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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Kennel with automatically opening door
Nebulizer method
Breakaway sport pants and method of use
Tie stay clips and methods of making and using the same
Hair extension
Footwear construction
Safety belt release mechanism
Interchangeable retracting hair brush
Self-cleaning hair brush with mirror
Hand held photochromic marking implement
Eyelash extensions and method for applying eyelash extensions
Portable workstation
Chair that is assembled and disassembled easily and quickly
Pocketed molded vehicle backrest
Lifting device for the backrest of a chair
Infant lulling device
Horizontal cable troughs and tool drawer
Cable management assembly, system and method
Eyewear display system
Clamp mechanism for accessory mounts
Mountable box holder and method for mounting a box
Rack system
Apparatus for brewing and method for making the same
Robotic floor cleaning with sterile, disposable cartridges
Treatment of cellulite and adipose tissue with mid-infrared radiation
System and apparatus for object based attention tracking in a virtual environment
System and method for ultrasonic examination of threaded surfaces
Dental floss device
Collapsible litter apparatus, system and method
Air mattress
Device for delivering respiratory gas directly into the nose of a user
Tool-free adjustable binding for sports board
Casino poker games
Methods of play for board games
Automated bingo game based on RFID-tagged balls
Model train coupler with linear actuator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter module and process for manufacture of same
High performance cross-linked polybenzoxazole and polybenzothiazole polymer membranes
Magnetic agitator
Venturi aeration circulation system
Deflecting system for column trays
System and method for humidifying homes and commercial sites
High efficiency single pass shredder-granulator
Amine-aldehyde resins and uses thereof in separation processes
Nail enamel applicator having an air-tight effect
Image forming apparatus and foam application device
Systems and methods for sorting recyclables at a material recovery facility
Prestressed rolling mill housing assembly with improved operational features
Method of fabricating a rocket engine nozzle using pressure brazing
Ingot-casting apparatus using uranium deposits
Drilling templates
Method and apparatus for machining parts of partial revolution
Table saw guard system
Thermal stir welder
Electrolytic depositon and via filling in coreless substrate processing
Apparatus assembly and disassembly of a tire curing mold
Device for machining components, in particular of a vehicle body
Compressor blade flow form technique for repair
System and method for retasking salvaged guardrail materials
Driven tool assembly
Reconfigurable tooling system for supporting a workpiece
Locking structure having threaded insert
Hair removing device
Miter saw
Method of grinding concrete block and apparatus for grinding concrete block
Transfix roller load controlled by force feedback
Material cutter with a selectable cutting profile
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and actuator
Head chip, liquid jet head, liquid jet recording device, and method of manufacturing the head chip
Liquid ejection head and method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
Ink-jet printhead and manufacturing method thereof
Ink jet print head, method for manufacturing ink jet print head, and printing apparatus
Cap design for an inkjet print head with hand-held imaging element arrangement with integrated cleaning mechanism
Liquid charging apparatus and liquid charging method
Inkjet recording apparatus and recording method
Thermal cleaning of individual jetting module nozzles
Universal inkjet printer device and methods
Monitoring ink flow
Self-luminous keyboard with brightness-enhanced keycaps
Resilient mounting system with tilt capabilities
Tool, method and marking system
Internal wheel suspension and shock absorbing system
Pneumatic tire having cap tread including crosslinked rubber particles
Tow bar and releasable lock for tow bar leg
Suspension system providing two degrees of freedom
Vehicle door having a garnish
Front section for a motor vehicle body
Shift lever apparatus
Vehicle with an instrument panel which is designed for a side impact
Energy-dissipation system
Armrest assembly for a seat
Lifting assist device
Adjustable bulkhead
Underrun prevention member for vehicle bumper beam
Collision detecting device
Steering column mounted knee airbag device
Airbag cushion and airbag apparatus
Security device
Trunk box structure of automobile
Feedback torque limiter
Hydraulic brake system
Vibratory rammer transport wheel assembly
Multi-position wheelchair for handicapped people
Method and device for attenuating aerodynamically induced noises caused by vehicle grille
Mechanical system for tilting cab of a vehicle
Deployable side seat for a baby stroller
Electric power steering apparatus
Lifting and transportation device
Vehicle stabilization apparatus and vehicle formed therewith
Cantilever brake device
Location indicator device
Submersible vehicles and methods for transiting the same in a body of liquid
Marine transmission using rheological fluids
Removable cargo pod with lifting mechanism and open top
Hybrid power for ducted fan unmanned aerial systems
Method and apparatus for placing a product in a flexible recloseable container
Method for preparing rapidly disintegrating formulation for oral administration and apparatus for preparing and packing the same
Tool bucket organizer
Storage bag
Closure with hinged lid for bottles and the like with an automatic lid opening system
Holding device for securing the top mounting section of a container
Carton with interlocking divider
Closing device for a filler neck disposed on a container
Catheter receptacle provided with an antimicrobial compound
Pile transfer device and method
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus with lifting and air blowing units
Device for gripping a compact disc
Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
Torsion bar support structure of seat belt retractor
Independently powered trolleys
Multi-purpose firefighting tool
Aerosol actuator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of refining a lithium aluminosilicate glass and glass-ceramic obtained
Cooling tube mechanism for an I.S. machine
Apparatus and process for treating a hydrocarbon stream
Textiles; Paper
Card flat bar for a carding machine, for cotton, synthetic fibers or the like, having a card flat clothing
Apparatus and method of making a double finger trap loop
Monitoring apparatus
Yarn tensioning mechanism
Fixed Constructions
Compound barrier mechanism for passageway control
Zero clearance attachment
Suction tube device provided with drive systems and method of repairing same
Dredging apparatus
Insulation containing inorganic fiber and spherical additives
Building structure configured to exhibit a prescribed load-deflection relationship when a force is applied thereto
Door jamb finger guard
Portable terminal apparatus
Relief lip for flocked tape belt seal
Ladder mounted foot rinsing system
Flat-fold step stool
Apparatus and methods for drilling a wellbore using casing
System and method for rigging up well workover equipment
Header structure for a pipe handling apparatus
Method and system for surface filtering of solids from return fluids in well operations
Integrated cable hanger pick-up system
Artificial lift system for stripper and marginal wells
Bitumen production method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable valve actuating mechanism with summation cam
Engine assembly with valve seat vent passages and method of forming
Internal combustion engine having guillotine sliding valve
Exhaust manifold
Exhaust gas cleaning apparatus
Ignition plugs for internal combustion engine
Cylinder block for a two-cycle combustion engine
Intake control device for internal combustion engine
Gas turbine engine adapted for use in combination with an apparatus for separating a portion of oxygen from compressed air
System and method for power production using a hybrid helical detonation device
Multi-part piston for an internal combustion engine
Methods and systems for operating oxidizer systems
Air intake system for internal combustion engine
Pressure-controlling electromagnetic valve for distinct electromagnetic and hydraulic units
Cold start engine control diagnostic systems and methods
Omnidirectional vertical-axis wind turbine
Solar energy trap and turbine
Parts assembly having sacrificial deformation portion
Fastening element
Detachable coupling
Needle roller bearing and bearing structure
Thrust bearing
Polycone clutch with roller ramp actuator
Latching frictional engagement assembly using a check valve
Normally closed hub assembly for bicycle
Exhaust gas recirculation valve for a motor vehicle
Flue gas diverter damper seal land
Pipeline breakaway coupling
Erosion resistant power generation components
Solenoid valve control apparatus and actuator
Advance instrumentation methods for pipes and conduits transporting cryogenic materials
System and method for tuning the resonance frequency of an energy absorbing device for a structure in response to a disruptive force
Vertically adjustable furniture item
Adjustably positionable display and lighting arrangement
LED light
Edge-light backlight assembly
Illumination system and display device
Method and device for charging processing plants
Outdoor cooking apparatus
Wedge shape solar cooker
Low-cost heliostatic mirror with protective inflation stabilizable surface element means
Cover assembly for air conditioner opening
Cylindrical dryer having conduits provided within a plurality of holding plates
Vacuum drying apparatus of circulative preheating type
Safety system for firearms
Air gun and magazine for air gun
Weapon and weapon system employing the same
Rotor assembly including strain relief feature
Angular velocity sensor interface circuit and angular velocity detection apparatus
Dial plate with diffuse lighting
Electromagnetic flowmeter having a detachable measuring tune from the body
Process for determining tissue product break-through
Method for embossing a separating membrane of a pressure transfer means
Implantable micro-electromechanical system sensor
Pressure sensor, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic component provided therewith
Procedure for determining the proportions of components of a fuel mixture
Sediment sampler for in-situ measurement of soluble contaminant flux rates
Optical article and process for producing the same
Safety eyewear including a prescription insert
Plurality of self-activating display shaping devices defining a display area
Projection optical system and image displaying apparatus
Robot for cleaning wall/window
Gear change arrangement and a gearbox
Remapping I/O device addresses into high memory using GART
Method for using non-volatile memory and electronics device thereof
System and method for delivery of documents over a computer network
Dynamic, real-time integration of software resources through services of a content framework
Precomputation of web documents
Method for maintaining and managing dynamic web pages stored in a system cache and referenced objects cached in other data stores
Processor having a finite field arithmetic unit utilizing an array of multipliers and adders
Support for real-time queries concerning current state, data and history of a process
System and method for providing dynamic user information in an interactive display
Declarative state space reduction in a transactional messaging language
Cache-conscious coallocation of hot data streams
Mechanism for asynchronous components to be application framework agnostic
Method for mounting an electronic component on a substrate
Customizable portable identification and memory device
Method of manufacturing a glass substrate for magnetic disk
Optical disk playback apparatus and data playback method therefor
Method for producing ring core
Low cost packet originator verification for intermediate nodes
Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, and information distribution system
Method of making bondable flexible printed circuit
Wiring substrate, method of manufacturing wiring substrate, and electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Segmented cooked dough food product
Garment top
Garment top
Garment top
Garment top
Cover-all bib
Cap and patch
Tubular head covering with flexible visor
Novelty cap
Egghead sports fanatic hat
Asymmetrical mocassin
Portion of a shoe outsole
Portion of a shoe outsole
Belt buckle
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Product packaging for sporting equipment
Golf ball holder
Carving set case
Display container for jewelry
Bar-B-que sauce, spice, and accessory organizer
Holder for drill bits and the like
Needlework accessory holder
Carrying pouch for small articles
School supply box
Product packaging for sporting equipment
Holster for fish holder
Umbrella holder
Bottom assembly for wheeled luggage
Paint applicator
Travel case for toothbrush
Metal glider frame with wooden seat and back
Portable folding chair
Computer table
Screwless and glueless display case
Plasma television stand
Storage tray dispenser
Furniture foot and rail segment
Towel bar
Chair arm
Furniture lattice
China cabinet surface ornamentation
Motion picture frame
Air mattress
Child's blanket
Miniature food and beverage containing, heating, and refrigerating device
Two button twist lid
Thermal cup
Stem for an article of stemware
Interchangeable disposable foil pan/cover
Bowl with a stand
Drinking tumbler with undulating base
Drinking tumbler
Lid for a barbeque grill
Patterned griddle plate
Combined charcoal grill with ash catcher and wide body cart
Laminated baking tray
Set of eating utensils
Pizza slicer
Pepper mill
Bottle opener
Can opener
Drill guide
Trench shovel
Handle for edge-replaceable saw
Combination snap hook and knife
Cordless reciprocating saw
Pneumatic power cutting tool
Electric driver for screw or the like
Tool handle
Compact hammer
Folding tool with scissors
Electric fence wire mounting bracket
Picture hanger
Rope or cable hook for trailers or trucks
Nailing machine
Pneumatic nailing machine
Handle for tools, agricultural implements, or similar article
Latch protector for cylindrical door lock
Portions of a clamp bracket assembly for use with push button latch and lock operating assemblies
Anti-theft device
Bicycle cuff lock
Housing portions of a cam lock
Connector for use in packaging aerosol containers
Cup shaped container
Cup shaped container
Emergency information system
Spigot and collar assembly
Watch case
Watch head
Timer body
Chalkline holder
Four channeled straight edge
Tire pressure gauge
Watch bracelet
Disk shaped pendant
Trophy display holder for ball sports
Low profile keypad escutcheon
Walking support and seat apparatus
Patient lifting device
Ski slipper for snowmobile skis and the like
Vehicle-wheel front face
Hitch mountable vehicle protector
Rear vehicle exterior mirror
Rear view mirror frame
Center console
Surface configuration of a vehicle body end structure
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Automotive wheel
Electric fence insulator
Optical switch equipment
Optical switch equipment
Acceleration switch
Electrical connector
Sacrificial anode
Electrical adaptor
Electrical connector
Power cord connector
Ceiling speaker
Ceiling speaker with strobe
Digital audio disc player with radio tuner
Jug-shaped loudspeaker
Cellular telephone housing
Cellular phone
Audio conferencing device
Monitor/television receiver
Television set
Cellular telephone
Protective cage and radio combination
Protective cage portion
Protective cage
Cloth towel dispenser with towels therein
Torso machine
Oversized toothbrush holder
Electric toothbrush
Base and spout for smoothie maker
Smoothie maker
Human Necessities
Flexible neck toothbrush
Medical equipment controller
Electrical lockout photoplethysmographic measurement system
Multi-channel structurally robust brain probe and method of making the same
Disposable ECG chest electrode template with built-in defibrillation electrodes
Bi-directional cerebral interface system
Electrode disconnect system and method for medical signal monitoring system
Localization of anomalies in tissue and guidance of invasive tools based on impedance imaging
Method for the in-vivo non-invasive measurement of a biological parameter
Joint imaging system utilizing magnetic resonance imaging and associated methods
Microcoil device for local wide field-of-view and large gain magnetic resonance imaging
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Method for rotatably securing headpiece to the human body
Iontophoretic delivery patch
Electro-medical device for use with biologics
System for applying gold to the face skin tissues
Therapeutic device and method for treating diseases of cardiac muscle
Percutaneous electrical therapy system providing electrode axial support
Waveforms for selective stimulation of central nervous system neurons
Method and apparatus for electrically forcing cardiac output in an arrhythmia patient
Four contact identification defibrillator electrode system
Electronic pet system, network system, robot, and storage medium
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for monitoring a public water treatment system
System and method for design and fabrication of stamping dies for making precise die blanks
Power tool
Relational robotic controller
Method for determining the transmission output torque for an earth moving machine
Integrated queue assist and adaptive cruise control
Control device and control method for a vehicle
Control apparatus for electric vehicle
Vehicle collision damage reduction system
Rollover-sensing system for a vehicle and method of operating the same
Method and device for determining a value representing the speed of a vehicle
Integration of rear wheel steering with vehicle stability enhancement system
Algorithm for computing vehicle's steering ratio under dynamic maneuver
Liquid water content measurement apparatus and method
Certified mailer and method of using the same
Contoured jug
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Algorithmic design of peptides for binding and/or modulation of the functions of receptors and/or other proteins
Fixed Constructions
Method and device for locking work machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Speed control method
Onboard misfire, partial-burn detection and spark-retard control using cylinder pressure sensing
Programmable internal combustion engine controller
Engine control system for improved driveability
Driving force control apparatus
Engine speed calculating apparatus
L factor method for determining heat rate of a fossil fired system based on effluent flow
Real time sampling system and method for measuring an interrupted surface
Global positioning system roadside integrated precision positioning system
Method and device for traffic sign recognition and navigation
Method and system for electronically determining dynamic traffic information
Multi-resolution trend metric for shape comparison and applications thereof
Vehicle navigation having branch road guidance
Apparatus and method for determining the distance between two points
Method of estimating precision of apparatus
Method for facilitating the field replacement of sensors
Integrated payload sensor
Signal analysis process
Dynamically configurable process for diagnosing faults in rotating machines
Remote analysis system
System and method for remote analysis of small engine vehicle emissions
Method and system for examining biological materials using low power CW excitation Raman spectroscopy
Device and method for determination of physical parameters for a two-phase mix by propagation of an acoustic wave in the continuous phase of the two-phase mix
Device and method for indirect measurement of physical property of rock and soil
Method for monitoring a mixture
Method of estimating an eccentric position of an acceleration sensor and acceleration generating apparatus with an eccentricity adjuster
Methods and apparatus for testing integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for measuring on-wafer lumped capacitances in integrated circuits
Mechanism for enabling compliance with the IEEE standard 1149.1 for boundary-scan designs and tests
IC with addressable test port
Method for adding scan controllability and observability to domino CMOS with low area and delay overhead
Dynamic pulse width programming of programmable logic devices
Cyclic redundancy checking of a field programmable gate array having a SRAM memory architecture
Method and system for controlling internal busses to prevent bus contention during internal scan testing
Method and apparatus for distributed test pattern decompression
Method for diagnosing bridging faults in integrated circuits
Non-invasive process for circuit defect isolation using thermal expansion property of thermodynamics
Fault propagation path estimating method, fault propagation path estimating apparatus and recording media
Apparatus and method for programmable built-in self-test and self-repair of embedded memory
Evaluating disease progression using magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for distributing satellite tracking information
System and method for rapid telepositioning
Satellite-based seismic mobile information and control system
Prospecting technique
Method for mapping seismic attributes using neural networks
Optical system for varying the beam width using non-imaging optics
Dispersive optical waveguide array
Beam-splitting/coupling apparatus having frame holding optical filter
Apparatus and method for manufacturing an optical fiber ribbon
Fiber management frame for closure
Fiber optic cable marking process and a sensor device for use therewith
Variable optical attenuator
Optical switch and optical disk drive
Process for making photomask pattern data and photomask
Circuit pattern design method, circuit pattern design system, and recording medium
Tensioning and detensioning assembly
Image forming apparatus having controlled velocity image carrier and recording medium
Image forming apparatus with second power source for charge elimination means
Apparatus and method for dispensing toner from a container to an image development station of an electrostatographic printer
Developing unit having an opening allowing toner to fall directly onto a developing member and supplying member contact area
Toner replenishing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Alloyed donor roll coating
Electrophotographic image forming device having projections on a surface of an intermediate transfer body
Electrodynamic transfer system
Intermediate transfer member motion control via surface wheel feedback
Method for removing deposit from image substrate and image formation apparatus using the method
Procedure for controlling a complex dynamic process
Method and apparatus for optimizing control of a part temperature in conveyorized thermal processor
Architecture for distributed control of actuator and sensor arrays
Electronics for a shock hardened data recorder
Robotic system with teach pendant
Formation method and device for curved plates
System and method for campaign planning
Method and apparatus for monitoring controller performance using statistical process control
Method and apparatus for manufacturing objects having optimized response characteristics
Use of contamination-free manufacturing data in fault detection and classification as well as in run-to-run control
Information processing apparatus, controlling method and program medium
Constraint-based language configuration files for updating and verifying system constraints
Computer power management system using auxiliary power supply during sleep state to provide power to all devices if sufficient and reducing load if not sufficient
Power management for a peripheral component interconnect environment with auxiliary power
Bus arbitration in low power system
Method and system for automated technical support for computers
Bit error rate tester using fast parallel generation of linear recurring sequences
Method and system for memory leak detection in an object-oriented environment during real-time trace processing
Error injection apparatus and method
Method for apparatus for tracking errors in a memory system
Alternate boot record
Operation of a standby server to preserve data stored by a network server
Method for recovery of original registry key file data
Random message verification technique
Storage controller with hardware emulation controller for emulation between control processor and transfer circuitry compatible to different processor
Testcase selection by the exclusion of disapproved, non-tested and defect testcases
System and methods for load testing a transactional server over a wide area network
Developing and deploying real-time high-performance applications with DSPs
Fibre channel data storage system having improved rear-end I/O adapted hub
Write strategy and timing
Protocol for synchronizing parallel processors in a mobile communication system
Layout for semiconductor memory device having a plurality of rows and columns of circuit cells divided into first and second planes that are not simultaneously active
Using atomic compare-and-swap operations for forwarding-pointer installation
Maintaining information variety in an information receiving system
Memory device with variable bank partition architecture
Data cache system
Method for controlling concurrent cache replace and return across an asynchronous interface
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption by skipping second accesses to previously accessed cache lines
System controller with Integrated low latency memory using non-cacheable memory physically distinct from main memory
Fibre channel upgrade path
Cache memory system having a replace way limitation circuit and a processor
Methods, cache memories, systems and computer program products for storing transient, normal, and locked entries in an associative cache memory
Branch history guided instruction/data prefetching
Method of implementing a translation lookaside buffer with support for a real space control
System and method for employing a global bit for page sharing in a linear-addressed cache
System and method for improving accelerated graphics port systems
TLB using region ID prevalidation
Method and apparatus for translation lookaside buffers to access a common hardware page walker
Time-out processing method and apparatus for SCSI system as well as recording medium on which program is recorded
System and method for controlling peripheral devices
Embedding firmware for a microprocessor with configuration data for a field programmable gate array
Handling contiguous memory references in a multi-queue system
Method and apparatus for reading write-modified read data in memory device providing synchronous data transfers
Facilitating communications port sharing
Hub link mechanism for impedance compensation update
Method for providing master-slave heat-swapping apparatus and mechanism on a mono-ATA bus
Double data rate synchronous memory with block-write
Data receiver that performs synchronous data transfer with reference to memory module
Split sparse directory for a distributed shared memory multiprocessor system
Method and apparatus for an energy efficient operation of multiple processors in a memory
Sequencer of synchronous actions in a processor system, and integrated circuit including such sequencer
Delegating instance management functions to underlying resource managers
Method and apparatus for designing and analyzing information systems using multi-layer mathematical models
Deriving statistical device models from electrical test data
Method and apparatus for calculating confidence intervals
World wide web formatting for program output through print function
Hierarchical document comparison system and method
Cube indices for relational database management systems
Internal database validation
Disambiguating file descriptors
Nonintrusive update of files
System for web content management based on server-side application
Data analysis in distributed data processing system
Method and apparatus for viewing the effect of changes to an index for a database table on an optimization plan for a database query
Database transaction with locking in two phases and multiple versions of objects
Operator for correlated predicates in a query
Context monitoring display driver
Multiscript database system and method
Concept decomposition using clustering
Method and apparatus for marking a hash table and using the marking for determining the distribution of records and for tuning
Client side bulk updates on the world wide web
Method and apparatus for implementing a highly efficient, robust modified files list (MFL) for a storage system volume
System, method, and apparatus for managing multiple data providers
System, method, and adapter card for remote console emulation including remote control of a peripheral device
Method and apparatus for ranking Web page search results
Method and apparatus for automatically selecting a rule
Multi-model computer database storage system with integrated rule engine
Robust modification of persistent objects while preserving formatting and other attributes
Presentation of link information as an aid to hypermedia navigation
On-demand generation, packaging, and delivery of archive files
Method and apparatus for identifying items of information from a multi-user information system
Method and apparatus for multiple tiered matching of natural language queries to positions in a text corpus
Data structure using a tree bitmap and method for rapid classification of data in a database
System and method for delivery and updating of data transmitted to a mobile terminal
Method of determining unavailability of an internet domain name
Method of datapath cell placement for bitwise and non-bitwise integrated circuit designs
Multi-simulator co-simulation
Method for verifying and representing hardware by decomposition and partitioning
Method and apparatus for analyzing a layout using an instance-based representation
Total overlay feed forward method for determination of specification satisfaction
Apparatus and method for buffer library selection for use in buffer insertion
Automatic cell placement method
Method and apparatus for prioritizing the order in which checks are performed on a node in an integrated circuit
Apparatus and methods for modeling and simulating the effect of mismatch in design flows of integrated circuits
Route searching method and storage medium
Method of verification
Automatic parts placement system, method, and medium
Method and apparatus for jump control in a pipelined processor
Method and apparatus for connecting finite element meshes and performing simulations therewith
Integrated circuit having tap cells and a method for positioning tap cells in an integrated circuit
Automatic testing
System and method for remote demonstration and control of test and measurement devices
Predicting risk of serious gastrointestinal complications in patients taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Method and apparatus for the transfer of sensitive card data over an unsecure computer network
Activity sensing interface between a computer and an input peripheral
Unicode-based drivers, device configuration interface and methodology for configuring similar but potentially incompatible peripheral devices
System and method for detecting and correcting incorrect hand position of a computer user
Displaying lightning strikes
Standard parts metering system
Simultaneous auto-loading tower
Method and apparatus for producing correctly rounded values of functions using double precision operands
Fast digital adder
Modulus address generator and method for determining a modulus address
Bit search device and bit search method
Apparatus, method, and recording medium for scheduling execution using time slot data
Multi-thread processing
Receive load balancing and fail over with multiple network interface cards
Dynamic pipe staging adder
Return register stack target predictor
Method of executing each of division and remainder instructions and data processing device using the method
Method and apparatus for accelerating exchange or swap instructions using a register alias table (RAT) and content addressable memory (CAM) with logical register numbers as input addresses
Data processor having repeat instruction processing using executed instruction number counter
Branch preparation
Data processing circuit, microcomputer, and electronic equipment
Double prefix overrides to provide 16-bit operand size in a 32/64 operating mode
Computer-implemented method for generating a UML representation from JAVA source code
Extending the attributes of an application generated using a fourth generation programming tool
System and method for reusing a classed method in object oriented programming
Method, system, and program for accessing data in different environments
Method for creating network services by transforming an XML runtime model in response to an iterative input process
Method and apparatus for execution of an application during computer pre-boot operation
Redundant updatable self-booting firmware
Software installation verification tool
Verifier to check intermediate language
System and method to improve speed and reduce memory allocation for set top box boot-up
System of self-service terminals and method of distributing software to a plurality of self-service terminals
Interface for ensuring system boot image integrity and authenticity
System, method, and apparatus for automatically and dynamically updating options, features, and/or services available to a client device
Mutual exclusion at the record level with priority inheritance for embedded systems using one semaphore
System and method for terminating lock-step sequences in a multiprocessor system
Method and system for load balancing and management
Register change summary resource
Thread interruption with minimal resource usage using an asynchronous procedure call
Method and apparatus for processing data with multiple processing modules and associated counters
System and method for collaborative batch aggregation and scheduling
Apparatus and method for providing downloadable code for use in communicating with a device in a distributed system
Two-dimensional printed code for storing biometric information and integrated off-line apparatus for reading same
Dynamic memory processor
Method and apparatus for constructing a self-adapting smart transmission device to control information transmission between elements of a network
Multiresolution learning paradigm and signal prediction
Method and system for use and maintenance of a knowledge base system
System and method for automated management of a distribution facility
Method of composing electronic mail in which mail expressions corresponding to a category attribute of an electronic mail ID of the destination are inserted into the outgoing electronic mail
Delivery schedule management method, apparatus for implementing the method, processing program thereof and medium having the program recorded therein
Freight information management method and freight management system using electronic tags
Automated auction protocol processor
Advertisement selection system supporting discretionary target market characteristics
System and method for secure electronic commerce transaction
Method for evaluating structural strength of cancellous bone using X-ray image
Vehicle management system and method thereof
Digital information library and delivery system with logic for generating files targeting a playback device
Security system for portable computer, and the like
Navigation system
Light-emitting fiber, and method for making same
Speech recognition enrollment for non-readers and displayless devices
Method and apparatus for providing active help to a user of a voice-enabled application
Speech processing apparatus and method
Video recording medium, video recording apparatus and video retrieving method
Method for altering AC-3 data streams using minimum computation
Disk drive error recovery and defect management method
Error counting mechanism
Video information editing method and system, and recording medium having the editing method stored
Process for encoding audio from an analog medium into a compressed digital format using attribute information and silence detection
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Signal encoding apparatus, audio data transmitting method, audio data recording method, audio data decoding method and audio disc
Data storage device with quick and quiet modes
Inter-row configurability of content addressable memory
Method for checking the functioning of memory cells of an integrated semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus for testing a non-volatile memory array having a low number of output pins
Operating method for an integrated memory having writeable memory cells and corresponding integrated memory
Automated determination and display of the physical location of a failed cell in an array of memory cells
Soft error detection for digital signal processors
Module classification approach for moving semiconductor wafers in a wafer processing system
Method and apparatus for control for semiconductor processing for reducing effects of environmental effects
Method for generating mask data, mask and computer readable recording media
Semiconductor integrated circuit and wiring method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, design method for the same and computer-readable recording where medium I/O cell library is recorded
Antenna sharing switching circuitry for multi-transceiver mobile terminal and method therefor
Optical amplifying glass fiber
Oscillator having a transistor formed of a wide bandgap semiconductor material
DC offset correction scheme for wireless receivers
Square wave analog multiplier
Method of identifying boundary of markerless codeword
Encoding device
Parallel system and method for cyclic redundancy checking (CRC) generation
Parallel CRC generation circuit for generating a CRC code
Apparatus and method for implementing a decoder for convolutionally encoded symbols
Method and apparatus for controlling and maintaining a tower top low noise amplifier
DC compensation system for a wireless communication device configured in a zero intermediate frequency architecture
Antenna switch module
System and method for profiling the location of mobile radio traffic in a wireless communications network
Communication system
Satellite paging channels
Satellite communications routing and addressing method
Method for precompensating frequency data for use in high-velocity satellite communication systems
Low noise in-building distribution network for wireless signals
System and method for processing a signalling message in an ATM network
Method and device for detecting rate
Directory services network management locator
Method and apparatus for prediction of system reliability
Automatic communication protocol test system with message/sequence edit function and test method using the same
Enterprise management system and method which includes semantically correct summarization
Method and apparatus for network latency performance measurement
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for a network monitoring system
System and method for locally caching remote query replies in an electronic network
Apparatus and method of maintaining timely topology data within a link state routing network
Method and apparatus for accessing variable sized blocks of data
Image-rejection I/Q demodulators
Radio communication system and method of operation
Method for conducting vehicle diagnostic analyses using distributed structure
Content screening with end-to-end encryption prior to reaching a destination
Multimedia coordination system
Remote bookmarking for wireless client devices
Methods for performing client-hosted application sessions in distributed processing systems
System and method for managing files in a distributed system using prioritization
Synchronization manager for standardized synchronization of separate programs
Hierarchical service level remediation for competing classes based upon achievement of service level goals
Web-enabled presentation device and methods of use thereof
Computer system for controlling a data transfer
Method of establishing an internet protocol network utilizing IP gateway that functions as either or both DHCP client and DHCP server
System for measuring delay of digital signal using clock generator and delay unit wherein a set of digital elements of clock generator identical to a set of digital elements of delay unit
Cellular telephone, personal digital assistant, and pager unit with capability of short range radio frequency transmissions
Microphone/speaker-contained wireless remote control system for internet device and method for controlling operation of remote controller therein
Auditory feedback control through user detection
Mobile phone provided with a device for notifying the user of the reception of a call signal and method therefor
Method for identifying a call in a telecommunications system
Broadcast enhancement trigger addressed to multiple uniquely addressed information resources
Tap device of cable broadcasting system
Image recording and reproducing device and a medium storing an image recording and reproducing program
Method of updating computer configuration settings
Intelligent call platform for an intelligent distributed network architecture
Authorized location reporting paging system
System and method for providing subscriber-initiated information over the short message service (SMS) or a microbrowser
Enhanced call delivery system for interoperability between circuit switched and packet switched networks
Telephone switching system and method
CDMA frequency planning for fixed wireless application
System and method for determining the location of a mobile station in a wireless network
Roaming authorization system
Systems, methods, and computer program products for dynamically adjusting the paging channel monitoring frequency of a mobile terminal based on the operating environment
Determining grade of service and mobile telephone system
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