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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Applying liquid biodegrading agents to guided harvest residue
Hydroponic plant container with highly oxygenated nutrient solution using continuous air injection and continuous coriolis effect mixing
Animal self-care device
Hairstylist cape device
Garment strap clasp system
Adornment defined using frayed material
Footwear design personalizing
Sole for shoes including gas dispenser device
Umbrella for dripless closure
Modular furniture System
Table furniture assembling structure
Electronic device enclosure assembly
Chair with tilting backrest
Lounge chair assembly
Removable head and neck support for reclining salon chair
Collapsible baby play station
Watch display assembly
Apparatus and method for displaying an item
Utensil rest
Side door switching mechanism for a toaster
Portable toothbrush for delivering and removing fluid
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner attachment
Vacuum cleaner providing filter-absence detection
Surgical access assembly with sleeve and adjustable fastener
Port device including retractable endoscope cleaner
System for the physiological evaluation of brain function
Methods of preparing customized mouthpieces for enhancing athletic performance
Methods of preparing customized, neuromuscular mouthpieces for enhancing athletic performance
Finger motion assisting apparatus
Wearable drug delivery device having spring drive and sliding actuation mechanism
Electric treadmill with a folding mechanism by use of two swivel pieces
Athletic swinging training system, method, and apparatus
Apparatus for practicing a golf swing
Wireless pressure sensing rock climbing handhold and dynamic method of customized routing
Casino card game
Method for playing a video gaming machine
Controlling and presenting online wagering games
All-season indoor outdoor coupleable construction toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Direct injection injector for engine
Painting robot and painting system
Coating device and nozzle managing method
Method of manufacturing a liquid discharge head
Crankshaft production method and production apparatus
Machine tool
Quick change clamping device
Apparatus and method for manufacturing a packaged device
Heat-dissipating fin capable of increasing heat-dissipating area
Flat heat pipe and method for manufacturing the same
Water heater wrench adapter and method of use
Horizontal articulated robot and substrate transfer system provided with the same
Rotary cutter
Multi-function manual salad preparation unit
Micro-pattern transferring stamper
Inkjet printing system
Piezoelectric actuator having embedded electrodes
Printing system
Driver for inkjet head
Image forming apparatus including recording head for ejecting liquid droplets
Insertion system, image forming system, and insertion method
Expandable shield
Self-propelled electric mower
Pivoting nose-less bicycle seat
Bicycle seat assembly
Vehicle seat
Bridge for a tailgate of a pickup truck
Air cargo rollout stop
Flexible plumbing assembly for a vehicle
Automated retractable step apparatus utilizing over-center locking mechanism
Holding apparatus for a portable electronic device
Shift control method in an automated manual transmission
Vehicle body tilting device and vehicle body tilting method for rail vehicle
Stamped roof panel for a utility vehicle cab
Vehicle body floor structure
Frame for a cab of a mobile machine
Product promotion storage rack and caddy system
Adjustable saddle support
Angle adjuster for bicycle seat
Bicycle thrust apparatus
Underwater diver glider
Watercraft, water diverter, entanglement system, and defense system for watercraft
Pedal powered boat using a fish tail paddle
Waterjet propulsion system and method for a marine vehicle
Deformable structural framework for a turbofan nacelle
Automatic refuse bag release device and method of using the same
Deployable fluid collection bag and method of forming the same
Ergonomic bottle cap
Cover member for mounting on a fastener ring for a dispenser, method of producing one such member and fluid product dispenser using one such member
Dugout locker
Clean, high density, soft-accumulating conveyor
Belt plough
Grasping device, robot system, and method of manufacturing mechanical product
Dispensing system and package for use therewith
Folded perforated web
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Cable organizer and electronic appliance with same
Sheet conveyance apparatus and image forming system
Modular weighting elements
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Setting plate arrangement
Textiles; Paper
Ozone laundry system and its method of use with continuous batch and tunnel washers
Fixed Constructions
Water saving flapper valve weight apparatus
Masonry reinforcement system
Formwork and formwork method of a concrete construction
Military service persons burial marker assembly
Dumpster screen and method of use thereof
