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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Electrical cable connector assembly with improved wire organizer
Human Necessities
Beach cleaner
Entrapping immobilization pellets for purifying breeding water, process and apparatus for purifying breeding water, and aquarium set
Composition comprising bamboo extract and the compounds isolated therefrom showing treating and preventing activity for inflammatory and blood circulation disease
Method of extruding articles
Modified whey protein compositions having improved foaming properties
Apparatus for molding cooked rice
Disposable pierced earring fragrance chamber
Multi purpose vehicle furniture system
Shapeable wheelchair seatback assembly
Method and apparatus to ingress and egress of chair
Sitting arrangement for automotive vehicles
Gravity feed shelving apparatus and methods
Convertible back bar
Versatile support system and methods thereof
Appliance stabilizing device with quick release attachment
Ergonomic portable pill crusher tool and system
Endoscope with rigidity variation section
Speculum cover
Device for full thickness resectioning of an organ
Nail plate and implantation jig therefor
Electrode catheter for the electrotherapy of cardiac tissue
Transportation device of medicine
Apparatus and method for optical measurements
Fundus camera
Multi-channel electrophysiologic signal data acquisition system on an integrated circuit
Multi DTPA conjugated tetrapyrollic compounds for phototherapeutic contrast agents
Dental compositions including radiation-to-heat converters, and the use thereof
Anchoring system for implantable heart valve prostheses
Expandable medical device with S-shaped bridging elements
Penis development correction device
Method for treating intervertebral discs
Massage device having deformable and/or movable branches and massage method using same
Multi-functional bottle
Method for photothermal therapy using porous silicon and near infrared radiation
Method for producing yeast expressed HPV types 6 and 16 capsid proteins
Recombinant toxin fragments
Methods for the treatment of renal failure
Composition containing fine particles for supporting biologically active substance thereon or having the same supported thereon and method for preparing these
Fluid delivery device having an electrochemical pump with an ion-exchange membrane and associated method
Method and system for control of osmotic pump device
System and method for making an implantable pump thinner
Sheath introduction apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for calculating fluid flow rate
Surgical portal assembly
Introducer seal assembly
Injection device for administering a vaccine
Skin therapy system
Wheeled attachment for pressure washer
Device to extinguish a fire produced in a building
Multi-dimensional arm and wrist training device capable of changing weight
Exercise apparatus
Ring and hook game apparatus
Football center training aid
Device for swing training
Ice skate
Articulated two-piece snowboard with rigid, flexible connector
Surfing board game
Apparatus and methods for providing interactive entertainment
Amusement ride system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dense gas means for extraction of a solute from solids
Compact filter element
Tower for the distillation of seawater
Self-supporting pleated filter media
Air filtering apparatus
Treating textiles with silicone polyether-amide block copolymers
Combination drink dispenser
Mixer and mixing method of mixing polymer dope, and solution casting apparatus and process
Process of conducting reactions or separation in a microchannel with internal fin support for catalyst or sorption medium
Reagent vessel cap and method for collecting reagent
Apparatus and method for collecting and crushing seashells on a beach
Medication disposal system
Dispersing or milling apparatus, and dispersing or milling method using same
Cyclone having a vibration mechanism
Fluid injector
Speed based fluid control for dust reduction in the mining industry having gui user-interface
Liquid applying apparatus and ink-jet printing apparatus
Method of strengthening tool material by penetration of reinforcing particles
Nano-molecular sieve-polymer mixed matrix membranes with significantly improved gas separation performance
Method for producing solid electrolyte capacitors
Methods and systems for enhancing the effectiveness of cleaning compositions
Thixotropic gel for vadose zone remediation
Universal tool bit shank
Cutter for engagement with an arbor
Cutter for engagement with an arbor
Tool holder assembly
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic welding of terminals
Process for the repair of at least one connecting area between a partition plate and a tube plate of a water chamber of a heat exchanger
Solder ball printing apparatus
Apparatus and method for conductive metal ball bonding with electrostatic discharge detection
Activating flux for welding stainless steels
Hand tool with an extendable plunger
Clamp type mortising jig
High total transmittance alumina discharge vessels having submicron grain size
Process for pelletizing polymer melts comprising low-boiling substances
Venting device for mold
Polyethylene-oxide based films and drug delivery systems made therefrom
Liquefier assembly for use in extrusion-based digital manufacturing systems
Method for manufacturing a reinforced shell for forming component parts for aircraft and shell for component parts for aircraft
Method of manufacturing a molded article
Calender gap control
Method for manufacturing liquid crystalline resin composition of reduced density
Film stretching apparatus
Apparatus for activating a web
Method and apparatus for forming hollow moldings having thin film on inner surface
Method for fabricating stringers
Semiconductor wafer holding method, semiconductor wafer holding apparatus and semiconductor wafer holding structure
Flooring panels
Vacuum-infused fiberglass-reinforced fenestration framing member and method of manufacture
Self-releasing curing bladder
Pneumatic tire and producing method of pneumatic tire
Folded boxes and methods of making the same
Hanging manufacturing apparatus for manufacturing air enclosure
Method of forming open core web elements
Substrate bonding apparatus having alignment unit and method of aligning substrates using the same
Printing apparatus and printing method
Printer and transferring body
Phase change ink imaging component having two-layer configuration
Image recording apparatus
Printhead restraint system
Element substrate, printhead, and head cartridge
Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
Ink stick with electronically-readable memory device
Remaining-liquid-amount display apparatus and remaining-liquid-amount display method
Machine for fitting and removing wheel tires for vehicles
Trailing arm mounting device for vehicle with small-sized frame
Passive vehicle suspension system providing optimal camber gain
Side window roller blind with hinged pull rod and rectangular support rod
Retractable hardtop with two-piece rear section and removable front roof panels
Convertible top with skylight
Automotive fuel storage system with in-tank fuel encapsulation system
Drive device of hybrid vehicle
Vehicle with energy-absorbing member in the vehicle end portion structure
Crash box and bumper for a motor vehicle
Overmolded magnesium
Storage device for a vehicle roof top cargo carrier and corresponding methods
Automotive vehicle and also support arrangement
Vehicle body structure
Single piece side-sill-garnish and mudguard
Filter and pressure control valve of electronically controllable power steering apparatus including the same
Seat assembly for a vehicle
Foldable wheelchair
Ship-side ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
Method and apparatus for dispensing frozen confectionary
Distributor for pairwise delivery of two liquids
Fuel device, vehicle, fuel filling device, and fuel filling system
Packaging container and method
Closure cap for the filler neck of a reservoir and filler neck therefor
Plastic container having gasketless seal
Easy access refuse container
Coated-poly containers
Tool layout caddy
Method and apparatus for conveying material and ejector apparatus
Sheet product dispenser
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Bonus credit system for money-operated machines
Solenoid valve device and automatic document feeder having such solenoid valve device
Automatic self-clearing feature for paper jams in marking machines
Paper handling scanner system
Yarn braking device
Core for a roll of material
System, method, and apparatus for pre-tensioned pipe for load-sharing with composite cover
Water cooler caddy
Fluid dispensing device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Silicon tetrafluoride byproduct separation process
Process for production of carbon alloy products
Preparation of complex metal oxides
Methods for treating water using iron
High tin solder etching solution
Cement retarder
Cross-sectional functionally graded propellants and method of manufacture
Method of adhering a material to another material and product produced by the method
Amorphous silica coating for heat reflectivity and heat resistance
Catalyst and its use in desulphurisation
Carbothermic processes
Heat treatment of superalloy components
Method and apparatus for forming thin film
Film forming method and film forming apparatus
Low temperature ALD SiO.sub.2
Nitriding-oxidizing treatment method for metal
Apparatus and method for regional plasma control
Membrane electrode assemblies and electropaint systems incorporating same
Textiles; Paper
Spinning, doping, dedoping and redoping polyaniline fiber
Process for preparing bleaching/highlighting composition and use of such compositions
Method for deinking pulp using premixed hydrophobically modified calcium carbonate particles
Single ply tissue products surface treated with a softening agent
Arrangement for the treatment of cellulose pulp in a washing apparatus arranged with displaced peripheral valve seals
Fixed Constructions
Soil compactor having low profile muffler
Self-locking manhole cover
Multi-level fall protection system for high-rise construction
Upper beam for a telescopic feeder, telescopic feeder and drilling device for rock drilling
Method of improving hydrocarbon production from a gravel packed oil and gas well
Wellsite systems utilizing deployable structure
Hydraulically operated protector for downhole devices
Downhole apparatus with a swellable support structure
Method of applying a string of interconnected strain sensors to a cylindrical object
Device and method for explosive drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary type expander and fluid machinery
Three-dimensionally vibration-preventing buffering mechanism
Integral gas turbine compressor and rotary fuel injector
Fuel injector with real-time feedback control
Downhole motor seal and method
Integrated leading edge for wind turbine blade
Linear compressor with spring arrangement
Method of running a down hole rotary pump
Medical fluid delivery system and method relating to the same
Electric pump
Pneumatic drive system
Self-drilling masonry bolt
Fastener restraint assembly to prevent rotational loosening of mechanical fasteners, fastener and method
Propeller shaft for motor vehicle
Hydrodynamic liquid metal bearing
Jounce bumper assembly and gas spring assembly including same
V-ribbed belt
Multi-speed transmission with external drive gearsets
Manual valve control for multi-speed planetary transmission
Differential lock mechanism
Transmission bearing noise attenuation device
Control system for electronic range selection in a dual clutch transmission
Large diameter seals
Dosage control apparatus
Decorative object connectable to a connected object
Repositionable lighting device for grilling utensils
Light-emitting diode illuminating equipment with replaceable shell
Back light unit and manufacturing method thereof
Premixing burner arrangement for operating a combustion chamber in addition to a method for operating a combustion chamber
Plate-type heat exchanger
Heat detector and method of manufacturing heat detecting element
Sensor and method of sensing having an energy source and detector on the same side of a sensor substance
Method and apparatus for stripping voltammetric and potentiometric detection and measurement of contamination in liquids
Fluid particle separating device
Apparatus and method for adjusting position of electronic component
Material and device properties modification by electrochemical charge injection in the absence of contacting electrolyte for either local spatial or final states
Gun mirror
Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Focal plane shutter
System and method for issuing digital receipts for purchase transactions over a network
Method and system for detecting potential coercion or vote buying in vote by mail systems
Electronic value exchange system and electronic value exchange method
Card reader device and method of use
Light emitting device and display device using same
Composite carbonate and method for producing the same
Amorphous transparent conductive film, sputtering target as its raw material, amorphous transparent electrode substrate, process for producing the same and color filter for liquid crystal display
Method for making a silicon quantum dot fluorescent lamp
Method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescence device using a liquid droplet ejection method
Electrical connection device
Card edge connector with improved soldering portions of terminals
Connector system with electrical connection and infrared coupling and method
Card connector
Connector assemblies configured to prevent damage to contacts during mating and demating
Cable connecting device and connecting apparatus with cable connecting devices of this kind
Mounting socket for memory card and SIM card having integrated sensing switch
EMI suppression for electrical connector
Connector and light source apparatus
Lamp socket, backlight assembly including the lamp socket, and liquid crystal display including the backlight assembly
Contact terminal having receiving arms arranged to provide robust receiving space therebetween
Zero insertion force socket connector preventing pin legs of CPU from over movement
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Baggage entertainment devices and methods
Wafer probe station having environment control enclosure
Apparatus for safeguarding a merchandise item against theft
Computer mouse
Systems and methods for monitoring patient compliance with medication regimens
Graphical video system
Force feedback device with spring selection mechanism
Performing Operations; Transporting
Temperature monitor for electrically operated fluid dispenser and method
Integrated circuitry for use with transducer elements in an imaging system
