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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Foldable planter or holder
High Rebaudioside-A plant
Organic fishery system having cleaning and heating features
Ice fishing hole retaining device
Fly trap
Crystals of laquinimod sodium, and process for the manufacture thereof
Oven with a chamber and a cross-flow blower
Grip garment
Glove with laminated padding regions
Crutch system
Reversible nested handbags
Adjustable table with an assistant device
Bassinet rocking device
Panel curtain system with improved operating runner
Beverage preparation machines
Apparatus for preparing baby milk from instant formula
Spatula cleaning device
Dust remover for charge-coupled device
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Wound contact device
Phenylalanine derivatives
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising crystalline insulin and dissolved insulin
Chemical peptide ligation with three or more components
Methods for restoring and modulating neural activity
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device and method for separation of microparticles in particular biohazardous and hazardous materials
Apparatus for repairing control arms of automotive suspension
Self-loading machining apparatus with two vertical workpiece spindles
Chain sharpening device
Ratcheting wrench
Device for assembling and disassembling an oil filter tank
Ratchet wrench
Robot or haptic interface structure with parallel arms
Utility knife apparatus with blades having multiple cutting portions
Saw brake
Press inking system with key sharing provision
Image forming method and apparatus for transfer and fixing image with one process
Motorcycle tire for running on rough terrain
Monitoring system for vehicle wheels and wireless measurement module
AC drive system for a vehicle
Manually operated electrical control and installation scheme for electric hybrid vehicles
Stackable disaster relief vehicle
Ball screw and electric power steering system including ball screw
Aerodynamic aftertreatment
Lightweight integrated rear suspension and drive enclosure for a ridden motorized vehicle
Vessel mooring arrangement
Extensible shield for protecting the attachment ends of a stretchable mooring rode segment
Testing apparatus for hydrostatic interlock of a lifeboat
Multi-function transfer device
Device for filling at least one dosing chamber
Portable pump and container assembly
Potted tree support assembly
Slip-on corner protectors for picture frames and machine and method for making same
Method for scheduling cars in elevator systems to minimize round-trip times
Three-function beverage-container opener device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing glass sealed body and method for manufacturing light-emitting device
N-phenyloxamide derivatives
Therapeutic fluoroethylcyano guanidines
Methods and apparatus for selectively producing ethanol from synthesis gas
Method for production of methionine from homoserine
High shear process for the production of chloral
Process for the production of acetic acid
Benzoindole-based compound and dye-sensitized solar cell using the same
Method for producing phosphonatosilanes
HCV NS3-NS4 protease resistance mutants
Method of extracting ginsengnoside Rg.sub.2m, pharmaceutical composition including ginsengnoside Rg.sub.2, and uses thereof
Carboxyltransferase domain of acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Twin-arginine translocation in Bacillus
Twin-arginine translocation in Bacillus
Elastic fluorocopolymer, its composition and crosslinked rubber
Tetraglycidyl ether of 1,1,2,2-tetrakis(hydroxyphenyl)ethane
Process for producing polybutadiene rubber and rubber composition
Textiles; Paper
Hybrid yarn for producing molded parts
Weaving method and loom for implementing this method
System for dispensing substances into a washing machine
Semi-dry method of washing machine and the ventilating structure, control apparatus for the same
Fixed Constructions
Dragline bucket with remote dumping and positioning capabilities
Cable end anchorage with overload protection
Techniques for building construction using fabricated timbers
Bracket and an arrangement for supporting a precast slab element of concrete on a precast structure element of concrete
SR thermal break device and method of use
Covered gutter with bi-directional vertical plate
Wind energy turbine shell station
Cylinder lock assembly with non-rotating elements
Mechanism for moving a door from a first location to a second location
Drill bit with a retained jack element
Matrix tool bodies with erosion resistant and/or wear resistant matrix materials
Method and apparatus for setting a wellbore packer
Method of operation of a downhole gas generator with multiple combustion chambers
Methods of using cellulose in various oilfield applications
Apparatus and method for installing ground anchoring systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Yoke position sensor for a hydraulic device
Method for converting energy, increasing enthalpy and raising the coefficient of compressibility
Resonating blade for electric power generation
Bicycle operating device
Clutch assembly
Worm-gear assembly having a pin raceway
Linear actuator
Ball screw assembly with enhanced radial load capacity and method of construction thereof
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Hollow valve plate
Configurations and methods for waste heat recovery and ambient air vaporizers in LNG regasification
Pulverized coal burner and pulverized coal boiler having it
System and method for energy allocation
Evaporative condenser cooling unit and method
Thermal diffusion chamber control device and method
Ball feeding arrangement
Scope correction apparatuses and methods
Broadhead-bullet plastic encased shaft version
Apparatus for measuring an internal dimension of a well bore
Rotation angle detector and bearing with rotation angle detector
Method and apparatus for estimating behaviors of vehicle using GPS signals
Destination display apparatus and destination display method
Destination display apparatus and destination display method
Material dispensing system and method with capacitance sensor assembly
Beverage machine with integrated ultrasonic transceiver
Fluorescent microscope and fluorescent correlation spectral analysis device
Integrated quartz biological sensor and method
Device and method for detecting electromagnetic radiation
Residual stress measuring method and system
Rotor position sensing apparatus and method using piezoelectric sensor and hall-effect sensor
Fuel quality determining method, program, computer readable recording medium which stores the program, and fuel quality determination device
Blade breakage and abrasion detecting device
Power transmission control device, non-contact power transmission system, power transmitting device, electronic instrument, and waveform monitor circuit
Bi-directional reflectance distribution measuring instrument
Distributed measurement spots and reference spots, especially for chemosensors and biosensors
Probe apparatus and terahertz spectrometer
Device of electrodes for measuring water content in foundry sand, an apparatus for measuring water content in foundry sand, and a method and an apparatus for supplying water to a sand mixer
Detecting anomalous stiff pillar bumps formed above a metallization system
Screening method and apparatus
Method, an installation, and a computer program for estimating the initial size of a population of nucleic acids, in particular by PCR
Conductive dust detection
Capacitance sensing structure
Successive approximate capacitance measurement circuit
Processing of a signal representing radiation
Interposer and probe card having the same
Automatic multicable electrical continuity tester
Semiconductor inspecting device
HDL design structure for integrating test structures into an integrated circuit design
Method of distributed estimation using multiple asynchronous sensors
Shim support guide jig for magnetic field generation apparatus, magnetic field generation apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging equipment each including shim support in which magnetic material shims are arranged and adjusted by employing shim support guide jig, and magnetic field adjustment method for magnetic field generation apparatus, as well as magnetic field adjustment method for magnetic resonance imaging equipment
Magnetic resonance local coil, patient bed, and imaging apparatus, with vibration damping
High frequency coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
White interferometric modulators and methods for forming the same
Optical signaling for a package-on-package stack
Non-contact connector
Swinging and tilting mechanism, lens barrel, and image capture apparatus
Manual focus driving ring
Bonded optical element and manufacturing method thereof
Photochromic optical article
Electrophoretic display device
Liquid crystal display device having particular backlight container and reflective member arrangement
Lens apparatus, imaging apparatus, and automatic focusing control method
Image sensing apparatus with pre-flash and image sensing method for calculating flash illumination amount using degree of convergence
Lens barrel, driving method thereof, and image pickup device
Image pickup apparatus
Photographic apparatus
Optical diffusing sheet, optical deflecting sheet, and transmission type screen
Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
System and method for focusing a charge coupled device lens on a selected surface of an object
Lens driving apparatus, imaging apparatus, and lens barrel and camera main body used for this
Lens apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
Bicyclo compound, method for producing pentacene and a film thereof using the same, and method for producing bicyclo compound
Image forming apparatus, fixing unit, and heating system capable of heating at increased speed with reduced power
Terminal apparatus, a consumables residual quantity display program, and a recording medium
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling access to replaceable units
Development apparatus and image forming apparatus
Belt installation tool
Image forming apparatus for correcting a toner density target value
Toner consumption-calculating apparatus, image forming apparatus, and toner consumption calculating method
Development device, image forming apparatus and image forming method
Fixing belt, fixing unit and image forming apparatus
Heater, fixing unit and image forming apparatus operable with a main and auxiliary power supply unit
Fixing device including a heating unit and a pressurizing unit that includes a rotatable endless member and image forming apparatus having the same
Rotary operated mechanism for retracting paper pathways of printers
Dismounting and mounting methods for coupling and electrophotographic photosensitive drum unit
Fast control law optimization
Input control apparatus and input control method
Switching power supply circuit
