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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Reverse osmosis irrigation
Tomato line CHI 18-2101
Animal model for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis
Acyclovir formulations
Subcutaneous fat reduction
Compositions for anorectal use and methods for treating anorectal disorders
Sterilisation and conservation of liquids
Nano silver--zinc oxide composition
Disinfectant composition for hard articles, and method for disinfecting of surface of hard article
Moisture removing and deodorant application system
Support apparatus
Supporting device
Slide assembly
Integrated rack installation apparatus and method
Functional seat cover
Compliant headrest system
Ponytail holder
Locking gun rack system with quick deployment
Intraoral imaging system
Surgical fastening device with mesh retaining means
Tamponade trocar device and method
Fixation system for orthopedic devices
Method and apparatus for performing transesophageal cardiovascular procedures
Prosthetic limb monitoring system
Dental prosthesis
Absorbent article including an absorbent core layer having a material free zone and a transfer layer arranged below the absorbent core layer
Intervertebral disc spacer
Drug delivery system
Extendable wheelchair device for supporting the feet of the user
Wheelchair and bed
Methods for inhibiting drug degradation
Prodrugs of substituted 1,3-dioxanes and their uses
Substituted hydroxamic acids and uses thereof
Morpholinoalkyl fumarate compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of use
Amino group-containing pyrrolidinone derivative
Phosphorus containing compounds as protein kinase inhibitors
Therapeutic transplantation using developing, human or porcine, renal or hepatic, grafts
Hypoallergenic hybrid proteins of major group 1 and 2 mite allergens for use in the treatment of allergies
Lymphatic zip codes in tumors and pre-malignant lesions
Methods of using small compounds to enhance myeloid derived suppressor cell function for treating autoimmune diseases
Modified factor VIII
Modified Streptococcus pneumonia pneumolysin (PLY) polypeptides
Compounds having activity of suppressing activation of TGF-.beta. receptor, method for screening of the compounds, and composition for preventing or treating disease caused by hepatitis C virus
Vaccines for the treatment of neoplasias from viral capsids of birnavirus containing antigens of the human papillomavirus
Methods and compositions for the treatment of insulin-associated medical conditions
Antibiotic drug delivery and potentiation
Multiribbon nanocellulose as a matrix for wound healing
Transfer port and method for transferring items
Prevention of bacterial adherence and growth in an urological implant
Mediastinoscopy access, sampling, and visualization kit featuring toroidal balloons and exotracheal method of using
IV infusion system device having retractable needle and method of making and using the same
Bar bell having a plurality of differently oriented hand grips integrated therein
Spring collars and spring collar attachments having permanent magnets and associated methods
Anti-drift mechanism for treadmill
Therapeutic exercise device
Core muscle group training equipment and its method of use
Children's rocker
Waterslide kaleidoscope amusement device
Wire toy mandala
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for purifying gas by extracting particles
Process for the adsorption of toxic sulphur bearing gases
Method for purifying lithium-containing waste waters during the continuous manufacture of lithium transition metal phosphates
Direct inducement sulfurous acid generator
Noble metal fine particle supported catalyst and method for producing the catalyst, and purifying catalyst
Electric dust collector apparatus in electrostatic precipitator system and method for electrostatic precipitation thereby
Aerial spraying apparatus
Spray gun with rotary valve
Surface treatment of cementitious substrates
Apparatus for discharging a pourable substance
Thin film MEA structures for fuel cell and method for fabrication
Screen panel with improved screening area
Ozone generation module
Device for whisking milk and method for cleaning such a device
Universal mounting hole means for different electric tool heads
Method of bonding a member to a support by addition of material, and device for arranging two elements, one on the other
Chemical mechanical polishing conditioner
Tape holder
Connector producing method and molding die
Method of manufacturing corrugated laminate made of films
Hygiene or wiping product comprising at least one patterned ply and method for patterning the ply
Replaceable protective layer on flat screen display
Flight lug for octagonal cartons
Method for creating personalized tile and tile created by same
Silicon carbide powder for producing silicon carbide single crystal and a method for producing the same
Relief printing plate manufacturing method, relief printing plate creating apparatus, and recording medium
Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing the same
Inkjet recording apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing method
Printing apparatus
Hot melt composition and a method and system for manufacturing electronic and/or optical components using such a hot melt composition
Method for the fabrication of periodic structures on polymers using plasma processes
Conductive brush for use with a computing device
Bicycle rear hub
Easily removable, reusable seat cushion
Jack stabilizing device
Hydraulic system for lifting a crane on a vehicle
Brake system for a vehicle and method for operating a brake system of a vehicle
Multi-position beverage container carrier for bicycles
Bicycle frame having a height-adjustable saddle pillar
Lightweight cantilever bicycle frame
Bicycle handlebar
Connection arrangement, particularly for aircraft structure parts
Flip open stadium package for consumable products
Method and apparatus for dividing a garbage can into a plurality of subsections of garbage bag lined containment zones which have an adjustable volume characteristic
Method of manufacturing packaging container and packaging container
Gift boxing and packaging apparatus and method
Reclosable dispenser
Protective case having elastically deformable air chambers for impact reduction
Scrap metal advancing arrangement
Paper feeding mechanism
Article dispensing
Quick release head for tape applicator
Automatic document feeder, image reading device including the same, and image forming apparatus including the same
Lift and mount apparatus
Enhanced computer rack having an integrated lift rail and/or tool design
Wearable dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and apparatus for sulphuric acid production
Synthesis of hierarchical nanocrystalline zeolites with controlled particle size and mesoporosity
Optical glass for mold press forming
Method for making cemented carbide products
Processes for the preparation of 5-HT.sub.2C receptor agonists
Process for working up reaction outputs from the hydrogenation of EDDN or EDMN
Separation method of acetophenone and A-methylbenzyl alcohol
Method for starting-up naphtha fraction hydrotreating reactor
Process for preparing diaryl carbonates or alkyl aryl carbonates from dialkyl carbonates
1,4-fullerene addends in photovoltaic cells
Synthesis process, and crystalline form of 4-{3-[cis-hexahydrocyclopenta[c]pyrrol-2(1H)-yl]propoxy} benzamide hydrochloride and pharmaceutical compositions containing it
Pyridone derivatives and their use in the treatment, ameloriation or prevention of a viral disease
Process for the preparation of lapatinib and its ditosylate salt
Heterocyclic compound having type I 11 .beta. hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitory activity
Method for the resolution of 2-amino-6-propylamino-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzothiazol and intermediate compounds
Process for the preparation of taurolidine and its intermediates thereof
Method for dehydrating a carbohydrate-comprising
Compound amycolose derivative, method for producing the same, and use of the same
Tricyclic compound and use thereof
Tricyclic tetrahydroquinoline antibacterial agents
Process for the preparation of .beta.-C-aryl glucosides
Nonviral vectors for delivering polynucleotides to target tissue
Process to remove silanol from the preparation of a modified polymer
Thermoplastic melt-mixed composition with polyetherol heat stabilizer
Process for preparing a block copolymer
Fluorocopolymer composition and its production process
Nitride-based red-emitting phosphors in RGB (red-green-blue) lighting systems
Stabilization of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Modified gas and steam turbine process with integrated coal gasification under pressure
Process for decreasing verbascose in a plant by expression of a chloroplast-targeted fimD protein
Revascularization cells derived from mononuclear cells, and method of inducing differentiation thereof
Methods for making definitive endoderm hepatocyte (DE-hep) progenitor cells
Production of isoprenoids under neutral pH conditions
Methods and compositions for expanding and stabilizing natural regulatory T cells
Mutations in OAS1 genes
Method for preparing 3-hydroxypropionic acid from glycerol in high yield
Prion-like form of CPEB and related compositions and methods
Malonate decarboxylases for industrial applications
Genetic variants for breast cancer risk assessment
Copper alloy
Manufacturing method and apparatus for semiconductor device
Fluorine gas generating apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for manufacturing geometric multicrystalline cast silicon and geometric multicrystalline cast silicon bodies for photovoltaics
High temperature support apparatus and method of use for casting materials
Textiles; Paper
Corrugated carbon fiber preform
Fixed Constructions
Ballast anti-flight railroad sleeper
Hose arrangement for stick and bucket of machine
Method of mining and processing seabed sediment
Wicker-type face seal and wellhead system incorporating same
Method and assembly for determining landing of logging tools in a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary machine of the deformable rhombus type comprising an improved transmission mechanism
Air blower
Turbine housing for an exhaust gas turbocharger and method for producing turbine housing
Rotor blade arrangement and gas turbine
Rotor blade for an axial flow turbomachine and mounting for such a rotor blade
Turbine apparatus and method for energy reclamation and generation of electrical power from forced-air systems
Pump system
Mounting apparatus for fans
Turbo machine and method to reduce vibration in turbo machines
Toggle nail
Stator bar
Speed nut and assembly
Non-magnetizable rolling bearing component of an austenitic material and method of making such a rolling bearing component
Drive train transmission
Watertight closure gasket insertion tool
Gate valve with linearly displaceable closing members
Coupling device for transferring a medium from a stationary part to a rotatable part
Broach style anti rotation device for connectors
Gravity-powered electrical energy generators
LED light strip with detachable LED flashlights assembly
Low and high beam headlamp
LED room light
Lighting assembly and methods of assembling same
LED light bulb emitting light rays in a downward direction
Optical element and backlight module incorporating the same
Light source device and display
Light reflector, and planar light source device and illuminating device using the light reflector
Displacement measuring apparatus and apparatus that measure relative displacement between structure and sensor
Electrochemical system for measuring a biological compound by an enzyme
Suitcase scale contained within a buckle housing
Spatial structure assemblies
Infrared sensor module
Method and apparatus for inspecting honeycomb structure
System and method for measuring ash content and calorified value of coal
Magnetic resonance using a phase-modulated pulse train with a constant small flip angle, causing a constant in power Walsh transform of the pulse train sequence of phases
Examination element and examination container
CYBP as a marker for lung cancer
Treatment and diagnosis of cancer
Current Detector
Plug insertion detection circuits and related methods and communications connectors
Termination and checking hand tool
Ethernet OAM performance management
Tagging of functional blocks of a semiconductor component on a wafer
Nuclear quadrupole resonance system and method for interfacing with a subject material
Methods for improved single photon emission computed tomography using exact and stable region of interest reconstructions
High aspect ratio scintillator detector for neutron detection
System of receive coils and pads for use with magnetic resonance imaging
Large vehicle side view mirror shield
Spectrum sliced photonic signal processor
Positioning system for head-up display
Apparatus for the analysis of an object, preferably of a document of value, using optical radiation
Light pipe with electromagnetic interference shielding
Optical connector having two printed circuit boards
Method of manufacturing an apodizer, and optical module
Position detecting apparatus and lens barrel assembly including the same
Automatic shading electric welding lens comprising a liquid crystal plate and a time-delay switch
Image display apparatus and variable lens array
Multi-function retractor body, adjustable strap, and camera mounting system using same
Barcode reading method and barcode reading device
Adjustable photo-mask
Method for producing a security mark on an optical data carrier
Illuminating device and illuminating method
Energy adjustor for fuel cell group
High-power non-linear voltage regulator
Enclosure with detachable top panel
Electronic media distribution system
Electronic device and casing for electronic device
Realizing desktop metaphors on a computer
Unique identification information from marked features
Cob module of an optical mouse
Apparatus and method for inputting writing information according to writing pattern
Capacitive touch panel
Virtual print job preview and validation
Document management system
Camera system with color display and processor for reed-solomon decoding
Highly accurate true RMS power detector for cellular applications
Image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus, image forming system, and method for forming images
Unitary membership card
Conversion of non-negotiable credits to entity independent funds
Pseudo-random interval arithmetic sampling techniques in computer graphics
Barcode to magnetic media converter
Apparatus, system and method for coin exchange
Worker's personal alarm device
Arrow mounted tracking apparatus
Optimization of luggage placement in storage compartments
Alarm for a casing of device with a sliding cover
Fall detection apparatus with floor and surface elevation learning capabilites
Systems and methods to overlay additional information onto foundation fieldbus alerts
Enhancement of cockpit external visibility
Interactive education system for teaching patient care
Bezel-free display device using directional backlighting
