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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety XB38T05
Soybean variety S04-97026-N99-42648-01
Production of gamma linolenic acid by a .DELTA.6-desaturase
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Quinoxaline derivatives having antiviral activity
Use of active extracts to lighten skin, lips, hair, and/or nails
Retrofit motor and control for patio umbrellas
Travel bag with integrated support
Infant carrier with adjustable harness system
Headphone structure and storage therefor
Billiard ball rack
Enclosed toaster
Interspinous process implant sizer and distractor with a split head and size indicator and method
Vertebral arthrodesis equipment
Device for conjunctival/scleral compression to constrict superficial blood flow and method of use
Method for treating skin and underlying tissue
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and spinal disc annulus stent
Absorbent article
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Bone grafting material, method and implant
Bimetal tibial component construct for knee joint prosthesis
Modular humeral prosthesis and method
Limb with modular prosthetic components
Orthopedic polycentric hinge
Massage machine, information recorded medium, program writing method
Nitric oxide donor composition and method for treatment of anal disorders
Compositions for the treatment of pigmentation disorders and methods for their manufacture
Pyrrolidine ester derivatives with oxytocin modulating activity
Pyrrolidine melanocortin-specific compounds
Preemptive prophylaxis of migraine
Substituted porphyrins
Compounds and methods to treat cardiac failure and other disorders
Benzofuran derivatives as inhibitors of p38-.alpha. kinase
Treatment and diagnosis of alzheimer's disease
Tetrapeptide stimulating functional activity of neurons pharmacological agent based thereon and method of use thereof
Anti-chrondrosarcoma compounds
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis disorders
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other .beta.-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis disorders
Peptide antagonists of zonulin and methods for use of the same
Inhibitors of autophosphorylation protein kinases
Methods of treatment with antagonists of MU-1
Broad spectrum pyrogenic exotoxins antagonists and vaccines
Peptide mimics of conserved gonococcal epitopes and methods and compositions using them
Strain selection of pneumococcal surface proteins
Complexes of immunoglobulins and polysaccharides for oral and transmucosal absorption
Cytotoxicity mediation of cells evidencing surface expression of CD44
Sprayable beautifying composition
Methods and devices for improving cardiac function in hearts
Method for using acoustic shock waves in the treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer or a pressure sore
2, 3-benzodiazepine derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same as the active ingredient
Remote fire extinguisher station inspection
Methods for preventing and/or extinguishing fires
Golfing accessory
Interactive beverage bottle top
Reversibly metachromatic toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pump, pump for liquid chromatography, and liquid chromatography apparatus
Screening device, such as a screen cylinder, and method of manufacture of the screening device
Movable spray painting stand
Purification of difluoromethane
Method and device for desalting water
Apparatus for performing integrated process for reproduction of vinyl acetate and/or acetic acid using a fluidized bed
Method for synthesizing thin film electrodes
Method for renovating pipelines
Cleaning and sanitizing system
T-nut for hopper feeding having a projection
Method and apparatus for producing semiconductor or metal particles
Machine tool
Versatile adjustable stylus for key duplicating machine
Portable microwave plasma discharge unit
Process for making heterogeneous joints under shielding gas
Polishing apparatus
Orbital sander with liquid dispenser
Multi-bit driver
Kit to form a wood splitting apparatus
Auxiliary control station for a rear dispensing concrete mixing vehicle
Method for vacuum assisted resin transfer molding
Thermal-dye-transfer label capable of reproducing flesh tones
Low intrinsic viscosity and low acetaldehyde content polyester, hollow preforms and containers obtained from said polymer
Laminated biaxially-oriented polyamide film and process for producing the same
Flexible film packaging having removable strip
Circular chemiresistors for microchemical sensors
Optical waveguide microcantilever with differential output and associated methods of cantilever sensing
Doubly-anchored thermal actuator having varying flexural rigidity
Electrostatic actuator, droplet ejection head and droplet ejection device
Printhead chip that incorporates nozzle chamber reduction mechanisms
Electrostatic gating
Printhead wiper cleaning mechanism for an imaging apparatus
Ink cartridge for ink jet recording apparatus, connection unit and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet printhead assembly incorporating a data and power connection assembly
Valve for a printing apparatus
Generation of print data
Image recording apparatus and image recording method
Stencil printer with a duplex printing capability
Pushbutton controlled correction tape assembly
Conformal coverings for electronic devices
Pneumatic tire
Motorcycle with a rear-mounted radiator
Control knob throttle modulation
Power unit for vehicle with internal combustion engine
Collapsible seat assembly
Retractable load support system
Pick-up vehicle having a swivel device and swivel device for loading and unloading the pick-up vehicle
Composite impact assembly
Underrun protection for vehicles
Seat occupant load sensor
Modular trim assembly with air curtain for a motor vehicle
Cover structure for air bag device
Apparatus and method for controlling an inflatable cushion
Counterweight for hydraulic shovel
Brake device for a two-wheeled motor vehicle, and method of using same
Self-propelled vehicle for movement within a tubular member
Combined wagon and associated brake assembly
Shopping bag carrier
Multiuse lifting and rolling platform
Child transport vehicle and carrier adapted therefor
Suspension and drive mechanism for a multi-surface vehicle
All-surface vehicle
Bicycle with improved composite frame
Watercraft with wave deflecting hull
Omni thruster for motorboats and motoryachts
Watercraft propulsion machine
Convertible aircraft provided with two tilt fans on either side of the fuselage, and with a non-tilting fan inserted in the fuselage
Continuous power bus for seat power
Refueling booms with multiple couplings and associated methods and systems
Child resistant blister pack container for stacked blister packs
Dispensing system for wipes
Device for continuous winding of webs
Fluid dispenser assembly
Miniature reaction chamber template structure for fabrication of nanoscale molecular systems and devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dielectric material
Non-electric detonator
Process for producing alkylbenzene
Staged process for producing linear 2-phenyl-alkanes
Arylamine derivatives having fluorene skeleton, synthetic intermediates thereof, processes of producing those, and organic electrolumivescene devices
Trifluoromethylcarbinol terminated thiols
Selective liquid phase oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde
Method for making polycarbonate
Piperidin-2,6-dione bisulphate salts and their use for the treatment of stress related affective disorders
Methods and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors
Process for producing benzoxazine derivative and production intermediate thereof
C2-fluoro pyrrolo [2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepine dimers
High density, miniaturized arrays and methods of manufacturing same
Baboon TAFI polypeptides
Human gene critical to fertility
Replikin peptides in rapid replication of glioma cells and in influenza epidemics
Anti-KSA/IL-2 fusion proteins with reduced immunogenicity
Monoclonal human natural antibodies
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human p53 that activate p53 function
Enzyme-resistant starch and method for its production
Polymerisation initiators, polymerisable compositions, and uses thereof for bonding low surface energy substrates
Curable compositions and abrasive articles therefrom
Process for producing poly(ethylene-aromatic dicarboxylate ester) resin and resin product
Composition containing mixture of dihydroxybutane sulfonates
Polyurethane thickeners for aqueous systems
Iodine/iodide-containing hot melt coatable adhesive, methods and uses therefor
Crosslinked olefin elastomer foam
Elastomer composition for cross-linked olefin elastomer foam
Boehmite particles and polymer materials incorporating same
Physical methods of dispersing characteristic use particles and compositions thereof
Ink with bragg reflectors
Phosphor, light emitting device using phosphor, and display and lighting system using light emitting device
Polishing composition and method for forming wiring structure using the same
Compositions comprising 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane and use of these compositions
Coke chute systems and methods therefor
Softener composition
Non-ionic surfactants based upon alkyl polyglucoside
Mortierella alpina lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase homolog for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty acids and oil content in oleaginous organisms
Two-component system that controls bacterial membrane synthesis
Methods for improving seed characteristics
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Prostate-specific or testis-specific nucleic acid molecules, polypeptides, and diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Method and composition for clonal propagation of Pandanus amaryllifolius
Human RPS6KA6-related gene variant associated with lung cancers
Drosophila clipped FRT (cFRT) chromosome insensitive to P transposase, generating method thereof, and application thereof
Hyphal growth in fungi
Apparatus for culture, process for preparing apparatus for culture, and culturing method
Human papilloma virus immunoreactive peptides
Method for forming a passivated metal layer
Axial current meter for in-situ continuous monitoring of corrosion and cathodic protection current
Multi-layer printed circuit board and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor manufacturing system for forming metallization layer
Textiles; Paper
Yarn with heat-activated binder material and process of making
Safety cover for sewing machine
Over the door support apparatus
Process of treating lignocellulosic material to produce bio-ethanol
Low odor binders curable at room temperature
Fixed Constructions
Adjustable support assembly
Tarp connector
Metal seal with impact-absorbing ring
Finger boot basket
Multi-stage diffuser nozzle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Water-hydraulic machine
Cooling system including mini channels within a turbine blade of a turbine engine
Compressor heat regenerative system
Methods for operating a compression ignition engine
Oil pump for engine using gerotors having fully filtered oil flow
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine air intake structure
Wind power plant
Plunger lift system
Fan mounting means and method of making the same
Spring assisted two-piece motion-transmitting cable
Hydrostatic gas bearing, hydrostatic gas bearing device for use in vacuum environment, and gas recovering method for hydrostatic gas bearing device
Motor-driven steering apparatus
Fluid-filled active damping apparatus
Transmission clutch control system
On-demand two-speed transfer case with sliding annulus planetary gearset
Rolling bearing for belt driven continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for controlling a transmission of a vehicle
Control apparatus for power train including continuously variable transmission
Piston arrangement of a hydraulic actuating device on motor vehicles
Self-compensating clearance seal for centrifugal pumps
Secondary piston seal
Electromagnetic valve operating device with adjustable neutral position
LED headlamp array
Flexible tubular shape decoration lamp
Head light system
Display module
Liquid crystal display device, display device and backlight device
Planar light source device, liquid crystal display apparatus having the planar light source device and method for manufacturing them
Optical image projector and light source device for optical image projector
Burner with staged fuel injection
Method and process for co-combustion in a waste to-energy facility
Heat exchanger of ventilating system
Adjustable firearm trigger mechanism and method of adjustment
Fabrication of interleaved metallic and intermetallic composite laminate materials
Adjustable cam for a crossbow
Image-quality control system
System, device, and method for detecting perturbations via a fiber optic sensor
Apparatus and method for detecting hot spots in an electric power conductor
Zero headspace extractor and method for determining partitioning and contaminant release rates of volatile and semi-volatile compounds
Electrowetting electrode device with electromagnetic field for actuation of magnetic-bead biochemical detection system
Method for measuring substance and testing piece
Occult blood testing apparatus with features for enhancing ease of use
Characterization of individual polymer molecules based on monomer-interface interactions
Bead-based detection of ligand-GPCR-G protein complexes
Claudin polypeptides, polynucleotides, and methods of making and use thereof
Goodpasture antigen binding protein
Receptor ligands and methods of modulating receptors
Immunological assay system and method
Use of spatiotemporal response behavior in sensor arrays to detect analytes in fluids
Method for writing a planar waveguide having gratings of different center wavelengths
Latch type optical module
Micro-optical module with housing and method for producing the same
Vehicle accessory module
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
Projection optical system
Micro display projection system
Photothermographic image-recording material
Method of forming fine patterns
Method for replenishing development replenisher in automatic developing machine for photosensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Photoresist composition for deep UV and process thereof
Characterizing flare of a projection lens
Image forming apparatus and developing device therefor
Toner and image-forming apparatus using the same
Gas pressure regulator
Accelerator pedal with braking action
Machine-readable symbol and related method
Secure card package for transaction cards and method of activating the same
Printing ink, use of micro-wires as antennas in security documents, method for producing a security document and methods for authentication of security documents
Personnel location control system with informational message presentation
Tremolo assembly
Musical tone signal-generating apparatus and control program therefor
Use of conductor compositions in electronic circuits
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Manufacturing method for crystalline semiconductor material and manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Wiring material and a semiconductor device having a wiring using the material, and the manufacturing method thereof
Micromachine and manufacturing method
Layer sequence for producing a composite material for electromechanical components
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of correcting amplitude defect in multilayer film of EUVL mask
Stopper for chemical mechanical planarization, method for manufacturing same, and chemical mechanical planarization method
Strengthening the interface between dielectric layers and barrier layers with an oxide layer of varying composition profile
Manufacturing method for a recessed channel array transistor and corresponding recessed channel array transistor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for copper film quality enhancement with two-step deposition
Manufacturing method for wiring
CMOS device integration for low external resistance
Process for forming a direct build-up layer on an encapsulated die packages utilizing intermediate structures
Wafer level packages and methods of fabrication
Display panel, display panel inspection method, and display panel manufacturing method
Method for isolating semiconductor devices
Formation of standard voltage threshold and low voltage threshold MOSFET devices
Semiconductor package with exposed heat sink and the heat sink thereof
Bottom heat spreader
Heat spreader and package structure utilizing the same
Interlocking via for package via integrity
RFID-chip having RFID-tag or magnifying electrode
High frequency integrated circuit using capacitive bonding
Device and method for correcting the reset noise and/or the fixed pattern noise of an active pixel for an image sensor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Light-emitting device with coating film on portions of substrates and sealing member
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Electron injection composition for light emitting element, light emitting element, and light emitting device
Semiconductor quantum dot device
One transistor flash memory cell
Methods to improve photonic performances of photo-sensitive integrated circuits
Solid-state image sensing apparatus and image sensing system
Photodiode and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
GaN LED with solderable backside metal
Molecular electronics arrangement and method for producing a molecular electronics arrangement
Lithium secondary battery
Fuel cell, electrode for fuel cell and a method of manufacturing the same
Solid oxide MEMS-based fuel cells
Land grid array connector contact
Connector suitable for connection of a thin sheet member
Socket connector for carrying integrated circuit package
Land grid array connector
Cable connector assembly and method of manufacturing the same
Construction for connecting an intermediate connector and electrical components
PCB type connector
Electronic device terminal connector
Lawn and garden battery clamp
Coaxial plug connector and mating connector
Method for generating high-speed particle and system for generating high-speed particle
Wiring system for interconnecting vehicle-mounted electronic devices through a wiring harness
Housing arrangement with at least two junction boxes
Method for producing an insert-molded article and a mold assembly therefor
Protective covers for electric components
Electric oven
Electronic component with bump electrodes, and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic control unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Surface pattern for a portion of a knitted garment
Article of apparel
Human body pulsating jacket
Hula skirt of fabric
Hat which can serve as a megaphone
Shoe upper
Jug-shaped bag
Eyeglass holder
Combined remote case and key ring
Golf glove caddy
Bottle hanger
Coupon organizer
Barbecue grill brush
Monitor brush
Pet brush
Brush disk for rotary electric toothbrushes
Electronic toothbrush
Brush with hand grip
Basting brush
Broom head
Camouflage pattern for sheet goods
Lounge chair
Table with attached stools
Lounge bicycle saddle
Seat for urban and inter-city vehicles
Seat for barber or beauty chair
Seat for barber or beauty chair
Collapsible chair
Locking mortise joint table
Bowling alley table
Stereo component cabinet
Wall shelf
Display bench
Computer office table
Spacesaver shelving
Towel tower
Mop organizer
Shelving unit
Wall mounted, hands free blow dryer holder
Chair component
Base for a wheeled chair
Picture frame
Contoured head pillow
Hooded baby drying towel
Chair cover
Handle knob for a lid of a cooking vessel
Bottled liquid dispenser
Travel mug
Bowl with handles
Portable microwave oven
Handle sleeve
Cooking vessel grip
Grill stand
Barbecue grill
Portable electric oven
Handle for wine bottle stopper
Can opener
Erosion control blanket
Lawn mower
Rake head
Portable air sander
Handle for a hand tool
Dual locking circuit board support
Pneumatic tool
Lock on bracket for cupholder
Cord holder
Folding spanner wrench
Knurled collar guard
Round yin-yang shaped carabiner
Portable welder
Securing hook for a bicycle rack
Hot air blower
Tool pod housing
Protective cap for a hot air blower
Roller shower curtain hook
Hot air blower
Portion of lock
Combined container and cap with brush
Water bottle
Hacksaw blade dispenser
Dryer sheet dispenser
Portion of a rod for use in bathroom articles
Dispenser for shaving product
Foam generator
Human Necessities
Trajectory path planner for a vision guidance system
Method for pest management and crop certification utilizing network accessible database
Cigarette inspection device
Kicking shoe attachment
Methods and apparatus for dispensing items
Process and device for the preoperative determination of the positioning data of endoprosthetic parts
Magnetically navigable telescoping catheter and method of navigating telescoping catheter
System for pulse oximetry SpO2 determination
Birefringence insensitive optical coherence domain reflectometry system
Physiological sensor device
Method and apparatus for intracardially surveying a condition of a chamber of a heart
Continuously monitoring cardiac events in an active implantable medical device
Brain function scan system
Method for determining activity in the central nervous system
Diagnostic system with a chair and table movable on rails provided on vertical magnets thereof
Angio-MR system
Device and process for determining position
Spectroscopic system employing a plurality of data types
Method and apparatus for high-resolution detection and characterization of medical pathologies
Patient specific dosing contrast delivery systems and methods
Temporary medical electrical lead having biodegradable electrode mounting pad loaded with therapeutic drug
Probe implantable in the coronary venus system for stimulating the left heart
Methods for electrokinetic delivery of medicaments
Circuits for increasing the reliability of an iontophoretic system
Capacitors with recessed rivets allow smaller implantable defibrillators
Triple array defibrillation catheter and method of using the same
Method for automatized dose planning
Method for matching golfers with a driver and ball
Computer controlled winch assembly for stage
Performing Operations; Transporting
Resonator having a piezoceramic/polymer composite transducer
Method and system for determining heating point and heating line in bending of steel plate
Electric discharge machining control method and electric discharge machining controller
Lead-through teach handle assembly and method of teaching a robot assembly
Tool actuation and force feedback on robot-assisted microsurgery system
Accommodating enclosure and management system
Diagnosis of repetitive quality faults
Method and apparatus for combining xerographic and ink jet printing
Method and device of processing a signal sensed on board a vehicle from one of its wheels, and corresponding learning method
Tire air pressure estimating apparatus
Vehicle traction control with power shift modification
Curve approach speed control apparatus
Vehicle and device and method for controlling running of the same
System and method for closed loop speed control for stop and go applications
Brake control apparatus and method
Passenger protecting apparatus for use in a vehicle
System for disabling display illumination
Apparatus for determining a state of braking operation
Automotive brake control system with anti-skid braking device
Apparatus for detecting condition of road surface
Shipboard system for furnishing information on mine threat vulnerability
System and method of a ballistic capture transfer to L4, L5
Photoreceptor belt drive system
Sheet detecting apparatus with correction means for sheet surface condition and sheet thickness
Print media sheet feeder and printing system
Industrial truck with a tilt prevention mechanism
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glasses containing rare earth fluorides
Fixed Constructions
System and method for automatically controlling a work implement of an earthmoving machine based on discrete values of torque
Method for preparing memorial products, apparatus for preparing memorial products, and memorial product
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vehicle vibration restraining apparatus and method
Fan motor with its speed controlled by operating periods of a pulse wave
Rotational driving apparatus for use in an image-forming device
Device having two coaxially disposed bodies which are movable relative to one another along a translation axis
Control strategy and method for independently controlling friction element actuators for an automatic transmission
HVAC remote monitoring system
Distributed system and method for detecting traffic patterns
Global positioning-based real estate database access device and method
Accurate vehicle navigation
Method and system using dynamic profiling in a mobile environment for collecting data for a geographic database
Method for detecting road position of car in multiformation road
Navigation apparatus
Navigation apparatus, method for map matching performed in the navigation apparatus, and computer-readable medium storing a program for executing the method
Method and system for autonomously developing or augmenting geographical databases by mining uncoordinated probe data
Method to schedule in real-time the transportation of freight and passengers
Navigation device
Navigation system
Method of switching guide mode in navigation system
Multiple configurations for a vehicle navigation system
Overlapping position sensors for object position tracking
Digital tire gauge with visual and voice response system
Automatic fault location in cabling systems
Measuring system repeatable bandwidth for simulation testing
Hollow optical waveguide for trace analysis in aqueous solutions
Illumination module
Measurement of acetone in milk using IR spectroscopy
Stabilizing and destabilizing proteins
Method for detecting a tumble flow in a cylinder chamber of an internal combustion engine
Automatic monitoring of high voltage signals
Method and arrangement for controlling multiple test access port control modules
Direct access logic testing in integrated circuits
Microprocessor debugging mechanism employing scan interface
Method and system for controlling test data volume in deterministic test pattern generation
Data reduction using rank-of-ranks methodology
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Spread spectrum localizers
System and method for determining absolute time based upon air interface timing in time of arrival based positioning
Method and apparatus for determining dip angle and horizontal and vertical conductivities
Macro zoom lens system
Device and method for forming anti-symmetric long period optical fiber gratings by microbending
Broadband stepped index optical fiber
Hybrid integrated optical add-drop multiplexer
Fused vertical coupler for switches, filters and other electro-optic devices
Submountless integrated optics chip package
Optical/electrical inputs for an integrated circuit
Compensated cascaded waveguides
Fiber optical coupler fabrication and system
Optical system including coupling for transmitting light between a single fiber light guide and multiple single fiber light guides
Method and device for reducing polarization dependence in an optical component or optical system
Method and apparatus for compensating for higher order PMD in a fiber transmission system
Method and apparatus for compensating for higher order paid PMD in a fiber transmission system at the fiber output
Photo-induced micro-mechanical optical switch
Optical switch
Fiber optic switching apparatus
Parallel data transmission through segmented waveguides of large diameter
Structure shielding stray light at optical waveguide module and optical transceiver module used this structure
Multichannel electro-optical assembly
Alignment system optical component interface
Fiber optic interconnection combination closure
Method of installing an optical fibre unit in a tube
Optical apparatus and shooting system including zoom function having electrical operation mode and other mode
Method and apparatus for modulating signal strength within optical systems
Electrically tuneable optical filter
Optical attenuator structure and method using polymer material
Electrostrictive fiber modulators
Technique for fabrication of a poled electro-optic fiber segment
Light control device and a method for manufacturing the same
Optical deflection element
Distance measuring apparatus
Camera with blurring detection function
Lens-fitted photo film unit
Camera with motor-driven zoom lens and motor-driven film-advance mechanism
Dual film image and electronic image capture camera capable of combining captured electronic images in a single multi-(index-) image
Photometric apparatus for microscope
Manufacturing method for microlithography apparatus
System and method for reading and comparing two-dimensional images
Sheet stacking device having a plurality of trays with shifted end parts and an image forming apparatus using the sheet stacking device
Densitometer diagnostic system for an image-forming machine
Method of controlling post-processor connected with image-forming device
Detecting the location of a sensors field of view
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method having a variable conveying mode in an image transfer section
Tandem-type image forming apparatus having full-color print mode and single-color print mode
Charging apparatus for contacting and separating charging member by use of moving force of body to be charged
Holding structure of image holding member in image forming system
Developing unit equipped with a toner replenishing device configured with a conveying sheet and rotator
Space securing member, developing device, charging device and process cartridge
Developing device to which developing voltage is applied from non-driving side
Image forming apparatus and developing device therefor capable of increasing image density of a low contrast image
Development station for a reproduction apparatus
Image forming apparatus including a returning mechanism for returning excessive developing liquid
Electrophotographic printing apparatus and image transferring method for an electrophotographic printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus having contact area between recording material bearing member and transfer means that is less than contact area between image bearing member and recording material
Self-cleaning image forming apparatus
System for reducing toner scattering
Fixing apparatus using a thin-sleeve roller which achieves a good fixing result while suppressing electric power consumption
Printing system adapted to change a printing operation to be performed based on a result of an accounting operation
Contaminant preventing structure for image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Method and apparatus for a fuzzy self-adaptive control system
Automation system and method for the programming thereof
Indirect referencing in process control routines
Method and apparatus for monitoring a plant with several functional units
Remote maintenance system
Race groove machining system and method therefor
System and method for producing production control software
Process and devices for monitoring facilities in the chemical industry
Software license protection via cryptography
Electronic bookshelf with multi-user features
System and method for restricting unauthorized access to a database
Secure on-line PC postage metering system
Method and apparatus for computing complex phase
Method and apparatus for limiting processor clock frequency
Method and apparatus for accomplishing high bandwidth serial communication between semiconductor devices
Wireless communication device with detachable flip keyboard
Computer monitor device
Portable computer with low power audio CD-player
Method and apparatus for managing defect areas of recording medium using sector number comparison techniques
Method of synchronizing an electronic device for monitoring the operation of a microprocessor, and an electronic device for carrying out the method
Self-test electronic assembly and test system
Systems and methods for dynamic alignment of associated portions of a code word from a plurality of asynchronous sources
Method and apparatus for backing up a disk drive upon a system failure
Apparatus and methods for copying a logical object to a primary storage device using a map of storage locations
Method and apparatus for identifying changes to a logical object based on changes to the logical object at physical level
Information processing system and logic LSI, detecting a fault in the system or the LSI, by using internal data processed in each of them
Method and apparatus for selecting test sequences
Electronic key for a data processing system
System and method for controlling remote console functionality assist logic
Monitor and control system in transmission device
Using a timing-look-up-table and page timers to determine the time between two consecutive memory accesses
Set-associative cache-management method with parallel read and serial read pipelined with serial write
Method, system and program products for sharing data between varied clients using token management
High performance multiprocessor system with exclusive-deallocate cache state
High performance load instruction management via system bus with explicit register load and/or cache reload protocols
1394 hard disk sector format selection
Method and apparatus for simultaneously accessing the tag and data arrays of a memory device
Coherent ordering queue for computer system
Speculative request pointer advance for fast back-to-back reads
Multiple-mode external cache subsystem
Embedded cache with way size bigger than page size
Method and apparatus for segregation of virtual address space
Managing an object store based on object replacement penalties and reference probabilities
System and method for cache process
Method and system for maintaining allocation information on data castout from an upper level cache
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Secure token device access to services provided by an internet service provider (ISP)
Intelligent PC add-in board
Switching apparatus applied to a plurality of information processing systems which are closed systems
Device I/O monitoring mechanism for a computer operating system
Circuit and method for maintaining order of memory access requests initiated by devices in a multiprocessor system
Methods and apparatus for variable length SDRAM transfers
Methods and apparatus for raid hardware sequencing to achieve a higher performance raid architecture
Data compression or decompressions during DMA transfer between a source and a destination by independently controlling the incrementing of a source and a destination address registers
Method/apparatus for flushing DMA transmit packet in FIFO when self-ID code generated by counter after bus reset is different than FIFO message self-ID field
Method for flexibly allocating request/grant pins between multiple bus controllers
Method and apparatus for bus arbitration with weighted bandwidth allocation
Dual interface memory card and adapter module for the same
System for configuring a flash memory card with enhanced operating mode detection and user-friendly interfacing system
Apparatus for supporting multiple delayed read transactions between computer buses
Internet web server cache storage and session management system
Method and apparatus for compound hardware configuration control
Method for normalizing case
Translator, translating method and recording medium having translating program recorded thereon
Operator-assisted translation system and method for unconstrained source text
Network server platform/facilities management platform caching server
System and method for the automatic mining of acronym-expansion pairs patterns and formation rules
File system control method, parallel file system and program storage medium
Relational database management system having integrated non-relational multi-dimensional data store of aggregated data elements
Information retrieval apparatus and a method
File format conversion method, and file system, information processing system, electronic commerce system using the method
Generating regression trees with oblique hyperplanes
Time-versioned data storage mechanism
Highly available cluster coherent filesystem
Method and apparatus for identifying and visualizing differences in object model diagrams
Presentation of search results using dynamic categorization
System and method for database retrieval, indexing and statistical analysis
Automatic user interest profile generation from structured document access information
Joined table expression optimization by query transformation
Method and apparatus for delivering documents over an electronic network
Integrating both modifications to an object model and modifications to a database into source code by an object-relational mapping tool
System and method for ensuring proper execution of scheduled file updates
System and method for searching on a computer using an evidence set
Multi-threaded web based user inbox for report management
System and methods for remotely accessing a selected group of items of interest from a database
Communicating network information using universal resource locators
Method and apparatus for creating and manipulating a compressed binary decision diagram in a data processing system
System and method for compacting a graphic layout
Method for reducing memory requirements in static timing analysis
System and method for concurrent placement of gates and associated wiring
Auto design of VLIW processors
Flexible width cell layout architecture
System and method for determining the desired decoupling components for power distribution systems using a computer system
Apparatus and method for providing forward and backward compatibility between a host instrument and an accessory
Method of feature extraction using combination of wavelet and fourier transformation
Hybrid servomechanism for micro-electrical discharge machining
System for monitoring and managing the health care of a patient population
Apparatus and method for automated invoicing of medical device systems
Automatic object caller chain with declarative impersonation and transitive trust
Apparatus for providing a secure processing environment
Secure online music distribution system
System and method for managing faults in a data transmission system
Hand pointing device
Computer system having remotely located I/O devices where signals are encoded at the computer system through two encoders and decoded at I/O devices through two decoders
Disk array control device with two different internal connection systems
System to optimize packet buffer utilization via selectively partitioned transmit and receive buffer portions
Programmable 1-bit data processing arrangement
Method for sorting and storing data employing dynamic sort tree reconfiguration in volatile memory
Fast CORDIC algorithm with sine governed termination
Product sum operation device capable of carrying out fast operation
Microprocessor with parallel inverse square root logic for performing graphics function on packed data elements
Priority encoder
Data processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for tracking coherence of dual floating point and MMX register files
Branch prediction method and processor using origin information, relative position information and history information
Method and apparatus for synchronizing parallel pipelines in a superscalar microprocessor
Multi-threading for a processor utilizing a replay queue
Method and apparatus for improving invocation speed of Java methods
Site specific message dispatch in object-oriented systems
Specification and verification for concurrent systems with graphical and textual editors
System and method for incorporating changes as a part of a software release
Text based object oriented program code with a visual program builder and parser support for predetermined and not predetermined formats
Method and system for creating and manipulating extensions to version control systems
Methodology for mapping use cases to operations for operational profile development
Computer with bootable hibernation partition
Method, system, and article of manufacture for limiting access to program files in a shared library file
Software upgrade
System and method for on demand registration of tasks
Method and apparatus for windows-based installation for installing software on build-to-order computer systems
Program-module substitution in a program loader for multiple-platform emulation
Method and apparatus for synchronized message passing using shared resources
Handling of asynchronous message packet in a multi-node threaded computing environment
System and method for dynamic generation of remote proxies
Clustered enterprise Java.TM. having a message passing kernel in a distributed processing system
Resource management using resource domains
Periodic process timer
Method of processing information using a personal communication assistant
Computer system and method for executing interrupt instructions in operating modes
Processor resource distributor and method
Distributed processing system and client node, server node and distributed processing method
Device and method of controlling intergroup resource utilization
Key transformation unit for an IC card
Method and apparatus for producing a hybrid data structure for displaying a raster image
Image processing method and apparatus
Collaborative learning system and pattern recognition method
Vector correlation system for automatically locating patterns in an image
Method and apparatus for discovering association rules
Fuzzy processor with architecture for non-fuzzy processing
Computer software for maintenance resource management
Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing document user role indication
System and method for the management of candidate recruiting information
System and method for providing commitment security among users in a computer network
Electronic statement presentment system
Internet service provider preliminary user registration mechanism provided by centralized authority
Method and system for determining the effectiveness of a stimulus
Method and system for electronic organization of coupons
System and method for delivering customized advertisements within interactive communication systems
Method and computer network for co-ordinating a loan over the internet
Customer access solutions architecture
Method for encoding auxiliary data within a source signal
Wavelet domain watermarks
Method for performing multiply-add operations on packed data
Method for simulating the creation if an artist's drawing or painting of a caricature, and device for accomplishing same
Image processing method and system for generating a palette
Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method of controlling them
Method of speech synthesis
Reusable design model and apparatus
Automated segmentation method for 3-dimensional ultrasound
Image reading system
Method of display and control of adjustable parameters for a digital scanner device
Apparatus and method for estimating background tilt and offset
Technique for decoding variable length data codes
Method and apparatus for selecting image data to skip when encoding digital video
Blocking signature detection for identification of JPEG images
Image decoding device and image encoding device
Mail processing system with unique mailpiece authorization assigned in advance of mailpieces entering carrier service mail processing stream
Arrangement and method for data exchange between a postage meter machine and clip cards
Data exchange system comprising portable data processing units
Monitoring system having wireless remote viewing and control
Portable terminal device
System and method for determining chip performance capabilities by simulation
Reactive sound absorber
Apparatus and method for detecting and characterizing signals in a communication system
Apparatus and method for detecting transitional part of speech and method of synthesizing transitional parts of speech
System and method of providing emotive background sound to text
Speech recognition text-based language conversion and text-to-speech in a client-server configuration to enable language translation devices
Methods and apparatus for forming compound words for use in a continuous speech recognition system
Man-machine system equipped with speech recognition device
Providing automated voice responses with variable user prompting
System and method for efficiently implementing a masking function in a psycho-acoustic modeler
Constraint relieving vector quantization apparatus and vector quantization method having constraints in quantization vectors
Method for eliminating annoying noises of enhanced variable rate codec (EVRC) during error packet processing
Multiple impulse excitation speech encoder and decoder
Speech encoding/decoding method using reduced subframe pulse positions having density related to pitch
Reusing invalid pulse positions in CELP vocoding
Accessing shared memory using token bit held by default by a single processor
Embedded data in a coded voice channel
Adaptive tilt compensation for synthesized speech residual
Frequency demodulating circuit, optical disk apparatus thereof and preformating device
Video tape reproducing apparatus
High quality audio encoding/decoding apparatus and digital versatile disc
Data compression and expansion of an N-level information signal
Recording method, managing method, and recording apparatus
Data recording medium, data recording method and data reproducing method
Asynchronous sampling digital detection (ASDD) methods and apparatus
Time lapse recording apparatus for digital VCR and method thereof
Information recording medium, apparatus and method for recording or reproducing data thereof
Recording/playback apparatus, recording/playback method and recording medium
Digital video disc its recording and reproducing methods and related encoder and decoder using the same
Digital video apparatus user interface
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction information
Tracking the remaining useful life of a magnetic data storage tape
Hi-Fi audio signal recording/playback apparatus using video heads
Memory and a data processor including a memory
Memory test circuit
Testing of replicated components of electronic device
Memory card utilizing two wire bus
Memory device with command buffer that allows internal command buffer jumps
Asynchronous interface for a nonvolatile memory
Multiplexed data transfer arrangement including a multi-phase signal generator for latency control
Safety vessel of a nuclear facility having an ignition system for the recombination of hydrogen in a gas mixture
Spacer spring force adjustment tool and method of adjusting the spacer spring force
Reflector structure for improving irradiation uniformity of linear lamp array
Reactor for the processing of wafers, with a protection device
Selection of functions within an integrated circuit
Array antenna radio communication apparatus
External connector and battery extension pack for a portable communication device
Method to dynamically change microprocessor test software to reflect different silicon revision levels
Apparatus for and method of inhibiting and overriding an electrical control device
Method and device for determining the rotational speed of a polyphase machine operating with field orientation and without a sensor
Multiphase receiver and oscillator
Linear RF power amplifier with optically activated switches
Distortion compensation circuit
Mobile communication receiver with asymmetric muting control
Differential charge pump
Sampling PLL for high resolution radar systems
System and method for locking disparate video formats
Programmable, reconfigurable DSP implementation of a Reed-Solomon encoder/decoder
Punctured Viterbi decoding method
Method and apparatus for puncturing a convolutionally encoded bit stream
Constant bitrate real-time lossless audio encoding and decoding by moving excess data amounts
Impulse noise detector and noise reduction system
System and method for providing battery gapping for mobile stations
Method and device for controlling the power consumption of a mobile radio device
Intermediate frequency local generating circuit
Method and apparatus for changing the channel bandwidth that is receivable in a radio receiver
Antenna arrangement
Composite code match filters
Method for collecting test measurements
Power control apparatus and method for inter-frequency handoff in CDMA communication system
Base station for mobile communication system
Coupled interference concellation system for wideband repeaters in a cellular system
Satellite emergency voice/data downlink
System for selectively routing data via either a network that supports Internet protocol or via satellite transmission network based on size of the data
Signaling maintenance for discontinuous information communications
Method and system of transmitting data in a cellular radio system
Method and apparatus for mitigating interference between base stations in a wideband CDMA system
Fiber to the home office (FTTHO) architecture employing multiple wavelength bands as an overlay in an existing hybrid fiber coax (HFC) transmission system
Viterbi decoder for use in a mobile communication system
Method and system for criterion based adaptive power allocation in a communication system with selective determination of modulation and coding
System for testing transmitter logic of a physical layer device in a local area network
Method and apparatus for the detection of the presence of a device on a high speed digital data bus
Chain transaction transfers between ring computer systems coupled by bridge modules
Routers and methods for optimal routing table compression
Audio file transmission method
Generating constant timecast information sub-streams using variable timecast information streams
Encoding circuit and method of detecting block code boundary and establishing synchronization between scrambler and descrambler
Coding system and method for partial response channels
Method and arrangement for signal modulation
Responding to network access requests using a transparent media access and uniform delivery of service
File transferring apparatus and method thereof
Adaptive prefetching for computer network and web browsing with a graphic user interface
Fly-by serial bus arbitration
Selective recompression of files in a network system
Method for initializing a box on a data communications network
Phase independent receiver and/or decoder
Method and apparatus for encrypting data in a wireless communication system
Encrypting method, deciphering method and certifying method
Communication terminal control
Apparatus and method for overriding an automatic answer function of a telephone answering device
Video voice separation system
System and method for storing and transferring information tokens in a communication network
Method and device for checking accuracy of call data records in telecommunications systems
Real-time usage-based spontaneous subscription service
Automatic routing and information system for telephonic services
Marking and screening telephone calls
Markup language for interactive services and methods thereof
Telephone system and method for personalized announcements
Method and system for establishing voice communications in an internet environment
User interface high-lighter function to provide directed input for image processing
Image processing apparatus
Method and system for compositing images
Method of selecting colors for pixels within blocks for block truncation encoding
System and method for adjusting stereo camera
Magnetic recording type of photographic apparatus capable of effecting motion-image recording and still-image recording
Method for providing a secure communication between two devices and application of this method
Method and apparatus for upstream frequency channel transition
Transmission device control system equipped with high-efficiency coding scheme in communication network
System and method for analyzing and displaying telecommunications switch report output
Arrangement and method relating to information managing systems
Circuit and method for notifying ringer failure
Communication system and method using two-way paging to provide call control
Method and system in a transceiver for selecting a communication parameter for communicating with a concentrated subscriber unit
Priority handling of location services in a mobile communications network
Method of handling an event by a plurality of consoles
Power management system for a mobile unit by reduced neighbor cell scanning
Wireless access unit utilizing adaptive spectrum exploitation
Call forwarding in a telecommunications network
System and method used in a mobile telecommunications network for load balancing ongoing calls between different base station controllers
Mobile communication system and resource management method of the same
Apparatus and method for management of resources in cellular networks
User group indication and status change in radiocommunications systems
Handover between mobile communication networks
Predictive registration identification timer
Method and arrangement relating to radio communications systems
Quick-detachable structure for on-wall speaker panel
Electro-acoustic micro-transducer having three-mode reproduction feature
Hearing aid with automatic microphone balancing and method for operating a hearing aid with automatic microphone balancing
Method and device for operation of a public address (acoustic irradiation) system
Headphone device
Broadband loudspeaker
Surround signal processing apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for obtaining a connection characteristic of a connection assembly
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