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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Horizontally aligned jack mounts with vertically staggered jack bores
Human Necessities
Pole-positioning device and methods
Methods for producing dried pesticide compositions
Induction of and maintenance of nucleic acid damage in pathogens using riboflavin and light
Fermented tea obtained by tea-rolling processing of tea material leaves and loquat leaves, and composition having extract contained in fermented tea as active component
Process for producing tea extract containing nonpolymeric catechin
Disposable toothbrush apparatus
Device and method for the heating of food
Adapter unit for connecting cleaning fluid supply device to endoscopes
Ultrasound energy driven intraventricular catheter to treat ischemia
Interchangeable surgical instrument
Tension-free elastic tape
Apparatus and method for performing a bypass procedure in a digestive system
Telemetrically controlled band for regulating functioning of a body organ or duct, and methods of making, implantation and use
Bone harvesting device and method
Surgical locking screw and driver arrangement
Expandable catheter having two sets of electrodes
Internally located return electrode electrosurgical apparatus, system and method
Skin analysis apparatus including an ultrasound probe
Method and apparatus for optimizing the continuous positive airway pressure for treating obstructive sleep apnea
Consolidated body fluid testing device and method
Aldehyde-fixed platelets with internalized paramagnetic or magnetic nanoparticles
Rotatable file dental treating device
Vascular sheath with bioabsorbable puncture site closure apparatus and methods of use
Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof
Bifurcated endoluminal prosthesis
Method for lateral implantation of spinous process spacer
Intramedullar devices and methods to reduce and/or fix damaged bone
Polymeric splint and rapid-setting polyurethane
Posture correcting back brace
Mesh-type feeder
Active fraction having anti-cancer and anti-metastasis isolated from leaves and stems of ginseng
Process for the extraction, purification and enzymatic modification of soy 7S globulin .alpha.' subunit for use as hypocholesterolemizing agent
Rage fusion proteins
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Nanoparticles for protein/peptide delivery and delivery means thereof
Method for operating microchip reservoir device
Suspension for reducing odors
Tanning device using semiconductor light-emitting diodes
Exercise apparatus with adjustable resistance assembly
Golf club head with improved mass distribution
Golf tee
Flexible display assembly for fitness trainers
Electronic marker stakes for sports fields
Multifunctional protection system for a sports ground
Table game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sprayer for at least one fluid
Extruded porous substrate having inorganic bonds
Regeneration of an aqueous solution from an acid gas absorption process by matrix stripping
Method and system for treating an aqueous stream in the production of hydrocarbon
Method, apparatus, and processes for producing potable water utilizing reverse osmosis at ocean depth in combination with shipboard moisture dehumidification
Brackish and sea water desalination using a hybrid ion exchange-nanofiltration process
Reaction apparatus
Spherical carbon nanostructure and method for producing spherical carbon nanostructures
Oxidizing reactor for molybdenum sulphide and its associated process
Pentasil-structuer zeolithic material the production and use thereof
Treatment of air to a catalyst regenerator to maintain catalyst activity
Optimized counter-current flow baffle
Flow channel device and sensor unit for assay in utilizing attenuated total reflection
Method of multiple reaction in microreactor, and microreactor
Methods and apparatus for centrifuging dry solids
Reinforced porous coating
Method for forming metal oxide fine particle layer on conductive substrate
Production process of light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment device and photographing apparatus
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Method of manufacturing nozzle plate
Operating-phase-dependent control of a heat-recovery device in dishwashers
Media path universal cleaning fluid composition
Reconfigurable workpiece support
Method for grinding journal section of workpiece
Sanding apparatus
Polishing composition and polishing method
Press-molding machine and press-molding method
Drive for a machine for synthetic material plasticization and injection
Method for predicting and optimizing system parameters for electrospinning system
Fabric seams
Transparent conductive multi-layer structure, process for its manufacture and device making use of transparent conductive multi-layer structure
Resonating conductive traces and methods of using same for bonding components
Method for producing an optical sheet
Polymer interlayers comprising blends of plasticized poly(vinyl butyral) and poly(cyclohexanedimethylene terephthalate-co-ethylene terephthalate) copolyester
Pultruded component
Bright white protective laminates
Porous infusible polymer parts
Method of making diapers with substantially reduced production of discarded waste material
Flat structure that is at least partially provided with a self-adhesive substance
Multilayer anisotropic conductive adhesive and connection structure using the same
C/C composite material
Low-adhesion material, resin molding die, and soil resistant material
Low .kappa. dielectric inorganic/organic hybrid films and method of making
Optical waveguide, optical transmitter and receiver module, and laminated structure
Platen roller and recording device and sticking label printer provided with platen roller
Porous inkjet printing substrate containing polymer-grafted mineral oxides
Portable drawing system
Cargo anchoring system
Gum slab package with flap retention
Underwater oil storage method and system
Sheet supply/convey supporting device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis of hydrogen-carbon clathrate material and hydrogen evolution therefrom at moderate temperatures and pressures
Method and device for cleaning circulation water
Compositions and methods for WT1 specific immunotherapy
Organometallic compound, catalyst for polymerization of polar group-containing norbornene and process for producing norbornene polymer
Resin composition for sealing light-emitting device and lamp
Water-soluble naphthalocyanine coloring matter and water-based ink containing the same
Ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink jet recording apparatus, and image forming method
Trisazo compound, ink composition, printing method and colored product
3,4-dicarboxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-6-t-butyl-1-naphthalene-succinic dianhydride and liquid crystal aligning agent comprising polyimide resin prepared from the dianhydride
Bifunctional polymerizable compound, liquid crystal composition, optical anisotropic material and optical element
Polyacene derivatives and production thereof
Alternative organic fuel formulations including vegetable oil
Pre-burning, dry process methodology and systems for enhancing solid fuel properties
Increased bacterial CoA and acetyl-CoA pools
Nucleic acid compositions conferring disease resistance
Nutrient medium used for ex vitro sowing, germination, growth and conversion of plant somatic embryos or germinants
Chimaeric phages
Proteases and variants thereof
Method for producing hydrogen from organic wastes
Method and intermediates for preparing 2-alkoxy and 2-aryloxy estrogen compounds
Biocatalytic manufacturing of (meth) acrylic esters
Cancer markers
Methods for assaying inhibition of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein-mediated membrane fusion
Method of building a direct smelting plant
Aluminum alloy with increased resistance and low quench sensitivity
Reducing introduction of foreign material to wafers
Process for producing magnetic recording medium
Gas evolving electrolysis system
Electrolysis cell with enlarged active membrane surface
Textiles; Paper
Coated papers for newsprint inks and processes for preparing them
Fixed Constructions
Vibratory plate compactor with aggregate feed system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid pump having multiple outlets for exhausting fluids having different fluid flow characteristics
Turbine blade with triple spiral serpentine flow cooling circuits
Wind-turbine blade and method for reducing noise in wind turbine
Turbine blade with dual aft flowing triple pass serpentines
Near wall cooling for a highly tapered turbine blade
Holding device for holding object
Bearing assembly, and bearing apparatus and motor assembly using same
Fluid bearing device
Control device of vehicle-use drive device
Transmission system for pump drive
Tensioner for a timing chain
Decorative unit with illuminable decorative elements
Combustion chamber
Methods and system for calibrating and correcting a detection system
Method and apparatus for calibrating a thermistor
Droplet-based particle sorting
Image and part recognition technology
Integrated 2D gel electrophoresis method and system
System for performing diabetes self-care
Method for measuring recovery of catalytic elements from fuel cells
Asbestos exposure, pleural mesothelioma, and osteopontin levels
Methods and compositions for determining the purity of chemically synthesized nucleic acids
Adjusting optical properties of optical thin films
Light guide member, planar light source device using the light guide member, and display apparatus
Splice protector installation tool and method of use
Substrate processing method, program, computer-readable recording medium, and substrate processing system
Process for smoothing surface of glass substrate
Use of soft adhesive to attach pellicle to reticle
Photomask and method of fabricating the same
Pattern forming method
Photosensitive resin composition for laser engravable printing substrate
Photoresist topcoat for a photolithographic process
Composition containing a photoacid generator monomer, substrate coated with the composition, method for synthesizing a compound on a substrate using the composition, and microarray produced according to the method
Wafer edge exposure unit
Electrophotographic image forming method
Compositions and methods for storing holographic data
Metal compositions, thermal imaging donors and patterned multilayer compositions derived therefrom
Solid electrolyte and method of producing the same
Material for light-emitting element and light emitting element
Process for producing double helical glass tube, light-emitting tube for fluorescent lamp, and fluorescent lamp
Method for manufacturing package on package with cavity
Liquid crystal display and back light having a light emitting diode
Thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing thereof
Camera module and method of manufacturing the same
Methods for fabricating a stressed MOS device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing SOI substrate and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Thin buffer layers for SiGe growth on mismatched substrates
System and process for processing a plurality of semiconductor thin films which are crystallized using sequential lateral solidification techniques
Process for fabricating a structure for epitaxy without an exclusion zone
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including recessed-channel-array MOSFET having a higher operational speed
Packaging substrate having pattern-matched metal layers
Solid state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
High speed lateral heterojunction MISFETs realized by 2-dimensional bandgap engineering and methods thereof
CMOS devices with a single work function gate electrode and method of fabrication
Inducing strain in the channels of metal gate transistors
MugFET with stub source and drain regions
Data protection by detection of intrusion into electronic assemblies
Method of fabricating thin-film transistor
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Aluminum oxyhydroxide based separator/electrolyte and battery system, and a method making the same
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Rechargeable battery and method for fabricating the same
System for flexible in situ control of water in fuel cells
Fuel cartridge for fuel cells, fuel cell, fuel cell power system and method of mounting a fuel cell cartridge on a fuel cell
Enhanced catalyst interface for membrane electrode assembly
Connector having a plurality of contacts formed by blanking and bending an elastic metal plate
Module socket
Connecting structure for accessory device and cable, waterproofing structure for accessory device, and mounting structure for accessory device
Fully insulated fuse test and ground device
Apparatus and method for electrical connector with flat cable adapter
Angle connector featuring a variable direction of extension
Connector of a simple structure having a locking mechanism
Tool and method for attaching and detaching modular plugs
Dual level modular network cable hub
Shorting terminal, a connector and an assembling method therefor
Lamp holding unit
Terminal fitting
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Continuous dosing of very fast initiators during polymerization reactions
Synthetic resin film for agricultural use excellent in antifog and antimist properties
Inbred corn line ZS02338
Vertebrate embryonic pattern-inducing proteins
Snail bait
Aqueous suspension concentrate
Peracid forming system, peracid forming composition, and methods for making and using
Fungicidal compositions comprising a 2-imidazolin-5-one
Herbicidal fatty acid and maleic hydrazide salt compositions
Sulphonyltriazol derivatives and their use for combating micro-organisms
Substituted 2-(benzoaryl)pyridines
Thienysulfonylamino (thio) carbonyl compounds
Cyclohexenone oxime ether/(glyphosates/gluphosinates) suspension concentrates
Trypsin inhibitors with insecticidal properties obtained from Pentaclethra macroloba
Materials and methods for the treatment or prevention of obesity
Method for curing polymeric materials, such as those used in dentistry, and for tailoring the post-cure properties of polymeric materials through the use of light source power modulation
Duct tape bandages
Protective bandages including force-transmission-impeding members therein
Water dispersible pantiliner
Disposable article having a responsive system including an electrical actuator
Highly purified EPA for treatment of schizophrenia and related disorders
Systemic use of 5-HT3 receptor antagonists against rheumatic inflammatory processes
Ethene containing solutions and use thereof in methods of therapy or prophylaxis
Histochrome and its therapeutic use in ophthalmology
Prodrugs of NAALAdase inhibitors
Method of treating elevated cholesterol levels by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Material separated from Ecklonia cava, method for extracting and purifying the same, and use thereof as antioxidants
QT dispersion and heart rate variability improvement with CRF antagonists to prevent sudden death
Use of 40-O-(2-hydroxy)ethylrapamycin for treatment of restenosis and other disorders
Use of macrolide compounds for treating glaucoma
Utilization of derivatives of tetrahydropyridines (or 4-hydroxypiperidines)-butylazols in the preparation of a medicament for the treatment of pain
Heterocyclic thioesters or ketones for vision and memory disorders
Compositions for treating allergic and other disorders using norastemizole in combination with other active ingredients
Crystalline form of omeprazole
Method of treating cancer of the prostate
Methods of alleviating pain sensations of the denuded eye with opioid analgesics
Method of treating or inhibiting colonic polyps
Bicyclic amino derivatives and PGD2, antagonist containing them
Treatment of diseases of the eye characterized by the formation of metalloproteinase
Compositions comprising 2-hydroxycarboxylic acids and related compounds, and methods for alleviating signs of dermatological aging
Stable amorphous amifostine compositions and dosage form
Heparin compositions of very low molecular weight
Comprehensive pharmacologic therapy for treatment of obesity
Animal appeasing pheromones
Inhibition or erythrocyte sickling by N-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
Methods for treating sex hormone-dependent conditions with Lhrh antagonists
Selective lysis of malaria infected erythrocytes
Agents for the regulation of oestrogen synthesis
Stabilized aqueous peptide solutions
Use of isolated domains of type IV collagen to modify cell and tissue interactions
Cancer treatment
Methods and compositions using cetirizine in combination with leukotriene inhibitors or decongestants
Anticoccidial compounds
Method of treating migraines and pharmaceutical compositions
Viral treatment
Methods for inhibiting the production of HIV-1 retrovirus using monoclonal antibodies and Fv specific for CD2 antigen
Process for fractionating polyethylene glycol (PEG) --protein adducts and an adduct of PEG and granulocyt-macrophage colony stimulating factor
Cell-specific active compounds regulated by the cell cycle
Dental restorative composite
Abrasion resistant dental composition product and process
Retinyl carbonate derivatives, preparation process and uses
Cell growth activating composition containing compound having labdane structure
Biphenyl compounds substituted by camphor or hydantoin derivatives as sunscreen compositions
Silicone gel containing salicylic acid
Composition comprising a volatile fluoro compound and a process for removing make-up from the skin or cleansing the skin
Method for preparing ultraviolet radiation-absorbing compositions
Preparation of active ingredient dispersions and apparatus therefor
Rapid immediate release oral dosage form
Pharmaceutical composition
Process for the preparation of mineralized collagen fibrils and their uses as bone substitute material
Process for the preparation of mineralized collagen fibrils and their use as bone substitute material
Poly(Propylene Fumarate) cross linked with Poly(Ethylene Glycol)
Method and apparatus for destroying needles
Personal washing bar having adjacent emollient rich and emollient poor phases
Method for decomposition of chemical compounds
Golf ball incorporating grafted metallocene catalyzed polymer blends
Air sensitive user input devices
Aqueous liquid for forming soap bubbles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Endotoxin binding and neutralizing protein and uses thereof
Polymer make-down unit with flushing feature
Emulsion with coke additive in hydrocarbon phase and process for preparing same
Solvent for biopolymer synthesis, solvent microdroplets and methods of use