Building closure with enhanced moisture barrier properties
Elevator assembly for accessing an elevated platform of a combine
Method and apparatus for utilizing carbon dioxide in situ
Method and apparatus for controlling a volume of hydrogen input and the amount of oil taken out of a naturally occurring oil field
Establishing positions of locating field detectors and path mapping in underground boring tool applications
Atomic battery powered downhole completions assembly
Variable buoyancy subsea running tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine engine cooling fluid feed system
Turbine airfoil fillet cooling system
Turbine nozzles and methods of manufacturing the same
Dead-volume management in compressed-gas energy storage and recovery systems
Organic rankine cycle with flooded expansion and internal regeneration
Valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
Vehicle control device
Two-stroke engine
Oil-less rotary engine
Internal combustion engine having a cylinder head and a cylinder block
Floating device for production of energy from water currents
Hydraulic cab tilt actuator with lost motion
Shearable fastening device with force transmission element
Ball bearing, a clutch bearing including such a bearing, and a motor vehicle fitted with such a bearing
Impact absorbing telescoping post for multi-panel trampolines
Electromagnetic shock absorber for vehicle
Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications
Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications
Spring-elastic axial seal
Aseptic or sanitary top hat diaphragm valve
Apparatus and methods for splicing conduits and hoses subsea
Pipe repair coupling
Holding device for a sprinkler nozzle
Device and method for repairing pipe
Solar powered attachable light
Stake with illuminated ornament
Lighting system for growing plants
Efficient photovoltaic (PV) cell based heat pump liquid heater
Device for refreshing garments
Self-levering follower for a universal magazine of multiple caliber compatibility for firearms
Handguard for toy replica firearm
Multilayer backing materials for composite armor
Cabin for a Humvee vehicle
Method for checking the diameter of a cylindrical part in orbital motion
Sensor assemblies and methods of assembling same
Dispensing container
Pressure sensor
Resonance testing apparatus and articulation assembly
Circuit for indicating power level over a communication interface
Precision synchronisation architecture for superspeed universal serial bus devices
Dual hard disk drive system and method for dropped write detection and recovery
Storage system and control method for storing write data requested by a host computer
Information processing apparatus and method for acquiring information for hung-up cause investigation
Storage apparatus and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus for concatenated convolutional encoding and interleaving
Method and apparatus for wireless clock regeneration
Selecting an input/output tape volume cache
Spatial extent migration for tiered storage architecture
Dynamic SLC/MLC blocks allocations for non-volatile memory
System for writing to memory
Computer system management apparatus and management method
Volume record data set optimization apparatus and method
Storage system and management method of file system using the storage system
Memory system and method for controlling memory system
System for data migration from a storage tier allocated to a virtual logical volume
Method, device, and server for providing content to a handset
Managing user definable co-user lists
Deadlock resolution in end-to-end credit protocol
Providing a fine-grained arbitration system
Preventing messaging of co-users on user definable co-user lists
Application-independent service delivery
System and method for internet audio/video delivery
Module-based device interaction system
Apparatus for blocking malware originating inside and outside an operating system
Dynamic modification of application behavior in response to changing environmental conditions
Transmitting apparatus for transmitting data and transceiving system for transmitting and receiving data
Compression on thin provisioned volumes using extent based mapping
Server-side HTTP translator
Method for managing internet protocol addresses in network
Distributed multiple-tier task allocation
System and method for subscribing to a web logging service via a dispatch communication system
Transmission device and method of controlling selection of received data
System and method for targeting channels to users
Personal broadcast server system for providing a customized broadcast
Computer system, performance measuring method and management server apparatus
Method and apparatus for resource-allocation management
Method and system for handling load on a service component in a network
Cluster storage setting method, system, and management system
Method and device for information retrieval
Rapid peer navigation in faceted search systems
Network client optimization
