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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Waterproof audio jack connector
Human Necessities
Small bag connector assembly
Hair-straightening device
Portable display system and associated methods
Mounting system for display equipment
Door motion dampening system
Reading stand
Vehicle seat assembly having movable bolsters
Multi-hanging position transportable article holder for multi-type seating
Chair with misting apparatus
Portable cooling device
Pot stand
Bracket release mechanism
Stacking pan set
Endoscope apparatus, actuators, and methods therefor
Endoscope apparatus
Surgical hand access apparatus
Cap for lancing device with adjustable mode of operation
Minimally invasive spinal stabilization system
Wound mediating device
Composite guide wire with drawn and filled tube construction
Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid
Frequency-based methods, system and apparatus for cavity reconstruction via area-distance profiles
Device for locating and marking contact point between skin of a patient and center of ultrasound transducer
Methods and devices for determining lumen occlusion
Orthodontic appliance with vibration generation
Medicinal composition and wound contact layer with a composition
Pelvic implant systems and methods
Pre-crimp balloon inflation
Modified implantable device surface and a method of making the same
System and device for correcting hyperopia and presbyopia
Intramedullary canal diameter reducer
Apparatus for external fixation of a fractured distal radius with angularly adjustable pin clamping means
Perioperative warming device
Clinical garment for comfort warming and prewarming
Arm positioner for diagnostic procedure
System and method for large scale atmospheric plasma generation
Transfer container for pharmaceutical recipients
Method for sterilizing a plastic bottle
Method for forming a blood flow in surgically reconstituted segments of the blood circulatory system and devices for carrying out said method
Embolic protection system
Embolic protection system
Multichannel catheter
Pericardial delivery of treatment
Respiratory mask assembly with vent
Adjustment of ventilator pressure-time profile to balance comfort and effectiveness
Fire suppression system
Programmable basketball shot setup and return device
Arm extension apparatus
Systems for distributing entertaining episodes and crediting payouts to authorized remote-player's wagers
Gaming machine allowing player to select dealer and control method thereof
Game system and controlling method thereof
Game apparatus and method of play for manual or computer application
Gaming machine
Wagering game with group free-spin bonus
Gaming machine determining payout symbol in second game
Gyroscopic toy
Bubble generating assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pervaporation assembly
Microfluidic device and method of using same
Sand filter and method of constructing same
Liquid filter assembly
Process for separating diisopropylbenzene (DIPB) and triisoproplybenzene (TIPB) from a feed comprising DIPB, TIBP, and polyalkylate heavies
Siloxane resistant ultra violet photocatalysts
Direct contact cooling in an acid gas removal process
Method and system for supplying water to cooling towers
Fluid-processing device
Mixer for liquid colorants and method for mixing liquid colorants
Process and apparatus for alkylation of aromatic compound with aliphatic mono-olefin compound of 8 to 18 carbon atoms
Recording medium destruction and discarding system, recording medium destruction and discarding method, recording medium destruction and discarding apparatus, recording medium management apparatus, and recording medium management system
Wire combustion with increased application rates
Film forming apparatus, manufacturing management system and method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Machine for washing medical and/or surgical instruments
Apparatus and method for unclogging a pipe
Phosphate-free dishwasher detergent with excellent rinsing power
Handheld sterilization device
Method of and apparatus for forming a closure
Aluminum alloy for vehicle cylinder liner and method of manufacturing vehicle cylinder liner using the same
Mold for forming cast rods, casting apparatus, and production method of cast rods
Drilling device with undercutting
Cutting method and manufacturing method of sheet member, sheet member, optical element, and image display device
Method for forming sputter target assemblies
Process for brazing wide gaps
Substrate manufacturing method including protrusion removing step
Production method of solder circuit board
Dressing apparatus for flex-arm mounted grinding wheel
Overload safety apparatus for robot hand
Extrusion-molding machine, extrusion-molding method, and method for manufacturing honeycomb structured body
Method for producing fiber composite
Injection molding machine with melt distributing platen
Low temperature melt-processing of organic-inorganic hybrid
Method of manufacturing product having injection molded portion
Laminating system
Fiber reinforced polymer oilfield tubulars and method of constructing same
Liquid droplet ejecting head and liquid droplet ejecting apparatus
Liquid droplet jet head, liquid droplet discharging apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus using the same
Printhead assembly with a printhead maintenance station
Liquid container
Manually operated image translation device
Printing apparatus and ink cartridge therefor
Ink-jet printer
Ink tank and printing apparatus
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Apparatus and methods for automatically binding a stack of sheets with a nonspiral binding element
Security device for confidential information
Method of producing an article having patterned decorative coating
Multiple deposition for integration of spacers in pitch multiplication process
Interconnect structure with stress buffering ability and the manufacturing method thereof
Automobile wheel and process for producing the same
Retractable door mounted applique for opposing-hinged doors
Protective cover for trailerable items
Vehicular cooling device supporting apparatus
Drivetrain, hybrid vehicle, and operating methods therefor
Power output apparatus, hybrid vehicle with the same, and method for controlling power output apparatus
Collapsible built-in tailgate bench seat
Vehicle seat
Airbag apparatus
Method for controlling a brake system of a motor vehicle
Method for the operation of a drive train
Undercarriage for a rail vehicle
Deployable energy managing pelvic pusher for use in vehicle
Upper pillar structure of vehicle
Vehicle side section structure
Vehicle body component and mating feature
Knuckle and method of manufacturing knuckle
Transom stern hull form and appendages for improved hydrodynamics
Retractable boat roof
Device for reducing the power demand for the propulsion of a ship
Vertical non-bladdered fuel tank for a ducted fan vehicle
Device for distribution of at least one granular product in a container filling device and method for filling using such a device
Coupling closures and docking devices comprising said coupling closures
Labeling apparatus having porting arrangement and related methods
Closure arrangement with opening indicating (anti-tamper) elements
Trophy cooler
Container with lid
Closure with stopping mechanism
Baby tooth album
Refuse container
Mailpiece conveyance system
Vibrating feeder, carrying device and inspection device
Sheet size detection device
Method for cutting a continuous glass sheet during the production of flat glass
Compliant conveyance system for mailpiece transport along an arcuate feed path
Paper feeding assembly for printers
Process for production of a bobbin tube for yarn, device for embodiment of such process, bobbin tube obtained and mode of utilisation of said bobbin tube
Easily dismantled escalator outer decking
Beverage container tapping apparatus
Appliance controller system featuring automatic beverage dispenser shutoff system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process of silicon tetrafluoride gas synthesis
Method for manufacturing (Li, Na, K)(Nb, Ta)O.sub.3 type piezoelectric material
Treatment of solid particles with functional agents
Method for treating ship ballast water
Environmentally-friendly near infrared reflecting hybrid pigments
Fluorescent ink compositions and fluorescent particles
Group 13 nitride phosphor and method of preparing the same
Nitrogen-containing alloy and method for producing phosphor using same
Liquid crystalline polyester resin composition
Wood treatment composition and process
Methods of preventing frost formation and facilitating the removal of winter precipitation relative to a windshield and compositions for use therein
Regulating vanadium inhibitor in a gas turbine
Artificial firelog using oil and/or fat-retaining materials
Slag door assembly for an electric arc furnance
Process and apparatus for producing sponge iron
Deposition apparatus and manufacturing apparatus
Apparatus and method for producing a pharmaceutical product
Carburization process for stabilizing nickel-based superalloys
Shut-down and start-up procedures of an electrolytic cell
Device and process for growing Ga-doped single silicon crystals suitable for making solar cells
Textiles; Paper
Synthetic vascular tissue and method of forming same
Method of making medium density fiberboard
Runnability component and a method for controlling underpressure in a drying section of a paper machine or the like
Fixed Constructions
Lid lock structure of storing box for vehicle
Damping assembly for reducing vibrations in a latch for a vehicle door
Sectional door
Fabric, in particular for shading purposes
Ladder rack
Apparatus and method for deliquifying a well
Pressure driven apparatus for sequential control of a cementing head
Seal assembly
Downhole burners for in situ conversion of organic-rich rock formations
Annulus pressure control drilling systems and methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Impeller, fuel pump having the impeller, and fuel supply unit having the fuel pump
UAV pod cooling using integrated duct wall heat transfer
Coating optimization process using a coupon and component comprising a coupon
Repair of industrial gas turbine nozzle diaphragm packing
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Acoustic bumpers with engine front cover hidden mounting
Fuel supply device for internal combustion engine and control device for the fuel supply device
Sensor setup for determination of deflection and/or strain
Apparatus for compressing and storing oxygen enriched gas
Compressor assembly
Methods and systems for energy exchange
Speed-related control mechanism for a pump and control method
Gas flow restrictor
Reinforcing bar
Surface textured rollers
Rolling bearing device
Freewheel bearing device with torque limiter
Lightweight gas spring design with volume compensator incorporated into a suspension fork for two wheeled vehicles
Continuously variable transmission
Traction-drive type driving-force transmission mechanism and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Dual clutch multi-speed transaxle
Lip type seal
Close-coupled purgeable vaporizer valve
On-off valve and process apparatus employing the on-off valve
Mechanical override
Magnetic valve
Pipeline assembly comprising an anchoring device
High pressure hose protector
Rapid acquisition shooting system
Lighting device with sensor
People conveyor glass balustrade lighting
LED lamp device
Vehicle headlamp
Underwater lighting system
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Steam generator pipe, associated production method and continuous steam generator
Heat exchanger with multiple channels and insulating channels
Ink carriers containing surface modified nanoparticles, phase change inks including same, and methods for making same
Temperature sensor probe and manufacturing method of the same
Multiplexed, microfluidic molecular assay device and assay method
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Privacy ensuring covert camera
Imaging device
Rear-projection type display comprising a light measurement unit to measure reflected light from a fresnel screen
Dual-projection projector and method for projecting images on a plurality of planes
Information provision intermediation apparatus
Processing apparatus of portable electronic devices, portable electronic device, and processing system of portable electronic devices
Semiconductor device
Security element for documents of value
Magnetic stripe card anti-fraud security system
Self-locking security mechanism with universal mounting funnel for coin operated machine
Remote ordering device
Motion picture watermarking technique
Actuator element
Method of manufacturing magnetic material
Etching apparatus
Arrangement for electrical earthing of an insulated cable
Carrier system for an electrical connector assembly
Connection structure
Electrical components having a contact configured to engage a via of a circuit board
Device for preventing unauthorized connection to outlet
Mounting features for straddle mount connectors
Connector for large power transmission
Electrical connector assembly adapted to withstand rotational movement
Electrical connector assembly with improved contact soldering ends
Displayport structure
External electrical connectors for solar modules
Crimping terminal fitting, method of forming it and wire with terminal fitting
Connector assembly
Contact having increased resilience for use with electrical connector
Electrical connector saving development of mold
Connecting structure of snap electrode and electric wire
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Laser guidance assembly for a vehicle
Combination clock and art set apparatus
Communication system
Dual band telemetry system
Method for producing high resolution real-time images, of structure and function during medical procedures
Image reconstruction method
Method for automatic detection of glandular tissue
Spa audio system
Array of miniature radiation sources
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical mirror and optical scanner and laser machining apparatus using the same
Electrostatic and vacuum chucking holding apparatus
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Half mirror
MEMS optical switch with torsional hinge and method of fabrication thereof
Micromechanical component and process for its fabrication
Silicon bulk-micromachined electromagnetic fiber-optics bypass microswitch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dielectric ceramic composition, multi-layer ceramic capacitor using the same, and manufacturing method therefor
Dielectric ceramic, methods for making and evaluating the same, and monolithic ceramic electronic component
Field addressable rewritable media
Inhibition method of the secondary side stress corrosion cracking in nuclear steam generator tubes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for combining automated detections from medical images with observed detections of a human interpreter
Method and apparatus for inputting three-dimensional data
Three-dimensional surface profile imaging method and apparatus using single spectral light condition
Apparatus for examining the degree of stain on printed matter
Measurement of critical dimensions using X-rays
Network transceiver for steering network data to selected paths based on determined link speeds
Demodulator and method for interferometric outputs of increased accuracy
System and method for attitude determination based on optical imaging
System and method for aligning a locally-reconstructed three-dimensional object to a global coordinate system using partially-detected control points
Electronic apparatus with an enclosure
Method of locking onto and tracking a target
Method to construct variable-area capacitive transducers
Non-rotating X-ray system for three-dimensional, three-parameter imaging
Method and a device for radiography and a radiation detector
Scanning electron microscope system and method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
Differential VGMR sensor
Spin valve sensors with an oxide layer utilizing electron specular scattering effect
Wide correlated optimized code multipath reduction
Position determination
Integrated marine seismic source and method
Projection optical system, projection exposure apparatus, and projection exposure method
Mount conversion adaptor lens
Optical adapter for mounting camera lenses on a video camera
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Optical element and optical device having it
Dual channel optical imaging system
Flat panel display using microelectromechanical device
Lens barrel
Multibeam optical system
Optical coupling system
Tunable chromatic dispersion, dispersion slope, and polarization mode dispersion compensator utilizing a virtually imaged phased array
Optical laser light limiter
Optical pickup device
Dispersion shifted optical waveguide fiber
Optical fiber and optical transmission line including the same
Dynamic passband shape compensation of optical signals
Optical integrated module
Variable focal length micro lens array field curvature corrector
Integrated optical device
Chemical mill method and structure formed thereby
Optical isolator and method for making same
Dispersion-equalizing optical fiber and optical transmission line including the same
Optical wavelength division multiplexed system using wavelength splitters
Array waveguide grating and method of manufacture thereof
Integrated fiber devices based on Mach-Zehnder interferometers and evanescent optical coupling
Method for the manufacture of a fiber package incorporating therein dispersion compensating gratings
Reduction of dispersion effects in optical transmission fibre systems
Optical signal add and drop apparatus
Electronic damping of MEMS devices using a look-up table
Fiber optic cross connect with folding of light beams
Apparatus for and method of measuring optical alignment of fiber block
Wavelength selective reflective/transmissive optical coupler and method
Transceiver module with extended release lever
Method and system for preventing low order optical transmission modes in multimode optical fiber computer network using annulus laser
Optoelectronic transceiver module assembly
Three dimensional optical circuit
Lens module
Lens unit
Split redundant trunk architecture using passive splitters and path switching
Electrical connection scheme for optical devices
Electric optical fiber grating filter with switchable central wavelength
Method and an apparatus for modulating light
Acousto-optic bandpass filter
Travelling wave-type optical modulator
Watch with liquid crystal display panel
Rear projection screen
Method and system for associating exposed radiographic films with proper patient information
Projection imaging system with a non-circular aperture and a method thereof
Apparatus, system, and method for precision positioning and alignment of a lens in an optical system
Line narrowed laser with spatial filter
Injection seeded F2 laser with centerline wavelength control
Drum-loading/unloading apparatus for electrostatographic printer/copier
Image-forming apparatus
Rotation member driving device and image forming apparatus using the same
Developer supply container and image forming apparatus capable of mounting the container thereon
Image developing unit capable of easily and securely dispersing toner, and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for controlling toner concentration in an electrophotographic device
Belt device and unit device including belt device and image forming apparatus using the belt device and unit device
Method and apparatus for using a conformable member in a frictional drive
Carrying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Digital time indicator
Mobile terminal for a wireless telecommunication system with accurate real time generation
Programmable controller
Majority filter counter circuit
Adjustable height docking station and computing device for use therewith
Function extending apparatus for information processing device
Portable electronic device with a concealable keyboard module
Multi-drive portable computer
Disk drive mounting structure
Friction fastener and method for computer components
Drive bracket having a pivotable fastener
Electronic equipment utilizing portable storage medium
Ultra-low impedance power interconnection system for electronic packages
Fixing device for data storage device of computer
Backplane assembly with ejection mechanism
Dishrack shroud for shielding and cooling
Dense packaging and cooling system for use with a server or other processor-based device
Cooling unit for cooling heat generating component and electronic apparatus equipped with the cooling unit
System and method for converting alternating current into direct current
Communication system and communication control method
Memory access methods and devices for use with random access memories
Method and structure for a CAMRAM cache memory
Method and apparatus for synchronous data transfers in a memory device with selectable data or address paths
High bit density, high speed, via and metal programmable read only memory core cell architecture
Image searching techniques
Displaying ordered images based on a linearized data structure
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Method and method for characterizing objects within an image
Clock phase adjustment method, and integrated circuit and design method therefor
Method and apparatus for using animated graphics to represent two-sided printing
Digitizer stylus containing handwriting data
Conservation of printer memory on the composition page in response to page pipe feedback
Methods and apparatus for resolution independent image collaboration
2-D FIFO memory having full-width read/write capability
Frequency multiplier circuit and method using above circuit for a period time division in subperiods, for a brushless motor
Data converter and method
Articles bearing invisible encodements on curved surfaces
Optical scanner
Technique for classifying objects within an image
Method for segmenting medical images and detecting surface anomalies in anatomical structures
Method for image auto-cropping
Method of and apparatus for extracting dotted line, and storage medium thereof
Methods and apparatus for handwriting recognition
Image-processing method and apparatus for recognizing objects in traffic
Color separation of graphic image files
Method for authorization check
Watermarking with random zero-mean patches for printer tracking
Watermarking methods for digital images and videos
On-the-fly compression for pixel data
Data processing device and data order converting method
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for enhancing and correcting digital images
Method for forming a depth image from digital image data
System for measuring curved surfaces
Method for CCITT compression of image data
Progressive block-based coding for image compression
Video coder providing implicit coefficient prediction and scan adaptation for image coding and intra coding of video
Video pictures compression and coding with decision step for field/frame and motion vectors DCT
MPEG decoder, MPEG system decoder and MPEG video decoder
Reconfigurable universal trainable transmitter
Methods and apparatus of docking a gaming control board to an interface board in a gaming machine
Shift register
Reproducing method and reproducing apparatus for magneto-optical recording medium using different radiation patterns
Magneto-optical head device having integrated auxiliary lens and magnetic reproducing head and recording and reproducing device using magneto-optical head device
Disk apparatus, method of accessing head thereof to disk-like recording medium, and method of retracting the same
Disk charger with circular disk housing and centrally arranged playback unit
Disk drive device, and unrecorded area detecting method
Vacuum apparatus
Compatible disk device
Hard disk drive device
Optimum-recording-speed determining method, recording-speed setting method and recording method for optical disk
Timing recovery for data sampling of a detector
Semiconductor device having decision feedback equalizer
Disk drive device with a high frequency access method and apparatus
Copy-guard system and information recording medium used in the same system
FPC connection arrangement for a disk unit
Disk apparatus and control method therefor
Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
Magnetic tape cassette, window member and resin molding product
Tape cassette having lid and slider overlapping portions
Integral hub and disk clamp for a disk drive storage device
Apparatus and methods for transmitting an MPEG-information signal and a method for reproducing that signal
Storage media having a wide servo band and high data format efficiency and a storage using the same
Optical disk recording apparatus and method
Recording medium having spare areas for defect management and method of allocating spare areas
Disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Spindle motor-having improved bonding between its bearing cartridge and hub
Mass balancing for optimizing suspension resonance performance
Hermetically sealed data storage device with double seam seal
Bimodal biasing of magneto resistive heads
Method for thermally isolating a magnetoresistive element from thermal asperities
Biasing layers for a magnetoresistance effect magnetic head using perpendicular current flow
Spin valve head with exchange bias stabilized free layer
Stitched write head design having a sunken shared pole
Head supporting arm, Data recording apparatus, with laser beam exposing aperture and limiter
Disc drive anti-shock suspension cushions
Controlling mechanical response characteristics of a disc drive actuator by adjusting a fastener engaging the actuator shaft to vary axial force on the bearing assembly
Head sending mechanism, backlash eliminating mechanism therefor and actuator assembly
Storage apparatus and position sensitivity setting method
Method of writing tracking servo signal pattern for magnetic disk device
Generation of higher-order harmonic sine and cosine sequences by indexing a first-order sine/cosine table
Silicon sliders with trapezoidal shape and drie process for fabrication
Wobble-signal detecting device and information recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for analyzing the read-out signal of an optical storage media
Multi-layered holographic read-only memory and data retrieval method
Optical recording medium having two pit trains of mutually different depths, and master for manufacturing the optical recording medium
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Objective lens and optical device
Optical pickup device
Integrated chip having SRAM, DRAM and flash memory and method for fabricating the same
Magnetic recording apparatus with tunneling magnetoresistive element biased by current controller
Magnetic memory with reduced write current
Gate voltage testkey for isolation transistor
Semiconductor configuration with optimized refresh cycle
High-speed cycle clock-synchrounous memory device
Semiconductor memory device
High frequency range four bit prefetch output data path
VDD modulated SRAM for highly scaled, high performance cache
Multi-bit counter
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and read method
System and method for multilevel DRAM sensing and restoring
Non-volatile static memory cell
Operation method of a SRAM device
Programming method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
EEPROM circuit, in particular a microcontroller including read while write EEPROM for code and data storing
3-step write operation nonvolatile semiconductor one-transistor, nor-type flash EEPROM memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data input/output control method thereof
Non-volatile memory and semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory data protection
Method and apparatus for a voltage responsive RESET for EEPROM
System and method for redundancy implementation in a semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor storage device and method of testing the same
Method for testing memory cell in semiconductor device
System for testing fast synchronous semiconductor circuits
Adjustable circuits for analog or multi-level memory
Static RAM with optimized timing of driving control signal for sense amplifier
Plural line buffer type memory LSI
Output buffer capable of adjusting current drivability and semiconductor integrated circuit device having the same
Integrated circuit memory device having interleaved read and program capabilities and methods of operating same
Refresh controller and address remapping circuit and method for dual mode full/reduced density DRAMs
Method and apparatus for determining digital delay line entry point
Delay locked loop for use in semiconductor memory device
Circuit configuration and method for synchronization
Memory circuitry for programmable logic integrated circuit devices
Multi-port computer register file having shared word lines for read and write ports and storage elements that power down or enter a high-impendance state during write operations
Methods and apparatus for reducing decoder area
Apparatus and method for handling reactor-internal equipments
X-ray collimator and method of manufacturing an x-ray collimator
Protective element
Device and method for mounting an overvoltage protection module on a mounting rail
Variable capacitor and a variable inductor
Tunable/variable passive microelectronic components
Temperature-compensating thin-film capacitor and electronic device
Wiring connection structure of laminated capacitor and decoupling capacitor, and wiring board
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Supercapacitor with magnetized parts
Low-inductance electrolytic capacitor
Method of providing electrical current to a contactor circuit
X-ray tube provided with a flat cathode
Method and apparatus that determines charged particle beam shape codes
Method for adding redundant vias on VLSI chips
Heat dissipation device coupling structure
CPU cooling structure
Dual thermoelectric cooler optoelectronic package and manufacture process
Electronic circuit housing with trench vias and method of fabrication therefor
High density contact arrangement
Integrated circuit including ESD circuits for a multi-chip module and a method therefor
Reverse polarity protection circuit
Device and method for electrostatic discharge protection of a circuit device
Bi-directional optical coupler
Electronic component and method for producing same
Purge protection cartridge with three-way attachment clip
Discharge unit for a high repetition rate excimer or molecular fluorine laser
Optical fiber with absorbing overclad glass layer
Optical fiber device
Apparatus for generating an optical fiber laser capable of tuning a wavelength thereof
Monolithic solid state laser assembly and method of manufacture
F2-laser with line selection
Thulium doped fiber pump for pumping Raman amplifiers
Optical transmission system having cascaded raman
Monitoring of optical radiation in semiconductor devices
Method for compensating for output of semiconductor luminous device and apparatus therefor
Temperature compensated lasers
Small format optical subassembly
Laser diode module
External cavity laser using angle-tuned filter and method of making same
Electron beam pumped semiconductor laser screen and associated fabrication method
Semiconductor lasers
Method and device for preventing zinc/iron interaction in a semiconductor laser
Nitride-contained semiconductor laser element and optical information reproducing device
Flat minibands with spatially symmetric wavefunctions in intersubband superlattice light emitters
Wide stripe distributed bragg reflector lasers with improved angular and spectral characteristics
Gas insulated switchgear
Device and method for detecting arc fault
Ground fault circuit interrupter for circuits operating with non-sinusoidal waveforms
Circuit arrangement for overload protection
Compensation circuit for leakage through electrostatic discharge protection devices
Power generation system, and method for installing the same
Voltage tolerance ESD protection circuit
Integrity monitor for neutral-to-ground suppression circuit
Universal surge protector for notebook computers
Uninterruptible power supply and method of turning off AC switch for uninterruptible power supply
Capacitor mounting
PWM converter system
High power factor converter with a boost circuit having continuous/discontinuous modes
Method for controlling a vehicle provided with an electric power converter
Step switched PWM sine generator
Method of controlling inverter power generation apparatus
Inverter device with improved current detector
Orthogonal signal transmitter
Companding noise reduction system with simultaneous encode and decode
Method and device for driving a power output stage
Solid-state relay
Programmable logic array device with random access memory configurable as product terms
Phase locked loop clock divider utilizing a high speed programmable linear feedback shift register with a two stage pipeline feedback path
Image coding and decoding methods, image coding and decoding apparatuses, and recording media for image coding and decoding programs
Seamless transition between communication characteristics of communication devices
Frequency generation for CDMA terminal with slotted receive mode
System for fast lock and acquisition of ultra-wideband signals
Synchronization acquisition device for both preventing erroneous detection due to noise and reducing required storage capacity
Method for calculating the PN generator mask to obtain a desired shift of the PN code
Maximum likelihood rake receiver for use in a code division, multiple access wireless communication system
Signal strength measurement method and device
Device for controlling the beam alignment in satellite laser communications systems
Synchronous amplitude modulation for improved performance of optical transmission systems
Frequency stabilizing equipment for optical communication light source
Signal converter, optical transmitter and optical fiber transmission system
Apparatus and method for an integrated photodiode in an infrared receiver
Demultiplexing and clock-recovery circuit
Optical signal processor
Optical amplifiers and upgrade modules
Optical amplifying unit and optical transmission system
Optical network equipment with control and data paths
Optical repeater monitoring system and a method thereof
All fiber polarization mode dispersion compensator
Ambient field level monitor device for radio mobile terminal
Single-ended echo cancellation system and method
Device and method for communicating power control signals in mobile communication system
Method of controlling a communication system and the system employing the method
RDS data demodulator capable of precisely attenuating ARI signal
Transmission method for use in a multiple access radiocommunication system
Transmitter, receiver and method in a telecommunication system for generating PN sequences for a plurality of user channels
Method of detecting one or more free channels in an optical time-division multiplex, a device for implementing it and the use of the device
Correction method for clock synchronization with ISDN in cell station for use in private-network-use PHS and a circuit therefor
Synchronization of ATM-based network system using variable bit rate ATM adaptation layer protocols
Digital cross connect and add/drop multiplexing device for SDH or SONET signals
Time division switch with inserter and dropper using external memory and time division switching method
Method and equipment for transmitting terminal interface user data and status information
Spread spectrum diversity transmitter/receiver
Method and system for limiting data packet transmission within a digital mobile telephone communication network by discarding unsuccessfully transmitted radio link protocol frames
Multi-function transmit packet buffer
Method and system for provisioning network resources for dynamic multicast groups
Method for determining when a communication device should rate shift or roam in a wireless environment
Duplicate ignore delay timer for ARP like protocol messages using are protocol
Broadcast traffic reduction in a communications network
Method and apparatus providing for router redundancy of non internet protocols using the virtual router redundancy protocol
Method of allocating resources in a telecommunications network
Method for determining maximum hop count in bus having tree structure
Method and apparatus for detecting duplicate buffers in a descriptor based multi-port queue
Method for translating an ATM switch cell header
Cell fluctuation absorption receiving system
Data terminal and coding method for increased packet reliability in a frequency hopping system
System and method for non-intrusive measurement of service quality in a communications network