LED module, backlight unit including the LED module, and method for manufacturing the LED module
Display panel, module, and electronic device
Display device, viewing angle control method, computer program storage device with viewing angle control program, and mobile terminal
Method, apparatus and system on a chip for controlling a stereoscopic display device
Method and system for conveying an emotion
Method for processing interaction between user and hologram using volumetric data type object wave field
Zoom processing device, zoom processing method, and computer program
Circular piano keyboard
Spindle motor having labyrinth sealing portion and hard disk drive including the same
Methods for formatting and using linear recording media having a reduced servo band width
Optical disc device
Three-dimensional memory array and operation scheme
Magnetic memory device having bidirectional read scheme
Flash memory read retry using histograms
Method of programming non-volatile memory device and apparatuses for performing the method
Semiconductor device having an electrical fuse element
Semiconductor module includes semiconductor chip initialized by reset signal
Subsea pipeline direct electric heating cable with a protection system
Film-type supercapacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Electrochemical device and a separator for electrochemical device
Push-on switch having improved actuator
Slide switch
Slide switch
Switch case having flanges that fold over clearance between case and cover
Electromagnetic contactor and electromagnetic contactor gas encapsulating method
Method for manufacturing an organic light emitting diode display
Power supply device for vehicle lamp and the vehicle lamp
Method of transfer by means of a ferroelectric substrate
Methods for forming interconnection line using screen printing technique
Film forming method
FCOC (Flip Chip On Chip) package and manufacturing method thereof
Laminated sheet and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the laminated sheet
Contact elements of a semiconductor device formed by electroless plating and excess material removal with reduced sheer forces
High linearity SOI wafer for low-distortion circuit applications
Plasma treatment apparatus, method for forming film, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor
Methods of removing contaminant impurities during the manufacture of a thin film transistor by applying water in which ozone is dissolved
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate and semiconductor device
Semiconductor devices having encapsulated stressor regions and related fabrication methods
Method for removing native oxide and associated residue from a substrate
Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Stackable semiconductor assembly with bump/flange heat spreader and dual build-up circuitry
Deposition substrate of deposition apparatus, method of forming layer using the same, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting diode display device
Semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Bridging arrangement and method for manufacturing a bridging arrangement
Methods for fabrication of an air gap-containing interconnect structure
Organic module EMI shielding structures and methods
Test carrier
Memory cell device and method of manufacture
Semiconductor device and production method thereof
Integrated circuit
Semiconductor device, designing method therefor, and manufacturing method therefor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacture thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Single-piece photovoltaic structure
Multi-junction photovoltaic cell with nanowires
Photoelectric converter and solar cell using the same
Focal plane array and method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting device including a fluorescent material layer
Temperature detecting circuit, temperature compensating circuit, and buffer circuit
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device including layer containing yttria-stabilized zirconia
Thermoelectric device, especially intended to generate an electrical current in an automotive vehicle
Adhesion of active electrode materials to metal electrode substrates
Cathode material for lithium secondary battery, lithium secondary battery, and secondary battery module using the battery
High rate, long cycle life battery electrode materials with an open framework structure
Graphene current collectors in batteries for portable electronic devices
Fuel electrode catalyst for fuel cell, electrode/membrane assembly, and fuel cell and fuel cell system provided with the electrode/membrane assembly
Methods for the preparation of electrolytes for chromium-iron redox flow batteries
Barrier and battery module having the same
Method and device for increasing the service life of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell
Method for preparing an enhanced proton exchange membrane and enhanced proton exchange membrane
Solid oxide fuel cell stack
Flat folding hinged antenna
Multi-piece electrical connector
Receptacle unit
Crimp terminal
Connector, in particular for underwater geophysical operations
Safety receptacle for power cord
Electrical device with a plug-type connector and electrical plug-type connection
Modular connector
Motor assembly for housing a capacitor in a miniature brushed DC motor and method of making the same
Motor assembly for housing a capacitor in a miniature brushed DC motor and method of making the same
Cable connector assembly having a top part with insulation displacing conductor pins pivotally connected to a base part
Semiconductor laser driving circuit and semiconductor laser device including the same
Wicking vapor-condenser facilitating immersion-cooling of electronic component(s)
Electronic device cover
Sentinel unit for an IT electrical distribution system having a floating reference conductor
Safely deploying power
Intelligent eco-friendly starter battery
Set of standardized battery cartridges and recharger
Systems and methods for balancing battery cells
Battery charge and discharge control apparatus and method for controlling battery charge and discharge
Biasing circuit for hall sensor and hall amplifier in motor driving circuit
Bus ring, and fixing structure thereof
Linear vibration motor
Rotating member for motor and base assembly for motor, and motor including the same
Stator arrangement having a cooling device incorporating a heat pipe
Switching control apparatus and method of two-phase switched reluctance motor
Power conversion device and temperature rise calculation method thereof
Apparatus and method for controlling motor
Apparatus and method for controlling motor
Circuit and method for detecting duty ratio of PWM signal
Modular temperature maintaining or regulating storage systems
Frequency multiplier circuit and system
Signal detector, signal detection method, and communication terminal apparatus
Controlled transmission of data in a data transmission system
Canceling narrowband interfering signals in a distributed antenna system
Semiconductor device
Driving module for digital visual interface
DC offset estimation and compensaton for wideband systems
Packet detector
System for processing data streams
Method and apparatus for baud rate tracking
Time multiplexing for coexistence within multiple communication systems
Communication system with modulation classifier and method of operation thereof
Precoding matrix index selection process for a MIMO receiver based on a near-ML detection, and apparatus for doing the same
Antenna selection technique for fast diversity