Message conduit systems with algorithmic data stream control and methods for processing thereof
Method of protecting an individual's privacy when providing service based on electronic tag
Configurable field definition document
System and method for providing supplemental content related to printed content in a printed publication
Method and device for upgrading rights object that was stored in memory card
System and method for managing activities in project management
File cloning across different filesets
Ensuring partitioned dataset extended (PDSE) critical dataset redundancy (CDR)
Structured relevance--a mechanism to reveal how data is related
Managing multiple versions of enterprise meta-models using semantic based indexing
Intelligent adaptive index density in a database management system
Reusable packaging history tracking system and query interface
Systems and methods for determining an article association measure
Method of optimization of a manufacturing process of an integrated circuit layout
Paradigm in multimedia services creation methodology, and new service creation and service execution environments
Method to differentiate identical devices on a two-wire interface
User interface manipulation for coherent content presentation
Using style elements to copy and paste a selected area of a screen display
Web widgets
System and method for content management and determination of search conditions
Query rewrite for pre-joined tables
Automatically generating a customer notification file status report
Optimized deletion and insertion for high-performance resizable RCU-protected hash tables
Configuring classifier trees and classifying data
Project management tool
Authenticating a user with picture messaging
Generalized programmable counter arrays
High performance cache translation look-aside buffer (TLB) lookups using multiple page size prediction
Methods and apparatus to increase the resolution of a clock synthesis circuit that uses feedback interpolation
Systems, methods, and apparatus for utility meter configuration
Information processing apparatus and its control method
Measuring runtime coverage of architectural events of a microprocessor
Building approximate data dependences with a moving window
System and method to produce business case metrics based on code inspection service results
System for estimating a software product release time from version information
Software accessibility testing
Staged automated validation of work packets inputs and deliverables in a software factory
TCAD emulation calibration method of SOI field effect transistor
Control of the runtime behavior of processes
Management of copy services relationships via policies specified on resource groups
Performing a local barrier operation
Performing a local barrier operation
Methods and systems of managing resources allocated to guest virtual machines
Modifying virtual universe display quality of virtual objects according to encoded virtual object settings and fee payment status
Headphones holder with indicia of stored value
System and method for an integrated disease management system
System and method for a lifestyle management system
System and method for leveraging procurement across companies and company groups
System and method for generating a community contribution index
Media content notification via communications network
Method and medium for dynamic property re-pricing using partial broker services
Method and system for currency exchange by point of conversion
Method and system for managing time-shifted financial instruments
Systems for electronic trading
System and method for creating a customer account
Loan management system and method
Computerized mortgage foreclosure-capping system
Customized consumer loan product search system and method
System and method for managing sponsorships
Method for conducting HARQ with a wireless communications system
Grammar fragment acquisition using syntactic and semantic clustering
Optical disk drive with a cable protection device
Objective lens holder, objective lens driving device using the same, optical pickup device, and method for manufacturing objective lens driving device
Card connector having a housing with fastening blocks for mounting a circuit board
Safety socket
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with improved contact-loading manner for coplanarity adjustment
Plug apparatus
Optical semiconductor based illuminating apparatus
Lamp holder connector
Connecting multiple conduits
Method for pulling and cutting a z-axis electrical interconnector
Coaxial connector
Systems and methods for implementing cyclic redundancy checks
Frame boundary detection and synchronization system for data stream received by ethernet forward error correction layer
Secure communication using non-systematic error control codes
Independent role based authorization in boundary interface elements
Assigning a network address for a virtual device to virtually extend the functionality of a network device
Session-controlled-access of client data by support personnel
Page encryption system
Efficient, high volume digital signature system for medical and business applications
Preventing unauthorized distribution of media content within a global network
Method and apparatus for completing a circuit switched service call in an internet protocol network
System for controlling the distribution and use of rendered digital works through watermarking
Securely upgrading or downgrading platform components
Shielding electronic components from liquid
Expired Patents Due To Time
Closure device for slit opening of aquatic sport suit
Molded knee pad construction
Seamless swimwear
Infant clothing
Device and method for improving a person's control of their non-dominant hand
Golf glove with elastic club gripping strap
Novelty decorative hat
User shapeable elevator base for toilets
Vacuum toilet
Convertible pool cover support
Automatic water level system for swimming pools
Water therapy apparatus
Galley waste disposal system
Water-absorbing sink apron for bathroom counters
Bunk bed assembly
Multi-motion lifting and transferring apparatus and method
Method and device for lifting
Foldable mechanism for playpen
Stadium blanket
Support device
Patient support surfaces
Anti-roll off mattress construction
Mattress and method of manufacture
Combination carabiner and tool device
Plier device having changeable tool members
Drilling and fastener driving tool
Toothbrush for babies
Device for cleaning an elongated record medium
Device for applying a sheet material on a surface such as a floor
Foot cleaner device
Surface contacting with spray bottle dispensers
Back and body washer
Cleaning and polishing pad for floors and the like
Trowel with a handle
Modular apparatus for washing and wiping a vehicle windshield
Apparatus for converting a conventional hand-held dustpan into a stand-up dustpan having an elevated debris barrier
Leaf pick-up and transport bin assembly
Castor assembly
Curtain tab carrier
Carpet sample board handle
Locking assembly of a retractable handle for wheeled luggage
Retractable handle assembly
Redundant hinge element for a notebook computer
Fitting component
Retractable assist grip
Pivoting side handles
Stackable ergonomic handle
Web heating device for a fiber processing machine
Adornment clamping device
Sealing device for a container and the like
Intermeshable articles
Clip and casing test telephone incorporating clip
Locking device for child seat
Decorative casket cover system
Method of manufacturing ink jet head
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric resonator
Apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber cable
Apparatus for placing object in syringe body
Rivet setting tool
Pulling device
Resilient retainer for elongated items and method of holding
Method for forming a decorative cover
Apparatus and method for positioning tooling
Method of making an insulating unit having a low thermal conducting spacer
Process for manufacturing AL-Si alloys for use in vehicle propeller shafts
Method of manufacturing a dynamoelectric machine
Method for forming motor with rotor and stator core paired interlocks
Coating of a superconductor
Method of manufacture of an improved monolithic inductor
Method of making a read head with high resistance soft magnetic flux guide layer for enhancing read sensor efficiency
Method of manufacturing a transformer coil with a disposable mandrel and mold
Method of manufacturing multilayer-type chip inductors
Multilayer conductive polymer positive temperature coefficient device
Method for sliding a seal with a lip onto a shaft, method for uncurling the lip, and apparatus for sliding the seal thereonto
Circuit-component supplying system
Device for introducing valve keys in internal-combustion-engine valves
Screw element extractor
Parts distributing method
Method of production of semiconductor device
Breadmaker circuit board mounting method
Method for providing an electrical ground connection between a printed circuit board and a metallic substrate
Method of forming dual conductive plugs
Dual-fluid heat-exchanging system with extruded thermal-transfer core and method of fabrication thereof
Muffler and its manufacturing method
One-piece tipless valve housing
Motor vehicle seat
Method for fabricating a friction bearing, and friction bearing
Dry shaving apparatus
Utility knife with quick action quarter-turn connector
Autoclavable stainless steel medical instruments with polypropylene injected color handles
Emergency window-breaking tool with quick-release carrying case
Non-motorized razor with spring-supported head
Pattern developing tool
Remote sensor apparatus and method
Remodel box installation tool and method
Grade/level measuring device
Fastening device for a purge ring
Device for conditioning a paper web
Apparatus for extracting plasticizer
Apparatus for multi-nip impulse drying
Apparatus for drying granular objects involving pre-heating process
Clothes dryer with emissive coating
Ultraviolet curing apparatus using an inert atmosphere chamber
