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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of recycling exhaust emissions
Method for growing and distributing live food
Suspendable and stackable vertical planter
Animal leash
Motorless reactor for marine aquariums
Avocado skinning and pulping device
Glass cigarette
Apparatus for restraining distal portion movement of neck-worn clothing accessories
Hollow jewelry
Skin cleaning assembly
Vertically adjustable platform system
Bed riser storage apparatus and system
Cartridge for use in coffee maker
Baby bath station
Simplified apparatus to remove a disposable sponge from a hand operated squeeze sponge mop without having to touch the sponge
EKG measurement device
Medical device for monitoring biological signals
Evaluating a patient condition using autonomic balance information in implatable cardiac devices
Medical image processing methodology for detection and discrimination of objects in tissue
Brush head for an electric toothbrush
Ambulatory therapeutic footwear
Apparatus for a sleep mask
Neural sensing for atrial fibrillation
Lead with contacts formed by coiled conductor and methods of manufacture and use
Pericardial cardioverter defibrillator
Irradiation system including an electron-beam scanner
Sole wipe
Performing Operations; Transporting
Inkjet coating device and inkjet coating method
Method and apparatus for creating a gate optimization evaluation library
Method of forming an integral grid reinforcement in a part using an electro-hydraulic forming process
Method of fabricating a roll-over protection structure
Folding interchangeable implement apparatus
Multi-tool apparatus
Internal hexagonal wrench power assisting shank
Cutting apparatus
Scrap collector for optical fiber cutter
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric actuator
MEMS mirror system for laser printing applications
External tire pressure gauge, mounting structure associated therewith, and handling tool thereof
Vehicle-cabin air-conditioning system and a module containing the system
Interior mirror system
Aircraft security system
Drive mechanism
Method for filling food containers
Can end and related method
Container alignment
Collapsible pallet
Air conditioner for vehicle with heat pump cycle
Fixed Constructions
Water closet lifting device
Shed with rails
Reusable shim shell mechanical edge setting system and method for setting tiles and tuning lippage
Modular construction system, element and assembly method thereof
Roofing products, photovoltaic roofing elements and systems using them
Photovoltaic systems, methods for installing photovoltaic systems, and kits for installing photovoltaic systems
Floor profile arrangement
Wall lifting, transport and positioning device with roller pins
Shelter assembly
Door operator
Cold static gasket for complex geometrical sealing applications
Medical boom with articulated arms and a base with preconfigured removable modular racks used for storing electronic and utility equipment
Guide apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil collection and forced lubrication structure of a model engine crankshaft
Device and method for combusting particulate substances
Rotary engine with rotary power heads
Single-cylinder, dual head internal combustion engine having magnetically coupled power delivery
Methods and systems for a throttle turbine generator
Engine control system
Electric machine comprising electric terminals, plug and plug-in connection
Methods and systems to harvest energy from the earth
Device for adjusting the tension of a pulling element
Armature with torque limiter for engine starter
Method for controlling the power supply of a pre-heat plug in an internal combustion engine
Supporting and shaping device for mirror of heliostat
Solar collector system
Heat exchanging system
Container data center system
Air-side economizer facilitating liquid-based cooling of an electronics rack
Sports equipment sanitizer system
Portable cooling device
Long-range lifebuoy launcher
Apparatus and method for calculating aiming point information
Weapon hand shield
Method and apparatus for angular-resolved spectroscopic lithography characterization
Real-time scanner-nonlinearity error correction for HDVSI
Levels and leveling systems
Systems and methods for focusing optics
Ambidextrous vernier caliper
Method and device for measuring the thickness of any deposit of material on an inner wall of a structure
Electromagnetic sensor systems
Magnetic encoder
Apparatus for driving gyroscope sensor and method thereof
Optical system for detecting and displaying aircraft position and environment during landing and takeoff
Navigation system providing route guidance in multi-lane road according to vehicle lane position
Vehicle engine with fluid measuring system
Method for determining the total leak rate of systems impinged upon by pressure, and control apparatus for carrying out said method
Using an interferometer as a high speed variable attenuator
Apparatus and method for cross axis parallel spectroscopy
System and method for verifying the contents of a filled, capped pharmaceutical prescription
Platform for chemical and biological sensing by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Spectroscopic scatterometer system
Pressure sensing mat
Moment measuring device containing a gravity-center-neutral eccentric
Methods and apparatus for inspecting an object
Method and apparatus for detecting defects on a disk surface
Foreign matter inspection apparatus
Optical element and method for preparing the same, sensor apparatus and sensing method
Method and apparatus for robust detection of the density of a pigmented layer
Terahertz spectrometer
Surface plasmon sensor, sensing apparatus and sensing method
Small spot and high energy resolution XRF system for valence state determination
Onboard battery management device
Particulate matter amount detecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for anti-islanding of distributed power generation systems
Probe with electrostatic actuation and capacitive sensor
Lamp with metering device
Queue information monitoring system and method
System, apparatus, and method for multimedia transmission
Non-blocking destination-based routing networks
Power-efficient data reception in a communication system with variable delay
Method and device for obtaining crosstalk information
Probe card with stacked substrate
Hot-electronic injection testing of transistors on a wafer
System and method for digital logic testing
Magnetic sensor method and apparatus
Device for determining the strength of the magnetic field of an electromagnet
Coupled fluxgate magnetometers for DC and time-varying target magnetic field detection
Reorientation of magnetic layers and structures having reoriented magnetic layers
Disaster countermeasure support method
Receiving device for spread spectrum radar apparatus
Method and apparatus for removing artifacts during magnetic resonance imaging
Nuclear magnetic resonance measurement apparatus and measuring method using the same
Method and system for the individualized characterization of magnetic elements based on ferromagnetic resonance
Downhole induction resistivity tool
Microelectromechanical device with restoring electrode
Apparatuses with enhanced low range bit depth
Microelectromechanical systems display element with photovoltaic structure
Methods and apparatus for actuating displays
Image display apparatus
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Large amplitude high frequency optical delay
Optical fiber structure
Fiber optic module
Optical coupling device
Resilient plate and lens actuator using same
Double-shutter lenses with compensators
Liquid crystal device having a pair of electrodes with a vertical alignment film in which the chiral pitch length to gap ratio (P/G) is 0.06 to less than 1.0
Display device, electronic device and method of driving display device
Active matrix liquid crystal with capacitor below disclination region
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device
Fiber optical parametric oscillator with high power and bandwidth
Driving device, optical apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
Document snapshot device
Mobile communication unit with display area widening mechanism
Photographic apparatus and photographic method
Camera capable of displaying live view
Method and apparatus for fusing toner onto a support sheet
Image forming apparatus and guide therefor capable of reducing toner scattered on recording medium
Drive switching mechanism and image forming apparatus including same
Image forming apparatus with developing bias correcting portion that changes a developing density adjustment pattern
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Cleaning device, process cartridge and image formation apparatus
Development device, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the development device
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image forming system and image forming method
Magnetic particle carrying device, and developing unit, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using the same, and surface treatment method of the same
Image forming apparatus with controller for setting transfer member bias
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus having fixing device and controller to execute a cleaning mode
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Image forming apparatus
Supply architecture for inductive loads
Method and apparatus to control voltage conversion mode
Knob with lock mechanism
Method of measuring taste using two phase radial basis function neural networks, a taste sensor, and a taste measuring apparatus
Tri-layered power scheme for architectures which contain a micro-controller
Power supplying method and apparatus and a system using the same
Battery powered device with dynamic and performance management
Memory controller for writing data into and reading data from a memory
Credit-based rate control for high-speed interfaces
Data dependent scrambler with improved global constraint
Electronic data processing system and method for monitoring the functionality thereof
Receiver for recovering and retiming electromagnetically coupled data
Firmware processing for operating system panic data
Integrated circuit characterisation system and method
Security protocols for processor-based systems
Encrypted debug interface
Memory module system and method for operating a memory module
Mainframe storage controller and mainframe volume virtualization method
Method for storing individual data items of a low-voltage switch
Mechanism for remapping post virtual machine memory pages
Method of switching distributed storage modes in GNS
Full virtualization of resources across an IP interconnect
Cryptographic serial ATA apparatus and method
Method and system for the transparent migration of virtual machines storage
Hardware processing of regular expressions
Providing quality of service (QoS) for cache architectures using priority information
Method and apparatus for providing inter-application accessibility
Multi-mode bus inversion method and apparatus
Buffered memory module supporting double the memory device data width in the same physical space as a conventional memory module
Connectivity hub with a stationary base station and a removable second hub
Method and apparatus for allocating inputs in microcontrollers, and corresponding microcontroller
System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