Repeater for time division duplexed signal, and corresponding multi-band regeneration and network
Multi-carrier transmitting apparatus and method for multicast service
Scalable IP-services enabled multicast forwarding with efficient resource utilization
Insertion of downlink demodulation reference signals into OFDM frames
Device, system and method of communicating data during an allocated time period
End-to-end feature support signaling
Method and system for contention avoidance in multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output wireless networks
Signal decoding systems
Communication device and communication method
Apparatus for policing traffic in a communication network
Method and apparatuses for data transfer within a relay enhanced telecommunication network
Methods and systems for automatically tracking the rerouting of logical circuit data in a data network
Adaptive transmission modes for transparent relay
Method to set setting information in device and device to set setting information
Network address translation for application of subscriber-aware services
Conserving network capacity by releasing QoS resources
Method and apparatus of active scanning in wireless local area network
Methods and apparatus for a handshake protocol in a LAG-based multipath switch fabric for multipath OAM
Efficient broadcasting via random linear packet combining
Providing dynamic quality of service for applications accessed over a network
Method and apparatus for optimal interconnection of telecommunication nodes via a reliable microwave clustering
Dynamic optimization of a multicast tree hierarchy for a distributed switch
Communication device
Methods and apparatus related to a distributed switch fabric
Telephone system, apparatus, and method for providing enhanced privacy features
Checking for permission to record VoIP messages
Interjurisdictional recording mechanism
Apparatuses, methods and systems for accessing a new customer service representative and for monitoring customer service
Call prioritization methods in a call center
Familiarization augmentation system and technology (FAST) dialer
Cooperative image processing system, cooperation method, portable terminal apparatus, and recording medium
Image reading apparatus, control method thereof, and recording medium
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer program product
Imaging device
Stereoscopic image display device
Stereoscopic-image display apparatus and stereoscopic eyewear
Camera system and associated methods
Hand held image capture device with multi-core processor and wireless interface to input device
Image capture device with linked multi-core processor and orientation sensor
Display apparatus with image-capturing function, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image display system
Video transfer system
Distributed video surveillance storage cost reduction using statistical multiplexing principle
Method for white balance adjustment
Strong passive ad-hoc radio-frequency identification
Evolved node B and method for coherent coordinated multipoint transmission with per CSI-RS feedback
Methods and apparatuses to improve on-time throughput for integrated multi-rat heterogeneous networks
Wireless bridging in a hybrid communication network
Mobile communication method
Electronic messaging technology
Method and apparatus for receiving multi-band information in a WLAN system
Method and apparatus for supporting network-based flow mobility
Method and apparatus for performing uplink ranging in a wireless access system
Communication method and apparatus between a terminal and a base station via a frame in a communication system including a relay station
Light emitting module and lighting device
Light emitting diode driver
Circuit boards defining regions for controlling a dielectric constant of a dielectric material
Interconnect-use electronic component and method for producing same
Implementing graphene interconnect for high conductivity applications
Electromagnetic interference noise reduction package board
Lead frame, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and semiconductor device
Component-incorporated wiring substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for enhanced cooling of mobile computing device surfaces
Positive pressure-applying compliant latch mechanism
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Handle device of an impact hand tool
Tine assembly for a cultivator
Bump stop tube for a folding implement
Dual-bearing reel having detachable side cover
Weed stick spray
Boom structure
Cup cake hopper
Knock-out system for patty molding machine
Apparatus and method for recovering beverage syrup
Apparatus and method for recovering beverage syrup
Drum elevator system
Cigarette having reduced sidestream smoke
Falsie structure
In-line roller skate
Foot retention device
System for repairing a brassiere
Apparatus for capping stem fasteners
Fragrance extending device and method therefor
Containment article having a pair of hingedly connected, substantially identical plastic shells and related improvements
Retractable wheel for a built-in luggage cart
Manicure capsule
Process for forming novel spiral compositions
Sports backpack
Cellular/portable phone holder
Hairdye comb
Apparatus for providing desktop mobility for desktop electronic devices
Paper holder
Convertible book holder
Cabinet assembly
Mounting bracket for the side rails of rear-mounted drawer slide assemblies
Forward pull type bolt lock structure of a slide
Back for seating unit
Extensible seating article and mechanism
Coil seating assembly
Modular upholstered furniture construction
Armrest with oak veneer layer
Kneeler device for use in making carpet seams
Adjustable hunting stand system
Multi-functional furniture
Stay in view car seat
Stand base
Infant's feeding cup
Gripping means and apparatus for attaching to rotational an cake decorating apparatus
Inverted suspension fixture
Food mixing apparatus
Vented container for produce
Loop towel rack and loop towel
Universal paper roll holder
Dispenser box
Combination plunger and scrubber holder
Liquid dispenser
Hand-held body washing device
Kitchen device for resting on counter top and pitching a drain board supported thereon into a sink in the counter top
Three dimensional dimmer
Instrument organizer with movable stabilizing post
Methods for visualizing the anterior lens capsule of the human eye
Apparatus and method for visual field testing
Optical tracking based on a change in optical reflection across a reference mark on an object to be tracked
Insertion set for a transcutenous sensor with cable connector lock mechanism
Respiratory flow meter and methods of use
Method for immediately placing a non-occlusive dental implant prosthesis
Kits for use in accelerating dental treatments
Dental tool
Orthodontic bracket and its tool
Mandibular advancer and method of installing the same
Method for the selection of a feminine hygiene product system
Device and method for preparing calcium phosphate-based bone cement
Multi-colored contraceptive sheath
Medical canopy and support apparatus for canopy and tubes
Personal mobility vehicles and methods
Gait belt cover
Walking aid
Make-up method for keratinous material
Apparatus for making an emulsion
Pump with a magnetically supported rotor
Sealless rotary blood pump
Internal vortex mechanism for inhaler device
Medium dispenser
Administration of CPAP treatment pressure in presence of APNEA
Respiration humidifier
Tubing product having a helical support bead with lumen and method
Flow control device
Zero insertion force percutaneous connector and flexible brain probe assembly
