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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Automatic feeding system, device and method
Pet food bowl with integral protrusion for preventing aspiration of food
Livestock feeder
Pliable spinning appendages and attachments for fishing lures
Male undergarments with different pouch sizes for a given waist size
Chin guard with bumped contact surface
Shoe tags
Stick and handle component
Shelf system
Pallet platform with cool air tower
Height adjusting apparatus of suction body for use in vacuum cleaner
Biological optical measuring instrument
Cardiac catheter imaging system
Apparatus and method for detecting neural signals and using neural signals to drive external functions
Protective mask having removable lens and detachable head strap
Soaking basin having disposable liner
Medicine discharge device and cartridge mountable thereto
Dry powder inhaler
Medicine inhaler and medicine ejection method
Biomedical electrode with current spreading layer
Implantable electrode lead
Electrode head fixation arrangement
Electroactive pore
Ultrasonically welded, staked or swaged components in an implantable medical device
Finger protecting device and method for protecting at least one finger
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for dispersion of a second phase into a non-newtonian fluid base product
Decorating guitars
Steam cleaning apparatus and method of driving the same
Shoe washer
Refurbished camshaft and method
Method of manufacturing heat exchanger
Camera module insertion machine with gripper
Element mounting apparatus
Apparatus and system part assembly fasteners
Color-coded method for tools
Gardening shears having energy-saving function
Punch pliers having lower costs of fabrication
Blade driving mechanism for a table saw
Baling systems and methods
Apparatus and method utilizing the linear induction motor, LIM, to augment muscle-powered vehicle travel
Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
Machine for raising planar articles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Conformable nosing device for reducing motion and stress within a glass sheet while manufacturing the glass sheet
Microwave plasma processing apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Batten riser assembly
Support beam and attachment clevis assembly
Bike multi-functional rainproof assembly
Multi-piece plug assembly for a cylinder lock
Molded fiberglass sidelite assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Shape memory alloy actuator, apparatus for manufacturing shape memory alloy actuator, method for stringing shape memory alloy, and method for manufacturing shape memory alloy actuator
Toroidal ram actuator
Seal for pulse detonation engine
Lock coupling between two mechanical components
Butterfly-type throttle valve
Piston with a lightweight construction that is subjected to high thermal stress
Heat exchanger for a rocket engine
Misfire detection system for displacement on demand (DOD) engine
Command device for a bicycle gear change
Spiral cam clutch actuation system
Hydraulic stepless transmission
Heating tiles
Integrated thermal and photovoltaic solar collector and method for operation and mounting an array of solar collectors
Vacuum storage apparatus with sliding drawers
Method and a system for filling a refrigeration system with refrigerant
Modulating proportioning reversing valve
Dehumidifier with multistage draining
Method and a plant for thermally drying wet ground raw meal
Multi-axis, programmable spine testing system
Linear guide unit having a length measurement system
Measuring device, rock breaking device and method of measuring stress wave
Liquid depth sensing and identification system
Pressure sensor
Appliance diagnostic display apparatus and network incorporating same
Device and method for converting a diagnostic interface to SPI standard
Method and apparatus for coaxially aligning tire with support rims
Monitoring contents of fluid containers
Photoacoustic cell incorporating a quantum dot substrate
Apparatus for detection of chemical or biological substances and method for cleaning the apparatus
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and program used therein
Automatic threshold setting for quantitative polymerase chain reaction
Method for acquiring information of a biochip using time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and an apparatus for acquiring information for the application thereof
Method of determining an electrical capacitance of a circuit component and method of defining a dimension of such a component
Method of making a rolled elastomer actiuator
Rate-controlled optical burst switching
Fibre channel frame-mode GFP with distributed delimiter
Semiconductor apparatus
Circuit and method for testing a circuit having memory array and addressing and control unit
Zoom lens and image pick up apparatus including the same
Laser microscope
Light modulator with a light-absorbing layer
Polarization insensitive optical switching and routing systems and methods of manufacturing and operation
Bending an optical fiber into a backplane
Relaying an optical wavefront
In-fiber whitelight interferometry using long-period fiber grating
Mechanisms and methods for selective wavelength filtering
Light-guiding module
Sheet-shaped light guide and communication system using the same
Polymer optical waveguide module and method for manufacturing polymer optical waveguide film used therefor
Method of producing and improving an optical transmission line, and associated compensation modules
Optical component and laser irradiation apparatus
Lens device having alignment correction unit for adjustment of a lens axis of a lens module
Photonic MEMS and structures
Optical transistor
Recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus and its control method
Sheet nipping mechanism and image forming apparatus with same
Roll fuser apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a heat belt
Image forming apparatus having a securing member to secure an image forming unit to a housing body
Image forming unit and manufacturing method thereof
Shofar timekeeping apparatus and method
Web service and method for customers to define their own alert for real-time production status
Process controlling method with merged two-control loops
Power plant operation control system and a power plant maintaining and managing method
Memory unit and branched command/address bus architecture between a memory register and a plurality of memory units
Random number generator
Method and apparatus for synchronous loading and out-of-phase unloading of data registers
Cooling devices for cooling electric components, module including cooling device and electric components, and assembly of cooling device or module and support
Wireless authentication protocol
Method of recognizing a card using a select signal during a determination mode and switching from low to high resistance after the determination
Systems and methods for reducing static and total power consumption in a programmable logic device
Apparatus and method for centralized power management
Integrated circuit
Method, program, and storage medium for acquiring logs
Method, system, and program for generating parity data
Protecting route design method in a communication network
Distributed denial of service attack defense method and device
Method and apparatus for repairing damage to a computer system using a system rollback mechanism
Management computer and method of managing data storage apparatus
Storage system for multi-remote copy
Block programmable priority encoder in a CAM
Multimedia address generator
Method, system, and program for mirroring data among storage sites
Electronic control device
Storage system
Side-by-side inverted memory address and command buses
Conversion processing system of character information
Process of and system for seamlessly embedding executable program code into media file formats such as MP3 and the like for execution by digital media player and viewing systems
Data transfer method, system and computer program product
Navigation apparatus capable of generating and displaying information and method therefor
Selecting an appropriate transfer mechanism for transferring an object
Federated multiprotocol communication
Information providing apparatus, information providing method, delivering apparatus, and delivering method
Fast dynamic measurement of connection bandwidth using a pair of packets, a packet-pair bandwidth calculation and a list of recent bandwidth measurements
Receipt printing and issuing system, an added-value printing processing method and a data storage medium using the same
Provision of services via an information technology network
Controlling multiple context processing elements based on transmitted message containing configuration data, address mask, and destination indentification
Method and apparatus for grammatical packet classifier
Methods and apparatus to update a basic input/output system (BIOS)
Efficient software download to configurable communication device
File system and methods for performing file create and open operations with efficient storage allocation
Confidential information management system and information terminal for use in the system
Method and apparatus for controlling a transfer case clutch to improve vehicle handling
Swoopy text for connecting annotations in fluid documents
Interface and method for exploring a collection of data
Cool ICE utilization of digital certificates
System and method for managing a storage device
Generation of metal holes by via mutation
Method for selecting transistor threshold voltages in an integrated circuit
Methods for designing and testing semiconductor integrated circuits with plural clock groups
Method for finding maximum volume and minimum cut in a network of interconnected nodes
Emulation of a high-speed, high-stability clock
Method, system, and computer program for displaying chemical data
Manufacturing design and process analysis system
Metrology tool error log analysis methodology and system
Press machine
Dynamic multiple window display having independently linked windows
Contents transmission/reception scheme with function for limiting recipients
Television program recommendation system
System and method for viewing and editing multi-value properties
Method and device for modelling a mechatronic system in a motor vehicle
System and method for detecting file content similarity within a file system
Hadamard transformation method and apparatus
High-performance adder
Method and apparatus for adding and updating protocol inspection knowledge to firewall processing during runtime
Apparatus and method for debugging software
Server controlled branding of client software deployed over computer networks
Simulation monitors based on temporal formulas
Configuration management for an emulator operating system
Architecture for a read/write thread lock
Method and system for encryption of web browser cache
Method of load and failure prediction of downhole liners and wellbores
Information processing device and method for processing picture data and digital watermark information
Image processing method and apparatus
Coil sensitivity map generating method, parallel imaging method, and MRI apparatus
Region-based karhunen-loeve transformation
Method and apparatus for enhancing digital image quality
Apparatus for sharpening an image using a luminance channel
Electronic shopping basket
Method for valuing intellectual property
Video editing apparatus, video editing method, and recording medium
Devices, systems and methods for restricting use of digital content
RLP frame receiving method
Display device with flying objects that hover randomly and in flight patterns
Indicator cap for gas cylinders
Shopping cart device
Sign apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for data reception
Magnetic brake for disk drive
Magnetic head assembly and magnetic disc device
Method and system for actively controlling and reducing induced electrostatic voltage on a magnetic storage disk
Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording head
High gradient disc drive writer
Optical disk device and method of adjusting tilt control amount
Optical disc drive apparatus and method
Method and related apparatus for deriving a tracking error signal
Information recording medium, information reproducing method, and information reproducing apparatus
Read out scheme for several bits in a single MRAM soft layer
Memory device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor storage device, semiconductor device, manufacturing method of semiconductor storage device, and mobile electronic device
Semiconductor storage
Non-volatile semiconductor memory and method for writing data into a non-volatile semiconductor memory
Data-recording/reproduction apparatus and data-recording/reproduction method
Reducing memory failures in integrated circuits
Memory circuit and method of generating the same
High speed data bus
Memory having power-up circuit
Integrated circuit chip having a first delay circuit trimmed via a second delay circuit
Active termination circuit and method for controlling the impedance of external integrated circuit terminals
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Multi-state memory
Circuit of SDRAM and method for data communication
Method of controlling effective impedance in a superconducting cable
Device and a method for stabilizing a web or a filament of ferromagnetic material moving in one direction
Method and system for nanoknife and MEMS platform
Ridge waveguide semiconductor laser
Surface-emitting light emitting device, manufacturing method for the same, optical module, and optical transmission apparatus
High voltage power supply
Two stage power conversion circuit
Switching power supply unit
DC/DC converter with multiple mutually-isolated power sources
Signal generation apparatus and method for seafloor electromagnetic exploration
Driver device, physical quantity measuring device, and electronic instrument
Viterbi decoder
Flexible layer one for radio interface to PLMN
Parallel concatenated turbo code modulation encoder
Synchronization code detecting apparatus for cell search in a CDMA system
Directional coupler and dual-band transmitter using the same
Reducing interference in a GSM communication system
Method and apparatus for intelligent modem warm start
Mobile telephone, method of controlling display thereon, and program for said method
Command station for mobile radio networks
Data buffer structure for physical and transport channels in a CDMA system
Handoff and source congestion avoidance spread-spectrum system and method
Tunable balanced opto-electronic filters and applications in opto-electronic oscillators
Compensation of polarization mode dispersion in single mode fiber for maximum-likelihood sequence estimation
Method and apparatus for testing optical networks
Mute switch
Method and apparatus for high-frequency passive sonar performance prediction
Transmission power control system
Frequency translating repeater with low cost high performance local oscillator architecture
Hybrid photonic/electronic switching in a multi-channel network
System for distributing information and energy using fiber optic and optical wireless networks
Communication apparatus and method for setting line capacity thereof
Local area network of serial intelligent cells
Method and apparatus for accelerating preliminary operations for cryptographic processing
Telecommunication system, method and subscriber unit for use therein
Gathering of device discovery information
Pipeline method and system for switching packets
Securing the channel for a QoS manager in a CSMA/CA ad hoc network
Information communication system, noncontact IC card, and IC chip
Self-cleaning mechanism for error recovery
Internet switch router
Method and apparatus for traffic quality and billing authorization by request token insertion
Method and a system for controlling service times of copied multicast cells in input modules of an asynchronous switching node
Power reduction
Transition-time control in a high-speed data transmitter
Start-up automatic frequency control (AFC) method and apparatus
Method and system for data rate optimization in a digital communication system
System and method for securely storing, generating, transferring and printing electronic prepaid vouchers
System for adding electronic signature to a report associated with an image file
System and method of content copy control
Personal virtual bridged local area networks
Optimizing authentication service availability and responsiveness via client-side routing
System and method for over the air configuration security
Method of accepting a phone call based on motion properties of the phone and related device
Folding mobile communications apparatus
Method and system for delivering wireless telephone service to customer premises via local loop telephone lines
Connection service providing system and connection service providing method
System and method for creating and accessing outgoing telephone call log
Automatic speak-up indication for conference call attendees
Image reading apparatus
Apparatus and method for changing, adding and deleting a job, and a storage medium for such a program
Recording apparatus, picture recording apparatus, and method therefor
Reproducing arrangement having an overview reproducing mode
System for presenting synchronized HTML documents in digital television receivers
Image processing apparatus for suppressing high-frequency components of color difference data
Intelligent digital audiovisual playback system
Method and arrangement in a communication system
Method for reporting activation status of feature service in mobile communication system
Access point to access point range extension
System and method for communicating selected information to an electronic device
Call delivery systems for roaming prepaid subscribers
Channel assignment method for multi-FA CDMA cellular systems
Method and software for low bandwidth presence via aggregation and profiling
Apparatus for improving call transition efficiency in a wireless communication system
Method for manufacturing an electroacoustical transducer comprising a membrane configuration
Circuit board device and its manufacturing method
Movable console device
Wind fender for mainboards
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Electric fumigator
Fabric or garment with integrated flexible information infrastructure
Therapeutic system
Registration of human anatomy integrated for electromagnetic localization
Pulse oximeter with improved DC and low frequency rejection
Palm sized medical examination device
Inspection apparatus using optical interferometer
Method and apparatus for monitoring fetal cerebral oxygenation during childbirth
Portable EEG electrode locator headgear
Method of measuring the contour of a biological surface
Method of combining reconstruction images
Computer assisted 2D adjustment of stereo X-ray images
High pitch reconstruction of multislice CT scans
X-ray examination apparatus and imaging method of X-ray image
Dental and orthopedic densitometry modeling system and method
Intravascular ultrasonic analysis using active contour method and system
Method and apparatus of EMI filtering that eliminates the need for an inductor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Aperture control and apodization in a micro-machined ultrasonic transducer
Controlling laser polarization
Sheet punching device and image forming apparatus having the same
Card-typed electronic apparatus having a flat card case housing a plurality of electronic parts
Seamed belts having filled backside notches
Remote print press proofing system
Optical device
Multi-beam scanning apparatus
Single refractive element and segmented mirror multiple beam spacer
Character processing device
Lenticular device
Method and apparatus for detecting isolation faults in motor/inverter systems
Automobile computer dock
Safety device for a number of electrical loads
Film unit having radio-frequency identification transponder
Method and apparatus for discriminating and counting documents
Method for controlling paper feeding of a liquid electrophotographic color printing device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High density non-volatile memory device
System for counting colonies of micro-organisms in petri dishes and other culture media
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sintered viscoelastic particle vibration damping treatment
Method and apparatus for lighting
Lamp heat generating apparatus
Loop heat pipe for mobile computers
Lead width inspection system and methods
Optical probe for use with a digital camera for measuring focal depth
Inspection method for comparison of articles
Method for calculating relative phases between signal channels in a multi-sensor tracking device
Light modulating device
Method for measuring changes in light absorption of highly scattering media
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Method and apparatus for measuring reflectivity of deposited films
Device for analyzing gaseous samples
Method and apparatus for inspecting high-precision patterns
System and method for determining reticle defect printability
Weighted inverse topography method for digital x-ray image data processing
X-ray microanalyzer for thin films
Interferometric detection system and method
Ultrasonic generator and detector using an optical mask having a grating for launching a plurality of spatially distributed, time varying strain pulses in a sample
Network controller system that uses directed heartbeat packets
Arrangement for reading information form a record carrier
Hybrid dual spin valve sensor and method for making same
Random pulse type radar apparatus
Optical system and optical apparatus having the same
Digital imaging system for assays in well plates, gels and blots
Bi-stable optical element actuator device
Scanning microlithographic apparatus and method for projecting a large field-of-view image on a substrate
Confocal heterodyne interference microscopy
Telescope with rearview mirror
Optical shutter
Light collecting optical system
Optical data modulation system with self-damped diffractive light modulator
Pixel structure having deformable material and method for forming a light valve
Optical switching device and image display device
Lenslet array systems and methods
Reflective projection screen and projection system
Method and apparatus for correcting aberrations in photon collection devices
Ion exchange technology for fabrication of waveguide source lasers
Twin waveguide based design for photonic integrated circuits
Multi-port optical multiplexer element
V-shaped optical coupling structure
Optical coupling device and optical coupling method using photonic crystal
Fiber Bragg grating optical filter with a constant group-delay response in its working band
Large N.times.N waveguide grating router
Chromatic dispersion compensation
Athermalization of a wavelength routing element
Flexible WDM network architecture
Polarization mode dispersion emulation
Multiplexors with a flat top spectral channel shape
Dynamic multichannel fiber optic switch
Switch employing partially reflective coating
Optical interconnection apparatus
Fiber optic array breakout housing
Color-coded optical fiber ribbon and die for making the same
Method and apparatus for assembling an amplifier assembly
Fanning strip for cable management panel
Bonding apparatus
Flexure-ring for centering a concave lens in a bore of a housing for an optical system
Barrier opening and closing apparatus
Zoom lens barrel
Distance measuring device
Total internal reflection light modulating microstructure devices
Optical modulator having coplanar electrodes for controlling chirp
Handheld computer system
Solid state UV laser
Method and system for generating a broadband spectral continuum and continuous wave-generating system utilizing same
Flash apparatus and camera using the same
Oscillation circuit and strobe device employing the oscillation circuit
Hi-speed deterministic approach in detecting defective pixels within an image sensor
Camera structure
Lens-fitted photo film unit
Method of disassembling lens-fitted photo film unit and disassembling apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for printing digital images
Exposure mask, exposure mask manufacturing method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method using exposure mask
Very narrow band injection seeded F2 lithography laser
Automatic gain control for electrostatic voltmeters
Image forming apparatus with paper post-treatment device
Assembling and disassembling methods for developing cartridge
Printer and method for adjusting gap between transfer roller and fusing roller thereof
Printing system having at least three printer devices as well as method for the operation of such a printing system
Image formation method and apparatus using electrophotography
Document feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having improved developer filling capability
Color image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus including a magnetic brush with local anti-contamination feature
Charging device having a toner remover
Image processing having inertia weight for a rotary shaft
Toner charge control for image defect reduction
Developing apparatus with electric field force directing a toner cloud for coating a developer carrying member
Image forming apparatus with developer density and developer remaining amount detection features
Developer replenishing mechanism
Image forming apparatus and its photoconductor cleaning method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method employing the same
Image forming apparatus for fine-adjusting a fixation speed of a development material in accordance with temperature control
Transfer roller cleaning
Image processing, copying, and printing apparatus having a part of a processing unit and a part of another unit formed as one inseparable unit
Photoconductor unit and image forming system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Device for electrically connecting an electrical power source and an electronic circuit of a timepiece
Clockwork movement fitted with a generator
Cover with viewing window for palmtop computer
Ergonomic portable computer
Personal computer
Portable information processing apparatus
Data processing apparatus
Internet audio channel selection system
Computer support
Computer enclosure
Carrier for computer peripheral device
Computer enclosure incorporating a catch
Computer case side cover panel locking/unlocking control arrangement
Dual spring clip attachment mechanism for controlled pressure interface thermal solution on processor cartridges
Data reading apparatus
Method of driving remapping in flash memory and flash memory architecture suitable therefor
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Signal processing circuit and method of signal processing
Network system for medical images
Systems and methods for remote viewing of patient images
Method for transforming a gamut of a color image to produce an artistic effect
Method and apparatus for menu controlling
Method for determining printer colorant levels
Print having information associated with the print stored in a memory coupled to the print
Optical system
High contrast, low distortion optical acquistion system for image capturing
Watermark encoding method exploiting biases inherent in original signal
Method for reading and sorting documents
Apparatus and method for reducing quantization error in digital image signals
Image data processing apparatus and image data processing method
Postscript to PDF conversion of graphic image files
Enhanced communication platform and related communication method using the platform
System and method for attaching an advertisement to an SMS message for wireless transmission
Method and apparatus for compression compatible video fingerprinting
Apparatus and a method for processing a medical image
Projector/backprojector with slice-to-slice blurring for efficient 3D scatter modeling
Method of utilizing variable data fields with a page description language
Three-dimensional face identification system
Method and apparatus for processing image files
Methods and apparatus for generating a projection of an image
Digital video system and methods for providing same
Generating a high resolution scan image with a low resolution scan sensor
Histogram-based segmentation of images and video via color moments
Systems and methods for designing image processing filters using templates
Restoring a single image by connecting a plurality of character, shadow or picture input images
Edge compaction in antialiased images
Method of isolating relevant subject matter in an image
Image system evaluation method and apparatus using eye motion tracking
Machine vision methods and system for boundary point-based comparison of patterns and images
Method and apparatus for detecting eye location in an image
Apparatus and method for stereoscopic image processing
Gradient based motion estimation
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for image encoding
Single chip motion wavelet zero tree codec for image and video compression
Video encoding and decoding method
Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding method, image decoding apparatus, image data transmitting method and recording medium
Shaped information coding device for interlaced scanning video and method therefor
Moving image encoding device/method, moving image multiplexing device/method, and image transmission device
Video signal decoding arrangement and method for improved error concealment
Content texture sensitive picture/video encoder/decoder
Method and system for the capture, storage, transport and authentication of handwritten signatures
Disc sorting apparatus and method
Interactive multimedia virtual classes requiring small online network bandwidth
Flash layer overcoat for first surface magneto-optical media
Method and apparatus for controlling speed of capstan motor of a video cassette recorder
Tape transport with air bearings
Tape cassette storage and accessing system with closely spaced layered cassettes
Spacer rings to compensate for disk warpage
Information recording/reproducing apparatus and information recording method
Information storing device and method for controlling same to record/reproduce information by selecting one of working modes
Power save mode control method and storage unit
Information signal processing unit
Multilevel signal equalization utilizing nonlinear maps
Zero forcing adaptive equalization in a disk drive read channel
Methods and apparatus for concurrently processing data from multiple tracks of an optical storage medium
Phase synchronizing apparatus, phase synchronizing method and disc drive
Preventing overrun in a disk controller by using timer interrupts from a microprocessor to halt sequencer
Magnetic latching for a disc drive
Hard disk drive head-media system having reduced stiction and low fly height
Non contact head load/unload apparatus and method for disc drives
Memory efficient method and apparatus for reading and caching of DVD data
Image information reproducing apparatus
High accurate and real-time gradual scene change detector and method thereof
Audio disk of improved data structure and reproduction apparatus thereof
Apparatus for developing a dynamic servo signal from data in a magnetic disc drive and method
Information recording apparatus
Pocket recorder
Disk drive apparatus
Case for receiving removable hard disks
Programmable active damping for high-speed write driver
High performance thin film magnetic write element having high Bsat poles and method for making same
Thin film magnetic head with magnetic films with increasing widths from a surface facing a recording medium
Magneto-resistive tunnel junction head having a shield lead rear flux guide
Top spin valve sensor that has a free layer structure with a cobalt iron boron (cofeb) layer
Shield structure with a heat sink layer for dissipating heat from a read sensor
Integrated lead suspension flexure with balanced parallel leads for insulator layer hygrothermal compensation
Wireless suspension with interrupted load beam
Write/read head supporting mechanism, and write/read system
Laser textured transducing head slider
Head stack assembly rebound latch for a disk drive
Optical disk reproducing method and apparatus
Optical disk apparatus with address polarity determination and confirmation
Optical recording apparatus
Optical recording medium and optical recording and reproducing apparatus
Multi-channel optical head for optical recording and reading optical storage data
Optical pickup movable to control beam shift and field angle in an optical disk drive
Method and device for adjusting an optical axis angle in an optical disk device
Magnetic element, magnetic read head, magnetic storage device, magnetic memory device
Ultra high density, non-volatile ferromagnetic random access memory
Circuits and methods for a memory cell with a trench plate trench capacitor and a vertical bipolar read device
Semiconductor memory device in which use of cache can be selected
DRAM capable of selectively performing self-refresh operation for memory bank
Combined tracking of WLL and VPP low threshold voltage in DRAM array
Dynamic random access memory
Fast accessible dynamic type semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor register element
Memory apparatus including programmable non-volatile multi-bit memory cell, and apparatus and method for demarcating memory states of the cell
Methods and apparatus for reading a CAM cell using boosted and regulated gate voltage
Circuitry and method for controlling current surge on rails of parallel-pulldown-match-detect-type content addressable memory arrays
Serial-flash, EPROM, EEPROM and flash EEPROM nonvolatile memory in AMG configuration
Using a negative gate erase to increase the cycling endurance of a non-volatile memory cell with an oxide-nitride-oxide (ONO) structure
Address buffer in a flash memory
Method for controlled soft programming of non-volatile memory cells, in particular of the flash EEPROM and EPROM type
Non-volatile memory device with redundant columns
Apparatus for externally timing high voltage cycles of non-volatile memory system
Method and system for validating flash memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of rewriting data stored in non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Redundant electric fuses
Shifter with overflow detection mechanism
Column redundancy for prefetch
Method and apparatus for rapidly testing memory devices
Method and a circuit architecture for testing an integrated circuit comprising a programmable, non-volatile memory
Memory module
Semiconductor memory device having storage node electrodes offset from each other
Semiconductor memory device having variable pitch array
Low profile, high density memory system
Sense amplifier circuit for use in a semiconductor memory device
Timing independent current comparison and self-latching data circuit
Semiconductor memory device including plurality of global data lines in parallel arrangement with low parasitic capacitance, and fabrication method thereof
Circuit, apparatus and method for generating address
Machinable plastic compensator filter
Ceramic electronic component having electronic component containing cuprous oxide
Mounting arrangement for multilayer electronic part
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Control device of an electromagnet with local control input
Reset lockout for circuit interrupting device
X-ray tube having a hood electrode
Electronic thin film material, dielectric capacitor, and nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor module
Low-inductance circuit arrangement
Integrated device and method for routing a signal through the device
CCD-type solid state image sensor with a wiring arrangement that improves flatness
Superconductive high-frequency circuit element with smooth contour
Long band optical amplifier
Optical pump unit for an optical amplifier
Method for gain equalization, and device and system for use in carrying out the method
Molecular fluorine laser with spectral linewidth of less than 1 pm
Ridge-structure DFB semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated semiconductor optical amplifier system
Multiple poles of sub-feed in lighting panel
Bus bar system with several bus bars and an installation device with flat connectors
Leakage current protection device adapted to a wide variety of domestic and international applications
Method of controlling safety tripping means in a high voltage generator, and high voltage generator using the method
Integrated current source feedback and current limiting element
Uninterruptible duplexed power supply system, and unit plug-in structure for uninterruptible duplexed power supply system
High efficiency switching controller
Inductor current synthesizer for switching power supplies
Method for clusterized power sharing conversion and regulation of the primary power source within a converting and regulating power supply, and system
Independent load sharing between parallel inverter units in an AC power system
PWM nonlinear controller with a single cycle response and a non resettable integrator
Method of driving semiconductor switching device in non-saturated state and power supply apparatus containing such a switching device
Technique for regulating a DC source voltage
Converter comprising resonant circuit elements
Isolated dual converter having primary side internal feedback for output regulation
System and method for monitoring DC link capacitance in three level inverters
Adaptive synchronous DC fan speed controller
Cartesian loop transmitter
Power sharing amplifier system for amplifying multiple input signals with shared power amplifiers
Field programmable modulator-demodulator arrangement for radio frequency communications equipment and method therefor
Frequency equalizer, and associated method, for a radio telephone
Multi-channel adaptive filtering
Cable equalizer for AES digital audio data
Phase detector and method
Low complexity decision feedback sequence estimation
Method and apparatus for protecting a circuit module in a communication device
Dual band radio telephone with dedicated receive and transmit antennas
Fast frequency hopping spread spectrum for code division multiple access communication networks (FFH-CDMA)
Random access in a mobile telecommunications system
Transceiver positioning in free-space optical networks
Optical pulse transmission system, optical pulse transmitting method, and optical pulse detecting method
Passive optical network using a fabry-perot laser as a multiwavelength source
Network architecture uses mini-fiber node and mini-coaxial node technologies to provide bi-directional broadband communications
Method and apparatus for bidirectional communication over a single optical fiber
Portable radio terminal
Test system with signal injection network for characterizing interference and noise tolerance in a digital signal link
Method and apparatus for controlling a full-duplex communication system
Frame relay protocol-based multiplex switching scheme for satellite mesh network
Onboard control of demand assigned multiple access protocol for satellite ATM networks
System and method for resolving frequency and timing uncertainty in access transmissions in a spread spectrum communication system
Guard time reducing system in data communication from earth station to static orbit communication satellite and method thereof
Communication method, base station and terminal apparatus
Spread spectrum communication transmitter and receiver, and CDMA mobile communication system and method
Method and radio station for data transmission
Distributed antenna for personal communication system
Method and system for providing personal base station communications
Processing data transmitted and received over a wireless link connecting a central terminal and a subscriber terminal of a wireless telecommunications system
Efficient multipath centroid tracking circuit for a code division multiple access (CDMA) system
Routing method for ring networks, such as WDM ring networks for optical communication
Wavelength division multiplexed system having reduced cross-phase modulation
Dark pulse generation and transmission
Private base stations
Modems, methods, and computer program products for falling back to a lower data rate protocol upon detecting abnormal line conditions during startup
Radio communication device and method of controlling transmission rate
Method and computer program product for efficiently and reliably sending small data messages from a sending system to a large number of receiving systems
System and method for warning of and providing greater immunity from an impeding call drop in a digital wireless system
Duplicate message detection and mending of garbled messages
Acoustic communication terminal apparatus and recording medium for storing a control program therefor
System and method for monitoring line performance in a digital communication network
Capacity allocation system using semi-autonomous network elements to implement and control a transmission schedule
Monitoring selected IP voice calls through activity of a watchdog program at an IP-addressing mapping check point
Noise reduction techniques and apparatus for enhancing wireless data network telephony
Data transmission system and method for interconnecting sending and receiving analog devices primarily through data channels
Method and apparatus for detecting collisions on a network
Ring-bus technology
Method and apparatus for managing an ad hoc wireless network
Connectionless communication method
Trail explorer and method for exploring trails in a communication network
Memory-efficient leaky bucket policer for traffic management of asynchronous transfer mode data communications
Apparatus and method for a telephony gateway
Apparatus and method for serial data communication between plurality of chips in a chip set
Mobile unit for pilot symbol assisted wireless system and method of improving performance thereof
Data slicer
Method of and devices for telecommunications
Method and apparatus for recovering data from a differential phase shift keyed signal
Methods and device for estimating and correcting clipping in a discrete multi-tone communications system
Receiving method and receiving apparatus
Data transmission apparatus and receiving apparatus using orthogonal frequency division multiplex modulation system
Demodulation method in high speed asynchronous time division multiplexed packet data transmission
Content processor
Information sending system and method for sending encrypted information
Fax routing system and method using standard fax machine and personal computer
Bi-directional digital transmission system and bi-directional digital transmission method
Method and apparatus for providing alarm security receiver with dialed number and caller I.D.
