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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Artificial seedbeds and method for making same
Animal control device
Horse boot sleeve for pastern protection
Insect habitat and feeder
Fishing lure with bait cavity
Garment with improved fly closure
Hair accessory utilizing a drawable member and a securing member
Crib mattress bouncer
Mopping system and method of use
Upright vacuum cleaner with sliding power indicator switch
Non-invasive sensor for determining functional characteristics of the cornea, device including said sensor and use thereof
Device for insertion of endotracheal tube
CPR mask with compression timing metronome and methods
Electrical treatment apparatus
Radiation therapy techniques using targeted wave superposition, magnetic field direction and real-time sensory feedback
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for and a method of expanding tubulars
Forming machine and method for deforming a hollow workpiece
Rotary hammer
Accordion fencing system
Reinforcing and strengthening device and method to prevent de-bonding of foam insulation
Asymmetric wrench and fastener system
Hand tool with a swinging structure
Handheld multi-tool
Work picking system
Parallel link robot, parallel link robot system, and method of controlling parallel link robot
Service providing system and service providing method
Bush cutting machine
Saw blade having increased tooth stiffness and resistance to fatigue failure
Baler plunger drive load measurement pin offset from either connecting rod center line or horizontal mid-plane of baling chamber
Solid suspended work machine tire
Automatic transmission shifter assembly for automotive vehicles
Car washing machine
Intake-negative-pressure-increasing apparatus for engine
Locking water ski and boating equipment storage rack
Simulator and method for performing underwater submarine escape training
Sustained over-the-horizon vertical takeoff and landing sensing system
Connector for articulated hydrocarbon fluid transfer arm
Combination seal bar and cutter
System and process for packaging products
Method for protecting from unauthorized access one or more ports of a system integrated into a structure for injection of a material into one or more cavities in the structure
Key for engaging a locking mechanism of a port cover for protecting from unauthorized access one or more ports of a system integrated into a structure for injection of a material into one or more cavities in the structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for ceramizing the starting glass of glass-ceramics
Apparatus for press-forming molten bodies
Textiles; Paper
Sinker unit of weft knitting machine
Warp knit fabric with steric structure
Fixed Constructions
Concrete from stake system with self-sealing plug
Concrete anchor float
A-frame shear assembly for walls
Corrosion-resistant tension member, particularly a tendon for prestressed concrete
Multipurpose net frame
Blind slats for door/window venetian blind
Magnetic bailer
Method to depolymerize as well as derivatize a polysaccharide in a hydrocarbon slurry
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve train of an internal combustion engine comprising a tappet and a hollow tappet pushrod
Regeneration of a filter by the use of a tone generator
Mechanism for internal combustion piston engines
Primary housing assembly for a motorcycle engine
Gas turbine engine with seal assembly
Air intake apparatus
Welding structure for synthetic resin intake manifold
Method for operation of an internal combustion engine
Valve core
Water re-circulation valve
Flow redirection member and method of manufacture
Machine tool device having a computing unit adapted to distinguish at least two motions
Safety apparatus for portable gas range and method for operating the same
Adjustable nozzle distributor
Rotational speed control system, rotatingly driving system, air blow system, clean bench, outdoor unit of air conditioner
Method for controlling air conditioner having multi-compressor
Built-in type outdoor unit for air conditioner
Refrigeration plant for parts of installation, which are to be chilled
Portable liquid cooler
Method of improving the biocidal efficacy of dry ice
Explosive shell having improved resistance to shocks
Shotgun shell flight path indicator
Multiple truth reference system and method
Position determination based on propagation delay differences of multiple signals received at multiple sensors
Method to determine utility consumption of individual appliances in a household from periodic measurements of aggregate utility consumption
Remote monitoring of fluid containers
Tool evaluation system and method
Integrated non-contacting torque and absolute position sensor for steering applications
Control module for a vehicle
Method for controlling at least one actuator in a mass flow duct
Monitoring contents of fluid containers
Solid body surface evaluation method, magnetic disk evaluation method, magnetic disk, and manufacturing method thereof
Method and device for automatic determination of the permeability of a porous material having alternating levels of porosity
Method for measuring a piezoelectric response by means of a scanning probe microscope
Hardware execution driven application level derating calculation for soft error rate analysis
Apparatus and method for cooling a super conducting machine
GNSS positioning using pressure sensors
Attenuating sea-surface ghost wave effects in seismic data
Elevating numerical aperture of optical systems
Light source using laser diodes
Reducing loss at intersection in optical waveguides
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same and camera
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and density adjusting method
Image forming apparatus
Charging device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device and control method used therein
Human machine interface device and interface integration method thereof
LED lighting system and controlling method using the same
