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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rear accessible sieve retainer
Animal model having a chimeric human liver
Method and compositions for local treatment of Meniere's disease, tinnitus and/or hearing loss
Blockade of T cell migration into epithelial GVHD target tissues as an approach to achieving anti-tumor effects against lymphohematopoietic malignancies without GVHD
Adjustable breast positioning system for women's garment
Cosmetic receptacle
Tissue fastener and methods for using same
Data recording system
Pull-on disposable wearing article
Mechanical fastening system for an absorbent article
Stent for blood vessel and material for stent for blood vessel
Intravascular device and method using it
Flat shaft of a hip-joint prosthesis for anchoring in the femur
Knee joint prosthesis
System for providing optimal inflation to multiple temperature regulated blankets and method therefor
Chest compression device with electro-stimulation
Methods of treating tardive dyskinesia and other movement disorders
Heterocyclically substituted 7-amino-4-quinolone-3-carboxylic acid derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Hydroxycarbonylphenyl substituted 4-(aminomethyl)-piperidine benzamides as 5HT.sub.4 antagonists
Esters in position 20 of camptothecins
Methods and compositions for the inhibition of gene expression
Composition for inducing immune response comprising inverted microsomes
GNRH analogues for treatment of urinary incontinence
Targeted bifunctional molecules and therapies based thereon
Peptides capable of binding to titanium silver silicone
Chitin microparticles and their medical uses
Imaging, diagnosis and treatment of disease
Methods for treating immune disorders or cancer with anti-CD40 antibodies
Expression vectors and uses thereof
Two-component dental molding material made of hydroxyl-functional polyethers and alkoxysilanes or silicic acid esters
Delivery of compounds for the treatment of headache through an inhalation route
Method and device for the controlled delivery of parathyroid hormone
Process for the destruction of microorganisms on a product
Method of presenting audible and visual cues for synchronizing the breathing cycle with an external timing reference for purposes of synchronizing the heart rate variability cycle with the breathing cycle
Method and instrument for effecting anastomosis of respective tissues defining two body lumens
High flow rate needleless medical connector
Hermetically sealed microchip reservoir devices
Needle device having slideable member providing enhanced safety
Terahertz radiation sources and methods
Golf ball
Lacrosse training device
Lottery game based on words or phrases
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pre-cast drive down water separation pit system
Distillative preparation of IPDA having a high cis/trans isomer ratio
Device for separating impurities from the lubricating oil of an internal combustion engine
Catalytic reduction of NO.sub.x
Highly selective membrane systems and methods for protein ultrafiltration
Composite semipermeable membrane, production process thereof, and element, fluid separation equipment and method for water treatment using the same
Exhaust gas-purifying catalyst and method of manufacturing the same
Ni catalysts and methods for alkane dehydrogenation
Catalyst, method of making, and reactions using the catalyst
Microfluidic devices and systems incorporating cover layers
High mass throughput particle generation using multiple nozzle spraying
Shaped product having a touch-friendly surface
Method and apparatus for applying a voltage to a substrate during plating
Method for reducing face checking of a wood product
Method for reconditioning air conveying or processing ducts
Tool-holder for milling machines, a milling machine and a milling procedure
Milling machine with tool changer positionable within motion system envelope
Apparatus and method for correcting grinding amount of liquid crystal display panel
Tool-holding device for an insert tool with at least essentially disk-shaped hub
Drywall sander
Vibration damping during chemical mechanical polishing
Abrasive articles with nanoparticulate fillers and method for making and using them
Procedure and machinery for the molding of an assembled object
Clamp piston assembly with mold break function
Use of pearlescent and other pigments to create a security document
Optical information recording medium
Methods for manufacturing porous dielectric substrates including patterned electrodes
Stringer holding device
Method of manufacturing multilayer optical information recording medium
Layered pressure-sensitive adhesive
Macromolecular structure, functional device having the same, transistor, and display apparatus using the same
Exposure device with a transmissive member and members for shielding the same
Apparatus and method for multichannel sequence transmission and control
Method of diagnosing a state of a horizontal synchronizing signal for an optical scanner
Line head and image forming device using the same
Mechanism for temporarily stocking recording sheet material and printer equipped with the same
Writing instrument with paper source dispensable under a source of power
Microprint pen
Fluoride based composite material and method for making the same
Method and apparatus to control an electro-hydraulic transmission during shifting event
Security alarm
Packages with active agents
Enclosure for preserving perishable goods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aluminophosphate molecular sieve, its synthesis and use
Process to recover vanadium contained in acid solutions
Apparatus for separation of water from oil-based drilling fluid and advanced water treatment
Method for remediation of soil and groundwater
System and method for oxygenating an aerobic sludge digester
Glass for an EEFL fluorescent lamp, process for making the glass and devices including articles made with the glass
Nonreducing dielectric ceramic, and manufacturing method and monolithic ceramic capacitor of the same
Vapor phase aromatics alkylation process
S-(.alpha., .alpha.'-disubstituted-.alpha.''-acetic acid) substituted dithiocarbonate derivatives for controlled radical polymerization, process and polymers made therefrom
Methods for the production of 3-methylamino-1-(thiene-2-yl)-propane-1-ol
Modified amino acids, pharmaceuticals containing these compounds and method for their production
Nucleic acids encoding a novel influenza virus non-structural protein (NS1)-binding host factor designated NS1I-1
Nucleotide sequences for regulating gene expression in plant trichomes and constructs and methods utilizing same
Vascular endothelial cell growth inhibitor, VEGI-192a
Substantially cell membrane impermeable compound and use thereof
Recombinant antibody against human insulin-like growth factor
Polymer composition
Thermoplastic composition, method of making, and articles formed therefrom
Copolycarbonates, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof
Method of preparing ester-substituted diaryl carbonates
Thermoplastic polycarbonate compositions, articles made therefrom and method of manufacture
Multi-component kit of epoxy resin and mannich base components
Ether-ester plasticizers
Methods for making oxidation resistant polymeric material
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition
Low gloss thermoplastic composition, method of making, and articles formed therefrom
Compositions and methods for polishing copper
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for compacting coal for a coal coking process
Process for preparing fatty acid alkyl esters and acrolein from triglycerides
Alkaline chemistry for post-CMP cleaning comprising tetra alkyl ammonium hydroxide
Use of visible light at wavelengths of 500 to 550 nm to reduce the number of pathogens in blood and blood components
Rapidly cleavable SUMO fusion protein expression system for difficult to express proteins
Modulation of stem and progenitor cell differentiation, assays, and uses thereof
Sulfur-oxidizing plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for enhanced canola performance
Methods of determining contributions to metabolic pathways
Diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of atherosclerosis and underlying and/or related diseases
Stable factor VIII/von willebrand factor complex
Methods for detecting multiple species and subspecies of Neisseria
Method for preparing gene expression profile
Electrochemical test strip kit for analyte determination
Metal photoetching product and production method thereof
Textiles; Paper
Shear-calendering processes for making rolled tissue products having high bulk, softness and firmness
Shear-calendering process for producing tissue webs
Fixed Constructions
Paving machine having adjustable ballast system and method
Artificial reef
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll fluid machine having forced convection generating portion
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Turbine airfoil with near-wall impingement and vortex cooling
Multi-metered film cooled blade tip
Gas supply arrangement and associated method, particularly for a gas turbine
Supply pump
Jet pump assembly
Locking fastener assembly
Socket joint for tie-rod attachment system and method
Sealing device for a rolling contact bearing
Spindle motor structure and hard disk drive employing the same
Variable stiffness flexible joint
Hybrid power train structure using toroidal variator
Lighting unit with integrated device for attaching softboxes of various sizes
Illuminated panel portion for vehicles and vehicular accessories
Transreflectors, transreflector systems and displays and methods of making transreflectors
Illuminating device and liquid crystal display apparatus
Wick-holder assembly
Ceiling mounted fan ventilation device
Ventilating system
Measurement method and apparatus, exposure apparatus, exposure method, and adjusting method
Laser survey device
Alignment stage, exposure apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
System for measurement of projected turbulence downwind of an aircraft
Enhanced Michelson interferometric optical filter with broadened wavelength blockage
Oblique incidence interferometer
Security intelligence tracking anti-terrorist system
Optical displacement sensor for infusion devices
Depth-resolved spectroscopy method and apparatus
Arrangement for the detection of illumination radiation in a laser scanning microscope
Method and apparatus for observing and inspecting defects
Probe with embedded heater for nanoscale analysis
Apparatus for determining a temperature of a substrate and methods therefor
Method and apparatus for determining temperature of and controlling the evaporation of liquid samples
Combined modulated optical reflectance and electrical system for ultra-shallow junctions applications
Resonance current sensing
Fluorescent temperature sensor
Method for determining sepsis using pro-ANF
Quantum dots and their uses
Method and apparatus for making a determination relating to resistance of probes
Linear capacitance measurement and touchless switch
Probe station with low inductance path
Method of preparing an integrated circuit die for imaging
Burn-in apparatus
Wide-lane pseudorange measurements using FM signals
Method for detecting an obstacle in the detection area of a detection device
Method and apparatus for real-time digital processing of satellite positional signals for fast acquisition and low SNR tracking
Field probe form the angular response of a rigid body
Magnetic resonance imaging device with multiple RF coils applying half-pulse waveforms for selective excitation of a local region
Array antenna for magnetic resonance applications
NMR MAS probe with cryogenically cooled critical circuit components
Solid state imaging device including annular and center lens in contact with each other
Bent type zoom optical system, and imager, information processor and electronic camera apparatus incorporating the same
Imaging systems for eyeglass-based display devices
Illumination system
Optical lens and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus for injecting liquid crystal into hollow fiber and method thereof
Method of fabricating electro-optical devices with polymer-stabilized liquid crystal molecules
Liquid crystal display device having red, green and blue filters in which the liquid crystal layer thickness for the red filter portion is equal to the green filter portion but greater than the blue filter portion
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Systems for displaying images having micro-reflective transmission liquid crystal display with particular storage capacitor arrangement
Structure of switching device for liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Video screen panel apparatus and system
Ambient light absorbing screen
Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus having the same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method, an integrated circuit, a flat panel display, and a method of compensating for cupping
Holographic mask for lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Polarizer, projection lens system, exposure apparatus and exposing method
Color printing
Vacuum compatible high frequency electromagnetic and millimeter wave source components, devices and methods of micro-fabricating
Resist composition and pattern formation method using the same
Toner for developing electrostatic image, production method thereof, resin particle dispersion, and electrostatic image developer
Emulsion/aggregation toners having novel dye complexes
Toner, process of manufacturing toner, developer, toner container, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming process
Architecture for driving multiple loads at constant current
Current mirror circuit and constant current circuit having the same
Display device
Electronic apparatus including immobilizing mechanism for swivel mechanism
Hard disk enclosure blade
Control component removal of one or more encoded frames from isochronous telecommunication stream based on one or more code rates of the one or more encoded frames to create non-isochronous telecommunications stream
Address translation in an integrated graphics environment
Process cartridge for image forming device
Using a light pointer for input on an interactive display surface
Switching of display refresh rates
Information processor, printing apparatus, information processing system, printing method and printing program
Method of font generation for displaying the thickness of strokes of characters
Ink editing architecture
Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver systems and products using the same
Fire sensor and fire sensor status information acquisition system
Disappearing interface system
Display device and method for driving display device
Erasing device for liquid crystal display image and liquid crystal display device including the same
Display, driver device for same, and display method for same
Display driver, electro-optical device and drive method
Backlit display with improved dynamic range
Liquid crystal display panel including multi scanning bands
System and method for resampling texture maps
Keypad computer mouse emulation system
Image signal processing device
Focus management using in-air points
Pressing direction sensor and input device using the same
Collapsible wireless input device
Display device and display control circuit
Keyboard musical instrument having accommodation space for fallboard between keyboard and rear top board
Mitchel's tone ring mate
Body structure of stringed instrument
Foot volume pedal systems and methods
Method and apparatus for modifying spiral profile using reference tracks written onto a disk surface of a disk drive
Calibrating correlation between PES and off-track displacement by processing high frequency signal in spiral track
Disc protection casing and drive for receiving the same
Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor, and real time data recording method
Granular magnetic thin film and method for making the same, multilayered magnetic film, magnetic components and electronic equipment
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with magnetic torque layer coupled to the perpendicular recording layer
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Using organic semiconductor memory in conjunction with a MEMS actuator for an ultra high density memory
Semiconductor device and driving method of the same
Non-volatile memory and method with control gate compensation for source line bias errors
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Binary and ternary non-volatile CAM
Integrated circuit memory system with high speed non-volatile memory data transfer capability
Integrated circuit memory having a read circuit
Dual port PLD embedded memory block to support read-before-write in one clock cycle
Positron radioactive drug radiation shielding device
Cable with offset filler
Method for manufacturing a filter
Superconducting power transmission cable and power transmission system
Thin film device
Micro-electro-mechanical system varactor
Sliding contact switch
Gas-blast circuit breaker
Vacuum-type electrical switching apparatus
Conductor connection
Cordless screwdriver
Display panel
Bi-directional filtered arc plasma source
Method and apparatus for simultaneous detection and measurement of charged particles at one or more levels of particle flux for analysis of same
Ion trap mass analyzer
Light emitting device with wavelength converted by phosphor
Apparatus for testing electroluminescent display
Method for die attaching
Etching tape and method of fabricating array substrate for liquid crystal display using the same
Method of producing a radiation detector with a polysilicon converting layer
Method of manufacturing an ultraviolet light emitting AlGaN composition and ultraviolet light emitting device containing same
Structure and method for stress reduction in flip chip microelectronic packages using underfill materials with spatially varying properties
Electronic-parts-packaging structure in which a semiconductor chip is mounted on a wiring substrate and buried in an insulation film
Crystalline-type device and approach therefor
Method for fabricating SiGe-on-insulator (SGOI) and Ge-on-insulator (GOI) substrates
Systems and methods for forming multiple fin structures using metal-induced-crystallization
Semiconductor devices and manufacturing methods of the same
Independently controlled, double gate nanowire memory cell with self-aligned contacts
Through electrode and method for forming the same
Method of forming a connecting conductor and wirings of a semiconductor chip
Semiconductor arrangement
Gas delivery system for semiconductor processing
Plating seed layer including an oxygen/nitrogen transition region for barrier enhancement
Electronic assemblies and systems with filled no-flow underfill
Method of forming an insulation layer structure having a concave surface and method of manufacturing a memory device using the same
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
Method of producing a thin layer of semiconductor material
Order receiving process for manufacturing a semiconductor display device
Laser annealing method and semiconductor device fabricating method
Stacked integrated circuit package-in-package system
Power semiconductor module
Micropin heat exchanger
Semiconductor device
Radiation sensor
Light-emitting semiconductor device of improved efficiency
Probe-based memory
Vertical resistors and band-gap voltage reference circuits
Epi-structure with uneven multi-quantum well and the method thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
High power LED housing and fabrication method thereof
Piezoelectric actuator, inspection method, and liquid eject apparatus
Vibrating beam force sensor of improved ruggedness and mountability
Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing same
Method of controlling charging secondary battery based on type of secondary battery and apparatus
Multi-phase, silicon-containing electrode for a lithium-ion battery
Method for producing positive cathode material for lithium battery, and lithium battery
Electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Digital phase shifter
Antenna element, feed probe; dielectric spacer, antenna and method of communicating with a plurality of devices
Dual band antenna aperature for millimeter wave synthetic vision systems
Circuit board having a peripheral antenna apparatus with selectable antenna elements and selectable phase shifting
Antennas with polarization diversity
Self-alignment magnetic connector reduced in size
Socket for land grid array package
PCB connector including plug and socket contacts for easy positioning
High-voltage electrical connector with visual indicator
Panel mount electrical connector in a burner enclosure apparatus and method
Electrical connector
Low profile electrical connector
Electrical connector capable of suppressing crosstalk
Reduced crosstalk differential bowtie connector
Electrical connector with improved housing
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector with switch device
Space-optimized sensor connector
Cable connection structure in electric vehicle
Molded twist-on wire connector
Method and apparatus for providing symmetrical signal return path in differential systems
Printed board with a pin for mounting a component
Outer conductor terminal
Power distribution bus bar
Composite coiled tubing end connector
Key for a vehicle
Design of the magnet and webs in interior permanent magnet rotors
Shaft sealing assembly
Dynamoelectric stator and method for manufacturing a dynamoelectric stator
Power conversion
Brushed motor control with voltage boost for reverse and braking
Electricity production circuit
Phase error correction circuit for a high speed frequency synthesizer
Split-biased interpolated voltage-controlled oscillator and phase locked loop
Class L amplifier
Amplifier having half-wave tracking power rails
Impedance matching circuit, and semiconductor element and radio communication device using the same
Electronic fuse for overcurrent protection
Current-controlled CMOS circuits with inductive broadbanding
Functional pre-configuration of a programmable logic device
Hardware and software programmable fuses for memory repair
Semiconductor integrated circuit with reduced speed variations
System and method for monitoring clock signal in an integrated circuit
High speed comparator
Voltage controlled oscillator with gain compensation
Analog phase controller
Analog-to-digital converter with low power track-and-hold mode
Apparatus and method for inputting information
Programmable compute system for executing an H.264 binary decode symbol instruction
Context identification using a denoised signal
Optical amplifier
Voltage grading and shielding method for a high voltage component in a PCB and an X-ray apparatus
Noise filter, outdoor unit and air conditioner
Integrated web cache
OFDM equalizer filter with shared multiplier
BFD rate-limiting and automatic session activation
Method and system for establishing a communications connection
System for highly available border gateway protocol
Method and system for synchronizing video information derived from an asynchronously sampled video signal
Image forming control apparatus, image forming control method and computer readable medium
Threshold value matrix, image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and printer driver
Color image data correcting method, color image data correcting device, and color correction table producing program
Color interpolation method in bayer array
Method and apparatus for image correction
Compensation circuit for frequency filters
Method and apparatus for determining the status of frame data transmission from an imaging device
Inverse image reversing apparatus of a mobile communication terminal with integrated photographic apparatus and method thereof
Information terminal with controller for stopping voice data
Distortion correction circuit for generating distortion-corrected image using data for uncorrected image
Method and apparatus for detecting frequency in digital video images
Video conference choreographer
Mobile communication device with enhanced image communication capability
Summarization of football video content
Imaging apparatus, imaging method and imaging processing program
Detachable breakaway power supply source
Firing furnace and method for manufacturing porous ceramic fired object with firing furnace
Intelligent electrical switching device including a touch sensor user interface switch
Plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide
Color-compensating Fluorescent-LED hybrid lighting
High efficiency and low cost cold cathode fluorescent lamp driving apparatus for LCD backlight
Microwave heating system and method for removing volatiles from adsorbent materials
Method and apparatus for marking a printed circuit board
Mounting adapter for electronic modules
Lock for portable music player or other personal electronic device
Multi-chip module with power system
Method and apparatus for dissipating heat from an electronic device
Enclosure and gasket assembly for reducing EMI
Expired Patents Due To Time
Curved body of cheese made of offset curved slices of cheese
Surface ornamentation for article of clothing
Half socks
Portion of a shoe outsole
Pair of shoe soles
Seat belt positioner
Footwear upper portion
Padded shoulder sling strap for cordless tools
Baguette design with surface ornamentation
Shoulder bag with transparent pocket for personal digital assistant
Portion of a bow case
Flute case
Organizer case with multiple compartments
L.E.D. light
Shoulder strap set for a backpack
Baby harness with a carrying strap
Ion emitting grooming device
Feather pattern for absorbent sheet
Transformable furniture
Fitting for a wall mountable accessory
Bottle rack
Dresser with mirror
Brochure holder
Furniture leg
Leg of a computer desk
Siderail for bed
Siderail for bed
Decorative element for furniture
Telescoping photograph holder
Headrail for window blinds
Combined stuffed plush soccer ball and attached child sized security blanket
Combined stuffed plush hockey puck and attached child sized security blanket
Combined stuffed plush basketball and attached child sized security blanket
External appearance of a golf cart cooler
Stanley bolt vacuum bottle
Cylindrical vacuum container
Steamer with interchangeable accessories
Cup cake pan
Support for a grill
Chafing dish
Cutting device
Inverted bottle holder
Carrying tray for beverage containers
Can opener
Can opener
Beverage can opener
Trivet tile
Parrot shaped bottle opener
Palm tree shaped bottle opener
Fish skeleton shaped bottle opener
Turtle shaped bottle opener
Beverage cooler
Tikki shaped bottle opener
Hammer drill
Circular saw
Saw handle
Saw handle
Trigger assembly
Folding hook for a liquid and lotion applicator
Table base caster
Standing device for a spray gun
Knife sharpener
Picture hanging device
Toilet seat handle in the shape of a dog
Toilet seat handle in the shape of a bear
Hand grip
Toilet seat handle
Cupboard latch
Door handle for an escutcheon plate assembly
Electrical power pole coupler
Bell type pipe hanger
Bottle upper
Container for perfumes and cosmetic products
Barbell bottle
Drinking flask
Blister pack
Mint container
Tub with lid
Bottle cap
Clock for attachment to a wall, such as a cubicle wall
Clamp-on straight edge and level
Case for flexible tape measuring device
Double D-shaped handle tray
Outside escutcheon plate assembly
Digital disk player
Portion of digital audio player
Base unit for a telephone
Soap dish
Food slicer
Flat beater for stand mixer
Blender jar
Human Necessities
Modularity system for computer assisted surgery
Customized respiratory mask and method of manufacturing same
"Medical electrode lead"
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Random number generator seeding method and apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for selecting a best case set of factors for a chemical reaction
Method editor
Lens frame shape measuring apparatus
Differential budding: method and apparatus for path planning with moving obstacles and goals
Electronic circuit for controlling a movement by a fuzzy cellular architecture
Vehicle speed monitoring system and method
Running control device for a vehicle
Method and arrangement for controlling a drive unit of a vehicle
Electrically driven brake device and control apparatus thereof
Collision type decision device
Collision judging system
Method for determining a danger zone for a pre-crash sensing system in a vehicle having a countermeasure system
Smart seatbelt control system
Failure diagnostic system and electronic control unit for use in diagnosing failure of vehicle
Method for activating a system for controlling and/or regulating operational sequences in a motor vehicle having several equal-access control units
Method for detecting a locked axle condition
Anti-lock braking system controller for adjusting slip thresholds on inclines
Predictive control algorithm for an anti-lock braking system for an automotive vehicle
System and method of controlling vehicle steer-by-wire systems with adjustable steering feel
Storage system for storing items to be distributed
Fixed Constructions
Failure measure outputting method, output system, and output device
Recessed handle
Method of monitoring operations of multiple service vehicles at a well site
Method and apparatus for determining the orientation of a borehole
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine with means for uniforming the amount of intake air in different cylinders, and method therefor
Method for estimating the filling of a cylinder in an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for measuring intake air flow amount of internal combustion engine
Humidity compensated charge density control for an internal combustion engine
Equipment inspection and evaluation system, equipment management system, and computer-readable record medium with equipment management program stored therein
Distributed appliance control system having fault isolation
Diagnostic method and system for a multiple-link steering system
System for analysis of fabric surface
Device for coding and decoding locations
Navigation devices, systems, and methods for determining location, position, and/or orientation information based on movement data generated by a movement detector
Destination guidance system and method for generating individually tailored routes within a complex structure
Track model constraint for GPS position
Map data processing apparatus and method of the same
Landmark update system and navigation device
Destination route guiding method
Method and system for automatic identification of objects type according to their characteristic spectrum of vibration frequencies
Methods and systems for performing maintenance services on aircraft engines
Customizable and extendable data processing architecture for a data acquisition instrument
Structure identification using scattering signatures
Nondestructive acoustic method and device, for the determination of detachments of mural paintings
Method and apparatus for determining the health of a component using condition indicators
Process and device for measuring the concentrations of a plurality of gas components in a gas sample
Streak detection in papermaking
Method and system for high-spread high-distance interleaving for turbo-codes
Test and measurement instrument having telecommunications mask testing capability with an autofit to mask feature
Energy information system and sub-measurement board for use therewith
Determination of capacitances of individual resources in programmable logic devices
Method for global automated process control
Apparatus and method for determining process width variations in integrated circuits
Sequential test pattern generation using combinational techniques
Method for testing multi-chip packages
Random path delay testing methodology
IC with shared scan cells selectively connected in scan path
Knowledge-based intelligent full scan dump processing methodology
Arithmetic built-in self-test of multiple scan-based integrated circuits
Method of testing electronic components and testing apparatus for electronic components
Reconfigurable IEEE 1149.1 bus interface
Integrated circuit having a self-test device for carrying out a self-test of the integrated circuit
Electric part test system
System and method for computing the location of a mobile terminal in a wireless communications network
User interface for a gamma camera which acquires multiple simultaneous data sets
Method of short term forecasting of moderate size earthquakes
Method and apparatus for creating photolithographic masks
Clock for mobile phones
Central control system and method for fine tuning individual cigarette manufacturing control systems
Arithmetic processing device, inter-object communication method, and robot
Machining time estimation apparatus for NC machine tool
Numerical controller and numerical control method for NC machine tools
System and method for determining the position of an object in three dimensions using a machine vision system with two cameras
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling semiconductor manufacturing process in semiconductor factory automation system
Automated telematics test system and method
Method and apparatus for estimating time to failure acceleration factor
System and method for the creation of a terrain density model
Method and system for determining an energy-efficient path of a machine
Control system for an electric heater
Dynamic user profiling for usability
Deferred billing, broadcast, electronic document distribution system and method
Portable information terminal
Method and apparatus for controlling a bus clock frequency in response to a signal from a requesting component
Cache operation based on range of addresses
Method and circuit for performing automatic power on reset of an integrated circuit
Multiple host power control system and method
Power management system for a random number generator
Method for conserving power in a can microcontroller and a can microcontroller that implements this method
I2C bus protocol controller with fault tolerance
Data communication with speculative reception of data in a data processing system
Computer system comprising a plurality of machines connected to a shared memory, and control method for a computer system comprising a plurality of machines connected to a shared memory
On the fly defect slipping
System and method for self-diagnosing system crashes
Negotiating takeover in high availability cluster
System and method to insert a TCP checksum in a protocol neutral manner
Automatic backup/recovery process
Network backup/recovery system and method regarding the same
Method and system for recovering DHCP data
Producing a mirrored copy using incremental-divergence
RAID 1 read mirroring method for host adapters
System and method for synchronizing a data copy using an accumulation remote copy trio
Remote storage system and method
Distribution of I/O requests across multiple disk units
System and method for resource recovery in a distributed system
Microcomputer with test instruction memory
Hierarchical built-in self-test for system-on-chip design
Method and apparatus for operating a data processing system
Transactional log with multi-sector log block validation
Trace buffer for a configurable system-on-chip
Program response time estimating apparatus
Method for allowing execution management of optimized code
Attribute based memory pre-fetching technique
Method and system for managing storage systems containing multiple data storage devices
Upgrading firmware on disks of the raid storage system without deactivating the server
System and method for effectively implementing isochronous processor cache
Method and system for data path verification
Method and system for backing up storage system data
Restartable dump that produces a consistent filesystem on tapes
Data processor, program updating method and storage medium
Method and apparatus for reducing heap size through adaptive object representation
Address mapping in solid state storage device
Synchronous memory device
Modified Harvard architecture processor having program memory space mapped to data memory space
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multiple flash memory devices
Cache updating in multiprocessor systems
System and method for tracking and processing parallel coherent memory accesses
Conserving system memory bandwidth during a memory read operation in a multiprocessing computer system
Cache connection with bypassing feature
Storage control system
Method of processing data utilizing queue entry
Programmable page table access
Method and apparatus including heuristic for sharing TLB entries
Leaky cache mechanism
Segmenting cache to provide varying service levels
Adaptive data insertion for caching
Method and apparatus for modifying the reserve area of a disk drive
Dual storage adapters utilizing clustered adapters supporting fast write caches
Methods and apparatus for providing host controlled caching of data in a storage system
Adaptive scheduling technique for mission critical systems
Multiple instantiation system
Bus bridge circuit, information processing system and cardbus controller
System and method employing a static logical identifier in conjuction with a look up table to provide access to a target
Using switch fabric blades in a modular network to connect port plates
Noise reducing method for radio portable terminal
Efficient performance based scheduling mechanism for handling multiple TLB operations
SRAM controller for parallel processor architecture and method for controlling access to a RAM using read and read/write queues
System and method for providing multiprocessor speculation within a speculative branch path
DMA controller
DMA channel for high-speed asynchronous data transfer
Method of configuring, controlling, and accessing a bridge and apparatus therefor
Integrated packet bus for multiple devices
Tagging and arbitration mechanism in an input/output node of a computer system
Interconnection architecture for managing multiple low bandwidth connections over a high bandwidth link
Input/output device for connection and disconnection of active lines
Simple mechanism for guaranteeing in order read data return on a split transaction bus
System management bus address resolution protocol proxy device
Mechanism for optimizing transaction retries within a system utilizing a PCI bus architecture
Method and structure for supporting data streaming by a SCSI target during the data in phase of the packetized SCSI protocol
Method and apparatus for converting non-burst write cycles to burst write cycles across a bus bridge
Transaction support for IRDA-compatible systems
System and method for dynamic compression of data
Smart HTML electronic mail
Runtime configurable arithmetic and logic cell
Automatic configuration of a channel-to-channel connection employing channel-to-channel functioning integrated within one or more channels of a computing environment
Method, system, and article for telephone notification of an online status of a user
System for controlling and regulating distribution of intellectual properties using internet protocol framework
High availability networking with warm standby interface failover
Heartbeat failure detector method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating a data classification model using interactive adaptive learning algorithms
Wide connections for transferring data between PE's of an N-dimensional mesh-connected SIMD array while transferring operands from memory
Identifying architecture and bit specification of processor implementation using bits in identification register
System and method of composing search free mail
Touch tone voice internet service
Data storage patterns for fast fourier transforms
Apparatus for setting attributes to character strings and graphic objects
System and method for importing data
System and method for providing transaction management for a data storage space
System, method, and program product for administrating document file in computerized network system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a portable computer system with a desktop computer system
System and method for information browsing using multi-modal features
System and method for tracking usage of multiple resources by requesting for retrieving a non-existent files, and causing query information to be stored in an error log
Agent for performing process using service list, message distribution method using service list, and storage medium storing program for realizing agent
Method and apparatus for providing a highly interactive transaction environment in a distributed network
System and method for processing movement/delta metrics
Identifying preferred indexes for databases
Process for creating and displaying a publication historiograph
Method and mechanism for dependency tracking for unique constraints
Relational text index creation and searching
Set containment join operation in an object/relational database management system
Relational and spatial database management system and method for applications having speech controlled data input displayable in a form and a map having spatial and non-spatial data
Client-server filter computing system supporting relational database records and linked external files operable for distributed file system
Method for comparative visual rendering of data
Fast lifetime analysis of objects in a garbage-collected system
Method and apparatus for database retrieval utilizing vector optimization
Method and apparatus for generating a keyword list from tables to facilitate searching an electronic catalog
System and method to implement an integrated search center supporting a full-text search and query on a database
Database processing method, apparatus for implementing same, and medium containing processing program therefor
Prefetching and caching persistent objects
Method and system for interaction between a browser engine and an application
System for updating internet address changes
Method and apparatus for using prior results when processing successive database requests
System and method for selecting content for displaying over the internet based upon some user input
System and method for maintaining a user's state within a database table
Accessing media across networks
Figure management system and figure modifying method by using figure management system
Method and apparatus for warning a user of potential limitations of a database request and/or the results provided thereby
Partial delegation of complex OLAP queries with application to zero suppression condition evaluation
Locking partitioned database tables
Method and apparatus to facilitate data updates between a base processing unit and a portable processing unit
Method and apparatus for making predictions about entities represented in documents
General data structure for describing logical data spaces
Method and apparatus for merging result lists from multiple search engines
Unified binary model and methodology for knowledge representation and for data and information mining
Data management apparatus storing uncomplex data and data elements of complex data in different tables in data storing system
Storage system with online manual
Method and apparatus for retrieving a video and audio scene using an index generated by speech recognition
Data structure using a tree bitmap and method for rapid classification of data in a database
Adaptive media streaming server for playing live and streaming media content on demand through web client's browser with no additional software or plug-ins
System and method for browser definition of workflow documents
Method and apparatus for accessing targeted, personalized voice/audio web content through wireless devices
Electronic television program guide data naming system and method
Method of modeling the crossover current component in submicron CMOS integrated circuits designs
Method of circuit verification in digital design
Datapath bitslice technology
Method, system, and computer program product for improving wireability near dense clock nets
Behavioral level observability analysis and its applications
Method and system for predictive MOSFET layout generation with reduced design cycle
SAT-based image computation with application in reachability analysis
Evolvable circuit with transistor-level reconfigurability
Method of non-linear analysis of biological sequence data
Microelectronic fabrication production control method and system providing enhanced microelectronic fabrication facility utilization flexibility
Methods and apparatuses for digitally tuning a phased-lock loop circuit
Random number indexing method and apparatus that eliminates software call sequence dependency
Semiconductor circuit for arithmetic operation and method of arithmetic operation
On-line pharmacy automated refill system
Fingerprint and signature identification and authorization card and pen
Distributed virus scanning arrangements and methods therefor
Method for accessing information
Methods, systems and computer program products for license use management on a network
Password recognition circuit and security checking method
Self-updating user interface/entertainment device that simulates personal interaction
Method and apparatus for period promotion avoidance for hubs
Control method of optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus
Method for preventing unauthorized access to storage volumes
Data processing unit
Semiconductor storage device in which commands are sequentially fed to a plurality of flash memories to continuously write data
Remotely reprogrammable communications adapter for providing access to an electronic device
Document clustering method and system
Wide word multiplier using booth encoding
Data calculating device and method for processing data in data block form
Modulo remainder generator
System and method for processing vectorized data
Techniques for managing multiple threads in a browser environment
Method and system for dynamically load balancing a process over a plurality of peer machines
Context swapping in multitasking kernel
Volatile resource manager with pre-prepare notification
Register move operations
Method and apparatus for memory latency avoidance in a processing system
Method and data processing system for performing atomic multiple word writes
Method and apparatus for translating between source and target code
System and method for coalescing data utilized to detect data hazards
Method for comparing returned first load data at memory address regardless of conflicting with first load and any instruction executed between first load and check-point
Pipeline replay support for unaligned memory operations
Processor array and parallel data processing methods
Partitioned issue queue and allocation strategy
Method and apparatus for verifying that instructions are pipelined in correct architectural sequence
Workflow distributing apparatus and method
Object oriented framework mechanism and method for providing a generic order entry processing interface for one or more order fulfillment systems
Method and apparatus for simulated error injection for processor deconfiguration design verification
Apparatus for a multi-modal ontology engine
Natural language help interface
Method and system for automatically transitioning of configuration settings among computer systems
Method and system for periodic trace sampling using a mask to qualify trace data
Identification of vacuous predicates in computer programs
System and method for locating and installing device drivers for peripheral devices
Network station suitable for identifying and prioritizing network adapters
Method and apparatus to use non-volatile read/write memory for bootstrap code and processes by relocating write instructions
Selectively enabling expression folding during program compilation
Processing events during profiling of an instrumented program
System and method for performing automated incremental compilation of computer programs
Monitoring function
Method and system for converting a remote procedure call to a local procedure call when the service is on the same device as the calling client
Priority queue with arbitrary queuing criteria
Method and apparatus for strong affinity multiprocessor scheduling
Method and system for leasing storage
Highly componentized system architecture with a loadable interprocess communication manager
Method for providing route instructions to a mobile vehicle
System and method for assigning unique identifier to deleted unopened original sender e-mail after delivery
System and method for training and using interconnected computation elements to determine a dynamic response on which a dynamic process is based
Classification system trainer employing maximum margin back-propagation with probabilistic outputs
Apparatus and method for monitoring and maintaining plant equipment
Optimizing delivery of computer media
Presentation broadcasting
Electronic money holding device and electronic money automatic payment method
Communication schema of online reporting system and method related to online orders for consumer products having specific configurations
Searching products catalogs
Information processing method, collaboration server, collaboration system, and storage medium for storing an information processing program
Variable rate video playback with synchronized audio
Hardware assist for data block diagonal mirror image transformation
Multiple multicasting of multimedia streams
Portable traffic information system
On-road reference point positional data delivery device
Synthesis of sonic environments
Data processor controlled display system with audio identifiers for overlapping windows in an interactive graphical user interface
Method and system for training of a classifier
Using speech recognition to improve efficiency of an inventory task
Automatic speech recognition caller input rate control
Method and system for dynamically improving performance of speech recognition or other speech processing systems
Relative pulse position in celp vocoding
Speech packetizing based linguistic processing to improve voice quality
Method and apparatus for providing visual feedback of speed production
Additional information superimposing apparatus, additional information superimposing method, additional information detecting apparatus, and additional information detecting method
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Modified viterbi detector for jitter noise dominant channels
System and method for clock adjustment by subsequently detecting a target bit of data stream, re-adjusting, and correcting clock based on difference in detected bit
Error correction encoding a data stream of information
Distributed database management system
Apparatus and method using speech recognition and scripts to capture, author and playback synchronized audio and video
Simply interfaced semiconductor integrated circuit device including logic circuitry and embedded memory circuitry operative with a reduced number of pin terminals
Apparatus and method for reducing programming cycles for multistate memory system
Data recycling in memory
Dynamic data space
System and method for testing memory systems
Memory testing for built-in self-repair system
Arrangement and method for signal processing and storing
Synchronous flash memory with status burst output
Hybrid data I/O for memory applications
Time data compression technique for high speed integrated circuit memory devices
Synchronous data transfer system
Synchronous DRAM system with control data
Method and apparatus for controlling multi-channel bitstreams
SOI cell stability test method
Identifying wafer fabrication system impacts resulting from specified actions
Method and apparatus for run-to-run control of trench profiles
Circuit simulation device for predicting the dispersion of circuit characteristics and the electric characteristics
Wafer prealigner with phase sensitive detection
Semiconductor circuit extraction apparatus and method
Electronic circuit package
Failover method of a simulated operating system in a clustered computing environment
Apparatus and method for rebuilding a logical device in a cluster computer system
High power amplifier operating point determination apparatus and method for satellite communications system
Method and apparatus for removing digital glitches
Encoding rate detection method and encoding rate detection device
Method for computing the internet checksum
Error correcting method and apparatus
Multi-function module incorporating flash memory and enhanced I/O interface that can translate data from one format into another format for subsequent transmission to an external device
Mobile telephone system and site diversity reception method
Radio relay system
Arrangement for providing mediated access in an HFC access network
Synchronization and mixing of multiple streams at different sampling rates
Method for correcting errors in transfer of information
Cell based data transmission method
Packet loss control method for real-time multimedia communications
Method and apparatus for improving dynamic simple network management protocol GetNext processing
Method and system for remotely servicing a detection device
Method and communication system for handling alarms using a management network having a number of management levels
Information device, information device system control method, and information device system
Data processing apparatus and bus control method therefor
Time-out control apparatus, terminal unit, time-out control system and time-out procedure
Method and system for storing and retrieving data using linked lists
Queuing fibre channel receive frames
Method of verifying newly provisioned customer network route advertisements
Method and apparatus for exchanging routing information in a packet-based data network
Method for engineering paths for multicast traffic
Method of determining the topology of a network by transmitting and monitoring sequences of orthogonal signals
Method and apparatus for workload balancing along multiple communication paths to a plurality of devices
Method and system for adjusting isochronous bandwidths on a bus
System and method for managing wireless vehicular communications
Method and system for verifying configuration transactions managed by a centralized database
Collaborative multimedia architecture for packet-switched data networks
LAN switch with compressed packet storage
System and method for communication of streaming data
System and method for network access control using adaptive proxies
Integrating heterogeneous authentication and authorization mechanisms into an application access control system
Method and system for matching consumers to events employing content-based multicast routing using approximate groups
Method and system for combined transmission of access specific access independent and application specific information over public IP networks between visiting and home networks
Method and apparatus for policy based class of service and adaptive service level management within the context of an internet and intranet
Distributed application assembly
Distributed back up of data on a network
Method and system for implementing failover for database cursors
Remote identification of client and DNS proxy IP addresses
Relay transmission method and system, and device used thereof
Secure time on computers with insecure clocks
Computer peripheral base station for a cordless telephone
Interactive multimedia book
Upward-joining-noise decreasing method and apparatus
Channel changer for use in a switched digital video system
Generic transport option for transporting messages in relay or broadcast mode via combinations of ISDN B-channels or D-channels
Intelligent network
Implementation of call forwarding in a telecommunications network
Call setup in mobile systems
Method and apparatus providing teleservice segmentation and reassembly
Memory requirements for mobile terminals
Fail-over of forward link equipment
Methods and techniques in channel assignment in a cellular network
Method of registering location in mobile communication system and mobile device used in said method
Assisted handover in a wireless communication system
Wireless communications system and method with improved safety feature for preventing calls to mobile unit when traveling
Method and apparatus for generating pilot strength measurement messages
GPRS mobile paging method
Personal on-demand audio entertainment device that is untethered and allows wireless download of content
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