Device for detecting pin-holes or tears in a foil
Carrier utilization in printing
Ray applying device
Tape printing apparatus
Thermal transfer recording apparatus
Exposure recording device for scanning a recording medium with a light beam
Hyperbaric oxygen enrichment system for vehicles
Latched switching device
Method of controlling power output apparatus
Vehicle charge assembly
System, method and apparatus for power regulation
Engine stall prevention apparatus for a hybrid vehicle provided with a mechanism that changes the engine speed depending on clutch state detection
Rotational power converter for hybrid electric vehicle
Off-board station and an electricity exchanging system suitable for use with a mobile vehicle power system
Hybrid propulsion for fuel-cell cars
Replacement led lamp assembly and modulated power intensity for light source
Indicating display for a motor vehicle, in particular a raised stop light unit
Vehicle exterior mirror with antenna
Integrated antenna for use with passive entry and ignition system
Method for starting a motor vehicle and ignition-starter device
Electronic key
Structural theft protection for motor vehicles
Automobile vehicle equipped with an antenna used for a dedicated communication system description
Electric power steering device
Motor unit with an integrated speed sensor for a bicycle hub transmission
Aerial work platform with pothole and/or obstacle detection and avoidance system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Signaling lamp with phosphor excitation in the VUV range and having specified phosphor mixtures
Optical compensatory sheet and liquid crystal display
Achromatic polarization inverters for displaying inverse frames in DC balanced liquid crystal displays
Thin film formed by inductively coupled plasma
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for detecting foreign matter in longitudinally traveling yarn
Fixed Constructions
Permeability-modulated carrier referencing
Electrical geophysical apparatus for determining the density of porous materials and establishing geo-electric constants of porous material
Multi-functional mast
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromagnetic actuator
Method and device for controlling a controller having a capacitive element
Starter motor magnetic switch having auxiliary relay
Fan linear speed controller
Brushless motor having resin bearing
Remote bearing device with remote diagnostic capability
Germanium gamma-ray detector
Reconnaissance sonde
Elemental concentration measuring methods and instruments
Control element assembly position verification apparatus
Six-degree of freedom tracking system having a passive transponder on the object being tracked
Spatial positioning
Information appliance system having a navigational position generator and method
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products for determining a look ahead distance value for high speed flight
Capacitance probe and spacer therefor
Method and system for identifying etch end points in semiconductor circuit fabrication
Temperature sensor with measuring resistor
Method of determining a characteristic of an optical fiber by reflectometry
Optical fault locator
Tagging compositions and methods
Device and a method for thermal sensing
Methods for processing, optimization, calibration and display of measured dielectrometry signals using property estimation grids
Monitoring fluid condition with a spiral electrode configuration
Apparatus for measuring properties of a moving paper web or cardboard web
IC socket
Burin carrier and semiconductor die assembly
Method and apparatus for providing single button access to oscilloscope delay and trigger centric horizontal display modes
Smart auto-ranging RMS measurement method and apparatus
Current sensor
Voltage sensor
Apparatus and method for diagnosing antennas using switches
Removable electrical interconnect apparatuses including an engagement proble
Testing apparatus for test piece testing method contactor and method of manufacturing the same
Method and circuitry for an undisturbed scannable state element
Method and apparatus for eliminating shoot-through events during master-slave flip-flop scan operations
Soft error rate tolerant latch
Integrated circuit with scan flip-flop
Integrated circuit tester having a program status memory
Screening method of semiconductor device and apparatus thereof
Integrated circuit
Start pulse rejection for a motor commutation pulse detection circuit
Condition monitoring of opportunity charged batteries
Orthogonal flux-gate type magnetic sensor
Apparatus and method utilizing sample transfer to and from NMR flow probes
Balanced mode operation of a high frequency NMR probe
Magnetic resonance imaging
Multi-echo sequence based MR imaging for fluid in motion
Method and apparatus for reducing image artifacts caused by magnet vibration in an MR imaging system
Method for acquiring time-resolved and location-resolved, three-dimensional data sets with magnetic resonance and apparatus for the implementation of the method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
GPS receiver with satellite frame synchronization process
Motion detector based on the doppler principle
Method of reducing clutter and mutual interference in a coherent doppler radar system
Consistent combination of altimeter data from multiple satellites
High performance vehicle radar system
Radar apparatus
System for and method of searching for targets in a marine environment
Obstacle recognition system for vehicle
Multi-lateration system with automatic calibration and error removal
Self-contained, self-surveying differential GPS base station and method of operating same
Microwave pulse generator
Radiation imaging using simultaneous emission and transmission
Device for locating radiation sources
Self leveling underground marker
Shielding apparatus for selective attenuation of an electromagnetic energy field component
Flexible traceable push rod
Test slide for microscopes and method for the production of such a slide
Galvanometer unit
Optical function device with photonic band gap and/or filtering characteristics
System, method and article of manufacture to determine and communicate optical lens sizing and prescription information
Electronic display
Testing integrated circuit dice
Thin film transistor type X-ray image detecting device and method for fabricating the same
Transflective liquid crystal display device with asymmetry reflective electrode having a transparent portion facing a main viewing angle
LCD device having a back light
Liquid crystal display device and electronic device
Information terminal device with display-illuminating means
Methods of customizing the physical size and shape of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic displays
Liquid crystal display device having a defective pad repair structure and method for making the same
Liquid crystal display device
Fresnel lens and liquid crystal display device
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image reading apparatus, image recording apparatus and image processing device
Method and apparatus for producing three-dimensional image
Mask holding device, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Process for controlling a gap between a mask and a workpiece in proximity exposure and a proximity exposure device
Man-machine interface for a virtual annunciator panel display
Voltage regulator circuit
Voltage regulator for dual power source networks
Method and system for generating a low voltage reference
Integrated circuit and method for minimizing clock skews
Programmable clock trunk architecture
Laptop touchpad with integrated antenna
Full-time wearable information managing device and method for the same
Circuit including segmented switch array for capacitive loading reduction
Charger for wireless product
Liquid crystal display device
Low voltage output drive circuit
Method and system for layout of objects within a perimeter using constrained interactive search
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, recording medium stored with cell library, and method for designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of controlling view of large expansion tree
Mouse/keyboard capture recorder (MCR) apparatus and methodology
Object position detector with edge motion feature and gesture recognition
Method and apparatus for displaying and tree scrolling a hierarchical data structure
Pen drawing computer input device
Determining the position of a detented optical encoder
Prepress workflow method and program
Packetized command interface to a graphics processor
Applet and application display in embedded systems using bufferless child graphics contexts
Method and apparatus for emulating an environment's drag and drop functionality in a host environment
Switched input circuit structure
Integrator topplogy for continuous integration
Wireless identification device, RFID device, and method of manufacturing wireless identification device
Non-contact type IC card and process for manufacturing same
Method of display scrolling along a timebase and an apparatus for performing the method
Web calendar architecture and uses thereof
Dynamically configurable electronic survey response alert system
Method and system for dynamically representing cluster analysis results
Processing graphical objects having origins defined with elasticity
circuit and method for processing render commands in a tile-based graphics system
Medical-technical system
System and method for inferring projective mappings
Enhancing hardware clipping for bit-packed fonts
Motion data generation apparatus, motion data generation method, and motion data generation program storage medium
System for continuous display and navigation in a virtual-reality world
Motion vector detection circuit enabling high-speed search of motion vector
