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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Monitor for early detection of ischemic heart disease
Multi-channel flexible bio-probe and method of making the same
Cellular surgery utilizing confocal microscopy
Method and apparatus for stimulating the sphenopalatine ganglion to modify properties of the BBB and cerbral blood flow
Built-in-eye eyesight stimulating apparatus
System and method for managing refractory periods in a cardiac rhythm management device with biventricular sensing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid heater
Misalignment detector and image forming apparatus
Judgment lock for occupant detection air bag control
Vehicular passenger protection system against lateral collision
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydroelectric turbine and method for producing electricity from tidal flow
Wind energy plant with an asynchronous machine for determining the azimuth position
Method of adjusting the vaporization rate of a device
Automatic power controller
Alignment method and apparatus and exposure apparatus
Method for diagnosing as to signal plausibility with a speed sensor of a motor vehicle
Method of evaluating fiber PMD using POTDR trace
Double sided optical inspection of thin film disks or wafers
Surface inspecting apparatus
X-ray CT system
Method and system for measuring a condition of a structure
System and method for fall detection
Method for correcting an oscillator frequency
Pade' Approximant based compensation for integrated sensor modules and the like
Contact probe
Selecting die placement on a semiconductor wafer to reduce test time
Systems for wafer level burn-in of electronic devices
Methodology to measure many more transistors on the same test area
Adaptive access control in LAN relaying apparatus
Guided underwater object
Blind signal separation using signal path selection
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for liquid-solution
Optical properties restoration apparatus, the restoration method, and an optical system used in the apparatus
Zoom lens
Deflection mirror, a deflection mirror manufacturing method, an optical writing apparatus, and an image formation apparatus
Method and structure of patterning landing pad structures for spatial light modulators
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Deformable mirror having displacement detecting function
Wavelength-tunable optical filter
Non-planar prism
Space-variant subwavelength dielectric grating and applications thereof
Fiber demarcation box with cable management
Image input scanner having a waveguide platen
Semiconductor optical amplifier and optical module using the same
Communication system using sheet light guide
Dual-band wavelength division multiplexer
Methods and apparatus for optical switching using electrically movable optical fibers
Image pick up apparatus
Refractive projection objective
Display device
Optical address type spatial light modulator
Lamp wires of a liquid crystal display secured in trenches extending at an angle to a plate sidewall
LCD tile display
Display device
Method for curing sealant used when sealing an LCD panel
Semiconductor device
Liquid crystal display apparatus having wide transparent electrode and stripe electrodes
Display device
Apparatus, method, program and recording medium for image restoration
Light diffusing substrate, transmission screen, and display device
Exposure apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus with divided output of DC high voltage source
Developing cartridge, air communication unit of developing cartridge and toner cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Enhanced environment visualization using holographic stereograms
Pulse width modulation (PWM) rectifier with variable switching frequency
Apparatus and method for controlling fan drive in computer system
Remote management of field devices in a manufacturing plant
Emigrant reception system, emigrant gate system, emigrant control system, emigrant control method, passport applicant information management method, layout of emigrant gate, immigrant reception system, immigrant gate system, immigrant control system, immigrant control method, layout of immigrant gate system, and passport
Output service provision system, virtual object management terminal, mobile object, virtual object management terminal program, mobile object program, and output service provision method
Low-power high-performance integrated circuit and related methods
Semiconductor device equipped with a voltage step-up circuit
Closed-loop digital control system for a DC/DC converter
Hard disk drive system and keying method
System for verifying media video decoding capability of a software model
System for testing network devices
Computer tomography unit with a data recording system
Method for multilevel printing of digital images using reduced colorant amounts
Method and system for predictive physiological gating of radiation therapy
Public addressing system
Remote control method and apparatus, remote controller, and apparatus and system based on such remote control
Generation of subtitles or captions for moving pictures
Method for dynamic context scope selection in hybrid N-gram+LSA language modeling
System and method for evaluating character sets to determine a best match encoding a message
Method for allocation of web pages using neural networks
Method for testing an electric circuit
Motion control apparatus for vehicle
Method, apparatus, and system for assessing conditions
System and method of selecting a motor for a wellbore
Reverse rotation preventing electronic cam curve generating method based on electronic cam type rotary cutter control and control device therefor
Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Electric power monitoring and response system
Step to save current table for later use
Automated management of development project files over a network
Searching for object images with reduced computation
Positron emission tomograph apparatus
Image output apparatus capable of switching states, and image output method, storage medium and program therefore
Printer apparatus with integrated graphical user interface and method for using the same
Systems and methods for inspecting natural or manufactured products
Fingerprint authenticating system for carrying out a fingerprint authentication by using a small fingerprint sensor
Mobile fingerprint scanner and docking station
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
System and method for data encryption/decryption
Image processing method, apparatus and memory medium therefor
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Method of calculating sub-pixel movement and position tracking sensor using the same
Code reader performing coded image decoding using non-dedicated decode processor
Image reader
Negotiable instrument processing apparatus
Methods and apparatus for generating multi-level graphics data
Facilitating the sale of ad items via the internet
Printing and delivery of digital images and merged information from a central receiving agency
Apparatus for encrypting and recording received content information on a recording medium using both medium identification information and a cipher key for encryption
Market based control of structural movement
Method, apparatus, and system for rendering using a progressive cache
Method for navigating in a multi-scale three-dimensional scene
Direct reading stadia rod for use with laser level
Pre-installed appliance with warning system and methods of operation
Apparatus and method for asynchronously analyzing data to detect radioactive material
EAS tag with ball clutch
Audio modulated light system for personal electronic devices
Intersection safety light assembly and method
Vehicle environment monitoring device, vehicle environment monitoring method, control program and computer-readable recording medium
Driving method and driving apparatus for a field emission device
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Touch screen with rotationally isolated force sensor
Method and apparatus of electrotactile panel with pointing system
Method to implement an adaptive-area partial ink layer for a pen-based computing device
Shading polygons from a three-dimensional model
Inner type touch panel, process for producing the same and display unit
Rendering ink strokes of variable width and angle
Virtual display headset
Picture display device and method of driving the same
Display device and method of driving the same
Data signal line drive circuit, drive circuit, image display device incorporating the same, and electronic apparatus using the same
Image display device
Signal line drive circuit, image display device, and portable apparatus
System and method for georeferencing digital raster maps with resistance to potential errors
Sound encoder and sound decoder performing multiplexing and demultiplexing on main codes in an order determined by auxiliary codes
Script compliance using speech recognition
Slim spindle motor and micro-drive apparatus comprising the same
Use of offline servo track writer together with single pass servo writing process
Systems using extended servo patterns with variable multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
Magnetic head having a damascene-fabricated write coil structure with coil layers extending between the poles for reduced electrical resistance
Self-pinned CPP sensor using Fe/Cr/Fe structure
Air bearing slider having a bearing profile contoured for pressurization proximate to nodal regions of a slider-disc interface
Track-locking method and apparatus for optical disk drive
Disk recording medium, disk manufacturing method, and disk drive apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling tracking and focusing servo in a holographic digital data storage system
Optical pickup device
Land pre-pit address demodulating device
Magnetic random access memory device having thermal agitation property and high write efficiency
Sensing scheme for a non-volatile semiconductor memory cell
Method and architecture to calibrate read operations in synchronous flash memory
Semiconductor memory and method for operating a semiconductor memory comprising a plurality of memory cells
Capacity dividable memory IC
Method and apparatus for data compression in memory devices
Memory system with bit-line discharging mechanism
Semiconductor device
Modular automation device including control and power units
Capacitor element of solid electrolytic capacitor, method of making the capacitor element, and solid electrolytic capacitor using the capacitor element
Chip capacitor and method for the production thereof
Multi-stable micro electromechanical switches and methods of fabricating same
Electron accelerator and radiotherapy apparatus using same
Illuminator for photodynamic therapy
Light emitting display device with thin film transistor having organic and inorganic insulating films
Device and method utilizing electromechanical conversion element
Sound or ultrasound sensor
Low profile antenna insert nut
Vehicular glass-mount antenna and system
Wide-band fractal antenna
Low-profile lens antenna
Frequency-agile beam scanning reconfigurable antenna
Fiber laser system with increased optical damage threshold
Apparatus for detecting arc faults
Method for detecting arc faults
Electrostatic discharge protection in a semiconductor device
Redundant power distribution system
Selectable source input power supply
Overcharge/overdischarge detection apparatus, overcharge/overdischarge detection circuit, and semiconductor apparatus
Stator coil arrangement for an axial airgap electric device including low-loss materials
Electric motor pole position sensing method, pole position sensing apparatus, and electric motor control apparatus using the same
Method of inverter linearization in electric machines through secondary modulation
Pulse-width modulation method for a frequency converter
Method for determining output currents of frequency converter
Apparatus and method for charging and discharging a capacitor to a predetermined setpoint
Torsional vibration suppressing method and apparatus in electric motor speed control system
Process of using hydraulic turbines to generate electricity
Variable inductor, oscillator including the variable inductor and radio terminal comprising this oscillator, and amplifier including the variable inductor and radio terminal comprising this amplifier
Self-biased active VCO level shifter
Surface mounting crystal oscillator
Error generation for adaptive equalizer
Phase-locked loop circuitry for programmable logic devices
Analog delay chain having more uniformly distributed capacitive loads and analog delay cell for use in chain
Circuit for providing a base operating voltage for a bipolar transistor and amplifier circuit
Power gating structure having data retention and intermediate modes
Digital time constant tracking technique and apparatus
Programmable logic device with on-chip nonvolatile user memory
High-performance charge-pump circuit for phase-locked loops
Scalable integrated circuit architecture with analog circuits
Resistor ladder interpolation for subranging ADC
Switched capacitance circuit and analog/digital converter including said circuit
Digital driver and display device
Low power, high SNR, high order delta sigma modulator stage having integrators with pipelined cross coupled input circuits
Selective lossless, lossy, or no compression of data based on address range, data type, and/or requesting agent
Method of generating Huffman code length information
Single-stage and multi-stage low power interconnect architectures
Categorization of impairments affecting a communication channel
Method and system for frequency offset estimation
Multi-stage filter circuit and digital signal processing circuit employing the same
Method and apparatus for reducing DC offsets in communication systems using universal frequency translation technology
System and method for frequency translation with harmonic suppression using mixer stages
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and transmission medium
Peripheral device receiver detection in a high noise environment
Asymmetric digital subscriber loop modem
Circuit arrangement for a predistorted feedback coupling from a transmitter to a receiver in a multi-mode mobile telephone
Method and apparatus for transform domain video processing
Linear full-rate phase detector and clock and data recovery circuit
Supervisory control plane over wavelength routed networks
Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating data into a variable-length code and providing a sync signal to the train of codes
Receiver calibration apparatus, method, and system
Method and apparatus for performing an access procedure
Arrangement for router attachments between roaming mobile routers in a clustered network
Apparatus and method for stabilization of the transmission power of radios
Method for discovery and routing within mobile ad-hoc networks
Rake receiver for tracking closely spaced multipath
Self configuring high throughput medium access control for wireless networks
Method and apparatus for adaptive setting of initial traffic power
Apparatus and method of realizing link access control protocol for IP multicasting packet transmission in a mobile communication network
Traffic manager, gateway signaling and provisioning service for all packetized networks with total system-wide standards for broadband applications including all legacy services
Method of controlling timing for uplink synchronous transmission scheme
Method for managing radio resource in mobile communication system
System and method for applying transmit windowing in ADSL+networks
Communications system
Network optimisation method
Method, system and apparatuses for transferring audio and/or video signals between synchronous and asynchronous network and for minimizing delay time in such networks
Multilevel coding with unequal error protection and time diversity for bandwidth efficient transmission
Arrangement for dynamic DC offset compensation
Method and apparatus for temporally correcting a data signal
Generating two signals having a mutual phase difference of
Memoryless spectrum correction algorithm for non-ideal I/Q demodulators
High speed source synchronous signaling for interfacing VLSI CMOS circuits to transmission lines
Stream cipher having a combiner function with storage based shuffle unit
Methods and apparatus for encrypting a binary string
Radio frequency device
Radio modem terminal for mobile communication
Portable device displaying an image provided by photographing
Device independent caller ID
Method and system for acquiring information with voice input
Security alarm operation in telephone device
Subscriber line interface circuitry
Dynamic loading and creation of functional objects in a wireless device
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
Communication system and keyset therefore capable of identifying selected user locations
Method and system for providing calling name identification requery
Message transfer part point code mapping method and node
Method and apparatus for handling calls requiring the support of an intelligent network
Method and apparatus for organizing scanned images
Image forming apparatus and method
Method for correcting unadjusted threshold arrays for halftoning by use of parameterized transfer functions that generate adjusted threshold arrays at run time
Stereo camera
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Video switching systems and methods
Information recording medium, information recording method and apparatus, and information playback method and apparatus
Systems and methods for retrofitting electronic appliances to accept different content formats
Digital stream transcoder with a hybrid-rate controller
Systems and methods for fast random access and backward playback of video frames using decoded frame cache
Data encoding in radio frequency identification transponders
Mobile network simulator apparatus
Apparatus and methods of handling simultaneous universal terrestrial radio access network radio resource control procedures with activation times in universal mobile telecommunications system user equipment
Door control system and method for vehicles
Instantaneous electric water heaters
Fluid heater with low porosity thermal mass
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Apparatus and methods for microchannel cooling of semiconductor integrated circuit packages
Fanless high-efficiency cooling device using ion wind
Thermal heat spreaders designed for lower cost manufacturability, lower mass and increased thermal performance
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Radiation monitoring of a physical property of a material
Catheter guided by optical coherence domain reflectometry
Compensation of differential floating capacitance between dual microelectrodes
Method and system for providing virtual grid for portal imaging in a radiotherapy system
Device and method for determining future fracture risk
Methods and apparatus for positioning a CT imaging x-ray beam
Method and apparatus for region of interest multislice CT scan
Methods and apparatus for using interlaced scans in CT imaging
Solid-state CT system and method
X-ray computed tomography apparatus with modulation of the x-ray power of the x-ray source
Pair of goggles with incorporated magnifying glasses
Radiotherapy apparatus with independent rotation mechanisms
Delivery modification system for radiation therapy
Monitor for sports stadiums
Cinema networking system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Self-targeting reader system for remote identification
Laser processing apparatus
Holder for attaching a component with a dovetail slot
Optical disk
Optical recording medium
Digital impositioning apparatus
Thermal transfer printer
Printer using thermal print head
Image formation apparatus correction system
Video display positioning system
Sheet media skew adjustment in a printer output
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dielectric ceramic composition and monolithic ceramic component
Method of counting microorganisms and device for accomplishing the counting
DNA optical storage device using Forster energy transfer mechanism
Fixed Constructions
Component housing device
Switches for use in tools
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermally equalized X-ray tube bearing
Surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Induction heating furnace and bottom tapping mechanism thereof
Orientation dependent radiation source
Optical target and apparatus and method for automatic identification thereof
Active compensator damping in laser transmitters
Surveying apparatus comprising a height measuring device
System and method for real-time mapping and transfer of coordinate position data from a virtual computer-aided design workspace to the real workspace
Electronic apparatus with azimuth meter and azimuth measuring method in this electronic apparatus
Apparatus for facilitating observation of the screen upon reproduction
Absolute encoder
Radiation detector and an apparatus for use in radiography
Spectrophotometer for color printer color control with displacement insensitive optics
Range gated remote measurement utilizing two-photon absorption
High throughput optical scanner
Tooth color measurement system
Method and apparatus for timing intermittent illumination of a sample tube positioned on a centrifuge platen and for calibrating a sample tube-imaging system
Measuring device and the use thereof
Parallel detecting, spectroscopic ellipsometers/polarimeters
Sample inspection system
Microfilm search device
Method for optical detection of analyte molecules in a natural biological medium
Defect inspection method and apparatus for silicon wafer
Apparatus and method for detecting accuracy of drill holes on a printed circuit board
X-ray diffraction apparatus and method for measuring X-ray rocking curves
Fluorescent x-ray analyzing method and apprartus
Method for positioning a magnetoresistive head using a thermal response to servo information on the record medium
Fiber optic seismic sensor
Method of controlling a sparse vector rasterizer
Non-invasive digital cable test system
Device for testing clock pulse generating circuit
Continuous free layer spin valve sensor with patterned exchange underlayer stabilization
Distance measuring apparatus
Dual channel switch with frequency band limiting
Seismic sensor shroud package
Real-time three-dimensional weather data processing method and system
Convex brewster-cut crystal for nonlinear frequency conversion
Photoactivated method and device for broadband limitation of a luminous flux
Wide-angle lens system
Two position optical element actuator device
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Zoom lens system
Eyepiece variable focal length optics
Telescope and binoculars
Illumination apparatus for a microscope
Microscope with illuminating optical system
Optical system
Image stabilizing apparatus
Illuminated optical enlargement device
Optical data modulation system with self-damped electromechanical conformal grating
Vertical comb drive actuated deformable mirror device and method
Micro-dynamic optical device
Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus and optical scanning method
Optical system for scanning
Image display apparatus
Optical emitter array with collimating optics unit
Device for displaying lenticular displays
Methods for manufacturing micropolarizers
Polarization beam splitter
Projection display with three polarization beam splitter prisms
Image stabilizing optical lens device with decentering of lens sub-unit
Temperature-compensated optical filter assemblies and related methods
Liquid crystal display device using a hologram, hologram scatter plate, and process of replicating a diffuse reflection type hologram
Optical wavelength multiplex transmission method and optical dispersion compensation method
Method for connecting optical waveguide and optical semiconductor device and apparatus for connecting the same
Precisely adjustable optical device having vibration and temperature stability
Compact image display system for eyeglasses or other head-borne frames
Fabricating optical waveguide gratings
Color filtering and absorbing total internal reflection image display
Light modulator
Robust reset-free polarization controller consisting of quarter-wavelength plates
Optical modulator
Variable optical attenuator utilizing Faraday effect
LCD having particular dielectric constant relationship between orientation film and LC layer
Projection system
Reflective-type liquid crystal display device and reflecting substrate thereof
Active matrix liquid crystal display device including wiring line with light blocking property columnar spacers and frame pattern around display area
Display device and electronic timepiece
Liquid crystal devices comprising a multitude of domains having different threshold voltages for switching liquid crystals
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Image display apparatus
Liquid crystal display having an electrostatic protection circuit
Liquid crystal display device including thin film transistors having gate electrodes completely covering the semiconductor
Electrooptical device and method of fabricating the same
Two-terminal type non-linear element, manufacturing method thereof and liquid crystal display panel
Connection assembly for reflective liquid crystal projection with branched PCB display
Reflecting type liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display with sub pixel regions defined by sub electrode regions
Free-space thermo-optical devices
Lenticular lens sheet and method for producing it
Photosensitive media cartridge having an ambient condition sensor
Projection exposure apparatus
Lithographic projection apparatus
X-ray apparatus
Developing method and developing unit
Method for removing pollution material which remain on an engine of an image forming apparatus
Electronic timepiece with calendar month-end non-correction device
Electronic timepiece and display method of electronic timepiece
Position control device for use in library device and method thereof
Internal supply voltage generating cicuit in a semiconductor memory device and method for controlling the same
Clock synchronization circuit and semiconductor device having the same
Portable computer structure having module room suitable for multiple replaceable modules
Electronic device with battery pack
Electronic device
Keyboard with belt clip attachment and height adjustment
Portable computer having a display module moveable among closed, keyboard typing and image viewing positions
User configured palm rests for a portable computer system
Portable computer assembly with a detachable battery module
Screwless computer case assembly
Circuit board mounting apparatus and associated methods
Electronic apparatus having a heat dissipation member
Noise protection device
Watchdog timer for resetting microcomputer before runaway
Method and apparatus for achieving efficient memory subsystem write-to-read turnaround through read posting
Graphic processor and data processing system
Method and system for capturing destination addresses from label data
Information management and synchronous communications system with menu generation
Message handling apparatus and method
User interface to provide a physical view of movable physical entities
Display apparatus for interlocked movement of scroll buttons and scroll box of scroll bar, display control method and storage medium
Automatic highlighting tool for document composing and editing software
Keyboard deck
Intelligent selection of graphic objects keypoints and relationships
Input pen
Method and apparatus for presenting information in a display system using transparent windows
Method of and an apparatus for generating a display
Method and apparatus for sustaining write throughput in disk drives
Method for real time customization of a dialog box for accessing a library within a network printing system
Information processing apparatus and method of controlling same
Job control in a printing system utilizing object-oriented modules in a distributed object system
Network system having printers, printer for network system, server for network and terminal for network system
Printer control circuit, printer and print system
Apparatus and methods for analyzing software systems
Method for displaying controls in a system using a graphical user interface
Tape printer
Image processing apparatus and image processing system using the apparatus
Vector magnitude control of a comb filter
Printer effort reduction through caching and reduction
Adjusting image processing condition
Electrical isolation between IR receiver and further electronic circuits
Method and apparatus for use in entering financial data into an electronic device
Image process apparatus, image process method and storage medium
Method and parallelizing geometric processing in a graphics rendering pipeline
Method of reconstruction of a three-dimensional image of an element of interest
Interactive graphical method for analyzing many-dimensional data sets
Method and apparatus for rendering sub-pixel anti-aliased graphics on stripe topology color displays
Method and apparatus for delivering 3D graphics in a networked environment using transparent video
Three-dimensional simulator apparatus and image synthesis method using texture computation and texture information storage
Computer generated paint stamp compensation
Methods for creating an image for a three-dimensional display, for calculating depth information and for image processing using the depth information
Method for rendering shadows using a shadow volume and a stencil buffer
Method, system and computer program product for multi-pass bump-mapping into an environment map
System and method for generating an animatable character
Streamlined architecture for embodied conversational characters with reduced message traffic
Method, apparatus and computer medium for surface reconstruction by Voronoi filtering
Printing method and apparatus and printing system including printing apparatus
Digital processing apparatus and method for use in enlarging the size of an image displayed on a 2D fixed-pixel screen
Data converting apparatus, method thereof, and recording medium
Image processing method and apparatus
Letter-box filtering circuit and method using the same
Optic flow sensor with fused elementary motion detector outputs
Progressive image signal transmitter, progressive image signal receiver and, medium
Video encoding device
Encoding circuit for transform coding of a picture signal and decoding circuit for decoding said signal
Method and apparatus for inverse quantization of MPEG-4 video
Method and apparatus for video rate control using a radial basis function rate estimator
Error resilient video coding using reversible variable length codes (RVLCs)
Separation timer having a visually prominent timing-key
Multiplex communication system
Information display system and information display method
Plasma display panel and apparatus and method for driving the same
Display apparatus capable of adjusting subfield number according to brightness
Display comprising organic smart pixels
Apparatus for applying voltages to individual columns of pixels in a color electro-optic display device
Output level averaging circuit for LCD source driver
Digital driver circuit for electro-optical device and electro-optical device having the digital driver circuit
Liquid crystal display driving method/driving circuit capable of being driven with equal voltages
Intelligent screen saver using image difference
Optimized lookup table method for converting Yuv pixel values to RGB pixel values
Methods and apparatus for rendering multiple images using a limited rendering resource
Thermoacoustic communications system
Speech-responsive voice messaging system and method
Magneto-optical recording medium and reproducing method for reproducing magnetic domain in enlarged form on a reproducing layer
Magneto-optical recording method capable of adjusting the sizes magnetic domain
Recording and/or reproduction system for recording medium
Media identification for magnetic tape drive
Cartridge picker for automated library
Picker mechanism for a recording medium library
Small library works-in-a-drawer
Recording and/or reproducing device having actuating means for the actuation of holder means for a record carrier
Disc player, and disc playback method
Data compression/decompression circuit and method
Adaptive equalizing circuit
Insertion of ones and zeroes into I-NRZI modulation for magnetic recording apparatus to facilitate head tracking
Information reproduction apparatus, information recording apparatus, and reference mark detection circuit
Clock signal generating system
Rewrite with embedded reassign for data recovery from marginally defective data sites on a data storage device
Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Positioning structure of a flexible printed circuit for a pick-up used in a disc drive and pick-up assembly used in a disc drive
Multiplexing servo tracking signals in a disk drive
Positioning system for use in an information recording/reproducing apparatus
Self-orienting printer controller for printing on the non-recordable label face of a compact disk
Recording/playback apparatus, recording/playback method, presentation medium and recording medium
Apparatus and method for detecting defects in data storage devices
Disk drive configured to expand to disk-storing size from compact size that is smaller than diameter of disk
High capacity, low profile disk drive system
Heat dissipation system of magnetic recording disk
Securing mechanism and method for an optical disc drive
Magnetoresistive effect type reproducing head and magnetic disk apparatus equipped with the reproducing head
Contact type magnetic disc apparatus
Reduction of magnetic side writing in thin film magnetic heads using negative profiled pole tips
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same and thin-film magnetic head material and method of manufacturing same
Thin film magnetic head and assembled construction thereof
Magnetoresistive read head having reduced barkhausen noise
Magnetic read head with an insulator layer between an MR sensor and rear portions of current contacts to provide enhanced sensitivity
Wireless disk drive suspension with optimized mechanical and electrical properties
Storage device with means for efficiently positioning a head on a disk including guard areas lacking position information
Pickup adjusting apparatus of a disk player
System and method for extending the operating life of a magnetoresistive transducer provided in a disk drive system
Air bearing slider and manufacturing method therefor
Optical pickup device having compatibility with tracking system, and optical disk recording/reproduction apparatus using the same
Information recording medium, information recording method and information recording apparatus
Method and apparatus of multibeam optical disc readout
Optical pick-up actuator using a concentrated magnetization
Optical pick-up device
Recording and simultaneously reading information recorded on a moveable optical recording medium by adjusting the relative position of first and second beam paths
Protective cover for an optical disc
Methods and structure for maximizing signal to noise ratio in resistive array
MRAM device including offset conductors
Thermally-assisted magnetic random access memory (MRAM)
Nonvolatile memory and its driving method
Non-volatile memory cell and sensing method
Method and apparatus for supplying regulated power to memory device components
Semiconductor device including a memory cell array
Negative voltage generating circuit with high control responsiveness which can be formed using transistor with low breakdown voltage and semiconductor memory device including the same
Semiconductor memory device with sense amplifier power supply configuration capable of supplying stable power supply voltage to sense amplifiers
Semiconductor memory device with improved column selecting operation
Semiconductor memory device
Multilevel non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and read method
Integrated circuit structure including three-dimensional memory array
Power-off state storage apparatus and method
Content addressable memory using part of memory region to store data which should not be erased
Content Addressable Memory array, cell, and method using 5-transistor compare circuit and avoiding crowbar current
Redundant scheme for CAMRAM memory array
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile memory system, semiconductor memory, and writing method
Non-volatile memory device
Split-gate flash cell for virtual ground architecture
I/O partitioning system and methodology to reduce band-to-band tunneling current during erase
Architecture for handling internal voltages in a non-volatile memory, particularly in a single-voltage supply type of dual-work flash memory
Semiconductor nonvolatile memory using floating gate
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with reliable verify operation
Parallel access of cross-point diode memory arrays
Redundancy multiplexer for a semiconductor memory configuration
Delay locked loop monitor test mode
Synchronous semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of test time reduction
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device having a test mode decision circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device having a circuit for testing memories
Integrated circuit device with expandable nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Reference voltage generator for MRAM and method
Reducing level shifter standby power consumption
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of high speed generation of rewrite voltage
Memory package, memory system and hot-line insertion/removal method thereof
Semiconductor memory and method of saving energy of the memory
Memory incorporating column register and method of writing in said memory
Reference signal generation for magnetic random access memory devices
Voltage differential sensing circuit and methods of using same
Method for tracking metal bit line coupling effect
Programmable delay control for sense amplifiers in a memory
Method for operating an integrated circuit having a sleep mode
Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of banks sharing a column control unit
Integrated circuit having a decoder unit and an additional input of a decoder unit to determine a number of outputs to be activated
Read reference scheme for non-volatile memory
Row and column accessible memory with a built-in multiplex
Random access memory having a read/write address bus and process for writing to and reading from the same
Synchronous semiconductor device and method for latching input signals
Nuclear fuel assembly
X-ray lens and method of manufacturing X-ray lens
Semiconductor electronic part
Circuit breaker
Push-button water-resistant switching device
Display apparatus
X-ray tube provided with a rare earth anode
X-ray tube
Heat pipe heat sink assembly for cooling semiconductor chips
Methods of forming HSG capacitors from nonuniformly doped amorphous silicon layers and HSG capacitors formed thereby
Heat sink assembly having inner and outer heatsinks
U-shaped heat sink assembly
Multi-board BGA package
Semiconductor integrated device
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit
Surge preventing circuit for an insulated gate type transistor
Fingered capacitor in an integrated circuit
Ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) device and method for controlling read/write operations thereof
Semiconductor memory device including an SOI substrate
Antenna on-glass
GPS receiving antenna with ensured magnet attraction and firm mounting of antenna body
Apparatus for testing mobile telephones
Slot antenna device
Narrowband/wideband dual mode antenna
Multi-step circular horn system
Mesh tensioning, retention and management systems for large deployable reflectors
Antenna with a stripline feed
Antenna having a helical antenna element extending along a cylindrical flexible substrate
Quadrifilar antenna
Antenna for radiating and receiving electromagnetic waves
Slot antenna assembly having an adjustable tuning apparatus
Reconfigurable antenna for multiple band, beam-switching operation
Laser clamping assembly and method
Compact optical amplifier with integrated optical waveguide and pump source
Laser oscillation method and device and laser scalpel
Optical fiber mode-locked laser
Wavelength division multiplexing optical fiber amplifier
Laser diode pumped solid state laser
Solid-state laser apparatus and laser process apparatus
Optical gain equalizer, and method for producing the optical gain equalizer, and applications of the optical gain equalizer
Method and apparatus to perform automatic gain equalization using raman amplifiers
Multiple pass optical amplifier with thermal birefringence compensation
Coherent beam combiner for a high power laser
Optical communication system with co-propagating pump radiation for raman amplification
Regrown notch laser
Compact wavelength-independent wavelength-locker for absolute wavelength stability of a laser diode
Window type semiconductor laser light emitting device and a process of fabricating thereof
Semiconductor laser module, and method for driving the semiconductor laser module
Multiplexed medical diode laser system
Smart laser diode array assembly
Method and apparatus for deriving power system data from configurable source points
Total electrical transient eliminator
System and method for monitoring current consumption from current share components
Reclosing apparatus for auxiliary systems
Hybrid filter for an alternating current network
Precision switching power amplifier and uninterruptible power system
Switching power supply with reduced energy transfer during a fault condition
Switched mode power supply with programmable skipping mode
Method and system for detecting a zero current level in a line commutated converter
Power conversion system and method of power conversion
Low voltage charge pump employing distributed charge boosting
Transformer-coupled switching power converter having primary feedback control
Active bleed voltage balancing circuit
Frequency converter
Drive unit for electric motors including a circuit board with power distribution bars
Harmonic blocking reactor for nine-phase converter system
Direct current-supplying circuit for inductances
Analog/digital PWM control circuit of a winding
Insulated gate type semiconductor apparatus with a control circuit
Signal multiplexing circuit
Level shifter
Assembly for generating a consecutive count
Dual-modulus prescaler
Synchronous type flip-flop circuit of semiconductor device
High-speed cell search system for CDMA
Synchronization detection device and its method
Array antenna system of wireless base station
Integral transmitter-receiver optical communication apparatus
Two path digital wavelength stabilization
High-sensitivity, high-speed digital optical photoreceiver
Nonlinear temporal grating as a new optical solitary wave
Method and Circuit for testing devices with serial data links
Communication system based on echo canceler tap profile
High density multiple digital signal connection interface with reduced cross talk
Base station apparatus and transmission power control method
CDMA power control system
Down-traffic-signal transmission system
Mobile-station transmitter/receiver
Device and method for generating spread spectrum signal using pseudo-orthogonal code in CDMA mobile communications system
Add-drop multiplexer of duplicated configuration having increased transport capacity
Communication network and method, and node and exchange node used therein
Frame synchronous pattern processing apparatus and frame synchronous pattern detection apparatus and method for detecting frame synchronous pattern
Unbalanced quadrature waveform
Methods and apparatus for coherent detection of signals with orthogonal data modulation
Communication system architecture and a management control agent and operating protocol therefor
Method for detecting and resolving data corruption in a UART based communication network
Network architecture and call processing system
Method and system for dynamically triggering flow-based quality of service shortcuts through a router
Broadcast control system, network element, and switching node apparatus with broadcast cell routing capabilities in asynchronous transmission mode network
Method and apparatus for transmission of node link status messages throughout a network with reduced communication protocol overhead traffic
Virtual port trunking method and apparatus
Allocation of bandwidth in a packet switched network among subscribers of a service provider
Network controller
Serial media independent interface
Multi-stage lookup for translating between signals of different bit lengths
Method and apparatus for mapping data packets between lines of differing capacity at a router interface
Router apparatus using ATM switch
Signaling for timely forwarding in packet switching network with a common time reference
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Method and apparatus for DTMF signaling on compressed voice networks
Enhanced interworking function for interfacing digital cellular voice and fax protocols and internet protocols
Adaptive equalization and baseline wander correction circuit
Transmission method and radio system
Method and apparatus for packet transmission with header compression
Filter system for information network traffic
Extending internet calls to a telephony call center
Apparatus and method for preventing screen savers from shutting down ToL clients
Method and apparatus for routing service request/agent programs to service provided sites wherein said programs comprise of a list of the sites visited
Wan-based gateway
Method and apparatus for compressing and transmitting high speed data
Mobile communications system which uses TDMA for speech data and OFDM for control/extended data
Transceiver circuit and method
Method and apparatus for reliable reception of VDSL signals
Two-part electronic device
Modular test instrument
System and method for identifying and announcing a caller and a callee of an incoming telephone call
System and method for handling special number calls using on-demand answering stations
Communication server apparatus and method
Direct digital access arrangement circuitry and method for connecting to phone lines
Reduced signal loss surge protection circuit
Integrated communication error reporting system
Data preparation for traffic track usage measurement
System to test a connection in a telephone network
Line testing in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for qualifying loops for data services
Method and system for allowing access to traditional voice mail and interactive voice response systems over internet-like networks
Facsimile module self-diagnostic system for digital circuit multiplication equipment
Facsimile device utilizing process unit for electrophotographic device
Apparatus for image correction of multifunctional peripherals and method therefor
Apparatus for forming images, method of controlling the apparatus, and storage medium
Image scanning unit
Image processing apparatus and system
Internet facsimile machine
Image communication apparatus, method, and system, and image communication processing program contained in computer-readable medium
Image processing apparatus and method for adjustment of density of copied image
Color gamut clipping
Image correction method
Method and apparatus for automated dynamics of three-dimensional graphics scenes for enhanced 3D visualization
Film carrier with film holding and conveying mechanisms
Horizontal display positioning circuit for CRT-type display device
Video display apparatus capable of displaying video signals of a plurality of types with different specifications
Suppression of co-channel NTSC interference artifacts when extracting training signal for a DTV receiver equalizer
Ergonomically designed digital camera capable of being held by one hand
Image capture device having cursor generating and control apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic electronic replacement of billboards in a video image
Method and apparatus for interlaced image enhancement
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Channel scan function and method of displaying scanned channels
Multi-screen display apparatus and video switching processing apparatus
Method for synchronizing HDTV format change with on screen display
Image size conversion interlaced for image data
Motion estimation and motion-compensated interpolition
Video phone multimedia announcement message toolkit
Imaging system and method for interactive control of image quality
RSVP support for upstream traffic
Video telemetry system for a satellite
Data switching apparatus for switching received data without changing coding unit
Methods and apparatus for processing luminance and chrominance image data
Encoding an information stream organized as a sequence of pictures
Digital video coding method and device
Vertically configured video projection system
Symbol color compensating method for color display system
ATM switch and method for controlling bandwidth and connection quality ATM connection
Fair share bandwidth allocation algorithm and device
Administrative weight assignment for enhanced network operation
Topology aggregation using parameter obtained by internodal negotiation
Packet and circuit switched communication network method and apparatus
Direct data access from a digital mobile network to data networks
Adaptive control of telecommunications systems with measurements of varying time-delays
Method for sharing channels between base station sectors and frequency assignments in code division multiple access system
Circuit device
Homogeneous electrode of a reactive metal alloy for vacuum arc remelting and a method for making the same from a plurality of induction melted charges
Card-shaped storage medium and information processing apparatus having guide portion for the same
PCB vertical and horizontal guide
Hinged electrical shielding for communication device
Electronic device
EMI reduction device and assembly
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