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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
System and method for analysis and reconstruction of variable pulse-width signals having low sampling rates
Interactive toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tool for crimping a connector
Imprint lithography apparatus and method
System and method for minimizing the time to park a vehicle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermoelectric-based power generation systems and methods
Light output device with movable lightguide system
Light emitting device, flat light and flat panel display
Out of stock sensor
Method for judging coercive force of magnetic recording medium
Microwave sensor having function of range gates
Synchronous network device time transfer for location determination
Enhanced RF location methods and systems
Wavefield deghosting
Systems and methods to discriminate annular heavy fluids from cement
Gradient-independent shim coil for a local coil of a magnetic resonance device
Electronic image pickup system
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Optical filter arrangement and a method for adjustment thereof
Head mounted display
Display with a virtual representation in a plurality of planes
Hypercentric lens assembly with high numeric aperture aspheric element
Light reflective film and method for manufacturing the same
Wire holder
Polarization control device and method
Waveguide devices with supporting anchors
Signal transmitting connector, cable having the signal transmitting connector, display apparatus having the cable, and video signal output apparatus
Fabricating an optical assembly
Optical fiber connector and optical fiber coupling assembly having same
Wavelength selective switch and method for correcting deviation of wavelength
Optical communication module and method for producing the same
Optical modulator
Electro-optical modulator and method for making thereof
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Cleaning mechanism, transfer belt, and image forming apparatus comprising the same
Hinge device and electronic apparatus using that hinge device
Tablet computer stand
Positioning apparatus for expansion card
Detachable assembly and memory module using the same
General purpose processing unit with low power digital signal processing (DSP) mode
Power consumption management
Pattern oriented data collection and analysis
Page retirement in a NAND flash memory system
Computerized method and system for automated system diagnosis detection
Low-level checking of context-dependent expected results
Diagnostic data set component
Monitoring connection quality
Pretest setup planning
Unit attention processing in proxy and owner storage systems
System and method for managing code displacement
Programming non-volatile memory using a relaxed dwell time
Method and apparatus for handling processor read-after-write hazards with cache misses
Apparatus, method, and system for instantaneous cache state recovery from speculative abort/commit
Processing unit reclaiming requests in a solid state memory device
Monitoring a value in storage without repeated storage access
Pre-leak detection scan to identify non-pointer data to be excluded from a leak detection scan
Multi-bank cache memory
Low latency data exchange
Moving checkpoint-based high-availability log and data directly from a producer cache to a consumer cache
Handling virtual memory address synonyms in a multi-level cache hierarchy structure
Tracking data updates during memory migration
False power failure alert impact mitigation
Impersonating SCSI ports through an intermediate proxy
Point-to-point serial peripheral interface for data communication between devices configured in a daisy-chain
Method and apparatus for multi-browser web-based applications
Transaction tracing mechanism of distributed heterogenous transactions having instrumented byte code with constant memory consumption and independent of instrumented method call depth
Optimizing cloud service delivery within a cloud computing environment
Method for building, expanding or complementing a social graph based on contact information
Experience sharing system and method
Method for mutual authentication of a user and service provider
Policy driven administration of mobile applications
Predictive and dynamic resource provisioning with tenancy matching of health metrics in cloud systems
Electrical power distribution device having a current display
Electronic apparatus hibernation recovery setting method and electronic apparatus having hibernation state and hibernation recovery mechanism
Device commissioning
Behavioral homeostasis in artificial nervous systems using dynamical spiking neuron models
Online content classifier which updates a classification score based on a count of labeled data classified by machine deep learning
Verification of a vector execution unit design
Identifying logical planes formed of compute nodes of a subcommunicator in a parallel computer
Methods, systems, and media for guiding user reading on a screen
Identifiers for web font templates
Automated form layout based upon usage patterns
Space equipment recognition and control using handheld devices
Annotating entities using cross-document signals
Techniques for analyzing web pages to determine font subsets
Managing comments relating to work items
Method, apparatus and system for finding synonyms
Method and system to determine part-of-speech
Method and apparatus for multimedia content filtering
Computer-implemented system and method for augmenting search queries using glossaries
Minimizing result set size when converting from asymmetric to symmetric requests
Content marking
Method and system for document indexing and data querying
Hardware projection of fixed and variable length columns of database tables
Estimating depth from a single image
Managing versions of artifacts stored across disparate tools
System and method for metadata search
Compressing a multi-version database
System and method for augmented browsing and knowledge discovery
Request and response characteristics based adaptation of distributed caching in a mobile network
Caching of deep structures for efficient parsing
Enhanced network access-control credentials
Hierarchical multi-tenancy management of system resources in resource groups
Replicating a source storage system
Triggering social pages
Device, system, and method for enhanced memorization of a document
Methods and systems for computer aided design of 3D integrated circuits
Methods and systems for determining a dose-to-clear of a photoresist
Execution-based license discovery and optimization
Method and system for securing the entry of data to a device
Multiple input based passwords
ID usage tracker
Secure communication architecture
Managing sensitive information
Authentication method and system
Unauthorized account access lockout reduction
Context-aware permission control of hybrid mobile applications
