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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device for processing fodder
Animal deterrent device
Veterinary goniometer for testing of animal leg joints
Planer board lighting device
Upright stand
Filled edible product, and system and method for production of a filled edible product
Zipper tape having a reclosable portion and a planar portion
Equipment and tool organizer
Case for heated appliances
Magnetic hinge
Device and method for applying product to keratinous fibers
Control panel assembly for washing machine
Padding protective arrangement for furniture
Spring suspension mat
Double high airbed utilizing coils
Body support chair with immovable means for maintaining the legs
Foamed product integral with trim cover assembly and frame element
Device for attaching a child safety seat to a fixed catch on a vehicle
Safety apparatus and method of use
Clean container module
Pocket shoe horn with telescopic handle
Mailbox delivery indicator apparatus
Box spring wrap and dust ruffle system
Apparatus for securing bedding
Insulating beverage container holder
Floor cleaning apparatus
Systems and methods for eye aberration and image sensor orientation
Signal processing
Golf bag
Card shuffler with user game selection input
Mono-wheel vehicle with tilt mechanism
Hand controlled electronics toy article
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for limiting the degassing of tritiated waste issued from the nuclear industry
Household food preparation appliance for preparing liquid products
Accessory for air blast and device equipped with accessory
Attachment for air spray gun
Draw press with a fixed draw punch and a floating draw punch
Gear and method and device for manufacturing the gear
Method of manufacturing a structure body bonding with a glass substrate and semiconductor substrate
Press action simulator for aerial cam set up
Tool holder for a rotary hammer
Bevel stop mechanism for a miter saw
Apparatus and method for friction stir welding of high strength materials, and articles made therefrom
Flux coated brazing sheet
Method of forming a composite door structure
Method and apparatus for fabricating a circuit board with a three dimensional surface mounted array of semiconductor chips
Machine tool, transfer machine tool, and method for the machining of a workpiece
Apparatus and method for handling a crossover tube of a gas turbine
Stitching apparatus
Apparatus for making corrugated walls
Cutting tip for diamond tool and diamond tool
Head for ink-jet printer having piezoelectric elements provided for each ink nozzle
Pagewidth inkjet printhead incorporating power and data transmission circuitry
Liquid ejecting apparatus and capping member used in the same
Ink supply system for an ink jet printer
Color mixing inspection method, color mixing inspection apparatus and print apparatus
Tire with tread of rubber composition containing diverse carbon blacks
Radial tire with circumferential spirally wound belt layer
Hitch assembly
Corridor connection of a connection having a bellows between two vehicles connected together by a joint
Rear-axle suspension for motor vehicles involving the use of longitudinal and transverse links
Electronic devices for luggage
Multi-chambered air bag for a motor vehicle
Guide unit for guiding curtain airbag and curtain airbag device
Wind farm
Dropped deck center beam rail road car
Elastomeric spring
Transfigurable access sliding tray
Construction machine
Bicycle drive unit
Pre-positioning deployment system for small unmanned underwater vehicles
Double hulls
High load balanced rudder
Porous poly(vinyl acetal) resin body having a high degree of cleanliness, a process of preparing the same, and a method of storing the same
Disposable servingware containers with flange tabs
Multi-chamber container element body
Platen pump
Single piece closure device made of PVC
Cartridge nozzle seal opened by internal cartridge pressure
Press-flat centrifuge tube and specimen collection assembly comprising same
Package for dental product, with a label assigned to the product
Preform feeder system, particularly of a receptacle blowing machine, comprising means for ejecting badly positioned preforms
Continuous paper transporting mechanism and printing apparatus having the same
Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Refrigerator which removably holds a drink supply container having a valve co-acting with an engager
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Construction assembly of plaster boards and a method of assembling a plurality of plaster boards
Metal complex comprising a ligand having a combination of donor-acceptor substituents
Cerium doped magnesium barium tungstate luminescent thin film, manufacturing method and application thereof
Textiles; Paper
Card flat bar for a carding machine
Fixed Constructions
Tank retaining system
Foundation shock suppressor
Anti-seismic device with vibration-reducing units arranged in parallel
Hinge assembly for flat panel display appliance
Method and a device for preventing pipeskidding
Rotating stuffing box with split standpipe
Gas-pressurized lubricator and method
Drill bit assembly adapted to provide power downhole
Fluid loss additive for enhanced fracture clean-up
Flighting and tool holder
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for monitoring and controlling steam turbine system pH using shaft current
Variable geometry resonator for acoustic control
Method of dispensing fuel into transient flow of an exhaust system
Apparatus with mixed fuel separator and method of separating a mixed fuel
Fuel adaptation in a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Kinetic energy to electric power converter
Apparatus for and method of controlling temperature of exhaust gas sensor, and recording medium storing program for controlling temperature of exhaust gas sensor
Device and method for controlling engine
Fuel injection valve
Multiple capillary fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Gas-mixture-ignition-time estimation apparatus for internal combustion engine, and control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Base or mounting frame for an electrical enclosure or a rack
Adjustable device
Torque transfer mechanisms with power-operated clutch actuator
Quick engage/disengage rope cleat
Ball screw mechanism, machining method for joint between nut and ball circulation piece, and electric power steering device
Hydraulic control valve with regeneration function
Compact solenoid
Ball valve and method of manufacture
Fluid switch controlled trans-cutaneously via magnetic force
Fusion-bonded processed product of resin member, method for producing same and method for fusion-bonding resin members
Expansion joint gasket
Bimodal flexible-rigid hose
Fuzzy-logic based controller to regulate aircraft temperature
Multi-channel heat exchanger and connection unit
Heat exchanger with leakage vent
Integrated firearm security lock
Electrically activated archery component
Surface characteristic analysis apparatus
Luminescent device, optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus provided with the luminescent device and control method of the luminescent device
Two stage grease gun
Electrostatic capacity type liquid state detecting sensor
Methods and apparatus for laser produced plasma EUV light source
Insitu inertial particulate separation system
Arrangement and method for inverse X-ray phase contrast imaging
Studded boiler tube wall and method of measuring corrosion thereon
Accelerometer in closed loop with error detection
Angular velocity sensor and its designing method
Monitoring server load balancing
Adjustable focus lenses
Hybrid sensor including electrostatic capacitance sensor
Switched mode power supply
Methods and systems for switching between clocks
Cooling host module
Filter for network intrusion and virus detection
Reconfiguring interrelationships between components of virtual computing networks
Providing a domain to IP address reputation service
Dynamic point to point mobile network including origination device aspects system and method
Determining device counts
Building a proximate social networking database based on relative distance profiling of two or more operably coupled computers
Tool for the centralized supervision and/or hypervision of a set of systems having different security levels
Leveraging social media to assist in troubleshooting
Flow-directed collaborative communication
Message routing
Session-based server transaction storm controls
System and method for data transfer of object properties
Managing imaging of multiple computing devices
Application centered network node selection
Cluster-free techniques for enabling a directory protocol-based domain name system (DNS) service for high availability
Systems and methods for improved multisite management and reporting of converged communication systems and computer systems
Wireless internet product system
Dynamic service debugging in a virtual environment
Auditing communications
Audio data hiding based on perceptual masking and detection based on code multiplexing
Facilitating access to data in network page generation code
Contextual presence system and associated methods
Activation and monetization of features built into storage subsystems using a trusted connect service back end infrastructure
Graphical user interface which displays profile information associated with a selected contact
Ultra thin light scanning apparatus for portable information device
Efficient frame rendering
Creation, sharing and embedding of interactive charts
Additional input sources for data acquisition at distributed scan management systems
Location determining system with rotating laser beam and bar code reflectors
Information processing device, method, and program
Dual interface IC card
Method of transferring from a plant for the production of packaging material to a filling machine, a method of providing a packaging material with information, as well as packaging material and the use thereof
Authentication system authentication method authentication medium manufacturing device and authentication terminal device
Method for improving the readability of composite images
Automated teller machine
Remote screen control device, remote screen control method, and recording medium
Array substrate including a first switching circuit, a second switching circuit, and a fan-out unit, display device including the same and method of operating the display device
Musical instrument accessory
Modular wireless sensor network for musical instruments and user interfaces for use therewith
Method for processing music to match runners tempo
Method and apparatus for recognizing speech according to dynamic display
Adaptive gain reduction for encoding a speech signal
Stereo parametric coding/decoding for channels in phase opposition
Multi-format read drive
Magnetic recording medium and method of fabricating the same
Drift mitigation for multi-bits phase change memory
Semiconductor memory test method and semiconductor memory
Magnetizing apparatus
Magnet assembly
Insulating cylinder and a main circuit structure using the same
Micro-plasma field effect transistors
Analysis apparatus and analysis method
Ion implantation apparatus and method of determining state of ion implantation apparatus
Plasma reactor with electron beam plasma source having a uniform magnetic field
Semiconductor equipment
Avalanche photodiode receiver
Ionization device, mass spectrometer including the ionization device, and image generation system including the ionization device
Method of producing solar cell
Bonded semiconductor structure with SiGeC/SiGeBC layer as etch stop
Method for forming gate electrode with depletion suppression and tunable workfunction
Methods for testing integrated circuits of wafer and testing structures for integrated circuits
Chemically altered carbosilanes for pore sealing applications
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of removing portions of at least one fin structure so as to form isolation regions when forming FinFET semiconductor devices
Patterning of vertical nanowire transistor channel and gate with directed self assembly
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor device
Trench sidewall protection for selective epitaxial semiconductor material formation
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Body contacted transistor with reduced parasitic capacitance
Electronic device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a gate and a conductive line in a pillar pattern
Junction field effect transistor and analog circuit
Micromechanical functional apparatus, particularly a loudspeaker apparatus, and appropriate method of manufacture
Metal contact scheme for solar cells
Light emitting diode having a plurality of light emitting units
Thermoelectric conversion device
Seebeck/peltier thermoelectric conversion device having phonon confinement layers of crystalline semiconductor containing angstrom-sized organic groups as semiconductor atoms substituents within the crystal lattice and fabrication process
Power generation capacity indicator
Insulating device and method for producing an insulating device
Rechargeable alkali metal-air battery
Electrochemical storage cell
Power source encapsulation
Electrode assembly and rechargeable battery using the same
Lithium ion battery and method for producing the same
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Operating method of fuel cell system
Flow cell stack
High frequency switching circuit device
Stripline assembly having first and second pre-fired ceramic substrates bonded to each other through a conductive bonding layer
Multi-element cavity-coupled antenna
Signal transmitting/receiving apparatus and method for controlling polarization
Random jitter beamforming method and transmitter and receiver using the same
Multi-wavelength laser device
Roll on the floor circuit breakers and related kits and methods
Outer cover structure for wire harness
Electric power supply system
Photovoltaic module monitoring and control
Integrated circuit power management module
Control circuit for controlling devices to boot sequentially
Electric power transmission system
Cell protection system
Rechargeable multipurpose smart power source
Charging control circuit
Wireless power transfer system
Intelligent pulse temperature control charger
DC-DC converter and semiconductor integrated circuit
Power supply circuit for preventing overvoltage
System for selecting an output speed for an electric motor
Electric power tool
Power conversion apparatus and control method thereof
Multiple-field based code generator and decoder for communications systems
Method and system for reducing amplitude modulation (AM) noise in AM broadcast signals
Semiconductor memory with threshold current setting circuit
Voice control device and voice control method
Power divider
Touch panel and method of manufacturing the same
High voltage driver using low voltage transistor
Power on reset circuit, power supply circuit, and power supply system
High speed time-interleaved ADC gain offset and skew mitigation
Encoding and decoding using elastic codes with flexible source block mapping
Interference cancellation in a spread spectrum communication system
Bidirectional iterative beam forming
Multimode receiver architecture
Mobile telephone
Handheld electronic device with keypad assembly comprising receiving coil transforming electromagnetic waves into power
Base station device and signal transmitting method thereof
Wireless communication apparatus and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving coherent optical OFDM
Wireless quality collecting device, wireless quality collecting method, and computer-readable recording medium
Method and system for detecting non-linear devices
Relay station, base station and communication system
Method, apparatus and system of recovering an operating system on a portable communication device
Wireless communication apparatus and method
Interference process of interference signal
Method of transmitting and receiving MIMO feedback information in wireless communication system, mobile station and base station
System and method for continuous broadcast service from non-geostationary orbits
Method for performing communication between devices in a wireless access system, and device for same
Receiving device for receiving a hybrid broadcast
Topology aware MANET for mobile networks
Transmitter and receiver tracking techniques for user devices in a MIMO network
Grant processing for flexible bandwidth carrier systems
Methods and apparatus for time synchronization and measurement of power distribution systems
Utilizing data reduction in steganographic and cryptographic systems
Optimizing keepalive and other background traffic in a wireless network
Power grant use for HARQ retransmission
Ring-tone detection in a VoIP call
Network-based service for the repair of IP multicast sessions
Layer-3 support in TRILL networks
Predicting resource provisioning times in a computing environment
System and method for congestion notification in an ethernet OAM network
Systems and methods for controlling and monitoring multiple electronic devices
Distributed dynamic virtual machine configuration service
Remote message routing device and methods thereof
Management of multiple network routes
Address translation device, address translation method, and computer product
Adaptive network configuration
Name services for virtual cluster switching
Scalable networked device dynamic mapping
Method and system for traffic isolation in a network
Method and system of setting network traffic flow quality of service by modifying port numbers
Memory transfer optimization of network adapter data placement when performing header-data split operations
Transmission control protocol window size adjustment for out-of-order protocol data unit removal
Software-defined networking interface between multiple platform managers
Channel estimation method and associated device for estimating channel for OFDM system
Digital RF receiver
Multi-mode transmitter for highly-spectrally-efficient communications
Method of securing a mobile terminal
State-transition based network intrusion detection
Method and apparatus for verifying anti-counterfeiting information
Internet streaming and the presentation of dynamic content
Computer system and rule generation method
Method and system for data demultiplexing
Electronic apparatus and control method thereof and system for inspecting application
Apparatus, system and method for providing latent triggers for celebrating past and recurring events
Scalable load balancing
Dynamically adjusting delivery of content between terminal device and server
Method for updating services in communication networks
Content preview generation using social network analysis
Managing inventory data for a distributed cache provided by a plurality of wireless mobile devices
Method and apparatus for configuring cell-specific reference signal
Techniques for achieving tenant data confidentiality from cloud service provider administrators
Privacy enhanced spatial analytics
Encryption using real-world objects
Communication antenna unit and mobile terminal apparatus
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Location awareness session management and cross application session management
Device function disablement during vehicle motion
Method of notifying a party of an emergency
Systems and methods for G.vector initialization
Echo canceller for VOIP networks
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Device apparatus and method for 3D image interpolation based on a degree of similarity between a motion vector and a range motion vector
Information integrating device and information integrating method which integrates stereoscopic video information using main information and complementary information
Autostereoscopic display system and method
Method of determining binary codewords for transform coefficients
Multi-user stereoscopic 3-D panoramic vision system and method
Apparatus, method, and program for processing image
Imaging apparatus, client device, imaging system, control method of imaging apparatus, control method of client device, and control method of imaging system
Radial FPA based electro-optic imager
Imaging device
Apparatus and method for controlling home network devices
Premium channel promotion system and method
Inter-layer reference picture generation for HLS-only scalable video coding
Optimized filter selection for reference picture processing
System and method for face-to-face video communication
Real time stream provisioning infrastructure
Wireless multimedia content brokerage service for real time selective content provisioning
Multi-stage production pipeline system
Camera system, monitoring camera control terminal, and protocol changing method
Identifying a locale for controlling capture of data by a digital life recorder based on location
System and method for green imbalance compensation in images
Display control apparatus and display control method
Personal detachable multipurpose wireless armband loudspeaker system
Microphone housing arrangement for an audio conference system
Audio spatialization and environment simulation
Augmented reality (AR) target updating method, and terminal and server employing same
Matching devices based on information communicated over an audio channel
Measurement management in small-cell systems
Mobile communication method and mobile station
System and method for timing and frequency synchronization by a Femto access point
Managing system frame numbers (SFNs) for circuit-switched fallback (CSFB)
Heterogeneous cellular network
Frame formats and timing parameters in sub-1 GHz networks
Frame structure for a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for a smart random access procedure in a telecommunication network
Alternate transmission scheme for high speed packet access (HSPA)
Automatic switching and failover method and system for messages and voice calls between cellular and IP networks
Communication terminal device, communication system, and method of controlling communication terminal device
Access point and methods for distinguishing HEW physical layer packets with backwards compatibility
Computing system with configuration update mechanism and method of operation thereof
Distance and velocity measurements using carrier signals
Location, time, and context-based deferred notifications on a mobile device
System and method for sharing photographic content
Method and apparatus for reducing channel scanning time by sharing channel information in wireless local area network (WLAN)
Method and system for allowing low priority UEs to connect to a femtocell operating in a mixed mode based on path loss
Application or context aware fast dormancy
Method and apparatus for performing D2D communication
Wireless communication system using hybrid cooperative and noncooperative sensing
Detection and reporting of keepalive messages for optimization of keepalive traffic in a mobile network
Probe messaging for direct link connections
Scaling storage capability for subscriber data across multiple devices and device types in a mobile data network
Systems and methods for enabling stations to connect to wireless hotspots using non-unicode service set identification information
Method of characterising an LED device
Portable electric lamp having a current limitation device
Driving circuit and illumination device having light-emitting elements
Circuits and methods for controlling current in a light emitting diode array
Line ripple compensation for shimmerless LED driver
LED driving circuit, LED driving device and driving method
Lighting power supply device
Multilayer wiring board
Metal film material and method for manufacturing the same
Flex-rigid wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Anti-tamper device
Housing assembly
Electronic module
Cooling device, cooling system, and auxiliary cooling device for datacenter
Reducing inductive heating
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Forward folding tillage implement
Power mower with riding platform for supporting standing operator during operation
Beater for a combine harvester
Movable comminuting apparatus for turf grooming
Stump grinding wheel
Grapple skidder
Land clearing tractor for selectively clearing a land of brush and trees and process therefor
Drive-through delimbing gate
Patch assembly for use on live animals
Fly fishing reel with spherical drag system
Tackle bucket
Tackle box with efficient storage capacity
Multi-purpose cart
Cleaning device with a trigger-actuated spray canister
Animal scent dispensing apparatus and method of use
Vending apparatus for dispensing hot pizzas
Apparatus for removing carcass in hog confinement buildings
Screw set for continuous mixer wit pyramidal mixing elements
Coating apparatus and method of use
Smoking article with water-disintegratable paper filtration material having water-susceptible adhesives
Brassiere with detachable uniform pressure assembly
Necktie and method of constructing a necktie
Grasping attachment for use with a cane
Bag stuffer
Collapsible storage and carrying case
Lotion and bath handler
Dispenser with disengageable screw mechanism
Carrying device for a user to carry an article
Portable folded wiper system
Securing device for personal pagers
Height adjustable table
Storage cabinet removably mounted on a worksurface by support stanchions
Overhead storage device
Cabinet structure
Modular storage cabinet
Retaining device for replaceable hanger frame
Sit/stand console structure
Adjustable hanging file system
Wheeled telescopic percussion instrument container
Folding chairs
Chair backrest with ventilating function
Juvenile vehicle seat cup holder
Convertible high chair and rocker
Heat retaining stuffed doll assembly
Cup-supplying apparatus
Drink cup supplying apparatus
One-piece molded/copolymeric wheeled display case
Container with lock device for ring-shaped objects
Apparatus for self-serve checkout of large order purchases
Method and apparatus for processing a large number of items with a self-service checkout terminal
Adjustable mounting device
Drinking flask
Vacuum demand valve
Metering device and dispenser comprising such a device
Support system for a cooking apparatus
Pepper grinder
Domestic kitchen appliance with transmission unit
Blender cutter
Wiping material dispensing apparatus
Process for joining wet wipes together and product made thereby
Single pop-up wet wipe dispensing system
Sheet dispenser
Sand-weighted shower curtain
Triboelectric system
Rucksack applicator device
Jam detection system for a warewasher
Hyperwash dishwasher
Composition and container for treating a vertical surface
Lumen occluders made from thermodynamic materials
Dynamic range extension techniques for a wavefront sensor including use in ophthalmic measurement
Ophthalmological apparatus
Array and method for illuminating the skin surface of an examined person
Dental articulator apparatus including molds incorporating positioning and retention means for upper and lower dental casts and portions thereof
Dentist advisory system
Microencapsulated fragrances and methods of coating microcapsules
Method for producing an orthopedic cushion having a soft elastic region
Eyewear with filtered ventilation
Conveying apparatus for ascending or descending stairways
Medicine dispensing apparatus
Methods for non-permanent occlusion of a uterine artery
Apparatus for removing deposits from enclosed chambers
Dry powder medicament inhalator having an inhalation-activated flow diverting means for triggering delivery of medicament
Auto CPAP system profile information
Radial blower, in particular, for a breathing apparatus
Endotracheal tube for selective bronchial occlusion
Heat-moisture exchanger and nebulization device
Fire escape system
Quick connect/disconnect fall arrest anchorage with permanent connectors
Method and apparatus for rescuing occupants from high rise building using replaceable cable cartridges and dynamic resistance device
Personal respirator
Golf ball with multiple sets of dimples
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Vulcanized thread rubber composition and golf ball using the same
Multi-purpose racket
Inertia capsule for golf club
Golf club head
Golf club grip assembly
Electronic target for sensing the impact of objects
Baseball batting practice system
Golf putting practice device
Captive ball golf practice tee with three-dimension velocity and two-axis spin measurement
Freestanding golf swing training system
Golf ball
Portable structure
Detachable in-line skate conversion apparatus
Obstacle assembly for bikes, skateboards and rollerblades
Retaining device of a ski boot on a ski
Video game device, new practice creating method and readable storage medium storing new practice creating program
Method of playing an object selection game
Method of playing a wagering game
Chess game
Game machine
Electro-mechanical coin operated prize capsule fishing simulator game system
Children's toy
Simulated laser shooting system
Toy horse with self-storable components thereof
Playground spinning element with noise making device
Wall suspension type toy structure
Toy vehicle with rotating front end
Water fowl toy
Interacting toys
Built-up toy football ejector
Bubble-forming wand
Spring loop novelty device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fuel evaporator
Washing method for distillation system of nitrogen-containing polymerizable monomers
Soft bodied high capacity catch basin filtration system
Gas-liquid contactor with liquid redistribution device
Cyclic aeration system for submerged membrane modules
Device and method for preparing calcium phosphate-based cement
Process for producing liquid dosage formulations of medicinal compounds on demand from tablets and capsules using a mixing cup with an abrasive interior surface
Method and device for producing cast parts consisting of aluminium and magnesium alloys
Apparatus for in-line mixing and process of making such apparatus
Extensional flow mixer
Method of remediating heavy metal-containing soil
Composite filter medium and fluid filters containing same
Dual-functional medium shredding machine structure
Apparatus for removing and chipping wood scraps
Lift frame for large tub grinders
Gyratory crusher dust seal system
Granular material test milling processes
Shower head assembly
Dual component trigger sprayer which mixes components in discharge passage
Reagent dispenser head
Apparatus for producing foamable compositions and other compositions
Shower head including integral containers for dispensing products
Viscous fluid applicator
Vibratory mechanism
Recirculating, low pressure hot water parts washing apparatus
Apparatus for scarifying the interior surface of a pipeline
Seal element
Hot-top type continuous casting machine for hollow billet
Device for continuous casting
Tool for rotary chip removal, a tool tip and a method for manufacturing a tool tip
Lockable hammer-drill chuck
Drilling bit and holder for drilling bit
Drill bit for drilling rock
Ultra hard material cutter with shaped cutting surface
Multi-part dovetail repair broach assembly and methods of use
Tapping apparatus and method
Integral heating nozzle and pickup tube
Desktop soldering dispenser with automatic metering and feeding of soldering wire
Method and means for rapid heat-sink soldering
Method for electrically interconnecting large contact arrays using eutectic alloy bumping
Flux composition and soldering method for high density arrays
Sheet and stack feeding mechanism
Machine tool and cover device for the machine tool
Aligning and feeding device for panel-shaped workpieces
Device for controlling the drive of mechanisms operating separately from one another
Removable chuck
Removable chuck
Reamer with adjustable expansion/contraction, and bore finishing machine comprising the same
Polishing apparatus and polishing method
Supplying slurry to a polishing pad in a chemical mechanical polishing system
Polishing composition
Hard polishing pad for chemical mechanical planarization
Process and apparatus for finishing a magnetic slider
Forming device for bevelling
Pad conditioning disk
Abrasive wheel
Grinding tool
Boosting mechanism for stapler
Hammer-type stapler with tab feeder
Spindle lock and chipping mechanism for hammer drill
Hand-held electrical combination hammer drill
Apparatus and method for feeding elongated elements
Apparatus for manufacturing industrial component holder assemblies
Stapler having selectable staple size
Self-contained finish spraying apparatus
Apparatus for the agglomeration of feed material with thermoplastic properties
Flow guide for underwater pelletizer
Tire mold reinforcement
Thermal cooled vacuum form
Flexible inflatable support structure for use with a reusable compaction bag
Devices and methods for reinforcing hollow structural members
Composite roof bow for an automotive vehicle
Mold assembly for a container closure
Extrusion head with spiral-channel distributor element
Method for producing a compound from a flowable plastic material and a solid fiber core by means of extrusion and device for carrying out said method
Parison separation assembly
Plastic pipe having a socket, and a method of providing a plastic pipe with a socket
Indexer system for use with a plastic pipe butt-fusion machine
Bladder for vulcanizer, vulcanizer using the same and vulcanizing-molding method
Reclosable plastic bag and method for forming
Joint for connecting wood members
Laminating apparatus and sheet cassette
Dispenser for viscous fluids
Paper tray adjustment page
Printer drive roller positioning
Printing module for two printing substrates and distributors equipped with modules of this type
Method and recording apparatus for detecting rear edge of a recording medium
Recording apparatus
Paper feeder, auxiliary roller, paper feeding method using the same, and recording apparatus incorporating the same
System for printing information on a mailing medium
Ink printing method and ink printer
Method and apparatus for controlling ink drying time in a hardcopy apparatus
Nozzle arrangement for an ink jet printhead that includes a shape memory actuator
Ink jet printer capable of adjusting deflection amount in accordance with positional shift of head modules
Moving nozzle ink jet with inlet restriction
Inkjet recording head and recording apparatus using the same
Semiconductor chip for an ink jet printhead and method for making same
Process and device for cleaning the nozzles of inkjet printers, and print head and printer incorporating such a device
Ink jet printing apparatus
Rotating wiper and blotter for ink jet print head
Ink drop detector
Recovery of ink jet recording apparatus using controlled suction of ink
Ink jet recording device and ink drop jetting inspection method for the ink jet recording device
Liquid supply system, liquid supply container, capillary force generating member container, ink jet cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink supply for an ink-jet printer
Ink container with an elastic deformation device
Ink-jet printing apparatus and ink cartridge therefor
Facilitating servicing of a depleted container
Ink cartridge for ink jet printer
Fluid supply valve
Electrical connector with minimized non-target contact
Ink bottle
Ink jet printing with pre-mixed, color-balanced ink drops
Ink jet printing apparatus
Liquid composition, ink set for ink-jet recording, ink-jet recording process, recording unit and ink-jet recording apparatus
Imaging device with interface features
Method and apparatus for inkjet printing using UV radiation curable ink
Ink-jet recording method and print
Apparatus for binding sheet media
Magnetic write/erase binder
Method of enhancing or maintaining a relationship
Reusable information tag
Card and gift delivery system
Decorative sleeve holder in combination with a decorative writing instrument
Printhead/ink cartridge for pen
Rolled material dispensing apparatus
Off highway truck brake assembly and wheel spindle having a spline joint
Bearing apparatus for vehicle
Wheel bearing with positive-locking connection
Damper plate for automobile wheel
Adjustable axle connector
Arrangement with a helical spring and a support bearing for spring struts
Vehicle suspension
Zero roll suspension system
Rolling stabilizer lift attachment
Electromechanical stabilizer for a vehicle chassis
Hybrid ball stud
Compensating linkage
Full auxiliary chassis
Suspension alignment device
Vehicle axle assembly
Vehicle air conditioning system with non-contact temperature sensor
Aluminum automotive door assembly
Side door assembly for vehicles
Sliding door for a motor vehicle
Vehicle pivoting closure power operating assembly
Solar cover
Openable motor vehicle roof
Folding top for a motor vehicle
Height-adjustable pickup-bed cover prop
Radiator mounting
Dual fuel tank system for an earthmoving vehicle
System and method for controlling hub locks in a four-wheel drive vehicle
Method and apparatus for supporting an electrical circuit board in a vehicle panel closure
Three-mode, compound-split, electrically-variable transmission
Automatic multi-level transmission for a vehicle
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Seatback latch mechanism with pivoting locking pin
Vehicle seat having an inclination-adjustable seat cushion
Vehicle seat
Seat for an agricultural vehicle
Extricable seat assembly
Headrest assembly for protecting the neck of a vehicle seat occupant
Shock absorbing platform
Device for holding a beverage container in a motor vehicle
Tailgate lift assembly
Truck bed drawers and method of construction
Tailgate nested tailgate bed extender
Lamp masking method and apparatus
Vehicle headlamp
Vehicle lamp
One piece bracket and housing for motor vehicle lamp
Vehicle headlamp
Light device for generating flash lights
Light emitting diodes vehicle lamp
Inside handle illuminator
Light emitting diode lamp device
Lighting device
Mirror surface angle adjusting device
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Vehicle bed modular system and method therefor
Vehicle body protector
Automotive underwater evacuation system
Apparatus and method for determining distance utilizing a continuously variable rate sensor for vehicle occupant position sensing
Device for absorbing energy during impact, and motor vehicle door comprising such a device
Airbag with gas preventing joining portion
Covering for a gas bag of a vehicle occupant restraint system
Air bag module with electronically modulated vent
Driver side air bag module with annular air bag
Seat restraint buckle presenter assembly
Occupant restraint belt with inflatable presenter
Seat belt retractor
Vehicular tire mountable stepstool
Running board storage device
Cargo net assembly
Cable harness assembly for bicycle
Joint for pivotally joining a brake head to a brake beam
Reservoir apparatus and auxiliary reservoir
Electric park brake
Method and system for controlling an electromechanically actuated brake for motor vehicles
Method for operating electric power steering system of automobile
Vehicular brake system with vehicle stability control having evacuation valve
Electro-hydraulic unit for controlling the breaking pressure in a hydraulic braking system of a vehicle
Parking brake control
Auto rack rail road car with reduced slack
Passenger seat meal tray
High load capacity cradle particularly for rolls and coils
Cart for a golf bag, and method for using
Recycling receptacle
Adaptation to wheeled cart to enable pushing of multiple units
Adjustable cable compensating knuckle for a stroller
Expandable jogging stroller
Disengageable quick-lock connection for telescopic shaft
Automotive vehicle with pass through cargo space
Motor vehicle with a roof module and a process for producing one such module
Cargo box tailgate assembly
Control handle pivot apparatus
Variable road feedback device for steer-by-wire systems
Electric power steering apparatus
Phase maintaining control for a hydraulic steering system
Transportable part rack
Assembly for the restriction of the movement of the ball joint utilized in automobile and the like
Column assist isolation system
Luminous pedal for a bicycle
Saddle-type vehicle with automatic transmission
Adjustable angled rear wing
Water vehicle stabilizer and accelerator
Jet-propulsive watercraft
Active apparatus and method for reducing fluid induced stresses by introduction of energetic flow into boundary layer around an element
Systems and components for enhancing rear vision from a vehicle
Life jacket
Survival suit
Throttle control for small watercraft
Aircraft and drive device for aircraft
Miniature vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
Power-driven ornithopter piloted by remote controller
Liquid hydrogen stratospheric aircraft
Aircraft engine
Inset light container
Aerobraking orbit transfer vehicle
Safing mode for high momentum states in body stabilized spacecraft
Carton feeding system for packaging machine
Apparatus for transferring a discrete portion of a first web onto a second web
Labeling machine capable of preventing erroneous attachment of labels on containers
Freezer storage bag
Synthetic resin-made tubular container
Blown multi-chambered plastic bottle and closure therefor
Closure lid and resealable closure system with tamper-evident features
Container for providing easy access to beverage cans
Carton and carton blank
Grid of a cage of a pallet container
Magnetic tape cassette holding case
Container for frozen cake batter
Method and apparatus for shipping bulk liquid, near-liquid and dry particulate materials
Lifting and tipping device
Flexible chain conveyor
Self-clearing vibrating article-transfer mechanism
Supporting roller
Pivot limiting mechanism for troughing idler
Apparatus for controlling the flow of articles
System and method for detecting leaks in underground storage tank
High speed printer with dual alternate sheet inverters
Device in connection with reel-up of a web
Cored roller for image forming device
Device for spreading, compressing and guiding a running material web
Apparatus for advancement of paper in a non-linear path
Rotating belt diverter
Integrated paper presser and stopper for automatic paper feeder
Spring nail for a sheet feeding device
Finisher with frictional sheet mover
Finisher with sheet placement control
Film-tape eraser with retractable dispensing head
Device for a wound wire that is relatively stiff
Apparatus and method for controlling a document-handling machine
Spool winding device
Display operating device for elevator
Operating board for elevator
Hoistway intrusion detection
Multi-unit concrete block tongs
Removable insert for creating a void space, as in precast concrete panels
Loading device for ISO containers
Boom arrangement for work machine
Telescopic crane
Vehicle lift of the type with four columns
Self-monitoring, intelligent fountain dispenser
Self-monitoring, intelligent fountain dispenser
Counter balanced effluence transfer system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for thermally treating a material
Guanylurea nitrate in gas generation
Removable transceiver module
Surface treatment of fluorinated contact lens materials
Radiation curable inkjet ink relatively free of photoinitiator and method and apparatus of curing the ink
Multiple layered and scented candle
Laser shock peened gas turbine engine intermetallic parts
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for spinning hollow bicomponent filaments
Pulp screening device
Fixed Constructions
Tongue box for grooved rail points
Apparatus for tamping paving material
Screed plate interlock
Device for checking the compaction for vibration compaction devices
Compactor machine having vibration damping means
Pavement heating trailer including self propelled tongue jack
Paver Guid-on system
Spike belt
Guard rail construction
Highway median barrier and parapet
Raised pavement marker with improved lens
Tubular pile connection system
Energy absorbing impact system
Flood control barrier
Articulated barrier insertion attachment
Method of and system for venting out buildup of explosive gases in a manhole
Noise reduction structure for cab of working vehicle
Hand grip with microprocessor for controlling a power machine
Grout vent for a tendon-receiving duct
Closing device of hinged door
Lock and emergency release system for power operated doors
Spring-loaded catch for a sliding door of a sheet metal cupboard
Cinching door latch with planetary release mechanism
Door lock apparatus
File interlock system and mechanism
Door gap apparatus
Supporting means for a screening device
Head structure for Venetian blind
Level adjuster for window shades
Door and window coverings employing longitudinally rigid vanes
Insulating glazing unit provided with a blind
Emergency brake mechanism
Ladder securing device
Utility perch and trailer
Step stool
Boring apparatus
System and method for automatically controlling a pipe handling system for a horizontal boring machine
Rock drilling device
Downhole coiled tubing recovery apparatus
Method for the removal and recovery of the oil component from drill cuttings
Mechanical anchor setting system
Tie back and method for use with expandable tubulars
Valve assembly
Core break-off mechanism
Utilization of energy from flowing fluids
Tension latching system
Fluid profile control in enhanced oil recovery
Apparatus to actuate a downhole tool
Rock drill
Threaded connection
Apparatus and method for the downhole gravity separation of water and oil using a single submersible pump and an inline separator containing a control valve
Communication with a downhole tool
Hydraulic system for actuation of a measurement-while-drilling mud valve
Rotary steering tool system for directional drilling
Downhole drilling apparatus
Bent sub assembly for directional drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Screw rotor machine having means for axially biasing at least one of the rotors
Multiple-flow liquid ring pump
Damped torque shaft assembly
Cooling air ducting system in the high pressure turbine section of a gas turbine engine
Turbine airfoil for gas turbine engine
Foil formed structure for turbine airfoil trailing edge
Process for forming micro cooling channels inside a thermal barrier coating system without masking material
Position measuring device of electromagnetically operated engine valve drive system and method for attaching the same
Muffler with catalytic converter arrangement, and method
Exhaust pipe for an automobile or a motorcycle
Personal watercraft having an improved exhaust system
Induction system for personal watercraft
Tube formed of profiled strip
Combined tell-tale fitting with water flushing attachment
Nozzle valve
Cylinder head gasket
System for actuating a carburetor of an internal combustion engine
Solenoid valve and fuel injector using same
Modular fuel injector having interchangeable armature assemblies and having an integral filter and dynamic adjustment assembly
Hydro-electric generator
Mobile constant pressure pumping assembly
Variable displacement compressors
Fuel/hydraulic engine system
Air compressor having double pumping system
High pressure portable air compressor
Compressor with a capacity modulation system utilizing a re-expansion chamber
Two-piece connecting rod for a reciprocating compressor and method for assembling a two-piece connecting rod
Pump assembly for an aquarium
Unsynchronized phase operation of peristaltic pump rollers
Ink-jet recording apparatus and parts thereof
Eccentric system
Micromotor and micropump
Devices and methods for noise suppression in pumps
Scroll-type compressor for a fuel cell with an obstruction member around a drive shaft
Oil free type screw compressor
Magnet pump with bi-directional axial self-alignment
Centrifugal fan with waterproof structure
Externally controlled fan coupling device
Process for protecting a turbocompressor from operating in the unstable working range
Fan protection device
Coupling apparatus
Centrifugal pump having oil misting system with pivoting blades
Adjustable fan stand
Rotatory pump having a knobbed impeller wheel, and a knobbed impeller wheel therefor
Acoustic liner and a fluid pressurizing device and method utilizing same
Pump for molten materials with suspended solids
Method and apparatus for pumping a material and a rotor for use in connection therewith
Cargo security seal
Blind fastener with a blind side head having a clamp support and lock section
Spring collet clamp and method
Sucker-type suspension structure
Bearing assembly for a helicopter rear transmission shaft
Sealing device for linear guide apparatus
Linear bearing
Carriage for linear guiding device
Washer seal for a cam braking system
Sealing assembly for bearing
Transport and mounting device for rolling element sets
Spline connection for limited access space and method of assembly and disassembly
Active pin slot index system for a bidirectional clutch
Doubled vented cooling vane disk brake rotor
Drum brake shoe adjuster
Antivibration device
Hydraulically damped mounting device
Backrest device for a vehicle seat
Cylindrical dynamic damper whose size is compact and whose mass member has large mass
Electronically actuated locking differential
Venting system for use in a driveline enclosure
Method to accelerate torque transmitting conditions within a clutch
Sealed end gasket
Axial face seal
Mechanical split seal
Split packing ring segment for a brush seal insert in a rotary machine
Intermediate metallic layer for flat packing and process for the production of a flat packing with such an intermediate layer
Safety device for cutting off gas pipelines
Multipath rotary disc valve for distributing polymer plastics melts
Relief valve head for piston-style flush valve
Pipe handling apparatus and method of using the same
Composite tube comprising an inner casing
Detectable liquid leakage conduit
High-pressure pipe element consisting of hooped tube sections
Threaded coupling with water exclusion seal system
Flange connection for pipes, in particular, air pipes
Annular gasket
Bearinged swivel connector for fuel dispensing nozzle
Temperature monitoring assembly having a thermostatic control with mounting clip
Removable cable tie
Coaxial quick connector
Drilling apparatus for tapping into a fluid containing vessel
Pipe replacement apparatus
Pressure relieving arch having split pipe sleeves
Cantilevered support for wired device
Module for adjustment of intensity of panoramic movements along the horizontal and vertical plane, particularly in a supporting head for television or motion-picture cameras
Computer monitor beverage holder assembly
Wire rope lubrication device for a crane
Attachable and glowable members
Louvered screen to control light
Light beam shutter apparatus
Wrist mounted illumination apparatus
Remote control hand lantern
Illumination device having an inverter and an igniter disposed in a lamp body
Prism lantern
Lighting fixture employing a partially reflective partially transmittive polymeric reflector
Optical waveguide illumination and signage device and method for making same
Linear illumination sources and systems
Combustion process and fuel injection burner for implementing such a process
Integrated fuel injection and mixing system with impingement cooling face
Variable firing rate fuel burner
Method and device for determining a soot charge in a combustion chamber
Press type lighter having a safety switch
Ignition mechanism for gas lighter
Heat exchange system
Radiator with cover and mounting board and method of installation
Dry out mechanism for humidifier
Two phase vacuum pumped loop
Vapor chamber active heat sink
Heat exchanger and dimple tube used in the same, the tube having larger opposed protrusions closest to each end of tube
Combination three-dimensional archery target and animal decoy
Rotary doser valve
Method and apparatus for controllably dispensing powders and liquids
Multipoint thermocouple
Covering device for cover elements which are mobile with relation to the other and radiology machine having such a covering device
Thermal conductivity detector
High bandwidth probe assembly
Testing dies on a semiconductor wafer in a sequential and overlapping manner
Low profile pneumatically actuated docking module with power fault release
System for cataloging an inventory and method of use
Telescoping probe with interchangeable mirrors and light emitting diodes including ultraviolet
Spectral light division and recombination configuration as well as process for the spectrally selective modulation of light
Monocentric autostereoscopic viewing apparatus using resonant fiber-optic image generation
Method of splicing two optical fibers
Integrated optical component with photodetector for automated manufacturing platform
Optical package with alignment means and method of assembling an optical package
Optical ferrule having multiple rows of multiple optical fibers
Floating connector subassembly and connector including same
Apparatus for connecting optical connectors and printed circuit board, unit mounting the same
Plug part for an optical plug-and-socket connection and method for its assembly
Optical module having an optical coupling between an optical fiber and a laser diode
Mounted transceivers
Optoelectronic surface-mountable module and optoelectronic coupling unit
Mirror support
Spectacles with additional removable lens or lenses
Auxiliary eyewear attachment methods and apparatus
Seamless screen videowall
Liquid crystal projector
Audio-video recording of overhead projector based presentations
Light shielding blade and method of manufacturing the same
Light quantity controller
Substrate processing apparatus and processing method by use of the apparatus
Wafer stage chamber
Apparatus and methods for development of resist patterns
Apparatus and method of paper separation for image formation apparatus
Card retention mechanism
Interchangeable and modular I/O panel
Heat sink retention technique
Chip card ejector system
Hybrid card contact actuator system and method
Code reader and code reading method for reading hole code
Methods and apparatus utilizing visually distinctive barcodes
Optical scanner adapted for interfacing to a data communications network
Bar code reading method, bar code reading apparatus, and program thereof
Hand held portable device with multiple functions
Electronic display for store shelves
Method and system for presenting item information using a portable data terminal
Direct vote recording system
Paper-like material processing apparatus, switchback mechanism and paper-like material processing apparatus equipped with switchback mechanism
Coin escrow and changer apparatus
Gaming machine with moving symbols on symbol array
Skill based coin catching amusement machine
Automated banking machine enclosure
Cash register and method of accounting for cash transactions
Visual educational device for teaching literacy
Kit and a process for facilitating evaluation of cooperative skills of individuals in a group environment
Reward based game and teaching method and apparatus employing television channel selection device
Three hundred sixty degree viewable tactical display
Demonstration device modelling a living organism
Computerized method of and system for learning
Systems and methods for web-based learning
Device for mounting sign of direction to post
Bolt seal
Magnetic tape apparatus
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus including at least one guide arrangement having at least one damping projection
Tape cartridge leader for single reel tape cartridges having increased flexibility for improved performance
Disc holding apparatus
High capacity card and reader system
Filter vent fitting
Flat lamination solenoid
Light guide for a communication unit
Keyboard structure with latch sections and retaining sections
Guiding arrangement for a plug-in battery pack operating an electric appliance
Light emitting device
Method for manufacturing a photocathode
Bellows isolation for index platforms
Substrate processing apparatus
Apparatus for maintaining wafer back side and edge exclusion during supercritical fluid processing
Shock resistant variable load tolerant wafer shipper
Off-load system for semiconductor devices
Heatsink device
Method for forming a flip chip on leadframe semiconductor package
Battery terminal provided with a current sensor
Electrical connector having dielectric spacer
Card edge connector having compact structure
Electrical connector having shielding plate
Connector for signal channel
Battery connector
Connector for connecting flexible substrates
Closed end coaxial connector
Power jack with central pin
Male terminal with curved interconnecting portion
Connecting terminal and method of mounting the same onto a circuit board
Stacked electrical card connector assembly
Test and burn-in connector
Connector and a method for assembling a connector
Splice absorbing structure
Electrical terminal block with case cover
Contacting device for a flat band cable
Connecting structure for a portable electronic device cord
Electrical connector for connecting electrical wires to an electrical apparatus
Lever type electrical connector
Electrical connector having differential pair terminals with equal length
Protection device for protecting a PCB electrical connector from electromagnetic interference
Connection arrangement for a mineral-insulated conduit
Fuse box
Electrical connector plug for ignition devices
4.times.8 fire rated poke through fitting
Socket connector having additional ring
Vehicle cigarette lighter connector
Bulb socket
Stacked electrical card connector assembly
Glass mounted electrical terminal
Ground connector
Electronic equipment
Motor having clutch and manufacturing method thereof
Mounting film bulk acoustic resonators in microwave packages using flip chip bonding technology
Image sensor mounting system
Speaker enclosure and mounting method for isolating and insulating faceplate and speakers from a surrounding mounting surface
Internet related appliances
Chip rework solder tool
Semiconductor device having signal contacts and high current power contacts
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