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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Method of lethally sensitizing human and animal cells
Apparatus for forming food patties having surface indentations
Pyridinium-Betain compounds for use as taste modulators
Chisel scabbard with removable insert
Display apparatus
Mounting apparatus and method for use with a tile roof
Method of manufacturing mess sponges
Ophthalmic sulcus speculum
Apparatus and method for percutaneous sealing of blood vessel punctures
Vascular incision apparatus
Dynamic compression device and driving tool
Loop structures for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element on the epicardium or other organ surface
Peelable seal
Contrast-enhanced diagnostic imaging method for monitoring interventional therapies
Dental material and method
Implant arrangement and device
Support materials and imaging method for intraoral diagnostic purposes
Absorbency protuberance identifier disposed on each tampon in the article array
Implant and process for producing it
Intragastric stent for duodenum bypass
Stent/graft assembly
Percutaneous transcatheter heart valve replacement
Modular implant with a micro-motion damper
Bone cutting template and method of use
Method and system for control of a patient's body temperature by way of transluminally insertable heat exchange catheter
Method for treating patients for radiation exposure
Synthesis of indole analogs of 1-benzyl-3-(5'-hydroxymethyl-2'-furyl) indazole (YC-1) as anti-platelet agents
Pyrazole biphenylcarboxamides
Bi-pyridinyl derivatives as NK-1 antagonists
Methods for regeneration of a mammalian lens
Methods for selectively stimulating proliferation of T cells
Solid-phase peptide synthesis and agent for use in such synthesis
Methods of enhancing functioning of the large intestine
Treatment for inflammatory bowel disease with a fibronectin polypeptide
Methods for treating and preventing damage to mucosal tissue
Phospholipase A.sub.2-inhibitory peptide with anti-arthritic and neuroprotective activities
Modified transferrin fusion proteins
Stimulation of cell-mediated immune responses by targeted particulate genetic immunization
Imaging of drug accumulation as a guide to antitumor therapy
Aqueous dispersions of crystalline polymers and uses
Formulation for topical non-invasive application in vivo
Palatable oral suspension and method
Pharmaceutical preparation comprising an active dispersed on a matrix
Sterilization of gripping surfaces
Therapeutic catheter having sensor for monitoring distal environment
Nasal support device for domestic mammals and method
Catheter balloon liner with variable thickness and method for making same
Oxidation dye composition for keratin fibres comprising a nonionic amphiphilic polymer
Reciprocating weight exercise apparatus
Open hand gripped exercise device
Elliptical exercise apparatus with articulating track
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf putter
Golf putter with lift angle
Teeing device and method of operating thereof
Removable basketball rim assembly
Casino game
Method for playing Blackjack with a three card poker wager ("21+3")
Dice based turnover game
Gaming machine with chain reaction selection feature
Passive biometric customer identification and tracking system
Yo-yo having a concave bearing surface for performing string layering maneuvers
Interactive digital music recorder and player
Performing Operations; Transporting
Preparation of a metal chelating separation medium
Treatment liquid supply system
Apparatus for removing fine particles in exhaust gas
Composite gas separation modules having intermediate porous metal layers
Reactor and process for reducing emissions of CO and NO.sub.x
Vessel agitator assembly
Block copolymer processing for mesostructured inorganic oxide materials
Substance-atomizing apparatus
Apparatus and method for enhancing filtration
Film, optical memory material with the film, and method for producing the film
Manual spray gun and associated disposable cup
Apparatus and method for coating implantable devices
Method of coating a fluorocarbon resin
Method and device for determining the deposits of components from a liquid on surfaces, in particular liquid pumping machines
Device, system, and method for remediation of contaminated soil
Process for producing a lightweight molded part and molded part made of metal foam
Ni-Fe based alloy powder
Indexable cutting bit for turning
Machine tool
Method and apparatus for processing electronic parts
Method and system for precisely positioning a waist of a material-processing laser beam to process microstructures within a laser-processing site
Wing positioner for installing and removing an aircraft wing
Method of manufacturing substrate for magnetic disk, apparatus for manufacturing substrate for magnetic disk, and method of manufacturing magnetic disk
Grinder and method of and apparatus for non-contact conditioning of tool
Wafer gripping fingers to minimize distortion
Robotic arm for use with pharmaceutical unit of use transport and storage system
Method of manufacturing sheets being able to tear off
Method for delivery of bulk cement to a job site
Method for manufacturing a fiber reinforced synthetic composite structural element using fiber textile preforms
Method of manufacturing weather strip
Melt control system for injection molding
Mold monitoring apparatus for injection molding machine
Moulding system, in particular a calibration die
Porous medical catheter and methods of manufacture
Method of producing a polarized lens and a casting die used in the same
Method of forming a flexible pouch with a straw-pierceable dimple
Refastenable bonding of garment side panels
Heat-insulating container and apparatus for producing the same
Base material having thereon polyaniline-containing film surface, and process for forming film surface on base material
Heat sealable polyvinyl chloride films
Beneficiated fiber and composite
Internally tufted laminates
Fluoropolymer bonding composition and method
Laminate for electronic circuit
Apparatus and method for modifying toner cartridges for sealing
Process for the constrained sintering of a pseudo-symmetrically configured low temperature cofired ceramic structure
Retroreflective inks
Thermal ink jet printhead assembly with laminated structure for the alignment and funneling of ink
Doubly-anchored thermal actuator having varying flexural rigidity
Inkjet recording method
Inkjet recording device
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Removing ink waste
Inkjet recording ink and inkjet recording method
Liquid container having liquid consumption detecting device
Liquid discharger and liquid discharge adjustment method
Recording apparatus and electronic apparatus
Anti-counterfeiting marker for affixing variable entries on a support to be marked, method and resulting mark
Wheel bracket mechanism for an electric wheelchair equipped with auxiliary wheels
Method of operating a power closure panel
Motor vehicle with a convertible roof
Vehicle with electric motor mounted thereon
Method and system for controlling one or more shape mercury actuators
Easy ejector seat with skeletal crash safety beam
Hydraulic floor jack release and method of use
Projector lamp headlight with chromatic aberration correction
Occupant protection device
Disk brake device for vehicle
Brake apparatus
Recreational vehicle chassis
Electric power steering apparatus
Bicycle front fork assembly
Corrosion protection method
Convenience package for thin film products
Cap with attached utensil
Configurable insert for a manufacturing carrier
Flat primary and secondary locking system
Conveyor assembly
Device and method for separating packs of laminar products from one another
Method and device for inserting a plurality of individual sheetlike forms of administration in a dispenser by forming a multilayer pile
Device for feeding suction air or blowing air in a sheet-processing machine
Latch mechanism
Dispensing cap
Laterally-actuated fluid dispenser device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process of producing fuel gas for fuel cell
Method for producing a fiber composite component, and apparatus for producing such a component
Compositions and methods for hydrogen storage and recovery
Method of producing titania solution
Water dispensing apparatus with water recirculation line
Methods of making Al.sub.2O.sub.3-SiO.sub.2 ceramics
Process for converting heavy crude oils and petroleum coke to syngas using external source of radiation
Inflammation modulators
Hexahydroindan acetal and ketal compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Amine compounds and use thereof
Photoactivatable silane compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Transcription factor, BP1
Avian lysozyme promoter
Antimicrobial peptide and use thereof
Anthrax and small pox replikins and methods of use
Short peptide carrier system for cellular delivery of agent
Hydrogenated vinyl-polybutadienes
Soft nitrile medical gloves having improved glove relaxation properties
Biocompatible crosslinked composition
Method for the production of highly functional, highly branched polyureas
Fluororesin powder coating composition
Ytterbium-barium silicate radiopaque glasses
Biodegradable polymeric compositions comprising starch and a thermoplastic polymer
Combination of optical elements
Cleansing processing agent, cleansing method employing the agent and a molded structural member
Triphasic bioreactor and process for gas effluent treatment
Cell lysis device
Multifunctional recombinant phycobiliprotein-based fluorescent constructs and phycobilisome display
Method of altering levels of plasmids
Transgenic Lemnaceae
RecA mutants
Sucrose phosphate synthase
Circular site-directed mutagenesis
TCL-1 protein and related methods
Modulation of sulfate permease for photosynthetic hydrogen production
Methods and reagents for differential proteomic analysis
Dry conversion of high purity ultrafine silicon powder to densified pellet form for silicon melting applications
Surface treatment system and method
Apparatus for cyclical deposition of thin films
Electrostatic chucking stage and substrate processing apparatus
Process of producing multicrystalline silicon substrate and solar cell
Recovering purified water and potassium chloride from spent basic hydrogen peroxide
Method for reducing defect concentrations in crystals
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for treating a wire or a felt band in a papermaking installation
Fixed Constructions
Vibratory damped guide lever for a working device
Lock, especially for automotive doors, flaps or the like
Control systems and methods for active controlled bottomhole pressure systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Muffler for internal combustion engine
Pressure enhancer value system
Serial ventilation device
Hydraulic multiphase pump
Centrifugal pump
Linear guide apparatus and method for assembling the same
Constant velocity fixed joint and assembly method
Air spring and shock absorber assembly for use in suspension systems
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Torque vectoring drive units with worm driven ball screw clutches
Torque vectoring axle assembly
Piston structure and liquid feeder valve
Stackable cable hanger
Connecting element for mechanically connecting components
Multi-lens zoom system and method for flashlights
Side-entry lamping fixture
Piezoelectric light-emitting diode and backlight system using the same
Light guide device having improved light efficiency and uniformity
Child-resistant utility lighter incorporating a cam mechanism and a lever spring lock
Glow plug
Heating method for a band-shaped body and heating apparatus for a band-shaped body
Missile steering using laser scattering by atmosphere
Load cell to frame interface for hospital bed
Device for the protection of a probe joined to an external wall of an aircraft
Method and apparatus for measuring and monitoring coatings
System and method for temperature gradient capillary electrophoresis
Golf data management system, data center, and method of managing golf data
Laminated glass for vehicles and method for manufacturing the same
Retardation film and compound
Laser-based, multiphoton-excitation-type optical examination apparatus
Quick-coupled and adjustable temple for glasses
Tan-thru glasses
Optical device, optical device manufacturing method, and projector
Mechanically robust interconnect for low-k dielectric material using post treatment
Phase shift assignments for alternate PSM
Water and aqueous base soluble antireflective coating/hardmask materials
Resist material and nanofabrication method
Use of an energy source to convert precursors into patterned semiconductors
Radiation-sensitive compositions and imageable materials
Heat treatment of multilayer imageable elements
Two mask in-situ overlay checking method
Toner and production process for the same
Thermostat mounting structure
Strategies for handling transactions based on policies
Card processing apparatus
Method of analyzing astigmatic difference and method of correcting the spot diameters for an optical device and spot analysis system
Analog-to-digital converter with automatic range and sensitivity adjustment
Methods and apparatus for reading bar code identifications
Counting system and counting method
Methods and apparatus for processing electronic checks
Optoelectronic sensor and process for detection of an object in a monitored area
Adjustable musician's equipment stand
Perpendicular magnetic recording media with improved crystallographic orientations and method of manufacturing same
Dual-layer carbon-based protective overcoats for recording media by filtered cathodic ARC deposition
Self-aligning QCA based nanomaterials
Multi-contact input device
Negative ion source with external RF antenna
Long travel near-field scanning optical microscope
Method and apparatus for specimen fabrication
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a transistor-outline (TO) can having a ceramic header
Optically coupled sealed-cavity resonator and process
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabricating an electronic component having at least one semiconductor chip on a circuit carrier with elastic external contacts
Method for depositing polycrystalline SiGe suitable for micromachining and devices obtained thereof
Method for multiple spacer width control
Method of making a molecule-surface interface
Semiconductor element and method for fabricating the same
High write and erase efficiency embedded flash cell
Methods of forming electrical connections
Bitline structure and method for production thereof
Method for making a semiconductor device that includes a metal gate electrode
Self-aligned conductive spacer process for sidewall control gate of high-speed random access memory
Dielectric gap fill with oxide selectively deposited over silicon liner
Field effect transistor and method of fabrication
Method of manufacturing Group III nitride substrate and semiconductor device
Electronic component having at least one semiconductor chip and flip-chip contacts, and method for producing the same
Controlled electroless plating
Etching method in a semiconductor processing and etching system for performing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Laser beam irradiation method that includes determining a thickness of semiconductor prior to crystallizing
Hetero-junction bipolar transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Methods of forming memory cells and arrays having underlying source-line connections
Manufacture method of display device
Method for forming bump, semiconductor element having bumps and method of manufacturing the same, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic equipment
Nitride barrier layer to prevent metal (Cu) leakage issue in a dual damascene structure
Semiconductor device having a multiple thickness interconnect
Semiconductor device
Row driven imager pixel
Method and configuration for reinforcement of a dielectric layer at defects by self-aligning and self-limiting electrochemical conversion of a substrate material
Terahertz radiating device based on semiconductor coupled quantum wells
Shallow trench isolation using low dielectric constant insulator
Semiconductor device
Nanotube-based vacuum devices
Light-emitting semiconductor device having a quantum well active layer, and method of fabrication
Semiconductor system-in-package
Semiconductor devices having contact plugs including polysilicon doped with an impurity having a lesser diffusion coefficient than phosphorus
Power mosfet having conductor plug structured contacts
Process for production of SOI substrate and process for production of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, method for producing the same, and information processing apparatus
Memory cell, memory cell arrangement and method for the production of a memory cell
Semiconductor device including insulated gate type transistor and insulated gate type capacitance having protruded portions
Red/green pixel with simultaneous exposure and improved MTF
Optical sensor
Lithium secondary battery and assembled structure of lithium secondary batteries
Lithium manganese dioxide cell
Interconnector plate with openings and contact elements sealed in the openings
Electronic component
Loop plug
Modular connector assembly with stamped retention latch members
Sheathed cable for underground mining
Crosstalk canceling pattern for high-speed communications and modular jack having the same
Electrical connector assembly and system
High density coaxial switching jack
Multiple positioning and switching
Cooking stove
Electromagnetic susceptors for artificial dielectric systems and devices
Motorized adjustable x-ray apparatus
Soldering method and solder joint member
Electromagnetic shielding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Novelty shirt
Billed cap with elasticized golf tee holder
Flexible and collapsible sun or rain hood
Shoe upper
Footwear upper portion
Pair of high heeled shoes with surface ornamentation
Pendently suspended holder for dispensing a golf ball
Tote box top rail corner piece
Skate board carrier
Shoe and boot support stand for use during polishing
Combined compact disc and multi-media carrying case
Storage container for self-administered pap test
Eyeglass case
Stethescope cover
Rolling computer case
Portable electronic device carrier
Tool case
Camera storage case
Storage box for electronic game cartridges
Knife holder
Cargo box
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Grill brush
Mirror with shelf
Mesh storage unit
Rack with curved sides
Food and drink holder
Serving platter
Pizza slice container
Upper cookware rim with dual differently-sized spouts
Device for holding a bagel while being cut
Grater for food products
Can holder
Spice mill
Container and sealing cover
Electrically powered hand tool
Articulated jigsaw
Cutting device
Air ratchet
Extended headrail and track profile
Compression tool
Cable drum
Curtain rod bracket
Elevating support for the head of a bed structure for the treatment of reflex esophagus
Bolt with facetted head
Cord fastener
Beverage bottle
Perfume bottle
Perfume bottle
Blister pack
Blister pack
Carton blank
Compressed fabric article package having a shoe shape
Carrying handle for plastic bags
Face plate
Access lock base
Human Necessities
Product merchandising unit
Service robot for the automatic suction of dust from floor surfaces
System for improving the sensitivity and stability of optical polarimetric measurements
Medical sensor with amplitude independent output
Fiber-optic confocal imaging apparatus and methods of use
Positioning method for pulse oximetry fetal sensor
Methods of producing an assembly for use in a monitoring device
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic color flow imaging
System and method for objectively verifying an internal disc disruption
System and method for measuring, estimating and displaying RMS current density maps
Systems and methods for examining the electrical characteristic of cardiac tissue
Method and apparatus for guiding ablative therapy of abnormal biological electrical excitation
Method for analysis of biological voltage signals
Body fat meter and weighing instrument with body fat meter
Non-invasive cardiorespiratory monitor with synchronized bioimpedance sensing
Catheter calibration
Method and apparatus for measuring relative hydration of a substrate
Method and apparatus for triggering an event at a desired point in the breathing cycle
Method for positioning a catheter in a vessel, and device for implementing the method
Density modulated catheter for use in fluoroscopy based 3-D neural navigation
Quantitative analysis system and method for certifying ultrasound medical imaging equipment
Defibrillating cardiac constraint
Device and method for measuring the position of a bone implant
Cardiac lead and method for lead implantation
Pacemaker system for preventing ventricular tachycardia
Pacemaker passive measurement testing system and method
Apparatus and method for controlling the delivery of non-excitatory cardiac contractility modulating signals to a heart
Method and apparatus for dual chamber bi-ventricular pacing and defibrillation
Interrogation of an implantable medical device using broadcast audible sound communication
Method for configuring a defibrillator
Method of sharing computation load within a distributed virtual environment system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for assisting manual sorting of mail articles
Automatic address extractor
Consumable management device, an image forming system, and a method of managing an imaging consumable of an image forming device
System for controlling feeders of a package assembly apparatus
Vehicle suspension control with vehicle handling enhancement having relative velocity dependent adjustment
Speed ratio control device for vehicle
Adaptive cruise control system for vehicle
Method and apparatus for reducing unwanted vehicle emissions using satellite navigation
Automatic following guidance system for motor vehicles
Cruise control method
Hybrid vehicle and process for operating a hybrid vehicle
Accident avoidance system
Vehicular active drive assist system
Crash control system for vehicles employing predictive pre-crash signals
Braking force retaining unit
Method of calculating optimal wheelslips for brake controller
Steer-by-wire system
Feedback and servo control for electric power steering systems
Conveyance system
Textiles; Paper
Automated embroidery stitching
Embroidery machine with operation-data storing function and method for controlling same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus for multicylinder internal combustion engine
Automatic gearbox with a downshift function
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Strategy for controlling ratio changes in a swap-shift automatic transmission
Acceleration control for a vehicle with CVT
Trough for cables and wires
Apparatus for the monitoring of a protection region
Water heating tank with thermosiphonic circulation for improved heat recovery rate
Safety hot air blowing gun
Optical waveguide probe and its manufacturing method
Flash unit for 3D photography
Apparatus and method for electronic RIN reduction in fiber-optic sensors
Interface layer for navigation system
Apparatus and method for human presence detection in vehicles
System and method for determining combustion temperature using infrared emissions
Integrated total temperature probe system
Method for automated diagnosis of diagnostic objects
Method and apparatus for networked wheel alignment communications and service
Method and apparatus for analyzing a test material by inducing and detecting light-matter interactions
Signal processing apparatus and non-destructive testing apparatus using the same
Signal analyzer having independent analysis and display scales
Synchronous linear machine for protective relaying
Circuit arrangement for testing the connection of a sound reproducing device to a sound signal source
Modifying circuit designs running from both edges of clock to run from positive edge
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for partitioning long scan chains in scan based BIST architecture
Semiconductor integrated circuit and recording medium
On-demand process sorting method and apparatus
Optical magnetic field sensor probe
Magnetic resonance imaging method
fMRI signal processing
Interpolation of survey coordinate differences
Mobile speed estimation for digital cellular radio systems
Image shake detecting device
Cellular communicating network and method for locating mobile stations using hierarchically arranged databases
Search window delay tracking in code division multiple access communication systems
Compression method and apparatus for seismic data
Remote semiconductor microscopy
Stabilized camera
Fiber optic grating temperature compensation device and method
Side pumped optical amplifiers and lasers
Fiber optic collimation apparatus and associated method
Tunable periodic filter
Dense wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer with parallel separation of wavelengths utilizing glass block interruption of the optic signal
Wavelength characteristic control device, gain equalizer, and light amplifier
Hermetic optical fiber arrays and methods for making same
Method for forming fiber grating and fiber grating formed by the same
Splice holder with a self-mounting feature
Integrated wavelength-select transmitter
Device for optical coupling of a solid-state laser with an optical wave guide and a process for their production
Integrated optics beam deflectors
Optical fiber cable with support member for indoor and outdoor use
Radiation marking of fiber optic cable components
Optical fiber arrays
Zoom lens apparatus
Optical device formed on a substrate with thermal isolation regions formed therein
Fiber optic attenuation systems, methods of fabrication thereof and methods of attenuation using the same
Electro-optic modulator for generating solitons
Compact fiber optical circulator
Acousto-optical device
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Auxiliary drive system for running-in movable components
Film pre-exposure apparatus and method
Generating digitized images in silver halide
Photometry/distance measuring unit
Imaging apparatus, a drive mechanism and a method of driving the mechanism
Multipoint focus detecting apparatus
Method and apparatus of correcting design-patterned data, method of electron beam and optical exposure, method of fabricating semiconductor and photomask devices
Method and apparatus for monitoring parameters corresponding to operation of an electrophotographic marking machine
Method and apparatus for controlling media-to-image registration of a single-pass intermediate transfer member-based printing apparatus
Device for transporting a band-shaped recording medium in an electrographic printing or copying unit
Image forming apparatus having color and monochromatic images transferred to intermediate transfer member
Developing apparatus including intermittent developer agitating feature, and image forming apparatus using same
Toner storing container and toner replenishing device therewith
Method for developing electrostatic latent image and developing roller and developing device therefor
Toner concentration sensor
Printer developing apparatus having a liquid component removing unit
Squeezing apparatus of a liquid electrophotographic color printer
Image forming apparatus and image forming method employing the same
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively performing an image fixing process
Pressure roller system and an improved method for installing a pressure roller
Image data converting method
Dynamic prediction for process control
System for remotely controlling an animatronic device in a chat environment utilizing control signals sent by a remote device over the internet
Method for applying control data for an electronic motor vehicle control unit
Programmable controller module
Communication technique for field devices in industrial processes
Three-dimensional production schedule display for computer-implemented production management system
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Autonomous vehicle transit system
Computer based device to report the results of codified methodologies of financial advisors applied to a single security or element
Information storage system
Controlling access to stored information based on geographical location and date and time
Control of I.C.'s having different command protocols via common communication lines from a controlling I.C. on a different circuit board
Microcomputer reset device for positively resetting microcomputer before starting operation
Method and apparatus to extend the fault-tolerant abilities of a node into a network
Computer system with adaptive heartbeat
Hot processor swap in a multiprocessor personal computer system
Hot replacement of storage device in serial array of storage devices
Internetwork route calculation execution method and apparatus
Raid XOR operations to synchronous DRAM using a read buffer and pipelining of synchronous DRAM burst read data
Memory interface controller for datum raid operations with a datum multiplier
Method and system for reversed-sequence code loading into partially defective memory
Method for testing data pins of a parallel communication port
Logic flag registers for monitoring processing system events
Process for performing at least one test on at least one of the objects of an object-oriented program capable of running in parallel on a computer
System for intelligent visualization and control of computer hardware
Apparatus and method for providing a wait for status change capability for a host computer system
Method and apparatus for independent and simultaneous access to a common data set
Methods for extracting reference patterns in JAVA and depicting the same
Configurable page closing method and apparatus for multi-port host bridges
Apparatus for swapping input values into corresponding output values
Programming the size of a broad-specific boot ROM
I/O cache with user configurable preload
Non-stalling pipeline tag controller
Memory cancel response optionally cancelling memory controller's providing of data in response to a read operation
Method and apparatus that enforces a regional memory model in hierarchical memory systems
Method and system for coherently caching I/O devices across a network
Memory controller including compression/decompression capabilities for improved data access
Multiprocessing computer system employing a cluster communication launching and addressing mechanism
Managing partitioned cache
Method and system for allocating lower level cache entries for data castout from an upper level cache
Method and apparatus for curious and column caching
Apparatus for multiplexing bus interfaces on a computer expansion
Method of addressing a plurality of addressable units by a single address word
Method and apparatus for running simultaneous applications through the same port using supplementary drivers through a main driver
Switch based scalable performance storage architecture
Automatic disabling of interrupts upon entry into interrupt service routine
Method and apparatus for managing input/output address accesses
Intelligent direct memory access controller providing controlwise and datawise intelligence for DMA transfers
Configurable universal serial bus (USB) controller implemented on a single integrated circuit (IC) chip with media access control (MAC)
Method and apparatus for controlling data flow in a data processor
Device for blocking bus transactions during reset
Information processing system having a network and a directory which may be referenced to supply information to an apparatus
Data flow computer with two switches
Dual ROM microprogrammable microcontroller and universal serial bus microcontroller development system
Data hierarchy layout correction and verification method and apparatus
Method of modeling of faulting and fracturing in the earth
Method of determining an intrinsic spectrum from a measured spectrum
Atomic and molecular documents
Natural language transformations for propagating hypertext label changes
Apparatus and methods for multi-lingual user access
Cool ice service handler
Method and apparatus for displaying references to a user's document browsing history within the context of a new document
Method and mechanism for extending native optimization in a database system
Computer program product for functional compensation in a heterogeneous, distributed database environment
Method and computer program product for automatic conversion of data based on location extension
Method of accessing removable storage media
System and method for processing queries having an inner query block containing a grouping operator
Cool ICE batch interface
First information processing device directly accessing, updating second information process device and vice versa via transmission bus management authority
Method and system for retrieving relevant documents from a database
Electronic meeting system, information processor, and recording medium
Design and implementation of a client/server framework for federated multi-search and update across heterogeneous datastores
Self-adaptive method and system for providing a user-preferred ranking order of object sets
Method for storing and displaying telephone numbers of communication terminals
Method and apparatus for searching distributed networks using a plurality of search devices
Display of media previews
Apparatus and method for searching for a file
High speed method for flushing data buffers and updating database structure control information
Information management apparatus and information management program recording medium for compressing paragraph information
Multi-phase locking for partition maintenance operations
Blocking techniques for data storage
Web object caching and apparatus for performing the same
Direct manipulation interface for document properties
Method and apparatus for making a hypermedium interactive
Interface engine for managing business processes within a multimedia communication-center
Semiconductor integrated circuit design and evaluation system using cycle base timing
Simulator and computer-readable recordable medium having program for execution on computer realizing the simulator recorded thereon
Simulation format creation system and method
Method and system for maintaining hierarchy throughout the integrated circuit design process
System and method for adjusting logic synthesis based on power supply circuit models
Method and apparatus for simulating a storage component
Method and system for high speed detailed placement of cells within an integrated circuit design
Process for evaluating the performance of very high scale integrated circuits
Modified design representation for fast fault simulation of an integrated circuit
Methods for drug interaction prediction using biological response profiles
Method and apparatus for extracting and evaluating mutually similar portions in one-dimensional sequences in molecules and/or three-dimensional structures of molecules
Device and method for supporting system development and computer-readable medium
Computer network intrusion detection
Computer access via a single-use password
Method and system in a data processing system for deactivating a password requirement utilizing a wireless signal
Method and system for advanced text editing in a portable digital electronic device using a button interface
Communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications
Method of constructing a hard disk drive having uploadable/downloadable firmware
Control B protocol for Postscript.TM. devices
Staging buffer for translating clock domains when source clock frequency exceeds target clock frequency
Processing apparatus and method of the same
Apparatus and method of computer program control in computer systems using pipeline processing
Method and apparatus for performing N bit by 2*N-1 bit signed multiplications
Long instruction word controlling plural independent processor operations
Processor architecture having two or more floating-point status fields
Optimized allocation of multi-pipeline executable and specific pipeline executable instructions to execution pipelines based on criteria
Computer software for generating flowchart images of a source program
System and method for developing reusable flexible and platform independent software using components
System, method and article of manufacture for managing an environment of a development architecture framework
Method for categorizing and installing selected software components
Method and apparatus for determining the drive letter assignment of a CD-ROM drive during initial system setup of a computer system
Method and apparatus for multiplatform migration
Data-flow method of analyzing definitions and uses of L values in programs
Method and apparatus for providing inter-application program communication using a common view
Method and system for invoking methods of objects over the internet
System and method for simulating hardware interrupts in a multiprocessor computer system
Virtual shadow registers and virtual register windows
Distributed objects for a computer system
Method and apparatus for lock synchronization in a microprocessor system
Apparatus and method for displaying application output in an HTML document
Load sharing controller for optimizing resource utilization cost
Network computer system and substitute compile server
System for ascertaining task off-load capabilities of a device and enabling selected capabilities and when needed selectively and dynamically requesting the device to perform the task
Image forming apparatus having priority of jobs
Financial document processing system and method of operating a financial document processing system to verify zone coordinates
Card-type peripheral device mounting/demounting device and electronic apparatus incorporating the mounting/demounting device
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Method and device for registering and collating palm imprints
Optical character recognition of handwritten or cursive text in multiple languages
Near-IR human detector
Image processing apparatus and methods for pattern recognition
System for monitoring fluid distribution and associated methods
Web-based status/issue tracking system based on parameterized definition
Trackpoint-based computer-implemented systems and methods for facilitating collaborative project development and communication
E-mail based workflow systems and methods of distributing e-mail
Calendar-viewing system providing quick-access user activity information
Database correlation method
Method and apparatus for knowledge acquisition and management
System and method for integrating enterprise management application with network management operations
Tracking system, method and computer program product for document processing
Employment recruiting system and method using a computer network for posting job openings and which provides for automatic periodic searching of the posted job openings
Generating meeting requests and group scheduling from a mobile device
Bulk terminal automation system
System and method for structured news release generation and distribution
Apparatus and method for monitoring and maintaining mechanized equipment
Digital real time postcards including information such as geographic location or landmark
Method for marketing and redeeming vouchers for use in online purchases
Active marketing based on client computer configurations
Method and apparatus for automated selection, organization, and recommendation of items
Computer-implemented method for profiling medical claims
Image processing apparatus and method
Multiple frame data hiding method and data detection method
Multiport register file to accommodate data of differing lengths
System and method for the manipulation and display of structured data
Secure production of composite images
Ultrasound imaging system and method to archive and review 3-D ultrasound data
System for manipulating digitized image objects in three dimensions
Apparatus and method for detecting enlarging ratio or reducing ratio of image data
Information processing apparatus and remote apparatus for object, using distance measuring apparatus
Block-based image processing method and apparatus therefor
Method for generating gray scale transfer functions for use in displaying a digital radiogram
System and method for sampling and/or placing objects using low discrepancy sequences
Method and system for tiled image data decompression
Image predictive decoding method, image predictive decoding apparatus, image predictive coding method, image predictive coding apparatus, and data storage media
Electronic money card, electronic money receiving/paying machine, and electronic money card editing device
Debriefing systems and methods for retrieving and presenting multiple datastreams with time indication marks in time synchronism
Blended learning educational system and method
Audio-visual reproduction
Interactive office nameplate
Process and device for scanning a plasma panel
Converting non-contiguous memory into contiguous memory for a graphics processor
Speech recognition system and method
Speech recognition on MPEG/Audio encoded files
Method and apparatus for improving speech recognition accuracy
Method and apparatus for non-speech activity reduction of a low bit rate digital voice message
Method and system for reduction of quantization-induced block-discontinuities and general purpose audio codec
Frequency-domain scalable coding without upsampling filters
Method of degrouping a codeword in MPEG-II audio decoding by iterative addition and subtraction
Disc library apparatus
Digital information recorder/reproducer with ECC encoding of compressed signal and selective bypass of ECC encoding
Device for testing digital signal processor in digital video disc reproducing apparatus
Playback time compression and expansion method and apparatus
Optical disc, a recorder, a player, a recording method, and a reproducing method that are all used for the optical disc
Optical disc recording apparatus, computer-readable recording medium recording a file management program, and optical disc
Apparatus for retrieving and administrating moving pictures and related network system
Method for recording information on the control track of a storage medium
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus for recording a signal in an optimal recording condition
Content addressable memory with longest match detect
Nonvolatile semiconductor disk device limiting a number of simultaneous transfers and associated control process
Synchronizing user commands to a microcontroller in a memory device
High speed memory system capable of selectively operating in non-chip-kill and chip-kill modes
Apparatus for testing memory in a microprocessor
Accessing byte lines from dual memory blocks and aligning for variable length instruction execution
Memory device command buffer apparatus and method and memory devices and computer systems using same
Adaptive memory control
Emitter of infrared radiation in band III and composite allowing the emission of such radiation
Device to determine line edge roughness effect on device performance
Fine uniform filament superconductors
High temperature superconductor mini-filters and mini-multiplexers with self-resonant spiral resonators
Transreflector antenna for wireless communication system
Storage case and method for a wireless headset with a microphone suspended between earpieces of the headset
Method for automatically isolating hardware module faults
Applications of universal frequency translation
Selective call radio having an integrated frequency conversion circuit
Method for improving the wanted signal in a radio receiving unit
Mobile station having drift-free pulsed power detection method and apparatus
Telephony device comprising a base station and at least a subscriber unit, subscriber unit for such a telephony device and method used in such a telephony device
Mobile station having power control loop offset alignment without requiring RF power measurement
Method and arrangement in a transposed digital FIR filter for multiplying a binary input signal with tap coefficients and a method for designing a transposed digital filter
Method for improving the quality of reception in a radio receiver and a radio receiver
Configurable decoder and method for decoding a reed-solomon codeword
Interlacer, coding device, permutation method, coding method, decoding device and method and systems using them
Sets of rate-compatible universal turbo codes nearly optimized over various rates and interleaver sizes
CRC operating calculating method and CRC operational calculation circuit
Method, apparatus, and product for transmitting multibyte characters in a network
Global tuner
Subharmonic mixer circuit and method
Facility-wide communication system and method
Arrangement and method for radio communication
Transceiver with a receive/transmit fast switch function
Method of encoding digital data
Optical communication system incorporating automatic dispersion compensation modules
Network device and method employing omni-directional and directional antennas
Frequency re-use planning for wireless communications system using wireless translating repeaters
Control of multimedia information in audio/video/data system
Determining the received data rate in a variable rate communications system
Radio communication device and method of controlling transmission rate
Tuning scheme for error-corrected broadcast programs
Chat system terminal device therefor display method of chat system and recording medium
Monitoring of an electronic device with a system management controller
Method and apparatus for striping packets over parallel communication links
Switch modules, a switch matrix including such modules, and a non-blocking modular switch network including such a matrix
Method and apparatus for portraying a cluster of computer systems as having a single internet protocol image
System and method for delivering high-performance online multimedia services
Distributed routing
Network interface device which allows peripherals to utilize network transport services
Computer system architecture and method for multi-user, real-time applications
Method and system for providing cross-platform remote control, monitoring, and up-dating of a facility access controller
Web serving system that coordinates multiple servers to optimize file transfers
Data socket system and method for accessing data sources using URLs
Network interconnection device
System and method for obstacle-free network communication
Upgradable vehicle component architecture
Synchronizing autonomous chaotic systems using filters
Traffic key access method and terminal for secure communication without key escrow facility
Method and apparatus for public key management
Hash value generating method and device, data encryption method and device, data decryption method and device
Method of authentication and storage of private keys in a public key cryptography system (PKCS)
Slide cover for a communication unit
Communication devices, methods, and computer program products for transmitting information using voice activated signaling to perform in-call functions
Method and apparatus for displaying a record from a structured database with minimum keystrokes
Character inputting method for a handy phone using a seesaw key and a device thereof
Full duplex communication circuits with bilateral T hybrid and balanced impedance configurations
Method for avoiding fraudulent use of a mobile radiotelephone by blocking an interface after a certain inactive period of time and mobile radiotelephone performing the same
Telephony device transmitting divided messages
System and method for reducing wireless telecommunications network resources required to successfully route calls to a wireline network
Method and apparatus for simultaneously monitoring computer user screen and telephone activity from a remote location
Virtual rescanning: a method for interactive document image quality enhancement
System and method for operating an electronic film camera
Image processing method and apparatus
Digital recording apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for controlling the recording of television programs
PC analog output signal control for copy protect
Information output device, information recording device, information duplication control system and recording medium of the same
Interactive television
Method and apparatus for server broadcast of time-converging multi-media streams
Digital video disc decoder including command buffer and command status pointers
Data decoding system, data decoding method, transmission method, transmission device, receiving device, and receiving method
Method and system for improved detection of analog signals
System and method employing last occurrence and sliding window technique for determining a minimum and maximum value
Performance management and control system for a distributed communications network
System and method for achieving local number portability
Private branch exchange
System and methods for determining a desired listing using an intersection of coverage areas and a search region
Voice-response paging device and method
Delivery of short messages in a packet radio network
Mobile station and network having hierarchical index for cell broadcast service
System and a method for transferring a call and a mobile station
Mobile communication network
Method for dynamic allocation of wireless base station DSP resources with integrated rate converters
Computer cellular communication system
Portable radio terminal
Determination of mobile service option via phone number
Adaptive power level tiered cellular mobile communications systems
Apparatus and method of providing a mobile communication system
Mobile radio communication system
Cellular telecommunication system with macrodiversity mode
Method and system for detecting discontinuous transmission mode
Method for secure handover
System and method for detecting cloning fraud in cellular/PCS communications
Method and arrangement for transferring information related to a mobile subscriber which is moving within a cellular telecommunication system
Multiple channel communications system
Personal chip card for a mobile radio terminal
Loudness-controlled processing of acoustic signals
Sound reproducing device
Apparatus including an electroacoustic transducer having terminal contacts which extend in the direction of the transducer axis and including a printed circuit board having mating contacts
Time processed head related transfer functions in a headphone spatialization system
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