Method and apparatus for data security reading
Protecting data on a mobile device
Method and system for collaborative capture and replay of digital media files using multimodal documents
Thick and thin data volume management
Dynamic evaluation and adaption of hardware hash functions
Data processing apparatus, transmitting apparatus, transmission control method, scheduling method, and computer product
Method and system for detecting work completion in loosely coupled components
System and method for providing passive haptic feedback
Systems and methods for triggering actions based on touch-free gesture detection
Electronic equipment, letter inputting method and program
Pointing error avoidance scheme
Position information input system
Driving circuit of liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal panel, and a driving method
User interface system
Apparatus, method, and medium for sensing movement of fingers using multi-touch sensor array
Terminal and method of controlling the same
Optical touch device and related image detecting component and locating method
Controlling three-dimensional views of selected portions of content
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Care label method for a self service dashboard construction
Managing a user interface for an application program
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
User interface for a large scale multi-user, multi-touch system
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Apparatus including a sensor arrangement and methods of operating the same
Distributed virtual tape library
Snapshot management in hierarchical storage infrastructure
Print function system and method for secure cloud data storage
Communication apparatus capable of notifying temporary disconnection from network, communication system, method of controlling communication apparatus, and storage medium
Optimized b-tree
Document classification system with user-defined rules
Trending topic identification from social communications
Synchronized virtual trusted platform modules (VTPM) and virtual machine (VM) rollbacks
Method and system for creating digital image album
Computer processor with instruction for execution based on available instruction sets
Fused booth encoder multiplexer
Leading change anticipator logic
ROM-code programmable digital signal processor
Constraint derivation in context following for use with object code insertion
System and method for creating change-resilient scripts
Optimization for safe elimination of weak atomicity overhead
Automated computer application update analysis
Multi processor and multi thread safe message queue with hardware assistance
Product, method, and apparatus for installing a second program based on a call from a first program
Software signature discovery
Method for installing application in portable terminal
Instruction and logic for scheduling instructions
Application diagram tool
Table of contents pointer value save and restore placeholder positioning
Specifying user defined or translator definitions to use to interpret mnemonics in a computer program
Method and apparatus for portable self-contained node computer
Techniques for dynamic physical memory partitioning
Contamination based workload management
Reactive loop sensing in multi-datacenter deployments
Handling interrupt actions for inter-thread communication
Task scheduler, microprocessor, and task scheduling method
Data shuffling in a non-uniform memory access device
Dynamic memory management with thread local storage usage
Utilizing multiple memory pools during mobility operations
Scheduling parallel data tasks
Business process model analyzer and runtime selector
Assigning levels of pools of resources to a super process having sub-processes
Chip-and-pin reader device
Method for facilitating payment with a programmable payment card
Systems and methods for off-line stored value card transactions
System and method for estimation and classification of barcodes using heuristic and statistical measures
Stereo image processing device and stereo image processing method
Method for constructing a composite image incorporating a hidden authentication image
Efficient visual surface finding
Image processing device and image processing method
Systems and methods for displaying foreign character sets and their translations in real time on resource-constrained mobile devices
Automated object identification and processing based on digital imaging and physical attributes
Video content alignment
Processing and managing multiple maps for an LCI
Systems, methods, and computer program products for expediting expertise
Method and system for skipping over group(s) of rules based on skip group rule
Program generating apparatus, program generation method and computer readable medium
Analyzing communications to determine business entity popularity
Device hang detection and recovery
Distributed k-core view materialization and maintenance for graphs
GPU-accelerated path rendering
Seam network processing for panorama weaving
Rendering transparent primitives
Method and device for forming surface processed
Image processing device and image processing method
Parking facility resource management
Verifying system and a method thereof
Systems and method for intelligent medical vigilance with alert cause indication
Pneumatically supported spatial attitude simulator
Multi-mode card attachment device for a gift
Advertising apparatus
Panoramic diver down flag
Method for operating active matrix display system having triode switch driver circuitry
Organic light emitting diode display
Display appratus
Driving method of field sequential liquid crystal display device
Soft head mounted display goggles for use with mobile computing devices
Visual-symbolic control of remote devices having display-based user interfaces
Coherent presentation of multiple reality and interaction models
Keyboard instrument
Mounting system for a fish finding device
Light coupling structure, method of forming a light coupling structure and a magnetic recording head
Systems and methods for increasing the read sensitivity of a resistive random access memory (RRAM)
Array organization and architecture to perform range-match operations with content addressable memory (CAM) circuits
Reduction of read disturb errors
Method and apparatus for improving data integrity using threshold voltage recalibration
Method and apparatus for multiple-bit DRAM error recovery
Memory system
Semiconductor test device and method of generating address scramble using the same
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit for storing information
Semiconductor device and semiconductor system
Heat exchanger, methods therefor and a nuclear fission reactor system
Electroconductive paste composition
Method for removing burrs of battery electrode plates by inductively coupled plasma dry etching
Permanent magnet and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for demagnetization of a magnetic structure region
