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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar CL727422
Serine O-acetyltransferase
Rice sucrose transporter gene promoter
Soybean variety S05-97016-G99-21212
Nucleic acid molecules from maize and their use for the production of modified starch
Plants transformed with CryET29-encoding nucleic acids
Methods and compositions for regulating plant stress tolerance
Plant polynucleotides encoding novel Na.sup.+/H.sup.+ antiporters
Plant cells and plants expressing chimeric isoprenoid synthases
Screening systems and methods for identifying modulators of xenobiotic metabolism
Transgenic mouse over-expressing calreticulin (CRT) in vascular smooth muscle cells
Testing compounds for effects on synaptophysin in transgenic mice expressing an Alzheimer's disease FAD DNA sequence
Treatment of optic and otic inflammation
Fungicidal mixtures
Milk chocolate containing water
Sweetening compositions and foodstuffs comprised thereof
Drawer slide
Chair and synchrotilt chair mechanism
Apparatus and methods for treating tissue
Electrosurgical apparatus and methods for treatment and removal of tissue
Thermally conductive surgical probe
Method and apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element within the body and tip electrode for use with same
Biological photometer
Side attaching guidewire torque device
Advanced thermoplastics for orthodontics
Device for introducing an object into a vagina with sanitary finger mounting means
Porous and/or polycrystalline silicon orthopaedic implant
Axially compressible artificial interverterbral disc having a captured ball and socket joint with a solid ball and retaining cap
Full size fully articulated doll with selectively displayed alterative faces
Process for making a massage device departing from an electric toothbrush
Nimesulide gel systems for topical use
Dihydropyrancarboxamides and uses thereof
Neurotensin active 2,3,diaryl-pyrazolidine derivatives
Foamable pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating a disorder
Dehydrating agent and method for dehydrating moist article using the agent and dehydrated article obtained by the method
Multi-part substitution infusion fluids and matching anticoagulants
Mineral additives for improved processing of compositions containing vitamin E and saw palmetto
Composition for diminishing neutral fat in blood
Fluorescently labeled growth hormone secretagogue
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Treatment of arthritis with arsenoxide compounds
Peptide and amine examination method using the same
Formulated composition
Vaccines absorbable by the transmucosal way
Fusion proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Triaxial weave for reinforcing dental resins
Herbal dye and process of preparation thereof
Hydrogels and water soluble polymeric carriers for drug delivery
Laundry system having unitized dosing
Device for washing or irrigation of the vaginal cavity and the urethral ostium
Ultrasound catheter with utility lumen
Apparatus and method for the insertion of a medical device
Short catheter
Syringe with needle penetrable and laser resealable stopper
Deodorants and anti-perspirants
Ball return system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Twist and lock filter housing
Filter system with automatic media refresh
Dust-removing device for the dust-collecting tank of a dust-collecting machine
Motor-vehicle air cleaner
Topical cleansing composition
Silicon based nanospheres and nanowires
Textured catalysts and methods of making textured catalysts
Chemical filter arrangement for a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Method of forming a part made of a molybdenum-copper composite material
Rotary tapered tool holder with adapter sleeve
Process monitor for laser and plasma materials processing of materials
Arc welding equipment
Sanding block holder
Roller construction for detritus removal
AC servo drive without current sensor
Tire tread mould
Apparatus and method for low-density cellular wood plastic composites
Film casting apparatus for use in manufacturing a protective film for a polarizing plate
Double vacuum bag process for resin matrix composite manufacturing
System and method for providing tire electronics mounting patches
Injection valve
Recycled rubber construction materials
Glass-ceramic materials and electronic packages including same
Transparent conductive oxides for plastic flat panel displays
Process for producing substrate for flexible circuit board
Ink-jet printhead package
Method of manufacturing printer head, and method of manufacturing electrostatic actuator
Inkjet printing apparatus
Liquid supply system and apparatus incorporating the same
Printing method and printing apparatus
Enhancement technique for asymmetrical print resolution
Method and apparatus for compensating for image misalignment due to variations in laser power in a bi-directional raster imaging system
Ejection control device, liquid ejecting device, liquid ejecting method, and recording medium and program used therewith
Ink jet apparatus and ink jet print method having a plurality of double-sided printing modes
Printing apparatus, pattern, and computer system
Arrangement for generation of a print image for franking and postmarking machines
Keyboard layout for mouse or rocker switch text entry
Method for removing color resist for exposure alignment
Casing structure of transmitter of tire condition monitoring apparatus
Power supply apparatus for electric vehicle
Heatable glazing panel with electrically conductive coating having both heatable and non-heatable coated zones
Vehicle support frame
Vehicle display device and light guide plate thereof
Reclosable bag with expansion gusset
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Oxynitride compounds, methods of preparation, and uses thereof
Process and device for biological treatment of a suspension in a bioreactor with integrated hydraulic top scum treatment
Combined chlorine and ozone generator sterilization system
Process for the oligomerization of olefins
Process for alkane aromatization using platinum-zeolite catalyst
Catalyst for aromatization of alkanes, process of making and process of using thereof
Optically active 1-(fluoro-, trifluoromethyl-or trifluoromethoxy-substituted phenyl) alkylamine n-monoalkyl derivatives and process for producing same
Uses for amino acid anticonvulsants
Microbicidal agents on the basis of biphenylbenzamide derivatives
Process for preparing a dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor and intermediates employed therein
Process for preparing carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof
Method for producing cyclic carbamate ester
Polymorphs of a 1-pyrrole derivative, intermediate for the preparation of atorvastatin
C7 ester substituted taxanes
Reduction inhibitory agent for active-oxygen eliminating activity
Biomolecules having multiple attachment moieties for binding to a substrate surface
DNA encoding soluble variants of human OX2 receptors
Polynucleotides encoding phytase polypeptides
Goodpasture antigen binding protein
Detection of a genetic predisposition to cancers in cats
Osteogenic device and a method for preparing the device
Human vanilloid receptor VR3 protein
Silicone-modified comb polymers based on acryloyldimethyltaurine acid (2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid)
Catalytic systems
Process for preparing fluorine-containing norbornene derivative
Silane-modified oxidic or siliceous filler, process for its production and its use
Unfinished rutile titanium dioxide slurry for paints and paper coatings
Rubber composition for a tire comprising a multifunctional polyorganosiloxane as coupling agent
Condensation products of hydroxycarboxylic acids and glycols or glycerol
Chain transfer agents for RAFT polymerization in aqueous media
Processes for preparing phase change inks
Alkaline earth or alkali metal salts for antifreeze, deicing, and freeze control
Quick drying washing and cleaning agent, comprising an anionic/cationic/amphoteric surfactant mixture
Tenside granules with improved disintegration rate
Stabilization of fragrances in salt mixtures by dual encapsulation and entrapment
Probiotic strains from Lactobacillus salivarius and antimicrobial agents obtained therefrom
Isolated plant gene encoding a .beta. amyrin synthase
Glutamate receptor and utilization thereof
Aliphatic acyl transferase genes
Polynucleotides encoding novel cysteine proteases of the calpain superfamily, CAN-12v1 and CAN-12v2.
Human derived immortalized liver cell line
Granulates containing feed-enzymes
Potent inhibitors of human 9-cis retinol dehydrogenase
Non-reducing saccharide-forming enzyme, trehalose-releasing enzyme, and process for producing saccharides using the enzymes
Human GAK-related gene variants associated with lung cancer
3-hydroxypropionic acid and other organic compounds
Process for producing D-serine
Preparation of erythropoietin by endogenous gene activation
Method for detecting intracellular cholesterol
MN gene and protein
Methods for monitoring multiple gene expression
Carbo-nitrided case hardened martensitic stainless steels
Process for improving the adhesion of polymeric materials to metal surfaces
Plasma processor and plasma processing method
Submersible anode made of a resin matrix with a conductive powder supported therein
Methods of producing and polishing semiconductor device and polishing apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Composite sheet suitable for use as artificial leather
Treatment of textiles with fluorinated polyethers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust gas turbine
Multiform film cooling holes
Cooling system for a platform of a turbine blade
Gerotor apparatus for a quasi-isothermal Brayton cycle Engine
Plunger pump housing and access bore plug
Eccentric pump and method for operation of said pump
Variable flow water pump
Expandable shaft assembly
Rolling element bearing and motor
Bicycle front derailleur
Method and apparatus for a variable intensity pulsed L.E.D. light
Portable stand for articulated arm devices
Lidar system and method
Apparatus for measuring sizes of articles
Fabry-perot stepped etalon with improved transmittance characteristics
Surveying apparatus
Low thermal mass fluorometer
Polarized optical probes
Apparatus and method for inspecting defects
Particle analysis system and method
Measuring method and apparatus using attenuation in total internal reflection
Method and apparatus for optically scanning a scene
Measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting and imaging the presence of biological materials
Electrical property evaluation apparatus
Compositions and methods for monitoring breast cancer treatment
Alpha(2) macroglobulin receptor as a heat shock protein receptor and uses thereof
Methods of detecting specific cell lysis
Prevention of robot damage via capacitive sensor assembly
Contact pad arrangement on a die
Signal acquisition probing system using a micro-cavity laser
Methods for sealing openings in tubulars
RF receiving coil apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Flowshot technique
Elevator assembly for a projection device
Fiber optic booster connector
Lens holding technique
Display and method for repairing defects thereof
Illumination optical system and projector comprising the same
Color separation device, imaging optical engine, and projection apparatus
Advanced illumination system for use in microlithography
Holding system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Imaging optical system
Silver halide photographic lightsensitive material
Print medium with anisotropic bending properties
Method of determining alignment of a template and a substrate having a liquid disposed therebetween
Multilayer imageable elements
Method for determining the relative positional accuracy of two structure elements on a wafer
Electrostatic image developing toner and two-component developing agent
System and method for safely controlling, and receiving status of, power over ethernet
Power supply remote voltage sensing
DC--DC converter
Integrated handheld data processing device having a sliding form factor
Pagewidth inkjet printer with high data rate printer architecture
Image processing method and apparatus, and recording medium used therewith
Lottery game with method for playing a lottery game using multiple independent lottery results
Method of determining whether registration information to be erased includes information reserved for use in a communication job
System for managing digital printers and servers via a network
Method for ensuring consistent dot size in an inkjet printhead
Iteratively solving constraints in a font-hinting language
Apparatus for drawing dotted lines having natural appearance
Coin dispensing apparatus with safe housing
Method and apparatus for a remote electric power line conductor faulted circuit current, conductor temperature, conductor potential and conductor strain monitoring and alarm system
Rule based proximity and time based tracking system
Radio frequency detection and identification system
Physical condition monitoring system
Sport fence
School crossing guard, security system
Display device, method of driving a display device, electronic apparatus
Driver circuit of a display device
Data processing device having multiple adjustable display and keyboard orientations
Touch panel
Information input apparatus, and information processing apparatus, method, recording medium, and program
Acoustic touch sensor
Indic intermediate code and electronic device therefor
Image processing apparatus capable of creating a dither matrix providing improved image quality
Pointing device and electronic apparatus provided with the pointing device
Image processing apparatus
Use of greater than about 15 angstrom thick coupling layer in AP-tab magnetic head
Method for fabricating a pole tip in a magnetic transducer
Chemically ordered, cobalt-three platinum alloys for magnetic recording
Container for transport of hazardous materials
Insulated nanoscopic pathways, compositions and devices of the same
Analytical device
Foil-type switching element with improved spacer design
Magnetic strip
Movable contact unit and panel switch
Mobile high voltage network
Rotational backlash compensating cam for stored energy circuit breaker charging motor control
Electron emitter comprising emitter section made of dielectric material
Electrospray emitter coated with material of low surface energy
Wafer support system
Method of manufacturing ceramic film, method of manufacturing ferroelectric capacitor, ceramic film, ferroelectric capacitor, and semiconductor device
Method of inspecting a leakage current characteristic of a dielectric layer and apparatus for performing the method
Method of manufacturing transistors
Wafer holding apparatus
Plasma etching method
Plasma treatment apparatus
Methods and structures for metal interconnections in integrated circuits
Method of removing nanoclusters in a semiconductor device
Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having a resistor pattern and plug pattern that are made from a same material
Formation of active area using semiconductor growth process without STI integration
Method for manufacturing high density flash memory and high performance logic on a single die
Method of forming a floating gate for a split-gate flash memory device
Method for forming metal single-layer film, method for forming wiring, and method for producing field effect transistors
Selective plating of package terminals
Method of bonding semiconductor devices
Method for preventing Cu contamination and oxidation in semiconductor device manufacturing
Passivation processes for use with metallization techniques
Barrier-metal-free copper damascene technology using atomic hydrogen enhanced reflow
Method for monitoring a density profile of impurities
CMP process metrology test structures
Control of bottom dimension of tapered contact via variation(s) of etch process
Method of forming an integrated circuit employable with a power converter
Method of fabricating trench junction barrier rectifier
ESD protection device for high performance IC
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Laser annealing method
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including dual damascene interconnections
Thermal interface material and solder preforms
Manufacturing method for magnetic sensor and lead frame therefor
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device unit
Composite electronic component
Environment radiation detector having a visual image capturing device
Diode and method for manufacturing the same
Image sensor and method for forming isolation structure for photodiode
Rectifying charge storage element
Use of a down-bond as a controlled inductor in integrated circuit applications
Semiconductor light emitting device
Polycarbosilane buried etch stops in interconnect structures
Semiconductor devices having a pocket line and methods of fabricating the same
Vertical diode formation in SOI application
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pick-up system using the photoelectric conversion apparatus
Radiation hardened bipolar junction transistor
Ferroelectric material, ferroelectric film and method of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric capacitor and method of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric memory, and piezoelectric device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Complementary metal gate electrode technology
Solid-state imaging device, method of driving same, and camera apparatus
Nitrogen controlled growth of dislocation loop in stress enhanced transistor
Avalanche photodiode
Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Positioning mechanism, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Electrical component having overlapping electrodes, and method for the manufacture of same
Bathophenanthroline compound and EL device
Thin film battery and method of manufacture
Unit cell for solid oxide electrolyte type fuel cell and related manufacturing method
DC isolated phase inverter and a ring hybrid coupler including the DC isolated phase inverter
System and method for providing a distributed loaded monopole antenna
Differential and single ended elliptical antennas
Planar antenna with slot line
Antenna arrangement and module including the arrangement
Apparatus for controlling antenna in stratospheric platform and stratospheric platform system having the same
Methods and apparatus for reconfiguring antenna array patterns
Vibration isolated transducer connector
Connector including media converter
LED-type wall lamp with decorative liquid
High density connector and method of manufacture
Side entry terminal pin
Hermetic lid seal by metal pressing for fiber optic module
Rotatable cover plate
Commutation technique for an AC-to-AC converter based on state machine control
Mover device and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method
Power converter and vehicle equipped with power converter
Motor controller
Motor drive
Clock frequency divider and trigger signal generation circuit for same
Decorrelated power amplifier linearizers
Feed forward amplifier employing positive feedback pilot generation with automatic level control
Method for calibrating a dual channel scanner background
Low rise/fall skewed input buffer compensating process variation
Circuit for inspecting semiconductor device and inspecting method
Digital duty cycle corrector
Oscillator circuit
Reset generator circuit for generating a reset signal
Encoder for a motor controller
Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and recording medium
System and method for halftoning using a time-variable halftone pattern
Solid state image sensor
Camera for printing manipulated images on media
Image display system and method
Level difference correcting method and image pick-up device using the method
Transducer to actuator interface
Mercury-heating device and method of manufacturing the same
Sensor structure and sensor arrangement for measuring flow data on a flow body
Active matrix electroluminescence device having a metallic protective layer and method for fabricating the same
Organic electro-luminescent display device and method for manufacturing the same
Light-emitting diode based products
Plasma enhanced ALD of tantalum nitride and bilayer
Printed circuit board including embedded capacitors and method of manufacturing the same
Flexible wiring board, an intermediate product of a flexible wiring board, and a multi-layer flexible wiring board
Circuit board
Surface mounting structure for surface mounting an electronic component
Expired Patents Due To Time
Clothing for holding collectables
Baseball hooded bath garment
Vest with cooling member attachments
Full body bib
Medical garment
Sleeping bag
Pocket hat
Pumpkin hat
Athletic shoe cover
Pedicure slipper
Pair of heel cup insoles
Pair of heel cup insoles
Pair of heel cup insoles
Insole for footwear
Belt adjusting member
Towel belt
Portion of a shoe
Magnetic fastener
Spat for a shoe
Expanding file case
Key ring flash light
Archer's case
Fishing tackle box
Motorized umbrella anchor
Extended reach snow brush
Handle for barbecue tool
Multi-bristle hair brush
Hair brush
Toothbrush head
Toothbrush with a combination of filaments and elastomeric tufts
Travel cap for toothbrush
Bumper for paint roller
Extendable universal paint brush holder
Textile comprising a repeated pattern formed by the combination of geometric elements
Decorative emblem
Open top swing
Child seat for vehicles
Combination stool and storage case
Salon chair
Adjustable, collapsible lounge chair with lumbar support
Oval shaped cafeteria table
Light-weight portable folding chair
Rocking chair
Slotted holed lounge bicycle saddle
Office chair
Seat for barber or beauty chair
End table
Adjustable computer workstation
Collapsible table
Compact disk case
Compact disc holder and organizer
Storage cabinet
Compact disk carrying case with side webbing
Towel rack
Storage tank enclosure unit
CD jewel case
Computer desk
Computer desk
Magazine rack
Towel bar
Storage cabinet
Bathroom shelving unit
Storage cabinet
Basket tray to be used in a closet organizer
Coordinated accessory foot and furniture foot
Chair back
Drawer side panel
Leg for a table
Drawer side panel
Hair accessory display and storage organizer
Decorative pool table base
Swivel chair base
Rotary chair
Combined chair seat/backrest
Robe hook
Patient support
Mattress pad configuration
Fabric light control window covering
Flexible, elastic linen strap with pouch for scented potpourri
Drinking mug
Theater snack holder
Set of crockery
Vacuum bottle
Novelty snowman figurine/cookie jar
Beverage mug with lid
Fork with ergonomic handle
Spatula with ergonomic handle
Portable barbecue grill
Portable grill
Warming plate
Utensil handle
Tea strainer
Tubular bottle support
Holder for cone coffee filters
Cap lifter
Erosion control blanket
Plant root watering device
Pneumatic tool
Reciprocating saw
Basting tack cutter
Pneumatic tool
Screwdriver head
Wire-wrapping box
Cable guide
Replacement sprinkler head installation tool
Knurled collar attachment system
Cable reel
Upholstery tool
Swell latch
Basketball hoop lock
Perfume bottle
Disinfectant center
Bottle with closure
Bottle with cap
Container having arcuate false bottom
One piece assembly of container and utensil
Plastic package with pull tab
Compressed fabric article package having a shield shape
DVD box sleeve
Compressed fabric article package having a flag shape
Package for flashlight
Container with label and golf balls
Can spout
Foam dispenser
Spray pump head
Perfume cap
Surface design applied to a container lid
Lugged cap assembly
Bag carrying handle
Dispenser for bottle
Lid with brush
Container clock
Watch casing and bezel
Watch case
Watch head and portion of a strap
Glass-made ring for a dial of a watch
Portion of a watch case
Glass-made ring for a dial of a watch
Watch purse holder
Wrist watch
Watch case
Watch with bracelet
Beam scale
Indicating device
Barbecue fork
Stainless steel fork with thermometer
Deadbolt center marker
Tracking and indicating device
Electronic navigation instrument
Pressure detection switch
Indicator cover
Utility marker
Body jewelry
Clear-coated body jewelry
Rosary pendant
Finger ring
Ornamental jewellery
Combined legged flower pot and base
Novelty item
Flower float
Wall plate
Illuminated holiday decoration
Weight for buoy marker
Blended wing and multiple body airplane configuration
Partition for interior of an airplane
Conceptual sports utility vehicle
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy, and miscellaneous consumer products incorporating the design
Automobile body
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy, and miscellaneous consumer products incorporating the design
Bicycle stand
Portion of a motorcycle swing arm
Motorcycle dash visor
Frame of stroller
Stroller frame
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Boat bumper
Bicycle wheel fender
Sports ball steering wheel cover
Fender mirror
Motorcycle handlebars
Automotive wheel
Snowmobile cover
Brake rotor
Front face for a vehicle wheel
Surface configuration of a console for a vehicle
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Wheel cover
Trailer hitch
Roadster windshield
Automotive wheel
Car grille cover
Uninterruptible power supply
Power supply enclosure
Battery holder
Programmable audio player charging unit
Combined infrared ray emitter and charger for headphone
Retractable phone cord
Universal cord grip
Housing for a waveform correction absorber
Connector grip
Coaxial connector
Connector housing
Coaxial connector
Access control device
Tower shaped interconnect enclosure for computer and audio visual equipment concealable in furniture
Access control device
Electrical connector
Heating pad controller
Electrical connector
Semiconductor chip
Subwoofer basket
Portable computer
Portable computer
Image data and information terminal
Multimedia computer
Internet link terminal
Receiving housing
Image processing unit
Antenna ornament
Television set top box
Citizens band antenna
Television set
Key array for a handset
Television set
Radio receiver
Display area and key array for a handset
Radiotelephone interchangeable lens
Front cover and display for a wireless communications device
Antenna assembly
Car holder for telephone handset
Antenna assembly
Disc player combined with radio receiver and tape recorder
Tumbler holder
Hand mixer
Milk frothing appliance
Human Necessities
Martial arts belt
Method for producing remotely a display device storing one or more audio messages
Combined drinking cup and horn
Optical scanning and imaging system and method
Method and apparatus for using vagus nerve stimulation in surgery
Method for smoothing contour irregularity of skin surface by controlled contraction of collagen tissue
Method and apparatus for controlled contraction of collagen tissue
Measuring condition setting jig, measuring condition setting method and biological information measuring instrument
Method and apparatus to measure the depth of skin burns
Multi-user remote health monitoring system
Ischemia detection during non-standard cardiac excitation patterns
Cardiac stimulator lead with two-stage extendable/retractable fixation and method for using same
Medical device for use in laparoscopic surgery
Parameter context switching for an implanted device
Digitally trimmable resistor for bandgap voltage reference
Response to ambient noise in implantable pulse generator
Defibrillator with mode changing infrared communications
Performing Operations; Transporting
Modular off-line micro device processing system
Molding-condition recovery device in injection molding machine
Transfer case having temperature compensation
Vehicle travel control apparatus
Method for controlling a hybrid vehicle
Process and device for adjusting the braking effect in a vehicle
Dynamic angle of attack measurement system and method therefor
Control unit for rear-wheel steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Control unit for electric power steering apparatus
Cursor management on a multiple display electronic flight instrumentation system
Sun seeking solar array control system and method
Textile machine with individual work station processors
Dispenser system for preventing unauthorized fueling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for measuring fluid flow
Control system for hydrostatic transmission
Diagnostic method for an automotive HVAC compressor
GPS device with compass and altimeter and method for displaying navigation information
Preference information collection system, method therefor and storage medium storing control program therefor
Method and system using positions of cellular phones matched to road network for collecting data
Interactive process for use as a navigational aid and device for its implementation
Method and system for obtaining geographic data using navigation systems
Navigation information presenting apparatus and method thereof
Vehicle specific hazard estimation, presentation, and route planning based on meteorological and other environmental data
System and method using digital filters and neural networks to determine fluid flow
Torque detection apparatus
System and method for estimating post-collision vehicular velocity changes
Method for the test of a testing platform
Measurement system
Method and apparatus for producing CT images
Tire defect detection system and method
Panel tester and grader
System and method for reducing clock skew sensitivity of a shift register
Snoopy test access port architecture for electronic circuits including embedded core having test access port with instruction driven wake-up
Test circuit and method for system logic
Method and apparatus for altering timing relationships of non-overlapping clock signals in a microprocessor
Detecting communication errors across a chip boundary
System and method for testing devices sensitive to magnetic fields
Error detection method, error detection apparatus, and network system
Method and apparatus for testing high speed input paths
Functional logic circuit verification device
Magnetic resonance angiography with vessel segmentation
Method for forming a model of a geologic formation, constrained by dynamic and static data
Deterministic cancellation of air-coupled noise produced by surface seimic sources
Generic, accurate, and real time borehole correction for resistivity tools
Electronic clock
Method of prediction time-series continuous data and a control method using the prediction method
Robust steady-state target calculation for model predictive control
Method for optimizing a plant with multiple inputs
Method and apparatus to analyze accessor performance
Interface circuit for processor controlled system and vehicle laundry system utilizing such interface circuit
Robot apparatus
Command pass-through functionality in panel subunit
Data logging apparatus
Virtual tool box for use with industrial control system
Data analyzer system and method for manufacturing control environment
Fail-safe microprocessor-based control and monitoring of electrical devices
Process and equipment for optimizing production
Electronic oven temperature controller having adaptable temperature regulation limits
Enforcing access control on resources at a location other than the source location
System and method for providing assurance to a host that a piece of software possesses a particular property
Policy management and conflict resolution in computer networks
Method and device for time/date adjustment for computer
Remote network device for controlling the operation voltage of network devices
Method and device for reducing current consumption of a microcontroller
System for decoding addresses for a defective memory array
Data processing system and method for permitting a server to remotely access a powered-off client computer system's asset information
Method and apparatus for unified, pre-addressed, context-sensitive reporting
Method and apparatus for providing an error messaging system
System for automatic recovery from software problems that cause computer failure
Switching mechanism and disk array apparatus having the switching mechanism
Method and apparatus for providing centralized intelligent cache between multiple data controlling elements
Alternative profiling methodology and tool for analyzing competitive benchmarks
Method for compile-time type-checking of arguments for externally-specified format strings
Method and apparatus for hierarchical restructuring of computer code
Method and system for destination-sensitive memory control and access in data processing systems
Method for optimizing creation and destruction of objects in computer programs
Address mapping for system memory
Multi-bank, fault-tolerant, high-performance memory addressing system and method
Parallel processor comprising multiple sub-banks to which access requests are bypassed from a request queue when corresponding page faults are generated
System and method for shared memory protection in a multiprocessor computer
Processing ordered data requests to a memory
Data processing system with an enhanced cache memory control
Method and system for staging data into cache
Sharing list for multi-node DMA write operations
Information processing system with prefetch instructions having indicator bits specifying cache levels for prefetching
Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system
Cache management for a multi-threaded processor
Error logging method utilizing temporary defect list
Mechanism for implementing bus locking with a mixed architecture
Queued port data controller for microprocessor-based engine control applications
Method and apparatus for monitoring input/output ("I/O") performance in I/O processors
Mechanisms for converting interrupt request signals on address and data lines to interrupt message signals
Flexible memory channel
Apparatus and method to precisely position packets for a queue based memory controller
Serial port for a hose adapter integrated circuit using a single terminal
High throughput UART to DSP interface having Dual transmit and receive FIFO buffers to support data transfer between a host computer and an attached modem
Removable mother/daughter peripheral card
System for multisized bus coupling in a packet-switched computer system
Method and apparatus for extending the range of the universal serial bus protocol
Method for supporting multiple delayed read transactions between computer buses
Guaranteeing clock slew correction in point-to-point protocol packet detection without data loss after baud rate detection in autobaud mode
High bandwidth processing and communication node architectures for processing real-time control messages
Pipelined asynchronous processing
Method and apparatus for administering a share bond
Method of constructing unit names from a nonorthogonal basis set
Empirical mode decomposition apparatus, method and article of manufacture for analyzing biological signals and performing curve fitting
Pricing of options using importance sampling and stratification/ Quasi-Monte Carlo
Rich text medium displaying method and picture information providing system using calculated average reformatting time for multimedia objects
System and method for speeding up heterogeneous data access using predicate conversion
Information processing apparatus and method enabling users to easily acquire information that occurs on a network and suits their favorites
Method and apparatus for autosynchronizing distributed versions of documents
Database system and method for operating a database system
Link information maintenance and management method
Heirarchical indexing of multi-attribute data by sorting, dividing and storing subsets
Application programming interface for creating authorized connections to a database management system
Recipe database that integrates menus for food preparation of multiple dishes based on skill level
Computer data storage system with migration plan generator
Seamless integration of internet resources
System of organizing catalog data for searching and retrieval
Method and apparatus for translating virtual path file access operations to physical file path access
Technique for creating a unique item identification number in a multi-threaded/multi-process environment
Document information management system
Grouping and duplicate removal method in a database
System and method for serializing lazy updates in a distributed database without requiring timestamps
System and method for personalized information filtering and alert generation
System and method for compensation of functional differences between heterogeneous database management systems
System and method for accessing local information by using referencing position system
Distributed database access via virtual environment browser
Exporting and importing of data in object-relational databases
System for providing cross-lingual information retrieval
Method and system for navigation and data entry in hierarchically-organized database views
Method and system for providing real-time personalization for web-browser-based applications
Methods and apparatus for facilitating electronic commerce in area rugs
Integrated proxy interface for web based telecommunications network management
Multiple database client transparency system and method therefor
Method and apparatus for automated personalization and presentation of workload assignments to agents within a multimedia communication center
Apparatus and methods for network access using a set top box and television
Information apparatus having automatic web reading function
Method and system for using response-surface methodologies to determine optimal tuning parameters for complex simulators
System and method for simulating circuits using inline subcircuits
System and method for instantiating logic blocks within an FPGA
Data processing system and method for efficient determination of return current spread
Method and system for extraction of parasitic interconnect impedance including inductance
Placement based design cells injection into an integrated circuit design
Medical imaging system service evaluation method and apparatus
Method, apparatus, and data structure for capturing and representing diagnostic, treatment, costs, and outcomes information in a form suitable for effective analysis and health care guidance
Secure data downloading, recovery and upgrading
FPGA customizable to accept selected macros
Method and system for transient key digital time stamps
Method and circuit for controlling a first-in-first-out (FIFO) buffer using a bank of FIFO address registers capturing and saving beginning and ending write-pointer addresses
Method and apparatus for calculating a power of an operand
Faster multiply/accumulator
Leak-resistant cryptographic method and apparatus
Processor for performing subword permutations and combinations
System and method of expediting bit scan instructions
Method and apparatus for reordering memory operations along multiple execution paths in a processor
Method, software and apparatus for referencing a method in object-based programming
Automatic adapter/stub generator
Software package management
Arrangements having firmware support for different processor types
Method and system for incrementally improving a program layout
Method and system for generating a hierarchial document type definition for data interchange among software tools
Managing accidental death of an object during communication between objects distributed in a COM environment
Dynamic classification of sections of software
Summarized application profiling and quick network profiling
Line-oriented reorder buffer configured to selectively store a memory operation result in one of the plurality of reorder buffer storage locations corresponding to the executed instruction
Systems methods and computer program products for customized host access applications including user-replaceable transport code
Method and apparatus for dynamically sharing memory in a multiprocessor system
Optical disk recordable using both a cipher key and disk identification information for encryption
Configurable bio-transport system simulator
Method for transformation of fuzzy logic, which is used to simulate a technical process, into a neural network
Test information management system
System and method for implementing project procedures
Automatic planning and cueing system and method
Candidate chaser
Factored representation of a set of priceable units
Automatic manufacturing monitoring and tracking
Electronic information distributing terminal equipment
ATM video advertising
Method and system for standardizing and reconciling invoices from vendors
Method and system for processing payments for remotely purchased goods
Computers in a financial system
Electronic shopping agent which is capable of operating with vendor sites which have disparate formats
System and method to provide secure navigation to resources on the internet
Interactive electronic shopping system and method
Method and apparatus for tracking network usage
Automated survey kiosk
Remote postage meter resetting system having alternate postage funding sources
Method and apparatus for performing secure processing of postal data
Selective call radio receiver with mail drop message display function
Travelling vehicle system
Apparatus for generating road information from stored digital map database
Airplane ground location methods and systems
Device for reproducing information or executing functions
Method of transmitting speech using discontinuous transmission and comfort noise
Noise-compensated speech recognition templates
Sequential determination of utterance log-spectral mean by maximum a posteriori probability estimation
Method of modifying feature parameter for speech recognition, method of speech recognition and speech recognition apparatus
Adaptive two-threshold method for discriminating noise from speech in a communication signal
Electronic equipment, method of controlling operation thereof and controlling method
Fine granularity rewrite method and apparatus for data storage device
Disk device and data error correction method thereof
Method and apparatus for modulation encoding data for storage on a multi-level optical recording medium
Computer jukebox and computer jukebox management system
Processing edit decision list data
Speculative opening of a new page when approaching page boundary during read/write of isochronous streams
Method and apparatus for performing a read next highest priority match instruction in a content addressable memory device
Flash memory array having maximum and minimum threshold voltage detection for eliminating over-erasure problem and enhancing write operation
Current controlled multi-state parallel test for semiconductor device
Method of utilizing fast chip erase to screen endurance rejects
System and method for performing parallel initialization and testing of multiple memory banks and interfaces in a shared memory module
Quad data rate RAM
Dynamic configuration of memory module using presence detect data
Method for decoding addresses for a defective memory array
Methods of modeling erbium doped fiber amplifiers
Frequency converter
Controllable filter
Architecture for soft decision decoding of linear block error correcting codes
Error correction device for correcting error in input symbol string
Partitioned interleaver memory for map decoder
Method and device for managing power consumption of a receiver in stand-by mode
Multifunction new-type audio player structure
Clock generating system generating clock based on value obtained by adding second time information and difference between first time information and second time information
Apparatus and method for receiving data with bit insertion
Method for responding to transmission errors in a digital communication system according to characteristics of flawed information fields
Network traffic management system
Method for displaying multiple performance measurements of a web site using a platform independent program
Computer system and method for characterizing and distributing information
Method and apparatus for filtering ethernet frames
Method and system for scheduling network communication
Data flow monitoring at a network node using periodically incremented counters for comparison to predetermined data flow thresholds
In-band method and apparatus for reporting operational statistics relative to the ports of a fibre channel switch
System for transmitting information about an electronic unit stored in a storage means having a hierarchical data structure to one of a plurality of electronic units
System and method for managing multimedia messaging platforms
Method for adaptive filter adjustment in a QAM/CAP system
Multiple network connections from a single PPP link with partial network address translation
Method and apparatus for controlling client computer systems
Method of implementing push techniques in conventional web browsers
Apparatus and method for electronic mail address portability
Method and computer readable medium for discovering master DNS server computers for a given domain name in multiple master and multiple namespace configurations
Method for finding the address of a workstation assigned a dynamic address
System and method for options based address reuse
Process and apparatus for downloading data from a server computer to a client computer
Encryption system with time-dependent decryption
Foldable mobile telephone
Scaleable video system having shared control circuits for sending multiple video streams to respective sets of viewers
Signal distribution system
Method for controlling copy protection in digital video networks
Mechanism and procedure for detecting switch mis-cabling
Method of receiving voice signals by a mobile telephone
Dual mode network call forwarding activation and deactivation
Method and system for over-the-air (OTA) service programming
Method for providing an output signal having a desired value of a characteristic quantity at the output of a switched-mode power supply unit and circuit for carrying out the method
Methods and systems for determining a ball-grid array seating plane
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