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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Coronary vein lead having combination fixation features with lumen restriction and method therefor
Treatment of pain by brain stimulation
Implantable medical device communication system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sliding integral proportional (SIP) controller for aircraft skid control
Textiles; Paper
Stock preparation monitoring system and method of same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for determining the charge of an activated carbon container in a tank ventilation system
Electrically adjustable semiactive damper control
Wafer edge inspection data gathering
Packet forwarding apparatus with packet controlling functions
IC with internal interface switch for testability
Dynamically reconfigurable precision signal delay test system for automatic test equipment
Material for thermal compensation and optical communication device using the material
Bi-directional transceiver module based on silicon optic bench
Planar optical apparatus for setting the chromatic dispersion in an optical system
Tunable long period fiber grating structure and fabrication method
Optical switch cascading system and method with fixed incidence angle correction
Freespace tunable optoelectronic device and method
Polarization independent electro-optical device for modulation of light
Optical apparatus and lens apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Cartridge recycling information apparatus, corresponding method, and cartridge to be recycled
Supply ordering apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for preventing local damage of gears and controlling deviation of position of color images
Reload error compensation method
Image forming apparatus with toner amount selection feature
Liquid electrophotographic image-forming apparatus having anti-wraparound device for developer removal
Systems and methods for continuous motion registration distribution with anti-backlash and edge smoothing
Fixing device and image forming device
Programming station generating a program in single language and automation equipment using such a program
Approach for managing power consumption of network devices
Method, apparatus, and system for high speed data transfer between electronic devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit characterized by timing adjustment of clock switching control
Electronic apparatus including optical guide that guides light from light-emitting diode to outside of housing
Circuit for enabling dual mode safe power-on sequencing
Processor capable of preventing sleep/hold state based on a difference between a processing block address and a writing block address
Management of data before zero volt suspend in computer power management
Method and apparatus for debugging a data processing system
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of a hydraulic pump
Electronic control unit
Apparatus and method for monitoring a running process
System and methods for inheriting information into a dataset
Storage system control method, storage system, and storage apparatus
Integrated memory and method for setting the latency in the integrated memory
Parallel search technique for store operations
Arbitration apparatus utilizing mutlilevel priority for reducing memory access time
Caching associative memory using non-overlapping data
I/O primitives
File processing unit
Data backup method and system
Data transfer control system
Electronic mail transmission/reception system and electronic mail transmission/reception program
Electrical drive system with drive unit networks, intercommunication networks and multi-link-controller
Intelligent call platform for an intelligent distributed network architecture
Routing switcher with variable input/output architecture
Traffic simulation algorithm for asynchronous transfer mode networks
Efficient use of multiple buses for a scalable and reliable high-bandwidth connection
Method and circuit for adjusting a self-refresh rate to maintain dynamic data at low supply voltages
Method and apparatus for detecting concealed weapons
Component based interface to handle tasks during claim processing
Chat system, dummy client system for chat system, and computer readable medium storing dummy client program
Dynamic tunnel probing in a communications network
Method and apparatus for wireless networking
Template architecture and rendering engine for web browser access to databases
Distributed policy model for access control
Method and system for the optimal formatting, reduction and compression of DEX/UCS data
System and method for accelerating Chinese text input
Dedicated processor for efficient processing of documents encoded in a markup language
Communication analyzing system
Use of a unified language model
Method and system for accelerated morphological analysis
System and method for matching a textual input to a lexical knowledge based and for utilizing results of that match
System and method for maintaining a personnel directory
Output area interpretation control
Synchronization of databases with record sanitizing and intelligent comparison
System and method for synchronizing multiple database files
Method and apparatus for extracting anchorable information units from complex PDF documents
Parametric exchange of data between a modeling system and an external application program
Apparatus and methods for interconnect characterization in electronic circuitry