Estimating targets using statistical properties of observations of known targets
Image processing system for processing image data in a plurality of color modes
Graphics display system with color look-up table loading mechanism
Secured access checking system enabling the automatic transfer of entitlement to produce keys
Customer-sensitive dispenser using proximity sensing devices
Processing and presenting information received from a plurality of remote sensors
Portable wireless cellular fire alarm system apparatus and method
Pull station
Dual mode panel
Remote alarm tester
Traffic light sequence indication system
Method for issuing a destination arrival alarm in a radio terminal
Automated air-traffic advisory system and method
Signal flag and signalling system for motor racing
Race position tracking pylon
Focus compensation apparatus and method for monitor system
Method of constructing a solid graph using honeycomb cells
Method and apparatus for displaying characters and/or images
Method for improving life of a field emission display
Controlling pixel brightness in a field emission display using circuits for sampling and discharging
Method for driving plasma display panel
Color display apparatus
Display device capable of collecting substantially all power charged to capacitive load in display panel
4-electrodes type plasma display panel, drive method and apparatus therefor
Driving apparatus for active matrix type luminescent panel
Electro-luminescence display with divided power supply lines
Electro-optical device drive circuit, electro-optical device and electronic equipment using the same
Color adjustment circuit for liquid crystal display
Driving circuit of electro-optical device, driving method for electro-optical device, and electro-optical device and electronic equipment employing the electro-optical device
Electro-optical devices
Display system and method for supplying a display system with a picture signal
Control circuit for a vibrating membrane
Method for splicing MPEG-2 transport streams
Multilayer matrix-addressable logic device with a plurality of individually matrix-addressable and stacked thin films of an active material
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having an array structure suitable to high-density integrationization
Multiplexed distribution system for CMOS signals
Internal voltage generation circuit having stable operating characteristics at low external supply voltages
Pump area reduction through the use of passive RC-filters or active filters
Variable resistor
Surface mount conductive polymer device
Symmetric multi-layer spiral inductor for use in RF integrated circuits
Multiple level spiral inductors used to form a filter in a printed circuit board
Coil device and switching power supply apparatus using the same
Planar magnetic assembly
Encapsulated magnet assembly and method for making the same
Low weight and low excitation force magnetotorquer
Low-voltage circuit-breaker with a retrofitted power-driven lift
Motor operator interlock and method for circuit breakers
Slow acting fuse with wide range of current ratings
Design and manufacturing processes of long-life hollow cathode assemblies
Electron-emitting device, electron source using the electron-emitting devices, and image-forming apparatus using the electron source
Plasma display panel electrode
Plasma display panel
Linear amplifier having discrete resonant circuit elements and providing near-constant efficiency across a wide range of output power
Voltage divider, electron gun provided with the voltage divider, and cathode ray tube provided with the electron gun
Electric discharge processing method for an electron tube using a field emission cold cathode device
Color display tube device
Color cathode-ray tube apparatus
Deflection yoke with improved deflection sensitivity
Cathode ray tube
Encapsulated flat panel display components
Fed having a carbon nanotube film as emitters
X-ray image detector
Focusing assembly and method for a charged particle beam column
Uniform raster pattern generating system
Plasma generating apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing method
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Socket and light bulb assembly utilizing magnetic coupling
Radiator module for use in a lamp housing
Discharge lamp with end of life arc extinguishing structure
Gas discharge tube having a side tube with glass coating
Metal halide discharge lamp with a long service life
Short-arc discharge lamp with a starting antenna
Electrodeless gas discharge lamp assembly with flux concentrator
Silicided undoped polysilicon for capacitor bottom plate
Conductor wires and semiconductor device using them
Treatment for film surface to reduce photo footing
Locos isolation process using a layered pad nitride and dry field oxidation stack and semiconductor device employing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device for attachment to a semiconductor substrate
Apparatus and methods of packaging and testing die