Device for coupling hearing aid to telephone
User interface for a hand-portable phone
Method of handling phone operations and a phone using the method
Access to extended telephone services via the internet
Method and apparatus for identifying the encoding type of a central office codec
VDSL video/data set top test equipment
Internet telephone system, access point apparatus, and communication system using access point apparatus and broad-range data communication network
System and method for monitoring service quality in a communications network
Subscriber-initiated automated third party billing feature
System and method for wireless directory assistance
Universal exchange for making least-cost non-local telephone calls
System for handling large blocks of special number calls in a telecommunications network
Multiple application switching platform and method
Tandem pass through in a switched call
Personal computer having a sound card
System for processing incoming calls based on call priority for telephone stations having multiple lines
Communication support system for providing telephone services to a telephone user by remote control of a data processing device
Call programming apparatus and method
Apparatus for querying a central service
Automated message system for a calling party
Point-of-presence call center management system
Image reading apparatus having a plurality of read/write accesses relative to an image data memory and a method therefore
Automated negative scanner
Device used in image scanner for quickly and precisely determining scan start point and improving scanning quality
Facsimile machine and facsimile communication system
Method for outgoing abbreviation number list in facsimile
Dynamic thresholding module
Digital still video camera having voice data generation
Compression and expansion apparatus
Dynamic creation of color test patterns for improved color calibration
Image process apparatus, image process method and storage medium
Drive circuit with over-voltage protection for use with pixel cells and other circuits
Video signal processing circuit and computer system
Method for providing motion-compensated multi-field enhancement of still images from video
Histogram analysis method for defective pixel identification
Method and apparatus for including virtual ads in video presentations
Information output device, information recording device, information duplication control system and recording medium of the same
Scanning line converting circuit and interpolation coefficient generating circuit
Resizing and anti-flicker filtering in reduced-size video images
Video system including a camera controlled by a control apparatus through communication means
Cable television setback decoder automatic control
Digital television broadcast receiving apparatus
Method for data type casting and algebraic manipulation in a scene description of audio-visual objects
Image coding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for encoding video signal
TV receiver with selectable signal processing systems
Information compressing apparatus
Frame synchronizer
Method and apparatus for recovering video color subcarrier signal
Image sensing apparatus and method for image processing a moving image or a still image
Digital video camera with electronic zoom
False tone detect suppression using multiple frame sweeping harmonic analysis
Service independent switch interface
Delivering method in ATM point-to-multipoint connection
Method and apparatus for generating parity for communication between a physical layer device and an ATM layer device
Determining time slot delay for ATM transmission
Telephony system and method of signalling
Channel integrity in a voice-on-ATM network
Simplified switch algorithm for flow control of available bit rate ATM communications
Method and system for managing communication resources
ETSI intelligent network capability set 1 intelligent network application protocol service switching point finite state machine
One number, intelligent call processing system
Telecommunication resource allocation system and method
Mobile communication system, method and alternative network gateway unit for processing a call
Method for linking subscribers to plural communication networks
Method and communications system with dynamically adaptable subscriber units
TDD/TTY-digital access
Method for managing subscriber location information in mobile communications system
Wireless communication system with trunked signal voting
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent cellular handoff
Automatic reassignment of a telephone number of a wireless terminal based on location of the wireless terminal
Method and radio communications system for assigning a frequency channel to a radio station and appropriate radio station
Mobile location estimation in a wireless system using designated time intervals of suspended communication
Method and apparatus for determining if a mobile station is present in an area
Method and system for soft handoff control based on access network capacity
Method and radio communications system for transmitting data in a mobile radio network
Wireless CDMA system having a unique forward configuration control channel
Handoff procedures based on broadband networks
Sound reproduction device or microphone
All directionally turnable radio microphone
Microphones for an implatable hearing aid
Series-configured crossover network for electro-acoustic loudspeakers
Audio speaker system for personal computer
Sound processing circuit
Ceramic electronic component
Assembly of communication card in name card style
Integrated socket with chip carrier
Electronic component comprising elastic members for fitting the component to body of target device
Module removal system
Dual processor retention assembly
Cardguide retainer
Card guide including air deflector means
Forced ventilation system for electric instruments
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