of a mobile station in a mobile communication system
Dynamic reorganization of cell structures in wireless networks
System and method for channel-dependent CCA thresholds to balance different use cases in wireless networks
Base station and communication method thereof
Radio communication apparatus and method establishing discontinuous transmission and reception cycles
Light-emitting diode lamp compatible with an electronic ballast generating preheating current
Light driver control system
LED driving apparatus and operating method thereof
Non-isolated LED driving circuit
Illumination system and phase signal transmitter of the same
Linear actuator system with means for fire detection
Electrode, electrode material, and electrode formation method
Snap door structure for electronic devices
Electrical distribution center
Tilted printed circuit board installation
Assembly structure for use in storage media of server
System to increase server'S density in datacenter
Field-replaceable bank of immersion-cooled electronic components and separable heat sinks
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Mulch-till ripper
Blower for combine harvesters having a separation unit
Foundation and soil irrigation system utilizing wicking materials
Touchless volatile dispenser
Method and apparatus for removing fat from meat cuts
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a sausage making machine
Method of separating meat of a poultry with bones and apparatus for use in such method
Baitfish chunking apparatus
Motorcyclist garment with illuminated traffic signals
In-line roller skate with detachable boot
Active engagement system for engaging a snowboard boot to a binding
Highback with adjustable stiffness
Illuminated seat belt buckle
Golf club travel bag
Binder with expandable outside pocket
Portable multi-activity outdoor recreation apparatus
Personal inhaler carrier
Holder for headed tools
Paint can carrier
Powder dispenser with telescopic brush
Collapsible stand especially for binders
Table stand for books or sheet music
Lubrication and self-cleaning system for expansion mandrel
Offset base storage rack assembly
Snap together modular storage
Cabinets with false fronts and associated false front connectors for engaging multiple sidewalls
Slide out support for server cabinet
Adjustment mechanism, back cover and arm rest for a chair
Chair assisting rising movements
Combination lounger with easy assembly and detaching structure
Motorized reclining mechanism and furniture item
Pressure-relieving wheelchair seating apparatus
Adjustable lumbar device
Cable guide structure
Automatic dish serving system
Hangable storing box for a stack of plastic bags
Lighting system employing bi-directional optics for illuminating product display unit
Shelf extender display unit
Adjustable strut hinge assembly for picture frames
Device for hanging an object on a wall
Non-spill beverage container
Integral soft and hard plastic nozzle
Recyclable beverage container handle
Deck mountable plant stand
Food pan configured for nested stacking
Electric whisk
Integral toilet paper roll and support spindle
Soap dispensing system with single soap pump and two unpressurized soap containers
Endoscope optical system including composition having durability to a sterilization treatment
Air and water supply system for endoscopes
Vein harvesting system and method
Heart stabilizer apparatus
Devices and method for manipulation of organ tissue
Embolic material detachment detection system and method and assembly for embolic treatments
Catheter system and method for injection of a liquid embolic composition and a solidification agent
Catheter guidewire lubricating device
Thrombectomy method
Method of use of an ultrasonic clamp and coagulation apparatus with tissue support surface
Apparatus for holding a trocar sleeve in different spatial orientations
Inert gas inhanced electrosurgical apparatus
Surgical bipolar scissors
RF ablation system and method having automatic temperature control
Electrosurgical system
Instrument for surgical purposes and method of cleaning same
Suction stabilized epicardial ablation devices
Noninvasive devices, methods, and systems for shrinking of tissues
Endoscopic retraction method
Cardiac ablation instrument
Positioner for medical devices such as biopsy needles
Handheld personal data assistant (PDA) with a medical device and method of using the same
Method to determine olfactory perception
Wrist-mounted blood pressure measurement device
Apparatus for diagnosing lesion severity, and method therefor
Continuous intra-cranial pressure control
System and method of recording and displaying in context of an image a location of at least one point-of-interest in a body during an intra-body medical procedure
Systems and methods for the transport of fluids through a biological barrier and production techniques for such systems
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Medical diagnostic ultrasonic imaging method and system for displaying multi-phase, multi-frame images
Method and apparatus using coded excitation in ultrasonic perfusion imaging
Ultrasound imaging system
System and method for strain image display
Laser-operated dental handpiece
Completely reproducible articulator
Method for treating materials, especially biological tissues, using light induction and device for realizing the same
Attachment device for intra-oral orthodontic appliance
Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same
Absorbent article with increased wet breathability
Sanitary undergarment
Disposable device for transferring an active liquid into a body cavity
Urinary incontinence device
Intraurethral device for incontinence
Parylene-coated components for inflatable penile prosthesis
Foot alleviator
Male catheter securing device
Interface for laser eye surgery
Foldaway lifting device for disabled people in wheelchairs and children's pushchairs
System for and method of applying pressure to human body
Arrangement for portable pumping unit
Fluid transfer device
Endodontic systems and methods for preparing upper portions of root canals with increasingly rigid files
Continuous autotransfusion filtration system
Dialysis machine, in particular for home use
Method for collecting platelets and other blood components from whole blood
Device and method for fluid aeration via gas forced through a liquid within an orifice of a pressure chamber
Preformed coronary artery guide catheter
Methods and apparatus for brachytherapy treatment of prostate disease
Injector for applying fluids fitted with a pressure measuring system
Syringe protection cap
Device for treatment with magnetic fields
Therapeutic spiral magnet
Dry pipe valve for fire protection sprinkler system
Muscle training and development device
Stationary exercise apparatus
Exercise apparatus
Weight stack for exercise machine
Method and device for assisting weight lifters in performing weight lifting exercises
Apparatus for restoring the balance of the human body
Free wheel clutch mechanism for bicycle drive train
Combination leg exercise machine with adjustable seat assembly
Energy storage device used in locomotion machine
Scalable high-performance bouncing apparatus
Golf ball with color flop marking
Solid golf ball
Method of making a solid golf ball
Three-piece solid golf ball
Method and device implementing a custom fit putter
Method of dynamically determining the relative stiffness of a golf shaft
Golf training aid
Golf club head skeletal support structure
Golf club striking plate with variable bulge and roll
Method for manufacturing a golf club
Golf putter with adjustable sight line
Collapsible sports goal assembly
Shooting target
Training bag
Golf training glasses
Jungle gym
Skate body
Three-wheeled roller skate and method therefor
Skates to roll on the road or sliding on the ice
Snowboard binding
Imaging processing apparatus and image processing method
Use in computer games of voronoi diagrams for partitioning a gamespace for analysis
Strap device for use with a video game
Game machine with extendible play criteria and information storage medium
Method of playing a word forming board game
Lottery ticket play action game
Cubic sexenary (base 6) dice for generating radom numbers from a predetermined set
Cashless method for a gaming system using player information
Inflatable wedge for diving onto a water slide
Doll having face stencil and stamp applied features
Electronic figurines
Toy with light pattern
Geometric construction system
Panelling and supports for interconnected toy blocks
Toy water device
Bubble making device with a variable size collapsible loop
Performing Operations; Transporting
In-well contaminant stripper
Air bag gas generator and air bag apparatus
Apparatus for mixing and aerating liquid-solid slurries
Rotary drum with rolling body arrangement
Knife ring machining tool for machining chips
Woodchipper tool
Circuit grinding apparatus with high-pressure roller mill and sifter
Nut locking clip assembly
Pivoting piston head for pump
Nozzle for agricultural sprayers
Water supply method and apparatus for a fountain
Manual spray coating gun
Rotary atomizing head
Telescoping foamer nozzle
Mixer for forming a thin oil film on a surface of a drop of water
Showerhead for delivering an aerated water stream by use of the venturi effect
Universal mounting bracket for laser targeting and feedback system
Perfumed shower head
Glue gun with pinch rollers
Stacked and filled capacitive microelectromechanical ultrasonic transducer for medical diagnostic ultrasound systems
Ultrasound transducer array
Apparatus and method for harmonic imaging using an array transducer operated in the k31 mode
Array type ultrasonic probe and a method of manufacturing the same
Direct to package printing system with RFID write/read capability
Method and apparatus for covering landfill
Methods and compact apparatus for covering landfill
AVS melting process
Composite particles and methods for their application and implementation
Device for distributing an oil-air mixture to various lubricating channels of the machine housing
Drive roller for wire feeding mechanism
Forging method of a hollow part
Metal powder compression tool
Security container drilling apparatus and method of cutting the lock bolt of a security container
Plunge base router
Machining tool for high-speed machining
Broach for use in performing machining operations
Sequential electromachining and electropolishing of metals and the like using modulated electric fields
Friction stir bonding method
Desoldering wick dispenser
Turbine airfoil with separately formed tip and method for manufacture and repair thereof
Collet retainer
Method for polishing and chamfering rare earth alloy, and method and machine for sorting out ball media
Polishing apparatus
Method and apparatus for supporting a polishing pad during chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Ergonomic sander handle apparatus and method
Honing tool
Method for polishing a work and an apparatus for polishing a work
System and method for CMP having multi-pressure zone loading for improved edge and annular zone material removal control
Polishing apparatus
Apparatus and method for reclamation of used polishing slurry
Method and apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing
Method of unloading substrates in chemical-mechanical polishing apparatus
Polishing apparatus
Assembly for supporting and retaining glass sheets
Lug nut magazine
Over-center power clamp toggle mechanism
Powered clamp with unlocking feature
Modular stamped parts transfer gripper
Length adjustable trigger assembly for nailer
Multi chamber nail gun
Coil strap with nails for use in a nail hammer
Operation mode switching mechanism for a hammer drill
Tablet cutter
Robot arm mechanism
Cutting and decorating device with cutting depth shop
Cordless router
Staple jump preventing mechanism for staple cartridge
Low-impedance compound feed extrusion die
Extender assembly for core drill
Electric power steering apparatus
Injection molding machine with displaceable molds, a holding device and a die holder for such an injection molding machine
Molding device for molding rotator
Gas valve pin mechanism
Mold interlock
Disc-molding mold
Arrangement for moving a turntable in an apparatus for molding and punching out containers from thermoplastic plastic foil
Polyethylene connectors
Irrigation pipe protector
Extrusion deposition molding with in-line compounding of reinforcing fibers
Plastic lens systems, compositions, and methods
Apparatus that clamps an end member to a casing
Method for manufacturing mailing-ready printed products and envelopes for use with such method
Hot lamination method for a hybrid radio frequency optical memory card converting sheets into a web process
Device for transferring sheets
Shortcut media determination system for inkjet printing
Motor mounting structure and drive shaft mounting structure
Inkjet device encapsulated at the wafer scale
Ink jet printing
Variable ink firing frequency to compensate for paper cockling
Print head and ink jet printing apparatus
Ink jet printing process and printing apparatus
Ink jet recorder
Non-circular printhead orifice
Ink jet recording head
Ink jet head, substrate for ink jet head, ink jet cartridge, and ink jet apparatus
Ink jet recording head, ink jet recording apparatus, and ink jet recording method
Electrical circuit for wide-array inkjet printhead assembly
Fluid jetting apparatus and a process for manufacturing the same
Ink jet head and method for the manufacture thereof
Method for making ink-jet printer nozzles
Ink-jet printing head and ink-jet printing apparatus
Ink jet recording method and apparatus for driving electrothermal converting elements in a dispersed manner
Printing apparatus and suction recovery control method
Method for servicing an inkjet printhead
Tapered screw spittoon system for waste inkjet ink
Co-extruded tubing for an off-axis ink delivery system
Reserve ink supply in thermal ink jet cartridge ink tanks
Evacuated structures for removing accumulated air
Nozzle guard for a printhead
Print mode for full bleed
Ink jet recording apparatus and printing method thereof
Printing apparatus and method
Image forming device, and its manufacturing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for decorating an imaging device
Shape memory alloy ink jet printing mechanism
Paper clip automatic attaching device and a document set producing machine having same
Reverse eccentric double parallel pressure seal business form
Connector device for card with a plurality of connection terminals different in length
Ring binder sheet positioner
Hangable storage container for storing a compact disk
Document holder
Reinforced book bound with imaging material
Spoke nipple, especially for bicycles and the like
Free-wheeling hub
Three quarter floating automotive axle
ATV trailer apparatus
Nosebox with interchangeable connector assemblies for tractors and trailers
Suspension thrust bearing with retaining means
Bushing retainer for stabilizer bar
Replacement apparatus providing selectable camber/caster correction
Vehicle suspension
Preassembled heat exchange unit and vehicle including such unit
Case connection structure
Fluid heating devices
Heating system for heating the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle
Hingeless ventilator
Side visor fastener
Pick-up truck rack
Sun visor assembly having a flexible ear
Connector fitting structure for auxiliary component
Vehicle inner circuit panel, vehicle panel assembly and vehicle panel assembly wiring construction
Roof storage compartment cover for a convertible vehicle
Hardtop vehicle roof movable between closed and open positions
Roof assembly for a vehicle
Foldable top
Wind stop device
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Restraining strap for securing pressure vessels
Fuel tank equipped with a gas evacuating system
Hybrid vehicle
Method for stopping an engine in a parallel hybrid electric vehicle
Hybrid transmission, especially for motor vehicles
Innovia vehicle lock-on device
Crush velocity sensing vehicle crash sensor
Cable actuator for retractable headrest
Rotating vehicle seat
Universal seat track assembly
Memory system for seat back recliner
Integrated child seat for an automobile seat
Anti-submarine device of a seat for an automobile
Dump truck apparatus with removable hopper
Container handling system for a vehicle
Load gate and method of operating a forwarder using the same
Lamp masking method and apparatus
Automotive lamp housing with bond joint
Boat windshield light and support apparatus
Projector and illumination device ceiling mount
Swing-down ceiling mount for motor-vehicle mirror or monitor
Device for fixing a mirror cover to a command set of a rearview mirror, and a rearview mirror provided therewith
Restraining system for a driver of a vehicle
Impact absorbing assembly for automobile interior systems
Automotive side-impact protection system
Airbag system for front passenger's seat
Airbag module with cover cap
Safety device having at least one back seat airbag, for a motor vehicle
Hybrid-type device for inflating vehicle safety equipment
Airbag arrangement
Implant protective pad for use with seatbelts
Motor vehicle with a load-space securing element
Cover device for assembly recesses on roof-drip moldings of motor vehicle bodies
Device for fixing a part on a drive shaft of a wiper system
Water actuated systems for trailers
Regenerative braking and driving apparatus
Hydraulic brake apparatus for a vehicle
Integral park brake/eddy current brake assembly
Braking apparatus for a vehicle
Remote control unit for electric wheel brake controller
Vehicle brake control device
Brake system with hydraulic brake booster and corresponding method
Winch system
Road and rail tankers
Versatile hand truck
Means for limiting direction of a stroller front wheel
Stroller with release latch
Stroller with adjustable seat back arrangement
Vehicle light apparatus
Vehicle cargo area extender having sliding lid
Magneto-rheological simulated steering feel system
Apparatus for transporting of a working machine
Glider fifth wheel attachment
Frame for track apparatus
Crawler pad for the tread board of a crawler track shoe
Multi-section support rail apparatus and method of making
Interchangeable nests for supporting components on a transport system
Conveyor system and vehicle skid
Locking device for releasably locking a seat post relative to a seat tube of a bicycle frame
Two-piece detachable holder
Front fender device for motorcycle
Hydraulic or hydropneumatic shock absorber or telescopic suspension, equipped with built-in compensator, having small overall dimensions, easy to carry out and highly reliable
Replacement front wheel assembly for a roller board
Cable disc brake
Land rower
Multiwheel self propelled variable output vehicle
Internal transmission device with automatic shift mechanism for a bicycle
Flowline termination buoy with counterweight for a single point mooring and fluid transfer system
Mounting and retrieval system for wakeboards and the like
Combined ballast and signalling device for a personal flotation device
Overboard rescue system
Device for propelling a diver through a body of water using pedaling motion
Low-profile steering nozzle for water jet propulsion system
Hydraulic tilt device for marine outboard drive
Boat auxiliary drive mechanism
High performance engine skeg
Airplane evacuation system and method therefor
Acoustic treated thrust reverser bullnose fairing assembly
Cargo handling system for aircraft compartments
Rotating solar concentrator
Crewed on-orbit, returnable, and reusable space vehicle
Device for separation of a plurality of axially arranged satellites
Conveyor section arrangement for containers being filled with items or bulk material at a filling station
Apparatus for palletizing substantially cylindrical objects
Device for removing a pill from its package
Automobile transport skid
Superimposable and interpenetrable plastics box
Multi-ply composite container with regions of weakened strength and method for manufacturing same
Flexible self-standing bag
Tamper-evident package
Sheet material container erectable from precursor with auto-forming end closure
Sliding tray packaging
Bottomless battery container
Cardboard pallet-type container/exhibitor
Cup lid packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such discs and material
Musical toothpaste tube closure
Promotional mailing device
Single use glue dispensing package
Electronic component packaging strip
Detergent pack
Cigarette packet with auxiliary opening means
System and method for unloading bulk powder from large bulk containers
Trash bag holder
High storage shelf system for hanging goods
Article storage system
Inclined conveyor
Automatic belt skirt for conveyor
Device for container rearranging machines, provided with automatic means for directing and dropping the container received
Board turner apparatus
Vertical conveyor
Apparatus and method for inspecting non-round containers
Method and apparatus for separating wafers
Container unloading apparatus
Winding reel, veneer winding device, device for delivering tape to veneer roll, veneer roll unwinding device, and method of manufacturing plywood
Safety lock for upstacker
Paper-stopping mechanism of automatic document feeder
Sheet separating device
Printer head of a coating tool
Right angle stager apparatus
Device and method for storing holiday light strings
Storage carriage and method of storing a longitudinal component in the storage carriage
Retractable track guide apparatus for use in a document processing system
Sheet handling apparatus
Double brake protection device for elevator
Rotary crane
Pneumatic motor and pneumatic hoist apparatus installed with the same
Adapter for use in connection with combined coolers and dispensers for liquids, particularly water
System and method for retrofitting fuel pump stations
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Systems and methods for remote monitoring and modulation of medical devices
Heat treatment container
Fixed Constructions
Dolly track
Speed control system for a work machine
Portable, oscillating grade determinant apparatus incorporating laser signal receiver
Pavement system
Protect arrangement
Assembly of revetments with crush-absorbing ribs
Guardrail beam with enhanced stability
Reflective marker
Reflecting mirror
Lighted traffic channelization device
Pavement marker with improved daytime visibility
Permanent and semi-permanent groyne structures and method for shoreline and land mass reclamation
Dock installation and removal apparatus and method
Flow permeable port embankment
Form for manufacturing concrete retaining wall blocks
Impact hammer systems and methods
Selective suspension drain closure apparatus
Prefabricated masonry fence system and method for constructing same
Roof ventilator with movable member to prevent entry of moisture
Handrail and end member assembly
Fixing element and method for fixing insulation tracks or plates on a fixed substructure
Construction material holding system
Wall climbing form hoist
Modular hoarding system
Fence bracket
Picket fence cap assembly
Interference fit doorjamb reinforcement apparatus
Mortise lock
Motor vehicle door lock
Door lock drive unit
Power-open motor-vehicle door latch
Electro-mechanical actuator and clutch for the same
Portable doorstop with ergonomic advantages
Multi-positional advanced door security lock
Storage bin with counterbalanced door
Cabinet door hinge with strain relief structure
Actuating system for a hatch or similar hinged structure
Submersible pumps
Device for connecting a submerged fluid-transporting line
Modular wellbore tubular handling system and method
Rod hanger and clamp assembly
Subsea riser disconnect and method
Adjustable tubing hanger assembly
Wellhead isolation tool
Concentric tubing completion system
Down hole tension/compression device for logging tools
Apparatus and method for gravel packing an interval of a wellbore
Methods for completing wells in unconsolidated subterranean zones
Fluid well pumping system
Apparatus and method for pumping fluids for use with a downhole rotary pump
Method and apparatus for determining the temperature of subterranean wells using fiber optic cable
Method and apparatus for perforating a well
Method and apparatus to provide miniature formation fluid sample
Mine support and method of forming the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Bucket dovetail bridge member and method for eliminating thermal bowing of steam turbine rotors
Gas turbine with baffle reducing hot gas ingress into interstage disc cavity
Variable displacement turbo supercharger
Method and apparatus for turbine blade contoured platform
Second-stage turbine bucket airfoil
Turbine guide blade
Engine arrangement for small planing watercraft
Exhaust system clamp assembly and associated method
Burner system with staged fuel injection and method for its operation
Priming system for an engine carburetor
Fuel injector with injection rate control
Method for producing a high pressure fuel accumulator
Variable spray hole fuel injector with dual actuators
High-pressure hydraulic fuel pump
Variable displacement compressor
Two-way manually operated pump structure
Air pump having pressure gauge thereon
Reciprocating piston compressor having improved noise attenuation
Two stage oil free air compressor
Variable displacement pump
Micropump underpressure control device
Packing assembly and reciprocating plunger pump incorporating same
Fluid discharge device and fluid discharge method
Manual/pneumatic oil-pumping device
Fluid intensifier pump system
Scroll compressors
Liquid ring pumps with automatic control of seal liquid injection
Compressor utilizing low volt power tapped from high volt power
Motor of air conditioning system and air conditioning system having the same
Tightening device with easy alignment for securing a ceiling fan to a fitting
Process and device for regulating a turbocompressor to prevent surge
Bearings with hardened rolling elements and polymeric cages for use submerged in very low temperature fluids
Anti-rotational submersible well pump assembly
Turbo fan of a ceiling-embedded cassette type air conditioner having an improved structure
Axial flow fan
Dynamically stable flow amplifying poppet valve
Electromagnetic valve
Two-stage valve suitable as high-flow high-pressure microvalve
Plug to be fastened to hollow and solid building materials
Screw fastener
Anti-cross threading device
Linear guide way
Linear guide assembly
Rolling guide device and drive system using rolling guide device
Bearing guided ferrofluid seal and seal carrier
On-demand transfer case with integrated sprocket and bi-directional clutch assembly
Face clutch coupling device
Multiple lockup clutch and torque converter with the same clutch incorporated therein
Clutch assembly and diagnostic system
Boot for slip yoke assembly in a vehicle driveshaft
Actuator drive and display mechanism
Electro-magnetic actuator having a shortened magnetic flux flow loop
Active bi-directional overrunning clutch indexing
Ratchet type one-way clutch and method of manufacturing the same
One-way clutch
Friction ring for a brake disc
Liquid-filled cylinder-shaped hydraulic vibration isolator
Hydraulic engine mount having a one-piece inner support structure
Liquid-filled type vibration isolating device and manufacturing method thereof
Fluid-filled vibration damping device and method of producing the same
Damper assembly for a rotating shaft and methods for dampening shaft vibrations
Torsional vibration damping apparatus
Tunable vibration damper for processor packages
Fabric cushion v-ribbed belt
Continuously variable transmission and variants
Automatic transmission for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling an automatic gearbox
Garage shift control for a motor vehicle automatic transmission
Hydraulic control system for automatic transmission
Friction-wheel planetary gear with bevel gears
Motor vehicle
Unitary double ring seal
Injection moldable elastomeric gasket
Radial lip seal
Split mechanical face seal
Low leakage butterfly damper
Thermostatic cartridge for mixer taps
Leaf spring valve
Roll seal control valve
Crashproof instant-on valve
Tubular members
Nut locking apparatus
Tube joint
Device for supporting ducts
Rotatable pipe and conduit hanger
Hose connector
Releasable plug coupling with protective sleeve
Releasable coupling assembly
Device for joining two tubular elements with semitoric flange extensions
Twist lock high pressure quick connector
Fabric flow restriction and method for restricting a fabric duct
Air admittance valve connector assembly
Flat reflector lamp for fluorescent tubes
Elliptical headlight with beam modification by movement of optical elements
Triple mode lamp
Shockabsorbed lamp and method for manufacturing of the shockabsorbed lamp
Method and apparatus for mounting a lamp
Lighting system, in particular for motor vehicles, and method of generating a light beam of desired shape
Illumination display system and method for creating decorative light images
LED lighting equipment for vehicle
Luminaire which provides an evenly distributed lighting pattern
Illustration illuminator
Low pollution emission burner
Multi-flame lighter
Non-pressurized space heating system and apparatus
Integrated temperature and humidity controller with priority for humidity temperature control
Air diffuser fabric and air diffusers formed therefrom
Openable screened floor vent cover
Process for adjusting the water vapor content in a very high temperature furnace
Highly gas tight chamber and method of manufacturing same
Arrow ferrule device
Land and water based flash flood detection and warning system
Non-intrusive temperature sensor for measuring internal temperature of fluids within pipes
Probe card
Medical ultrasound receive architecture
Coil shielding method for selective attenuation of an electromagnetic energy field component
Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus
Retroreflective sheeting containing a validation image and methods of making the same
Optical wavelength division multiplexer and/or demultiplexer with mechanical strain relief
Optical fiber inner tube connector
Cold welding process for fiber optic/ferrule attachment
Hybrid connector and assembling method thereof
LD module
Stacked transceiver receptacle assembly
Frameless glasses attaching to body piercing studs
Eyeglasses and parts thereof made with specially processed NiTi shape memory alloy
Temporary, disposable glare shield for eyeglasses
Multifocal ophthalmic lens with reduced halo size
Apparatus for attaching supplementary lenses to eyeglasses
Clip-on style lenses and method of assembly
Method of fabricating a matrix display system
Human body-mounted camera
Projection display device comprising an integrator device provided with a tunnel prism
Attachable/detachable silencer and projection type projector apparatus with the same
Projection device for projecting an image onto a projection surface, and a projection unit for coupling to a projector
Image projection display apparatus using plural projectors and projected image compensation apparatus
Radiation cassette
System and method for latent film recovery in electronic film development
Film scanning device provided in automatic developing apparatus
Document feeder with linking mechanism
Keyboard having a protective lid
Barrier free computer keyboard
Image projection system and a method of controlling a projected pointer
System for processing video in computing devices that multiplexes multiple video streams into a single video stream which is input to a graphics controller
Card detect switch for card connector
Smart card module, smart card with the smart card module, and method for producing the smart card module
Antenna frame for IC card and process for manufacturing the same or IC card using the same
Apparatus and method of providing a dual mode card and reader
Method for increasing depth of scanning field of a scanning device
Optical reader having inclinable stage which mounts optical unit thereon
Method and apparatus for illumination control to increase the manufacturing yield for a bar code and position reference reader in a mass storage auto-changer
Method, a smart card and terminals for effecting transactions through a telecommunication network
System and method of managing expired products
Communications, particularly in the domestic environment
Methods and systems for tracking and controlling mailpiece processing using postal service mailpiece code
Smart card for recording identification, and operational, service and maintenance transactions
Media cassette for self-service terminal
Coin dispenser assembly with improved coin transport surfaces
Article discharging device
Slot machine with award multiplier display
Method and apparatus for expiration of prepaid slot machine plays
Gaming device with signified symbols
Method enabling a purchaser to ask for the execution of an obligation related to a card and enabling an emitter to recognize said obligation
Method for self-programming smart cards
Data processing terminal
Attention-focusing device and method of use
Multiple data item scoring system and method
Method and system for simulating travel
Light emitting diode modules for illuminated signs
Device, system and method for labeling three-dimensional objects
Active dipole inlet using drone cone speaker driver
Media disc holder
Toroidal core winding method and automatic winding apparatus
Light-emitting key with multiple independently-illuminated messages, in particular for an aviation equipment panel, and a strip constituted by such keys
Fuse device and fuse device connecting structure
Bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp
Substrate processing apparatus
Vacuum processing apparatus and a vacuum processing system
Ceramic heater
Wafer polishing method, wafer cleaning method and wafer protective film
Tray input-output module
Shunt power connection for an integrated circuit package
Method of making electroluminescent devices having varying electrical and/or optical properties
Electrical connector for printed circuit boards
Strain relief for BGA connector
Impedance controlled electrical connector assembly
Connector for flat circuit member
Electrical connector having stamped electrical contacts with deformed sections for increased stiffness
Card edge connector with commoning contacts and individual contacts and method making the same
Terminal of socket connector
Electrical connector wafer with V-grooves
Electric connector
Jumper cable plug
Waterproof connector
Waterproof connector
Waterproof electrical connector
Connector system for use with handheld computers and accessory devices
Low profile modular jack
Plug connector with pivotally mounted lock release buttons
Mate assist assembly for connecting electrical contacts
Floating coaxial connector
Stacked electronic card connector assembly
Electrical card connector having anti-mismating device
Keyed connector assembly for flat flexible circuitry
Shielding plate for pluggable electrical components
Modular jack
Plug assembly for data transmission and method of wiring same
Connector of the insulation-perforating type for a suspended electrical system
Multi-function RJ-type modular connector
Adapter and method for converting data interface hardware on a computer peripheral device
Card edge connector with commoning contacts and individual contacts and method making the same
Printed board connector, contact thereof and mating instrument
Electrical contact for press-bonding to electrical wire
Pick-and-place device of CPU socket
Connector and method of operation
Shielding connector and manufacturing method thereof
Arrangement of fastening elements for holding bundles retained by cable ties
Method and system of an installer-friendly, modularly adaptable, electrical, outlet gang box
Gas-cooled machine, in particular a turbo-generator
Casing of image sensor and method of making the same
Color image communication apparatus
System and method for contrast enhancement in projection imaging system
Equipment rack accessory for improving equipment mounting
Shield case for electronic equipment
System and method for package socket with embedded power and ground planes
Fitting structure for electronic apparatuses of a high productivity
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