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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Vegetation and support layer, and method for the production thereof
Cut sight gauge
Self watering system
Device for distributing volatile fluids in air
Cleaning concentrate supply device, and milking device and method therewith
Animal harness
Animal feeding bowl
Portable fishing pole holder
Auto igniting smoking pipe
Headband with hairpiece
Head apparel
Adapter for protective helmets
Walking and pickup stick
Universal handle
Foldable table
Table top constructed from molded plastic
Table top constructed from molded plastic
Drop-in passive thermal insert for food service counters
Noise canceling cardiac electrodes
Statistical method for assessing autonomic balance
Multidimensional bioelectrical tissue analyzer
Single use pulse oximeter
Signal processing apparatus and method
Dental floss
Combined toothpaste container cap dental floss dispenser
Personal communication method and apparatus with acoustic stray field cancellation
Deployment actuation system
Patient single surface system
Nasal interface device
Retinal prosthesis
Helical fixation elements for subcutaneous electrodes
Lead locking device and method
Absorbable myocardial lead fixation system
Distal or proximal fixation of over-the-tether myocardial leads
Cardiac signal template generation using waveform clustering
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for coating a medical device using optical drop volume verification
Shopping cart auto washing system
Forging die heating apparatuses and methods for use
Device for fast assembly of tools on a support
Hand tool for assembling and disassembling workpieces
Replacement blade razor
Exchange blade knife
Universal dust collection shroud for high speed gas powered saws
Smoking grill pan
Device for connecting a window pane to a motor vehicle window lifter
Belt holder device
Wiper arm/wiper blade connection and wiper blade
Deterioration signal generation device for gas sensor
Extended braking compensation in hybrid braking systems
System and method for processing safety signals in an autonomous vehicle
Systems and methods for control of an unmanned ground vehicle
System and method for multi-modal control of an autonomous vehicle
Method and system for starting a turboshaft engine by cold weather
Method and apparatus for assisting the piloting of an aircraft at low altitude
Method of manufacturing a dressing package
Gel mat and method for manufacturing the same
Plate-like element for supporting or bearing an object, and method for production of the same
Holding system for a line assembly
Vial lid fastening device and medicine accommodating and removing device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of deflecting conveyor rolls intended for bending glass panels, and assembly applying the method
Optical fiber preform fabricating method
Method of manufacturing photonic band gap fiber base material and fiber
Textiles; Paper
Method of manufacturing a fibrous structure and an apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for determining load size in a washing machine
Washing machine
Conductive webs
Fixed Constructions
Drywall repair kit
Toilet apparatus
Unique profile ceiling grid
Structure having a convertible roof and sidewall
Energy absorbing system for safeguarding structures from disruptive forces
Floorboards for floorings
Domed non-steel roof frame
Dual glazed framing system for encapsulating translucent insulating particulate material and method of making same
Solar array support methods and systems
Terrazzo process for existing concrete surfaces
Pre-fabricated modular reinforcement cages for concrete structures
Extendable beam structure (EBS)
Modular roof structural units and use thereof
Multi-functional combination glass door handle lock
Door hinge, in particular edge hinge
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulically operated valve actuation and internal combustion engine with such a valve actuation
Vehicle provided with engine and engine
Passive ammonia-selective catalytic reduction for NOx control in internal combustion engines
On-vehicle nitrogen oxide aftertreatment system
System and method for water injection in a turbine engine
Gas turbine fuel injector with a rich catalyst
Systems and methods for optimized gas turbine shutdown
Vehicle and vehicle control method
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine having a plurality of cylinder banks
Steam powered engine
Force transmission device
Apparatus and methods for actuation
Wedge and socket assembly
Disc device
Transmission with reverse idler gear synchronization system
Safety relief fill valve assembly
Pressure management control valve assembly
Gas filling and dispensing device, vessel with such device, and operational circuit
Adjustable, multiple splash plate liquor guns
Simultaneous multiple cooking mode barbecue grill
Actuator for controlling rotation about two axes using a single motor
Dryer and method of removing foreign substance in dryer
Magnetic drying apparatus
Mechanical cartridge and grenade venting
Enhanced grenade
Paintball ejecting apparatuses and methods therefor
Double barrel bolt action rifle
Laminate armor and related methods
Lightweight armor system
Rotational variable pyrotechnic delay selector for munitions
Single-axis-control-input gyroscope system having imperfection compensation
Vehicle navigation apparatus
Printed digital physiological data system and method
Transducer matrix film
Method of measuring the flow rate of a liquid flowing in a fluidic channel and implementation device
Unitary drive system for water meter
Push force simulator
Method of obtaining same wrench torque by calibration by testing different force exertion points on hand grip of electronic torque wrench and electronic torque wrench thereof
Pressure detecting device
Procedure and device for detecting manipulations at lambda probes
Method and device for testing a container for leaks
Gas sensor, gas measuring system using the gas sensor, and gas detection module for the gas sensor
Method and system for characterizing nanoparticles in a gun-shot residue
Device for recording measurement data
Method and apparatus for selectively compacting test responses
Protective casing component and an element for forming a protective casing component
Fiber optic drop terminals for multiple dwelling units
Optically coupled resonant pressure sensor and process
Optical element
System and methods for routing optical signals
Method of using a polarization sorter
Multimode planar waveguide spectral filter
Method and apparatus for disposing water absorbent material in a fiber optic cable
Image pickup apparatus incorporating shake correction
Image-recording apparatus
Image forming method and image forming apparatus including decolorization counter and ordinary counter
Endless belt drive controlling apparatus including angular displacement error calculation and associated image forming apparatus
Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method
Remaining amount of toner detecting apparatus, toner cartridge and image forming apparatus
Constraint-based solution method, constraint-based solver and constraint-based solution system
Cutting device, machining method, and die machined by the machining method
System and method for terrain feature tracking
Handle apparatus
System method for simulating conciousness
Apparatus and method for controlling power management
Method and apparatus for operating an electronic device in a low power mode
Systems and methods for managing and analyzing faults in computer networks
Method and system for generating a console log
Apparatus and method to identify SPAM emails
Error correction coding method for a high-density storage media
Technique for informing a user of a service provider for servicing a vehicle
Quad aware locking primitive
Detection of memory leaks
System and method for undoing application actions using inverse actions with atomic rollback
Wise ordering for writes--combining spatial and temporal locality in write caches for multi-rank storage
System and method to facilitate reset in a computer system
Automating the testing of software or hardware components by dynamically creating virtual storage devices on a simulated system bus in a physical computer system
System and method for bridging object systems
Control of information units in fibre channel communications
Thumbnail image virtual address space
Array of data processing elements with variable precision interconnect
System and method for processing commands
Access control device for bus bridge circuit and method for controlling the same
Livelock resolution method
Self-triggering outgoing buffers
Multiple integrated circuit control
Universal serial bus transmitter
Bernoulli taxonomic discrimination method
Variable indication estimator
Wireless LAN with channel swapping between DFS access points
Installing data with settings
Access to web services
User interface for multiway audio conferencing
System for tracking files transmitted over the internet
Ticketing and keying for orchestrating distribution of network content
Methods and apparatus for peer-to-peer services
Rate computations of particular use in scheduling activities or items such as the sending of packets
Method and system for using vectors of data structures for extracting information from web pages of remotely monitored devices
Method and system for providing an XML binary format
B2B service center communications using locate collaborate transact methodology
Method and system for fault management in a distributed network management station
Media contents monitoring apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for distributing requests among a plurality of resources
Calculation of link-detour paths in mesh networks
Intuitive energy management of a short-range communication transceiver associated with a mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for annotating a line-based document
Method of selecting a transmission shift schedule
Aspects of media content rendering
Products and processes for vending a plurality of products via defined groups
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Determining an acceptance status during document parsing
Techniques for processing electronic forms
Decision-making system, method and computer program product
Ranking items
Process model based virtual sensor and method
Generating a logical model of objects from a representation of linguistic concepts for use in software model generation
Obtaining and displaying information related to a selection within a hierarchical data structure
Digital camera and image data recording method
Search system using search subdomain and hints to subdomains in search query statements and sponsored results on a subdomain-by-subdomain basis
Real time backup system for computer users
Image retrieval systems and methods with semantic and feature based relevance feedback
Method of estimating mass for vehicle safety
Delay time verifying method with less processing load
Array-based architecture for molecular electronics
System and method for reducing design cycle time for designing input/output cells
Exposure data generator and method thereof
Non-destructive evaluation of microstructure and interface roughness of electrically conducting lines in semiconductor integrated circuits in deep sub-micron regime
Diagnostic method for an exhaust gas probe and diagnostic device for an exhaust gas probe
Method for the plausibility check of the shut-down time of a motor vehicle with an internal combustion engine
Control unit that manages the usage of electrical devices
Operation mode control circuit, microcomputer including the same, and control system using the microcomputer
Systems and methods for using media upon insertion into a data processing system
Maximal length packets
Extensible user interface
Ring-based cache coherent bus
Method and apparatus for modifying skin and theme screens on a communication product
Applying a slide layout with an arbitrary number of placeholders
Analog set top calibration patterns in manufacturing
Process for selecting a recording on a digital audiovisual reproduction system, and system for implementing the process
Computing device with relatively limited storage space and operating/file system thereof
Controlling playback of content stored on a portable storage medium
Apparatus and method for downloading and displaying images relating to global positioning information in a navigation system
File system for displaying items of different types and from different physical locations
Use of packet hashes to prevent TCP retransmit overwrite attacks
Methods and systems for accessing networks, methods and systems for accessing the Internet
Remote access to local content using transcryption of digital rights management schemes
SIMD processor with exchange sort instruction operating or plural data elements simultaneously
Synchronization of parallel processes using speculative execution of synchronization instructions
Startup program execution method, device, storage medium, and program
System-updating method and computer system adopting the method
Automatically creating JavaScript objects to invoke methods on server-side Java beans
SQL server debugging in a distributed database environment
Changing code execution path using kernel mode redirection
Method, software product and system for carrying out universal, computer-aided information processing
Method and system for installing a software platform onto a computer system
Program converting method and storage medium
Methods for enhancing flow analysis
Parallel filter check using an arithmetic memory location
System and method for automatically generating a hierarchical register consolidation structure
Apparatus and method for scheduling threads in multi-threading processors
Electronic devices and operational methods that change clock frequencies that are applied to a central processing unit and a main system bus
Complex filter with higher order pole
Method and program for comparing the size of a feature in sequential x-ray images
Apparatus and method for describing 3-dimensional image data and apparatus and method for retrieving 3-dimensional image data
Method, apparatus, and program for image processing capable of preventing, detecting and correcting image alteration, and a medium storing the program
Image decoding apparatus and its control method
Joint amplitude and position coding for photographic image and video coding
Amplitude coding for clustered transform coefficients
Multi-resolution predictive foveation for bandwidth reduction of moving images
Document classifiers and methods for document classification
Systems and methods for estimating and integrating measures of human cognitive load into the behavior of computational applications and services
Integrated travel industry system
Dynamic content configuration for microbrowsers by state, resource allocation and user preferences, to preserve battery power
Cooperative e-business complex
Automatic flight management in an online marketplace
Direct online mortgage auction network
Conducting commerce between individuals with integrated shipping
Method and apparatus for facilitating online payment transactions in a network-based transaction facility using multiple payment instruments
Method and apparatus for configurably adjusting a bid in an online auction
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Manufacturing unique devices that generate digital signatures
Data receiving apparatus and hybrid-ARQ communication system
Method and device for assisting in the navigation of an airplane on the ground at an airport
Delay free noise suppression
Speech coder and speech decoder
System and method for accessing and annotating electronic medical records using a multi-modal interface
Data writing with plasmon resonator
Method and apparatus for verifying multi-channel data
Method for providing a magnetic recording transducer
Shift register and shift register set using the same
Bidirectional shift register
Methods of forming micromechanical resonators having high density trench arrays therein that provide passive temperature compensation
Apparatus, system, and method for managing an antenna network during a half duplex call
Method of assembling a textile display
Multiple wavelength photonic oscillator
Internal combustion engine
Surface-emitting laser and method for producing the same
Method for assembling the rotor of an electric machine
Synchronization module using a Viterbi slicer for a turbo decoder
Integrating apparatus
BER calculation device for calculating the BER during the decoding of an input signal
Decoder and decoding method for decoding low-density parity-check codes with parity check matrix
Encoding and application of extended hamming checksum
AMP (accelerated message passing) decoder adapted for LDPC (low density parity check) codes
Configurable diversity antenna system for wireless access points
Systems and methods for selecting an antenna configuration in a mobile communication device
Mobile communication device and method of hibernating and prebooting same to reduce start up time
Apparatus and method for saving power of a mobile communication terminal
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication system
Fast fault notifications of an optical network
Measurement reporting in a telecommunication system
Impulse noise detection from preamble symbols
Wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for mixed mode multimedia conferencing
Mobile terminal having recording function
Wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) and communicating between mobile units and base stations
Transmitter location for ultra-wideband, transmitted-reference CDMA communication system
Apparatus and method for resource allocation in MF-TDMA broadband satellite system
Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved quality of service measures
Mapping uplink signaling channels
Mobile communication system using resource reservation protocol
Method and system for generating digital video broadcast (DVB) transport stream from direct satellite system (DSS) transport stream
Apparatus and methods for incorporating bandwidth forecasting and dynamic bandwidth allocation into a broadband communication system
Multicast group management in telecommunication networks
Time division multiplexing frame for multiplexing different synchronous signals and method for transmitting and receiving the same
Methods for steganographic encoding media
Amplifier, information communication apparatus and amplification method
Reproducing apparatus and information distribution system
Transmitter and transmission controlling method
Method for estimating a weighting vector for an adaptive phased array antenna system
Integrated WI-FI and wireless public network and method of operation
System and method for routing ISIS traffic through unidirectional links of a computer network
Synchronizing multiple instances of a forwarding information base (FIB) using sequence numbers
Virtual Ethernet MAC switching
Pipeline scheduler with fairness and minimum bandwidth guarantee
Network access system including a programmable access device having distributed service control
Detection of signal modulation format type
Parallel concatenated code with soft-in soft-out interactive turbo decoder
Digital phase relationship lock loop
Clock transmission apparatus for network synchronization between systems using an even-second clock and an Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
System and method for message filtering by a trusted third party
Cipher method and system for verifying a decryption of an encrypted user data key
Hybrid encoding of data transmissions in a security system
Public key infrastructure utilizing master key encryption
Extendable data-driven system and method for issuing certificates
Foldable portable information terminal
Telephone line power supply
Device having pivotable hinges
System and method for determining the status of a telephone in a packet switched network
Systems and methods for providing filtered message delivery
Telephone for searching memory content using a simple user operation
Wireless adhoc communication system, terminal, authentication method for use in terminal, encryption method, terminal management method, and program for enabling terminal to perform those methods
Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, recording method, program, and reproduction method
Data stream format conversion method and recording method for the same
Advertisement subgroups for digital streams
Remote control for navigating through content in an organized and categorized fashion
Hearing device and method for choosing a program in a multi program hearing device
Hearing device with individually configurable hardware interface
Electronic devices, methods, and computer program products for detecting noise in a signal based on autocorrelation coefficient gradients
Integrity monitoring for geo-location systems
Method for controlling transmission rates in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission
Methods and apparatus to perform wireless peering in communication systems
System and method for delivering information to a transmitting and receiving device
Method and system for communicating using a quiescent period
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Heated chemical delivery system
Electronic device for generating and displaying an item of information
Attachment device for a mobile phone or the like
Diagnostic catheter using a vacuum for tissue positioning
Electrophysiology/ablation catheter having "halo" configuration
Multispectral image processing method, apparatus and computer program product for determining the blood oxygen saturation in a vessel
Non-invasive tissue glucose level monitoring
Electronically scanned optical coherence tomography with frequency modulated signals
Configurable sensor system for measuring biopotentials
Method for creating a virtual electrogram
Radio frequency coil for magnetic resonance image
Scoutless whole-body imaging with fast positioning
Magnetic resonance imaging method and device
Method and system for trauma application of CT imaging
Method and apparatus for high-resolution detection and characterization of medical pathologies
System and method for mapping a surface
Ocular iontophoretic apparatus handle
Electrotherapy device and method
Envelope-based amplitude mapping for cochlear implant stimulus
System and method for classifying cardiac complexes
Non-contact EKG
System and method for patient-controlled relief of pain associated with electrical therapies
Method and circuit for detecting cardiac rhythm abnormalities using a differential signal from a lead with a multi-electrode tip
Controller for array of miniature radiation sources
Arrangements and methods for treating a subject
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-resolution label locator
Non-planar micro-optical structures
Imaging media handling package
Display or illumination element for motor vehicles
Vehicle lamp control
Mirror mounted mobile telephone system
Sheet copy documents production machine having an unload-while-run safety shield
Highly adaptable heterogeneous power amplifier IC micro-systems using flip chip and micromechanical technologies on low loss substrates
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber and fiber grating device
Ultrashort-pulse laser machining system employing a parametric amplifier
Method of compensating for hearing loss
Method and apparatus for defining color borders in a raster image by identifying and breaking contrast ties
Textiles; Paper
Method of determining lay length of S-Z stranded buffer tubes in optical fiber cable during manufacturing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Melting vessels provided with a cooled bottom electrode
Measurement apparatus
Method of joining mirrors to ring laser gyro block assemblies
Method and apparatus for remotely configuring a wireless communication device
Fiber optic curvature sensor for towed hydrophone arrays
Acoustic sensing system for downhole seismic applications utilizing an array of fiber optic sensors
Semiconductor laser control method and semiconductor laser control device
Fixing apparatus having temperature detecting device
Fluid identification system
Optical detection
Automatic detection of pulmonary nodules on volumetric computed tomography images using a local density maximum algorithm
Film density template and method for comparison of film exposure
Mobile telecommunications terminals
Waveguide with nanoparticle induced refractive index gradient
Device for generating a quadrangular illuminating field and use of such device in an optical device comprising a surface to be illuminated having a predetermined shape
Optical systems employing anamorphic beams and diffraction gratings
Waveguides in two dimensional slab photonic crystals with noncircular holes
Fabrication of chirped fiber bragg gratings of any desired bandwidth using frequency modulation
Electromagnetic mode conversion in photonic crystal multimode waveguides
Externally controllable waveguide type higher order mode generator
Apparatus to combine a filter to a collimator
Optical cable, method of installing optical cable, and optical transmission line
Controlling the dispersion and passband characteristics of an arrayed waveguide grating
Chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope control method and apparatus
MEMS dynamic optical spectral filter
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Arrayed waveguide grating type optical multiplexer/demultiplexer and optical waveguide circuit
Compact wavelength routing device having substantially flat passband
Closed-loop control of tunable optical wavelength filters
Semi-reconfigurable subband OADM
Feedback stabilization of a loss optimized switch
Alignment of optical fibers with an optical device
Fiber assembly alignment using fiducials
Optical fiber cable manager
Optical fiber cable holder
Premises optical cable with S-Z stranded strength member
Optical fiber drop cable and manufacturing method thereof
Telecommunications fiber optic infrastructure
Filament organizer
Optical fiber holding structure and method of making same
Drive method for a plurality of acousto-optic filters, acousto-optic filter apparatus, and selective wavelength extension method
Optical attenuator using multi-mode interference
Apparatus provided with image blur prevention function
Cameras, methods, and systems with partial-shading encodements
Casing with improved drain hole
Image forming apparatus
Color table inversion using associative data structures
Star pinch plasma source of photons or neutrons
Electrophotographic image developing process with optimized average developer bulk velocity
Developing device using a magnet brush and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus with left time informing function and left time calculating method
Electroconductive member and image forming apparatus using the same
Charger and process cartridge using the same
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a heating member to heat the recording medium
Wick roller for an electrophotographic machine
Electrostatic image forming apparatus with fluororesin in fixing roller layer
Recording medium supporting member, recording medium conveying device for use in image forming apparatus and image forming system, and image forming method
Image forming apparatus with blade and brush cleaning section
Process cartridge attachable to recording apparatus and recording apparatus
Hinge assembly for a multi-configuration portable electronic device
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Zero latency-zero bus turnaround synchronous flash memory
Multi-processor system and its network
User recognition support for multifunction office device
Portable input device
Apparatus for inputting information and computer product
Register arrangement for a microcomputer with a register and further storage media
System and method for performing cut-through forwarding in an ATM network supporting LAN emulation
Check verification system
User definable image reference points
Method for analyzing structure of a treatise type of document image
Noise reduction through comparative histograms
Multi-tasking multi-threaded image processing system and method for image capture devices
Image analyzing apparatus and method as well as program record medium
Method for recognizing object images and learning method for neural networks
Shape comparison using a rotational variation metric and applications thereof
Monitoring and communication system for stationary and mobile persons
Calendar-display apparatus, and associated method, for a mobile terminal
Methods and systems using multiple watermarks
Water-mark embedding method and system
Apparatus for and method of embedding and extracting digital information and medium having program for carrying out the method recorded thereon
Vessel tracking and tree extraction method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, recording medium and its program
Method and apparatus for producing a 3-D image from a 2-D image
Imaging registration system and method using likelihood maximization
Image processing method
Method for automatically determining trackers along contour and storage medium storing program for implementing the same
De-blocking method and apparatus
Method of using MPEG-7 standard in object segmentation
Particle recognition device
Compression of form images in gray-level
Adjusting the contrast of a digital image with an adaptive recursive filter
Method and apparatus for image processing using adaptive convolution filters
Apparatus, method, and storage medium for setting an extraction area in an image
Independent component imaging
Dynamic measurement of object parameters
Picture coding method and apparatus reducing size of critical segments
Compression of partially-masked image data
Method and apparatus for on-the-fly image coding
Lattice vector quantization in image compression and decompression
Moving image compression quality enhancement using displacement filters with negative lobes
Video coding method
Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding with reduced requirements for division operations
Subscriber identity module mobile station and method for performing a smart card function
Teaching system
System for encrypting documents with stencils
Carriage ejection mechanism and carriage retaining mechanism
Recording and/or playback apparatus of a recording medium with a moving mechanism
Disk loading apparatus with independent detection devices
Disk loader
Disc receiver device
Disk changer
Recording medium and reproducing method and apparatus for recording medium
Background music controller
Information recording method and apparatus
Cartridge for an information recording medium
Disk cartridge
Code judging apparatus and method, record medium judging apparatus and method, and information recording apparatus and method
Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
Information-signal recording and reproducing apparatus
Digital video cassette recorder for preventing picture distortion during search and method for processing picture using the same
Optical disk having a plurality of information recording units
Device and method for recording information including position data of closed sessions
System and method for recording and storing telephone call information
Disc cartridge having a stopper member that protrudes toward a disc window
Light pipe assembly for an optical drive
Tracking error signal detection system for optical recording medium
Tracking and focus servo system with a media type boundary crossing detector
Apparatus and method for optical recording/reproducing information including electrical spherical-aberration correction mechanism having low power consumption
Optical pickup device and optical disc driving device
Method of recording data on optical disc at high multiple speed and apparatus thereof
Blank detection circuit and method therefor
Information recording method
Optical information medium and recording method therefor
Information reproducing method which reproduces plural components of a focus error signal and a tracking error signal from plural detection regions of plural reflected light beams
Method and device of determining the slice level of the radio frequency ripple signal in an optical storage device
Optical disk device
Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus
Device for assembling and adjusting an optical unit
Multi-layered optical disk with shifted track and layer identification and method of detecting a track
Three-dimensional optical memory medium and process for producing same
Reverse optical mastering for data storage disks
Optical recording medium, method of making the same and optical memory device using the optical memory medium
Arrangements for correction of focusing light beam, and system using the same
System modules with atomic resolution storage memory
Synthetic-ferrimagnet sense-layer for high density MRAM applications
Memory array system
Semiconductor memory
Driving a DRAM sense amplifier having low threshold voltage PMOS transistors
Sense amplifier for reduction of access device leakage
Very dense SRAM circuits
Method and circuit for timing dynamic reading of a memory cell with control of the integration time
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Multistate triple-decker dyads in three distinct architectures for information storage applications
Content addressable memory with error detection signaling
Redundant array architecture for word replacement in CAM
Magnetic memory which compares first memory cell data bits and second data bits
Programmable semiconductor memory
Electronically rewritable non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method for programming and reading a plurality of one-time programmable memory blocks
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having control circuit
Threshold voltage convergence
Flash memory rewrite circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, memory card having the semiconductor integrated circuit thereof, method of rewriting flash memory and flash memory rewriting program
Programmed value determining circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit device including the same, and method for determining programmed value
Programming methods for an amorphous carbon metal-to-metal antifuse
Memory device and method for automatically repairing defective memory cells
Semiconductor memory device
Method for on-chip testing of memory cells of an integrated memory circuit
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having faulty cells
Integrated memory
Serial access memory and data write/read method
Method and circuit configuration for generating a data strobe signal for very fast semiconductor memory systems
Semiconductor memory with a signal path
Data input circuit and method for synchronous semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for supplementary command bus
Path gate driver circuit
Dummy cell structure for 1T1C FeRAM cell array
Semiconductor memory device capable of rewriting data signal
Bit line selection circuit having hierarchical structure
Flexible multibanking interface for embedded memory applications
Fuel assembly
Safety control circuit for a neutronic reactor
X-ray mask, and exposure method and apparatus using the same
Formation of thin film capacitors
Method for producing crystallographically textured electrodes for textured PZT capacitors
Memory cell of the famos type having several programming logic levels
Quantum-dot photon turnstile device
Stripe type semiconductor light emitting element having InGan active layer, combined with optical resonator including wavelength selection element
Fluxon injection into annular Josephson junctions
Radio communication device and electronic apparatus having the same
Wireless communication network
Tuned wave phased array
Hearing aid connection system
System for controlling bias current in laser diodes with improved switching rates
Pumping light generator and fiber Raman amplifier
Widely wavelength tunable integrated semiconductor device and method for widely tuning semiconductor devices
Multi-wavelength laser apparatus and method
Fault tolerant laser diode package
Envelope biasing for laser transmitters
Apparatus and method providing a balancing load to a laser differential drive circuit
Current biased dual DBR grating semiconductor laser
DFB semiconductor laser device
Surface emitting semiconductor laser device capable of improving heat radiation efficiency and its manufacture method
Semiconductor laser and photo module using the same
Engineering the gain/loss profile of intersubband optical devices having heterogeneous cascades
Organic vertical cavity laser array device
Double up-conversion modulator
Sequential decoder, and receiver using sequential decoder
Method and apparatus for mixing down and spectrum folding frequency diverse modulated carrier
Receiving apparatus shared by multiple tuners
Signal level adjustment arrangement
Automatic gain control circuit for controlling two AGC amplifiers
Transmitter gain control for CDMA signals
Noise reducing circuit
Method and apparatus for impedance matching
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Weather band radio and method of tuning same
High power solid state laser modulator
Phase locked device with reduced electrical consumption
Lower-jitter phase-locked loop
Controlling a delay lock loop circuit
Fractional-N frequency synthesizer with multiple clocks having different timings
Baseband processors, mobile terminals, base stations and methods and systems for decoding a punctured coded received signal using estimates of punctured bits
Communication system
Decoding method and apparatus
Event communication system
Method and apparatus for using a low clock frequency to maintain a time reference governed by a high clock frequency
Transmitter/receiver comprising bone-conduction speaker
Multiple-input multiple-output radio transceiver
Wireless communications device allowing a soft handoff procedure in a mobile communications system
Multimode transceiver with multiple if's and common injection
Hopping pattern generation method in frequency hopping system for intermittent transmission
Radio communication system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a DS-CDMA receiver
Timing discriminator with merge protection
Method and apparatus for performing a signal detection and assignment in a wireless communication system
Asymmetrical forward/reverse transmission bandwidth
Systems and methods for selecting a cell in a communications network
Method and apparatus for multipath signal compensation in spread-spectrum communications systems
Cell search apparatus and method in asynchronous communication system
Simultaneous plural code series generator and CDMA radio receiver using same
System and method for automatic frequency control in spread spectrum communications
Light-emitting device drive circuit, and optical transmission system using the circuit
Light output control circuit with a warning function of deteriorated light output
Optical transmitter, optical receiver, optical transmission system, and optical transmission method
Method and arrangement for clock and data recovery
Optical signal modulation method and optical signal transmission system for high speed transmission system
Method and apparatus for multi-pass photonic processors with circulators and multiple-fiber collimators
Polarization-mode dispersion detecting method, and a dispersion compensation controlling apparatus and a dispersion compensation controlling method
Adaptive noise suppression system and method
Continuity testing with call tone messaging in communication networks
Wire bound telecommunications device and a power supply circuit
Method of supporting power control on a DCCH in a base station transceiver system and a base station controller
Combined closed loop/open loop power control in a time division duplex communication system
Method and system for measuring and reporting received signal strength
Portable mobile terminal and transmission unit
Multicast message communicating method, multicast message communicating system, base station thereof, and mobile station thereof
Coverage and cell extension in downlink power controlled wireless radio communication systems
Adaptive antenna transmit array with reduced CDMA pilot channel set
Method and apparatus for stabilizing frequency of output signal of relay station in radio communication system
Code division multiplex satellite broadcasting system
System and method for constant loop gain in a closed loop circuit
Receiver method and apparatus with complex pilot filter
Scalable wireless network topology systems and methods
Method for allocating secondary synchronization codes to a base station of a mobile telecommunication system
Functional panel for audio mixer
Code division multiple access communication system using overlapping spread sequences
Spread spectrum communication system and method for the same
Optical transmission system constructing method and system
Communication system and method with optical management bus
Self-healing ring network and a method for fault detection and rectifying
Optical network
Method and apparatus for transporting private line traffic over an ATM network
Stream demultiplexing device
Serial-link circuit including capacitive offset adjustment of a high-speed receiver
System and method for integrating process control and network management
40 Gbit/s SONET framer with multiple clock-crossing capability
Arrangement for reducing layer 3 header data supplied to switching logic on a network switch
Data transmission method by radiocommunication channel
Direct sequence spread spectrum system with enhanced forward error correction code feature
Link adaptation algorithm for packet based radio system
System and method for modifying the data rate for data calls in a cellular network
Radio base station for a CDMA mobile communication system
STTD encoding for PCCPCH
Apparatus and method for creating eye diagram
LSI control apparatus for communication, method for controlling the same, and distributed control net work system having communication LSI control apparatus
Pricing mechanism for resource control in a communications network
Conference terminal control device
Efficient buffer allocation for current and predicted active speakers in voice conferencing systems
Graphical user interface system and method for visually gauging network performance
Radio transmission method and radio transmission
Dynamic allocation of voice and data channels in a time division multiplexed telecommunications system
Communication method, communication system, and gateway used for the communication system
Scaleable network server for low cost PBX
Testing of network routers under given routing protocols
Selective admission control in a network device
Scheduling and admission control of packet data traffic
Method and apparatus for delaying packets being sent from a component of a packet switching system
Method for specifying TCP/IP packet classification parameters
Method and system for preventing transmission loops in a label switching domain
Fluid flow fair scheduling emulation in wireless shared channel packet communication network
Multiple access parallel memory and method
Apparatus and method for storing min terms in a network switch port memory for identifying data packet types in a real time
Shared buffer control device
Switch and/or router unit
Mixed queue scheduler
Arrangement, system and method relating to data/telecommunication
Measurement of packet delay variation
Crossbar switch with communication ring bus
System and method for placing wireless calls on an internet protocol based local area network based upon quality of service conditions
Method and device for increasing a data throughput
Arrangement, a system and a method relating to a packet data communication
Boolean protocol filtering
Method and system for providing quality-of-service on packet-based wireless connections
Asymmetric void filling scheduler with bandwidth grabbing
ATM cell switching system
Switching apparatus comprising a centralized switch core and at least one SCAL element(s) for the attachment of various protocol adapters
TTY messaging
Method and apparatus for high speed data transmission over a four-wire subscriber line
Capacitive data and clock transmission between isolated ICs
Apparatus and method for a highly efficient low power driver for a central office ADSL system
ATM over IP
Communication node for enabling interworking of network using request/response based data transfer and network using non-request/response based data transfer
Controlling frame transmission
Method and system to connect internet protocol hosts via an application specific bus
Dynamic sizing of data packets
Service capable network
Multimedia call center
System and method for auto-configuration and discovery of IP to MAC address mapping and gateway presence in wireless peer-to-peer ad-hoc routing networks
Multi-logical access for a serial data link
Method and apparatus for automatic protection switching
Receiving device for angle-modulated signals
Extending symbol rates and symbol rate re-negotiation for facsimile modems
Arrangement in a network repeater for monitoring link integrity and selectively down shifting link speed based on local configuration signals
Reduced complexity for initial mobile terminal synchronization
Secret key messaging
Display frame with integrated ESD shield, and a user interface construction
Portable telephone apparatus and control method thereof
Electro-acoustic communications unit
Utilization of communication channels between a central office switch and a law enforcement agency
User appliance with voice help guide
System for storing voice recognizable identifiers using a limited input device such as a telephone key pad
Methods and devices for outputting audio announcements using CID related and other reference parameters
Efficient compression of VROM messages for telephone answering devices
Method for notifying and reminding phone users of missed calls
Access control system having tenant codes that may be selectively displayed
Apparatus and method for filtering voiceband and metering tone frequencies of a mixed voice/data signal
Telephone connection system, telephone connecting method, home transmission unit and control programs therefor
Switch interaction subsystems for facilitating network information management
Method and apparatus for forwarding a caller identification for a credit card or calling card call to an automatic number identification system of a telephone network
Method and apparatus for stabilization of a line powered modulator circuit
Differential output stage for electronic equipment providing a remote power feed to a terminal
Processing packet data in mobile communication system
Call processing software, methods and equipment providing enhanced notifications
Centralized communication control center and methods therefor
Apparatus and method for E911 detection and callback monitoring
Determining expected call waiting time in a call center queue
Method and apparatus for efficiently utilizing conference bridge capacity
Method and apparatus for providing telephony services by switch-based processing of media streams
Image read apparatus and method that can obtain favorable readout image
Image processing device
Coding apparatus and an information processing apparatus provided with the coding apparatus
Red-eye removal using color image processing
Data recording and reproducing apparatus and method
Imaging device and digital camera using the imaging device
Digital motion picture decoding apparatus and digital motion picture decoding method
Image reproducing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image printing control apparatus, print image designation method and image printing control method
Apparatus and method for thumbnail picture data readout
Video signal reproduction apparatus and method
Video data reproducing device and video data reproducing method
Method and apparatus for performing MPEG II dequantization and IDCT
Device and method for efficient delivery of redundant national television signals
Information processor and information processing method
Method of extracting temporal and spatial combination markers for morphological image division
Adaptive video decoding and rendering with respect to processor congestion
Error recovery of corrupted MPEG-4 bitstreams using fuzzy decoding of start codes and resync markers
Moving picture recording and reproduction apparatus and method as well as medium
Simultaneous multiple-angle presentation of DVD audio/visual content
Analog phone bank connector
Method and device for distinguishing among a plurality of devices and data elements with a sequence of signals
Method and apparatus for providing channel provisioning in optical WDM networks
Echo canceller system
Optical line terminal
Network station
Targeted disaster warning system and method
Network with distributed service control point functionality
Method and system for switching short-code accesses based on origination time and service area
Method for controlling a quality of service in a mobile communications system
Pre-paid wireless interactive voice response system with variable announcements
Method and apparatus for maximizing standby time in remote stations configured to receive broadcast databurst messages
Method of dynamic rate switching via medium access channel layer signaling
Mobile radio communication system, mobile station, and method for controlling diversity hand-over branch
Switching to an improved bearer during a call connection
Preventing excessive use of security keys in a wireless communications security system
Under-the-ear mounting headset
Voice detection and discrimination apparatus and method
Membrane support system
Panel-type heating element and method for the manufacture thereof
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