Local area network with a bridge terminal for transmitting data between a plurality of sub-networks
MAC address learning and propagation in load balancing switch protocols
Early fair drop buffer management method
Systems and methods for collision avoidance in mobile multi-hop packet radio networks
Transfer rate controlling device and method thereof
Data network for real time information
Internet protocol (IP) telecommunication
Sequence estimation method and sequence estimator
Low-latency audio interface for packet telephony
Communications receiver having adaptive dynamic range
Methods and systems for transmitting and receiving differential signals over a plurality of conductors
Method and apparatus for providing increased data speed using synchronization and bit robbing techniques
Ethernet to phase shift key converter
Frequency adjusting circuit in code division multiple access communication system
Digital communication apparatus having level controller with a disturbance detection unit
Systems and methods for a multi-carrier transceiver with radio frequency interference reduction
Method and system for reducing of peak-to-average power ratio of transmission signals comprising overlapping waveforms
Method and apparatus for determining transmission mode and synchronization for a digital audio broadcasting signal
Update of header compression state in packet communications
System and method of communicating non-standardized addresses over a standardized carrier network
Digital PLL circuit and signal regeneration method
Apparatus for providing redundant services path to customer premises equipment
Communication apparatus
Scheduled internet protocol telephone instrument system
Notification system for multimedia messaging systems
Guestroom telephone having single action message retrieval
Telephone ring signal detector
Service level management in a hybrid network architecture
Consumer contact toll optimizer
International origination to domestic termination call blocking
Portable telephone set
System to provide lifeline IP telephony service on cable access networks
In-line telephony data protector with line condition announce
Adapter card implementing a time-shared digital signal processor
Fault tolerant voice processing system
Fuzzy-logic routing system for call routing with-in communication centers and in other telephony environments
Public notification system and method
Method and apparatus for providing dialed number verification
Method for solving the music-on-hold problem in an audio conference
Intelligent voice bridging
Method for cancelling multi-channel acoustic echo and multi-channel acoustic echo canceller
Digital image scanner with compensation for misalignment of photosensor array segments
Image reading device, image exposure device, and image recording device
Method and apparatus for image processing for performing a color conversion
Image reading apparatus and image reading system
Vector method for color misregistration detection in image data
Luminance-based color resolution enhancement
Image forming apparatus adjusting concentration of gray with improved reference and test patterns
Method and apparatus for upstream burst transmission synchronization in cable modems
Data multiplexing apparatus, method and system
Method and apparatus for accomplishing multiple description coding for video
Multiplex data transmitting and receiving equipment
Forward error correction at MPEG-2 transport stream layer
Signal processing apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and recording medium
Degaussing apparatus and method for rotatable video display apparatus
Subscriber line control device
Signal detector with matched filter coefficient
Method and apparatus for signal and switch monitoring in an optical cross connect
Fiber optic circuit and module with switch
WDM optical network and switching node with pilot tone communications
Architecture for lightweight signaling in ATM networks
Method and system for multiplexing packets
System for managing connection-oriented communication interface with flexible virtual channel association
Fast round robin priority port scheduler for high capacity ATM switches
Scheduler for adjusting cell forwarding dependent upon traffic and delay
Integration of a centralized network restoration system with a distributed network restoration system
Selector switch control using priority table
Messaging system
Multi-frequency pilot beacon for CDMA systems
Method and apparatus for signal combining in a high data rate communication system
Super-directional loudspeaker using ultrasonic wave
Programmable hearing aid device and method for operating a programmable hearing aid device
Remote turn-on circuit for automobile audio amplifier
Reduced electronic noise power supply to discharge lamps, especially for motor vehicle headlights
High voltage cable and clamp system for an X-ray tube
Hybrid wiggler
Housing structure for a networking device
Adjustable guide mechanism for computer add in card retention
Printed circuit board bracket assembly and system and method therefor
Ergonomic carrier for hot-swap computer components
Self powered cooling fan and method
Apparatus and method for cooling a wearable electronic device
Device for shielding electronic circuit for aircraft
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