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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Intelligent gardening system and method
Soybean cultivar HI1016703-1
Multi-functional leash with security function
Inflammation in vivo model
3 Dimensional moving and visible gill for fishing lures
Antimicrobial composition
Method for cultivating sugar cane
Carbonate ester tuber treatment composition
Device to assist in cutting accurate portions of meat
Raw bone product and method
Electronic cigarette box
Portable vaporization apparatus
Electronic cigarette case
Electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette device
Secure invisible garment pocket
Backpack comprising a frame structure for stretching a netting member concave across the back wall
Apparatus for improving the interchangeability of portable electronic devices amongst various supports and related methods
Toothbrush having integrated flashlight
Retractable hairbrush system
Adjustable support structure
Stadium seat assembly
Baby carrier cover assembly
Magnetic frame assembly and magnetic frame
Physical Therapy Cover
Infant feeding pillow
Hybrid apparatus for preparing beverages
Retrofittable grill fan assembly
Bathtub/shower tray support
Surgical instrument adapter with highly secure locking shaft mechanism
Surgical introducer and access port assembly
Retraction device for laparoscopy
Methods and devices for sheath compression
Small joint fusion implant
Methods for objectively determining the visual axis of the eye and measuring its refraction
Method for integrated sample acquisition and analyte measurement device
Digitally-painted dental articles
Method for forming a dental implant with porous body
Dermal pain relief delivery system
Apparatus for manufacturing absorbent article and method for manufacturing absorbent article
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Cell scaffold constructs
Clamping assemblies for securing ligaments to a bone
Ball joint prosthesis and method
Corneal implant retaining devices and methods of use
Personal storage accessory for wheelchairs
Orthosis for range of motion, muscular and neurologic rehabilitation of the lower extremities
Walker leg rest
Pill organizer and dispenser
Hygenic pacifier apparatus and method
Antibacterial hydroxyphenyl compound
Inhibitor for liver cancer onset and progress
Naphthoquinone derivatives useful for prevention of amyloid deposits and treatment of diseases involving amyloidogenesis
2-acylaminopropoanol-type glucosylceramide synthase inhibitors
Bicyclic tetrahydropyrrole compounds
Methods of treating lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis with cyclopentyl (2S)-cyclohexyl[({6-[3-(hydroxyamino)-3-oxopropyl]pyridin-3-yl}methyl)ami- no]acetate
Substituted pyrimido[1,6-a]pyrimidines as Lp-PLA.sub.2 inhibitors
Compositions and methods for treating insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus
Agent for ameliorating brain hypofunction
Method of inhibiting nonsense-mediated mRNA decay
Methods for treating combined radiation and thermal injury
Methods of inhibiting vascular endothelial growth factor activity
IFN-beta compositions, preparation methods and uses thereof
5-CNAC as oral delivery agent for parathyroid hormone fragments
Peptides derived from Campylobacter jejuni and their use in vaccination
Methods and compositions for treating Alzheimer's disease
Carbon dioxide, saline and additional active nasal delivery methods and treatments
Compounds for the treatment of dyslipidemia and related diseases
Methods and compositions for modulating sialic acid production and treating hereditary inclusion body myopathy
Agents for the molecular imaging of serine-protease in human pathologies
Composition for reducing skin wrinkles including PDE5 inhibitor
Depilatory cream composition
Method for increasing the solubility of nevirapine
Xanthophyll compositions and methods of use
Systems for improving hand hygiene
Sanitizing device, system and methods of use thereof
Contact coating of prostheses
Volatile medium delivery device
Replaceable nasal interface system
Methods for treating brain malfunctions
Medication delivery device
Apparatus for weight based single doses of medication
Anesthesia delivery device
Retractable safety syringe with non-loaded seal
Transdermal methods and systems for the delivery of anti-migraine compounds
Method and apparatus for personal skin treatment
Orthovoltage radiotherapy
Whitening system capable of delivering effective whitening action
Structured non-aqueous gel-form carrier composition
Structured depilatory compositions
Fire extinguishing system to eliminate smoldering/smoking of decomposed dried, former marshland, now peat, surrounded by water
Handstand training device
Tension systems and methods of use
Multi-use apparatus for exercising the shoulder, upper and lower extremities
Resistance training device
Seated posture abdominal exercise device
Thermoplastic multi-layer golf ball
Multi-layer golf ball with bladder core
Volleyball cover
Recirculating ratcheting plyometric assembly
Football fan officiating system
Exercise contact counter display tracking repetitive hits
Urban vehicle
Three dimensional operations in an isometric projection
Crib soother
Constructible water toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oil extraction device for use at home and method of use
Vapor compression steam stripping
Plasma generation through ceramic substrate
Sorption store for storing gaseous substances
Gas stream purification apparatus
Systems and methods for removal of organic sulfides and hydrogen sulfide contaminants from mixed gas streams
Nano-filter and method of forming same, and method of filtration
Organic-inorganic hybrid chiral sorbent and process for the preparation thereof
Vertically aligned mesoporous thin film, method of manufacturing the same, and catalytic application thereof
Assay cartridge with reaction well
Wear element system
Staged electrostatic precipitator
Identifying dry nebulizer elements
Apparatus and methods for ergonomic building tools
Antimicrobial PHT coatings
Method for applying a pattern, such as a logo, onto the outer skin of an aircraft element
Metallized nanotubes
Lid operating mechanism for a drawer-type dishwasher
Pressing tool and locking bolt
Supply device, and method for supplying band-like member
Bolt hole with improved threads and tap for manufacture thereof
Direct injection molded solder process for forming solder bumps on wafers
Hybrid laser plus submerged arc or electroslag cladding of superalloys
Method for automated superalloy laser cladding with 3D imaging weld path control
Device for centering and clamping tubular parts, comprising means for regulating the gas flow rate in order to control the oxygen content
Manufacturing process of a foldable repairing tool bit
Production system and article producing method
Method for automatically inspecting and trimming a patch antenna
Methods for aligning an ingot with mounting block
Pad conditioning tool having sapphire dressing particles
Multiple-in-one socket
Rotation tool
Pliers apparatus
Percussion tool having cooling of equipment components
Combinatorial objects formed by parts folding into pocket-knife like enclosures
Mechanic's creeper
Workpiece transfer device
Robot device
Robot system and imaging method
Method of sealing a porous fibrous substrate, and method of making a door
Ice mold
Rubber vulcanizer and rubber vulcanizing method
Method and device for producing preforms with special geometries
Method of producing polarizing film
Method for making lens array
Sonotrode and anvil linear energy directors for narrow/complex ultrasonic welds of improved durability
Stepped sonotrode and anvil energy director grids for narrow/complex ultrasonic welds of improved durability
Structural plastic articles, method of use, and methods of manufacture
Printing press, folder, and methods of operation
Liquid ejecting apparatus and liquid ejecting method
Manufacturing method of inkjet head
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Printing apparatus
Element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
Printing method for printing a functional pattern and a printing apparatus
Photonic crystal security device and method
Drive wheel assembly for self-propelled irrigation system
Integral clamp hubcap for wheel system and apparatus
Wheel lug ring
Integrated puncture repair kit
Heavy duty pneumatic tire
Spring-loaded bumper clamp for vehicular trailers
Controllable load distribution system for a vehicle
Vehicle sunroof device
Sunroof apparatus
Solar energy collector with XY or XYZ sun tracking table
Modular transit system
Storage assembly with cup holder and vehicle including the same
Bicycle having an intelligent system
Latch system for truck-bed mounted camper
Failure diagnosis method for brake system of vehicle
Limiting regenerative torque for a hybrid electric powertrain
Ratcheting railcar indexer
Steering system
Reactive headrest system for disabled individuals
Coupler for smart electrical wheel for electrical bikes
Modular boat lift cover
Method and apparatus for overboarding of a subsea structure
Aircraft with pivoting rotor mast
Systems and methods for non-destructive inspection of airplanes
Multifunction aerodynamic housing for ballistic launch of a payload
Bulk material container
Blowing wool bag and method of using the bag
Closure with lock mechanism for fluid products
Pad dispensing rubbing tool
Conformable face mask packaging and dispensing systems
Chip conveyer for machine tool
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Operation device for an elevator that includes an elevator access restriction device
Shaft access enabling device of an elevator system
Beverage-opening tool
Liquid-dispensing systems with integrated aeration
Portable transportable storage unit for dispensing a fuel additive
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production of graphene nanoribbons with controlled dimensions and crystallographic orientation
Membrane enhanced deionization capacitor device
Electronic biological eliminator for inhibiting bio-film and microorganism development in fuels and lubricants
"In-situ" ballast water treatment method and system
Ion transport membranes in float glass manufacturing
Glass melting furnace
Composite materials including ceramic particles and methods of forming the same
Process for producing aluminum titanate-based ceramics fired body
Method for production of styrene from toluene and methanol
Method for preparing optically active 1-bromo-1[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]ethane
Method for preparing high-purity fesoterodine fumarate
Substituted amino alcohols as chiral dopants
Fatty acid acetylated salicylates and their uses
Hydrogenolysis of ethyl acetate in alcohol separation processes
Salt removal and transport system and method for use in a mono ethylene glycol reclamation process
Stable long-term method for producing C5-aldehydes
Method for purifying carboxylic acids from fermentation broths
Ester compound, lubricant base oil, lubricant, grease base oil, and grease
Crystalline polymorphic forms of an antidiabetic compound
Anabolic compounds for treating and preventing bone loss diseases
Crystalline forms of (R)-3-[N-(3'-chlorobiphenyl-4-ylmethyl)-N'-(3-hydroxyisoxazole-5-carbonyl- )hydrazino]-2-hydroxyproprionic acid isopropyl ester
Inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase and monoacylglycerol lipase for modulation of cannabinoid receptors
Process for the preparation of benzimidazole derivatives and salts thereof
Pyrido[3,4-B]indoles and methods of use
Substituted aliphanes, cyclophanes, heteraphanes, heterophanes, hetero-heteraphanes and metallocenes useful for treating HCV infections
Humanized antibodies against the beta-amyloid peptide
Moenomycin analogs, methods of synthesis, and uses thereof
Selective binding compounds
Fusion protein comprising albumin and retinol-binding protein
Fully human anti-human NKG2D monoclonal antibodies
Method for administering homeopathically potentized antibody
Anthrax and small pox replikins and methods of use
Human monoclonal antibody having fat-reducing effect
Anti-bFGF humanized double-stranded antibody with stable disulfide bond, preparation method and application thereof
Methods and reagents for detecting bioactive lipids
Methods for producing secreted polypeptides having biological activity
Process for monomer recovery from a polymerization process
Method for producing water-absorbent resin
Method of preventing microbial growth on water treatment dispersant
Tires comprising cellulose ester/elastomer compositions
Propylene polymer composition and molded article thereof
Rubber composition for side wall and pneumatic tire
Roof coating composition
Method for de-coloring shellac, de-colored shellac, compositions comprising same, and uses therefor
Process for fungal modification of lignin and preparing wood adhesives with the modified lignin and wood composites made from such adhesives
Process for continuous production of biodiesel from fatty acid containing feedstocks
Non-aromatic based antioxidants for lubricants
Vehicle wash pod
Instrument for monitoring polymerase chain reaction of DNA
Monogastric animal feed
Method for controlling the biological activity of a protein in a vertebrate cell
Regulators of NFAT and/or store-operated calcium entry
Methods and compositions for processes of rapid selection and production of nucleic acid aptamers
In vitro plant bioassay methods
Soybean transcription terminators and use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Tetracycline-regulated gene expression in HSV-1 vectors
Tissue repair using allogeneic dermal fibroblasts
Method for producing phosphite dehydrogenase protein and use thereof
Stabilization of alpha-amylases towards calcium depletion and acidic pH
Isoprene synthase variants for improved production of isoprene
Compositions comprising a polypeptide having cellulolytic enhancing activity and a quinone compound and uses thereof
Enzymatic alkene cleavage
Method for improving measurement accuracy and devices and systems related thereto
Method of identifying prebiotics and compositions containing the same
Method and array for the replication and analysis of nucleic acids
System and apparatus for sequential processing of analytes
Methods and primers for detecting target nucleic acid sequences
Pharmacogenetic test anti-resorptive therapy-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw
Method of metals recovery from refinery residues
Aluminum-carbon compositions
Apparatus for atomic layer deposition
Electrolysis device for chlorine production
Wafer carrier with temperature distribution control
Textiles; Paper
Composite yarn, fabric, and automotive interior material made from paper
Hair extension sewing device
Apparatus for treating laundry and method for controlling the same
Ironing system with iron provided with supplementary water tank
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for ensuring a minimum bypass flow from a hydropower diversion box
Fluidified inert material spreading device for burying an underwater pipeline, and method of spreading fluidified inert material over an underwater pipeline
Ground engaging tool assembly
Decorative curbing apparatus for deploying devices in a landscaping setting
System and method of manufacture for building panels
Self supporting communication tower
Fall protection system
Building inspection device
Composition fiber glass utility pole
Fastening and unfastening system of stackable elements
Anti-theft device for a locomotive horn
Triple-detection double-locking paddle
Rack-stop structure for door
Systems and methods for unlocking/locking and opening/closing windows
Pinless attachment systems and methods of using the same
Locking hinge assembly
Sensing mechanism for an assisted garage door
Automated storm door closure system
Shower door assembly with linkage control
Structural glazing spacer
Control line securement method and system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Boost extraction method of secondary air injection for internal combustion engine emission control
Internal combustion engine
Rotary engine with rotary power heads
Method and system for operating an engine turbocharger waste gate
Intake manifold
Method for the identification of the drive train main frequency in a wind turbine
Magnus type wind power generator
Geothermal assisted power generation
Floor pump capable of transmitting air pressure value via wireless transmission to mobile electronic device for indication
Pre-charging pump chamber by preemptively opening a valve
Fluid compressor and/or pump arrangement
Adjustable magnetic mount for metrology equipment
Foldable table
Rolling bearing having rings with stepped surfaces opposite to the raceways
Heat-resistant bearing formed of Ta or a1-added Ni.sub.3(Si, Ti)-based intermetallic compound alloy and method for producing the same
Method, cage and rolling bearing
Bearing with a supporting element and method of supporting a first ring of a bearing
Hydraulic brake with a polymer piston
Brake pad assembly with releasable heat sink
Vibration isolator device for vehicle fairings
Electric traction drives
Electric actuator
Multi-stage power-shift transmission
Chain guide and chain transmission device
Sealing device
Three-way valve with return end-stop on the air pathway
Pneumatic valve actuator having integral status indication
Dynamically adjusting counterbalance valve
Overmolded ECU device
Aircraft refuel system piping
Lift system
Vibration-absorbing type of street-lighting pole using silicone and mass
Support apparatus
Auto flow steam trap
System and method for storing and dispensing fuel and ballast fluid
Emitting device using smart mobile electronic device as operation interface
Illuminated pole
Solar powered ground light
Enclosure lighting system
Wood burning furnace
Cooking oven with oxygenating means and method for operating same
Heating device with condensing counter-flow heat exchanger
Air conditioning and venting system
Dehumidifying curing oven with rotating trays
Method and device for reprocessing wet waste materials containing organic components
Single mount for attaching accessories to a Picatinny type rail of a hand gun
Sensing device of true-simulating bullet magazine
Gun firing method for the simultaneous dispersion of projectiles in square pattern
Information processing apparatus, communication terminal, information processing method, and program
Trip planning method by using an automotive product
Distributed unmanned aerial vehicle architecture
Systems, devices and methods related to calibration of a proton computed tomography scanner
Display device
Optical subassembly testing system
Tunable light source system with wavelength measurement for a hyper-spectral imaging system
Device and method for measuring sectional forces
Apparatus and methods for detecting propellant degradation in solid propellant fuel
Method for performing a blood count and determining the morphology of a blood smear
Nanothermometer, methods and uses therefor
Method for determining interstitial oxygen concentration
Clamping device
Device, systems and methods for evaluation of hemostasis
Assay utilising cellular binary half-adder system
Methods and compositions for determining the purity of chemically synthesized nucleic acids
Self-calibrating gradient dilution in a constitutent assay and gradient dilution apparatus performed in a thin film sample
Risk factors and prediction of myocardial infarction
Prevention and treatment of pain using antibodies to lysophosphatidic acid
Detection apparatus for light-emitting diode chips having a light sensing device receiving light beams penetrated through a transparent chuck
AC plug receptacle with non-contact power meter and radio telemetry
Electrostatic capacitance sensor
Cancellation of secondary reverse reflections in a very-fast transmission line pulse system
Voltage profile based fault location identification system and method of use
Asynchronous programmable JTAG-based interface to debug any system-on-chip states, power modes, resets, clocks, and complex digital logic
Tester for lightning arresters counter
3D mold for manufacturing of sub-micron 3D structures using 2-D photon lithography and nanoimprinting and process thereof
Bearing device and solar power plant unit using the same
Arbitrary surface printing device for untethered multi-pass printing
Carrying device and controlling method
Electronic apparatus and information processing apparatus
Vapor deposition apparatus and method associated
LED light dedusting/cooling system
Organometallic complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
Seat belt buckle assembly
Motor device
Modular pumping unit(s) facilitating cooling of electronic system(s)
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of supporting plant growth using polymer fibers as a soil substitute
Decorative grass formed of polymeric materials having a texture and appearance assimilating paper
Methods for somatic embryo formation and plant regeneration of Beta vulgaris
Apparatus for lagoon remediation
Containment device for vapor phase transfer materials
Dry water-dispersible compositions of microencapsulated pesticides
Deodorant and antimicrobial compositions
Methods for microbial regulation
Use of prolines for improving growth and other properties of plants and algae
4-trifluoromethyl-3-oxazolylpyridines, processes for their preparation, compositions comprising them and their use as pesticides
Herbicide agent
Substituted spiroheterocyclic 1H-3-aryl-pyrrolidine-2,4-dione derivatives, processes for their preparation, and their use as pesticides
Pesticidal aerosol compositions and pesticidal methods
Pesticidal compositions containing mineral oil and/or soybean oil
Legume products
Alleviation of the allergenic potential of airborne and contact allergens by thioredoxin
Alternate encapsulation process and products produced therefrom
Coated confectionery having a crispy starch based center and method of preparation
Process for the subdivision of a long tape or string of gummy product into single portions and device for carrying out said process
Sugar-free foodstuff products
Method and apparatus for harvesting, digestion and dehydrating of krill hydrolysates and co-drying and processing of such hydrolysates
Method for preparing albumin hydrolysates
System for the control of enteropathogenic bacteria in the crops of poultry
Feeds containing docosahexaenoic acid and/or conjugated docosahexaenoic acid, and a method for farming fishes by using such feeds
Method for the preparation of feed pellets
Crustacean bait with extended longevity
Flavored mineral water for pets
Methods for making popcorn kernels with improved flake production
Method for producing extruded, pellet products with minimal tempering time
Method and apparatus for making a popcorn-shaped frozen product
Compression glove and method of fitting the same
Polyurethane artificial holloween pumpkin
Lining material
Chairmat with foot massage area
Apparatus for making herbal extracts using percolation
Process for making disposable wipe-out sheet
Hand held, portable camera with adaptable lens system
Endoscope device
Endoscopic optical adapter freely attachable to and detachable from endoscope
Biopsy instrument driver apparatus
Endoscopic biopsy forceps
Biopsy device with removable handle
Illuminated deep pelvic retractor
Suturing apparatus and method
Multi-anchor suture
Intravascular embolization device
Device and method for inserting a prosthetic knee
Method and apparatus for implanting a prosthetic device
Multi-site skin-test system and method
Methods of sealing an injection site
Sonic burr
Reusable laparoscopic surgical instrument
Small diameter snare
Flexible trocar with an upturning tube system
System for performing port off-pump beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery
Non-deforming deflectable multi-lumen catheter
Epidural catheter needle
Skull fixation device
Polyaxial transverse connector
Mobile dynamic system for treating spinal disorder
Fenestrated surgical anchor and method
Slotted head pedicle screw assembly
Expandable orthopedic device
System and method for detecting perforations in a body cavity
Electrosurgical instrument with minimally invasive jaws
Radio frequency ablation system
Variable pulse duration, adjustable wavelength medical laser system
Methods for laser treatment of soft tissue
Surgical instrument
Flow through rack for contact point sterilization of rack supported medical devices
Analysis of blood flow
Method and arrangement for blood pressure measurement
Method and apparatus for assessing hemodynamic properties within the circulatory system of a living subject
Spinal monitor apparatus and method
Method for detecting anaerobic threshold and prescribing a training zone to maximize fat utilization or improved cardiovascular fitness
Ultrasonic diagnosis device
Internal artificial vagina for collecting animal semen
Biological precision screw pump
Implantable hearing system with means for measuring its coupling quality
Lymphoedema bandage
Headband for treatment of headaches
Absorbent intralabial sanitary protection device
Disposable pants having discontinuous elastic elements
Sanitary napkin
Absorbent articles with shaped fastening component
Protection tampon and method of making
Stents for blood vessels
Intraluminal endoprosthesis for ramifying the ducts of a human or animal body and method of manufacture thereof
Graft vessel preparation device and methods for using the same
Striped sleeve for stent delivery
Marker device for rotationally orienting a stent delivery system prior to deploying a curved self-expanding stent
Low profile, high stretch, low dilation knit prosthetic device
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Accommodating, reduced ADD power multifocal intraocular lenses
Foldable iris fixated intraocular lenses
Stepped IOL insertion cartridge for inserting an intraocular lens in an eye
Otologic prosthesis
Surface structure for intraosseous implant
Mono-condylar knee joint prosthesis
Humeral stem with distal tri-slot
Intervertebral allograft spacer
Surgical method of treating scoliosis
Spinal marker for use in spinal surgery
Vacuum pump and shock absorber for artificial limb
Apparatus and method for stabilizing pelvic ring disruption
Therapeutic combination gel and air bladder pack
Device for disposing excrement
Method and system for patient temperature management and central venous access
Cataract instrument
Medical scalpel
Zero compression microkeratome cutting head assembly
Exercise methods and apparatus
Medical feeding tube connection device
Collapsible emesis container
Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres comprising a para-phenylenediamine derivative and a cationic or amphoteric substantive polymer, and the use thereof
Cosmetic deodorant products containing encapsulated bicarbonate and fragrance ingredients
Food supplement formulation
Method of treating alopecia
Method for treating exercise induced asthma
Gemcitabine as an immunosuppressive pharmaceutical agent
Use of cirsiliol and derivatives to treat infections
Neuropharmacological treatments of sleep-related breathing disorders
Composition and method for enhancing male fertility and libido
Methods and materials for treating and preventing inflammation of mucosal tissue
Treatments using venlafaxine
Use of derivatives of valproic acid and 2-valproenic acid amides for the treatment of mania in bipolar disorder
Method for treating a patient with neoplasia by treatment with a vinca alkaloid derivative
Eye treatments using synthetic thyroid hormone compositions
Pharmaceutical composition for ophthalmic use
Thyromimetic antiobesity agents
Methods for reducing atherosclerotic plaques
Therapies for treating pulmonary diseases
Method for treating, controlling, and preventing Diabetes Mellitus
Oral dosage self-emulsifying formulations of pyranone protease inhibitors
Methods of reducing serum glucose and triglyceride levels and for inhibiting angiogenesis using substituted indolealkanoic acids
Compounds for treating fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
Method of using diketopiperazines and composition containing them
Use of heteroaryl substituted N-(indole-2-carbonyl-) amides for treatment of infection
Combinations of aldose reductase inhibitors and selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Adenosine A2A receptor antagonists for treating and preventing hepatic fibrosis, cirrhosis and fatty liver
Method and compositions for the control or eradication of Helicobacter pylori
Weight promoting composition, method, and product
Use of estrogens and delta-gonadien-21-Ol-3,20-diones for treating insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes
Method and composition for the topical treatment of diabetic neuropathy
Remedies for intramedullary diseases
L-ergothioneine, Milk thistle, and S-adenosylmethionine for the prevention, treatment and repair of liver damage
Methods for treating urinary incontinence in mammals
Use of 5HT3 antagonists for promoting intestinal lavage
Use of (meth)acrylic acid copolymers to increase the permeability of mucous membranes
Lesion and ulcer medication
Analgesic from snake venom
Peptides derived from the lymphadenopathy-associated virus (LAV) envelope coding region
Implanting HSV-TK retrovirus producing cells to treat tumors
Modulation of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) activity
Composition for enhancing cellular immunogenicity comprising alpha-glycosylceramides
Antibodies for inhibiting blood coagulation and methods of use thereof
Hematopoietic, myeloprotecting, antitumor immune cells generating and radiosensitizing polysaccharide isolated from Panax ginseng
Use of pegylated photosensitizer conjugated with an antibody for treating abnormal tissue
Compounds, their preparation and use
Pharmaceutical dosage form for pulsatile delivery of methylphenidate
Use of .gamma.-tocopherol and its oxidative metabolite LLU-.alpha. in the treatment of disease
Microencapsulated compounds and method of preparing same
Latent reactive blood compatible agents
Process for making absorbable microparticles
Process of entrapping genetic materials in ultra-low size nanoparticles of inorganic compounds to form non-viral carriers
Complex of biotinylated viral vector and ligand for targeted gene delivery
Method for manufacturing radioactive brachytherapy source material, brachytherapy source material and encapsulated radioactive brachytherapy source
Multi-phase toilet articles and methods for their manufacture
Stannous oral compositions
Composition for the treatment of halitosis
Nail enamel composition containing a urea-modified thixotropic agent in a solvent system
Liquid foaming soap compositions
Topical compositions and methods of application
Transparent micro emulsion
Stable tooth whitening gels containing high percentages of hydrogen peroxide
Personal care compositions containing linear toughened silicone grafted polymers
Compositions for treating keratinous materials containing a combination of a zwitterion polymer and a water insoluble non-volatile silicon
Single-phase antiperspirant compositions containing solubilized antiperspirant active and volatile silicone
Multi-spike release formulation for oral drug delivery
Aqueous suspensions of submicron 9-hydroxyrisperidone fatty acid esters
Preparation of micron-size pharmaceutical particles by microfluidization
Microencapsulation and sustained release of oligonucleotides
Polyethylene glycol matrix pellets for greasy, oily or sticky drug substances
Levothyroxine compositions and methods
Formulation of fast-dissolving efavirenz capsules or tablets using super-disintegrants
Sucralfate-containing composition and process for the preparation thereof
Soft gelatin capsule manufacture
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising co-micronized fenofibrate
Synergistic mixtures of garlic and lycopene for preventing LDL oxidation
Transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) containing oxybutynin
Therapeutical system for transdermal delivery of levonorgestrel
Process for the continuous production and coating of self-adhesive compositions based on polyisobutylene with at least one active pharmaceutical substance
Multicomponent superabsorbent gel particles
Bio-supportive medium, and methods of making and using the same
System for preventing and remediating biofilms in dental equipment
Method for supplying sterilization/deodorization gas and apparatus therefor
Method for disinfecting and purifying liquids and gasses
Biomedical moldings
Polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions for soft tissue repair, augmentation, and viscosupplementation
Transmural concentric multilayer ingrowth matrix within well-defined porosity
Method for coating an implantable device and system for performing the method
Ion complex, coated product and coating method
Apparatus incorporating air modifying agents
Rapid infusion system
Method of forming gas-enriched fluid
Apparatus for artificial kidney, quality evaluating device for dialyzing fluid and dialyzing means using the same, and fluid circuit
Peritoneal waste bag support and drainage device
Intravascular methods and apparatus for isolation and selective cooling of the cerebral vasculature during surgical procedures
Cardiopulmonary bypass device and method
Layered fluid circuit assemblies and methods for making them
Method and device for preventing contrast associated nephropathy
Relaxation guidance device and biofeedback guidance device
Composite flexible tube for medical applications
Lubricator for a catheter guide wire
Balloon catheter and method of manufacture
Medical catheter anchor
Protective sheath for winged needles
Directional needle injection drug delivery device and method of use
Combination syringe and aspirator for bone regeneration material and method for using the syringe
Suspension device and method
Burette safety valve
Microbolus infusion pump
Compact pump motor system and dispensing process
Infusion rate adjusting device for drug solution injector
External infusion device with remote programming, bolus estimator and/or vibration alarm capabilities
Method of filling a drug capsule and article produced thereby
Safty hypodermic syringe and needle holder for same
Radioactive intraluminal endovascular prothesis and method for the treatment of aneurysms
Targeting fixture
Multi-source x-ray catheter
Pre-loaded needle assembly
Electro-dynamic phased array lens for controlling acoustic wave propagation
Bacteriophage assay
Cosmetic product systems comprising a transfer resistant, flexible film-forming cosmetic product and an oil-containing composition
Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of topical wounds and ulcers
Hair aftertreatment preparations
Exercise device and method of use thereof
Weighted exercise apparatus and method
Exercise apparatus using magnetism to augment gravatational field
Buttocks exercise device
Lightweight, clear-path, equilibrated treadmill
Multi-purpose teeterboard
Balancing device
Inspiratory muscle training device with variable loading
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for joining tube headers and header tanks of plastic heat exchanger
Method of separating petroleum-containing material into fractions, extraction system, and extraction fluid therefor
Treatment method for things like sludge and treatment apparatus
Magnetic assembly to applied against an oil filter
Fuel filter with bypass valve
Method for filtering a liquid by the addition of a filtering aid
Storm drain liner
Filter media
Filter composite embodying glass fiber and synthetic resin fiber
Flame retardant filters
Adjustable air diffuser and related methods
Apparatus for manufacturing high concentration ozone gas
Trap apparatus
Method for wet flue gas desulfurization and device for implementing said method
Biological deodorizing apparatus assembled with box-like frame units
Zeolite SSZ-58 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere
Tangential-flow filtration system
Scouring method
Bis(perfluoroalkanesulfonyl)imides and their salts as surfactants/additives for applications having extreme environments and methods therefor
Method of preparation of sealed gas chambers
Sample evaporative control
Rectification column for isolating pure substances from high boiling air-and/or temperature sensitive substances
Oxygen-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating same
Micro-crystalline boehmites containing additives
Process for making and using a low beverage soluble iron content adsorbent and composition made thereby
Medium and method for binding chlorine gas
Porous adsorbent and filter
Methods of conditioning an affinity resin after storage
Method for catalytic conversion of carbon monoxide in a hydrogen-containing gas mixture with improved cold start behavior
Method of the purification of the exhaust gas from a lean-burn engine using a catalyst
Acid oxide with micro and mesoporous characteristics: ITQ-36
Zeolite/alumina catalyst support compositions and method of making the same
Using zeolite SSZ-57 for reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream
Method for the controlled oxidiation of materials
Ammine solution
Catalyst support method and polymerization with supported catalysts
Transition metal compounds having conjugate aluminoxate anions, their preparation and their use as catalyst components
Method for separating catalyst, product and solvent
Photooxidation catalyst and manufacturing method therefor
Liquid gasification reactor
Upflow reactor system with layered catalyst bed for hydrotreating heavy feedstocks
Hybridization chamber for high density nucleic acid arrays
Apparatus for collecting a liquid sample
Reagent container for an automated analyzer
Method of applying a containment border to an analytical plate
Unitary spray nozzle
Device for painting wall members or corner straps
Device and method for applying a flowable medium onto a moving surface
Coating layer forming machine and method of forming it
Substrate coating and semiconductor processing method of improving uniformity of liquid deposition
Process for production of mammalian cell lines
Electrostatic flocking chamber for forming electrostatic flocking apparatus
Method for manufacturing photothermographic materials
System and method for masking door hinges during painting
Contrasting gloss surface coverings optionally containing dispersed wear-resistant particles and methods of making the same
Method of forming multilayer coating films and multilayer coating films
Treatment method for making heat exchanger hydrophilic and heat exchanger treated to be hydrophilic
Ceramic-based hardwood floor finishing method
Polymer-coated metal composites by dip autopolymerization
En masse process for cleaning thin polarizing glass devices
Pressure-sensitive cleaning sheet, image-forming material having cleaning part, and method of cleaning image-forming apparatus
Method for treating residues in semiconductor processing chambers
Method and apparatus for removal of surface contaminants from substrates in vacuum applications
Stabilization of coal wastes and coal combustion byproducts
Accelerated remediation using tree crops
Steel manufacturing facility and method
Method for producing sintered body
Rapid tooling sintering method and compositions therefor
Powdered metal gear teeth
Pre-alloyed powder
Sawing wire and method for the cutting and lapping of hard brittle workpieces
Method of brazing metal work
Self adjusting ultrasonic weld fixture
Process for laser joining dissimilar metals and endoluminal stent with radiopaque marker produced thereby
Electron device and semiconductor device
Device for monitoring a processing liquid
Method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad with sonic energy
Work holding member for mechanical abrasion, abrading method, and abrading machine
Chemical-mechanical polishing pad conditioning system and method
Arrangement and method for polishing a surface of a semiconductor wafer
Process for cleaning components using cleaning media
Precise crystallographic-orientation alignment mark for a semiconductor wafer
Method of making pressed earth block machine
Method for laser scribing of wafers
Resilient cushion
Container and method of forming the container
Multiaxis rotational molding method and apparatus
Roller device
Method and apparatus for making a plastic container and closure combination
Method of injection molding a skin layer around a core resin
Hot runner valve gate piston assembly
Method for injection molding
Method for controlling an injection molding machine capable of reducing variations in weight of molded products
Method of manufacturing a guidewire with an extrusion jacket
Method for injection blow molding an automotive component
Injection stretch blow molding method
Method for producing a biaxially oriented open ended container
Process for making bowls comprising acrylic plastics filled with alumina trihydrate
Surface hardened resins for disk substrates, methods of manufacture thereof and production devices for the manufacture thereof
Preformed strip and method for splicing conveyor belts
Process for producing a blow molding part with a decorative coating
Method and apparatus for connecting cords/filaments
Ultrasonic welding apparatus
Grooved mold apparatus and process for forming fiber reinforced composite structures
Reinforcing fabric for an article made from elastomeric material and corresponding article comprising this fabric
Three-dimensionally reinforced cellular matrix composite and method of making same
Arbor for lathing a lens
Method for making an accommodating intraocular lens
Shaping tool for information carrier disc blanks
Bead core with a clamp, tire incorporating same, and method of making same
Thermoplastic multilayer composites
Utility accessories and service hardware having luminosity for non-lighted and emergency conditions
Image transfer sheet
Twin-layer thermoplastic packaging and a process for its manufacture
Polypropylene series resin sheet
Films with UV blocking characteristics
Ink composition for forming dye layer and heat transfer printing sheet using the same
Method for fabricating a microelectromechanical bearing
Polymeric structures incorporating microscale fluidic elements
Carbon composites with silicon based resin to inhibit oxidation
Flakes from multilayer iridescent films for use in paints and coatings
Graphite structure with increased flexibility
Imageable element and waterless printing plate
Processless printing plate with low ratio of an inorganic pigment over hardener
Thermal digital lithographic printing plate
Rotary machine for decorating tiles
Compounds with growth hormone releasing properties
Substrate with fluidic channel and method of manufacturing
Vehicle lamp and its marking method
Photographic film base comprising a poly(ethylene terephthalate)-based material
Printing plate and method to prepare a printing plate
Ink-jet recording material
Film laminates for printing
Ink jet printing method
Method of image reversal of a pre-press color proof by means of lamination
Aluminum alloy plate for planographic printing plate
Polypropylene card construction
Method and apparatus for sealing closed envelopes
Method of transferring a print pattern composed of a fluoropolymer resin and an inorganic pigment onto an objective body using liquid pressure
Tempered glass sheet for vehicle and vehicle window
Planetary gear type differential apparatus
On-demand transfer case with synchronized range shift and adaptive clutch control
Hybrid vehicle control device
Reinforced polypropylene mirror assembly and process for making the same
Method of making a vehicle headliner assembly with integral speakers
Apparatus and method of controlling the road speed of a motor vehicle
Geared rotary actuator
Wide mouth blow molded plastic container, method of making same, and preform used therein
Roller arrangement for a product to be coated in a molten metal bath
Method of manufacturing a dual wafer tunneling gyroscope
Method and device for protecting micro electromechanical system structures during dicing of a wafer
Method of aligning structures on opposite sides of a wafer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of improving yield of chlorine dioxide generation processes
Procedure for the production of polymeric sulfur
Method of decomposing ammonia gas
Catalytic generation of hydrogen
Method to extract silver from a photographic developer
Hydrogen fluoride recovery process
Process for the manufacture of alkali metal hydroxide
Method of preparing lithium salts
Bauxite ore digestion in the bayer process
Organic impurity removal process for bayer liquors
Stabilized electrochemical cell active material
Fabrication of highly textured lithium cobalt oxide films by rapid thermal annealing
Method of preparing zinc carbonate
Potato wastewater treatment method
Solution mining process for removing metals from aqueous solution
Electrolytic wastewater treatment apparatus
Water treatment apparatus
Wastewater treatment system
Apparatus and method for wastewater treatment with enhanced solids reduction (ESR)
Process for the anaerobic treatment of flowable and nonflowable organic waste
Method and composition for the treatment of blackwater collection systems
Method for processing lignocellulosic material
Compositions of water soluble glass
Surface contouring by controlled application of processing fluid using Marangoni effect
Tuned sealing material for sealing of a flat panel display
High strain point glasses
Masonry cement composition and method of making
Fire door core
Control of combustibles during firing
Method for manufacturing tube-shaped silica glass product
Simultaneous constraint and phase conversion processing of oxide superconductors
Method of making silicon nitride-silicon carbide composite filters
Process for producing silicon carbide bodies
Corrosion-resistant member, method of manufacturing the same and apparatus for heating corrosive substance
PVD coated cutting tool and method of its production
Carbon barrier controlled metal infiltration layer for enhanced oxidation protection
Integrated system and method for purifying water, producing pulp and paper, and improving soil quality
Aerobic reduction reactor
Method of explosive bonding, composition therefor and product thereof
Binder for a gas generating material
Catalytic reduction of phenylacetylene in a styrene stream
Phenylalanine derivatives
Terphenyl derivative, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Non-subliming, difunctionalized ultraviolet dyes for use in anti-reflective coatings
Acylsulfonamide derivative
Method of refining dihydroxyaryl compound
Methods of providing a fragrance to a composition and methods of enhancing fragrances using cyclooctadiene hydroformylation products
Benzamidine derivatives
2,3-disubstituted pyridine derivatives, process for the preparation thereof, drug compositions containing the same and intermediates for the preparation
Diaminopyridine-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses
Benzo[C] quinolizine derivatives, their preparation and use as 5.alpha.-reductases inhibitors
Use of certain substituted caprolactams in treating tumors
Oxidative hair dye precursor compositions containing 4-5-diaminopyrazole, 5-amino-2-methylphenol and m-phenylenediamine compounds and method of dyeing hair
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated human protein-coupled receptors
Heteroaryl substituted amidinyl and imidazolyl compounds and methods employing same for the treatment of inflammation
Benzylated PDE4 inhibitors
Substituted phenyl compounds with immunosuppressing activity and pharmaceutical compositions
Process for preparing essentially formic acid-free N-alkyl-N'-methylalkyleneureas
Biologically active 4H-benzo [1,4]oxazin-3-ones
Piperazine derivatives and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Solid epoxidation catalyst and preparation
5,6,7-trinor-4,8-inter-m-phenylene PGI2, derivative and drugs containing the same
Fluorescent detection method for microorganisms based on nitrocoumarins
Amino- and amido-diphenyl ethers
3-methyl -chromane or thiochromane derivatives
Indazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for mediating or inhibiting cell proliferation
4-oxybenzopyran derivative
Polymeric matrix compatibilized naphthopyrans
Tricyclic biphenyl sulfonamide matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Apoptosis inhibitor
Sulfonamide lactam inhibitors of FXa and method
Musarinic agonists and antagonists
5-arylsulfonyl-imidazo[1',2':1,6]pyrido[2,3-b]pyrazine-6-amines and related compounds
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 1,4,5-trioxa-phenanthrene
Derivatized biotin compounds and methods of use
O-glucosylated benzamide SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Ketolide antibiotics
Fusion protein delivery system and uses thereof
Viral variants and methods for detecting same
Papilloma viruses, agents for detecting them and for treating diseases caused by such viruses
Capsid-modified recombinant adenovirus and methods of use
Immunodominant human T-cell epitopes of hepatitis C virus
Protein expression in baculovirus vector expression systems
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of chlamydial infection
NrdF from Staphylococcus aureus
Peptides and other small molecules derived from regions of interacting proteins and uses thereof
Method of stable integration of DNA into neurons
Human minor vault protein p193
Human TSLP DNA and polypeptides
Chimpanzee erythropoietin (CHEPO) polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Methods for identifying human cell lines useful for endogenous gene activation isolated human cell lines identified thereby, and uses thereof
Method of treatment with a RANTES antagonist polypeptide
Glucagon-like peptide-1 crystals
Human theta subunit of the GABAa receptor
Nucleic acid encoding bovine extracellular rage binding protein (en-rage)
Methods for determining cell responses through EphB receptors
Polynucleotides encoding SRE B2 receptor
Schizophrenia associated gene, proteins and biallelic markers
.alpha.2-macroglobulin receptor as a receptor for CTGF
Method of inhibiting the cytocidal effect of TNF with TNF receptor-specific antibodies
Polyclonal libraries
Monoclonal antibodies against S100
Production of anti-self antibodies from antibody segment repertoires and displayed on phage
TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme
Method for identifying compounds altering higher-order chromatin-dependent chromosome stability
Polypeptide capable of reacting with antibodies of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and uses
Photosensitive resin composition and photosensitive element using the same
Artificial leather
Enhanced oxidation resistant polymeric insulation composition for air-cooled generators
Latent combination compounds and latent ammonium salts comprising epoxide resin curing agents and flame-protection agents as well as epoxide resin systems and products prepared from them
Optical devices made from radiation curable fluorinated compositions
Reduced byproduct polyamine-epihalohydrin resins
Process for manufacturing prepreg
Method of preserving silicone composition and kit of separate packages
Polyimide film, method of manufacture, and metal interconnect board with polyimide film substrate
Process for the surface modification of a polymeric substrate
Carpet backing precoats, laminate coats, and foam coats prepared from polyurethane formulations including fly ash
Sulfur free, low color generating scorch time extending compositions for use in compounding and cure of free radical initiator curable polymers
Resin composition for capstock
Method of constructing insulated metal dome structure for a rocket motor
Sealing material composition for liquid crystal
Fuser system with donor roller having a controlled swell release agent surface layer
Cationic aminodianthraquinones, use, dyeing compositions containing them and methods of dyeing
Second-order nonlinear optical chromophores containing dioxine and/or bithiophene as conjugate bridge and devices incorporating the same
Method of dyeing or printing polyamide-containing materials
Compositions and methods for making a coarse platey, high brightness kaolin product
Ink composition and method for inkjet recording using the same
Pressure-sensitive conductive ink composition
Water based ink composition for writing instrument
Sag stabilized coating compositions containing epoxy-functional crosslinking components
Polyester resin for powder coating
Waterborne coating composition and a paint system thereof having improved chip resistance
Polymer remover
Slurry for multi-material chemical mechanical polishing
Touch screen system
Process for improving the adhesion of polymeric materials to metal surfaces
Self-supporting and redetachable adhesive article
Polymeric organic coatings and method of manufacture thereof
Preparation of ZnS:Cu,Cl electroluminescent phosphor
TN and STN liquid-crystal displays
Sealing subterranean zones
Foamed acidizing fluids, additives and methods of acidizing subterranean zones
Demulsification of water-in-oil emulsions
Liquid fuel compositions for electrochemical fuel cells
Oil compositions
Polymers for laundry applications
Peroxide containing liquid laundry formulation
Formulations for cleaning hard surfaces based on at least partly branched-chain alkyl oligoglucosides
Detergent compositions
Stable hydrotropic surfactants comprising alkylamino propionate
Processes for making granular detergent composition having improved appearance and solubility
Laundry product
Gene sequence-reading instrument
Microincubator comprising a cell culture apparatus and a transparent heater
Flow injection flow cytometry system for on-line monitoring of biroreactors and method for monitoring
Screening for novel bioactivities
Methanotrophic carbon metabolism pathway genes and enzymes
Nucleotide sequences for the control of the expression of DNA sequences in a cell host
System for detection of a functional interaction between a compound and a cellular signal transduction component
Lentiviral nucleic acids and uses thereof
Multiple mesodermal lineage differentiation potentials for adipose tissue-derived stromal cells and uses thereof
Method for identification of cell growth or differentiation factors
Method to distinguish hematopoietic progenitor cells
Isolated human enzyme proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, and uses thereof
Sialyltransferase and DNA encoding the same
Polynucleotide encoding eimeria tenella cGMP dependent protein kinase
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Methods for amplifying and sequencing nucleic acid molecules using a three component polymerase
Xylanase from Trichoderma reesei , method for production thereof, and methods employing this enzyme
Enzyme isolated from a Bifidobacterium
Protease variants and compositions
Bifunctional selectable fusion genes
Broad spectrum fastidious organism culture medium
Method for detecting bacteria with bacteriaphage
Screening methods for altering circadian rhythms and for human casein kinase I .delta. and/or .epsilon. phosphorylation of human clock proteins, period 1, -2 and -3
FEN-1 endonuclease, mixtures and cleavage methods
Detection of differences in nucleic acids
Test piece and quantitative method and apparatus for an organism-oriented substance
Method and apparatus for alignment of signals for use in DNA base-calling
Method and apparatus for determining the cooling action of a flowing gas atmosphere on workpieces
Quenching heated metallic objects
Quality control plasma monitor for laser shock processing
Dross processing system
Multi-layer, heat treatable brazing sheet with aluminum interlayer
Tantalum and tantalum nitride powder mixtures for electrolytic capacitors substrates
Method for providing a low temperature curable gallium alloy for multichip module substrates
Steel sheet for heat shrink band effective for preventing color drift
Method for manufacturing cold-rolled steel sheet
High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet superior in stretch flange formability and method for production thereof
Hot-rolled steel with very high elasticity limit and mechanical resistance usable in particular for auto parts production
High-temperature alloy and articles made therefrom
Metallic diffusion process and improved article produced thereby
Aluminizing process for plasma-sprayed bond coat of a thermal barrier coating system
Cast aluminum part having a casting surface
Mask for sputtering
Method for forming an ultra microparticle-structure
Longitudinally stretched, vacuum vapor coated packaging films
Acoustically enhanced deposition processes, and systems for performing same
Ni-plated target diffusion bonded to a backing plate and method of making same
Information recording medium and its manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for bias deposition in a modulating electric field
Method for measuring and controlling beam current in ion beam processing
Film formation method using sputtering and production method of photovoltaic element using same
Vacuum treatment apparatus for deposition of thin layers on three-dimensional substrates
Arrangement and method for improving vacuum in a very high vacuum system
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming a thin film and a thin film forming apparatus therefor
Method for growing high quality group-III nitride thin film by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Plasma treatment of a titanium nitride film formed by chemical vapor deposition
Method for reducing the microloading effect in a chemical vapor deposition reactor
Susceptor with internal support
Methods of fabricating capacitors including Ta2O5 layers in a chamber including changing a Ta2O5 layer to heater separation or chamber pressure
Method and apparatus for plating, and plating structure
Cu/Sn/Pd activation of a barrier layer for electroless CU deposition
Process and apparatus for nickel plating and nickel-plated product
Surface treated steel sheet and method for production thereof
Dissolution of nickel in non-oxidizing aqueous acid solutions
System and method for direct fabrication of micro/macro scale objects in a vacuum using electromagnetic steering
Coating for gas sensors
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Passivation of copper in dual damascene metalization
Aluminum alloy exterior coating for underground ductile iron pipe
Method and apparatus for etching a gold metal layer using a titanium hardmask
Process for pickling stainless steel in the absence of nitric acid and in the presence of chloride ions
High pressure electrolyzer module
Electric dip coating
Electroplating apparatus
Pre-plate treating system
Crystallogenesis method with magnetic field
Crystal puller for growing monocrystalline silicon ingots
Method of producing silicon carbide
Method of depositing an electrically conductive oxide film on a textured metallic substrate and articles formed therefrom
Method for growing p-type III-V compound material utilizing HVPE techniques
Epitaxial growth substrate and a method for producing the same
Process for producing low defect density, ideal oxygen precipitating silicon
Fabrication of photonic band gap materials using microtransfer molded templates
Textiles; Paper
Composite fiber having favorable post-treatment processibility and method for producing the same
Dyeing method of dyeing plastic lens, dyeing device and dyeing jig
Method for producing aqueous liquor dyeable modified polypropylene threads and the use thereof
Process for the delignification and bleaching of chemical paper pulps with hydrogen peroxide and at least one polymer
"Smart" bowed roll
Embossed fabrics and method of making the same
Tissue paper making machine
Shoe press and shoe support device therefor
Paper coating apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Method for attaching thermoplastic strips to thermoplastic roof membranes
Method for checking the state of the gas fill in the insulating cavity of an insulating glass pane, and insulating glass pane
Corrosion inhibitors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust component and method for producing an exhaust component
Method of producing a sound-absorbent insulating element and insulating element produced according to this method
Laminated adhesive backed color correction and light-diffusion filters
Differential transmission with bevel gears and method for its installation in a non-rotating outer housing
Differential assembly with modified limited slip clutch arrangement
Control system for a vehicle having a transmission control
Control system for automatic vehicle transmissions
Modification of shifting characteristics based upon shifting direction and drive train load
Transmission/engine control system for a motor vehicle with automatic transmission
Shift control device for automatic transmission
Engine speed control via the torque converter lockup clutch of a continuously variable drive
Structure forming method, apparatus and product
Oil lamp with ceramic diffuser
Device for the manufacture of a flexible heat exchanger
Camouflage material
Method for producing thin liquid samples for microscopic analysis
Free floating cryostat sections for use in light and electron microscopy and method
Solution for fast visualization of protein
Sampling bottle for chlorinated organic compounds
Automatic hematologic counting and analysing device
Apparatus for performing diagnostic testing
Method for describing the physical distribution of an agent in a patient
Miniaturized solid-state reference electrode with self-diagnostic function
Hydrogen permeation probe
Method of manufacturing a gas sensor
Gas sensing element employable in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Methods and formulations for the separation of biological macromolecules
Capillary array electrophoresis scanner
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Evaluation apparatus for cleanliness of metal and method thereof
Hematocrit sampling system
Apparatus for performing a platelet inhibition test
Method for determining platelet inhibitor response
Method for determining a contact activator for platelet activation
Oncogene-induced apoptosis in drug-resistant cells
Toso as a target for drug screening
Multi-layer reagent test strip
Nuclear hormone receptor fluorescence polarization assay
Chromatographic assay or test device
Antisera tray
Methods and materials for evaluating rheumatoid arthritis
Binding protein capture assay
Assay for ABCA1
Position sensor in ultrasound transducer probe
Method and apparatus for determining the relative location of tomograph slices
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging methods for extended field of view
Articles having an uneven surface and production process therefor
Over-coated optical fiber and manufacturing method thereof
Methods for transferring elements from a template to a substrate
Method for fabricating efficient sources of electromagnetic radiation
Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material containing the emulsion
Silver halide photographic emulsion and light-sensitive material containing the same, and image-forming method using thereof
Photographic silver halide material with matte support
Color filter array film
Direct view photographic element containing a particular red record
Photographic element with spectrally sensitized tabular grain emulsion and retained dye stain reducing compound
Photographic element with dye-forming coupler and image dye stabilizing compound
Image formation process
Method of processing silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Image forming assembly and method using a lamination apparatus
Quartz damage repair method for high-end mask
Glass substrate for an electron device, photomask blank and photomask using the same
Etch stop barrier for stencil mask fabrication
Positive photoresist composition
Liquid photopolymer useful in fabricating printing plates which are resistant to solvent based ink
Positive type actinic-ray-curable dry film and pattern-forming method by use of the same
Resist pattern forming method using anti-reflective layer, resist pattern formed, and method of etching using resist pattern and product formed
Barrier for and a method of reducing outgassing from a photoresist material
Pupil filtering for a lithographic tool
Technique of exposing a resist using electron beams having different accelerating voltages, and method of manufacturing a photomask using the technique
Method and apparatus for uniformly baking substrates such as photomasks
Color toner for flash fixing
Charging member and charging device
Developing roller and method of producing the same
Fluorocarbon-silicone random copolymer for use in toner release layer
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Process for making fuser and fixing members
Receiver sheet
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, image forming method and image forming apparatus using the same
Toner, process for producing a toner, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Software programmable multiple function integrated circuit module
Method of making a carriage assembly for a disk drive
Method for collective production of magnetic heads with rounded bearing surface
Magnetic recording medium
Lubricant, magnetic disk and magnetic disk apparatus
Extremely high density magnetic recording media, with production methodology controlled longitudinal/perpendicular orientation, grain size and coercivity
Optical data recording medium and material for heat-resistant protection layer for the same
Method of manufacturing information recording medium
Oxide superconducting wire having insulating coat and production method thereof
Bonded magnets made with atomized permanent magnetic powders
Method of manufacturing magnetic powder, magnetic powder and bonded magnets
Process for manufacturing electric double-layer capacitor
Self-aligned field extraction grid and method of forming
Conductive collar surrounding semiconductor workpiece in plasma chamber
Thin film electrostatic shield for inductive plasma processing
Method of manufacturing image-forming apparatus
Wafer demount receptable for separation of thinned wafer from mounting carrier
Rotating semiconductor processing apparatus
Method for separating a semiconductor element in a semiconductor element pushing-up device
Wafer holder for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus using the same
Method of selective oxidation conditions for dielectric conditioning
Method and apparatus for enhancing endpoint detection of a via etch
Method of manufacture of a crown or stack capacitor with a monolithic fin structure made with a different oxide etching rate in hydrogen fluoride vapor
Integrated capacitor bottom electrode for use with conformal dielectric
Methods for producing uniform large-grained and grain boundary location manipulated polycrystalline thin film semiconductors using sequential lateral solidfication
Semiconductor manufacturing method
Method for making shallow diffusion junctions in semiconductors using elemental doping
Partial recrystallization of source/drain region before laser thermal annealing
Dry isotropic removal of inorganic anti-reflective coating after poly gate etching
Gate insulation film having a slanted nitrogen concentration profile
Method for controlling the oxidation of implanted silicon
Method of producing a semiconductor device using feature trimming
Semiconductor memory device incorporating therein ruthenium electrode and method for the manufacture thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices utilizing underlayer-dependency of deposition of capacitor electrode film, and semiconductor device
Fully nickel silicided metal gate with shallow junction formed
Multi-layer wiring structure of integrated circuit and manufacture of multi-layer wiring
Method for preventing Cu CMP corrosion
Method for forming openings for conductive interconnects
Method for fabricating a gate dielectric layer
Field effect transistors and methods of forming a field effect transistor
Multiple halo implant in a MOSFET with raised source/drain structure
Method for fabricating a thin film transistor array substrate for liquid crystal display
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Device and method for core buildup using a separator
Flip-chip assembly of semiconductor devices using adhesives
Method of controlling bond process quality by measuring wire bond features
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor and a method of evaluating a polysilicon film
Shadow ring and guide for supporting the shadow ring in a chamber
Method for forming a semiconductor device having a metal substrate
Method for forming integrated circuit capacitor and memory
Ferroelectric capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Two-step chemical-mechanical planarization for damascene structures on semiconductor wafers
Method for forming trench including a first and a second layer of photoresist
Methods of passivating an oxide surface subjected to a conductive material anneal
Process flow for capacitance enhancement in a DRAM trench
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Silicon carbide as a stop layer in chemical mechanical polishing for isolation dielectric
Method of forming shallow trench isolation with rounded corner and divot-free by using disposable spacer
Nonvolatile memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Methods of fabricating buried digit lines
Method to eliminate shorts between adjacent contacts due to interlevel dielectric voids
Method of forming a protective layer included in metal filled semiconductor features
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with metallization layers interconnected by tungsten plugs
Contact forming method for semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and its manufacture
Semiconductor device and process for producing semiconductor device
Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Chip size package semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Chip scale packages
Packaged semiconductor chip and method of making same
Thermally conductive silk-screenable interface material
Methods for mask repattern process
Fine pitch wafer bumping process
Electronic configuration with flexible bonding pads
Process for fabricating a top side pitted diode device
Method of making semiconductor devices, semiconductor device, circuit board, and electronic apparatus
Printed wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Stacked local interconnect structure and method of fabricating same
Method of preventing bridging between polycrystalline micro-scale features
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming low resistance barrier on low k interconnect
Method of making air gaps copper interconnect
Method of making a void-free aluminum film
Fabricating an electrical metal fuse
Semiconductor device having stress reducing laminate and method for manufacturing the same
Method for substrate mapping
Double-packaged multichip semiconductor module
Simultaneous formation of charge storage and bitline to wordline isolation
Thin film transistors
Body contact silicon-on-insulator transistor and method
Method of forming iridium conductive electrode/barrier structure
Method of forming a laser circuit having low penetration ohmic contact providing impurity gettering and the resultant laser circuit
Method for manufacturing transistor
Method for fabricating MOSFETs with a recessed self-aligned silicide contact and extended source/drain junctions
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method of thin film transistor
Process for fabricating a MOS transistor having two gates, one of which is buried and corresponding transistor
Thin film transistor with sub-gates and schottky source/drain and a manufacturing method of the same
Photodetector and device employing the photodetector for converting an optical signal into an electrical signal
Method for production of a thin film and a thin-film solar cell, in particular, on a carrier substrate
Method for interconnecting semiconductor elements to form a thermoelectric cooler and a thermoelectric cooler formed therefrom
Process for fabricating a field-effect transistor with a buried Mott material oxide channel
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescent device
In situ vacuum method for making OLED devices
Microstructured flow fields
Battery module having a plurality of interconnected batteries
Value regulated lead acid battery
Sealed battery with internal pressure activated safety mechanism
Negative electrode for secondary cell, negative plate for secondary cell, and secondary cell comprising the same
Lithium secondary battery and active material for negative electrode in lithium secondary battery
Anode for lithium-ion battery
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Alkaline cell with improved casing
Membrane-separated, bipolar multicell electrochemical reactor
Wicking strands for a polymer electrolyte membrane
Fuel cell system having a fuel cell stack with integrated polarity reversal protection diode
Semiconductor laser, semiconductor light emitting device, and methods of manufacturing the same
Loudspeaker diaphragm
Flextensional microphones for implantable hearing devices
Multi-layer printed circuit board and method of making same
Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring board
Method of making multilayer substrate
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