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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for producing polyploid plants of orchids
Non-human animal disease mode for hepatitis B virus-associated disease
Aflatoxin production inhibitor and method for controlling aflatoxin contamination using the same
Compounds having a cyclic moiety and compositions for delivering active agents
Method of treating malignant solid tumors
Amelioration of the development of cataracts and other ophthalmic diseases
Thiadiazolyloxyphenylamidines and use thereof as fungicides
Chemical compounds
Use of megestrol acetate for improving heart function and the treatment of heart insufficiency
Device and method for producing a frothed whitened beverage
Implantable devices comprising cyanoacrylate primer coatings
Absorbent article having a multifunctional containment member
Wetness indicator with hydrophanous element for an absorbent article
Antimicrobial medical devices containing chlorhexidine free base and salt
Mixed ligand surface-modified nanoparticles
Use of RR/SR-ractopamine
Composition comprising free amino acids
Pyrrole derivatives, preparation of same and therapeutic application thereof
Bicyclic heteroaryl compounds
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use
SIR2 regulation
Crystalline polymorph of doxazosin mesylate (form IV) and process for preparation thereof
Pharmaceutical compounds
Acylpiperazinones and their use as pharmaceuticals
Use of alkylphosphocholines in combination with antimetabolites for the treatment of benign and malignant oncoses in humans and mammals
PH.alpha.1B toxin, CDNA of PH.alpha.1B toxin gene, pharmaceutical composition containing PH.alpha.1B toxin, process for their production and product
Macrocyclic, pyridazinone-containing hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
HCV inhibiting macrocyclic phenylcarbamates
Peptides, derivatives and analogs thereof, and methods of using same
Peptides for inhibiting chemokine binding to chemokine receptors
Methods of administering lipocalins to treat metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases
Ang-(1-7) receptor agonist
Peptides for treating cancer
Fibrosis inhibitor for implanted organ
Short-chain peptides as parathyroid hormone (PTH) receptor agonist
Bacterial pheromones and uses thereof
Employment of rotavirus proteins, derived proteins and peptides for the modulation of tissue permeability
Method of treatment targeting HEPSIN
CD44E tumor specific antibody
Pharmaceutical composition useful for the treatment of peptic ulcer diseases
Film-form preparation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water dispersible polymer compositions
Dual-stage method for the reactivation of thermally aged nitrogen oxide storage catalysts
Catalyst composition with halo-malonate internal electron donor and polymer from same
Film forming apparatus, film forming system, film forming method, and method of manufacturing electronic device or organic electroluminescence element
Film formation method and method for manufacturing light-emitting element
Method and apparatus for coating a thin film substrate
System and method for an integrated additive manufacturing cell for complex components
Container for products containing aromatic compounds
Coated article
Lightweight component of hybrid
Composite containing polymer, filler and metal plating catalyst, method of making same, and article manufactured therefrom
Plasticizer-containing films based on polyvinyl acetal having selective permeability for UV radiation
Polypropylene-based shrink films
Extended table pad assembly
Structures and methods for increasing the speed of electroactive polymers
Antimicrobial composite
Preparation of silica stabilized biological templates for the production of metal and layered nanoparticles
Burn protective materials
Vehicle mounted converter
Wiring method and wiring system for structures
Self-heating container for preparing a fresh hot drink
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Multiphase reaction process using microchannel technology
Use of chemical reaction to separate ethylene from ethane in ethane-based processes to produce acetic acid
Aryl pyridine as aldosterone synthase inhibitors
Process for preparing efavirenz polymorph
Method for producing optically active amino acid derivative
Halogenated rhodamine derivatives and applications thereof
Organic compounds
Electrochromic compound, electrode, and display element
Method of reversing carboplatin resistance by inhibition of HGFIN
Detection and quantification of biomolecules using mass spectrometry
Polynucleotide encoding a cellulase enzyme and method for producing the enzyme
RNAi modulation of SCAP and therapeutic uses thereof
Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer resistant to anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) kinase inhibitors
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand
Anti-NIK antibodies and uses thereof
Cast acrylic plates with enhanced shockproofness
Method of making triglyceride macromonomers
Method of purifying block copolymers
Biodegradable polyketal polymers and methods for their formation and use
Polyester based degradable materials and implantable biomedical articles formed therefrom
Synthetic polymers controlled in spiral structure, host-guest compounds prepared by using the same, and processes for production of both
Rubber composition for tire
Polymer encapsulated pigment dispersion with high solids content
Composite materials having improved thermal performance
Polypropylene-based adhesive compositions
Adhesives based on polyester-graft-poly(meth)acrylate copolymers
Multi-solution bone cements and methods of making the same
Heterocoagulate, and compositions and method for polishing and surface treatment
Well fluid comprising a fluorinated liquid phase
High carrying capacity temperature-stable breakable gel for well drilling, completion, and other uses
Dual-functional breaker for hybrid fluids of viscoelastic surfactant and polymer
Apparatus and process for treating a hydrocarbon stream
Method for enhancing the oxidation and nitration resistance of natural gas engine oil compositions and such compositions
Cell culture apparatus, cell culture method, cell culture program and cell culture system
Process for preparing long-chain dicarboxylic acids
Bacteria that reduce content of heavy metals in plant
Nucleic acid construct having an ovalbumin promotor
Methods of using plants containing the gdhA gene
Nucleic acids encoding antibodies that bind factor D
Nanofibrillar structure and applications including cell and tissue culture
Methods of using ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors for selective cell treatment
Hematopoietic stem cell identification and isolation
Variants of glycoside hydrolases
Method for fermentative production of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine by microorganism
Enhanced protein expression in Bacillus
Materials and methods for the efficient production of acetate and other products
Thermostable gluconate dehydratase and use thereof
Methods of enriching for and identifying polymorphisms
Antisense formulation
Methods using metal oxide particles for analyte detection
Method for diagnosis and monitoring of viral infection by analysis of viral transrenal nucleic acids in urine
Laminar library screen
Noncontact position sensor
Optical filter
Sensors and switches for detecting hydrogen
Apparatus and method for reading fluorescence
Assay for monitoring parathyroid hormone (PTH) variants by tandem mass spectrometry
Conductivity sensor
Use of lymphocytes to measure anthrax lethal toxin activity
Assay for detection of IL-10 antibodies
C4d/C4b standard for quantitative flow cytometry of humoral transplant rejection
Electronic methods for the detection of analytes
Non-linear electrical actuation and detection
Structural health monitoring system and method using soft capacitive sensing materials
Method and apparatus for evaluating electromagnetic hazard protection devices
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Dedicated system for msk joint imaging
Magnetic resonance acquisition system, receiver antenna module, transmission signal reception module, magnetic resonance system and method to transfer MR response signals
Magnetic resonance apparatus and method to detect incorrect magnetic resonance data
Color filter plate
Multi-focal intraocular lens system and methods
Photodiode comprising polarizer
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material for movie
Resin for toner and toner
Resists for lithography
Raised letter printing using large yellow toner particles
Gallium phthalocyanine compound, and image bearing member, image forming method, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge using the gallium phthalocyanine compound
Selective hologram formation
Composition for holographic recording medium
Power conversion apparatus and controller thereof
Step-down switching regulator
Unit inverter system
Microprocessor controlled variation in cut-out pulse application in alternating current power
Keyboard apparatus
Pressure-balanced electromechanical converter
Multiplanar irradiation device with treatment beam directed opposite an access
Magnetic recording medium manufacturing method and laminate manufacturing method
Apparatus including a circuit breaker retaining mechanism for use in withdrawable circuit breakers and method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for indicia selection
Tripping assembly for switching device
LED lamp structure
Light emitting element lamp and lighting equipment
Reflective electrode, display device, and method for producing display device
Post-ionization of neutrals for ion mobility oTOFMS identification of molecules and elements desorbed from surfaces
Deposition of photovoltaic thin films by plasma spray deposition
Solder ball contact susceptible to lower stress
Solid-state image pickup device
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated photonic semiconductor devices and methods for making integrated photonic semiconductor devices
Producing transistor including reduced channel length
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit package
Method for fabricating InGaAIN light-emitting diodes with a metal substrate
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate
Etching method and recording medium
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for forming contact holes
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
High performance CMOS circuits, and methods for fabricating same
Methods of forming replacement gate structures for semiconductor devices
High-density nonvolatile memory and methods of making the same
Manufacture method for semiconductor device having improved copper diffusion preventive function of plugs and wirings made of copper or copper alloy and semiconductor device of this kind
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Thin channel device and fabrication method with a reverse embedded stressor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having insulated through wires
Semiconductor equipment and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Back side metallization with superior adhesion in high-performance semiconductor devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and fabrication process thereof
System for separation of an electrically conductive connection