Adsorbent for the removal of trace quantities from a hydrocarbon stream and process for its use
Spherical catalyst, process for preparing a spherical polyethylene of ultra-high molecular weight
Procedure to obtain a catalyst for the hydrodenitrogenation and hydrodesulfurization of middle and heavy oil fraction and the resulting product
Preparation of a catalyst support in activated carbon fibres
Promoted multi-metal oxide catalyst
Catalysts for producing acetic acid from ethane oxidation, processes of making the same and methods of using same
Complex oxide catalysts and process for producing (meth) acrolein and (meth) acrylic acid
Photocatalytic titanium dioxide powder, process for producing same, and applications thereof
Hydrorefining catalyst and method for manufacturing hydrorefining catalyst
Method of producing acrylic acid using a catalyst for acrolein oxidation
Multimetal oxide material for gas-phase catalytic oxidation of organic compounds
Catalyst and process for preparing and using same
Metal hexacyanocobaltate nitroferricyanide complexes
Process for the preparation of 4'-isobutylacetophenone
Oligomerization catalyst system and method of making and method of using such catalyst system in the oligomerization of olefins
Propylene impact copolymers
Process for the preparation of free-flowing strongly acidic cation exchangers
Process for producing hydroxyalkyl (METH) acrylates
Single reactor process for preparing acrylic acid from propylene having improved capacity
Gas phase polymerization process
Inspection system
Error free trays for bin sorting
Process for electric discharge machining and apparatus therefor
Method of aligning electrode in multiple-axis EDM drilling
Repair and fabrication of combustion turbine components by spark plasma sintering
Molded resin product having varied wall thickness and resin composition forming the same
Graft polymerization, separators, and batteries including the separators
Product made of compliant crosslinked polyolefin foam
Color developer composition, aqueous dispersion, recording sheet and color developing ink
Porous polyester film and thermal transfer image-receiving sheet
Anionic polymerization initiators for preparing macro-branched diene rubbers
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks
Switch apparatus for actuating a plurality of electrical circuits
Micro-electromechanical system device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Anti-shrinkage agent for hydraulic material
Polymers containing carboxyl groups and polyalkylene ether side- chains as additives in mineral building materials
Method of producing N-alkyl-N'-nitroguanidine
Sulfonation, sulfation and sulfamation
Geranic acid derivatives
Method for preparing aminonitrile and diamine
Transition metal-catalyzed process for addition of amines to carbon-carbon double bonds
Purification of alkenyl compounds
3-bicycloaryl-2-aminomethyl bicycloalkanes as serotonine reuptake inhibitors
Process for the preparation of polyalkylphenoxyaminoalkanes
Method of synthesis of betaine esters
Anthranilic acid derivatives as inhibitors of the cGMP-phosphodiesterase
Macrocyclic polyamine lactones and derivatives thereof and their use as arthropod repellents
Compound having effect of promoting neuron differentiation
Boron-mediated amidation of carboxylic acids
Synthesis of a tetraamido macrocycle ligand from a novel diamidodiol
N-(aroyl)glycine hydroxamic acid derivatives and related compounds
Amide derivative
Process for making 3-hydroxyalkanelnitriles and conversion of the 3-hydroxyalkanelnitrile to an hydroxyaminoalkane
Photoactive materials applicable to imaging systems
Fluorine-containing diols and use thereof
Benzocycloheptene derivatives
N-arylsulfonamide- and pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid intermediates, and their use for the preparation of herbicidal 1,3-dioxo-1h-pyrrolo[1,2-c]imidazole derivatives
Bis-sulfonamide hydroxyethylamino retroviral protease inhibitors
Sulfonated perfluorovinyl functional monomers
Method for orthometalation of a carbocyclic aromatic derivative bearing at least an electron donor group
Para-aryl or heterocyclic substituted phenyl glucokinase activators
Sulfur transfer reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis
Method for the production of bis(4-hydroxyaryl)alkanes
Method for preparing vitamin A
Peroxides, their preparation process and use
Process for production of 1,4-bis(difluoroalkyl)benzene derivative
Process for purifying 1,1,1,5,5,5-hexafluoroacetylacetone
Process for effecting allylic oxidation using dicarboxylic acid imides and chromium reagents
Process for the preparation of lactic acid by evaporative crystallisation
