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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Work implement side shift control and method
Apparatuses and methods for controlling self-propelled machines
Flying disk for fishing
Male sports/athletic protective undergarment/cup system
Hoop angle finder
Sole with improved construction
Magnetic fastener
Multi-piece jewelry assembly
Enlarged foldable chair system
Chair apparatus
Portable medication dispenser
Merchandise display hook
Display rack construction
Decorative corner piece for connecting mitered frame sections together
Article support device
Device for wringing a mop and floor cleaning system having the device
Methods and systems for guiding an emission to a target
Wearable for acquisition of resting multi-lead ECG
Light-guided transluminal catheter
Voice signals improvements in compressed wireless communications systems
Battery receiving mechanism for noise cancellation headphone
Noctumal oral airway dilator
Portable hoist system for assisting in the movement of a disabled person
Wireless cardioresonance stimulation
Helically formed coil for a neural cuff electrode
Nasal mask and mask cushion therefor
Quick-donning full face oxygen mask with inflatable harness and soft foldable lens
Water and oxygen bottle
Portable sprayer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Graded particle-size retention filter medium for fluid filtration unit with improved edge seal
Method of recycling plastic material of process cartridge
High pressure tube cleaning apparatus
Method of fabricating, artificial limbs incorporating superelastic supports
Method for molding bicycle tube
Apparatus for making a drainage element
Instrumented transition alignment fixture and method
Compact clamping device with side clamping member
Oval frame razor
Lubricating shaving assembly
Process and apparatus for producing veneer strips, chipped wood or the like
Composite coating for mold insert and method for making a coated mold insert
Roll-forming apparatus
Method of making transfer printed webbing
Pneumatic tire including main and auxiliary oblique grooves in axially inner region of tread
Trailing arm suspension system
Top for a convertible
Operator control assembly
Vehicular control apparatus and method
Protective device for the cargo area of a vehicle and corresponding methods
Occupant ejection prevention assembly
Gas generator
Gas Generator
Steering column assembly with vertical capsules
Adaptive release capsule for steering column
Electrical tilt and telescope locking mechanism
Steering actuator of independent steer-by-wire system
Transport system for portable auger
Reinforcing material for parachutes and methods for reinforcing parachutes
Pellet transfer apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for filling portable high pressure cylinders with respiratory oxygen
Pressing and vacuum-packing diaper
Waste disposal apparatus
Ultrasonic sealing apparatus
Hourglass-shaped hot-fill container and method of manufacture
Easy open envelope
Pinch faucet
Bundt cake container
Article grasping device
Tissue dispensing cover
Longitudinal load varying device for elongate members
Accumulating and delivering apparatus for cardboard sheets
Both-way movable body driving mechanism and elevator using the same
Car door apparatus of elevator
Even reeving system for a top drive earth drilling machine
Electrically-operated dispenser
Dispensing device and method for filling thereof
Portable clip-on spray dispenser and associated methods
Saddle tree including a progressive flex headplate assembly
Non-slip and ventilated horse saddle pad
Slip-on animal hoof boot assembly
Textiles; Paper
Device and method for inserting weft threads in a weaving machine, and thread clamp used therewith
Fixed Constructions
Reinforced shelf structure and method
Composite door structure and method of forming a composite door structure
Fastener element for connecting a structural part to a support part
Mount apparatus for image displaying device
Awning construction and camping accommodation provided with an awning construction
Portable, selectively-reversible enclosure
Erectable canopy with reinforced roof structure
Erectable canopy with reinforced roof structure
Constructive arrangement feature improvement introduced in poles for the organization of lines
Combination of locking button and spindle for lock
Latch assembly for sliding doors
Locking tether assembly for shipping container doors
Hinge structure
Hinge structure for flat visual display device
Dual-opening mechanism of door
Automated shutter control
Mounting method of clip and weather strip
Gasket having elastic connection portion for refrigerator doors
Methods of and apparatus for casing a borehole
Flexible cup for downhole devices
Method and apparatus for ECP element inflation utilizing solid laden fluid mixture
Apparatus and methods for utilizing a downhole deployment valve
Piggable separation system and method
Method for using reversible phase oil-based drilling fluid
Apparatus and method for gravel packing
While drilling system and method
While drilling system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control valve and a method for a percussion device with a working cycle involving several coupling moments
Marine engine with a water cooled oil gallery
Inertial torque reaction management with selectively engageable counter rotating component
Multi-zone tubing assembly for a transition piece of a gas turbine
Intake manifold for an engine and method of controlling intake air flow
Apparatus for controlling a pressure in a fuel inflow line
Fuel injection nozzle of engine
Ultrasonically controlled valve
Crankshaft assembly of an internal combustion engine
Manually adjustable clutch assembly with visual indicator
Clutch-lever manipulation assisting device
Power transmission device having torque transfer mechanism with power-operated clutch actuator
Hydraulic controlled fan clutch with integral cooling
Brake actuator
Brake apparatus having automatic clearance adjusting mechanism with overadjustment preventer
Drum brake
Mounting assembly for a vehicle suspension component
Ring gear
Piston for metering equipment used in the food and/or chemical and pharmaceutical industries in particular, with improved seal systems
Pressure relief valve
Automatic valve characterization of digital valve positioners
Nut and tail assembly
Multi-legged equipment support for cameras, spotting telescopes and the like and jam-plate lock for same
Steam generator that includes a feedwater delivery device
Expansion device arrangement for vapor compression system
Washing machine with a drying device
Plasma polymerization enhancement of surface of metal for use in refrigerating and air conditioning
Measuring head
Intersecting laser line generating device
System and method for detecting accident location
Method of resolving a location from data representative thereof
Load sensing system for seat
Wheel bearing with sensors
Method and apparatus for streamlined remote telematics authorization
Remote monitoring of a plurality of vehicles
Wellbore fluid testing apparatus and methods
Method and apparatus for measuring ultralow permeation
Pressure sensor capable of changing resolution in accordance with amount of pressing force
Automation of liquid phase microextraction
Method and device for measuring electromagnetic wave
Autonomic seismic data processing
Method of seismic evaluation of subterranean strata
Traverse module
Monitoring device system, image forming apparatus, and monitoring device method
Toner adhesion measuring device, toner adhesion measuring method, and image forming apparatus
Image forming device, method of notifying consumable exhaustion, and computer-readable storage medium
Powder container, powder conveying apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Development device, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus including same
Fixation device having temperature control and image forming apparatus including the same
Energy based resource allocation across virtualized machines and data centers
Method and system of controlling power supply of an information processing device including load information
Energy-saving circuit for motherboard
Establishing trust in a maintenance free storage container
Progressive validation check disabling based upon validation results
Fault tolerance of multi-processor system with distributed cache
Administering incident pools for incident analysis
Privacy control in a social network
System and method for responding to failure of a hardware locus at a communication installation
Reconfigurable recovery modes in high availability processors
Dynamic traffic routing and service management controls for on-demand application services
Circuit for displaying failure information of power supply unit
Microcomputer and method of operation thereof
Reduced power failover
Method and system for providing immunity to computers
Method and system for detecting fake accounts in online social networks
Fault-based software testing method and system
Redundancy and load balancing in remote direct memory access communications
Information processing apparatus and control method of the same
Protecting keystrokes received from a keyboard in a platform containing embedded controllers
Password-less security and protection of online digital assets
Creation of image databases for image evaluation
Switching optically connected memory
Address space management while switching optically-connected memory
Extended address volume (EAV) allocation verification
Storage apparatus, computer system, and control method for storage apparatus
Modifying data prefetching operation based on a past prefetching attempt
Handling storage pages in a database system
Method and controller for identifying a unit in a solid state memory device for writing data to
File system object node management
Computer system management apparatus and management method
Automatic use of large pages
Memory management apparatus, memory management method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
Automatic pattern-based operand prefetching
Limiting activity rates that impact life of a data storage media
Integrated link calibration and multi-processor topology discovery
Method and arrangement for reconstructing the source of an electromagnetic field
Parsing emails
Terminal device authentication method, terminal device and program
Method and apparatus for reducing application update traffic in cellular networks
Systems and methods for managing user-specific modifications to shared content on an individual basis
Secured identities collaboration system and method
DLNA content conversion device, DLNA content conversion method, and DLNA content conversion program
Speculative and coordinated data access in a hybrid memory server
Communication system determining effective remaining transmission rate using small-sized test data before transmitting actual data
Method of establishing disjoint data connections between clients by a network
Apparatus and method for providing a provider-selected message in response to a user request for user-selected information
Parallel distributed processing method and computer system
Managing a message subscription in a publish/subscribe messaging system
Method and system for permitting access to resources based on instructions of a code tagged with an identifier assigned to a domain
Sound and effective data-flow analysis in the presence of aliasing
Computer system including an all-to-all communication network of processors connected using electrical and optical links
Test analysis system of network and analysis method thereof
Method for resource optimization for parallel data integration
Semantic request normalizer
Community-selected content
Multi-task machine learning using features bagging and local relatedness in the instance space
Deriving predictions from data using information extraction and machine learning
Methods, computer-readable media, and computer program product for intelligent selection of items encoded onto portable machine-playable entertainment media