Chip and electrostatic discharge protection device thereof
Image pickup apparatus
Contact optimization for enhancing stress transfer in closely spaced transistors
Layout design tool for semiconductor integrated circuit
Tunneling transistor suitable for low voltage operation
Carrier mobility in surface-channel transistors, apparatus made therewith, and systems containing same
Resistance change memory and manufacturing method thereof
Metal-insulator-metal capacitors
Non-volatile memory device using hot-carrier injection
Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor device
Transistor using derivative polymethyl-methacrylate thin film as gate insulator and passivation layer, and fabrication method thereof
Pressure sensor
Derivatives or dipyrannylidene type as anode interface layer in electronic devices
Nano wire based passive pixel image sensor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Concentration solar battery protected against heating
Output circuit, light-receiver circuit using the same, and photocoupler
Semiconductor device
Photoelectric device
Thermoelectric structure and use of the thermoelectric structure to form a textile structure
Organic electroluminescence device
Compound and organic light emitting device using the compound
Battery pack for cordless devices
Closure assembly for electrochemical cells
MEMS safety valve for batteries
Three-dimensional hydrophilic porous structures for fuel cell plates
Fuel cell
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Electronics cabinet with air feed system for backup power fuel cell
Fuel cell assembly
Method for preparing metal oxide sol, method for preparing metal oxide thin film using said sol, and solid oxide fuel cell comprising said thin film
Leadless package housing having an insulator and composition
Composite ceramic electrode and ignition device therewith
Metal fitting integration type stress-relief cone and a cable sealing end using the same
Bus bar attaching member and room lamp for vehicle having bus bar attaching member
Electrical appliance that utilizes multiple power sources
Battery pack
Touch-switchable USB charging receptacle
System and method for charging a battery within a vehicle
Systems and methods for electric vehicle charging and for providing notification of variations from charging expectations
Hybrid battery
Horizontal linear vibrator
Linear motor device
Linear motor
Linear and curvilinear motor system
Superconducting rotating electrical machine
Systems and methods for controlling an inertia of a synchronous condenser
Protection method for a reversible electric motor
Motor controlling circuit for multiple control modes
Control system for a compressor actuated by an electric motor, an assembly composed of an electric induction motor, an electronic control and an arrangement for motor-compressors, and a method of controlling an electric motor
Multiphase motor driving device
NTC/PTC heating pad
Electrical cartridge heater with supply cable
Flexible hot plate and cooking unit
Fluorescent-based electroluminescent lighting
Light emitting diode selection circuit
Lamp brightness remote controlling device
Integrated RF electrodeless plasma lamp device and methods
High pressure discharge lamp lighting apparatus and projector
Microwave oven and reciprocating tray apparatus thereof
Flex-rigid wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Method to form lateral pad on edge of wafer
Heat sink
EMI shields and methods of manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method for removing defects from citrus pulp
Heated booty
Making beverages and food in a microwave oven
Motor-based electrical power supply
Film plaster using support films with improved sliding properties and good extensibility, achieved by optimising the surface structure and hardness
Pressure sensitive adhesive matrix patch for the treatment of onychomycosis
Deactivation of toxic chemical agents
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for irradiating active energy ray
Process for manufacturing alkanes with methane
Integrated device based upon semiconductor technology, in particular chemical microreactor
Waterless vessel heating system and method
Electrostatic fluid accelerator for and a method of controlling fluid flow
Method and device for manipulating microparticles in fluid flows
Method of manufacturing a motor vehicle antivibration device comprising a metal insert for bonding to elastomer
Power supply system for applying a voltage of both positive and negative polarities in electric discharge machining
Method for metal deposition on an edge
Laser machining device
Energy-efficient, laser-based method and system for processing target material
Silicon wafer protection film trimming method and trimmer
Arrangement for the working of three-dimensional, expandable upper surfaces of work pieces by means of a laser
Microelectronic spring contact elements
Apparatus for overlay welding of a tube exterior
Apparatus for draft control and debris collection in a downdraft metal cutting table
Work transfer apparatus
Adhesive attachment assembly with heat source
Manufacturing method for exposure mask, generating method for mask substrate information, mask substrate, exposure mask, manufacturing method for semiconductor device and server
Pressure sensitive pen
System for high-speed production of high quality laser-induced damage images inside transparent materials
Apparatus and method for a dual drive axle
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Battery current limiter for a high voltage battery pack in a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Composite switch unit for vehicle use provided with swingable drive members at both ends in lengthwise direction of box-shaped housing