Automated multi-vehicle position, orientation and identification system and method
Method for identifying operating conditions of a domestic appliance
Obtaining power profile information with low overhead
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method for data transmission
Power control apparatus for controlling power according to change amount of thermal fluid analysis in power consumption for cooling servers in server room
Integrated circuit performance improvement across a range of operating conditions and physical constraints
Power efficient flow control model for USB asynchronous transfers
Testing web services that are accessible via service oriented architecture (SOA) interceptors
Method and apparatus for providing information consistency in distributed computing environments
Fault detection, diagnosis, and prevention for complex computing systems
Method and system for non-intrusive monitoring of library components
Correction apparatus, correction method, and computer product
Real time monitoring and control of communications networks and radio frequency distribution networks
Security processor and methods for registering access entitlements and cryptographic keys
Systems and methods for arbitrating sensor and actuator signals in a multi-channel control system
Real-time event storm detection in a cloud environment
Cost-aware replication of intermediate data in dataflows
Storage system and performance management method of storage system
Systems, methods, and computer program products providing change logging in a deduplication process
Prefetching source tracks for destaging updated tracks in a copy relationship
Techniques for dynamic disk personalization
Self-journaling and hierarchical consistency for non-volatile storage
Copying apparatus for copying a recoding medium, a method thereof and a computer program thereof
Memory storage device, and a related zone-based block management and mapping method
Saving log data using a disk system as primary cache and a tape library as secondary cache
Trim token journaling
Lateral castout (LCO) of victim cache line in data-invalid state
Method for tracking memory usages of a data processing system
Customizing function behavior based on cache and scheduling parameters of a memory argument
Dynamic index selection in a hardware cache
Secure removable drive system
Filtering obsolete read requests in networked client-server architecture
Information management apparatus, information management method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Techniques for establishing virtual devices
Conditional load and store in a shared memory
Interactive television program guide system with pay program package promotion
Disk subsystem
Non-blocking processor bus bridge for network processors or the like
Sharing of internal pipeline resources of a network processor with external devices
Redirecting messages in a publish/subscribe messaging system
Transmission apparatus and transmission method
Controlling message delivery in publish/subscribe messaging
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control, and information collection based upon a connection or connectionless communication method for sending messages to the resource manager
Flow control scheme for parallel flows
Tracking desktop application referrals to content distributed over a network
Ad hoc group chat using a social networking service
Request and response aggregation system and method with request relay
Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
Methods, systems, and computer program products for processing a request for a resource in a communication
Client-side HTTP translator
Scalable high-performance interactive real-time media architectures for virtual desktop environments
Performing collective operations in a distributed processing system
Two-tier architecture for remote access service
System and method for controlling peer-to-peer connections
Firewall event reduction for rule use counting
Data processing of media file types supported by client devices
Methods and apparatuses for IP address allocation
System, a method, and a computer program product for computer communication
Activity-based virtual machine availability in a networked computing environment
Best practices analysis of zones and components in a network
Autonomically co-locating first and second components on a select server
Virtual machine load balancing
Apparatus and method for layer-2 and layer-3 VPN discovery
Forecasting link utilization between points of presence in an IP network
Identity management
Maintenance methods, devices and systems for mobile communications system
Clustered computer environment partition resolution
Self-service application for a service management system and method of operation thereof
Systems, devices, and methods for network wizards
Network management across a NAT or firewall
Estimation of protein-compound interaction and rational design of compound library based on chemical genomic information
Systems and methods for generating wind power scenarios for wind-power-integrated stochastic unit commitment problems
Technique of controlling access to database
Using chronology as the primary system interface for files, their related meta-data, and their related files
Efficient development of a rule-based system using crowd-sourcing
Audio media mood visualization method and system
Instructing web clients to ignore scripts in specified portions of web pages
Document processing, template generation and concept library generation method and apparatus
Systems and methods for building a universal multimedia learner
Dynamic record management for systems utilizing virtual storage access method (VSAM) data sets with a corresponding VSAM control block structure
Continuous and asynchronous replication of a consistent dataset
Method for controlling file request access
Continuous and asynchronous replication of a consistent dataset
System and method for dynamically managing data centric searches
Debug access with programmable return clock
Techniques for routing signal wires in an integrated circuit design
Computer-based modeling of integrated circuit congestion and wire distribution for products and services
Modeling multi-patterning variability with statistical timing
Determining a next value of a system-simulation parameter in response to a representation of a plot having the parameter as a dimension
Standard cells having transistors annotated for gate-length biasing
Test module, test apparatus, and test method
Cloud based activity monitor for human powered vehicle
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a DTV pilot tone in a high noise environment
Application testing system and method
Detecting persistent vulnerabilities in web applications
Detecting persistent vulnerabilities in web applications
Centralized management of technical records across an enterprise
Apparatus including buffer allocation management and related methods
Merging result from a parser in a network processor with result from an external coprocessor
Apparatus and method for presenting content
Augmenting user interface elements with information
Personalization of web content
Collaborative recommendation system
Double-buffer insertion count stored in a device attached to a physical layer medium
Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
Method and apparatus for providing an interface between a UICC and a processor in an access terminal that supports asynchronous command processing by the UICC
Rate of operation progress reporting
Methods, systems and computer program products for dynamic linkage
Apparatus and method for media content presentation
Novelty detection with missing parameters
File transfer method, file transfer apparatus, and file transfer program
Library selection in dental prosthesis design
Automatic attachment and detachment for hub and peripheral devices
Communication apparatus, control method, and computer-usable medium for selecting a network for data transmission
Verification of design libraries and databases
Efficient backup and restore of a cluster aware virtual input/output server (VIOS) within a VIOS cluster
System and method for identifying an owner of a web page on the World-Wide Web
Location-based informaton display
Content management system that retrieves data from an external data source and creates one or more objects in the repository
Interoperability format translation and transformation between IFC architectural design file and simulation file formats
Method and apparatus for hybrid ring generator design
Accurate determination of particle positioned on free surface in particle method
System and method for obtaining and de-noising vibratory data
Parking assist control apparatus and control method
Changing the compression level of query plans
System for archiving composite files and method for operating such a system
Ineffective prefetch determination and latency optimization
Automated management of software requirements verification
Method and system for lazy data serialization in computer communications
Method and system for dynamic software reconfiguration triggered by component- or system- initiated events
Generating test cases for covering enterprise rules and predicates
Providing a software upgrade risk map for a deployed customer system
Time-based trace facility
System, method and program product to manage installation of programs
Framework for conditionally executing code in an application using conditions in the framework and in the application
Rationalizing functions to identify re-usable services
Optimizing performance of integrity monitoring
Cap file for the personalization of a java application
Deriving process models from natural language use case models
Automatic pipeline parallelization of sequential code
Method for high-performance data stream processing
Failure recovery for stream processing applications
Limiting execution of software programs
Limiting execution of software programs
Single point, scalable data synchronization for management of a virtual input/output server cluster
Emulating a data center network on a single physical host with support for virtual machine mobility
Changing a flow identifier of a packet in a multi-thread, multi-flow network processor
Dynamic virtual machine domain configuration and virtual machine relocation management
Data communications in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Techniques for workload toxic mapping
Transferring architected state between cores
Multi-threaded processing with hardware accelerators
System and method for accessing really simple syndication (RSS) enabled content using session initiation protocol (SIP) signaling
Reducing usage of resource utilized by a virtual machine whose resource utilization is adversely affecting neighboring virtual machines
Creating environmental snapshots of storage device failure events
Thermal deflection analysis
Boosting object detection performance in videos
Method for analyzing seismic data
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Exposure condition decision support system and method
Method and apparatus for restoring image by copying memory
Method and device for the quality analysis of system models
Attribute based inventory usage and stocking
Methods and systems for tracking a product or service within a supply
Digital rights content services architecture
Systems and methods for the selection and purchase of digital assets
Providing access for blind users on kiosks
Apparatus and method for preventing collision between vessels
Audio headset with active noise control of the non-adaptive type for listening to an audio music source and/or for "hands-free" telephony functions
Encoding device, decoding device and methods therefor
Process of making a non-corrosive GMR slider for proximity recording
Address error detection
Updating error recovery information in a dispersed storage network
System and method for testing the steam system of a boiling water reactor
System for dampening vibration
Transmission system with a superconducting cable
Semiconductor laser device and method of fabricating the same
Laser device
Optical fiber with multi section core
External cavity wideband tunable laser with dual laser gain media coupled by a thin film filter including
Characteristic correcting device and characteristic correcting method
Undiscoverable physical chip identification
Receiver and method for determining a time measure depending on a time of arrival of a pulse signal
Method and apparatus for joint equalization and decoding of multidimensional codes transmitted over multiple symbol durations
Apparatus and method for determining dielectric access in portable terminal
Processor implemented systems and methods for optimized video decoding using adaptive thread priority adjustment
Information system including a card and a card reader connected optically
Semiconductor optical amplifier
Method and system for indoor wireless optical links
Transmitter for wireless optical communication system using light source
Optical receiver and communication system
System and method for generating soft decision reliability information from hard decisions in an optical signal receiver
Power line communication system for vehicle
Adaptive offset adjustment algorithm
Graphic notification feedback for indicating inductive coupling amongst devices
Methods and systems for creating and providing collaborative user reviews of products and services
Node equipment
Packet transfer apparatus
Advanced wireless packet transmission scheme with enhancements to accommodate basic wireless packet transmission scheme
Architecture of an open local area network for audio service support between users of partitioned domains
Expedited resource negotiation in SIP
Method and apparatus for wired signal transmission
Method and apparatus for adjusting a symbol decision threshold at a receiver in a communication network
Joint demodulation of a desired signal and an interfering signal based on a carrier-to-interference ratio estimate
Apparatus and method of transmitting hierarchically modulated signal
Systems, methods and apparatus for multivariate authentication
Method and apparatus for providing security to devices
Authentication system for terminal identification information
Systems and methods for performing variable structure timing recovery
Apparatus and methods for timing recovery in a wireless transceiver
Transforming unit tests for security testing
Highly efficient guarantee of data consistency
Dynamic key management
Method for filtering of abnormal ONT with same serial number in a GPON system
Database management system and encryption method performed in database
Field programmable smart card terminal and token device
Memory device authentication
Method and system for a wireless ear bud
Electronic devices with clips
Methods, systems and apparatus for displaying the multimedia information from wireless communication networks
Method and device for checking the connection of a positive supply voltage to a subscriber access line comprising a plurality of wires
Multi-channel interactive message response system
Communication terminal offering privacy protection for hands-free functionality using an analysis process
Method and apparatus for using a cellular network to facilitate access by a mobile device to a local wireless access point
Call connection system and method
Generating alerts based on predicted wireless connection losses
Communication device and method for switching phone numbers using the same
Method and system for providing to a second party, computer-network related information about a first party
Communication management feature
Systems and methods for providing answering services
Camera apparatus
Video display system, video display method, and computer-readable medium
Multiple outlet digital video recording system
Broadcast receiving apparatus, broadcast receiving method, and program
Transcoding system using encoding history information
Adaptive GOP structure in video streaming
Encoding device and method and multimedia apparatus including the encoding device
Card sharing countermeasures
Broadcast receiving device to report purchasing information and a reporting method thereof
Passive optical network system, optical line terminal, and optical network unit
Microphone unit
Electro-acoustic transducer
Audio speaker assembly including speaker rod such as for incorporating into a watercraft and including portable support module with remote cloud storage and retrieval capabilities
Speaker cabinet pole mount and speaker cabinet
Micro speaker
Method and apparatus for in-situ testing, fitting and verification of hearing and hearing aids
Ribbon microphone circuit
Hearing aid fitting procedure and processing based on subjective space representation
Method of processing signal, encoding apparatus thereof, decoding apparatus thereof, and signal processing system
Narrow-angle directional microphone
Proximity determination based on distance ratios
Spatio-temporal random voting scheme for cognitive networks
Inferring a context from crowd-sourced activity data
Mobile communication system, constituent apparatuses thereof, traffic leveling method and program
Methods and arrangements for mobility management
Methods and apparatuses for facilitating provision of a map resource
Consumer registration via mobile device
Monitoring geospatial context of a mobile device
Secondary user selection in cooperative sensing scheduling
Radio communication device and method for controlling resource allocations
Method and apparatus for managing active set in a mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for requesting uplink radio resources
Thermal relationships based workload planning
Expired Patents Due To Time
Seat for barber or beauty chair
Optical workstation
Towel ring
Support bracket for bathroom accessory
Vertical dumbbell rack
Media storage container
Leg for a chair for hair washing
Table top with interchangeable leaves
Foam pillow for sleeping
Kettle and kettle base
Automatic light controller with sound and motion activation
Housing for a fluid image clock
Magnifying pocket watch
Watch case with band
Pressure detection switch
Digital tire-gauge with LED flashlight
Garment tag with ink vials
Rail crossing warning sign
Traffic signal electric lamp assembly
Square cage pendant jewelry
Precious stone
Diamond or precious stone
Trilliant-shaped gemstone arrangements
Bowl cart
Wheelbarrow bucket brace
Swan boat
Delta deep flying wing
Overhead passenger controls for an airplane
Aircraft wheel bearing hub seal protector
Automobile body
Top rail for a refrigerated freight container
Vehicle body
Surface configuration of a motorcycle and toy
Six-gun foot peg
Floorboard timing cover and exhaust guard for a motorcycle
Surface configuration of an interior room for an airplane
Adjustable wheelchair
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tread of a tire
Tire tread
Automotive wheel
Grille of a truck vehicle
Rear end of a motor vehicle
Automobile parking mat
Vehicle floor mat
Automotive wheel
Electrical connector
Desktop charger
Portable electric power source
Inverter controller
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Flexible cord
Double actuator for an electrical control device
Cooling device
Electrical connector
Outer surface of an electronic enclosure
Electric connector
Disc recorder combined with radio receiver, tape recorder and disc player
Travel clock and sound generator
Communications headset
Base for a headset
Video display console
Connector port for a portable computer
Portable internet access device
Docking station for a portable computer
Portion of a portable computer device
Storage device enclosure
Keyboard rack
Display device
Computer generated image for a display screen
Computer keyboard
Computer generated image for a display screen
Ambidextrous computer input device
Server case
Hand-held scanning tool
Liquid crystal television
Two way radio with vox and stopwatch
Indoor antenna device
Telecommunications device
Key array for a handset
Wireless phone
Set top box
Deflector ring/injector
Trolling motor foot pad pedal
Air intake system for internal combustion engine
Inflator and deflator pump
Air compressor enclosure for an oil free air compressor
Adjustable suction head for a vacuum cleaning device
Mold board plow
Rubber crawler
Cleaning machine
Vacuum cleaner
Portable vacuum cleaner
Sliding linear table
Stud welding user interface
Miter saw
Compound boring bit
Watch winding machine
Toner cartridge
Eyeglass retainer
Electronic cymbal
Engraving machine
Hand held printer
Magazine holder
Binder insert
Writing instrument
Large wooden tissue box cover
Toy wagon
Toy boat
Controller for car toy
Animated talking doll
Electronic dartboard
Game playing die
Golf putter head
Ski pole handle
Golf club support
Playground deck link
Disabling device for a revolver-type handgun
Wire fishing rod holder
Float for valve
Ball valve
Biodegradable sanitary disposable tub liner
Soap dish with tumbler holder
Lavatory table
Toilet fixture
Range hood
Personal cooler
Filter frame holding flexible, irregular media
Wall-mountable combined air freshener and dispenser for thread or ribbon-like products
Wall-mountable air freshener and/or dispenser for deodorizing materials
Light emitting aroma therapy article
Blood pressure cuff
Portable external defibrillator
Portable sobriety tester
Enteral feeding pump cassette
Surgical saw blade hub
Billiard ball image on an adhesive bandage
Interconnectable landscape edging module
Fence panel
Pond assembly
Storage shed with multiple access doors
Candle holder
Flashlight and switch assembly
Polygonal flashlight head
Lamp housing
Pendent lamp
Tail light assembly
Solar powered outdoor light
Night light
Lighting fixture
Flat cylinder sconce
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Smoking debris collection device
Piezoelectric lighter
Cigar cutter
Female incontinence control device
Foot spa
Helmet visor
Helmet visor
Motorcycle helmet ridge
Pet leash
Combined pet feeder and waterer
Glove for playing with a cat
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for germinating grain
Method and system for applying liquid fertilizer to a forestry planting site
Quick change seed boot
Spatial guide and support for attachment to a line trimmer
Line retaining plate for trimmer head of string trimmer/mower apparatus
Sugar cane combine harvester
Device for preventing rats from climbing
Flower pot
Young tree support
Chrysanthemum Plant Named `Frosted Yoelmira`
Interspecific Lobelia plant named `Periwinkle Blue`
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblred`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yoelmira`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yogilroy`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULjill`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Regal Yolansing`
Pulmonaria plant named `Raspberry Ice`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULoma`
Hosta plant named `Liberty`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisson Piz`
Interspecific Dianthus Plant Named `Romantic Morn`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Salmon Yospringfield`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisson Jingle`
Solidago plant named `Bareight`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yobay City`
Hemerocallis plant named `Southern Sparkle`
Chrysanthemum Plant Named `Yoauburn`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULreb`
Double impatiens plant named `Boddblsal`
Chrysanthemum Plant Named `Yocarson City`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yochesapeake`
Miniature rose plant named `Meiborco`
Animal related apparatus
Cord-locking device and a milking unit removal device comprising such a cord-locking device
Device for preparing cleaning liquid for a milking device, and a cleaning agent, for example for use in the device
Absorbent compacted composition
Package for animal bedding pads
Foal weaning gear
Method of deterring animals from avian enclosures
Heated/cooled live-food bird feeder
Wildlife feeder
Livestock feeder
Apparatus for creating an underwater, air-filled environment
Fishing lure with undulating fins
Fishing rod holder and jigging assembly
Device for big fish baiting
Method and apparatus for thermally killing weeds
Method and apparatus for shed antler removal and collection
Apparatus for the mechanized preparation of pizzas
Device for coating foodstuff articles with cocoa butter-containing substances or similar fat-containing substances
Pantyhose garment with spare leg portion
Disposable bib
Stretch pocket
Finger glove for muzzle-loading
Garment accessory
Mittens which provide extra comfort and protection for children playing in the snow
Golf glove
Extended use-life improved tie
Cap with size adjustable sweatband
Drivers' safety restraint
Composite helmet
Protective mask with throat guard for physical games
Ergonomic snow shoe binding and method of making the same
Safety belt buckle
Safety buckle with buffer means
Waterproof relief outlet in wader
Antiallergenic covering for receiving objects contaminated with allergens and/or fine dust absorbed into the lung
Cuff link with changeable element
Cut cornered square mixed-cut gemstone
Pin-on clip
Combination glasses and glass case
Insulated container and receptacle therefor
Brush arrangement and toothbrush with brush arrangement
Broom and method of making a broom
Tongue hygiene device
Child's utensil
Vehicle mounted retractable golf shoe brush
Air-flow containment and distribution assembly
Bed siderail
Massage motor mounting assembly
Letter tray
Joint for a collapsible rail of a playpen
Infant support with an improved securement device
Refrigerated merchandiser with modular evaporator coils and EEPR control
Chilled beverage display container
Insert for display panels
Floral sleeve having expandable sidewalls
Method for providing a decorative covering for a flower pot
Head hugging pillow case
Adjustable pillow
Handle of pistol nozzle
Roaster oven
Rotisserie cooker unit
Grill device with a connecting unit for preventing wobbling of an upper grill unit relative to a lower grill unit during movement from a closed position to an open position
Grill device having self-adjustable upper cooking member to abut against entire grilling surface of a meat piece
Indoor grill with filter
Multipurpose fryer
Juice extractor and beverage mixer apparatus
Spring biased drain closure
Paper-wipe dispensing machine
Blade guide for a device for dispensing of paper sections
Portable and disposable hygiene device
Foot actuated toilet seat lifting, and reseating device
Temperature-controller equipped foot-bathing device
Sanitary device
Apparatus for supporting bathing enclosure panels
Upright extraction cleaning machine with illumination
Convertible upright vacuum
Vacuum cleaner height adjustment mechanism
Vacuum cleaner
Dental implant system
Perforated release tape
Guard for cast cutter
Apparatus for medical treatment
Linkage for an articulating bed
Bath system, notably for physically handicapped persons
Patient positioning apparatus
Epidural stabilization device
Aryl and heteroaryl quinazoline compounds which inhibit CSF-1R receptor tyrosine kinase
Air conditioning system equipped with sterilization/deodorization gas supply means
Compact weight lifting machine
Golf club putter
Apparatus and method for measuring the loft angle and the lie angle of a golf club
Transport device comprising at least one carriage or like vehicle circulating on a cable
Performing Operations; Transporting
Coating to enhance the efficiency of a particle impact collector
Accumulator for an air conditioning system
Emissions diagnostic system
Apparatus and process for selecting and positioning particles
Method for formulating particles
Draft tube for catalyst rejuvenation and distribution
Process for the production of fittings and of a machine for the mechanical processing of suspended fibrous material as well as fittings and a machine produced according to the process
Method of making an easily disassembled rotor assembly for a centrifugal separator
Drain valve and pipe blockage clearing device
Shear deformation device for scalping
System and method for forming sheet metal using a reconfigurable tool
Forming apparatus for duct members
Double function bending blade for sheet metal bending machine
Fence-tightening device and method
Precision bucking bar
Process for forming integrated structures using three dimensional printing techniques
Hole punch quick-change die assembly with pin strap and positioning system
Parallel arm scroll saw and drive mechanism with visual speed indicator apparatus
Combination utility retractable saw and knife device
Method for producing saw bands
Apparatus for mounting a sleeve on a spindle
Method and apparatus for aligning crankshaft sections
On-vehicle disk brake lathe
Method of reducing burr formation during turbine bucket cover machining
Method for manufacturing a magnetic disk including a glass substrate
Knockdown hand tool structure
Hand tool for driving a fastener about an axis
Fastener retaining nosepiece for screwdrivers
Clamp orientation machine and method of operation therefor to apply a clamp to a hose
Method and apparatus for brake leak detection
Mounting/demounting device for mounting and/or demounting a fuel injection valve
Cue tip installation apparatus
Shock absorption system for a striking tool
Multi-function tool
Folding knife with rotatable locking element and axial spring
Variable index drive apparatus
Sifting net for a fiber distributor
Insulated concrete form
Method and apparatus for cryogenic cooling
Erecting life-size resin lens array and method of manufacturing it
Automatic measuring device and method for dispensing materials
Mandrel for an automatic packaging machine for cardboard box with a latching flip top
Tampon printing machine having laser engraving device
Mounting printing plate cylinder having tapered bore to untapered rotatable drive shaft
Screen printing apparatus having a camera apparatus
Process for producing folded, bound printed products, and the printed product produced
Printing unit with cylinders arranged in the shape of a "V" and "W"
Method and apparatus for removing image forming substance from image holding member forming processing situation mark
Bearing device and method for measuring axial force
Additional heating system for a motor vehicle
Four wheel drive snow blower
Transmission mechanism of vehicle with HST
Transportation system
Power pick-up assembly and corresponding railway vehicle
Factory testable igniter module for a vehicle supplemental restraint system
Pretensioner with gas escape mechanism
Device for connecting a wiper blade for windshields in motor vehicles to a wiper arm
Method and device for reacclerating a vehicle equipped with high-pressure air compressors
Master cylinder for automotive vehicle
Cover for a parking brake
Hydraulic control unit for a motor vehicle braking system
Automatic clamping device for cableway systems of the two-cable type
Bogie for rail vehicles
Arrangement for a steering mechanism
Two-way guiding assembly along a rail for a road axle lateral offset
Piston for hydraulic power assist rack and pinion steering system
Mountain strap for a snowmobile
Power boat
Device for coupling a boat to a mooring
Ship for recovering floating petroleum products and mobile installation using such recovery ships
Method and apparatus for trimming a dual electric motor marine propulsion system
Rotational electric bow thruster for a marine propulsion system
Banding machine
Wire tie guide with tying device and method
Apparatus for linear transport of block-shaped cigarette packets preparatory to testing the quality of their adhesive bonds
Mobile system to repackage compressible materials
Apparatus and method for injecting cryogenic liquid into containers
Secured cell, rapid fill automated tablet order filling system
Method of wrapping a package having a corona treated tear tape
Method for closing a liquid packaging container
Method and apparatus for placing a product in a flexible recloseable container
Bag for use in an automatic bag filling process
Bag clamp
Two-flap closure
Process for producing a water soluble package
Set of parts for rigidly interconnecting the corners of two provided with hollow corner fittings, tools therefore, and assembly system
Method of transferring a sheet through a working apparatus
Process for opening a container with a push and twist cap and apparatus useful therefor
System and method for generating signal changes when determining an amount of fuel dispensed from a fuel pump unit
Saddle tree
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass mold material for precision glass molding
Automatic pipette puller and forge
Roller-hearth kiln for heating glazing sheets
Curved glass manufacturing apparatus with improved bending and conveyor units
Apparatus for Bend-shaping a glass plate
Method and apparatus for making multi-component glass soot
MCVD method and apparatus using an elongated gas feeding device
Process for manufacturing surface-sealed hollow glass containers
Hydrocarbon separation process and apparatus
Refrigerant composition and refrigerating apparatus
Cold accumulating material and cold accumulation refrigerator using the same
Engine fuels
Apparatus for cleaning a semiconductor process chamber
Gas turbine rotor bimetallic ring seal and method therefor
Method and device for treating items stored in containers and storage apparatus equipped with such a device
Textiles; Paper
Transportation and storage system for rectangular spinning cans
Wire wrapped composite yarn
Feeding a needling machine with a continuous spiral strip
Sewing machine with an overload clutch
Fabric detwister cylinder apparatus
Diamond-coated fabric treatment rolls
Top loading laundry appliance
User observation cycle for an automatic washer
Timed release washing machine lid lock
Method for delayed start laundry washing with liquid detergent
Clothes dryer
Apparatus and method for permanently setting pre-formed creases in pants
Wire cable for window regulators of automobiles
Fixed Constructions
Three-piece bridge joint
Multiple drum mixing system
Non-toxic reinforcement of structures in high moisture environments
Universal off road vehicle snow plow
Vehicle hitch mount assembly for a snow plow
Lateral plough
Pile testing reaction anchor apparatus and method
Excavating implement
System for autonomous excavation and truck loading
Method and apparatus for minimizing loader frame stress
Faucet system for sanitary fixtures
Toilet ventilator
Modular component shelter
Log home construction, and methods
Tensioned floor assembly
Premanufactured structural building panels
Lumber structural enhancer
Passive collimating tubular skylight
Systems and methods for connecting skylight components
Safety device for preventing a skylight from being opened from outside
Combined gutter guard and concealed decorative light storage compartment device
Method of dispensing netting for a roof structure
Collapsible canopy with an automatic extending flounce
Drywall trim piece
Fastening device
Siding having double thick nail hem
Method and apparatus for selectively adjusting the elevation of an undulating or plannar surface
Surface covering system and methods of installing same
Anchored resilient athletic flooring structure
Memorial markers and method for producing the same
Protective cover
Coupling connector and method
Composite post
Ergonomically manipulated cable combination lock with lay-out operations in angular relationship
Combination lock provided with means to prevent disturbance of a set series of numbers used in opening the lock
Lock with sensor
Locking device
Motor vehicle door handle assembly with maximized bearing interface
Rotatable door lock with integrated security feature
Modular rod locking system
Joint device for coupling a cover with a scanner body
Post engaging brackets for partitions
Door actuating system
Handgun security wall safe
Storm resistant window bracket
Bullet-impeding or burglary-inhibiting security window or door
Penetration resistant storm window
Hurricane protection system
Method of assembling pipe joints
Method and system for detecting the longitudinal displacement of a drill bit
Vehicle mounted soil sampler
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for supplying lift and hydraulic fluid for a gas turbine
Combined-cycle power plant with feed-water preheater bypass
Gas and steam-turbine plant
Exhaust gas duct cooled with water
Plasma-catalyst control system
Plasma fuel processing for NOx control lean burn engines
On-board diagnostics for detecting the operation of diesel emissions control system
Internal combustion engine, in particular of the self-igniting type
Exhaust timing control for a planing-type boat
Gas turbine engine
Apparatus and method to increase turbine power
Exhaust gas recirculation type combined plant
Air/fuel ratio control responsive to catalyst window locator
Water jacket for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Method of manufacturing piston
Portable implement, especially power saw
Accumulating fuel injection apparatus
Fuel pump
System and method for conversion of gravity into mechanical energy using two sub-systems
Fan speed indicator
Cooling system, especially for a vehicle
Method for accumulating energy from natural power
Rescue hook with safety locking mechanism
Torsion bar shoulder bearing
Variable speed gearing system
System and process for controlling an automatically shifting transmission
Shift control method for pneumatic shift system
Ergonomic hand attachable drain valves
Distributed force hose clamp and method of use
Partial or complete use of a pressurized-gas cylinder known per se for compressed, liquefied or dissolved gases
System and method for controlled delivery of liquefied gases from a bulk source
Pre-mixing chamber for gas turbines
Gas only nozzle fuel tip
Mixer having multiple swirlers
Flame simulating assembly and components therefor
Demand radiant heating system
Air conditioner condenser orifice member having condensate suction port
Air heater with angled PTC heaters producing diverging heated airflow
Heat exchanger and method of use therefor
Refrigerator, specially for beverage bottles, in particular beer bottles, a system of producing humidity for a refrigerator and a method for generating a covering of ice crystals on a bottle
Condensate evaporator pan
Locking mechanism for pistol
Firearm with safety system having a communications package
Drum seal for primer feed mechanism
Device for locking a tilting barrel of a pistol
Rifle sling support
Laser aiming light for firearms
Thermal control apparatus for body armor
Door structure for mine protection
Projectile for a small arms cartridge and method for making same
Shock driven projectile device
Solid propellant rocket motor thermally initiated venting device
Mine alterable from an armed state to a safe state
Electrically initiated distributed igniter
Method and device for adjusting a distance sensor
Apparatus and method for measuring the thickness of a coating
Multipurpose retractable tape measure
Method and apparatus for testing web bagginess
Glide test head assembly with enhanced signal output
Method and apparatus for Coriolis flowmeter having an accuracy enhancing balance bar
Twin check valve water meter
Fluid detector
Relative location detection sensor
Alternative liquid environment measurement system and method
Method and apparatus for calibrating personal air samplers
High resolution pressure-sensing device having an insulating flexible matrix loaded with filler particles
Method and device for measuring forces
Pressure sensor for an internal combustion engine having an intake tube
Compressive Villari effect seatbelt tension sensor
Rotational angle detecting device torque detecting device and steering apparatus
Pressure sensor
Pressure sensor
Ultra high temperature transducer structure
Engine misfire monitor
Double wall flume containment system with pressurized leak testing
Acoustic pressure load conversion method to vibration spectra
Noninvasive detection of corrosion, mic, and foreign objects in containers, using guided ultrasonic waves
System and method for detection of a biological condition
High-sensitivity instrument to measure NVR in fluids
Apparatus for measuring the contents of foreign matters in a flowing liquid
Apparatus for aspirating liquid from a vessel
Dynamically enhanced fiber optic particle motion accelerometer
Dynamic rain gauge assembly
Method of making protective filter lens
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized recycling of single-use camera and permitting authorized reuse of the camera
Precision scanning apparatus and method with fixed and movable guide members
Method of removing photosensitive belt from printer
Multi-functional electrographic printer device
Attachment for motorcycle kick starter
Parking brake cable operating mechanism
Portable data storage and editing device
Smart cards having thin die
System for enabling decoding of bar code and other symbols with a digital microcomputer connected via the input/output port thereof to the scanner
Picture display unit
Signboard combination having changeable signboards
Decorative pole cover
Spinning mobile
Method and apparatus for changing the appearance of a display merchandiser
Hand-held safety signal
Apparatus and method for simulating the appearance of wheels
Blood type-specific safety labeling system for patients and blood products
Adjustable sign mount with graphic
Magnetic hard disk storage device
Dynamic random access memory using imperfect isolating transistors
Lower electrode design for higher uniformity
Plasma chemical vapor deposition apparatus
Wafer centrifugal drying apparatus
Conveying device
Apparatus and method for spinning a work piece
System for extracting a liquid from a gas stream
Method for fabricating a plurality of non-symmetrical waveguide probes
Connector installation and removal tool
Method for manufacturing a high density connector
Method and apparatus for cutting braided sheath of shielding wire
Surface-acoustic-wave filters with poles of attenuation created by impedance circuits
Method of applying adhesive material to parts mounted circuit board
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