Method of drying moist organic material
Spray drying apparatus and methods of use
Turf aerator footwear attachment
Skate boot shell for such a skate boot and headpiece for a skate boot
Harmonic optimization technology
Safety mechanism for side hammer muzzleloading rifles
Trigger safety
Firearm with remotely activated safety system
Device for sorting out marine species in fishing trawl
Insect barrier system for prevention of the passage of crawling insects
Apparatus for repelling ground termites
Insect bait-and-switch liquid delivery apparatus
Planting system
Motor vehicle sensor arrangement for detecting jamming
Electric door closure
Pivot-hung door drive
Dropglass window module
Sliding door with wheel repair kit
Vehicle door module including metallic elongated member incorporated within resin base plate
Explosion relief system including an explosion relief panel and a blast shaft having two openings
Gutter drainer assembly
Method and apparatus for lining manholes
Retractable ceiling assembly
Device to secure snow guard to roof using a wedge
Wall panel system
Extendable and retractable building and mechanism for extending and retracting
Pre-cast concrete panels for construction of a building
Roof construction
Portable, easily composable supporting skeleton
Vibration damping mechanism and anti-earthquake wall material
Rotatable installation fin for a fenestration product
Wall panel system
Adjustable corner trim strip
Concrete construction modules for building foundations and walls
Vented siding
Construction block cap
Scuttle hole insulation system
Block system
Alignment and spacer apparatus and siding panel installation system
Self-aligning building blocks
Structural connector
Vibrating screed with rollers
Method and apparatus for plank top installation for a deck
Windows for automobiles and the like
Sleeved packaging method
Apparatus and method for wrapping compressible articles with a web-like wrapping material
Tear open packaging
Method and apparatus for washing wares for food and filling wares with food
Hot pour product sampler and method of making using bulk thin film application techniques
Package with base plate
Straw wrapping machine, method and product using a plastic film wrapper
Method and machine for wrapping a product in a sheet of heat-seal wrapping material
Automatic packaging machine for cardboard box with a latching flip top
Direct contact rein
Saddle tree
Mower deck with object tracing capability
Apparatus for helically assembling at least two filaments
Pot spinning device
Flyer bow with integral enclosed wire guide
Apparatus for condensing a drafted fiber strand
Link Chain
Faceting hollow link chain with finger
Connecting chain link
Single shaft combined cycle plant and method for operating the same
Method of generating power using an advanced thermal recuperation cycle
Gas turbine combined plant, method of operating the same, and steam-cooling system for gas turbine hot section
Combined cycle power plant and method using both light and heavy oils
Method of operating a power station plant
Shrouds for gas turbine engines and methods for making the same
Air-fuel ratio controlling device for an internal combustion engine
Dual compartment fuel storage tank
Motor vehicle with internal combustion engine and catalytic converter
Hydrodynamic torque converter with an extension of one wall of a wheel
Hydraulic system with a hydromotor fed by a hydraulic transformer
Control device for hydraulic power cylinders
Housing and center section for hydrostatic transmission
Multicycle energy riffle
Pressurized fluid device
Engine-braking arrangement for an internal combustion engine with an exhaust-gas turbocharger
Geothermal steam processing
Starting up a steam system, and steam system for carrying out the method
Catalytic combustor for gas turbines
Ceramic lining
Thermoelectric heat exchanger
Gas processing techniques
Method and device for the after-cooling of a preform in the injection molding process
Cryogenic processor for liquid feed preparation of a free-flowing frozen product and method for freezing liquid composition
Effective temperature controller and method of effective temperature control
Integrated control and fault detection of HVAC equipment
Heating and cooling unit
Electrically powered transport refrigeration unit
Air filter guides for an air conditioner
Cooler housing apparatus and method of making the same
Refrigeration cycle device, a method of producing the device, and a method of operating the device
Ice maker
Portable flexible container for keeping articles cold
Device for the controlled cooling of hot-briquetted directly reduced iron sponge
Air flow for refrigerator food storage system
Compressor provided with refrigerant and lubricant in specified relationship
Accumulator for an air conditioning system
Integrated parallel flow condenser receiver assembly
Process for removing a volatile component from natural gas
Method of refrigeration purification and power generation of industrial waste gas and the apparatus therefor
Medical identification charm bracelet
Process of producing a glassy product for multiple applications and products obtained by the process
Press mold for glass substrate
Etching a halide glass tube, removing the etchant, and forming an optical fiber
Process for fabricating fluorine-doped sol-gel article
Method for manufacturing tubular items, such as hosiery items or the like, which are closed at an axial end, using a single-cylinder circular machine
Knitted arm warmer
Universal gun lock inserted through muzzle
Door lock with clutch arrangement
Steering wheel lock
Steering wheel lock
Housing for an automobile steering wheel lock
Magnetically coupled keystart switch
Door lock furniture
Method for precision temperature controlled hot forming
Thin-walled ring-shaped member and method of manufacturing same
Tube forming machine using three point bending
Method of thickening peripheral portion of circular plate blank by holding blank in pressing contact with bottom surface of forming groove formed in roller die
Automated profile control--roll forming
Method of manufacturing a sheet pressing wheel
Core plug formation die apparatus and method of manufacturing a core plug
Method and apparatus for continuous monitoring and amplitude adjustment of adjustable length heating element
Bordering device
Transfer system having a combined drive
Sensor element seal for a detector
System and method for vapor constituents analysis
Method of accurately measuring control film density regions
Micro-electromechanical device inspection
Device and method for permanently controlling the tightness of closing lids of containers for radioactive materials
Dew point and bubble point measurement
Oil quality sensor
Volatilization device for liquids
Probe needle arrangement and movement method for use in an atomic force microscope
Independent control of transmission-side and engine-side retarding devices during ratio changes
Self-oscillating fluid sensor
Resistive fluid level sensing and control system
Portable clamp-on liquid level indicator gauge
Angular rate sensor and method of improving output characteristic thereof
Suspension arrangement for semiconductor accelerometer
Ultrasonic imaging aberration correction system and method
Air spring arrangement having a device for making ultrasonic distance measurements therein
Vibration wave detecting method and vibration wave detector
Electromagnetic vibration sensor
Capacitive pressure transducer having reduced output error
Mobile truss testing apparatus
Coriolis-type mass flow sensor with a single measuring tube
Center of weight sensor
Torque detector
Torque detector
Apparatus for measuring the thickness and/or irregularities of a running sliver
Dial operating device
Belt transfer system
Flywheel motor transmission
Preload constant mesh gearbox
Drive unit for vehicular window pane
Actuating electromotor for technical devices, in particular in motor vehicles
Star gear system with lubrication circuit and lubrication method therefor
Actuator for gearshift mechanisms of motor vehicles
Device for driving a robot hand
Steering shaft
Tilt release system for a steering column
Two axis brake lever
Push button cable actuator
Idle stop mechanism for foot-operated outboard motor throttle
Parking brake device
Torque transmitting and torsion damping apparatus for use in motor vehicles
Cork removal device
Anti-shock structure of a hammer handle
Light bulb remover
Closed-head power tongs
Open end ratchet wrench
Adjustable spanner
Adjustable pipe wrench, gear actuated, having two methods of adjustment
Screwdriver with control portion for selectively retaining tips therein
Recessed head fastener and driver systems
Method of forming annular grooves in a ball polishing apparatus
Low-cost high-density gang punch
Catheter side-wall hole cutting method and apparatus
Slicing apparatus
Aluminum foil safety fixture
Saw chain having side links with lubricant-receiving recesses
Perforating and slitting die sheet
Cannon for axially fed rounds with breeched round sealing breech chamber
Obturator for a gun
Gun having a rapid fire trigger assembly
Compressed air flow rate controller for paint sprayer system
Camless valve actuator for compression braking and normal engine operations
Brake actuator and method of forming same
Artificial muscle actuator assembly
Piston-cylinder unit
Apparatus for conveyorized toasting of breads and like food items
Apparatus for seasoning food
Kitchen appliance comprising a container with a filter
Screen printing apparatus
Printing plate
Epoxidized natural rubber printing plate
Pressure enhanced penetration with shaped charge perforators
Simulated ammunition
Non-lethal weapon firing a frangible, weighted paint ball
Line storage device for preventing line entanglement
Timber hauling device
Folding roll-away table
Apparatus for producing and planting sprigs from bulk sod
Trash cleaning structure for a furrow opening device
Buttonhole sewing machine
Quilt clamp
Quilting machine with variable-spacing stitchers
Belt-loop sewing machine
Method and apparatus for hand stitching of sports balls
Vessel having a standardized hull capable of having a plurality of optional and operational modular structures and method of construction therefor
Visual guard for a dock cleat
Mooring system
Ultrashort fairings for suppressing vortex-induced-vibration
Floatable recreational park
Gentile performance wedge (GPW) shock mitigation planning boat hull
Underwater power and data relay
Control for X-stern vehicle
Rigid inflatable boat with adaptable hull
Inflatable kayak
Circular hull structure
Sun bonnet for a watercraft
REMUS positive lock securing apparatus
Locating device for avalanche victims
Hollow plastic containers with an external very thin coating of low permeability to gases and vapors through plasma-assisted deposition of inorganic substances and method and system for making the coating
Film deposition apparatus
Film to tie up loose fluorine in the chamber after a clean process
Apparatus for forming a thin film by plasma chemical vapor deposition
High efficiency vermiculture process and apparatus
Liner and liner system for litter box and litter box cover
Nelson trawlers aquaculture unit
Modular animal habitat
Pet car seat and carry-all
Debris catching trough
Soft rawhide article and method
Ergonomic animal leash
Leash assembly having pet refuse bag dispenser mechanism
Dog's clothes
Water heater with heat sensitive air inlet
Device for producing hot water
Injector for an internal combustion engine working with fuel/emulsion
Cooling control system and cooling control method for engine
Cooled one piece piston and method
Internal combustion engine
Spark-ignition engine, flat and with opposite cylinders
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Tappet for the valve gear of an internal combustion engine
Automatic decompression system
Four cycle engine
Built-up piston
Piston, especially for an internal combustion engine with double crank drive
Personal watercraft engine
Overhead cam engine with cast-in valve seats
Method for increasing the safety of motor-vehicle occupants in the event of a crash
Combustion chamber for direct injected engine
Fuel control system for cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Operation of a gasoline direct-injection internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle having a servo unit
Drive unit with an engine and a retarder
Device for controlling the amount of the air taken in by an engine
Diesel engine speed control to prevent under-run
Method and device for controlling a drive unit of a vehicle
Apparatus and method for controlling an ignition timing in an internal combustion engine
Personal watercraft engine control
High-pressure fuel pump
High-pressure fuel supply assembly
High pressure fuel reservoir
Seal member mounting structure in electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Engine control apparatus
Controlling apparatus for engine for model and controlling method therefor
Fuel injection control system of internal combustion engine
Fuel feeding apparatus with response delay compensation
Evaporated fuel treatment apparatus for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation valve
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Control method for an oxygen linear sensor
Tile cutter
Pellet fuel burning device
Portable burner
Barbecue grill
Fuel-fired furnace with self-cooling draft inducer fan
Residential-type stove hood with fluid filter cleaning means
Apparatus for heating particulate material
Solar power generation and energy storage system
Wearable aerosol delivery apparatus
Method and a device for producing a fine homogeneous aerosol
Metered dose inhaler pump
Protective eye covering for infants
Cervical board and method of use
Urinary incontinence treatment instrument
Incontinence device
Transmyocardial implant procedure
Manual hairdressing and styling device
Multi-fold cosmetic compact
Vacuum valve interface
Overfill prevention device for liquefied gas tanks
Dual function valve assembly
Check valve assembly
Redundant regulation valve
Guidable pipe plug
Repositionable, flexible, and extendible connector
Apparatus for the insertion of weft threads for a series shed weaving machine
Auxiliary selvage forming and weft thread cutting device
Textile planar structure having machine and cross-machine direction binding yarns
Joining loop for joining industrial belt and joining part of industrial belt using the loop
Fabric having improved elasticity, modules and breathability, and garment made thereof
Filling insertion system for an air jet weaving machine
Method and device for producing wave windings for a stator of a three-phase generator
Apparatus for making reinforcing cages
Apparatus and method for mixing medication and filling an ampule of a needle-less injector
Method and apparatus for dispensing powder
Fuel nozzle dispenser using ultrasonic metering
Regulation of vapor pump valve
Auto-Loading fluid exchanger and method of use
Gravity feed fluid dispensing valve
