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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar AR0902412
Soybean cultivar AR1111926
Dispersible adhesive granules
Inhibitor of the differentiation of T cells into Th1 cells
Pesticide composition comprising propamocarb-fosetylate and an insecticidally active substance
Method for producing fats and oils
Briquette ignition device
Removable hair clip for hair iron
Shoulder pouch to secure documents
Method and apparatus for lifting flexible bags
Application device for products
Swivel joint for seating implement
Ceiling-mounted security apparatus for firearms
Fishing rod hanging system
Dual food chopper
Sauce brush cap for a squeeze bottle
Rinse aid release detection method
Flexible access assembly with multiple ports
Single incision surgical portal apparatus including inner member
Expandable access assembly including an internal thread mechanism
Expandable segmented and sectioned access assembly
Surgical instrument with curvilinear tissue-contacting surfaces
Method and composition for repair of articular bone fractures
Method and apparatus for dens fracture fixation
Proximal humerus fracture repair plate and system
Apparatus and methods for treating female urinary incontinence
Apparatus, systems and methods for tissue dissection and modification
Methods, apparatus, and systems for tissue dissection and modification
Handholdable laser device featuring sensor for eye safe activation
Robotic arms DLUs for performing surgical tasks
Method and apparatus for deriving and reporting a physiological status of an individual utilizing physiological and contextual parameters
Sub-aperture control in high intensity focused ultrasound
Teeth cleaning device
Absorbent article fastening device having stiffness changing characteristics
Biocompatible ceramic-polymer hybrids
Method for treating morbid obesity
Synthetic scaffolds and organ and tissue transplantation
Implant device
Intraocular lens
Spinal implant having a post-operative adjustable dimension
Method of inhibiting vascular intimal hyperplasia using stent
Knee Brace
Method, device and system for modulating an activity of brown adipose tissue in a vertebrate subject
Methods for preparing a heat exchange catheter system and for heating and/or cooling a subject's body
Device for foot zone therapy
Animal feed compositions and feeding methods
Substituted 6-methylnicotinamides as mGluR5 positive allosteric modulators
Administration of coumarin, butylated hydroxyanisole and ethoxyquine for the treatment of canities
Flavonoid compounds and process for preparation thereof
Secondary 8-hydroxyquinoline-7-carboxamide derivatives for use as antifungal agents
Fatty acid fumarate derivatives and their uses
Crystalline form of an inhibitor of MDM2/4 and p53 interaction
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
Pharmaceutical product comprising a p38 kinase inhibitor and a second active ingredient
Time delayed release mechanism for energizing composition and method of use
Powdered teat dip
High affinity leptins and leptin antagonists
Sebum secretion-blocking composition, and food or beverage containing same
Remedy for the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases or disorders
Bispecific aptamers mediating tumour cell lysis
Composition packaged in an aerosol device, comprising at least one anionic fixing polymer, at least one silicone oxyalkylenated in the alpha and omega positions of the silicone chain, and at least one propellant
Cosmetic or dermatological composition comprising a polymer bearing junction groups, and cosmetic treatment process
Composition comprising a benzimidazole and process for its manufacture
Acoustically controlled substance delivery device
Stabilized pharmaceutical composition
Beverage bottling plant having an apparatus for the treatment of bottles or similar containers, and a method and apparatus for the treatment of bottles or similar containers
System and method for drug preparation and delivery
Access assembly
Method for injecting drug into living body by electrospraying and device thereof
Handheld cell excitation terminal capable of dynamic optimization of therapeutic effect and remote therapeutic system
Charged particle therapy patient constraint apparatus and method of use thereof
Composition comprising biodegradable polymers for use in a cosmetic composition
Hurdle with automatic displacement of counterweights
Structure for securing weight plates
Folding elliptical exercise machine
Rotary arm/leg exerciser
Golf club shaft clamp
Golf hole cup setter
Cue ball aiming and billiard training device
Apparatus and method for playing a bingo-type game
Systems and methods for digital multimedia capture using haptic control, cloud voice changer, and protecting digital multimedia privacy
System and method of providing wagering opportunities based on multiplayer interactions
Aggressive linear acceleration system (A.L.A.S.) motion ride method
Activity mat
Performing Operations; Transporting
Floatable oil absorber, its uses, and its method of manufacture
Column packing material, column using the same, and method of separation using the same
Method and apparatus for the purification of water contaminated with sulfate ions and with heavy metal ions
Reduced copper sulphide sorbent for removing heavy metals
Torque-customized shredder load calibration
Safety shredder
Method and device for comminuting refrigerator appliances
Electric food press processor appliance
Sorting mined material
Separating method and apparatus for non-ferrous metals
Device comprising a non-return valve
Barrier materials for mirror assemblies
Method for the plasma-enhanced treatment of internal surfaces of a hollow body, fluid separator, and use thereof
Disposable palladium nanoparticle-modified graphite pencil electrode
Method for producing silver conductive film
Light emitting apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Lifting and drying device and method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium substrate or magnetic recording medium using the same
Apparatus and methods for processing a substrate
Porous metallic materials and method of production thereof
Cobalt carbide-based nanoparticle permanent magnet materials
Carrier assembly apparatus
Multifunction work table
Tool storage and transport system
Process for building three-dimensional objects
Device for blowing out hollow bodies made of plastics
Method of making high-elongation apertured nonwoven web
Method of producing a shell-proof and bullet-proof structure, and shell-proof and bullet-proof structure
Flexible packaging materials and methods of making and using same
Method and assembly for the production of a homogenous composite pipe of unspecified length
Method and device for adhesively joining large-surface components in vehicle construction
Letterpress application of elastomeric compositions
Apparatus and process for producing laminated sheet
Printer with cutter protection mechanism
Sheet transport device and image forming device
Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
Inkjet printer and printing method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Trailer hitch
Air assist suspension
Driven vehicle axle
Device for capturing, transmitting, and displaying individual rower data
Self-leveling armrest assembly
Headrest support device
Method and apparatus for automatically controlling airborne vehicle lighting systems
Vehicle ladder
Lever support assembly
Container for receiving and carrying elongate objects
Fold up luggage for elongate items
Front hood for a motor vehicle
Rotatable track drive
Lift axle suspension systems incorporating compression coil springs
Police motorcycle kit
Adjustment device for a hydraulic brake system
Signal strength dependent cover unlocking device for a duct housing a secondary power supply device in an aircraft fuselage
Aircraft transporter dolly with hinged gate for moving aircraft
Microsatellite comprising a propulsion module and an imaging device
Device for inserting a food stuff into a pliable bag
Adapter structure for a gas fuel bottle
Drinking cup with lid and flow control element
Vacuum lid for use with baby food jars
Drinking attachment assembly
Electronic cigarette box
Portable eye protection system and method
Handheld toothpaste dispensing system
Chute turning restriction mechanism
Stub shaft and bearing assembly and conveyor idler roller incorporating same
Transport tray
Film transport apparatus and film transport control method
Magnet splitting device and magnet splitting method
Sheet processing device and image forming system
Ratchet adapter for strap tensioner
Elevator car with maintenance window
Fluid delivery system and lift for use in conjunction therewith
Single-walled carbon nanotube dispersion liquid and method for producing single-walled carbon nanotube dispersion liquid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Facility for producing synthetic hydrocarbons, and associated method
Method for recovering potassium sulphate from biodiesel production
Water treatment system and method
Apparatus and method for cleaning chlorobenzenes-contaminated soil and groundwater
Product and method for enhancing the biophysical effects of water
Synthetic construction aggregate and method of manufacturing same
Method for providing a co-feed in the coupling of toluene with a carbon source
Combination reactor system
Liquid crystal alignment agent, liquid crystal alignment film using the same, and liquid crystal display device including the liquid crystal alignment film
Ether-amide compounds and preparation and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of amino acid derivatives
Arylsulfonylmethyl or arylsulfonamide substituted aromatic compounds suitable for treating disorders that respond to modulation of the dopamine D3 receptor
Reagents and method for conjugating biological molecules
Low interfacial tension surfactants for petroleum applications
Curable composition comprising a thermolatent base
5-iodotriazole derivatives
Inhibitors of STAT3
Method for producing optically active compound or salt thereof
Process for the synthesis of cyclic carbamates
Preparation of febuxostat
Synthesis of equol
Ketal amide compounds, methods of making, and applications
Picolinamide derivatives as TTX-S blockers
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
HCV protease inhibitors
Method of making diacetal compound in aqueous medium
Calixarene-bound iridium-containing metal colloids
Compounds and methods for modulating expression of DGAT2
Torque teno virus (TTV) isolates and compositions
Method of hydrolysis of peptide bond
Peptide mediated synthesis of metallic and magnetic materials
Method of treating cancer with an HLA-A*3303-restricted WT1 peptide and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Process and apparatus for continuously polymerizing cationically polymerizable monomers
Method for producing polymer particles
Method of agglomeration
Polymers having carbazole structural units
Curable-on-demand composition comprising dual reactive silane functionality
Curable-on-demand polysiloxane coating composition
Method for the preparation of highly purified recycled nylon
Thermoplastic compositions, method of manufacture, and articles therefrom
Methacrylic resin composition and molded article
Polycarbonate compositions having improved mechanical properties
Silicone resin composition, silicone resin sheet, method for producing silicone resin sheet, and optical semiconductor device
Method of printing blinds with a fixed bed inkjet printer
Inorganic pigment dispersions containing fatty acid ethanol amide ethoxylates and amines
Lubricating oil compositions
Glycerol based drilling fluids
Filter device, method for its operation and use thereof
Catalytic cracking of undesirable components in a coking process
Process for the production of substitute natural gas
Process to produce biodiesel and/or fuel oil
Visually contrasting aesthetic particles having increased water solubility, particularly useful for combination with powered or granular compositions
Electromagnetic bioaccelerator
Gene expression technique
Methods for use in modulating miR-122a
Induction of flocculation in photosynthetic organisms
Caudal motor neuron derived from embryonic stem cells under conditions essentially free of any retinoid
Processes for the preparation of highly pure plasmid compositions by enzymatic digestion of colanic acid
Automated cell density adjustment method for producing an analysis plate
Refolding transforming growth factor beta family proteins
Yarrowia diacylglycerol acyltransferase promoter regions for gene expression in yeast
Process for integrated production of ethanol and seaweed sap from Kappaphycus alverezii
Prognostic gene expression signature for non small cell lung cancer patients
Method and system for producing pig iron or fluid steel pre-products
Production method for forming an antibacterial film on the surface of an object
PVD--vacuum coating unit
Electro processor with shielded contact ring
Electrochemical processor alignment system
Method and system for controlling resistivity in ingots made of compensated feedstock silicon
Oligonucleotide array for tissue typing
Combinatorial flow system and method
Fixed Constructions
Artificial flagstone for providing a surface with a natural random look
Anchor arrangement for use with open mat system; open mat system; and methods for reinforcing earth
Sound insulation material and method for preparing the same
Pump jack pole brace latch and method
Vehicle door latch with motion restriction device prohibiting rapid movement of opening lever
Transmission of light through light absorbing medium
Helical winding of insulated conductor heaters for installation
Pressure-activated switch
System for reducing oil beneath the ground
Method of a formation hydraulic fracturing
Systems, methods, and devices for tagging carbon dioxide stored in geological formations
Reservoir and completion quality assessment in unconventional (shale gas) wells without logs or core
Rock drilling in great depths by thermal fragmentation using highly exothermic reactions evolving in the environment of a water-based drilling fluid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Modular wind-solar energy converting assembly
Bearing and method of inhibiting crack propagation in a bearing component
Low driven inertia dual clutch
Safety lanyard and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-stage telescopic shock absorber
Multi-speed transmission
Damper device
Hydrostatic regenerative braking transmission for motor vehicles
Reduction differential gear apparatus for electric vehicle
Drive device for a motor vehicle
Electric actuated rotary valve
Bypass valve
Method and device for water rationing
Hollow valve plate
Sequenced ball valve coupling
Anti-extrusion layer with non-interlocked gap controlled hoop strength layer
Heat dissipating device supporting apparatus
Stand mounting structure and rear cabinet
Lead frame, wiring board, light emitting unit, and illuminating apparatus
Lens having positioning structure for accurately mounting the lens over a light source module
Flexible LED substrate capable of being formed into a concave LED light source, concave light sources so formed and methods of so forming concave LED light sources
Laser apparatus for generating a line-shaped intensity distribution in a working plane
LED lamp with chip supported by heat-dissipating member
Electrothermal vaporization atomic fluorescence spectroscopy and spectrometer for determination of cadmium
High-efficiency dual flare system
Combustion controller
Plate heat exchanger, method for its production, and its use
Thermo-optical array devices and methods of processing thermo-optical array devices
Infrared sensor device
Monitoring membrane-bound proteins
Automotive fogging analyses by xenon UV exposure
Microanalysis methods and systems using field effect transistor
Sample processing system
Method and system for explosive detection
Diagnosis of a parasitic disease such as leishmaniasis using ribosomal protein extract (RPE)
Method and system for detecting lymphosarcoma in cats using biomarkers
Distribution amplifier with intellectual signaling
Rotational clearance measurement system and method of operation
Threshold-based temperature-dependent power/thermal management with temperature sensor calibration
Test carrier and board assembly
Imaging optical system with at most 11.6% of the illuminated surfaces of the pupil plane being obscured
Stub lens assemblies for use in optical coherence tomography systems
Implementing enhanced optical mirror coupling and alignment utilizing two-photon resist
Optical fiber connector
Optical connector with printed circuit board and lens element bonded to each other
Adjustable focus spectacles
Playing card imaging technology with through-the-card viewing technology
Panning slider
Projection optical system and projection display apparatus
Method for regenerating carrier core material for electrophotography, method for manufacturing carrier for electrophotography, and carrier for electrophotography
Process stream decontamination systems and methods with atomization optimization
Human body communication apparatus and authentication method of the same
Apparatus and method for controlling speed of motor
Method for maintaining high efficiency power conversion in DC-DC switching regulators over wide input supply range
Method and apparatus for implementing slew rate control using bypass capacitor
Run-time allocation of functions to a hardware accelerator
Multiplayer interactive video gaming device
System and method of managing user accounts to track outcomes of real world wagers revealed to users
Total history management system and method using radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and barcode
System and method for tracking items by means of longwave, magnetic signal tagging
Dynamic insertion of personalized content in online game scenes
Fingernail stylus
Digit apparatus for typing and texting
Touch sensor panel using oscillation frequency
Matrix sensor for image touch sensing
Two-dimensional capacitive touch panel with single sensor layer
Noise-adapting touch sensing window
Touch screen and method for driving the same
Terminal including imaging assembly
Image selection method using machine-readable codes
RFID tag, wireless charging antenna part, method of manufacturing the same, and mold
Coin counting and sorting machines
Plant process display
Data exhibition method and system based on ring angles
First responder wireless emergency alerting with automatic callback and location triggering
System and method for verifying patient compliance
Electronic warning device with scent dispersion mechanism
Vehicle-mounted surrounding object recognizing apparatus and drive support apparatus using the same
Self-contained detection method and device
Devices and methods for malfunctions recognition in a therapeutic dispensing device
Stir alarm
Method and apparatus of aiding viewing position adjustment with autostereoscopic displays
Toilet management systems, methods, and techniques
Curved dead front display
Timing controller, display device using the same, and method for driving timing controller
Method and apparatus for setting navigation screen update cycle in a mobile terminal
Touch wheel zoom and pan
Display apparatus, display method, and vehicle
Heel driven pedal apparatus
Acoustic string tension compensating method and apparatus
Knee-rest for use with Indian classical violin
Stand for musical instrument
Synthesis of polymer nanostructures with conductance switching properties
Conductive polymer composition for PTC element with decreased NTC characteristics, using carbon nanotube
Magnetic substance holding device using permanent magnet energy control
MEMS element
Safety switch having a hold-closed function for positive opening of contact elements; and method for positive opening of contact elements of a safety switch with a locking function
Phosphor and LED placement for white LED-based lamps
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Easily assembled optical-electrical converting device having engaged locating elements for an optical coupling lens
Managed multiple-filament incandescent lighting system
Method for manufacturing probe card, probe card, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and method for forming probe
Transparent conductive electrode stack containing carbon-containing material
DRAM MIM capacitor using non-noble electrodes
Integrated carbon nanotube field effect transistor and nanochannel for sequencing
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having field plate electrode
Metal oxide metal capacitor structures
Methods and systems for laser processing of coated substrates
Dry-etch selectivity
Non-lithographic line pattern formation
Methods of forming a masking layer for patterning underlying structures
Methods of forming a circuit that includes a cross-coupling gate contact structure wherein the circuit is to be manufactured using a triple patterning process
Self-aligned contacts
Semiconductor structure and method for manufacturing the same
Self-aligned insulating etchstop layer on a metal contact
Methods of forming a layer of silicon on a layer of silicon/germanium
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices and a semiconductor structure
Cleaning process for microelectronic dielectric and metal structures
Glass substrate-holding tool and method for producing an EUV mask blank by employing the same
NAND type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device stack with bonding layer and wire retaining member
Circuit technique to electrically characterize block mask shifts
Stress relieving second level interconnect structures and methods of making the same
Interconnect structure for high frequency signal transmissions
High frequency monolithic microwave integrated circuit connection
Semiconductor device having semiconductor pillar
High threshold voltage NMOS transistors for low power IC technology
Semiconductor memory device having plural cell capacitors stacked on one another and manufacturing method thereof
Method and structure for forming on-chip high quality capacitors with ETSOI transistors
Embedded silicon germanium N-type field effect transistor for reduced floating body effect
Asymmetric source-drain field-effect transistor having a mixed schottky/P-N junction and method of making
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Thin film transistor substrate and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Organic light-emitting diode with microcavity including doped organic layers and fabrication process thereof
Nitride semiconductor device, nitride semiconductor wafer and method for manufacturing nitride semiconductor layer
ESD power clamp with stable power start up function
Semiconductor devices with screening coating to inhibit dopant deactivation
Method and apparatus for amplifying an input signal
Transistor-based apparatuses, systems and methods
Semiconductor device with reduced miller capacitance and fabrication method thereof
Vertical source/drain junctions for a finFET including a plurality of fins
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method
Photovoltaic device and method for producing a concentrator lens system
Chalcogenide-based photovoltaic devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Thermoelectric stack coating for improved solar panel function
Aqueous acidic etching solution and method for texturing the surface of single crystal and polycrystal silicon substrates
Methods of manufacturing the gallium nitride based semiconductor devices
Apparatus for manufacturing dye-sensitized solar cell, and method of manufacturing dye-sensitized solar cell
Photo detector consisting of tunneling field-effect transistors and the manufacturing method thereof
Active matrix electroluminescent device within resin sealed housing
Doubly reduced perylene-diimides and supramolecular polymers derived from perylene-diimides
Organic electronic devices and polymers, including photovoltaic cells and diketone-based polymers
Method, device and circuit for charging multiple battery packs of an energy storage system
Fuel battery
Fibrous separation membrane for secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Electrochemical cell
Electronic equipment provided with battery check device
Solid oxide fuel cell
Fuel cell system and method of controlling reaction condition of fuel in fuel cell
Energy generation system and related uses thereof
Substantially flat single cells for SOFC stacks
TEM mode transmission line comprising a conductor line mounted in a three sided open groove and method of manufacture
Electronic device
Pie shape phased array antenna design
Antenna assembly that is operable in multiple frequencies for a computing device
Radio device
Antenna apparatus
Circuit-terminal connecting device
Press-fit type connector terminal
Electric connector
Chip card holder for electronic device
Safety socket
Electric control or signaling device
LED lighting tube
Hybrid electric-power supplying system
Charging circuit employing a southbridge microchip to control charging when the electronic apparatus is shut down
Battery conditioner with power dissipater
Inductive battery systems and methods of operation
Stator core of rotating electrical machine with alternately laminated core plates
Electric motor and method of cooling
Ion conducting actuator
Synchronous motor controller, synchronous motor control method
Operational amplifier with selective input
Variable matching circuit
Sharing hardware resources between D-PHY and N-factorial termination networks
Optical proximity switch
Field programmable analog array
Differential ring oscillation circuit, device, and oscillation control method
High resolution sampling-based time to digital converter
Voltage interpolating circuit
Method for actuating a tactile interface layer
Communication device and text coding and decoding method
Interleaved multipath digital power amplification
Desktop reading, bedside reading, and midnight lamp and related methods
Systems and methods of preventing strobing light output
Light emitting element drive device and mobile apparatus
Lamp driving apparatus and illumination equipment using the same
Lighting circuit and illumination device
Circuit board, comprising a core insulation film
Printed circuit board radio-frequency shielding structures
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Length-adjustable extension pole with self-adjusting actuating cable
Tires for rollers designed for compacting soil
Agricultural ground working implement with hydraulic downpressure circuit
Method and apparatus for controlling the attitude of an implement
Soil laboring tool
Lift tube for an agricultural implement frame
Sieve for a thresher, especially a combine-harvester for harvesting grains
In-ground moisture sensor
Electronic control device for a bistable solenoid valve with automatic low battery protection
Multi-purpose spreader
Ice fishing implement caddy
Retention enhancement for vibration reducing horseshoes
Method and apparatus for forming food clusters
Universal wheelchair umbrella and sheath
Dual purpose display case for wrist watch and other jewelry
Arresting members of an expandable pull rod of luggage
Removable travel case caster system
Cosmetic jar with pivotable pull-out storage device
Self-neutralizing permanent wave composition and method therefor
Hair clip structure
Method of providing body in hair using bent hair clip
Infant carrier seat sling
Knife holster for a hand
Hand grip orthosis
Tool for the injection molding of toothbrush bodies consisting of several plastic components
Linear motion table leg
Air-guard corner and edge protector
Rotary stepped storage and display device and method
Knock-down bookshelf
Modular drawer system
Clamp-on drawer slide
Guide for drawers with braked opening
Sliding track assembly
Quick disconnect slide assembly
Chair tilt lock mechanisms
Seat and/or back of seat cover for a chair
Supporting part for a seat
Backrest with adjustable lumbar support
Stool with detachable seat
Retractable infant-seat shoulder strap
Foldable stroller with detachable supplemental seat
Bouncer seat and drive mechanism therefor
Device for displaying and dispensing a plurality of products
Display case
Air circulation system for a refrigerated display case and method for ventilating a room space, hall space or a refrigerated division thereof having a refrigerated display case
Single standard shelving system
Beveled beam
Crossbar bracket
Adjustable shelf unit
Portable illuminated drinking vessel assembly
Garment hanger having a removable size indicator
Clip for securing decorative items to the edges of household surfaces
Mailbox construction with integral sleeve mount
Security mailbox
Spiral decorative light tree
Plant fiber shade
Grinding assembly of a pepper grinder
Paper holding device
Interfolded napkin dispensing system
Automatic or semiautomatic wiping material and toilet paper dispensing apparatus
Dining table with integral dishwasher
Dual speed flow control valve
Detachable balloon embolization device and method
Opto-acoustic transducer for medical applications
Eye chart with distinct symbols and methods for vision testing
Method of determining the shape of an opthalmic contact lens for correcting optical aberrations of the eye beyond defocusing or astigmatism and system for implementing the method
Stereo scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Method and apparatus for improving vision and the resolution of retinal images
Intracutaneous microneedle array apparatus
X-ray apparatus for producing a 3D image from a set of 2D projections
X-ray examination apparatus and method for generating distortion-free X-ray images
Radiographic image recording method and apparatus
X-ray positioning arm noise reduction system
Variable self-compensating detent control system for improved positioning accuracy and repeatability
Diaphragm assembly for stethoscope chest piece
Dental handpiece filter unit
Dental treatment area
Endodontic systems and methods for the anatomical, sectional and progressive corono-apical preparation of root canals with instruments utilizing stops
Dental capsule for placement of ultra-high viscosity dental composite material
Dental implant having a dual-textured exterior surface
Subperiosteal bone anchor
Method of locating a dental implant
Dental impression tray assembly with removable liner
Method and apparatus for applying a controlled pattern of fibrous material to a moving substrate
Device for flowing bone cement liquid into bone cement powder
Wheelchair lift with foldable platform
Motorized walker/wheelchair and method
Seating system
Adjustable anti-theft device for a folding wheelchair
Swimming pool lift
Walking assistance device and walking assistance attachment for the device
Ergonomic crutch
Brake mechanism for a walker
Vial transferset and method
Transferset for vials and other medical containers
Infant's disposable fluoride tooth wipes
Automatic scent dispensing system
Lipoplasty method
Hands-free portable breast pump system
Needle protector devices and assemblies
Medical device for selective intrathecal spinal cooling in aortic surgery and spinal trauma
Container for a hypodermic syringe
Disposable syringe
Rescue holding clamp
Rescue holding clamp
Force limiting rope brake
Horizontal lifeline fall arrest system
Control switch for a fire extinguisher
Apparatus and method for off-road vehicle fire protection and fire suppression
Low pressure actuator for dry sprinkler system
Exercise baton with removable internal weights
Mid-section exercise apparatus with multi-axis capabilities
Variably-weighted exercise hoop
Barbell and dumbbell safety spotting apparatus
Exercise apparatus and methods involving a transformable seat
Swimming fins
Golf ball
Golf ball
Golf ball
Multi-core, multi-cover golf ball
Four piece golf ball
Golf ball cleaning apparatus
Automatic ball thrower
Structure and method of fastening a weight body to a golf club head
Golf club and weighting system
Golf putter
Set of golf club irons
Iron club set
Swing trainer having double bent shaft
Hollow cage golf bag cover
Golf accessory
Gameboard, especially tableboard for ball games
Apparatus and method for organizing and strategizing team play
Method of aligning a golf ball with a golf club and golf club with alignment indicia
Backstop and sports ball return assembly
Steering ski for snow vehicles
Image generation device and information storage medium
Controller for games or simulation programs with clamp for desktop mounting
Simulated ball movement game using a trackball with an air bearing
Music action game machine, performance operation instructing system for music action game and storage device readable by computer
Game device and computer-readable storage medium
Game program supply system and program rewrite system
Casino method and device therefor
Casino style game played with three dice
Apparatus for playing a word game
Word game
Summation of numbers board puzzle
Rotatable and pivotable amusement apparatus
Inverted pivot
System and set of intercleaving dichotomized polyhedral elements and extensions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for separating oil, water and solids
Apparatus for filtering plasticized thermoplastics
In-situ modular cleanable filter
Reduced vibration fuel supply systems
Connector apparatus and system including connector apparatus
Flow-through agitator
Static mixing and stirring device
Water separation system, method and apparatus for construction debris
Flotation method for removing colored impurities from kaolin clay
Centrifugal extractor for organic phase using a height-adjustable weir and a divert disk
Spray wand for cleaning boat hulls
Precompression system for a liquid dispenser
Delivery system for dispensing volatiles
Shower head having a rubber/plastic face plate and a diverter valve using rubber sleeve back pressure activation
Combination spray apparatus
Automatic gun with a membrane for spraying a product
Hose-end aspiration-type sprayer
Dispensing system using a die tip having an air foil
Take-away mechanism for mail or other flat article handling system
Semiconductor wafer cleaning system
Ultrasonic cleaning device fault detector
Hollow article cleaning apparatus and hollow article cleaning method
Method for the remediation of soil contaminated with organic halide compounds
Device for endless coiling of strip material
Methods for manufacturing coils and apparatus for same
Monolithic ceramic gas diffuser for injecting gas into a molten metal bath
Plates for use in continuous casting process for the manufacture thereof
Method, system and apparatus employing permanent magnets having reach-out magnetic fields for electromagnetically transferring, braking, and metering molten metals feeding into metal casting machines
Device for regulating the evacuation of air and gas from casting dies
Shot sleeve assembly
Low pressure die casting system
Cutting insert with split face clamping surfaces and toolholder therefor
Separation type hole saw
Machine tool with interchangeable tip for the machining of profiled seats
Machine for machining workpieces with cutting teeth, especially saw blades
Force balanced irregular pitch reamer and associated reaming method
Process and device for dressing a grinding worm and for grinding pre-cut toothed workpiece
Method and apparatus for electrochemical-mechanical planarization
Gas distribution system which can be connected to a gas supply
Method of application of conductive cap-layer in flip-chip, COB, and micro metal bonding
End fitting adapted to be secured to driveshaft tube by electromagnetic pulse welding
Friction stir welding method including removal of protruding portion, and structural body formed thereby
Method for manufacturing joint of carbon steel pipes suitable for expansion and expanding method
Process for joining components made from case-hardened steel to components made from cast iron
Fuel injection nozzle
Solder ball arrangement device
Device for holding a nozzle of a hose of a vacuum source to a drill press in a predetermined orientation to a work piece
Apparatus for clamping a work piece
Apparatus and methods for z-axis control and collision detection and recovery for waterjet cutting systems
Arch cutting jig apparatus
Eyeglass lens processing system
Abrasive-band grinding device and method for controlling an abrasive-band grinding device during grinding of faces of crowned rolls
Belt lift accessory for combination belt and disk sander and method for making same
Fixture for abrasive cloth paper
Automatic polishing apparatus capable of polishing a substrate with a high planarization
Spiral-flow barrel finishing machine with gap adjusting function
Polishing machine having a plurality of abrasive pads
Method and apparatus for automatically changing a polishing pad in a chemical mechanical polishing system
Methods and apparatus for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) of a semiconductor wafer
Chemical mechanical polishing machine and chemical mechanical polishing method
Polishing apparatus
Wafer support for chemical mechanical planarization
Planarization process with abrasive polishing slurry that is selective to a planarized surface
Method for storing carrier for polishing wafer
Finishing and abrasive tool
Abrasive sponge grip
Apparatus and methods for chemical mechanical polishing with an advanceable polishing sheet
Reusable mount for abrasive devices
Rotary chemical-mechanical polishing apparatus employing multiple fluid-bearing platens for semiconductor fabrication
Plumbing tool
Auxiliary handle of L shape spanner
Torque control type impact wrench
Lighting structure of a socket wrench
Draw vice
Disconnect/reconnect tool for a hose coupling
Locking pin clamp
Clamp apparatus
Automatically resetting combustion tool with device for advancing charges therein
Flexible duct hand tool
Holding device for a module
Joint forming method and apparatus
Cutter head
Method for manufacturing concrete
Tool for a coal cutting, mining or road cutting machine
Method of recovering optical disk substrate and optical disk substrate recovering apparatus
Dosing assembly
Device for feeding strands of molten synthetic material that are issued from nozzles to a discharge chute
Injection molding apparatus
Injection molding of plastic materials
Quick connect coupler with pneumatic release
Injection mold
Reduction in deflection of valve pin in injection moulding apparatus
Abnormal mold detector
Hybrid electric and hydraulic actuation system
Apparatus for forming an article
Strip-shaped textile product and method for the production of an object reinforced with the textile product
Controlled heat transfer heating tool for welding thermoplastic sheets
Lay-up mold
Heavy duty pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing the same
Window for spirally formed containers
Quick-locking device for effecting hygienic transfer of flowable material from a container by piercing
Method and apparatus for producing and packing foil bags
Multi-layer tubing having electrostatic dissipation for handling hydrocarbon fluids
Method and apparatus for applying stripes to a moving web
Recording device and method, and feeder
Power drive system for a print on demand digital camera system
Media cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
Drive method for an on-demand multi-nozzle ink jet head
Power short circuit detection and protection in a print system
Method and apparatus for driving an ink jet head
Liquid discharge head, producing method therefor and liquid discharge apparatus
Modular ink jet print head
Chip structure of inkjet printhead and method of estimating working life through detection of defects
Thermal-compression type fluid jetting apparatus using ink
Nozzle arrangement for an ink jet printhead incorporating a linear spring mechanism
Micromechanical device with ribbed bend actuator
Ink-jet recording head and ink-jet recording apparatus
Liquid jet printing head and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid discharging head, method for manufacturing such liquid discharging head, head cartridge and liquid discharging apparatus
Reinforcing features in flex circuit to provide improved performance in a thermal inkjet printhead
Ink-jet printer having carriage and flexible circuit movably connected, method and apparatus
Printing apparatus and a printing method
Manufacturing method of nozzle plate using silicon process and ink jet printer head applying the nozzle plate
Printer capable of preventing drying of nozzle and control method thereof
Surfactant for inkjet service station wiper fluid
Ink tank for ink jet printer
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Cartridge element for micro jet dispensing
Use of an essentially colorless marker to allow evaluation of nozzle health for printing colorless "fixer" agents in multi-part ink-jet images
Method of forming image and apparatus of the same
Method for reducing torsional deflections
Printer chassis construction
Drop detection using a movable strip
System and method for conveying printer status information
System for RF communication between a host and a portable printer
Digital prepress system
Ergonomic keyboard apparatus and method of using same
Ink jet method with improved tonal range
Programmable multiple staple positioning in post-processing of sheets from sheet handling equipment
Apparatus for tucking hard book covers
Personal financial tracking system and method
Binder apparatus
Double-chuck mechanical pencil
Writing instrument with finger gripping device
Compact pen
Bicycle rim for a tension spoke bicycle wheel
Axle cover with a facility for quick assembly
Method and apparatus for covering the distal end of an axle of a wheel
Wheel hub bearing unit
Silica-reinforced tire tread rubber
Rubber composition for tire tread including silica and rice husk
Heel and toe wear balancing
Wheel suspension for a vehicle
Self-leveling suspension system
Cross-guard duct and steering column support bracket
Molded plastic automotive window panel and method of installation
Vehicle roof
Sun-roof apparatus
Wind deflector for a convertible vehicle
Device for a fuel tank in vehicles
Fuel tank
Self-aligning center bearing
Drive assembly having a propeller and an intermediate bearing
Power transmission device having electromagnetic clutch
Method and system for providing for vehicle drivability feel after accelerator release in an electric or hybrid electric vehicle
Drive axle for hybrid vehicle
Vehicular transmission stop control system
Vehicular transmission control system
Fuel-cell-powered electric automobile
Gas spring apparatus
Occupant detection system
30/40/30 split seat with adjustable center portion
Child car seat and head rest for the same
Pivoting actuator for seat track assembly
Variable energy attenuating apparatus
Occupant protective apparatus
Seat having seat surface portion made of surface-like elastic body
Seat backrest frame
Stowable load ramp for vehicles
Apparatus for loading a truck box
Truck bed extender
Headlamp assembly
Supplemental reverse lighting apparatus for motor vehicles
Non-invasive aftermarket vehicle opera light fixture
Light assembly for an electrically insulated lift bucket
Vehicle equipment control with semiconductor light sensors
Airbag control apparatus
Dynamically deployed device anchor and assembly
Inflatable air bag for an inflatable restraint system
Inflatable protective cushion for side impact protection
Seamless passenger side inflatable restraint system
Side air bag apparatus for vehicle
Knee area protection apparatus having a deployment guiding plate and a retaining band system therefor
Gas generator for an air bag and air bag system
Ladder pivotally attached to a generally vertically extending surface
Ramp and cargo system
Carrier and carrier system for vehicle
Roof rail for vehicles and manufacturing process therefor
Activation pin
Fluid control valve and braking system incorporating such a valve
Vehicular brake apparatus and control method
Wheel chock assembly
Spring applied parking brake assembly having a manual quick release feature
Brake control apparatus
Brake system for motor vehicles
Arrangement for controlling vehicle braking
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems
Adjustable vehicle-carrying frame
Standing device for a collapsible stroller
Convertible stroller/shopping cart
Steering unit-mounting structure
Shock absorbing apparatus for steering column
Reinforced vehicle framing
Extendable trailer
Device and method to hold sound insulation in vehicle hood
Motor vehicle with flow-influencing devices to reduce air resistance
Implement mounting assembly for attachment to a vehicle
Pivotal ballnut connection for a power assisted steering system
Electric power steering assist mechanism with isolated output shaft
Gooseneck lift mechanism
Track frame connecting structure of a heavy work vehicle
Tracking device
Motorized scooter
ATV trailer
Vehicle equipped with turning mechanism
Cycle seat
Mounting assembly for motor vehicles
Motorcycle saddlebag mounting system
Vehicle steering head
Bicycle suspension apparatus and related method
Motorcycle swing arm support assembly
Folding device for a skate board scooter
Dual footboard off-road scooter
Human-powered exercise cycle
Stabilizing element for use on mobile devices
Personal flotation device with adjusting flotation layers
Inflatable life buoy launcher gun
Propeller apparatus
Method for selecting the pitch of a controllable pitch marine propeller
Pressure frame designed in particular for an aircraft
Aircraft door structure
Aircraft lift arrangement
Passively driven acoustic jet controlling boundary layers
Device for releasing a parachute
Enhance aerodynamic profile
Aircraft wing structure profiled suspension pylon
Aircraft installed snow remover
Satellite having a solar generator on a deployable arm, and method of bringing such a satellite on station
AFT deployable thermal radiators for spacecraft
Method for controlling the filling of containers with a flowable product and filling installation implementing said method
Rotary type continuous filling apparatus
Image processing system for inspection of tablets in slab filler packaging machines
Carrier convertible from a sling carried vessel to a scoop and bag filler
Hot gas label applicator
Cylindrical container labeling machine
Apparatus for in-line folding and affixing of tuck label
Container having bottom lug for radial positioning and bottom mold therefor
Reusable bottle holder
Insulated cup and method of manufacture
Dispenser and process
Tube squeezing device
Easy opening closure with strippable core member
Separating closure liner with pressure sensitive adhesive
Safety closure and container
Cover member securing structure
Apparatus for manufacture of a tip for liquid drop dispensing container
Tray for transporting products, and method for its fabrication
Collapsible fuel container
Beverage can
Carton panel lock
Beverage multiple packaging lock system
Tool holding and displaying device
Pouring spout for a bag
Removing device for liquid in a flexible packing and a flexible packing for accommodating a liquid
Device for obtaining contents in a container at desired quantity
Method of introducing heavy article and method of discharging heavy article
Watertight and thermally insulating tank with improved longitudinal solid angles of intersection
Compartmentalized trash can for sorting and storing different kinds of recyclables
Combination trash receptacle and step stool
Trash container lift assist
Trailer assembly
Buffer storage system
Discharge outlet control
Conveyor with automatic-repositioning trippable pushers
Vehicle-mounted conveyor system including powered rotating infeed conveyor
Conveyor apparatus with adjustable guide rails
Proportional gate mechanism for a conveyor and method
Product collator
Ampule storage container for dispensing ampules at a constant rate
Apparatus for conveying and rotating book packs, pamphlet bundles and the like
Vertical conveyor for a palletizing apparatus
Conveying apparatus
High speed sorting/diverting apparatus, an apparatus controller and systems using same
Depalletizing machine
Automatic lumber unloading and feeding apparatus
Cup feeding apparatus
Tilt rack apparatus
Apparatus for conveying granular plastic material
Device for controlling winding of a log in a re-reeling machine
Bearing unit for material-web nip pulleys
Accumulator system for foldable sheet-like material
Sheet transport system
Method and apparatus for discriminating and counting documents
Sheet feeding apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same and image reading apparatus having the same
Collection tray overload detection and recovery
Continuous roll of plastic bags
Right angle stager apparatus and method
Method of positioning sheet elements in the introduction station of a processing machine and a system for performing the method
Substrate transfer apparatus
Method and configuration for controlling the passage of printed media
Method for controlling a device used to remove packages from a pile
Structure of wire winding box
Elevator group supervisory system including a hub controlling communicating with the system
Elevator control system having an immersion proof structure
Hydraulic elevator without a machineroom
Single side entry container lifting device
Underwater clamp-type release apparatus
Lateral jib for vertical mast mobile elevating work platform
Travel and rotation control device for boom lift
Jack device
Ring for a roller
Container strengthening system
Housing for liquid container
Fluid dispensing closure
Portable frozen beverage dispenser
Device for emptying transport and storage containers for liquids
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen cooled hydrogen storage unit having a high packing density of storage alloy and encapsulation
Rayleigh-breakup atomizing devices and methods of making rayleigh-breakup atomizing devices
Foundry binder
Joined structure utilizing a ceramic foam bonding element, and its fabrication
Process for preparing esterquats
Aqueous ink jet recording liquid and ink jet recording method
Inserted label for monitoring use of a container
Image display apparatus, and ink and image erasing method for use in the apparatus
Sprayable abrasive cleaning compositions
Thermally conductive chuck with thermally separated sealing structures
Method for producing silicon ingot having directional solidification structure and apparatus for producing the same
Textiles; Paper
Device for coupling a heddle frame on a motion-transmission element
Enhancements for seams in on-machine-seamable papermaker's fabrics
Paper machine clothing with flat transverse threads
Apparatus for production of sub-denier spunbond nonwovens
Elastic roll and process of producing the same
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for providing an edging structure for pavement
Water sprinkler for vibrating plate compactor
Vibratory pavement breaker
Ecotechnical cooperating separation layer for a pavement and its manufacturing process
Quick coupler apparatus
Fresh water storage apparatus
System of sanitary fittings
Controlled sewage sump network system
Arched support assembly for fabric awning systems
System for filling drywall mud applicators and diverter valve for same
Apparatus for leveling and smoothing of concrete
Reusable concrete support frame
Method and apparatus for relocating a structure from a first elevation to a second elevation
Adjustable support for an LCD monitor
Sliding member
Cylindrical lock with slam latch and auxiliary cable release
Deck lid latch
Handle grip assembly for a vehicle door and method of making same
Door security device with a quickly removable door stop
Press-style auxiliary lock
Apparatus for automated application of spacer material for window assembly
Pass through delivery device
Access panel for operating an in-wall curtain drive system and method of using same
Security system for a cubicle
Roll screen
Stair-stepper ladder leg
Step assembly for hollow poles and the like
Ladder leveler
Remotely operable hydraulic underreamer
Locking swivel device
Communicating with devices positioned outside a liner in a wellbore
Autonomous downhole oilfield tool
Drill pipe protector assembly
Method of landing items at a well location
Manual well puller
Monitoring system for drilling operations
High temperature high pressure retrievable packer with barrel slip
Perforating gun
Apparatus for recovering core samples at in situ conditions
Pressure actuated downhole tool
Large bore subsea Christmas tree and tubing hanger system
Procedure and device for treating well perforations
Universal washdown system for gravel packing and fracturing
Method and system for oriented perforating in a well with permanent sensors
Boring apparatus
Balanced torque drilling system
Device for joining two concrete members together
Mine stopping
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controlling a rabbet load and air/oil seal temperatures in a turbine
Cooling air supply system for a rotor
Quadrant rotor mistuning for decreasing vibration
Cooled blade for a gas turbine
Hollow poppet valve and the method for manufacturing the same
Fluid exchange system
Exhaust pipe layout structure for vehicles
Removable closure cap with temperature dependent control element
Marine engine cooling system with a check valve to facilitate draining
Direct injection internal combustion engine
Watercraft fuel supply apparatus and method
Out-board motor rotating bracket mount for transom platform sterndrive boats
Engine with valve resting function
System and method for preparing an air/fuel mixture
Method for controlling compression ignition combustion
Process and system for automatically controlling the fraction of the exhaust gas quantity returned to an internal-combustion engine
Idle control for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control apparatus for engines
Control system for internal combustion engine
Torque estimation method for an internal combustion engine
Control system for an engine supercharging system
Throttle position control system
Fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle in particular
Accumulator type fuel injection system
Device for controlling the fuel pressure in a direct cylinder fuel injection engine
Exit area control mechanism for convergent divergent nozzles
Suction apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Discharge nitrous oxide and fuel injection plate
Motor-operated flow control valve and exhaust gas recirculation control valve for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation valve having an angled seat
Exhaust gas recirculation system having multifunction valve
Exhaust gas recirculation system for an internal combustion engine having an integrated vacuum regulator and delta pressure sensor
Fuel tank pressure control system
Fuel injector
Fuel pump
Supply pump for common rail fuel injection system
Fuel injection valve for high-pressure fuel injection
Actuation fluid adapter for hydraulically-actuated electronically-controlled fuel injector and engine using same
Pressure regulating valve for a feeding module
Carburetor with adjustable flow rate throttle lever
Multicharge ignition system having secondary current feedback to trigger start of recharge event
Igniter for internal combustion engine
Knock detection apparatus
Windmill and windmill control method
Variable-displacement compressor
Linear compressor
Air pump structure having driving effect
Suction valve in variable displacement compressor
Motor cover retention
Scroll type compressor
Capacity control scroll compressor
Scroll compressor having paired fixed and moveable scrolls
Vacuum pumps
Submersible motor with shaft seals
Method and apparatus for detecting and removing obstructions in mechanical aerators
Assembling structure for ceiling fan bracket
Impeller and structure for an impeller housing
System and method for automatic thermal protection of a fluid compressing system
High volume ventilation fan with noise attenuation for personal computer
End bell cover for water pump motor
Electromagnetically actuatable hydraulic proportional valve
High performance sealing fastener
Stackable, recessed, locking, insulated thumbscrew
Captive fastener member and system for joining two work pieces
Coupler structure for steel pipe conjoinment stabilization
Adjustable joint for a positionable arm
Modular support structure for hydrodynamic bearing
Fluid bearing apparatus
Rolling bearing
Disengagement unit clutch pressure plate and actuating mechanism for a disengagement unit
Clutch device with a hydrodynamic clutch and at least two friction clutches
Multi-function control valve for hydraulic coupling
Arrangement and method for fastening a caliper on a wheel carrier
Pad retraction spring for disc brake assembly
Disc brake
Continuous lubricating system
Consistent retraction device for disc brake calipers
Shaft supporting hub ring with integral self-locking mechanism
Isolation mounting for a cantilevered load
Rubber bearing with characteristic behaviour which differs in the direction of the circumference
Fluid and elastomer apparatus with discrete volume compensator and secondary compliance
Dual-mode twin-chamber thrust bearing having hydraulic damping
Fluid-filled vibration damping device having improved partition structure
Active vibration isolation device and its control method
Methods and apparatus for mounting motors
Twin mass flywheel assemblies
Magnetically actuated motion control device
Valve on the basis of electrorheological and/or magnetorheological fluids
Bi-power transmission mechanism
Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus for locking engagement
Limited slip differential mechanism for an automotive vehicle and method for making the same
Continuously variable transmission pulley
Driven pulley
Gear type automatic transmission unit and method for controlling the same
Engine output controller
Metal gasket assembly for cylinder head
Apparatus and method for providing a ferrofluidic seal
Low flow fluid film seal for hydrogen cooled generators
Sealing ring
Seal assembly
Scroll compressor with reduced stiction surface for check valve
Pressure relief device and method of using the same
V-ball control valve
Electromagnetic valve
Multiway valve
Varying size diaphragm valve assemblies utilizing diaphragm of uniform size
Ball valve extractor
Flow control device having a lip seal and compressible bypass pads and associated method for operating an appliance water valve
Quarter-turn rotary plug valve with seats reciprocable during operation
Pipe coupling
Swivel coupling and method for attaching a swivel nut to a tail piece
Cable support
Cable retainer
Cable attachment method and device
Hose end fitting
High pressure quick connector
Valved couplings for RV sewer hose
Apparatus and method for connecting shower heads and tub spouts to a stub out
Plumber's flange and method for using the same
Water stopper and solder instrument
Plastic pipe with structure having improved critical pressure
Self-sealing flexible metal hose
Articulated bracket for office equipment
Oil drip pan assembly for a vehicle
Built-in manometer for a device for the distribution of fluid under pressure, particularly for a gas expander
Gas cylinder and a method for filling the same
Submersible lighting fixture with color wheel
Obstruction lighting system
Light guide with extraction structures
Light-generating and beam-establishing device
Illuminating system
Combined pressure atomizing nozzle
Lantern with improved choke and regulator
Flow divider for radiant wall burner
Cooking apparatus insulated by non-fibrous means
Wind-hole device of a ventilator for an air conditioner
Portable combination fan and humidifier
Natural draft water heater
Snow gun
Heat exchanger with transpired, highly porous fins
To heat exchanger
Heat exchanger constructed by plural heat conductive plates
Apparatus and method for decelerating projectiles
Indicating instrument with an illuminated pointer disposed behind the dial
Controllable liquid dispensing device
Dosing bottle for dispensing fixed doses of liquids
Temperature determining device and process
Cost-effective electronic thermometer
Method for measurement of duration of molten state for solder during reflow
Test element storage container
Ophthalmic lens and process for its production
Graded anti-reflective coatings for photolithography
Removably mounted fiber optic connector and associated adapter
Field installable multifiber connector
Fiber optic cable outlet box
Fiber optic connector
Multi-fiber fiber optic connectors
Foldable glasses
Apparatus and method for de-coupling grabber from take-up reel
Overhead projector mount system
Conjugate optics projection display with image enhancement
Projection type display
Resist developing process
Setting mechanism for a timepiece
Devices and methods for orienting and steering in three-dimensional space
Pressure regulation valve
Fast-response thermostatic element
Pseudo key structure for a detachable keyboard module
Silicon cap for use in the pointing stick device
Device for use with a computer drawer assembly
System and method for increasing click through rates of internet banner advertisements
Method and system for printing medical labels
Road marker magnetizing method
Multimedia card electrical connector with an improved ejector mechanism
System and method for managing business meetings
IC module and smart card
Shielded roller for reducing magnetic interferences in a MICR system read head
Electronic cashless system
Automated teller machines and method of replenishing the same
Device for counting coins or the like
Coin-receiving device
Machine and method for vending products one at a time from lower ends of circular row of columns
Method and apparatus for modifying gaming machines to provide supplemental or modified functionality
Method and apparatus for controlling a gaming device having a plurality of balances
Method and system for awarding frequent flyer miles for casino table games
Detecting mechanism for a grocery cart and the like and system
Management training game
Apparatus and method for mounting banners
Multi-position sign-mounting system
Alpha-numeric character display panel
Disk drive bracket
Terminal connector for a circuit breaker
Fabrication of electron emitters coated with material such as carbon
Dielectric barrier excimer lamp and ultraviolet light beam irradiating apparatus with the lamp
Method for manufacturing electron emission element, electron source, and image forming apparatus
Durable, multi-piece rotor for spray acid tools
Substrate processing apparatus
Conductive leads with non-wettable surfaces
Robot for handling semiconductor wafers
Interposer for chip size package and method for manufacturing the same
Kit and method for mounting a transmitter in subsurface meter pits
Terminal connector
ZIF socket connector
Electrical connector assembly having grounding buses
Electrical connector with metal side members
Metal plate mounted to connector and method for manufacturing the same
Differential signal electrical connectors
Flat cable connector for attaching a flat cable to a circuit board
Circular connector system
Adjustable vehicle power point
Female terminal for a connector and a housing therefor
Solderless cable connector assembly
High performance wiring connecting system
Electrical plug housing
High current capacity socket with side contacts
Flexible printed circuit connector with reliable latching mechanism
Detachable connector
Electrical connector
Self aligning connector bodies
Card edge connector with switch type retainer
Grounded stacked electrical card connector
Shield for modular jack
Connectors with reduced noise characteristics
Electrical connector having locking device
Energy center with interchangeable support bases
Ropelight connector
Semiconductor signal connector
Electrical connector system
Electrical connector terminal construction
Fixture for controlling the trajectory of wires to reduce crosstalk
Method of mounting electrical plug-in connections and auxiliary mounting means for carrying out the method
Method of making an electrical connector
Adapter usable with an electronic interconnect for high speed signal and data transmission
Electrical junction box and its assembling method
Control and power terminal block quick insert/disconnect
Electrical equipment cluster mount
System and method for configuring electrical receptacles
Communication cable clip
Methods of projecting images
Wiring block mount
Speaker member and manufacturing method thereof
Auxiliary illuminating device having adjustable color temperature
Communication connector with inductive compensation
Printed circuit board fixture
Chip feeder for chip mounter
Cream solder apparatus and printing method therefor
Method for edge mounting flex media to a rigid PC board
Substrate connector assembly for a computer system
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