Pre-biased circuit for synchronous rectified power converters
Remote electrical equipment power source
Energy efficient method for changing the voltage of a DC source to another voltage in order to supply a load that requires a different voltage
Method and apparatus of collecting timer ticks
Random telegraph signal noise as a source for random numbers
Semiconductor memory apparatus
Portable computer and locking mechanism thereof
Power management of image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Apparatus and method for dynamic backlight-control according to battery level and image-content lightness
Failure recovery method in cluster system
Address resolution request mirroring
System and method for enabling seamless boot recovery
Method for fast system recovery via degraded reboot
Recovery from a hang condition in a data processing system
Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and storage medium
System and method for remote copy of encrypted data
Data processor, data processing method, and computer readable medium storing program therefor
Storage system coupled to management server and a monitoring method of a stopped device executed by the storage system
Storage system
Storage system and management method for the same
On demand consistency checkpoints for temporal volumes within consistency interval marker based replication
SAN configuration utility
Apparatus for determining compatibility between devices
Printer control apparatus and method
Printing system and method of operating same
Job scheduling system for print processing
Methods and systems for controlling out-of-gamut memory and index colors
Dynamic set operations when specifying email recipients
Processing sequenced records across multiple network connections
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location by receiving a product code
Packet relaying method and packet relaying system
Management of streaming media playlists
Remote location based services
Method and apparatus for communicating data between two hosts
Mail alert system
Adaptive liveness management for robust and efficient peer-to-peer storage
Method, system and computer program for configuring server farms at minimum cost
System for searching device on network
Hybrid method and apparatus for URL filtering
Method and apparatus for the creation, location and formatting of digital content
Providing multiple audio streams to an audio device as a single input
Processing apparatus, job execution apparatus, method for controlling the processing apparatus and storage medium
Utility monitoring and disaggregation systems and methods of use
Management of recorded data for online simulations
Automatically creating a component to rapidly evaluate logical expressions
Secure schema identifier generation
Centralized terminology and glossary management
Data conversion method processing for conversion of a first database and a plurality of queries into a second database and plurality of queries and apparatus program and storage media of the same
Apparatus and method for processing a data backup service for use in a mobile terminal
Same subgraph detector for data flow graph, high-order combiner, same subgraph detecting method for data flow graph, same subgraph detection control program for data flow graph, and readable recording medium
Design structure for performing iterative synthesis of an integrated circuit design to attain power closure
Focused ion beam defining process enhancement
Method of generating a functional design structure
System and method of maximizing integrated circuit manufacturing yield with fabrication process simulation driven layout optimization
Structure for optimizing the signal time behavior of an electronic circuit design
Testing to prescribe state capture by, and state retrieval from scan registers
Modifying layout of IC based on function of interconnect and related circuit and design structure
Closed-loop modeling of gate leakage for fast simulators
Driving values to DC adjusted/untimed nets to identify timing problems
Intellectual property trading exchange and a method for trading intellectual property rights
Secure universal transaction system
Information processing apparatus, content information management method and computer program
Content distribution system and content license management method
Method and apparatus for storytelling with digital photographs
Dynamic feedback for gestures
Synchronous RIL proxy
Turntable-type input device
Durable digital writing and sketching instrument
Joy stick
Proximity sensor device and method with keyboard emulation
Proximity sensor and method for indicating a display orientation change
Using touches to transfer information between devices
Systems and methods for creating embedded target images
Peripheral equipment and management method thereof
Techniques for performing actions based upon physical locations of paper documents
Methods and apparatus for privacy preserving data mining using statistical condensing approach
Cloaking detection utilizing popularity and market value
System and method for the automated notification of compatibility between real-time network participants
Forensic toolkit and method for accessing data stored on electronic smart cards
Storage system, NAS server and snapshot acquisition method
Predication support in an out-of-order processor by selectively executing ambiguously renamed write operations
System and method for error checking of failed I/O open calls
Information processing apparatus and computer product
Method and apparatus for hot updating of running processes
Prioritize code for testing to improve code coverage of complex software
Method and circuit arrangement for determining power supply noise
Optimizing system behavior in a virtual machine environment
Method for dynamically adjusting audio decoding process
Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus and image processing method
Methods and apparatuses for analyzing images
Method for characterizing texture of areas within an image corresponding to monetary banknotes
Symbol graph generation in handwritten mathematical expression recognition
Image processing method and apparatus therefor
Diagnostic scanning microscope for information-enriched qualitative histopathology
System for and method of assigning confidence values to fingerprint minutiae points
Image processing system, method for processing image and computer readable medium
Method and apparatus for efficiently enlarging image by using edge signal component
Encoded high dynamic range textures
Methods and systems for maintenance and use of coded block pattern information
Motion adaptive image processing apparatus and method thereof
Method of combining images of multiple resolutions to produce an enhanced active appearance model
Document portion identification by fast image mapping
User interface for displaying travel information
Knowledge-based ordering systeming for radiological procedures
Package pickup indicator system
Method and system for delivering medical therapies
Method and system for delivering substitute medical therapies with restricted access
Promotion Method
Appearel production method and system
Method and system for a deferred variable annuity with flexible lifetime benefit payments
Obtaining consent for electronic delivery of compliance information
System and method for increasing capacity in an insurance system
Obtaining consent for electronic delivery of compliance information
Obtaining consent for electronic delivery of compliance information
Obtaining consent for electronic delivery of compliance information
Obtaining consent for electronic delivery of compliance information
Network photograph service system
Obtaining consent for electronic delivery of compliance information
Method for managing buyer transactions and settlements using communication network between computers, and method for relaying information following buyer consumption trends to the buyer
System and method of treating Tempro Mandibular Disorders utilizing a protocol of examinations, diagnostics, procedures and treatments to generate letters, reports and coded insurance claim forms to maximize benefit payments
Method and system for managing DRM agent in user domain in digital rights management
Learning-based recommendation system incorporating collaborative filtering and feedback
Interactive relighting with dynamic reflectance
Lower power battery-assisted RFID tag having improved recognition distance, and wake-up method thereof
Transfer tape strap process
Unique identification of devices using color detection
Wireless occupancy and day-light sensing
Apparatus and methods for tracking movement of persons
Cold crack additive on paving advertising and related methods
Apparatus and method for driving self-luminescent display panel
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Display device and driving method of display device
Data driver, organic light emitting display, and method of driving the same
Music transcription
System and method for access to multimedia structures
Acoustic signal enhancement method and apparatus
Efficient presentation of correction options in a speech interface based upon user selection probability
Computer program product to provide bus bar burst communications for an automated data storage library
Disk carrier device and disk drive
Disc processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for bulk erasure of disk drives
Asymmetry correction in read signal
Information recording apparatus, information reading apparatus and computer readable medium
Magnetic disk drive with error correction
Magnetic head supporting mechanism with regulating member which prevents over angulation of the slider support
Track jumping scan control device and track searching device
Servo accelerator system for optical drives
Apparatus for controlling discrete data in disk overwrite area or power calibration area
Data readout method, data readout device, and optical disk
Method of recording information on and reproducing information from optical disk and apparatus for the same
Electric field sensor having vertical structure, fabrication method thereof, and storage unit using the same
Objective lens for optical pickup apparatus, objective lens unit for optical pickup apparatus and optical pickup apparatus using the same
Write-once information recording medium and disk apparatus
Semiconductor storage device and operation method thereof
Thin film magnetic memory device writing data with bidirectional current
Methods of programming non-volatile memory cells
Non-volatile electromechanical configuration bit array
Method and system for early sensing of water leakage, through chemical concentration monitoring, in nuclear reactor system using liquid metal and molten salt
Electrical component with a cooling circuit for underwater operation
Precise multi-pole magnetic component
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display including the same
Electrodeless discharge lamp apparatus and lighting fixture with the electrodeless discharge lamp apparatus
