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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal wound shield
Explosions of bill-of-materials lists
Dispensing container
Appliance stabilizing device
Foam encased innerspring with internal foam components (triple case)
Door hook with hinge
Foldable book holder
Covering module and anchor sheet
Mailbox mounting assembly
Information presentation device
Brush of cleaner
Leaf blower
Cord-based accessory caddy and hand-held steam vacuum
Method and device for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease
Electromedical implant and monitoring system
Integrated surgical cutting system
Hearing protection earplug, use of such an earplug and method for manufacturing such an earplug
Systems and methods for increasing cerebral spinal fluid flow
Systems and methods for treating supraventricular arrhythmias
Capacitive medical electrode
Defibrillator electrode pad with two peel tabs
Device and method for applying a transcutaneous electrical stimulation to the surface of a section of the human ear
Fluid flow control valve
Exercise-integrated workstation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for granulating slurry and/or powdered material
Chuck with locking system
Chuck with locking system
Robot system
Method of creating solder bar connections on electronic packages
Method of manufacturing a linear compressor
Robotic apparatus and method for mounting a valve stem on a wheel rim
Fastening tool apparatus and method for operating the engine of fastening tool
Method and device for separating disc-shaped bodies from an original body
Pressure drag reduction system with an internal duct
Sun shade for vehicles
Structural assembly for vehicles
Battery support structure
Brush guard with adjustable rear-view mirrors
Knee bolster structure
Steering wheel incorporating air bag device
Inflatable curtain with pleats
Method and apparatus for use on a safety belt system for restraining the movement of an occupant or child seat
Energy absorbing pedestrian safety feature for vehicle wiper pivot apparatus
Conditioning a performance metric for an operator display
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle propulsion circuit
Riser cart
Stroller with drop-down basket
Multi adjustable chair
Linear tracking column module with pedal assembly
Fuel door housing for automobiles
Motor vehicle roof
Retractable wheel and track covers
Golf cart spindle
Inflatable keel floor chamber for inflatable kayaks
Actuator with helical cam guides
Methods and systems for guiding an object to a target using an improved guidance law
Cut to fit powered seat track cover
Material(s)/content(s) management method and apparatus
Tie-down for bulky equipment exposed to windstorms
Apparatus for continuously grouping on a conveyor
Hygienic paper dispenser
Rotational jam clearance apparatus
System with moving zero step for stairs
Grasping device for retrieving dropped objects
Dispensing device with rack and pinion drive for nozzle valve
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Textiles; Paper
Method for manufacturing a medical implant
Fixed Constructions
Multi-function detecting pen
Box beam terminals
System and method for recovering return fluid from subsea wellbores
Modular system of permanent forms for casting reinforced concrete buildings on site
Anchor sheet and anchor sheet module
Structure of magnetic lock
Portable tether anchor / ladder roof anchor
Dynamic annular pressure control apparatus and method
Water compatible hydraulic fluids
Hydrostatic separator apparatus and method
Service tool with flow diverter and associated method
Separable plug for use with a wellbore tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Steam engine
Fluid-actuated contraction drive and associated contraction tube
Stirling engine having slidable piston
Exhaust strut radial temperature measurement
Adaptive engine control for low emission vehicle starting
Particulate trap
Continuous engine reverse rotation detection system
Modular gas turbine
Variable stroke engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus of internal combustion engine
High efficiency, high pressure fixed displacement pump systems and methods
Fuel injection nozzle for an internal combustion engine with direct fuel injection
Combustion control system and method for direct-injection spark-ignition internal combustion engine
Geared segments with variable gear ratio
Gear mechanism for twin screw extruder
Closing device for fluid passage
Reduced gain thrust control valve
Method for largely unsupported combustion of petroleum coke
Composition and apparatus for transferring heat to or from fluids
Refrigerant circuit and heat pump type hot water supply apparatus
Refrigerator with compact icemaker
Air conditioner
Multi-type air conditioner and method for controlling operation of the same
Infrared furnace system
Cooling element for heat dissipation in electronic components
Firearm enclosure
Crosshair and circle reticle for projectile weapon aiming device
Faceted ball lens for semi-active laser seeker
Movable catch for automatic tape measure
Dot marks the spot
Life predicting method for solder joint, life predicting apparatus for solder joint and electronic device
Apparatus and method for sensing opening and shutting of wireless communication terminal by using strain gauge
Mobile terminal, system and method
Vehicle navigation system
Automated cleaning in a sensor network
Flow sensor
Methods and systems for sensing air vehicle airspeed
Pressure point detector
Nip and loading analysis system
Glow plug with combustion pressure detecting function
Ply wire sensor system for a tire
Pipetting module
Time domain resolving chemical sampler using sorbent material
Maintaining a communication path from a host to a storage subsystem in a network
Resilient attachment to provider link state bridging (PLSB) networks
Method and apparatus for simultaneous support of fast restoration and native multicast in IP networks
System and method of reporting in-service performance statistics in layered networks
Communication in a seismic sensor array
Applications based on fluid properties measured downhole
Cone beam CT scanning
Real time thermal line ratings for overhead transmission line
Optical cable exit trough
Implementing twisted pair waveguide for electronic substrates
Image forming apparatus, optical print head, and process cartridge with plates for positioning image bearing member and developing member
Developing apparatus, process cartridge and method for assembling developing apparatus
Development device, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge incorporating same
Image forming apparatus having a developing device including two electrode members, and further including a detection mechanism for detecting a capacitance between the two electrode members
Development device and image forming apparatus
Positioning device to position a first member relative to a second member and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image heating apparatus
Microwave heating device and image fixing apparatus using the same
Systems and methods for signal acquisition using predicted environmental context
Method for ascertaining process values for a process control
Tie rod jam nut
Method for power management of data buses in electronic devices
Information processing apparatus and method for saving energy in an image processing apparatus
Method to validate availability of applications within a backup image
Automated testing of hot swap scenarios of field replaceable units in a storage system
System and method for providing encryption in storage operations in a storage network, such as for use by application service providers that provide data storage services
Redundancy for loss-tolerant data in non-volatile memory
Content search system having multiple pipelines
Semiconductor memory device and information data processing apparatus including the same
Processing a write request in a dispersed storage network
System and method for implementing a high performance data storage system
Data protection technique that protects illicit copying of data maintained in data storage
Virtual storage device, controller, and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein a control program
On-access predictive data allocation and reallocation system and method
Translating translation requests having associated priorities
Granting and revoking supplemental memory allocation requests
Memory device, memory system and mapping information recovering method
Non-volatile memory device and method for programming the same
Software and hardware managed dual rule bank cache for use in a pattern matching accelerator
Linear recording device for executing optimum writing upon receipt of series of commands including mixed read and write commands and a method for executing the same
Address translation through an intermediate address space
Optimizing large page processing
Cloud management of device memory based on geographical location
Method and system for recording operations in a web application
Method and apparatus for reducing dynamic power within system-on-a-chip routing resources
Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method
Emulation of an input/output advanced programmable interrupt controller
Determining a mapping mode for a DMA data transfer
Determining a mapping mode for a DMA data transfer
Method and apparatus for botnet analysis and visualization
Method of distinguishing a plurality of UEs sharing one PUID and a device thereof
Electronic communication device and method for processing messages
System and method of streaming data over a distributed infrastructure
Methods and apparatus for service planning and analysis
Computer network scanning
Selective logging of network requests based on subsets of the program that were executed
Integrated client for use with a dispersed data storage network
System and method for propagating personal identification information to communication devices
Presenting information in a conference
Policy-based scaling of computing resources in a networked computing environment
Router assisted dispersed storage network method and apparatus
Method and/or apparatus for certifying an out of band management application in an external storage array
Deployment and distribution model for improved content delivery system
Managing service specifications and the discovery of associated services
Technique for monitoring component processing
Apparatus and method for lawful interception
System and method for managing information technology infrastructure
Method and apparatus for managing an interactive network session
System, device, and method for distributing access control information in a communication system
Determination apparatus and determination method to analyze traffic between a client device and a server group
Adjusting software settings
Application server for mainframe computer systems
Selection of most effective machine learning kernel from a training set of documents
Reducing number of processing units generating calculation result when communication time to another node takes longer than calculation time
Vehicle with a controllable wheel route
Digital playback device and method and apparatus for spectrally modifying a digital audio signal
Systems and methods for providing improved TCAS bearing measurement
System and method for making decisions using network-guided decision trees with multivariate splits
Systems and methods for self-adaptive episode mining under the threshold using delay estimation and temporal division
Acquiring accurate machine translation
Intelligent product feedback analytics tool
Access controls
Apparatus and method for information access, search, rank and retrieval
Methods and systems of digital rights management for integrated circuits
Orphan management in file systems
Apparatus and method of searching for instance path based on ontology schema
Storing portions of data in a dispersed storage network
On the fly data binning
Integrating databases
File list generation method, system, and program, and file list generation device
Systems and methods for hotspot mitigation in object-based file systems
Grouping identity records to generate candidate lists to use in an entity and relationship resolution process
Method and apparatus for identifying and resolving conflicting data records
Web application content mapping
Integrating optimal planar and three-dimensional semiconductor design layouts
Methods for cell phasing and placement in dynamic array architecture and implementation of the same
Bit slice elements utilizing through device routing
Methods of generating circuit layouts that are to be manufactured using SADP techniques
Priority based layout versus schematic (LVS)
Estimating delay deterioration due to device degradation in integrated circuits
Automatic three-phase unbalanced load compensation experimental device and its control method
Static timing analysis methods for integrated circuit designs using a multi-CCC current source model
Median line based critical timing path optimization
Packaging inspection and verification system and method
Methods and apparatus for manipulation of heavy payloads with intelligent assist devices
Vibratory frequency selection system
Method and apparatus for defending distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack through abnormally terminated session
Storage device, memory device, control device, and method for controlling memory device
Collaborative structured analysis system and method
Device programmable network based packet filter
Software utilization privilege brokering in a networked computing environment
Prevention of accidental password disclosure in application windows
Method and apparatus for a virtual desktop
Information processing apparatus, electrical power control method, and computer product
Kernel execution for hybrid systems
Visual interface for identifying positions of interest within a sequentially ordered information encoding
System and method for providing media content and interactive content
System method for bi-directional tunneling via user input back channel (UIBC) for wireless displays
Force-based contextualizing of multiple pages for electronic book reader
Classification tool
Method for controlling storages and storage control apparatus
Method and computer program product for distinguishing and sorting seeds containing a genetic element of interest
Discovering relationships between data processing environment components
Method for providing node targeted content in an addressable network
Methods and systems for automated processing of fallout orders
Automated selection of functions to reduce storage capacity based on performance requirements
Efficient loading of data in databases
Method and system for adaptive discovery of content on a network
Software license management
Security device and display method thereof
Portable identity rating
Digital rights management (DRM) locker
Dynamic selection of execution stage
Flow analysis in program execution
System for remote loading of objects or files in order to update software
Method and apparatus of specifying the concrete syntax of graphical modeling languages
Techniques for debugging an application
Test case pattern matching
Identifying potential lock conditions in transactional software applications
Processing code units on multi-core heterogeneous processors
Virtual machine management
Demand based USB proxy for data stores in service processor complex
Combined virtual graphics device
System for migrating a virtual machine between computers
Performing a deterministic reduction operation in a parallel computer
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Name service object clustering
Method of developing a petroleum reservoir by reservoir model reconstruction
Method and apparatus for delivering high-current power and ground voltages using top side of chip package substrate
Paper tag identified by using radiofrequency and method of manufacturing the same
System and method for tracking a mobile worker
Method, client device and server
Non-touch optical detection of vital signs
System and method for the measurement of retail display effectiveness
System and method for processing images
Recognition apparatus, method, and computer program product
Document registration
Dynamic backjumping in constraint satisfaction problem solving
Mode determination for multivariate time series data
Electronic personal advocate
Benefit Management
Method for authorization of a transaction with the use of mobile phone
System and methods for end-users to graphically program and manage computers and devices
Heuristic motion detection methods and systems for interactive applications
Methods and devices for regulating power in wireless receiver circuits
System and method of reducing factory program time for wireless devices
Methods and devices for facilitating early header decoding in communications devices
Fingernail holder for fingernail polish bottle
Allocation of bits in an enhancement coding/decoding for improving a hierarchical coding/decoding of digital audio signals
Automatic announcer voice attenuation in a presentation of a broadcast event
Method for shaping an air bearing surface of a magnetic head slider
Memory operation upon failure of one of two paired memory devices
Probabilistic error correction in multi-bit-per-cell flash memory
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device capable of optimizing an operation time of a boosting circuit during a writing period
Method and apparatus for a jet pump three point slip joint clamp
Method of manufacturing contact sheets
Method and system for stable and tunable high power pulsed laser system
Stacked stator core and method of manufacturing thereof, and rotary motor and method of manufacturing thereof
Personal listening device with self-adjusting sound volume
System for dynamic spectral correction of audio signals to compensate for ambient noise in the listener's environment
Receiving circuit
Method of estimating a current channel condition in a wireless communications network
Frequency hopping method for a radio device
Modular frequency divider and mixer configuration
Fine gain tuning
Device, system and method of combining received wireless communication signals
Dynamic RFI detection
Impedance circuit and method for signal transformation
Asymmetric mixed-mode powerline communication transceiver
Persistent display of priority information on a portable electronic device
Method of switching optical transport network and node device
Repeater, relay method and optical transmission system
Antenna selection method and device
Finite rate of innovation (FRI) techniques for low power body area network (LP-BAN) communications
Battery powered passive keyless entry system for premise entry
TV white space database assisted locationing for TV band devices
Signal transmission parameter control using channel sounding
Mobile communication system, mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, and setting change method
System and method of enhanced pilots for improved mobile station positioning
Method and device for effecting uplink HARQ on a wireless communications system
Cost-effective mobile connectivity protocols
Wireless communication device including a standby radio
Transmission control method and communication apparatus
Method and router for improved updating of a routing information base
Method and system for controlling compressed mode in macro-diversity state
Devices for synchronizing a communication end device with a base station, methods for synchronizing a communication end device with a base station, devices for generating a secondary synchronization signal, and methods for generating a secondary synchronization signal
Method and system for data synchronization in communication systems using repetitive preamble patterns
Clock for a node of a packet-switched network, and associated synchronisation method
Multi-rate transparent MUX for optical communications networks
System and method of distributing game play instructions to players during a game
Method and system for transmitting signaling information over a data transport network
Predistortion apparatus for power amplifier
Multiple input multiple output transmission method in a digital video broadcasting system and device for supporting same
Apparatus, method, computer program product and system for requesting acknowledgment of transmitted data packets
Wireless terminal device, wireless communication system and control method for wireless terminal device
Method for direct access to information stored in nodes of a packet switching network
Transformation of bi-directional packet flow
HTTP optimization, multi-homing, mobility and priority
Interprocessor communication system and communication method, network switch, and parallel calculation system
Optimization of consolidating entities
Initiating outgoing calls to a VoP terminal from a POTS-based telephone terminal
Telephony and data network services at a telephone
Method and apparatus for eliminating direct current offset
Transmission system
Receiver circuit and method for detecting data
Maximizing data rate by adjusting codes and code rates
Data security and integrity by remote attestation
Large-scale data processing cloud computing system
Strong authentication token with visual output of PKI signatures
Method and apparatus for variable privacy preservation in data mining
Embedded apparatus, remote-processing method, and computer program product
Managing security certificates of storage devices
System and method for coordinating half-duplex communications protocols
Zero configuration of security for smart meters
Transforming unit tests for security testing
Method for device security in a heterogeneous storage network environment
Secure storage and retrieval of confidential information
Recovery from decryption errors in a sequence of communication packets
Methods and systems for providing controlled access to the internet
Data card verification system
Authentication within OpenFlow network
Multimode access control method and multimode mobile station
Information processing terminal device
Pouch and mobile terminal having the same
Amplifier system for cell sites and other suitable applications
Apparatus and methods for telecommunication authentication
Methods and devices for defending a 3G wireless network against malicious attacks
Cellular device identification and location with emergency number selectivity enforcement (CILENSE)
Remote monitoring system and method utilizing wireless network
Video-recording/reproducing apparatus and video-recording/reproducing method
Method for mapping between signaling information and announcement information and broadcast receiver
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Method and apparatus for remote capture of audio in a handheld device
System and method for automated hearing aid profile update
Suspension structure
Sound processor housings, sound processors and implantable cochlear stimulation systems including the same
Echo cancellation
Acoustic diagnosis and correction system
Method for forming a magnetic head having a flux shaping layer
Psychoacoustic interface
Audio speaker with wobble free voice coil movement
Detector of uplink frequencies with feedback
Concurrent geofences with shared measurements
Physical activity monitoring and intervention using smartphone and mobile app
Locating a wireless local area network associated with a wireless wide area network
Method and apparatus for performing FST to white space band
User plane location based service using message tunneling to support roaming
Method and system of mobile device communication
Spectrum sensing of bluetooth using a sequence of energy detection measurements
Policy control for a carrier-aggregation network
Location, time, and context-based deferred notifications on a mobile device
System and method of transmitting coded messages using programmable icons
Method of reporting scheduling information
System for interconnecting a remote server with a short message server centre (SMSC) via the internet
OFDMA with adaptive subcarrier-cluster configuration and selective loading
Communication apparatus, method for communication, wireless communication system, wireless base station, and mobile user terminal
Servers, communication devices, methods for controlling a server, and methods for controlling a communication device
Method and apparatus for signaling sequence root
Disabling wireless telephone use while in vehicle
Establishing communication between devices
Wireless home mesh network bridging adaptor
Method for connecting printed circuit boards
Expired Patents Due To Time
Carrier handle for a can
Electric ice scraper
Sponge cleaning device with single hinged handle
Pipe plunger
Frame for facilitating packaging of goods
Container for use in collecting debris
Site furniture
Table cart
Shipping container handling cradle
Hoist frame
Frame profile for a moveable pallet
Entertainment device including a CD player, sound generator, radio and alarm clock
Digital video disk player with LCD monitor
Digital player
Cartridge library
Optical scanner
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Document printer
Flat panel display device
Docking station
Laser beam printer
Display for computer
Connecting terminal for chip cards
Stacked smart card reader
Removable, adjustable stand for a signature capture terminal
Three dimensional input device
Keyboard support
Mouse pad
Controller for electronic game machine
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Input pen
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Removable cover for a portable radio
FM radio
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Stowable display system in a rotatable console
Cordless telephone headset
Television console
Telephone body and keypad
Carburetor throttle body
Vacuum pump rotor
Refrigerant compressor for air conditioner of vehicles
Fluffer tooth
Hand-held vacuum
Automatic washer
Feed housing liner for a hydrocyclone feed assembly
Segment tip for saw blade
Welding tool
Discharge portion of a liquid filament dispensing valve
Digital camera
Digital still camera
Digital camera
Camera for a personal computer
Digital camera
Video camera
Digital camera
Swimming goggle
Hologramic sun-glasses
Handle for a musical instrument
Financial document processing module
Portion of an ink tank
Wall hanging bill and appointment organizer
Correction tape dispenser
Combined photo album and autograph book
Shelf device for stationery goods
Shaft for a pen
Desk organizer
Luggage wrap
Stuffed toy potbelly pig
Electric scooter
Motorized scooter
Toy building element
Toy building element
Circular chess board
Fish toy
Toy piano
Animated computer chip toy
Jumping rods
Combined muscle trainer and body toner belt
Golf ball marker
Adjustable tennis net holding device
Squeezable ball for relieving stress
Upper torso muscle developer
Golf putter head
Head cover for a golf club
Anti-heel lift device
Tubular golf tool
Display and mask for a gaming device
Gun trigger
Rifle scope screw
Fish-hook remover
Snail jail
Combined insect lure and fish feeder
Fishing line reel spooler
Urinal screen
Filter element
Multiple showerhead manifold
Filter housing header
Recreation vehicle diverter hose/faucet
Hose nozzle with button design
Hose nozzle with ring design
Hose nozzle with square top portion
Hose nozzle with knurled design
Angled adjustable height shower assembly
Curved adjustable height shower assembly
Medical wash basin with sliding cover
Outdoor grill
Combined gas heater and table
Electric ceramic heater
Fan blade
Ceiling fan blades unit
Liquid peracetic acid sterilization indicator
Blood glucose sensor dispensing instrument
Combined module and cable for ultrasound system
Skull clamp
Umbilical cord clamp
Umbilical cord clamp
Nebulizer vials
Prefastened absorbent article
Tension headband for headaches
Padded face rest
Anesthesia infection control barrier sheet with pockets
Stabilizer for a limb during intravenous fluid delivery
Disposable dental tray
Crucial ligament surgical drape
Stucco reveal
Landscape edging
Cloaked roof vent for a tile roof
Authentic look 3-D vinyl/plastic skirting
Modular floor tile with diamond plate surface
Self-service terminal
Extension ladder with slip guards
Ladder safety hoop
Candle stand
Flashlight with tiltable head
Wall lamp
Wall lamp
Wall fixture mounting base
Night light
Flower candle
Decorative candle
Decorative candle
Decorative candle
Decorative candle
Fluted candle
Desk lamp
Scallop style landscape light
Pendant lamp with tubular shade of olive-shaped cross section
Light emitting device
Position lamp for watercraft
Lamp support arm
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Soap bar
Cellulite reducing device
Hair dryer
Combination irradiation device and hybridizer
Shaving aid strip for razor cartridge
Dental floss container
Animate form dental flosser II
Screen cap
Mouthpiece and collar for an inhalation device
Grill pattern on air filter inlet
Tracheostomy air filtration device
Safety helmet
Continuous pet watering device
Combined pet toy and exerciser
Human Necessities
Manually manipulated rotatable digging blade
Seed planter apparatus and method
Reel type laser lawn mower
Cutting head for brush cutters or edge trimmers
Method for cutting and treating vegetation
Harvesting device for harvesting ears of corn and similar crops
Vineyard apparatus, system, and method for vineyard mechanization
Spill-resistant container for liquids
Tree mountable planter assembly
Portable pruner
System for conveying plant trays in a greenhouse
Miniature rose plant named `KORcrokiza`
Bidens plant named `Golden Star`
Chrysanthemum plant named `THOR`
Strawberry plant designated `BG-378`
Anthurium plant named `White Queen`
Begonia plant named `Betulia Pink`
Miniature rose plant named `KORpikula`
Poinsettia plant named `Romance`
Lavender plant named `Bella Pink`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wesviolet`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Bright Pink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Carter`
Satureja plant named `Indian Mint`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Pink`
Poinsettia plant named `Firework`
Begonia plant named `Carneval`
Poinsettia plant named `Eda Pan 1`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ithaca`
Trailing interspecific impatiens plant named `Balfafusia`
Pentas plant named `Venus`
Tangle free pet restraint
Pet bed harness
Stable providing with a climate control system, and also a method for controlling the climate in such a stable
Kennel stroller
Leash and collar having quick connect/disconnect connector with disconnect control in handle
Animal restraining device
Pet collar and identification assembly
Bird perch holder
Nest pad apparatus for poultry and animals
Trawl system cell design and methods
Swimming action fishing lure and method
Fishing rod with reel fastener
Animal feeding device
Sporting apparatus suited for fishing and hunting
Fish bite indicating apparatus
Subterranean termite monitor and method
Pulley action decoy system
Goose decoy
Popcorn kettle with integrated agitator
Bottling plant and method of operating a bottling plant
Fastener and a two-piece clothing comprising it
Secured bib
Swimming apparel
Radar reflective garment
Knee pad for figure skating
Accessory providing protection against falls in sports such as in-line skating
Archery bow string finger glove technical scope
Protective athletic pad apparatus
Protective face mask
Separable personal care garment that protects dignity
Food handling glove
Adjustment system for a garment or other article
Trouser safety pocket
Adjustable hood system
Novelty hat
Head guard for soccer players
Counterweight-night vision goggle system
Sports helmet with full flexible brim
Shoe having a floating insole
Footwear having a bladder with support members
Boot with an adjustable length upper adapted for skating
Sole for a sport boot and a sport boot including such sole
Buckle with fine adjustment means
Terrain-engaging cleat for traction enhancement
Link bracelet for watches or the like
Credit card security device
Handle of a trunk
Multi-function handle and modular chassis incorporating same
Movable buckle device for luggage
Hair roller with elliptical cross section
Produce bag bundle and belt mounted support therefore
Personal cleaning device
Cordless rechargeable powered washing system
Multi-layer desk
Column-based workspace definition system
Ergonomic computer workstation
Portable activity surface
Folding table
Back support
Bed, specially a medical or care bed
Treatment stretcher adapted for C-arm access
Pocketed coil spring unit with combination of top and bottom sheets and inter-row bonding
Layer cake supporting device
Lid for beverage container with removable inner cover
Floral wrapper having printed design with shaded and highlighted areas
Plant cover/wrap system
Headrest for chiropractor's table
Coffee maker
Liquid heating apparatus
Collapsible barbecue tools
Portable urinal
Splash reducing panels
Convertible vacuum cleaner
Tool storage door for a floor care appliance
Method for making a catheter tip section
Single wrap, two-ply reusable surgical wrapper
Non-invasive gut motility monitor
Volumetric physiological measuring system and method
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Apparatus and method for providing head, neck, spit, and bite protection during and subsequent to a restraining hold maintained on a person
Device for improving breathing
Stretcher head rest
Hospital bed
Patient transfer device and related methods
Tracheo-esophageal tube and ventilator for pneumatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Therapeutic shower
Mask and headgear connector
Dispenser unit for non-gaseous flowable material
Disposable ventilated face shield and head covering
Athletic shoe cleaner
Security locks
Performing Operations; Transporting
PFC gas recovery process and apparatus
Column for the cryogenic separation of gaseous mixtures and method for the cryogenic separation of a mixture containing hydrogen and CO using this column
Fluid control and processing system
Dispensing bottle having two openings
Apparatus and process for bottom coating by extrusion
Method of stimulating an oscillator control for capacitive measurement of strength, acceleration and/or rotation speed
Recycling transportable pressure washing system
Waferless seasoning process
Device for cleaning air conduits
Compound roll for thin cold rolled steel strip and method of manufacturing same
Rolling stand for plane products and method to control the planarity of said products
Pressure wire drawing tool with detachable pressure and drawing dies
Slide hammer quick attachment apparatus
Method of forming a hollow pole projecting on a plate and a method of manufacturing a heat sink using said method
Method of making bump-up can bottom
Bending press with slotted lower panel
Method for manufacturing camshaft
Shift rocker for a change-speed gearbox, and process of making a shift rocker
Spring winding automatic machine
Device for cutting welded wire structures
Apparatus and method for securing borderwires to mattress innersprings
Device for setting two-part fasteners
Automatic pull pin fastening apparatus
Facedriver with fully-adaptable workpiece engagement and enhanced centerpoint force
Disk milling cutter and suitable indexable insert
Method of and apparatus for machining crankpins
Portable, combustion engine powered cutting or sawing machine
Computer-controlled band saw sharpener
Method for working input shaft for toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Wheel casting and wheel assembly
Method and apparatus for producing high efficiency heat sinks
Steel-tooth bit with improved toughness
Production line of air conditioner
Method for assembling an outdoor unit of a dual-unit type air conditioner
Tool for installing and removing winterizing plugs
Eye bolt wrench
Universal cavity pit wrench
Magnetic spark plug keeper accessory for wrench sockets
Valve spring compressor
Pull action clamp mechanism
Can opener/organizer
50-in-1 screwdriver and socket driver
Oval cutter
Structure art design knife
Utility cutter
Apparatus for punching sheet
Combined grading and trimming method for sawmill
High speed harvester cutting chain
Process for the heat treatment of lignocellulosic material
Method for manufacturing prestressed reinforced concrete railroad ties
Manufacturing method for monolithic ceramic part and cutting device for ceramic laminate
Pallet and process for making thereof
Process and apparatus for making a leak proof cap and body assembly
Filter member and screen changer for use in resin extruder
Blow molded dock float
Methods for fabricating a helicopter main rotor blade
Printing plate material with electrocoated layer
Lithographic imaging with non-ablative wet printing members
Apparatus for transporting circuit boards in a screen printer
Printing plate having interdigitating mounting lugs, a plate cylinder, and method of mounting
Fluid material application system employing tube-in-hose heat exchanger
Screen printing frame scraper
Lithographic newspaper printing press
Dampener for use in lithographic presses
Method of manufacturing a liquid discharge head
Printhead-carriage alignment and electrical interconnect lock-in mechanism
Stencil printer for duplex printing
Tubular printing blanket
Corner clip
Pressure gauge for vehicle tires
Detent assembly
Refrigerated transport vehicle
Air conditioning systems
Moveable structural reinforcement system
Transmission/transfer case extensionless output arrangement
Dual pump ejector system for articulated trucks and the like having horizontal discharge
Spring loaded and latchable stake pocket tie down apparatus
Electrical system for vehicle daytime running lights
Signal device for roll up doors
Rotating warning bell
Gas generator housing
System for wiping windshields with a spheroidal curvature
Hydrostatic transmission bypass latch
Drive system of an agricultural vehicle
Vacuum booster with retaining mechanism for cylinder cap
Hand brake device
Pressure sensor integrated into an electro-hydraulic control unit
Sound abatement methods and conveyor trolleys
Tracking cart system
Magnetic levitation transportation system and method
Fiberglass railcar roof
Structural panel system
Friction wedge for a railroad car truck having a replaceable wear member
Rotary position transducer and method
Apparatus for adjusting the cant of an annular article
Variable steering ratio steering system
Handlebar for a two-wheeled vehicle
Automatic cycle pedal
Device for determining amount of deployment of an anchor from a rope compartment having an anchor line through hole
Watertight and thermally insulating tank built into the bearing structure of a ship
Water sport towing apparatus
Deck installation system for offshore structures
Device for assisted gear shifting of a transmission
Apparatus and method for joining dissimilar materials to form a structural support member
Cryogenic fluid supply from supercritical storage system
Foldable member
Bundling apparatus for home recycling of newspapers
Title sheet inserting machine
Method and apparatus for controlling bag-forming and-filling vacuum packaging machine
Feeder mechanism and hopper for two different types of cartons
Method and device for handling of paper bags by automatized packing of can lids
Filling/packing machine
Flexible hinged handle and carrying bag employing the same
Wrapper closed by twist wraps and wrapping method
Liner bag for flexible bulk container
Vehicle shelter
Tape dispenser
Shaft centering tool for nuclear reactor coolant pump motor
Capping method and capping apparatus, in particular for capping containers with crown caps
Jar opening device
Hand-held can opener
Ice bank control with voltage protection sensing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Silica glass and its manufacturing method
Fabrication method of graded index silica glass
Process for producing a linearly-miniaturized densified optical article using a mold having an internal volume which is a homothetic copy of the optical article
Method for compaction of flat glass panes
Method and apparatus for combustion-enhanced vaporization
Method of making an optical fiber by melting particulate glass in a glass cladding tube
Two-stage optical detonator with shock-detonation transition
Azahydroxybenzotriazoles and derivatives thereof for peptide coupling reactions
Adhesive composition and method for providing water-tight joints in single-ply roofing membranes
Methods of utilizing waste waters produced by water purification processing
Lubricant refrigerant composition for hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants
Refrigeration system with a scroll compressor
Candle with bubbles
Accelerated plasma clean
Method for reducing contamination of a substrate in a substrate processing system
Apparatus and method for aligning a substrate on a support member
Apparatus for improving film stability of halogen-doped silicon oxide films
Textiles; Paper
Hairiness controlling device and winder
Composite thread containing metal-plated yarns and warp-knit fabric thereof
Face plate for spun-like textured yarn
Needling machine provided with a device for measuring penetration
Cap frame drive assembly and method
Activation method of textile products and apparatus thereof
Method for determining the loading weight of a laundry drum and a laundry-processing machine for carrying out the method
Equipment washer
Shoe holder for attaching a shoe to a dryer
Fixed Constructions
Line-changing device for tracks of a magnetic levitation train
Long lasting deck product
Tension rod for use as a chord for bridges
Bucket for front end loader and method for transporting
Dredging apparatus
Apparatus and method for coupling an excavation tooth assembly
Drain plunger
Dispenser for the dosage of sanitizing and/or deodorant liquids, particularly for cisterns of toilet bowls
Vacuum toilet system with single pump
Sewer system ventilation cap
Skirting wall system
Sealed expansion joint
Suspended curved ceiling system
Insulation panel for cabinets containing air handling equipment
Wall beam and stud
Inter-connection of roof trusses
Adjustable roof membrane
Rolled shingle roofing material and method of installation
Concrete elevation assembly, hollow concrete block, and method of making
External wall panel construction
Adjustably sizeable raised panel system for stairs and method for forming and installing same
Vibrating screed and method for using same
Moveable hot tub cover structure
Rigid dwelling house, a swimming pool, and means to move the house atop the pool
Concrete step shelter
Locking arrangement comprising a lock cylinder and an associated key
Lock mechanism
Closing device for a control cabinet door, machine casing or such like
Mechanical/electronic lock and key therefor
Electronic remote entry lock system for a tool cabinet
Padlock security cap
Commodity antitheft implement
Anti-theft device for spectacle frames
Linear motion trolley and track systems for operable walls
Snap hinge for supporting closure sheet-like elements
Anti-sag hinge for commercial refrigerator and freezer doors
Window actuator for casement type window
Door opener apparatus with power transfer mechanism
Installation template for a door closer
Plastic batten shutter
Weep hole construction
Combination stop and seal member for doors
Snap-on door sweep
Sucker rod tool
Water influx identification
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Liquified natural gas (LNG) fueled combined cycle power plant and a (LNG) fueled gas turbine plant
Cam shaft driving structure of SOHC V-type engine
Valve control mechanism for intake and exhaust valves of internal combustion engines
Arrangement for rotary angle positioning of a camshaft relative to the crank shaft of an internal combustion engine
Valve timing controller
Valve timing control device
Multi-position variable camshaft timing system actuated by engine oil pressure
Engine decompression device
Method and apparatus for controlling an electromagnetically operated engine valve to initial condition before engine startup
Hydraulic circuits for internal combustion engines
Multiple-position, operator-carried, four-stroke engine
Power unit including an oil pan separation piece
Oil circuit for an engine
Air cleaner base assembly with crankcase breather vents
Oil injection lubrication system for two-cycle engines
Compact tuned exhaust system for aircraft with reciprocating engines
Exhaust-gas cleaning devices for engine
Method and apparatus for accessing ability of lean NOx trap to store exhaust gas constituent
Plasma-assisted catalytic storage reduction system
Secondary air fan for an internal combustion engine
Vehicle engine exhaust system
Electric waterpump, fluid control valve and electric cooling fan strategy
Interstage cooling of a multi-compressor turbocharger
Miniaturized waste heat engine
Model airplane engine having a heated backplate
Exhaust turbine for a turbocharger
Turbine engine with solid fuel starter
Valve during apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection controller for cylinder injection engine
Application of OP-AMP to oxygen sensor circuit
Apparatus for determining a failure of an oxygen concentration sensor
Cylinder head structure of internal combustion engine
Electric exhaust gas recirculation valve with integral position sensor and method of making
Device for cooling gases
Method of regenerating an activated-carbon canister
System and method for minimizing fuel evaporative emissions from an internal combustion engine
Method and device for leakage testing in a tank system
Creep enhanced sensor attachment arrangement
Air-fuel mixture generating device
Engine starting device
Apparatus and method for combustion initiation
Engine bubble jet igniter
Driving apparatus utilizing thermal expansion and contraction
Shape memory alloy wire actuator
Apparatus and method for controlling a discharge pressure of a variable displacement hydraulic pump
Control system for a hydraulic transformer having variable pressure input
Retrofit drip ring for a hydraulic piston assembly
Highly compliant retention mechanism for attaching and quickly releasing components
Concentrically mounted hydraulic clutch slave cylinder
Hydrostatic transmission control with pressure feedback
Vibration damping device
Energy supply chain
Fastener for junction points of conveyor belts
Continuous load balancing gear sets
Hydrodynamic device
Gearless differential
Vehicle automatic transmission
Method of controlling a transmission
Transmission and shift mechanism
Pressure equalization port
On/off solenoid expansion device
Fastener grommet
Adiabatic micro-cryostat system and method of making same
Pelletizing system
Burner and method for reducing combustion humming during operation
Low cost, low emissions natural gas combustor
Silo/can-annular low emissions combustor
Framed fireplace and method
Solar power generation and energy storage system
Economizer circuit enhancement
Carbon dioxide absorption heat pump
Heat exchanger
Receiver and refrigerant cycle system
Cryogenic pulse tube system
Bath reboiler-condenser and corresponding air distillation plant
Anchoring system for ceramic lining tile
Firearm with an expansion chamber with variable volume
Firing pin block for pistol
Safety device for preventing unauthorized use of a fire-arm
Firearm having an electrically switched ignition system
Silencer for shotguns and a method of making the same
Paintball feeding device for paintball markers
Stock and kit for accommodating mounting on a plurality of different firearms
Shrouded bomb
Method of preparing a low lethality projectile for flight in 37mm and 40mm weapon shells
Jacketed projectile with a hard core
Ammunition holder
Lockable electro-optical high voltage apparatus and method for slapper detonators
Non-lethal projectile to be launched from a launcher
Device for provoking an avalanche
Alignment tool
Rafter tool and method
Silicon gyro with integrated driving and sensing structures
Electronic scanning device to measure at high speed, physical properties of large multi-dimensional arrays
Method for manufacturing a Coriolis flow meter assembly
Force-measuring apparatus, particularly a weighing cell I
Hermetically sealed pressure sensor
Capacitive pressure sensor or capacitive differential pressure sensor
Devices and methods for measuring odor
Acoustic microscopy die crack inspection for plastic encapsulated integrated circuits
Realistic, repeatable and controllable drop testing
Gas analyzer
Velocity sensor
Dispersion shifted optical waveguide fiber
Method of fabricating a liquid crystal display
Adjustable pedal assembly
Data center cooling system
Smart card and process for manufacturing the same
Locking doorknob which recognizes a finger print
Manual coin wrapper crimper
Computerized system for teaching speech
Glass water ball structure
Holder for mounting to a surface and interchangeably displaying a sheet of material
Ultrasonic transducer
Method and apparatus for manufacturing slider
Method for making microactuator for use in mass data storage devices
Method and apparatus for making a transformer core from amorphous metal ribbons
Method of manufacturing ceramic substrate
Portable traffic signaling and emergency response device
Method of making a connection to a microelectronic element
Cooling device
Method of laser stripping coated cables for endocardial defibrillation leads
Secondary battery power storage system
Micromechanical discrete time and frequency characterization of signals via resonator clamping and motion-arresting mechanisms
Signal selection circuit of intelligence television
Handover method for mobile radio system
Parts mounting method and apparatus
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