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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Regulating the ethylene response of a plant by modulation of F-box proteins
Artichoke hybrid named `PS-H1860`
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Medicament and method for treating recurrent spontaneous abortion
Animal model for schizophrenia
Medicinal compositions for preventing or treating viral myocarditis
Fatty acids analogous
Therapeutic, prophylactic, and diagnostic agent for cancer, useful for characterizing cancer cells with individual properties
Polysulfated glycosides and salts thereof
Oligonucleotides derived from mycobacterium for stimulating immune function, treating immune-related diseases, atopic dermatitis and/or protecting normal immune cell
Pharmaceutical creams with refined oleic acid
Method of preparing a pharmaceutical cream and minimizing imiquimod impurity formation
Reduction of IMIQUIMOD impurities at two months using refined oleic acid
Method of inducing interferon biosynthesis
Reduction of imiquimod impurities at six months using refined oleic acid
Pharmaceutical cream with reduced imiquimod impurities at four months using refined oleic acid
Method of treating a mucosal and/or dermal associated condition
Pharmaceutical creams with reduced imiquimod impurities
Methods for improving imiquimod availability at two months, four months and six months between refined and compendial
Method of preparing a pharmaceutical cream and minimizing imiquimod impurity formation (at least four months storage)
Method of stabilizing imiquimod
Methods for reducing imiquimod impurities for two months, four months, and six months
Methods for controlling formation of imiquimod impurities for two months, four months, and six months
Rules-based health care referral method and system
Time-resolved non-invasive optometric device for medical diagnostic
Body adhesive tape
Compositions based on aminoacids, suitable for the treatment of heart failure
Substituted pyrazole and triazole compounds as KSP inhibitors
Compounds for nonsense suppression, and methods for their use
2-aminooxazolines as TAAR1 ligands
Heterocyclic compounds
Compounds useful as pesticides
Schweinfurthin analogues
Isoflavone derivatives of tectorigenin, the preparation thereof and the antiviral medicine containing the same as an effective constituent
Pyrrolopyrazine kinase inhibitors
Isoxazolo-pyrazine derivatives
Pyridine [3,4-b] pyrazinones
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Diazaindole-dicarbonyl-piperazinyl antiviral agents
Indol derivatives, the method for preparing thereof and composition for the prevention and treatment of metabolic disorder containing the same as an active ingredient
Morpholine dopamine agonists
Diaminotriazoles useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Antiviral composition
Method of promoting bone growth with hyaluronic acid and growth factors
Fluorine-labeled compounds
Pharmaceutical composition for alleviation and treatment of ischemic conditions and method for delivering the same
Dendrimeric peptides, pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using the same
Alpha-conotoxin peptides
Implantable medical device telemetry with periodic frequency hopping
Capacitive medical electrode
Methods and systems for presenting an audio signal to a cochlear implant patient
Performing Operations; Transporting
Submersible pump with UV sterilization device
Catalyst direct conversion of methane to ethane and ethylene
Laser scanning apparatus having a photodetector having first and second light receiving units
Electric train control apparatus
Technique for operating a vehicle effectively and safely
Post impact safety system with vehicle contact information
Door lock mechanism controller and method of controlling door lock mechanism
Cut sheet media handling transport
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fluorinated compounds
Method for producing gaseous diazoalkanes
Production of difluoroethanol
Method for producing optically active .alpha.-ionone
Dual catalyst system for alkane metathesis
Cationic substituted 2,2,6,6-tetraalkylpiperidinyl alkoxyamines
Opioid receptor antagonists
Process for the preparation of delmopinol and derivatives thereof
Thiazolopyridinone derivates as MCH receptor antagonists
Method for the depolymerization of mixtures that contain mono-and/or diesters of polytetrahydrofurane
Decahydronaphthalene compounds
Synthesising method and benzoxathiepine intermediates
Solid forms of the magnesium salt of S-omeprazole and processes for their preparation
Alpha-fluoroalkyl tetrabenazine and dihydrotetrabenazine imaging agents and probes
A.sub.1 adenosine receptor antagonists
Catecholamine regulated protein
Antitumor antibodies, proteins, and uses thereof
Olefin polymerization process with optimized product discharge
Controlled rheology polypropylene heterophasic copolymers
Colloidal metal solution, process for producing the same and paint using the same
Composition of cationic initiator and oxetane compound
Nonlinear optical chromophores with stabilizing substituent and electro-optic devices
Methods of fabricating plasticized, antiplasticized and crystalline conducting polymers and precursors thereof
Colorant concentrates for thermoplastic biofiber composites
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded article thereof
Functional filler and resin composition containing same
Material for liquid crystal cell
Well lost circulation additive, lost circulation treatment fluid made therefrom, method of minimizing lost circulation in a subterranean formation
Polymer for treating surfaces
Terminal sterilization of injectable collagen products
Janus family kinases and identification of immune modulators
Method for detecting target biological material using DNA barcodes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vertical axis wind turbines
Noise estimating device and noise estimating method
Method for measuring coating uniformity
Noise cancellation in fourier transform spectrophotometry
Mobile apparatus
Laser rangefinder with a voice control function
Biometric apparatus with automatic zero-point reset function
Solid-state sun tracker
Porous photonic crystal with light scattering domains and methods of synthesis and use thereof
Method for inspecting defect and apparatus for inspecting defect
Automatic brewster angle refractometer
Phase-shifting element and particle beam device having a phase-shifting element
Method of bright-field imaging using X-rays
Battery management system and driving method thereof
Method and system for determining catalyst activity
Cascading metrology apparatus and methodology
Sensor device for determining a fluid property
Circuits and methods for calibrating a delay element
Hermeticity testing
Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing mutual failover and load-balancing between interfaces in a network
Method and apparatus for determining bandwidth for services over an Internet Protocol network
System and method for generating an alert signal indicating that an additional sector-carrier should be installed in a wireless coverage area, or that a sector-carrier in the wireless coverage area should be optimized
Inspection method and inspection apparatus
Absolute duty cycle measurement
Ephemeris download from weak signals
Transverse gradient coil for MRI systems and method for manufacturing the same
Method for adjustment of a B1 field of a magnetic resonance apparatus
Method and system for managing light at an optical interface
Lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus
MEMS display devices and methods of fabricating the same
Optical scanning device, imaging display device, and retinal scanning display
Magnifier detachably affixed to cosmetic container
Refractive boundary elements, devices, and materials
Optical metrological scale and laser-based manufacturing method therefor
Multi-core strain compensated optical fiber temperature sensor
Optical waveguide
Large numerical aperture bend resistant multimode optical fiber
Holey fiber
Optical apparatus
Optical sensing devices and methods
Optical connector
Optical link module, optical interconnection method, information processor including the optical link module, signal transfer method, prism and method of manufacturing the prism
Method and apparatus for manufacture of a non-helical subsea umbilical
Lens tube, method of assembling lens tube, and camera module
Image pickup apparatus having lens barrel
Recording device, recording system, and recording method
Liquid crystal display element and manufacturing method thereof
Reflection-transmission type liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Imaging apparatus with rotatable grip and monitor portions
Drive device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method and system for proximity effect and dose correction for a particle beam writing device
Coupling apparatus and image forming apparatus employing the same
Image forming apparatus capable of detecting ghost image
Image forming apparatus
Original document reading device
Image forming system having wet and dry imaging parts
Image forming apparatus having a controller that controls a potential
Reuse method and a reusable device for an image forming apparatus having a first process linear velocity and a second image processing apparatus having a second process linear velocity
Method of using multiple developing members in a single-component developing system
Cleaning device, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Method and apparatus for measuring nip width in an image production device
Image forming apparatus
Image carrier cleaning device, image carrier cleaning method, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Security device based on customized microprism film
System and method for sensor replication for ensemble averaging in micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)
Determining a location or position using information from multiple location and positioning technologies and applications using such a determined location or position
Bias circuit scheme for improved reliability in high voltage supply with low voltage device
Driving circuit of driving light-emitting device
Reference voltage generation circuit
Booster circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Systems and methods for on-chip power management
Low dropout regulator with stability compensation circuit
Electronic control unit
Image forming method and ink-jet printing device
System and method for calculating coordinate values of a measuring machine
Image forming apparatus, image forming method
Ink jet printing apparatus and printing method
Printer for communicating commands with host device and method of controlling said printer
Systems and methods for color conversion
Method and apparatus for processing document requests at a server
Performance information collection method, apparatus and recording medium
First party advertisement serving
Intelligent delayed broadcast method and apparatus
Multicast transmission in packet based cellular networks
Systems and methods for managing discussion threads based on ratings
Voice attachment to an email using a wireless communication device
Method and apparatus for estimating demand, and computer product
Managing processes on a network device
System and method for servicing inquiry commands about target devices in storage area network
Information processing control apparatus, method of delivering information through network, and program for it
System and method for deploying virtual machines in a computing environment
Integrated network and customer database
Human factors process failure modes and effects analysis (HF PFMEA) software tool
Calibration systems for machines
Methods of returning merchandise purchased by a customer from a vendor, computer implemented methods performed by a vendor, and return of merchandise processing apparatuses
Information outputting device, information output controlling method, and information output controlling program
System and method for managing outcome information based on URI data wherein knowledge is extended by using an inference rule for an inference service based on the Semantic Web
Fuel injection measurement and diagnostics
Event type estimation system, event type estimation method, and event type estimation program stored in recording media
System and method for identifying a removable storage device
Systems, methods and apparatus for quiesence of autonomic safety devices with self action
Security monitoring tool for computer network
Search diagnostics based upon query sets
Method, apparatus and computer program product for preserving privacy in data mining
Information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
Determination of extent of congruity between observation of authoring user and observation of receiving user
Computer-based method of measuring the usability of a web site
Time stamp methods for unified plant model
Method and apparatus for scheduling test vectors in a multiple core integrated circuit
Event management systems and methods for motion control systems
Finite capacity scheduling using job prioritization and machine selection
Apparatus and method for robot control
Computer keyboard with pointer control
Image display apparatus, image display method, and signal processing apparatus
Help system with an online help facility and an offline help facility, an automation device with such a help system and a method for providing help data
Printing system, progress display processing method, computer readable program storage medium and program
System and methods for constructing personalized context-sensitive portal pages or views by analyzing patterns of users' information access activities
Workforce management system
Excavator control mode switching device and excavator
Method and system for testing functionality of a chip checker
RF squarer
Efficient printing of frames pages
Capability negotiation between printer and target device
Printing method with camouflage of defective print elements
Abnormality determining apparatus, image forming apparatus including the abnormality determining apparatus, and abnormality determining method
Image processing apparatus capable of identifying large dot region and small dot region
Image forming apparatus including adjustment processing and control method therefor
Image-processing apparatus and method, computer program, and storage medium
Method for using an electronic lock box with a biometric identification device
Apparatus for inputting biometrical feature
Method and apparatus for pre-processing scans by combining enhancement and denoising as a preparation for segmenting the same
Method and system for vertebrae and intervertebral disc localization in magnetic resonance images
Image processing apparatus
Robust click-point linking with geometric configuration context: interactive localized registration approach
Automatic optical inspection system and method
System, program, and apparatus for image processing
Failure analysis system, failure analysis method, and program product for failure analysis
Ruled-line-projection extracting apparatus, ruled-line projection extracting method, and computer product
Distortion correction of a captured image
Recursive filter system for a video signal
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and computer-readable medium for correcting an image
Method of geometric coarsening and segmenting of still images
Data converting apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and method for detecting a feature point in an image
Image management device
System and method for verifying the accurate processing of medical insurance claims
Inventory tracking mechanism for virtual wafer circuit probing subcontract
System and method for complex schedule generation
Blood glucose monitoring system
Accessing a vendor web site using personal account information retrieved from a credit card company web site
System and method for reducing excess capacity for restaurants and other industries during off-peak or other times
Risk management customer registry
Method and system to determine resident qualifications
Methods and systems for facilitating transactions between commercial banks and pooled depositor groups
Systems and methods for facilitating budgeting transactions
Method and system for facilitating purchase transactions across a network
Land description tract index
Patient communication method and system
Method and system for managing material movement and inventory
RFID tag
Electronic locating systems
Supervising arrangement
Retrieving and presenting dynamic traffic information
Remotely-controlled traffic control system
Electron emission device, and driving method thereof
Voltage-current converting method, voltage-current converting circuit and active matrix type display apparatus
Image display apparatus and driving method thereof
Current programming apparatus, matrix display apparatus and current programming method
Lighting emitting display, pixel circuit and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display and driving method
Driver chip and display apparatus having the same
Active matrix type display device
Image display device
Backlight driver, display apparatus having the same and method of driving backlight
Methods and apparatus to improve efficiency in cold cathode fluorescent light controllers
Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for gamma correction
Adaptive refresh rate features
Mode indicator for interferometric modulator displays
System and method for image-based rendering with object proxies
Method for facilitating navigation and selection functionalities of a trackball incorporated upon a wireless handheld communication device
Position sensing device
Scalable encoding device, scalable decoding device, and method thereof
Same Wrap backhitchless write method to encode data on a tape storage medium
Method and apparatus for closing a recording range on a recording medium
Method of fabricating disk drives using a common disk drive base with an attached weight plate, and a disk drive including the same
Method of detecting scratch defect in circumferential direction and magnetic disk certifier
Adjustment of divided clock in disk head read circuit
Magnetic recording and reading device
Tape cartridge having tape media with longitudinally shifted servo pattern for increased sampling rate
Write-once type storage apparatus, control circuit, and control method
Data storage device
Write splice for optical recording channels
Multi-speed recording for multi-layer disc
Recording medium using reference pattern, recording/reproducing method of the same and apparatus thereof
Optical disk drive with disk type determination and method of determining a disk type of an optical disk with an optical disk drive
Optical recording method and optical recording device
Recording mark formation method, information recording device, information recording method, and information recording medium
System and method for determining groove/land switching points of an optical disc utilizing a motor rotating signal and original switching points
Optical disc recording apparatus
Mastering device, disc manufacturing method, disc-shaped recording medium, disc reproduction device, and disc reproduction method
Magnetic memory device
Asymmetrical memory cells and memories using the cells
Integrated circuit, memory cell array, memory module, and method of operating an integrated circuit
Magnetoresistive memory cell
Semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Increased NAND flash memory read throughput
Memory device and method of operating the same
Adaptive dynamic reading of flash memories
One-time programmable memory and operating method thereof
Integrated circuits and methods to compensate for defective non-volatile embedded memory in one or more layers of vertically stacked non-volatile embedded memory
System, method, and computer program product for increasing a lifetime of a plurality of blocks of memory
Semiconductor memory and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having a sense amplifier
Integrated circuit, and method for transferring data
X-ray ablation of hyaluronan hydrogels
Hermetically sealed electrical apparatus
Electrical isolator for capacitive device
Bipolar membrane for electrochemical supercapacitors and other capacitors
Upgradable test set
Vacuum switchgear
Vacuum insulated switchgear
Perforation gun pressure-actuated electrical switches and methods of use
Decorative key sheet for pushbutton switches
Light-emitting device having a thin insulating film made of nitrogen and silicon and an electrode made of conductive transparent oxide and silicon dioxide
Plasma display panel
Phosphor, light-emitting device, and plasma display panel
Organic light emitting device with prism
Planar voltage contrast test structure
Solid-state imaging device
Apparatus and method for stacking integrated circuits
Semiconductor package and semiconductor system in package using the same
Semiconductor package having stepwise depression in substrate
Ultraviolet energy curable tape and method of making a semiconductor chip using the tape
Integrated circuit having wide power lines
Semiconductor device including vertical MOS transistors
Multichip package leadframe including electrical bussing
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Resin composition for sealing light-emitting device and lamp
Flip chip semiconductor device including an unconnected neutralizing electrode
Transitioning digital integrated circuit from standby mode to active mode via backgate charge transfer
Integrated BEOL thin film resistor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor nanowire with built-in stress
Adapted LED device with re-emitting semiconductor construction
Nano structure and method of manufacturing nano structure
Fast P-I-N photodetector with high responsitivity
Self-alignment for semiconductor patterns
Double gate depletion mode MOSFET
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
Integrated circuit having a magnetic tunnel junction device and method
Solid-state imaging device, electronic module and electronic apparatus
Portable optical detection chip and manufacturing method thereof
Solid-state imaging device
Metal-gate thermocouple
Light emitting device
Light emitting diode module with heat spreading plate between capping layer and phosphor layer
Porous ceramic high temperature superconductors and method of making same
Boundary acoustic wave device
Functional molecular element
Electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting apparatus
Simulator of SOFC for electric characteristics
Laminate type band pass filter and diplexer using the same
Antenna for a communication terminal
Antenna apparatus
Tunable arrangements
Static phase mask for high-order spectral phase control in a hybrid chirped pulse amplifier system
Short pulse laser device
Guiding a beam from an unstable laser resonator
Optical fiber laser and exciting method using same
Uniquely designed internal combustion engine spark plug that will produce two independent ignition sparks between the spark plug electrodes for each single electrical ignition coil discharge
Magnetic member, rotor, motor, compressor, blower, air conditioner and vehicle-mounted air conditioner
Electro-magnetic motor generator system
Electric machine
Method of fabricating a micro-electro-mechanical apparatus for generating power responsive to mechanical vibration
Frequency-changing voltage regulation circuit
Power converter
Mixed device for controlling power transfer between two cores of a direct current network and supplying an alternating current motor
Mitigation of harmonic currents and conservation of power in non-linear load systems
Controller for variable speed alternating current motor
Wideband non-linear circuits for implementation in frequency channel separation
Switched capacitor resonator and sigma-delta modulator using the same
Method and apparatus for phase-noise compensation in digital receivers
Feedforward amplifier and control method thereof
Current amplifying element and current amplification method
Variable delay circuit and delay correction method
Delay circuit
Equalize training method using re-encoded bits and known training sequences
Wireless acoustic-electric feed-through for power and signal transmission
Semiconductor circuit, and computing device and communications device using the same
Calibration circuit, semiconductor device including the same, and memory module
Method and device for generating a digital data signal and use thereof
Digital sampling mixer with multiphase clocks
Preemphasis driver with replica bias
Booster circuit and voltage supply circuit
Bipolar pulse generators with voltage multiplication and pulse separation
High speed level shifter circuit in advanced CMOS technology
Automatic power control system for optical disc drive and method thereof
Comparator for a pipelined analog-to-digital converter and related signal sampling method
Optimal use of resources for signal processors
Receiver, receiving method, program and information recording medium
System and method of eliminating or minimizing Lo-Related interference from tuners
Selecting carriers for modulating signals in a communication network
Adaptive radio transceiver with offset PLL with subsampling mixers
Radio frequency filtering technique with auto calibrated stop-band rejection
Generating device of trigger signal
Wireless terminal baseband processor high speed turbo decoding module
Optical display for portable electronic device
Method of supporting operation of sleep mode in a wideband radio access system
Method and apparatus for high frequency wireless communication
Moving image decoding apparatus, moving image decoding method, image decoding method, and image decoding apparatus
Optical receiver
Optical transmission systems and amplifier control apparatuses and methods
Low-cost WDM source with an incoherent light injected Fabry-Perot laser diode
3D two-photon lithographic microfabrication system
Optical network transmission channel failover switching device
Optical receiver and control method for optical receiver
Optical receiver
Fast image rejection
Data transmitter, data transmission line, and data transmission method
Support apparatus for reading tag information and method therefor
Method and apparatus for providing biasing criteria for binary decisions for use in wireless communications to enhance protection
GPS microphone for communication system
Code division multiple access (CDMA) communication system
Broadcast signal and receiver and method of decoding digital broadcast signal
Channel qualification and selection in a multichannel radio system by packet error rate measurement
Method and apparatus for increasing survivability in IP networks
Packet tracing
Graph-based method for allocating resources in OFDMA networks
Optical transmission system for transmitting signal of E-band with other bands
Method and system of sending an audio stream and a data stream
Method and system for packet reassembly based on a reassembly header
Storage system executing encryption and decryption processing
Correlation technique for determining relative times of arrival/departure of core input/output packets within a multiple link-based computing system
Wireless emergency services protocols translator between ansi-41 and VoIP emergency services protocols
Information platform and configuration method of multiple information processing systems thereof
Method for time-stamping a message based on a recipient location
Mobile IPv6 network system and method for forwarding packet in the system
Ring rapid multiple spanning tree protocol system and method
Enforced routing in switched network for FRU verification
Wireless communication system allowing group identification information to be publicly available and to be hidden, wireless access point device, and communication method and program for wireless access point device
Memory organization in a switching device
Protocol to implement token ID mechanism for network data transfer
Methods, apparatus and systems configured for heterogeneous secure associations in Wi-Fi PAN
Method of setting up PS call in mobile communication system
Method for controlling power characteristics in packet-oriented communication networks
Communication link bonding apparatus and methods
System and method for voice over internet protocol using a standard telephone system
Low power, high resolution timing generator for ultra-wide bandwidth communication systems
UWB radio interface with DC offset
Method and apparatus for preamble training with shortened long training field in a multiple antenna communication system
Multi-tone transmission
Iterative decoding
Transmitter apparatus, communication system, and communication method
Serving data/applications from a wireless mobile phone
Maximum likelihood decoder for pulse and amplitude position modulation multi-source system
Serial data processing circuit
Method for creating a system clock in a receiver device and corresponding receiver device
Slide module for portable terminal
Method and apparatus for detecting and selectively utilizing peripheral devices
Communication device
System and method for completing incomplete records in a database of twisted cable pair information
Methods and systems for creating and delivering group recordings
Devices, systems and methods for delivering text messages
Method and apparatus for unified communication management via instant messaging
Method and apparatus for monitoring blocked calls in a communication network
System, method and apparatus for monitoring and billing food preparation equipment and product
Method and apparatus for secure immediate wireless access in a telecommunications network
Communication method, communication system, and communication apparatus
Method and mobile terminal for implementing vector animation interactive service on mobile phone browser
Dynamic PRL assignment system
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting
System and method for managing multiple codes for a telephone number
Method and apparatus for providing a communications service feature for a communication through a network
Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus using the same
Image scanner and control method thereof
Document reading apparatus and related data transfer method
Notebook information processor and image reading method
Sensor image encoding and/or decoding system, medium, and method
Printing data generating method and generator determining color loss in color printer
Estimating an amount of color in a document
Image capturing apparatus with adhesion suppressing capabilities
Data transfer circuit, solid-state imaging device and camera
Motion detection device and noise reduction device using that
Electronic camera that display information representative of its selected mode
Methods and systems for display viewer motion compensation based on user image data
Image capturing apparatus, an image capturing method and a machine readable medium storing thereon a computer program for capturing an image of a range wider than an image capture designation range
Dust removal apparatus of photographing apparatus
Electric hand-vibration correction method, electric hand-vibration correction device, electric hand-vibration correction program, and imaging apparatus
Image capturing apparatus with image signal and object luminance detection for exposure control
Differential amplifier circuit used in solid-state image pickup apparatus, and arrangement that avoids influence of variations of integrated circuits in manufacture and the like
Photographic device and control method therefor
Image pickup apparatus and method of controlling same
Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
Mobile entertainment and communication device
Method of and apparatus for recording video data, and information storage medium thereby
Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, recording medium, and computer-readable medium for recording and playing back moving images
Data recording apparatus and system having sustained high transfer rates
Transducer apparatus for intravascular blood flow measurement
Headworn listening device and method
Miniature non-directional microphone
Push-pull capacitive micro-machined ultrasound transducer array
Mobile communications network monitoring systems
Reverse link handoff mechanism with hybrid ARQ and cell site selection
Wireless network location-based reference information
Server based technique for optimizing call setup latency for geographically dense groups
Service execution using multiple devices
Bandwidth-efficient control and bitmap signaling using super position coding in wireless communication systems
Method for reducing wireless communication procedure failure
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic device
Light emitting device
Plasma lighting system
Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis
Semiconductor device structure and semiconductor device incorporating same
Adapter for coupling a consumer electronic device to an appliance
Intra-connection layout of array
Power transfer apparatus with fluid transferring power to functional modules
Cooling systems and electronic apparatus
Air volume control module for vehicular air conditioning apparatus
Electrical circuit assembly for high-power electronics
Airflow guider for use in heat sink
Mobile terminal device and method for radiating heat therefrom
Electromagnetic interference shielding apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Fishing rod made of composite material and having woody texture and excellent mechanical property
System for achieving a controlled low emission rate for small volumes of liquid solutions
Compositions containing a biocidal compound or an adsorbent and/or catalyst compound and methods of making and using therefor
Fast-acting antimicrobial lotion with enhanced efficacy
Water treatment composition
Process for thinning of phosphine with air without danger of burning
Method for selecting desiccation tolerant strains of bacteria
Compositions containing colorants and microorganisms for treating natural bodies of water
Herbal compositions for treating immunological disorders
Animal repellent and method
Method for the pre-baking treatment of shaped and frozen bread dough
Device for deboning of poultry parts
Food portioning apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for performing processing operations on a slaughtered animal or part thereof
Acidified metal chlorite solution for disinfection of seafood
Fruit kernel protein and lipid extract compositions
Continuous crystallization system with controlled nucleation for milk fat fractionation
Soy extended cheese
Method of processing whey for demineralization purposes
Method of manufacturing decorative food, nozzle assembly and decorative chocolate
Interactive foodstuff holding device
Whey protein products
Enzyme-treated protein-containing food and method for producing the same
Production of a hydrolysate
Coby products and a process for their manufacture
Method and apparatus for preparing mash in the production of animal feed pellets
Method and plant for the preparation of granulated materials such as feedstuff pellets sprayed with additives
Producing meat with enhanced shelf-life
Process and composition for controlling fecal hair excretion and trichobezoar formation
Method of using anti-phospholipase A2 antibodies to enhance growth or improve feed efficiency
Process for the extraction of an organic salt from plants, the salt, and other similar salts
Process for preparing aspirated bran as a flour additive
Formulation and process for producing a universal fruit base for use in preparing non-settling, creamy, smooth, fruit beverages
Use of mixtures of active substances for the production of hypocholesterolemic agents
Carotenoid preparation
Solid composition for reducing tooth erosion
Dried food product and a process for producing the product
Mineral water composition
Therapeutic products containing cherry pits
Extruded potato casing and method of making
Method and apparatus for producing a pre-gelled starch product and normally sticky extrudates with minimal or no surfactant
Strapless and backless bra
Slider formed of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin
Water container with filter cartridge
method and apparatus for preparing and dispensing a combination of food products in a vending machine
Bowling lane dressing application mechanism
Neutrophil-activating factor
Vacuum cleaner utilizing electrostatic filtration and electrostatic precipitator for use therein
Stereoscopic endoscope
Water, air and suction valves on endoscopes
Otoscope kit
Incisional breast biopsy device
Self disengaging anti-backup mechanism for specimen retrieval bag deployment
Surgical stabilizer having suction capability
Tensioning device for cranial cruciate ligament stabilization
Apparatus and method for approximating and closing the walls of a hole or puncture in a physiological shell structure
Devices for investing within ligaments for retracting and reinforcing the same
Detachable aneurysm neck bridge (II)
Variable stiffness coil for vasoocclusive devices
Expandable reamer
Single-lock skeletal plating system
Surgical extractor
Flexible vacuum grabber for holding lesions
Laparoscopic specimen removal apparatus
Mechanical clot treatment device with distal filter
Dual action tongue scraper
Medical instrument for use in rhinoplasty
Flexible ultrasonic surgical snare
Laparoscopic instrument sleeve
Driver tool for bone distractor with shaft extension
Medullary nail for the distraction of bones
Prosthetic acetabulum fixing plate
Bioabsorbable surgical screw and washer system
High pressure applicator
Method and apparatus for cryogenic spray ablation of gastrointestinal mucosa
Circumferential ablation device assembly
Closed loop catheter coolant system
High frequency treatment apparatus
Directional microwave ablation instrument with off-set energy delivery portion
Apparatus for tissue treatment
Hair removal device and method
Diode laser scalpel
Network-based system for diagnosing balance disorders
Method for transdermal sampling of analytes
Sheath for tissue spectroscopy
Luminescent in vivo glucose measurement
Devices and methods for measuring temperature of a patient
Respiratory monitor
Sound velocity for lung diagnosis
Labor alerting device
Laser length discrepancy device
Method of measuring a body region
Ultrasonic signal processor for power doppler imaging in a hand held ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
Ultrasound transducer
Portable water picks
Air-permeable substrate material partially coated with a self-adhesive substance, process for its production and its use
Releasable wrapper for absorbent articles such as sanitary napkins
Disposable diaper
Liquid-permeable topsheet for body fluids absorbent article and method of making this topsheet
Applicator and compostable coating
Surgical prosthesis for repairing a hernia
Vena cava delivery system
Methods and devices for protecting a passageway in a body when advancing devices through the passageway
Embolic protection system and method including filtering elements
Stent placement instrument and method of assembly
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Encapsulated stent
Implantable self expanding prosthetic device
Method and intravascular stent for reducing complications after implantation of an intravascular stent
Balloon catheter and stent deploying catheter system
Sclero-ceratectomy implant for descemet's membrane
Anatomical orifice sizers and methods of orifice sizing
Method of preparing xenograft heart valves
Femoral neck endoprosthesis for an artificial hip joint
Prostheses having curvilinear collars
Method for forming an intervertebral implant
Anti-impingement hip system
Femoral hip-joint prosthesis with a logarithmically extending curvature
Knee hinge prosthesis with wear-resistant device for guiding the patellar components
Endoprosthesis for a joint, especially a finger, toe or wrist joint
Wrist-band for the prevention and the treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome and its positioning operating mode
Orthopaedic brace having a range of motion hinge with an adjustable-length strut
Method for determining the effective thermal mass of a body or organ using cooling catheter
Surgical apparatus for a vitreous
Implant for deep sclerectomy
Apparatus for intubation of lacrimal duct
Laser treatment apparatus
Method for injection molding a curvilinear lens
Multi-stage bi-directional breath flow and blood circulation aider
Apparatus and method for abdomino-pelvic chemotherapy perfusion and lavage
Apparatus and method for pressure management
Herbal formulation useful for treatment of skin disorders
Methods of identifying compounds for controlling absence seizures in a mammal relating to prolactin-releasing peptide(PrRP)
Compositions and methods for enhancing therapeutic effects
Compositions comprising cannabinoids
Topical medicament for the treatment of psoriasis
Method of transforming T lymphocytes
Methods and composition for eliciting an immune response with gp96-peptide complexes
Methods and compositions for eliciting an immune response with hsp70-peptide complexes
Treatment of infectious diseases with gp96-peptide complexes
Prevention of infectious diseases with hsp90-peptide complexes
Weight loss composition containing green tea, hydroxycitric acid, 5-hydroxytryptophan, glucomannan, picolinate and lactobacillus
Methods of screening for pharmacologically active compounds for the treatment of tumour diseases
Methods and compositions for identifying modulators of G-protein-coupled receptors
Composition comprising midkine or pleiotrophin protein and method of increasing hematopoietic cells
Polymeric encapsulation system promoting angiogenesis
Self-enhancing, pharmacologically controllable expression systems
Minimizing thermally induced aggregation of DNase in solution with calcium
Method for treatment of canine distemper
Compositions for vaccines
Methods of treatment using CD25 binding molecules
Method for the development of an HIV vaccine
Method for transplantation of hemopoietic stem cells
Compositions comprising valerian extracts, isovaleric acid or derivatives thereof with a NSAID
Toxicity reduced composition containing an anti-neoplastic agent and a shark cartilage extract
Local prevention or amelioration of pain from surgically closed wounds
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for managing skin conditions
Inactivation of granulocytes in the treatment of established allergic responses
Anti-cocaine vaccine
Polyampholytes for delivering polyions to a cell
Recombinant vaccines comprising immunogenic attenuated bacteria having RPOS positive phenotype
Microparticle preparations made of biodegradable copolymers
Metal stent containing radioactivatable isotope and method of making same
Dental impression composition on functionalized polyethers
Non-stinging coating composition
High lathering antibacterial formulation
Volume-imparting hair treatment compositions
Process and composition for dyeing hair utilizing zwitterionic conditioning agents
Anhydrous antiperspirant and deodorant compositions containing a solid, water-soluble, skin active agent
Breath freshening lipstick
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on detergent surfactant, an functionalized silicone and an acrylic terpolymer
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on a detergent surfactant, a polyorganosiloxane, a cationic polymer and a acrylic terpolymer
Antidandruff composition for treating the hair and the scalp, based on an antidandruff agent and an acrylic terpolymer
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on a detergent surfactant, a cationic galactomannan gum and an acrylic terpolymer
Composition in the form of an aerosol mousse based on polyurethane and anionic polymer
Biodegradable neurotoxin implant
Compositions and methods for improved delivery of ionizable hydrophobic therapeutic agents
Vesicular complexes and methods of making and using the same
Cationic amphiphiles for intracellular delivery of therapeutic molecules
Fine powder of L-.alpha.-aminoadipic acid derivative, oral solid preparations containing the same, and method for treatment of bulk powders
Process for preparing solid formulations of lipid-regulating agents with enhanced dissolution and absorption
Suppository form comprising an acid-labile active compound
Phosphate-binding polymer preparations
Pharmaceutical composition comprising ticlopidine and Ginkgo biloba extract
Solvent system for enhancing solubility
Sustained-release microgranules containing diltiazem as active principle
Particles comprising amphiphilic copolymers, having a crosslinked shell domain and an interior core domain, useful for pharmaceutical and other applications
Absorbent structure comprising a highly absorbent polymer, and an absorbent article comprising the absorbent structure
Toilet plunger sanitizing and storage container system
Inorganic shaped bodies and methods for their production and use
Artificial skin
Method of shaping structures with an overcoat layer including female urinary catheter
Electric breast pump designed to simulate infant suckling
Massaging breast pump and funnel therefor
Retrograde venous perfusion with isolation of cerebral circulation
Dialysis pressure monitoring with clot suppression
Lap weight
Devices and method for removing cerebrospinal fluids from a patient's CSF space
Variable anti-siphon valve apparatus and method
Syringe drench adapter for livestock
Injection device
Plungerless syringe: method and apparatus
Needleless syringe with prefilled cartridge
Radio frequency device for resurfacing skin and method
Magnetotherapeutic device with bio-ceramic fibers
Medical laser apparatus and diagnostic/treatment apparatus using the medical laser apparatus
Molecular sieve type gas separation apparatus
Process and apparatus for eliminating dioxins
Method and apparatus for a rebound system and adjustable resistance system
Treadmill having a locking device for locking a deck in a folded position
Aqua bike
Elastic core golf ball
Balance beam
Tennis racquet
Golf-ball indicator
Bat with varying circumferential wall thickness
System and method for soccer net installation
Foot device to strike a ball
Table tennis apparatus
Children's molded play car/vehicle
Articulated model vehicle
Skimming disk
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for the extraction of valerian root
Purification of biological substances
Method and apparatus for separating water from oil
Method and apparatus for filtering a liquid
Electric water kettle and filter
Combination cyclonic separator and multi-stage filter and pump
Filter with retained safety element
Cluster rule compliance with reduced steam consumption
Dual cartridge media housing
Sequential flow filtration chamber for treatment of waste water and associated method
Filtering apparatus and open/close valve for the filtering apparatus
Air cleaner
Mobile enclosure unit
Quick connect fluid coupling for an air cleaner
Protective filtration system for enclosures within buildings
Venturi scrubber with optimized counterflow spray
Device intended for mechanical separation of high-temperature sand present in a gas stream
Two section gas purifier with Joule-Thompson cooling device
Reclamation and separation of perfluorocarbons using condensation
Copolyimide gas separation membranes
Process for management of industrial wastes
Method for reducing sulfur-oxide emissions from an asphalt air-blowing process
Exhaust gas denitration method
Reverse osmosis water purifier
Apparatus for obtaining pure water from crude water
Filter unit for the physical elimination of microbes, suspended matter and solids from water
Polymer blend membranes with improved mechanical properties
Method for producing foams made of polymers or polymer mixtures and moulded articles made from said foams
Water-and ion-conducting membranes and uses thereof
Separation process
Gas humidification device for operation testing and evaluation of fuel cells
Treatment of contaminated liquids with oxidizing gases and liquids
Ceramic slot reactor for ethylene production
Porous member with penetrating channels for fluid flow therethrough and a method of producing the member
Method for monitoring and/or controlling a granulation, coating and drying process
Method for absorbing contaminants
Recycling process and apparatus
Solid acid catalyst
Selective aromatics disproportionation/transalkylation catalyst
Method of regenerating a molecular sieve catalyst
Process for the preparation of a catalytic composition for the polymerization of alpha-olefins, catalytic composition obtained and polymerization process using such a catalytic composition
Hydrophobic permeable composite, method for producing said composite and use of the same
Efficient purification of adenovirus
Treatment of deagglomerated particles with plasma-activated species
Analytical test device with substrate having oriented through going channels and improved methods and apparatus for using same
Sampling device with snap-off head and method of use
Multi-slide assembly including slide, frame and strip cap, and methods thereof
Particulate smoothing process
Method for separating magnetic particles mixed in fluid, separating system, and separator
Biomagnetic filter
Pseudophasic extraction method for the separation of ultra-fine minerals
Rotor-type centrifuge with a lid presence checking arrangement
Applicator for coating fibrous materials
Apparatus for applying multi-component coating compositions
Chambered doctor blade with automatic cleanup and ink replacement
Device for discharging two or more media with media nozzles
Process solution supplying apparatus
Apparatus for liquid carbon dioxide systems
Coating film forming apparatus and coating film forming method
Device and method for coating a flat substrate
Apparatus and methods for applying a coating material to sheet material
Method for forming monolayer powder film
Method for forming a metallic film using non-isothermal plasma
Transparent substrate provided with hydrophobic/oleophobic coating formed by plasma CVD
Plumbing fixture surface restoration process
Leach-protective coatings for water meter components
Silicone polymer insulation film on semiconductor substrate and method for forming the film
High volume fluid head
Method of rinsing and drying semiconductor wafers in a chamber with a movable side wall
Apparatus and method for removing a label from a surface with a chilled medium
Method of in situ immobilization and reduction of metal bioavailability in contaminated soils, sediments, and wastes
Bacterial consortium EBC1000 and a method using the bacterial consortium EBC1000 for remedying biologically recalcitrant toxic chemicals contained in industrial wastewater, waste materials and soils
Casting-die body
Apparatus for injection-molding or formation of work pieces
Perform for metal matrix composite material and cylinder block made of the same
Molding composition for producing powder metallurgical or ceramic products
Method and system for automatic electrical sintering
Process for manufacturing precious metal artifacts
Method of manufacturing helical gears by compacting powder materials
Method of manufacturing an aluminum product
Method for the making soldering flux and resulting weld joint
Nickel-based superalloy
Environmental conditioning of workpieces
Procedure of and device for processing optical lenses
Polishing apparatus and polishing method
Plane constructed shaft system used in precision polishing and polishing apparatuses
Adaptive endpoint detection for chemical mechanical polishing
Endpoint detection method and apparatus which utilize a chelating agent to detect a polishing endpoint
Polishing chucks, semiconductor wafer polishing chucks, abrading methods, polishing methods, semiconductor wafer polishing methods, and methods of forming polishing chucks
Method of polishing silicon wafer
Method and apparatus for chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates with selected planarizing liquids
Sandblasting gun
Flexible abrasive body
Multilayered polishing pad, method for fabricating, and use thereof
Catalytic reactive pad for metal CMP
Resin bonded abrasive tool
Method for screening restriction endonucleases
Method of forming a headliner
Method for the variable manufacture of concrete railroad ties
Method and apparatus for expanding and conferring a cup shape to the terminal junction segment of bi-axially oriented pipes made of thermoplastic material
Method for preparing molded article
Honeycomb structure and method of manufacturing honeycomb structures
Method of making a sculpture
Process for producing polyurethane molded articles
Rotational moulding method and apparatus for making multi color plastic articles
Method for forming a foam product with enhanced fire resistance and product produced thereby
Method for extruding foamed polypropylene sheet having improved surface appearance
Production of a porous foam product for battery electrodes
Molded article and process for producing same
Method for manufacturing insert moldings
Process for producing ink-jet printer member
Container manufacturing method
Method for producing stretch wrap plastic film
Method of modifying a nonwoven fibrous web for use as component of a disposable absorbent article
Method for glueing together disc elements
Heat bonding apparatus for manufacturing an ink-jet printhead
Ball bat
Method for cast molding toric contact lenses
Fastener tape, method of and apparatus for making fastener tape, method of using fastener tape, and reclosable bag utilizing fastener tape
Apparatus for transferring objects lying flat especially folded boxes
Tear-along structure of a sheet material
Thermally sprayed coatings having an interface with controlled cleanliness
Non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet having insulating film excellent in film properties
Circuit-like metallic foil sheet and the like and process for producing them
Resin-coated metal sheet with high reflectivity and excellent adhesion strength
Aluminum clad zinc bimetallic coin planchet
Intermediate film for laminated glass and laminated glass
Process for producing decorated article
Transfer belt
Polypropylene EVOH laminate
Weatherable building products
Method for manufacturing a polyurethane product with high wetting ability, gas permeability and high water repellent ability by a dry transfer coating process
Self-sealing partition
Multilayer plastic structures, containers made therefrom, and methods of making the structures
Laminated package material, method for manufacturing the same, and a package
Sealable polyester film with high oxygen barrier, its use and process for its production
Heat-shrinkable polyester films
Photographic support and photothermographic material by use thereof
Multi-layer sheet comprising a protective polyurethane layer
Layered absorbent structure
Absorbent sheet material having cut-resistant layer and method for making the same
Traction mouse pad
Pre-cut fibrous insulation for custom fitting building cavities of different widths
Method for manufacturing knockdown board material
Carpet with integrated ventilation duct and footrest and method for making same
Multi-purpose absorbent and cut-resistant sheet materials
Anti-reflection film and display device having the same
Delivery confirmation form for non-impact printer
Low odor polymerizable compositions useful for bonding low surface energy substrates
Conducting polymer for high power ultracapacitor
Image recording material and planographic printing plate using same
Method of fabricating devices incorporating microelectromechanical systems using at least one UV curable tape
Ballistic aerosol marking process employing marking material comprising vinyl resin and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
Marking method and marked resin molded piece
Method in the production of a printing ink-decorated packaging material
Printed document comprising a luminescent authenticity feature
Ink-drying agents for inkjet receptor media
Thermal transfer image forming material
Ink jet recording sheet and process for its production
Page indicator tab former
Hand application to fabric of heat transfers imaged with color copiers/printers
Decorative film and method for the production of the same
Fabric for diverting air flow in an automotive air conditioning system
Drive mechanism for driving a four wheel drive vehicle with speed-difference-dependent hydraulic clutch
Power transmitting system for a hybrid motor
Hybrid vehicle control apparatus having a device for synchronizing friction members of one of two clutches corresponding to one of two different neutral states
Device for utilizing heat which is formed during a catalytic reaction
Torsion bar for seat belt retractor
Tire dressing apparatus
Apparatus for changing direction of driving force for bicycles
Apparatus for changing direction of driving force for bicycles
Double use inner brake and an inner derailleur for bikes
High performance insulations
Method for controlling air speed in a sterilizing tunnel during the heating of same tunnel
Apparatus and method for applying labels to mail
Method and apparatus for adhering linerless repositionable sheets onto articles
Bag laminate with a removable sticker portion
Patch bag having overhanging bonded patches
Prepackaged contact lens wearer hand neutralizing towelette and contact rewetting agent
Multiple cut to core tape roll
High speed paper folding machine
Pressure responsive device and method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate for use in pressure responsive device
Method of making semiconductor super-atom and aggregate thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cubic boron nitride and its gas phase synthesis method
Method for operating a system for water-vapor reforming of a hydrocarbon
Non-aqueous secondary battery and a method of manufacturing graphite powder
Method of dehydroxylating a hydroxylated material and method of making a mesoporous film
Method for purifying a tantalum compound using a fluoride compound and sulfuric acid
Process for producing spinel type lithium manganate
Cathode materials, process for the preparation thereof and secondary lithium ion battery using the cathode materials
Lithium secondary battery
Apparatus for treating wastewater
Water treatment method and apparatus
Fluids management system for water electrolysis
Method for reducing nitrate and/or nitric acid concentration in an aqueous solution
Apparatus for treating organic waste water
Method for treating organic waste water
Wastewater treatment system and method of control
Water treatment process and system for metals removal using Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Biological filtration apparatus
Apparatus for applying alternating anaerobic contact processing for the treatment of wastewater
Method of treating ammonia-comprising waste water
Waste and wastewater treatment and recycling system
Glass-ceramic substrate for an information storage medium
Composition of dielectric for plasma display panel
Glass substrate for magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium, and method of manufacturing the same
Process for depositing a tungsten-based and/or molybdenum-based layer on a rigid substrate, and substrate thus coated
Optical element having a water repellant coating constructed from a composite material of CaF2 and TiO2
Film-forming composition and process for its production
Method of applying a textured coating
Composition and process for remediation of waste streams
Masonry render
Method of manufacturing a gas burning artificial log from sol-gel compositions
Sintered alumina-based ceramics and process for producing same
Ceramic member resistant to halogen-plasma corrosion
Bonded magnet, magnet roll, a ferrite powder used therefor and method for producing same
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric ceramic device using the same
Dielectric ceramic, method for producing the same, laminated ceramic electronic element, and method for producing the same
Piezoelectric ceramic and surface wave device using the same
Aluminum nitride sintered product
Sol-gel process for making monolithic alpha-alumina articles having controlled porosity
Compositions and methods to protect calcitic and/or siliceous materials
PVD Al2O3 coated cutting tool
Sanitary ware and process for producing same
Control of cement clinker production by analysis of sulfur in the end product
Aqueous mineral compositions and methods for their use
Micronutrient-containing leaf fertilizer based on magnesium sulfate and process for its production
Composting accelerator for plant-derived material
Portable compostion system with reconfigurable air flow
Burn rate-enhanced high gas yield non-azide gas generants
Rocket fuels based on metal hydrides and poly-DCPD
Enzymatic conversion in a solvent mixture containing water and flourinated, non-chlorinated solvent
Cationic monobenzenic dyes, their use for the oxidation-dyeing of keratin fibers, dye compositions and dyeing processes
Separation of components from methanol mixtures by extractive distillation
Polyhalogenomethylsulfonyl compound
Method of crystallizing tetrabromobisphenol A
Method for making a heterogeneous epoxidation catalyst
Process for concentrating epigallocatechin gallate
Wondonin A and process for preparing the same
High affinity protein kinase inhibitors
Anti liver disease drug R-YEEE and method of synthesizing branched galactose-terminal glycoproteins
Labelling of polymers and sequencing of nucleic acids
Methods and kits for determining the fidelity of polymerase chain reaction conditions
Reduced cortisol conjugates
Methods and compositions for high yield production of eukaryotic proteins
Herpes simplex virus ORF P is a repressor of viral protein synthesis
Polypeptides of feline T-cell lymphotropic lentivirus
Pre-M/M epitopes of dengue virus, synthetic peptides, chimeric proteins and their use
Staphylokinase derivatives with cysteine substitutions
Genes for the biosynthesis of epothilones
Methods of screening for anti-microbial utilizing aarC and compositions thereof
Yeast mammalian regulators of cell proliferation
Plant sugar transport proteins
MCP-1 analogs
Method of identifying compounds capable of activating ISL production
Nucleic acids encoding a G-protein coupled receptor involved in sensory transduction
Binary encoded sequence tags
Methods of obtaining compounds that interact with a human serotonin (5-HT2) receptor
Transcriptionally regulated G protein-coupled receptor
Inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth factor activity, their uses and processes for their production
Functional promoter for CCR5
Glycoprotein VI and uses thereof
RAQ genes and their uses
Method to determine inhibition of PAK3 activation of Raf-1
Antibodies to truncated VEGF-D and thereof
Molecular weight reduction of polymer using irradiation treatment
Process for the polymerization of olefins
Chemically modified elastomers and blends thereof
Curable composition for topcoating and articles coated therewith
Fluorochemical composition comprising a polymer derived from a fluorochemical urethane (meth)acrylate monomer for imparting stain release properties to a substrate
Polysulfide-based polyurethane sealant for insulating glass
Polyester with partially fluorinated side chains
Method for forming a porous covering layer on a substrate
Epoxy resin composition, laminate film using the same, and semiconductor device
Copolyester fibers
(2,5-disubstituted-1,4-phenylene oxide) block or graft copolymer
Azlactone-derivatized polyamides
Polyimide angularity enhancement layer
Aqueous metal treatment composition
Thin-walled natural rubber latex material substantially free of sulfur and nitrosamines, and method of making same
Transparent coated molded product and method for producing the same
Antifouling infrared shielding film and process for producing the same
Foaming and forming method for soft and hard type poly products
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet
Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device using the same
Azomethine compound and oily magenta ink
Mixture for the oxidation tinting of keratin fibres containing a laccase and tinting method using said mixture
Bright metal flake based pigments
Black magnetic iron oxide particles for magnetic toner and process for producing the same
Ink set for utilization in inkjet printers
Recording liquid, printed product and ink jet recording method
Ink jet ink compositions and printing processes
Ink jet ink compositions and printing processes
Anti-corrosive coating including a filler with a hollow cellular structure
Precipitated silica
Pressure sensitive cohesive
Adhesive formulation
Release coating and barrier coating for linerless thermal labels and method of making
Nonwoven sheets, adhesive articles, and methods for making the same
Rare earth element-activated, alkaline earth metal fluorohalide based stimulable phosphor, process and apparatus for the preparation thereof, and radiographic image conversion panel
Selective silicon oxide etchant formulation including fluoride salt, chelating agent, and glycol solvent
Polarizable photoactive and electroactive polymers and light emitting devices
Reverse mode electro-optical film composed of one mutual dispersion of polymers and liquid crystals
Free abrasive slurry composition and a grinding method using the same
Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing
Ammonium biacetate as a heat storage material
Polymer expansion for oil and gas recovery
Low softening point petroleum pitch and sealer
Method for pretreatment of refinery feed for desalting the feedstock, and related additive
Wax hydroisomerization process
Low emission, non-oxygenated fuel composition
Process and apparatus for making aqueous hydrocarbon fuel compositions, and aqueous hydrocarbon fuel compositions
Cutting oil composition
Biodegradable vegetable oil compositions
Double z-drive tissue array instrument
Microfabrication of a nuclear transfer array for high-throughput animal cloning
Fungal degradation and bioremediation system for pentachlorophenol-treated wood
Method of preparing a microbial culture for wastewater treatment
Chromatographic purification and separation process for mixtures of nucleic acids
Nucleic acid isolation by adhering to hydrophobic solid phase and removing with nonionic surfactant
Antisense inhibition of clusterin expression
Antisense inhibition of cytohesin-1 expression
Dry powder cells and cell culture reagents and methods of production thereof
Epithelial cell cultures for in vitro testing
Methods of producing high titer recombinant adeno-associated virus
Isolated human UDP-glycosyltransferase, nucleic acid molecules encoding human UDP-glycosyltransferase, and uses thereof
Human checkpoint kinase
Molecules of the HKID-1-related protein family and uses thereof
Method for producing in vitro the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and terminal nucleotidyl transferase activities encoded by hepatitis C virus (HCV)
Nucleic acids encoding HSKIF21B, a kinesin motor protein
Polypeptides having .beta.-fructofuranosidase activity
2786, a novel human aminopeptidase
Designer proteases
Human osteoclast-derived cathepsin
Human oxalyl-CoA Decarboxylase
Parasitic nematode transglutaminase, nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Process for producing, methods and compositions of glucuronoxylomannan as nutriceutical agent from higher basidiomycetes mushroom
Methods for producing polypeptides in aspergillus mutant cells
Penicillin conversion
Method for producing .alpha.-hydroxy acid from .alpha.-hydroxy nitrile using nitrilase
Enzyme-based assay for determining effects of exogenous and endogenous factors on cellular energy
Assessing lipid metabolism
Method and device for preparing samples for detecting a nucleotide sequence
Method for serial analysis of gene expression
Construction of nucleoprotein based assemblies comprising addressable components for nanoscale assembly and nanoprocessors
Method for determining ancestral haplotypes using haplospecific geometric elements within the major histocompatibility complex multigene cluster
Method for non-radioactive detection of membrane-bonded nucleic acids and test kit
Methods of diagnosing community acquired pneumonia (CAP) and predisposition or susceptibility for CAP and associated septic shock through detection of gene polymorphisms
Three dimensional arrays for detection or quantification of nucleic acid species
Pseudo-cyclic oligonucleobases
Methods of labeling nucleic acids for use in array based hybridization assays
Process for processing of reduction gas in a process for the reduction of gas
Direct iron and steelmaking
Magnesium desulfurization agent
Steel making revert and process for preparing
Supersonic coherent gas jet for providing gas into a liquid
Method for alloying steels and device for carrying out the method
Method and device for joint oxydation and heat treatment of workpieces
Process for the recovery of nickel and/or cobalt from a concentrate
Biooxidation process for recovery of metal values from sulfur-containing ore materials
Method for recovering the valuable metal content of a sulphuric acid leaching solution
Method for the heat treatment of residues containing heavy metals
Cold drawn wire and method for the manufacturing of such wire
Nickel base alloy
Light weight steel and its use for car parts and facade linings
Process for the manufacture of a component for bearings and its products
High strength drive shaft and process for producing the same
Ferritic stainless steel plate
Profile clamp and method for manufacturing a profile clamp
Exhaust equipment member, internal combustion engine system using same, and method for producing such exhaust equipment member
Patterned magnetic recording media with regions rendered nonmagnetic by ion irradiation
Aluminum alloy sheet having high ultimate tensile strength and methods for making the same
Method for forming thin films
Method of forming indium tin oxide thin film using magnetron negative ion sputter source
Process for forming non-evaporative getter and method of producing image forming apparatus
Process for manufacturing coated plastic body
Method and apparatus for pressure measurement in a CVI/CVD furnace
Method of forming diamond film
Method of increasing selectivity in silicon nitride deposition
Chemical vapor deposition precursors
Process gas distribution for forming stable fluorine-doped silicate glass and other films
Method of depositing an ozone-TEOS oxide film to eliminate its base material dependence, and apparatus for forming such a film at several different temperatures
Heat treatment apparatus and cleaning method of the same
Apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device in a CVD reactive chamber
Quartz wafer processing chamber
Apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Silicon oxide film, method of forming the silicon oxide film, and apparatus for depositing the silicon oxide film
Method of producing a microcrystal semiconductor thin film
Thin film forming method and thin film forming apparatus
Apparatus for fabricating semiconductor device and method for fabricating semiconductor using the same
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a gas distribution plate in a process reactor
Low dielectric constant material for integrated circuit fabrication
Misted precursor deposition apparatus and method with improved mist and mist flow
Method for electroless gold deposition in the presence of a palladium seeder and article produced thereby
Electroless gold plating solution and process
Treatment solution and treatment method for reducing copper oxides
Preparation of a nickel-base superalloy article having a decarburized coating containing aluminum and a reactive element
Methods of forming a face plate assembly of a color display
Thermal barrier coating system utilizing localized bond coat and article having the same
Process for improving the adhesion of polymeric materials to metal surfaces
Method for cathodic protection of reinforced concrete
Dry etching method
Electrolytic cell using gas diffusion electrode and power distribution method for the electrolytic cell
Electrochemical cell utilizing rigid support members
Electrode and method for use in an electrolysis cell
Electrode assembly for electrowinning
Production of bevelled galvanic structures
Spiral anode for metal plating baths
Plating pretreatment apparatus and plating treatment apparatus
Method for forming a thin film
Method for forming a zinc oxide layer and method for producing a photovoltaic device
Method for producing crystalline silicon
System and method for performing diffusion on a three-dimensional substrate
Textiles; Paper
Fine denier yarn from poly (trimethylene terephthalate)
Melt spinning colored polycondensation polymers
High-speed apparatus and method for producing thermoplastic synthetic fibers
Method and apparatus for continuously cleaning yarn fibers
Shoe press roll
Press arrangement and process
Strong, soft non-compressively dried tissue products containing particulate fillers
Method and device for applying a medium on a running web of material
Fixed Constructions
Pool skimmer system
Vacuum IG window unit with edge mounted pump-out tube
Energy recovery in a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for improving the cooling effectiveness of a gaseous coolant stream which flows through a substrate, and related articles of manufacture
Hydraulic tensioner
Exhaust gas cleaning system for an engine
Guide plate for a silent chain
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Nested modified-cam speed converter
Toroidal transmission
Belt pressing mechanism for continuously variable transmission
Transmission system
Damper clutch control method for automatic transmission
Line pressure control device of continuously variable transmission
Fuel dilution methods and apparatus for NOx reduction
Fuel dilution methods and apparatus for NOx reduction
Multi-aliquot storage vessel and break tool
Parts carrier with intergral rollers
Method of using scatterometry measurements to control deposition processes
Probe for scanning probe microscope (SPM) and SPM device
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Fibromyoma or carcinoma corporis uteri
Electric resistance sensor for measuring corrosion rate
Devices and methods for measurements of barrier properties of coating arrays
Gas concentration sensing apparatus
Gas sensor
Oxygen sensor
Capillary electrophoretic apparatus
Probing of surface roughness
Cadmium is a risk factor for human pancreatic cancer
Method of analyzing blood component
Personal drug use indicator
Methods for simultaneously detecting both members of a binding pair
Alzheimer's related proteins and methods of use
Detection of mycobacteria
Non-invasive method to detect prostate cancer
Method for determining cholesterol and sensor applicable to the same
Chemical analyzer and chemical analyzing system
Methodology for testing and qualifying an integrated circuit by measuring an operating frequency as a function of adjusted timing edges
Ultrasonic diagnosis device
Antireflection article
Optical semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Optical component having a chemically etched guide with a ridge structure and its method of manufacture
Reflective particle display film and method of manufacture
Method of manufacturing a color filter for a reflective liquid crystal display
Black matrix for liquid crystal display devices and color filter
Liquid crystal display device
Conductive pattern producing method
High contrast photographic silver halide material
Preparation of high chloride photographic emulsions with starch peptizer
Emulsion for a photothermographic material, a production process for the thermographic material and a recording process therefor
Solid electrolyte particles comprising MAg4I5
Method and system for processing photographic material which includes water recovery from humid air for re-use in the processing
Color photographic silver halide material
Method for formulating a photographic developer composition and process conditions to optimize developed images for digital scanning
Attenuated phase-shift mask and method of manufacturing the same
Flexographic printing plate precursor comprising a (photo)thermographic recording layer
Photomask and pattern forming method employing the same
Photomask and method for increasing image aspect ratio while relaxing mask fabrication requirements
Self-contained imaging media comprising microencapsulated color formers and a halogenated polymeric support
Chemical amplification type positive resist composition
Strongly water-soluble photoacid generator resist compositions
Polymer-bound sensitizer
Positive resist composition
Positive resist composition comprising N-(n-octylsulfonyloxy) succinimide
Stable photosensitive resin composition
Method to clean substrate and improve photoresist profile
Anti-reflective coating used in the fabrication of microcircuit structures in 0.18 micron and smaller technologies
Ultra high resolution lithographic imaging and printing and defect reduction by exposure near the critical condition utilizing fresnel diffraction
Process for enhanced lithographic imaging
Exposure method and apparatus
Method of forming a photomask utilizing electron beam dosage compensation method employing dummy pattern
Platemaking system and method using an imaging mask made from photochromic film
Aqueous developer for negative working lithographic printing plates
Organic removal process
Method and apparatus for selecting wafer alignment marks based on film thickness variation
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, and developer material used in said apparatus
Image heating device
Electrophotosensitive material using quinone derivative
Photoreceptor with charge blocking layer containing quaternary ammonium salts
Charging member, electrostatic latent image developer using the same, image forming apparatus and image forming method
Dry toner of polymerization type for electronic photography
Non-magnetic mono-component toner
Developing agent, method for manufacturing the same, and image forming apparatus
Toner for electrophotography
Full color electrophotographic toner, full color electrophotographic developer and image forming method
System and method for providing self-screening of patient symptoms
Health analysis and forecast of abnormal conditions
System and method for displaying magnetic devices
Apparatus for producing shock waves for technical, preferably medical applications
Magnetic recording media with antiferromagnetically coupled host layer for the magnetic recording layer
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording media with magnetic bit regions patterned by ion irradiation
Information recording medium
Optical recording medium and process for producing the same
Method for making optical recording medium and optical recording medium
Methods of fabrication of cross-linked electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof
Magnetic ferrite film for magnetic devices
Method for preparing high cure temperature rare earth iron compound magnetic material
Ion implantation method for fabricating magnetoresistive (MR) sensor element
Process for producing an electric double layer capacitor electrode
Proton inserted ruthenium oxide electrode material for electrochemical capacitors
Wound cell stack design for enhanced battery performance
Electron-emitting material and preparing process
Process for fabricating plasma with feedback control on plasma density
Protective member for inner surface of chamber and plasma processing apparatus
Vapor deposition coating apparatus
Method of fabricating row lines of a field emission array and forming pixel openings therethrough
Method for bonding supporter of shadow mask in flat cathode ray tube
Coated film forming apparatus
Method of using organic material to enhance STI planarization or other planarization processes
Multi-chip bonding method and apparatus
Convertible hot edge ring to improve low-K dielectric etch
Semiconductor wafer diaphragm
Semiconductor device having improved parasitic capacitance and mechanical strength
Method and apparatus for forming polycrystal silicon film
RELACS process to double the frequency or pitch of small feature formation
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Method for producing a microelectronic semiconductor component
Method of forming thermally induced reflectivity switch for laser thermal processing
Method of forming semiconductor device including patterning lower electrode of capacitor and gate electrode of transistor with same resist
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Formation of micro rough poly surface for low sheet resistance salicided sub-quarter micron poly lines
Method for using thin spacers and oxidation in gate oxides
Thermal stability improvement of CoSi2 film by stuffing in titanium
Method of manufacturing a transistor
Process for forming a structure
Method of forming a plurality of semiconductor devices
Method for removing black silicon in semiconductor fabrication
Method of anisotropic etching of substrates
Micropatterning method
NH3/N2-plasma treatment for reduced nickel silicide bridging
Process for improving copper fill integrity
High selectivity pad etch for thick topside stacks
Method of making a dual damascene structure without middle stop layer
Method of etching organic ARCs in patterns having variable spacings
Method for etching memory gate stack using thin resist layer
Method for fabricating a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Use of corrosion inhibiting compounds to inhibit corrosion of metal plugs in chemical-mechanical polishing
Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory device
Method to fabricate an intrinsic polycrystalline silicon film thin film transistor
Method for forming the ultra-shallow junction by using the arsenic plasma
Method of forming junction-leakage free metal salicide in a semiconductor wafer with ultra-low silicon consumption
Method for improving surface wettability of low k material
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and a semiconductor device manufactured thereby
Self aligned silicide contact method of fabrication
Method for forming bump and semiconductor device
Method for encapsulating with a fixing member to secure an electronic device
Using removable spacers to ensure adequate bondline thickness
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating MOS transistor using selective silicide process
Parallel and series-coupled transistors having gate conductors formed on sidewall surfaces of a sacrificial structure
Semiconductor device having a metal gate with a work function compatible with a semiconductor device
Approach to integrate salicide gate for embedded DRAM devices
Method of integrating a salicide process and a self-aligned contact process
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and process
Method of forming a contact hole in a semiconductor substrate using oxide spacers on the sidewalls of the contact hole
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device
Post copper CMP clean
Method of reducing dishing and erosion using a sacrificial layer
Methods of forming capacitors, DRAM arrays, and monolithic integrated circuits
Method to reduce floating grain defects in dual-sided container capacitor fabrication
Side wall contact structure and method of forming the same
Method for making integrated circuits
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Method and apparatus for molding a flip chip semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, method of manufacture thereof, circuit board, and electronic device
Semiconductor device with a corrosion resistant bonding pad and manufacturing method therefor
Interdigitated capacitor structure for use in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device architectures including UV transmissive nitride layers
Methods of forming thin-film transistor display devices
Diode and method for manufacturing the same
Method of reducing junction capacitance of source/drain region
Fabrication of self-aligned front gate and back gate of a field effect transistor in semiconductor on insulator
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of forming polycrystalline semiconductor film from amorphous deposit by modulating crystallization with a combination of pre-annealing and ion implantation
Dry etching method
Method of forming a transistor gate
Process for fabricating semiconductor device, apparatus using more than one kind of inert gas for evacuating air and method for entering wafer into the apparatus
MOS device having non-uniform dopant concentration and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device encapsulators
Method for determining etch depth
Method and system for testing semiconductor dice, semiconductor packages and semiconductor wafers
Substrateless chip scale package and method of making same
Wafer bonding method, apparatus and vacuum chuck
Double silicon-on-insulator device and method thereof
In-situ stack for high volume production of isolation regions
Method of forming T-shaped isolation layer, method of forming elevated salicide source/drain region using the same, and semiconductor device having T-shaped isolation layer
Method of fabricating a silicon island
Method of forming a crack stop structure and diffusion barrier in integrated circuits
Insulating and capping structure with preservation of the low dielectric constant of the insulating layer
Tailoring of a wetting/barrier layer to reduce electromigration in an aluminum interconnect
Fabrication method of integrated circuits with multiple low dielectric-constant intermetal dielectrics
Method for reducing semiconductor contact resistance
Method to eliminate copper CMP residue of an alignment mark for damascene processes
Method of forming scribe line planarization layer
Partitioned mask layout
Method of fabricating a dual gate dielectric
Method for forming the partial salicide
Methods for forming contact and container structures, and integrated circuit devices therefrom
High speed, low cost BICMOS process using profile engineering
Process of enclosing via for improved reliability in dual damascene interconnects
Copper vias in low-k technology
Method of improving adhesion of capping layers to cooper interconnects
Method of manufacturing an aluminum interconnect structure of a semiconductor device having <111> orientation
Bipolar transistor with improved reverse breakdown characteristics
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming buried conductor patterns by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state materials
Method of isolating a SRAM cell
Memory cell for dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming multiple oxide thicknesses for merged memory and logic applications
Method for producing semiconductor device having increased adhesion between package and semiconductor chip bottom
Stacked semiconductor device including improved lead frame arrangement
Article comprising vertically nano-interconnected circuit devices and method for making the same
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
Electrical alignment test structure using local interconnect ladder resistor
Method of manufacturing a multi-chip semiconductor device effective to improve alignment
Vertically mountable semiconductor device and methods
IC package having a conductive material at least partially filling a recess
Charge coupled device
Architecture for high critical current superconducting tapes
Organometallic complex and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Electroluminescent or photocell device having protective packaging
Packaging method for organic polymer EL displays
Method of manufacturing a prismatic lithium secondary battery
Electrolyte for lithium cells and method of producing the same
Yttrium-ion rechargeable battery cells
Self-tuning charge controller for nickel hydrogen batteries
Lanthanum nickel compound/metal mixture as a third electrode in a metal-air battery
Temperature regulator for fuel cell
Seal assembly for a battery terminal
Metal-fuel card with a plurality of metal-fuel elements and corresponding contact apertures, and electro-chemical electric power generation devices employing same
Lithium secondary battery comprising tungsten-containing oxide of monoclinic crystal structure
Anode material for lithium secondary battery, lithium secondary battery using said anode material, and method for charging of said secondary battery
Fuel cell current collector
Separator for fuel cell and a method for producing the separator
Air-assisted electrochemical cell construction
System and method for controlling the operation of a fuel processing system
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell device
Thin film modular electrochemical apparatus and method of manufacture therefor
Method for forming a membrane electrode diffusion assembly for use in an ion exchange membrane fuel cell
Reinforced, pressure-resistant flexible tube for mechanical end-winding support for rotating electrical machines
Keytop sheet using film and its manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing fine pattern and printed circuit board manufactured with this method
Method of producing flex circuit with selectively plated gold
Printed wiring board and manufacturing method thereof
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