Post processor for optimizing manhattan integrated circuits placements into non manhattan placements
Method, program, and apparatus for designing a semiconductor device
Server recording and client playback of computer network characteristics
Method and apparatus to perform crack estimations for nuclear reactor
System and method for determining harmonic contributions from non-linear loads
Method and device for the detection of the movement of an element
System for delivering recommendations
Apparatus for generating pseudo-noises code and method for generating pseudo-noise codes using the same
Computer system with selectively available immutable boot block code
Communication transmission impairment emulator
Incorporating handwritten notations into an electronic document
Image processing method for setting an extraction area, and apparatus and recording medium
Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling image sensing
Image cropping of imaging data and method
3D image acquisition apparatus and 3D image acquisition method
Image processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Method of and apparatus for image processing
Image processing scheme
Method of image feature coding and method of image search
Image processing apparatus
Expert system for generating user interfaces
Speech recognition apparatus, speech recognition method, and storage medium
Image reading device for an optical device
Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
Optical recording medium and optical recording process using the same
Optical disk recorder for writing data with variable density
Information recording medium having a wobbling groove structure
Semiconductor memory device
Method for compressing output data and a packet command driving type memory device
Device for driving a memory cell of a memory module by means of a charge store
Multiple electrical fuses shared with one program device
Device information writing circuit
Laser resonator and adjustment method
Wavelength stabilization module having light-receiving element array and method of manufacturing the same
Multi DFB laser diode
Flyback converter with synchronous rectifier
High rate product code decoding for partial response channel
Method and apparatus for performing calculations for forward (alpha) and reverse (beta) metrics in a map decoder
Robust multiple chain receiver
Timing recovery and phase tracking system and method
Method and system for estimation of quantities corrupted by noise and use of estimates in decision making
Channel quality assessment method and system for performing the same
Noise removal in multibyte text encodings using statistical models
Impedence-matched transmitting device having high interference immunity
Method for the generation of modulation by frequency division followed by frequency multiplication, and radiofrequency apparatus
Folding portable telephone apparatus
Method for detecting emitted acoustic signals including signal to noise ratio enhancement
Analog power detection for gain control operations
Frequency conversion circuit using common local synthesizer
Ultra high isolation mixer
Method and apparatus for transmitting high speed data by spectral decomposition of the signaling space
OFDM guard band communication apparatus and method
Method for assigning codes in uplink of synchronous wireless telecommunication system
Synchronization of pulse and data sources
Laser device, controller and method for controlling the laser device
Power control method for a mobile station
Peak power reduction using windowing and filtering
High speed operational amplifier design
Wireless packet communication system and base station
CDMA base transceiver system
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
Enhanced packet network and method for carrying multiple packet streams within a single label switched path
Digital broadcast data receiving apparatus
Telephony communication via varied redundant networks
System and method for auto-configuration of a DSL modem
Zero-overhead method for sequence reversible and pattern independent orthogonal multiplexing
Multi-tiered control architecture for adaptive optical networks, and methods and apparatus therefor
Dedicated bandwidth data communication switch backplane
Method for restoring diversely routed circuits
Communication connecting device capable of reducing a load on an IP network and a data output control method
Data transmission method by polling and terminal apparatus for use in the method
System and method for assigning time slots in communication system and network-side apparatus used therefor
Service unit for a hub having multiple star interconnect configurations
Micro-flow label switching
Method for allocating a bandwidth between network terminals in a communication network and network including a medium access controller for performing such a method
Distortion compensating apparatus
Apparatus for detecting and adjusting transmission power of CDMA system
Minimization of phase equivocation in burst modems
Using electronic security value units to control access to a resource
System for increasing realized secure sockets layer encryption and decryption connections
Antenna array apparatus and beamforming method using GPS signal for base station in mobile telecommunication system
Methods and apparatus for automating testing of signalling transfer points
Systems and methods for employing "pay-as-you-go" telecommunication services
Method of billing a communication session conducted over a computer network
Portable communication device that may permit one wireless network to communicate with another wireless networks and method therefor
Terminal device and terminal device operation management system and operation management method
Method and apparatus for decoding image having format for digital camcorder
System and method for coding and decoding picture signals based on a partition table including length information
Picture information conversion method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for utilizing radio frequency spectrum simultaneously and concurrently in the presence of co-channel and/or adjacent channel television signals by adjusting transmitter power or receiver sensitivity
Method and apparatus for optimally formatting media key blocks stored on media with high transfer latencies
Local area network having multiple channel wireless access
Communication method, radio network controller and base node for implementing this method
Base station control equipment, mobile station equipment, and radio communication system
Method and apparatus for performing fast power control in a mobile communication system
TDMA messaging service microcell
Method for providing a current location of a wireless communication device
Environment aware services for mobile devices
Microphone capsule support
Earring for a headset
Method for processing sound effects in a notebook computer
Memory module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Water purifying device with means for indicating exhaustion of the purifying medium
Wastewater treatment system with operations control center
Water catchment device floating at the surface of a basin and supplying a pumping system
Filter head and liquid filter assembly with valve arrangements
Coffee maker
Apparatus for treating organic raw water utilizing anaerobic microorganisms
Treatment of liquids
Filter assembly
Increasing turbulent mixing in a UV system
Chromatography column end arrangements
Multistage liquid-solid fractional extraction apparatus
Distributor-mixer-extractor of fluids and associated process
Hollow-fiber membrane device including a split disk tube sheet support
Apparatus for purifying and disinfecting water
Filter element
Membrane treatment method and membrane treatment apparatus
Fluid separation element assembly
Filter paper for laden liquids
Method and apparatus for treating organic waste water
Biowall for groundwater remediation
Organic waste recycling method
Activated sludge degassing process and device
Wastewater treatment system with enhanced directional flow
Method of entraining solid particulates in carbon dioxide fluids
Method of separating chemical mixtures
Method for fractionating a solution
Continuous filament matrix for magnetic separator
Method for manufacturing a system for mixing fluids
Inhibition of algae in swimming pools
Method of manufacture of a radiant plunger electromagnetic ink jet printer
Compositions comprising hydrofluorocarbons and their manufacture
Fluorochemical composition comprising a polyurethane having a fluorochemical oligomer and a hydrophilic segment to impart stain release properties to a substrate
Lubricating compound for refrigeration compressors
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Aqueous ammonium fluoride and amine containing compositions for cleaning inorganic residues on semiconductor substrates
Elimination of anomalous freezing of basic hydrogen peroxide in the chemical oxygen iodine laser
Liquid crystalline charge transport material
Liquid crystal aligning agent and process for producing liquid crystal alignment film using the same
Process and reactor system for preparation of synthesis gas
Conductive ceramic-metal composite body exhibiting positive temperature coefficient behavior
Lactone/phosphite blends
Cutting and edge sealing cellular retroreflective sheeting
Encapsulated active materials
Methods for microsphere production
Low-formaldehyde dispersion of microcapsules of melamine-formaldehyde resins
Process for producing batches of rubber-based composition
Method for producing reactive plastic molded bodies with highly filled coarse-grained filling material
Method for fabricating powdered metal cores
Method for new additive concentrates
Extended polymethylene poly(phenylisocyanate) resin binders for the production of wood composite products
Method of making a speaker
Method of manufacturing tamer-indicating closure
Method of forming a thin walled member by extrusion and medical device produced thereby
Low-emission elastomer floor covering
Process and apparatus for forming plastic sheet
Method of molding cavity plate of ink jet printer head
Methods of molding fasteners and of forming fastener molds
Destructible core for use, in particular, in the assembling of a tire
Method of making a fender protective structure
Method of plastic molding
Thermal bonding of wet cellulose based fibers
Process for molding of a detergent composition
Method for controlling temperature of mold for injection molding
Seal ring and method of manufacturing the same
Process for producing masonry block with roughened surface
Molding method, apparatus, and device including use of powder metal technology for forming a molding tool with thermal control elements
Method and apparatus for making containers from thermoplastic materials
System and method for purifying molten metal
Fluidized bed type reducing system for reducing fine iron ore
Method of producing a reduced metal, and traveling hearth furnace for producing same
Quick change blow lance
Synchronizer ring and manufacturing method thereof
Compacting auxiliary agent for producing sinterable shaped parts from a metal powder
Method of using alloy steel having superior corrosion resistance in corrosive environment containing molten salts containing alkali oxides
Case hardening steel
Sterilizing method and apparatus
Method for sterilization in a multi-compartment system
Integrated blood oxygenator and pump system having means for reducing fiber breakage
Absorbance cell for microfluid devices
Microassay device and methods
Multi-reactor synthesizer and method for combinatorial chemistry
Apparatus for contacting of gases and solids in fluidized beds
Silane oxidation exhaust trap
Multilayer intumescent sheet
Device for exciting a gas by a surface wave plasma and gas treatment apparatus incorporating such a device
Exhaust gas processing apparatus
Scallop design for radial flow reactor internals
Method for the treatment of activated carbonaceous material containing alkali/alkaline earth metals for the reduction of NOx from flue gas
.gamma.-Al2O3 sorbent impregnated with alkali salt and CuO
Catalytic oxidation
Heat and mass transfer apparatus and method for solid-vapor sorption systems
Carbon dioxide purification in ethylene glycol plants
Process for the production of calcium fluoride
Process for manufacturing an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution
Method for making modified boehmite alumina
Process for the extraction of a compound by a fluorocarbon compound
Pharmaceuticals providing diagnosis and selective tissue necrosis using Mossbauer absorber atom
Alkylaminobenzothiazole and-benzoxazole derivatives
Antiwrinkle cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositions comprising iridaceae extracts
Use of a volatile polyfluorinated solvent as an antitransfer agent in cosmetic products
Liquid sunscreen compositions which both deposit and lather well
Aqueous compositions comprising a lipid and a lanolin-derived surfactant, and their use
UV protection compositions
Method and device for treating natural or artificial plastic fingernails or toenails
Means and method for tinting keratin fibers, particularly human hair
Pharmaceutical preparations comprised of salts of hyaluronic acid with local anaesthetics
Hepatocytes transduced with a retroviral vector comprising splice sites and methods of expression
Composition containing immature mammalian dendritic cells for enhancing tolerogenicity to foreign graft
Method for repopulating human bone marrow comprising culturing CD34+ cells in a serum free medium
Amino acid composition
Pharmaceutical preparation for treating blood coagulation disorders
Antibiotic composition from alcaligenes species and method for making and using the same
Antibiotic 10381A, and process for the preparation of anitbiotics 10381B
Suppression of inhibitors
Immunotherapy of B cell involvement in progression of solid, nonlymphoid tumors
Reagent and processes for targeting mutant epidermal growth factor receptors
Vaccine compositions and methods of modulating immune responses
Dietary supplement for nutritionally promoting healthy joint function
Regulation of appetite, body weight and athletic function with materials derived from citrus varieties
Process for the production of irones
Tanacetum parthenium extract and method of obtaining same
Isolation and formulations of nutrient-rich carotenoids
Process for extraction of curcuminoids from curcuma species
Mutants and vaccines of the infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
Alphavirus expression vector
Immunization against Streptococcus pneumoniae using conjugated and unconjugated pneumoccocal polysaccharide vaccines
DNA molecule fragments encoding for cellular uptake of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and uses thereof
Insect cells or fractions as adjuvant for antigens
Process and composition for therapeutic cisplatin (CDDP)
Process for the preparation of photochromic titanium oxide, compound obtained and composition comprising it
Barrier cream comprising hexamethylenetetramine or derivative thereof
Skin wash compositions comprising triclocarban and surfactants
Antifungal nail lacquer and method using same
Cosmetic compositions
Active composition for combating the effects of the cold and cosmetic product containing this composition
3-alkyl-1-butanol attractants for frugivorous pest insects
Compounds and methods for the treatment of bacterial dysentery using antibiotics and toxin binding oligosaccharide compositions
Semi-interpenetrating or interpenetrating polymer networks for drug delivery and tissue engineering
Copolymers of absorbable polyoxaesters
Method for promoting ovulation, parturition, and lactation in mammals
Composition and process for the treatment of epidermal traumas such as decubitus ulcers
Methods to abate the use of tobacco by humans
Antimicrobial dendrimer nanocomposites and a method of treating wounds
Adhesive cooling composition and process for its preparation
Sealing bag for a transdermal therapeutic system
Method for delivering beneficial compositions to hair follicles
Vaccines against sterols
Polymer-lipid conjugate for fusion of target membranes
Tablets containing a sweetening mixture
Biconvex rapidly disintegrating dosage forms
St. John's wort composition
Anti-asthma therapy
Flow controller configurations for an active agent delivery device
Fast decomposing pellets
Method for the preparation of an enteric coated high drug load pharmaceutical composition
Process for the preparation of enteric coated pharmaceutical dosage forms
Cancer-cell proliferation-suppressing material produced by cancer cells restricted by entrapment
Conditioning of bioactive glass surfaces in protein containing solutions
Process for incorporating whey proteins into cheese using transglutaminase
Production of bioproteins for zootechnical use from whey and waste of dairy industries
Method of preserving plant matter for use as animal feed and animal feed
Feed supplement of calcium, xylitol and ascorbic acid
Pop-up novelty presentation method for microwave food product
Black collagen flat film and foodstuff coated therewith
Process for the manufacture of dry baked products
Rice flour based low oil uptake frying batters
Drink colorizer
Method of coating long-keeping sausages and hard cheeses
Shelf stable batter article and method of preparation
Shelf stable brownie batter article and method of preparation
Natural antibrowning and antioxidant compositions and methods for making the same
Process for preparing bacon chips and patties
Method for making sandwiches
Comestible cleaning process
Method and apparatus for the application of volatile substances conveyed in carrier gas
Method of producing dry noodles
Cryogenic rheological modification of tree nuts
Process for expanded pellet production
Ozone-processing apparatus for semiconductor process system
Ordered arrays via metal-initiated self-assembly of ligand containing dendrimers and bridging ligands
Method for reducing warpage during application and curing of encapsulant materials on a printed circuit board
Method of manufacturing a zinc oxide varistor
Method for producing foamed pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet
Method and apparatus for forming an encapsulated product matrix
Method and apparatus for coating sleeves and products comprising such sleeves
Pulsed-vapor phase aluminide process for high temperature oxidation-resistant coating applications
Method of forming an aluminum comprising line having a titanium nitride comprising layer thereon
Method for improving the corrosion resistance of reinforced concrete
Method of protecting a surface
Process for the manufacture of a crosslinked, transparent, hydrophilic and photochromic polymeric material, and optical and ophthalmic articles obtained
Suspensions, a process for their preparation, and the use thereof
Process for forming a resinous coating from an autodepositing composition which includes internally stabilized vinylidene chloride copolymer
Plasma enhanced chemical deposition with low vapor pressure compounds
Free radical polymerization method
Method for formation of thin film
Method of forming a flexible laminate for flexible circuit
Electrostatic-erasing abrasion-proof coating and method for forming the same
Artificial palm tree
Insulating stock material and containers and methods of making the same
Corner protectors and method for making same
Breathable abuse resistant film for packaging cheese
Anti-corrosive material
Method of marking elastomeric articles with bar codes and article therefore
Optical disc
Phase-change recording medium for write once applications
Absorbent macrostructure made from mixtures of different hydrogel-forming absorbent polymers for improved fluid handling capability
Floor mat cover
Laser segmented thick thermal barrier coatings for turbine shrouds
Thermal transfer sheet, image-printed material and recording method
Microfiber dielectrics which facilitate laser via drilling
Organic electroluminescent device
Magnetic recording medium
Composite body, production process and use
Optical phantom suitable for stimulating the optical properties of biological material and a method of producing said phantom
Polyolefin resin composition comprising cross-linked polymer beads
Ink-jet recording sheet and liquid coating composition therefor
Method of making a PVD-coated HSS drill
Multi-layer sheet suitable as sealable sheet
Water resistant, caustically removable coating, paper label and recyclable labeled glass bottle
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape article with an anti-static coating
Adhesive transparent resin and a composite including the same
Soft and strong thermoplastic polymer nonwoven fabric
Toner fuser roll for high gloss imaging and process for forming same
Oxygen plasma resistant polymer for electrical devices
Fine powder of hydrophobic titanium oxide, and method for producing it
Water-redispersible powders of film-forming polymers having a core/shell structure
Normal incidence multi-layer elastomeric radar absorber
Deposition of silver layer on nonconducting substrate
Device for improving fuel efficiency and method for producing the same
One step ultrasonically coated substrate for use in a capacitor
Rare earth permanent magnet of high corrosion resistance
Conductive substrate for electrophotoconductor
Adhesive composition and image forming material
Cylinder block for automotive engine and method for fabricating the same
Binder systems for powder metallurgy compacts
Process for electrodeposition of barrier layer over copper foil bonding treatment, products thereof and electrolyte useful in such process
Composite body panel and vehicle incorporating same
Electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cells
Solid polyelectrolyte-type fuel cell
Three dimensional free form battery apparatus
Battery housing wall interweave with all of system enclosure to reduce height of portable computer
Downhole battery case
Battery, tray and heat shield assembly
Synthetic polymers having hydrogen bonding capability and containing polysiloxane moieties
Device and method for handling a material web
Apparatus for dehydrating oil
Methods for separating a tocotrienol from a tocol-containing mixture and compositions thereof
Target assembly for ion beam sputter deposition with multiple paddles each having targets on both sides
Sputtering method of manufacturing Fe-Ai-N-O laminated films using N2O as the reactive gas
Electrolytic cell with removable bipolar electrodes
Electroplating apparatus
Method and apparatus for sequentially metalizing polymeric films and products made thereby
Electrowinning anodes which rapidly produce a protective oxide coating
Physical vapor processing of a surface with non-uniformity compensation
Unbalanced magnetron sputtering with auxiliary cathode
Cathodic arc coating apparatus
NOx sensor
Valve for fluid control
Stainless steel anode for electrocoagulation printing
Field emission display having black matrix material
Apparatus and process for electrodialysis of salts
Method and apparatus for separating particles
DNA detector and DNA detection method
Plant growth regulator compositions
Process for recording image
Apparatus and method for forming thin film of zinc oxide
Method for improvement of gap filling capability of electrochemical deposition of copper
Method for a patterned etch with electrolytically grown mask
Process for preparing solvent-stabilized metal colloids and substrate-immobilized metal clusters
Electrolysis process
Electrolyte process using a hydrogen storing metal member
Pulsed cathodic protection system and method
Cathodic protection methods and apparatus
Electrolytic purification of contaminated waters by using oxygen diffusion cathodes
Process and device for continuously detecting at least one substance in a gaseous or liquid mixture by means of a sensor electrode
Method and device for testing the quality of a sheet-like element comprising a membrane
Hydrocracking and hydrotreating
Electrochemical cell with a non-liquid electrolyte
Lithium ion secondary battery and manufacture thereof
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices utilizing plurality of exposure systems
Method for positioning substrate
Stitching design rules for forming interconnect layers
Photoreceptor with vinyl acetate layer
Oxytitanium phthalocyanine process for the production thereof and electrophotographic photoreceptor to which the oxytitanium phthalocyanine is applied
Photoconductor for electrophotography and a method of manufacturing the same
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus having the electrophotographic photosensitive member
Silver halide light sensitive color photographic material
Photosensitive resin, resist based on the photosensitive resin, exposure apparatus and exposure method using the resist, and semiconductor device obtained by the exposure method
Polymer and a forming method of a micro pattern using the same
Photopolymerizable composition based on polyiso(thio)cyanate monomers and on monomers with a labile proton, comprising a photoinitiating agent and an agent for activating the photopolymerization and optical articles obtained
Optical recording medium and recording method using the same
Sulfonamide compound and method for its production, metal chelate compound employing the sulfonamide compound, and optical recording medium employing the metal chelate compound
Information recording medium
Fabrication process of a semiconductor device by electron-beam lithography
Printing stencil and a method for preparation thereof
Extreme-UV lithography system
Method of making an enhanced organic chip carrier package
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display with organic-walled plasma channels
Post-ashing treating method for substrates
Process for filling apertures in a circuit board or chip carrier
Method for manufacturing liquid jet recording heads and a head manufactured by such method of manufacture
Method of forming a resist pattern
Photoresist stripping liquid compositions and a method of stripping photoresists using the same
Method for forming a thick-film resistor
Color photographic element containing a fragmentable electron donor in combination with a one equivalent coupler and starch peptized tabular emulsion for improved photographic response
Photographic film element with broad blue sensitivity
Thermally processable imaging element
Imaging element containing an electrically-conductive layer containing a sulfonated polyurethane and a transparent magnetic recording layer
Permanent antistatic primer layer
Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic light sensitive material
Antigen presenting system and methods for activation of T-cells
Separation and analysis
Method for gene transfer into cells activated from a quiescent state
Electric vehicle battery post cap
Dioxolane as a proctector for lithium electrodes
Medal vanadium oxide particles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for hydrocracking cycle oil
Liquid and vapor stage hydroprocessing using once-through hydrogen
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Producing low sulfur hydrocarbons with biologically regenerated caustic
Family of lead-acid batteries using a standardized container and having voltage that can be preselected as necessary
Lead-acid battery and producing method thereof
Electrical energy generation
Header insulator with bosses
Electrode materials having an elastomer binder and associated electrochemical and fabrication process
Electrode having an overlayment and associated fabrication process
Nickel positive electrode for alkaline storage batteries and method for producing the same
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew