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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Fixed spool fishing reel
Insect trap
Flying insect trap
Spill-proof dispersion device for dispersing volatile liquids
Glove with non-bunching palm construction
Custom article of footwear and method of making the same
Flexible umbrella systems
Suitcase with connection for a partition made of double material
Foot scrubbing device
Modular outdoor packing system
Infield backpack for carrying a spotting scope attached to a tripod
Portable desk
Storage apparatus
Suspension device for vehicle
Wall hung slipcover headboard to incorporate art into a bed
Method and apparatus for a floating shelf assembly
Hanging device for a pincer
Support structure
Beach blanket assembly
Driving carriage for a sliding curtain
Biodegradable and compostable single-serve beverage ingredient package
Dispensing system and method
Food tray device and method
Disposable anti-viral tissue dispenser and disposal structure
Mop with spinning device
Mop head fixation device and method
Biosignal measuring equipment
ECG signal power vector detection of ischemia or infarction
Method for determining the rectum distance in the colon
Combined MR-optical coil for prostate, cervix and rectum cancer imaging diagnostics
Device and method for monitoring cardiac pacing rate
Energy distribution reconstruction in CT
Flossing device
Powder inhalation device
Adaptive cardiac resyncronization therapy and vagal stimulation system
Impact force attenuating, energy dissipating ankle and foot protector accessory for hockey players
Rear hoop for a snowboard binding
Performing Operations; Transporting
Composite semipermeable membrane and manufacturing method therefor
Multifunctional schumann wave machine
Method and a device for sensing the properties of a material to be crushed
Apparatus for hot water pressure washer with an automatic burner cool-down
Device for injecting fuel
Electrostatic spray system and method
Shaker seal
Support structure having fixation means for screening media
Method and device for manufacturing separator for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Magnetorheological lubricant for metal forming processes
Corner cam assembly and method of using the same
Manufacturing method for the making of articles or precursors comprising hoops
Structural coupler
System and method for inserting ripple springs
Torque adjustment device for screwdriver
Fastener driving tool
String line multipurpose tool
Vise clamping tool for table-type circular sawing machine
Sharpening element for a cutting table
Wiresaw cutting method
Multi-layer, expandable sleeve for a printing press cylinder, particularly for flexographic printing
Method for applying a film
Pneumatic tire and manufacturing method of pneumatic tire
Tire pressure monitoring system
Suspension thrust bearing device and McPherson strut equipped with such a device
Trailing arm mounting bracket
Hydraulic fluid warm-up using hydraulic fan reversal
Auto transmission lever mouse device for shift by wire system
Slosh pot
Apparatus and method for locating, identifying and tracking vehicles in a parking area
Vehicle driving assist system
Supplemental mechanism for actuating the brake of a bicycle and methods of use
Marine vessel
Water propelled personal craft
Aircraft cooling duct
Tablet inspecting device
Vertical bag-manufacturing and packaging machine
Germ free beverage lid system
Holder attachable to a boat
Pressure-equalizing cradle for booster rocket mounting
Security box with attached lock
Nesting coolers
Gas storing packing material and packing method
Plastic aerosol container
Decorative case
Motor drive of a gearless belt conveyor drive system
Stackable and linkable container system
Soda straw dispenser
Hands-free paper towel dispenser
Head-mountable apparatus
Elevator car door interlock
Controlling method, system and device for hook deviation
Apparatus and method for use in handling a load
Device for the quantitatively regulated delivery of bulk product
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Pulse laser device, transparent member welding method and transparent member welding apparatus
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Textiles; Paper
Method for braiding reinforcing fibers with variation in the inclination of the braided fibers
Cleaning apparatus for soiled substrates having a removable cage sealing means
Fixed Constructions
Drain valve assembly
Building assembly with a corner profile for an insulating building system
Foam-filled, membrane-covered barrier for raising flat roof low areas
Gutter protector debris fence
Pet cage remote door opener
Door damping mechanism
Door stop device
Method for automatically ascertaining the number of people and/or objects present in a gate
Window unit
Device for winding up and unwinding raising cords of a screen such as a window covering
High pressure seal adapter for splitter conductor housing to wellhead connection
Packer deployed formation sensor
Methods and devices for isolating wellhead pressure
Interventionless adjustable flow control device using inflatables
Apparatus and method for connecting fluid lines
Well cleanout tool
Wired or ported universal joint for downhole drilling motor
Damper cartridge for launching plugs in cementing operations
Artificial lift system for well production
Flowbore mounted sensor package
Erosional protection of fiber optic cable
Drill bit with adjustable side force
Portable drilling rig apparatus and assembly method
Steerable piloted drill bit, drill system, and method of drilling curved boreholes
Underwater hydrocarbon transport apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power plant with CO.sub.2 capture and compression
Waste heat utilization device for internal combustion engine
Adjustment shaft activation of a valve operation for combustion engines for operating gas exchange valves
Exhaust gas purification apparatus in an internal combustion engine
Arrangement for preparation of a fuel for combustion
Operating system for internal combustion engine
Rotating apparatus
Wind energy system
Sewage suction device
Airbag arrangement and tools
Device for coupling a guide element secured to at least one cable sheath, in a support mount
Piston arrangement and engine
Clutch operation assisting device and power unit for straddle-type vehicle
Clutch operating device
Torque converter assembly with fluid manifold
Gear coupling device and gear coupling method
Static-dynamic seal assembly with hysteresis-inducing passages
Bypass piston port and methods of manufacturing a bypass piston port for a series progressive divider valve
Unbonded flexible pipe
Conduit fitting with split torque collar
Mounting clips and decorative mounting articles
Air accelerating system
Method and apparatus for treating boil-off gas in an LNG carrier having a reliquefaction plant, and LNG carrier having said apparatus for treating boil-off gas
Closure device
Water heater having upstream and downstream manifolds
Semiconductor wafer transport method and semiconductor wafer transport apparatus
Method and device for assembling a motor-fan unit and a radiator for a motor vehicle engine and motor-fan unit and radiator assembly obtained
Solar cell cleaning device of an energy storage system and method of cleaning the solar cell
Solar receiver system
Ice agitator
Data center cooling with an air-side economizer and liquid-cooled electronics rack(s)
Centrifugal Air Cycle Air Conditioner
Process and apparatus to control the airflow in dehumidifying dryers
Dryers that adjust power based on non-linear profiles
Methods for cooling computers and electronics
Compound bow with rigid deflecting stop
Arrow rest locking mechanisms
Gas generator with reactive gases
Depth determination apparatus
Laser-based gas differential spectral analysis
Multiple-degree of freedom interferometer with compensation for gas effects
Electro-optical measurement of hysteresis in interferometric modulators
Polarization based fiber optic downhole flowmeter
Single-lens computed tomography imaging spectrometer and method of capturing spatial and spectral information
Method for acoustically localizing leaks in piping systems
Optical defect inspection apparatus
Respirator end-of-service life probe
Electromagnetic impedance sensor and passenger protection system
Methods of validating edge strength of a glass sheet
Flow-through, inlet-gas-temperature-controlled, solvent-resistant, thermal-expansion compensated cell for light spectroscopy
Systems and methods for identifying Replikin Scaffolds and uses of said Replikin Scaffolds
Solar-powered windsock assembly
Two-dimensional estimation technique for doppler optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Estimation of the speed of a mobile device
Duty cycle measurement for various signals throughout an integrated circuit device
For testability technique for phase detectors used in digital feedback delay locked loops
Method and circuit for rapid alignment of signals
Membrane probing structure with laterally scrubbing contacts
Trouble-factor detecting device, trouble-factor detecting method, and computer product
Apparatus for testing semiconductor device package and multilevel pusher thereof
Scan chain diagnostics using logic paths
Systems and methods for controlling deposition of a charge on a wafer for measurement of one or more electrical properties of the wafer
Multi-component seismic data processing
Omnidirectional antireflection coating
Compensation techniques for fluid and magnetic bearings
Laser microscope
Frequency-shifting micro-mechanical optical modulator
Optical deflector having tapered aperture stop, light scanning apparatus and scanning type image display apparatus using same
Display optical system and image display apparatus including the same
Imaging apparatus and method for manufacturing microlens array
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the lens
Optical element and optical device
Sinusoidal polarization
Method of producing fine particles of anthraquinone structure-containing pigment, fine particles of anthraquinone structure-containing pigment produced thereby, colored pigment dispersion composition therewith, colored photosensitive resin composition therewith and photosensitive resin transfer material therewith, and color filter and liquid crystal display device using the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and liquid crystal projector
Apparatus for optically arranging surface of alignment film and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device using the same
Liquid crystal display and method havng three pixel electrodes adjacent each other in a column direction connected with three respective gate lines that are commonly connected and three data lines, two of which are overlapped by all three pixel electrodes
Liquid crystal display with m x 1 inversion drive
Transparent window switchable rear vision mirror
Electrochromic compound, electrochromic composition and display device
Image pickup apparatus, camera system, and control method for image pickup apparatus
Shooting system and interface box
Recording data on motion picture film
Device manufacturing method, lithographic apparatus, and a computer program
Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
Holding member and unit using the holding member
Bookbinding system and bookbinding method
Methods and devices for evaluating print quality
Microchip and method for repairing cartridge
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus for controlling a folding operation
Image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus, and toner replenishing apparatus
Method by which an infinite number of colors may be used with a finite number of CCUs
Image formation device
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having developer supply apparatus
Image forming apparatus including control for main and auxiliary heating members
Image forming apparatus
Multi-function printer with a locking device and operational method thereof
Method and apparatus for directly transferring powder toner, and method and apparatus for filling with powder toner
Fully automated paste dispense system for dispensing small dots and lines
Stepping motor driving device, sheet processing device, and image processing apparatus
Charge pump circuit with control circuitry
Power control using at least 540 degrees of phase
Voltage regulator with high voltage protection
Methods for case-based recognition of HEp-2 cells in digital images of HEp-2 cell sections
Structure for a system and method of predicting power events in an intermittent power environment and dispatching computational operations of an integrated circuit accordingly
Memory card with power saving
Random number generating method and random number generating apparatus
Reduced guard band for power over Ethernet
Managing recovery and control of a communications link via out-of-band signaling
Autonomous takeover destination changing method in a failover
Fault isolation system and method
Data relay device, storage device and data-relay method
Method for the transmission of data packets in a tunnel, corresponding computer program product, storage means and tunnel end-point
Pseudorandom number generator, semiconductor integrated circuit, pseudorandom number generator control apparatus, pseudorandom number generator control method, and computer product
Virtual path storage system and control method for the same
Computer system and control method for controlling processor execution of a prefetech command
Measuring data transfer time for disk drives
Storage system
Managing logical volumes in a storage system with remote copy
Scoring data flow characteristics to assign data flows to storage systems in a data storage infrastructure for a communication network
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked library of multiple formats and multiple protocols with intelligent formatter
Logic controller having hard-coded control logic and programmable override control store entries
Hardware configuration information system, method, and computer program product
Information transmission device and information transmission method
Systems and methods for organizing and storing data
System and method for image rotation
Compound Galois field engine and Galois field divider and square root engine and method
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program and computer readable recording medium
Open system interconnection (OSI) messaging
Push to storage network enabling fast start
Distributed routing table architecture and design
System and method for administering a device via instant messaging
N-way data stream splitter
System and method for enabling wireless internet access in public areas
Clustered storage system with external storage systems
Systems and methods for storing, delivering, and managing messages
Session management method for computer system
Hybrid event prediction and system control
Network management system and method for supporting multiple protocols
Method and system for using data structures to store database information for multiple vendors and model support for remotely monitored devices
Invoice mediation system and method
Device and a method to process audio data, a computer program element and computer-readable medium
Detecting indicators of misleading content in markup language coded documents using the formatting of the document
Method for control of gaming systems and for generating random numbers
Products and processes for managing the prices of vending machine inventory
System and method for preview and selection of words
Method and apparatus for dynamically managing vending machine inventory prices
Electronic musical apparatus for displaying character
System permitting the display of video or still image content on selected displays of an electronic display network according to customer dictates
Application-layer monitoring of communication between one or more database clients and one or more database servers
Queuing model for a plurality of servers
Method and system for processing requests for accessing stored information
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium and program
IntelligentAdvisor.TM., a contact, calendar, workflow, business method, and intelligence gathering application
Document management system, document management method, program and storage medium
Internet searching using semantic disambiguation and expansion
Queue arrays in network devices
Method for optimizing an unrouted design to reduce the probability of timing problems due to coupling and long wire routes
System and method for providing a common instruction table
System for improving a logic circuit and associated methods
Test pattern based process model calibration
On chip local MOSFET sizing
Diagnostic system and method for detecting tampering of vehicle software or calibrations
Multiphasic cellular regulation
Method for making a seamed radome for an array antenna and radome with optimal seam locations
Using Multi-Layer/Multi-Input/Multi-Output (MLMIMO) models for metal-gate structures
Method, system and program products for sharing state information across domains
Method and apparatus to defer USB transactions
Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Information processing apparatus and method in which data rasterized on a plurality of memories is transmitted to corresponding external apparatuses
Configuration recognizing system, configuration recognizing method, and computer readable medium storing configuration recognizing program of device
Print control with interfaces provided in correspondence with printing methods
Shared library in a printing system
System for processing print jobs in a network
Method and system for modifying orders
Data retrieval apparatus
Information processing apparatus, methods, and program for searching sets for an element
Systems and methods for managing information
Middleware method and apparatus and program storage device adapted for linking data sources to software applications
Remote copy system, remote environment setting method, and data restore method
Document management apparatus, document management program, and recording medium
System and method for guided and assisted structuring of unstructured information
Presentation of information based on current activity
Content filtering method, apparatus thereby, and recording medium having filtering program recorded thereon
Processing method of data stream using border monitoring query
Method and apparatus for constructing a link structure between documents
Method and apparatus for moving contents using copy and movement control information
Eigenvalue decomposition and singular value decomposition of matrices using Jacobi rotation
Cache sharing based thread control
Method and apparatus for performing a multiplication or division operation in an electronic circuit
Reconfigurable integrated circuit
System and method for eliminating common subexpressions in a linear system
Accessible role and state information in HTML documents
Mechanism for using performance counters to identify reasons and delay times for instructions that are stalled during retirement
System and methods for automatically verifying management packs
Apparatus and method for monitoring and routing status messages
Single-chip multiprocessor with clock cycle-precise program scheduling of parallel execution
Automatic method and system for formulating and transforming representations of context used by information services
Simulation system and method for establishing reservoir operational rule curves
Method of expression, recording, reproduction, and communication of computer object using color, apparatus for recording and/or reproduction, recording medium, and method of preparation of code
Job processing error and schedule recovery
Extended range EMF antenna
Electronic tag capable of coupling to metal
Method and system for resource management and evaluation
Image conversion and encoding techniques
Iris identification system integrated USB storage device
Confirming cancellation of truncated checks
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
System and method for the generation of multiple angle correlation-based digital watermarks
Image processing method and apparatus, image sensing apparatus, and program
Tamper-resistant text stream watermarking
Image processing method and apparatus thereof
Data transferability predictor
Image stitching
Adaptive video enhancement gain control
Image-processing method and apparatus, and printer including enhancement of head hair
Conditional shape model for image processing
Assigning and managing patron reservations for distributed services using wireless personal communication devices
Method and apparatus for an itinerary planner
Using bar-codes in an asset storage and transfer system
Method and system for providing an on-line auction
Promotional materials within digital cinema data stream
Method system and software for ordering goods and/or services over a communication network
Method and system for providing purchasing on a wireless device
Methods and apparatus for presenting offers to qualified consumers
Method for tracking and notification or recipient-initiated mail items
Method and system for tracking conversions in a system for targeted data delivery
Global electronic trading system
Methods and systems for facilitating transactions between commercial banks and pooled depositor groups
Presentation and analysis of docket information and financial information
Census investing and indices
System and method for hedging dividend risk
Method and apparatus for issuing and managing gift certificates
Method and apparatus for providing and processing installment plans at a terminal
Self-training and self-testing systems and methods
Apparatus and method for providing employee benefits and/or employee benefits information
Three-dimensional graphic processing system and method capable of utilizing camera preview images
Dynamic identity matching in response to threat levels
Global account reconciliation tool
Entrapment prevention sensor for opening and closing door of vehicle
Power control method for mobile RFID reader and RFID reader using the same
Alarm system
Method and apparatus for estimating real-time travel times over a transportation network based on limited real-time data
Three-dimensional greeting card and protective case therefor
Apparatus and method for indentifying the geographic location and time in a recorded sound track by using a stealth mode technique
Adhesive casualty and triage card
Device and method to attach head gear to a surface
Display region architectures
Liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal panel drive method
Display device including a drive circuit, including a level shifter and a constant current source
Data input device
Touch sensor with tactile feedback
System and method for determining a common fundamental frequency of two harmonic signals via a distance comparison
Text to speech interactive voice response system
Device and method of modeling acoustic characteristics with HMM and collating the same with a voice characteristic vector sequence
Scalable decoding apparatus and method for concealing lost spectral parameters
Error compensation using a reserve track
Disc drive device
Perpendicular recording discrete track medium and servo pattern magnetization method for same
Determination of wedge offset correction values for a disk drive
Laminated wave plate and optical pickup using the same
Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus
Stuck-at defect condition repair for a non-volatile memory cell
Magnetic memory cell and method of fabricating same
Carbon filament memory and fabrication method
Integrated circuit including selectable address and data multiplexing mode
Switched current memory cell
Semiconductor device, memory system and control method of the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having user field and vendor field
Circuit and method for controlling a standby voltage level of a memory
Method and apparatus for performing internal hidden refreshes while latching read/write commands, address and data information for later operation
Conductor assembly having an axial field in combination with high quality main transverse field
Magnetically biased magnetopropant and pump
Transformer core manufacturing apparatus and method
Correlated magnetic coupling device and method for using the correlated coupling device
Line circuit breaker and magnet yoke for a line circuit breaker
Organic light-emitting display device having a frit seal and method for fabricating the same
Ultra violet flame sensor with run-on detection
Photodetector integrated chip
Controlled surface roughness in vacuum retention
Threshold voltage improvement employing fluorine implantation and adjustment oxide layer
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Microelectronic lithographic alignment using high contrast alignment mark
Electric fence energiser
Deep trench in a semiconductor structure
Method and structure for SOI body contact FET with reduced parasitic capacitance
Nanoparticle/nanotube-based nanoelectronic devices and chemically-directed assembly thereof
Integrated circuit with conductive structures
HVNMOS structure for reducing on-resistance and preventing BJT triggering
Field plate trench transistor and method for producing it
Semiconductor device having vertical MOSFET
Vertical SOI trench SONOS cell
Integrated circuit, memory module, and method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
Semiconductor superjunction structure
Backside-illuminated imaging device and manufacturing method of the same
Dual-use transducer for use with a boundary-stiffened panel and method of using the same
Driving apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Energy converters and associated methods
Piezoelectric resonator
(Li, Na, K)(Nb, Ta) O.sub.3 based piezoelectric material
Waveguide transitions and method of forming components
Metallurgical clamshell methods for micro land grid array fabrication
Power stabilized laser diode array
Laser device and optical amplifier
Non-intrinsically safely supplied measurement device
Energy conditioner with tied through electrodes
Electrical distribution feeder system and method of operation
Laminated rotor core and method for manufacturing the same
Electric motor with hammer brushes
Method and apparatus for removing a coil from a slot of a dynamoelectric machine
AC-induction-motor rotor lamination having rotor slots
Clean engine
Primary part and linear electrical machine with force ripple compensation
Voice coil motor type focusing actuator
Spindle motor
Motor module
Electronic apparatus, AC/DC conversion device and power factor correction circuit thereof
Apparatus and method for driving rotary machine
Arrangement for driving a load element
Parallel-structured switched variable inductor circuit
Apparatus for performing initial synchronization and frame synchronization in mobile communications system and method thereof
Adaptive common mode bias for differential amplifier input circuits
Amplifier circuit
Power amplifier, method for controlling power amplifier, and wireless communication apparatus
Wideband programmable phase shifting circuit
Receiver techniques for wireless communication
High frequency device, power supply device and communication apparatus
Electrical component having configurable characteristics that are non-volatile
Method and circuit for protecting a MOSFET
Dual rail domino circuit and logic circuit
High-speed multiplexer and semiconductor device including the same
Driver circuit
Semiconductor device
Modulation scheme detecting apparatus and related method
Multiple-stage, signal edge alignment apparatus and methods
Phase locked loop modulator calibration techniques
DAC variation-tracking calibration
Successive approximation register analog-digital converter and method of driving the same
Apparatus and method using reduced memory for channel decoding in a software-defined radio system
Systems and methods for reduced complexity LDPC decoding
Sphere detection and rate selection for a MIMO transmission
NAK-to-ACK error detection and recovery
Iterative decoder with early-exit condition detection and methods for decoding
Method and system for HSDPA maximum ratio combination (MRC) and equalization switching
Method and system for functional redundancy based quality of service
Determination of antenna noise temperature for handheld wireless devices
High-speed two-way point-to-point transmission
Amplifier assembly, receiver comprising said assembly and method for operating a programmable amplifier
Method and apparatus for excision of narrowband interference signals in navigation or communication bands
Wireless communications device including a joint demodulation filter for co-channel interference reduction and related methods
Multicarrier and multirate CDMA system
Communication system using multiple wireless resources during a soft handoff
Down-conversion of an electromagnetic signal with feedback control
Procedure for processing user's identification numbers in communication networks corresponding communication terminal sim-card and computer product
Optical transmission control circuit
Laser device and optical amplifier
Dual conversion receiver with reduced harmonic interference
Correction method for a metric measurement of the quality of transmission in a communication system and device implementing the method
Handheld computer for emergency responders
Message transmission in wireless access system
Method and apparatus for automatic transmit power variation in a wireless communication system
Transmission power control method, mobile station, radio base station and radio network controller
Device and method for controlling a selection of antennas in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for channel estimation and echo cancellation in a wireless repeater
Buffer-based generation of OVSF code sequences
Generation of quality metrics using multibranch PSYNC detection module
Method for common transmission over multiple line pairs, and transmitting end and receiving end therefor
Multi-carrier communication via sub-carrier groups
Signal separating circuit, signal separating method, signal multiplexing circuit and signal multiplexing method
Method for depacketization of multimedia packet data
Data processing system, transmission apparatus, and band control apparatus
Computer system and network interface with hardware based rule checking for embedded firewall
Digital watermark embedding apparatus and digital watermark detection apparatus
Method and system for implementing H-ARQ-assisted ARQ operation
Methods and systems for bandwidth protection
Method and a device for flow management in a packet-switched telecommunications network
Data transfer rate variance measurement method, apparatus, system, and storage medium for storing program
Channel switching multicast distribution apparatus and method, and multicast reception apparatus
Fast path packet destination mechanism for network mobility via secure PKI channel
Implementation of VPNs over a link state protocol controlled ethernet network
Method and apparatus for encoding subscriber station identifications and connections in wireless communication networks
Transmission methods for communication systems supporting a multicast mode
Programmable hash-tuple generation with parallel rule implementation independence
Methods and apparatus to infer the status of border gateway protocol sessions
Packet forwarding device with packet filter
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Method and system for a delta quantizer for MIMO pre-coders with finite rate channel state information feedback
IKE daemon self-adjusting negotiation throttle
Pilot tracking module operable to adjust interpolator sample timing within a handheld audio system
Method and apparatus for preventing illegal access using prohibit key in electronic device
Quantum cryptographic communication apparatus
Interconnect device to enable compliance with rights management restrictions
Foldable mobile communication terminal having a mode selector based on folding angle thereof
Portable electronic device with movable speaker device
Method for automatic information capturing of communication events
Wireless chat automatic status signaling
E911 location services for users of text device relay services
Multiple routing options in a telecommunications service platform
System and method for routing a wireless connection in a hybrid network
Image reading unit and image reader
Modular pen-like device having camera, effects and printer modules
Video switcher and video switching method
Image reading apparatus
Image processor and image processing method using luminance value rate change
Image capture device having amplification circuit for amplifying signal from photoelectric conversion portion
Recording apparatus
Display apparatus and signal processing method thereof
Emergency alert message data structure, emergency alert message signaling method, and cable broadcasting system
Smart sensors for perimeter and border security
Motion estimation method and moving picture coding method
Analyzing a transport stream
Mobile communication terminal and method of video communications thereof
Method, communications system and receiver device for the billing of access controlled programmes and /or data from broadcast transmitters
Security system for communicating data between a mobile handset and a management server
Terminating enhanced television broadcasts
Systems and methods for distributing and/or playing multicasted video signals in multiple display formats
Method and apparatus for creating search information for recorded digital broadcast streams
Recording and reproduction apparatus and recording and reproduction method
Method for coding and decoding impulse responses of audio signals
Method of identifying a device by GPS coordinates
Wireless communication terminal and method for checking wireless broadband internet service area using position detection system
System, apparatus and method of allocating medium access blocks
Multi-interface communication device, terminal, and path switching method
Method and system to facilitate multiple media content providers to inter-work with media serving system
Resource allocation method and apparatus in multi-channel system
System for routing remote VoIP emergency calls
Integrated wireless/wireline registration
Adaptive MAC fragmentation and rate selection for 802.11 wireless networks
Wireless communications mode switching apparatus and methods
Channel feedback using channel state predictions based also on delays
LED luminaire with optical feedback by image mapping on segmented light sensors
Integrated circuit package support system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus for slicing seed stock
Ramp segment for a combine rotor
Method of inserting viral DNA into plant material
Production of thebaine and oripavine
Method for treatment of animal waste
Method and system for monitoring animals
Filter assembly with UV treatment, filter bypass, and clogging indicator
Prognostic testing of organs intended for transplantation
Synergistic growth-regulating mixture
Hard surface cleaners comprising a polyurethane foam matrix and a composite of a source of silver ions and porous support material
Polyurethane/polyurea matrices for the delivery of active agents
Encapsulated active material immobilized in hydrogel microbeads
Broadcast carriers for pesticides and their use
Combination of active substances
Regenerated cellulose-based cellular material with a long-term resistance to microorganisms, and its preparation
Attractant for the mediterranean fruit fly, the method of preparation and method of use
Dihalopropene compounds, insecticidal/acaricidal agents containing same, and intermediates for their production
Multi-purpose acid compositions
Benzoylcyclohexanediones, process for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Herbicidal 3-(heterocycl-1-yl)-uracils
Composition for controlling harmful bio-organisms and method for controlling harmful bio-organisms using the same
Herbicidal compositions
Oxadiazine derivatives
Enhancement of seed yield of soybeans by a substituted benzoyl urea
Herbicidal composition
Production of concentrated biocidal solutions
Associations of antagonistic prokaryotes with eukaryotes
Hanger for poultry
Methods for treating potatoes
Recombinant kid pregastric esterase and methods for its production and use
Antimicrobial composition for food and beverage products
Process for removing micotoxins from a load of green coffee
Low density marshmallow-like products and methods of producing the same
Method of creating painted chocolate
Method for preparation of mulberry leaf powder and ice cream containing thereof
Riboflavin production
Mannose-containing copra meal composition
Multi-density cereal product
Microencapsulated fragrances and method for preparation
Methods of hydrating mammalian skin comprising oral administration of a defined composition
Pomegranate extracts and methods of using thereof
Preparation of fiber, L-glutamine and a soy derivative for the purpose of enhancement of isoflavone bioavailability
Soup and sauce concentrates
Method and system for processing pulp and juice in a juice finisher
Process for preparing a hand-held snack item
Process for making snack foods having two or more filled axial cavities
Apparatus and method for forming an adhesively bonded seam between resiliently compressible fabric sheets
Method for fastening buttons by welding and a device for making said method
Production of gold decorative items
Heat transfer blanket for and method of controlling a patient's temperature
Infant exerciser
Cleaning article impregnated with detergent
Garment stain removal product which uses sonic or ultrasonic waves
Vacuum cleaner and method of operation
Vacuum cleaner with latching arrangement
Treating instrument for endoscope
Urine/fecal collection undergarment
Urine collection cup
Closure device for transcatheter operations
Apparatus and method for dissecting and retracting elongate structures
Organ stabilizer
Water gas shift process for purifying hydrogen for use with fuel cells
Tissue penetrating catheters having integral imaging transducers and their methods of use
Devices and methods for treating vascular malformations
Methods of and apparatus for treating vascular defects
Apparatus and method for vascular embolization
Cartilage grafting
Hip prosthesis and method for fitting such hip prosthesis
Bone grafting material
Method and apparatus for transferring drilling energy to a cutting member
Apparatus for severing and capturing polyps
Fluid jet surgical instruments
Mandrin of medical anesthetic needle and method of manufacturing same
Methods and materials for preterm birth prevention
Interbody fusion device and method for restoration of normal spinal anatomy
Device for fixing a rod to a thin bone wall
Method for delivery of biocompatible material
Cutaneous cryosurgical clamp
Method for controlling the chemical and heat induced responses of collagenous materials
Catheter system with working portion radially expandable upon rotation
Laser lithotripsy device with suction
Endoscopic drape
Physiological fluid extraction with rapid analysis
Collection well for body fluid tester
System for optimized formation of fluorapatite in teeth
Brush-writing instruments for health and therapy
Process and device for carrying out a venous plethysmography using compression
Passive apnea monitor
Determination of Apnea type
Method for producing anisotropic dielectric layer and devices including same
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Enhanced tissue-generated harmonic imaging using coded excitation
Automatic fetal weight determination
Method for molding dental restorations and related apparatus
Substance delivery device
Absorbent article wrapper comprising a side flap fastener cover
Absorbent pants-type diaper
Body exudates absorbent article having exposed zone of alternating troughs or crests
Multicomponent superabsorbent fibers
Method of applying curved leg elastics using pucks with curved surfaces
Disposable diaper
Thin soft tissue surgical support mesh
Cardiac reinforcement device
Intraluminal filter
Self-expanding stent with enhanced delivery precision and stent delivery system
Methods for applying a covering layer to a stent
Stent delivery system with a fixed guide wire
Methods and apparatus for intraluminal placement of a bifurcated intraluminal graft
Expandable stent and method for delivery of same
Prosthetic valve sinus
Collapsible, rotatable and expandable spinal hydraulic prosthetic device
Implant in particular for replacing a vertebral body in surgery of the spine
Vertebral body replacement
Joint support with a gear wheel adjustment mechanism for the stepless fine adjustment of a pivot range limit
Heel care device and method
Nasal dilator
Cooling/heating pad and system
Method of and device for improving a drainage of aqueous humor within the eye
Electric-arc resistant composition
Apparatus for performing spinal therapy
Physical training and exercise apparatus
Microcontroller based massage system
Strip pack
Barrier cream comprising hexamethylenetetramine or derivative thereof
S(+) desmethylselegiline and its use in transdermal delivery compositions
Compounds and methods for inhibition of HIV and related viruses
Ophthalmic anti-allergy compositions suitable for use with contact lenses
Opioid agonist/opioid antagonist/acetaminophen combinations
Screening methods for agents that modulate or inhibit tau association with tau or map2
Aqueous-based pharmaceutical composition
Methods and compositions for treating platelet-related disorders using MPL pathway inhibitory agents
Method and devices for transdermal delivery of lithium
Enhanced activation of natural killer cells using an NK cell activator and a hydrogen peroxide scavenger or inhibitor
Treatment of infectious diseases with HSP70-peptide complexes
Submucosa extracts
Skin healing ointment
Pharmaceutical compositions for eliminating membrane-mediated cell resistance
Gene therapy for inhibition of angiogenesis
System and method for producing drug-loaded microparticles
Therapeutic suppression of specific immune response by administration of oligomeric forms of antigen of controlled chemistry
Heterophil-adapted poultry vaccine
Adjuvant compositions for vaccines
Methods and compositions for enhancing the immunostimulatory effect of interleukin-12
Membrane incorporation of texaphyrins
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Peptide-enhanced transfections
Fusion proteins and polynucleotides encoding gelonin sequences
Methods of radiotherapy using biomodulators
Labelled elastase inhibitors
Contrast agents
Methods and reagents for non-invasive imaging of atherosclerotic plaque
Acid assisted cold welding and intermetallic formation and dental applications thereof
Machinable glass-ceramics
Nanoemulsion based on ethoxylated fatty ethers or on ethoxylated fatty esters and its uses in the cosmetics, dermatological and/or ophthalmological fields
Antiperspirant and deodorant compositions containing a low molecular weight polyethylene gellant
Dual component dentifrice for reducing mouth odors
Cosmetic skin care compositions containing cumic alcohol
Thickening homopolymer, preparation process and cosmetic applications
Cosmetic compositions containing an amphoteric polymer and an antidandruff agent, and uses thereof
Treating method for suppressing hair growth
Hair cosmetic composition containing amine-oxide polymer
Mascara product comprising a polyurethane
Cosmetic compounds containing at least one anionic surfactant of alkylgalactoside uronate type and at least one organopolysiloxane
Skin cleansing composition for removing ink
Sustained release drug delivery devices, methods of use, and methods of manufacturing thereof
Rapid-melt semi-solid compositions, methods of making same and method of using same
Bioadhesive hot-melt extruded film for topical and mucosal adhesion applications and drug delivery and process for preparation thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions for buccal and pulmonary application
Stabilization of lipid:DNA formulations during nebulization
Solid dose nanoparticulate compositions comprising a synergistic combination of a polymeric surface stabilizer and dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate
Process for the manufacture of pharmaceutical composition with modified release of active principle comprising the matrix
Methods of inhibiting sphincter incontinence
Drug composition with controlled drug release rate
Amylose products as matrix former for programmed release systems, process for preparing these amylose products, and process for making programmed release systems
Modified starch as a replacement for gelatin in soft gel films and capsules
Rate controlling membranes for controlled drug delivery devices
Process for preparing superabsorbent-containing composites
Hydrocolloid adhesive mass useful for medical purposes
Electrochemical treating method and apparatus
Process for sterilizing articles and process for wrapping articles
Calcium phosphate cements prepared from silicate solutions
Substrates for forming synthetic tissues
Methods and compositions for organ decellularization
Wastewater collection system gas emission control
Process for producing aqueous solution of fumaric acid
Lavatory cleansing block having two fragrance regions
Device and process to produce active oxygen ions in the air for improved air quality
In-line specimen trap and method therefor
Surgical apparatus providing tool access and replaceable irrigation pump cartridge
Magnetically suspended fluid pump and control system
Method of making a medical catheter with grooved soft distal segment
Intravenous stabilizing device
Medical anesthetic needle
Winged injection needle device
Hollow medical wires and methods of constructing same
Methods and devices for treatment of neurological disorders
Catheter balloon having a controlled failure mechanism
Micro-motor actuated therapeutic device
Infiltration cannula with teflon coated outer surface
Incremental motion pump mechanisms powered by shape memory alloy wire or the like
Extravasation detector using microwave radiometry
Photoprotective cosmetic composition containing an anionic surfactant, compounds for screening out ultraviolet radiation and a cationic or zwitterionic amphiphilic compound, and use thereof
Chemical warfare agent decontamination foaming composition and method
Method of transferring a sublimable dyestuff art image onto the curved outer surface of a billiard ball
Portable punching balloon support
Game system, computer-readable storage medium, and storage device for use in a card game
Portable game apparatus with acceleration sensor and information storage medium storing a game progam
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mechanical vapor recompression separation process
Process and device for separation with variable-length chromatographic zones
Combined hydrophobic-hydrophilic filter for fluids
Apparatus and process for gas/liquid separation
Fluid filter
Socket-wrench removable oil filter
Method and apparatus for evaporating components of multiple substance mixtures and multiple substance systems
Desiccant reconcentration with control of pollutant gases and vapors
Water filter monitoring and indicating system
Method of recovering blood filtration residues
Oxide-dispersion strengthening of porous powder metalurgy parts
Apparatus and method for wet filtering machine exhaust
Methods for air handling in buildings and clean rooms
Procedure and device for fast separation of solid particles and gaseous fluids and their use
Long filter assembly with connection device
Direct flow filter
Apparatus and process for purifying a liquid
Separation of ethanol mixtures by extractive distillation
Apparatus for improving gas distribution in a prepurifier
Device for separating CO2 from fossil-fueled power plant emissions
Integration of ceramic membrane into a silicon oxide production plant
Heat of compression dryer
Ionization filter for purifying air
Method for the removal of mercury and nitrogen oxides from combustion flue gas
Method, apparatus and composition for removing pollutants from the atmosphere
Method and device for treating exhaust gas
Corrugated metal substrate and coated product for ozone conversion
Enhanced resolution matrix-laser desorption and ionization TOF-MS sample surface
Water desalination
Method, device and apparatus for concentrating and/or purifying macromolecules in a solution
Method for operating a cross-flow filtration installation
Water filtration using immersed membranes
Process for producing potassium hydroxide and potassium sulfate from sodium sulfate
Method for producing an integrally asymmetrical polyolefin membrane
Process for producing emulsions, particularly emulsions of liquid fuels and water, and apparatus used in the process
Microencapsulated adhesive
Process and apparatus for producing stably fine-particle powders
Method and apparatus for synthesis of arrays of DNA probes
Rapid process for arraying and synthesizing bead-based combinatorial libraries
Electrochemical cell
Fuel synthesis
Method and apparatus for removing processing liquid from a processing liquid delivery line
Process for the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide
Process for the production of shaped high-performance adsorbents
Cyanogen bromide-activation of hydroxyls on silica for high pressure affinity chromatography
Ion exchanged aluminum-magnesium silicate or fluorinated magnesium silicate aerogels and catalyst supports therefrom
Process for producing anionic clay using two types of alumina compounds
Dehydrogenation catalysts and methods
Catalyst for preparation of synthesis gas and process for preparing carbon monoxide
Osmium oxide composition
Method for producing catalysts containing ruthenium and the use thereof for hydrogenation
Apparatus for the production of carbon fibrils by catalysis and methods thereof
Catalyst for the polymerization of propylene and its use
Organometal catalyst compositions
Multi-zoned catalytic trap and methods of making and using the same
Steam reforming method and apparatus incorporating a hydrocarbon feedstock
Mixed-bed solid phase and its use in the isolation of nucleic acids
Continuous liquid purification process
Electrochemical abatement of perfluorinated compounds
Integrated fuel cell system
Method and tower for removing residual monomers
Bubble column and the use thereof
Sample loading sheet
Chemico-mechanical microvalve and devices comprising the same
Electrophoretic buss for transport of charged materials in a multi-chamber system
Method for analyzing nucleic acids by means of a substrate having a microchannel structure containing immobilized nucleic acid probes
Methods of manufacturing microfluidic articles
Apparatus and methods for sample analysis
Device for conducting research on cell specimens and similar materials
Dispenser for use with a polyurethane mixing head
Jet stripping apparatus
Multiple nozzles for dispensing resist
Impregnated applicator tip
Control of coating thickness in sheet article coaters
Method and system for applying minute bristles to a flow through applicator
Surface covering having a precoated, E-beam cured wearlayer coated film and process of making the same
Method for painting a vehicle with at least two colors
Display unit and method of preparing same
Process for the manufacture of decorative stainless steel articles
Method of making solid electrolyte capacitor having high capacitance
Layered article with improved microcrack resistance and method of making
Method for forming multi-layer paint film
Heat treatment of polyphenylene oxide-coated metal
Closure lining and color detector
Method of cleaning a movie screen
Method of wet-cleaning sintered silicon carbide
Apparatus and method for screening people and articles to detect and/or to decontaminate with respect to certain substances
Method for jetting a fluid
Lubricant for metallurgical powder compositions
Process for producing powder metallurgy compacts free from binder contamination and compacts produced thereby
Making particulates of controlled dimensions by electroplating
Alloy for electrical contacts and electrodes and method of making
Layer manufacturing using electrostatic imaging and lamination
Method for manufacturing paste for electroconductive thick film, paste for electroconductive thick film and laminated ceramic electronic part
Method for making biaxially textured articles by plastic deformation
Method of making a functionally graded material
Composition for binder material particularly for drill bit bodies
High capacitance niobium powders and electrolytic capacitor anodes
Method of synthesizing nickel fibers and the nickel fibers so prepared
Waste containment system and method for an abrading or cutting device
Base material for producing blades for circular saws, cutting-off wheels, mill saws as well as cutting and scraping devices
Hardfacing alloy, methods, and products
Article including a composite of unstabilized zirconium oxide particles in a metallic matrix, and its preparation
Hand-held abrasive cutter with a suction hood
System for transporting and separating wet chips and delivering dried chips
Vane groove grinding apparatus for compressor cylinder
Method and apparatus for detecting presence of residual polishing slurry subsequent to polishing of a semiconductor wafer
Polishing apparatus and method for forming an integrated circuit
Grinding apparatus for grinding workpieces
Planarizing solutions, planarizing machines, and methods for mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrate assemblies
Method for making microabrasive tools
Polishing system having a multi-phase polishing substrate and methods relating thereto
Bag for packing powder, method of producing the same and method of producing film having holes constituting the bag
Amine oxide/iodine containing blends for wood preservation
Method for making a cured article using an adiabatic mold
Mold shape deposition manufacturing
Method and device for producing a foil material
Method and apparatus for creating cast parts and investment models
Method and apparatus for prototyping a three-dimensional object
Method of integrally forming a bicycle front fork formed from a compound material
Foam shut-off method
Process for making a plastic material
Injection mold for insert-molding a synthetic material around a filter material, filter for the filtration of fluids and method for producing such filter
Method for gas assist injection molding
Modified plastic bottle injection blow-molding apparatus and process
Method of manufacturing a resinous tank
Process for fabricating liners, and liner for a vehicle roof with integrated functions
Apparatus and high speed process for making highly stretched film
Device for manufacturing cushions filled with a gaseous medium
Method for manufacturing a substrate with an oxide ferroelectric thin film formed thereon and a substrate with an oxide ferroelectric thin film formed thereon
Resin/copper/metal laminate and method of producing same
Overlay material and composite multilayer material
Composite multilayer material
Non-magnetic photoreceptor substrate and method of making a non-magnetic photoreceptor substrate
Spliceable elastic laminate having rubber properties
Air conditioning hose
Fixing belt for an electrical appliance and method of manufacturing the same
Packaging material for photographic photosensitive material
Elastic films made from alpha-olefin/vinyl aromatic and/or aliphatic or cycloaliphatic vinyl or vinylidene interpolymers
Exterior weatherable abrasion-resistant foldable plastic window for convertible tops
Polyamide film and polyamide laminate film
Aromatic polyamide film laminate, production process thereof and magnetic recording medium therefrom
Biaxially oriented polyester film having more than one layer; its use; and process for its production
Process for the production of a thermosetting laminate
Optical information medium, optical information recording method, and optical information reproducing method
Method for forming multi-layer laminates with microstructures
Method for making structures having low radar reflectivity
Mounting structure for an electronic component and method for producing the same
Lamination adhesives
Lamination structure, wiring structure, manufacture thereof, and semiconductor device
IR- and UV-radiation-sensitive composition and lithographic plate
Web processing with electrostatic cooling
Method of forming nozzle for injection device and method of manufacturing inkjet head
Thermo-transfer ribbon for luminescent letters
Method of manufacturing reversible heat-sensitive recording medium and reversible heat-sensitive recording medium manufactured thereby
Image bonding treatment for retroreflective surfaces
Method of forming a tabbed assembly
Heat-transfer label including non-wax release layer
Embossed fabric
Method of coating melamine resin on laminating paper
Controlled shutdown of a fuel cell
Integrated environmental control system and humidification system
Applying stretch labels
Zipper fins for plastic bags
Gas-permeable membrane
Absorbent material for use in disposable articles and articles prepared therefrom
Adhesive tape pack for further processing, for example in book-or binding technology
Method for improving stability of moving webs
Method and apparatus for making multicolored stacks of folded product
Microcap wafer-level package
Process for manufacturing buried channels and cavities in semiconductor material wafers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing hydrogen peroxide
Methods of using modified natural products as dewatering aids for fine particles
Process for the autothermal reforming of a hydrocarbon feedstock containing higher hydrocarbons
Method and device for continuously burning powder carbon
Precipitated silicas, silica gels with and free of deposited carbon from caustic biomass ash solutions and processes
Method for treating silica gel
Hydrogen sulfide abatement with scale control and/or well acidizing
Process for producing difluoromethane
Processing titaniferous ore to titanium dioxide pigment
Rechargeable lithium battery containing a complex sulfide active material
Titanium oxide-containing material and process for preparing the same
Oil recovery system
Method for the manufacture of ferric sulfate solution and a water treatment agent using the same
Waste water treatment method being able to treat surface active agent, nitrogen, hydrogen peroxide and phosphor with high efficiency and equipment therefor
Calix [4] arene polymer, method of manufacturing the same and method of separating divalent lead ion by use of the same
Method for evaluating and controlling the biomass contained in waste water treatment biological tanks
Sealed tanks for methane fermentation or storage in a corrosive environment
Method for removing metals from a cleaning solution
Ultraviolet ray-transparent optical glass material and method of producing same
Germanium doped silica forming feedstock and method
Tungstate, molybdate, vanadate base glasses
Dielectric composition for plasma display panel
Flexible, highly durable, transparent optical coatings
Method of marking glass
Glass-ceramics, process for producing the same, and substrate for information recording medium, information recording medium and information recording device each using the glass-ceramics
Nonlinear optical silica material and nonlinear optical device
Glass composition and process for producing the same
Glasses and glass-ceramics with high specific young's modulus and their applications
Low melting point glass for covering electrodes, and glass ceramic composition for covering electrodes
Composition for ceramic substrate and ceramic circuit component
Ferrite sintered compact
Semiconducting ceramic and semiconducting ceramic electronic element
Reduced wear carbon brake material
Joining material for electronic components electronic components and a method for manufacturing the same
Structure cellular grout
In situ-formed debond layer for fibers
Thermally sprayed anticorrosion layer for reinforced concrete and method for making the preparation thereof
Diaminonaphthalene derivative and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Antiperspirant salts for enhanced cosmetic products
Stereoselective process for producing intermediates of cryptophycins
Method for preparing non-photosensitive fatty acid silver salt grain
Process for purifying polycarboxylic acids
Tertiary butyl acetate recovery
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Cycloalkyl-substituted aryl-piperazines, piperidines and tetrahydropyridines as serotonergic agents
Fluorochemical benzotriazoles
Benzoxazoles with PDE-inhibiting activity
Antidiabetic piperazine derivatives, processes for their preparation and compositions containing them
Tetrazole compounds and pharmaceutical agents containing such derivative as an active ingredient
Bicyclic compounds
Benzoxazine .alpha.-1 adrenergic compounds
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Metallocene compositions
Glycoglycerophospholipid, antibody thereagainst, and method for detecting mycoplasma
Process for labeling a ribonucleic acid, and labeled RNA fragments which are obtained thereby
Method of nucleic acid sequencing
High-efficiency wild-type-free AAV helper functions
Immunological herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for use thereof
Methods of screening for antiviral compounds
Recombinant alphavirus particles
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Size-variable strain-specific protective antigen for potomac horse fever
IVI-2, IVI-3 and IVI-4 loci of Enterococcus faecalis polynucleotide, polypeptides and method of use therefor
Method for screening of DNA libraries and generation of recombinant DNA constructs
DNA molecules comprising a promoter capable of conferring expression of a heterologous DNA sequence
Leishmania antigens for use in the therapy and diagnosis of leishmaniasis
Recombinant neospora antigens and their uses
RFLAT-1: a transcription factor that activates RANTES gene expression
JMY, a co-activator for p300/CBP, nucleic acid encoding JMY and uses thereof
Specific antibodies to troponin T, their production and use in a reagent for the determination of myocardial necrosis
Mammalian pro-apoptotic Bok genes and their uses
Method for detecting expression of human skeletal muscle-specific unbiquitin-conjugated enzyme
Nucleic acid encoding Schwannomin-Binding-Proteins and products related thereto
Neutrophil stimulating peptides
DNA encoding a novel homolog of CSBP/p38 MAP kinase
Kainate-binding, human CNS receptors of the EAA4 family
Assay for non-peptide agonists to peptide hormone receptors
Assay and reagents for quantifying hBNp
Expression system for producing recombinant human erythropoietin, method for purifying secreted human erythropoietin and uses thereof
Ligand capture-directed selection of antibody
Methods and reagents for quantitation of HLA-DR expression on peripheral blood cells
Monoclonal antibody recognizing serum amyloid A
Methods for inducing T cell unresponsiveness to donor tissue or organ in a recipient with gp39 antagonists
Derivatized malto-oligosaccharides, methods for trash scavenging, and process for preparing a paper web
Process and catalyst for producing polyolefins having low molecular weight
Olefin polymerization catalyst and process for producing olefin polymer
Transparent antistatic layer-coated substrate and optical article
Catalyst compositions comprising bridged metal complexes and an activating cocatalyst
High frequency-resistant thermosetting coatings and high frequency-resistant enamelled wires produced therefrom
Polyurethane fiber containing poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Process for making a positive temperature coefficient conductive polymer from a thermosetting epoxy resin and conductive fillers
Self-crosslinking resin and coating compositions made therefrom
Water-resistant, viscosity stable, alkaline corrugating adhesive composition
Double-metal cyanide catalysts for producing polyether polyols
Positive resist composition
Method for preparing polybenzoxazine
Use of a screening silicone for protecting the color of artificially colored keratin fibres against the effects of UV radiation
Spherical fine particles of silicone resin
Sulphonated polyimides, membranes prepared with them, and a fuel cell device that includes these membranes
Hardcoat film
Silicone coated film with back side slip control coating and method of controlling slip of such film
Polyethylene foams and methods of their production
Daylight/nightglow colored phosphorescent plastic compositions and articles
Powder coatings employing silanes
Flip-chip type semiconductor device underfill material and flip-chip type semiconductor device
Polypropylene based compositions and films and labels formed therefrom
Thermoplastic resin composition, production thereof, and molded article thereof
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor devices
Inter-laminar adhesive film for multi-layer printed wiring board and multi-layer printed wiring board using the same
Aromatic liquid crystalline polyester resin and resin composition thereof
Polyamide-based thermoplastic compositions
Diketo pyrrolo pyrrole pigment
Pigments, the process of their manufacturing and their use
Heat stable monoazo magenta pigment compositions
Filler for use in paper manufacture and procedure for producing a filler
Method for the production of unsupported thin film particles
Process for the production of coupling agent-treated inorganic particles and use thereof
Apparatus for processing paper sheets to decolor an image formed thereon
Ink for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method
Method of coating with powders comprising macrocyclic oligomers
Method for applying a conductive paint coating and articles made thereby
Method for coating electrically conductive particles by grafting a polymer layer
Chemical-mechanical planarization of barriers or liners for copper metallurgy
Non-ozone depleting co-solvent compositions
Sheet-form, curable pressure-sensitive adhesive
Insulation protection tape
Hand tearable patterned retroreflective material
Electroluminescent arrangement using doped blend systems
Nematic liquid-crystal composition, and liquid-crystal display using same
Fine particles covered by cholesteric liquid crystal
Polishing slurry compositions capable of providing multi-modal particle packing
Apparatus and process for the separation of liquids and solids
Method of retrofitting existing equipment for an improved aromatics separation process
Isoparaffinic base stocks by dewaxing fischer-tropsch wax hydroisomerate over Pt/H-mordenite
Inhibiting deposits in coke oven gas processing equipment
Process for forming coal compacts and product thereof
Fuel composition which combusts instantaneously, method and plant therefor
Lubrication system for internal combustion engines (law952)
Process and product for lubricating metal prior to cold forming
Lube oil compositions for diesel engines
Low friction grease for constant velocity universal joints, particularly plunging type joints that is compatible with silicone elastomer boots
Skin-compatible hand cleanser, especially a course hand cleanser
Alkaline hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions including silicone quarternary ammonium salts
Processing compositions and methods of using same
Multi-phase melt cast toilet bar and a method for its manufacture
Nonaqueous detergent compositions containing enzymes
Soap bar composition
Molded synthetic compositions
Bathroom cleaning wipe comprising antirain or antidust agent
Liquid detergent composition
Detergent compositions comprising a mannanase and a protease
Alkaline protease
Microorganism analysis means
Method for preservation of marine microorganisms
Polypeptide compounds and nucleotide sequences promoting resistance to eutypa dieback in plants
DNA encoding a human serotonin receptor (5-HT4B) and uses thereof
Culture media for neurons, methods for preparing the culture media, and methods for culturing neurons
Isolated human phosphodiesterase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phosphodiesterase proteins, and uses thereof
Recombinant, active caspases and uses thereof
13C, 15N, 2H labeled proteins for NMR structure determinations and their preparation
Promoter from Ashbya gossypii
Method for decomposing polyesters containing aromatic moieties, a denier reduction method of fiber, and microorganisms having activity of decomposing the polyester
Resonant bio-assay device and test system for detecting molecular binding events
Mixed cell diagnostic systems
Agents and methods for inhibiting F1/F0 ATPase
Methods and compositions for assaying analytes
Increasing the FVII sensitivity of a thromboplastin reagent
Method and reagent for quantitating D-cysteine
Primer walking cycle sequencing
Methods of discovering chemicals capable of functioning as gene expression modulators
Methods and applications for efficient genetic suppressor elements
Modified SELEX processes without purified protein
DNA sequences of genes from fimbriae d'escherichia coli strain DSM 6601
Method for diagnosing a vascular condition
Apparatus and method for the analysis of nucleic acids hybridization on high density NA chips
Polynucleotide probes for detection and quantitation of staphylococcus
Methods and compositions for correlating tissue kallikrein gene promoter polymorphisms with treatment of essential hypertension
Method and probe set for detecting cancer
Methods of using a major histocompatibility complex class III haplotype to diagnose Crohn's disease
Method for detecting mutations in nucleic acids
Method for gene analysis
Microarray-based analysis of polynucleotide sequence variations
Reverse sample genome probing
Electronically-indexed solid-phase assay for biomolecules
Methods to diagnose a required regulation of trophoblast invasion
Process for production of purified cane juice for sugar manufacture
Method of judging slag forming state in electric furnace steel production and method of operating electric furnace
Steelmaking using magnesium carbonate
Method for controlling structure of two-phase steel
Method of removal of light metals from aluminum
Use of cupric chloride etchant solution in a solvent extraction electrowinning copper refinery
Process and apparatus for recovery of raw materials from wastes residues
Consumable electrode electroslag refining feed systems and methods
AB5-type rare earth transition intermetallic compounds for the negative electrodes of rechargeable batteries
Nickel-base alloy and article manufactured thereof
Aluminium alloy and extrusion
Point ball for ball point pens
Advanced Mo-based composite powders for thermal spray applications
Ferrite-based thin steel sheet excellent in shape freezing feature and manufacturing method thereof
Pearlitic steel railroad rail
Weaving machine member made of an abrasion-resistant steel
Low-temperature, high-strength metal-matrix composite for rapid-prototyping and rapid-tooling
Core wire with shapeable tip
Nanochannel glass replica membranes
Distribution mask for depositing by vacuum evaporation
Method for crystallizing lithium transition metal oxide thin film by plasma treatment
Cylindrical magnetron target and apparatus for affixing the target to a rotatable spindle assembly
Physical vapor deposition target/backing plate assemblies
Method for improved chamber bake-out and cool-down
Device and method for treating the inside surface of a plastic container with a narrow opening in a plasma enhanced process
Pulsed or tailored bias for filling gaps with low dielectric constant material
Method of forming DRAM circuitry, DRAM circuitry, method of forming a field emission device, and field emission device
Method of forming a semiconductor device
Method for removing a deposited film
Methods for forming polycrystalline silicon film
Controlled potential plasma source
Mobile cellular tumble coater
Susceptorless semiconductor wafer support and reactor system for epitaxial layer growth
Plasma enhanced chemical processing reactor and method
Sequential in-situ heating and deposition of halogen-doped silicon oxide
Method for enhancing the solderability of a surface
Hot dipping apparatus
Corrosion resistant coatings for aluminum and aluminum alloys
Surface-treated steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Protective coating and method
Thermal barrier coating for a superalloy article and a method of application thereof
Method of regenerating a spent pickling solution
Process for the production of alkaline earth hydroxide
Water electrolysis system
Methods for coating surfaces with magnetic composites exhibiting distinct flux properties
Fuel cell having an electrode with gas-permeable pores
Dimensionally stable anode for electrolysis, method for maintaining dimensions of anode during electrolysis
Plating method and plating apparatus
Electro-polishing fixture and electrolyte solution for polishing stents and method
Apparatus and process for crystal growth
Method for enhancing the color of minerals useful as gemstones
Method of sealing an epitaxial silicon layer on a substrate
Textiles; Paper
Spinning machine and conversion process
Band body
Method and apparatus for making a nonwoven fibrous electret web from free-fiber and polar liquid
Method of making machine direction stretchable nonwoven fabrics having a high degree of recovery upon elongation
Soundproofing material and the use thereof
Plant for producing a fibre web of plastic and cellulose fibres
Method and apparatus for treating spots on a spotting table with a spotting gun
Textile finishing process
Minimization of malodorous gas release from a cellulose pulp mill feed system
Method of treating material in a continuous digester
Bleaching chemical pulp in a PkDQ-Po Sequence
Process and apparatus for producing a fibrous material web
Press section and process
Supercalendar roll with composite cover
Fixed Constructions
Sliding door
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for measuring NOx gas concentration, for detecting exhaust gas concentration and for calibrating and controlling gas sensor
Method and apparatus for processing exhaust gas
Damper mechanism
Torsional vibration dampers
Method for stabilizing low-concentration standard reference gas and low-concentration standard reference gas obtained by the same
Ventilation temperature and pressure control apparatus
Medicament dosing ballistic implant of improved accuracy
Apparatus and method for analyzing the amount of chemical substrates in a liquid
End-of-service indicator including porous waveguide for respirator cartridge
Diagnostic monitor for carbon fiber processing
Scattered incident X-ray photons for measuring surface roughness of a semiconductor topography
Sensor element for limiting-current sensors for determining the lambda value of gas mixtures
Fluid delivery system for capillary electrophoretic applications
Surfaces with reduced electroosmotic flow
Method and apparatus for measuring scaling capacity of calcium oxalate solutions using an electrochemically controlled pH change in the solution proximate to a piezoelectric microbalance
Carbon analyzer with improved catalyst
Biomimetic reagent system and its use
Composition and probe for detection of water
Preparation and method for cat box filler additive capable of detecting feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD)
Methods of identifying compounds that bind to target species under isothermal denaturing conditions
Detection by fret changes of ligand binding by GFP fusion proteins
Method and apparatus for selective biological material detection
Swab analyzer for the immunochemical detection of substances
Indirect label assay device for detecting small molecules and method of use thereof
Use of ligands specific to major histocompatibility complex-class I antigens for diagnosing endometriosis
Diagnosis of interstitial cystitis
Analysis system
Surface metallization structure for multiple chip test and burn-in
Stud-cone bump for probe tips used in known good die carriers
Non-destructive module placement verification
Method of manufacturing an enclosed transceiver
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with dynamic microbeamforming
Replicating a nanoscale pattern
Photopolymerizable composition for color filter
Article having reflecting coating and process for the manufacture
InA1As etch stop layer for precise semiconductor waveguide fabrication
Optoelectronic assembly and method of making the same
Color filters for displays
Fabrication method of liquid crystal display device
Method of making an array of TFTs having an insulation layer with a low dielectric constant
Method of forming thin film transistors for use in a liquid crystal display
Heat-developable photosensitive material
(Photo) thermographic material with a blue background
Photothermographic material
Preparation method photothermographic material
Rendering of continuous tone images by reducing clustering of halftone dots
Protective epoxy overcoat for photographic elements
Silver halide color reversal lightsensitive material
Photobleachable composition, photographic element containing the composition and photobleachable method
Method for processing silver halide color photographic material
Image information recording method
Chromeless alternating reticle for producing semiconductor device features
Methods and structures for protecting reticles from ESD failure
Test photomask and method for investigating ESD-induced reticle defects
Mask for electron beam exposure, manufacturing method for the same, and manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Positive photoresist composition
Self-aligning photolithography and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
Methods and compositions for imaging acids in chemically amplified photoresists using pH-dependent fluorophores
Control method for exposure apparatus and control method for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Direct image processing of printed circuits boards
Pattern forming material and pattern forming method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, chemical solution to form fine pattern, and semiconductor device
Patterning method in semiconductor device fabricating process
Process for resist clean up of metal structures on polyimide
Semiconductor wafer alignment using backside illumination
Electrostatically imaged printing plate and method of preparation
Organic photoconductive composition
Developing agent carrier, developing unit, and image forming apparatus
Ultrasonic drying of saturated porous solids via second sound
Photoreceptor with layered charge generation section
Charge generation layers comprising type I and type IV titanyl phthalocyanines
Electrophotosensitive material containing specific maleimide derivative
Developing agent and image forming apparatus
Method of producing liquid toner with metallic sheen
Method for varying nitride strip makeup process based on field oxide loss and defect count
General-purpose medical istrumentation
On-site drug testing method
Mono-chip multimediacard fabrication method
Method and apparatus for implementing in video a secondary game responsive to player interaction with a primary game
Operation of gaming machines in a linked bonus prize winning mode
Gaming device displaying an exhibition for replacing video reels
Interactive gaming system and process
Magnetoresistive material with two metallic magnetic phases
Magnetic material and magnetic head using the same and magnetic storage device having thereof
Magnetic recording medium
Recording media with a TiW sealing layer
Latch-up prevention for memory cells
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor memory device with a fine structure
Process for producing rare earth metal-based permanent magnet having corrosion-resistant film
Batch fabrication of precision miniature permanent magnets
Method of manufacturing bead inductor
Magnetic element with improved field response and fabricating method thereof
Method for manufacturing a contact key switch
Method to form fuse using polymeric films
Charged beam exposure method
Charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus and methods including correction of stage-positioning errors using a deflector
Adaptive GCIB for smoothing surfaces
Plasma vapor deposition with coil sputtering
Magnetron with parallel race track and modified end portions thereof
Method of manufacturing assembly for plasma reaction chamber and use thereof
Cleaning and drying method and apparatus for objects to be processed
Semiconductor processing spray coating apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for removing material from discrete areas on a semiconductor wafer
Methods and apparatuses for removing material from discrete areas on a semiconductor wafer
Non-contact automatic height sensing using air pressure for die bonding
Wafer processing architecture including load locks
Structures formed using excess oxygen containing material
Method for producing capacitor elements, and capacitor element
Method of manufacturing a capacitor having oxide layers with different impurities and method of fabricating a semiconductor device comprising the same
Method for fabricating a ferroelectric device
Method for fabricating semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing DRAM capacitor
Capacitor for semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Prevent defocus issue on wafer with tungsten coating on back-side
Method of forming low resistance gate electrode
Post chemical mechanical polish (CMP) planarizing substrate cleaning method employing enhanced substrate hydrophilicity
Method for etching silicon layer
Frontside SOI gettering with phosphorus doping
High voltage device and method for making the same
Approaches for mitigating the narrow poly-line effect in silicide formation
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric memory cell including co-annealing
PECVD process for ULSI ARL
Method of hard mask patterning
Dry etching with reduced damage to MOS device
Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device having a diffraction grating
Method of preparing diamond semiconductor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Process for forming a semiconductor device and a conductive structure
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Reduction of metal silicide/silicon interface roughness by dopant implantation processing
Semiconductor wafer manufacturing process
Semiconductor wafer manufacturing process
Multiple etch contact etching method incorporating post contact etch etching
Method of etching silicon nitride by a mixture of CH2 F2, CH3F or CHF3 and an inert gas
Method of forming a metal silicide layer on a source/drain region of a MOSFET device
Method of making a pn-junction in a semiconductor element
Method for forming field effect transistor with silicides of different thickness and of different materials for the source/drain and the gate
Method of forming a semiconductor device using double endpoint detection
Method of manufacturing flexible display with transfer from auxiliary substrate
Semiconductor device with fully self-aligned local interconnects, and method for fabricating the device
Partial hard mask open process for hard mask dual damascene etch
Effective retardation of fluorine radical attack on metal lines via use of silicon rich oxide spacers
Robust pressure aluminum fill process
Forming method of copper interconnection and semiconductor wafer with copper interconnection formed thereon
Method of manufacturing a metal wiring in a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing multilayer interconnects by forming a trench with an underlying through-hole in a low dielectric constant insulator layer
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Methods for selectively filling apertures
Semiconductor package
Electric connecting method and apparatus
Methods for making a plurality of flip chip packages with a wafer scale resin sealing step
Layout method for scalable design of the aggressive RAM cells using a poly-cap mask
Method of forming plugs and local interconnect for embedded memory/system-on-chip (SOC) applications
Method of fabricating a memory device
Aluminum and copper bimetallic bond pad scheme for copper damascene interconnects
Wafer-level packaging process
Production of semiconductor device
Semiconductor package and method for forming same
Method and apparatus for preventing edge deposition
Process of manufacturing trench capacitor having a hill structure
Method for forming a DRAM capacitor having a high dielectric constant dielectric and capacitor made thereby
Fabrication of gate of P-channel field effect transistor with added implantation before patterning of the gate
Optimization of thermal cycle for the formation of pocket implants
Epitaxial SiOx barrier/insulation layer
Composite member and separating method therefor, bonded substrate stack and separating method therefor, transfer method for transfer layer, and SOI substrate manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Annealed porous silicon with epitaxial layer for SOI
Process of producing semiconductor article
Field effect transistor with non-floating body and method for forming same on a bulk silicon wafer
Filling connection hole with wiring material by using centrifugal force
Process for preventing the formation of a copper precipitate in a copper-containing metallization on a die
Method to prevent CU dishing during damascene formation
Process for providing seed layers for using aluminum, copper, gold and silver metallurgy process for providing seed layers for using aluminum, copper, gold and silver metallurgy
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with voids in the insulation film between wirings
Method to remove excess metal in the formation of damascene and dual interconnects
Method for forming metal interconnection in semiconductor device
Dielectric having an air gap formed between closely spaced interconnect lines
Method of forming contact structure in a semiconductor device
Method of forming inter-metal dielectric layer
Method for forming an opening
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process and manufacturing tool architecture for use in the manufacturing of one or more protected metallization structures on a workpiece
Method of forming memory circuitry and method of forming memory circuitry comprising a buried bit line array of memory cells
Method for eliminating anti-reflective coating in semiconductors
High Fmax RF MOSFET with embedded stack gate
Shallow drain extenders for CMOS transistors using replacement gate design
Method to define poly dog-bone for word line strapping contact at stitch area in embedded DRAM process
Integrated circuit having at least two vertical MOS transistors and method for manufacturing same
Collar process for reduced deep trench edge bias
Methods of forming a capacitor and methods of forming a monolithic integrated circuit
Fabrication method of nonvolatile memory device
Method for forming non volatile memory structures on a semiconductor substrate
Method of making field effect
Method for fabricating NOR type memory cells of nonvolatile memory device
Process for fabricating an EEPROM device having a pocket substrate region
Method for reduced gate aspect ratio to improve gap-fill after spacer etch
Base-emitter region of a submicronic bipolar transistor
Semiconductor memory device and a method for fabricating the same
Formation of non-volatile memory device comprised of an array of vertical field effect transistor structures
Method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having deposited layer for gate insulation
Reliable polycide gate stack with reduced sheet resistance and thickness
High-voltage device and method for manufacturing high-voltage device
method for manufacturing a semiconductor package
Inner-digitized bond fingers on bus bars of semiconductor device package
Method of manufacturing metallic interconnect
Methods for dual-gated transistors
Fabrication of self-aligned metal electrode structure for elevated sensors
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of forming a trench DMOS having reduced threshold voltage
Method of self-assembly silicon quantum dots
Method of making gate wiring layer over semiconductor substrate
Vertical double diffused MOSFET and method for manufacturing same
Process to fabricate a source-drain extension
Method of semiconductor device fabrication
Method of forming a semiconductor thin film on a plastic substrate
Process for producing photosensor with color filter
CU-containing NB3A1 multifilamentary superconductive wire and process for producing the same
Electroluminescent arrangements
Lithium ion secondary battery and process for producing the same
Spirally-wound lithium secondary cell having a plurality of current collector tabs and method of manufacture
Solid electrolyte battery having reduced sized electrodes
Method and device for mounting cell
Tubular battery housing with uniformly thin walls
Composite battery container with integral flexible ribs
Plug system for capping cell vents in a storage battery and a battery cap for use in the plug system
Current cutoff mechanism for cell
Rechargeable positive electrodes
Metal fuel cell with movable cathode
Method for regulating membrane moisture of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell, and a polymer electrolyte fuel cell
System and method for controlling the humidity level of a fuel cell
Internal fuel staging for improved fuel cell performance
Reformate fuel treatment system for a fuel cell power plant
Tubular polymeric membrane fuel cell system
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) using buried Bragg reflectors and method for producing same
Passivation capping layer for ohmic contact in II-VI semiconductor light transducing device
Switch cupboard with devices for cooling the hot air inside
Conditioning of through holes and glass
Multilayer printed wiring board and its production process, resin composition for filling through-hole
Multilayer printed wiring board and its manufacturing method, and resin composition for filling through-hole
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