Pattern substrate including conductive pattern of overlapping circular patterns disposed on substrate
Applying epitaxial silicon in disposable spacer flow
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method and electronic apparatus thereof
Semiconductor device suitable for a stacked structure
Semiconductor package having substrate ID code and its fabricating method
Semiconductor component with improved contact pad and method for forming the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Method and structure for self-aligned device contacts
Ferroelectric memory device and fabrication process thereof, fabrication process of a semiconductor device
Area-efficient gated diode structure and method of forming same
Wiring and method of manufacturing the same, and wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
MEMS device having a movable electrode
Megavoltage imaging with a photoconductor based sensor
Integrated circuit resistor
Integrally gated carbon nanotube ionizer device
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Solder bump and related intermediate structure having primary and secondary portions and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor device and transistor
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Structure of MTCMOS cell
Semiconductor integrated circuit
System and method of forming a split-gate flash memory structure including partial circular sidewalls of the floating gates and control gates
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, producing method therefor, image pickup module and image pickup system
Solar tracker
Light emitting diode package structure and lead frame structure thereof
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Epitaxial wafer for semiconductor light emitting diode and semiconductor light emitting diode using same
LED backlight device and LCD device
Apparatus for the conversion of electromagnetic radiation in electric energy and corresponding process
Driving apparatus
Diaphragm membrane and supporting structure responsive to environmental conditions
Organic electronic device, method for production thereof, and organic semiconductor molecule
Organic electroluminescent apparatus and electronic apparatus
Fuel cell system and method for controlling operation of the fuel cell system
Waveguide to microstrip transducer having a ridge waveguide and an impedance matching box
Communication apparatus
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor laser device
Sanitary, live loaded, pass through fitting apparatus
Security cover for a utility pole and enclosure and method
Method for automatic operating voltage detection
Portable electronic device
Charger protection device
Battery charging circuit with backflow prevention transistor, portable electronic device and semiconductor integrated circuit with backflow prevention transistor
Motor and drive control system thereof
Electric machine
Linear motor
Linear motor and tool moving device with the same
Fixing structure for printed circuit board of micro motor
Power transmission device and method of assembling the same
Cascaded PFC and resonant mode power converters
Carbon nanotube based compliant mechanism
Dynamically adjustable Q-factors
Method and apparatus for reducing phase noise in an oscillator signal of a Colpitts oscillator
Generating calibration data for a transmit diversity communication device
Sampling demodulator for amplitude shift keying (ASK) radio receiver
Analog phase controller
Methods and systems for soft-bit demapping
Radio frequency multiplexer for coupling antennas to AM/FM, CB, and television apparatus
On-chip source termination in communication systems
Pseudo-differential interfacing device having a switching circuit
Process, voltage, temperature compensated oscillator
Clock generation circuit and semiconductor device provided therewith
Circuits for forming the inputs of a latch
Multi-channel integrator
Method for determining a pulse position in a signal
Apparatus for signal detection to enhance performance of a receiver and method therefor
Phase locked loop including a frequency change module
Phase locked loop with small size and improved performance
Time-to-digital converter
Arithmetic decoding device
Cancellation system and method for a wireless positioning system
Methods and devices for adjustment of transmission parameters
Entertainment system with bandless tuning
Filter switching system and method
Automated noise measurement system
Video coding and decoding methods with hierarchical temporal filtering structure, and apparatus for the same
Efficient video slicing
Method and apparatus for cooperative coexistence between wireless communication protocols
Transmission method in a wireless telecommunication system including at least a base station intended to communicate with terminals
Mobile communication terminal and method of accomplishing TPC in mobile communication terminal
Receiver and electronic apparatus using the same
Jitter measuring circuit
Wireless communication device and marginal transmission power determining method
Radio node apparatus, multi-hop radio system, and multi-hop radio system constructing method
MIMO communication system and method for beamforming using polar-cap codebooks
Wireless communication system, receiver, demodulation method used for the system and receiver, and program thereof
Method and apparatus for improved dual channel operation and access point discovery in wireless communication networks
Method for finding out the frame of a multimedia sequence
Common signalling mode for use with multiple wireless formats
Methods and apparatus for backwards compatible communication in a multiple antenna communication system using time orthogonal symbols
High performance gigabit passive optical network
Dispersion compensation method and compensation node
Method and system for channel estimation in a single channel (SC) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system comprising two-transmit (2-TX) and multiple-receive (M-RX) antennas for WCDMA/HSDPA)
Synchronization devices and methods
Communication system and method
Method and apparatus for synchronization over 802.3AF
Dynamic control of physical layer quality on a serial bus
Smoothing algorithm for round trip time (RTT) measurements
Communication terminal apparatus and signal receiving method
Method of transmitting feedback information using an extended subheader in a MAC PDU structure
Device, system, and method for partitioning and framing communication signals in broadband wireless access networks
Method and arrangements in an IP network
Method and apparatus for a proximity warning system
Media authentication via physical attributes of a medium
Method and device for determining transmit power spectral density
Multi-gigabit per second concurrent encryption in block cipher modes
Data processing method, program, device, message structure, message generation method, and message transmission method
Multi-link RLP enhancements
Packet relaying apparatus and packet relaying method
Method and system for hash table based routing via table and prefix aggregation
Selective rank CQI and PMI feedback in wireless networks
Method and apparatus for adaptive network allocation
Delay insensitive data transfer apparatus with low power consumption
Apparatus and method for connecting storage devices
Communications system, communications device, and data retransmission control method
Ring node apparatus
Packet switch equipment and bandwidth control method using the same
Transmission control method of downlink packet communication and wireless base station
IP telephone apparatus
Stream data recording device, stream data editing device, stream data reproducing device, stream data recording method, and stream data reproducing method
DTV receiver and method of processing broadcast signal in DTV receiver
Low-power, low-area high-speed receiver architecture
Apparatus and method for scrambling a packet data channel and a packet data control channel in a mobile communication system for high-speed packet transmission
Hand geometry recognition biometrics on a fob
Hidden link dynamic key manager for use in computer systems with database structure for storage of encrypted data and method for storage and retrieval of encrypted data
Pre-generation of generic session keys for use in communicating within communications environments
Systems and methods of RF power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including architectural embodiments of same
Mobile communication terminal with data scrolling feature
System and method for multi-modal personal communication services
Location based format selection for information services
Mobile device for accessing a common database and a computing device
Call features for automatic call distribution system
Apparatus, method and program product for reading image
Image reading device, image forming apparatus, image reading method, and computer product
Imaging lens, image reader using the lens, and imaging apparatus using the image reader
Moving picture processor, method for processing a moving picture, and computer program product for executing an application for a moving picture processor
Variable shape motion estimation in video sequence
Motion picture display device
Photoelectric conversion apparatus with current limiting units to limit excessive current to signal lines
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Dynamic image search information recording apparatus and dynamic image searching devices
High speed noise detection and reduction in active pixel sensor arrays
Image pickup device having a display for displaying operation key image data representing operation keys and supplying image data including an operation menu to an external display device when connected to the external display device
Image pickup apparatus with a display unit provided on a handle
Image forming apparatus
Shutter arrangement for covering a camera lens
Object trackability via parametric camera tuning
Displaying broadcasts of multiple camera perspective recordings from live activities at entertainment venues on remote video monitors
Image-pickup apparatus, method of determining attachment of accessory device and method of distinguishing attached accessory device
Input apparatus, input method, input control program, reproduction apparatus, reproduction control method, and reproduction control program
Digital camera
Viewing environment and recording system
Systems and methods for enhancing teleconferencing collaboration
System and method for virtual memory and securing memory in programming languages
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and data transmission system
Web cam for indicating the expression of a remote end user
Protocol and system for broadcasting audiovisual programs from a server
Receiving system for digital broadcasting and receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information recording medium, and computer program
Radio frequency data communications device with selectively removable antenna portion and method
Adaptive coding and modulation with MIMO wireless and wired communication
System and method of transitioning between cellular and voice over internet protocol communication
Method of initializing and establishing links in a multi-mode mobile terminal
Enhanced mobility and address resolution in a wireless premises based network
Method for reestablishment of IP address for idle mode MSS and method for transmitting information thereof in broadband wireless access system
System and method for failsafe presence monitoring
Mobile communication terminal, method of operating the same in handover rejection and method of rejecting handover in portable internet system
Method and system for providing voice call continuity
System and method for providing group calling in a wireless network
Method of reconfiguring an internet protocol address in handover between heterogeneous networks
Light-emitting diode illumination circuit, illumination device, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Extreme ultraviolet light and X-ray source target and manufacturing method thereof
Tunable X-ray source
Connecting device for electronic components
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode module
Heat dissipation device
Heat radiation structure of electronic component and display device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Agricultural combine with stone trough beater arrangement
Anthocyanin producing callus line in cultures of panax sikkimensis and a method of producing panax sikkimensis line capable of producing anthocyanin
Remotely activated retractable reel prisoner control system
Dog diaper system
Use of hematopoietic deficient cell transplanted chimeric nonhuman mammals as human bacterial toxin shock models
Diluent for cryogenic storage of bovine spermatozoa
Bait for controlling carpenter ants
Microemulsion coformulation of a graminicide and a water-soluble herbicide
Anti-infective covering for percutaneous and vascular access device and coating method
Disinfecting composition
Process and composition for soil improvement by reducing microbially formed ethylene in the soil
Fungicidal mixture
Method of locking 1 .alpha.-OH of vitamin D compounds in axial orientation
2-methoxyimino-2 (pyrinyloxymethyl) phenyl acetamides with polyether derivatives on the pyridine ring
Pyrazole carboxanilide fungicide
N-heteroaryl-substituted pyridine derivatives and their use as herbicides
Triazolinethione-phosphoric acid derivatives
Beneficial microbe composition, new protective materials for the microbes, method to prepare the same and uses thereof
Method for scaling fresh fish and removing its internal organs and device for implementation of the offered method
Tableted product prepared by vacuum freeze-drying of a plant belonging to genus aloe of family Liliaceae and the method for producing same
Process for producing a lactone using corynebacterium sp. NK-1 (FERM BP-6329)
Lactic acid bacteria and food products
Porcine circovirus vaccine and diagnostics reagents
Antifungal composition
Use of mesomorphic phases in food products
Use of mesomorphic phases in food products
Use of additives to modify the taste characteristics of N-neohexyl-.alpha.-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester
Process for making chocolate-based fat system having improved organoleptic properties
Liquid candy dispenser
Reheating tolerant icing composition
Ultrasonically activated continuous slitter apparatus and method
process for the preparation of fish gelatin
Pourable feed additives containing D-pantothenic acid and/or salts thereof, and process for their preparation
Precipitation recovery process for food waste sludge
Apparatus and method for cross-directional stretching of polymeric film and other nonwoven sheet material and materials produced therefrom
Composition comprising pectin methyl esterase and two substrates
Method for making fruit and vegetable purees
Microparticles which controllably release olfactorily active substances, methods of using same and processes for preparing same
Assimilation of inorganic selenium and organic germanium by yeast
Preparation in particular for use as a medication and/or food supplement
Method and composition for improving sexual fitness
Dietary supplement
Method of manufacturing full fat milled flax seed product
Esterases, DNA encoding therefor and vectors and host incorporating same
Method and device for assisting the leg muscles during cycling
Puncture resistant composite
Cabinet corner protection
Desk chair for the prevention of repetitive stress injuries
Appliance drain assembly
Perforated centerflow rolled product
Decorative towel assembly
Air and liquid separator for a carpet extractor
Lighting apparatus for endoscope and method of using an endoscopic system provided with the lighting apparatus
Disposable endoscopic biopsy device
Insertion assembly and method of inserting a hemostatic closure device into an incision
Method for humerus retraction
Vascular hole closure
Method of using ultrasonic vibration to secure body tissue
Method of forming medical devices: intra-vascular occlusion devices
Occlusion method and apparatus
Clamp assembly and method of use
Shoulder prosthesis apparatus and methods
Strernum closure device and pincers for mounting staples and approximator brackets
Laser-resistant medical retrieval device
Ultrasonic probe and method for improved fragmentation
Method for using acoustic shock waves in the treatment of medical conditions
Medical device
Powered surgical handpiece assemblies and handpiece adapter assemblies
Surgical repair kit and its method of use
V-shaped handpiece for dermabrasion
Internal cord fixation device
Surgical bone screw
Pedicle screw
Connector for backbone osteosynthesis device
Lockable swivel head bone screw
Apparatus and method for developing an anatomic space for laparoscopic hernia repair and patch for use therewith
Opto-acoustic recanilization delivery system
Apparatus for frameless stereotactic surgery
Method and system for guiding a diagnostic or therapeutic instrument towards a target region inside the patient's body
Method of using trajectory guide
Motion tracking platform for relative motion cancellation for surgery
Method and apparatus for diagnostic medical information gathering, hyperthermia treatment, or directed gene therapy
Collection well for body fluid tester
Reusable analyte sensor site and method of using the same
Equipment and method for contemporaneous decision supporting metabolic control
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Method and apparatus for estimating systolic and mean pulmonary artery pressures of a patient
Apparatus for measuring pulse-wave propagation velocity
Method and apparatus for mapping a chamber of a heart
Integrated sleep apnea screening system
Method and apparatus for lower extremity testing
Acoustic coupling device
Acoustic coupling device
Apparatus for concurrent actuation of multiple foot pedal operated switches
Pneumothorax detector
Time-delay compensation system and method for adaptive ultrasound imaging
Deep penetration beamformed television
Two-dimensional phased array ultrasound transducer with a convex environmental barrier
Dynamic measurement of parameters within a sequence of images
Endocavity needle guide apparatus and method
Methods for bleaching, opacifying and desensitizing teeth
Apparatus for operational cleaning of dental handpieces
Device for soft tissue modeling and coagulating soft tissue
Disposable pull-on diaper
Fabrics formed of hollow filaments and fibers and methods of making the same
Method of making applicators having improved finger grip features
Method of manufacturing a curved prosthetic mesh
Stent or graft support structure for treating bifurcated vessels having different diameter portions and methods of use and implantation
Methods and apparatus for intraluminal placement of a bifurcated intraluminal garafat
Stent deployment system with reinforced inner member
Inflatable neural prosthesis
Stapedial-saccular strut and method
Annuloplasty prosthesis for supporting an annulus of a heart valve
Large taper modular shoulder prosthesis
Acetabular bearing assembly for total hip joints
Bone blocks and methods for inserting bone blocks into intervertebral spaces
Intervertebral disc prosthesis and method
Intervertebral space implant for use in spinal fusion procedures
Hyperextension knee orthosis
Non-invasive halo-type cervical brace
Central venous catheter with heat exchange membrane
Massaging surface
Method and device for interactive virtual control of sexual aids using digital computer networks
Therapeutic device for amputees
Relaxation device
Product-structurant composition for personal care formulations
Hair styling oil
Composition and method for enhanced transdermal absorption of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Regulation of intracellular glucocorticoid concentrations
Methods for treating dementia
Treatment and prevention of hepatic disorders
Methods and compositions for inactivating viruses
Method for treating allergies
Indole-3-carbinol (13C) derivatives and methods
Substituted tetrahydrofuran analogs of prostaglandins as ocular hypotensives
Therapeutic method to treat herpes virus infection
Method for inhibiting gene expression promoted by AP1 protein with RAR.beta. selective retinoids and method for treatment of diseases and conditions with such retinoids
Method for treating neoplasia by exposure to substituted benzimidazole derivatives
Antibacterial agents
Solenopsin derivatives and analogues as fire ant suppressants
Methods for treating irritable bowel syndrome using optically pure (+) norcisapride
Combination of huperzine and nicotinic compounds as a neuroprotective agent
Aqueous suspension for nasal administration of loteprednol
Dithiolane derivatives
Pyrimidine nucleosides
Treatment of hyperproliferative disorders
Opthalmic compositions and methods
Sodium ion absorption inhibitors, sodium ion excretion accelerators, and preventive and therapeutic agents for diseases resulting from excessive intake of common salt
Method of delivering oxygen to cells by electrolyzing water
Process of making an aqueous calcium carbonate suspension
Method and composition for topical treatment of viral lesions
Mesenchymal stem cells for prevention and treatment of immune responses in transplantation
Biological material, method of preparing such materials
cDNA encoding P2P proteins and use of P2P cDNA derived antibodies and antisense reagents in determining the proliferative potential of normal, abnormal, and cancer cells in animals and humans
Phospholipase A2 inhibitors thereof and use of same in diagnosis and therapy
Method of treating complications in immunodepressed states resulting from HIV infection
Anti-coagulation of blood, plasma or synovial fluid products using iso-citrate
Methods of treating diabetes
Method for treating cancer with a neurotoxin to improve patient function
Methods of detection and treatment of breast cancer
Modulated release from biocompatible polymers
Pharmaceutical preparation and method for treatment and prevention of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
Use of autologous promoters to express gene products in Bordetella
Caulobacter LPS immunoadjuvants
Drug complex for treatment of metastatic prostate cancer
Benzimidazole analogs as down-regulators of IgE
Combinations of SSRI and estrogenic agents
Oral combinations of hydroxocobalamin and folic acid
Non-pyrogenic derivatives of lipid A
Alkoxy substituted benzimidazole compounds, pharmaceutical preparations containing the same, and methods of using the same
Compositions and methods for homoconjugates of antibodies which induce growth arrest or apoptosis of tumor cells
High efficiency local drug delivery
Process for infecting eukaryotic cells with a bacterial virus
Diagnostic uses of 2-substituted adenosine carboxamides
Molecular level coating of metal oxide particles
Herbal skin care formulation and a process for the preparation thereof
Hair conditioning compositions comprising water-insoluble high molecular weight oily compound
Method for dyeing keratin fibres with a dye composition containing at least one direct dye and a least one basifying agent
Cosmetic and dermatological light protection formulations with a content of asymmetrically substituted triazine derivatives and alkyl naphthalates
Nanoscale organic UV filters
Method for inhibiting corrosion in an aqueous aerosol or foam hair styling composition
Detergent cosmetic compositions comprising an anionic hydroxyalkyl ether surfactant and a silicone, and their uses
Hydrophobic preparations of hydrophilic species and process for their preparation
Hair treatment composition
Oat protein complex sunblock and method of use
Devices for cloaking transplanted cells
Cosmetic composition for the treatment of keratinous materials comprising at least a grafted silicone polymer and at least an aqueous dispersion of insoluble particles of non ionic or cationic polymer
Use of fluorocarbons for diagnosis and treatment of articular disorders
Controlled delivery of active agents
Controlled release of doxorubicin
Methods and compositions for enhancing the bioadhesive properties of polymers
Orally disintegrable tablet forming a viscous slurry
Contact lens having a pharmaceutical agent releasably disposed therein
High release solid preparation, preparation and use thereof
Formulations comprising lipid-regulating agents
Microencapsulated 3-piperidinyl-substituted 1,2-benzisoxazoles and 1,2-benzisothiazoles
Fine grain carriers and medicinal composition prepared with the use of the same
Gastrointestinal mucosa-adherent matrixes pharmaceutical preparations and a coating composition
Sustained release pharmaceutical composition free of food effect
Colon-specific drug release system
Process for preparing solid formulations of lipid regulating agents with enhanced dissolution and absorption
Method for treating contaminated material, specifically infected material
Low trauma adhesive article
Sterilization apparatus for dental and orthodontic tools
Preparing autologous fibrin glue
Method of fabricating a sintered ceramic composite
Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene vascular graft with coating
Bioactive surface coating using macroinitiators
Medical devices comprising hydrogel polymers having improved mechanical properties
Methods and compositions for producing a fascial sling
Bioresorbable stent
Coating medical devices using air suspension
Apparatus for incorporating air modifying agents
Hanger/hanger system for a device such as a device for draining a body cavity
Smoke evacuation apparatus
Medical suction system
Integrated blood oxygenator and pump system having means for reducing manifold flooding
Composite drug delivery catheter
Catheter with composite stiffener
Catheter having a soft distal tip
Dilatation catheter with stiffening wire
Apparatus for applying a hemostatic agent onto a tissue
Front-loading power injector and method of loading flanged syringe therein
Monitoring of the pressure of a product fluid to be administered in dosed amounts during infusion or injection
Syringe plunger immobilizing device
Syringe having forward-mounted plunger control
Retracting needle syringe
Medical irradiation assembly and method
Exercise system
Damping assembly for an exerciser
Rehabilitation chair
Hybrid stretching and exercising machine
Machine force application control with safety braking system and exercise method
Device for stretching and yoga
Exercise assembly
Belt apparatus for human pelvis
Exercise methods and apparatus
Golf ball and method of manufacture
Golf ball with perforated barrier shell
Dimpled golf ball
Multi-layer golf ball
Golf ball delivery system
Adjustable height basketball backboard
Wrist toy
In-line roller skate exercise device
Cover for the rails of a bowling ball return
Method and device for playing a keno game in which a player is charged for performing game playing actions
Video game device, play control method for video game, and readable recording medium recording the method
Game system and computer-readable storage medium
Input device, data processing device, data processing method, game device and medium
Five card keno
Multi-way Keno method and device
Conical recreational device
Method of swinging on a swing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid separator
Foam control agents
Swimming pool cleaning tool
Compact mobile oil recycling system
Process for the filtration and drying of solid particles out of liquids
Ring encasement with clamps for zigzag fold paper
Arrangement for adjusting width of fibre web
Filtering assembly and method including removal of impurities from a backwash fluid
Carbon block water filter
Trap device and trap system
Fluid media particle isolating system
Filter construction resistant to the passage of water soluble materials; and method
Automatic filter rotating device
Filter arrangement and methods
Filter construction apparatus and method
Fan filter unit for cleanroom
Process and apparatus for the purification of natural gas and products
Epoxysilicone coated membranes
Method of separating oxygen with the use of composite ceramic membranes
Desiccant tablets for gas drying
Method of controlling a modular ceramic oxygen generating system
Modified platinum substrates for oxygen reduction
Flue gas pipe and method for treating flue gas
Cassette for electrophoresis system
Device for dialysis/purification of proteins
Cross-flow filter cartridge
Composite polyamide reverse osmosis membrane and method of producing the same
Non-planar microstructures for manipulation of fluid samples
Liquid transportation system for microfluidic device
Stratification resistant emulsions
Autoclave using agitator and sparge tube to provide high oxygen transfer rate to metal-containing solutions
Adhering cells to cytophilic islands separated by cytophobic regions to form patterns and manipulate cells
Self-assembling peptide surfaces for cell patterning and interactions
Combinatorial process for performing catalytic chemical reactions
Process for producing a metal aluminate catalyst support
DNA chip and its preparation
Process for preparing catalyst with improved catalytic properties
Hydrogenation catalyst and its preparation
Fischer-Tropsch processes and catalysts using fluorided supports
Method and apparatus for producing a photocatalytic material
Method for separating vaporous phthalic acid anhydride from a gas stream
Method of fabricating a support with dry deposited compounds thereon
Electrochemical measuring device with an planar sensor substrate
Method of removing the fibrous shells from cereal grains
Bowl mill transmission
System for treatment of waste
Electric dust collecting unit
Electronically enhanced media air filtration system
Centrifuge control system and method with operation monitoring and pump control
Method and system for energy management and overspeed protection of a centrifuge
Device and process for recovering powder and installation for spraying coating product equipped with such a device
Apparatus and process for applying liquid or viscid coating medium onto a coating area of a moving substrate
Electrostatic dispensing apparatus and method
Electrostatically assisted coating method and apparatus with focused electrode field
Apparatus and process for controlled atmosphere chemical vapor deposition
Method of ion beam milling substrate prior to depositing diamond like carbon layer thereon
Combination antiabrasion layer
Biological safety cabinet with improved air flow
Method for washing semiconductor substrate and washing apparatus therefor
Washing parts with ultrasonic energy
Pipeline cleaning tool and a method of cleaning pipelines
Method for stripping and sanitizing a container inner surface and implementing device
Method of adjusting two shielding elements and an associated assembly
Method for removing volatile components from a ceramic article, and related processes
Processing of electroslag refined metal
Paste to be fired for forming circuit board and method for preparing surface-modified silver powder
Nanocrystalline intermetallic powders made by laser evaporation
Electrolytic machining method and apparatus
Structural steel elements coated with anticorrosive coatings and process for welding the same
Cutting apparatus
Ditch type floating ring for chemical mechanical polishing
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Rotary finishing tool and method of making the same
Method of forming tool with dual-material handle
Punch configuration system and method
Method of making molded composite articles
Lignocellulosic composite
Binder system for honeycomb ceramic bodies and a method for producing honeycomb bodies
Method and apparatus for accelerating the manufacture of molded particleboard parts
Laminated structures made from recycled tires
Mold for forming a contact lens and method of preventing formation of small strands of contact lens material during contact lens manufacture
Method of molding plastic container with protective metal corners
Tire mold cleaning method and apparatus
Method and composition for producing ultraviolet blocking lenses
Solution casting process
Optical element molding method and optical material for molding optical element
Laminated plate and method for making the same
Fiber-reinforced resin molded article and method of manufacturing the same
Thermal expansion compensation support
High clarity polyolefin multilayer blown coextruded film
Method of making a multi-colored composite foil of thermoplastic synthetic material
Process for forming films, fibers and base webs from thermoset polymers
Method for producing an extruded hollow plastic section
Molding method and apparatus using film as molding material
Method of producing biaxially stretched polyester film
Methods of embossing materials
Method for joining thermoplastic resin molded products
Rotary bonding apparatus and method
Heated wheel for application of heat-activated precoated adhesive tape or string
Substrates disk for digital video
Method for fabricating a flexible belt with a puzzle-cut seam
Process of shaping a printed circuit board
Forming method for a cup bottom containing an object
Method and means of restoring physically damaged compact discs
Retreaded tires and method for making the same without spray cement
Method of making soft bulky single ply tissue
Laminated film
Hydrogenating a layer of an antireflection coating
Olefinic slip-coating for automotive weatherseals
Films comprising metallocene polyethylene and polyamide
Laminated packing material with good gas and aroma barrier properties, and method for the manufacture of the material
Process using single screw extruder for producing a three layer co-extrusion biaxially oriented polypropylene synthetic paper of thickness 25.about.250 .mu.m
Polypropylene microporous membrane for battery separator
Multilayer polymer film with additional coatings or layers
Absorbent structure including a thin, calendered airlaid composite and a process for making the composite
Rigid thermoformable foam for headliner application
Supported porous materials
Patterned thick laminated film forming method and transfer sheet
Pharmacy form and label
Performance of printing plates
Method for manufactoring and using stencil/screen
Method of manufacturing ink-jet printer head
Fluorescent latent image transfer film, fluorescent latent image transfer method using the same, and security pattern formed matter
Image forming material and production method of the same, and an image forming apparatus
Developing paper
Method of making transfer surface
Masking patterns to enhance apparent opacity of paper products
Rolling bearing unit and constant velocity joint for wheels
Compact battery package
Automotive heating, ventilating and air conditioning module with improved air mixing
Sound deadening and structural reinforcement compositions and methods of using the same
Method and regulating and control unit for influencing the movement dynamics of a motor vehicle
Bike inner derailleur
Label applying apparatus
Method for manufacturing a micromechanical component
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for manufacturing Caro's acid
Method of solubilizing unshortened carbon nanotubes in organic solutions
Method for improving the efficiency of a silicon purification process
ZSM-5 made from siliceous ash
Method for electrochemically processing HCL gas into highly pure chlorine
Lithium secondary battery
Active substances, electrodes, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cells, and a process for fabricating the active substances
Electrolytic chemical generator
Chlorine generator
Conditioning method for dehydrating clarification sludge
Use of polyether hydroxycarboxylate copolymers in textile manufacturing and treating processes
Water treating agent and water treating method
Method and apparatus for the removal of arsenic from water
Semiconductor processing article
Chromate-free phosphate bonding composition
Ceramic-based composite member and its manufacturing method
Method for manufacture of foamed perlite material
Zirconia based article, use of such an article as a wear resistant exterior part for a wristwatch and method for obtaining such an article
Method and apparatus for single reactor wastewater treatment system
Method and plant for the treatment of liquid organic waste
Igniter tube and propellant charge made of granular material in a binder
Gas generating compositions
Air bag inflator
Method for reducing coke in EDC-VCM furnaces with a phosphite inhibitor
Microbial process for the preparation of acetic acid as well as solvent for its extraction from the fermentation broth
Process for the preparation of amino alcohols and derivatives thereof
Amphoteric derivatives of aliphatic polyamines with fatty acids, esters or triglycerides, which are useful for various consumer products and industrial applications
Octacyclodepsipeptides having an endoparasiticidal action
Polyaromatic propynyl compounds and pharmaceutical/cosmetic compositions comprised thereof
Aromatic sulfonium compounds, photoacid generators comprising the same, photopolymerizable compositions containing the same, stereolithographic resin compositions, and stereolithographic process
Photoresist cross-linker and photoresist composition comprising the same
Organic anti-reflective coating material and its preparation
Slow release of fragrant compounds in perfumery using 2-benzoyl benzoates, 2-alkanoyl benzoates or alpha-keto esters
Ferroelectric liquid-crystal display having active matric elements
Benzyloxy prodigiosine compounds
Selective factor Xa inhibitors
2-Aminoquinolinecarboxamides: neurokinin receptor ligands
Blocked isocyanates
Form of S-omeprazole
Polymorphic salt
Methods and compositions for the visualization of cellular organelles using tetrazolium salts
Tricyclic antidepressant derivatives and immunoassay
Carboxylic acids and acylsulfonamides, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Carboxylic acids and acylsulfonamides, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Substituted 3-phenyl-5-alkoxy-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-ones, their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Muscarinic receptor agonists
Colorants, colorant stabilizers, ink compositions, and improved methods of making the same
Interheteroaryl 7-oxabicyclic [2.2.1]heptane oxazoles as prostaglandin F2.alpha. antagonists
Treatment of mastitis
Substituted oxidole derivatives as protein tyrosine and as protein serine/threonine kinase inhibitors
Threading intercalator having oxidation-reduction activity
Subphthalocyanine colorants, ink compositions, and method of making the same
Process for stabilization of dry cleaning solutions
Absorbing compounds for spin-on-glass anti-reflective coatings for photolithography
Antioxidative vitamin B6 analogs
3,6-hemiketals from the class of 9A-azalides
Reagents and methods for modulating gene expression through RNA mimicry
Androgenic steroid compounds and a method of making and using the same
Papilloma viruses, agents for detecting them and for treating diseases caused by such viruses
Mucosal immunization against hepatitis A virus (HAV) through rectal administration of HAV vaccine
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Lyme combination compositions and uses
Multiflavor streptavidin
Parasitic helminth cuticlin nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Methods for treatment of multiple sclerosis using peptide analogues at position 91 of human myelin basic protein
Method of stimulating osteogenesis using a c-terminally truncated insulin-like growth factor binding protein-5 (IGFBP-5)
Syndecan interacting proteins and the use thereof
Smad2 phosphorylation and interaction with Smad4
Glutathione S-transferase homolog
IGF-1 receptor interacting proteins
Attenuated and dominant negative variant cDNAs of Stat6: Stat6b and Stat6c
Detection of altered expression of genes regulating cell proliferation
E2F ubiquitination domain, and assays for inhibitors and enhancers of E2F ubiquitination
Fibroblast growth factor 13
Neuropeptide Y receptor Y5 and nucleic acid sequences
Ectoparasite saliva proteins and apparatus to collect such proteins
Process for determining the agonist or antagonist of galanin receptor (GALR3)
Tie ligand homologues
Protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
Protease inhibitors
Functionalized alkyl and alenyl side chain derivatives of glycinamides as farnesyl transferase inhibitors
Inhibitors of histone acetyltransferases (HATs) and uses thereof
Method for provoking proliferation of cytolytic T cells via the use of decapeptides which complex with HLA-A2 molecules
Peptide capable of inducing immune response to human gastric cancer and agent for preventing or treating human gastric cancer, containing the peptide
Method of making paper from aldehyde modified cellulose pulp with selected additives
Pulverulent corn-steep
Solid catalysts for the polymerization of olefins and process for the production of olefin polymers therewith
Highly active supported catalyst compositions
Rapid processing of organic materials using short wavelength microwave radiation
Water-based coating composition
Composition and structures made therefrom
Photoresist monomers, polymers thereof, and photoresist compositions containing the same
Additives for inhibiting gas hydrate formation
Moisture-activated adhesive compositions
Electroluminescent assemblies using boron chelates of 8-aminoquinoline derivatives
Light-emitting polymers having high efficiency and color tunable properties
Method for producing a coating powder composition
Sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters
Method of decolorizing or deodorizing polyhydroxyalkanoates from biomass with ozone
Laundry detergent compositions with linear amine based polymers to provide appearance and integrity benefits to fabrics laundered therewith
Condensation reaction curable silsesquioxane resin composition and methods for the synthesis and cure thereof
Carbon fibers and process for the production thereof
Base webs for printed circuit board production using the foam process and acrylic fibers
Formable biaxially-oriented polyester film
Method of priming polyolefin articles for coating
Conductive printed plastic strips
Laminated film and process
Composite pigments, coloring compositions, and image recording substances
Copolyester containing isophthalic acid, 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol and an ultraviolet light absorbing compound and articles made therefrom
Methods of making a particle having an attached stable free radical
Dyes and methods of reticulocyte enumeration
Reactive dye mixtures for low-salt dyeing
Ink for ink jet printing
Polyolefin microspheres
Method for repair coating
Process for preparing multi-layer coatings on automotive bodies or automotive body parts
Starch-hemicellulose adhesive for high speed corrugating
Flame retardant adhesive composition and laminates
Heat-sensitive adhesive sheet
Conductive paste of high thermal conductivity and electronic part using the same
Synergistic stabilizer mixture
Process for consolidating and hydrophobicizing soil materials
Macromolecular dispersion type liquid crystal display element and method of manufacturing the same
Method of providing a fire barrier and article therefor
Non-destructive oil recovery method
Air conditioning and refrigeration system using a calcium salt of dialkyl aromatic sulfonic acid
Process for removing solid asphalt residues produced in the petroleum industry
Removal of sulfur-containing compounds from liquid hydrocarbon streams
Decreasing bi-reactive contaminants
Liquid hydrocarbon fuel compositions containing a stable boric acid suspension
Fuel compositions containing hydroxyalkyl-substituted amines
Process and apparatus for making aqueous hydrocarbon fuel compositions, and aqueous hydrocarbon fuel composition
Process and apparatus for making aqueous hydrocarbon fuel compositions, and aqueous hydrocarbon fuel composition
Synergistic organomolybdenum compositions and lubricating compositons containing the same
