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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus, systems and methods for dulling animal claws
Apparatus and method for rotating avian enclosures
Malononitrile compounds and their use as pesticides
Method for making a sandwich
Papilla gown
Leisure sports helmet
Removable liner and inflatable bladder for snowboard boots and method of manufacture
Microinscribed gemstone
Medal mounting device
Fluid dispensing device
Stackable child restraint for aircraft
Modular chair assembly
Seat device for a chair
Optical instrument, in particular an endoscopic instrument
Method and system for accurate visualization and measurement of endoscopic images
Protective shield for a patient control device
Connector for attaching an alignment rod to a bone structure
Method and apparatus for monitoring eye tremor
Blood flow measuring apparatus
Diagnostic imaging contrast agents with extended blood retention
Polycationic peptide coatings and methods of making the same
Expandable stent apparatus and method
Flat knitted stent and method of making the same
Biodegradable stent
Bioprosthetic cardiovascular valve system
Nursing aid device and methods of use
Device and procedure to treat cardiac atrial arrhythmias
Chest compression device with electro-stimulation
Method for treating a mammal by administration of a compound having the ability to release CO, compounds having the ability to release CO and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Biochemically balanced peritoneal dialysis solutions
Separation of platelets from whole blood for use as a healant
Composition for the treatment of symptoms and conditions associated with aging
Erythropoietin solution preparation
Targeted combination immunotherapy of cancer and infectious diseases
Cosmetic films
Carrier particles for use in dry powder inhalers
Hydrophobic component free sustained release nicotinic acid compositions for treating hyperlipidemia and related methods therefor
Oral capsule formulation with increased physical stability
Tissue liquefaction and aspiration for dental treatment
Blood product transfer system
Cannula with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Balloon catheter having a balloon with a thickened wall portion
Device for implanting catheters
Microencapsulated fragrances and methods of coating microcapsules
Apparatus for dispersing scents into the environment
Adjustable weight dumbell
Pneumatic pogo stick
Insert for a bat having an improved seam orientation
Inflatable field enclosure divider
Successive sliding exerciser
Game apparatus and computer-readable medium
Gaming device having main game activating a bonus event
Performing Operations; Transporting
Disposable vacuum filtration funnel with integral prefilter
Filtering device having filter bag seal
Brine supply unit
Device for separating liquid from a gas current
Elimination process of fluorinated anionic surfactants
Steam humidifier and method
Attachment and release apparatus for a centrifuge rotor cover
Film forming apparatus and film forming method
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method of fabricating thin dielectric film and thin film capacitor including the dielectric film
Device for holding at least one roller of a rolling machine
Apparatus for forming optical aperture
Swaging machine and method of use
Feeding mechanism of an automatic pipe bending machine
Casting method for producing surface acoustic wave devices
Thermal regulation of a coated work-piece during the reconfiguration of the coated work-piece
Manufacturing method for dynamic damper
Structure of a twin disc type tool turret mechanism for CNC machines
Automated machine for setting bendable nailing pins on a frame
Polyelectrolyte dispensing polishing pad
Forming a transparent window in a polishing pad for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Scouring pad
Torque wrench
Connecting device for connecting a main tool and an auxiliary tool of a combination tool
End effector with tapered fingertips
Disposable cutting head for clippers
Method for positioning the slitters of a slitter-winder in a paper or board machine
Power gear guillotine trimmer
Trimming apparatus and method for fuel cell membrane/electrode coupling and transporting apparatus
Poly-steel double wall tank
Cooled calibrating device for a plastic extrusion facility
Cutting cylinder for crosscutting a printing material web in a rotary press
Method for making a multicompartment thermoplastic bag
Optical recording medium
Textile products having flame retardant properties and methods of manufacture
Print head energy storage
Integrated inkjet print head with rapid ink refill mechanism and off-shooter heater
Method for borderless printing using a printer adapted to print dots
Printing mechanism having wide format printing zone
Printing apparatus and preliminary discharge control method
Ink jet recording apparatus
Low thermal mass, variable watt density formable heaters for printer applications
Bidirectional printing method and apparatus with reduced color unevenness
Apparatus for detecting an end portion of a recording medium
Hand-held cutting device
Tire for heavy load use
Engine control apparatus for motorcycles
Automotive vehicle body having tailor welded blanks
Remote door entry system
Organizer console
Telescoping roof basket assembly for a vehicle
Control circuit for a controlled electro-magnetic valve of an automotive braking system
Fuel injection control system for internal combustion engine
Vehicular linear pneumatic propulsion system
Adjustable, bi-directional, removable baby stroller handle
Infant car seat stroller
Motorcycle rear suspension
Bicycle steering disk brake and stabilizer
Rear fairing for a snowmobile
Underwater scooter
Residential compressor for refueling motor vehicles that operate on gaseous fuels
Desiccant basket for medication containers
Flexible bag with resealable vertical pour spout
Device at packages, coupling members and method for application of a coupling member
Sealable container cover
Counter top ticket dispenser, display, and writing stand
Dispenser gasket and tensioner system
Method and device for winding a paper or board web
Sheet processing unit and image forming apparatus
Vertical pocket feeder
Device and method for aligning sheets
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for preparing aluminum nitride
Method for deoxygenating ammonia with reduced oxides of iron and manganese
Process for reprocessing spent nuclear fuels by utilizing phenomenon of cocrystallization
Water treatment device
Rotating perforated cylinder treatment system
Remediation with ozone of sediments containing organic contaminants
Coating of cooled devices
Process for producing glass and glass-melting apparatus thereof
Glass substrate for data recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Propellant formulation
Fluorine-free plasma curing process for porous low-k materials
Method and process for enhancing properties and medical tubing performance in a polybutadiene material
Stabilized biocidal coating composition and method
Gelling agent and production method thereof
Method and apparatus for depositing films
Concentration profile on demand gas delivery system (individual divert delivery system)
.alpha.-alumina coated cutting tool
Electroless gold plating solution
Titania nanotube arrays for use as sensors and method of producing
Metal bridging monitor for etch and CMP endpoint detection
U.sup.+4 generation in HTER
Device substrate and method for producing device substrate
Textiles; Paper
Adjustable quilting machine
Drum type washing machine
Starch and fiber mixture for papermaking and methods of making paper with the mixture
Fixed Constructions
Telescoping ramp
Jacking method and apparatus
Process and apparatus for making corrugated walls
Device for actuating an articulated mast, especially for concrete pumps
Pool cover box apparatus and methods
Pool skimmer assembly
Adjustable door strike plate and assembly
Repair using plastic as the sliding mechanism for laterally sliding doors/windows
Angular adjustment arrangement of side pivot hinge
Window regulator
Fixing structure of a door weather strip
Hydraulically activated swivel for running expandable components with tailpipe
System and method for assisting with automatically connecting pipe joints with a horizontal boring machine
Method and apparatus for well bore cleaning
Hydraulically released inflation tool for permanent bridge plug
Percussion tool and method
Compact mid-grip fastener
High torque and high capacity rotatable center core with ram body assemblies
Method and apparatus for cleaning a fractured interval between two packers
In situ recovery from a kerogen and liquid hydrocarbon containing formation
Sealed lateral wellbore junction
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Free piston device with time varying clearance seal
Low temperature heat engine
Auxiliary heater arrangement with a muffler
Method of reducing particulates and enhancing burning rate within a combustion chamber
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Method for control scheduling to achieve linear thrust response
Throttle control devices
Internal combustion engine with motor brake
Working fluid circuit for a turbocharged engine having exhaust gas recirculation
Air intake and a method for installing an air intake
Method of stopping and restarting an internal combustion engine with indirect injection
Energy generating system
Ring unit for decreasing eddy flow area of a fan module
