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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Landscape edging with improved mulch containment and improved drainage
Animal entertainment device
Stripping basket for fly fishing
Shin guard
Shoe spring and shock absorbing system
Walking stick for collecting fecal matter
Carry-on case for conforming to the curved shape of an overhead carry-on luggage compartment
Portable chair tray
Adjustable bed having snap-on actuator drive
Actionable vibrator bracket for coupling a vibrator to a railroad car
Self-raising headrest for vehicle seat and method
Individual assisting device for bathtubs
Shower bathing apparatus
Shower tray access ramp
Device for drying or wetting a mop
Integrated central vacuum cleaner suction device and control
Miniature disposable safety scalpel
System and method for inspecting a pipeline with ultrasound
Finger sucking deterrent devise and method of use of same
Blower system for health booth
Inhaler system for targeted maximum drug-aerosol delivery
Balloon landing pad
Hypoxic aircraft fire prevention and suppression system with automatic emergency oxygen delivery system
System for tracking motion of game articles
Ski or snowboard with a means for influencing its geometry and a method of producing it
Heel piece of a binding for a ski boot, of the fixed body type
Game apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ballast water intake and treatment system
Method for producing fullerene suspension
Material conditioner
Teeth for grinding apparatus
Particle classifier
System and a method for starch-based, slow-release oral dosage forms
Apparatus and method for the detection and rejection of metal in particulate material
Trailer bed frame straightener
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a catalytic converter
Seal installation tool and method of using same
In-place cope molding for production of cast metal components
Knife assembly for rotary cutting system
Method for producing components with internal architectures, such as micro-channel reactors, via diffusion bonding sheets
Solder interconnection array with optimal mechanical integrity
Method and system for profiling and manufacturing curved arches
Insulation sleeve assembling apparatus
Supporting structure for the console of a machine tool
Foldable tool kit
Chain tension tool
Pulse generator and impulse machine for a cutting tool
Exchange blade knife
Turbine airfoils with near surface cooling passages and method of making same
Tissue manufacturing/handling device
Multiaxial fabric
Printer incorporating a cutter module
Ink-jet recording apparatus and recording method therefor
Thermal inkjet printhead on a metallic substrate
Print engine having printhead control modes
Inkjet printhead assembly incorporating a sealing shim with aperture sets
Ink compartment refill unit with inlet valve acutator, outlet valve, actuator, and constrictor mechanism actuator
Ink jet recording head with ink filter formed of a plurality of stacked films
Ink-jet printing apparatus and ink-jet printing method
Print head unit and method for manufacturing patterned layer on substrate with the same
Image forming apparatus, component, component checking method, control program, and storage medium
Modular finishing assembly with function separation
Method for forming a locking enclosure
Drawing apparatus utilizing measuring tape
Coating container, kit and coating combination
Wheel which produces an eccentric visual effect
Pneumatic tire with tread including gently slant grooves having two different inclination angles
Pneumatic tire and method of mounting transponder to pneumatic tire
Trailer hitch loader
Suspension system for vehicle
Anti-roll bar for motor vehicles
Vehicle roof architecture for removable soft top or hardtop cover
Torque tube
Severe application off-highway truck body
Universal cargo rail clamp
Dashboard having receiving structure for portable terminal
Bumper panel assembly
Latching device for fixing an airbag
Airbag device and method of manufacturing same
Reinforcing assembly for a tubular cross member of a rail and tram car bogie
Construction machine
System for storing a spare tire
Track segment with EP(D)M rubber based backer and method of making
All-terrain wheelchair
Deployable seating platform
Drag-inducing stabilizer plates with damping apertures
Device at a transformable boat
Apparatus to facilitate proper label placement and method of use
Method for engaging with a projection of a first component to removably secure a second component to the first component
Apparatus for the intermittent supply of a semi-finished material in the form of a band or a wire to a press
Recording medium transport device in image recording apparatus
System for gathering printed products along a gathering line formed by a transport device and feed devices for the printed products
Paper sheet transport mechanism and paper handling device
Sheet conveying system, as well as image forming apparatus and sheet conveying apparatus thereof
Sheet transport roller system
Apparatus and method for controlling feed commitments based on feedable capacity
Sheet conveyance apparatus having skew conveyance mechanism with sheet deforming unit and image forming apparatus including the same
Textiles; Paper
Integrated system for closing stockings on circular knitting machines
Mechanical apparatus for washing/drying
Fixed Constructions
Dual flush refill device
Pneumatic two-dimensional structure
Sealing material
Method of securing flexible solar panel to PVC roofing membrane
Lift caddy
Pergola having posts, beams, joists, strips, clips, and internal support stiffeners
Water jet reversing propulsion and directional controls for automated swimming pool cleaners
Security file cabinet with self-closing, self-locking drawers
Adjustable window hinge
Garage sectional door insulation system
Shoulder ring set on casing hanger trip
Downhole drive shaft connection
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Metal fuel combustion and energy conversion system
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for treating blow-by gas for internal combustion engine
Engine including secondary air supply apparatus
Particle filter arrangement
Thermal and acoustic valley shield for engine assembly
Method for the operation of a pressure accumulator plant, and pressure accumulator plant
Process and plant for power generation
Micro-coaxial injector for rocket engine
Gas-generator augmented expander cycle rocket engine
Dual exhaust gas recirculation valve
Switching valve for EGR cooler
Direct injection assembly of the common-rail type provided with a shut-off valve for controlling the delivery of a high-pressure fuel pump
Injection advancement for piston cooling in spark ignition direct injection engines
Systems and methods for energy storage and recovery using compressed gas
Hydraulic supply systems
Method and brake disc assembly to utilize worn refurbished brake material
Quick connect coupling link
Piston for cold chamber die-casting machine
Electromagnetic actuator with permanent magnets which are disposed in a V-shaped arrangement
Assembly of an energy transmission member for a hand-operated device and an energy source having means for the locking in rotation and angular indexing of the source
Coupling device for tubular members
Device for the sealed coupling of two cylindrical pipes having different diameters
Engine fitting and method of assembling vehicles
Lighting fixture iris positioning apparatus
Lap based in light-emitting diodes
Flue sensor for gas fired appliance
Pre-packaged, flexible container of ice and air
Personal dryer apparatus
Apparatus for automatically drying and method for controlling the same
Moving carbon nanotube heat sink
Water rocket launch system
System, method and apparatus for obtaining true roughness of granular media
Apparatus with multiple sensors wherein the sensors are connected in separate sealed sockets
Load detecting apparatus and load detecting method
Electrically deflected nanomechanical sensors
Flow meter having rotor with multiple flow channels of different diameter
Exposed pad backside pressure sensor package
Microfabricated implantable wireless pressure sensor for use in biomedical applications and pressure measurement and sensor implantation methods
Air quality monitor
High pressure fracture tester
Defect classification utilizing data from a non-vibrating contact potential difference sensor
Particulate matter sensor electrodes with embedded self-calibrator, and methods using same
Calibrated impact hammer
Multi-axial angular velocity sensor
Tuning-fork-type bimorph piezoelectric vibrator and vibrating gyroscope module including the vibrator
Method and apparatus for diagnosing failures in an integrated circuit using design-for-debug (DFD) techniques
Illuminating apparatus and image sensing system including illuminating apparatus
Display apparatus and projection type lighting apparatus therefor
Instruction conversion apparatus and instruction conversion method providing power control information, program and circuit for implementing the instruction conversion, and microprocessor for executing the converted instruction
System and method for reliable disk firmware update within a networked storage fabric
Method for facilitating a test person to identify a test program item in server test
Information recorder and its control method
Sensing word groups in a memory
Flexible system and method for mirroring data
Method and system of providing periodic replication
Schmoo runtime reduction and dynamic calibration based on a DLL lock value
Apparatus and method for tandem operation in a storage network
Method for synchronizing processors in a multiprocessor system
Storage operation management program and method and a storage management computer
Mobile computer system having a navigation mode to optimize system performance and power management for mobile applications
Configuring memory for a RAID storage system
Storage controller
Managing transfers of information in a communications network
System and method to use unmodified operating system on diskless computer
Method for data accessing in a computer system including a storage system
Packet forwarding system having a control packet processor which allocates the bandwidth for a control packet adaptively and processing method thereof
Hub chip for one or more memory modules
Disk control apparatus
Authoring arbitrary XML documents using DHTML and XSLT
Electronic information display apparatus, electronic information display method, recording medium, and program
Transmission rate selection for a network of receivers having heterogenous reception bandwidth
Method for connecting a wireless device to a remote location on a network
Portable high speed internet access device priority protocol
Data security system and method adjunct to e-mail, browser or telecom program
Conference system and its participation method
Self-destructing document and e-mail messaging system
Automatic registration of receiving device on a remote printing application
Server and web page information providing method for displaying web page information in multiple formats
System for automated, mid-session, user-directed, device-to-device session transfer system
Apparatus and method to dynamically allocate bandwidth in a data storage and retrieval system
Parallel processor and image processing apparatus adapted for nonlinear processing through selection via processor element numbers
System and method for accessing electronic program guide information and media content from multiple locations using mobile devices
Method and computer-readable medium for importing and exporting hierarchically structured data
Techniques for introducing devices to device families with paper receipt
Managing data in compliance with regulated privacy, security, and electronic transaction standards
Storage control sub-system comprising virtual storage units
Database aggregation query result estimator
Containment hierarchy in a database system
Method and apparatus for creating an adaptive application
Net/wiring selection method, net selection method, wiring selection method, and delay improvement method
Special tie-high/low cells for single metal layer route changes
Apparatus and methods for interconnect simulation in electronic circuitry using non-uniform time step
Method and apparatus for rapidly selecting types of buffers which are inserted into the clock tree for high-speed very-large-scale-integration
Integrated PC Card host controller for the detection and operation of a plurality of expansion cards
Transaction layer link down handling for PCI express
Video signal error detection systems
Method and system of integrating third party authentication into internet browser code
Arithmetic processing apparatus
Native copy instruction for file-access processor with copy-rule-based validation
Method of operating a computer system and a computer system including a predetermined run authorization
Automatic computer configuration system, method and program making use of portable terminal
Double shift instruction for micro engine used in multithreaded parallel processor architecture
Computer system utility facilitating dynamically providing program modifications for identified programs
Stream management in a multithreaded environment
BCA writer serialization management
Infra-red data structure printed on a photograph
Methods and system for providing multiple credit lines
Form editing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Automated paragraph layout
Latching and securing mechanism for bill presenter of a currency dispensing machine
Retail display systems and methods
Backlight device, lamp clip, and chassis for backlight
Magical image cups and containers with 3D displays
Price display apparatus
Disc driving device and cam for disc driving device
Disk protection casing and drive for receiving the same
Optical disk apparatus having a structure for vibration attenuation and heat dissipation
Interconnected solar module design and system
Lubricant composition and cable pulling method
Method and apparatus for calculating a multiplicative inverse of an element of a prime field
Mode lookup tables for data transmission in wireless communication channels based on statistical parameters
Method and apparatus for forward error correction
Method and apparatus for making and using test verbs
Method for embedding information in an image
Method and apparatus for adapting program guides to meet subscriber criteria
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Pouch-like article for microwave heating of foods
Electronic control system for a variable support mechanism
Christmas tree smoke detector
Oven device for rapid heating of food items
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Oven, in particular for dental material
Temperature controlled cabinet system and method for heating items to desired temperatures
Dry ice substitute for use in dose mapping to ensure proper amounts of gamma irradiation
Biofeedback exercise stimulation apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid filter construction and methods
Hex packed two dimensional ultrasonic transducer arrays
Method and system for dust and fume removal in laser marking machines
Laser beam machining apparatus
Method of removing a coating film with a laser beam
Arc welding power supply, peripheral device for arc welding, and arc welding apparatus
Spark gap assembly for a welding power supply
Welding power supply having improved supplemental power circuit
Abnormality detection apparatus for tool and numerical control apparatus provided with same
System for high power RF plasma processing
Scanner motor acceleration method
System and method for sensing an operating parameter of a vehicle tire
Process to prevent the overturning of a vehicle
Method of enhancing the bending process of a stabilizer bar
Electric power equipment for electric vehicle
Control apparatus for electric vehicle
Controller and control method for motor/generator
Current control method and device for a motor that is operable in a generator mode
Control apparatus for a light unit for vehicles
Apparatus and method for providing high mounted view of traffic
Windshield wiper drive device
Trailer slider repositioning alarm
Ice thickness detector
Reversible piezoelectric positioning device and a disk drive using same
Microelectronic device package with an integral window
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrode material for fluorescent lamps
Lamp with shading film
Laser amplifier with variable and matched wavelength pumping
Heat-resistant electronic systems and circuit boards with heat resistant reinforcement dispersed in liquid metal
Electron beam vaporizer for vacuum coating systems
Apparatus for forming thin film using microwave and method therefor
Textiles; Paper
Protective device for an iron and iron incorporating same
Fixed Constructions
Pedestrian crosswalk signal apparatus--pedestrian crosswalk
Automatic pool cover safety system
Eutectic metal sealing method and apparatus for oil and gas wells
Pressure impulse telemetry apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Driving apparatus for piezo-actuator having abnormality detecting function
Communications device for use with electrical source
Process when starting the engine of a vehicle
Compact lightweight auxiliary multifunctional reserve battery engine starting system (and methods)
Ignition coil with lead for secondary diagnostics
Device for transmitting motion between the rotor of a synchronous permanent-magnet motor and the working part, having an increased free rotation angle
Motor-driven fan, particularly for a motor vehicle heat exchanger
Semiconductor device
Magnetic centering bearing with high-amplitude tilt control
Self-centering timing disk hub and method of mounting the same
Brake wear sensor
Method and device for pulsed arc welding
Device for signaling conditions for electrical machines
Device for measuring a bending load
Method of and apparatus for generating a pulse signal
Portable self-leveling laser ray device
Automatic laser detecting surveyor's rod
Inductive linear sensor
Variable inductance transducer circuit producing an electrical current and voltage output
Inductive position sensor having multiple receiving geometries
Method and apparatus for detecting low light levels
Circuit for high precision detection of the time of arrival of photons falling on single photon avalanche diodes
Focal plane infrared readout circuit
Infrared receiver mount with directional reception capabilities
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of an object
Rotating electric motor system capable of vibrating and method for operating a rotating electric motor capable of vibrating
Method of evaluating quality of silicon wafer and method of reclaiming the water
Vision system for industrial parts
Heater control apparatus for exhaust gas sensor
Micro-electronic bond degradation sensor and method of manufacture
Revolution speed detecting apparatus for extracting signal corresponding to revolution speed
Hands-free signal level meter
Chip scale electrical test fixture with isolation plate having an angled test hole
Signal transfer device for probe test fixture
Contact terminal element, contact terminal device
Aging socket, aging cassette and aging apparatus
Single tip Kelvin probe
Packaging and interconnection of contact structure
Probe holder for low current measurements
Light receiving circuit for use in electro-optic sampling oscilloscope
Fast and precise current-sense circuit for high-voltage switch
Method of measuring insulation resistance of capacitors
Method and apparatus for testing the light output of light emitting devices
Wafer burn-in testing method
Semiconductor device testing apparatus
High-speed programmable interconnect
Method of controlling IC handler and control system using the same
System for testing semiconductor chip leads constrained in dielectric media
Battery tester using internal resistance to measure a condition of a battery
Condition monitoring system for batteries
Magnetic field sensor comprising a spin tunneling junction element
Mounting system and RF shield for high field open magnet
Quadrature RF field coil for use in magnetic resonance
"Magnetic resonance apparatus having a gradient coil system with magnetostrictive material"
Local magnetization spoiling using a gradient insert for reducing the field of view in magnetic resonance imaging
Apparatus for minimizing angular rotor position errors in an air core gauge
User-controlled GPS receiver
GPS receiver and terminal device having search frequency band switching function
Method of improving the receiving performance for network-aided GPS receiver
Method to generate a three-dimensional image of a ground area using a SAR radar
FM pulse Doppler radar apparatus
Method for measuring distances/speeds of plural targets and radar apparatus, capable of discriminating moving targets from stationary targets
Linearizing device for a frequency-modulation ramp and its application to a radio altimeter
Circularly polarizing radar transponder and lifesaving apparatus
Method and an arrangement for detecting an obstacle
Direction finder system using spread spectrum techniques
Method and apparatus for correlating flight identification data with secondary surveillance
Adaptive fragmentation and frequency translation of continuous spectrum waveform to make use of discontinuous unoccupied segments of communication bandwidth
Repeater jamming transmitter and casing for the same
Automated target generator range and doppler calculator
Wideband phase locking of low offset frequency sources
EM signal detection and position broadcasting system and method
Ceramic scintillator, method for producing same, and x-ray detector and x-ray CT imaging equipment using same
Transmission scanning technique for gamma-camera coincidence imaging
High resolution and high luminance scintillator and radiation imager employing the same
Method and apparatus for measurement of borehole size and the resistivity of surrounding earth formations
Bichromatic optical cell
Active tuning of a torsional resonant structure
Semiconductor system for registering spectra, color signals, color signals, color images and the like
Electrostatic microactuator with offset and/or inclined comb drive fingers
Ceramic heater for toner-fixing units and method for manufacturing the heater
Digital communication system and method
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Servo control apparatus
Method and apparatus for asymmetrically inducing voltages in transformer secondary windings while avoiding saturation of the transformer core
Current control circuit
Controlled current sources of two-wire measuring instruments
Differencing non-overlapped dual-output amplifier circuit
Dual internal voltage generating apparatus
Power pod controller system
Current generator for alternatively providing a first constant current and a ratioed second constant current to a sigma-delta modulator
Current mirror arrangement
Temperature and process compensated LDMOS drain-source voltage
Regulated low-voltage generation circuit
Method of using a bandgap voltage comparator in a low voltage detection circuit
Integrated circuit
Clock control circuit and method
Temperature monitoring apparatus for microprocessor cooling devices
Secured reinforcing support device for a heat sink
Select signal generating circuit having clamp circuit for clamping select signals upon power on
Battery pack and charge circuit therefor
Method of generating a signal with controlled duty-cycle and pseudo-random spectrum
Method and apparatus for analog to digital conversion using an impedance device as an identifier
Techniques for programming programmable logic array devices
Touch screen for the vision-impaired
Serial comparator
Logic block used as dynamically configurable logic function
Stabilized power supply for remotely powered electronic components
Radio frequency data communications device
Capacitively powered radio frequency identification device
Nonconductive substrate forming a strip or a panel on which a multiplicity of carrier elements is formed
Apparatus, system, and method for communication between multiple base stations and radio frequency (RF) tags
Logical operational circuit using two stage neumos circuits
Bicycle rental and security system
Method and system for data transmission from an optical reader
Data encoding to provide run-length control in a data storage system
System, method and computer program product for a highly compressed outline font engine
Access control system for mobile platform using electronic key-embedded location verification data
Electronic lock in cylinder of standard lock
Optical tracking system
Optical vend-sensing system for control of vending machine
System for detecting a fire event
Personal care monitoring system
Smoke alarm
Eye-protective alarm
Apparatus and method for remote convenience message reception and control utilizing frequency diversity
Method and apparatus for allowing a personal computer to control one or more devices
Traffic speed surveillance and control system
Traffic monitoring system and method
Remote control electronic display system
Electron-emitting apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for sample rate pre-and post-processing to achieve maximal coding gain for transform-based audio encoding and decoding
Diskette incorporating permanent magnet generator
System, method, and program for analyzing offset track errors in a storage system
Motor, method of manufacturing motor and rotary apparatus equipped with motor
Semiconductor device having hierarchical power supply line structure improved in operating speed
DRAM memory cell and array having pass transistors with recessed channels
P-channel dynamic flash memory cells with ultrathin tunnel oxides
Programmable apparatus and method for programming a programmable device
Flash memory cell for high efficiency programming
Antifuse latch device with controlled current programming and variable trip point
Signal sampling circuit with high frequency noise immunity and method therefor
High-speed sampler structures and methods
Method and circuitry for soft fuse row redundancy with simple fuse programming
Circuit and method for reducing static power dissipation in a semiconductor device
Differential voltage sense circuit to detect the state of a CMOS process compatible fuses at low power supply voltages
Semiconductor integrated circuits with power reduction mechanism
Shielded coaxial cable and method of making same
Composite electrical insulator
Multilayer-type chip common mode filter
Multilayer printed board with a double plane spiral interconnection structure
Fully immersed magnetic transformer with multiple condensing surfaces and method
Non-contact signal and power transmission apparatus
Thermally responsive protection apparatus for electric motors
Bistable micro-switch and method for manufacturing the same
Electrical fuse element
Stationary contact for an electrical contactor and method for conducting current through same
Cathode structure for planar emitter field emission displays
Plasma display device with conductive metal electrodes and auxiliary electrodes
Plasma display panel and method of fabricating the same
Double loop output system for magnetron
CRT display apparatus
Color cathode ray tube for reducing landing drift of electron beams on phosphor layers
Inline electron gun with improved astigmatism for a cathode ray tube
Deflection yoke and mis-convergence correction method for color cathode-ray tube
Cathode-ray tube having a non-circular yoke section
Flat panel display with reduced electron scattering effects
Electron microscope with an energy filter having hexapole correctors which are coupled with a projective system downstream of the energy filter
Calibration of a scanning electron microscope
Micro-dynode integrated electron multiplier
Ion source and mass spectrometer instrument using the same
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Fluorescent tube with two diametrically situated diffuser layers
Metal component and discharge lamp
Electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Electric lamp with a comparatively robust lamp cap
Fill for high temperature tungsten-halogen lamps
Ceramic heating jig
Fabrication process for metal-insulator-metal capacitor with low gate resistance
Bladder insert for encapsulant displacement
Top infrared heating for bonding operations
Formation of electrical contacts to conductive elements in the fabrication of semiconductor integrated circuits
Multi-layer dielectric and method of forming same
Stacked capacitor and method of manufacturing same
Grooved capacitor structure for integrated circuits
Semiconductor device including capacitive element of an analog circuit
Ferroelectric memory including ferroelectric capacitor, one of whose electrodes is connected to metal silicide film
Lead formation using grids
Bow resistant plastic semiconductor package and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device
Leadless image sensor package structure and method for making the same
Capacitor and method for forming same
Silicon carbide semiconductor switching device
Vertical bipolar transistor, in particular with an SiGe heterojunction base, and fabrication process
Asymmetric MOSFET devices
Single step electroplating process for interconnect via fill and metal line patterning
Field-effect transistor having a high packing density and method for fabricating it
Sample transfer apparatus and sample stage
Electrostatic discharge protection device with monolithically formed resistor-capacitor portion
MOS semiconductor device with shallow trench isolation structure and manufacturing method thereof
Capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Low-leakage DRAM structures using selective silicon epitaxial growth (SEG) on an insulating layer
Semiconductor memory device including memory cell transistors formed on SOI substrate and having fixed body regions
Electronic device
Process for manufacturing integrated circuit SRAM
Nonvolatile memory and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for injecting charge onto the floating gate of a nonvolatile memory cell
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and ultrathin semiconductor device
Signal processing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device
Method for forming a dielectric layer in a semiconductor device by using etch stop layers
Housing for receiving a planar power transistor
Power semiconductor packaging
Process and device for the thermal conditioning of electronic components
Color selection electrode, method of producing color selection electrode and cathode ray tube
Bonding over integrated circuits
Semiconductor device
Underfill coating for LOC package
Leadframe having a paddle with an isolated area
Pbga package with integrated ball grid
Multiple line grid array package
Method for forming a cavity capable of accessing deep fuse structures and device containing the same
Integrated circuit device including dummy patterns surrounding pads
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Microwave and millimeter wave device mounted on a semiconductive substrate and comprised of different kinds of functional blocks
High voltage shield
Semiconductor integrated circuit and printed wiring substrate provided with the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Low cost die sized module for imaging application having a lens housing assembly
Data cell region and system region for a semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device having multiple types of output cells
CMOS compatible pixel cell that utilizes a gated diode to reset the cell
Self-aligned metal electrode structure for elevated sensors
Dual dielectric structure for suppressing lateral leakage current in high fill factor arrays
Solid-state image sensing device and solid-state image sensing device array
Photoelectric transducer and solid-state image sensing device using the same
Full color active matrix organic electroluminescent display panel having an integrated shadow mask
Insulated gate bipolar transistor
Voltage variable resistor from HBT epitaxial layers
High withstand voltage diode and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Photoelectric conversion device having photoelectric conversion elements
Gallium antimonide complementary HFET
Planar hetero-interface photodetector
Light emitting diode
Light-emitting semiconductor device with reduced obstructions to light emission
Process for reducing surface roughness of superconductor integrated circuit having a ground plane of niobium nitride of improved smoothness
Device having vibration wave motor as driving source
Multilayer piezoelectric device and method of producing same
Piezoelectric coupler for variably coupling two bodies and joint incorporating the coupler
Drive device and apparatus equipped with said drive device
Ultrasonic motor and method of manufacturing the motor
Multidirectional motors
Electroluminescent device
Method of recharging a pyrotechnically actuated thermal battery
Battery state sensing apparatus
Battery system
Layout and procedure of charging of batteries
Dielectric line converter, dielectric line unit, directional coupler, high-frequency circuit mobile, and transmitter-receiver
Millimeter wave low phase noise signal source module
High power combiner apparatus
Tuning arrangement for a cavity filter
Method for improving tracking speed of satellite antenna
Towed antenna system right angle feed for towed antenna system rapid deployment cable and towed antenna system
Antenna device and communication apparatus
Heterogeneous multi-lamination microstrip antenna
Inflatable radar reflector
Antenna arrangement and method for side-lobe suppression
Method and apparatus for calibrating a remote system which employs coherent signals
Extension of dynamic range of emitter and detector circuits of spread spectrum-based antenna test range
Flat reflectarray antenna
Shielding terminal and method for connecting a shielding terminal
End cap for closing trunking for routing electrical conductors or cables
Electrical junction box and support bracket having sliding attachment
Device bracket
Energy supply circuit for a motor vehicle on-board electrical system having two voltage supply branches
Versatile power flow transformers for compensating power flow in a transmission line
Portable electronic apparatus
Battery charger capable of charging different size of batteries
Method for estimating the useful power remaining in a battery of a wireless communication device
Control apparatus for AC generator for gradually changing output voltages when changing operating modes
Electronic apparatus including remote control receiving system and AC adapter system
Active energy hold up for power supplies
Compact vibration motor
Electric machine with a rotor constructed of permanent magnets and magnetic flux guides
Multiple magnetic path electric motor
Stator with a radial winding
Bobbin unit for brushless alternator field coil and assembling method thereof
Eccentric rotor and compact vibrator motor including the eccentric rotor
Coreless AC induction motor
High intensity discharge lamp ballast
High voltage charge pump circuit
Capacitor charging method and charging apparatus
Modular mobile power converter
Driving device for motor-driven compressor
Method and apparatus for deriving characteristics of a utility signal in an AC machine drive system
Electrical machines
Induction motor driver
Motor driving circuit
Drive circuit for brushless DC motors
DC motor driving apparatus
Method and apparatus for load torque detection and drive current optimization
Motor combination system and method for operating as an induction motor or a stepping motor
Frequency-switching oscillator and electronic device using the same
Swept performance monitor for measuring and correcting RF power amplifier distortion
Optical receiving circuit comprising a reflection coefficient setting circuit
Preamplifier for optical receivers
High-frequency power amplifier module
Silent start
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor class AB amplifier
High performance intermediate stage circuit for a rail-to-rail input/output CMOS operational amplifier
Rail-to-rail amplifier with reduced GM and compensating cap
Saturation limit circuit for junction isolated PNP transistor and method
Differential amplifier circuit and pull up-type differential driver
RF amplifier with plural combiners
Radio communication apparatus and radio frequency power amplifier
Method to find a value within a range using weighted subranges
Cavity spanning bottom electrode of a substrate-mounted bulk wave acoustic resonator
Multiplexer for sorting multiple signals from an antenna
Transverse double mode saw filter
Signal transmitting circuit
Electronic circuit apparatus for transmitting signals through a bus and semiconductor device for generating a predetermined stable voltage
Elastic store: recovery and boundary verification
Programmable transmission line impedance matching circuit
Integrated circuit devices having metastability protection circuits therein
Buffer circuit
Voltage level shifter with high impedance tri-state output and method of operation
Output circuit with switching function
Programmable logic devices with enhanced multiplexing capabilities
Multiple voltage supply programmable logic device
Stable frequency clock generator
Differential amplifier with selectable hysteresis and buffered filter
Integrated generator of a slow voltage ramp
Line deflection circuit
Signal deciding apparatus
Linearly controlled CMOS phase interpolator
High speed circuit of particular utility in delay and phase locked loops
Clock splitter circuit to generate synchronized clock and inverted clock
Pulse generator for indicating a change in the magnitude of an input signal
Clock duty cycle correction circuit
Comparator for determining process variations
Phase startable clock device having improved stability
Apparatus and method for clock skew measurement
Charge pump circuit
Differential charge pump for providing a low charge pump current
Phase locked loop control via inner and outer feedback control circuits
Digital phase locked loop circuit
Digital clock multiplier and divider with sychronization during concurrences
Second and higher order dynamic element matching in multibit digital to analog and analog to digital data converters
Segemented D/A converter with enhanced dynamic range
High-speed waveform digitizer with a phase correcting means and a method therefor
Decoder testing apparatus and methods that simultaneously apply the same multibit input data to multiple decoders
Method of calibrating an analog-to-digital converter, and a calibration equipment
Analog-to-digital converter
High density analog interface
Incremental rotary encoder
Digitally switched impedance having improved linearity and settling time
Method of encoding numeric data and manipulating the same
Method of compressing and reconstructing data using statistical analysis
Electronic circuit
Switched positive feedback for controlled receiver impedance
Multi level jitter pre-compensation logic circuit for high speed data links
Device for cancelling the reflection effects between a driver and a plurality of receivers
Semiconductor device
Reference frequency spur cancellation in synthesized measurement receivers
Power amplifier having negative feedback circuit for transmitter
Apparatus and method for offset reduction in the image sensors
Active pixel type detector
Horizontal deflection circuit
Modular distributing frame for supporting telephone connector blocks
Speaker and drive device therefor
Boil dry detection in cooking appliances
Switching device
Trigger coil
Lighting controller
Microwave oven for uniform heating
Multi-layer circuit board
Differential connector footprint for a multi-layer circuit board
Circuit board for mounting electronic parts
Printed circuit board assembly having adhesive joint
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