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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods for manufacturing plant cell walls comprising chitin
Anhydrous polymorphs of [(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-(6-(cyclopentylamino)-9H-purin-9-yl)-3,4-dihydroxytetrah- ydrofuran-2-yl)} methyl nitrate and processes of preparation thereof
Azole derivative and uses thereof
Keg delivery system with Keg rack tier half
Sink extender system
Cyclonic separator
Mobile computing weight, diet, nutrition, and exercise management system with enhanced feedback and goal achieving functionality
Use of water-absorbing polymer particles for dewatering feces
SARMs and method of use thereof
Pro-neurogenic compounds
Anti-malaria vaccine
Cell-targeting nanoparticles and uses thereof
Stepless ladder assembly and methods of utilizing same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for operating a cooling tower comprising the treatment of feed water by direct osmosis
Device for measuring slab thickness
Methods and apparatus for scoring thin glass
Method for fabricating battery shell
LGF roll-to-roll manufacturing method and structure thereof
Method for thermal-slide debonding of temporary bonded semiconductor wafers
Weather-resistant article, weather-resistant film and optical member
Multi-functional pallet with locating support structure and buoyancy characteristics and including RFID-GPS tracking and light (sound) locating features in combination with magnetic stackability during non-use
Vertical travel assistance unit for a trolling motor
ChetProp air or water propeller and spinner with front and back leg assemblies attached to spinner
Methods of forming embossed netting chutes for manual and/or automated clipping packaging apparatus
Small food storage container
Beverage mixing cartridge and method of using same
Belt scraper assembly
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Hydraulic pushing device
Hydraulic jack with locking
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing hexachlorodisilane
Treatment of waste product
Use of non-chloride cement accelerator and electric arc furnace dust in cement
Method for recycling noble metals from Fischer-Tropsch products
Production method for compound comprising amino group and/or hydroxyl group
Amide-extended crosslinking compounds and methods for use thereof
Therapeutic compounds and methods of use
Substituted 3-(biphenyl-3-yl)-4-hydroxy-8-methoxy-1-azaspiro[4.5]dec-3-en-2-one
Process for preparation of 2-chloro-N-(4-chloro-3-pyridin-2-ylphenyl)-4-methylsulfonylbenzamide solid forms
Antagonists of prostaglandin EP3 receptor
Method for preparing a fluorinated organic compound
Non-steroidal compounds as androgen receptor modulators
Small molecule catalyst for 5-hydroxymethylfurfural production from saccharides
Serotonin reuptake inhibitors as drugs having peripheral-system-restricted activity
Method for manufacturing oxetane compound, method for manufacturing azolylmethylcyclopentanol compound, and intermediate compound
Method for producing fine particles of aripiprazole anhydride crystals B
Targeting human thymidylate kinase induces DNA repair toxicity in malignant tumor cells
Method for the production of monofunctionalized dialkylphosphinic acids, esters and salts, and use thereof
Buffers for the stable storage of nucleic acids
Function-selective vitamin D receptor agonist
Low temperature curable epoxy compositions
Adhesives and methods for their manufacture and use
Release sheet
Thermally curable solder-resistant ink and method of making the same
Slurry for asphalt pavement and driveway sealer
Optical bonding apparatus, touch sensitive display using the same and method of making the same
Phase change material-containing composition and related products and methods
Fluid pressure transmission pill
Multi-staged hydroprocessing process and system
Systems and methods of improved fermentation
Anti-influenza nucleic acid, peptide nucleic acid and preparations thereof
Substituted nucleotide analogs
Enzymes and uses thereof
Vitamin C production in a microorganism, gluconobacter
DNA-based methods for clone-specific identification of staphylococcus aureus
Nucleic acid processing kits and devices
Method for producing leather for covering aircraft seats with leather
Phlegmatized metal or alloy powder and method and/or reaction vessel for its manufacture
Method for the refining and structure modification of AL-MG-SI alloys
Seat structural component tailored for strength
Method of surfacing metallic nanoparticles with carbon
Process for producing group III element nitride crystal and apparatus for producing group III element nitride crystal
Textiles; Paper
Fixed Constructions
Method of removing pollutants from a body of water using containers filled with milkweed floss
Pull-out resistant piles
Plumbing fixture having a tensioning member
Twist on wire tie wall connection system and method
Corner studs and manufacturing method
Protective cover for reinforcing bar
Folding shutter arrangement
Hinge apparatus for trunk lid
Injector head
Method of reinforcing irregular structures
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine casing with service wedge
Gas turbine engine comprising a tension stud
Gas turbine engine
Lubricant delivery system for internal combustion engines
Reagent dosing system and method of dosing reagent
Double-walled exhaust volume and corresponding manufacturing method
Integrated SCR metering injection system
Method for determining the rate of recirculated exhaust gas at the inlet of a cylinder of an internal combustion engine, and engine implementing such a method
Resonator device for damping the pressure oscillation within a combustion chamber and a method for operating a combustion arrangement
Injector-igniter with fuel characterization
Constant volume combustion chamber
Air trap variable manifold runners
Dual fuel system and engine system operating method
Injection device for introducing a urea solution into the exhaust tract of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injector
Solar power system
Solar power system
Power generating system utilizing ambient temperature
Cooling system for a generator of a vehicle
Turbine engine temperature control system with heating element for a gas turbine engine
Electro-hydraulic system for recovering and reusing potential energy
Pressure medium system, in particular hydraulic system
Bearing with axial variation
Slide bearing
Housing mounted external bearing shield
Thermo-electric power harvesting bearing configuration
Accessory drive with friction clutch and electric motor
Adaptive method for controlling characteristics of a friction clutch actuator
Connecting device for outside a variable-speed transmission
Mounting device for absorbing vibration
Rope braking system
Method of producing mechanism for converting rotational motion to linear motion and jig for executing the method
Reciprocating piston mechanism
Multistage automatic transmission for vehicle
Continuously variable transmission and working vehicle
Orientation-free planetary pin for lubrication of planetary bearings
Split seal for a shaft
Rotary distribution apparatus
Three-port valve
Regulating valve, in particular for the electroproportional regulation of the pivot angle of a hydraulic machine
Valve assembly, in particular for use in pneumatic networks
Valve core assembly and valve adopting the valve core assembly
Apparatuses and methods for providing finger-tightened and ratchet-secured connections between conduits
Sleeve lock assembly
Remote pig launcher
System and process for supplying a chemical agent to a process fluid
Light-emitting module with wavelength converters and light-absorbing substance
Solar lamp stand assembly
Light emitting module having heat conductive substrate
Luminaire lens assembly having a thermal compensation unit and method thereof
Indirect area lighting apparatus and methods
Barrel adjustment and retaining assembly
Lighting device
Lighting system
LED lighting device and method for making the same
Lens having total reflective side surfaces and light source module with same
LED lighting ball structure
Solar energy system
Drying/carbonizing device and method thereof
Optimization of nucleation and crystallization for lyophilization using gap freezing
Heat dissipation device
Toy arrow whistle
Crossbow bolt having a rear deployable cutter device and practice bolt for simulating the same
Universal lighted nock and processes therefor
Lighted nock activation means and processes therefor
Flange bolt alignment systems and methods
Image pickup apparatus with inclination guide display
Non-contact electrical machine air gap measurement tool
System and method for verifying screw threads
System and method for determining vehicle door axis adjustment mount
Automatic handover of positioning parameters from a navigation device to a mobile device
Optical encoder light shielding plate, producing method therof, and optical encoder provided therewith
Digital flowmeter
Determination of basis weight of a material web using a microwave sensor, whereby the distance between the material web and the surfaces of the microwave sensor is being adjusted to a constant value by air cushions
Analysis device
Flexible SERS substrates with filtering capabilities
Device having a membrane structure for detecting thermal radiation, and method for production thereof
Machine for plasma treatment of containers comprising an integrated vacuum circuit
Apparatus and method for measuring an analyte such as bilirubin, using light
X-ray imaging apparatus, method of controlling the same, and computer program
Ultrafast sequencing of biological polymers using a labeled nanopore
Measuring arrangement and method for registering an analyte concentration in a measured medium
Laser eye-safety method and apparatus
Odor sensing system
Method of identifying patients not suitable for high-dose cyclophosphamide treatment
Neuregulin-1-based prognosis and therapeutic stratification of colorectal cancer
Methods and kits for isolation and analysis of a chromatin region
Sample fixing member for atomic force microscope
Mechanism for facilitating modular processing cell framework and application for asynchronous parallel singulated semiconductor device handling and testing
Test probe structures and methods including positioning test probe structures in a test head
Structures and methods for testing integrated circuits and via chains therein
Apparatus for testing switching of power semiconductor module
Dynamic hard error detection
Sensor device and sensor arrangement
Method for determining a set of B.sub.1 field maps
System for orienting and positioning an electromagnetic receiver
Receiving positioning signals at different frequencies
Seismic sensing device
Magnetic resonance antenna arrangement and magnetic resonance system
Method and apparatus for detecting and monitoring oil spills and leaks
Ink for electrowetting device and electrowetting device using the same
Light reflective film and method for manufacturing the same
Single mode propagation in fibers and rods with large leakage channels
Optical waveguide lens
Optical communication device
Zero stress fiber optic fluid connector
Glasses capable of replacing lenses and temples
Thin film and nanocrystals of europium(II) compound doped with metal ions
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus provided therewith
Display module
Multistable reflective liquid crystal device
Array substrate and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Lighting device, image capturing system, and lighting control method
3D projection optical system and dual-chip light splitting and light combining module thereof
Exposure apparatus and method of device fabrication
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
Drive controller, image pickup apparatus, drive control method, and storage medium
Strained silicon and strained silicon germanium on insulator field-effect transistor
Image forming apparatus having developer supplying operation
Image forming device comprising a direct image forming element
Image forming apparatus
Chute system with adjustable angle of inclination
Remote controller
Motor control device and motor control method
System and method for transporting personnel within an active workspace
Deicing system in sodar systems
Voltage regulator and a method for reducing an influence of a threshold voltage variation
Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus and controlling method in image processing apparatus
Data interface sleep mode logic
Selection of environmental profile based on system configuration
Method and systems for energy efficiency and energy conservation including on-off keying for power control
Automatic correction of application based on runtime behavior
Method and system for non-intrusive monitoring of library components
Prioritizing backups on a disk level within enterprise storage
Logging code generation and distribution
Error correction for powerline communication modem interface
Testing device
Methods and apparatus to perform adaptive pre-fetch operations in managed runtime environments
Efficient cache volume sit scans
Cache replacement for shared memory caches
Techniques for moving checkpoint-based high-availability log and data directly from a producer cache to a consumer cache
Variable updating device and variable updating method
Adaptive data prefetching
Exact match lookup scheme
Apparatus and method for selective loading in mobile communication terminal
Inter-chip communications with link layer interface and protocol adaptor
Apparatus and method for managing passwords
Electric mail processing apparatus
Dynamically creating a social networking check-in location
Method and a device for frequency counting
Method and system for directly mapping web services interfaces and Java interfaces
Process for creating a media sequence by coherent groups of media files
Drawing support apparatus, supporting method and drawing support program
Method and system to validate wired sensors
Systems and methods for memory efficient signal and noise estimation
Public key cryptography computing device
Vector processor having instruction set with vector convolution function for fir filtering
System and method for translating speech, and non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
Virtual node subpool management
Managing large datasets obtained through a survey-data-acquisition process
Optimization of join queries for related data
Method and apparatus for optimizing the evaluation of semantic web queries
Methods, systems, and computer program products for automatically associating data with a resource as metadata based on a characteristic of the resource
Generation of multi-faceted search results in response to query
Finding optimal query plans
Compressing tuples in a streaming application
Mailbox search engine using query multi-modal expansion and community-based smoothing
Formal verification of arbiters
Modified standard cells to address fast paths
Application authentication method and electronic device supporting the same
System and method for managing first party rights to content captured by third parties
Homomorphic evaluation including key switching, modulus switching, and dynamic noise management
Information processing apparatus and method of controlling same
Environmental monitoring device
Method and apparatus for minimizing within-die variations in performance parameters of a processor
Node including a CPU which is connected to other nodes constituting a computer system
Method to identify unique host applications running within a storage controller
Display of user comments to timed presentation
Haptic feedback for touchpads and other touch controls
Optical input apparatus wherein light sources selectively emit light as the apparatus is inclined
Optical navigation chip used in an optical mouse
Position tracing system using ultrasonic wave
Writing device having light emitting diode display panel
Dynamic tactile interface and methods
Touch alphabet and communication system
Electrode structure for touchscreen
Apparatus and method for receiving a touch input
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Multi-source, multi-destination data transfers
Identifying equivalent javascript events
Managing GUI control auto-advancing
Storage device and storage system
Mapping of logical volumes to host clusters
Generating image data in accordance with identification information
Selectively allowing execution of a control command associated with a page description language in an image forming apparatus
Generating enumerated information in which a plurality of files are enumerated in a sequential medium
Fast normalization in a mixed precision floating-point unit
System with manual actuator for asserting physical presence across multiple compute nodes
Decode time instruction optimization for load reserve and store conditional sequences
Major branch instructions
Second-level branch target buffer bulk transfer filtering
Distributing UI control events from a single event producer across multiple systems event consumers
Dynamically building an unstructured information management architecture (UIMA) pipeline
Program development in a distributed server environment
Method for finding all valid interprocedural execution paths on COBOL in polynomial time
Selection of an entry point of a function having multiple entry points
System, method and program product to manage installation of programs
Code converting method, program, and system
Generating source code
Efficiently determining Boolean satisfiability with lazy constraints
Semantically rich composable software image bundles
Function expanding method and mobile device adapted thereto
Virtual machine disk image installation
Method for optimizing binary code in language having access to binary coded decimal variable, and computer and computer program
Apparatus and method for executing code
Detection and correction of race conditions in workflows
System and method for efficient statistical timing analysis of cycle time independent tests
System structure management device, system structure management method, and program
Checkpointing for a hybrid computing node
Resource substitution and reallocation in a virtual computing environment
Information processing unit, printing control method for printer driver, and computer program product
Printing device, printing control method and recording medium capable of interruption printing with high security
Writing apparatus, writing system, and writing method
Apparatus and method for tracking hand
Authentication method and system
Pose classification apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Blur measurement
On-line macrocontaminant analyser and method
Recommending native applications
Data based truth maintenance
Automated inventory management
Operations dashboard
Cascading definition and support of EDI rules
System for managing product inventory counts
Method for using intelligent router in charging system and apparatus associated therewith
System and method for displaying market data in an electronic trading environment
Computer product, search apparatus, and search method
Generation of a vector graphic from a hand-drawn diagram
Virtual and augmented reality
Image segmentation
Method and apparatus for visually and audibly indicating the setup and maintenance of a system
Method for displaying the vehicle safety distance
Flag-blowing flagpole assembly
Display device and method for driving the same
Display panel
Graphics memory load mask for graphics processing
Keyboard device
Practice pad for percussion instrument
Systems and methods for practicing stringed instruments
Navigating music using an index including musical symbols
Audio signal encoder
Electrostatic discharge protection for a magnetoresistive sensor
Device and method for storing or switching
Nonvolatile memory and related reprogramming method
Write/read priority blocking scheme using parallel static address decode path
Method of providing and evaluating a mid-wall repair
Apparatus and method for limiting and analyzing stress corrosion cracking in pressurized water reactors
Nitrogen-containing porous carbon material and method of producing the same, and electric double-layer capacitor using the nitrogen-containing porous carbon material
Device for mounting a switch or the like on a mounting plate
Electric power cable for medium or high voltage
External-magnet-type magnetic circuit
Circuit breaker contact assembly and cam lever
Connector and connector bar
Hydrophone signal limiting shunt switch
Fuse with carbon fiber fusible element
Methods, systems, and devices for multibeam coherent detection and speckle mitigation
Electron beam writing apparatus and electron beam writing method
Method for sealing a liquid within a glass package and the resulting glass package
Manufacturing semiconductor device with film for forming protective layer
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Fabrication method of silicon carbide semiconductor apparatus
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device including embedded crystalline back-gate bias planes
Methods for reducing line width roughness and/or critical dimension nonuniformity in a patterned photoresist layer
Local and global reduction of critical dimension (CD) asymmetry in etch processing
Electrostatic discharge devices and methods of manufacture
Decoupling measurement of layer thicknesses of a plurality of layers of a circuit structure
Intelligent chip placement within a three-dimensional chip stack
Method comprising applying an external mechanical stress to a semiconductor structure and semiconductor processing tool
Enhanced patterning uniformity of gate electrodes of a semiconductor device by late gate doping
Underfill composition and semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device including conductor patterns as electrodes of a capacitive element and manufacturing method thereof
Method to tune narrow width effect with raised S/D structure
Single poly non-volatile memory cells
Semiconductor device including an asymmetric feature
Structure and method for forming programmable high-K/metal gate memory device
Liquid crystal display
Method for producing an optoelectronic semiconductor component and such a semiconductor component
Systems, devices, and/or methods for solar cells comprising a light amplification element
Colored photovoltaic modules and methods of construction
Wideband light energy waveguide and detector
Light-emitting diode and method for manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing LED die
Atomic layer deposition of metal-oxide tunnel barriers using optimized oxidants
Resistive memory and method for fabricating the same
Spin hall effect memory
DRAM MIM capacitor using non-noble electrodes
Simplified organic emitting diode and method for preparing the same
Battery module for mitigating gas accumulation and methods thereof
Fuel cell system with interconnect
System dongle
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Antenna concealment assembly
Systems and methods for providing directional radiation fields using distributed loaded monopole antennas
HDMI interface having a cable and a connector with a plurality of terminals and wiring ends arranged in parallel and in a row
Electrical connector having terminal portions in specific arrangement and a grounding plate for excellent high-frequency characteristics
Communications jacks having low-coupling contacts
Electrical supply connector with a simplified mounting arrangement
Cable assembly having a flexible light pipe
Brush block for a slipring
Female connector and card edge connector
Unstable OPO resonators with improved beam quality
Raman amplifier, optical repeater, and Raman amplification method
Cord managment system
Electronic device
Power harvesting circuit and method for serially coupled DC power sources
Capacitively coupled cell balancer with a common AC bus
Electronic cigarette case and method for charging an electronic cigarette through it
Uninterruptible power system, method of controlling power supply, and recording medium having power supply control program stored therein
Electrical power conditioning unit and system
Rotary electric machine with tapered permanent magnet
Method for maintaining a machine having a rotor and a stator
Shutter with bistable actuator having power-free magnetic blade return
Motor unit
Digital controller for switch-mode DC-DC converters and method
Device for adding harmonics to sound signal
Systems, methods, and apparatus for generating an audio signal based on color values of an image
Embedded on-chip security
Time division multiplexed limited switch dynamic logic
Semiconductor device with amplification circuit and output buffer circuit coupled to terminal
Clock control circuit, receiver, and communication device
Reference-less voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) calibration
Mobile reception of digital video broadcasting--terrestrial services
Configurable and low power encoder for cyclic error correction codes
Turbo encoding on a parallel processor
Power line communications zoning device
Terminal device for providing haptic effect using haptic engine and controlling method therefor
Planar lightwave circuit and optical receiver
Mobile station and control information decoding method
Network repeater
Receiver and method for gain control
Multi-service cloud storage decision optimization process
Group bookmarks
Thermal control method and thermal control system
Communication systems and methods to broadcast audio or control to a remotely located device
Sentence hiding and displaying system and method
Method of creating sample page, program, and image forming system
Automatic switching of a multi-mode projector display screen for displaying three-dimensional and two-dimensional images
Topology determination for non-overlapping camera network
Content assessment apparatus, content assessment method, information reproducing apparatus, and information reproducing method
Parallax based distance measuring device
Assembly and a method of determining a change in capacitance
System and method for conveying aeronautical radio voice and signaling over a satellite IP network
Method and apparatus for generating various transmission modes for WLAN systems
Systems and methods for indoor navigation control by LED lighting devices
Method for cleaning producer gas using a microwave induced plasma cleaning device
Storage media conversion device and server using the same
Portable device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Grapevine leafroll virus proteins and their uses
Fossorial rodent control compositions and methods
Method of coating medical devices with a combination of antiseptics and antiseptic coating therefor
Pyridine derivatives having fungicidal activity and processes to produce and use same
Suspension concentrate formulation containing pyrimethanil
Fungicidal active substance combinations
Method of insect control
Substituted 3-aryl-pyrazoles
Method for treating wood against the attack of harmful fungi
N- (5, 7-dimethoxy [1, 2, 4] triazolo [1, 5-a] pyrimidin-2-yl) arylsulfonamide compounds and their use as herbicides
Sulphonylurea and/adjuvant based solid mixtures
Methods for enhancing plant health, protecting plants from biotic and abiotic stress related injuries and enhancing the recovery of plants injured as a result of such stresses
Apparatus and method for distributing a particulate charge over an article
Methods for using lipases in baking
Cellulose degrading enzymes of aspergillus
Foodstuffs skin based on cellulose with reinforced adhesion to minced meat and a process for its preparation
Products comprising an isothiocyanate preservative system and methods of their use
Method for the sequential precipitation of casein and calcium phosphate from a milk source
Process for incorporating whey protein into cheese
Health of a mammal by administering a composition containing at least one cocoa polyphenol ingredient
High precision multiple-extrusion of confectionary products
Use of powdered gum in making a coating for a confection
High protein frozen food product
Frozen ice cream dessert and process for making
.alpha.-glucuronidases of aspergillus, production thereof and their uses
Animal feed additives
Food additive composition
Method for treating hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, and atherosclerosis
Physiologically active materials from cereals and process for preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for preparing sliced plantains
Potato-based fabricated snacks made from continuously sheeted doughs and methods for controlling the texture and organoleptical properties thereof
Microencapsulated fragrances and method for preparation
1,3-Oxathianes as perfuming and flavoring ingredients
Chromium-containing carbohydrase enzyme food supplement composition
Nutritional composition for improving the efficacy of a lipase inhibitor
Oxygen-absorbing composition and method
Coffee bean roasting apparatus
Nutrient clusters for food products and methods of preparation
Method for automatically sizing and positioning filling material upon randomly spaced tortillas advancing upon conveyor
Composite footwear upper and method of manufacturing a composite footwear upper
Mushroom-type hook strip for a mechanical fastener
Deplitory device
Cooking by enrobing through controlled curtain spillage
Cleaning device for the anus
Antimicrobial compositions for hard surfaces
Bagless dustcup
Lock reduction device and method
Devices and method for handling a plurality of suture elements during a suturing procedure
Low profile catheter for angioplasty and occlusion
Methods and tools for femoral resection in primary knee surgery
Device for removal of calculi
Surgical clamp having replaceable pad
Heart muscle irrigation device, applicator and method
Spinal needle
Intramedullary nail for the humerus
Set of surgical tools and surgical method for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Selective organ hypothermia method and apparatus
Fluid-assisted medical device
Cardiac deblocking device and method
Annuloplasty ring delivery method
Sub-critical fluid cleaning and antimicrobial decontamination system and process
Breast stabilizer with instrument guide
System for delivering insulin
System and method for variable dosage medicine delivery
Disposable absorbent article having graphics and process for making
Multifunctional fibrous material with improved edge seal
Surgical cast cutter
Structures having coated indentations
Perorally insertable gastroesophageal anti-reflux valve prosthesis and tool for implantation thereof
Intravascular filter retrieval device and method
Vein filter
Embolic filter
Partial encapsulation of stents using strips and bands
Apparatus for folding instrument and use of the same apparatus
Method for etching a micropatterned microdepot prosthesis
Endosteal tibial ligament fixation with adjustable tensioning
Intraocular lens
Intraocular lens implanter
Single suture biological tissue aortic stentless valve
Flexible heart valve
Precoated polymeric prosthesis and process for making same
Surgically implantable knee prosthesis
Multiple-cam, posterior-stabilized knee prosthesis
Knee implant
Shoulder prosthesis with humeral fracture stem
Interbody spinal fusion implants with multi-lock for locking opposed screws
Methods and apparatus for performing therapeutic procedures in the spine
Axial spinal implant and method and apparatus for implanting an axial spinal implant within the vertebrae of the spine
Porous interbody fusion device having integrated polyaxial locking interference screws
Modular anatomic fusion device
Air-cylinder apparatus for prosthetic limb
Obesity treatment tools and methods
Inflatable device with exhausting apertures which vary in density
Flow control device, introducer and method of implanting
Container for an inhalation anesthetic
Delivery system for pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic ingredients
Lipase inhibiting polymers
Nitroglycerin-menthol potentiation for treatment of angina
Method for treatment of enveloped viruses using jojoba oil esters
Compositions and methods for apoptotic chemosurgery
Fatty acid synthase inhibitors
Compounds and methods for regulating bacterial growth and pathogenesis
Methods for treating bulimia using optically pure (-) norcisapride
N-arylsulfonyl aryl aza-bicyclic derivatives as potent cell adhesion inhibitors
Use of methylnaltrexone and related compounds to treat chronic opioid use side affects
Use of P2Y purinoreceptor antagonist for the treatment of ischemia reperfusion
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Methods and compositions for treating male erectile dysfunction
3-Desoxy-vitamin D3 analog esters
Methods for treating periodontal disease
Method of modifying the release profile of sustained release compositions
Per-(3-6-anhydro)cyclodextrins derivatives, preparation and use thereof for separating ions
Use of fucane for regulating the reconstruction of connective tissue
Ocular tissue regeneration inducer
Enhancement of cellular gallium uptake
Zinc chloride unit dose packaging, applicator, and method of use in treating cancer and other skin diseases
Composition and method for reducing the risk of carcinogenesis
Oral and topical compositions and methods related thereto in the treatment of acne
Treatment of hematologic disorders
Destruction of the epithelium of an exocrine gland in the prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of cancer
Porous hydroxyapatite particles as carriers for drug substances
Method for regulating IL-10 with IL-9, and applications thereof
Treatment for diabetes
Transgenic swine & swine cells having human HLA genes
Vaccine against gram negative bacteria
Complexes of immunogens derived from RSV surface glycoprotein G covalently coupled to a support molecule
Vaccine adjuvants
Combination chemotherapy
Method for treating renal disease, and pharmaceutical composition for treating renal disease
Use of flavone 8-acetic acid in vascular and cardiovascular interventions and acute coronary syndromes
Composition of sodium channel blocking compound
Formulated composition
Polyamide-alkylator conjugates and related products and method
Methods of making recombinant disulfide-stabilized polypeptide fragments having binding specificity
Nano-emulsion of 5-aminolevulinic acid
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Immunodiagnostics using particle delivery methods
Stable radioiodine conjugates and methods for their synthesis
Cosmetic and dermatological preparations based on O/W emulsions
Cosmetic products comprising cream of tarter and sodium bicarbonate
Syndet bar soap having an acidifying agent
Composition and method for whitening teeth
Proanthocyanidins and ascorbic acid composition for topical application to human respiratory and oral mucosa
Solid preparation containing low-substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose and production process thereof
Anti-infection formulation and delivery method
Emulsifier-free finely dispersed systems of the oil-in-water type
Microencapsulated bioactive agents and method of making
Cationic liposomal delivery system and therapeutic use thereof
Aerosols containing annealed particulate salbutamol and tetrafluoroethane
Process for preparing pellets containing up to 90 wt.% of a pharmaceutical active ingredient
High drug load immediate and modified release oral dosage formulations and processes for their manufacture
Multiple-unit sustained release tablets
Stable pharmaceutical compositions containing 7-substituted-3,5-dihydroxyheptanoic acids or 7-substituted-3,5-dihydroxyheptenoic acids
Multilayer tablet for administering a fixed combination of tramadol and diclofenac
Immediate release eplerenone compositions
Methods for manipulating upper gastrointestinal transit, blood flow, and satiety, and for treating visceral hyperalgesia
Encapsulating particles with coatings that conform to size and shape of the particles
Over-coated chewing gum formulations
Topical and transdermal administration of peptidyl drugs using hydroxide releasing agents as permeation enhancers
Topical zinc compositions and methods of use
Process for treating septage
Method of preparing a tissue sealant-treated biomedical material
Liquid cleaning and sterilization method
Removal of biologically active organic contaminants using atomic oxygen
Household product sanitizer
Fibrin polymer structure
Calcium phosphate composition and method of preparing same
Process for producing an implantable apparatus comprising a biomedical device coated with crosslinked TPU
Chondrocyte cell-lines
Ceramic particulate reinforced orthopedic implants
Process for producing spherical biocompatible ceramic particles
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition
Methods for modifying surfaces of articles
Hydrophilic coating and substrates coated therewith having enhanced durability and lubricity
Plasma treated surgical needles and methods for their manufacture
Composition comprising heparin as a non-thrombogenic surface coating agent
Apparatus and method for purifying fluids including contaminants
Device for peritoneal dialysis and method for using said device
Medical device for flow augmentation in patients with occlusive cerebrovascular disease and methods of use
Apparatus for use in connection with removal of elements, especially exogenous antibodies, from blood or plasma
Method for forming atraumatic fluid delivery device
Apparatus and method for retaining a catheter in a blood vessel in a fixed position
Drainage catheter
Adapter for connecting an introducer needle assembly to a catheter introducer
Wound irrigation device
Closed loop system for controlling insulin infusion
Automatic control-type, portable intravenous infusion apparatus and jacket therefor
Control device and process for a pumping device
Flushable guidewire device
Multiple-dose syringe
Low cost disposable needleless injector system for variable and fixed dose applications
Hypodermic syringe with selectively retractable needle
Device for illuminating a defined area
Discontinuous films from skin care compositions
Artificial tanning compositions comprising flavylium salts
Process for producing glucomannan gel particles
Compositions and methods for treating hair and skin using aqueous delivery systems
Golf ball compositions based on anionic polymers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for producing aqueous dispersions of (co)polymers, dispersions obtained using said method, redispersible powders which can be obtained from said dispersions and use thereof
Slurry fill method and valve
Exhaust gas collection system for supercritical fluid chromatography
Residential septic tank with seams above sewage line and residential septic tank with stepped ribs
Apparatus and method for electrochemically removing fine metal particles from emulsions
Water filter
Dividing wall fractionation column control system and apparatus
Liquid filter with a cooler
Method for switching filters on-line without bubbles and with zero liquid waste
Cardable blends of dual glass fibers
Fluid filters having a concealed machine-readable identification
Method and arrangement for cleaning filters
Microwave gas decomposition reactor
Lagoon covers providing multi-stage waste treatment
Multiple bed pressure swing adsorption method and apparatus
Method for removal of vapor phase contaminants from a gas stream by in-situ activation of carbon-based sorbents
Method for increasing the lifetime of stretford solution
Membrane module for gas transfer and membrane supported biofilm process
Porous gas permeable material for gas separation
Drying agent box
Plasma type exhaust gas cleaning apparatus
Method for preparation of catalytic material for selective oxidation and catalyst members thereof
Exhaust emission control catalyst
Apparatus for electrophoresis
Enhanced resolution matrix-laser desorption and ionization TOF-MS sample surface
Method for debubbling an ink
Pressure vessels for holding cylindrical semipermeable membrane cartridges
System for cross-flow permeation by means of a membrane
Process for producing polyorganosiloxane latex
Catalyst structure and method of fischer-tropsch synthesis
Reactive crystallization method to improve particle size
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Method for producing structured, self-organized molecular monolayers of individual molecular species, in particular substance libraries
Method and analytical system for rapid screening of combinatorial libraries
Treatment of liquids
Composition for reducing evaporation at sites both on land and open water
Apparatus for circulating a fluid
Method of adsorbing metals and organic compounds from vaporous streams
pH dependent membrane diffusion
Desiccant composition
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Precarbonisation of a hydrotreatment catalyst
Microporous and mesoporous silicoaluminate solid, process for preparation, use as a catalyst and for hydrocarbon conversion
Method for regenerating molybdenum-containing oxide fluidized-bed catalyst
Composite material based on hexacyanoferrates and polymer, method for making it and use
Method and system for generating a high purity eluant
Distribution device for automatic catalyst evaluation multi-reactors
Material for introducing physiologically essential inorganic elements into drinkable water
Method for ammonia removal from waste streams
Method and apparatus for the continuous treatment of catalyst and catalyst support material
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Multi-well plates
Delivery of poly (ethylene glycol)-modified molecules from degradable hydrogels
Temperature control apparatus and method for pipetting robot
Thermal cycler
Compartment cover, kit and method for forming the same
Device and method for preparing tissue specimen for histologic sectioning
Chemical reaction apparatus and methods
Microarray dispensing with real-time verification and inspection
Device for holding reaction vessels which can be thermally adjusted and agitated
Contaminant capture device and method for use
Apparatus for controlling mist and dust in the manufacture and finishing of paper and board
Conveyance apparatus for coating
Apparatus for coating a web
Electrostatic fluidized bed coating method and apparatus
Coating apparatus including insert device
Surface activation and coating processes of a thermoplastic olefin using an aqueous immersion bath and products produced thereby
Coated article with polymeric basecoat having the appearance of stainless steel
Method for producing an electrode, and for producing a capacitor with the electrode
Method for forming edge sealant for wood
In situ fluoropolymer polymerization into porous substrates
Scrubber operation
Reactor for processing a microelectronic workpiece
Removal of photoresist through the use of hot deionized water bath, water vapor and ozone gas
Process for cleaning a workpiece using supercritical carbon dioxide
Cleaning system utilizing an organic cleaning solvent and a pressurized fluid solvent
Method of producing cold rolled steel strip
Method and a device for molding objects
Forming sintered metal fiber porous mats
Metal powders produced by the reduction of the oxides with gaseous magnesium
Process for fabricating a surface of an ophthalmic lens, installation for implementing the process and ophthalmic lens obtained by the process
Ceramic sinter, and wear resistant member and electronic component member using thereof
Polishing slurry and method for chemical-mechanical polishing
Methods of treating surfaces of substrates
Method and apparatus for monitoring a semiconductor wafer during a spin drying operation
Dry ice cleaning method, dry ice cleaning apparatus, and part or unit cleaned by dry ice
Apparatus for distribution of particles on paper, process for providing paper with particles and particle coated paper
Device and method for coating workpieces
Process for making closed-end ceramic tubes
Post-mold cooling method
Method and apparatus for manufacturing painted or varnished parts out of molded plastics material
Method of molding a peripherally encapsulated product under heat and pressure utilizing sheet molding compound (SMC) or bulk molding compound (BMC)
Method and machine for manufacturing molded structures using zoned pressure molding
Synthetic resin internal foam molding machine and method
Method of molding large thin parts from reinforced plastic material
Method of and apparatus for producing injection molded parts reinforced with long fibers
Method of manufacturing an interlocked, "flush-to-front," injection molded border and glass sheet
Method for packaging microelectronic substrates
Method for controlling injection molding machine
Blow molding machine and a method of blow molding a hollow article
Apparatus for ultrasonic welding
Method of producing a joint
Releasing of bonded screens
Stereolithographic process of making a three-dimensional object
Method for molding fiber reinforced composite container
Apparatus and method for handling an ophthalmic lens
Durable flexible attachment components for accommodating intraocular lens
Process of fabricating an inflatable item
Device for the suspension of tire carcasses
Powder compression molding method for producing cathode pellets for dry cells
Method for pressing ceramic powders
Plastic sheet having creasing lines and creasing line-forming blade for plastic sheet
Soft bulky multi-ply product and method of making the same
Substrate for use in display element, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Holographic transfer film
Packaging receptacle consisting of a monoplane material, and recycling process for the receptacle
Low-E matchable coated articles and methods of making same
Thermosetting ethylene/alpha-olefin composition and safety glass interlayer film made from the composition
Method of manufacturing composite wood flooring
Composite wood flooring
Decorative material
Flexible, halogen-free, radio-frequency sealable films
Packaging film and containers made therefrom
Heat-sealable, polyolefinic multilayer film, process for the production thereof, and the use thereof
Thermoplastic resin composition
Receptacle for the collection of fluids
Corrugated cardboard plates, method of and apparatus for making the same
Preform and method for its fabrication
Continuous foam rug gripper and method of using the same
Base material for laminate and process for producing the same
Functionalized rubbery polymer containing polysiloxane
Pattern formation
Relation to the manufacture of masks and electronic parts
Method for treating photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Fluid-jet printhead and method of fabricating a fluid-jet printhead
Method of fabricating thermal head
Portable hydration system
Water-washable photosensitive flexo plate and printing plate
Relation to manufacture of masks and electronic parts
Thermally-responsive record material
Photographic film base comprising a poly(ethylene terephthalate)-based material
Thermally developable imaging materials containing heat-bleachable antihalation composition
Printing medium, production process thereof and image-forming process using the medium
Ink jet recording element
Screen element for motor vehicles
Method and article of manufacture to effect an oxygen deficient fuel cell
Insulated reentry heat shield
Method for applying labels to products
Process of application and cooling of adhesive for glueing cartridge packages and similar
Peracid-stable polymeric containers
Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition disposed in a water soluble container
Zero oxygen permeation plastic bottle for beer and other applications
Single layered polypropylene containers and their use
Tape dispensing apparatus with improved adhesive reactivation
Method of manufacturing micromechanical surface structures by vapor-phase etching
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing activated carbon from urban waste
Plasma curing process for porous silica thin film
Mesoporous silica films with mobile ion gettering and accelerated processing
Process for catalytic ammonia production-preparation and recovery of ammonia synthesis catalyst
Method for obtaining ammonia from waste water containing NH3 and acid gases
Very high solids TiO2 slurries
Method for manufacturing lithium-manganese oxide powders for use in lithium secondary battery
Positive active material for alkaline battery and electrode using the same
Iron-catalysed oxidation of manganese and other inorganic species in aqueous solutions
Process and system for enhanced phosphorus removal in a wetland wastewater treatment facility
Vacuum IG window unit with edge seal at least partially diffused at temper and completed via microwave curing, and corresponding method of making the same
Glass substrate for liquid crystal display device
Process for the structuring of a substrate
Transparent electro-conductive structure, process for its production, transparent electro-conductive layer forming coating fluid used for its production, and process for preparing the coating fluid
Aluminum reflecting mirror and method of making the same
Dielectric ceramic composition
Semiconductive ceramics and supporting member made of the same for supporting magnetic disk substrate
Oxide magnetic material, coil components using the same, and method for producing oxide magnetic materials and coil components
Oxide magnetic materials, chip components using the same, and method for producing oxide magnetic materials and chip components
Dielectric ceramic composition and electronic device
Piezoelectric ceramic compact and piezoelectric ceramic device using the same
Method for the forming of ceramic green parts
Flexible graphite sheet and method of producing the same
Method for producing superconducting oxide compounds
Method for producing ceramic foils
Insulating refractory material
Method for producing virtually finished moulded bodies from moulding materials
Dry fertilizer compositions and method for making the same
Method of making pourable plastic-bound explosive charges or rocket propellant
Smoke generating compositions and methods of making the same
Catalysts containing N-pyrrolyl substituted nitrogen donors
Process for dyeing keratin fibers comprising 1,4-diamino-2-methoxymethylbenzene and salts thereof
Antiestrogens, process for their protection and their pharmaceutical use
Fragrance compounds
Sulphonamide derivatives as prodrugs of aspartyl protease inhibitors
Naphthopyrans annelated in C5-C6 with a dihydrobenzo-cycloheptatriene-type carbocycle and compositions and matrices containing them
Azabicyclooctane derivatives useful in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Dihydronaphthalene compounds
Compounds and methods for modulating cxcr3 function
Thiazolyl-acid amide derivatives useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Sulfonamide matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Cyclic and bicyclic diamino histamine-3 receptor antagonists
Aminophenoxyacetic acid derivatives as neuroprotectants
Quinazoline derivatives as alpha-1 adrenergic antagonists
Polyhydroxylated monocyclic N-heterocyclic derivatives as anti-coagulants
Pyrimidinone derivatives for the treatment of atherosclerosis
Phenylsulphonyl derivatives as 5-HT receptor ligands
3-(heteroarylamino)methylene-1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2-ones as kinase inhibitors
Substituted pyrroles suitable for continuous infusion
Bicyclic amino acids
Antidepressant azaheterocyclymethyl derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-benzodioxan
Combinatorial polyketide libraries produced using a modular PKS gene cluster as scaffold
2,4-substituted quinoline derivatives
Disubstituted imidazoles useful in the treatment of bacterial infections
7-oxo-2-azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptanes as selective muscarinic receptor antagonist
Prodrugs of proton pump inhibitors
Cytotoxic pyrido[2,3,4-ki]acridine derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic use
6-substituted pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidin-4-ones useful as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Kappa opioid receptor ligands
Methotrexate derivatives
Growth hormone secretagogues
5, 11-Dioxa-benzo[b]fluoren-10-one and 5-oxa-11-thia-benzo[b]fluoren-10-ones as estrogenic agents
Oxabispidine compounds useful in the treatment of cardiac arrhyythmias
Heterocycle carboxamides as antiviral agents
Potentially fluorogenic compounds and plating media containing same
Non-A, non-B, non-C, non-D, non-E hepatitis reagents and methods for their use
Parvovirus capsids
Mutant human hepatitis B viral strain and uses thereof
Polynucleotide vaccine formulation against pathologies of the horse
Method for production of tetanus toxin using media substantially free of animal products
Recombinant allergen, fragments thereof, corresponding recombinant DNA molecules, vectors and hosts containing the DNA molecules, diagnostic and therapeutic uses of said allergens and fragments
Vaccines for the protection of cattle from psoroptic scabies
Inhibitors of G protein-mediated signaling, methods of making them, and uses thereof
Methods and reagents for modulating apoptosis
Gridlock nucleic acid molecules, polypeptides, and diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Tissue-derived tumor growth inhibitors, methods of preparation and uses thereof
Stem cell inhibitor
Recombinant expression of insulin C-peptide
Cysteine-depleted peptides recognized by A3-restricted cytotoxic lymphocytes, and uses therefor
SF, a novel family of taste receptors
Use of prosaposin and peptides obtained therefrom for treatment of neural degeneration
NRAGE nucleic acids and polypeptides and uses thereof
Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease with IFN-.gamma. inhibitors
Kinases and uses thereof
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Peptides blocking vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-mediated angiogenesis, polynucleotides encoding said peptides and methods of use thereof
Process for producing a hydrogenated polymer
Ziegler-Natta catalyst with amine for polymerization
Metallocene and constrained geometry catalyst systems employing agglomerated metal oxide/clay support-activator and method of their preparation
Non-aqueous release from paper machine equipment
Metallocene catalyst component for use in producing isotactic polyolefins
Hydrogels and methods for their production
Curing type water base resin composition
Silane-containing polymer dispersions for tile cements
Grafting of polyolefins
Process for tin/silicon coupling functionalized rubbers
Cross-copolymerized olefin/styrene/diene copolymer, process for the production of the same and uses thereof
Process for producing vinylamine-vinyl alcohol copolymer and use of the copolymer
Vinyl 4-t-butoxycarbonyloxybenzal-vinyl 4-hydroxybenzal-vinyl alcohol-vinyl acetate copolymer
Method for the secondary cross-linking of hydrogels with N-acyl-2-oxazolidinones
Sulfonated perfluorocyclobutane ion-conducting membranes
Photosensitive resin composition and color filter
Polyurethane dispersions
Mar-resistant oligomeric-based coatings
Imageable seamed belts having polyvinylbutyral and isocyanate outer layer
Blends comprising thermoplastic polyurethane
Glyoxylic compound comprising one or more active ingredient
Aqueous coating compositions with phosphonic acid based compounds
Liquid epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Photocurable composition containing iodonium salt compound
Spin-on-dielectric compositions with coating enhancer
Light-emitting dendrimers and devices
Ambifunctional perfluorinated polyethers
Coating composition and coated article
Arylsilane compound, light emitting device material and light emitting device by using the same
Water-dilutable stone impact protection paint and compensation paint, their use and process for their production
Thermosetting polyphenylene ether resin composition, cured resin composition obtained therefrom, and laminated structure
Process of making microporous film
Crystallization of constrained polymers
Preparation of polymer particles
Phenol resin forming material for pulley used in motor vehicles and phenol resin pulley for motor vehicles
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet comprising the same
Low-color ultraviolet absorber compounds and compositions thereof
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Rubber compositions
Waterproof, durable products made from recycled rubber products
Thermally cross-linked fluoropolymer
Photoneutralization of pH sensitive aqueous polymeric dispersions and methods for using same
Composition comprising a copolymer at least two charged blocks and type of opposite charge
Processable poly(hydroxy acids)
Method of making a powdered product from Trinidad Lake Asphalt for use in a road building mix
Derivatization of dyes/pigments with crown ethers and inkjet printing fluids containing the same
Systems and methods for lithography
Pigmented ink jet inks
Inks and other compositions incorporating limited quantities of solvent advantageously used in ink jetting applications
Coating composition for producing electrically conductive coatings
Strippable coating system
Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing
Removable tape laminate including a flexible non-stretchable support layer
Adhesive-coated copper foil, and copper-clad laminate and printed circuit board both obtained with the same
Water vapor-permeable, pressure-sensitive adhesives
Method of producing a lead frame with composite film attached, and use of the lead frame
Luminescent electroconductive adhesive
Red phosphor having effective emission at low voltages and method for preparing the same using conductive luminescent material
Perparation of improved ZnS:Mn phosphors
Glass-forming liquid crystalline compositions and optical devices formed therefrom
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Binder-loaded type charge-transport liquid crystal material
Liquid crystal display device
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Set retarders for foamed cements
High performance phosphorus-containing corrosion inhibitors for inhibiting corrosion drilling system fluids
Process for the fluid catalytic cracking with pre-vaporized feed
Method for maintaining heat balance in a fluidized bed catalytic cracking unit
Process for sulfur removal from hydrocarbon liquids
Catalytic reforming process
Method for inhibiting corrosion using certain aromatic acidic species
Emergency fuel
Fire starting assembly
Synthetic fuel production method
Process of upgrading low rank coal
Low viscosity functional fluids compositions
Tri-glycerinate vegetable oil-succinhydrazide additives for lubricants
Thiadiazolidine additives for lubricants
Perfluoropolyether compounds as magnetic media lubricants
Detergent tablet with high mechanical and dissolution characteristics
Acidic hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions which include silicone quarternary ammonium salts
Viscosity stable concentrated liquid fabric softener compositions
Neutral cleaning composition with moderate and low foaming surfactants
Detergents containing a builder and a delayed released enzyme
Cell flow apparatus and method for real-time measurements of patient cellular responses
Automated sample processing for identification of microorganisms and proteins
Streptomyces strain with potential anti-microbial activity against phytopathogenic fungi
Methods for detection and treatment of neural cancers
Methods of screening potential translational regulatory elements of messenger RNA
Promoters of the genes glutamate deshydrogenase, .beta.-N-acetylhexosaminidase and .gamma.-actin and their use in filamentous fungi expression, secretion and antisense systems
Phenotypic conversion of cells mediated by external guide sequences
High expression system of proteins
Maturation of dendritic cells with immune response modifying compounds
Permanent amniocytic cell line, its production and use for the production of gene transfer vectors
Media for culturing human cells comprising human serum and method for culturing human cells using the same
Sperm quality assay
Human lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase
Human transferase proteins
Methods and compositions for production of floral scent compounds
Soybean 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphae synthase and DNA encoding thereof
UDP-galactose: .beta.-N-acetyl-glucosamine .beta.-1,4-galactosyl-transferase, .beta.4Gal-T2
Nucleic acid that encode a cell growth regulatory protein
Human lipase proteins, nucleic acids encoding them, and uses of both of these
AmpS from Streptococus pneumoniae
Protease variants and compositions
Proteases and variants thereof
Process for the preparation of Fexofenadine
Delivering lipophilic substances into cells using nanoemulsions
Method for propagating fungi using solid state fermentation
Mutant 1,3-propanediol dehydrogenase
Electrochemical test strip cards that include an integral dessicant
Method for screening for the presence of genetic defect associated with thrombosis and/or poor anticoagulant response to activated protein C
Lubricant compositions containing ester-substituted hindered phenol antioxidants
Method for the 5'-cap-dependent amplification of cDNAs
Rolling circle replication of padlock probes
Diagnostics and therapeutics for osteoporosis
Methods and kits for indirect labeling of nucleic acids
PCR reaction mixture for fluorescence-based gene expression and gene mutation analyses
Haemobartonella PCR methods and materials
Methods and compositions for arraying nucleic acids onto a solid support
Method for identifying new anti-picornaviral compounds
Method and device for rapid color detection
Nucleic acid assays
Infrared matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometric analysis of macromolecules
Rapid single-cycle assay for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 drug resistance
Method for producing a metal melt and corresponding multifunction lance
Laser shock peening with an explosive coating
Low iron loss and low noise grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and a method for producing the same
Annealing basket for degreasing and softening aluminum parts
Waste metal removal systems and methods
In situ electroslag refining hot start
Hot dip Galvanized steel plate excellent in balance of strength and ductility and in adhesiveness between steel and plating layer
High strength screw
Cu precipitation strengthened steel
Copper alloy for use in electric and electronic parts
Cr-containing titanium nitride film
Method for manufacturing a workpiece with wear-protective coating
Physical vapor deposition methods
Vapor deposition method and vapor deposition apparatus for forming organic thin films
Method and device for coating substrates in a vacuum
Plasma processing apparatus
Reusable mass-sensor in manufacture of organic light-emitting devices
Holographic, laser-induced fabrication of indium nitride quantum wires and quantum dots
Trench fill with HDP-CVD process including coupled high power density plasma deposition
Method of manufacturing a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Process for producing semiconductor device having crystallized film formed from deposited amorphous film
Method of hot-filament chemical vapor deposition of diamond
Method of forming interlayer insulating film
Low pressure vapor phase deposition of organic thin films
Method of forming a silicon nitride layer on a substrate
Method and apparatus for processing semiconductor substrates
Doped silicon deposition process in resistively heated single wafer chamber
Deposition of amorphous silicon films by high density plasma HDP-CVD at low temperatures
Solution and method for forming a ferroelectric film
Photobiomolecular metallic particles and films
Process and composition for conversion coating with improved heat stability
Article having a protective coating and an iridium-containing oxygen barrier layer
Low thermal conductivity thermal barrier coating system and method therefor
Heat-resistant structural body, halogen-based corrosive gas-resistant material and halogen-based corrosive gas-resistant structural body
Rapid texture prototyping
Photoresist stripper/cleaner compositions containing aromatic acid inhibitors
Method of converting Hall-Heroult cells to inert anode cells for aluminum production
Anode for use in aluminum producing electrolytic cell
Barrel plating method and apparatus
Method of processing and plating planar articles
Non-aqueous electrolyte comprising an aluminum compound, cells using the electrolyte and a method for the electrodeposition of aluminum from the electrolyte
Method and apparatus for plating substrate and plating facility
Titanium nitride/titanium tungsten alloy composite barrier layer for integrated circuits
Perforated work piece, and method for producing it
Laser irradiation apparatus and laser irradiation method
Method for growing p-n heterojunction-based structures utilizing HVPE techniques
Single-crystal optical element having flat light-transmitting end surface inclined relative to cleavage
Textiles; Paper
Method for manufacturing carbon nanocoils
Process and apparatus for collecting continuous blow spun fibers
Heat shrink synthetic mesh structure
Metallized fiber structure framework having treated edge surfaces and faces for use as an electrode or recombination element in accumulators
Layer having polymer matrix and small molecules
Process and a decker for bringing together two suspension layers
Wet-crepe process utilizing narrow crepe shelf for making absorbent sheet
Web support and transferring a paper web between papermachine components
Electrophotographic transfer sheet and color image forming process
Fixed Constructions
Device for preventing the clogging of a drainage system
Thermoplastic slats for blinds and the manufacturing thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust emission purifier
Circuit configuration for generating a virtual ground
Substrate fiber of a dry friction material and manufacturing method thereof, and a dry friction material
In situ low pressure gasket molding method
Method for cooling by altering crystal field interaction
Thin and lightweight ballistic resistant pad with groups of angularly displaced woven sheets and method
Measuring BARC thickness using scatterometry
Detection systems and methods for predicting the dissolution curve of a drug from a pharmaceutical dosage form
Vapor sensing instrument for ultra trace chemical detection
Optical fiber evanescent field excited fluorosensor and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for detection of a controlled substance
Package for electrophoresis gels
Injector-concentrator electrodes for microchannel electrophoresis
Electrochemical sensor for the specific detection of peroxyacetic acid in aqueous solutions using pulse amperometric methods
Gas sensors
Regulation of apoptosis and in vitro model for studies thereof
Methodology for predicting and/or diagnosing disease
Device for determining a substance contained in a body fluid
Analytical assay device and methods using surfactant treated membranes to increase assay sensitivity
Microlens manufacturing method
Techniques for electrode poling of electro-optic polymers to eliminate poling induced optical loss and poling induced damage to electro-optic chromophores
Method for manufacturing an LCD panel
Method of preparing ultrathin light-sensitive tabular grain emulsions rich in silver bromide
Silver halide emulsion
Photographic material having improved color reproduction
Silver salt photothermographic material
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic recording materials with improved stability
Imaging materials containing novel benzothiazine dyes
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material and image-forming method
Surface treatment for enhancing hydrophobicity of photographic support and photothermographic material by use thereof
Color photographic silver halide material
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound activated by azolesulfonyl-assisted 1,2-elimination
Direct view photographic element containing a particular green record
Laser working method
Process for making a flexographic printing plate
Process for forming features on a semiconductor wafer using a phase shifting mask that can be used with two different wavelengths of light
Phase shift mask and manufacturing the same
Subresolution grating for attenuated phase shifting mask fabrication
Lift-off resist compositions
Photosensitive silver conductor tape and composition thereof
Semiconductor processing methods of forming a conductive projection and methods of increasing alignment tolerances
Method of fabricating a high aspect ratio microstructure
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Jet coating method for semiconductor processing
Apparatus and method for patterning a semiconductor wafer
Method of exposing a lattice pattern onto a photo-resist film
Exposure method, reticle, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing exposure mask, exposure apparatus and semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor wafer having resist mask with measurement marks for measuring the accuracy of overlay of a photomask
Develop processing method of a resist surface of a substrate for reduced processing time and reduced defect density
Method for patterning an organic antireflection layer
Method and apparatus for removing photoresist on semiconductor wafer
Conductive roller, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method of dip coating fuser belts using polymer binders
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic image forming method and apparatus using the photoreceptor
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus using the photoreceptor
Transfer sheet and image-forming method
Toner composition
Toner for developing electrostatic image, method for producing the same, electrostatic image developer, method for forming image and image forming apparatus
Optical medium for registration of holographic interferograms
Storing valid and invalid markup language in strict and relaxed tables respectively
Work piece wand and method for processing work pieces using a work piece handling wand
Method of frame plating and method of forming magnetic pole of thin-film magnetic head
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Textured magnetic media for use with low-flying padded heads
Magnetic recording medium with aluminum-containing intermetallic nitride seedlayer and method
Multiple-layer backcoating for magnetic tape
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing same
Optical recording medium and optical recording and reading method using the same
Method of making an emitter with variable density photoresist layer
Method for fabricating the control and floating gate electrodes without having their upper surface silicided
Multi-bit-per-cell memory system with numbers of bits per cell set by testing of memory units
Method of fabricating an electrolytic cell employing a solid polymer electrolyte
Conductive paste for the electrical industry and its use
Deformable conductive elastomer and manufacturing method thereof
Organic positive temperature coefficient thermistor and making method
Electrode for PTC thermistor and method for producing the same, and PTC thermistor
Method of controlling properties of a ferromagnetic samarium substance a ferromagnetic material and a spin resolving device
Magnetic powder and isotropic bonded magnet
Composite magnetic material
Method of making an ultracapacitor electrode
Multiple anode capacitor
Method of manufacturing a color display device and a color display device
Plasma energy control by inducing plasma instability
Plasma processing system and method
Dosing unit and a method of continuous introduction of liquid solution samples into a system
Method of producing a screen for a color display tube
Method for rinsing the backside of a semiconductor wafer
Method of and apparatus for cleaning substrate
Substrate processing method
Processing apparatus having dielectric plates linked together by electrostatic force
Dual wafer load lock
Etching system and etching chamber
Method for forming a storage electrode on a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a capacitor
Method for avoiding notching in a semiconductor interconnect during a metal etching step
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and mold die
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for fabricating capacitor electrodes
Method of producing a ferroelectric semiconductor memory
Fabrication of integrated circuits with borderless vias
Rough oxide hard mask for DT surface area enhancement for DT DRAM
Method for improving inversion layer mobility in a silicon carbide metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor
Method for crystallizing silicon film and thin film transistor and fabricating method using the same
Metamorphic long wavelength high-speed photodiode
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Fabrication of field effect transistor with dual laser thermal anneal processes
Preparation of composite high-K / standard-K dielectrics for semiconductor devices
Electroless deposition of dielectric precursor materials for use in in-laid gate MOS transistors
Method of passivating an oxide surface subjected to a conductive material anneal
Silicon implant in a salicided cobalt layer to reduce cobalt-silicon agglomeration
Method for electrical interconnection employing salicide bridge
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Method of fabricating three-dimensional components using endpoint detection
Process for polishing the top surface of a polysilicon gate
Method of removing free halogen from a halogenated polymer insulating layer of a semiconductor device
Method of forming insulating film and process for producing semiconductor device
Process for producing dielectric thin films
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device with phosphorous and boron ion implantation, and by annealing to control impurity concentration thereof
Bipolar device with silicon germanium (SiGe) base region
Method of producing a Si-Ge base heterojunction bipolar device
Method for independent control of polycrystalline silicon-germanium in an HBT
Method of using amorphous carbon as spacer material in a disposable spacer process
Electrical detection of V-groove width
Method and system for controlling the plasma treatment of a titanium nitride layer formed by a chemical vapor deposition process
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices with use of wafer carrier having conditioning units
Process for producing semiconductor device
Process for the electrochemical oxidation of a semiconductor substrate
Method of forming a recessed polysilicon filled trench
Method of separating two layers of material from one another and electronic components produced using this process
Silicon-on-silicon hybrid wafer assembly
Method for fabricating a MOS transistor of an embedded memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of patterning a multi-layer film stack and forming a lower electrode of a capacitor
SOI substrate, method of manufacture thereof, and semiconductor device using SOI substrate
Method for manufacturing crystalline semiconductor thin film and thin film transistor
Method to fabricate flat panel display
Dummy structures that protect circuit elements during polishing
Semiconductor device and process for producing the sme
Dual silicon-on-insulator device wafer die
Method of topography management in semiconductor formation
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having trench isolation structure
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having element isolation trench
Method for manufacturing an SOI wafer
Method of fabricating an isolation structure on a semiconductor substrate
SOI type integrated circuit with a decoupling capacity and process for embodiment of such a circuit
Process for high thermal stable contact formation in manufacturing sub-quarter-micron CMOS devices
Method of making a sloped sidewall via for integrated circuit structure to suppress via poisoning
All dual damascene oxide etch process steps in one confined plasma chamber
Method of forming a metal interconnect that substantially reduces the formation of intermetallic residue regions
Method for forming contacts
Processing for forming integrated circuit structure with low dielectric constant material between closely spaced apart metal lines
Method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having floating gate and deposited film
Method for forming embedded non-volatile memory
Method of fabricating a high-coupling ratio flash memory
Apparatus and methods of packaging and testing die
Method for making an encapsulated semiconductor chip module
Critically aligned optical MEMS dies for large packaged substrate arrays and method of manufacture
Semiconductor apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Plastic molded type semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
Heat-resistant adhesive sheet
Method for forming three dimensional semiconductor structure and three dimensional capacitor
Method and apparatus for forming improved metal interconnects
Process for forming fusible links
Insulator for integrated circuits and process
Method of checking pattern measurement and image recognition assisting pattern
Structure of thin-film lithium microbatteries
Chip-over-chip integrated circuit package
Light irradiating device, manufacturing method thereof, and lighting apparatus using the light irradiating device
Method for fabricating mask ROM device
Non-volatile memory cells with selectively formed floating gate
Charge coupled device and method of fabricating the same
Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming flash memory device having a tunnel dielectric comprising nitrided oxide
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Trench schottky barrier rectifier and method of making the same
Method of crystallizing amorphous silicon thin film and method of fabricating polysilicon thin film transistor using the crystallization method
Edge structure for relaxing electric field of semiconductor device having an embedded type diffusion structure
Method of fabricating a variable capacity diode having a hyperabrupt junction profile
Dual level gate process for hot carrier control in double diffused MOS transistors
Method of manufacturing low-leakage, high-performance device
Breakdown drain extended NMOS
Organic electroluminescent element
High contrast light-emitting diode devices
Metal oxide of porous structure, electrode structure, secondary battery, and methods for producing them
Secondary power source
Method for producing a pressurized package for a film packed battery
Appliance with refuelable and rechargeable metal-air fuel cell battery power supply unit integrated therein
Fuel containment and recycling system
Battery module of parallel electric cell rod bodies
Battery separator with copper-containing inorganic salt
Battery with side flanking terminals
Recharging batteries by electrolyte transfer
Metal-air fuel cell battery systems having mechanism for extending the path length of metal-fuel tape during discharging and recharging modes of operation
Electrode for use in a non-aqueous battery
Negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte rechargeable batteries
Spinel-type LiMn secondary cell
Stabilized spinel battery cathode material and methods
Mixed phase metal oxide and method of preparation
Electrodes for secondary cells, process for their production, and secondary cells having such electrodes
Fuel cell module
Zn/air cell performance in extreme humidity by controlling hydrophobic layer porosity
Fuel cell stack rejuvenation
Fuel cell system fluid recovery
High fuel utilization in a fuel cell
Integrated SOFC
Method of fabricating active elements for a laser source
Circuit forming method
Use of palladium in IC manufacturing with conductive polymer bump
Method for the fabrication of electrical contacts
Circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
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