Pump system with vacuum source
Device for regulating rotational speed of the driven rotor of a viscosity coupling
Device for controlled bearing support of a component on a vibration damper with visual indication of position adjustment
Bridging clutch for a hydrodynamic torque converter
Fluid pressure control circuit
Fluid pressure control device for lock-up mechanism
Shift assist apparatus for a bicycle transmission
Vacuum unit for producing a stroke movement
Diverter valve for an extruder, in particular a twin-screw extruder
Vacuum relief assembly for I.C. engine intakes
Water-saving device for a faucet
Handle for valves
Contained pipeline system with brine filled interstitial space and method for detecting leakage in same
Socket-welded pipe joint
Antivibration clamp for elongated objects
Modular stand structure
Modular electronic candle
Illuminated power strip and electrical outlet
Planar light source
Planar surface illuminator
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display apparatus
Plenum and diffuser for heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications
Method of controlling a carbon dioxide heat pump water heating system
Ice-making mechanism of ice-making machine
Method and system for cooling high power density devices
Natural gas liquefaction
Method for enhancing mobility of working fluid in liquid/gas phase heat dissipating device
Tube structure of multitubular heat exchanger
Finned plate heat exchanger
Trigger system and method of installing same
Lightweight soft body-armor product
Rimfire cartridge for a firearm
Viewing and display apparatus position determination algorithms
Method for measuring a fill level
Changed condition indicator
Maximum/minimum thermometer
Liquid detecting apparatus
Analyzer system having sample rack transfer line
Method of determining the porosity of a workpiece
Method and a device for measuring stress forces in refiners
Method and system for changing the cross-sectional profile of a beam of light
Reflective sheeting for tractor-trailer
Method for determining fiber optic fault location
Image projector lamp door with screw tuning component
Image processing system, projector, program, information storage medium, and image processing method
Polarization converter, an illumination optical device having the polarization converter and projector
Method and apparatus for learning word pronunciation and spelling using a typeable phonetic alpabet
Method of manufacturing a head gimbal assembly with substantially orthogonal tab, side beam and base
Thin surface mounted type solid electrolytic capacitor
Damage-free card connector
Safety device for electrical plugs and a method of attaching same
Connector and a connector assembly
SIM card connector with card ejection mechanism
Dual input charger with cable storing mechanism
Spark plug with ground electrode having mechanically locked precious metal feature
Method of manufacturing stator core of vehicle rotary electric machine
Method and device for delivering radiotherapy
Electric-component mounting system
Optical module
Cooling airflow distribution device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bank note validator
Coin validation apparatus
Method and apparatus for validating coins
Mounting assembly for escalator roof support
Conveyor table having selectively enabled conveyor elements
Accumulator for molds
Loading and/or offloading device, in particular for printing machines
Vacuum control for a transfer device, in particular for cans
Apparatus for automatically forming arrays of containers
Shuttle car conveyor for conveyable material
Integrated roller transport pod and asynchronous conveyor
Device for Transferring Products
Accumulation conveyor
Modular link conveyor with interdigitating grid and interleaving side wings
Conveyor system
Cigarette lighter receptacle
Article carrier having brace tab
Surface package type semiconductor package and method of producing semiconductor memory
Package for packaging a food product
Two-pack kit for packaging make-your-own cigarettes
Carrying case with flexible shield for laptop computer
Method and apparatus for organizing and storing bills
Quality control packaging container
Tool box assembly having lighting and warning functions
Freestanding, multiple compartment container
Suspension package
Packaging for glasses having stems and base and top platforms for use therewith
Collapsible shipping container
Continuous process for recovering raw materials from coated foils, device for carrying out this process and foil materials recovered thereby
Particle separator including continuous train of separating pans
Flow divider box for conducting drilling mud to selected drilling mud separation units
Theft-resistant bicycle rack
Adjustable communications equipment dual relay rack
Cable management rack for telecommunications equipment
Device for storing and displaying caps
Frame rack
Method for presenting a packaged product on a stand, stand for presenting a packaged product and package for presenting a product on a stand
Transport racking system
Over the door brackets
Apparatus for securely retaining a plurality of garment hangers
Shelving crossbar retainer and assembly and method for fixing a crossbar to a post
Profile arrangement for building exhibition or shop systems
Closure for plastic tube
Hot-fillable blow molded container with pinch-grip vacuum panels
Eye shadow case
Stackable, collapsible and returnable container with locking structure
Lockable safety release gas cap
Reclosable opening device for packages for pourable food products
Stud tensioning device for flange cover
Underground rake storage device
Ventilated container
Interlocking cylinder
Pressure-proof tank
Plastic drum with drain sump
Closure end made of sheet
Crushable plastic bottle
Pressure compensation device for a two-part container
Scrub dispensing cabinet
Self-positioned device for holding products in dispensing machines
Device for dispensing fluids
Portable dispensing bottle with dissolvable wax plug at inlet
Machine for dispensing a predetermined quantity of coffee
Suction tube mount for ornaments within a container
Fluid storage container and dispenser, and method of dispensing
Applicator for dispensing a soft package of material
Container and closure
Method and apparatus for molding multichamber squeeze tubes and tubes produced thereby
Device for dispensing flowable material from a flexible package
Closure for container and closure package and method of making same
Eye dropper with illuminated tip
Additive injector for a dispensing valve
Spinning valve
Bulk feed glue gun
Anti-clog pump sprayer
Cartridge for holding a supply of a flowable substance
Powder feed system
Pump actuator with plastic spring
Tapping head for tapping a liquid pressurized with gas for example beer
Self-closing valve assembly for a dispensing opening of a container
Plug for insertion into and removably sealing an annulus in a nozzle connected to a container of extrudable material and method of use
Device for holding a pouch against a wrist
Bag having an air-cushioned shoulder strap
Motorcycle saddlebag
Apparatus for cleaving crystals
Method and apparatus for attaching a web of material for translation through a rotary printing press system
Internal combustion powered tool
Device for longitudinally stitching multipiece printed products
Finishing apparatus provided with stapling function
Fixing device using compressed gas
Extended travel wire bonding machine
Solder bonding/debonding nozzle insert
Method and machine for wave soldering or tinning
Die set for welding fins and a base plate of a heat sink
Driving unit of a welding equipment
Method and apparatus for forming metal foil and solder assembled objects
Apparatus and method for connecting printed circuit boards through soldered lap joints
Trailing edge stress relief process (TESR) for welds
Method and apparatus for the temperature regulation of components, for example semiconductor circuits, printed circuit boards and the like
Process for the assembly or refacing of titanium aluminide articles by diffusion brazing
Easy open envelope
Octagonal package
Crush-resisting paperboard clamshell carton
Packaging box comprising a cardboard bottom and a transparent lid
Box for bag-in-box package
Impact resistant mailbox support
Interactive point access financial and information system
Distinct smart card reader having wiegand, magnetic strip and bar code types emulation output
System and method for protecting unauthorized access into an access-controlled entity by an improved fail counter
Aiming aid for optical data reading
Body-wearable automatic laser scanner
Hand-held bar code reader with laser scanning and 2D image capture
Method for making smart cards, and resulting cards
Communication system including a dual passive antenna configuration
Process for managing the memory resources in a microcircuit card
Air-conditioning system with timer device
Climate control device
Thermal expansion valve
Method for cooling golf greens and other vegetation
Ultrasonic liquid injection device
Quick color change powder coating system
Shower head with continuous or cycling flow rate, fast or slow pulsation and variable spray pattern
Static sprinkler with presettable water discharge pattern
Sprinkler nozzle
Fuel injector
Fuel injection valve
Process for reducing the particle size of porous organic polymers and products produced therefrom
Mill provided with partition within milling chamber
Inner grinding member of a pepper grinder
Spinning reel having tapered spool and compact reel body
Tape cassette
Seat belt retractor
Device for modulated braking of a weft yarn for textile machines
Apparatus and method for dispensing paper toweling from a roll of paper toweling
Fishing rod respooler
Roadable aircraft combined vehicle for practical use
Tail fin deployment device
Device for reducing line noise inside a rotary-wing aircraft, especially a helicopter
Aerial cableway leading to an aerostatic airborne body
Integrated flexible solar cell material and method of production
Brake for a lift flap adjustment mechanism
Occupant protection system
Parachute landing velocity attenuator
Payload fairing with improved acoustic suppression
Thrust control apparatus and method for an airplane
Airplane high lift surface drive system
Railroad spring frog assembly
Portable retention apparatus for cylindrical objects
Snap-on/twist-in pipe saddle and installation method
Overhead articulated support for the human arm
Telescoping flexible oxygen supply tube support stand
Cantilever shaft assembly for rotating member
Portable, adjustable counter apparatus
Level control system for a motor vehicle
Vibration damping device having fluid chambers on opposite sides of partition structure having movable rubber plate
Fluid-filled bushing
Elastomeric bearing
Mixed format document finishing system responsive to a single page having an encoded document assembly specification
Sheet feed apparatus
Method and apparatus for feeding astride folded signatures to a collection path
Paper feed method and apparatus
Sheet-material feeding device and image forming apparatus
Method and device for verifying the correct transport of sheet material employing a mechanical touch sensor
Sheet storage apparatus with sheet curl correction
Ticket for instant lottery game and method of playing same
Educational board game and method for teaching occupational skills
Enhanced word game method
Static sealing arrangement
Controlled contact pressure for scroll compressor seal
Pump gas seal with particle exclusion device
Mechanical seals
Roller skate and skateboard bearing covers
Seal pack
Cantering spring loaded fixed base butterfly valve seal
Face seal with inner and outer seal retainer members
Bellows-type cover with integrated clamping member
Hydromechanical chuck
Baggage pushcart configured for negotiating escalator stairways
Body leveling system for motor vehicle
Adjustable binding strap for securing a snowboard boot within a baseplate
Three wheeled cart for gas cylinders
Household cart
Wind screen assembly for a baby stroller
Vehicle suspension systems
Motor vehicle suspension alignment adjuster
Pneumatic compression strut skateboard truck
Link lifting gear for a baby-walker
Steering arrangement for an occupant-propelled vehicle
Rotor system for a bicycle
Spokeless bicycle system
Adjustable backrest for a motorcycle
Cam action detachable gooseneck trailer
Multi-function load bearing apparatus
Trailer coupler
Tunnelboard snowboard
Apparatus for gliding over snow
Side impact protective device for vehicle occupants
Inflatable occupant protection device extending adjacent a windshield
Connecting structure between an airbag and an inflator
Airbag cover
Inflatable protection device for protecting head and chest areas of passengers in an automobile during a side collision
Airbag device for side collisions
Vehicle steering apparatus
Force sensor for seat occupant weight sensor
Process for controlling a passenger protection system
Gas generator for air bag and air bag system
Inflator for inflatable restraint
Gas generator for air bag and air bag system
Supplemental-restraint-system gas generating device with water-soluble polymeric binder
Air bag apparatus, air bag folding method, and air-bag folding device
Air bag, air bag apparatus, and steering wheel
Stabilizing jack for recreational vehicles
Control system for electrically-operated trailer landing gear
Impact-absorbing steering column device
Arrangement for safety-belt
Book with nested sculpted forms
Pocketbook book
Packaged data card assembly
Credit card with driver's license or identification
Perforated self-laminating marker
Secure document
Casing slip joint
Locking device for a quick release coupling
Pipe joint
Bulkhead fitting for underground sump
Device for holding pipe on a branch connector
Contaminant resistant tube fitting
Child resistant latch system
Apparatus for limiting damages during vehicle collision
Arrangement of a front protection bow on a motor vehicle front end
Quick disconnect articulated chuck apparatus and method
High pressure rubber bale handing clamp
Gripper apparatus
Parts transfer and control circuit system
Trailer top rail assembly with support brace and awning mount
Slide-out and locking mechanism
Modified tailgate
Adjustable shelf for vehicular camper
Car seat tether anchor and system
Mechanism for mounting seat belt of center seating space of a vehicle seat
Reactive seat system
Easily handled movable vehicle seat assembly
Secondary floor assembly
Injection molded components for off-road recreational and utility vehicles
Air deflector for motor vehicles
Structure for positioning windshield for vehicle and method of mounting windshield
Auxiliary sun shield for a front windshield visor
Vehicle bed trunk compartment
Tarpalin cover
Tonneau cover
Trailer side wind deflecting system
Double skin slat construction for trailers
Cowl panel with water resistant HVAC air inlets
Car body with body framework
Roof molding for an automobile and method of trimming the same
Spoiler sunroof mechanism
Sliding roof
Child support device with removable seat element
Tablet mounting assembly for a seating system
Cushioning for the seat part and/or the backrest of a vehicle seat
Functionally ergonomic bicycle saddle
Support for baby
Folding seat assembly
Operable chair
Vertical height adjustment mechanism for chairs
Seat back recliner kit for wheelchair
Articulation intended particularly for a motor vehicle seat
Headrest assembly
Flexible chair which can be disassembled to a flat configuration
Body supporting apparatus
Attachment mounting structure
Multiple jet hydrodemolition apparatus and method
Milling roller module for a surface miner
Mining machine with detachable articulated cutting assembly
Method for boring a spoke rim, rim bored according to the method, insert adapted to equip the rim, and wheel especially cycle rim
Bicycle hub
Retaining assembly for an axle hub and bearing assembly
Fluid pressure generating system for a vehicle and brake fluid pressure control system for a vehicle
Integrated brake fluid control electrical connection apparatus
Hydraulic control valve device
Method for correcting a vehicle reference speed
Tensioning device for a tracked vehicle
Storage assembly having a plurality of holding frames for holding recording media
Poster display apparatus
Cabinet door with log frame
Kitchen cabinet
Sliding track assembly
Multi-use snap-part body for slider
Heat-insulating housing as well as a household oven and a household refrigerator having the housing
High speed jet soldering system
Ink jet recording head having multi-heater and system therefor
Recording apparatus controlled with head characteristics and recording method
Ink-jet printing apparatus and facsimile apparatus
Printhead compatible with various printers and ink-jet printer using the printhead
Cleaning fluid for inkjet printers
Replaceable inkjet ink solvent application system
Device for positioning an ink jet print head and a cleaning and sealing device
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Enhanced text and line-art quality for multi-resolution marking devices
Ink-jet recording method and device
Ink jet recording head
Inkjet printing systems using a modular print cartridge assembly
Inkjet recording apparatus having gate electrodes and print head thereof
Recording apparatus, and manufacturing method thereof
Recording head and recording apparatus using the same
Liquid jet recording head having tapered liquid passages
Method and apparatus for refilling ink jet cartridges with minimum ink loss
Method of manufacturing an ink cartridge for use in ink jet recorder
Ink tank with ink absorbing member having particular holes or slits
Ink jet recording apparatus provided with an improved ink supply route
Ink jet printing method
Hard copy print media path for reducing cockle
Ink-jet printing method and print
Color-filter manufacturing method and apparatus, color filter, display device, and apparatus having display device
Fashion eyeglasses and sunglasses
Clip-on sunglass assembly
Color changing sunglass frames
Eyeglasses frame allowing replacement of lenses
Multifocal artificial ocular lens with a transparency varying with illumination
Super vision
Fundus measuring apparatus and recording medium with fundus measurement program recorded thereon
Corneal-shaped measuring apparatus
Autostereo projection system
Contrast improvement in liquid crystal light valve projectors
System and method employing LED light sources for a projection display
Optical illumination apparatus and image projection apparatus
Illuminated carrier
Marker flashlight
Light-emitting amusement retractable seat
Structure for achieving a linear light source geometry
Lamp holder for terminal arrangement for Christmas tree light
Decorative lamp fixture with icicle shape having interior with plurality of vertically-spaced lights
Light source
Lighting device
Brooder lamp fixture with power cord suspended in enclosure
Automobile panel display accessory
Vehicle headlight
Signal lamp for vehicles
Vehicular lamp
Light-source device and exposure apparatus
Compound design system and method for mechanism parts
Mobile cement additive and concrete admixture manufacturing process and system
Continuous kneading machine
Chemical generator with controlled mixing and concentration feedback and adjustment
Liquid pitcher with mixing device
Radio telephone timepiece including a SIM card
Temperature pickup for oil-filled vessels and temperature measurement method
Cover for medical probe
Device for simulating a patient's blood vessels
Storage system including bag with hole reinforcing structure
Laundry bag
Consolidation container
Composite container for liquids
Bag with perforated opening and reinforcing patch
Foil thrust bearing with varying circumferential and radial stiffness
Guide bush and adjustable length column with guide bush
Flanged ball bearing
Wheel bearing device
Translating rotating thrust bearing
Plug housing with attached cantilevered latch for a fiber optic connector
Connection means for optical fibres
Universal optical fiber connectors and basic plugs thereof
Device and method for opening and closing a barrier in a zoom camera
Film loading indicator
Process and device for the continuous separation of the constituents of an engraving bath
Semiconductor processing apparatus
Ink-supply tank for a printer
Ink ribbon cartridge including ink ribbon damaging means and rotation direction restricting means
Ink ribbon with adhesive for attaching end of ribbon to supply roll
Key pad with rigid key top having both silicone and urethane adhesion layers
Keyboard having integrally molded keyswitch base
Tape storing and feeding mechanism for mailing machines
Cosmetic pencil cartridge having a replaceable auxiliary holder
Side knock-type ball point pen
Hand-held cleaning device
Metallic ink composition for wick type writing instruments
Building layout marker
Cream applying device for footwear
Powder-dispensing brush for cosmetic use
Corrugated slider washer bearing
Power takeoff unit-driven unit adapter with sump lubrication
Reflective highway divider
Spiked road barrier
Catch basin installation system and method
Variable amplitude vibration generator for compaction machine
Tubular piling driving apparatus and piling installation method
Soil reinforcement
Sliding double panel type trench shoring system
Method and apparatus for use in conveying material
Object transport apparatus having a floating conveying means
Tool with straight inserts for providing helical cutting action
Cutting insert for shaping by chipping
Tool for fine machining boring surfaces
Spade drill
Removable tool holder
Bit attaching arrangement for power tool
Electronic lever for remotely actuating a chuck device
Tool Holder
Bracing mechanism and method for securing loading platforms
Brace panel assembly for a monocoque locomotive
Structural blind fastener
Blind rivet and method of making same
Coated fastener inserts and method of producing the same
Optimal trajectory robot motion
Automatic warehouse
Universal rack loading/unloading system
Method and apparatus for emptying a container filled with products
Egg removal apparatus
Front end loader adapter
Packer wear shoes
Material handling device with overcenter arms and method for use thereof
Device for guiding vertically movable sheet pile carriers
Impeller containment system
Seal assembly for centrifugal pumps with barrier ring
Impeller of motor-driven fuel pump
Axial-flow turbine
Prandtl layer turbine
Method and apparatus for preventing deposits from forming in a turbomolecular pump having magnetic or gas bearings
Vehicle exterior rear view mirror
Illuminated rotatable knob
Combined display panel
Illumination panel and display device using the same
Large distributed cold-light pattern device
Mobile phone in-call indicator with rotatably adjustable ornamental cover
Spring clip light fixture connector
Surgical headlight assembly with detachable video-camera module
Key light
Rotatable driving tool having light device
Ornament lighting apparatus
Festive decorative lighting system for trees
Holiday light string covering system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Downcomers for vapor-liquid contact trays
Splash plate structure for aerators
Staple removing device
Vehicle lift system
Fish tape reel assembly
Chain block
Column for lifting loads
Fixed Constructions
Tie with hinged end plates
Concrete reinforcement cable tensioner
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piezoelectric actuated valve with membrane chamber
Liquid-gas ejector
Proportional solenoid-controlled fluid valve assembly
Canopy luminaire
Backscreen edge contouring for off-axis large field of view displays
Method for making retroreflective articles having polymer multilayer reflective coatings
Control valve device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew