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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Ansar lettuce variety
Transcription factors
Apparatus and method for maintaining and/or restoring viability of organs
Hyaluronic acid production promoter and melanin production inhibitor
Composition for pest control
ON01910.Na enhances chemotherapeutic agent activity in drug-resistant tumors
Treatment of length dependent neuropathy
5-cyano-4- (pyrrolo [2,3B] pyridine-3-yl) -pyrimidine derivatives useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Penoxsulam as an herbicide in alfalfa
Herbal/organic composition for the management of pain
Poultry front half processing apparatus and method
Methods of making snack food products and products made thereby
Purification and use of a factor for supporting wound healing
Process for preparing stable oil in water emulsion without additives
Applicator device for a cosmetic product, and assembly comprising same
Backlit storybook for the visually impaired
Inclined chair assembly
Child carrier and car seat combination
Indication device
Surgical port assembly
Thoracic access assembly
Expandable surgical access port
Surgical system including suture anchor and insertion device and method for using
Soft tissue anchoring methods and devices
Vascular closure devices, systems, and methods of use
Internal joint bracing system and suture anchoring assembly therefore
Endoscopic nasal palatoplasty
Electrophysiology loop catheter
Device for irradiating an internal body surface
Control apparatus and control method
Catheter and system for controlling same
Wireless communications device and personal monitor
Apparatus for monitoring health, wellness and fitness
Analyte testing devices
Absorbent article
Moisture detecting module and a receiving unit
Superabsorbent polymer containing clay particulate, and method of making same
Tampon insertion device for improved control and pledget placement
Amnion and chorion constructs and uses thereof in abdominal surgery
Gastric band devices and drive systems
Self-sealing fluid joint for use with a gastric band
Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disk
Medium chain dicarboxylic acids, their derivates and metabolic disorders
Use of aminoacetonitrile derivatives against endoparasites
Substituted benzosulphonamides
Methods of restoring cognitive ability using non-peptidic compounds
Curcumin derivative
Multicomponent crystals made of ([2-amino-6-(4-fluoro-benzylamino)-pyridin-3-yl]-carbamic acid ethyl ester and an arylpropionic acid
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
Herbicidal 5H-quinoxaline-6-one derivatives detailed description
Method for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Compositions of small molecule therapeutics
Method of using nutritional compounds dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) and arabinogalactan in combination with dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) to reduce and control cardiometabolic risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome and hypercholesterolemia
Methods and compositions for bone formation
Satiety inducing products and a method of their production
ErbB interface peptidomimetics and methods of use thereof
Quinoxalinyl derivatives
Use of histones for therapeutic purposes
Methods for reducing GnRH-positive tumor cell proliferation using the GnRH antagonist IN3
PlGF-1 in homodimeric form
Method of treating a diabetic subject having a microvascular impairment disorder by a pegylated C-peptide
Modulation of developmental immune programming and protection against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infectious diseases, and cancer
Epsigam fusion protein
Liquid composition to be filled in soft capsules
Fibrosis specific multimeric peptidomimetic radiotracers
Alkyl ketal esters as dispersants and slip agents for particulate solids, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof
Super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles with metallic coatings and a method of synthesizing the same
Solid pharmaceutical composition comprising telithromycin
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising an active substance from the substituted benzhydrylpiperazine family
Programmable implantable pump design
Milk expressing device capable of simulating a baby's suckling
Material control device for inserting material into a targeted anatomical region
Coaxial guidewire for small vessel access
Surgical access apparatus and method
Gas mist pressure bathing system
Fingertip positioned artery stabilizer
Access assembly
Pen needle with safety shield system
Abnormal electrical conduction blocking apparatus using photodynamic therapy (PDT)
Air treatment system
Apparatus and method to stretch upper and lower extremities
Swimming device for increased underwater resistance
Posture-assisted yoga mats and towels
Golf club shaft
Sports training target and methods thereof
Flexible laminated construction toy set and method of manufacture thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separator assembly
System and method for recycling high-boiling-point waste photoresist stripper
Device for the purification of particle-laden gases
Electric heating catalyst
Method and device for vacuum pressure swing adsorption with temporary storage
Multi-stage catalytic air purification system
Ion group irradiation device and secondary ion mass spectrometer
Polymer/scaffold nanocomposites for hydrogen storage
Automated chemical diluter system having disposable components
Multifunctional module
Miniature western blot membrane incubation system
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence element and manufacturing apparatus
Boring tool
Cutting tool
Method of bonding solid materials
Welding booth
Grinding device with protective hood
Method and apparatus for the measurement-aided fine machining of workpiece surfaces, and measuring system
Laser build up method using vibration and apparatus
Use of thermoplastic composition comprising polyether-block copolyamides as additive
Optical compensation film, and polarizing plate and liquid crystal display employing the same
Silicon pen nanolithography
Device for retaining doctor blades
Rubber-reinforcing member and rubber product utilizing the same
Transparent conductive film comprising water soluble binders
Nonwoven substrate for joint tape and joint tape that is dimensionally stable and foldable without losing mechanical strength containing said substrate
Functionalized core-shell nanoparticles
Organically functionalized polysiloxane nanoparticles, method for the production thereof, and use thereof
Anti-chipping sheet
LED device, LED device array, and method of driving the LED device array
Insert method of negative-pressure generating member and insert device of negative-pressure generating member
Image forming apparatus, pattern position determining method, and image forming system
Container for liquid cosmetics
Method and device for providing an electrical system alternating voltage in an aircraft
Recliner mechanism
Recliner mechanism actuator
Lumbar support seat
Seed cart
Driver assist device for an industrial truck and industrial truck with driver assist device
Bedliner with a collapsible storage container for a bed of a truck
Interior decorative resin component and mounting method thereof
Catalytic converter theft protection arrangement
Power transmission control apparatus for vehicle
High efficiency vehicle
Deformable lower crossbeam for a window opening
Heavy goods vehicles
Anti-slip electronic device sleeve
Rigid self-supporting collapsible stackable reusable bag
Apparatus and methods for flange support and alignment
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High-capacity complex hydrogen storage materials and a process of releasing hydrogen
Absorbent polymer composition with hazard indicator
Stirring system with interspaced stirring elements and baffles, and method for homogenizing glass melts
Catalytic hyrogenation of carbon dioxide into syngas mixture
.beta.-hydroxyalkylamides, a method for production of same and use of same
Optically active ammonium salt compound, production intermediate thereof, and production method thereof
Process for producing optically active .beta.-amino aldehyde compound
Mixed oxide based catalyst for the conversion of carbon dioxide to syngas and method of preparation and use
Catalysts and processes for producing butanol
Forming spherical crystal habit
Process for preparing 1, 6-hexanediol
Heterogeneous rhodium metal catalysts
Process for the preparation of ambrisentan and novel intermediates thereof
Method for producing 4-benzyl-1-methyl-6-oxabicyclo[3,2,0]heptane derivative
One-pot process for the preparation of benzimidazole derivatives
Melanocortin receptor antagonist compounds, process for preparing them and use thereof in human medicine and cosmetics
Luminescent substrate for luciferase
Bicyclic compounds and their uses as dual c-SRC/JAK inhibitors
5,7-substituted-imidazo[1,2-C]pyrimidines as inhibitors of JAK kinases
Polycyclic compounds, termed calixurenes, and uses thereof
Heterocyclic substituted hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Asymmetric hydrogenation method for ketone compound
Process for the preparation of tris(perfluoroalkyl)phosphine oxides
Modified variant Bowman Birk protease inhibitors
Neisseria porin proteins
Antigenic mimics of discontinuous epitopes of pathogen recognized by broadly neutralizing antibodies
Method for preparing regenerated cellulose fiber by two-step coagulating bath process
Heterogeneous thiol-ene click modifications of solid polysaccharide-based materials
Pressure-sensitive adhesives for bonding printing plates
Preparation of a solid catalyst system
Functionalized elastomer
Photovoltaic cell with silole-containing polymer
Nucleating agents for polyolefins based on acetal compounds
Rubber composition with encapsulated resin and pneumatic tire
Self-healing rubber composition and tire
Infrared reflecting blue pigment, infrared reflecting green pigment, paint and resin composition using the infrared reflecting blue pigment, and paint and resin composition using the infrared reflecting green pigment
Inkjet ink, ink cartridge containing the inkjet ink, inkjet recording apparatus using the ink cartridge, and print formed by the inkjet ink
Phase change ink compositions comprising diurethanes as amorphous materials
High-selectivity wet patterning of source-drain electrodes over TAOS for a BCE device structure
Electro-optical device and method for controlling color with polymer stabilized liquid crystal
Compositions comprising Z-1,2-difluoroethylene and uses thereof
Compositions comprising E-1,2-difluoroethylene and uses thereof
Fluid loss control agents and compositions for cementing oil and gas wells comprising said fluid loss control agent
Method for reducing filtrate loss from oil based drilling fluids
Processes relating to alcohols for the production of esters
Metalworking lubricant
Dishwashing composition
Biochip and method for manufacturing the same
System and method including thermal cycler modules
Biological tissue processing substrate for fixing proteins or protein degradation products in tissue for analysis
Micro-RNAS that control myosin expression and myofiber identity
Method for enhancing thermotolerance of plant relating to exportin1A and genetic engineering applications thereof
Use of active cytokinin synthase gene
Viral promoter, truncations thereof, and methods of use
Cultivation medium for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of dicot plants
Methods for creating color variation in anthocyanins produced by cell culture
Choroid plexus device
Increased poly (alpha 1,3 glucan) yield using tetraborate
Solid-phase chelators and electronic biosensors
Scyllo-inositol-producing cell and scyllo-inositol production method using said cells
Post protein hydrolysis removal of a potent ribonuclease inhibitor and the enzymatic capture of DNA
Method and kit for diagnosing autism using gene expression profiling
Method for producing circular DNA formed from single-molecule DNA
Analyzing messenger RNA and micro RNA in the same reaction mixture
Plant and method for producing a semiconductor film
Method and apparatus for nitriding metal articles
Electrical connection device, for connecting between two successive cells of a series of cells for the production of aluminium
Textiles; Paper
Molded article containing stacked carbon fiber and method for producing same
Azo dyes
Fixed Constructions
Seal structure for translating member
Ultra low-profile spice rack
Continuous miner mid-conveyor drive
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for extended operation of steam turbines in islanding mode
Turbine airfoil with film cooling hole
Turbine blade or vane with separate endwall
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Methods and systems for generating power from a turbine using pressurized nitrogen
Hydro-electric system and device for producing energy
System and method to minimize grid spinning reserve losses by pre-emptively sequencing power generation equipment to offset wind generation capacity based on geospatial regional wind conditions
Vane pump
Protected wind turbine blade, a method of manufacturing it and a wind turbine
Vertical axis wind turbine with axial flow rotor
Fluid machine provided with hermetic container that is subjected to pressure of working fluid
Corner coupling
Fastener and method of installing same
Connecting rod bearing
Cable connection systems and methods
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Infinitely variable speed amplifier
Lotus light
Personally portable solar-powered electrical energy source
Method of manufacturing an improved optical layer for a light emitting device with surface NANO-micro texturation based on coherent electromagnetic radiation speckle lithography
Handle assembly for a luggage
Lamps with functions of adjusting illumination directions
Light source module having a curved optical unit
Electronic circuit, integrated circuit, and magnetic field detection device and electronic device including the same
Position sensor using a moveable ferromagnetic element
Method for measuring carbon concentration in polycrystalline silicon
Colorant identification method and colorant identification apparatus
Method and system for monitoring LED display using optical fiber as light transmission medium
Terahertz-wave generating apparatus and measuring unit equipped with the same
Method and device for parallel analysis of bio molecules
Ion-selective electrode
Micromechanical solid-electrolyte sensor device and corresponding production method
Autoantibody biomarkers for IGA nephropathy
Spinal muscular atrophy diagnostic methods
Methods and compositions for detecting the activation state of multiple proteins in single cells
Resistant strain gauge
Current-direction detecting circuit and DC-DC converter
Salinity measuring apparatus
Thermally adaptive in-system allocation
Pressure sensing and control for semiconductor wafer probing
Signal transmission device
Method and device for determining the distance between a radio beacon and an onboard unit
Electrokinetic microfluidic flow cytometer apparatuses with differential resistive particle counting and optical sorting
Tomographic imaging methods and systems for digital wave front decimation in time sampling
Systems and methods using tandem gravimeter
Zoom lens for projection and projection-type display apparatus
Method of manufacturing MEMS devices providing air gap control
Integrated and sealed opto-electronic device assembly
Connector assembly having floatable optical module
Lens drive device
Lens driver
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing transparent electrode
Substrate assembly and liquid crystal display panel
Auto-focus controlling apparatus, electronic imaging apparatus and digital still camera
Digital light processing projector using laser and light emitting diode
Projection advertising glassware
Three dimensional image projector
Communication apparatus, communication system, communication control method, and recording medium storing communication control program
Template forming method
Single rack cold air containment
Multi input circuit
Output control apparatus of solar cell
Docking station
Solid-state mass data storage device
Contactless communication method and system
Device for providing virtual client managing module, apparatus for managing virtual client, and method for testing a game by using virtual client managing module
Programmable iterated elongation: a method for manufacturing synthetic genes and combinatorial DNA and protein libraries
Mobile terminal
Touch screen device with wet detection and control method thereof
Device management system, device management method, and image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for printing a document from a mobile communication device
Image processing apparatus and distributed printing system
Image processing apparatus having secure print function, control method therefor, and storage medium
Information processing system and method for acquiring workflow from management apparatus using user terminal address
Maximize data visibility using slated viewer
Automatic presentational level compositions of data visualizations
Target selection apparatus that detects target, control method therefor, and storage medium
User customized animated video and method for making the same
Coherent presentation of multiple reality and interaction models
Alert and verification system
Tester and test method for smoke amount of electronic cigarette
Electrical outlet unit
Maintenance warning inhibitor based on time of day
Hand hygiene compliance device
Remote controlled pricing information
System and method for portable instrumentation
Vehicle information systems and methods
Sequential barricade light
Kit of pre-construction samples for replicating construction products
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
Autostereoscopic display device and method of displaying image
Display apparatus
Method for displaying an item on a display unit
Method and system for digital pen assembly
Automatic configuration of multiple monitor systems
Enhanced lookup of display driving values
Method and apparatus for refreshing a display
Percussive accessory for stringed instruments
Shape adjustable tambourine
Guitar training aid
Adjustable flexture pick for stringed instruments
Musical instrument with networking capability
Iterative data storage read channel architecture having dropout mitigation
Disk drive device
Tape storage device, data writing method, and program
System and method for detecting and correcting shift in a DC level of an input signal
Magnetic disk device and method for read/write offset error correction
Semiconductor device
Method and architecture for improving defect detectability, coupling area, and flexibility of NVSRAM cells and arrays
Read disturb control in a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having P-type memory cell transistor
Magnetoresistive element and writing method of magnetic memory
Shielding device for an irradiation unit and irradiation method
Extruded frame structures to house a conductor
High voltage electro inductive swivel
Wiring board
Assembly of magnetic plates for electromagnetic machines, the assembly being provided with fixing means and a method of manufacturing such an assembly of plates
Haptic solenoid
Mounting structures for components in electronic devices
Compliant energy storing structural sheet
Dye-sensitized solar cell and method of manufacturing same
Cam-action anti-roll button
Four terminal nano-electromechanical switch with a single mechanical contact
Electrode of electrostatic lens and method of manufacturing the same
Light bulb with thermal features
Method of manufacturing photonic crystal and method of manufacturing surface-emitting laser
Method of manufacturing GaN-based film and composite substrate used therefor
Integration of a titania layer in an anti-reflective coating
Lateral diffusion metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) device with tapered drift electrode
Finger metal oxide metal capacitor structures
Semiconductor apparatus
Strongly correlated nonvolatile memory element
Method for making microchannels on a substrate, and substrate including such microchannels
Methods of forming spacers on FinFETs and other semiconductor devices
Non-volatile memory device integrated with CMOS SOI FET on a single chip
Method and device to achieve self-stop and precise gate height
Interconnect structures containing nitrided metallic residues
ESD network circuit with a through wafer via structure and a method of manufacture
Metal fuse structure for improved programming capability
Method to use self-repair Cu barrier to solve barrier degradation due to Ru CMP
Computer readable medium encoded with a program for fabricating 3D integrated circuit device using interface wafer as permanent carrier
Multi-layer circuit substrate fabrication method providing improved transmission line integrity and increased routing density
Three-dimensional integrated circuit device using a wafer scale membrane
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits including semiconductive resistor structures in a FinFET architecture
Reduced spacer thickness in semiconductor device fabrication
Method and structure for pFET junction profile with SiGe channel
Semiconductor device with surface electrodes
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation, cured product thereof, and semiconductor device
Encapsulation device having improved sealing
No flow underfill or wafer level underfill and solder columns
High resistivity silicon-on-insulator substrate and method of forming
Integrated circuit package and method of making the same
Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
Photoelectric converter having chalcopyrite compound semiconductor layer partitioned into pixels and shielding layer arranged around each pixel
Dense chevron finFET and method of manufacturing same
Pixel via and methods of forming the same
Power semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Double trench rectifier
Semiconductor device including a plurality of different functional elements and method of manufacturing the same
Nitride-based heterostructure field effect transistor having high efficiency
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method, structure and design structure for customizing history effects of SOI circuits
Device isolation in finFET CMOS
Enhancement-mode HFET circuit arrangement having high power and a high threshold voltage
Compositionally-graded and structurally-graded photovoltaic devices and methods of fabricating such devices
Laminated body having semiconductor layer and layer thickness measurement portion, and thin-film photoelectric conversion device and integrated thin-film solar cell having the same
Solar cell apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Dye-sensitized solar cell
High-efficiency photovoltaic back-contact solar cell structures and manufacturing methods using thin planar semiconductor absorbers
Free-standing two-sided devices
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device
Light-transmissive member, optical device, and manufacturing methods thereof
Mounting interface for a photovoltaic module
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Solid state white light emitter and display using same
Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus
Modulatable thermoelectric device
Organic photovotaics
Microstructure for a Seebeck effect thermoelectric generator, and method for making such a microstructure
Organic electroluminescent device, lighting apparatus, and method for manufacturing the organic electroluminescent device
Battery cooling in particular for a vehicle battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and lithium ion battery
Methods of operating fuel cell stacks and systems related thereto
Internal reforming tubular solid oxide fuel cell stack and manufacturing method therefor
Fuel cell apparatus
Antenna lens comprising a dielectric component diffractive suitable shaping a wavefront microwave
Antenna system with balanced mount
Wedge shaped scimitar antenna
Connector and solder sheet
Connection plug for portable terminal
Main housing element of a multi-part housing and method for assembling a housing
Electrical connectors
Mini USB connector with card plug-in function
Multipurpose ultra-portable electronics cable
Power connector assembly
High speed high density connector assembly
Socket with several mating ports
Paper shredder control system responsive to touch-sensitive element
Circuit breaker signaling system for control of an arc fault detection system
Inverter device and electric power tool
Maximum power point tracking method, photovoltaic system controller and photovoltaic system
Grid tie solar system and a method
Power supply apparatus for electrically powered vehicle and method for controlling the same
Charging stand, charging system, and charging method thereof using RFID tag battery separation information
Battery charger system and method
Battery management system and method of estimating battery state of charge
Induction machine short circuit stop and method for installation
Motor rotor including a resolver rotor for detecting rotation position
Cage rotor with starting bar
System and method for power generation system
Power converter with controlled current source to reduce harmonic distortion
Power conversion device
Current sensing circuit and control circuit thereof and power converter circuit
Split current mirror line sensing
Method and means to implement fixed frequency operation of buck mode switching
Rectification circuit
Vibration actuator
Hybrid system of engine and motor generator
Dynamic reconfiguration-switching of windings in an electric motor
Motor driving device and method of controlling the same
Dynamic reconfiguration-switching of windings in a tape storage drive
Integrated-circuit amplifier with low temperature rise
Canceling third order non-linearity in current mirror-based circuits
Output buffer circuit, devices including the same, and operating method of the output buffer circuit
High-voltage voltage divider and connector comprising said divider
Semiconductor device
Controlling circuit voltage and frequency based upon location-dependent temperature
Clock signal initialization circuit and its method
System and method for photonically assisted analog to digital signal conversion
Multi-level sigma-delta ADC with reduced quantization levels
Image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image reading apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
Method for producing image forming apparatus, method for adjusting quantity of light emitted from printhead, and method for producing process cartridge
Transmission capacity probing using adaptive redundancy adjustment
Laser scanner device and method for three-dimensional contactless recording of the surrounding area by means of a laser scanner device
Three-dimensional display apparatus and three-dimensional video display method
Parallax barrier for autostereoscopic display, autostereoscopic display, and method for designing parallax barrier for autostereoscopic display
Display panel having a polarizing layer and display apparatus having the same
Solid-state image pickup element, distance detecting apparatus including solid-state image pickup element, and camera including distance detecting apparatus
Array-camera motion picture device, and methods to produce new visual and aural effects
Solid-state image sensor and camera system
Camera resolution modification based on intended printing location
Single-pass motion adaptive deinterlacer and method therefore
Spatial and temporal de-interlacing with error criterion
System and method for checking state of rotator
Luggage security device
Light engine and rear projection television
Surveillance camera system having camera malfunction detection function to detect types of failure via block and entire image processing
AV device with backlight brightness control
Method and system for controlling function of display device using remote controller
Stacked tire RFID reader system and method
Lighting apparatus for fluorescent tube and driving method therefor
Ballast with current control circuit
Circuit for detection and control of LED string operation
High power dimmer and dimming system having switchable power modes, dimming device and method for transmitting power and dimming commands
Lighting system, control method therefor and lighting control device
Device and method for generating a plasma
Wiring board having a reinforcing member with capacitors incorporated therein
Electrical insulator casing
Portable display apparatus
Holding apparatus and external keyboard using the same
Elastic unit for clamping an electronic component and extending below an electronic component receiving volume of an align fixture
Techniques for data center cooling
Sectioned manifolds facilitating pumped immersion-cooling of electronic components
Electronic component cooling unit and power converting device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bi-fold implement frame
Folding frame implement
Folding frame implement
Crop material processor
Bar saw feller buncher and method of felling trees
Spincast fishing reel
Wheeled carrier and seat assembly for use while hunting with decoys
Multiple sprayer assembly and method for use
Protective handle for lollipops
Automated system for continuously producing, cooling, and processing chewing gum base materials
Multipathway product distribution system and method
Push-in underwire bra
Protective breast shield
Holding device for rods and the like
Cordless patio umbrella
Portable cooler apparatus with umbrella mounting means
Flexibly elastic tip for stick use and stick shod with the same
Bag with a shock absorbing unit
Truck assembly for luggage
Container for storing and dispensing cosmetic stick products
Device for packaging and applying a substance, in particular a cosmetic
Knapsack supported on the two shoulders by a pair of shoulder straps
Over the shoulder holster belt
Weapon holding straps for a hunter's lap
Portable carrying apparatus for holding and carrying a compact disc player and a plurality of compact discs
Hanger for vertical structural member
Organizing cabinet with sorting tray
Table with seats that move en masse around its perimeter
Lock snap structure of slide rail
Support for mounting on a brick wall
Mattress spring cushion assembly with combination of right-hand and left-hand spring units
Seat having seating face made of sheet resilient material
Breakaway footrest
Chair tablet arm apparatus
Foldaway panel display on a chair
Portable workstool
Movable barrier for infants
Baby walker speed control caster
Shelving system and display unit therefor
Rail-hanging package facing device
Display case security cover
Jewelry support rack
Easel for mattress demonstration bag
Decorative mirror unit
Vapor director beverage container
Knife holder with safety lock
Weighted drinking apparatus
Adjustable container holder
Glove dispenser
Mailbox with mail storage and theft prevention
Postal delivery apparatus and method of postal delivery and receipt
Fastening device for a top rod of a window shade
Electrical household appliance for processing food comprising a safety device
Liquid container with integral fill/drain conduit
Dispenser having timing means, multisensory output and means of tracking usage number
Lifting mechanism
Portable digital vertical pupil meter
Motorized support for imaging means and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Apparatus and method for obtaining x-ray tomosynthesis data for mammography
Moveable table
Method and system for determining a variable lateral center-to-center setpoint for a digital imaging system
Light source device using optical fibers
Apparatus and method for cleaning teeth
Capsule for mixing and applying dental cement
Dental wedges having proximal ends with gritty top layers
Medical instruments and devices and parts thereof using shape memory alloys
Micromechanical seal for dental implant systems
Bone-anchoring element
Screwdriver for intra-oral implantation
Gingival retraction cords incorporating propylhexedrine
System and method for assembling graft structures
Powered wheelchair
Combination sample dispenser and order form device
Enteral feeding clamp
Sense-simile transmission sampler
Method and apparatus for storing medical guidewires
Tubing organizer apparatus
Intravenous (IV) pole for transport with multiple infusion devices
Fillable cassette apparatus and method
Apparatus for fabricating needles via conformal deposition in two-piece molds
Temple tips having biomagnets for eyeglasses
Roping harness with an offset attachment strip
Fall prevention system
Emergency gas line shut-off system
Vertical sidewall sprinkler arrangement
Concealed horizontal sidewall sprinkler arrangement
Pitching skate board
Combined skateboard scooter/exerciser
Exerciser and physical performance monitoring system
Anchoring device for use in rock crevices and the like during rock climbing activities
Whaletail swimming device
Dolphin-tail style multi-purpose swim fin and assembly
Golf putter head and method of making same
Fairway/driver-woods/metal protective covers
Golf bag with putter storage compartment
Automatic golf ball placement device
Adjustable goalpost assembly
Timed place kicking practice device and method
Instructional swing device
Golf swing aid with alignment and positioning rule
Golf swing analysis system and method
Skate with in-line wheels
Release binding for slideboard
Snooker table
Raise your bet 21
Methods for providing a jackpot component in a casino game in which an initial set of cards and additional cards are dealt
Double-hit blackjack
Moving object restorer
Two-way interactive water slide
Wheel assembly for a roller coaster
Water filled ballasts for swing sets
Electric swayable toy
Balloon holder
Interactive talking dolls
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for cleaning viscous material
Hydraulic system with a filter screen for internal combustion engine
Graded permeability macroporous support for crossflow filtration
Two component spray gun and nozzle attachment
Apparatus for dewatering and pelletizing particulate fuel
High pressure apparatus having transition slope binding ring that mitigates tensile stresses and corresponding method
Closure device for containers
Holder for blood sample tubes
Jaw crusher toggle beam hydraulic relief and clearing
Mill for pulverizing and classifying particulate material
Grinding mill
Waste reduction machine with replaceable teeth
"Acceleration conveyor"
Airless type dispenser
Device for removing dried caulking compound from caulking tube nozzle
Battery-powered remotely controlled floating pool fountain and light device
Spray gun handle and trigger mechanism
Fluid delivery device with pulsating linear discharge and fluid cleaning method
Quick color change powder coating system
Automotive paint restoration tool and method
Container for storing pasty or fluidic compositions and appointed dispensing of the same
Split output adhesive nozzle assembly
Resonant device, such as a striker or load generator
Vibrating conveyor and method for conveying silicon fragments
Method for the automated grouping of objects
Apparatus for treating plate type part with fluid
Parts washing system
Chemical-mechanical polishing methods
Collapsible pig
Sealing assembly
Differential quench method and apparatus
Extruded fuel rail and bracket combination
Method for smoothing steel pipe seam portion
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a header pipe
Machine element/assembly and magneform joint
Curved helical compression spring
Process for producing a casting core, for forming within a cavity intended for cooling purposes
Method and apparatus for production of cast article having small hole
System and process for optimizing cooling in continuous casting mold
Continuous steel casting installation with deburrer for cutting burrs and cutting beads on slabs, blooms and billets
Method for starting continuous metal casting operation
Upper mould holder for a die holder assembly used in die-casting machines
Tool holder assembly
Clamping chuck with six arms mounted on ball joints compensated two by two
Hole cutting tool with drill pilot
Fluxless solder attachment of a microelectronic chip to a substrate
Welding gun cylinder with control valve
Non-conductive and self-leveling leadframe clamp insert for wirebonding integrated circuits
Method for removal of dovetailed turbine bucket from a turbine wheel
Hydrostatic spindle unit with automatic self centering of the workpiece
Modular transfer systems having swivel drives and linear drives
Linear drive
Dual cylinder work piece positioner
Positioning system having a weight compensation arrangement
Carpentry coping machine
Base plate for building devices for clamping workpieces
Accumulating conveyor for elongated stock
Portable fixture for woodworking tools
Retaining mechanism for lapping device
Angstrom polishing of calcium fluoride optical VUV microlithography lens elements and preforms
End-point detection system for chemical mechanical posing applications
System and method for reducing surface defects integrated in circuits
Lapping machine, lapping method, and row tool
Polishing chucks, semiconductor wafer polishing chucks, abrading methods, polishing methods, semiconductor wafer polishing methods, and methods of forming polishing chucks
Polishing head for wafer, and method for polishing
Method and apparatus for enhancing uniformity during polishing of a semiconductor wafer
Polishing fluid polishing method semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
Method of operating a fluid jet cutting machine with abrasive removal system
Abrasive molding, abrasive disc and polishing process using the abrasive disc
Workpiece chuck with guard layer having vacuum distribution pattern
Ergonomics grasping tool
Laser guide for hand held power drill
Tool box
Electrician wire caddy
Tool connecting device for robot hand
Paperboard dispenser carton with plastic cutting blade on carton body
Method for cutting up logs
Vibration damper
Method of making edge densified lumber product
Tape casting machine with profiled doctor blade
Full vacuum heat insulation box body and method for producing and disassembling the same
Gas injection pin mechanism for plastic injection molding systems
Extrusion apparatus for ceramic honeycomb articles
Synchronous moving and sealing apparatus for a blow-molded product
Pipe connector having mechanical and fusion connections
Plastic welder
Device for bonding two plate-shaped objects
Method for making a composite panel and resulting panel
Inflation element for a downhole tool having a pre-disposed bladder and/or cover, and method shaping tool for pre-disposing the bladder and/or cover
Method and apparatus for building a metal/composite hybrid airplane component
Heated media input tray for an imaging device
Printer, printing system, recording medium for storing print control programs, and printing method
Image printing method and device
Intelligent printer components and printing system
Removable cassette having integrated supply of consumables
Ink-jet printer
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Ink, ink-jet recording process, recording unit, ink cartridge and ink-jet recording apparatus
Faulty ink ejector detection in an ink jet printer
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using an extrusion opening and shutter for releasing recording solution
Reduced EMI printhead apparatus and method
Liquid discharge apparatus and method for sequentially driving multiple electrothermal converting members
Ink jet head, manufacturing method therefor, and ink jet recording apparatus
Orifice plate for inkjet printhead
Ink jet recording head, ink jet cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
Gray scale fluid ejection system with offset grid patterns of different size spots
Ink solvent application system for inkjet printheads
Maintenance mist control
Waste ink tank and ink jet recording apparatus
Replaceable cartridge, kit and method for flushing ink from an inkjet printer
Replaceable ink container for an inkjet printing system
Ink feed container for accommodating a plurality of ink storage bags in a case main body with partitioning members
Ink jet recording apparatus with high and low color-density inks
Printing system and method for continuous web print medium
Interleave pulse modulation for thermal printers
Non-label printing process for direct thermal imaging materials including an organic silver salt
Printing apparatus and method
Printing method and apparatus, printed matter obtained thereby and processed article obtained from the printed matter
Ink jet printing method
Writing stem for writing instruments
Photo frame pen
Hub for a spoked wheel, such as a bicycle wheel
Movable torque coupling element for the transmission of torque between two colinear shafts
Plastic wheel assembly and mounting sleeve therefor
Tire sidewall compositions
Studless tire including oriented short fibers
Heavy duty tire including narrow groove
Vehicle tire with lamellar studs
Tire bead core and filler construction
Aircraft tire with two aquachannels
Wheel-mounted vehicle and pneumatic tire for said vehicle
Non-pneumatic, leaf spring-supported vehicle tire
Bias aircraft tires
Pneumatic tire with circumferential belt layer/inclined belt layer laminate
Trailer hitch with surge braking/dampening apparatus
Walk behind mower sulky apparatus with improved operator platform attachment means
Front air spring suspension with leading arm trailing and V-link
Articulating means between two connecting parts and motor vehicle wheel suspension equipped therewith
Shock absorber assembly
Automatic attachment adapter
Mounting structure of suspension member
Cover of a motor vehicle roof with a plastic frame and an edge gap seal and a process for producing one such cover
Open roof construction for a vehicle and cover frame for attachment to the underside thereof
Cover for a vehicle
Fuel filler pipe insert
Liquid stabilizing baffle
Vibration-isolating apparatus and metal stopper therefor
Engine mount assembly
Current pickup device for an electric vehicle powered by a self-insulated power line
Vehicle seating system having chuck reducing apparatus
Body of a motor vehicle with a seat module
Fold and tumble seat support assembly
Transport accommodation
Seat frame assembly
Body structure of a mass transit vehicle
Child seat
Rear passenger seat in vehicle compartment
Self-tightening mechanism
Armrest for a vehicle seat
Backrest for a vehicle
Automotive seat-back structure
Seat back frame structure of a vehicle seat
Loading platform system
Combined lorry and transport unit system and method
Vehicle mounted storage unit
Mobile storage tank having a double wall construction
Cargo support
Rear-view mirror for a vehicle
Replaceable rear view mirror for motor vehicles
Data capture system with communicating and recharging docking apparatus and hand-held data terminal means cooperable therewith
Combined steering column tube and pedal assembly for occupant protection
Occupant protection device of vehicle
Airbag cushion exhibiting low fabric usage and simultaneously high available inflation volume
Side gas bag restraint system
Gas bag restraint system
Airbelt and airbelt apparatus
Airbag housing and cover
Seat belt restraint system
Seat belt control device
Retractable running board
Collapsible and removable cargo managing system and auxiliary support table
Motor-vehicle load-retaining system
Tube mounting for a windshield wiper system
Process and apparatus for filling N2 gas into tire
Brake system
Valve assembly
Railway brake system including enhanced pneumatic brake signal detection and associated methods
Railroad brake pipe overcharge and separation detection system
Manual release valve apparatus for ECP brake equipment
Hydraulic parking brake
Motor-driven disk brake
Hydraulic control unit with fluid compensator to accommodate travel of master cylinder piston
Method and device for adjusting the braking action in a motor vehicle
Electrical interconnection for an electro-hydraulic brake system using wire form buttons
Brake torque regulation for vehicles
Carrier locking system for pendulum conveyor
Rail lubricator
Household cart and method of using same
Braking assembly
Vehicle power steering system with digital angle sensing device
Track vehicle track width adjustment
Energy-absorbing structure for an automobile
Hood closure guide and seal
Mud flap system
Motor vehicle functional front end referenced to the wing of a vehicle
Steering apparatus for four-wheeled vehicle
Tapered trailer with horizontal seams and support rails
Vibration-isolation cab mounting apparatus
Steering device for self-propelled working machines
One-seat motor vehicle
Robot mounted door opener
Head tube junction on a bicycle
Spring system
Brake cylinder for a rim brake
Transmitting system for small-sized vehicle
Vessel comprising a retractable thruster
Motorized nautical recreational vessel
Reversible life raft and method therefor
Quick release safety mechanism
Personal watercraft (PWC) variable inlet/intake grate
Adjustable variable vent opening plugs for engine exhaust
Ventilation system for small watercraft
Active control surface modal system for aircraft buffet and gust load alleviation and flutter suppression
Reinforced elastomer panel
Protective edge members for composite flexures
Flying vehicle and method
Variable camber leading edge for an airfoil
Automatically-actuated cargo and personnel scooping apparatus with techniques for alleviating the effects of wind gusts
Air refueling drogue
Hybrid composites for oxygen propulsion systems
Liquid plastic film pouch with inner straw
Vacuum apparatus for forming a vacuum in a container
Sand bag loading system
Plastic grocery bag holder
Easy-open misting container
Caulk storage and dispensing system with a reusable closure device
Resealable closure for containers
Tamper evident container
Self closing bottle cap for dispensing chemicals with swabs
Displayable produce container and method for making the same
Reducible carton for pizza pies and the like
One-piece folding carton with hinged display hang tab and method for making same
Handle attachment for a box
Multiple assembly
Packaging container
Press-on/pry-off composite closure with removal-assist and method of making same
Cap system for aluminum and/or steel bottles
Rechargeable dispensing device
Packaging and displaying device for a spanner
Disposable storage and dispensing carafe
Device for taking out a straw for a beverage can
Straw with plug
Liquid storing pouch and extractor
Hot-fillable grip container
Bag construction for distributing material
Valve for releasing pressurized liquids
Pouch reservoir valve
Aerosol valve assembly for spraying viscous materials or materials with large particulates
Envelope assembly having registration lines
Holding device for at least one compact disc
Unstable article conveying device with diverter
Conveyor belt cleaner and tensioner assembly
Conveyor belt cleaner scraper blade with sensor
Object supplying apparatus
Apparatus for transporting parts
Circulating vibratory linear parts-feeder
Method and apparatus for rotating rotationally symmetrical containers, such as bottles, while transporting them under backup pressure
Conveyor for the selection of fruit
Conveyor system
Circuit board carrier
Material transfer device
Device for metering a granular material
Method and apparatus for handling, transporting, pallet removal and loading cartons of frozen animal products onto vessels
Material feeder, dispensing member and method
Sheet processing system
Heat transfer recording sheet producing apparatus and roll shaft supplying apparatus
Paper currency receiving control assembly for currency-coin exchange machine
Sheet feeding apparatus with inclined separation plane, and image forming apparatus having same
Finisher and image forming apparatus therewith
Apparatus for high speed beaming of elastomeric yarns
Sheet finisher, image forming apparatus, and sheet conveyance apparatus
Feeding machine
Device for opening a folded signature and depositing it onto a running conveyor
Process and an apparatus for the servicing of a textile machine
Device for winding conical bobbins at a constant yarn delivery rate
Core end plug for sheet roll material
Wire winding box for short distance use
Elevator door apparatus
Support construction for long escalators and moving walkways
Vacuum gripping apparatus
Load securing and release system
Load clipping device for crane
Universal wheel operated winch
Connector assembly apparatus and method for use
Holding brake for a traction sheave elevator
Vertical plunger brake control device
Trailer tandem release leverage bar
Scissor jack
Jack board assembly for the jack lift of a garage jack
Filling spout whose flow rate can be adjusted by a single actuator device
Drink machine
Assembly for storing and dispensing beer and other carbonated beverages
Beverage distributing unit
Pump/meter combination
Fuel dispensing nozzle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mold for forming flat panel display spacers
Chemical mechanical method of polishing wafer surfaces
Slurries for chemical mechanical polishing
Hydrofluoroether as a heat-transfer fluid
Heat management drilling system and method
Manifold system for enabling a distribution of fluids
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for the automatic orientation of tubular articles such as stockings
Electric iron safety stand
Method of drilling holes in a dryer cylinder
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for unloading rails
Method for forming synthetic turf games surface
Method of remixing hot mix asphalt material in an asphalt paver and a mat of asphalt material having uniform aggregate distribution made by the same
Island forms
Double-tape pedestrian traffic control device and method of assembling it
Flexible support
Method for fitting drainage devices into the soil, and drainage pipes for carrying out said method
Method for securing, stabilizing and recovering areas of land and subsoil above and below water
Method for making a wall in the ground and drilling element used therewith
Segregator bucket
Test cock apparatus with freeze protection capability
System for excercising the control valve for a water shut-off valve
Automatic mechanism for cut-off and drainage of under low-freezing ambient temperature conditions
Manual apparatus for cleaning a hygienic vessel with water
Affluent distribution system capable of being horizontally offset or curved
Vortex valves
Spiked hinge plate with hook
Speaker frame housing and clamp assembly for wall or ceiling mounts and method
Support structure for collapsible shelter
Triangular erectable shelter with flexible roof assembly
Fence which eliminates the need for conventional fasteners
Device for preventing permanent entrapment
Doorhandle device for refrigerator
Motor-vehicle door latch with sealed housing
Drawer latch
Security lock for door having deadbolt lock
Crank handle assembly for casement window
Rolling steel door
Structure of a single-piece fitting type retractable protective cover
Piece of cloth for decorating a roller blind, a kit of such pieces and a roller blind
Ladder leveling device
Multiple cutter rotary hammer bit
Cutting structure for roller cone drill bits
Duel completion bop centralizer
Method and apparatus for stiffening an output shaft on a cutting tool assembly
Guide device for production risers for petroleum production with a "dry tree semisubmersible" at large sea depths
Subterranean boring machine
Pipe retention and cartridge locking system for a horizontal directional drill
Method of blocking a pocket of a multi-pocket feed member for a directional drilling machine
Well drilling method and system
Process and apparatus for sealing abandoned well bores
Method of assaying downhole occurrences and conditions
Sensor array suitable for long term placement inside wellbore casing
In-tubing wellbore sidetracking operations
Downhole drilling apparatus
Rotatable cutting tool insert
Controlled foam injection method and means for fragmentation of hard compact rock and concrete
Method for widening road, superhighway or railway tunnels, without interrupting the traffic
Method in operating a cavern for gas
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Static cam seal for variable displacement vane pump
Back pressure groove structure of variable displacement vane pump
Viscous drag impeller components incorporated into pumps, turbines and transmissions
Turbomachine blade-to-rotor sealing arrangement
Frangible cover for turbofan engine blade removal and access
Moisture removal pocket for improved moisture removal efficiency
Technique for reducing acoustic radiation in turbomachinery
Hook support for a closed circuit fluid cooled gas turbine nozzle stage segment
Fluid displacement apparatus
Turbine blisk rim friction finger damper
High efficiency blade configuration for steam turbine
Flow directing element for a turbine engine
Transpiration cooling in thermal barrier coating
Piggyback rotor blisk
Fastening device for connecting a valve spring retainer to a valve stem
Silencer with internal rain diverter
Supercharger clutch system
Outboard engine system
Idle speed control valve control system
Engine operation control device
Method for determining the pressure prevailing in a fuel injection ramp of an internal combustion engine and corresponding device
Return spring mechanism for an electronic throttle control assembly
Swiveling, converging-diverging, axisymmetric exhaust nozzle
High frequency excitation apparatus and method for reducing jet and cavity noise
Fuel and air purge system for diaphragm carburetors
Seal cleansing routine
Actuating fluid delivery system for a fuel injector
Poppet valve apparatus for controlling fluid flow
Actuating fluid delivery system for a fuel injector
Structure of mounting fuel injection valve to fuel distribution pipe
Injection valve for the fuel injection in an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system
Ignition control device and method
Magnus effect horizontal axis wind turbine
Hybrid compressor having two drive sources
Power operated air compressor assembly
Baffle plate of discharge muffler for hermetic reciprocating compressor
Recessed hermetic terminal assembly
Method and apparatus for controlling pump discharge pressure of a variable displacement hydraulic pump
Pipeline air pocket detection system
Screw rotor type wet vacuum pump
Roller vane pump having a partly curved vane slot
Evacuating apparatus
Axial pressure seal lubricator
Sump pump alarm
Two-stage centrifugal compressor
Vacuum pumps
Heat sink-equipped cooling apparatus
Fan unit, fan assembly, and an apparatus comprising the fan assembly
Engine cooling fan having supporting vanes
Apparatus for pumping liquids at or below the boiling point
Seal for a pump, and a pump comprising the seal
Seat and holding valve
Valve device, especially a combined proportional-distributing valve device
Fastener shank crossection utilizing non-circular constant breadth curves
Structure of a four-legged mounting peg for connection of boards
Releasable suction cup
Ball bearing
Lubrication and temperature control methods for a journal bearing system
Hydrodynamic bearing apparatus and deflection scanning apparatus having same
Mechanical transmission member and its application to a mechanical constant velocity joint
Attachment device
Universal style coupling
Hub clutch assembly
Roller type clutch mechanism
Control to determine input shaft direction of rotation
Damped brake shoe support device for drum brake assembly
Brake assembly with a nonmetal friction ring and method of making same
Tube-pressed brake
Brake assembly
Normally closed brake
Disc brake backing plates
Drum brake with dual-actuation
Hydraulically-damping engine bearing
Air spring having two end members and a distance sensor mounted therebetween
Damping force control type hydraulic shock absorber
Toothed belt
Pre-inserted rivet belt fastener and apparatus and method for application thereof
Power roller bearing and a troidal type continuously variable transmission system
Continuously variable toroidal transmission
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Automatic transmission for vehicle
Roller chain sprocket
Drum supporting structure for automotive transmission
Gear isolation shroud for transmission
Apparatus for cleaning and flushing a transmission
Process for controlling an automatic gearbox
Fault determining device and method for hydraulically operated automatic transmission
Lock-up control device for torque converter
Transmission lock
Timing chain having multiple blade tensioners contacting the same section of chain
Tensioner with viscous coupled one way wrap spring anti-kickback clutch
Method for semiconductor wafer processing system
Sealing system for a screw conveyor and drive
Integrated valve design for gas chromatograph
Leak arresting valve
Fluid handling port array
Slide valve
Knob for gas apparatus with safety button
Diaphragm valve
Double walled tube with leak display device
Helically-wound conduit
Bi-metallic union fitting for use in threaded ports
Apparatus and methods for precluding separation of a thermal sleeve and elbow joint in the recirculation system of a nuclear reactor
Undersea hydraulic coupling
Cable holder for attaching cables in a vehicle
Pipe locator and support
Lateral displacement assist collar for hose coupler
Quick-connect coupling
Apparatus for draining a fluid from a pressure vessel and method of use therefor
Device for closing pipes
Tubing for lining pipes and method for producing the same
Coupling units connecting tubular members having a hardened inner wall for carrying mechanically abrasive fluid concrete
High strength engineered collapsible tripod
Container for a compressed fluid
Ornamental display lamp assembly
Electro-formed bulb shield and method of making same
Lighting apparatus
Modular lighting fixture
Led component group with heat dissipating support
Illuminated waterfall
Spread illumination apparatus
Illumination device and information processing apparatus
Controllable combustion device
Indefinitely reusable candle
Method and apparatus for self-programmable temperature and usage control for hot water heaters
Hermetic refrigeration compressor with improved control and connection means
Modulating refrigerant flow through a motorized expansion valve
Reducing noise in a thermal expansion valve
Combustion process applicable to the manufacture of cement
Heat exchanger and channel member therefor
Electrode arrangement for electrohydrodynamic enhancement of heat and mass transfer
Heat exchanger
Charge air cooler and method of making the same
Arrow impact-enhancer and methods
Method for detecting the spalling of a layer of buildup of a refractory lining in a metallurgical furnace
Container for liquids having viewing window
Range pyrometer
Method and apparatus for profiling a conveyor oven
System and method for sensing and controlling beverage quality
X-ray device
Instrument configured to test multiple samples for the determination of thermophysical properties by the flash method
Method for laser scanning flip-chip integrated circuits
Robotics for transporting containers and objects within an automated analytical instrument and service tool for servicing robotics
Conveyor system for clinical test apparatus
Rolling bearing unit with rotation speed sensor
Vibration isolation apparatus for MR imaging system
Projector and method of manufacturing a light modulation device
Holographic laser scanner for producing a highly-defined three-dimensional scanning volume having multiple focal regions within which the laser scanlines are spatially confined
Fresnel image floater
Back facet flared ridge for pump laser
Optical plug-type connection
Multi-part optical safety clip
Optical fiber connector electromagnetic shield assembly
Apparatus and packaging method to assemble optical modules to a common substrate with adjustable plugs
Front hook eyeglasses and method of attaching front hook eyeglasses onto eyeglasses body
Foldable eyewear with mechanism facilitating quick opening
Method and device for coupling spectacles and clip-on sunshades with each other
Omnidirectional camera device
Sectional camera platform
Optical apparatus
Housing for a surveillance camera
Optical modulation element and projector
Image projection system
Protection device for transparencies for overhead projectors
Light shielding packaging system for photosensitive web roll
Index print for use in a positive sleeving system for photographic negatives
Combined pressure regulator and shut-off valve
Portable optical scanning and pointing systems
Computer enclosure with drive bracket
Retaining device for a side cover of a computer casing
Portable electronic device with contacting and noncontacting interfaces
Smart card
Optoelectronic device for acquisition of images, in particular of bar codes
Method and apparatus for reading machine-readable symbols including color symbol elements
Card charging systems
System for advising a user when selecting a product
Mini-lottery abacus
Coin sorting method and device
Gaming device having improved offer and acceptance bonus scheme
Carrier unit for feeding transaction medium to desired location and automatic transaction system having the carrier unit
Multiple purpose telephone card
Method for crediting or recrediting a data card with a given amount
Business form including smart card and smart card reader
Method for teaching economics, management and accounting
Educational tool
Sound comprehending and recognizing system
Actuator for independent axial and rotational actuation of a catheter or similar elongated object
Method for facilitating alliance building
Online system and method for providing composite entertainment and health information
Stanchion clamp apparatus
Karaoke system money counting machine and karaoke apparatus
Spindle motor
Multi-layered drive leader for a tape drive
Multi-step stud design and method for producing closely packed interconnects in magnetic recording heads
Core spray upper T-box clamp
Method for manufacturing a multilayered ceramic electronic component
Wire winder and wire winding method
Pushbutton structure of keyboard that generates pulse-like reaction when depressed
Liner for use in processing chamber
Method of in situ reactive gas plasma treatment
Electricity lead-in body for bulb and method for manufacturing the same
Single semiconductor wafer processor
Substrate processing method and processing apparatus
Method of forming projecting electrodes and method of manufacturing semiconductor device provided with projecting electrodes
Surface bumping method and structure formed thereby
System and method for the real time determination of the in situ emissivity and temperature of a workpiece during processing
Die-level burn-in and test flipping tray
Loading and unloading station for semiconductor processing installations
Heat sink having a captive handle
Scalable and modular heat sink-heat pipe cooling system
High laser absorption copper fuse and method for making the same
Electric coupler for battery of vehicle or the like
Connector well fit with printed circuit board
Double stack electrical connector with integral ground plane
Electrical connector with two-piece shield
High-density high-speed input/output connector
Connector and method for manufacturing a connector
Dynamic contact orientating universal circuit grabber
Plated plastic connection system and method of making
Male terminal fitting and a production method therefore
Mezzanine style electrical connector
Card detecting switch
Wire connected modular jack connector assembly
Double locked terminal connector
Terminal fitting and a connector
Terminal construction of flat conductor
Retractable connector with an alignment mechanism for use with electronic devices
Connector and a cap therefor
Modular jack connector having a dustproof cover
Modular jack
Device for connecting a multipair cable with reduced crosstalk between pairs
Joining connector system
Mixed signal connector
Water proof connector having a seal confirmation access window
Electrical plug/socket
Removable connector cable having bend and strain relief with integral seal
Connector terminal fitting and a manufacturing method
Electrical couplings, connectors and components
Electrical plug and socket connector having an actuating lever
Electrical part socket with pivotable latch
Card connector assembly having a retention mechanism
RJ-45 receptacle with stops preventing insertion of RJ-11 plugs
Compact electrical connector having boardlocks
Electrical connector assembly having the same circuit boards therein
Electrical card connector with switch
Electrical noise-reducing assembly and member
Conveniently oriented receptacle for use in elongated raceways
Electrical connector having multiple ports opening toward different directions
Method and structure for controlled shock and vibration of electrical interconnects
Electrical power interface connector
Connecting method of connectors
Cable stringing block
Communication wire device having a wire-winding mechanism
Radio device housing
Temporary surveillance system
Reflective liquid-crystal-on-silicon projection engine architecture
System and method for a combined rotatable mechanical and electrical speaker mounting system
Heating worm conveyor
Metal component carrier
Electronic device with connector and method of manufacturing the same
Deep drawn enclosure with integrated heatsink and fastening details
Zero inserted force socket
Apparatus and method of mounting a bracket apparatus to a circuit board
LGA package socket
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