Adsorbent filtration system for treating used cooking oil or fat in frying operations
Granular detergent components and particulate detergent compositions containing them
Concentrated, water dispersible, stable, fabric softening compositions
Liquid detergent compositions
Dry cleaning system comprising carbon dioxide solvent and carbohydrate containing cleaning surfactant
Method and composition for preventing pitch deposits in paper mills using resinous mechanical pulps
Liquid hard-surface cleaning compositions
Detergent composition and method for removing soil
Particulate laundry detergent compositions containing anionic surfactant granules
Heavy oil remover
Process for preparing pourable, transparent/translucent liquid detergent with non-continuous suspending system
Cleaning solutions for removing contaminants from the surfaces of semiconductor substrates and cleaning methods using the same
Compositions for surface cleaning in aerosol applications
Paint and coating remover
Detergent compositions comprising polymeric suds volume and suds enhancers and methods of washing with same
Detergent composition and method for warewashing
Protease enzymes for tough cleaning and/or spot and film reduction and compositions incorporating same
Electroporation buffer with cryprotective capabilities
Composition suitable as food integrator and for the treatment of intestinal disorders and alterations of the bacterial flora
Selective media for recovery and enumeration of campylobacters
Modulation of multicellular aggregates by pressure from growth in a matrix
Method and apparatus for measuring a state variable
MHC class II antigen presenting cells containing oligonucleotides which inhibit Ii protein expression
Antisense inhibition of Phosphorylase kinase beta expression
Closed antisense and sense oligonucleotides and their applications
Hyperactive mutants of Himar1 transposase and methods for using the same
Kinetoplastid protein expression system and methods
Baculovirus containing minimal CMV promoter
Polymerase I promoter plasmid and vector constructs
Enhanced immunogenic cell populations prepared using H2 receptor antagonists
Hypoxia mediated neurogenesis
Aldolase catalytic antibody
Acyl-CoA oxidase homologues
Human kinesin-related protein HsKip3b
Isolated human phospholipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phospholipase proteins, and uses thereof
Broad specificity DNA damage endonuclease
Glycosidase enzymes
Methods of producing polynucleotide variants
Polypeptides having L-asparaginase activity
Bioproduction of para-hydroxycinnamic acid
Pectate lyases
Method for stabilizing nitrilase activity and preserving microbial cells
Topical application of enzymes using a peelable film
Process for the preparation of cephalosporins using acremonium chrysogenum
Bio-assay device and test system for detecting molecular binding events
Identification of salmonella
Screening of molecules that inhibit human phosphodiesterase 4A produced by non-recombinant cell lines
Kits for isolating biological target materials using silica magnetic particles
Metabolic selection methods
Screening for novel bioactivities
Circular DNA vectors for synthesis of RNA and DNA
Methods and compositions for identifying morphogenic protein analogs using morphogenic protein responsive inhibitory elements
Methods for treating or identifying a subject at risk for a neurological disease by determining the presence of a variant GPIIIa and/or variant BPIIb allele
Marker assisted identification of a gene associated with a phenotypic trait
Detection and amplification of RNA using target-mediated ligation of DNA by RNA ligase
Methods and kits for analysis of chromosomal rearrangements associated with leukemia
PCR genome walking with synthetic primer
Method to detect gene polymorphisms and monitor allelic expression employing a probe array
Detection of nucleic acids by target-catalyzed formation
Screening methods to identify inhibitors of telomerase activity
Process for preparing improved sugar product
Direct smelting process and apparatus
Variably insertable combined lance with displaceable burner and blower lance bodies
Grain-oriented electrical steel sheets having excellent magnetic characteristics, its manufacturing method and its manufacturing device
Apparatus and method for producing reduced metal
Method of melt-removing impurity elements from iron
Method for grain refinement of high strength aluminum casting alloys
Process for making oxide dispersion-strengthened tungsten heavy alloy by mechanical alloying
Process for producing amorphous magnetically soft body
Metallurgical vessel
Process for quenching heat treatable metal alloys
Method of manufacturing zirconium alloy tubes
Adjustable energy quantum thin film plasma processing system
Tungsten film, method of manufacturing the same, and thin-film heater
Method of coating an article
Method for selectively heating a conductive thin film on an insulating substrate by use of an induced current
Plasma processing system and method
Combined gate cap or digit line and spacer deposition using HDP
Method of depositing films by using carboxylate complexes
Point-of-use exhaust by-product reactor
Induction heated chemical vapor deposition reactor
Apparatus for growing single crystal silicon and method for forming single crystal silicon layer using the same
Apparatus and method for preventing the premature mixture of reactant gases in CVD and PECVD reactions
Method to deposit a cooper seed layer for dual damascence interconnects
Galvannealed steel sheet and manufacturing method
Zinc phosphate conversion coating and process
Treating solid, especially aluminum, surfaces
Roughened bond coat for a thermal barrier coating system and method for producing
Method for forming a thermal barrier coating system of a turbine engine component
Ion treatments for magnetic recording heads and magnetic recording media
Etching method and a method of manufacturing a magnetic head
Methods for removing rhodium- and iridium-containing films
Soda electrolytic cell provided with gas diffusion electrode
Structures and methods of manufacture for gas diffusion electrodes and electrode components
Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of aqueous organic solutions
Electrochemical cell frame having integral protector portion
Low temperature alkali metal electrolysis
Electrolytic cell for producing an alkali metal
Reactant product valve for an electrolysis cell
Copper electrowinning
Aluminium workpiece
Forming electrolyte for forming metal oxide coating film
Methods using electrophoretically deposited patternable material
Electro-plating plasma arc deposition process
Apparatus for electrochemically processing a microelectronic workpiece
Plating processes utilizing high intensity acoustic beams
Selective plating process
Metallization structures for microelectronic applications and process for forming the structures
Single crystal-manufacturing equipment and a method for manufacturing the same
Method of producing magnetic garnet single crystal film and magnetic garnet single crystal film having a nonuniform thickness
ELO semiconductor substrate
Method for growing crystals
Textiles; Paper
Hollow microfibers and process for producing the same
Carbon fibers, acrylic fibers and process for producing the acrylic fibers
Foamed facer and insulation boards made therefrom
Use of dibasic esters as solvents for hydrophobic compounds which act as surface active components on textiles
Manufacturing process of antibacterial fiber
Chip feeding to a comminuted cellulosic fibrous material treatment vessel
Method and apparatus to enhance paper and board forming qualities
Headbox for a paper or board making machine
Device for feeding a pulp suspension to a dewatering installation
Method for making security paper
Papermaking belt providing improved drying efficiency for cellulosic fibrous structures
Press section of a paper making machine employing an extended nip press
Calender press for a paper-making machine with thermally compensated top and bottom rolls and low nip load
Device to control or regulate the basis weight of a paper or cardboard web
Internal paper sizing agent
Method and apparatus for coating a moving web of paper or board
Fixed Constructions
Retroreflecting road marking system
Filtered fluid dispensing system
Storm drain assembly with disposable filter cartridge
Device for coating the flanks of spacer frames for insulating glass panes
Method and apparatus for purifying silicon
Tungsten carbide nickel-chromium alloy hard member and tools using the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Honeycomb body configuration
Method and device for controlling a drive unit of a vehicle
Universal joint and parallel mechanism machine incorporating the universal joint
Axially collapsible driveshaft assembly and method of manufacturing same
Sealing assembly for constant velocity joint
Torsional vibration damper with a gearset and a shift mechanism therefor
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Axle shaft retainer system
Driver responsive power-on downshift control
Speed ratio control system for continuously variable transmission
Drive unit for a motor vehicle
Cleanroom and cleanroom ventilation method
Method for detecting organic contamination by using hemispherical-grain polysilicon layer
Metallic overcoating as a light attenuating layer for optical sensors
Colorimetric artificial nose having an array of dyes and method for artificial olfaction
Monitor for verification of ozone reaction
Method and apparatus for detecting the oxygen content of a gas
Method for manufacturing an element formed with semiconductor(s) and fire detector comprising such an element
Carbon monoxide sensor, method for making the same, and method of using the same
Photometric gas detection system and method
Controlled diffusion analysis
Device for analyzing organic compounds particularly in aqueous and gaseous samples
Identification of human urine for drug testing
Ultrasonic force differentiation assay
One step immunochromatographic device and method of use
Internally referenced competitive assays
Methods for hard-tagging an encoded synthetic library
Compositions to identify plant proteins that function in G-protein coupled systems
Kv potassium channel polypeptides and polynucleotides
Rapid separation assay for total iron binding capacity
Magnetic separator
Apparatus and method for chemical processing
Contrast agent-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of tissue perfusion
Urethral catheter and urinary drainage bag adaptor for prevention of nosocomial urinary tract infection
Radiation sensitive composition
Cholesteric liquid crystal color filter plate and method for manufacturing the same
3-D photo-patterning of refractive index structures in photosensitive thin film materials
Method for manufacturing optical fiber array
Soldering an optical component to a substrate
Phase sheet
Liquid crystal alignment film, method of manufacturing the film, liquid crystal display using the film and method, and method of manufacturing the liquid crystal display
Method for assembling critically positioned camera component on camera body
Photothermographic materials providing improved image stability and methods of use
Photothermographic material
High speed photothermographic materials and methods of making and using same
Silver halide photographic material and image formation method
Heat sensitivity improvement with combinations of gold sensitization and spectral sensitizing dye and filter device
Display imaging element with expand color gamut
Decorative package with expanded color gamut
Semiconductor manufacturing methods
Masks for use in optical lithography below 180 nm
Pellicle for photolithography
Low stress hard mask formation method during refractory radiation mask fabrication
Mask repair
Reticle used for fabrication of semiconductor device
Method for fabricating an ultra-low expansion mask blank having a crystalline silicon layer
Preparation of crosslinkable water-soluble or water-dispersible compositions and radiation-sensitive mixtures obtainable therefrom
Photoresist polymers and photoresist compositions containing the same
Amorphous carbon layer for improved adhesion of photoresist and method of fabrication
Active mask exposure compensation of underlying nitride thickness variation to reduce critical dimension (CD) variation
Method of detecting aberrations of an optical imaging system
Photomask, method for producing TFT substrate, and method for producing display device
Procedure of alignment for optimal wafer exposure pattern
Process control with control signal derived from metrology of a repetitive critical dimension feature of a test structure on the work piece
Dual track/stepper interface configuration for wafer processing
Method for identifying and controlling impact of ambient conditions on photolithography processes
Resist mark having measurement marks for measuring the accuracy of overlay of a photomask disposed on semiconductor wafer and method for manufacturing semiconductor wafer having it
Composition for stripping photoresist and organic materials from substrate surfaces
Photosensitive member for electrophotography
Method of producing toner for developing latent electrostatic images
Method and apparatus for monitoring a process by employing principal component analysis
Automated collection and analysis patient care system and method for diagnosing and monitoring myocardial ischemia and outcomes thereof
Mouse lap pad
Integrated circuit wireless tagging
Coin dispenser arrangement
Method and apparatus for awarding and redeeming prepaid telephone time
Gaming machine having secondary display for providing video content
Interactive gaming system
System and method for determining whether wagers have been altered after winning game numbers are drawn
Magnetoresistance effect element
Base plate with undulation shaped snap-through hub for decreased swage force attachment of suspension assembly in hard disk drive
Optical storage medium
Intentional asymmetry imposed during fabrication and/or access of magnetic tunnel junction devices
Method of fabricating Nan embedded flash EEPROM with a tunnel oxide grown on a textured substrate
High voltage feedthrough for non-thermal plasma reactor
NTC thermistors and NTC thermistor chips
Method for preparation of sintered permanent magnet
Method of forming cooling ducts in cast resin coils
Method and apparatus for batch processed capacitors using masking techniques
Method for centering capacitor in mold
Method of mass producing solid electrolytic capacitors and apparatus for making the same
Light-transmissive substrate having a light-transmissive, low-ohmic coating
Coils for generating a plasma and for sputtering
Method for validating pre-process adjustments to a wafer cleaning system
Treatment apparatus and treatment method
Device and method for transporting separate substrates
Plasma treatment apparatus and method of semiconductor processing
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Molecular contamination control system
Method of fabricating dynamic random access memory capacitor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
Method for upgrading quality of DRAM capacitor and wafer-to-wafer uniformity
Method and system for providing a continuous motion sequential lateral solidification
Manufacture of a semiconductor device with an epitaxial semiconductor zone
Post-spacer etch surface treatment for improved silicide formation
Shrinking equal effect critical dimension of mask by in situ polymer deposition and etching
Chemical-mechanical polishing methods
Hydrogen-free method of plasma etching indium tin oxide
Method for preventing corrosion of a dielectric material
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component and semiconductor component thereof
Method of forming an EPI-channel in a semiconductor device
Passivation of semiconductor device surfaces using an iodine/ethanol solution
Insulating film and method of forming the same
Manufacture of trench-gate semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing bottom electrode of capacitor
Method for producing diodes
SOI low capacitance body contact
Pattern reduction by trimming a plurality of layers of different handmask materials
Silicide gate transistors
Method of planarization using selecting curing of SOG layer
Apparatus with high temperature gas releasing means for vapor deposition of parylene polymer without peeling
Multi-layer wafer fabrication
Process utilizing a cap layer optimized to reduce gate line over-melt
Method of polishing semiconductor structures using a two-step chemical mechanical planarization with slurry particles having different particle bulk densities
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of recovering encapsulated die
Method of producing an electronic circuit device
Solid-state image sensing device
Die-based in-fab process monitoring and analysis system for semiconductor processing
Wafer thickness control during backside grind
Processing apparatus
Barrier applications for aluminum planarization
Methods of fabricating floating gate semiconductor device with reduced erase voltage
Double sidewall raised silicided source/drain CMOS transistor
Method of fabricating ruthenium-based contact plug for memory devices
Use of selective ozone TEOS oxide to create variable thickness layers and spacers
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of fabricating integrated circuit ferroelectric capacitors including tensile stress applying layers on the upper electrode thereof
Method of copper interconnect formation using atomic layer copper deposition
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Method for low stress plating of semiconductor vias and channels
Method of monitoring a process of manufacturing a semiconductor wafer including hemispherical grain polysilicon
Thin tensile layers in shallow trench isolation and method of making same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a shallow trench isolation structure
Process for manufacturing a silicon-on-insulator substrate and semiconductor devices on said substrate
Method for fabricating a microelectronic structure
Fabrication of a shallow trench isolation by plasma oxidation
Semiconductor configuration and corresponding production process
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming a semiconductor integrated circuit
Process for forming trenches and vias in layers of low dielectric constant carbon-doped silicon oxide dielectric material of an integrated circuit structure
Method of forming capped copper interconnects with reduced hillocks
Method to control mechanical stress of copper interconnect line using post-plating copper anneal
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor processing method of forming a conductive line, and buried bit line memory circuitry
Encapsulated metal structures for semiconductor devices and MIM capacitors including the same
Method for reducing resistance in a conductor
Semiconductor method of manufacture
Method of fabricating a dual metal gate having two different gate dielectric layers
Method of fabricating an isolation structure between a vertical transistor and a deep trench capacitor
Well structure in non-volatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Diffusion inhibited dielectric structure for diffusion enhanced conductor layer
Graded compound seed layers for semiconductors
Multilevel interconnection structure having an air gap between interconnects
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer, a semiconductor wafer, process for manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device, and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for fabricating nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Multi-chip semiconductor module and manufacturing process thereof
Electronic device packaging
Method of wafer level chip scale packaging
Enhanced efuses by the local degradation of the fuse link
Method of fabricating an antifuse element
Tap connections for circuits with leakage suppression capability
Method for making an integrated circuit including alignment marks
Internal ESD protection structure with contact diffusion
Method of forming an indium retrograde profile via use of a low temperature anneal procedure to reduce NMOS short channel effects
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a buried gate
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having film thickness difference between a control gate and a floating gate
Method and composite for decreasing charge leakage
Self aligned symmetric process and device
Method of manufacturing transistor having elevated source and drain regions
Trench MOS gate device
Method of forming a semiconductor device with source/drain regions having a deep vertical junction
Monolithic multi-junction solar cells with amorphous silicon and CIS and their alloys
Method of manufacturing photovoltaic element and apparatus therefor
Variable-wavelength light-emitting device and method of manufacture
Metal-insulator-metal diodes and methods of manufacture
Electroluminescent device
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery having a casing constituted by a laminate film
Battery construction having cover assembly
Stopper plug for storage batteries
Molded solid electrolyte, molded electrode and electrochemical element
Metal hydride storage cell having excellent charge and discharge cycle characteristic
Nickel-metal hydride storage cell having a high capacity and an excellent cycle characteristic and manufacturing
Air depolarized electrochemical cell
Method of making a battery
Electrochemical electrode for fuel cell
Subambient pressure coolant loop for a fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell power generation system and method for powering an electric vehicle
Joined solid oxide fuel cell stacks and method for fabricating same
Top contact VCSEL with monitor
Voice mailbox in a GSM-system
Method of manufacturing an interlayer via and a laminate precursor useful for same
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