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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Food cutting device
Pet platform assembly
Pet activity system
Fluid-filled durable pet bed
Multi-purpose culinary implement
Systems for safe carriage and deployment of hand-held non-lethal/lethal deployable devices
Supporting device and electronic apparatus using the same
Mounting bracket
Adjustable thigh support for automobile seat via adjustment plate
Infant car seat
Padded covering for a chair
Adjustable leg rest
Sliding screen door
Pupilometer with pupil irregularity detection, pupil tracking, and pupil response detection capability, glaucoma screening capability, intracranial pressure detection capability, and ocular aberration measurement capability
Examination assembly with improved access for the wheelchair bound patient
Swing lance with integrated sensor
Body motion measuring apparatus
Needle guide and ultrasonic biopsy probe
Disposable absorbent articles with replaceable absorbent core components having regions of permeability and impermeability on same surface
Percutaneous gastroplasty
Medical splinting apparatus and methods for using the same
Bottle assembly
Portable wound treatment apparatus having pressure feedback capabilities
Endotracheal tube cleaning apparatus
Sensor system including a port body
Actuator and containment device for a syringe
Guidewire and catheter locking device and method
Injection device for administering a vaccine
Safety device for use with a vial
Indwelling needle
Exercise methods and apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Pace-adjusting mechanism of an elliptical cross trainer
Club head for iron golf club
Sports skills training apparatus
Golf swing training device method and apparatus
Strap for snowboard boots or bindings
Method of playing a poker-type game
Gaming apparatus with power saving feature
Transmission mechanism for balance training apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Equipment and process for the production of carbonated water
Fluid supply nozzle, substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Silkscreen printer machine and apparatus
Method and apparatus of coating articles
Indexer for use with a sheet bending brake
Impeller for supercharger and method of manufacturing the same
Tool for chip removing machining and a basic body therefor
Tightening tool
Method of forming low profile wire bonds between integrated circuits dies and printed circuit boards
Shaving product
Guillotine cutter
Device and method for cleaving optical fibers
Jointer/planer with internal sawdust collection system
Metal mold for vulcanizing tire treads
Apparatus for injection molding
System for fabricating corrugated board
Paper scoring system
UV curing assembly having sheet transfer unit with heat sink vacuum plate
Nozzle assembly with lever arm and thermal bend actuator
Printhead having nozzle arrangements with radial actuators
Liquid ejection head, image forming apparatus and liquid supply method for liquid ejection head
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink drop ejection device with non-buckling heater element
Ink jet print head substrate, ink jet print head, ink jet printing apparatus, and method of manufacturing ink jet print head substrate
Methods and apparatuses for forming an article
Printhead cartridge comprising integral printhead maintenance station with maintenance roller
Droplet ejection device
Liquid droplet ejecting device
Liquid application device and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink supply unit for a printhead in an inkjet printer
Printhead integrated circuit assembly with compensation controller
Liquid droplet ejecting apparatus
Energy control of a nozzle of an inkjet printhead
Low energy consumption nozzle assembly for an inkjet printer
Binder unit
Tire with component containing polyketone short fiber and polyethyleneimine
Quick release hitch assembly
Low profile trailer hitch
Remotely releasable coupler and hose retrieval mechanism for airbrake system
Laterally-leaning four wheeled vehicle
Suspension trailing arm
Window shade arrangement with concealed locking device
Protective cover for a motor vehicle
Convertible vehicle
Steering drive for a steered wheel of an industrial truck, particularly a rear wheel of a three-wheeled industrial truck
Beverage vending machine installation
Tarping system for truck mounted containers
Vehicle cargo management device
Grip for parking brake operating lever
Vehicle motion control device
Control device and control method for automatic transmission
Method for operating a drive train
Hybrid propulsion system and method for its operation
Stone block transporting crawler-climber
Foldable spider wheel for ascending and descending stairs
Front rotary cutting deck having center step with front viewport
Bicycle attachment
Bicycle pedal
Convertible top for yacht
Airplane protected against projections of tire debris
Powder filling systems, apparatus and methods
Apparatus for puncturing a gas filled bottle
Bag support system
Resealable packets of liquid
Storage case for receiving data disks
Cassette device for automatic medicine packaging apparatus
Sheet rotator
Follower roller mounting mechanism for paper feeding apparatus
Machine to unload ties off of railroad cars
Rear suspension carrier device and method of use thereof
Closure system, method of use, and devices including closure system
Dosing systems for fluid media
Water transfer system for a bottled water dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Gas injection for glass melting furnace to reduce refractory degradation
Textiles; Paper
Soft goods slitter and feed system for quilting
Fixed Constructions
Retractable accessory hook for a vehicle
Universal mounting and locking device for tool storage containers and portable items
Window rain shield ventilator
Automatic closure pressure equilizer
Segmented sleeve on a downhole tool string component
Apparatus and method for opening and closing lateral boreholes
Resettable actuator for downhole tool
High strength polycrystalline ceramic spheres
Method and apparatus for rescaling measurements while drilling in different environments
Tool face sensor method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas exchange control mechanism for an opposed-piston engine
Spherical fluid machines
Air seal unit adapted to be positioned adjacent blade structure in a gas turbine
Multi-cylinder engine with cylinder pausing function
Method for the lambda and torque control of an internal combustion engine and program algorithm
Method of operating an engine with a pressure-wave supercharger
Vented gear drive assembly for a supercharger
Gerotor and method of assembling the same
Operating method for CAES plant using humidified air in a bottoming cycle expander
Closed loop turbine cooling fluid reuse system for a turbine engine
Low pressure fuel injector nozzle
Fuel injection system
Portable hydro-generator
Fluid metering device
Cylinder-piston arrangement
Scroll-type refrigerant compressor having fluid communication between lubrication duct and return duct
Drain pump, and air conditioner provided therewith
Hot gas blowing fan
Mounting clip
Bolt and thread rolling die and the manufacture of the bolt
Laminated nut with center tension sleeve
Rotatable joint and connecting device used for the same
Stepped outer diameter semi-floating bearing
Self-adjustable and cross-chamber transmission system
8-speed transmission
Power transmission system
Oil warming strategy for transmission
Electrically controllable valve
Solenoid actuated valve with a damping device
Three position shutoff valve
Hose end lever controlled ball spigot valve
Fabric layer of a bellows
Systems and methods for installation inspection in pipeline rehabilitation
Compact, steerable, multidirectional photographic light diffuser and reflector
LED lamp
LED lamp with a heat sink
LED lamp
Illumination device for refrigerator and method of controlling the same
Backlight module
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Boiler gas flow distribution fin apparatus and method
Thermally controlled solar reflector facet with heat recovery
Refrigerator door vacuum preservation system
Quartz-product baking method and quartz product
Plate heat exchanger device and a heat exchanger plate
Ammunition feed system with an automatic clutch
Adhesive joint for joining components of transport craft, in particular of aircraft, and method for determining minimum mechanical load capacity and/or mechanical strength of an adhesive joint
Rate-of-turn sensor
System for sensing air velocity without requiring external power supply and a method for operating the same
Device for evaluating drag reduction
Flowmeter transducer clamping
Method and device for determining the rest time and/or for drift compensation in a combustion chamber pressure sensor
Combined temperature and pressure transducer incorporating connector keyway alignment and an alignment method
Determining the fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for testing filters in a clean room
Measuring mud flow velocity using pulsed neutrons
System and method for testing tubular well products
Sensing a paper roll ultrasonically
Exhaust gas temperature sensor inspecting apparatus
Optical module and optical system
Optical switch controller and movable body controller
Eyeglasses of the rimless type with wire branches
Camera device
Mounting of imaging arrangements in optical systems
System and method for projection
Compact camera module with stationary actuator for zoom modules with movable shutter and aperture mechanism
Room heating system
Multiple technology router for radio frequency identification (RFID) and barcode
Method of remapping the input elements of a hand-held device
Coin recognition device
Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display having the same and method thereof
Disk pack balancing station
Process for making an on-chip vacuum tube device
Electric board and image forming apparatus
Method of producing a straddle mount connector and the resulting product thereof
Connecting device with cable
Low profile electrical connector
Modular jack assembly
Electrical card connector
Lever connector
Modular jack with improved grounding member
Modular jack having an improved magnetic module
Audio plug
Rotatable electrical interconnection device
Socket that engages a pin grid array
Dual connector for an antenna element
Sound diffuser
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bilayer structure which encapsulates multiple containment units and uses thereof
Rapidly releasing and taste-masking pharmaceutical dosage form
Topical composition
Method for improving the efficacy of a probiotic, preparation of food additives and animal feed containing same
Method of bonding and tenderizing meat
Enzyme pre-granules for granular fodder
Confectionary product including compartment for housing an object
Pasta composites and process therefor
Rotatable frozen confectionary product
Backseamed casing and packaged product incorporating same
Meat packaging apparatus and method
Use of carotenoids as stabilizer of the color of riboflavin and riboflavin derivatives
Device and method for puffing products such as foodstuffs and tobacco
Process for treating fruits and vegetables after harvesting, with purification of plant-protection products contaminated with aromatic primary amines
Method of using microwaveable food container
Dispensing and filtering
Conversion of xanthophylls in plant material for use as a food colorant
High protein edible composition and method of preparing the same
Pectin for stabilizing proteins
Foods containing thermally-inhibited starches and flours
Extruded intermediates containing a soluble fiber and food products containing same
Process for preparing chocolate
Short-chained peptide material
Granular feed nutrient supplements
Lubricious hydrophilic coating for an intracorporeal medical device
Method of manufacturing image-forming apparatus
Interface regions between metal and ceramic in a metal/ceramic substrate
Fiberized asphalt hot mix composition and method for improving durability and life of asphalt paved surfaces
Fluorinated powder coatings having improved gloss
Process for making a detergent particle
Method of hot-galvanizing ferrous materials
Eradicable inks
Siloxane automotive protectant compositions
Surface treatments with bifunctional perfluoropolyether derivatives
Method for the spray application of polymeric-containing liquid coating compositions using subcritical compressed fluids under choked flow spraying conditions
Coating method involving substrate cleaning
Heated workpiece holder for wet plating bath
Patterned deposition of a material
Method for applying a coating film on a three-dimensionally curved substrate
Process for plating metal coating
Multi-stage processes for coating substrates with liquid basecoat and powder topcoat
Method of making a magnetic recording medium with laser-formed differential zone lubrication
Macromolecular dispersion type liquid crystal display element and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal device
Composite artificial turf structure with shock absorption and drainage
Modified polymers having controlled transmission rates
Rubber products that shrink due to the application of energy and hypo-allergenic rubbery products
Cold seal compositions comprising homogeneous ethylene polymers
Preform for producing containers with an inner partition from a thermoplastic material
Synthetic closure
Synthetic closure
Energy absorbing member
Harmonic label for marking of tires
Bonded optical disks and a method and an apparatus for producing the same
Multi-layer optical disc and recording/reproducing apparatus
Thermal insulation
Display system for curved surfaces
Ornamental device for attachment to a surface and method therefor
Controlling the heat expansion of electrical couplings
Liquid absorbent material for personal care absorbent articles and the like
Biaxially oriented laminated polyester film containing at least two different lubricant particles
Multicolored patterned floor covering and method for manufacture
Three-dimensional film structures and methods
Flanged insulation assembly and method of making
Film for decorative sheet and decorative sheet comprising the same
Laser-printed substrate comprising a particle-filled receptive layer
Coating gradient for lubricious coatings on balloon catheters
Magnetic recording medium
Grade for steel
Multilayer oxygen barrier packaging film
Rubber modified monovinylidene aromatic polymer blends
Polyolefin resin composition and zinc-containing hydrotalcite particles
Rare-earth and alkali sulphide, method for preparing same and use thereof as a pigment
Water-retentive sheet manufactured from a cellulose fiber of high water retentivity
Friction element in composite carbon/carbon-silicon carbide material and method for manufacturing same
Polymeric membranes functionalized with polyhydroxypyridinone ligands
Material and process for producing the same
Surface converted graphite components and methods of making same
Cemented carbide insert for turning, milling and drilling
Broadband contrast polarizing glass
High Cr, low saturation magnetization intermediate magnetic layer for high coercivity and low medium noise
Low stress, water-clear zinc sulfide
Reversibly extensible film
Venting tape
Matte finished release composition and linerless labels incorporating the release composition
Expandable polymeric fibers and their method of production
Lyocell fibers having enhanced CV properties
Modified polyester with high intrinsic viscosity at moderate strength
Carbonaceous fiber acute-angled at both ends and production process therefor
Carbon fibers, acrylic fibers and process for producing the acrylic fibers
Hexagonal filament articles and methods for making the same
Ellipsoidal adsorbent particles and their use in a gas production process
Post treated diamond coated body
Reactive oligomers for isocyanate coatings
Thin transparent conducting films of cadmium stannate
Retroreflective sheet
Low friction coated substrate
Antifouling silicone emulsion coating-composition, process for producing the same and antifouling article coated therewith
Method using a thick joint for joining parts in SiC-based materials by refractory brazing and refractory thick joint thus obtained
Crosslinkable polymer compounds for lead wire insulation, gaskets and liners in a refrigeration environment
Steel with electrically insulating hematite layer
Easy-cleavage shrink laminate film and the bag using the same
Electrode modification using an unzippable polymer paste
Coating consisting of hypereutectic aluminum/silicon alloy and/or an aluminum/silicon composite material
Lap joint welding arrangement and a related welding method for forming the same
Bushing base with mounted nozzles
High temperature laminated structural panels and method of producing the same
Magnetic recording media
Semiconductor encapsulating epoxy resin compositions, and semiconductor devices encapsulated therewith
Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating photosemiconductor element and photosemiconductor device
Metal-ceramic composite substrates, producing methods thereof and brazing materials for use in such method
Metallic article having a thermal barrier coating and a method of application thereof
Methods for hermetically sealing ceramic to metallic surfaces and assemblies incorporating such seals
High-current circuit trace and composition and method therefor
Bimetallic strip for a sliding bearing and process for producing said bimetallic strip
Radiation image storage panel
Fluorescence-reddening membrane and red-emitting device
Magnetoresistance effect film and magnetoresistance effect type head
Magnetic recording medium and process for producing the same
Transparent conductive film and process for forming a transparent electrode
Non-combustible gypsum/fiber board
Open end protection for solid oxide fuel cells
Direct deposit of catalyst on the membrane of direct feed fuel cells
Strap for thin metal film battery
Electrochemical cell having a doped electrolyte and associated fabrication and electrochemical processes
Auxiliary power source device for portable electronic instrument
Electrode for an electrochemical cell including ribbons
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode for alkaline secondary battery and method of manufacturing thereof
Positive electrode for lithium battery and lithium battery
Mercury-free zinc anode for electromechanical cell and method for making same
Lithium-titanium-oxide anodes for lithium batteries
Paper separators for electrochemical cells
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Alkali metal electrochemical cell having an improved cathode activated with a nonaqueous electrolyte having a carbonate additive
Photorefractive composite
Material exhibiting compensation for polymerization-induced shrinkage and recording medium formed therefrom
Method of forming mask with angled struts of reduced height
Method for automating manufacture of photomask
Mask pattern correction method and a recording medium which records a mask pattern correction program
Photomask and projection exposure apparatus
Device manufacturing method and apparatus utilizing concentric fan-shaped pattern mask
Method for patterning a substrate using a photomask with multiple absorption levels
Process for making active substrates for color displays
Inspecting method of color filter and manufacturing method of color filter
Adhesives for preparing a multilayer laminate featuring an ink-bearing surface bonded to a second surface
Protecting layer for image recording materials
Electrically conductive resin composition and photosensitive drum made therewith
Toner for making an ink printed-like image
Toner for developing latent electrostatic images, binder resin for use in the toner, and image formation method using the toner
4H-pyran charge control agents for electrostatographic toners and developers
Method of producing liquid toner with polyester resin
Permanent photoreceptor marking system
Thermal transfer element for forming multilayer devices
Self developing-film unit
Photo-sensitive fiber
Article for optical data storage device
Optical information recording medium
Anti-reflection oxynitride film for polysilicon substrates
Method of making crack resistant magnetic write head
Method to enhance global planarization of silicon oxide surface for IC device fabrication
Diffusion plate and method for manufacturing master die thereof
Resist image reversal by means of spun-on-glass
Method of making an organic electroluminescent device
Method for forming a spacer out of photosensitive material
Tunable bragg gratings and devices employing the same
Optical waveguide photosensitization
Method of patterning polyamic acid layers
Developers for polychloroacrylate and polychloromethacrylate based resists
Method of forming color images and picture-taking color photographic material used therein
One-part bleach-fix liquid concentrates
Silver halide light-sensitive element
Color photographic material
Yellow coupler, photographic element, and process
Cyanine dyes
Methods for producing dried storage-stable platelets and compositions obtained thereby
Process for producing compound for rare earth metal resin-bonded magnet
Piezoelectric sintered ceramics and piezoelectric ceramic elements constituted thereby
Polyol ester lubricants for hermetically sealed refrigerating compressors
Refrigerating compositions based on hexafluoropropane, fluoroethers and hydrocarbons
Lubricant compositions for refrigerating machine employing HFC-32, HFC-125 or HFC-134A
Enhanced heat transfer using nanofluids
Heat transfer liquid with potassium formate for ventilation and air conditioning installations
Composition for removing sulfur compounds from fluids
Pigment particles for invisible marking applications
Catalytic partial oxidation of hydrocarbon fuels to hydrogen and carbon monoxide
Liquid immersion oil
Electrical devices comprising conductive polymer compositions
Conductive compositions with compositionally controlled bulk resistivity
Organic photochromic materials
Production of organomagnesium compounds using catalysts
Nuclear fuel having improved fission product retention properties
Process for the preparation of crosslinked spherical polymers
Method of producing composite materials and stratiform composites
Method of making ceramic elements to be sintered and binder compositions therefor
Injection molded tonneau cover for pick-up truck
Method for making a preform
Apparatus and method for molding polymeric fibers into products
Method for producing a compound from plastic with fixed fibre insert
Process for the production of cyanuric chloride moldings
Reinforced composite product and apparatus and method for producing same
Method of making a magnetically encodable card having magnetic particles uniformly distributed throughout
Method of manufacturing a transformer coil with a disposable wrap and band mold and integrated winding mandrel
Method and apparatus for manufacturing molded products
Structuring process that stiffens and protects the surface of thin material webs
Method for manufacturing artificial stone
Method of producing thermoplastic resin films and apparatus for producing the same
Method of making sample in form of outline drawing sheet
Ophthalmic mouldings
Method of manufacturing a film coated article
Compression molded neck body with smooth inner wall
Pin-in-sleeve device for in-article gas assisted injection molding
Collection container assembly
Method of making fired bodies
Method of manufacturing fishing weight for preventing water pollution
System for extracting sodium metal from sodium hydroxide with methane as a reductant
Apparatus for disposing synthetic resinous materials
Refractory wall, metallurgical vessel comprising such a refractory wall and method in which such a refractory wall is applied
Taphole knockout device
Air actinism chamber apparatus and method
Apparatus for separation of biologic components from heterogeneous cell populations
Use of blends of water-resistant and biodegradable polymers made from renewable feedstocks with increased binding affinity for the production of carriers for analytic systems
Universal pipette tip box
Process and apparatus for distributing fluids in a container
Plasma discharge reactors for the preparation of bioactive compounds
Device and method for holding catalyst in a radial flow reactor
Chemical feeder
Strontium nitrate and method for manufacturing same
Method for producing super clean air
Process for the removal from gases of nitrogen oxides NOx by selective catalytic reduction (SCR) using ammonia over zeolite catalysts not causing the formation of nitrogen protoxide
Process for controlling ammonia slip in the reduction of sulfur dioxide emission
Method for preparing hollow silica particles
Catalyst system using flow-through radiation shielding and a process for producing hydrogen cyanide using the same
Process for preparing hydroxylammonium salts
Pyrolysis process for reclaiming desirable materials from vehicle tires
Process for producing single wall nanotubes using unsupported metal catalysts
Method of synthesis of lithium substituted borohydride reagents and method of synthesis of reactive lithium hydride
Multiple stream high pressure mixer/reactor
Metal complexes derivatized with folate for use in diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Method of using deuterated calcium channel blockers
Microbubbles surrounded by a monolayer of negatively charged phospholipids as contrast agents
Method of producing particles for use in dry powder inhalers
Zinc containing dentifrice compositions
Tooth whitening compositions
Cosmetic use of Bis(resorcinyl)triazine derivatives
Benzimidazole/benzofuryl-benzazole silicon compounds and UV-photoprotective compositions comprised thereof
Use of colloidal silicic acid in a nail varnish composition
Cosmetic composition
Composition with base of coconut oil and its use
Cosmetic composition based on nonionic guar gum and on non-crosslinked anionic polymer
Immune lymphokine-mediated control of Salmonellosis in swine
Adeno-associated vectors for expression of factor VIII by target cells
Enhancement of microbial colonisation of the gastrointestinal tract
Tumor killing effects of enterotoxins, superantigens, and related compounds
Method of preventing the proliferation of V.beta.14 or V.beta.17-Expressing T cells
Antibodies Which Bind Mycobacterial Tuberculosis Proteins
Immunological tolerance inducer kit
Anti-pathogen system and methods of use thereof
Method of preparation of biologically active Ginkgo biloba product
Flavonoids derived from citrus peels as collagen-induced platelet aggregation inhibitor
Method for lowering blood alcohol concentration by administering an extract of Rhus verniciflua
Hemopoietic stem cell multiplier
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis vaccines and methods
Recombinant swinepox virus
Avian polynucleotide formula
Vaccine for the prevention of lyme disease
Recombinant mycobacteria auxotrophic for diaminopimelate
NucA protein of Haemophilus influenzae
Intestinal protozoal vaccines
Active agent transport systems
Process for producing solid dosage forms by extrusion
Human skin care product and method
Fatty acid ethoxylates and partial glycerides for preparing phase inversion temperature emulsions
Pseudoceramides, and dermatologic external preparations containing the same
Cosmetic cleansing and skin care preparation containing plant and algae extracts
Controlled release compositions
Pesticidal or herbicidal compositions
Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor
Administration media for analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic drugs containing nitrous oxide and pharmaceutical compositions containing such media and drugs
Mixed micellar delivery system and method of preparation
Buccal drug administration in female hormone replacement therapy
Producing protected protein for ruminant feed by combining protein with reducing carbohydrate
Enhancing milk production by adding to feed a nonionic surfactant coated on a carrier
Sheet pack
Solubility parameter based drug delivery system and method for altering drug saturation concentration
Segmented transdermal dosage unit
Freeze dried liposome encapsulated amphiphilic drug compositions and a process for the preparation thereof
Use of virulence factors of pathogens to improve liposomal delivery of therapeutic agents
Gelified microspheres, their method of preparation and their applications
Antibiotic formulation and use for bacterial infections
Aqueous carrier systems for water-insoluble materials
Combination pharmaceutical composition and associated methods
Self-emulsifying ibuprofen solution and soft gelatin capsule for use therewith
Rapidly dissolving robust dosage form
Pharmaceutical compositions in the form of sustained-release tablets based on high molecular weight polysaccharide granules
Dosage forms
Controlled release pharmaceutical tablets containing an active principle of low water solubility
Oral cisapride dosage forms with an extended duration
Surface cross-linked particles suitable for controlled delivery
Process for the preparation of respirable particles
Method of making controlled release particles of complexed polymers
Method for pickling products of a metal alloy in absence of nitric acid and for recovering exhausted pickling solutions and apparatus therefore
Removal of sacrificial cores by electrochemical machining
Apparatus and method for electrolytic treatment
Electrokinetic removal of charged contaminant species from soil and other media using moderately conductive adsorptive materials
Enzymatic-electrochemical one-shot affinity sensor for the quantitative determination of analytes for aqueous media and affinity assay
Process for transforming a gas oil cut to produce a dearomatised and desulphurised fuel with a high cetane number
Desulfurization and aromatic saturation of feedstreams containing refractory organosulfur heterocycles and aromatics
Process for removal of sulphur together with other contaminants from fluids
Renewable filter with a bypass valve
Device for removing hydrocarbons from storm water
Swimming pool chlorinator with adjustable slits
Non-chemical scale prevention and chlorine removal water filter
Filter housing assembly
Dioxole coated membrane module for ultrafiltration or microfiltration of aqueous suspensions
Styrene sulfonate cation exchange membrane
Tangential-flow filtration system
Method of preparing a liquid mixture
Liquid chromatograph and method of outputting an analysis result of the same
Module and method for introducing a sample into a chromatography column
Sedimentation acceleration agent for activated sludge and method for using the same
Purification of liquid streams using carbon dioxide
Ultrasound-assisted filtration system
Portable apparatus for preventing diffusion and landing of outflow oil
Apparatus and method for treatment of discharged water and other fluids
Method and apparatus for acoustically driven media filtration
Process and catalyst for photocatalytic conversion of contaminants
Swirling fluid jet cavitation method and system for efficient decontamination of liquids
Process for treating sewage using hydro fluoro ether polymers
Ballast water de-toxification treatment system for ships
Treatment system for fire protection sprinkler system
White blood cell-removing device, white blood cell-removing apparatus and white blood cell-removing method
Method and device for concentrating liquid-drenched material
Variable capacity continuous extended area filter
Methods for making spinnable ball, display medium and display device
Surface modification using an atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma source
Human Necessities
Methods of treating mammals using nanocrystalline formulations of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) protease inhibitors
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of etching molybdenum metal from substrates
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew