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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Terminal connector assembly for a medical electrical lead
Flat cable connector, harness, and method for manufacturing harness
Jack assembly with vertically staggered jack bores
Human Necessities
Deboning knife
Shelf that can be folded easily and quickly
Cradle for portable communication device
Holder for electronic device with support
Multi-use protective cover
Magnetically-hanging spice dispenser with a continuously-variable hole-size selector
Flat-screen television mounting methods and apparatus
Endoscope apparatus and controlling method thereof comprising curving control mechanism
Endoscope sucking operation apparatus
Endotracheal tube placement system and method
Surgical needle holder
Variable tension post fixation
Endoscopic suture systems
Surgical stapling apparatus including staple with plate
Vascular clamps for vascular repair
Fatigue-resistant gastric banding device
Vessel cutting devices
Surgical staple with adjustable width backspan
Vertebral stabilization transition connector
Electrosurgical forceps with slow closure sealing plates and method of sealing tissue
Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
Method for providing a spectacle ophthalmic lens by calculating or selecting a design
Method and apparatus for correlated ophthalmic measurements
Autonomic nerve activity measuring apparatus and autonomic nerve activity measuring method
Non-invasive determination of characteristics of a sample
Handheld force-controlled ultrasound probe
Macro/micro duty cycle devices, systems, and methods employing low-frequency ultrasound or other cyclical pressure energies
Apparatus and method relating to teeth whitening
Adult diaper system
Preservation and restoration of cranial bone flaps
Body fluid flow control method and device
Thermoelastic and superelastic Ni-Ti-W alloy
Stent having helical elements
Medical implant having NANO-crystal grains with barrier layers of metal nitrides or fluorides
Flexible vascular occluding device
Soft-tissue implant having antibacterial effect
Method and apparatus for anchoring an intraocular lens assembly
Systems and methods for providing deeper knee flexion capabilities for knee prosthesis patients
Method, system and apparatus for interbody fusion
Intervertebral fusion device and method of use
Endoscopic bone debridement
Apparatus and method for facilitating male orgasm
Modulators of Candida hyphal morphogenesis and uses thereof
Thrombin-free biological adhesive and use thereof as a medicament
Fusion of peptidoglycan hydrolase enzymes to a protein transduction domain allows eradication of both extracellular and intracellular gram positive pathogens
Materials and methods for improved immunoglycoproteins
Engineered scFv against bovine herpes virus type I
Destruction of spores through glycoconjugate enhanced phagocytosis
Anti-CD74 immunoconjugates and methods of use
Methods for neutralizing anthrax or anthrax spores
Removing method of smells
Filter device and liquid injection apparatus having the same
Composite medical device and method of forming
Trocarless intravenous cannula with a multifilament tip
Piezoelectric dual-syringe insulin pump
Designs for balloon welds
Eye coloring systems
Eye coloring systems
Systems and methods of delivering a dilated slurry to a patient
Hair coloring compositions with a non-ammonia alkalizing agent
Device for diaphragmal resistive breathing training
Weighted exercise device providing two grips
Walking aid for a mechanically driven treadmill
Tree climbing tree stand
Golf balls having multi-layer cores based on polyalkenamer compositions
Protective cover for an inflatable ball body, and sports ball having the same
Method for producing a ball and ball
Golf club head and method for manufacturing the same
Length adjustment system for joining a golf club head to a shaft
Golf putter
Shuffling apparatuses
Entertainment, gaming and interactive spaces based on lifeotypes
Toy track set and relay segments
Toy figure with motion features
Performing Operations; Transporting
Household water filter
Distillation of ionic liquids
Drain filter apparatus and method
Membranes comprising amino acid mobile carriers
Gas separation process
Microwave reactor and method of producing polymer compound using the same
Integrated combustion reactors and methods of conducting simultaneous endothermic and exothermic reactions
Strengthened cutting device for a crosscut shredder
Particulate matter detection device
Process of purification of minerals based on calcium carbonate by flotation in the presence of quaternary imidazolium methosulfate
Method for recovering silicon from sawing waste
Percussive sprinkler with adjustable discharge angle
Flow controller
Rotary aggregate washing and classification system
Debris evacuator for cleaning a masonry bore
Apparatus for casting filaments
Functionally graded metal matrix composite sheet
Method of bonding porous metal to metal substrates
Throwaway drill, insert of throwaway drill and cutting method using the same
Tin-silver bonding and method thereof
Process of forming a high temperature turbine rotor blade
Method and apparatus for horizontal assembly of a high-voltage feed-through bushing
Universal mounting platform and system
Spindle device for machine tool
Substrate processing apparatus
Rotary impact tool
Method of making paving composition without adding asphalt content oil or minimizing addition
Molding method
Large area dissolvable template lithography
Method for manufacturing electronic component
Delivering foil leaves of selected lengths from an indeterminate length of foil
Method and apparatus for the selective separation of two layers of material using an ultrashort pulse source of electromagnetic radiation
Ink jet printer and method of ink jet printing
Moving liquid curtain catcher
Nozzle arrangement for printhead
Liquid dispenser including secondary liquid manifold
Inkjet print head and inkjet printing apparatus
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus performing non-printing discharge
Ink storage module with displaceable upper and lower plates and displaceable upper and lower collars
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Printing apparatus for detecting and avoiding unprintable regions on recording mediums
Method of operating printer with incorrectly operating nozzles
Wheel hub assembly
Pneumatic tire
Motorized road vehicle for transporting passengers, capable of running alone and of being articulated to other vehicles to form a road train
Cord reinforced resilient membrane
Children's ride-on vehicles with window mechanisms
Vehicle with transparent roof area
Connection structure arrangement between a frame member and an engine of a saddle-type vehicle, and vehicle incorporating same
Automatic gas cap actuator with redundancy
All terrain vehicle power takeoff
Support and drive arrangement
Motorcycle trailer
Trailer system for inspecting vehicles and inspection system having the same
Fuel tank mounting structure for vehicle
Display device for vehicle
Headlamp assembly for motor vehicle
Storage compartment having lid element
Scoreboard structure for golf carts
Support jack with supporting load indicator
Wheelchair safety device
Control system for a dual clutch transmission
Control apparatus of clutch mechanism
Steering column
Axle arrangement
Vehicle body forward portion structure
Composite made of two steel plates
Truck with at least three steered wheels
Torsion seat-handle to facilitate learning bicycle riding
Motorcycle backrest with extension signal lights
Foldable device for connecting a front fork to a handlebar of a bicycle
Bicycle braking system
Method and apparatus for controlling the motion of an autonomous moored profiler
Device, in particular connection rod, for bracing a fuselage structure of an aircraft and/or for fastening a component
System box for accommodating aircraft systems
Method of manufacturing a blade
Hamilton H.N2 laminar flow diskette wing
Methods for loading a drug eluting medical device
Filling valve having a liquid chamber, a gas chamber and a medium chamber, and filling machine comprising the same
Vapor containment
Laundry-sorting hamper device
Storage system
Convertible food tray
Composite foldable package
Weekly dispenser for medicaments
Sorting system having a vertical sorter
Article transport facility
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Sheet separating mechanism
Bag dispenser
Post-processing system
Method for separating at least two bridges of a segmented transport system for printing materials, apparatus for implementing the method and machine for processing printing materials
Recording medium feeding device and image forming apparatus
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Device and method for the alignment of sheets
Drive systems and cargo lift systems
Device to reduce noise transmission through the gap between escalator steps
Robotic finger and robotic hand
Quick-change finger for robotic gripper
System, method, and apparatus for suction gripping
Piston and piston rod for a rodless dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Manufacturing method of hexafluorophosphate
Apparatus, system and process for wastewater purification
Method for modifying pore size distribution zones in fiber cement composites and articles of manufacture of the same
Aqueous biopolymer-containing labeling adhesive
Dendritic starch-based dextrin adhesives
Recycling and material recovery system
Cyclic batch coal devolatilization apparatus
Hyperelastic shape setting devices and fabrication methods
Localized linear microwave source array pumping to control localized partial pressure in flat and 3 dimensional PECVD coatings
Device and method for producing chlorine trifluoride and system for etching semiconductor substrates using this device
Method for production of steel product with outstanding descalability; and steel wire with outstanding descalability
Method and apparatus for reducing substrate backside deposition during processing
Methods for high volume manufacture of group III-V semiconductor materials
Process gas delivery for semiconductor process chambers
Textiles; Paper
Fabrication of fiber supported ionic liquids and methods of use
Thread feeding method, warp thread feeding method, thread feeder and weaving method
Security paper
Belt for conveying wet web
Fixed Constructions
Device for applying reflective paint to roadside barriers
Vehicle security barrier
Door handle device
Lift and tilt mechanisms for a venetian blind
Modular ladder
Ladder and support stand
Downhole tool deactivation and re-activation
Well bore reamer
Rotation mechanism
Apparatus for, and method of, landing items at a well location
Methods for servicing subterranean wells
Groundwater isolation barriers for mining and other subsurface operations
Production from multiple zones of a tar sands formation
Heave compensated snubbing system and method
Hydraulically-actuated propellant stimulation downhole tool
Gas lift valve
Joint used for coupling long heaters
Barrier for instrumentation piping
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High-speed air spindle
Turbine housing, and method of making a turbine housing
Method for producing a blade by casting and blade for a gas turbine
Blade of a turbomachine with enlarged peripheral profile depth
Turbine rotor blade
Compact low frequency resonator
Fluid flow controller
Metal cylinder head gasket without a spacing layer
Charge forming device and solenoid valve
Hydraulic energy converter
Efficient wind turbine blades, wind turbine blade structures, and associated systems and methods of manufacture, assembly and use
Subsea pumping system
Shuttle pump with controlled geometry
Compressed air supply system for a utility vehicle having a pulse-width modulated valve
Anchor bolt assembly
Apparatus for fastening single and multiple sheets and method for using same
Motor shaft vibration isolator for electric submersible pumps
Dual clutch
Release holding mechanism for railcar hand brake
Modularity spacer for a damper
Continuously variable transmission
Multistage transmission
Accessory drive and engine restarting system
Power transmission device
Drivetrain device of a vehicle with a gear unit
Epicyclic reduction gear device with balanced planet wheels
Compliant plate seals for turbomachinery
Actuator for a valve
Porcelain enamel substrate for mounting light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same, light emitting device module, illumination device, display unit and traffic signal
Light source unit, lighting apparatus and notice bearing apparatus
LED lighting lamp
Lamp and lighting equipment using the same
Lighting device, light spreading plate and method for manufacturing the same
Vehicle lamp
Lighting device, display device and television receiver
Method and device for combustion of solid phase fuel
Method of repairing a display assembled on a substrate
Fluidized bed boiler plant and method of combusting sulfurous fuel in a fluidized bed boiler plant
Flexible graphite flooring heat spreader
High temperature and high pressure corrosion resistant process heat exchanger for a nuclear hydrogen production system
Conceal and carry gun holster
Modular archery target with specialized components for stopping multiple arrow types
Modular archery target
Fletching system and method therefor
Probe for an ear thermometer
Medical apparatus
Fiber optic adapter with integrally molded ferrule alignment structure
Optical transceiver module having an electromagnetic interference (EMI) cancellation device disposed therein, and an EMI cancelation method for use in an optical transceiver module
Structure for optical connector ferrule and method for making
Method and apparatus for calibrating a color temperature of a projector
Projector and method of controlling the same
Information processor with projector
Device and method for manufacturing sheet with cords
Method and system for using machine-readable codes to perform a transaction
Evaluating an electromagnetic field strength of an electromagnetic gate apparatus
Antenna module
Radio frequency identification tag with privacy and security capabilities
Moire pattern generated by angular illumination of surfaces
Customized transaction card and account reports
Bag supporting table and apparatus with bag supporting table
Apparatus and method for reading barcode
Apparatus, system, and method for modulating consolidation of memory during sleep
Lighting device for display device, display device and television receiver
Lighting device for display devices, liquid crystal display device, and light source lamp
Conductive inks with metallo-organic modifiers
Photosensitive paste composition for fabricating the plasma display panel electrode, plasma display panel electrode and plasma display panel thereby
Gate valve cleaning method and substrate processing system
Compliant off-chip interconnects for use in electronic packages and fabrication methods
Electrical junction box
Power outlet with shield locking mechanism
Quick release retention mechanism for socketed microelectronic devices
Connectors for electric cords
Rotating connector device
X-ray fluoroscopic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method for mapping input device controls to software actions
Remotely controlled toy and wireless remote operable in a point of sale package
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for monitoring and analyzing the surface of floated material
Method and device for measuring a folding angle of a sheet in a folding machine
Printer and printing method
Information recording apparatus
Multifunction terminal
Utilizing autofocus information for image processing in a digital camera
Preventing crease formation in donor web in dye transfer printer that can cause line artifact on print
Preventing crease formation in donor web in dye transfer printer that can cause line artifact on print
Utilizing exposure information for image processing in a digital image camera
Semiconductor laser driving apparatus and laser scanner
Lens supporting structure
Optical device arrays with optimized image resolution
Encapsulated electrophoretic displays and methods and materials for making the same
Method of and apparatus for compressing discharged stencil in stencil printer
Image formation system
Combination instrument for a motor vehicle
Passenger detection system
Sonic blind spot monitoring system
Driver's aid using image processing
Method and device for detecting objects
Truck tailgate position indicator
Method and system for printing a document
Light control device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Titanium oxide powder, methods of manufacturing the same and barium titanate powder, dielectric ceramic, and multilayer ceramic capacitor
Electrochromic device
Liquid crystal device alignment
Fixed Constructions
Lock box device
Pressurized system for protecting signal transfer capability at a subsurface location
Measurement while drilling electromagnetic telemetry system using a fixed downhole receiver
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for error detection and diagnosis in a knock sensor
Liquid crystal displayer assembly and foldable support frame therefor
Liquid crystal display
Method and arrangement for determining the angle of roll of a launchable rotating body which rotates in its paths
Gate oxide thickness measurement and control using scatterometry
Z-axis monitoring apparatus for robot blade
Method and apparatus to reduce effects of sheared wavefronts on interferometric phase measurements
Seamless surveying system
Methods and apparatus for viewing variable resolution information on a display
Liquid level sensor apparatus and method of using thereof
Spectrophotometer with drive means and Spectrophotometry using such
Surface inspection instrument and surface inspection method
Image pickup apparatus and defect inspection system for photomask
Capacitive voltage transformer
Radiated electric-field meter
Integrated circuit with current sense circuit and associated methods
Method and device for use in DC parametric tests
Method and apparatus for non-conductively interconnecting integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for selecting optimal satelittes in global positioning system
Apparatus and method for minimizing multipath signal errors during tracking of GPS satellite signals
Using digital television broadcast signals to provide GPS aiding information
Digital IF processor
Position-adaptive UAV radar for urban environments
System and method for signal acquisition in a distance meter
System and method for selectively obscuring a video signal
Multichannel receiver system for angularly resolved laser ranging measurement
System for signal emitter location using rotational doppler measurement
Global positioning system using almanac data for a fast time to first fix
Interference suppression circuit and method thereof for multi-channel receivers
High frequency transmitter-receiver
Compact photographing lens
Zoom lens
Electronic binoculars having a single display
Micromirror actuator
Safe procedure for moving mirrors in an optical cross-connect switch
Voltage and light induced strains in porous crystalline materials and uses thereof
Optical pick-up device and objective lens used therein
Head mounted display
Holographic device for formation of colored, polarized and angularly separated light beams and video image projector which utilizes it
Optical device
Apparatus and method for curved screen projection
Parallax barrier type autostereoscopic display device
Optical element suitable for projection display apparatus
Image stabilizing optical lens device with decentering of lens sub-unit
Laser optical apparatus
Imaging system
Diffractive optical element and also optical arrangement comprising a diffractive optical element
Optical device with diffraction grating having plural grating regions
Low chromatic dispersion filter for WDM
Diffractive optical element that polarizes light and an optical pickup using the same
Low noise figure optical amplifier for DWDM systems with per sub-band power control
Universal optical filter holder
Zoom lens barrel
Stopper structure for lens barrel assembly
Focusing device for digital camera including contrast calculator
Reflection type color liquid crystal display device
Semitransparent liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display panel
Color liquid crystal panel and color liquid crystal display apparatus
Method of making a hybrid display device having a rigid substrate and a flexible substrate
Liquid crystal display device having a source driver and method for driving the same
Method and apparatus for matrix addressing of an electrophoretic display device
Reflective electrophoretic display with stacked color cells
Electrophoretic display device
Optical gate and optical phase modulator
Electronic camera and image processing system
Projection-type picture display apparatus and screen used thereby
Rear projection display system
Illuminating optical apparatus and making method thereof, exposure apparatus and making method thereof, and device manufacturing method
Projection aligner
Device and method of correcting exposure defects in photolithography
Photograph printing device, electronic image input device, film scanner, scratch recognition method, memory medium recording scratch recognition program, and image restoration method
Detection of pitch variations in lenticular material
Electronic device having common connector
Network photo-print service system, center server and information processing method
Enhanced overlay measurement marks for overlay alignment and exposure tool condition control
Microlithographic illumination method and a projection lens for carrying out the method
Optical component and method of inducing a desired alteration of an optical property therein
Exposure apparatus with a pulsed laser
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Apparatus and method for pattern exposure and method for adjusting the apparatus
Projection exposure apparatus and projection exposure method
Multilayer-coated reflective mirrors for X-ray optical systems, and methods for producing same
Illumination system with plural light sources, and exposure apparatus having the same
Method, system, and program for generating a blank side of a page in a print job
Hologram recording film with additional information and recording method therefor
Keyless system for entry and operation of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for an optical function generator for seamless tiled displays
Semiconductor integrated circuit for holding an output signal of an output terminal in a non-operating state
Reference voltage generator
Portable computer and method for assembling the same
Method and apparatus for thermal management of a display
Personal digital assistant with streaming information display
Input device for personal digital assistants
Flexibly interfaceable portable computing device
Computer drive anchoring apparatus without using screws
Card support assembly
Electronic apparatus including a cooling unit for cooling a heat generating component
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and data transmission system
Image data processing apparatus
Method of displaying product selection on web site
GUI for representing entity matches utilizing graphical transitions performed directly on the matching object
Human-computer interface including efficient three-dimensional controls
Keyboard with integrated pointer control function
Modular keyboard
Wireless pointing device for remote cursor control
Time based hardware button for application launch
Displaying method in information processing apparatus that permits execution of either object or task oriented processings
Flexible mouse-driven method of user interface
Converter capable of making a five-wire or six-wire resistive touch screen compatible with a four-wire controller
Graphical user interface and position or attitude detector
Touch screen panel with integral wiring traces
Computer mouse input device with multi-axis palm control
Selector pen for touch screen
Method of facilitating the selection of features at edges of computer touch screens
Correction of alignment and linearity errors in a stylus input system
Method for printing in network system
Interactive printer
User interface for palm-sized computing devices and method and apparatus for displaying the same
System and method for additional font availability
Microprocessor, and graphics processing apparatus and method using the same
Multiple operating system quick boot utility
Switched capacitor summing system and method
Printing apparatus and color image printing method
Method and system for assisting a user to engage in a microbrowser-based interactive chat session
Method and apparatus for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel
Anti-tear protection for smart card transactions
Bar code reader
Methods and apparatus for generating images
Curve smoothing without shrinking
Image editing apparatus and method and medium on which programs are recorded
System and method for occlusion culling graphical data
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Numerical analysis mesh generating method and apparatus
Method and system for inversion of detail-in-context presentations
Non-linear interpolation scaling system for a graphics processing system and method for use thereof
Color signal interpolation
Method of compensating for MTF in a digital image channel
Logic-based image processing method
Tamper detection and prevention for an object control and tracking system
Methods for providing information, messages and advertisements to a user of a fuel pump that is coupled to remote computers through a data communications network
System, method and apparatus for sensing and communicating status information from a portable medical device
Security system with maskable motion detection and camera with an adjustable field of view
Fire alarm system
Pool guard alarm
Hygiene monitoring system
Monitoring system
Alarm notifying device and computer program
Method of detecting objects within range of a receiver
Signaling retention device
Display device for an electronic appliance
Method and device for displaying images on a matrix display device
Display panel and its driving method
Electroluminescence display apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Image quality improvement for liquid crystal display
LCD driver in multi-line selection driving method
Driving circuit and driving method of color liquid crystal display, and color liquid crystal display device
High-definition liquid crystal display including sub scan circuit which separately controls plural pixels connected to the same main scan wiring line and the same sub scan wiring line
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
TFT LCD driver capable of reducing current consumption
Browser-based room designer
System, method and article of manufacture for a user interface for a knowledge management tool
Mixed mode input for a graphical user interface (GUI) of a data processing system
Automatic determination of nearest window controller having a function consistent with motion of cursor
Creation and manipulation of internet location objects in a graphical user interface environment
System of and method for gamma correction of real-time video
Method and system for controlling a complementary user interface on a display surface
Process for coding characters and associated display attributes in a video system and device implementing this process
System and method for rendering graphical data
Communication control method and electronic equipments
Cassette tape recorder
Drive with adaptive data format and head switch sequencing
Method and apparatus to reduce retry redundancy during read operations
Spindle motor having spindle motor stator for increased head stack assembly access
Magnetic head slider having protrusions with high abrasion resistance provided on the medium-facing surface and manufacturing method therefor
Actuator latch for hard disk drive
Magnetic tape cartridge having a brake
Capacitance skip write detector
Disk drive base design for modifying airflow generated from rotation of disk
Access device of memory card
Cartridge having sensor hole to be opened/closed and apparatus and method for driving the same
Head assembly having a head IC heat radiating element
Recording/reproducing apparatus, error correcting coding method and information recording method
Frequency extension method and apparatus for fast rise time writers
Current stealing circuit to control the impedance of a TGMR head amplifier biasing circuit regardless of whether the head amplifier is turned on
Recording equalizer and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using the equalizer
Single pole magnetic recording head for perpendicular magnetic recording
Magnetic head, magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus, method for reproducing and recording magnetic recording information
Thin-film magnetic head having two magnetic layers, one of which includes a pole portion layer and a yoke portion layer, and method of manufacturing same
High resistance dual antiparallel (AP) pinned spin valve sensor
Magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus
Method of making a spin valve sensor with a controlled ferromagnetic coupling field
Magnetoresistive effect thin-film magnetic head
Method and apparatus for performing spin valve combined pinned layer reset and hard bias initialization at the HGA level
Intergral base plate with boss tower
Magnetic transducer with integrated charge bleed resistor
Flexible circuit designs with improved damping
Head gimbal assembly interconnecting leads having improved robustness and lower stiffness
Method and apparatus for information recording and reproducing using an air force latch mechanism
Suspension-level piezoelectric microactuator
Disc drive with delayed reassignment write
Head position control method, control device for disk device and disk device
Slider having integrated lapping guides
Flying head slider capable of avoiding collision when loaded
Magnetic data card servo writer
Method and apparatus for digital-to-analog signal conversion
Configuration for generating a clock including a delay circuit and method thereof
Synchronous mirror delay (SMD) circuit and method including a ring oscillator for timing coarse and fine delay intervals
Compensation for a delay locked loop
Adjustment table
Flip chip resistor and its manufacturing method
Laminated electronic component and manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing wire wound electronic component
Low-power transformer for printed circuit boards
Apparatus for establishing inductive coupling in an electrical circuit and method of manufacture therefor
Band switchable filter
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Electric double layer capacitor
Structure of string resistor body in an operation panel device
Latch mechanism for a circuit breaker
Circuit breaker with shunt
Fuse combination unit with maintained locking
Electrode structure of plasma display panel and method of driving sustaining electrode in the plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for observing specimen image on scanning charged-particle beam instrument
Electrostatic adsorption device
Heat dissipation structure of integrated circuit (IC)
Mounting assembly for heat sink
Heat sink with a cutout
Power-rail electrostatic discharge protection circuit with a dual trigger design
Apparatus and method for angled coaxial to planar structure broadband transition
Non-aqueous electrolyte
Transmission line structures for use as phase shifters and switches
Device for propagating radio frequency signals in planar circuits
Dielectric device
Ferrite crystal resonator coupling structure
High efficiency single port resonant line
Method of producing band-pass filter and band-pass filter
Method and device for achieving a high-Q microwave resonant cavity
Device for emitting high-frequency signals
Satellite antenna mounting apparatus and method
Non-contact information communication apparatus
Multiband antenna
Antenna system for a wireless device
Planar inverted-F antenna
Converter for satellite communication reception having branching waveguide with L-shape probes
Planar band gap materials
Distribution network with overlapping branches and antenna arrangement comprising such a distribution network
Circularly polarized wave antenna suitable for miniaturization
Folded multilayer electrically small microstrip antenna
Dual band microstrip antenna
Interface plastic housing assembly
Dynamically tunable optical amplifier and fiber optic light source
Raman amplifier with a number of pump sources
Device for placing a charge on an object and a method of retrofitting a conveyor for the device
Panel mountable electronic device
Method and apparatus for remotely actuating a circuit protection device
Apparatus and method for predicting an overload trip for an electrical power transformer
Surge suppressor for wide range of input voltages
System and method for overvoltage protection of an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for converting a DC voltage to an AC voltage
Method and apparatus for active power factor correction with minimum input current distortion
Modulation scheme for switching amplifiers to reduce filtering requirements and crossover distortion
High-voltage level shifting circuit with optimized response time
Frequency modulated self-oscillating switching power supply
Highly efficient, tightly regulated DC-to-DC converter
Rectifier apparatus for high voltages
Magnetic circuit using switching
Oscillator with dielectric resonator and electronic apparatus using the same
Voltage controlled oscillator with two layered mounting structure
Crystal oscillator circuit using CMOSFETs
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with variable gain amplifier
Method for reusing resource for designing operational amplifier, layout generating apparatus, and layout generating program
Amplifier stablilization
Distortion compensation amplifier
RF power detector
Operational transconductance amplifier for an output buffer
Fast cascaded class AB bipolar output stage
Highly efficient constant transconductance power amplifier
Radio frequency amplifier and television tuner
Biasing circuit for transconductors
High speed linear variable gain amplifier architecture
Analog multiplex level shifter with reset
Direct coupled distributed amplifier
Single-ended-to-differential converter with common-mode voltage control
Multilayered LC composite component and method for manufacturing the same
Multi-band voltage controlled oscillator circuit
Relaxation CCO for PLL-based constant tuning of GM-C filters
Method of generating a clock, a clock generation device, and electronic apparatuses having a clock generation device
Stochastic pulse generator device and method of same
Phase-interpolation circuit and a phase-interpolation signal generating device applying the same
Generation of virtual local oscillator inputs for use in direct conversion radio systems
PLL synthesizer in a cellular phone
Delay locked loop design with diode for loop filter capacitance leakage current control
High speed, low power comparator
Method and a system of acquiring local signal behavior parameters for representing and processing a signal
Tracking analog-to-digital converter
Data converters with digitally filtered pulse width modulation output stages and methods and systems using the same
Adaptive .SIGMA..DELTA. modulation with one-bit quantization
Acquisition of sychronization in a spread spectrum communications transceiver
Semiconductor optical amplifier characteristic evaluation method and apparatus
Bidirectional optical amplifier
Format insensitive and bit rate independent optical preprocessor
Power line communication system and method
Wireless system with variable learned-in transmit power
Printing system for transmitting print data by electronic mail
Method and system for synchronizing a quadrature amplitude modulation demodulator
Fastening module for printed circuit board of portable electronic device
Method for diagnosing optical devices installed in image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method of adjusting scanner module and device thereof
Color image reader for use in image forming apparatus
Digital camera including printer for printing on an authenticated receiver
Method for automatic removal of image artifacts
3D stereoscopic shutter glass system
Charge coupled device scanning system and method
APS soft reset circuit for reducing image lag
External synchronizing system and camera system using thereof
Sync signal generator circuit for generating stable period sync signals
NTSC interference rejection filter
Camera with an auxiliary camera
Image distributing system
Universal digital camera controller with automatic iris tuning
Image pickup apparatus with moving image and still image focus control based on changing threshold value
Digital camera
Television channel selection method and apparatus
Digital electronic still-video camera and method of controlling operation of same
Method and apparatus for displaying resized pictures on an interlaced target display system
Method and apparatus for recommending television programming using decision trees
Interactive streaming media production tool using communication optimization
Communication system for providing a transport entity with mutually related objects
Method of operating an interactive image display system and image source device for implementing the method
Video data processing device and video data display device
Auto white balance apparatus
Electronic camera with white balance adjustment recording medium storing image processing program for white balance adjustment
Magnetic transducers of improved resistance to arbitrary mechanical shock
Protection circuit against high currents in lighting converters
Adding electrical resistance in series with bypass capacitors using annular resistors
Vehicular electronic device
Space-saving card guides for card cage and method of installing same on a card cage or frame
Method and system for monitoring the thermal status of a card shelf
Electrical component having a hybrid air cooling system and method
Methods and apparatus for cooling a circuit board component
Electronic apparatus having a heat conducting sheet that promote heat radiation from a memory module
High frequency amplifier
EMI/RFI shield for adjacent devices
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