Community-driven map creation and access
Systems and methods for directing access to products and services
Method and apparatus for profiling and identifying the source of a signal
Export license compliance system ("ELCS") using controlled communications
Generating a recommendation to add a member to a receptivity cohort
Managing the product of temporary groups in a community
Authentication of solution topology
System and method for efficiently representing and managing a computer facility
Content validation for documentation topics using provider information
Method for processing a structured document to render, and corresponding processor
Web discovery method for assessing ingredients for regulatory compliance
Hosted system for enabling enterprises to build and operate online communities
Extracting a meaningful frequent itemset
Method and system for reclaiming storage on a shared storage device or independent of the mount state of a file system
Test circuit, integrated circuit, and test circuit layout method
Model building for pressure diagnostics simulation
Parameter variation improvement
Circuit analysis device and circuit analysis method
Structured placement of latches/flip-flops to minimize clock power in high-performance designs
Methods of generating circuit layouts that are to be manufactured using SADP routing techniques and virtual non-mandrel mask rules
Robot system
Aircraft component manufacturing method and apparatus
Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
Mobile device privacy application
Storage writes in a mirrored virtual machine system
Arithmetic device
Method for transmitting contents for contents management technology interworking, and recording medium for storing program thereof
Managing access to class objects in a system utilizing a role-based access control framework
System and method for collaborative viewing of a four dimensional model requiring decision by the collaborators
Embedded programmable logic for logic stacking on application processor
Generating a front end graphical user interface for a plurality of text based commands
Network system, server apparatus, terminal apparatus, display method of content guide, program for server apparatus, program for terminal apparatus
Floral arrangement creation system, method and computer program product
Half width counting leading zero circuit using comparators
Communication support method, system, and server device
Visually representing a hierarchy of category nodes
System, method and computer program product for synchronizing data written to tape including writing an index into a data partition so that data can be recovered in case of failure
Security and tracking system and process for agricultural product distribution
Detecting transcoding tables in extract-transform-load processes
Smart collaborative brainstorming tool
Character string generation method, article of manufacture and system
Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
File storage system and file storage method
Method, system and program product for managing structured data
End-to-end interoperability and workflows from building architecture design to one or more simulations
End-to-end interoperability and workflows from building architecture design to one or more simulations
System and method for classifying an electronic document
Use of statistical language modeling for generating exploratory search results
Content management system that retrieves data from an external data source and creates one or more objects in the repository
Use of statistical language modeling for generating exploratory search results
Method and apparatus for securely providing postal address data to client devices
Multi-chip initialization using a parallel firmware boot process
Caching system and methods thereof for initializing virtual machines
Data storage in distributed resources of a network based on provisioning attributes
Integrating preprocessor behavior into parsing
Apparatus for developing embedded software and a process for making the same
Continuous updating of technical debt status
Service emulator substituting for backend components to satisfy needs of front end components
Version labeling in a version control system
Crash notification between debuggers
Smart patch delivery system
Interactive semi-automatic test case maintenance
Automatic designation of equivalent variable values
Enhancing functional tests coverage using traceability and static analysis
Profile-based global live-range splitting
Profile-based global live-range splitting
Analyze and reduce number of data reordering operations in SIMD code
Method and apparatus and record carrier
Automatically reconfiguring physical switches to be in synchronization with changes made to associated virtual system
Method and apparatus for resetting a physical I/O adapter without stopping a guest OS running on a virtual machine
Adaptive parallel data processing
Transferring architected state between cores
Adaptive lock list searching of waiting threads
IC chip, information processing apparatus, software module control method, information processing system, information processing method, and program
Acknowledging incoming messages
Systems and methods for data-parallel processing
Resource affinity via dynamic reconfiguration for multi-queue network adapters
Environmentally aware load-balancing
Dependency management in task scheduling
Component behavior modeling using separate behavior model
Circuit simulation apparatus and circuit simulation method
Method and system for collecting market research data from consumers
Combination-type IC card
Method for visualizing the input and display components of terminal equipment and corresponding terminal equipment
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
Ocular biometric authentication with system verification
Ocular biometric authentication with system verification
Method for face recognition
System, method and medium performing color correction of display images
Proof reading of text data generated through optical character recognition
Image processing apparatus and method
Image compressor, image processing system, and method for compressing image
Digital-to-analogue converter and neuromorphic circuit using such a converter
System, method and computer program product for interfacing software engines
Publishing an industry business architecture model
System for monitoring inventory and dispensing activity of a plurality of diverse beverages
Serving form ads with a video
Optimization of pharmacy operations using automatic distributed vending system
Vehicle-use speed control apparatus
Fabric sign
Vehicle mounted display
Acoustic shock protection device and method thereof
Voice-activated pulser
Speech recognition in automated information services systems
Disc drive and a housing thereof including penetration hole
Method and apparatus for scanning in scanning probe microscopy and presenting results
Process for producing a collapsed filled via hole
Method of manufacturing an optoelectronic package
Method for constructing a membrane probe using a depression
Traveling apparatus and method for controlling thereof
Storage apparatus and controller
Method and apparatus for transmitting data in optical transport network
Method and apparatus for reading a disc
Connector cover and mobile type electronic device
Full duplex wireless method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting insertion of SIM card in a portable terminal
Radio transceiver on a chip
Radio frequency transmitter with on-chip photodiode array
Method for protection of multi-wavelength passive optical network
Ultra-high-speed photonic-enabled ADC based on multi-phase interferometry
Fast chromatic dispersion estimation
Optical receiver based on a decision feedback equalizer
Driving strength control apparatus, driving strength control method and terminal equipment
Method and system for a wireless integrated test and measurement device
Viewer behavior tracking using pattern matching and character recognition
Creating and using a specific user unique id for security login authentication
Apparatus and method for securing beacons
Module and associated method for TR-069 object management
Systems and methods for implementing transparent encryption
System and method for maintaining dual identity in a server process
Method and apparatus for providing simultaneous support for multiple master keys at an access point in a wireless communication system
Snoop echo response extractor
Controlled password modification method and apparatus
Controlled password modification method
Embedded extrinsic source for digital certificate validation
Techniques for accessing features of a hardware adapter
Combining key control information in common cryptographic architecture services
Combining key control information in common cryptographic architecture services
Method and apparatus for generating one-time passwords
System and method for effectively performing data restore/migration procedures
Strengthened public key protocol
Mobile device
Data arrival control server and method for notifying a communication terminal of a plurality of communication terminals of data arrival at a certain communication terminal of the plurality of communication terminals
Integrated services user part (ISUP)/ session initiation protocol (SIP) gateway for unlicensed mobile access (UMA) emergency services call flow
Geo-redundant and high reliability commercial mobile alert system (CMAS)
Safety feature to disable an electronic device when a wireless implantable medical device (IMD) is proximate
Methods and systems for dynamic treatment of callers
System and method for determining and delivering appropriate multimedia content to data communication devices
Mobile video dating service
Television schedule system and method of operation for multiple program occurrences
Data processing system, apparatus and method for processing information, recording and playback apparatus, and computer program
Video processor, video processing method, integrated circuit for video processing, video playback device
Viewing of commercial break content during fast-forwarding of a video stream
System for data management and on-demand rental and purchase of digital data products
System and method for personal content access
Time scale separated network management and network provisioning optimizations
Positioning LTE wireless base stations using aggregated OTDOA assistance data
Wireless communication system, relay station, user equipment, and wireless communication method
Base station, detection device, communication system and detection method
Telephony interruption handling
Telecommunication method and apparatus thereof
Methods and apparatus for updating a communications device using SMS messages
Broadcast and multicast services in wireless communication systems
Heat-dissipating module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Mop head
Foot scrubber
Mounting bracket
Trimmer hanger
Door handle
Handle extrusion
Handle for use with a suitcase
Door handle
Bolt with stepped head
Lockout hasp
Turn-lock cover
Combination padlock shell
Bottle with cap
Plastic container
Table lamp display package
Packaging box
Floral container
Compressed fabric article package having a foot shape
Pouch for holding liquids
Collector for dog droppings
Toilet training timepiece
Combined digital watch and camera
Front plate for an electronic navigation instrument
Housing for a navigation device
Laser level module with digital readout
Fluid clock
Paddle handle having oval-shaped exterior
Dish, glass and silverware handling cart
Hose reel cart
Portable lifting apparatus
Surface configuration of a ceiling panel for an airplane
Tire for motorcycle
Tire tread
Tire tread
Vehicular mirror
Automotive wheel
Side view mirror for automobile
Automotive wheel
Carrier for use on a bicycle
Cockpit of a concept vehicle
Automotive wheel
Bottle carrier
Wheel for motor vehicle
Vehicle-wheel front face
Wheel for motor vehicle
Vehicle-wheel front face
Vehicle-wheel front face
Vehicle-wheel front face
Charger of telephone watch
Inverter for an electric motor
Bobbin for transformer for electronic device
Lantern battery housing with three terminal posts
Joint connector for automobile battery charging cord
Fixing and/or supporting device for a circuit board
Outer surface portion of an electronic enclosure
Configuration of multiple electronic enclosures
Double interconnect enclosure for computer and audio visual equipment concealable in furniture
Equipment cover
Electric connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Adapter housing
Calendar clock radio with alarm and stopwatch
Ear mounted headset
Speaker driver frame
Face plate component
Disc player combined with radio receiver and tape recorder
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Multimedia computer
Front panel for a drive carrier
Icon of a user interface for a medical playback device
Wearable computer
Front panel for an electronic device
Web terminal
Front panel for an electronic device
LCD monitor
Laptop support ramp
Document printer
Hand held optical scanner front face portion
Keyboard support with mouse pad
Hand-held scanning tool
Portable computer
Electronic memory card
Operational mode icon for a display screen of a control unit for a surgical device
Computer terminal
Key array for a handset
Water-resistant call receiver
Key matrix for a handset
Front cover for a handset
Front cover for a handset
Television receiver
Display and key array for a handset
Corona tip for an antenna
Telephone station
Subscriber premises transceiver for a local multi-point distribution service
Keypad for a handset
Rosette for digital disks
Quick attachment swivel bracket
Cab/counterweight upper for tracked feller-buncher
Front engine riding mower
Dishwasher front panel
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner dirt receptacle
Recycling apparatus
Collet head
Video camera
Video camera
Video camera with video tape recorder
Toner cartridge
Lens shutter camera
Lens shutter camera
Eyeglass retainer
Eyeglass retainer
Electronic high-hat cymbal
Electronic percussion instrument
Ink cartridge for printer
Set of raised symbol elements
Tabletop folder/inserter
Greeting card with liquid sample container
Desk accessory set
Stamp pad holder
Gel pen with feather design on cap
Bingo ink marker bottle
Monument sign
Front number plate for a motorcycle
Face plate for beverage dispenser
Sign kiosk assembly
Game machine
Stuffed animal
Liquid crystal display monitor for multi-media games
Toy drums
Champagne glass noisemaker
Toy car
Pirate ship toy
Game machine
Car toy
Swim fin having articulated extensions
Sit up exercise machine
Folding exercise bench
Ball retriever
Golf putter head
Combination balance beam and seat
Fortune telling device
Playground climber
Children's playground rocker in the shape of an egg-plant
Wedding canopy
Shooting target
Multi-purpose device for fishing and fishing accessories
Water pistol
Oil extractor for vehicle engines
Fluid connector
Distillation console for a solvent recycling system
Cartridge for a water purification and treatment system
Hose nozzle with diamond design
Tub for bathing
Water closet
Tub handle
Fan forced heater
Front panel for a packaged terminal air conditioner
Filter Apparatus
Shell of a stove exhauster
Finger oximeter
Umbilical cord cutter
Needle shield for an injection device
Anatomic implant
Foot covering
Absorbent product
Wireless earpiece
Bonded panel having interlocking sides
Decking plank
Post and cassette housing for queue management system
Garage screen door
Octagonal, structural frame member
Picket fence section
Fiberglass swimming pool
Step stool
Cake candle holder
Portable light to be carried on the person
Lighting fixture
Beehive candle
Clear pillar candle with heat shield and decals
Decorative candle
Winker for a motorcycle
Desktop video production studio
Headlight for a carpet extractor
Liquid and lotion applicator
Beard trimmer with comb
Ear and nose trimmer
Hair clipper
Hair clipper
Hair dryer
Artificial nail tip having tail-like extension
Hair dryer
Electric kneader
Self-rolling curling iron
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Hair styler
Leg protection device
Hockey goalie pad
Safety helmet
Reflective pet wear
Pet bed
Confidentiality screen for automated teller machine
Cremation urn lid
Container for saving coins
Ice cream bar bank
Human Necessities
Rake and shovel combination
Side strut for a lower steering arm of a tractor
Pneumatic agricultural particulate material delivery system
Blade-mounting system for a rotary mower
Concave shaped grain tank on an agricultural combine
Method of sawdust-based cultivation of shiitake (Cortinellus shiitake) and a cultivation water tank used for the method
Tree surround
Christmas tree watering device
Irrigation apparatus
Method for wrapping a vase containing a floral grouping
Apple tree named `Rankin Red`
Impatiens plant named `TiPar`
Climbing rose variety `POULnorm`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Rose Swirls`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Red`
Poinsettia plant named `Windark`
Agapanthus plant named `Snowstorm`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Claudia`
Nectarine tree named `Burnectwo`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Sophia`
Shrub rose plant named `POULtumb`
Hamamelis mollis plant named `5473`
Hemerocallis plant named `Calypso Queen`
Apparatus for cutting and stirring curd
Method of automatically milking animals and a fully automatic milking machine provided with a milking robot, said milking machine being suitable for performing same
Apparatus for preventing scattered cat litter
Feeder monitor and feeder monitoring network
Combination pet brush and grooming solution dispenser
Pet tool
Blind animal safety harness
Crupper pad assembly with tail bag
Bird anti-perching device
Combination dog collar and leash system
Spur glove for birds
Electronically controlled animal food dispenser
Device for setting the drag on a fishing reel
Fly harnessing and storage device
Boating accessory container
Use of derivatives of N-phenl-3,4,5,6-tetrahydrophthalimide for the desiccation and abscission of plant organs
Method of protecting plants from cold injury
Fly pest control in mushroom cultivation
Freeze-concentrating apparatus for aqueous solutions, ice pillar producing apparatus, and freeze-concentrating method for aqueous solutions
Cleaning/sanitizing methods, compositions, and/or articles for produce
Automatic food processing device
Food coating apparatus
Foot comforting device
Garment with a lower abdominal support and an insert therefor
Method and apparatus for protecting hands and improving grip
Clearvision ridesafe glove
Decorative embellishment for clothing
Tie clip for necktie
Microfiber non-woven fabric bathrobe
Head suspension for an air supplied hood system
Reversible two color protective headgear and blank therefor
Durable outsole for article of footwear
Flex sole
Insole or sole of shoes and manufacturing method thereof
Plastic toe cap and method of making
Boot having structure for draining and evacuating moisture
Shoe having an at least partially elastic lining and volume adjusting system
Article of footwear including a tented upper
Self-mating reclosable mechanical fastener
Hook and loop fastening structure
Proof-of-use device and badge suitable for such a device
Automatic hair washer
Hair drier
Acrylic fingernail removal strip
Magnetic force eyeglass holder
Low turbulence air blast system
Artist painting instrument
Toothbrush having controlled head movement
Paint brush having crinkle filaments and natural bristles
Customized table tops
Hybrid office panel construction for a modular office furniture system
Drawstring table
Supporting device with a casing adjustably retaining pillows having malleable cores
Therapeutic support for the reduction of decubitus ulcers
Device for protecting furniture from pet damage
Cabinet for displaying and conserving of foodstuffs
Display case frame
Mailbox locks, mailbox locking systems, and locking mailboxes
Method for forming a cover about a flower pot
Multiple use blanket convertible into sleeping bag and cushion configurations
Automatic coffee maker with grinder
Rotisserie cradle
Valve opening/closing device of a fryer
Floor cleaning apparatus having a floating brush
Carpet cleaning apparatus with loop agitator
Dual-duty blowing and exhausting apparatus
Vacuum cleaner hose clip
Polyaxial pedicle screw having a threaded and tapered compression locking mechanism
Self-cleaning holster for electrocautery tip
Functional status assessment scale
Notch diaphragm pressure sensor
Patient support apparatus and method for performing decubitus breast biopsy
Brush section for an electric toothbrush
Disposable menstrual panty
Shield and transport apparatus
Invalid hoists
Capsule part carrier in a filling and sealing machine for two-part capsules
Interlocking striking tool
Swimming goggles
Interface device for sports apparatus
Hinge structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Porous ceramic liner for a plasma source
Process for monitoring operation of an exhaust gas treatment system
Electrode apparatus containing an integral composite membrane
View port of a chemical vapor deposition device for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Device for treating particulate product
Waterfall with locking upper and lower lips and an angled extrusion arm combined with a screen
Apparatus for retaining plastic bags during washing
Processing apparatus and processing method
Brake washer
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or its ammonium salt semiconductor process residue removal process
Potted transducer array with matching network in a multiple pass configuration
Apparatus for contaminant removal using natural convection flow and changes in solubility concentration by temperature
System for anchoring frames to a platform
Apparatus for punching steel studs
Wheel repairing apparatus
Method for producing grid for a lead storage battery
Method for bending and cutting metal strip material
High speed crimping apparatus
Device for holding cams during their binding on a tube by expansion of the tube
Sprocket with thin body and grooved teeth
Pneumatic-hydraulic blind riveting device
Forming machine with cooling apparatus
Driver for threaded fasteners with spiral drive
Taper-boring machine
Skiving and roller burnishing tool
Solder flux compatible with flip-chip underfill material
Method for manufacturing a heat sink
Method of inserting a piston assembly into a cylinder of an internal combustion engine
Device for producing relative motion with two translational degrees of freedom
Boring and contouring apparatus
Dual analog and ratchet wrench
Positive engagement spanner wrench
Universal wrench for tightening and loosening polygonal assembly elements
Tool driver device
Power installation tool for helical coil inserts
Blades for hand held power operated shears
Adjustable length handle for flat finishers
Handle assembly preventing a tool from slipping
Heatable cutting instrument, specially scissors, knife, clippers or the like
Combination utility knife
Apparatus for trimming plastic blow moldings
Method and apparatus for trimming thermoformed films
Filament wound structural columns for light poles
Railway car with composite box structure formed from molded components
Boat and method for manufacturing using resin transfer molding
Level sensitive waste compactor
Imaging element for different imaging systems
Reel feed screen printing method and printing machine
Ink film thickness control method and apparatus for multi-color printing press
Inking system with a belt and differential roller speeds
Double-sided printing apparatus and double-sided printing method
Segmented resistor inkjet drop generator with current crowding reduction
Method of making a print head
Stamp making device
Process for applying 4 color image to a fishing lure
White board eraser
Removable tile wall covering
Method and apparatus for decorating doors
Vehicle air-conditioning system
Compressor capacity control system and method
Speed compensated inlet air mixture control method for a vehicle air conditioning system
Portable evaporative cooling apparatus
Electronic throttling valve diagnosis and preventative shutdown control
Cold transportation method
Door module having an enclosure and speakers for an automotive vehicle
Vehicle liftgate power operating system
Backup and parallel parking assistant
Steering wheel
Wiper blade
Methods and apparatus for determining sensitivity of triggering of a motor vehicle automatic braking operation
Braking master cylinder and method of making a master cylinder
Master cylinder
Power assisted brake for motor vehicles
Welding cylinder dolly
Non-contacting sensor for measuring relative displacement between two rotating shafts
Crankset without dead center point, and assembly comprising such a crankset and a measuring appliance
Switch for bicycle speed-changing gear
Multi-use construction vessel
Stabilization apparatus for ship movement
Folding boat
Folding rigid-inflatable boat
Tower light and swivel assembly
Method and apparatus for modifying new or existing marine platforms
Submarine countermeasure launcher with gas capture
Quick release and fastening cover
Atomic-based combined cycle propulsion system and method
Strapping machine with restriction device
Method and apparatus for casting a card into a foldable case
Tablet cassette installation-error preventing system for automatic tablet supplying and packaging apparatus
Method of forming, filling, and sealing bags continuously and an apparatus for forming, filling and sealing bags
En route rage sensing apparatus
Rupture panel
Support or pressure roll for a paper roll winder
Seismic isolation system for a crane
Multipurpose screw
Microelectromechanical actuators including sinuous beam structures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for preventing burner-hole build-up in fused silica processes
Two-axis motion of take-out tongs in an individual section glassware forming machine
Anti-etch and cleaning composition for glass bottles
Additive for, method of adding thereof and resulting cured cement-type concreations for improved heat and freeze-thaw durability
Method of cooling air in the under-roof spaces of buildings
Propulsion system containing a mixed-phase propellant and a method for propelling an object with the same
Linear aperture deposition apparatus and coating process
Plasma CVD apparatus
Connecting rod with thermally sprayed bearing layer
Integrated phase separator for ultra high vacuum system
Textiles; Paper
Play-free and centering tube coupling for the spindle of a textile machine
Knit article having ravel-resistant edge portion and composite yarn for making ravel-resistant knit article
Actuator system for knitting machines
Smooth-table circular needling machine
Method for stitching a work piece using a computer controlled, vision-aided sewing machine
Reversible sculptured rug and method of manufacture
Dryer section
Fixed Constructions
Movable sunshade base
Rotary snow plow
Foundation element, methods for the construction of prefabricated structures including these elements, particularly prefabricated tunnels, and prefabricated structures made by these methods
Modular construction system
Composite foundation post
Method and apparatus for forcing piles into or out of the ground
Trench restoration apparatus
Drain assembly with installation aid stopper guide
Toilet leak detector and overflow control
Flushing device for a toilet
Multi-step operating system for rotating hideaway sanitary fixtures, utilizing a pressurized fluid distribution
Water closet bowl bottom connection
Charge transfer capacitance sensing and control system for an integrated venting system
Hidden connector
Fire-retardant roof construction
Anchor for a structural tie-down apparatus
Retractable stadium roofs and transport mechanism therefor
Box lintel
Utility pole crossarm, crossarm assembly, and method of manufacture
Self-aligning shingles
Sheet of shingles
Fastener clip for security wall system
Clip for siding panel
Sleeper assembly for resilient hardwood floor system
Tile setting rack for fireplace
Siding gauge tool
Canopy structure
Method and device for assembling components for water retention tanks, such as swimming pools for example
Swimming pool bottom flushing device
Apparatus for cleaning swimming pools
Building cavity assembly
Damper and a door handle
Key assembly for vehicle ignition locks
Key assembly for vehicle ignition locks
Cylinder lock having magnetically operative biassing means
Motor vehicle door lock that can be electrically locked/unlocked from the outside and/or from the inside
Vehicle door handle
Padlock protector
Lock for the plug of a power cord
Vehicle lid hinge
Width adaptable threshold assembly
Revolving door with night surround
Apparatus and method for securing a pane against impact
Dynamic pressure device for oil drill systems
Sensor assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air engine
Shape memory alloy actuator
Fuel delivery systems and method
Pressure-assisted electromagnetic thrust bearing
Air manifold system
Thermoelectric power generator and method of generating thermoelectric power in a steam power cycle utilizing latent steam heat
Test method on the strength of ceramic engine-valves and testing device for the same
Variable valve timing mechanism for engine
Combination body of shim and cam
Rotary piston adjuster for hydraulic phase adjustment of a shaft relative to a drive pinion
Belt-driven variable valve actuating mechanism
Electromagnetic actuator and valve-open-close mechanism
Lubricating system for four-cycle outboard motor
Method of evaluating deteriorated state of exhaust gas adsorbent
Exhaust gas purification device for internal combustion engine
Engine waste heat recovering apparatus
Cylinder head for direct injected engine
Two-stroke cycle engine
Two-stroke cycle internal combustion engine
Air-intake tube system for internal combustion engines
Intake cooler
Four-cycle outboard motor
Method and apparatus for stroke transmission
Method and apparatus for vaporizing liquid natural gas in a combined cycle power plant
Recovery type steam cooled gas turbine
Controlling the injection in a fuel injection system selectively operable with petrol or fuel gas
Integrated motor and electronic controller
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine control apparatus and method
Adjustment of driver demand for atmospheric conditions
Method of controlling an internal combustion engine in dependence on an exhaust gas pressure
Engine controller
Exhaust gas recirculation with condensation control
Method of manufacturing fuel injection valve
Combination pressure sensor and regulator for direct injection engine fuel system
Real-time mass flow measurement
Multicharge ignition system having combustion feedback for termination
Battery-less solar power system
Shape memory alloy actuators for aircraft landing gear
Variable displacement compressor having piston anti-rotation structure
Hydraulic circuit
Solenoid valve, particularly a proportional hydraulic valve
method of installing a cable assembly having a removable clip
Brake cylinder device
Friction resistance generator
Energy guiding chain
Indexing drive and transmission
Forward/reverse transmission for scale model vehicle
Active hydraulic control pressure system for adverse "G" flight conditions
Non-metallic piston in a heavy vehicle transmission and method of assembling the piston
Shift fork for an automotive gearbox
Heat insulation chamber, thermostatic chamber and cryostat
Swift clamp
Hybrid low temperature liquid carbon dioxide ground support system
Intermediate fluid type vaporizer
Pulverized fuel combustion burner
Method of disposing of animal waste
Multiple annular swirler
Evaporative cooling apparatus
Installation for producing solar thermal energy
Solid phase change refrigeration
Integrated circuit refrigeration device
Heat pump system
Three-stage electronically variable orifice tube
Desiccator container for automobile air conditioner
Treatment of food products
Mounting and placing structure for refrigerator
Vegetable compartment in refrigerator
System and process for liquefying high pressure natural gas
Hot air dryer
Grain dryer module
Method for testing a water-cooled stator of a generator for leaks, and test skid for use in the method
Vaporizer for a low temperature liquid
Scalloped lattice bar nuclear steam generator tube supports
Firearm with detachable magazine
Holster stock for pistols
Non-protruding aiming apparatus for handguns
Dual protective shield
Two-shot, single barrel muzzle-loading firearm
Method for producing a cartridge consisting of a case and a projectile
Cartridge for a firearm
Ammunition cartridge with differently packed shotshell wad projectile chambers
Low-calibre shot gun bullet, especially for shot guns with a partially or fully distended barrel
Method of forming a seal
Method and apparatus for measuring surface shape of thin element
Rule assembly with increased standout
System for adjusting the track on motor vehicle wheels
Angular velocity sensor
Process mass flow apparatus and method for measuring the mass flow of powdered and granulated solids as well as the accumulated weight of material passed during a specified time
Motor vehicle fuel level sensor
Detecting device
Compensating method and device for instrumental error in positive displacement type flowmeter
Force-measuring apparatus, particularly a weighing cell II
Strain sensor for optical fibers
Algorithm for determining the top dead center location in an internal combustion engine using cylinder pressure measurements
Slidable fixture positioner
Test plug
Apparatus for inspecting container for leakage of liquid
Drainage testing of porous asphalt road mixes
Transfer mechanism for environmental testing apparatus
Corrosion monitoring system
Noninvasive detection of corrosion, MIC, and foreign objects in fluid-filled containers using leaky guided ultrasonic waves
Method of producing an insulation layer, and sensor
Acoustic time of flight and acoustic resonance methods for detecting endpoint in plasma processes
Defect parameter for wooden members
Method and apparatus for inspecting communicating hole of a cast molded article
Calibrated stop bolt for longitudinal shock test fixture
Laser imaged printing plates comprising a multi-layer slip film
Adjustable brake, clutch and accelerator pedals
Adjustable brake, clutch and accelerator pedals
Coin receiving and dispensing apparatus
Automatic dialing system
Triboelectric sensor and methods for manufacturing
Electronic illuminated house sign
Illuminated display sign apparatus and method for installing the same
Golf ad
Flexible temporary license device
Card assembly for card display unit
Universal shampoo indentification logo
Pet tag silencer
Gesture synthesizer for electronic sound device
Recording medium cartridge and signal recording apparatus
Photoresist frame plating method for forming planarized magnetic pole layer
Method of making a head suspension with compliant feature for component location
Method of making a suspension flexure with load-unload efficient motion limiting feature
Chiral optical polymer based information storage material
Coil element and method for manufacturing thereof
Method of producing a ceramic electronic part
Lockable microelectromechanical actuators using thermoplastic material, and methods of operating same
Apparatus for monitoring substrate biasing during plasma processing of a substrate
Closed-loop dome thermal control apparatus for a semiconductor wafer processing system
Terminal applicator movement control mechanism
Method of measuring the density of a dielectric gas in a buried metal-clad line
Floor raceway for power and communications cables
Method of manufacturing surface acoustic wave apparatus
Method of assembling an IC socket for interconnecting articles with different terminal pitches
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