Method of nano-patterning a foil surce
Switch circuit
Ceramic metal halide lamp having dysprosium iodide
Liquid metal containment in an X-ray tube
Microscopy support structures
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a junction electronic device having a 2-dimensional material as a channel
Photovoltaic device with protective layer over a window layer and method of manufacture of the same
Compound semiconductor integrated circuit and method to fabricate same
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits using chemical mechanical planarization to recess metal
Semiconductor device exhibiting reduced parasitics and method for making same
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Compensation devices
Gas cluster reactor for anisotropic film growth
Method and apparatus for high yield contact integration scheme
Package assembly having a semiconductor substrate
Method of adjusting a transistor gate flat band voltage with addition of AL.sub.20.sub.3 on nitrided silicon channel
Method to improve selectivity cobalt cap process
Semiconductor device including gate channel having adjusted threshold voltage
Method for increasing a surface area of epitaxial structures in a mixed N/P type fin semiconductor structure by forming multiple epitaxial heads
Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive stress and methods of manufacturing
Flip chip packages having chip fixing structures, electronic systems including the same, and memory cards including the same
Semiconductor package
Multi-chip module with rework capability
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Ultrathin superlattice of MnO/Mn/MnN and other metal oxide/metal/metal nitride liners and caps for copper low dielectric constant interconnects
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device
RC networks that include an integrated high resistance resistor on top of a MOS capacitor
Hybrid orientation fin field effect transistor and planar field effect transistor
Structure and method of latchup robustness with placement of through wafer via within CMOS circuitry
SiC semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Contact metallurgy for self-aligned high electron mobility transistor
Semiconductor device
Self-aligned emitter-base region
Semiconductor device having buried gate electrode structures
Infrared sensor device and method for producing an infrared sensor device
Methods of fabricating a photovoltaic module, and related system
Photovoltaic cell tabs and method and system for forming same
Alignment methods in fluid-filled MEMS displays
Method for embedding a LED network
Hybrid domain wall-hall cross device
Processes for in-situ annealing of TMR sensors
Method for producing organic EL element
Solar cell having fan structure and application system using the same
Method of forming a film made of a fluoropolymer of the polyvinylidene fluoride type that can be used as a separator for a lithium battery
Perforated electrode plate
Auxiliary power unit
Vanadium flow cell
Panel antenna
Coupler apparatus and communication apparatus
Central node apparatus and method for transmitting wireless signals between central office node and remote node using beam patterns and antenna polarization
Small-caliber, high-performance broadband radiator
Quad-mode antenna
Dynamically stable surface mount post header
Plug connector having novel primary locking hooks
Socket cover
Apparatus and method for providing a resistive shunt within a light string
Electrical connection device
High voltage plug in and unplugged type gas immersed cable termination with locking system
Surface emitting laser element and atomic oscillator
Spontaneous and stimulated emission control using quantum-structure lattice arrays
Semiconductor integrated circuit and operating method thereof
System for supplying energy
Battery power system having high working stability
Protective semiconductor device for secondary cell
Battery exchange, recharge and recycle apparatus, system and method
Low power conversion and management of energy harvesting applications
Apparatus and method for charging battery of electric device having motor
Wireless charger for mobile devices with flexible platform and method
Multi-mode multi-coupling multi-protocol ubiquitous wireless power transmitter
Stator core of motor, and manufacturing method
Stator element with cooling element arranged on the backside of the yoke
Rotating element with embedded permanent magnet and rotating electrical machine
Electrical machines
Multi-processor with selectively interconnected memory units
Majority- and minority-gate logic schemes based on magneto-electric devices
Wireless device, control method, recording medium, and display method
Apparatus and method to recover a data signal
Apparatus and method to recover a data signal
Indoor radio ranging based on a subset of subcarriers employed by orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)
Controlling active and passive participation in a thread of conversation
Reliable and scalable image transfer for data centers with low connectivity using redundancy detection
Right object renewal method and apparatus for right-protected broadcast service
Voice-operated internet-ready ubiquitous computing device and method thereof
Method, apparatus and system for generating an attribute map for processing an image
Dust removal system, image capture device and dust removal vibration method thereof
Phase control multi-tap downscale filter
Off-line delivery of content through an active screen display
Apparatus and method for providing vehicle camera calibration
Apparatus for controlling driving of lighting-emitting diode and method of providing control signal thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Earth working disc with large notches
Multi-function farm implement for treating soil
Foldable oscillating chaff pan for an agricultural combine
Hose clamp weight
Artificial lighting apparatus for young plants using light emitting diodes as light source
Terminal for an active labelling system
Pet waste collection system
Flexible structure and method for controlling the quality of liquids
Fish cleaning station
Life jacket
Dive resistant buckle
Method for producing hollow jewelry ring design
Portable cooler apparatus with umbrella mounting means
Luggage handle cover with ID tag
Collapsible container with durable bottom shell
Tanning booth having automated spray
Vacuum demand flow valve
Liquid applicator
Dental handpiece brush and method of using the same
Toothbrush and packaging
Support post with adjustable accessory supports
Variable mount rack system arm assembly
Reinforced locking shelf support
Support arm for visual display unit
Slide rail assembly with front release
Articulating armrest
Dual-purpose chair
Traveling pillow
Nut plate retainer
Modular vehicle seat
Seating unit with removable table and mounting bracket therefor
Display shelf having anti-rotation railings
Dispensing device for multi-pack cans
Food and drink conveying device
Cradle for connecting two hand-held devices to form a single unit
Protective device for fragile plates and glasses
Glove removal and/or retention
Utility bracket
Self aligning curtain rod bracket
Blender with safety device
Dispenser for cleaning wipes
Paper holder and dispensing apparatus
Transportable collective protection system
Application apparatus for multiple solution cleaner
Method for determining accommodation
Thermotherapy apparatus with retractable reclining surface
X-ray positioner with lead shield protection device
Optical waveguide concentrator and illuminating device
Method and system for incrementally moving teeth
Method and apparatus for generating an orthodontic template that assists in placement of orthodontic apparatus
Orthodontic bracket with recessed attachment and method for making the same
Multi-barrel dispensing apparatus
Tension adjusting device
Obstacle traversing wheelchair
Medication organizer
Cassette systems for feeding, counting and dispensing discrete objects
Aqueous disinfectant/sterilizing agent for foods
Porcelain compositions for low expansion all-porcelain cores and alloys
Insert molded aerosol generator and methods
Fuel injection nozzle and method of use
Humidifier for breathable gas apparatus
Hoist with curved frame members
Quick response adjustable automatic sprinkler arrangements
Pocketed parachute game
Golf ball
Correlated set of golf clubs
Golf putter and head therefor
Golf club head
Golf club head
Portable net device
Target assembly for practicing ball games
Action-responsive basketball backboard
Disc golf target
Method and device for playing golf
Golf "swing for accuracy" mat
Rollable sports base
Strapless toelock binding for snowboards
Highback with independent forward lean adjustment
Card game and method thereof for playing a real time card game
Methods and apparatus of displaying and evaluating motion data in a motion game apparatus
Interactive voice, wireless game system using predictive command input
Game system using communication network
Music game machine with interactive second game device
Method of playing cribbage in a casino setting
Casino game
Secret demise
Ant board game featuring ant cave and tunnel
Lotto gaming apparatus and method
Ball and target game
Step for a water slide or the like
Steering assembly for children's ride on vehicles
Toy train box car
Interactive virtual character doll
Fastening device
Flexible coiled lasso toy
Flexible foam building kit with connectors for constructing children's play structures
Method of playing amusement game in a traveling vehicle
Water-skimming disc
Soft foldable toy
Coin sorting and amusement device
Sculptural toy
Toy building set
Toy liquid storage tank
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for floccing a mixture produced during oil or gas well drilling
Fuel tank cover and filter assembly for fuel tank
Extension and locking assembly for dripless element, and container therefore
Cleaning device
Spin-on filter assembly
Single piece silver/palladium cell for adjusting or measuring a level of hydrogen and methods therefor
High dissolved oxygen mixer-digester
System and method for accurately blending fluids
Process and apparatus for blending and distributing a slurry solution
Encapsulated chemicals for use in controlled time release applications and methods
Liquid-drop discharge device having controlled pressure differential between liquid storage tank and reaction cell
Wear protection for tables for centrifugal impact crushers
Grinder used in meat grinding
Apparatus for slicing fibrous material, in particular, trunk wood
Robot spray head for cavity treatment
Dispenser member such as a pump or a valve
Integrated gun flush controller
Sprinkling nozzle having a pliable barrel
Smart miniature fragrance dispensing device for multiple ambient scenting applications and environments
Combination hose nozzle and lawn sprinkler
Trigger sprayer dispensing system
Container vent control for battery operated sprayer
Apparatus and method for applying sprayed fluid to a moving web
Substrate cleaning tool, having permeable cleaning head
Device for cleaning germination trays
Apparatus for and a method of cleaning a trash bin
Work sheet processing system
Method for the manufacture of a ring part out of sheet metal for a lid of a can
Phenolic resin and binding agent for producing moulds and cores according to the phenolic resin-polyurethane method
Process for recovering sand and bentonite clay used in a foundry
Iron alloy casting method and apparatus
Method of modifying patterned sand molding elements through machining for producing prototype metal castings
Method and apparatus for centrifugal casting
Device for the continuous horizontal casting of profiled members, in particular of metal strips
Method for monitoring a process during metal die casting or thixotropic moulding
Impact pad
Apparatus for producing fine metal balls
Tool with a base body and method for forming bores in a work piece using such a tool
Anti-slip type electric drill chuck
Collet adapter
Tool structure for clamping a tool head quickly
Housing and hub for an apparatus for securing a workpiece to a rotatable machine member
Tire rasp blade and method of use
Tandem tap and method for cutting screw threads
Method of manufacturing a vehicle body and frame assembly including an energy absorbing structure
Friction stir welding machine and method
Friction welding
Integrated electronics workstation
Reaction brazing of tungsten or molybdenum body to carbonaceous support
Lead-free solder paste
Device for placing a joint on a vehicle body and method to implement said device
Head for machine tool
Automated cell for handling parts received in parts carriers
Device for supplying to a machine-tool bars to be machined
Drive device for a grinding, lapping or buffing-tool body
Tilt action fastener
Universal workholding V fixture convertable to other applications
Clamp/spread/jack tool mechanism
Robertson driver
Drill chuck for smooth- and hex-shank bits
Mechanical grapple for grabbing and holding sacks and bags
Decorating and cutting device
Media cutter and slicer mechanism for a printer
Staple-forming apparatus
Concrete admixture packaging and batch feed system
Substrate cleaving tool and method
Bayonet mount
Marking device for a mould
Process and apparatus for making papermaking belt using fluid pressure differential
Linings for sewers
Fishing lure mold and method of using the same
System for individual control of multiple valve gates
Plastifying unit in injection-moulding machines with a nonreturn valve
Mold clamping apparatus of injection molding machine
Machine for making a carbonated soft drink bottle with an internal web and hand-grip feature
Device for producing a three-dimensional object, especially a laser sintering machine
Non-correcting lens blank, and method for making same
Pipe fitting and method for the production thereof
Rubber track and improved method and method for producing the track
Tire vulcanizing machine
Apparatus for making rubber component parts with conveyor for unvulcanized rubber tape
Table foiler
Laminator peel-off bar
Conductive heating of print media
Hardcopy apparatus and method for holding down media
Printing aid, assembly jig therefor, and recording device
Buffer with service loop and method
Recording medium conveying device and an ink jet printing device using the same
Printer for printing deformable flat supports and its loader
Misregistration correction for bidirectional printing in consideration of inclination of nozzle array
Ink-jet printing apparatus and method
Print head servo and velocity controller with non-linear compensation
Color filter and process for producing the same
Printhead having gas flow ink droplet separation and method of diverging ink droplets
Inkjet drop selection a non-uniform airstream
Rotating disk cleaning assembly apparatus and method for an ink jet print head with fixed gutter
Ink jet head, method for manufacturing ink jet head and ink jet recorder
Ink-jet recording head
Liquid jet recording apparatus using a fine particle dispersion recording composition
Liquid ejecting head and head cartridge capable of adjusting energy supplied thereto, liquid ejecting device provided with the head and head cartridge, and recording system
Nozzle plate and a manufacturing process thereof
Fluid ejection device and process for the production thereof
Conductor routing for a printhead
Interconnected printhead die and carrier substrate system
Inkjet recording head and method of producing the same
Substrate for fluid ejection device
System and method for managing an auxiliary spittoon in a printer
Rotatable drum inkjet printing apparatus for radiation curable ink
Ink cartridge with color discrimination structure
Ink cartridge, ink jet recorder, and method of mounting ink cartridge
Ink supply mechanism, ink jet cartridge having the ink supply mechanism installed thereon, and ink jet recording apparatus
Method for detecting a liquid used for discharge, and a liquid discharging device
Ink container electrical resistance ink level sensing mechanism and method for determining ink level information
Printing process and printer suitable for performing the process
Ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid container and printing apparatus to which the liquid container is mounted
System for registration of a fluid level in a receptacle
Test pattern implementation for ink-jet printhead alignment
Pen positioning in page wide array printers
Ink-jet printer equipped for aligning the printheads
Carriage, liquid ejection head, printer, head inserting method and head positioning method
Method for improving printer uniformity
Image forming apparatus
Ink jet printing method
Ink jet printing method
Stapling apparatus for a booklet maker
Ergonomic writing instrument
Writing instrument with a retraction device
Writing instrument with retractable ink cartridge and retractable correcting fluid cartridge
Multicolor marker
Note pad holder with integrated writing instrument
Support for a muscularly challenged person
Device at washing apparatus for washing objects, preferably spray guns, with washing liquid, preferably a solvent
Luminary device with thermochromatic label
Candle product decorated with heat-shrinkable film and related method
Vehicle wheel cover retention system
Wheel spinner assembly independently rotatable relative to a corresponding wheel
Studless tire including rib provided with first and second sipes
Tire having a striated bead protuberance
Simplification of mounting and demounting of a tire on and off its rim
Tire comprising bead core material having characteristics of superelasticity and shape memory
Method and system for independently electronically controlling steering of vehicle wheels
Heavy duty pneumatic tire with high elongation steel belt cord
Step plate assembly for providing a step while preserving access to the hitch ball of a hitch assembly
Self-centering vehicle roll control system
Device for recycling air in a vehicle cabin
Air duct outlets with closeable doors and vehicles incorporating same
Apparatus for opening and closing wing door of truck
Lightweight beam
Transport container with sliding curtains
Windbreak device for a motor vehicle
Exhaust muffler
Contaminant cover for tank filler neck closure assembly
Fuel filler door catch for vehicles
Two fluid dispensing apparatus to supply fuel and reductant to a vehicle
Automobile running control system
Vehicle deceleration control apparatus and control method for the same
Engine output controller
Material-handling vehicle
Hybrid vehicles
Manual fold-flat seat hinge assembly
System for releasably securing a child seat to a stowable seat
Safety seat for a baby
Infant vehicle seat with tiltable base
Hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat, and a seat including such a mechanism
Make-up mirror for vehicle
Sprung vehicle seat
Shock absorbing vehicle seat frame
Grab handle
Apparatus and method for moving and placing granulate
Side dump body
Bed cover and extender unit for vehicles
Vehicle lamp
Lighting device, particularly a motor vehicle light
Horn shaped rearview mirror with supplemental a mirror
Pedestrian impact energy management device with seesaw elements
Vehicle bumper assembly
Device for measuring a steering angle and for transferring signals between a steering column and a steering rod of a motor vehicle
Impact energy absorbing structure in upper vehicle body portion, and impact energy absorbing component
Multi-chamber airbag gas venting system
Gas bag module
Protective cushion for vehicle occupant's head
Air bag system
Air bag module mounting structure
Seat belt tension sensor
Inflatable vehicle occupant protection device
Vehicular hood device
Seatbelt device
Load retaining barrier net for motor vehicle
Storage pocket (map wallet)
Golf bag locker for a pickup truck
Storage structure for vehicles
Golf bag rack attachable to vehicle hitch
Wiper bearing for a wiper device of a vehicle and for mounting a wiper bearing
Fluid and air nozzle and method for cleaning vehicle lenses
Tricycle operated by torsion thereof
Method and device for monitoring the movements of an actuator
Method for emptying the pressure medium from a hydraulic unit of a hydraulic brake system of motor vehicles
Method for improving tilt stability in a motor vehicle
Tandem brake booster for automobiles
Motor vehicle hydraulic braking system
Device for controlling brake pressure
Hydraulic brake system
Method and device for adjusting the braking and/or driving effect on the wheels of a motor vehicle
Power and free conveyor
Detachable wheels for a golf bag
Rollbar support unit
Welding cylinder dolly
Steerable load-carrying assemblies
Cross car support structure
Fender panel impact absorption structure of vehicle having pedestrian protection function
Wheel protection device for a vehicle
Monocoque cab assembly
Steering gear frame
Bus body
Safety latch for a tire carrier and improvements therefor
Torque-based steering system for steer by wire vehicles
Fifth wheel with rotatable bearing plate
Vacuum cup
Torque detecting apparatus and steering apparatus
Flexible automotive assembly line and method
Multi-wheel vehicle with transmission for driving-steering
Anatomical bicycle seat
Ski bicycle and ski system for a bicycle
Recumbent vehicle & apparatus for forming same
Bicycle dropout frame member
Auxiliary device for bicycle with traction roller type gear
Bicycle pedaling power unit with leverage shifting
Fastenerless chain snubber
Method and device adapted for use in the placing of a suction anchor with an attached anchor chain or similar on the ocean bed
Reel type pipeline laying ship and method
Boat accessory rack
Hydraulic boat hoist
Inflatable flotation device
Controlled thrust steering system for watercraft
Marine stern drive two-speed transmission
Hydraulic system in a boat hull, preferably a boat hull having an outboard drive
Device for achieving hand control of a control pedal for an electric trolling motor
Steer-drive for boats and planes
Propulsion system for yachts, trawlers and the like
Skin of an airplane door and method of making door with same
Commercial aircraft low cost, lightweight floor design
Structure and method of absorbing and shielding sound
Propulsion apparatus for marine vessels
Aileron for fixed wing aircraft
Flight apparatus
Aerodynamic fairing
Progressive punch
Equipment for feeding product groups to a conveyor for their packaging
Beverage dispenser
Thermoformed container having improved strength to weight ratio in sidewall
Single serve plastic container and package incorporating same
Hinge system for self-locking perimeter sealing container
Shelf ready inner package shipping container
Packaging container for the cold storage of liquid foods and a method of producing the packaging container
Reclosable pouring element and a flat gable composite packaging provided therewith
Aeration valve
Thermoformed header package for tool belt accessories and related products
Flexible packaging bag and support unit
Pedestal display and storage system
Container package for packaging electronic devices including multimedia devices such as entire computer system including a computer case, a monitor, and a printer
Bottle cooler apparatus with quick plunge insertion feature
Case for products such as moist wipes
Method of packaging toy building elements and packaging for exercising the method
Inter-box connector (IBC) installation and removal system
Waste receptacle with air freshener
Quick release roller track top plate
Conveyor assembly
Attachments in modular conveyor belts
Conveyor system with stabilized carrier
High speed parcel sorter
Cartridge bearing including a stub shaft and an electrically conductive axle and method of using cartridge bearing
Method and apparatus for grasping items
Method and apparatus for conveying relatively voluminous packing units, such as containers
Method for conveying unit loads and conveyor system for implementing said method
Device for joining the trailing edge of a reel of paper about to finish to the leading edge of a new reel
Method and device for forming a wad of individual sheets
Guide apparatus for use in folder
Apparatus for transporting flexible, sheet-like products
Sheet feeding apparatus, image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and system for document overlap/gap error detection and correction
Airknife and vacuum control changes to improve sheet acquisition for a vacuum corrugated feed supply
Sheet separation unit and image forming apparatus
Paper folding machine with feeder
Film-tape eraser with normally retracted dispensing head
Right angle stager apparatus and method
Apparatus and a method for aligning a web
Cable unwinding system and method
Device for changing the position of objects conveyed in an overlapping stream
Fiber optic cable winding tool
Modular guiding device
Cable management spool
Elevator system
Transport device
Universal traversing assembly for legs of cranes or the like
Device and method for wireless lifting assist devices
Lifting gear
Boom positioning device for high-position working
Hydraulically driven forklift
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanotechnology for electrical devices
Glassmaking furnace regenerator
Tire, the sidewalls of which contain a varnished film
Composition and method for sealing an annular space between a well bore and a casing
Methods of removing water-based drilling fluids and compositions
Casting of shaped soft solid articles
Composition and method for cleaning and disinfecting a garbage disposal
Method of minimizing the size of primary silicon in Al-Si alloy
Chromium-containing cemented carbide body having a surface zone of binder enrichment
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for spiral-boss heterofil spinneret
Weaving or textile machine and process for such a machine
Method for mounting a new harness on a seam weaving machine, apparatus for making a flat woven fabric endless and harness carriage
Fixed Constructions
Trackway for transrapid
Motor grader having material distribution attachment
Framework and method of forming a support structure with interlocking of adjacent compartments
Highway guardrail end terminal assembly
Energy absorbing system and method
Energy-absorbing assembly for roadside impact attenuator
Apparatus and method for the collection and disposal of waste materials
System for protecting coastal land from rise of surface of the sea
Method to build a water seal, creep-line increasing cutoff
Stress transmission device, and structure and method of constructing the same
Apparatus for drying and compacting earthen materials
Method and apparatus for improving the structure of saturated masses of granular materials
Device for earth packing having at least one vibrating roller
Water closet flushing system
Apparatus for shock-like flushing in a liquid system
Step illumination apparatus
Screening arrangement in a ventilation system
Dismountable facade scaffold
Safety rail system
Vehicle door locking system with separate power operated inner door and outer door locking mechanisms
Electromagnetic locking mechanism
Reinforcing structure of a latch of an auxiliary lock
Outside door handle for a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle door lock with unlocking memorization
Latch assembly for covered containers
Guide track assemblies and mounting brackets for upward acting doors
Raised panel door section for garage door and method of making same
Apparatus for automatically applying sealant material in an insulated glass assembly
Collapsing type seal for expandable tubular connections
Co-linear tensioner and methods for assembling production and drilling risers using same
CT drilling rig
Hydraulically activated selective circulating/reverse circulating packer assembly
Method and apparatus for removing wellhead assemblies
Quick release blowout preventer bonnet
Apparatus and method for connecting tubular members
Rotating blowout preventer with independent cooling circuits and thrust bearing
Method of downhole fluid separation and displacement and a plug utilized therein
Method and apparatus for a sand screen with integrated sensors
Lift fluid driven downhole electrical generator and method for use of the same
Well completion process for formations with unconsolidated sands
Memory gravel pack imaging apparatus and method
Components and methods for use with explosives
Plunger for well casings and other tubulars
Gas separator with automatic level control
Apparatus and method for controlling an underground boring machine
Anchor apparatus and method
Adjustable bent housing sub for a mud motor
Apparatus for establishing branch wells from a parent well
Cutting tool with hardened insert
Method and system for mining hydrocarbon-containing materials
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid turbine device
Turbine shroud cooling hole diffusers and related method
Compressor outlet guide vane and diffuser assembly
Gas turbine engine blade
Ramped tip shelf blade
Combustor hot streak alignment for gas turbine engine
Reduced noise fan exit guide vane configuration for turbofan engines
Turbine blade support assembly and a turbine assembly
Tangential flow baffle
Curved turbulator configuration for airfoils and method and electrode for machining the configuration
Method of presetting an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for estimating valve-clearance of an electro-magnetically operated valve and valve-operation controller for the electro-magnetically operated valve
Lubrication structure for internal combustion engine
Vehicle muffler system
Cooling system for watercraft
Exhaust system for watercraft
Decoupling sleeve for mounting in a motor vehicle exaust pipe
Control system for internal combustion engine
Control of driver current via low side gates
Fuel pump control device
Out-of-plane thrust reverser sleeve lock
Assembly and method for receiving hydrocarbon material
Engine fuel system with a fuel vapor separator and a fuel vapor vent canister
Carburetor float bowl
Device for assembling and dismantling a fuel injection valve
Injection nozzle
Pressure-controlled injector with serially connected control valves
High pressure pump
High-pressure pump with an on-off valve for feeding fuel to an internal combustion engine
Lighting installation, in particular as a danger light, and wind rotor installation with lighting installation
Power generating assembly capable of dual-functionality
Swash plate compressor with reciprocal guide assembly
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of linear compressor using pattern recognition
Fail-safe oil lubricated helium compressor unit with oil-free gas delivery
Air conditioning compressor
Flexible tube pinch mechanism
Pump and diaphragm for use therein
High pressure pump with improved hub
Diaphragm pump and device for controlling same
Micropump including ball check valve utilizing ceramic technology and method of fabrication
Composite piston for a vibration pump
Hydraulic rod connector system
Liquid dispensing system with enhanced filter
Compressor bearings
Dry screw vaccum pump having nitrogen injection
Shaft seal structure for vacuum pump
Scroll compressor with condition responsive back pressure chamber valve
Compressor with oil-mist separator
Magnetically coupled and self-lubricated pump with bearing burnout protection
Sealed motor driven centrifugal primary fluid pump with secondary fluid flow for cooling primary fluid
Inline type pump
Exhaust turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Fluid pump device having filter
Compliant mechanical stop for limiting split ring diffuser travel
Axial flow fan
Engine cooling shroud having lead trough and motor lead wire locator associated with lead trough
Tube clip
Wedge-locking fastener assembly with ring retainer for washer
Radial ball joint
Single row deep groove radial ball bearing
Boron carbide aluminum driveshaft tube
Bearing assembly for a heat dissipation fan
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Dynamic pressure bearing device and method of manufacturing the same
Hydrodynamic bearing unit
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Bell bearing and method of producing the same
Dual synchronization system of manual transmission
Rotational control apparatus with variable actuation methods
Coupling for coupling two shafts
Drum brake device
Actuator having a central support, and brake calliper comprising such actuator
Torque limiting accessory drive assembly
Wall mounted display
Switchably controlled liquid sealed type vibration isolator
Vibration-damping device for vehicle
Metal gasket assembly for cylinder head
Device for controlling flowing media
Method of operating a fuel tank isolation valve
Fluid control apparatus
Flap valve device and regulation assembly
Proportional pilot operated directional valve
Electromagnetically controlled seat valve
Diaphragm-type valve
Stem seal pressure telltale
Plug valve having seal segments with booster springs
Pipeline crossing module
Sprinkler mounting device and method
Plug connector for quick-release connection of pressurized lines
Quick connect/disconnect coupling
Method for laying pipes for fluid under high pressure
Grade control apparatus of display set for tapestry
Support bracket for light stand
Mounting assembly
Balancer system for hand-held cameras
Protective cover article for fuel tanks, particularly those used in motor sports
Pumpkin lighting fixture
System for lamp retention and relamping in an adjustable trim lighting fixture
Recessed light fixture
Lamp body pouch
Illumination apparatus for simulating dynamic light conditions
Luminaire, optical element and method of illuminating an object
Efficient directional lighting system
Elliptical type motor vehicle headlight with two lighting functions
Lamp with removable lens
Light pipe, plane light source unit and liquid-crystal display device
Optical waveguide structures
Recuperative and conductive heat transfer system
Combustion-driven jet actuator
Apparatus and method for sensing flammable vapor
Methods for constructing a combustion chamber access door and associated apparatus
Gas cooktop and vessel for the cooktop
Ceiling embedded type indoor unit
Slope predictive control and digital PID control
Ridge vent for tile roofs
Controller valve coupling
System and method for remotely monitoring artificial snow maker of ice crushing type
Temperature control device
Heat sink with fins
Weight-forward composite arrow shaft
Graphite arrow and method of manufacture
Deflection-resistant arrowhead having both fixed and mechanically expandable blades
Product inspection device
M-level diode junction temperature measurement method cancelling series and parallel parasitic influences
Four current transistor temperature sensor and method
Machine-vision ring-reflector illumination system and method
Compact coupler plug, in particular for a planar broadband lambda sensor
Optical module
Automated system and method for identifying and measuring packages transported through a laser scanning tunnel
Method and apparatus for adjusting optical device to correspond to eye positions
Apparatus for and method of reducing or eliminating interference effects in a light tunnel illuminator
Volumetric three-dimensional display system
System and method for coupling beams into optical system across hermetic boundary
High performance, low cost mirror for a rear projection television
Optical fiber end processing method and optical fiber end processing equipment
Optical connector with slidable shielding door
Fiber optic cable guide and method of application
Electronic apparatus having communication function using detachable communication cable, capable of reducing power consumption and stable operation
Translucent dust cap and associated method for testing the continuity of an optical fiber jumper
Adapter system for fiber optic connectors
Optical connector
Fiber optic connectors
Addressable transceiver module
Configuration for coupling optoelectronic elements and fiber arrays
Optical connector receptacle having switching capability
Arrangement for connecting light waveguides
Method and apparatus of cross-connecting optical fibers
Device for thermally, stably supporting a miniaturized component
Gazing point illuminating device
Neck-saver eyeglass frames for bi-focals
Pair of spectacles and a method of the manufacturing of a pair of spectacles
Methods for designing and manufacturing single-vision spectacle lens and manufacturing system thereof
Ophthalmic lenses for high order aberration correction and processes for production of the lenses
System and method for increasing the depth of focus of the human eye
Methods for designing contact lenses
Compact camera
Office workspace having a multi-surface projection and a multi-camera system
Method and apparatus for image projection, and apparatus controlling image projection
Actuator control method and control device
Light quantity controller
Method and apparatus for processing a photographic material
Method and apparatus for processing photographic material
Apparatus for transporting single sheets through a device for exposing or printing the single sheets
Photosensitive material processing device
Pattern formation method and apparatus
Mechanical timepiece with timed annular balance rotating angle control mechanism
Pressure regulating valve with secondary venting measures
Regulator with improved seat
Liquid crystal projector
Dual processor adapter card
Passive biometric customer identification and tracking system
Keyboard illumination structure
Data entry method for portable communications device
Interactive projection system
Color image generation apparatus and color image generation method
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Method of detecting and managing RFID labels on items brought into a store by a customer
Data carrier having option means
Smart card with replaceable chip
IC card and its manufacturing method
Bar code reader and its misreading detecting method
Automated systems and methods for authorization and settlement of fleet maintenance and repair transactions
Interactive wagering systems and processes
Interactive wagering systems and processes
Coin supplying apparatus of a coin separator
Withdrawal apparatus of a coin receipt tube for a coin separator
Escalator equipment for coins
Apparatus for dispensing rolled sheet material
Gaming device having multiple audio, video or audio-video exhibitions associated with related symbols
Maze-based game for a gaming machine
Apportionment of casino game bonus pay out
Automatic instant money transfer machine
Deposit accepting apparatus and system for automated banking machine
Electronic instructional device for point-of-performance instruction
Vocabulary teaching aid system and method
Bilingual doll
Coin display methods and apparatus
Managed integrated teaching providing individualized instruction
Disk protective enclosure
Cross type supporter mounting system for a notebook computer keyboard and the method for mounting the same
Snap on action figures
Method of making electron emitters
Method for capping lamps
Flat panel display, method of high vacuum sealing
Method of anodically bonding elements for flat panel displays
Gas polishing method, gas polishing nozzle and polishing apparatus
Mold assembly for encapsulating semiconductor device
Method for aligning wafers in a cassette
Die shuttle conveyor and nest therefor
Device and method for protecting electronic component
Battery case feedthrough
Multiple container filling system
Antenna-mounting nut
Battery clamp
Stacked connector assembly
Card edge connector with card retention structure
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly
Differential signal electrical connectors
High-density electrical interconnect system
Movable terminal, coaxial connector, and communication apparatus
Electrical contact for ZIF socket connector
Electrical contact for ZIF socket connector
Socket assembly with pick-up cap
Electrical connection device for connecting a male contact to a loop formed in a stripped conductor
Connector contact and method of manufacturing the same
Primary terminal retention feature for connectors
Electrical receptacle assembly
Waterproof connector with blind recess
Connector apparatus
Cable apparatus
Systems for communicatively coupling computing devices
Device and method for synchronous data communications via 4-pair unshielded twisted pair cable
Electrical connector couple having mating indication device
Radio communication equipment having a floating connector
Remote cable extractor
Electronic card connector and method for assembling same
Shielded connector having a stable ground
Universal serial bus receptacle connector
Modular electrical connector assemblies with magnetic filter and/or visual indicator
Electrical connector with switch-actuating sleeve
Connector press fit mounting projection
Jack assembly including baluns interface; and methods
Wiring interface
Telecommunications connector with spring assembly and method for assembling
Method and structure for assembling resin parts
Shielding terminal
Modular lug block assembly
Connectors for towing cable and the like
Flexible sheet reversion using an omni-directional transport system
Distributed digital film processing system and method
Filter, illumination device and illumination method
Apparatus for supplying consistent, properly exposed and high resolution video images for the purpose of physical identification and process for making same
Image display device and adjusting mechanism
Panel speaker with wide free space
Low-radiation headphone
Multi-pin edge connector for circuit board
Pick up device used for and an electrical socket
Bezel assembly and method of production
Computer cabinet design
Fan one way air valve
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