Funnel cap device for a fluid container
Automotive vehicle remote fill reservoir
Woodworking station
Vehicle inner tube with means for protection against piercing of pointed objects
Pneumatic tire having an outer layer of veneer covering the sidewall
Pneumatic tire with specified rubber properties
Head chip mounting apparatus
Foil transfer apparatus
Die bonding apparatus
Tool for hanging wallpaper
Control system for coverings for architectural openings
Window with a screening device
Hinge mechanism and window cover system
Method for manufacturing castable metal matrix composite bodies and bodies produced thereby
Apparatus and method for bottom casting of molten steel
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning system for a skid steer loader
Supporting structure for heat exchanger
Screening device for eliminating balls from a coolant line
Extended air cooling with heat loop for dense or compact configurations of electronic components
Support for a cooling device
Heat exchanger core connection
Ultra high-density, high-performance heat sink
Flexible foil finned heatsink structure and method of making same
Cooling unit for cooling a heat-generating component and electronic apparatus having the cooling unit
Heating and/or air conditioning system
Electronic refrigeration control system
Perforating gun brake
Inflatable packing device including cover means for effecting a uniform expansion profile
Inflatable packer inflation verification system
Downhole sampling tool and method
Method of and apparatus for installing casing in a well
Downhole apparatus
Auto-extending/retracting electrically isolated conductors in a segmented drill string
Fire-extinguishing equipment
Landscape rake with fluid controlled float capability
Golf green repair apparatus and method
Method of harvesting sod
Differential connecting rod and draft cable for agricultural tillage device
Constant pressure scraper system with adjustment
Spindle lock and chipping mechanism for hammer drill
Impact structure for impact power tool
Battery-powered hand-guided power tool
Fluid-operated power tool
Drilling implement for drilling holes in the ground
Auger system
Hydraulic underreamer and sections for use therein
Cutting bed impeller
Remote fluid power supply system for a work vehicle
Hybrid vehicle
Electrochemical propulsion system
Fuel cell engine having a propulsion motor operatively connected to drive a fluid supply device
Hydraulic excavator with engine intake air cleaner arrangement
Vehicle operating method and system
Automatic steering apparatus for vehicle
Auxiliary hydraulic drive for tractors
Device for mounting a component
Four point powertrain mounting and transmission inspection cover therefor
Rear wheel steering device having fail-safe features
Electric power steering apparatus
Loudspeaker system incorporating acoustic waveguide filters and method of construction
Safety and support garment for use in tree stand
Device for dismantling vehicles, in particular for draining the latter
Dismountable scaffolding with base plates arranged on cross struts
Scaffolding platform
Transmission lubricating device
Lubricant feeding system for shaft and hub profile assemblies with axial longitudinal displacement capacity
Control device for elevator
Elevator hoistway access safety
Elevator cable tensioning device and method
Disc brake suspension for improved turning circle
Foot pressure activated braking wedge, shopping cart wheel restraint
Golf car having disk brakes and single point latching brake
Damped pad spring for use in a disc brake assembly
Disk brake
Brake mechanism for device for hauling up/down by rope
Drum brake device
Storage and travel bag
Cable drum with integrated frequency converter
Hydrodynamic torque converter
Emergency facilities for influencing defective constituents of power trains in motor vehicles
Apparatus for operating a clutch in an automated mechanical transmission
Conveyor section having a stop
Apparatus for degreasing solid parts
Toy car wash apparatus
Novelty umbrella for a child
Umbrella apparatus
Locked car cover
Proportional variable force solenoid control valve with armature damping
Hydraulic system for actuating at least two operational areas in a vehicle
Hand-held inflation valve assembly
Casing construction for fuel dispensing systems
Pressure testing apparatus and testing method for propane tank systems
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stowage receptacle for a recreational vehicle waste hose
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device and method for superodorizing an LP-gas tank
Fixed Constructions
Wellhead for providing structure when utilizing a well pumping system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Dust cover
Gas pressure sensor and indicator apparatus for recreational vehicles and the like
Thermal type air flow amount measuring apparatus having flow rectifier
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
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