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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant growing machine
Sliding panels system for hiding a flat screen TV
Pick brush
Endoscope apparatus
Systems and methods for multispectral scanning and detection for medical diagnosis
Medical imaging method and associated device
Cartridge with lancets and testing device using the cartridge
Systems and methods for detecting an image of an object using multi-beam imaging from an X-ray beam having a polychromatic distribution
Tomography apparatus and tomography method
Adaptive muscle stimulation technique
Variable shortening of AV delay for treatment of cardiac disease
Performing Operations; Transporting
Advanced L-channel welded nozzle design
Method of making split fin heat sink
Apparatus and method utilizing an automated machine tool system and mandrel for cold working of holes in metal components
Cladding panel
Method and apparatus for controlling a semi-active suspension system for motorcycles
Location-based vehicle powertrain regulation system
Textiles; Paper
Flame-retardant imaged nonwoven fabric
Fixed Constructions
Flexible sleeve for connection to a plumbing fixture
Roofing element
Fastener device
Hinge assembly for flat panel display appliance
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power generation system and method of operating same
Semiconductor device providing a current control function and a self shut down function
Fault diagnostics and prognostics based on distance fault classifiers
Drying unit for washing machines
Knock-down type dryer assembly for prosthesis liners
Firearm orientation and drop sensor system
Method and apparatus for surface profilometry
Correction of the temperature error during a measurement conducted by a coordinate measuring device
Signal amplifier by triple Mach-Zehnder interferometers
Apparatus and method for determining orbit of geostationary satellite
Liquid consumption status detecting method, liquid container, and ink cartridge
System and method for detection of degradation of vacuum brake booster sensor
Low pass filter semiconductor structures for use in transducers for measuring low dynamic pressures in the presence of high static pressures
Golf ball tracking system and methods therefor
Gas discriminating semiconductor sensors
Method for providing an oil change indication to an operator of an internal combustion engine
Portable evaluator of amount of exercise and the method of evaluating amount of exercise
Network and fault recovery method
Self-test design for serializer / deserializer testing
Controlling scan access to a scan chain
Method and system for pulse neutron capture sigma inversion
Lens barrel
Analog IMOD having a color notch filter
Electrophoretic display device and method of fabricating the same
Method and device for multistate interferometric light modulation
Tunable interference filter, optical module, and electronic device
On-chip diffraction grating prepared by crystallographic wet-etch
Polarization converter of bidirectional cylindrical symmetry and cartesian-cylindrical polarization conversion method
Integrated optical waveguide evanescent field sensor and longitudinal section of a substrate for use in such a sensor
Multimode optical fiber and systems comprising such fiber
Few mode optical fibers
Auto-cladded multi-core optical fibers
Waveguide with Controlled Light Collimation
Apparatus and method for passive alignment of optical devices
Lens actuating device
Interconnect structure for MEMS device
Method and system for fine adjustment of optical elements position
Ultrabright long biphoton generation with non-linear optical material
Shake compensation control apparatus, optical device, image capturing apparatus, and control method of shake compensation
Piezoelectric transducer driver, power supply device, and image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Paper edge cleaner and image forming apparatus using the paper edge cleaner
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus and belt exchanging method
Fixing device, and image forming apparatus using the fixing device
Fixing device, image forming apparatus incorporating same, and method for heating fixing rotary body
Water addition apparatus and image forming apparatus
Facility controlling system and method
Selective multi-phase maximum power point tracking
Control system for a machine tool
Systems and methods to predict a reduction of energy consumption
Method for controlling the temperature of a glow plug
Decision support control centers
Determining suitability for disconnection from power outlet of a power distribution unit based on status of power supplies of a hardware device
System and method for computer power control
Disk subsystem and data restoration method
Charge recycling between power domains of integrated circuits
Diagnostic systems for distributed network
Motivating lazy RCU callbacks under out-of-memory conditions
Connection control apparatus, storage system, and control method of connection control apparatus
Providing high availability to a hybrid application server environment containing non-java containers
Computing core application access utilizing dispersed storage
Refinement-based security analysis
Partial R-block recycling
Method of calculating parity in asymetric clustering file system
Systems and methods for fast detection and diagnosis of system outages
Ultra low-power pipelined processor
System and method for protecting computer systems from malware attacks
Read/write operations in solid-state storage devices
Systems and methods for securing extranet transactions
Technique for supporting multiple secure enclaves
Method and device for testing a system comprising at least a plurality of software units that can be executed simultaneously
Kernal memory locking for systems that allow over-commitment memory
Tape storage device and writing method therefor
Addressing cross-allocated blocks in a file system
Assigning device adaptors and background tasks to use to copy source extents to target extents in a copy relationship
Enhanced copy-on-write operation for solid state drives
Systems and methods for implementing a storage interface specific to an archiving platform
Multilevel cache hierarchy for finding a cache line on a remote node
Dynamically adjusted threshold for population of secondary cache
Page buffering in a virtualized, memory sharing configuration
Lock-free object recycling
Secure data handling in a computer system
Data staging area
Superspeed inter-chip interface
Communication apparatus, relay apparatus, communication system and communication method
Automated layout and design for recording text and images in any of disparate three-dimensional objects
Cloud delivery with reusable resource indicator
User-selectable IEEE 1588 clock class and quality level mapping
Optimization of multimedia service over an IMS network
Application layer authentication in packet networks
Method and device for operating wind farm power grids with improved data transmission protocol
Enhanced barrier operator within a streaming environment
Activating touch-sensitive keys utilizing configuration settings
Automated remote site downloading on a geographic drive
Method and apparatus for efficient and accurate analytics with cross-domain correlation
Media mix wiring protocol for media control
Method for downloading software
Masterless slot allocation
Method and apparatus for maintaining and migrating a distributed cache in a networked environment
Methods, systems, devices, and products for providing alerts for communications
Selectively triggering execution of services in a computing environment
Curating communications
Apparatus and method for establishing communications
Quantifying user quality of experience by passive monitoring
Adjusting software settings
Apparatus system and method for booting a server from a storage system
Intelligent spectrum allocation based on user behavior patterns
Automatic updating apparatus, automatic updating method, and programmable storage medium embodying program to perform method for automatic updating
Position invariant compression of files within a multi-level compression scheme
Method of processing data for an information processing apparatus
MALTweb multi-axis viewing interface and higher level scoping
Document renewal and translation
Compact floating point delta encoding for complex data
Method and apparatus for providing case restoration
Method and module for controlling a vehicle's speed
Creating audio-based annotations for audiobooks
Fact checking using and aiding probabilistic question answering
Dynamic digital document fields behavior
Sampling and optimization in phrase-based machine translation using an enriched language model representation
Search engine and indexing technique
System and method for event driven publish-subscribe communications
Customization of the appearance of a user interface
Information processing method for determining weight of each feature in subjective hierarchical clustering
Efficient method of using XML value indexes without exact path information to filter XML documents for more specific XPath queries
Management of log data in a networked system
Efficient reverse name lookup in a file system
Centralized web-based software solution for search engine optimization
System and method for providing electronic supplemental content associated with printed content in a printed publication
Preserving a state using snapshots with selective tuple versioning
Database access for native applications in a virtualized environment
Use of ontology to find a category of a selected keyword in a webpage
Extensions to generational data distribution methods
Method and system using heuristics in performing batch updates of records
Method of and apparatus for organizing data records in a relational database
Methods, systems and computer program products for analogy detection among entities using reciprocal similarity measures
Static timing analysis of template-based asynchronous circuits
System and method for generating a field effect transistor corner model
Method for changing string arrangement, recording medium for string arrangement changing program, and information processor
Control system implementing derate based on air characteristics
Method and system for monitoring batch product manufacturing
Diagnosis system
System and method for assembling and analyzing a candidate application for a credential
Methods and apparatus to mitigate a denial-of-service attack in a voice over internet protocol network
Access control protocol for embedded devices
Interactive point-of-view authoring of digital video content using a resizable overlay window and a cylindrical layout
Processing system, communication apparatus, and processing apparatus
Multi-environment widget assembly, generation, and operation
Generating a web service
Intuitive image-based program guide for controlling display device such as a television
Multi-configuration computer
Configuring and relaying events from a storage controller to a host server
Monitoring network performance and detecting network faults using round trip transmission times
Storage system and data transfer method
Generating user help information for customized user interfaces
Notification in immersive applications
Techniques for representing and navigating information in three dimensions
Fast cursor location
Method and apparatus for editing heterogeneous media objects in a digital imaging device
Processor and information processing apparatus
Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and control method
System, image forming apparatus, and method for extracting data from a set of electronic data based on a predetermined condition
Method and apparatus for supporting user's operation of image reading apparatus
File management technique
Printing control device, storage medium storing printing control program, and printing control method
Explicit character filtering of ambiguous text entry
Auto-detection of historical search context
Opaque mechanism for web service interoperability
Sampling transactions from multi-level log file records
Persistent object linkage using ghosting
Method and apparatus for functional integration of metadata
System and method for monitoring events against continual range queries
Dynamic routing of instant message
Systems and methods for identifying software performance influencers
Unit testing an Enterprise Javabeans (EJB) bean class
Image instance mapping
Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with client-specific access control
Peer-to-peer sharing in integrated development environment
Interactive semi-automatic test case maintenance
Generic user input for GUI framework
Method, framework, and program product for formatting and serving web content
Version labeling in a version control system
Optimization of an application to reduce local memory usage
Method and apparatus to bypass object lock by speculative execution of generated bypass code shell based on bypass failure threshold in managed runtime environment
Composing analytic solutions
Composing analytic solutions
Determining functional design/requirements coverage of a computer code
Infrastructure service architecture for applications
Application deployment in heterogeneous environments
Thermal-aware source code compilation
Instruction scheduling approach to improve processor performance
Configuration of virtual appliances
Computer system having a virtualization mechanism that executes a judgment upon receiving a request for activation of a virtual computer
Remote virtual machine migration port management device and system
Allocation and control unit for controlling parallel execution of threads on auxiliary processing units
Method and system for detecting program deadlock
Adaptive lock list searching of waiting threads
Code section optimization by removing memory barrier instruction and enclosing within a transaction that employs hardware transaction memory
Human interface electronic device
Methods and systems for performing biometric functions
Thinned finger sensor and associated methods
Method and a device for extracting color features
Proof reading of text data generated through optical character recognition
Digital image auto-resizing
Extracting object edges from images
Authentication method and system
Transformation of a source model to a target model
Deciding an optimal action in consideration of risk
System and method for enabling custom portfolio definition in an IP marketplace
Network-based grocery store
Media marketing system and method
Method for transformation of a website
Multiple criteria buying and selling model
Notice and non-response tracking
Wireless personal area network coordinator
Wireless sensor network traffic navigation analytics
Using append only log format in data storage cluster with distributed zones for determining parity of reliability groups
User intent analysis extent of speaker intent analysis system
Band broadening apparatus and method
Disk storage apparatus and method for adjusting head disk interference sensor threshold
Fluid dynamic bearing unit and disk drive device including the same
Optical pick-up device and optical component for the same
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Semiconductor memory device
Threshold voltage calibration using reference pattern detection
Pseudo-8T NVSRAM cell with a charge-follower
Semiconductor device periodically updating delay locked loop circuit
Semiconductor device and method of operating the same
Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
Bit based fuse repair
Memory module and semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor device and data processing system comprising semiconductor device
Synchronous multiple port memory with asynchronous ports
X-ray waveguide
Wet capacitor cathode containing a conductive copolymer
Method for manufacturing printed wiring board
Portable electronic device with chip card ejecting mechanism
Method of assembling a flat electrical cable
Coaxial cable fitting and crimping tool
Optical signal processing apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, and optical relay apparatus
Method and device for shielding a high-power laser apparatus and high-power-laser optical system employing such a device
Modulation averaging reflectors
Electrostatic chuck and method of manufacturing electrostatic chuck
Recreational vehicle transformer
Harmonic current suppression method and harmonic current suppression device of power conversion device
Power supply circuit, mobile terminals using the same, and control method of the same
Grid tied inverter, system and method including a buck-boost mode
Signal processing circuit and method
Two low complexity decoding algorithms for LDPC codes
Code generating apparatus, reference signal generating apparatus, and methods thereof
Power saving in a communication device
Chirp modulation
Bidirectional monitor module, optical module, optical add-drop multiplexer, and optical system
Optical line terminal for bidirectional wavelength-division-multiplexing optical network
Method and system permitting the sequential reorganization of signals
Inter-cell coordination for feeding relay nodes
Systems and methods for compensating antenna gain imbalance
Power savings mode management of wireless communication terminal based on data communication rate
Dual mode base station
User equipment and channel state information feedback method
Method and apparatus for antenna array channel feedback
Distributed antenna system, base station device, and antenna selection control method
Repeaters for wireless communication systems
Establishment of new base station in cellular network
System and/or method for providing information updates to a location server
System and method for real-time interconnection of elements of a wide area monitoring, measurement or data collection system through a direct digital satellite broadcasting multiplexing system
Method for generating a carrier group and method for transmitting carrier group information
Communication relay device, communication relay system, and method of controlling communication relay device
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
Link discovery, verification, and failure isolation in an optical communication system
Method for configuring PHICH carrier linkage
Allocation of voice idle time period for inter-RAT measurement
Method for relaying of relay having multiple antenna in wireless communication system
Fibre channel over Ethernet switch implicit logout
Label switched path OAM wrapper
Apparatus and method for selecting service quality metrics for managed services quality assurance
Implementation of VPNs over a link state protocol controlled Ethernet network
Switch and flow table controlling method
System and method for reliable store-and-forward data handling by encoded information reading terminals
SS7 ANSI-41 to SIP based call signaling conversion gateway for wireless VoIP E911
Call admission control in VoIP systems
Methods and apparatus for simplified beamforming
Wireless receiving apparatus
One time password authentication of websites
License management system, license management method and license management program
Apparatus and method for guaranteeing integrity of real-time vehicle data and vehicle black box system using the same
System and method for programmable matching of detuned RF components
Balanced entropy random number generator
Case for handheld devices with one or more integral tools
Portable communication device and method for dialing phone numbers on keypad of the portable communication device
Mobile information processing apparatus equipped with touch panel device and program for mobile information processing apparatus
Communications systems and methods using wireline adapters
Cover for hand-held electronic device
Method and apparatus for translation and authentication for a virtual operator of a communication system
Facsimile server, facsimile system, and facsimile transmission method
Method and apparatus for supporting emergency calls and location for FEMTO access points
Mobile device that activates upon removal from storage
Mobile device that activates upon removal from storage
Method to stream compressed digital audio over circuit switched, voice networks
System and method for processing agent interactions
Automatically connecting to a best available calling device based on resource strength
Avoiding failed routes
Printing quality determination based on text analysis
Image reading device employing calibration plate, apparatus including image reading device, image reading controlling method, and recording medium storing image reading control program
Display apparatus, control method thereof, shutter glasses and control method thereof
Image capture device, player, system, and image processing method
Image pickup device and signal processing method thereof
Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the image capturing apparatus
Method and apparatus for correcting aspect ratio in a camera graphical user interface
Structure of a ring flash module
Imaging method and system with angle-discrimination layer
Mach-zehnder based optical marker/comb generator for streak camera calibration
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Camera control means to allow operating of a destined location of the information surface of a presentation and information system
Photoelectric conversion film-stacked solid-state imaging device without microlenses, its manufacturing method, and imaging apparatus
Mapping mobile device electronic program guide to content
Circuit board
Portable video enhancement apparatus
Information storage medium storing metadata and method of providing additional contents, and digital broadcast reception apparatus
Video conference control system and method
Method of operating a display with gaps, a backlight and a camera
System and method for programmatic link generation with media delivery
Hand and indicating-point positioning method and hand gesture determining method used in human-computer interaction system
Imaging apparatus for controlling and displaying flicker amounts
Electret material and electrostatic-type acoustic transducer
Voice coil support for a coil transducer motor structure
Method and computer system for obtaining weighted geometric dilution of precision closed form
Radio base station, control apparatus, and abnormality detection method
Apparatus and method for measuring position of terminal located in indoor using wireless network
Fast generation of radio coverage map of access points in an indoor environment
System and method for preventing cell phone use while driving
Methods and apparatuses for opportunistic advertising beacon transmission on non-serving wireless channels
Fast round-trip delay delivery of datagrams over a wireless network
Mobile communication method and network apparatus
Access point name list based network access management
Method for blocking crank calls by using cloud computing and a system thereof
Method for handing over a user equipment connected to a base station fro the base station to a femto access point
Methods, devices, and systems for efficient retransmission communications
Apparatuses, system, methods, and computer program products for network control
Method and apparatus for conveying downlink scheduling signaling
Cellular radio network
Mechanism for facilitating dynamic real-time customization of messaging for computing systems
Method of communication for station operating based on battery in wireless local area network system and apparatus for the same
Method and apparatus for power control during TD-SCDMA baton handover
Network element, cellular communication system and method therefor
Techniques for managing communications resources for a mobile device
Control information transmission and receiving method for group communication in wireless communication system
Method and system for maintaining contact information
Wireless device, method of operating and processing system
"I am driving/busy" automatic response system for mobile phones
Mounting system for attaching mobile devices to sports equipment
Base station device, terminal device, receiver-side base station device, and wireless communication method
Fixing apparatus for expansion card
Display device cabinet
Circuit board assembly having two members rotating in opposite directions
Support for a flexible display
Management of exterior temperatures encountered by user of a portable electronic device in response to an inferred user contact with the portable electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Scalp applicator
Power module housing
Demonstration and exhibition stand for a window product and marketing materials
Display stand for candle accessories
Laundry bin
Lottery ticket scraper
Sponge cleaning device with multiple hinged handle
Jointing element
Clip for fastening a mounting member to an automobile
Fence connector
Contoured socket for locking cap
Combined door stop and door hung sign
Bottle with integrated grip portion
Beverage bottle
Narrowed container neck
Package for a medical patch
One piece assembly of containers with utensils
Combination bowl for application of chemicals and solutions to hair
Packaging unit for candles
Oval lid for a container
Watch and watch component
Casing for a watch
Watch case
Wristwatch with lift-off bezel
Chemical analyzer
Winged scale
Type measure
Small personal communicator
Traffic sign
Body jewelry with barbell stud
Solitaire ring
Invisible set diamonds
Hanging sculptured self-watering flower pot
Novelty item
Novelty item
Peanut ornament
Tree stand
Football penalty flag
Reconfigurable wheeled cart
Combined fishing rod holder and caddy
Forward dumping, two-wheeled barrow
Support bracket
Jack stand
Fishing downrigger assembly
Electric scooter
Vehicle body
Boat trailer step
Motorcycle ride bell mount
Axle adjuster plate for motorcycles
Patient transfer apparatus
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Front vehicle grille
Efficiency console
RV air dam
Food console for use in a vehicle
Vehicle gauge
Surface configuration of a dashboard for a vehicle
Gasoline tank for motorcycle
Backup power pack
Electrical connector
Electric motor connector
Surface contour applied to an electrical connector
Spark plug igniter
Motor controller
Enclosure for a speaker cable connector
Lighting control
Snap sensor connector
Supply unit
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Hybrid integrated circuit device
Enclosure for integrated wireless node
Personal digital assistant
Docking station for a portable computing device
Personal digital assistant
Memory card with hockey mask symbol for an electronic game system
Contoured housing
Data card
Free-standing disk computer chassis
Element of an electronic computer
Optical reader
Menu design for a display screen
Computer cabinet
Optical scanner
Document display system for a display screen
Laptop computer with docking station
Optical scanner
Portable computer
Television receiver
Pivotal display monitor
Linear antenna
Housing for a communication device
Display and key array for a handset
Telephone watch
Back cover detail for a handset
Wireless phone
Face plate for a cellular telephone
Mobile phone
Wireless communications device
Telephone base
Microphone boom cover
Carburetor throttle body
Reciprocating piston pump
Fuel dispenser loop conductor antenna
Planter unit mounting bracket
Outer surface of a grill
Vacuum head housing
Vacuum head housing having a headlight and a sidelight
Vacuum cleaner foot
Hand-held vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Detergent dispenser
Dust cup for hand-held vacuum cleaner
Floor cleaner upper portion
Ball bearing swivel
Roll bending machine
Tables for a planer
Screen cylinder frame
Linear actuator
Camera within a can
Digital camera
Video projector
Document production device
Convexly curved grip of camera
Eyeglass frame
Ink tank for printer
Ink tank for printer
Serrated postage label with logo
Window portion of a stampless envelope
Writing instrument cap
Pencil holder
Input pen with ball-point pen
Tread double click pen
Correction pen
Writing instrument
Dedication marker
Neon sign
Voter's election ballot
Child fingerprint card
Key tag
Operating portion of controller for electronic game machine
Toy guitar
Stroller with means of accommodating a child seat
Children's ride-on vehicle
Toy dish washer
Rat king hand puppet
Front panel of a video game
Multi-station gym
Exercise bar with rotatable handles
Rotatable weight exercise device
Weight augmentation device
Ball throwing machine
Golf head
Golf putter face
Golf ball mark repair tool
Display and mask for a gaming device
Gun stock
Fishing reel
Reel seat for fishing rod
Single-lever faucet
Faucet handle assembly
Plug for apertures
Water softener cabinet
Filter cartridge housing
Tub for bathing
Tub for bathing
Toilet fixture
Shower unit
Air freshener
Fan blade
Cover for a deodorant cabinet
Air freshener device with drop-shaped gel container
Vehicle exhaust removal product
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture
Blade holder for ceiling fan
Blade holder for a ceiling fan
Helmet with a fan
Blade holder for a ceiling fan
Hollow body full arch dental model base
Meter for measuring body fat rate
Quadrant dental model base with projecting variable height pins
Projecting pin quadrant dental model base
Restraining device
Medical electrode
Analyte test strip
Breast shell cover
Abutment for anatomic implants
Medication reconstituting apparatus
Disposable female urine sample cup holder
Support pillow for rectal surgery
Surface pattern for an absorbent article
Wireless neurofeedback helmet
Form-fitting device for a hearing aid
Wall and sub-floor supporting drain panel
Landscape edging
Multiple candle holder
Body for a flashlight
Bag with flashlight handle
Yard torch
Tiki torch
Wall mounted light fixture
Light fixture
Wall sconce with convex shade
Wall lamp
Wall lamp
Wall lamp
Wall lamp
Replacement tail lens assembly
Eggnog-colored candle top with a sprinkled nutmeg-like topping
Music stand light
Outdoor lighting fixture
Orient bulb shell
Electric lamp
Reflective light housing
Canopy for a lighting fixture
Chandelier gallery
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Electric shaver
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Make-up packaging
Mustache and beard trimmer
Hair clipper
Hair clipper
Hair clipper
Hair dryer
Nail dryer with storage compartment
Shampoo sink cushion
Case for a stick-type cosmetic preparation
Massaging tool
Float for eyeglasses
Collar for dogs
Knotted donut ring animal chew
Round animal toy
Baseball mailbox
Coin retaining device
Human Necessities
Multifunctional shovel attachment for an ice axe
Locking mechanism for an interconnecting bar
Method and apparatus for harvesting lettuce
Fruit harvesting apparatus
Pivoting hydraulic hose support for agricultural implements
Baler with a weighing device
Versatile trellis kit
Method and apparatus for growing vined produce
Method for afforestation of sands and the like
Resilient fastening clip for plants
Lavender plant named `Bee Brilliant`
Osteospermum plant named `Aknam`
Begonia plant named `Beno`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Panamaril`
Dracaena plant named `Golden Coast`
Sutera plant named `Yasflos`
Poinsettia plant named `Amazone`
Jamesbrittenia plant named `Yagevi`
Phlox plant named `Barfourteen`
Miniature rose plant named `JACrenew`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Delistar Yellow`
Poinsettia plant named `Jacabia`
Hibiscus plant named `Notwoodone`
Anthurium plant named `Wendy`
Hibiscus plant named `Notwoodtwo`
Nemesia plant named `Nempeach`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ossa`
Miniature rose plant named `KORpusiro`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Winfpage`
Intelligent claw
Self-cleaning litter box
Sleeping bag for pets
Interactive pet device
Cat massaging and grooming device
Pet-play apparatus configured for interactive and solo use
Side release buckle
Method of deterring climbing animals from accessing elevated bird feeders, nesting boxes and plants
Bird feeder with electronic squirrel deterrence
Nestable pet food dispensers
Aquatic habitat extension device and feeding apparatus therefor
Fishing pole antenna
Fishing rod and line guide thereof
Fishing rod structure
Accessory for a fishing rod
Modular pest control system
Coaster for shielding against crawling arthropods
Salad bowl with cooling function
Cigarette with improved tobacco substrate
Heavenly hosiery
Lounging and sleeping stocking
Nursing garment
Disposable gown
Powder-free medical gloves
Elastically stretchable composite sheet and disposable wearing article using this composite sheet
Waterproof, washable plastic magnetic button and a method for manufacturing the same
Impact and energy absorbing product for helmets and protective gear
Apparatus for removing odor and moisture from footwear and the like
Lace-less shoe
Seat belt design and buckle
Adjustable slide fastener system
Jewelry articles including small beads arranged in designs in decorative framework
Common faceting for individual stones of a composite of diamonds
Multi-sectioned coilable shaft
Application tooth for the hair and/or scalp treatment
Hair dryer employing far-infrared radiation
Furniture construction including adjustable mounting bracket
Counterbalance apparatus
Portable changing table
Baby crib sleep aid
Picture/poster frame assembly and retainer for holding components in the frame of the assembly
Photo postcard display
Filter system for a deep fat fryer
Pistachio sheller
Foldable commode
Roll-up inflatable bathtub appliance
Spa and shower combination
Combined bath tub/shower tub device
Squeegee with liquid drain
Carpet extractor housing
Foam surface conditioning pad
Mop, mop element and mop element assembly
Pump inlet fitting
Universal vacuum extension kit
Pull handle with interlocking mounting mechanism for wet/dry vacuum appliance
Method for manufacturing endoscopic biopsy forceps cup
Methods and apparatus for clamping surgical wires or cables
Combined cryotherapy and hyperthermia method for the treatment of airway obstruction or prostrate enlargement
Method of sterilizing females
Visor for intercepting laser light for medical treatment
Radiolucent split-leg accessory for a surgical table
Mattress structure
Patient transfer system
Methods of ophthalmic administration
Cell-culture and polymer constructs
Inhalation device
Variable pressure and flow control for a pneumatically-operated gas demand apparatus
Respiration assemblies and indicators
Endotracheal tube having a beveled tip and orientation indicator
Artificial airway device
Coupling for a breathing tube system
Full-body safety harness
Miniature sports radar speed measuring device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Packing with low contacting crimp pattern
Paint roller frame and plastic cage assembly with sliding lock
Surface cleanliness measurement procedure
High pressure cleaning and removal system
Hand-operable cleaning tool for automotive engine intake components
Web cleaning system
In-situ Vadose zone remote sensor
Steckel hot rolling mill
Process for manufacturing a flexible continuous tube
Apparatus and method for manufacturing ducts
Method and apparatus for winding thin walled tubing
Machine for manufacturing twisted and offset electrical conductors
Apparatus for punching steel studs and control circuit
Hemming process and hemming apparatus
Method for joining workpieces, and pressing device therefor
Tool and use thereof for forming a sheet metal tube end
Manufacturing method for split heat exchanger having oval tubes in zigzag pattern
Manufacturing method for spectacles
Electromechanical drive for metal part forming machine
Seat belt anchorage plate for seat belt device and method for manufacturing the same
Cutting implement
Apparatus for variably controlling work feed rate for cutting wood, metal and other materials
Method of making fluid heat exchanger
Structure body and method of manufacture thereof
Automobile framing system
Method and apparatus for stiffener location and positioning
Method of fabricating pin retaining ring for internal gear, internal meshing planetary gear structure, and hydraulic motor pump
Magnetic spring alignment and handling system
Method for stress-free assembly of components
System and method for making cisterns
Detachable handle socket ratchet wrench system
Tool for anti-tampering devices
Combination shutoff valve wrench
Combination of driver bit and screw
Hand tool
Hydraulic disc brake caliper piston retractor tool
Universal retaining ring plier
Method of installing an oil pan heater on an oil pan mounted on an engine block
Self-adjusting and/or self-locking pliers
Combustion-engined tool with an increased velocity of the expanding flame front in the fore-chamber of the tool combustion chamber
Multiblade screwdriver
Locking knife blade with moving locking mechanism on blade
Device for severing electrical conductors
Pattern designer shaver system
Razor blade cartridge with guard ribs
Wallpaper cutter
Pipe entry device
Replaceable hole punch for image capturing devices
Methods and apparatus for making a drug infusion device
Track assembly having moveable fastening mechanism
Process for producing a motor vehicle body part in a sandwich construction
Composite structural element, especially front-face support for a vehicle
Method for manufacturing an indicator knob and a knob
Method for obtaining dimensionally and structurally stable objects, in particular disposable containers, starting from flexible film, and object obtained by the method
Lithographic imaging with metal-based, non-ablative wet printing members
Adjustable matte for handling sheets in a printing press and method of using same
Sheet-guiding device for printing presses
Cylinder with plate gripping device
Process and device for modifying the temperature of the inking unit of a web-fed rotary printing machine
Ink-metering device in a printing press
Method and apparatus for adjusting ink supply amount for multicolor printing press
Manually operable proofer for producing sample test printings of inks and coatings
Method of printing an integral design on the leaves of a blind with one round of processing
Method for producing liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting head obtained by the same method
Printing machine having a plurality of printing units for overprinting a plurality of inks in one pass
Method for mounting printing plates on sleeves and for mounting the resultant sleeves on flexographic printing machine cylinders
Rotary marking device
Method for manufacturing a decorated plate glass
Apparatus for wire-free transmission from moving parts
Blow-off orifice tube
Control panel with double rotary control for a motor vehicle
Film belt position indicator with misalignment compensation means
Multi-compartment multi-climate delivery vehicle
Accumulator insulator bracket
Method for checking the state of a closed loop air-conditioning system comprising a variable-throughput compressor
Door locking assembly for a vehicle and a door assembly having the same
Neutral start switch and adjustment assembly for a hydrostatic transmission
Differential gearing device
Hopper car outlet gate valve
Locking device for a steering wheel of an automobile
Column shift device with key interlock mechanism
Wiper apparatus for motor vehicles
Hydraulic control device for motor vehicle clutch in particular
Removable filter cap for spring brake actuator
Overhead conveyor rotator system
Article conveying method
Car body
Stud for retaining insulating panels and method for installing insulating panels along a wall provided with such studs
Rail vehicle body, a rail vehicle, and corresponding assembly methods
Simplified ballast system for tension leg platforms
Competition or cruiser sailboat with implanted mast
Portable boat step device
Dynamically positioned semi-submersible drilling vessel with slender horizontal braces
Rotary engine and helicopter application
Acoustic reflector attachment compatible with native aircraft structure
MEMS microthruster array
Powder grain material control unit and powder grain material filling unit having this unit
Process for producing a water soluble package
Method for producing uniform small doses of finely divided substances
Multi-product packing machine with bar code reader
Vertical sealing device for vertical type forming, filling and closing machine for flexible packages
Apparatus and methods for securing articles to containers
Method of making a container for storing fine particles
Top-filled tamper-evident package
Method and apparatus for locomotive fuel tank repair
Lid lifting mechanism
Friction drive system floor conveyor
Method and apparatus for hanging doors
Tool for breaking a vacuum in a preserving jar closed with a screw cap
Sorption cooler
Saddle assembly for handicapped people
Micromachined thermal flowmeter having heating element disposed in a silicon island
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the sub-critical drying of lyogels to produce aerogels
Manufacturing method of synthetic silica glass
Method for producing bulk fused silica
Apparatus and method for glass sheet forming
Method for producing magnetic disk substrates
Method of cultivating fruit bodies of agaricus blazei in artificial mushroom cultivation bed
Portable propellant cutting assembly, and method of cutting propellant with assembly
Low energy fuse and method of manufacture
Reduced toxicity fuel satellite propulsion system including catalytic decomposing element with hydrogen peroxide
Maturation process for wines
Wafer to measure pressure at a number of points in a process chamber
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for spinning and crimping a multifilament yarn
Cushion member, method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
System and method for reconstituting fibers from recyclable waste material
Thread cutting device for a sewing machine
Electric washer-dryer
Automatically controlled washing machine with a lye rolling system
Dryer vent exhaust adapter device
Process to monitor linen drying in a drier
Fixed Constructions
Construction machine
Working equipment and a control system therefor
Pressurized fluid recovery/reutilization system
Hydraulic circuit system
Hydraulic control device of a working machine
Toilet bowl stabilizer
Glazed structures
Space frame construction assembly
Edge cut to increase effective width of insulation sheet and method of forming the same
Concrete forming system with brace ties
Wall system involving panels
Roofing felt with adhesive on front and rear faces
Wall closure for roof systems
Shingle gauge
Cladding component made of natural or synthetic stone
Wall patching device
Foldable privacy screen and portable toilet combination
Strapless support system for vessels such as swimming pools
Soft key
Combination lock handle
Tilting hinge
Airplane container door hinge
Hinge for an enclosure
Mounting arrangement for constant force spring balance
Non binding power actuator drive assembly
Doorjamb assembly with extruded plastic components
Non-leaking window frame structure
Dual panel jalousie assembly with independent panel movement
Telescoping louvered window insert
Door guard
Window screen installation system
Granular particle gripping surface
Method for obtaining leak-off test and formation integrity test profiles from limited downhole pressure measurements
Downhole densitometer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multi-stage turbomachine and design method
Gas turbine engine bearing arrangement
Single air inlet
Gas turbine, combined cycle plant and compressor
Method for rapid startup and increase in output of a gas turbine plant
Control device for camshaft systems
Valve timing adjusting device
Valve timing adjusting device
Valve timing control device
Variable value timing mechanism with crank drive
Four-stroke internal combustion engine with a rotary-spool valve
Method of controlling electromagnetic valve unit for internal combustion engines
Oiling system isolation and regulator valve
Lubrication system for four-stroke engine
Degradation discrimination system of internal combustion engine exhaust gas purification system
Method and system for evaluating exhaust on-board diagnostics system
Engine exhaust cooling system
Exhaust purifying apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Portable power working machine
Coordinated control of valve timing during mode transitions of direct injection stratified charge engines
Direct injection spark ignition engine
Four-stroke internal combustion engine with direct injection
Method and apparatus for pre-pilot fuel injection in diesel internal combustion engines
Device for limiting the speed of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
Turbocharged internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with an exhaust gas turbocharger, and associated method
Flywheel for reciprocating-piston engine
Engine generating machine
Intake and exhaust control systems for engine
Engine operated machine
Air-fuel control system for exhaust gas purification on ice
Stroke judging device for a 4-cycle engine
Method for cleaning exhaust gas with trimming control
Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus and method
Internal combustion engine having an exhaust-gas turbocharger and a method for operating same
Sonic weld in place self-tapping screw retainer
System for activating an adjustable tube by means of an elastic ring for a thrust nozzle
Electromagnetic fuel ram-injector and improved ignitor
Starting system for internal combustion engine
High-frequency ion source
Bent axis piston unit with angled piston sockets
Swash plate type compressor piston wherein inner surface of hollow cylindrical section of body portion has axially extending reinforcing projections
Swash plate compressor in which an opening edge of each cylinder bore has a plurality of chamferred portions
Connecting rod assembly for high pressure injection pumps
High-performance molded fan
Lifting cylinder unit for a lifting platform
Welded crankshaft
Method of producing fluid bearing device
Compact front wheel drive six-speed transaxle
Toggle-style overload protection device
Method and apparatus for manually shifting an electronically controlled transmission
Operating apparatus for automatic transmission
Apparatus and methods for determining natural frequencies of brush seals
Method of fixing a plurality of lower members each having reference bore for installing upper member, and fixing jigs
Security seal for collars used to tension spring in garage door assemblies
Adjustable form for hub drains
Cryogenic system having unique storage frames for storing bio-organic specimens
Furnace with liquid-cooled grate elements and cooling circuit
Low NOX gas turbine combustor liner
Combustion chamber of a gas turbine working on liquid fuel
Damper-controlled gas supply system
Air-conditioning method and device
Condenser unit for air conditioner or heat pump
Thermoelectric dehumidifier
Heat pump type air conditioning apparatus
Semiconductor-based optical refrigerator
Reversible heat pump with sub-cooling receiver
Pulse-tube cryorefrigeration apparatus using an integrated buffer volume
Method for determining the variable concentrations of ice in binary ice volumes
Thermally regulated storage container
Process for making pressurized liquefied natural gas from pressured natural gas using expansion cooling
Cryogenic system for producing xenon employing a xenon concentrator column
Cold box for cryogenic distilling plant
Screen drum for drying permeable webs of goods
Apparatus using Stirling cooler system and methods of use
Weapons rest
Cleaner for elongate bores
Shape charge assembly system
Marker projectile
Hardened subminiture telemetry and sensor system for a ballistic projectile
Variable target transition detection capability and method therefor
Measuring tool usable with a paint applicator
Systems and methods for mapping and marking the thickness of bioprosthetic sheet
Oscillation gyro equipped with thin PZT film
Sensor using capacitance element
Multiphase venturi flow metering method
System for calibrating a drive signal in a coriolis flowmeter to cause the driver to vibrate a conduit in a desired mode of vibration
Cam drive for a temperature sensitive device
Device for detecting, assessing and signaling thaw of frozen and deep frozen foodstuff
Force sensing transducer and apparatus
Force-reduction mechanism for a force-measuring device
Fat-line towed-array force measurement apparatus
Device for measuring rotation accuracy and dynamic torque for radial rolling bearing
High-speed bearing vibrational analysis system
Apparatus for testing a constant velocity joint and a method thereof
Air test apparatus
Method and apparatus for creating a wind tunnel by redirecting an air flow ninety degrees
Pulsed air sampler
Combustible gas diode sensor
Method of fluid rheology characterization and apparatus therefor
Temperature compensated surface-launched acoustic wave sensor
Acoustic resonance analysis of gas mixtures
Method for non-destructive detection for foreign matter in medium using waveform of ultrasonic wave
Non-destructive inspection, testing and evaluation system for intact aircraft and components and method therefore
Angular velocity sensor
Mounting mechanism and head mounted apparatus
Cable handling apparatus and method of handling cable
Packaging fiber optic components
Color photographic light-sensitive material containing UV filter compounds
Cleaning element
Wireless method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling food temperature
Sequential stroke keyboard
Output method
Foldable flexible vehicle locator
Display and scoreboards with rotary mounting clamps
Lighted letter panel
Ultrasound transducer mounting assembly
Method of applying a matching layer to a transducer
Read/write head with a gimbal ball assembly
Multiple conductor electrical cable with minimized crosstalk
Firearms with target illuminators
Dynamically reconfigurable assembly line for electronic products
Lead frame and semiconductor device
Thermal shield and hermetic seal for preventing deterioration of plastic insulation in open access closures and method therefor
Circuit-substrate-related-operation performing system
Multi-layer printed-wiring board process for producing
Electronic part fabricated by intaglio printing and a method for fabricating the same
Method for making a printed circuit board
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