Fabrication of integrated circuits on both sides of a semiconductor wafer
Microstructure liner having improved adhesion
Double pass transistor logic with vertical gate transistors
Dislocation free local oxidation of silicon with suppression of narrow space field oxide thinning effect
Chip size stack package, memory module having the same, and method of fabricating the module
Electric apparatus having a contact intermediary member and method for manufacturing the same
Center bond flip-chip semiconductor device and method of making it
Pattern layout structure in substrate
Tape ball grid array semiconductor
Semiconductor device
Apparatus and methods for coupling conductive leads of semiconductor assemblies
Semiconductor interconnect barrier and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with repair fuses and laser trimming method used therefor
Semiconductor device and method for reducing parasitic capacitance between data lines
Low resistance barrier layer for isolating, adhering, and passivating copper metal in semiconductor fabrication
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Microcircuit assembly having dual-path grounding and negative self-bias
Vertical surface mount package utilizing a back-to-back semiconductor device module
Wafer level stack package and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor component with a number of substrate layers and at least one semiconductor chip, and method of producing the semiconductor component
Electrode terminal connection structure of semiconductor module
Stacked integrated circuit structure
Video Display and manufacturing method therefor
Photovoltaic-charged secondary battery device
EL display device and electric device
Organic electroluminescence display
Active matrix display device
Low turn-on voltage InP Schottky device and method
Electroluminescent device comprising porous silicon
Linear incremental bi-directional motor
Vibration type actuator and vibration type driving apparatus
Battery pack
Waveguide switch for routing M-inputs to M of N-outputs
Dielectric filter, composite dielectric filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Tuning method for filters having multiple coupled resonators
Isolator utilizing a planar dielectric transmission line with a resistive film
Structure for reducing the mutual inductance between two adjacent transmission lines on a substrate
Branch tee dielectric waveguide line
Boxed structure antenna device
Portable radio telephone
Trap microstrip PIFA
Planar antenna structure
Case with communication module having a passive radiator for a handheld computer system
Antenna systems including internal planar inverted-F antennas coupled with retractable antennas and wireless communicators incorporating same
Antenna apparatus and wireless communication apparatus
Dual mode antenna and laptop carrying same
Airborne and subterranean UHF antenna
Antenna apparatus
Wireless communications device having a compact antenna cluster
Phased array antenna data re-alignment
Adaptive beamforming method in an IMT-2000 system
Ground-based, wavefront-projection beamformer for a stratospheric communications platform
Circular polarization antenna for wireless communication system
Bus bar for connecting electrical components with arrangement for measuring current and power electronics for controlling an electric machine
Spark plug having an internal conductor configuration
Electrical distribution panel employing a surge protector
Integrated control system and method for controlling mode, synchronization, power factor, and utility outage ride-through for micropower generation systems
Electric power system
Device and method for controlling charging of secondary battery
Battery recharging device and method and an automatic battery detection system and method therefor
Battery booster with preconditioning and temperature compensation
Charge switch control circuit
Method and apparatus for voltage regulation via pseudo-random PWM modulation
Process for magnetizing the permanent magnets of an electric motor rotor and a process for assembling a hermetic compressor motor
Variable-speed electromechanical energy converter
Method and apparatus for torque ripple reduction in sinusoidally excited brushless permanent magnet motors
Motor with an electrically commutated stator and a rotor with permanent magnets
Wheel drum structure of inner stator portion with inbuilt switches
Liquid cooled alternator brush holder ribs
Cast motor end shield including insert and method for casting
Electric motor installation structure
Motor having rotor equipped with cooling fan
Semiconductor power converting apparatus
Method to increase the efficiency of a power switching device
Capacitive load drive circuit
Phase controlled dimming system with active filter for preventing flickering and undesired intensity changes
Driving device for fluorescent tube
Method for controlling the starting of an AC induction motor
Chopping energization control device
Commutator motor control system
PWM motor driving device
Digital PLL filter and VCO for use in controlling a spindle motor of a mass data storage device
Method and device for controlling a brushless electric motor
Digital ramp generator with output power level controller
Dual-oscillator trim method
Oscillators with the multi-layer non-radiative dielectric waveguide structure
Voltage-controlled oscillator having a variable capacitive element with an electrode coupled to a resonator
Oscillator and voltage controlled oscillator
Push-pull amplifier circuit with idling current control
Operational amplifier
Transmitter using input modulation for envelope restoration scheme for linear high-efficiency power amplification
Operational amplifier with multiple complementary P-channel and N-channel input pairs to reduce transconductance variation
Differential telescopic operational amplifier having switched capacitor common mode feedback circuit portion
Dynamic bridge system with common mode range extension
Method and apparatus for switching stages of a multistage amplifier quickly between operational modes
Substrate shielded multilayer balun transformer
Filter assembly
Surface wave devices with static electric field
Antenna duplexer with receiving, transmitting, and antenna terminal groups separated planarly
Piezoelectric oscillator
Surface acoustic wave filter and branching filter utilizing it
Frequency-characteristic switchable buffer circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Very high voltage switch
Switching circuitry providing improved signal performance at high frequencies and method of operation thereof
Level converter provided with slew-rate controlling means
Low ground bounce and low power supply bounce output driver with dual, interlocked, asymmetric delay lines
Method of driving power circuit and circuit therefor
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
Impedance control for wide range loaded signals using distributed methodology
Integrated circuit for handling buffer contention and method thereof
Self-limiting pad driver
Hybrid circuit having current source controlled by a comparator
Multi-level programmable voltage control and output buffer with selectable operating voltage
Variable grain architecture for FPGA integrated circuits
Prescalar using fraction division theory
Edge-triggered, self-resetting pulse generator
Clock control circuit and clock control method
Connection control circuit
Output driver having controlled slew rate
Cyclic phase signal generation from a single clock source using current phase interpolation
Digital phase lock loop
Circuit for generating sense amplifier control signal for semiconductor memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for tuning oscillator to a selected frequency
Signal generator, and method
Electrical signal synchronization
Reduced lock time for a phase locked loop
Successive approximation A/D converter capable of error correction
Digital-to-analog conversion circuit
Method and apparatus for digital to analog converters with improved switched R-2R ladders
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for acquiring wide-band pseudorandom noise encoded waveforms
System and method for self-calibrating a multi-bit delta-sigma analog to digital converter using dynamic element matching
Method for reducing radio frequency emissions on high-speed serial buses
Interactive remote control toy
Power shut-off that operates in response to prespecified remote-conditions
System and apparatus for controlling an appliance situated within a premises
High speed low voltage differential signal driver circuit having low sensitivity to fabrication process variation, noise, and operating temperature variation
Method of and apparatus for scanning sheet
Digital pixel sensor with integrated charge transfer amplifier
Color image forming apparatus with position compensation
Method for suppressing phantom images
Photosensitive charge-accumulating device and a lidar incorporating such a device
Radiation image detecting system
DTV receiver symbol decoding circuitry with co-channel NTSC artifacts suppression filter before data slicer
Apparatus for controlling on screen display
System to capture, store, and retrieve composite video for transmission over telephone lines
Method and apparatus for controlling a remote video camera in a video conferencing system
Method and apparatus for command and control of television receiver for video conferencing applications
Low bandwidth television
Motion vector search method and apparatus
Apparatus for operating at least one light-emitting diode
El backlight drive circuit for LCD display
Multi-scene preset lighting controller
Variable structure circuit topology for HID lamp electronic ballasts
Chip-type electronic component having external electrodes that are spaced at predetermined distances from side surfaces of a ceramic substrate
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