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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Substituted anilide ligands for the thyroid receptor
Smart closure
Upright vacuum cleaner with spring loaded nozzle
System and method for assessing fetal abnormality based on landmarks
Devices and methods for accessing and analyzing physiological fluid
Multi-motion toothbrush
Proportioned surgically implantable knee prosthesis
Cylindrical fiber reinforced implant
.beta..sub.2-microglobulin (.beta..sub.2m) and anti-.beta..sub.2m binding agents as anti-cancer therapeutics
Thiazole derivatives having CB.sub.1-antagonistic, agonistic or partial agonistic activity
Carrier-free composition for the treatment of onychomycosis
Tumor vaccines for MUC1-positive carcinomas
Use of LH in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation
Peptidomimetic inhibitors of STAT activity and uses thereof
GD3-mimetic peptides
Processed vascular endothelial growth factor-B polypeptides
Indicating device
Apparatus and methods for treating congestive heart disease
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter elements having injection molded thermoplastic seals and methods of making same
Corrosion and gas hydrate inhibitors having improved water solubility and increased biodegradability
Exhaust gas purification catalytic material and method for fabricating the same
Rasp blade with cutting teeth laterally displaced from a planar body
Method of installing spiral threaded inserts and installation tool
Block forming method
Transparent heat-sealing film
Insert-molded transceiver body with heat sink and method therefor
Coating for inspection of cracking in structure
Material useful for preparing embossed flexible graphite article
Tray transferring controller, recording apparatus and liquid ejecting apparatus
Inkjet printer
Airbag module with external venting
Trailer hitch mounted reverse sensing system
Electric derailleur motor unit
Small planing watercraft
Method for loading pourable material and device for carrying out said method
Viewable specimen packaging system and method
Container transportation system and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the production of coated, fine-particle, inorganic solids and use thereof
Process for producing heterocyclic aldehyde
Grafted fluoroelastomers
Lithographic ink obviating fountain additives
Fungamyl-like alpha-amylase variants
Modified cyclic nucleotide gated ion channels
Mediated hydrohalic acid electrolysis
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Clamp for solar panel array
Wall adapter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Propulsion system and method for optimising power supply to the cooling system thereof
Control system for power stacks in a power converter, power converter with such control system and wind turbine with such power converter
Mechanism for sealing
Anti-condensation control system
Cold box and cryogenic plant including a cold box
Metal plate for producing flat tube, flat tube and process for producing the flat tube
Method of processing an optical element using an interferometer having an aspherical lens that transforms a first spherical beam type into a second spherical beam type
Automatic analyzing apparatus
Space-time coded OFDM system for MMDS applications
Backpressure history mechanism in flow control
System and method for determining the location of emitters having well-behaved timing features
Integrated photonic amplifier and detector
Dual display liquid crystal display device with particular CLC film between polarizers
Display device
Indicators and illuminators using a semiconductor radiation emitter package
System and method for printing a pattern
Method of controlling the differential dissolution rate of photoresist compositions, polycyclic olefin polymers and monomers used for making such polymers
Image forming apparatus and verification control method thereof
Timepiece with jumping seconds
Bipolar supply voltage generator and semiconductor device for same
Clock buffers with pulse drive capability for power efficiency
Switching device
Determining states of a threaded communication
Sharing IP network resources
Device for defining participants of a control system for a printing machine
Incremental color transform creation
Access control method, server device, and storage device
Using distance from a forum posting as criteria to selectively convey email notifications or not
System and method of supporting constructive discourse on computers and mobile devices
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data based on secured path bandwidth in network established by using audio/video interface
Transfer of files with arrays of strings in soap messages
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for facilitating remote data processing
Method for communicating between a number of first services and a number of second services
Real life to digital life event correlation
Suppressing content of a social network
Method and system for updating social networking site with ring back tone information
Storing local session data at a user equipment and selectively transmitting group session data to group session targets based on dynamic playback relevance information
Mailer-postal service interfaces
Support for real-time queries concerning current state, data and history of a process
Apparatus for market dispatch for resolving energy imbalance requirements in real-time
Processing noisy data and determining word similarity
System and method for managing files to be attached to or detached from an electronic mail
Tunneling using encryption
Recording media including code for estimating IC power consumption
Fusion temperature calibration
Authentication method and device
Authorizing a change within a computer system
Confidential computation system, confidential computation method, and confidential computation program
Apparatus, system and method for providing information on objects included in content
Device utilizing an optical signal to access an access point
Unified storage and management of cryptographic keys and certificates
Automated cloud workload management in a map-reduce environment
Image evaluation apparatus and method
Method of generating a complex laser scanning pattern from a bioptical laser scanning system for providing of omnidirectional bar code symbol scanning coverage at a point of sale station
Operation recognition system enabling operator to give instruction without device operation
Dynamic, locally-adaptive, lossless palettization of color and grayscale images
Method and system for map generation for location and navigation with user sharing/social networking
Method for embedding and extracting digital watermark on lowest wavelet subband
Adaptation parameter sets for video coding
Systems and methods for arriving at an auto focus Figure of Merit
Method and system for identifying a paper form using a digital pen
Business transaction system and method
Methods and apparatus for conducting electronic transactions
Automated system and method to develop computer-administered research questionnaires using a virtual questionnaire model
Inventoriable-object control and tracking system
Multi-band RFID encoder
Surveillance system control unit
Means and a method for switching data packets or frames
Shelf sign holder
Display device and a driver circuit thereof
Magnetoresistive read head having a bias structure with at least one dusting layer
Organic electroluminescent device having protective structure with boron oxide layer and inorganic barrier layer
Light emitting device
Integrated circuit die configuration for packaging
Method of fabricating thin film transistor
Applying epitaxial silicon in disposable spacer flow
Optical transmitter
Display panels with anti-Newton ring structures
Semiconductor device for performing the transmission of a signal in the relevant device by means of an optical interconnect
Compact SCR device and method for integrated circuits
Wavelength conversion chip for use with light emitting diodes and method for making same
Battery having carbon foam current collector
Antenna systems for reliable satellite television reception in moisture conditions
Wireless charger circuit and method
Circular arrangement of redundant connection points for electronic device coupling
Communications on power systems
Circuit arrangement for momentarily maintaining an internal operating direct current voltage in the event of an interruption in the vehicle electrical system power supply voltage
Photovoltaic power generation system
Power conversion system with controlled neutral
Switch mode power supply systems
Motor controller with integrated metering function
Distortion compensation apparatus and method
High performance GaN operational amplifier with wide bandwidth and high dynamic range
Amplification apparatus
Stacked LC resonator and band pass filter using the same
Power and area efficient receiver equalization architecture with relaxed DFE timing constraint
Nano-electro-mechanical-switch adiabatic dynamic logic circuits
Semiconductor device and clock correction method
Circuit and method for calibration of analog-to-digital converter
Successive approximation analog/digital converter
Universal packet loss recovery for delivery of real-time streaming multimedia content over packet-switched networks
Distributed on-demand media transcoding system and method
Digital rate converter
Attachable kickstand with multiple positions for cellular phone
Low energy signaling scheme for beacon fencing applications
Interference avoidance-based communication apparatus and method
Integrated circuit chip inductor configuration
Multimedia interface receiving circuit
Method and apparatus for powering and loading software into a battery-less electronic device
System and method for previewing and purchasing ring tones for a mobile device
Network evaluation apparatus and network evaluation method
Methods and systems for testing a fiber optic network
Signaling with multiple clocks
Power line communication device transmitting at differing power levels in same communication
Method for data communication between a wireless device and a electronic device, and a data communication device
Device, system and method of association between wireless communication devices
Methods for power control and link adapation in LTE-based mobile communication system
Pairing method between bluetooth devices and bluetooth system using the same
Method of managing cooperating set for coordinated multiple point transmission and reception and related communication device
Control apparatus, control method, and wireless communication system
Random access channel preamble
Radio base station and method of controlling radio communications
Packet processing device for IP-based information-centric network
Data structure, method and apparatus providing efficient retrieval of data from a segmented information stream
Systems and methods for secure high-speed link maintenance via NFC
Dynamic configuration of modulation and demodulation
High peak to average power ratio (PAPR) mitigation in high speed data networks using symbol mapping adjustment
Image data processing device and image data processing program
Channel occupancy efficient, low power wireless networking
Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
Communication equipment, communication system, and communication method
Directed route load/store packets for distributed switch initialization
Route setting apparatus, route setting method, and network system
Method and apparatus for scheduling packets for transmission in a network processor having a programmable pipeline
Method and system for porting gateway functionality associated with a user from a first gateway to one or more other gateways
Cell size optimization for energy savings in cellular networks with hybrid energy supplies
Packet delivery method for packet radio networks
Junk electronic mail detector and eliminator
Method for connecting exchanges via a packet-oriented communication network
Methods, systems, and products for voice-over internet protocol calls
Memory transfer optimization of network adapter data placement when performing header-data split operations
Instruction and method for fused rake-finger operation on a vector processor
Data transmission coexistence within television white space channels
Estimating carrier phase in communication systems
Joint demodulating and demapping of digital signal
Wireless transmission apparatus and distortion compensation method
Frame relay switched data service
Communication system, forwarding node, received packet process method, and program
Peer-to-peer data storage
Secure processing environment measurement and attestation
Access control interfaces for enhanced wireless router
Physical resource management
Determining location of hardware components in a cloud computing environment based on hardware components self-locating other hardware components
Apparatus and method for tracking transaction related data
Encryption system, encryption processing method of encryption system, encryption device, decryption device, setup device, key generation device, and key delegation device using a user identifier for a user who belongs to a k-th hierarchy in an organization
Generalized certificate use in policy-based secure messaging environments
Antenna system with self-identifying antenna
Methods and systems for managing telecommunications and for translating voice messages to text messages
Numeric and text paging with an integral PLC modem
Method and apparatus for reducing bandwidth use in a portable device
Electronic short messaging and advertising method and device
Metadata support in a distributed scan system
Data processing device, data processing system, and data processing method
Image reading apparatus and light source stability determination method
Information management device for printing apparatus and information management method
Image sensor module for image reading apparatus with improved reading flexibility
Method to control a color printer or color copier with the aid of additional printed positioning markings
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Video coding device for coding videos of a plurality of qualities to generate streams and video playback device for playing back streams
Disabling inter-view prediction for reference picture list in video coding
Image processing device and method, and imaging device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for generating multi-view point image
Unified fractional search and motion compensation architecture across multiple video standards
Moving image encoding and decoding system
Web television having a two-way communication bus interconnecting a television controller and an internet module
Video data conversion method, device and smart TV
Zoom lens system for camera
Interactive marketing system
Display apparatus, and remote control apparatus for controlling the same and controlling methods thereof
Recording apparatus, recording method, and recording system
System and method for controlling an electronic device
System and method for removing camera rotation from a panoramic video
Integrating a 360 degree panoramic camera within a fire pull station
Compensation de-interlacing image processing apparatus and associated method
Dynamic facial feature substitution for video conferencing
Mobile telephone set having video-phone function low in amount of heat generation
High definition (HD) video conferencing system
Adaptive method and system for mapping parameter values to codeword indexes
Systems and methods for backward compatible high dynamic range/wide color gamut video coding and rendering
Wireless communication system, terminal, message sending method, and program for allowing terminal to execute the method
GPS publication application server
Peak current control in wireless network interface devices
Battery managing apparatus, battery pack, and energy storage system
Inner magnetic transducer with multiple magnetic gaps and multiple coils and preparation method thereof
Cup-shaped portable speakers and smart tablet device holder integrated with such speakers
Audio playback system
Method and apparatus for reducing current consumption of mobile terminal
Condenser microphone
Audio control system and electronic device using same
Pop-up noise suppression in audio
Multi-dimensional audio transformations and crossfading
Device, system and method of indicating station-specific information within a wireless communication
Method for determining location of wireless devices
Cellular telephone tracking techniques
Monitoring probe for identifying a user plane identifier of a user device
Radio-awareness of mobile device for sending server-side control signals using a wireless network optimized transport protocol
System and method of locating wireless connection among a plurality of wireless connections
Method for cell reselection and cell handover in a wireless communication system
Wireless communication system, mobile station, base station, and communication method
Registering a mobile terminal in a visited network based on a priority class downloaded from a mobile network
Methods, wireless communication station, and system for WLAN channel selection through beacon requests
Method and apparatus for determining whether or not a mobile device is indoors
Visualization of network members based on location and direction
Output management for press-to-transmit communications
Object location tracking system and method
Wireless communication system and wireless communication apparatus
Reducing wireless reconnection time of a computing device
Terminal apparatus for controlling downlink transmission power and method for same
Wireless location using location estimators
Maintaining neighbor cell list
Method and apparatus for resource allocation with carrier extension
Method and device for transmitting/receiving signal in TDD-based wireless communication system
Wireless communication devices
Method and a system for bandwidth aggregation in an access point
Apparatus and method for controlling an electric heating assembly
Method for adjustably controlling light and apparatus thereof
Apparatus intelligent parallel view LED light, methods of configuration and controls
Circuit to keep electronic transformers working while under-loaded
Lighting apparatus having a lighting means comprising at least one LED
Power converter circuit for low power illumination device, control circuit thereof and method thereof
Printed wiring board and information processing apparatus
Via system of printed circuit board and method of making same
Differential passive equalizer
Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
Cooling an electronic device using a thermally conductive loop
Method and apparatus for cooling an equipment enclosure through closed-loop, liquid-assisted air cooling in combination with direct liquid cooling
Expired Patents Due To Time
Refuse container body
Refuse container shelf
Refuse container lid
Surface configuration of a vehicle and toy
Portion of a fuel tank for a motorcycle
Windshield wiper for vehicle
Boat arch with continuous flowing bends
Tread of a tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Half top with a pivoting sunroof
Storage battery
AC transformer
Portable battery jumper
Interface device for electronic computer
User interface for computer display
Front panel for a computer enclosure
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Computer front bezel
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Computer workstation
Stand for a media converter
Icon for a display screen
Portable personal computer system
Computer stand
User interface design for a television display screen
Personal digital assistant device
Portion of a supporting base
Computer-generated content display panel for a portion of a display screen of an electronic display device or the like
Remote control with retractable cord
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Optical disk cartridge
Icon or label for display on cartridges for office equipment or electronic displays
Key matrix for a handset
Tape cartridge
Tape cartridge
Tape spool support for tape cartridge
Tilt device for marine propulsion unit
Riding trowel with rotatable ring edge guard
Tiller housing
Track design
Engine hood of tractor
Vacuum cleaner suction nozzle
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Appliance control panel
Compact powerhead
Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Housing for refrigerant recovery system
Icemaker front panel and door
Built-in refrigerator front panel and doors
Indexable cutting insert
Tool for dispensing adhesives, sealants, and underfill materials
Drive housing for an overhead door operator
Watch winding machine
Digital camera
Camera with integral flash feature
Network camera
Image forming apparatus
Flotation device for spectacles
Pair of eyeglasses
Pair of eyeglasses
Pair of eyeglasses
Eye protection device for use with sports eyewear
Cash register
Computer printer
Type font
Type font
Hand-held paper shredder
Ball point pen
Toy pen
Writing instrument
Writing instrument
Answer pencil
Credit card and case
Security pass
Bookmark with upwardly extending ears
Surface portion of article housing with backlit logo
Advertising sleeve for a gate arm
Weekly matchups board
Low profile logo
Multi directional input apparatus
Game device
Solar system toy
Tossing game game-board
Exercise bicycle frame
Golf putter head
Golf sand wedge head
Gaming device
Sprayer nozzle
Escutcheon for shower arm
Dispensing head
Faucet body
Spray gun body
Sanitary faucet
Sanitary faucet
Sanitary faucet
Quick opening cock
Spacer and shim assembly for elevating the water closet ring of a toilet bowl
Air filter
Combined air freshener and elastic band for mounting on a ceiling fan blade
Volatile actives dispenser
Specimen processing instrument
Oral/nasal aspiration device
Nuclear medical imaging apparatus
Applicator tip for taking specimen
Syringe dosage tracking device
Endoscopic video camera head
Test device
Panty liner
Sanitary napkin
Partition trim
Floor covering
Pattern for sheet glass
Structural member
Grab rail having a secure support member connection
Swinging gate
Depth limiting footing for a hollow frame ladder
Light housing
Projector lamp
Base portion of a candle lamp
Surface configuration of a ceiling light assembly for a vehicle
Light fixture
Light fixture
Computer lamp
Polygonal step light
Light fixture
Vehicular tail light
Vehicular tail light
Exterior surface configuration of an automobile front light assembly
Rectangular decorative reflector for vehicle light with multiple LED's
Cable suspension assembly for a luminaire
Lamp clamp
Clip end hairband
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic container
Protective pad
Thumb insertion portion of a baseball mitt
Set of nose cones
Coin display cabinet
Human Necessities
Pick-up support wheel mounting arrangement
No-till stubble row seeder guidance system and method
Method for calculating a value relating to a feed rate of crop entering a baler
Container for a bulb
Gladiolus plant named `Alexandra The Great`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefuzak`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefulap`
Variety of geranium plant named `Pactomgimex`
Fuchsia plant named `Shabetty`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefuter`
Variety of geranium plant named `Pacwei`
Blackberry plant named `Sleeping Beauty`
Fuchsia plant named `Goetzginger`
Philadelphus plant named `Snowwhite Fantasy`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACturpl`
Geranium plant named `Springtime`
Blackberry plant named `Zorro`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI ONE FRI`
Argyranthemum plant named `Suparosa`
Petunia plant named `Wespeorp`
African Violet plant named `Everlove`
Fuchsia plant named `Marcia`
Ilex plant named `Kolmber`
Poinsettia plant named `Early Joy Pink`
Heliopsis plant named `Prairie Sunset`
Petunia plant named `Kercan`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yobianca`
Echinacea plant named `Jade`
Variety of geranium plant named `Pactomgi`
Rose plant named `Roroone`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yogabriella`
Baccharis plant named `Kolmsil`
African violet plant named `EverPraise`
Geranium plant named `KLEP01007`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefukaf`
Method and apparatus for monitoring milking facility pulsation
Apparatus for teat treatment
Dog kennel
Pet sheet
Method of changing the cages of laboratory animals, and racks for use therewith
Pet air bed
Pet bathing apparatus
Animal jaw support device
Wrist worn leash retaining device
Method and apparatus for a bird feeder
Water shut-off structure of a drinking device for a pet
Fly rod reel seat butt protection device
Insecticidal liquid bait station
Switchable mosquito expelling/killing device
Barrier against crawling arthropods
Lightweight, portable and collapsible hunter's blind and methods of making the same
Combination dog blind decoy
Variety of geranium plant named `Fiwocherry`
Valve and door assembly for semi-frozen food dispensing machine
Process for improving glucose metabolism, satiety, and nutrient absorption in companion animals
Grain roasting apparatus
Vibrating funnel fingers for distribution of seasoning onto discrete lanes
Manufacture of cigarette assemblies having a pre-formed tubular band and a pre-formed tobacco rod
Protective shoulder pad
Removable insert for athletic leg guards
Protective garment
Volleyball protector pad
Gripping glove
Cap with spectacles
Wind-resistant washable hat and method of manufacture
Method of protecting a helmet shell and interrupting airflow around the shell with a removable strip
Self-inflatable air cushion for shoes
Shock absorption mechanism for shoes
Ventilated footwear
Wristband connection in a device
Movable buckle structure
Button snap flap closure
Jewelry chain with removable decorative pieces
Jewelry design employing fluorescent diamonds to create a hidden message
Apparatus and method for manufacturing composite articles including wear resistant jewelry and medical and industrial devices and components thereof
Jewelry clamp
Handle having a comfortable grasping structure
Hand-held hair-curling appliance with deviation prevention during use
Device for placing non-permanent lines on the face
Nail cutter equipped with supplementary function
Portable vanity case
Pipe and cleaning device
Universal tool handle configured for various extension pole connectors
Table extensible by turning over its side boards
Table frame for fastening loading member
Computer desk with concealable display
Folding bed frame
Fluid-containing body support air cushion
Mobile writing stand
Infant support pillow with body wrap
Infant basket for side sleeping support
Combination partition screen and hanging structure for use in a combination partition screen
Panel and trade show booth made therefrom
Picture frame with slide out picture holders
Changeable frame
Flourescent drink rim
Carpet threshold
Juicer with an easy-to-assemble pivotal connection for the handle
Steamer for pastries and the pastries to be steamed thereby
Brewing apparatus for electric coffee maker
Drip-type coffee-maker comprising a water treatment device
Universal firering shield
Tank support strut for grill
Beverage can cooking apparatus
Cooking tongs
Paper toweling dispensing system
Odor exhausting apparatus for water closet
Apparatus for floor cleaning
Mobile sweeping machine
Modular vacuum cleaning system
Low-profile and highly-maneuverable vacuum cleaner having at least one anti-ingestion bar
Vacuum cleaner with air/water separator hub
Electric vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner with thermal cutoff
Vacuum cleaner
Animal grooming squeegee apparatus
Surgical drape and suction head for wound treatment
Kit for support and stabilization of surgical patient extremities
Orthopaedic support
Pedestal gas, vacuum and electric delivery system
Method and apparatus for alignment and orientation of a monitor in a patient support system
Mechanized toilet seat lift for the elderly and/or disabled
Adjustable toilet bowl system
Spa cooling fan
Dextromethorphan and an oxidase inhibitor for treating intractable conditions
Method of making siloxane-based polymides
Tamper-indicating device having a glass body
Central media dispenser for use in HVAC system
Medicament dispensing device with a multimaterial diaphragm bounding a pneumatic force chamber
Dry powder inhaler
Adjustment of ventilator pressure-time profile to balance comfort and effectiveness
System and method for transient response and accuracy enhancement for sensors with known transfer characteristics
Endotracheal tube with tip directional control and position preserving mechanism
Process for changing the concentration in an anesthesia apparatus
Micromachining system
Self-contained breathing apparatus with emergency filtration device
Weighted therapeutic glove
Golf ball cleaner
Athletic shoe cleaner
Golf glove with golf ball marker
Device for training an extremity of the human body for the practice of a specific physical activity
Protective mouth shield
Dental appliance with antimicrobial additive
Baseball glove with finger wrap
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for controlling an emission control device based on depletion of device storage capacity
Trap apparatus
Combined water-wash and wet-compression system for a gas turbine compressor and related method
Roller cage frame
Ingot cleaning apparatus
Resist stripping method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for cleaning a thin disc
Piping deposit removal from stator water cooling systems
Device for pipeline interior cleaning
Method for manufacturing a rectangular-wire coil
Reciprocation apparatus including a guide assembly
Double-lanced suspension
Hooking system for a tooling lid onto the sliding plate of a hot forming press
Method of manufacturing seals
Exterior shaped link and method
Vibration attenuator
Core trimmer
Rotary torsion cutting apparatus
Quick release footplate assembly for a jigsaw
Pipe cutter and method of cutting pipe
Method of forming a toothed cutting blade
Coolant safety method for welding apparatus
Stator vane assembly for a turbine and method for forming the assembly
Exothermic reactions and methods
Apparatus for making nonwoven fabrics having raised portions
Vertical assembly table
Drive system
Machine tool assembly
Detachable, high precision and rigid connection of a tool, workpiece or gauge holder to the nose of a machine tool spindle
Assembly or manufacturing robot and work station for the same
Hydraulic wrench control valve systems
Method of installing a protective connector assembly in a hermetic compressor
Fixture, carrier ring, and method for processing delicate workpieces
Exit sign and emergency light testing-clamp
Fuse tool
Setting tool for nail-in anchors
Coupling method
Handle assembly for a tool
Square tool with pencil clip
Force controlling robot
Folding knife with a button release locking liner
Folding knife with compression locking mechanism
Rotary electric shaver
Method of manufacturing a razor with multiple shaving aid elements
Utility knife that protrudes a blade from a stored stack of blades
Knife with automatically retractable blade
Knife blade for cutting food products
Apparatus for the transverse cutting of weblike material
Plastic pipe cutter
Rotary knife and transfer apparatus
Method for producing a piece of timber including heartwood
Method for producing optical disc substrates
Hydraulic press
Drilling fluid recovery and cuttings processing system
Transverse direction zipper applicator and method
Composite structural panel with undulated body
Configuration for introducing material webs into conveying paths of rotary printing machines
Method and apparatus for sensing a register discrepancy in a multi-color printed item, and register control system and register marks
Web fanout control system
Screen printing method
Self-tensioning silk screen frame
Apparatus for semi-automating switching operations of web offset printing press
Multi-color printing press with common blanket cylinder
Pencil sharpener with integral receptacle
Austin triangle
Metal can label and metal can having metal can label applied thereto
Ornamented corner post
Air pressure indicator for a vehicle tyre
Trailer hitch display apparatus
Vehicle air conditioning system
Door with support panel for electrical components
Transmission for a working vehicle
Method and apparatus for permitting stable operation of a vehicle at an extremely low vehicle speed
Gear supporting structure and hybrid driving unit employing gear supporting structure
Drive device for displacing elements pertaining to a vehicle
Control device for adjusting equipment elements belonging to a motor vehicle
Illuminated grab handle assembly
License plate frame
Device for determining deformations of motor vehicle components
Gas generator
Skid steer lock
Motor device to be easily fixed to frame
Wiper device for motor vehicle windows
Wiper arm for windscreen wiper
Emergency brake lever
Servomotor for an emergency braking
Actuator pedal for the brake system of road vehicle
Snow removal apparatus and method of using same
Auto rack railroad car bumper guard device
Car spotter drive
Detection of anomalies on railroad tracks
Methods for determining the existence and the size of a gap and for determining the amount by which a portion of an assembly deflects
Motorcycle disc brake lock
Switch style bicycle shift control device
Switching device for bicycle gear mechanisms
Small watercraft having an improved structure of storage compartment
Traffic system and method
Device for automatically changing reels of film
Method and machine for wrapping cigars
Three-part wire return for baling machine
Method of wrapping a bouquet
Packaging machine
Adhesive tape dispenser and its use
Winch attachment for backhoe machines
Container holder with sink drain attachment
Apparatus for cooling fluids
Combined hackamore bridle and bit assembly for a horse
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing quartz glass crucible
Quartz glass plates with high refractive index homogeneity
Process for fabricating optical fiber involving tuning of core diameter profile
Glass substrate for magnetic disk and method for manufacturing
Trioxane dimer compound having antiproliferative and antitumor activities
Cleaning method for polyethylene terephthalate containers
Automatic retraction system for ring roller
Apparatus for injecting and modifying gas concentration of a meta-stable species in a downstream plasma reactor
Combination of cylinder liner and piston ring of internal combustion engine
Textiles; Paper
Device for setting the distance between adjoining fiber clamping and fiber transfer locations in a fiber processing system
Process and device for monitoring the quality of textile strips
Process and device for the production of a yarn in an open-end spinning device
Fire resistant corespun yarn and fabric comprising same
Spreader driving device of a sewing machine
Device for detachable fastening of an embroidery frame on an embroidery frame support
Control system for clothes washing machine incorporating heater
Method for controlling washing machine according to absorption characteristics of the laundry
Laundry appliance with energy saving feature
Plate diffuser for treating comminuted cellulosic fibrous material
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and process for an off-surface cone penetrometer sensor
Stop valve for basin or sewer
Utility hub for post and beam furniture systems
Hollow profile bar
Glass block with internal capsule
Interlocking truss system
Method and apparatus to achieve consistent spacing between layers of modular construction material
Rainwater collection and storage system
Roof beams
Alignment tool for clip angles
Method and apparatus for generating a template
Electrical panel lock with locking plug head
Door block for container
Electronic key, especially for motor vehicles
Impact resistant lock apparatus with anti-theft lock core
Side bar plunger and solenoid cylinder locking mechanism
Push button door locking mechanism
Computer physical security device
Hinge device for cabinets with prevention of automatic opening of doors
Positioning hinge
Door mounted power sliding door mechanism
Safety catch assembly for doors; door assembly; and, use
Dual durometer roller guide member for track guided door
Device for turnable and slidable suspension of plates
Balancing spring system for sliding window sash
Connecting fastener
Automatic pivot door opener
Window regulator having a slider with silent displacement
Cable tensioning device
Retrofit power door assembly
Braking retardation apparatus for doors, windows or the like
Safe for valuable documents
Joint structure as reinforcing rib to injected frame of door leaf with glass
Insulating glass unit pressure equalization valve
Torque swivel and method of using same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbojet engine
Turbocharger including a disk to reduce scalloping inefficiencies
Exhaust gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Cooling structure of a combustor tail tube
Valve timing regulation device for internal combustion engines
Electrically rotatable shaft
Composite lightweight valve for internal combustion engines
Internal-combustion engine with variable-operation valves and auxiliary hydraulic tappet
Intake valve timing in multi-valve, camless engines
Method and apparatus for monitoring a catalytic converter
NOx purge air/fuel ratio selection
Expanded grid static mixer
Adaptive torque model for internal combustion engine
Enhanced response turbocharger using flywheel storage
Five-stroke internal combustion engine
Compact intake manifold with long runners for six-cylinder in-line engines
High pressure gas cycle and power plant
Combustion gas turbine engine integrated modular temperature cooling and heating process
Coordinated valve timing and throttle control for controlling intake air
Engine knock prevention system and method
Electronic flow control for a stratified EGR system
Exhaust valve deactivation and intake valve phasing to enable deceleration fuel shut off and engine braking
Method for controlling the phase difference of air/fuel ratio oscillations in an engine
Method for selecting a cylinder group when changing an engine operational parameter
Device and method for determining the start of injection in a direct-injection internal combustion engine
Throttle assembly with oil seal bushing
Air pollution preventing device in internal combustion engine
Suction duct
Intake manifold for internal combustion engine
Combustion system for direct injection diesel engines
Center feed of air for air assist fuel injector
Dual-mode ignition system utilizing traveling spark ignitor
Hydrostatic variable displacement pump having springs arranged outside the servocylinder pressure chamber
Structure for supporting a swash plate at the maximum tilt angle in a variable displacement swash plate type compressor
Electrochemical heat pump system
Piston assembly for reducing the temperature of a compressor cup seal
Control devices of a hydrostatic transmission
Hermetic motor compressor and method assembling the same
Control systems and methods for water injection in a turbine engine
Blower housing with maximized interior spacing
Hydraulic actuation systems
Mounting structure for piston packing
Compact pneumatic cylinder, with cushioning device
Property-independent volumetric flowmeter and sonic velocimeter
Clamp for elongated member
Two-piece sliding grommet
Magnetic hinge
Wheel-support rolling bearing unit and method of manufacturing the same
Method of loading a clutch pack into a clutch drum
Freewheel unit, especially for the stator of a hydrodynamic torque converter
Spring-mounted wheel balancing weight
Suspension system for motor vehicles
Cover pan mounted vent connector
Motor vehicle with a transmission
Detent mechanism for shift lever unit
Power shift device of transmission for vehicle
Method of making a segmented gasket having a continuous seal member
Locking cover plate arrangement
Cryogenic cooling system for rotor having a high temperature super-conducting field winding
Burner for a gas barbecue grill
Co-combustion of waste sludge in municipal waste combustors and other furnaces
Gas turbine combustor liner with asymmetric dilution holes machined from a single piece form
Method for providing concentricity of pilot fuel assembly in a combustor
Water heater
Water mixing system for water heaters
Multi-function water heater control device
Multi-stage refrigeration system
Integrated U-tube and adsorbent unit
Cryogenic tunnel for chilling products, especially food products
Dynamic type ice cold storage method and system
Apparatus for controlling the operation of a cryogenic liquefier
Comprehensive natural gas processor
Vapor collection method and apparatus
Helmet dryer
Sear and step trigger assembly having a secondary sear block
Projectile and weapon system providing variable lethality
Paint ball gun
Butt structure for pneumatic gun
Hermatically-sealed electrically-absorptive low-pass radio frequency filters and electro-magnetically lossy ceramic materials for said filters
War games land mine
Foam formulations
Method and an apparatus for determining the bending angle of a work piece to be bent
Auxiliary tool for measuring tape and combination thereof
Measuring instruments
Combination square
Methods for measuring a bio-material for use in an implant
Touch probe
Device for bias potential generation for an oscillating rotation speed sensor
Inertial rate sensor and method with improved clocking
Linear displacement sensor apparatus
Plasma probe and method for making same
Liquid volume measurement
Exhaust flow calibration apparatus and method
Air flow sensor having grooved sensor element
Self-normalizing flow sensor and method for the same
Cooled dual element thermocouple computer and flow velocity measurement method
Coriolis flowmeter utilizing three-forked plate vibrator mode
Method for determining pipetted volumes of liquid
Fluid measuring device measuring fluid level in a container at high temperatures and/or high pressures and/or in a chemically aggressive environment using microwaves
Pressurization test adapter
Pressure transducer assembly
Collarless circularly magnetized torque transducer and method for measuring torque using the same
System and method for providing engine diagnostic and prognostic information
Method for measuring chemical emissions
Model for wind tunnel test
Sampling devices
Electrodynamic particle size analyzer
Tool to be fitted onto a machine for traction testing of two elements which are glued to one another
Moisture meter with impedance and relative humidity measurements
Combined oil quality and viscosity sensing system
Method for stimulating a sensor and measuring the sensor's output over a frequency range
Process and apparatus device for analysis of roller bearings in machines
Method and apparatus for detecting holes in plastic containers
Disc drive component level shock tester
Method and device for determining the hardness/elasticity and/or other properties of vegetables or fruit
Mechanical speed measuring device for a beach buggy
Surface acoustic wave (SAW) accelerometer
Double resonating beam force transducer with reduced longitudinal pumping
Semiconductor test structure having a laser defined current carrying structure
Etching an optical fiber fusion splice
Non-stick photoresist laminate
Method of driving mask stage and method of mask alignment
Electronically controlled mechanical timepiece and control method therefor
Self-diagnosing apparatus for refrigerator
Method for the determination for an actual speed of a movable displacement element
Pressure-regulating piston with built-in relief valve
Accelerator pedal
Printer with internal document data construction
Computer system with video display controller having power saving modes
Telephone card or the like using lenticular lens material
Method and devices for forestation and flood prevention
Portable display system
Hazard marker
Display device
Identification holder
Information panel attachable to vend machine spirals
Holder for an electronic price label
Manufacturing method of a side core type magnetic head slider
Method of making a write head before read head constructed merged magnetic head with track width and zero throat height defined by first pole tip
Method of wiring a head suspension assembly
Block write circuit and method for wide data path memory device
Device for connecting doors between two chambers isolated from the external medium
Method for fabricating a permanent magnetic structure in a substrate
Reduction of plasma edge effect on plasma enhanced CVD processes
Overhead light bulb changer with safety catch canopy
Method for removing etch residue resulting from a process for forming a via
Method for removing etching residues
Semiconductor device
Method and arrangement for transporting and inspecting semiconductor substrates
Assembling a stacked die package
Self-adhesive photovoltaic module
Method for enclosing a ceramic filament
Terminal extracting tool
Harness accommodating device
Arrangement for the insertion of coils in a stator
Electronic component mounting apparatus
Method of making a high-density electronic circuit
Electronic device and a method of manufacturing the same
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