Communication network having a plurality of bridging nodes which transmits a polling message with backward learning technique to determine communication pathway
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing circuit, gradation converting method, and printing apparatus
Electro-optical device controlling driving current to each electro-optical element to alleviate variation of intensity
Programmable processing unit with an input buffer and output buffer configured to exclusively exchange data with either a shared memory logic or a multiplier based upon a mode instruction
Method for declarative semantic expression of user intent to enable goal-driven stream processing
Apparatus and method for enhanced synchronization using an IMS server
Methods and systems for e-mail topic classification
Method and apparatus for integrated communication services provisioning for health care community
Method and apparatus for browsing using multiple coordinated device sets
Merging versions of documents using multiple masters
Method and system for provision of image data from a server to a client
Handling un-partitioning of a computer network
Image projection device, image projection method, computer readable recording medium recording program used in image projection device
Method and apparatus for making devices on a local network remotely-accessible
Partial subscription/eventing and event filtering in a home network
Real time collaborative on-line multimedia albums
Method of providing secure groups using a combination of group and pair-wise keying
Integrated medical sensor and messaging system and method
Electronic system and method for selectively allowing access to a shared memory
Method and system for monitoring network connected devices with multiple protocols
Managing media server resources in a VoIP network
Method and apparatus to simplify configuration calculation and management of a processor system
Multiple, cooperating operating systems (OS) platform system and method
Probabilistic model generation method, apparatus, and program
I/O and memory bus system for DFPs and units with two- or multi-dimensional programmable cell architectures
Authoring arbitrary XML documents using DHTML and XSLT
Structured document processing apparatus and structured document processing method, and program
Electronic terminal having screen division display function and screen display method thereof
Method and system for synchronizing a local instance of legal matter with a web instance of the legal matter
Method, system and computer program product for embedding a hyperlink within a version of a paper
Systems, methods and apparatus for quiesence of autonomic systems with self action
Explaining changes in measures thru data mining
Selective undo of editing operations performed on data objects
Management of quality of services in storage systems
Category based user interface for management of auxiliary storage on a portable computer system
Method and system for reviewing business activity of a business entity
Business rules preprocessing
Communication apparatus, communication method, and recording medium used therewith
Converting backup copies of objects created using a first backup program to backup copies created using a second backup program
Relational objects for the optimized management of fixed-content storage systems
Distributing advertisements to distribution target nodes based on a clustering coefficient
Integrated circuit (IC) design method, system and program product
Entrance angle estimation method of V-ribbed belt, entrance angle estimation program employing the method, and pulley layout designing method
Method for prioritizing nodes for rerouting and device therefor
Systems, methods, and media for block-based assertion generation, qualification and analysis
Method and system for designing an electronic circuit
Method and apparatus for identifying redundant scan elements
Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor structure and method
OPC model calibration process
Method to produce an electrical model of an integrated circuit substrate and related system and article of manufacture
Machine-tool controller
Front and rear wheel drive vehicle
Method and program for selecting product to be inspected
Automatic dynamic baseline creation and adjustment
Parsing an identification document in accordance with a jurisdictional format
Predictive assessment of network risks
File access authorization management apparatus and method
Integrated interface apparatus and method of operating an integrated interface apparatus
System and method for the capture, storage and manipulation of remote information
System and method of reducing the rate of interrupts generated by a device in microprocessor based systems
Switch device
Interface device and method for command processing
Printing apparatus and method and computer readable medium
Methods and systems for inventory management
Torque converter clutch control system
Package resolution mechanism for database systems
Intelligent bookmarks and information management system based on same
Music reproducing apparatus and computer-readable music reproducing program for the apparatus
Content recording/reproducing apparatus and content recording/reproducing method
Method for recognizing audio-visual data in transmission networks, in particular internet
Linear programming support vector regression with wavelet kernel
Technique to enable store forwarding during long latency instruction execution
Floating point only SIMD instruction set architecture including compare, select, Boolean, and alignment operations
Handling data cache misses out-of-order for asynchronous pipelines
MVC (Model-View-Controller) based multi-modal authoring tool and development environment
Computer program generating
Kernel-based intrusion detection using bloom filters
Generic markup specified object descriptor for a modularized computing application
Program initiation methods and embedded systems utilizing the same
Data backup system including a data protection component
Interrupt processing in a layered virtualization architecture
System and method for executing selected task based on task management table having at least one task and at least two associated processors
Aircraft guidance system
Detecting anomalous road traffic conditions
Image generating/reading apparatus and methods and storage media storing programs therefor
Printer controller for a pagewidth printer configured to perform ink counts
Image forming device, image forming method, image forming program, and recording medium
Check verification system
Image processing device, inspection device, image processing method, inspection method, computer readable medium, and computer data signal
Methods of processing and displaying images and display device using the methods
Gender identification method
Inspection method of bonded status of ball in wire bonding
Biometric cabinet lock
Video pattern thumbnails and method
System and method for tracing bank notes
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
Morphological based segmenter
Method and device for image quality adjustment of multiple subject image data on layout locations in ornamental image data
Systems and methods to convert images into high-quality compressed documents
Image processing method and image processing apparatus for images decodable at multiple resolutions
Generating an image by averaging the colors of text with its background
Detecting moving objects in video by classifying on riemannian manifolds
Critical parameter/requirements management process and environment
Method and system for providing multi-dimensional feedback
Method and system of rule-based triage
System and method for identification and tracking of food items
Determination and presentation of package pricing offers in response to customer interest in a product
System and method for creating a personalized consumer product
Preregistered tracking labels
Apparatus and method for selling a ticket to an event and/or to a portion of an event or venue
DAS predictive modeling and reporting function
Correspondent bank registry
Method, system and computer program product for facilitating an auction behavior and automatic bidding in an auction
Test trading
System and method for facilitating a subsidiary card account
Method and system for providing a user-selected healthcare services package and healthcare services panel customized based on a user's selections
Medical information system
Method for categorizing a seller relative to a vendor
Systems and methods for turning pages in a three-dimensional electronic document
Firefighter response system
Security system including genetic sampling device
Systems and methods for managing information relating to medical fluids and containers therefor
Standardized mechanism for printing labels and managing templates within RFID
Capacity management for data networks
Power saving in multi-processor device
Variable missile configuration--standard telemetry system
Accident avoidance system
Tray unit and card holder
Display device and display panel device
Device and method for wavelength filtering
Electronic device including digital tuner unit
Personal theater display
Systems, methods and devices for efficient communication utilizing a reduced number of selectable inputs
Device for controlling on-screen pointer
Method and editing processor for adding graphics object with simple manner
System, method and computer program product for transferring unregistered callers to a registration process
Adapting masking thresholds for encoding a low frequency transient signal in audio data
Waveform interpolation speech coding apparatus and method for reducing complexity thereof
GUI for the semantic normalization of natural language
Automatic pruning of grammars in a multi-application speech recognition interface
Television receiver with disk playing function
Optical disk drive
Header region protection apparatus and method of optical storage medium
System, method, and apparatus for slit shroud with integrated bypass channel wall feature for disk drive applications
Thermally assisted magnetic recording head and magnetic recording apparatus
Head for thermally assisted magnetic recording device and thermally assisted magnetic recording device
Magneto resistive biasing scheme with fast recovery and maximum dynamic range
Disk drive adapting target values of a sequence detector relative to bit error rate of the sequence detector
Patterned medium with magnetic pattern depth relationship
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing management information on/from optical disc
Optical pickup apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining recording powers for recording on an optical disc
Optical disk recording apparatus and method of forming visible image on optical disk
Device for recording data, comprising a peripheral support membrane, and method for producing same
Methods and apparatus for read/write control and bit selection with false read suppression in an SRAM
Resistance change memory
Method to prevent overreset
Semiconductor memory device and method of writing into semiconductor memory device
Compound cell spin-torque magnetic random access memory
Semiconductor memory device which includes memory cell having charge accumulation layer and control gate
Static random access memory (SRAM) cells
Memory card, semiconductor device, and method of controlling memory card
Multi-state memory
Semiconductor memory device and method for operating semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and test method therefor
Sense amplifier with redundancy
Memory device
Semiconductor device
Latency counter, semiconductor memory device including the same, and data processing system
Semiconductor device
Porous nuclear fuel element for high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactors
Sensor sheet
Electronic control device for electromagnetic unit
Dust removing device and dust removing method
Filter unit
Flat uniform transmission line having electromagnetic shielding function
Electrolytic fluid antenna
Implementation of ultra wide band (UWB) electrically small antennas by means of distributed non foster loading
Beam adjusting device
Method and system for analog beamforming in wireless communication systems
Enclosed reflector antenna mount
Synchronized delay-coupled laser system
Semiconductor laser, method for manufacturing semiconductor laser, optical disk device, and optical pickup
EL semiconductor device
Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method therefor
Protection circuit with variable current level limits
Rechargeable battery device having a protection circuit for protecting from overcharge and overdischarge
Varying-temperature operation of battery-powered electronic devices
Battery charger and associated method
Charger for an industrial truck
Method and apparatus for limiting maximum output power of a power converter
Driving circuit for motor and device equipped with driving circuit
Compact integrated circuit solutions for driving liquid lenses in autofocus applications
Multimode millimeter-wave frequency divider circuit with multiple presettable frequency dividing modes
Modulation circuit, modulation method, program and communication apparatus
Leakage signal cancellation apparatus
Amplifier circuit
Amplifier with output filtering
Method for dynamically adjusting the spectral content of an audio signal
Electric element and electric circuit
Coaxial impedance matching adapter and method of manufacture
Transmission circuit
Critical path redundant logic for mitigation of hardware across chip variation
Asynchronous nano-electronics
Method and apparatus for dynamic threshold voltage control of MOS transistors in dynamic logic circuits
Counter/divider, and phase locked loop including such counter/divider
Dynamic demodulator selection based on channel quality
Offset compensation using non-uniform calibration
Circuit for clock interpolation and method for performing clock interpolation
Differential operational amplifier circuit correcting settling error for use in pipelined A/D converter
Apparatus and method for successive approximation analog-to-digital conversion
Analog signal processing device
Methods and systems for calibrating a pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Method and device for determining indices assigned to correction symbols
Systems and methods for reduced complexity LDPC decoding
Simplified RS (Reed-Solomon) code decoder that obviates error value polynomial calculation
Method and apparatus for character stream transcoding
Mitigating OFDM receiver interference caused by intermittent signal transmission
Radio receiver and radio receiver front-end
Submillimeter wave heterodyne receiver
Method and system for a synthesizer/local oscillator generator (LOGEN) architecture for a quad-band GSM/GPRS radio
Photonic network packet routing method and packet router for photonic network
Protecting secret data entry from infrared and audio eavesdropping
Mobile terminal apparatus
Optical communications device and optical communications system
High-sensitivity, high-resolution detector devices and arrays
Fast dynamic gain control in a bidirectionally-pumped Raman fiber amplifier
Apparatus and method for detecting and identifying raman signatures
Transmission power target value variable control apparatus and method and mobile communication terminal
Efficient operation for co-located WLAN and Bluetooth
Method, system and apparatuses for sharing presence information
Wireless personal area network communication systems, apparatus and methods with fast adaptive beamforming
Communication method, communication system, and communication apparatus
Method and apparatus to support VoIP calls in an IEEE 802.16 interface
Physical layer processing for a wireless communication system using code division multiple access
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Transmission system and transmission apparatus
Apparatus and method for frequency translation
Mobile communication system, user equipment in mobile communication system, control program thereof, and synchronization establishment determination method in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for supporting network communications
Method of performing channel quality report in a wireless communication system
Signal receiver and method for estimating residual doppler frequencies of signals thereof
Automatic resignation from ad hoc network
IP network and performance monitoring using ethernet OAM
Performance measurement in a packet transmission network
Auxiliary coding for home networking communication system
Radio ad hoc communication system, terminal, processing method in the terminal, and program causing the terminal to execute the method
Device and method for reducing overhead in a wireless network
Method for determining a network topology of an automation system
Multiplexing method and apparatus, demultiplexing method and apparatus, and access network system
Distributed intelligence MAC protocols for DWDM ring networks
Ring network system, failure recovery method, failure detection method, node and program for node
Frequency-offset estimation
Digital decoder and applications thereof
Scattered pilot correlation in DVB-H systems
Broadcast channel signal, apparatus and method for transmitting and decoding broadcast channel information
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and/or system to authorize access to stored data
Digital document management system, digital document management method, and digital document management program
Trusted third party authentication for web services
Mobile phone with rotatable connecting apparatus
Portable terminal
Cellular antenna
Mobile communication terminal and link management method of the same
Methods, systems and apparatus for displaying the multimedia information from wireless communication networks
Method and apparatus for measurement of service disruption interval
Method of controlling a PDA phone and PDA phone using the same
Telephone and method of controlling telephone
Voice call system and method of providing contents during a voice call
Internet global area networks fax system
Printing device, electronic document management system, printing medium, print processing method, and program
Device having imaging function
Method and apparatus for imaging using sensitivity coefficients
Methods and apparatuses for identifying opportunities to capture content
Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
Automated inverse telecine conversion
Method and apparatus for video mode judgement
Electronic apparatus
Security system
Method and apparatus for extracting chrominance shape information for interlaced scan type image
Video processing apparatus and object identifying method
Digital broadcast reception apparatus
System for capture and selective playback of broadcast programs
Process and system for displaying video programs on demand
Method and apparatus for utilizing an audible signal to induce a user to select an E-commerce function
Digital television with subscriber conference overlay
Angled axis machine vision system and method
Intelligent two-way switching network
Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and methods of communicating between a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and an interrogator
Phase shifters, interrogators, methods of shifting a phase angle of a signal, and methods of operating an interrogator
Loudspeaker with cone-coupled damper
Adaptive howling canceller
GPS microphone for communication system
Location sensitive messaging
System having output device and external apparatus for receiving data in place of output device, output device, device for alternative reception, and their control method
Wireless network location-based reference information
Method and system for bandwidth management
Cellular augmented radar/laser detection using local mobile network within cellular network
Method for a generalized packet header suppression mechanism using a wireless communications medium
OWA converged network access architecture and method
Telecommunications subscriber profile management system
Method and apparatus for transmitting data from a first communication device to a second communication device
Virtual streams for QOS-driven wireless LANS
Call admission control device and call admission control method
Method of determining channel to be used in wireless network, wireless communication method, and apparatus for the same
X-ray image diagnosis apparatus and control method therefor
Manufacturing method for protection circuit module of secondary battery
Method of fabricating cavity capacitor embedded in printed circuit board
Latching mechanism for portable electronic device
Alternative hosts for multiple adapters and multiple consumer electronic devices
Systems for accessing memory card and methods for accessing memory card by a control unit
Central pressuring fan with bottom inlets for notebook cooling
Motor controller
System and method of producing scalable heat-sink assembly
Heat dissipating structure for electronic component and display device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of cleaning tile grout
Article for controlled and substantially uniform release of a volatile organic substance
Inhibiting phase separation in low viscosity water-based pesticide suspensions
Agrochemical compositions
Fabric, carpet and upholstery protectant with biocide and acaricide
Alkylamines as biofilm deactivation agents
Methods and compositions controlling biofouling using sulfamic acids
Dimethylfurancarboxyanilide derivatives
Alkyl-dihalogenated phenyl-substituted ketoenols useful as pesticides and herbicides
Azolyloxybenzylalkoxyacrylic esters, their preparation and their use
Microencapsulated clomazone in the presence of fat and resin
Fungicidal fluoro-substituted 7-heterocyclyl-triazolopyrimidines
Acidic aqueous chlorite teat dip with improved emollient providing shelf life, sanitizing capacity and tissue protection
Insecticidal protein toxins from Xenorhabdus
Use of plant extracts for treatment of acne and furuncle
Compositions containing hops extract and their use in water systems and process streams to control biological fouling
Method and apparatus for making an helical food product
Method for the prevention of struvite in fish
Super-charged ozoneated fog for surface sterilization
Method for producing a target PH in a foodstuff
Automated brine system for cooling cheese
Immunity enhancing lactic acid bacteria
Food containing water-soluble colorant
Gelato composition
Slow melting coating for ice confections
Edible, water-solubility resistant casein masses
Compacted starch hydrolysate product with improved handling characteristics and reduced tendency to become sticky
Animal feed of higher nutritive value, method for production thereof and use of a polyethylene glycol compound
Meat emulsion product
Young leaves of a grass plant
Nutritional and therapeutic uses of 3-hydroxyalkanoate oligomers
Feed for prevention and/or treatment of coccidiosis
Flavoring system for pet foods
Method of sugar-like flavorous component and method of preparation of perfumery composition or beverage using the resulting flavorous component
Acidulant system for marinades
Pulsed electric field treatment system
Method and apparatus for severing root of bean sprout and dewatering bean sprout
Dissolution agent and process for making rapidly soluble instant beverage products
Protein-based chewable pet toy
Pyrazolopyrimidinoxo-containing compositions for dyeing keratin fibres; their use in dyeing as couplers; dyeing processes
Ornamental molding and method of making the same
Framing device for displaying photographs, certificates and other sheet-like material
Vacuum cleaner
Dust bag
Mounting and closure structure for a bag, such as a vacuum cleaner bag
Medical lighting device
Vaginal speculum with adjustable blades
Method and apparatus for inducing sputum samples for diagnostic evaluation
Spatula for taking of sampling
Assaying device and method for in field urinalysis
Ball and socket coronary stabilizer
Systems and methods for directing and snaring guidewires
Devices for installing stasis reducing means in body tissue
Methods and apparatus for intraluminal deposition of hydrogels
Spiral blade insertion instrument
Dual drill guide for a locking bone plate
Method and apparatus for fixing a graft in a bone tunnel
Anatomic glenoid shoulder prosthesis together with methods and tools for implanting same
Methods and devices for reducing the mineral content of vascular calcified lesions
Medical dissection spatula having spreadable spatula jaw parts
Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling
Percutaneous intrafocal plate system
Method and apparatus for reattachment of a cranial flap using a cranial clamp
Cervical correcting brace
Spinal implant and method
Closure for open ended medical implant
Modular spinal system
Spine distraction implant and method
Combined electrosurgical-cryosurgical instrument
Apparatus and method for treating tissue with multiple electrodes
Surgical instrument for ablation and aspiration
Arrangement for electrothermal treatment of the human or animal body
Electrosurgical method for the removal of pacemaker leads
Large surface cardiac ablation catherter that assumes a low profile during introduction into the heart
Energy irradiation apparatus
Navigation information overlay onto ultrasound imagery
Insulated skull pins
Analytical measuring device with lancing device
Telemtry system for implantable medical devices
Noninvasive apparatus and method for the determination of cardiac valve function
Superior-and-inferior-limb blood-pressure index measuring apparatus and inferior-limb blood-pressure measuring apparatus
Wrist sphygmomanometer
Pressure measurement device
Methods for the assessment of neuromuscular function by F-wave latency
End tidal carbon dioxide sampling device
Breathing disorder prescreening device and method
Internet system for testing hearing
Retractable safety needles for medical applications
Early-fetal-heartbeat-detection device and method
Adjustable needle guide apparatus and method
Method for manufacturing a multi-colored shaped body for further processing to obtain a dental restoration
Bio erodable myringotomy tube
Small diameter embolic coil hydraulic deployment system
Infant diaper changing shield
Method for treating a prosthesis having an apertured structure and associated devices
Artificial gut
Endoluminal device exhibiting improved endothelialization and method of manufacture thereof
Stent having cover with drug delivery capability
Stent with smooth ends
Stent delivery catheter system having grooved shaft
Endovascular delivery system
Endosteal anchoring device for urging a ligament against a bone surface
Method instruments and kit for autologous transplantation
Implant of bone matter
Method and apparatus for positioning a prosthetic element relative to a bone to achieve a desired orientation
Plasma-assisted surface modification of polymers for medical device applications
Artificial hip joint socket
Stemless hip prosthesis
Elbow prosthesis
Tibial prosthesis locking system and method of repairing knee joint
Prosthetic, orthotic, and other rehabilitative robotic assistive devices actuated by smart materials
Plantar fascitis support apparatus
Lumen design for catheter
Incising apparatus for use in cataract surgery
Chiropractic adjusting instrument
Fluid control device
Ampoule for dispensing medication and method of use
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibres comprising 2-chloro 6-methyl 3-aminophenol and two oxidation bases, and dyeing method
Composition and process for de-coloring dyed hair
Herbal formulation useful as a therapeutic and cosmetic applications for the treatment of general skin disorders
Method for inhibiting non-intentional behavior with a running neuron inhibitory substance
Use of 5HT6 antagonists
Method and composition for treating and preventing pathogenic effects caused by intracellular calcium overload
Use of L-acetylcarnitine, L-isovalerylcarnitine, L-propionylcarnitine for increasing the levels of IGF-1
Treatment of diseases involving cyst formation
Aminopyridine-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses
N-alkylamino-indoles for the treatment of migraine
Benzimidazole urea derivatives, and pharmaceutical compositions and unit dosages thereof
Use of nicergoline for treating spasticity
Combination of aldose reductase inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for the treatment of diabetic complications
Methods of treating or ameliorating the symptoms of common cold or allergic rhinitis with serotonin 5-HT1F agonists
Use of flunarizine for the topical treatment of glaucoma
Method of treating heart failure with endothelin antagonists
Polyhydroxyalkylpyrazine derivatives, their preparation and medicaments containing them
Aralkyl and aralkylidene heterocyclic lactams and imides
Method of inhibiting neoplastic cells with 4,5-diaminopyrimidine derivatives
Cyclopentane heptan(ENE)oic acid, 2-thiocarbamoyloxy and 2-carbamoyloxy compounds as therapeutic agents
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-thiocarbamoyloxy and 2-carbamoyloxy compounds as therapeutic agents
Method for treatment of alopecia
LPA analogs as agonists of the Edg2 LPA receptor
Method for enhancement of delivery of THC by the administration of its prodrugs via the nasal route
Methods for anti-tumor therapy
Method for promoting hair growth
Use of low-molecular-weight heparins for the prevention and treatment of trauma of the central nervous system
Betamethasone- and hyaluronic acid-treated thin adhesive plaster for the treatment of psoriasis dermatitis and dermatosis
Nitric oxide-releasing 1-[(2-carboxylato)pyrrolidin-1-yl] diazen-1-ium-1,2-diolates and composition comprising same
Method of treating an itch with iodine
Metal-thiols as immunomodulating agents
Nanosilver-containing antibacterial and antifungal granules and methods for preparing and using the same
Prevention of infectious diseases with gp96-peptide complexes
Method for enhancing immune responses in mammals
Trivalent chromium complex compound and milk product containing the same
Biomaterial derived from vertebrate liver tissue
Angiogenesis inhibitors and activators from shark cartilage
Method for treatment of psoriasis
Use of herpes vectors for tumor therapy
Peritoneal dialysis solutions with polypeptides
Method for treating cytokine mediated hepatic injury
Use of vasopressin receptor antagonist for regulation of ACTH release
Keratin-based hydrogel for biomedical applications and method of production
Uses of bone morphogenetic proteins
Method of stabilizing and potentiating the action of anti-angiogenic substances
Composition and method for the prevention and treatment of oxidative damage in ocular tissues
Medical use of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for inhibiting tissue contraction
Enhancing immune response in animals
Immunological combination compositions and methods
Method of treatment using papillomavirus L2 protein
Use of anti-CD45 leukocyte antigen antibodies for immunomodulation
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Biodegradable glass compositions and methods for radiation therapy
Fused tricyclic compounds, methods and compositions for inhibiting PARP activity
Co-administration of interleukin-3 mutant polypeptides with CSF's for multi-lineage hematopoietic cell production
Cyclic regimens using cyclocarbamate and cyclic amide derivatives
Preservative for emulsion and emulsion containing same
Therapeutic preparation for the transdermal administration of active substances
Polymer scaffold having microporous polymer struts defining interconnected macropores
Synthetic catechol derivatives, method for production and use thereof
Monomeric lipophilic oligosaccharide antibiotic compositions
Compositions for treating chemotherapy-resistant tumor cells and targeted chemotherapy compositions
Targeting of organs by immunoconjugates
Intravascular delivery of non-viral nucleic acid
Nucleic acid construct for the cell cycle regulated expression of structural genes
Optical fiberless sensors
Metal complex containing oligonucleoside cleavage compounds and therapies
Use of mononuclear phagocytes in in vivo imaging of hypoxic/ischaemic tissue
Technetium 99m-N2S2-congo red complexes utilizing diamide dithiolate ligand systems for radioimaging
Metal stent containing radioactivatable isotope and method of making same
Liquid composition used for dissolving fingernail polishes
Nanocapsules based on dendritic polymers
Method of treating onychomycosis
Echinacea extract as anti-irritant and anti-aging booster in cosmetic compositions
Oral compositions for reducing mouth odors
Cosmetic compositions containing cromolyn compounds for revitalizing the skin
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising aminoamidine sunscreens
Oxidation hair dyeing systems and process for providing more equalized coloration on new and old growth hair
Clear water-in-oil emulsions
Use of at least one protein fraction extracted from Hibiscus esculentus seeds and cosmetic composition containing such a fraction
Oral-topical dosage forms for delivering antibacterials/antibiotics to oral cavity to eradicate H. pylori as a concomitant treatment for peptic ulcers and other gastro-intestinal diseases
Oral composition providing enhanced tooth stain removal
Tooth bleaching
Keratin fiber strengthening agent and method for strengthening keratin fiber
Gels formed by the interaction of polyvinylpyrrolidone with chitosan derivatives
Pharmaceutical composition comprising a suspension for the active ingredient
Emulsifier-free finely dispersed systems of the water-in-oil type
Stabilization of photosensitive materials
Liposome having attached target-binding moiety and artherosclerotic plaque interacting moiety
Fusogenic lipids and vesicles
Oil-in-water emulsions for reconstituting lamellarity of the lipid structure of damaged skin
Controlled release of metal cation-stabilized interferon
Method of making granular pharmaceutical vehicle
Stabilized pharmaceutical composition and its production
Method for preparing microparticles having a selected polymer molecular weight
Preparation of microparticles having a selected release profile
Process for manufacturing tablets for the sustained release of active principle(s)
Stable multi-unitary pharmaceutical preparations containing substituted benzimidazoles
Synthetic proteins for in vivo drug delivery and tissue augmentation
Methods of sterilizing articles
Apparatus and method for sterilizing an instrument at substantially room temperature
Antibacterial cleaning wipe comprising triclosan
Dialysis machine and process for its disinfection
Sterilization apparatus
Instrument sterilization container formed of a liquid crystal polymer
Endoscope cleaning and disinfecting unit
Uses for medical devices having a lubricious, nitric oxide-releasing coating
Intracorporeal device with NiTi tubular member
Occlusion device with non-thrombogenic properties
Porous prosthesis and a method of depositing substances into the pores
Laminated metal structure
Integrated blood oxygenator and pump system having means for reducing microbubble generation
Blood collection and separation system
Rotate advance catheterization system
Introducer system
Retracting tip for catheter set
Catheter and introducer needle assembly with needle shield
Device for after-use protection of a hypodermic needle, particularly of the butterfly type
Syringe for vaginal irrigation
Protective device for injection or aspiration needle
Treatment of afflictions, ailments and diseases
Use of infrared radiation in the treatment of oncological disorders
Device for light irradiation onto tissue
Method for increasing the fertilizing capability of sperm cells
Ultrasound applicator for heating an ultrasound absorbent medium
Carboxamidothiazole derivatives, preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Anhydrous composition for bleaching keratin fibers comprising a combination of a water-soluble thickening polymer and a nonionic amphiphilic polymer comprising at least one fatty chain
Water-based foam fire extinguisher
Product capable of transforming a toxic, corrosive or environmentally harmful liquid product into a harmless or non-aggressive residue
Lottery ticket structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for resolving optical isomers
Method of displacement chromatography
Circular hydro-petroleum separation filter
Method for treating water incorporating a sedimentation tank and a multilayer filter operating at high speeds
Water treatment system
Process for producing methylal
Portable device for supplying filtered water
Water purifying apparatus and method for purifying water
Multi-stage fluid filter, and methods of making and using same
Two stroke engine exhaust emissions separator
Fibrous material barrier for a vacuum
Air filter assembly for motor vehicles
Filter element with discrete heat generators and method of manufacture
Air filtering assembly
Plate filter element for an air filter
Method for removing harmful components from a gaseous mixture
Device for use in filtering contaminated air
Device for filtering gases
Filter for gases
Pressure swing adsorption process with multiple beds on purge and/or with ten beds and four pressure equalization steps
Method for preparing composite membrane for separation of hydrogen gas
Composite hollow fiber membrane
Macroporaus aluminosilicate desiccant, preparation from sodalite and use in enthalpy energy wheels
Process for purification of flue gas
Process for the decomposition of nitrous oxide
V2O5-based catalyst for removing NOx from flue gas and preparing method therefor
NOx reduction compositions for use in FCC processes
Crystalline phosphorus-containing molecular sieves
Apparatus and method for electrophoresis
System for recovering and treating waste water
Method and device for electrodialytic regeneration of an electroless metal deposition bath
Apparatus comprising a disposable device and reusable instrument for synthesizing chemical compounds, and for testing chemical compounds for solubility
Method and transferred arc plasma system for production of fine and ultrafine powders
Silica-based sols
Photolithographic and other means for manufacturing arrays
Rapidly disintegrating coated pellets with delayed release
Enzyme granules containing phosphated starch
Use of an activated alumina for removing the CO2 from a gas
Enhanced materials for treatment of contamination
Method and compound for the selective adsorption of nitrogen oxides
Adsorbing device, method of deodorizing therewith, and method of supplying high concentration oxygen
Class of electrocatalysts and a gas diffusion electrode based thereon for fuel cells
Composition of a selective oxidation catalyst for use in fuel cells
Zeolite SSZ-52
Method for regenerating a zeolitic catalyst
Porous organic/metallic composite
Process for removing contaminant cations from a stream with high surface area triple layered perovskites
Recovery of iodide from chemical process wastewater
Electrodeionization apparatus and pure water producing apparatus
Salt grid for water softening system brine tank
Device for the contamination-free delivery and discharge of liquid
Microfluidic systems
Chip-based isothermal amplification devices and methods
Reactor plate clamping system
Method for waste recycling and conversion
Method for protecting exposed surfaces
Method for reducing particle concentration within a semiconductor device fabrication tool
Apparatus for applying material to a target in relative motion to a dispenser
Coating system with centralized control panel and gun mapping
Web coating material supply apparatus and method
Metering system for an apparatus for coating webs of material such as paper, paperboard or cardboard webs
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor package
Method for coating an integrated circuit substrate
Rubber-metal composite
Process for enhancing the adhesion of organic coatings to metal surfaces
Apparatus and method for washing substrate
Method for cleaning thin metal strip material
Treatment of etching chambers using activated cleaning gas
Method and apparatus for flushing contaminants from a container of fluids
Transfer label comprising a backing layer and a transfer layer, container comprising such a transfer layer and method of removing a transfer layer from a container
Label, container comprising said label and method of washing such a container
Metallic fabric and manufacturing process of a hollow body made of a metallic fabric
Method for feeding granular solids into metal melts
Process for controlling the amount of metal metered
Method for closing and opening a tapping hole of a metallurgical vessel
Coating system containing surface-protected metallic flake particles, and its preparation
Super-wide band shielding materials
Conductive porous body and metallic porous body and battery plate both produced by using the same
Apparatus and process for treating a particulate material within a rotating retort
Electrochemical machining process for forming surface roughness elements on a gas turbine shroud
Welding method
Method for obtaining thin, light and rigid metal parts
Battery having welded lead plate
Laser ridge skin distortion reduction method
Brazing sheet product and method of its manufacture
High strength, low alloy, heat resistant steel
Method of manufacturing laminated ring using molten salt composition
Sonic honing of substrates
High-speed planarizing apparatus for chemical-mechanical planarization of semiconductor wafers
Gas phase planarization process for semiconductor wafers
Cement moldings containing vegetable fiber and method for producing the same
Method of making closed end ceramic fuel cell tubes
Carpet reclamation process
Method and apparatus for seamless microreplication using an expandable mold
Method of producing outer coating layer of polymer insulator
Multiple density interior trim substrate and method of making same
Method for injection molding a trough
Injection moldable conductive aromatic thermoplastic liquid crystalline polymeric compositions
Lattice gate for injection molding of rubber compounds
Sheet-like structure material and manufacturing method
Method for thermoforming twin sheet workpiece
Disposable thermoformed electrophoresis cassette
Apparatus and method for sealing a tubular container
Method of forming a fitting for a reinforced silicone tube
Composite structure of expandable matrix and a reinforcing medium
Device for transporting and depositing material strips
Die-cut linerless label production
Attachment fitting for composite material structures
Low temperature-fired porcelain articles and electronic parts including such porcelain articles
Method for the preparation of soft magnetic ferrite powder and method for the production of laminated chip inductor
Heat-resistant silicone rubber composite sheet having thermal conductivity and method of producing the same
Process for producing a 3-layer co-extruded biaxial-oriented polypropylene synthetic paper and transparent film for in-mold label
Photochromic film comprising a gas barrier deposition film
High modulus, multilayer film
Aromatic polyimide laminate
Micro structure and its manufacture method
Avoiding polymer fill of alignment sites
Laminating apparatus
Separator paper for alkaline-battery
Optical recording medium with multiple recording layers and fabricating method thereof
Polysaccharide adhesives for multi-ply paper products
Planographic printing plate precursor and a method for producing a planographic printing plate
Etching method for processing substrate, dry etching method for polyetheramide resin layer, production method of ink-jet printing head, ink-jet head and ink-jet printing apparatus
Manufacturing device and method of the exposure device
Coating composition for a plastic film
Rewritable thermosensible recording material, a production method thereof and a rewritable thermosensible recording medium
Color ribbon for thermo-sublimation print, method for the manufacture of same and its application
Permeable surface imaging support
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet and process for producing the same
Printing ink for safe marking on a data carrier
Method and apparatus for placing linerless repositionable sheets directly onto advertising signatures
Printable sheet with removable label and method for producing same
Ligneous finishing material
Method for manufacturing ceramic boards for use as finishing construction materials and products produced by the method
Gas generator
Methods for vacuum gas flush treatment of fresh produce
Fire starter and method of making same
Bulk enhanced paperboard and shaped products made therefrom
Process and device for transferring a traveling material web
Coating tool
Method of fabricating a micromechanical semiconductor configuration
Method of making a low voltage micro-mirror array light beam switch
Pre-release plastic packaging of MEMS and IMEMS devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing chlorine dioxide using sodium chlorite and a water-retaining substance in aqueous solution
Phosphomolybdic acid stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide
Preparation of sulphides and selenides
Process for the production of yellow to red pigments based on nitrides and oxidenitrides
Hydrocarbon partial oxidation process
Production of hydrogen using methanation and pressure swing adsorption
Process for preparing a nanocrystalline material
Microporous rare earth silicates and method of producing same
Azeotropic mixture of perfluoroalkyl iodide and hydrogen fluoride, and method for isolating and purifying perfluoroalkyl iodides
Crystallization of powders having uniform particle sizes by Ostwald ripening at large levels of supersaturation
Ionic liquids as solvents
Process for producing a positive electrode active material for a nonaqueous secondary battery and a nonaqueous secondary battery using the active material
Method for leaching nickeliferous laterite ores
Treatment of water containing organic wastes with aromatic amine nitrate salts
Method of, composition and kit for oxidizing materials in an aqueous stream
Method of making sludge precipitated in a chromium plating impurity recovery electrolysis tank harmless
Modular wastewater treatment system
Scale inhibitors
Apparatus for separation and recovery of liquid and slurry abrasives used for polishing
Wastewater treatment process using an admixed paste of activated carbon and magnesium hydroxide
Point of entry water treatment system
Method and device for sewage treatment
Die and production method thereof, glass substrate and production method thereof and method of forming pattern on the glass substrate
Process for making opaque quartz, for carrying out the process suitable SiO2 granulate, and component of opaque quartz glass
Second-order nonlinear glass material
Self-limiting isotropic wet etching process
Process for etching a conductive layer
Method for temporarily protecting glass articles
Siliceous substrate with a silane layer and its manufacture
Low-reflectance glass article and process for preparing the same
Nonfogging and stainproof glass articles
Acrylic impregnant for fibers
Short flint special glasses
Process for producing fast-setting, bioresorbable calcium phosphate cements
Efficient set accelerator for plaster
Flow properties of dry cementitious and non-cementitious materials
Finishing mortar for sound-absorbing coating of inner walls, ceilings and the like in buildings
Chemical agent for improving the engineering properties of soil
Insulating refractory material
Dielectric ceramic composition and monolithic ceramic capacitor
Dielectric material and process for producing the same
Nonlinear dielectric ceramic, pulse generating capacitor, high-pressure vapor discharge lamp circuit, and high-pressure vapor discharge lamp
Piezoelectric ceramic material and monolithic piezoelectric transducer employing the ceramic material
Tetragonal zirconia ceramic powders, tetragonal zirconia-alumina composite using the ceramic powder and method of preparation for the same
Precast concrete plates
Coating method of amorphous type titanium peroxide
Thermally-sprayed composite selective emitter
Hydrogen peroxide and acid etchant for a wet etch process
Process for producing pressed fertilizer granulates
Micro granular fertilizer for the prevention and treatment of iron chlorosis
Stabilized monomer composition
Process for the preparation of organic electroluminescent device using vapor deposition polymerization
Cationic compounds, their use for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres, dye compositions and dyeing processes
Benzimidazolones and analogues
HIV integrase inhibitors
Black magnetic toner and black magnetic composite particles therefor
Potassium channel blocking agents
Sulfonylalkanoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Method for making unsymmetrically substituted fluorenyl compounds for nonlinear optical applications
Cleaning process and composition
Indoline derivatives as 5-HT2B and or 5-HTC receptor ligands
N-substituted benzoyl indoles as estrogenic agents
Substituted 1-oxo- and 1,3-dioxoisoindoline and method of reducing inflammatory cytokine levels
Nonnucleoside inhibitors of reverse transcriptase, composite binding pocket and methods for use thererof
N-pyridyl herbicide compounds
Naphthopyrans annelated in C5-C6 with a lactam-type C6 ring and compositions and (co)polymer matrices containing them
Method for selecting compounds for treating ischemia-related cellular damage
Alkoxy-substituted compounds, methods, and compositions for inhibiting PARP activity
Triazine compounds and method of use therefor
Arylthiazolidinedione and aryloxazolidinedione derivatives
2-(N-cyanoimino)thiazolidin-4-one derivatives
Class of thiomorpholino substituted thiazoles
Human sweat malodor counteractant composition and process for using same
Atropisomers of 3-heteroaryl-4(3H)-quinazolinones for the treatment of neurodegenerative and CNS-trauma related conditions
Treatment of diseases using endothelin antagonists
Substituted diamino-1,3,5-triazine derivatives
Benzoazepines and analogs thereof useful as growth hormone secretagogues
2-cyclohexyl quinazoline NMDA/NR2B antagonists
Electroluminescence device, cyclic azine compound and production process of cyclic azine dye
Indole derivatives as 5-HT1 agonists
Heteroaryl fused aminoalkyl-imidazole derivatives: selective modulators of GABAa receptors
2-amino benzoxazinones for the treatment of viral infections
Imidazo(1,2-a)pyridines as peripheral benzodiazepine receptor binding agents
4-(4-piperidylmethylamino) substituted heteroaryl fused pyridines: GABA brain receptor ligands
Compositions for dyeing keratinous fibers comprising pyrazoloazoles; their use in dyeing as oxidation base and dyeing process; and novel pyrazoloazoles
Angiogenesis inhibitors
Glucocortiocoid-selective antiinflammatory agents
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Bisdithiophosphoric acid derivatives as lubricant additives
Tantalum amide precursors for deposition of tantalum nitride on a substrate
Glucopyranosides conjugates of 2-(4-hydroxy-phenyl)-3-methyl-1-[4-(2-amin-1-yl-ethoxy)-benzyl]-1H-indol-5 -ols
Coenzymes useful for the synthesis of L-carnitine
Amido and peptido modified catalytic oligonucleotides
Enzyme detection/assay method and substrates
Biologically pure culture of Fucoidanobacter marinus SI-0098 (FERM BP-5403)
Purification of recombinant proteins fused to multiple epitopes
Method of detecting HEV infection
Human parvovirus B19 proteins and virus-like particles, their production and their use in diagnostic assays and vaccines
Herpesvirus saimiri as viral vector
Mammalian cell lines expressing bovine adenovirus functions
Multifunctional complexes for gene transfer into cells comprising a nucleic acid bound to a polyamine and having an endosome disruption agent
Multiple branch peptide construction
Streptococcus iniae vaccine
Mycrobacterial proteins, microorganisms producing same and uses of said proteins in vaccines and for detecting tuberculosis
Genes for male accessory gland proteins in drosophila melanogaster
Methods for treatment of multiple sclerosis using peptide analogs of human myelin basic protein
ELL2, a new member of an ELL family of RNA polymerase II elongation factors
Retinoblastoma fusion proteins
Fragments of prion proteins
Method for screening for cancer using binders for MAGE related peptides and complexes of the peptide and HLA molecules
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the breast
Phospholipase D polypeptide and DNA sequences
Gene for inhibiting melanin biosynthesis
Method for screening compounds capable of inhibiting binding between the transcription factor of STAT1 and the transcription factor of USF1
Human pinch protein homolog
Polynucleotides encoding chemokine .beta.-6 antagonists
Ice inhibiting peptides
Motilin homologs
Gp130 lacking the transmembrane domain
Ligands that modulate differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
Angiogenic modulation by notch signal transduction
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising pluripotent granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
Methods and reagents for determining protein S
Compositions and methods for detecting adult Taenia solium
Motor proteins and method for their use
Metalocarboxypeptidase inhibitors and derived molecules used as antitumor agents
Compounds for immunotherapy of breast cancer and methods for their use
Diagnostic method using expression of MN/CA9 protein in AGUS Pap smears
TNF inhibitors for the treatment of neurological, retinal and muscular disorders
Antigenic preparations
Total synthesis of the amino hip analogue of didemnin A
Modified textile and other materials and methods for their preparation
Process for the preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers useful for separation of enzymes
Catalysts for the synthesis of alternating ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymers
Pigmented compositions and articles of manufacture containing same
Polyisobutene substituted succinimides
Cyclic urea-formaldehyde prepolymer for use in phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resin-based binders
Glyoxal-phenolic condensates with enhanced fluorescence
Heat resistant adhesive
Imparting water-repellency with polysiloxanes containing carboxyl groups
Coating composition having improved acid etch resistance
Sealing agent for liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display using the sealing agent
Low moisture absorption epoxy resin systems with alkylated diamine hardeners
Photoimageable, aqueous acid soluble polyimide polymers
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Method of removing metal ions using an ion exchange membrane
Composite polyester film and magnetic recording medium
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheets
Resin additive
Process for producing workpieces and molded pieces out of cellulose and/or cellulose-containing fiber material
Methods for dispersing fibers within aqueous compositions
Ink composition
Dye compositions and methods of dyeing keratin fibers
Pigment composition and aqueous pigment dispersion product using the same
Process for producing .beta.-phase copper phthalocyanine pigment
Calcined kaolin clay pigments having improved color and process for the manufacture thereof
Ink jet printer dispersion inks
Ink jet recording method and ink composition for use in said method
Ink composition realizing images with excellent light resistance and ink set
Piezo inkjet inks and methods for making and using same
Paints and printing inks containing modified carbon blacks
Polishing compositions for semiconductor substrates
Compatibilized pressure-sensitive adhesives
Thermoplastic skin sheet for interior parts of automobiles and method for producing such skin sheet
Silicone adhesive sheet and method for manufacturing
Long persistence alkaline earth sulfide phosphors
Nanoparticle phosphors manufactured using the bicontinuous cubic phase process
Liquid crystal display device
Transparent heat-swellable material
Crosslinked co-polymer composition for thermal energy storage
Copolymers and their use as drilling aids
Coated products and use thereof in oil fields
Temperature controlled radiation transmission material
Carbonizing apparatus having a spiral, rotary vane
Hydrocracking process
Hydrocracking process for production of LPG and distillate hydrocarbons
Hydrocracking process
Pour point depression unit using mild thermal cracker
Additive used in the combustible water/hydrocarbon fuel mixture
Lubricated refrigerant composition containing fluorocarbon-type refrigerant, synthetic oil and molybdenumoxysulfide derivatives
Soil-repellent agent and process for the treatment of articles based on woven cotton
Detergent composition
Detergent composition with a selected surfactant system containing a mid-chain branched surfactant
Methods for producing surfactants with cellulose compositions
Light duty liquid composition containing gelatin beads and polyacrylate thickener
Water-softening and detergent compositions
Detergent composition for use with a cleaning implement comprising a superabsorbent material and kits comprising both
Bleaching detergent compositions
Cleaning compositions comprising a specific oxygenase
Detergents containing amylase and protease
Storage-stable formulations comprising mediators, peroxide compounds and pH stabilizers and their use in enzymatic bleaching systems
Prefilled flexible containers for culturing microorganisms
Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of cellular response
Device and process for the examination of cells using the patch-clamp method
Method for populating substrates with biological cells and populating devices that can be used therefor
Antisense modulation of damage-specific DNA binding protein 2, p48 expression
Chimeric DNA/RNA ribozymes containing propanediol
Protein expression strains
Gene switch
Transgenic plants or algae expressing an AGP enzyme coupled to a transit peptide
High-efficiency Cre/loxp based system for construction of adenovirus vectors
Process for producing a vascularized bioartificial tissue and an experimental reactor for carrying out the process
Selected insect cell line clones providing increased yield of baculoviruses and gene expression products from recombinant baculoviruses
Human S-adenosyl-L-methionine methyltransferase
Polymerase enhancing factor (PEF) extracts, PEF protein complexes, isolated PEF proteins, and methods for purifying and identifying same
Human kinesin-related protein HsKrp5
Epoxide hydrolase
Stable composition comprising a nuclease and a phosphatase
Process for preparation of .alpha.-amylase from Tinospora cordifolia Miers useful for starch saccharification
Human serine carboxypeptidase
Pro-protein converting enzyme
Recombinant, active caspases and uses thereof
Heterologous polypeptides expressed in filamentous fungi, processes for making same, and vectors for making same
Chemically modified enzymes with multiple charged variants
Antibiotics TKR1912-I and TKR1912-II and process for producing the same
Process for the fermentative preparation of L-amino acids using coryneform bacteria
Fermentative preparation process for and crystal forms of cytostatics
Method of transferring at least two saccharide units with a polyglycosyltransferase
Method for isolating thiocyanate resistant bacteria
Membrane enzyme reactor containing a plurality of biocatalyst-immobilized sheets
Method of producing .alpha.-halo-.alpha.,.beta.-saturated carbonyl compounds from the corresponding .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated compounds
Process for the preparation of a mixture of 19 hydroxyelcosatetraenoic acid and 20 hydroxyeicosatetracnoic acid (10 hete and 20 hete)
Microfabricated aperture-based sensor
Spectroscopic diagnostics for bacteria in biologic sample
Composition, formulae, devices and methods for control of specificity and inclusivity of microorganisms containing closely related antigen epitopes
Diagnostic compositions and devices utilizing same
Methods for gene expression monitoring on electronic microarrays
Stabilization of nucleic acid amplification cocktails
Single primer PCR amplification of RNA
Evolution of whole cells and organisms by recursive sequence recombination
Isothermal exponential RNA amplification in complex mixtures
Probes for variance detection
Methods, kits and compositions of matter useful for determining Chlamydia pneumoniae
Universal probes and methods for detection of nucleic acids
Multiplexing methods for identifying nucleic acids using denaturing liquid chromatography
Nucleic acid detection
Methods and systems for monitoring intracellular binding reactions
Method for determining asthma susceptibility
Methods for HIV sequencing and genotyping
Nucleic acids and methods for the discrimination between syncytium inducing and non syncytium inducing variants of the human immunodeficiency virus
Direct smelting apparatus and process
Fluidized bed reduction of laterite fines with reducing gases generated in situ
Method and plant for producing a reducing gas serving for the reduction of metal ore
Direct smelting process
Device and method for producing sponge iron
Method of desulfurizing molten iron
Steel member surface treatment method
High purity salt aluminum flux
Direct atmospheric leaching of highly-serpentinized saprolitic nickel laterite ores with sulphuric acid
Method and apparatus removing undesirable metals from iron-containing materials
Sliding bearing material
Nickel cermet anodic material for fuel cell anode
Martensitic stainless steel welded pipe
Stainless steel product for producing polymer electrode fuel cell
Case hardened dies for improved die life
Fe-Cr-Ni alloy for electron gun electrodes and Fe-Cr-Ni alloy sheet for electron gun electrodes
Copper based alloy featuring precipitation hardening and solid-solution hardening
Method for forming thin film
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Corrosion resistant coating
Silicon dioxide deposition by plasma activated evaporation process
Thin film forming method and apparatus
Laminated coated-material for cutting tool
Methods for preparing ruthenium metal films
Method of vaporizing liquid sources and apparatus therefor
Temperature controlled gas distribution plate
Method and apparatus for the construction of photosensitive waveguides
Plasma treatment method and apparatus
Cylindrical coil and production process thereof
Hot-dip Zn-A1-Mg plated steel sheet good in corrosion resistance and surface appearance and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for carrying out the annealing step of a galvannealing process
Phosphating method accelerated by N-oxides
Method for thermal coating of bearing layers
Method of checking the accuracy of the result of a multistep etching process
Inhibition of corrosion in aqueous systems
Method of removing ceramic coatings
Enhanced electrolyzer
Non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Combination for electrolytic reduction of alumina
Porous region removing method and semiconductor substrate manufacturing method
Method of treating surface of aluminum blank
Paddle design for plating bath
Plating apparatus
Electrodeposition chemistry for filling of apertures with reflective metal
Method of producing zinc oxide film, method of producing photovoltaic element, and method of producing semiconductor element substrate
Thermal shield device and crystal-pulling apparatus using the same
Group III-nitride thin films grown using MBE and bismuth
Pendeoepitaxial methods of fabricating gallium nitride semiconductor layers on weak posts, and gallium nitride semiconductor structures fabricated thereby
Layered structure including a nitride compound semiconductor film and method for making the same
Vacancy dominated, defect-free silicon
Textiles; Paper
Viscose spin bath additive of an amphoteric surfactant
Apparatus for pulping sawdust
Microbe SKB-1152 strain, and method of bleaching pulp therewith
Process for the production of cellulose paper pulps by biodelignification of vegetative masses
Auto-joinable triple layer papermaker's forming fabric
Apparatus and method for mounting and dismantling a wear body in a paper making machine
Wet creping process
Method of making carboxylated cellulose fibers and products of the method
Method for adding an adsorbable chemical additive to pulp during the pulp processing and products made by said method
Polymer-aldehyde additives to improve paper properties
Cellulose products and processes for preparing the same
Slime-removing composition for paper manufacture and method of controlling slime using the same
Fixed Constructions
Stormwater sediment and litter trap
Mobile unit and method for purifying sludge and waste water
Meltblown fibrous sorbent media
Pool cleaner with righting weight assembly
Injection molded degradable casing perforation ball sealers fluid loss additive and method of use
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil filter with safety wall
Method and device for melt-treating incineration residue containing salts
High-precision etalon device and method of construction
Apparatus for analyzing water and wastewater
Method for simultaneously processing plural samples containing particulate matter in a fluid
Method for fixing and embedding tissues for histological preparations
Sensor incorporating a quantum dot as a reference
System for using luminescent piezoelectric to detect biological and/or chemical agents
Optical sensor for sensing multiple analytes
Reticle for use in photolithography and methods for inspecting and making same
Sensor connection means
Sensor element design for determining the concentration of oxidizable constituents in a gas mixture
Composition structure for NOx sensors
Measuring apparatus and method for material or organism inducing PH-change of substrate solution
Analysis of differential protein expression
Process for separating mixtures of substances using capillary affinity gel electrophoresis
Methods for sequencing proteins
Chromatographic separation apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for measuring use of a substrate in a microbially catalyzed reaction
Determination of polymerization/coagulation in a fluid
Pharmaceutical grade botanical drugs
Compositions and methods of use of 8-nitroguanine
Perforating analytical test device
Method and apparatus for selective biological material detection
Diagnostic regeant for hepatitis C virus infection
Method of detecting an antibody in a liquid sample
Method for cell selection utilizing azlactone-functional supports
Method for detecting PSA and its molecular forms using thiophilic gel
Evaluation of adenocarcinoma of the prostate and breast using anti-dystroglycan antibodies
Immunological advanced glycation endproduct crosslink
Method for preventing blood denaturation and blood test tool to be used therein
Ultrasound color flow display optimization by adjusting dynamic range including remote services over a network
Ultrasound scan conversion with spatial dithering
Antireflection film
Process for manufacture of microoptomechanical structures
Process for forming electrodes
Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display using the wiring and a manufacturing method thereof
Amorphous optical device
Thermally processable imaging element comprising an ion exchanged reducing agent
Heat-developable photosensitive material
Method for developing an exposed photographic silver halide material
Color photographic silver halide material
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Method for forming binary intensity masks
Method for determining side wall oxidation of low-k materials
Method for fabricating a mask for a LIGA process
Method of forming patterned indium zinc oxide and indium tin oxide films via microcontact printing and uses thereof
Positive photoresist composition and process for forming resist pattern using same
Solid imaging compositions for preparing polypropylene-like articles
Polymers and photoresist compositions comprising same
Positive photosensitive composition
Moving exposure system and method for maskless lithography system
Lithographic process for device fabrication using dark-field illumination
Electrically programmable photolithography mask
Process for treating development waste liquor
Using block copolymers as supercritical fluid developable photoresists
Method of improving the etch resistance of chemically amplified photoresists by introducing silicon after patterning
Stripper pretreatment
Method for forming color image
Developing agent and image forming device
Process for seaming interlocking seams of polyimide component using polyimide adhesive
Electrophotographic imaging member having two charge transport layers for limiting toner consumption
Electrophotographic light-receiving member
Toner compositions
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Diabetes management system and method for controlling blood glucose
Method for manufacturing an optical disk
Method of making high definition chevron type MR sensor
Silane derivatized lubricants for magnetic recording media
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Optical information recording medium
Memory cell configuration in which an electrical resistance of a memory element represents an information item and can be influenced by a magnetic field, and method for fabricating it
Low temperature method and compositions for producing electrical conductors
High resistance magnetic film
Method for manufacturing large-capacity electric double-layer capacitor
Methods to predict and correct resist heating during lithography
Systems and methods for variable mode plasma enhanced processing of semiconductor wafers
Flat panel display with spaced apart gate emitter openings
Diamond field emitter and fabrication method thereof
Protection layer of plasma display panel and method of forming the same
Method and device for treating substrates
Method for manufacturing photovoltaic element
Method and apparatus for monitoring material removal tool performance using endpoint time removal rate determination
Protecting method applied to the semiconductor manufacturing process
Plasma chamber with erosion resistive securement screws
Automatic recovery for die bonder wafer table wafermap operations
Semiconductor processing apparatuses, and methods of forming antireflective coating materials over substrates
Encapsulation methods for semiconductive die packages
Metallizing process of semiconductor industry
Silicon trench etch using silicon-containing precursors to reduce or avoid mask erosion
Integrated post-etch treatment for a dielectric etch process
Etching of anti-reflective coatings
Method for fabricating an air gap metallization scheme that reduces inter-metal capacitance of interconnect structures
Method for fabricating gate oxide film of semiconductor device
High-speed semiconductor transistor and selective absorption process forming same
Method for forming a FET having L-shaped insulating spacers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming semiconductor device having epitaxial channel layer using laser treatment
Method for producing a semiconductor device with an accurately controlled impurity concentration profile in the extension regions
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Methods for eliminating metal corrosion by FSG
Method of fabricating semiconductor package having metal peg leads and connected by trace lines
Method for creating partially UV transparent anti-reflective coating for semiconductors
Method of epitaxially growing a GaN semiconductor layer
Boron difluoride plasma doping method for forming ultra-shallow junction
Method of forming ono stacked films and DCS tungsten silicide gate to improve polycide gate performance for flash memory devices
Implant method for forming Si3N4 spacer
Edge stress reduction by noncoincident layers
Dopant diffusion-retarding barrier region formed within polysilicon gate layer
Method for forming composite gate dielectric layer equivalent to silicon oxide gate dielectric layer
Enhancement of nickel silicide formation by use of nickel pre-amorphizing implant
CMP process utilizing dummy plugs in damascene process
Method for obtaining a sulfur-passivated semiconductor surface
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for planarizing a flash memory device
Dual damascene arrangement for metal interconnection with oxide dielectric layer and low K dielectric constant layer
Rapid thermal etch and rapid thermal oxidation
Lightly nitridation surface for preparing thin-gate oxides
Manufacture method of semiconductor device with suppressed impurity diffusion from gate electrode
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Method to form an embedded flash memory circuit with reduced process steps
Die paddle enhancement for exposed pad in semiconductor packaging
Low volatility solvent-based method for forming thin film nanoporous aerogels on semiconductor substrates
Semiconductor device having a dual damascene interconnect structure and method for manufacturing same
Method for fabrication of damascene interconnects and related structures
Raised wall isolation device with spacer isolated contacts and the method of so forming
Method for forming an open-bottom liner for a conductor in an electronic structure and device formed
Method of removing micro-scratch on metal layer
Method of forming contact opening
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of activating P-type compound semiconductor for reducing the resistivity thereof
Off-center solder ball attach and methods therefor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Self-aligned contact process using stacked spacers
Process for fabricating bump electrode
System for improving the total thickness variation of a wafer
Methods incorporating detectable atoms into etching processes
Method of wire-bonding a repair die in a multi-chip module using a repair solution generated during testing of the module
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same and semiconductor device unit and method of producing the same
Method for preventing redeposition of etching products onto substrate surfaces during a tungsten re-etching process in the production of LSI circuits
Prevention of dopant out-diffusion during silicidation and junction formation
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for forming metal interconnection structure without corner faceted
Method of fabricating Cu interconnects with reduced Cu contamination
Interconnection structure and fabrication process therefor
Semiconductor device formed with metal wiring on a wafer by chemical mechanical polishing, and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric memory device
Process for semiconductor device fabrication having copper interconnects
In-situ integrated oxide etch process particularly useful for copper dual damascene
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having a device isolation insulating film
Ultra-shallow junction formation by novel process sequence for PMOSFET
Process for manufacturing radhard power integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and method for the production thereof
Method of forming asymmetric wells for DRAM cells
Dual tox trench dram structures and process using V-groove
Processing methods of forming integrated circuitry memory devices, methods of forming DRAM arrays, and related semiconductor masks
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Method for forming programmable CMOS ROM devices
Method of encapsulating a photovoltaic module by an encapsulating material and the photovoltaic module
Wafer on wafer packaging and method of fabrication for full-wafer burn-in and testing
Damascene anti-fuse with slot via
Methods of forming contacts, methods of contacting lines, methods of operating integrated circuitry, and integrated circuits
Method of fabricating an SRAM cell featuring dual silicide gates and four buried contact regions
Process to improve read disturb for NAND flash memory devices
Flash memory device and method of making same
Pattern formation method and method of manufacturing display using it
Shielded channel transistor structure with embedded source/drain junctions
Poly tip formation and self-align source process for split-gate flash cell
Process for manufacturing memory cells with dimensional control of the floating gate regions
MOSFETs with improved short channel effects and method of making the same
Method of manufacturing a transistor with local insulator structure
Method to form a recessed source drain on a trench side wall with a replacement gate technique
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Shallow trench isolation formation with two source/drain masks and simplified planarization mask
Deposition of various base layers for selective layer growth in semiconductor production
Package for semiconductor chip having thin recess portion and thick plane portion
Metal wiring in semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Flexible pin count package for semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a flexible substrate based ball grid array (BGA) package
Method of breaking electrically conductive traces on substrate into open-circuited state
Semiconductor devices and process for producing the same
Method to form high performance copper damascene interconnects by de-coupling via and metal line filling
Dielectric filling of electrical wiring planes
Semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Glass-coated substrates for high frequency applications
Schottky diode with reduced size
Method of making infrared and visible light detector
Method for fabricating an image sensor
Solid-state imaging device with a film of low hydrogen permeability and a method of manufacturing same
Methods for cleaving facets in III-V nitrides grown on c-face sapphire substrates
Polysilicon-edge, base-emitter super self-aligned, low-power, high-frequency bipolar transistor and method of forming the transistor
Semiconductor with laterally non-uniform channel doping profile and manufacturing method therefor
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Charge transfer device and method for manufacturing the same
Low temperature process to form elevated drain and source of a field effect transistor having high-K gate dielectric
Transistor with electrically induced source/drain extensions
Method for creating a useful biopolar junction transistor from a parasitic bipolar junction transistor on a MOSFET
Method of manufacturing thin film transistors
Method of making a solar battery
Method of forming tunnel oxide film for superconducting X-ray sensor element
Thermally stable, piezoelectric and pyroelectric polymeric substrates and method relating thereto
Organic electroluminescence device
Method of making a thin film battery
Lithium secondary battery
Nonaqueous secondary battery with lithium titanium cathode
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Battery device loaded on moving body
Cell package
Fuel cell
Cell electrode sheet with displaced electrode depolarizing mixes
Low resistance electrode construction
Mixed lithium manganese oxide and lithium nickel cobalt oxide positive electrodes
Solid state electrochemical current source
Alternative electrode supports and gas distributors for molten carbonate fuel cell applications
Regulating a fuel cell powered heating system
Inerting a fuel cell with a wettable substrate
Fuel cell system
Solid electrolyte fuel cell having anode comprising metal oxide particles in a porous platinum layer
Base tube for fuel cell and material for base tube
Expanded nickel screen electrical connection supports for solid oxide fuel cells
High-frequency dielectric ceramic composition, dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Method of manufacturing a hybrid integrated circuit comprising a semiconductor element and a piezoelectric filter
Printed circuit board material and method of manufacturing board material and intermediate block body for board material
Component of printed circuit board
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