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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system
Human Necessities
Haymaking device
Method for training grapevine plants
Lettuce variety 41-106 RZ
Manual brushing device for animals, horses in particular
Warm cap with security features
Electrified bird deterrent device with treads
Lanyard game strap
Garment for supporting a wearer's breasts
Waistband system, method and apparatus
Belt with interchangeable accessories
Footwear system
Boot fastening device
User configurable wearable device
Handheld carrier for cellphone and accesories
Portable desk
Applicator for applying a composition to the eyelashes
Tree stand table device
Piece of furniture with actuating arm arrangement
Infant restraint system for juvenile seat
Zip-away cover
Slouch correction device and method
Carrying device for receiving a baby or an infant
Chair-back mountable garment hanger
Potato chip lifter
Handheld tool for removing matter from crevices
Access assembly including inflatable seal member
Knotless suture system
Method and apparatus for transapical access and closure
Gastrointestinal implant and methods for use
System and method for correlation of patient health information and implant device data
Computatonal tool for pre-surgical evaluation of patients with medically refractory epilepsy
Methods and apparatuses for navigating the subarachnoid space
Automated in vivo plaque composition evaluation
Method for monitoring early treatment response
Apparatus and method for estimating stroke volume of the heart using bio-impedance techniques
Sensor for contactless electrocardiographic measurement
Estimating apparatus and estimating method
Mouthpiece for cleaning teeth comprised of alternating layers of base and bristle components
Capsular membrane treatments to increase accommodative amplitude
Spine implants
Handheld contact applicator systems
Cellulite appearance reduction apparatus and method
Apparatus and system with pre-loaded cassette for dispensing multiple medications and methods therefore
Compositions and methods for inhibiting gastric acid secretion
Side-chain variants of redox-active therapeutics for treatment of mitochondrial diseases and other conditions and modulation of energy biomarkers
Combination therapy and uses thereof for treatment and prevention of parasitic infection and disease
Fatty acid niacin conjugates and their uses
Method of treating HCV infection with a small molecule CHK2 inhibitor
Prophylaxis and/or treatment of portal hypertension
Methods of treating retroviral infections and related dosage regimes
Compositions and methods for treatment of pain
Methods of use for an antimicrobial peptide
Imaging agents, process for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Composition containing a polar modified polymer
Encapsulation of plasmid DNA (lipogenes.TM.) and therapeutic agents with nuclear localization signal/fusogenic peptide conjugates into targeted liposome complexes
Chronotherapeutic dosage forms
Particle composition and pharmaceutical composition using particle composition
Bioresorbable wound dressing
Post electron beam stabilization of polymeric medical devices
Pesticide-free agricultural air sterilization and farming equipment
Biliary access catheter system and methods for accessing the biliary tree
Balloon assisted occlusion of aneurysms
Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve
Device and method for treating diverticular disease
Method and apparatus for anti-tachycardia pacing and defibrillation
Electrotherapeutic device having an electrode array
Trans-retinal flexible circuit electrode array
Inductive repeater coil for an implantable device
Electrical skin rejuvenation
Dosimetry system and method for radiation therapy
Mobile fire station
Weighted exercise vest
Trampoline with elongate spring mount and bed with integral spring cover
System for sensing human movement and methods of using the same
Golf training apparatus and method
Alligator game call device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Energy recycling type dust removing processing system for removing contaiminated material in high temperature contaminated gas and inertial impact type energy recovering and dust removing apparatus
Graphene nanotube array for gas filtration
Method of reducing nitrogen oxides from coke-oven flue gas
Method and devices for producing micro-fluids
Chip and cartridge design configuration for performing micro-fluidic assays
Insulator unit
Rubber foam oil-absorbing material and preparation method thereof
Hydrodeoxygenation catalyst
Microfluidic chip comprising several cylinder-piston arrangements
Hole reducing tool
Nanowire preparation methods, compositions, and articles
Tandem buried arc welding
Controllers and methods of automated loading of work pieces into adverse environments associated with milling machines
Automated loading of work pieces into adverse environments associated with milling machines
Material feeding apparatus
Bushing removal device
Handheld work machine
Method for producing monolithic tablets
Method to prevent stent damage caused by laser cutting
Decorative coverings
Composite ornamental object and method of fabrication
Sonotrode and anvil energy director grids for narrow/complex ultrasonic welds of improved durability
Hot melt apparatus
Printer for forming an inkjet image
Optical scanning apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
Control system and method for use in digital printing
Recording head
Method and apparatus for forming image
Optical writing head and image forming apparatus
System and process for automatic print head registration of a digital printing machine
Adhesive-type wheel balance weight for vehicle and manufacturing method thereof
Automobile salt dispenser
Tire tread attachment for use on a toy vehicle
Tire pressure adjustment system and method
Flexible reinforced tire valve
Lateral support elements, gas spring assemblies and methods
Active road noise control system
Vehicle mounting assembly for a fuel supply
Power generation and charging device for continuous running of electric automobile
Method of managing the energy consumed by a mobile system, in particular a motor vehicle, on-board device implementing such a method
Vehicle seat
Mobile scuba diving centre
Vehicle airbag assembly
Brake/clutch locking device having anti-lock mechanism
Step pad cargo system
Portable vehicle safe
Reformable closure device strap
Parking brake device
System and method for improving vehicle performance on grade
Brake system having an electromagnetic track brake device
Apparatus having a hand truck configuration and a tripod configuration
Rider controllable skimboard
Anti-theft device for tailgates
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
Active resetting function for a steering wheel
Electric propulsion control system
Symmetric steer linkage
System for holding in-line two wheeled vehicles
Quick-assembly front wheel device of bicycle
Recumbent vehicle
Rebreather mouthpiece
Movement system for submarine-atmospheric interface devices
Inflatable article repair and inflation kit with a pressure reducing device
Tray handling system and process
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon-based durable goods and renewable fuel from biomass waste dissociation for transportation and storage
Generation of plants with altered protein, fiber, or oil content
Peptide linkers for effective multivalent peptide binding
Method for refining coal ash by separating carbonous product and regenerating siliceous ash products and use of a carbonous product produced by the method
Nucleic acid amplification device
HMGB1 binding nucleic acid molecule and applications thereof
Fixed Constructions
Toilet-raising platform
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel injection control apparatus and fuel injection control method for internal combustion engine
Method for controlling an automated friction clutch
Transmission upshift run-through detection and control
Universally-sized grommet device and method thereof
Optical fiber probe
Route information display device and route information display method
Method and apparatuses for controlling high wing loaded parafoils
System and method for determining characteristic parameters in an aircraft
Method for preprocessing vibro-sensor signals for engine diagnostics and device for carrying out thereof
Yarn entanglement strength tester
X-ray diffraction apparatus and technique for measuring grain orientation using x-ray focusing optic
Database supported nanocrystal structure identification by lattice-fringe fingerprinting with structure factor extraction
Network routing using a retransmission-time-based link metric
Packet switched data network (PSDN) having local area network (LAN) interface and overload control method thereof
Selectively accessing test access ports in a multiple test access port environment
Imaging optics with adjustable optical power and method of adjusting an optical power of an optics
Zoom lens system and camera including the same
Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
Display with integrated photovoltaic device
Optical scanner and color image forming apparatus
Color filter for transflective type liquid crystal display
Linear actuator and camera shake correction mechanism
Optical diffusing sheet, optical deflecting sheet, and transmission type screen
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Automatic initiation of print job preprocessing before release of print job
Image forming apparatus
Checking and conditional processing of a print job printed with multiple transfer media
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Sheet length measurement apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus for performing an MICR printing operation
Image formation apparatus having a detected part in a recess in the belt
Charging device, development device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that determines a failure in an exposure section based on a detected density of a toner image
Developing device
Development device, image forming apparatus including the same, and method of removing developer therefrom
Magnetic roller, development device, and image forming method
Image forming apparatus having a transferring member
Cleaning device for image forming apparatus, and process cartridge having cleaning device
Method and apparatus for controlling level of marking material in a waste sump
Holographic storage device and method using phase conjugate optical system
Apparatus for registering and analyzing the spectral signature of a dynamic event
System and method for locating a fault on a device under test
Automated transition to a recovery kernel via firmware-assisted-dump flows providing automated operating system diagnosis and repair
OFDM receiving apparatus and OFDM receiving method
Using criticality information to route cache coherency communications
Low latency request dispatcher
Method and system for dynamically allocating read and write sequence randomizer
Restoring striped volumes of data
Information processing device
Structure for dynamic initial cache line coherency state assignment in multi-processor systems
Storage system and method of producing recovery volume
Snoop request arbitration in a data processing system
Priority determination when dumping files
File-copying apparatus of portable storage media
Circuit and method for increasing universal serial bus (USB) device endpoints
Enhanced television services
System and method of signal processing engines with programmable logic fabric
Method and system for a sharing buffer
Command suspension in response, at least in part, to detected acceleration and/or orientation change
Methods and apparatuses to support memory transactions using partial physical addresses
Image forming system, data processor and data processing method
Printer for communicating commands with host device and method of controlling said printer
Method for obtaining accessibility information, computer program and accessibility information device
External processor for a distributed network access system
System and method for integrating an address book with an instant messaging application in a mobile station
Method and apparatus for immunizing data in computer systems from corruption
Management computer, resource management method, resource management computer program, recording medium, and information processing system
Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to control network element management traffic
Apparatus and method for providing a provider-selected message in response to a user request for user-selected information
Method for the transmission of multimedia data utilizing a signaling signal in a telecommunications network
Determining the geographic location of a network device
Customer intelligence in a cloud operating environment
User-transparent system for uniquely identifying network-distributed devices without explicitly provided device or user identifying information
Interfacing with streams of differing speeds
Meta data customizing method
Information processing device, information processing method, and program
Matrix processor initialization systems and methods
Network speaker for an audio network distribution system
Link exchange system and method
Automated management of internet and/or web site content
Image composition evaluation
Computer-implemented system for creating a publication and method thereof
Apparatus and method for morphological analysis
Phoneme decoding system and method
Method and system for extending keyword searching to syntactically and semantically annotated data
File management system and apparatus, and computer readable recording medium storing program
Method for controlling cooling of an auxiliary brake
Updating media-location data for media-playing entities
Menu distribution system, menu server, read/write device, method, and computer readable recording medium
Methods and apparatus for implementing parameterizable processors and peripherals
Automated isolation of logic and macro blocks in chip design testing
Analyzing device for circuit device, circuit device analyzing method, analyzing program, and electronic medium
Methods, devices and programs for transmitting roof and building structure of a 3D representation of a building roof based on said structure
Integrated battery service system
Systems and methods for an improved weight distribution sensory device with integrated controls
System and method for automated multimedia content indexing and retrieval
External memory management apparatus and external memory management method
Method and apparatus for the secure identification of the owner of a portable device
Parallel processing of triggering rules in SIP event notification filters
Image forming apparatus, image processing device, control device, and connection device
Webpage magnifier/formatter using CSS properties and cursor/mouse location
Method and apparatus for adapting and hosting legacy user interface controls
Storage apparatus and a data management method employing the storage apparatus
Device, system, and method of classifying a workload of a software service
Screen image presentation apparatus and method for mobile phone
Printing of documents with position identification pattern
Job handling in image forming system during power-off
Document providing system and document management server
Printer system for generating intermediate data in distributed printing
Network communication apparatus
Multiple processor print driver
Recovering a file system to any point-in-time in the past with guaranteed structure, content consistency and integrity
System and method for controlling torque based on driver status
System and method for tracking media
Techniques for recognizing multiple patterns within a string
Search information managing for moving image contents
Scoring documents in a database
Scoring documents in a database
Using an ID domain to improve searching
System for similar document detection
Processing large sized relationship-specifying markup language documents
Construction, manipulation, and comparison of a multi-dimensional semantic space
Linguistic assistance systems and methods
System and method for validating requests in an identity metasystem
Generating a challenge response image including a recognizable image
Techniques for multilingual password challenge response, password reset, and/or password recovery
System and method for securely transmitting data using video validation
System and method for configuring plural software profiles
Microprocessor inhibiting instruction storage in cache and not decoding based on pre-analysis information to reduce power consumption
Branch prediction instructions having mask values involving unloading and loading branch history data
Restoring plural instructions for same cycle execution from partial instructions and combined supplementing portions generated for compact storage
XML application framework
Extending a scripting language to provide an object hierarchy
Emulating a host architecture in guest firmware
Thread scheduling on multiprocessor systems
Mobile telecommunication handset capable of implementing multitasking and method for implementing multitasking in a mobile telecommunication handset
System and method for evaluating petroleum reservoir using forward modeling
Method and system for automating the creation of customer-centric interfaces
Printing apparatus with units for embedding indentification information and detecting when pages to be printed are out of order
Recording apparatus image supply device and recording system and control method and program for image layout determination
Method for controlling the appearance of products and process performance by image analysis
Radiographic image capturing apparatus and radiographic image capturing method
Two stage detection for photographic eye artifacts
Method and apparatus for visual inspection
Apparatus for automatic detection of lumen-intima and media-adventitia interfaces in a blood vessel
Radiation imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional images
System and method for multiple-instance learning for computer aided diagnosis
Method and apparatus for detecting interventricular dyssynchrony
Magnetic resonance imager using cylindrical offset region of excitation, and method
Pedestrian detection device and pedestrian detection method
Methods, apparatuses, and systems for image-based measurement and inspection of pre-engineered structural components
Method and apparatus for correcting distortion during magnetic resonance imaging
Image processing device, image processing method, image processing system, program, storage medium, and integrated circuit
Method for aligning scanned image elements
Systems and methods for segmenting an image based on perceptual information
Visibility data compression/decompression method, compression system and decoder
Color processing apparatus, color processing method, computer readable medium and computer data signal
Image processing method and apparatus for contrast enhancement using intensity mapping
Method for detecting cancer in a single cell using mitochondrial correlation microscopy
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling image processing apparatus
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Device of processing dead pixel
Defect inspection device and defect inspection method for inspecting whether a product has defects
Kernelized spatial-contextual image classification
System and method for using an ordinary article of commerce to access a remote computer
Device and method of planning and managing real-time postal delivery work
Products and processes for a membership for a customer of a vending machine
System and method for performing financial transactions on a network
System and method for assessing operational risk employing market-based information processing
System and method for allocating resources using spot market and derivative market techniques
Customizable trading display of market data
Open clearing system
Method and apparatus for personalized consumer to business matchmaking
System and method for selectively displaying market information related to a plurality of tradeable objects
Liquidity and fill optimization for crossing institutional orders
Systems and methods for providing a combination financial product
Method and apparatus for warranty cost calculation
Accepting documents for publication or determining an indication of the quality of documents
Apparatus for improving sharpness of image
Automated pet cage
Using different physical interface to request retransmission of packet lost on unidirectional interface
Intelligent electronic document content processing
Optical disk apparatus
Disk ejecting unit and optical disk device including the same
Optical disc recording method and optical disc recorder
Head support for a magnetic disk device
Device and method for detecting blank area in optical disc
Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus and method for determining magnetic recording condition
System and method of bias control
Converting timing errors into symbol errors to handle write mis-synchronization in bit-patterned media recording systems
Magneto-resistance effect element having a diffusive electron scattering layer, magneto-resistance effect head, magnetic storage and magnetic memory
Multi-channel thin-film magnetic head and magnetic tape drive apparatus with the multi-channel thin-film magnetic head
Method and apparatus for detecting burst cutting area on optical disc
Device and method for generating track-crossing signal in optical disc drive
Optical disk device
Method of controlling playback condition, optical disk, optical disk drive device and program
Spherical aberration compensation method and device of optical disc drive
Recording device, recording method, and computer program
Point-of-sale enablement of optical storage media
Flexible word-line pulsing for STT-MRAM
Thermoelectric device and method
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method of erase verifying the same
Repair bits for a low voltage cache
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device capable of optimizing signal transmission power and power initializing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Nanoparticle shuttle memory
Memory throughput increase via fine granularity of precharge management
Semiconductor device
Low power sense amplifier for reading memory
Semiconductor signal processing device
Semiconductor memory device having shift registers
Mode-locked solid state lasers using diode laser excitation
Two dimensional photonic crystal surface emitting laser
Circuit interrupting device with reset lockout
Forward converter transformer saturation prevention
Switching power supply control semiconductor integrated circuit sampling an auxiliary wiring voltage near a point at which a secondary rectifier diode current becomes zero
Digital power factor correction
Power supply apparatus and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Led driver with low harmonic distortion of input AC current and methods of controlling the same
UWB system employing gaussian minimum shift key modulation, common mode signaling and beamforming
Apparatus and method for estimating carrier-to-interference-and-noise ratio in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Carrier recovery apparatus usable with VSB type receiver and method thereof
Clock-data recovery ("CDR") circuit, apparatus and method for variable frequency data
Decoding method for algebraic geometric codes and associated device
Radio communication apparatus
Super block error correction code (ECC) adaptable to communication systems including hard disk drives (HDDs) and other memory storage devices
Method and apparatus for interleaving portions of a data block in a communication system
Communication apparatus and decoding method
On-vehicle acoustic apparatus
Ubiquitous home network system
Orthogonal code division multiplex CCK (OCDM-CCK) method and apparatus for high data rate wireless LAN
Receiver for receiving a spectrum dispersion signal
Linear voltage controlled variable attenuator with linear DB/V gain slope
MIMO with reduced compute complexity
Method and system for an intermediate frequency (IF) channel select filter with an integrated alternate adjacent channel interference (AACI) filter
Digital demodulating apparatus, digital receiver, controlling method of the apparatus, computer program product, and recording medium recording thereon the product
Self-synchronized radio frequency interconnect for three-dimensional circuit integration
Maximizing power and spectral efficiencies for layered and conventional modulations
Vibration motor as a transducer of audio
Communication device
VSB transmission system for processing supplemental transmission data
Polar modulation with IQ zeroing
Adjusting quantization to preserve non-zero AC coefficients
Polarization direction synchronization detecting circuit and receiving apparatus
Visible light communication apparatus
Transmission apparatus and optical transmission apparatus
Optical signal transmission apparatus
Method and apparatus for detection and prevention of crosstalk in a multiple tuner receiver
Delay, gain and phase estimation for measurement receivers
Operation method and device for integrated modem having plurality of modems
Superdirectional acoustic system and projector
Wireless communication system for wirelessly transmitting and receiving CEC message
Identification of make and model of communication devices over Bluetooth protocol
Method and system for processing multipath signals to suppress interface utilizing a programmable interface suppression module
Radio communication system, base transceiver station, and extension device
Relay apparatus, communication terminal, and communication method
Control system using a mini slot signal in a passive optical network
Communication protocol for a wireless device and a game console
Apparatus and method for channel transmission
Coarse bin frequency synchronization in a communication system
Transmitting an information signal over antennas
Radio base station system, control apparatus, and radio apparatus
Method and device for the dynamic setting up and control of temporarily formed communications groups with secure transmission
Frame structure for an adaptive modulation wireless communication system
STM-1 to STM-64 SDH/SONET framer with data multiplexing from a series of configurable I/O ports
Method, network nodes and system for broadcast transmission of data
Cellular radiotelephone signal permitting synchronization of a supplementary channel by means of a principal channel and corresponding method, terminal and base station
Security protection for data communication
Watermarking using multiple watermarks and keys, including keys dependent on the host signal
Digital encrypted time capsule
Mechanism for enabling load balancing to be achieved in a loop-free switching path, reverse path learning network
Method and apparatus for managing aggregate bandwidth at a server
Automatic fall behind warning method and system
Wireless communication terminal and wireless communication method
Switch device, storage system, and routing method determining output port for a frame based on hop count
Enabling quality voice communications from web page call control
Link layer device with clock processing hardware resources shared among multiple ingress and egress links
System and method for a wireless network protocol suite
Method and architecture for a scalable application and security switch using multi-level load balancing
Active user registry
Peak suppressing apparatus, peak suppressing method, and wireless communication device
Integrated circuit having radio receiver and methods for use therewith
Method for receiving a multi-carrier signal, transmission method, corresponding receiver and transmitter
Apparatus and method for detecting signal in multi-antenna system
Wireless transmission device
Broadcasting terminal and method of controlling vibration of a mobile terminal
Local area network certification system and method
Processing feature revocation and reinvocation
System, method and computer program product for an authentication management infrastructure
Configurable random number generator
Random number generation through use of memory cell activity
Method of mutually authenticating between software mobility device and local host and a method of forming input/output (I/O) channel
Electronic document conversion device and electronic document conversion method
Retrieval and transfer of encrypted hard drive content from DVR set-top boxes to a content transcription device
Rekeying encryption for removable storage media
PANA authentication method and system
Distributed mode speaker for mobile devices
Active display readability enhancement for mobile devices depending on movement
Characteristics determination of a digital subscriber line
Calling card having an associated pre-recorded personal greeting
System for facilitating use of a single telecommunication device by multiple users
System and method for providing an emergency service in a communication system
Methods and apparatus for processing and display of voice data
Wireless terminal, base device, wireless system, wireless terminal control method, wireless terminal control program, and computer-readable storage medium storing same program
Customized ringback and communications
Method for transmitting and receiving a MBMS service in mobile communication system
Image forming apparatus using a density pattern
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus, image reading method and computer readable medium storing program thereof
Color image processing method and apparatus capable of reducing the number of application of color materials
Methods and systems for conditional transform-domain residual accumulation
Three-dimensional display device and method as well as program
Solid-state image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
Wide dynamic range image sensor utilizing switch current source at pre-determined switch voltage per pixel
Image capture device capable of improved image capturing in electronic viewfinder mode
Image sensing apparatus sensing moving and still images, method thereof, storage medium and computer program
Image pickup apparatus
Solid state imaging device including a light receiving portion with a silicided surface
Analog-to-digital converter, solid-state image pickup device, and camera system
Television broadcast signal receiving system, television broadcast signal receiving apparatus, and antenna apparatus
Information processing device
Multiple database, user-choice-compiled program and event guide
Panel television device with built-in disc loader
Video signal selecting method and video processing apparatus
Signal processing device and method
Image output device for outputting moving images in a plurality of display modes
Method and system for performing interleaved to planar transformation operations in a mobile terminal having a video display
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for generating interpolated images
Apparatus and method for synchronized playback
Transmitting and receiving multimedia SMIL documents
Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
Methods and apparatus for persistent control and protection of content
Addressable tap units for cable television networks and related methods of remotely controlling bandwidth allocation in such networks
Method and apparatus for facilitating toggling between internet and TV broadcasts
Visual recognition apparatus, methods, and programs for vehicles
Broadcast receiving apparatus and broadcast receiving method
Head-mounted visual display device for low-vision aid and its system
Defective pixel specifying method, defective pixel specifying system, image correcting method, and image correcting system
Luminance signal generation apparatus, luminance signal generation method, and image capturing apparatus
Recording medium, playback apparatus, recording method, and playback method
System and method for modifying broadcast signals in closed circuit systems
Cooling arrangement for voice coil of speaker
Spring reverberator and assembling method thereof
Speaker apparatus
Loud speaker group assembled from a plurality of loud speakers with snap-on connections
Method for acquiring information for media independent handover
Location registration area assigning method and wireless communication system
Monitoring data-usage information from a dual-stack mobile device
Methods and systems for frequency and time division access
System and method for credit-based channel transmission scheduling (CBCTS)
Method and apparatus for transmitting signal in a wireless communication system
Mobile communication terminal and mobile communication control method
Method of allocating terminal to group in base station of communication system and method of generating map
System and method for a multiple hop wireless network
Autonomous mobile electronic mail system
Technique for providing broadcast services in a cellular network
Radio base station and scheduling method
Arrangement for electron beam tomography
Circuit board device, wiring board connecting method, and circuit board module device
Electronic component embedded printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Cover assembly
Audio amplifier in compact case with peak voltage and current limiting circuit and thermal cooling tunnel
Blade server
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar 920011
Soybean cultivar 0127562
Soybean cultivar 010003
Process for preparation of a lactone from a cyclic ketone
Silicone elastomer system having biocide properties useful in particular for making impressions in dentistry
Non-hydrogenated canola oil for food applications
Expandable chamber having combined occupant support and heating
Microwave cooking tray and sleeve assembly
Toaster chassis assembly with improved food support and safety mechanism
Dishwasher float retainer for dishwasher float switch assembly
Method for calibrating a radiation detection system
Moisture-curable adhesive suture strip
Treated disposable articles for reducing skin breakdown
Intravaginal inflatable member for blood leakage prevention
Method of treating metabolic disorders especially diabetes, or a disease or condition associated with diabetes
Compositions and methods of treatment of sympathetically maintained pain
Use of xenon for treating neurointoxications
Non-naturally occurring synthetic lytic peptides
Use of growth hormone or analogues thereof for the treatment of mammals with familial hypercholesterolemia
Liquid formulation of metformin
Dental alginate impression material composition
Water-soluble biodegradable hydroxyalkyl cellulose-2-hydroxycarboxylic acid esters which can flocculate
Non-toxic antimicrobial compositions and methods of use
Multiple ultraviolet sensitive patches on a single strip and a process for manufacturing thereof
Wound dressing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for removing a chemokine
Polymers chromatographic separation of enantiomers
Process for treating gas flows of polyolefin manufacturing
Process for separation of low natural concentration isotopes in an electromagnetic separator with ion source
Semipermeable porous membranes of semi-crystalline fluoropolymers
Dispersing agent
Ultraviolet lamp system and methods
Direct recycle fractionation method using a swing column
Dual catalyst bed reactor for methanol oxidation
Carbon monoxide hydrogenation (JSS-0004)
Induction heating tool
Poly-.beta.-amino acids, preparation and use
Substituted phosphinophenoxide-metal complexes for the polymerization of olefins
Metathesis of functionalized allylic cyanides
Method for topographical patterning of materials
DNA capillary
Siloxan polymer film on semiconductor substrate
Foundry binder systems containing an alkyl resorcinol and their use
Air feed weld gun with retractable piston
Apparatus and method for laser etching wear patterns into denim pants
Operating head, specifically for a laser machine
Method for laser machining explosives and ordnance
Laser processing
Method of controlling caster and camber by welding
Flux cored wire for arc-welding of austenitic stainless steel
Apparatus and methods for welding flexible material
Alternate current path for mig gun
Positioning device for welding electrode
Method and a device for the thermal treatment of friction lining surfaces
Oxygen scavenging polymer blends and emulsion-based methods for preparing same
Electric heating device for a vehicle
Vehicle headlight control using imaging sensor identifying objects by geometric configuration
Device and method for automatically adapting a light sensor to a windscreen
Canceling device for a blinker switch in motor vehicles
Plastisol composition
Submarine countermeasure vehicle with folding propeller
Lightweight infrared camera
Foil edge control for microwave heating
High-vacuum packaged microgyroscope and method for manufacturing the same
Method of integrating MEMS device with low-resistivity silicon substrates
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for laser scribing glass sheet substrate coatings
Optical fiber coating
Compositions containing addition polymers prepared using crosslinkable protective colloids
Process for separating internal and alpha olefins from saturated compounds
Process of removing contaminants from an olefin stream using extractive distillation
Method of producing alkanolamines and apparatus for producing same
Nitromethyl ketone compounds having aldose reduction inhibiting properties and methods for their use
Stabilized monoaspartic acid esters and polyaspartic acid esters
Aryl borates
Process for preparing N-substituted hydroxylamines and salts thereof
Method for purifying aliphatic aminonitriles
Preparation of a straight-chain acrylonitrile dimer
Phthalic acid diamide derivatives, fluorine-containing aniline compounds as starting material, agricultural and horticultural insecticides, and a method for application of the insecticides
Process for the preparation of diazonaphthoquinonesulfonylchlorides using diphosgene and triphosgene
Polymer production
Asymmetric disulfide compounds, method for producing the same, and optical products
Process for the preparation of 5- and/or 6-substituted-2-hydroxybenzoic acid esters
Method for the continuous production of glutaraldehyde
Poly(9,9'-spirobisfluorenes), their production and their use
Method for manufacturing calcium salts of highly unsaturated fatty acids
Method for crystallizing carboxylic acid
Method for racemate splitting of 2-hydroxypropionic acids
Highly versatile thermoplastic nucleators
Process for the preparation of 3-aryl-2-hydroxy propanoic acid
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Synthesis of ethyleneimine dimer
Synthesis of compounds useful in the manufacture of ketorolac
Process for preparing 4-substituted 1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylic acid ester
Method for producing (2S,4R,9S)-octahydro-1H-indole-2-carboxylic acid and intermediate products therefor
Process for the preparation of substituted pyrimidines
Method for preparing heterocyclic-carboxylic acids
Method for preparing 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2H-benzotriazole
Method for production of a triazolinethione derivative
Linezolid--crystal form II
Thiazoline acid derivatives
Method for the production of thiazolidin
Process for the preparation of an oxirane, aziridine or cyclopropane
Diels-adler adducts of epoxybutene and epoxybutene derivatives
Perfluoro group-containing compounds and hardened polymer of the same
Method for producing aliphatic polyester
Process for the synthesis of a photo-stabilizer
Compounds having antihypertensive, cardioprotective anti-ischemic and antilipolytic properties
Methods for processing chemical compounds having reactive functional groups
Method for synthesizing caspase inhibitors
Trans beta substituted chlorins and methods of making and using the same
Preparation of a camptothecin derivative by intramolecular cyclisation
Alkyl cobalt (III) dioximates and process for forming the same
Process for producing 2,2,4,4-tetra-substituted 1,3,5-cyclohexanetriones
Blocked phenolic silanes
Preparation and isolation of indolocarbazole glycosides
Topiramate sodium trihydrate
Process for preparing peptide derivatized oligomeric compounds
Plant retroviral polynucleotides and methods for use thereof
Artificial T helper cell epitopes as immune stimulators for synthetic peptide immunogens including immunogenic LHRH peptides
Controlling protein levels in eucaryotic organisms
Chlamydia pneumoniae polynucleotides and uses thereof
Mycobacterium fol A gene that encodes for the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase
Plants with modified growth
Methods for altering mass and fertility in plants
Transcription and gene expression regulators
Nucleotide and protein sequences of lats genes and methods based thereon
Artificial proteoglycans
Process for purifying a protein
Antibodies to occludin proteins
Polypeptides that bind interleukin-18 (IL-18)
Polymerization of mono-and disaccharides using low levels of mineral acids
Method of homo- or co-polymerization of .alpha.-olefin
Catalysts and processes for the polymerization of olefins
Catalyst for producing an ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHWMP) and method for producing an UHWMP using the same
Poly (phosphonoarylacetylene) and chiral sensor comprising the same
Method of producing a vinyl acetate polymer and its saponification product
High melting thermoplastic elastomeric alpha-olefin polymers (PRE/EPE effect) and catalysts therefor
High temperature olefin polymerization process
Process for making low-density polyolefins
(Meth)acrylate, polymer, photoresist composition, and pattern forming process making use of the composition
Fluorocarbon-sulfone hydrophilic contact lenses, optical medical devices and compositions thereof
Controlled free radical emulsion and water-based polymerizations and seeded methodologies
Reversible crosslinked polymers, benzylic hydroxl crosslinkers and method
Acrylic sol for a sound insulating underbody coating
Curable polyurethanes, coatings prepared therefrom, and method of making the same
Tough, fire resistant polyurethane foam and method of manufacture thereof
Mouldings of thermoplastic polyurethanes exhibiting reduced fogging
Aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethanes, a process for producing them and the use thereof
Curable resin composition and novel latent curing agent
Allyl urethane resin compositions
Malonic acid ester/triazole mixed blocked HDI trimer/formaldehyde stabilization
Polymers for use in optical devices
Method for preparing copolyester resins using titanium dioxide/silicon dioxide coprecipitate catalyst in the form of suspension in glycol
Method for producing polyesters with a reduced content of free acetaldehyde
Method for producing tetrahydrofuran polymers
Process for producing polyamide
Photoimageable, aqueous acid soluble polyimide polymers
Microporous film
Plasticized polyvinyl butyral and sheet
Flame resistant polymer composition and method for rendering polymers flame resistant
Primer composition for silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Polyolefin products and process additives therefor having reduced transfer to substrates
Charging member and electrophotographic apparatus
Method of making washable, dryable elastic articles
Weatherable block copolyestercarbonates and blends containing them, and method
Bitumen and filled resin emulsion for road surfacing emulsion
Dye compounds
Disazo dyes and inks containing them
Autodepositable aqueous compositions including dispersed non-film-forming polymers
Antifouling paint
Antifouling coating composition
Adhesive formulations
Nucleic acid molecules which encode proteins having fructosyl transferase activity and methods for producing long-chain inulin
Pre- and postharvest inhibition of remobilisation of storage compounds
Cotton plants with improved cotton fiber characteristics and method for producing cotton fibers from these cotton plants
Rad3 orthologues and uses thereof
Single sided laser shock peening
Shadow mask
Indium source reagent compositions, and use thereof for deposition of indium-containing films on substrates and ion implantation of indium-doped shallow junction microelectronic structures
Windows used in thermal processing chambers
Metal corrosion prevention system using a non-sacrificial photoanode under sunlight
P-n heterojunction-based structures utilizing HVPE grown III-V compound layers
Ferroelectric and high dielectric constant transistors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Combustion initiation device and method for tuning a combustion initiation device
Spindle motor and pivot assembly
Program control and display system for multiple appliance units
High-concentration photovoltaic assembly for a utility-scale power generation system
Measuring instrument and method for measuring features on a substrate
Method for controlling a fast dynamic scale
Weight-sensing support assembly for automotive seat cushion frame
Pressure sensor with transducer mounted on a metal base
Pressure sensor-incorporating spark plug
Fiber optic damage sensor for wire and cable
System and method for facilitating detection of defects on a wafer
Charged particle beam exposure method and apparatus
System and method for measuring dimensions of a feature having a re-entrant profile
Ion separation instrument
Planar X-ray detector
Method and arrangement relating to x-ray imaging
Image input apparatus
Gamma camera with two sequential correction maps
Image intensifier for night vision equipment which employs a filter that limits transmission to light in the blue wavelength
Multiple parallel source scanning device
Optical system active alignment process including alignment structure attach, position search, and deformation
Fiber optic guides with integrated security
Image taking lens unit with frame member for positioning lens and substrate
Flat panel display device and method for manufacturing the same
Sheet for battery insulation and display panel protection
Surface position detecting method having a detection timing determination
Image forming apparatus and fixing device therefor
Display type image sensor
Passive infrared detector
Apparatus and method for self-tuning a piano
Cushioned percussion device
Fixing structure of screws for adjustment on airtight closing of tone holes of woodwind instruments
Electronic windchime device
Narrow gap cladding field enhancement for low power programming of a MRAM device
Molecular wire transistor (MWT)
Non-volatile semiconductor memory and its driving method
Stranded cable and method of making
Grounded flexible printed circuitry with improved impedance characteristics
High-density cable and method therefor
Micro-switch heater with varying gas sub-channel cross-section
Lever switch
Switch structure for car electrical part
Rocker-type power-supply switch device
Switch having a seesaw type movable contact blade
Height-adjusting collapsible mechanism for a button key
Vacuum circuit interrupter
Tilt switch
Cathode and process for producing the same
Ion beam generation apparatus
Toroidal low-field reactive gas source
CRT with improved slotted mask
Color cathode ray tube
Color picture tube including an electron gun in a coated tube neck
High-pressure operation of a field-emission cold cathode
Cathode ray tube and method of manufacturing the same, and color selecting member for cathode ray tube and method of manufacturing the same
Convergent charged particle beam apparatus and inspection method using same
Mask pattern transfer method, mask pattern transfer apparatus using the method, and device manufacturing method
Method to reduce downtime while implanting GeF4
Electron energy filter with magnetic deflecting regions
Ionization apparatus and ionization method for mass spectrometry
Tandem mass spectrometer comprising only two quadrupole filters
Gas discharge tube having sealed envelope with metallic portion and light projection glass window
Field emission arrays and row lines thereof
High density stacked mim capacitor structure
Microelectronic capacitor with barrier layer
Negative differential resistance field effect transistor (NDR-FET) and circuits using the same
Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Process for fabricating an integrated circuit device having capacitors with a multilevel metallization
Process for forming cone shaped solder for chip interconnection
Lateral double diffused MOS transistor
Solder connect assembly and method of connecting a semiconductor package and a printed wiring board
MOS heterostructure, semiconductor device with the structure, and method for fabricating the semiconductor device
Film composition
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
III-N compound semiconductor bipolar transistor structure and method of manufacture
Integrated circuit device having cyanate ester buffer coat and method of fabricating same
Device for attaching a semiconductor chip to a chip carrier
Wafer scanning support unit of ion implantation apparatus
Insulating wall between power components
Semiconductor device protection circuit whose operation is stabilized
Semiconductor memory cell device
Method for forming split-gate flash cell for salicide and self-align contact
Static random access memory device
Method of processing dielectric layer in ferroelectric RAM and structure of the like
Etching mask, process for forming contact holes using same, and semiconductor device made by the process
Semiconductor device and a method for fabricating the same
Press-fit diode for universal mounting
Semiconductor device and method for the fabrication thereof
Thermal capacity for electronic component operating in long pulses
Ball grid array packages with thermally conductive containers
Integrated circuit device having a built-in thermoelectric cooling mechanism
COF-use tape carrier and COF-structured semiconductor device using the same
Semiconductor device having a heat spreading plate
Lead structure for sealing package
Multiple-step inner lead of leadframe
Tape carrier package and an LCD module using the same
Strain relief for substrates having a low coefficient of thermal expansion
Embedded enclosure for effective electromagnetic radiation reduction
Face to face chips
Semiconductor package having heat sink at the outer surface
Antifuse structure and method of making
Semiconductor device comprising an arrangement of an electrically programmable non-volatile memory element
Semiconductor device having a gate insulation film resistant to dielectric breakdown
Method for marking integrated circuits with a laser
Method and structure for measuring bridge induced by mask layout amendment
Test pattern for evaluating a process of silicide film formation
High-frequency package and the method for manufacturing the same
Chip carrier with magnetic shielding
Compact ballasting region design for snapback N-MOS ESD protection structure using multiple local N+ region blocking
ESD protection device for open drain I/O pad in integrated circuits with merged layout structure
Folded bit line DRAM with ultra thin body transistors
On-die switching power converter with stepped switch drivers and method
Semiconductor memory device having auxiliary conduction region of reduced area
Power integrated circuit with vertical current flow and related manufacturing process
Imaging array and methods for fabricating same
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of fabricating same
Integrated photodetector
Manufacturing method for two-dimensional image detectors and two-dimensional image detectors
Transistor with ESD protection
Thin-film solar array system and method for producing the same
Structure for a semiconductor device
Field-plate MESFET
Semiconductor device for precise measurement of a forward voltage effect
Semiconductor device
Adjustable in-line leads for light emitting device package
Photovoltaic devices and compositions for use therein
Semiconductor device such as a hall-effect sensor or solar cell barrier layer for controlling current flow to substrate
Quantum well infrared photodetector and method for fabricating same
Stacked electro-mechanical energy conversion element and vibration wave driving device using the same
Organic solar cell or light-emitting diode
Light-emitting diodes with hetero-PN-junction
Connector housing
Programmable brush for DC motors
Universal ground clamp with S-shaped second strap
Compact multistage spark gap switch
Alumina-based sintered body insulator for spark plugs
Spark plug for an internal combustion engine
Air circuit breaker
Three-position electrical switch having a switching element that is movable in axial translation
Reducer fitting for routing system
Weatherproof cover
Base for electrical outlet and related method
Stator core of vehicle rotary electric machine and method of manufacturing the same
Conductive filler
Matrix converter
Image reading apparatus including divided backing plate
Multi-zone arrangement for heatable vehicle window
Microwave defrosting under reduced pressure
Cathode assembly for an electric arc spray apparatus
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