Adaptable rescue harness and method of use
Capture strap for a rescue harness and method of use
Pony tank quick release
Water tank for use on a fire truck
Wet sprinkler system for cold environments
Double-blade deflector for side wall sprinkler
Golf club fitting device
Stealth grooves of ball-striking face of golf club head
Head of wooden golf club
Iron golf club heads, iron golf clubs and golf club evaluating method
Protective cover for a golf bag
Shock absorbing skateboard truck assembly
Snow surf board
Caterpillar board designed in particular for use on grass slopes
Playing cards and case therefor
System and method for interactively simulating and discouraging drug use
Coin dropping game system
Miniature golf game and method
Word game
Method for using a toy to conduct sales over a network
Power and impedance control methods for model railroads
Toy figure with sound-generating mechanism
Text/icon display predictor entertainment device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Transporting sulfur pellets
Blood collection systems including an integral, flexible filter
Housing for micromixers
Apparatus containing cooling and warming devices for the preparation of a polymer solution
Method and apparatus for blending water with sand
Fine bubble diffuser
Apparatus for aerating water
Method of producing powder materials
Remote operable fastener and method of use
Size reduction machine having an adjustable impeller and screen holder
Pop-up micro-spray nozzle
Structure for controlling water emission of pistol nozzle
Dismantable dispensing head
Dispensing device with safe unscrewing
Telescopic liquid dispenser
High definition rain curtain
Flat-sided fluid dispensing device
Hand-operated foaming apparatus with interchangeable nozzle
Method and device for producing an aerosol
Trigger sprayer dispensing system
Screening device
Method and apparatus for supporting and cleaning a polishing pad for chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Waste disposal system
Jet blaster device
Method and device for removing a non-aqueous phase liquid from a groundwater system
Method for soil remediation
Disc brake backing plate and method of manufacturing same
Golf club striking plate having elliptical regions of thickness
Mold vent
Crystalliser for continuous casting
Steel strand casting installation with torch cutting machine that granulates safely and economically and water cleanses exhaust gases
Mold and mold basket for use in uni-directional solidification process in a liquid metal bath furnace
Stopper rod
Clamping device for objects, for example for workpieces to be treated
Chamfer cutter
Solid end mill
Wave solder apparatus and method
Method for preparing a plate rim for brazing
Ultrasonic vibration mode for wire bonding
Friction stir welding apparatus and method
Airbag inflator and an airbag apparatus
Detection of flux residue
Soldering pliers construction
Solder braze alloy
Self cleaning braze material
Method and device for working a weld on a support sleeve
Hybrid hydrostatic spindle
Base plate for masonry tool
Axial feed apparatus having an adjustable feed stop and associated method
Apparatus for clamping a work piece
Conveyor apparatus
Spherical body transport apparatus
Blade sharpener for curved and straight edge blades
Electrochemical mechanical planarization apparatus and method
Apparatus for controlling PH during planarization and cleaning of microelectronic substrates
Apparatus for determining metal CMP endpoint using integrated polishing pad electrodes
Apparatus for optical inspection of wafers during polishing
Apparatus for optical inspection of wafers during polishing
Carrier head with local pressure control for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Apparatus and method for chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) head having direct pneumatic wafer polishing pressure
Apparatus for mounting a rotational disk
Polishing pads from closed-cell elastomer foam
Method of adhering wafers and wafer adhering device
Apparatus for machining workpieces
Plastic abrasive for sandblasting, method for sandblast processing plasma display panel substrate using the same and method for treating sandblasting waste matters
Diamond grid CMP pad dresser
Method and apparatus for planarizing and cleaning microelectronic substrates
Abrading/polishing device and method of making and using same
Backing plates for abrasive disks
Workpiece support apparatus
Socket wrench and light source arrangement
Post pulling mechanism
Hand clamp
Slide-type L-clamp
Ejection force adjustable stapler
Tool holder device for hexagonal wrenches
Vacuum manipulation apparatus
Compliant end effector
Transfer apparatus for automated parts movement
Safe cut-off blade assembly
Right-angle plunge router
Cutting tool device for wood planing machine
Adjustable bit for forming a workpiece
Concrete chute with liner
Holding unit for semiconductor wafer sawing
Multi-path compression molding apparatus
Method and composition for producing ultraviolet blocking lenses
Apparatus for separating material from a mold surface
Apparatus for manufacturing coinjected panels
Plastic container and method for using the same
Hot channel stopper
Injection drive mechanism for a servo injection molding machine
Apparatus for the calibration of hollow chamber sheet extruded lines
High-temperature, non-catalytic, infrared heater
Method and device for the manufacture of a rim preform
Substrate mounting system for a three-dimensional modeling machine
Sheet-like object feed unit in sheet-fed rotary printing press
Printed image alignment control
Paper jamming prevention device
Hardcopy apparatus and method for providing uniform pressure to hold down media
Tape printer
Roll paper pulling load-buffering device for a printer
Continuous inkjet printer, printhead, and method of manufacturing electrodes
Print head cleaning assembly with roller and method for an ink jet print head with fixed gutter
Ink jet recording apparatus
Alignment of ink dots in an inkjet printer
Method and apparatus for reducing drop placement error in printers
Micromachined fluid ejector systems and methods
Ink printer head composed of individual ink printer modules, with an adapter plate for achieving high printing density
Fluid jetting apparatus and a process for manufacturing the same
Electrostatic ink-jet head and method of production of the same
Piezoelectric device for controlling ink ejection and inkjet head for inkjet printer
Ink jet recording apparatus
High-resolution inkjet printing using color drop placement on every pixel row during a single pass
Method and apparatus for flushing ink tubes
Wiper cleaning apparatus and method of using same
Ink cartridge for ink-jet recording apparatus, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink container with ink level gauge
Ink container with fixed pressure modulating mechanism
Unitary latching device for secure positioning of print cartridge during printing, priming and replenishment
System and method for improving the lightfastness of color printouts
Image forming process
Ink-jet printing method, system using an ink and a treating liquid, and ink set
Multiple inline print head with servo driven mechanical interlocked print head assemblies
Power transmission switching device, rocking lever locking device in power transmission switching device and power transmission switching device-applied recording apparatus
Printer system
Printing apparatus and control method therefor
Ink jet printing process
Binder with reclosable outer transparent window
Loose leaf binder including an exterior picture frame
Pen point for marking pen
Effector platform for performing actions over vertical surfaces
Parking mechanism for storing and exchanging end effectors used in a system for performing actions over vertical surfaces
Writing instrument and method of making same
System and method for document input control
Pump filled drywall taping machines
Wheel with window and method for viewing the interior of a tire wheel assembly under dynamic conditions
Bicycle wheel
Molded wheel and bearing assembly
Pneumatic tire and method of making tire
Tire deflection alarm
Radial pneumatic light truck or automobile tire
Tire having an H/S form ratio of <0.6
Device for receiving and securing a ball
Bracket assembly
Steering knuckle and suspension module
Manually adjustable transverse dual leaf suspension
Camber/caster adjuster
Vehicle window screen
Windshield visor for motor vehicles
Sun visor assembly having a rounded edge
Electrical wiring structure for sunvisor
Attachment devices
Seal for low tolerance confronting surfaces forming low clearances in a vehicle
Hold-down locking mechanism for a flexible cover system
Cylinder mount for fuel system
Fuel tank cover assembly for fuel tank
Evaporative emission control system
Fuel filler inlet for motor vehicles
Drive assistance apparatus for a vehicle having a main transmission that is mechanical
Hybrid electric vehicle with electric motor providing strategic power assist to load balance internal combustion engine
Drive wheel system for industrial trucks
Apparatus and method for determining direction of locomotive travel during dynamic braking
Snap-on torque tube for seat track assembly
Car seat and stroller assembly
Vehicle seat with load carrying backrest
Removable console assembly for a motor vehicle
Modulation of ejector pumps to provide uniform and controllable ejector speed during ejector stroke for articulated trucks and the like having ejector type dump mechanism
Multi-use trailer for transporting golf carts and the like
Partially submergeable trailer for transporting and storing watercraft
Cargo bar with easy release and force limitation
Par 36 LED utility lamp
Light emitting panel assemblies for use in automotive applications and the like
Reading lamp for a vehicle interior
Rearview mirror adapted for communication devices
Electric connection box
Rotary connector with locking mechanism for preventing rotation of housing prior to installation onto steering device
Seated-state detection sensor and passenger seat air bag device control system employing the seated-state detection sensor
Vehicle roof and method for mounting said vehicle roof on a vehicle body
Airbag for head protecting airbag system
Air bag module having cover with an air bag retainer in a chamber in the cover
Air bag inflation apparatus
Slip-retarding upper torso restraint harness and system
Padded bunk restraint
Seat belt retractor
Belt winding device/belt tensioner combination with separable belt tensioner drive
Theft prevention system for trailers with drop yard feature
Grocery bag holder
Sports equipment rack for a vehicle
Wiper arrangement
Parking lock for agricultural implement
Clutch for pivoting workpiece support
Brake booster pressure control apparatus
Electric actuator with control sensor, and disc brake comprising such actuator
Trailer brake valve
Method and apparatus for activating a pump of a braking system as a function of the pressure drop
Brake pedal emulator system and method
Method of terminating electronic brake force distribution
Method and device for setting the braking action on the wheels of a motor vehicle
Brake control device
Retractable pusher dog for power and free conveyors
Mechanism to facilitate raising and lowering hinged end section of deck
Device and method for loading nursery items on a truck
Cushioned brake beam wear plate
Bag expander
Transport cart for elongated objects
Footrest of stroller
Attachment mechanism for stroller tray accessory
Modulatable energy absorption device for automobile vehicle steering columns which uses pyrotechnic charges
Adjustable kingpin boss
Box member for a vehicle
Energy management system and method for an extruded aluminum vehicle subframe
Log trailer
Cab-to-box damper assembly for vehicles
Mudguard assembly
Sealed edge joint between two metal panels
Roof module for motor vehicles
Truck bed extender
Method and system for applying return torque in a vehicle power steering system
Vehicle including a variable gear ratio steering device and an electric power steering apparatus
Motor vehicle steering system
Retractable bike fender and housing assembly
Recreational board vehicle
Folding collapsible kick scooter
Automatic shifting control device for a bicycle
Flotation device cover
Suspended marina/watercraft fueling system and method
Water glider
Visible floatation device
Controlled passive porosity systems to mitigate cavitation
Tilt device for marine propulsion unit
Marine propulsion apparatus having interchangeable parts
Air foil having a hybrid leading edge construction
Amphibious aircraft
Aerobatic aircraft
Sky diving training device
Device for loading packages into a cargo hold particularly of an aircraft
Collapsible annular retaining assembly
Compound exhaust system
Strapping machine with twisted belt drive
Electric version fry dispenser
Locking system for stacking boxes as well as a stacking box system
Envelope with a tab
Multi-gusset for pinch closure bag
Collapsible, yard bag insert
Container and closure cap
High stacking-strength container
Document retaining system
One piece meter locking ring for use with multiple locks
Self-closing closure and closure membrane relating to same
Container cap having integral pour spout
Packaging assembly, and related method, for shipping and displaying a plurality of products
Container with tabbed cover
Safety container providing optional opening and closing arrangements
Thread protector
Stackable bottle and carrier plate for handling and exposure of the bottle
Packaging web and process
Optical component packaging
Device for regulating relative humidity
Container with separate storage spaces
Insulated cup holder
Battery box
Packaging box for folded ridge cover roofing
Fiber management package
Clearview packaging assembly for basiloid handling of irregular top appliances
Friction roll conveyor clutch apparatus
Modular roller-top conveyor belt
Conveyor nose bar
Axle holding yoke for conveyor roller
Belt cleaning sprocket
Part feeding system
Multi-direction transfer conveyor
High efficiency sorting conveyor
Installation for storing of natural gas
Air conveyor fitted with a bottom longitudinal guide for transporting suspended articles in an inclined position
Conveying systems for compacted, friable solids
Vehicle loading and unloading system
Low-profile truck leveler
Multiple index tape feeder and method
Enclosure feeder with ledge-extension fingers
Paper feed apparatus
Copy-guiding cylinder of a folder
Wire spooler/distributor
Support for use on spaced upright members
Yarn blow-in valve
Core chuck
Sound absorbing light fixture
Elevator having a drive machine with a rotating traction sheave between multiple motors along the axis of rotation
Device forming a moving handrail for an accelerated moving walkway
Adjustable cable pulling apparatus
Lifting system for massive constructions
Fork lifts
Coupling for a container valve
Safety device for a double valve arrangement for beer keg
Gravity feed fluid dispensing valve
Method of providing automated remote control of the operation of multiple refueling stations
Windshield washer fluid dispensing system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Discharge lamp and method of producing the same
Methods and ultra-low density sealing compositions for sealing pipe in well bores
Foamed well cement slurries, additives and methods
Arrangement for dosing pourable substances and associated uses
Hydrogel with internal wetting agent
Dispenser and optical fiber connector
Rotary hearth furnace
Multi-position load lock chamber
Textiles; Paper
Shedding device for weaving machines
Pololefin scrims of woven superimposed tapes
False boucle fabrics with cut pile and/or pile loops, and method for the weaving thereof
Terry loom with interpenetrating ground warp and pile warp
Loom with band-mounted grippers comprising at least one gripper band as well as a guide
Geotextile fabric
Bi-directionally compressible dye tube
Friction damper for washing machines
Fixed Constructions
Rail fastening system constructed to allow pre-assembly of a rail clip and shoulder
Vibratory finishing machine
Ground working device
Barrier material, apparatus, and method
Re-inforced vinyl extrusions
Base for securing shaped rods
Manhole liner including felt impregnated vinyl
Jack-in piling systems' apparatus and their method of use
Pile and method for installing same
Multi-function control system for articulated vehicle
Bi-directional flow spout attachment
Storm water detention filter system
Hanging device
Anchoring bracket for a gutter cover
Concrete finishing trowel having an electronically actuated steering assembly
Versatile threaded construction stake usable to anchor and/or support construction forms, including concrete slab foundation forming devices
Driving range shelter
Ladder for above-ground pools with incorporated foot rinsing system
Sliding doors lock hinge
Universal lock handle assembly for casement windows
Reinforcement for door hinge of automobile
Vehicle having power operated liftgate
Portable sign holding apparatus
Roll-up type venetian blind
Sun protection installation comprising sun protection lamellae having a toothed upper side
Steel tooth cutter element with expanded crest
Multiple configuration centralizer device and method for using same
Lockable drill steel and chuck assembly
Connector for pipe sections having integral buoyancy cans
Tapered connector for a tubing string
Riser method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for providing electrical transmission of power and signals in a directional drilling apparatus
Hydraulically metered travel joint
Down hole, hydrodynamic well control, blowout prevention
Monobore riser
Metal-to-metal casing packoff
Variable bore ram packer for tapered tubular members in a ram type blowout preventer
Method and apparatus for controlling well pressure while undergoing wireline operations on subsea blowout preventers
Ceramic components for high pressure oil wells
Method and apparatus for producing an oil, water, and/or gas well
Diversion treatment method
Multi-well computerized control of fluid pumping
Downhole separator for use in a subterranean well and method
Electronically controlled electric wireline setting tool
Means for detecting subterranean formations and monitoring the operation of a down-hole fluid driven percussive piston
Lining element for a drilled tunnel
Replaceable multiple TCI kerf ring
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Orbiting blade rotary machine
Automotive vane pump for generating anti-centrifugal force
Universal pump bracket
Steam turbine
Spindle device having turbine rotor
Turbocharger shaft dual phase seal
Split ring for tip clearance control
Impeller clearance adjustment system
Turbine nozzle and moving blade of axial-flow turbine
Gas-dynamic pressure wave machine
Sound adjustable tail pipe structure
Sealing cap
Marine engine cooling system with siphon inhibiting device
Engine torque management method with high dilution EGR control
Fuel injection control system for outboard motor
Engine control
Fuel supply amount controller for internal combustion engine
Method of determining the fuel injection timing for an internal combustion engine
Sliding mode control unit of electronically controlled throttle device
Air-fuel ratio variation suppressing apparatus for internal combustion engine
Electromechanical valve driver circuit and method
Method for operating an internal combustion engine mainly in a motor vehicle
Volumetric efficiency enhancing throttle body
Throttle valve control device
Counterbored joint
Advanced antipolishing ring arrangement
Exhaust recirculating device, for a motor engine
Leak diagnostic device for in-tank canister system
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection system
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection valve
Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Fuel supply system for a direct injected outboard engine
Cavity turbine
High pressure fuel pump
Hydraulic pump
Swash plate compressor
Variable displacement compressor
Variable displacement compressor
Piston type compressor
Suction valve with variable slot width
Piezoelectric micropump
Downstroke sucker rod well pump
Continuous fluid injection pump
Scroll-type fluid displacement apparatus having spiral start portion with thick base and thin tip
Scroll compressor with back pressure regulation mechanism
Linear drive scroll compressor assemble
Screw rotor for vacuum pumps
Stage in a submerged multiple-stage pump
Bladeless turbocharger
Rotating chemiluminescent fan blade light display
Air-flow modifying nozzle
Vacuum pump with rotor supporting gas bearings
Apparatus and method of providing redundant power and redundant fan speed control to a plurality of fans
Shaped cooling hole for an airfoil
Turbo fan for range hood and range hood storing turbo fan
High efficiency and low weight axial flow fan
Vacuum apparatus and fan casing with wear indicator
Dual chamber liquid pump
Fastening assemblies
Seize resistant ball bearing
Cylindrical roller bearing
Dual function retainer clip
Angular contact ball bearing installable in a closed housing
Component for vehicular driveshaft assembly and method of manufacturing same
Ultra thin type rolling bearing and cage therefor
Needle bearing cage and method for producing the same
Retainer and rolling bearing having the same
Sealing disk
Disk brake with improved caliper
Disc brake pressure plate with abutment ears having laterally displaced sections
Rotor for disc brake assembly
Ventilated disc
Electric caliper having splined ball screw
Braking apparatus
Modular actuator, and brake caliper comprising such actuator
Automatic brake clearance adjuster
Air damper
Power transfer device
Hydrokinetic torque converter with lockup clutch
Joint to be arranged around the circumference of a globally cylindrical element
Stripping arrangement
Seal cage
Self-centering shaft seal system
Rotation shaft seal
Radial shaft-sealing ring and process for manufacturing the same
Seal arrangement for a rotary machine such as a turbine
Labyrinth seal assembly
Sealing ring for a dry running piston rod
Butterfly valve with offset bearings
Multi-way stop or diverter valve
Check valve with oversized bill
Anti-geyser shut-off valve assembly
Safety valve for a compressed-gas tank
Safety valve
Pressure relief apparatus
Control member for a piezo-valve
Direct control fuel valve for fuel flow injecting circuit
Proportional flow valve
Switch valve for hot gas circuit of refrigerant circuit
Vacuum valve for separating two vacuum chambers
Universal fill valve
Control valve for a gas cylinder
Element having ceramic insert and high-strength element-to-shaft connection for use in a valve
Flow control device and apparatus for mounting same
Fitting assembly for fluid and vapor connection
Control line coupling and tubular string-control line assembly employing same
Attachment fitting for pressure vessel
Coupler for placing two or more fluid streams in communication
Sealing gasket for pipework connection flange
Annular gasket with locking structure
Joint for corrugated pipe
Self-clinching cable tie mount
Pipe supporting apparatus
Fluid-flow module
Adjustable device support and anchor means arrangement
Oil lift drain
Storage container for liquefied gases
Cryostat, cryostat positioning method and cryostat alignment set
Programmable string of lights
Lighting decoration with an inner light bulb string
Lighting, especially for motor vehicles
Light fixture apparatus with pan retainer
Canopy luminaire assembly
Economical net or mesh light set
Light apparatus for illuminating a compact computer video screen
Illuminated basketball backboard
Multi-lens projector lamp
Vehicle lamp fixture and method of use
Fluorescent lamp having excellent light distribution and high impact-resistance
Illumination device for producing predetermined intensity patterns
Flame retention head and nozzle block assembly for waste oil-burning systems
Portable liquid cooling and heating apparatus
Oven-pallet alignment and profiled heating of preforms
Method and apparatus for reducing emissions in kiln exhaust
Water distributor
Heat recovery system
Thermal jacket for reducing condensation and method for making same
Liquid-cooled heat sink with thermal jacket
Trigger extension for paint ball marker gun
Paintball gun cradle
Bow limb articulation
Projectile diverter
Riot or capture shield with integrated broad-area, high-intensity light array
Projectile impact location determination system and method
Micromachined double resonator
System for effecting actions over vertical surfaces
Fluid dispensing apparatus
Non-contact temperature sensor with temperature compensating heat sensitive elements on plastic film
Probe cover detaching mechanism and ear type clinical thermometer
Thermocouple apparatus and well for containers having a flanged access opening
Rapid response h-q-T sensor
Thermal resonance imaging method
Synthetic reference thermal imaging method
Deceleration sensor for an electric brake controller
Test mounting for grid array packages
Vertically actuated BGA socket
Alternate method and device for analysis of flip chip electrical connections
Method and device for eliminating image speckles in scanning laser image projection
Process for preparing a photochromic lens
Optical interconnect method and apparatus
Device for storing optical fibers
Heat-shrinkable tube for protection of optical fiber splices
Connector holder
Optical fiber adapter
Optical connector using large diameter alignment features
Connector assembly
Hermetically and tightly sealed optical transmission module
Lens locking device for eyewear and eyewear incorporating the same
Eye-wear with magnets
Multi-display systems
Method and apparatus for producing roll photo film
Processing of developing film and sending reprints
Indicating device for various types of rotation escape regulator
Time-measurement device and method of controlling the same
Flight control system for a rotary-wing aircraft, particularly for a helicopter
Control system for on-off valves resulting in proportional response
Computer enclosure with releasable interlocking mechanism between cover and chassis
Dome-shaped blank for closing an input-output slot in a personal computer
Print output method and printer system
IC card reader
Portable data transmission device, and fixing element
Reader arrangement for an electronic identification system having a plurality of reader heads for energizing transponders
Method and apparatus for controlling communication between a terminal and a number of chip cards
Method and apparatus for utilizing specular light to image low contrast symbols
Bar code reader for decoding a four state bar code
Device and method for secure data updates in a self-checkout system
IC card processing device, automatic vending device, and selling method
Centralized machine vending method
Enhancement to accommodate tall beverage containers in an automatic merchandiser
System and method for requesting and dispensing negotiable instruments
Automated transaction machine with mechanism for separating notes
Automated transaction machine with removable note storage module
Self service terminal
Drop out coin mechanism for vending machine
Road-curve mirror with radio wave reflection plate
Educational homeroom for providing user specific educational tools and information
Sign box joining device
Electronic price label mounting apparatus
Thermally assisted magnetic recording medium
Method and apparatus for storing and circulating electronic storage devices
Wafer preparation apparatus including variable height wafer drive assembly
Wafer cleaning apparatus and associated wafer processing methods
Apparatus for and method of transporting substrates to be processed
Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Ultra precision process carrier for semi-conductor manufacturing
Convertible wafer transfer machine
Thermal harness using encased carbon-based fiber and end attachment brackets
Heat sink assembly with dual fans
Conforming heat sink assembly
Conveyor apparatus for laminator
Electrical socket having improved latching means
High speed connector and circuit board interconnect
Electrical connector with outer and inner sleeves
Electrical connector assembly
Intelligent sensing connectors
Bracket having a recoverable door
Flexible board attaching-connecting device
Ribbon cable connector with ground bus
Modular plug with two piece housing
Connector with a retainer
Snap-on contact retention comb for a 110 type connecting block
IC card connector having a shutter mechanism
Waterproof electrical connector
Connector adapted to absorb a positional misalignment
Card edge connector with daughter board retainer
Electrical Connector With Loosening-Prevention Ring
Coupling device for interconnecting slender members
Quick lock power cord
Half-fitting prevention connector
Connector with lever
Electrical connector assembly having an anti-mismating mechanism
Alignment mechanism for a high density electrical connector
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Shielded electrical connector with ground contact spring
Light pipe for a modular jack
Electronic equipment terminal connector and electronic equipment and electronic terminal connector unit
Adapter for connecting various electronic devices to a cigarette accessory socket
Audio jack conveniently and reliably mounted on a circuit board
Interlayer connection structure
Electrical plug-in cable connector with short-circuit bypass
Lamp holder for decorative lighting device
Plug connector, jack connector and connector assembly
Enhanced performance modular outlet
Washer for securing electrical conduction at connections
Terminal for electrical connector including pressure transfer element
Temperature resistive electrical distribution block
Clamp connector assembly
Module carrier
Electric connector having integrally molded terminals and guide pins
Method of making an electrical connector
Electrical connection box
Method and apparatus for preventing keystone distortion
Inflatable speaker assembly
Hearing aid sound seal device
Insulating cover for dual connector
Process for stacking layers that form a multilayer printed circuit
Locking assembly for securing semiconductor device to carrier substrate
Card edge connector with safety ejector
Method and apparatus for connecting circuit boards
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