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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Zea mays seeds and plants with reduced expression of the ACS6 gene
Engineering resistance to Pierce's disease by expression of a Xyella fastidiosa HecA-like hemagglutinin protein
Transgenic non-human animals expressing a truncated activin type II receptor
Use of parthenolide derivatives as antileukemic and cytotoxic agents
Method of protecting a plant propagation material, a plant, and/or plant organs
Composition for relieving discomfort
3-substituted-2(arylalkyl)-1-azabicycloalkanes and methods of use thereof
3-Substituted-2(arylalkyl)-1-azabicycloalkanes and methods of use thereof
3-substituted-2(arylalkyl)-1-azabicycloalkanes and methods of use thereof
Recombinant intracellular pathogen immunogenic compositions and methods of use
Isolation of a dual COX-2 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor from Acacia
Tablet with remedial composition and methods for treating medical disorders and ailments
Method for forming film and a film formed by using said method
Fat-in-oil composition, and oil-in-water emulsified product containing the fat-and-oil composition
Fermented food product
Method for finish-frying food product particles
Method of making bean curd using rice
Hair iron with dimpled face plates and method of use in styling hair
Coatings for drug delivery devices
Anthra [1, 2-d]imidazole-6,11-dione derivatives, preparation method and application thereof
Pharmaceutical composition based on idazoxan, salts, hydrates or polymorphs thereof
1,8-naphthyridine compounds for the treatment of cancer
Method of enhancing the expression of apolipoprotein AI using olefin derivatives
Substituted 7,8,9,10-tetrahydro-5H-dipyrido[1,2-a:3',2'-e]pyrazin-6(6aH)-ones
7-keto DHEA for psychiatric use
Antitumor combinations containing taxane derivatives and epidophyllotoxins
Formulations and methods for recovery from dental surgery
Food intake regulator
Anthocyanin pigment/dye compositions through corn extraction
Methods for treating breast cancer using NRIF3 related molecules
Macrocyclic hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Composition comprising isolated human CTLA4-Fc fusion protein produced in a transgenic chicken
2-(aminomethyl)-5-chlorobenzylamide derivatives and their use as inhibitors of the clotting factor Xa
Apolipoprotein A1 mimetics and uses thereof
Chimeric plasminogen activators and their pharmaceutical use
Biodegradable immunomodulatory formulations and methods for use thereof
Immune response modifier compositions and methods
Proteins with repetitive bacterial-Ig-like (Big) domains present in Leptospira species
Polypeptides from non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae
Method for the reduction of viral loads in patients comprising the administration of nef-deficient human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
Method for treating idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura using monoclonal antibodies
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic diseases
Single chain antibodies against .beta.-amyloid peptide
Anti-factor D antibodies and methods of treatment
Human monoclonal antibodies to influenza M2 protein and methods of making and using same
Method for identifying targeting domains and methods and compositions comprising the same
Propellant-based nanoparticulate dry powder aerosols and method of making
Complex drug delivery composition and method for treating cancer
Dimer alkyl silicone polymers in personal care applications
Performing Operations; Transporting
Destabilized and catalyzed borohydride for reversible hydrogen storage
Lead pellet recovery fabrics
Tailored and uniform coatings in microchannel apparatus
Hard-coated antiglare film, method of manufacturing the same, optical device, polarizing plate, and image display
Aqueous floor polishing composition
Zero VOC oleoresinous stains and coatings for prestain applications
Non-woven fabric that acts as an indicator
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Films for use in high strength bags
Protective film structure of metal member, metal component employing protective film structure, and equipment for producing semiconductor or flat-plate display employing protective film structure
Silica film forming material, silica film and method of manufacturing the same, multilayer wiring structure and method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Thermal transfer ink sheet, ink cartridge, coating composition for dye layer of thermal transfer ink sheet, and thermal transfer recording method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production of activated char using hot gas
Glass member for optical parts and glass composition used therefor
Oligomerization of propylene to produce base oil products using ionic liquids-based catalysis
Transalkoxylation of nucleophilic compounds
Preparation of isoxazolin-3-ylacylbenzenes
Fragrance and methods for production of 5-epi-.beta.-vetivone, 2-isopropyl-6,10-dimethyl-spiro[4.5]deca-2,6-dien-8-one, and 2-isopropyl-6,10-dimethyl-spiro[4.5]deca-1,6-dien-8-one
System and method for using super critical state carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) as a hydrocarbon diluent
Spirocyclic cyclohexane compounds with analgesic activity
Substituted 1-amino-4-phenyl-dihydroisoquinolines, methods for the production thereof, use thereof as a medicament, and medicaments containing them
Process for the production of pyrazoles
Derivatives of ethylene methanedisulfonate as cancer chemotherapeutic agents
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Active energy ray curable liquid composition and liquid cartridge
Sodium channel inhibitors
Tricyclic inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase
Pyridyl-triazolopyrimidine derivative or its salt, pesticide containing it and its production process
Pyridine classical cannabinoid compounds and related methods of use
Double-stranded nucleic acid molecule cancer cell proliferation inhibitor and pharmaceutical agent suitable for prevention or treatment of uterine cancer, breast cancer, and bladder cancer
hTERT gene expression regulatory gene
Polynucleotide encoding a novel human P2X7 splice variant, HBMYP2X7v
Contoxin analogues and methods for synthesizing same
Use of modified metal oxides for enrichment of phosphopeptides
CA125 gene and its use for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
Human monoclonal antibody having fat-reducing effect
Rh(D)-binding proteins
Purification of a bivalently active antibody using a non-chromatographic method
Methods and compositions for targeting HEPSIN
Antibody to human Zcyto10 polypeptide
Method of using an upper discharge in a fluidized bed reactor and system thereof
Ink composition comprising a compound with a sulfide bond and an ink jet recording method
Resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation and semiconductor device
Polyisobutylene-based block anionomers and cationomers and synthesis thereof
Morpholine-substituted poly(arylene ether) and method for the preparation thereof
Triazine-based monomeric compound, di-triazine compound, and degradable polymer
Ru complexes, production and use thereof
Foamed polymer-inorganic binder hybrid material having controlled density and morphology, method for its preparation and uses thereof
Flexible acrylic foam composition
Laminated diffractive optical element and resin composition therefor
Coating compositions comprising a polyurethane polyol composition and nanoparticles, and process for preparing the same
Shape memory polymer with polyester and polyacrylate segments and process for its production and programming
Rubber composition for tire
Modified asphalt binders and asphalt paving compositions
Polymeric coatings and methods for forming them
Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Water-soluble and biodegradable copolymers on a polyamide basis and use thereof
Polymeric surfactants based upon alkyl polyglycosides and sugars
Detergent composition comprising a 2-phenyl isomer alkyl benzene sulfonate and an amino alcohol
Encoded beads having oligonucleotides attached in arrays on a patterned surface
Desaturases and methods of using them for synthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids
Regulating metabolism by modifying the level of trehalose-6-phosphate
Method for modifying chromosomes
Method of culturing conifer somatic embryos using S(+)-abscisic acid
Immunogenic peptides
Murine zcytor17 ligand polynucleotides
Recombinant flavivirus vaccines
Alpha-amylase variants
Crystal structure of aldehyde dehydrogenase and methods of use thereof
Asparaginases and method of preparing a heat-treated product
Production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid using beta-alanine/pyruvate aminotransferase
Methods and kits using extended rhodamine dyes
Isomaltulose synthases, polynucleotides encoding them and uses therefor
Method of producing recombinant protein
Screening methods for cognitive enhancers
Compositions and methods for destabilizing lysosomes to increase oncogenic or aberrant protein degradation
Photosynthetic hydrogen production from the green alga chlamydomonas reinhardth
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
Thin layer substrate coating and method of forming same
Fixed Constructions
Surfactants for tertiary mineral oil extraction based on branched alcohols
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermal processing of silicon wafers
Radiation detector
Method for analyzing nucleobases on a single molecular basis
Selective and sensitive detection of mercuric ion by novel dansyl-appended calix[4] arene molecules, via fluorescence quenching
Identification of genotype-selective anti-tumor agents
Thermocycler and sample port
Method and apparatus for oil spill detection
Method of lithographic mask correction using localized transmission adjustment
Optical component for EUVL and smoothing method thereof
Radiation-sensitive composition
Method for using compositions containing fluorocarbinols in lithographic processes
Method for patterning a photosensitive layer
Methods and apparatus for the manufacture of microstructures
Stringed instrument practice device
Optical recording medium
Charged particle beam apparatus
Aluminum grounding cable for metal and non metal sheathed electrical cables
Sliding contact switch
Multi-functional switch assembly
Operating device, information processing terminal including the operating device, and assembly method for the operating device and the information processing terminal
Mapping-projection-type electron beam apparatus for inspecting sample by using electrons emitted from the sample
Method and system for packaging a display
Manufacturing method of transferring a wiring circuit layer on a metal support substrate to a semiconductor element
Method for packaging semiconductor dies having through-silicon vias
Method and structure for thick layer transfer using a linear accelerator
Modified hybrid orientation technology
Reprogrammable circuit board with alignment-insensitive support for multiple component contact types
Method for growth of GaN single crystal, method for preparation of GaN substrate, process for producing GaN-based element, and GaN-based element
Method of forming porous diamond films for semiconductor applications
Multiple exposure and single etch integration method
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method for etching integrated circuit structure
Fabrication method of a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
Method for enhancing tensile stress and source/drain activation using Si:C
Processes and structures for IC fabrication
Method of forming an interconnect joint
Semiconductor heterostructure nanowire devices
Electrical through contact
Method of creating an extremely thin semiconductor-on-insulator (ETSOI) layer having a uniform thickness
Micro-electromechanical system devices
Semiconductor device having enhanced photo sensitivity and method for manufacture thereof
Method of post-mold grinding a semiconductor package
Laminated substrate for an integrated circuit BGA package and printed circuit boards
Semiconductor element cooling structure
Carbon nanotube micro-chimney and thermo siphon die-level cooling
Semiconductor device
Lead frame, lead frame fabrication, and semiconductor device
High-density flip-chip interconnect
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit having an edge passivation and oxidation resistant layer and method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming terminal of stacked package element and method for forming stacked package
Structure, design structure and method of manufacturing a structure having VIAS and high density capacitors
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Stand-off chemical detector
Integrated circuit including FinFET RF switch angled relative to planar MOSFET and related design structure
Conductive bridging random access memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Implementation of diffusion barrier in 3D memory
High hole mobility semiconductor device
Opto-electrical devices and methods of making the same
Anisotropic semiconductor film and method of production thereof
Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Reduction of silicide formation temperature on SiGe containing substrates
Field effect transistor with channel region edge and center portions having different band structures for suppressed corner leakage
Vertical cell edge junction magnetoelectronic device family
Thin film transistor
Electrically programmable resistor
Systems and processes for bifacial collection and tandem junctions using a thin-film photovoltaic device
Dye-sensitized type solar cell
Thin film photovoltaic module with contoured deairing substrate
Semiconductor device
Solid-state imaging device and method for making the same, and manufacturing substrate for solid-state imaging device
Photodetector element
Light emitting device package
Semiconductor light emitting element and method for manufacturing the same
Secondary battery
High discharge capacity lithium battery
Binder for electrode formation, slurry for electrode formation using the binder, electrode using the slurry, rechargeable battery using the electrode, and capacitor using the electrode
Hydrogen storage alloy electrode and alkaline storage battery using the same
Solid polymer fuel cell and method for producing MEA used for solid polymer fuel cell
Fuel cell system and control method thereof
Polymer electrolyte membrane comprising inorganic nanoparticle bonded with proton-conducting group and solid acid, fuel cell including the same, and method of preparing the polymer electrolyte membrane
Process for recycling components of a PEM fuel cell membrane electrode assembly
Asymmetric dovetail interconnect for solid oxide fuel cell
Insulator disk for supporting a linear conductor, and an electrical assembly including such a disk
Concealed and flush dual phone and power outlet
Ceramic multilayer substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Printed board and portable electronic device which uses this printed board
Electronic device, method for holding electronic component, and method for manufacturing electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Game hunting video camera
Emergency flashing light mechanism
Method and apparatus for detection of occlusions
High performance low cost video game system with coprocessor providing high speed efficient 3D graphics and digital audio signal processing
Image processing devices and methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pressure-balanced underwater acoustic transducer
Thermosensitive printer
Base structure, processing device, and image forming device
Heat meltable ink image-receiving sheet and image forming method using the same
Display apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Passenger detecting system and air bag apparatus using the same
Vehicle-use surroundings monitoring system
Vehicle license plate cover
Wireless recording medium, gate system & transactions system
Knocking activated device and method for operating an electromechanical device responsive to a control signal
System for indicating status of a vehicle
Wiper control apparatus
Combined LOAS and LIDAR system
Secure storage and transport container for the handling of controlled materials
Semiconductor device including eutectic bonding portion and method for manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Material for light emitting device, light emitting device using thereof, and amine compound
Heat conductive silicone composition and semiconductor device
Fixed Constructions
Pylon with internal lighting
Broken shear pin indicating system
Subterranean course alignment laser instrument
Efficient transmitters for phase modulated signals
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System for reconfiguring oscilloscope screen in freeze mode
Separate mount ignition coil utilizing a progressive wound secondary winding
Actuators using double-layer charging of high surface area materials
Fluid dynamic bearing evaluating method capable of quantitatively evaluating clearance between rotating member and fixed member in operation
Electromagnetic adjusting device
Display device using ambient light a lighting panel
Liquid-crystal display device
Apparatus and method for detecting the presence of a burner flame
Scattered signal collection using strobed technique
Method of supporting reference plate for lightwave interferometer
Pulsed source scanning interferometer
Information processing device and method
Magnetic encoder apparatus capable of resolving axial and rotational displacements
System and method for improving encoder resolution
Distributed displacement sensor
System for measuring the luminance characteristics of objects, in particular objects with luminance dependent on emitting direction
System for measuring radiance
Athermalization and pressure desensitization of diffraction grating based spectrometer devices
Versatile filter based spectrophotometer
Two-wire fluid temperature transmitter with thermocouple diagnostics
Capacitance type load sensor
Device and method for optical measurement
Low cost, on-line corrosion monitor and smart corrosion probe
Defect inspection method and defect inspection apparatus
Differential time domain spectroscopy method for measuring thin film dielectric properties
Method of and apparatus for article inspection including speckle reduction
Method for characterizing samples by determination of a function of at least one specific property of particles in a sample
Imaging system for fluorescence assays
Method and system for non-destructive dye penetration testing of a surface
Head slap characterization using optical surface analyzer
Defect inspection method and apparatus therefor
Optical inspection of laser vias
Highly time resolved impedance spectroscopy
Method of forming an electrical contact
Electroconductive contact unit assembly
Computer multimeter
Insulator support current sensor
High speed signal window detection
Noise suppression circuitry and method
DC/low frequency sub-atto signal level measurement circuit
Electricity meter and an input module for an electricity meter
Method and apparatus for detecting defects in piezoelectric actuators
Apparatus and method for measuring electromagnetic radiation
Wideband instantaneous polarization measurement
Wafer-burn-in and test employing detachable cartridge
Verticle probe card for attachment within a central corridor of a magnetic field generator
Test key layout for detecting via-open failure
Semiconductor integrated circuit and test board
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
High speed and high accuracy DUT power supply with active boost circuitry
Pulsed single contact optical beam induced current analysis of integrated circuits
Device frequency measurement system
Battery state of charge indicator
Electronic battery tester
Method of locating defective sockets in a light strand
Bearing sensor having magneto resistive elements
Planar NMR coils with localized field-generating and capacitive elements
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Accelerated magnetic resonance imaging using a parallel spatial filter
Magnetic resonance imaging method involving sub-sampling
Method for operating a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus ensuring coincidence of images obtained in different examinations with respectively different positions of a subject
Fast edge generator with wide dynamic range
Direct acquisition of very large PN sequences in GPS systems
Radio-interrogated surface-wave technology sensor
Electronic distance meter
Method of measuring elevational mis-alignment of an automotive radar sensor
Electromagnetic actuator equipped with means for adjusting its mobile polar element
System for authentication of products and a magnetic tag utilized therein
Method and apparatus for use in location of conductors
Method and system for determining formation anisotropic resistivity with reduced borehole effects from tilted or transverse magnetic dipoles
Induction method for determining dip angle in subterranean earth formations
Device and method for measurement by guided waves on a metal string in a well
Exposure/imaging apparatus and method in which imaging characteristics of a projection optical system are adjusted
MEMS based variable optical attenuator (MBVOA)
Electrophotographic apparatus and electrophotographic method featuring a photosensitive member having a linear EV characteristic
Projector and prism used therein
Liquid crystal projector having phase difference means with inclined angle
Positioning apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for optical beam alignment detection and control
Package structure of hybrid device in optical signal transmitter
In-plane switching color LCD panel implementing electro-conductive polarizer and fabricating method thereof
LCD having color filters on TFT substrate wherein transparent conductive film is patterned using back exposure with UV light filtered to remove wavelengths above 365 nm
Liquid crystal display device
Method of manufacturing an active matrix-type liquid crystal device using a semiconductor thin film having an organic resin interlayer insulating film
LCD having auxiliary capacitance lines and light shielding films electrically connected via contact holes
Liquid crystal display and projector using the same
Connection assembly for reflective liquid crystal display and method
Method for forming compact LCD packages and devices formed in which first bonding PCB to LCD panel and second bonding driver chip to PCB
Image display having function of performing interpolation process by which outline is not blurred even when original image is enlarged
Method for assembling a tiled, flat-panel microdisplay array having reflective microdisplay tiles and attaching thermally-conductive substrate
Display sheet having memory using limited coalescence domains
Display device and camera having the display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Front panel for display
Multimedia and scent storage medium and playback apparatus
System for providing pre-processing machine readable encoded information markings in a motion picture film
Process for full-automatic and synchronous quick thermoprinting of stereoscopic color film and apparatus adopting the process
Photographic reorder system and method
Inspection system for the pupil of a lithographic tool
Photolithographic apparatus
Flexible piezoelectric chuck and method of using the same
Period reconfiguration and closed loop calibration of an interference lithography patterning system and method of operation
Motion compensation system and method for lithography
Solar powered electronic display devices and methods
Electrophotographic apparatus having a fringe development preventing mechanism
Color imager bar based spectrophotometer photodetector optical orientation
Predictive control of a generator output
Extended elements and mechanisms for displaying a rich graphical user interface in panel subunit
Step motor control for accommodating friction load variation
Threshold voltage compensation circuits for low voltage and low power CMOS integrated circuits
Current source that has a high output impedance and that can be used with low operating voltages
Keyboard input device with pointing device for controlling cursor position on graphic display and the like
Electronic circuitry
Bezel based input mechanism and user interface for a smart watch
Extended jacket with video input and output
Communications device having an interchangeable helmet user-interface
Semiconductor controller device having a controlled output driver characteristic
Graphical display of path through three-dimensional organization of information
System and method for content adaptation and pagination based on terminal capabilities
Circuit and method for calibrating the phase shift between a plurality of digitizers in a data acquisition system
Apparatus and method for simulation of electromagnetic field and storage medium storing programs therfor
Digital designs optimized with time division multiple access technology
Method and apparatus for using parasitic effects in processing high speed signals
Impedance updating apparatus of termination circuit and impedance updating method thereof
Method for transmitting data of wireless keyboard having track-ball
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for displaying content in a multi-dimensional topic space
Coordinate input stylus
Touch panel device
Method and apparatus for displaying a chain of rotating color output units on a displayer of a data processing system
Ergonomic computer input device
Network management card for use in a system for screen image capturing
Fiscal printer video with application program
Programmable logic device including multipliers and configurations thereof to reduce resource utilization
Fractional-N synthesizer and method of synchronization of the output phase
Method and apparatus for generating dips for use with Java beans
Non-contact type IC card, antenna and antenna frame for IC card
Three-dimensional check image viewer and a method of handling check images in an image-based check processing system
Image processing method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for fast voxelization of volumetric models
Animation of video special effects
Image processing device and image processing method
Image generation system, image display system, computer-readable record medium recording image generation program, and image generation method
Tile-based digital differential analyzer rasterization
Temporal and spatial coherent ray tracing for rendering scenes with sampled and geometry data
Graphic scene animation data signal with quantization object, corresponding method and device
Method and apparatus for the processing of images
Image processing device and method thereof, game device and method thereof, and recording medium recorded image processing program or game program operated on a computer
Polyhedron generating method and apparatus thereof, and storage medium for storing the method
Visualization techniques for constructive systems in a computer-implemented graphics system
Automated viewpoint selection for 3D scenes
Method of merging three-dimensional shape data and method of representing three-dimensional shape data
Access control device for a motor vehicle and method for setting the sensitivity of an access control device
Speaker verification method
Oscillator circuit for a validator
System and method for controlling electrical current flow as a function of detected sound volume
Proximity transponder system
System and method to communicate flow information between a service distribution line and a destination point
Radio selective calling receiver
Data displaying apparatus which can effectively use data display section of small area
Method for indicating that only a portion of a received message can be displayed and communication device employing same
Selective calling receiver and method of displaying received message data
Strobe circuit
Method for constructing architectural models including scaled surface textures
Image projection system
Black and white level stabilization
Supporting framework for display panel or probe block
Light emitting device and a method of manufacturing the same
Low noise method and apparatus for driving electroluminescent panels
Image display apparatus, number of horizontal valid pixels detecting apparatus, and image display method
Multilevel image display method
Driver circuit for capacitive display elements
Active type EL display device capable of displaying digital video signal
Liquid crystal display device having an improved video line driver circuit
Apparatus and method for preventing a white-screen error in a liquid crystal display device
Matrix driven liquid crystal display module system apparatus and method
Liquid crystal display device having improved-response-characteristic drivability
Digital-to-analog converter and active matrix liquid crystal display
Method and system to display, modify or substitute the contents of self-describing objects
Memory apparatus of digital video signal
De-interlacing video images using patch-based processing
Multi-window picture adjustment arrangement for a video display
Method and apparatus for providing a timing signal with high frequency accuracy in video equipment for supporting an on-screen display in the absence of a video signal
Methods and systems for providing programmable computerized interactors
Apparatus for and method of determining information record medium
Method for magneto-resistive head electrostatic popping detection
Method for personalizing a data storage medium
Apparatus for providing both supports including synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) module and double data rate (DDR) DRAM module
256 Meg dynamic random access memory
Polymer chip PTC thermistor
Assembly apparatus for magnetizing magnets
Multi-channel uniform output type transformer
Erosion resistant pencil coil having external secondary winding and shield
Switching device with interrupter chamber module
Thermal fuse, battery pack, and method of manufacturing thermal fuse
High current intensity fuse device
Converting a magnetically coupled pushbutton switch for tact switch applications
Selective release unit for circuit breaker
Fuse assembly
Electron beam apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Flat display panel
Method for forming electrode in plasma display panel and structure thereof
Device, notably for controlling a travelling-wave tube
Color display tube with improved suspension of the color selection electrode
Electron gun and cathode ray tube using the same
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Flat color CRT
Flat face type color cathode ray tube having panel with curved inner surface
Electric lamp with a base on one side
Ceramic metal halide lamp having medium aspect ratio
Integral housing for low profile fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamp having transparent layer with low mercury consumption
Compact electrodeless fluorescent lamp with improved cooling
Electric incandescent lamp
Semiconductor package with flash preventing mechanism and fabrication method thereof
Corrosion-resistant electrode structure for integrated circuit decoupling capacitors
Use of small openings in large topography features to improve dielectric thickness control and a method of manufacture thereof
Integrated circuit package via
Microelectronic package having a bumpless laminated interconnection layer
Integrated circuit prepared by selectively cleaning copper substrates, in-situ, to remove copper oxides
Integrated circuit having interconnect to a substrate and method therefor
Electrically shielded glass lid for a packaged device
Package, semiconductor device and method for fabricating the semiconductor device
Low profile stack semiconductor package
Semiconductor package
Semiconductor package having stacked semiconductor chips and method of making the same
Semiconductor chip having pads with plural junctions for different assembly methods
Stacked semiconductor device including improved lead frame arrangement
Vertical electronic circuit package
Compliant, solderable input/output bump structures
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing interconnections thereof using copper and tungsten in predetermined ratios
Seedless barrier layers in integrated circuits and a method of manufacture therefor
Electronic component having a coil conductor with photosensitive conductive paste
IC bonding pad combined with mark or monitor
High-frequency integrated circuit and high-frequency circuit device using the same
Multiple stacked-chip packaging structure
Acoustic wave device and process for forming the same
Phosphor for down converting ultraviolet light of LEDs to blue-green light
EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
Efficient load-following power generating system
Method of producing band-pass filter and band-pass filter
Dual mode band pass filter
Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication device
Dielectric filter
Nonreciprocal circuit device with tapered side wall guide portions in the resin case
Multilayered tapered transmission line, device and method for making the same
Dielectric resonator, inductor, capacitor, dielectric filter, oscillator, and communication device
RF/microwave tunable delay line
Retractable and rotatable antenna for an electronic card
Integrated multiport antenna for achieving high information throughput in wireless communication systems
Phased array antenna and its manufacturing method
High frequency circuit integrated-type antenna component
Extendible antenna with articulating hinge
Antenna apparatus and waveguide rotary coupler
Surveillance radar scanning antenna requiring no rotary joint
Small-sized monopole antenna
Noncollinearly pumped solid state Raman laser
Anode initiated surface flashover switch
Automobile anti-pinching systems
Method and system for detecting an object in the path of an automotive window utilizing a system equation
Method of detecting reverse rotation of direct-current motor by using back electromotive force
Method and apparatus for distribution of power in a media converter system
Battery operating condition dependent method and apparatus for controlling energy transfer between an energy bus and a system of batteries
Mobile telephone battery charger with power indicator means
Deflection resisting rotor assembly
Arrangement and method for an electric machine
Half-bridge gate driver optimized for hard-switching
Charge pump regulator with load current control
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Voltage generating circuit
Voltage boosting circuit and method
Motor control device
Disk drive motor position detection using mutual inductance zero crossing
Stepping motor control device
Voltage regulating system of a vehicle AC generator for charging a battery
Automotive electric power supply assembly
Low noise oscillator having dissimilar MOS gate structures
Oscillator circuit and integrated circuit for oscillation
Distortion compensating device and method for compensating distortion
Linearized class C amplifier with dynamic biasing
Method and apparatus for maintaining stability in a circuit under variable load conditions
Low power low noise amplifier
Amplifier system and method that approximate constant impedance and quiescent outputs during forward and reverse modes
Instrumentation amplifier with improved AC common mode rejection performance
Temperature compensated current mirror
Feedforward notch filter
Feed forward amplifier with amplifier stage failure detection using pilot tones
Low distortion circuit with switched capacitors
Method and integrated circuit for temperature coefficient compensation
Single-ended, ultra low voltage class AB power amplifier architecture having a common-mode feedback quiescent current control circuit
Differential amplifying circuit and multi-stage differential amplifying circuit using the same
Transconductor and filter circuit
Integrated low-corner frequency high pass filter circuit
Artificial line
Method to find a value within a range using weighted subranges
High-resolution, high-precision solid-state potentiometer
Surface acoustic wave devices using optimized cuts of a piezoelectric substrate
Surface acoustic wave filter with a passband formed by a longitudinally coupled filter and a resonator inductance
Surface wave device connected to a base with a conductive adhesive
Piezoelectric resonator with electrode radius related to resonator thickness and vibration mode, and filter using the same
Boosting method and apparatus
High speed low skew LVTTL output buffer with invert capability
Gate drive for insulated gate power semiconductors
Drive circuit for controlled edge power elements
Fast transmission gate switch
Switches and joysticks using a non-electrical deformable pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for local parameter variation compensation
Reducing PECL voltage variation
Output driver having output current compensation and method of compensating output current
Functional pathway configuration at a system/IC interface
FPGA with improved structure for implementing large multiplexers
Asynchronous latch design for field programmable gate arrays
Level shifter with zero threshold device for ultra-deep submicron CMOS designs
Circuit for shifting switching signals
Power on reset circuit
Latch structures and systems with enhanced speed and reduced current drain
Low consumption oscillator
High speed flip-flop
Circuit for converting an analog signal to a PWM signal
Fractional frequency division frequency synthesizer having rounded phase control value
Phase-locked loop having a stable damping factor
Voltage controlled oscillator with automatic center frequency calibration
Digital to analog converter employing dynamic element matching
Offset voltage calibration DAC with reduced sensitivity to mismatch errors
Analog to digital conversion device
Analog/digital converter and method for converting an analog input signal into a digital output signal
Residue-compensating A/D converter
Variable order modulator
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding information signals
Method and apparatus for generating and resetting melody for remote controller function keys
Method and apparatus for data communication with an underground instrument package
Frequency detect circuit for determining sample speed mode of decoded audio input data streams
Communication test set with a graphical user interface that can simultaneously present and update test results of a communication signal at multiple levels
Method and system for peripheral device user interface construction
Impedance adjustment circuit
Method and apparatus for non-linear termination of a transmission line
Field of view correction for an image handling device using a non-integral electronic camera
Digital camera
Optical printer
Color-bar signal generation unit compatible with plurality of television signal formats
Active pixel sensor with electronic shutter
East-west distortion correction
Automatic focusing device
Remote-controlled camera-picture broadcast system
Video camera system having remote commander
Dual mode signal processing system for video and still image data
Apparatus and method for receiving and combining digital broadcast data with an analog composite signal
Device and method for processing sub-picture
Method and system for decoding data in the horizontal overscan portion of a video signal
Hyper text markup language (HTML) data transmitting/receiving apparatus
Distortion monitoring system for CATV transmission networks
Portable videophone unit
Jitter cancellation technique for video clock recovery circuitry
Method for reducing power consumption in wait-mode
Deteriorated filament detection
Wiring geometry for multiple integral lamps
High frequency, high efficiency electronic lighting system with metal halide lamp
High frequency, high efficiency quick restart lighting system
Ballast for gas discharge lamps with shutdown of the filament heating
Closed loop lighting control system
Arrangement in connection with discharge lamp
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