Treatment of formaldehyde-containing mixtures
Composite materials
Purified salt of .beta.-hydroxyethoxy acetic acid, purified 2-p-dioxanone, and manufacturing method therefor
Methods for producing .alpha.-acyloxy carbonyl compounds from enol ester epoxides
Process for the production of diaryl carbonates
Esters with musky odor and their use in perfumery
Position-4 substituted 2-pyrrolidinone derivatives to reduce the level of extracellular glutamate
Preparation of substituted indoles
Racemisation process for use in the manufacture of levobupivacaine and related piperidinecarboxanilide anaesthetic agents
N-acylpiperidinylcarbonylaminocarboxylic acids and their use as glycoprotein IIb/IIIa antagonists and fibrinogen-blood platelets binding inhibitors
Process for preparing 1,5-diaryl-3-substituted pyrazoles
Imidazole containing compounds having relatively low hydrogen content and relatively high nitrogen content and polymers and copolymers formed therefrom
Methods of synthesizing heteroatom-bearing ligands and intermediate used thereof
Hydantoin compounds and methods related thereto
Substituted quinazoline derivatives
Condensed 4-thioxopyrimidine derivatives as microbicides
1H-pyrrolo-[1,2-b][1,2,4,]triazole compound and its synthetic intermediate, and method of preparing a 1H-1,2,4-triazole-5-yl-acetic acid ester compound
Water soluble azoles as broad-spectrum antifungals
Benzocycle-substituted triazine and pyrimidine ultraviolet light absorbers
Heterocycles useful in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Method of producing 2,4-oxazolidinediones and metal salts thereof
Thiazole derivatives, method for their production and use
Cyclobutene derivatives useful as antagonists of the motilin receptor
Taxoids, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Meadowfoam based sorbitan esters
Compounds and methods for stabilization of furfural compositions
Process for the preparation of simvastatin and analogs thereof
Process for the preparation of maltol from plants belonging to the genus Abies
Intermediates in the preparation of substituted chroman derivatives
Process for preparing cis- aminochromanols
Method for preparing DL-.alpha.-tocopherol with high yield
Process for the purification of alkylene carbonate
Method for producing monohalogenated 2-oxo-1,3-dioxolanes
Method of producing sesamol formic acid ester and sesamol
Method for producing natural diol-1,3 derivatives and corresponding natural 1,3-dioxane derivatives
Pyrylium compound, process for making the same, nucleic acid stain, and labeled nucleic acid
Inhibitors of IL-12 production
Certain 1-(2-naphthyl) and 1-(2-azanaphthyl)-4-(1-phenylmethyl) piperazines; dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
2,4,6-trisubstituted pyridines with estrogenic activity and methods for the solid phase synthesis
2,4,6-trisubstituted pryridines with estrogenic activity and methods for the solid phase synthesis thereof
2,4,6-trisbstituted pyridines with estrogenic activity and methods for the solid phase synthesis thereof
Optically active pyridyl-4h-1,2,4-oxdadiazine derivative and its use in the treatment of vascular diseases
Indole derivatives useful as endothelin receptor antagonists
N-benzenesulfonyl-L-proline compounds, preparation method and method for using the compounds in therapy
Process for the preparation of 2-phenyl-imidazo [1, 2-a] pyridine-3-acetamides
Phthalocyanine analogs
Bicyclic sPLA2 inhibitors
Polymorphs of N-methyl-N-(3-{3-[2-thienylcarbonyl]-pyrazol-[1,5-.alpha.]-pyrimidin-7-yl} phenyl)acetamide and compositions and methods related thereto
Method for synthesis of halopyridyl-azacyclopentane derivative and intermediate thereof
3,5-dioxa-12-azawurtzitane compound and process of preparing same
Preparation of new intermediates and their use in manufacturing of cephalosporin compounds
Process for producing cephalosporin derivatives
Process for preparing cephalosporin antibiotics using new thiazole compound
Process for preparing a pure, pharmacopoeial grade amorphous form of cefuroxime axetil
Tricyclic amine derivatives
Spiro compounds or salts thereof and preventives/remedies for autoimmune diseases and AP-1 inhibitors containing the same
Tricyclic and tetracyclic pyrones
Transition metal complexes containing neutral, multidentate azacyclic ligands
Method for preparing alkyl hydrogeno halosilanes (ahhs) by catalytic hydrogenation
Process for the preparation of sulfur-containing organosilicon compounds
Method for making organylorganooxysilanes
Quaternary ammonium salt-containing polysiloxane, making method, and fiber or fabric treating agent composition
Process for the preparation of sulfur-containing organosilicon compounds
Molecular probes and modulators for PI-PLC and PI 3-kinase
Phosphoramidates, phosphinic amides and related compounds and the use thereof to modulate the activity of endothelin
Synthetic method for the preparation of the antineoplastic agent etoposide
Gemcitabine derivatives
Carbopeptoids and carbo-nucleotoids
Process for the preparation of (E,Z) 3-(2-aminoethoxyimino)-androstane-6, 17-dione and its analogues
Bile salt conjugates
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences of the four variable domains of the major outer membrane proteins of Chlamydia trachomatis
Polynucleotide tuberculosis vaccine
Invertase inhibitor
Reagents and methods for the screening of compounds useful in the treatment of neurological diseases
Lipopolysaccharide-binding and neutralizing peptides
Sequence directed DNA binding molecules compositions and methods
Expression and purification of human interleukin-3 and muteins thereof
Family of immunoregulators designated leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptors (LIR)
Metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 nucleic acid
Receptors for fibroblast growth factors
Transgenic mice depleted in a mature lymphocytic cell-type
Method for preparing aspartylcyclohexyla laninamide
Compositions for stimulating TGF-.beta. activity
Isolated decapeptides which bind to HLA molecules
Purified form of streptogramines, preparation of same and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Cyclic peptide antifungal agents and process for preparation thereof
Antiproliferative activity of microsclerodermins
Cyclic dodecapeptide and process for the preparation thereof
Laundry detergent compositions with cellulosic based polymers to provide appearance and integrity benefits to fabrics laundered therewith
Process for the preparation of a branched diene elastomer via an anionic route
Process optimization of peroxide injection during polyethylene production
Production of polyethylene with a titanium amide catalyst
Polyolefin catalyst for polymerization of propylene and a method of making and using thereof
Method of detecting and correcting local defluidization and channeling in fluidized-bed reactors for polymerization
Catalyst composition
Method and catalyst system for producing polyolefins with broadened molecular weight distributions
Preparation of halogen-free, reactive polyisobutene
Water-borne polyurethane coatings by miniemulsion polymerization
Organoborane amine complex initiator systems and polymerizable compositions made therewith
Polymerization catalysts, their production and use
Process for production of olefin polymer with long chain branching
Colorless polymaleates and uses thereof
Surface active agent containing fluorine and coating compositions using the same
Environmentally friendly aqueous architectural coating compositions
Poly(vinyl chloride)-g-poly(.alpha.-methylstyrene) having a single glass transition temperature
Non-film-forming electrophoretic latexes in fluorocarbon solvents
Graft, graft-block, block-graft, and star-shaped copolymers and methods of making them
Powder compositions with semi-crystalline polyester and acrylic copolymer base containing ethylenically unsaturated groups
Catalyst with a base consisting of compounds of the rare earth metals for polymerizing unsaturated organic compounds
Semi-batch emulsion process for making diene rubber latex, rubber latex made thereby, and graft copolymer made therefrom
Polymer oxidates and their use
Process for production of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin
Crosslinked elastomers processes for their manufacture and articles made from these elastomers
Styrene polymer, chemically amplified positive resist composition and patterning process
Amine catalyst for producing rigid polyurethane foam
Process for producing polyurethane and polyisocyanurate
Polyisocyanate mixtures containing acylurea groups
Rigid polyurethane foam and process for producing the same
Waterborne basecoat compositions for use in basecoat/clearcoat applications
Coating composition and coated silicone rubber member
Liquid, hydrophobic, non-migrating, non-functional polyurethane plasticizers
Dicyclopentadiene-modified unsaturated polyester and process for producing the same as well as resin composition and molding material each containing unsaturated polyester
Method for making polyesters employing acidic phosphorus-containing compounds
Process for the preparation of polycarbonate diols with a high molecular weight
Process for purifying polycarbonate resin solution
Composition and process for the manufacture of functionalized polyphenylene ether resins
Method of production polyamide resin wherein carboxylic acid-activator and/or inorganic salt is present in reaction system therefor
Fluorine-containing polybenzoxazole
Silicone functionalized triclosan
Hyperbranched polycarbosilanes, polycarbosiloxanes, polycarbosilazenes and copolymers thereof
Method for producing expandable styrene polymers containing exfoliated graphite particles
Closed cell polymer foam
Thermoplastic resin composition, molding material, and molded article thereof
Polymeter/clay nanocomposite comprising a functionalized polymer or oligomer and a process for preparing same
Binder formulation and use thereof in process for forming mineral pellets having both low and high temperature strength
Plasticized polymer compositions
Preparation of reinforced rubber and use in tires
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and its moldings
Method for decreasing the formaldehyde content in acidic solutions of melamine formaldehyde resins
Chemically modified silica fillers, process for producing, and silicone compositions containing same
Method of melt processing crosslinked thermoplastic material
Rubber composition
Nylon compositions for golf ball constructions and method of making same
Thermoplastic elastomer film composition
Method for manufacture of elastomeric alloys using recycled rubbers
Oil-extended copolymers for sponge
Thermoplastic resin composition and injection molded article thereof
ABS-moulding compounds with an improved combination of properties
Polyacetal resin composition
Binder composition and process
Poly(alkenyl-co-maleimide) and maleated polyalkylene grafted with grafting agent, and epoxy polymer
Golf ball cover stocks and golf balls
Emulsified bituminous binder
Waterfast ink jet inks containing an emulsifiable polymer resin
Superior stain resistant decorative floor covering and its method of manufacture
Coating compositions comprising volatile linear siloxane fluids
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition
Hydroxyl-containing ethylene copolymers and fuel oils having an improved lubricating action
Non-aqueous liquid detergent compositions containing ethoxylated quaternized amine clay compounds
Use of alkoxylated carboxylic acid esters for reducing viscosity of aqueous surfactant systems
All purpose cleaner with low organic solvent content
Antimicrobial cleaning composition containing a cationic surfactant
Predominantly synthetic bar comprising hydroxy acid salt and specific types and amounts of filler
Garment conditioning composition
Dilute cleaning composition
Floor cleaning wipe comprising preservative
Composition and method for purging polymer processing equipment
Method and composition for enhancing the activity of an enzyme
Plant retinoblastoma-associated gene
Soybean agrobacterium transformation method
Regulatory sequences for transgenic plants
Conditional sterility in wheat
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Solar compound concentrator of electric power generation system for residential homes
Solar cell system and method of establishing the system
Inventory control apparatus
Packing error detecting system
Method and apparatus for sensing key movement in a musical keyboard
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Holding structure for a snare drum
Guitar having tremolo device on each string thereof
Wind instrument
Holder for wind instrument
Woodwind case
Automatic musical composition apparatus and method
Cable shield closure
Insulating resin of epoxy resin, epoxy diluent, phenolic accelerator and organotin catalyst
Electrolyte composition, photosensitized solar cell using said electrolyte composition, and method of manufacturing photosensitized solar cell
Direct current switch capable of turning on slowly and off quickly
Multiple switch
Parallel guide mechanism for a switch
Switch with cantilevered detent mechanism
Switch with snap-action closure
Glass-ceramic wiring board
Solar cell module and method of producing the same
Solar cell module
Solar cell and process of manufacturing the same
Solar battery module
Photovoltaic device
Non-single-crystal solar cell
Thermoelectric coolers with enhanced structured interfaces
Meter test switch
High-frequency-shielded switchgear cabinet
Insulating housing for equipment to be attached to the base section of trunking by means of a support
Cover for electrical switch
IC pickup, IC carrier and IC testing apparatus using the same
Three dimensional circuit body and method of manufacturing the same
Hermetic enclosure having air pressure adjustable function
Trace layout of a printed circuit board with AGP and PCI slots
Electromagnetic shielding screen and circuit supporting substrate fitted out with such a screen
Ventilation port and EMI wave-guide for electronic equipment
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