System for automatic switching of lighting devices in vehicles
Multimedia system with a housing that operationally stores a plurality of multimedia modules
Symmetrical drive for wiper components
Heated handle and method of forming same
Motor-driven power steering apparatus
Control system for electric power steering apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass bulb for a cathode-ray tube and a cathode-ray tube device
Process for the production of linear alpha olefins and ethylene
Methods and systems for purifying styrene feedstock comprising use of low palladium catalyst
Process for the preparation of organic solutions
Process for the preparation of non-steroidal glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Method for producing hexanediol
Method for producing bisphenol A
Method for processing a liquid hydroformylation discharge
Process for separating linear alpha olefins from saturated hydrocarbons
Fluorous phosphines and phosphine oxides
Insulation film forming material, insulation film, method for forming the insulation film, and semiconductor device
Organic light-emitting device having a color-neutral dopant in an emission layer and in a hole and/or electron transport sublayer
Deposited film forming method and deposited film forming apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Appliance control system with knob control assembly
Fixed Constructions
Modular flexible heater system with integrated connectors
Subsurface monitoring and borehole placement using a modified tubular equipped with tilted or transverse magnetic dipoles
Downhole NMR processing
Boring tool tracking/guiding system and method with unconstrained target location geometry
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electric drive unit with a cylindrical bearing indented in the housing
Generator system for a motor vehicle as well as a method for controlling an inverter of an asynchronous generator
Small underwater generator with self-adjusting axial gap
Oscillating reluctance motor and reciprocating gas compressor using the same
Plastic fastener
Method and apparatus for providing three axis magnetic bearing having permanent magnets mounted on radial pole stack
Bearingless switched reluctance motor
Motor vehicle headlight with ignition device
Discharge lamp device having discharge lamp and circuit unit directly connected together
Sheathed-element glow plug
Ceramic heater device and method for manufacturing the device
Multi rack oven and methods for operating same
Device and method for controlling cooker
Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles
Sensor and method for detecting changes in distance
Magnetic field sensor
Method for measuring a gap between a proximity probe and a conductive target material
Method for measuring a gap between a proximity probe and a conductive target material
Magnetic-effect sensing apparatus with signal thresholding
Multiple resolution photodiode sensor array for an optical encoder
Method for determining oil and grease content using a reference weight signal for live cancellation of disturbances in the weighting signal
Cavity ringdown spectroscopy system using differential heterodyne detection
Method and apparatus for detecting malfunctions in communication systems
Temperature controller
Vacuum gauge using peltier tip
P-n junction structure
Method and apparatus for detecting contaminating species on a wafer edge
Electronic component lead inspection device
Method and system for detecting phase defects in lithographic masks and semiconductor wafers
Method for detecting over-etch defects
Ion mobility spectrometer with high ion transmission efficiency
Pancake spectrometer
Test method for determining imminent failure in metals
High resolution inductive sensor arrays for material and defect characterization of welds
Test method and apparatus for noncontact and nondestructive recognition of irregularities in the wall thickness of ferromagnetic pipes
Method and device for detecting incorrect polarity in a signal transducer formed as an inductive sensor
Test system and test contactor for electronic modules having beam spring contacts
Integrated circuit chip test adapter
Probe card and probe needle for high frequency testing
Probe having a microstylet
Probe card
Hall-effect current detector
Apparatus and method for remote current sensing
Characteristic evaluation apparatus for insulated gate type transistors
Structures and methods for determining the effects of high stress currents on conducting layers and contacts in integrated circuits
Piercer combined prober for CU interconnect water-level preliminary electrical test
Fixture-less bare board tester
Apparatus and methods for testing circuit boards
Method for switching from a first operating condition of an integrated circuit to a second operating condition of the integrated circuit
Process of testing a semiconductor wafer of IC dies
Test system and manufacturing of semiconductor device
Battery monitoring system
Magnetic field sensor with enhanced sensitivity, internal biasing and magnetic memory
Offset-reduced hall element
Circuit configuration and sensor device
MR angle sensor
Method and apparatus of enhancing an MRI signal
Method and apparatus for decoupling RF detector arrays for magnetic resonance imaging
MRI antennas including electrically connected inner and outer conductors, and MRI systems including such antennas
Superconducting NMR resonators generating RF magnetic fields at the sample which are substantially parallel to the plane of a resonator
Tunable superconducting resonator and methods of tuning thereof
Loop MRI coil with improved homogeneity
Superconducting magnet system
Movable-magnet type meter and meter device using this movable-magnet type meter
Sensor array system for object position detection
Method and apparatus for a radiation monitoring system
Two dimensional ionizing radiation detector and method for the production thereof
Calibration technique for coincidence imaging systems
Boron nitride solid state neutron detector
Virtual steering of induction tool for determination of formation dip angle
Method and apparatus for a downhole antenna
Method and system for determining depth distribution of radiation-emitting material located in a source medium and radiation detector system for use therein
Photoreceptor circuit switchable between operating modes
Driving device and light amount controller
Energy control for an excimer or molecular fluorine laser
Motor bearing damage detection via wavelet analysis of the starting current transient
Energy balanced system, controller and method for moving a load to a setpoint
Interconnection resources for programmable logic integrated circuit devices
Surface shape recognition sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panels
Automatic image-quality adjustment system
Power supply circuit and control method for the same
Magnetic memory cell
Negative differential resistance (NDR) element and memory with reduced soft error rate
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Output driver circuit and method for adjusting a driver device
Variable delay circuit and method, and delay locked loop, memory device and computer system using same
Transportation vessel for radioactive substance and method of loading closed vessel
Electron beam proximity exposure apparatus and method
Wafer pedestal tilt mechanism
Color cable and the manufacturing method therefor
Inductor and method for adjusting the inductance thereof
Resistant integrated keypad and a method for making the same
Snap-in locking device for a multistage rotary switch
Wallbox dimmer switch having side-by-side pushbutton and dimmer actuators
Sensor pads for patient monitoring devices
Medium voltage motor control center load discharge device
Hybrid circuit breaker with a transmission
Electromechanical program timer with delay sections
Switch for tool
Electric switch
Switch lever lock out assembly
Flat field emitter displays
Plasma display panel
Shield for a tension masks in a cathode ray tube
Shadow mask assembly
Funnel for cathode ray tube
Electron beam generating apparatus and electron beam exposure apparatus
System for imaging a cross-section of a substrate
Plasma processing apparatus
Charge reduction in electrospray mass spectrometry
Method and device for detecting compounds in a gas stream
Portable underwater mass spectrometer
Fluorescent lamp, discharge lamp and liquid crystal backlight device incorporating this
High pressure discharge lamp with reflection layer on the neck portion
Buffered resist profile etch of a field emission device structure
Rapid thermal processing chamber for processing multiple wafers
Method and apparatus to monitor electrical states at a workpiece in a semiconductor processing chamber
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Integrated inductive circuits
Engineered metal gate electrode
Diode comprising a metal semiconductor contact and a method for the production thereof
Integrated circuit device substrates with selective epitaxial growth thickness compensation
Thin-film semiconductor integrated circuit device and picture display device with using thereof and manufacturing method thereof
Polybenzoxazine based wafer-level underfill material
Semiconductor device, method of making the same, circuit board, and flexible substrate
XY table for a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Ferroelectric memory device
Thyristor-based device including trench dielectric isolation for thyristor-body regions
Method for fabricating a memory structure having required scale spacers
Semiconductor device having a shallow trench isolation and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of delaminating a pre-fabricated transistor layer from a substrate for placement on another wafer
Method of making enhanced trench oxide with low temperature nitrogen integration
Method and structure for improved alignment tolerance in multiple, singularized plugs
Three dimensional integrated circuits
Semiconductor memory device having a trench capacitor
Embedded vertical DRAM arrays with silicided bitline and polysilicon interconnect
Semiconductor memory array of floating gate memory cells with low resistance source regions and high source coupling
Diffusion preventing barrier layer in integrated circuit inter-metal layer dielectrics
Semiconductor capacitively-coupled NDR device and related applications in high-density high-speed memories and in power switches
Semiconductor device having well tap provided in memory cell
Semiconductor device including SOI substrate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Channel isolation using dielectric isolation structures
Integrated photodetector and heterojunction bipolar transistors
Semiconductor memory including cell(s) with both charge storage layer(s) and control gate laterally surrounding island-like semiconductor layer
Structure and method of fabricating embedded DRAM having a vertical device array and a bordered bitline contact
Semiconductor device having triple well structure
Dual damascene flowable oxide insulation structure and metallic barrier
Semiconductor device with improved bonding
Optical module, circuit board and electronic device
Electronic component package, printed circuit board, and method of inspecting the printed circuit board
Connection device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor component
Semiconductor device
Power device with a plastic molded package and direct bonded substrate
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same, circuit substrate and electronic apparatus
Tape carrier package
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Integrated circuit device having C4 and wire bond connections
Transfer wafer level packaging
Semiconductor device including high frequency circuit with inductor
Interconnect bus crossover for MEMS
Semiconductor module
Semiconductor module
Semiconductor device with internal bonding pad
Copper interconnect with improved barrier layer
Semiconductor device
ESD protection circuit and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor power conversion apparatus
Semiconductor device having power supply voltage routed through substrate
Vertical color filter detector group and array
Organic LED device
Integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device
Method and device for improving hot carrier reliability of an LDMOS transistor using drain ring over-drive bias
Electrically programmed MOS transistor source/drain series resistance
MOS semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Self-aligned triple gate silicon-on-insulator (SOI) device
Compound semiconductor device
Transistor and semiconductor device
Ferroelectric varactor with built-in DC blocks
Reverse blocking IGBT
Thyristor with recovery time voltage surge resistance
Indium gallium nitride channel high electron mobility transistors, and method of making the same
CMOS image sensor
Solid image pickup apparatus
Semiconductor apparatus having a large-size bus connection
Reflective light emitting diode, reflective optical device and its manufacturing method
Light emitting device using group III nitride compound semiconductor
Driving device
Method of manufacturing organic EL element
Light-emitting device
Power splitter for plasma device
Methods and apparatus to secure a ground strap assembly to an electrically conductive member
Thermally tunable system
Spatially modulated reflector for an optoelectronic device
Basic common optical cell configuration of dual cavities for optical tunable devices
Gas-insulated switchgear
Accessory for trunking comprising lengths of trunking with different heights
Electrical outlet box
Junction box
Switching apparatus and method for a segment of an electric power line
Device for protecting electronic components
Rechargeable battery protection circuit with alarm unit
Adapter interface unique to each model mobile telephone with standardized charger
Automatic mode transitions for microturbine generating systems
Generator having flange baffle and method for controlling ventilation flow
Claw-pole type stepping motor
Rotary permanent magnet electric motor with varying air gap between interfacing stator and rotor elements
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Flat rotary electric machine
System and method for end turn retention on a high speed generator rotor
Rotor structure for permanent-magnet motor
Embedded permanent magnet type induction motor which allows coil embedding work to be easily performed
Reduced impedance interior permanent magnet machine
Cooling of a rotor for a rotary electric machine
Rotary electrical machine
Rotary electric motor having a plurality of shifted stator poles and/or rotor poles
Rotary electric machine and method for manufacturing the same
Cooling jacket for electric machines
High temperature super-conducting synchronous rotor coil support with tension rods and method for assembly of the coil support
Balancing plate for a motor
Flywheel energy storage system with quill stabilizer
Motor having rotatable shaft coupled with worm shaft
Rotary locking motor retainer in a transmission housing
Extended range power supply system
DC to DC voltage converter having a switching signal with adjustable frequency and an adjustable duty cycle
Power supply for controlled parallel charging and discharging of batteries
Duty cycle phase number control of polyphase interleaved converters
Device for producing or controlling an alternating current in at least one inductive load
Multiple control device for linear actuator
Precision brushless motor control utilizing independent phase parameters
Motor control apparatus and motor control method
Resonant bypassed base ballast circuit
Linear buffer
Traveling wave tube
Collective automatic gain control
Output power control system
High speed on-chip signaling system and method
Field programmable gate array architecture including a buffer module and a method of distributing buffer modules in a field programmable gate array
XOR circuit
High speed differential signal detection
Charge pump circuit for reducing jitter
Voltage control oscillator noise reduction technique and method thereof
CMOS image sensor having a chopper-type comparator to perform analog correlated double sampling
Heating control system which minimizes AC power line voltage fluctuations
Heated conduit
Flexible heating system having high transmissivity
Organic electroluminescent devices and method for improving energy efficiency and optical stability thereof
Electroluminescent light-emitting device
Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
Portable fluorescent drop-light
Circuit arrangement for feeding a load
Dimming control system for electronic ballasts
Dimmer for energy saving lamp
Impedance heating for railroad track switch
Apparatus and method for inductive heating
Method and apparatus for delivery of induction heating to a workpiece
Non-continuous conductive layer for laminated substrates
Multi-piece substrate and method of manufacturing the substrate
Package structure of organic electroluminescence panel
Backplane power distribution system
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