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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Polyploid castor plants, compositions derived therefrom and uses of same
Antigen-specific clonal expansion of B cells
Chitooligosaccharides and methods for use in enhancing soybean growth
Medical uses of glucans
Chemotherapeutic flavonoids, and syntheses thereof
Methods of improving skin quality
17.alpha.-hydroxylase/C.sub.17,20-lyase inhibitors
Non-aqueous pharmaceutical composition
Substituted porphyrins
Method of producing and applications of composition of hypochlorous acid
Method for preparing boron fertilizer
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus for Baumkuchen
Extracted whole corn kernels and improved processed and processable corn produced thereby
Snack manufacturing process
Method for preparing a fibre containing emulsion
Unique sausage shapes and devices and methods for processing sausages
Jamun juice composition and a process thereof
Medical devices and methods
Miniature ingestible capsule
Surgical procedures using instrument to boundary spacing information extracted from real-time diagnostic scan data
Remote health monitoring system
Prosthesis delivery system
Methods for making implantable medical devices
Wear compensating joint assembly incorporating a pressurized fluid injectable reservoir upwardly biasing a hardened plastic with a wear surface
System for and method of introducing additives to biological materials using supercritical fluids
Anterior lumbar interbody graft
Use of calixarenes associated with an antibiotic in the treatment of bacterial infections
Compositions and methods for treating pigmentary conditions and melanoma
Combination of selected opioids with muscarine antagonists for treating urinary incontinence
Substituted phenylureas and phenylamides as vanilloid receptor ligands
Compositions and methods for treatment of vitiligo
Piperazine derivatives and methods of use
Substituted hydroxamic acids and uses thereof
Substituted [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-A]pyrazines for medicaments and pharmaceutical compositions
Phenoxymethyl heterocyclic compounds
Pharmaceutical compounds
Compositions and methods for treating and preventing urolithiasis and conditions associated therewith
Condensation products based on bicyclic or polycyclic aromatics or heteroaromatics
Pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating inflammatory diseases containing an ethyl acetate fraction of dried extract of Trachelospermi caulis as an active ingredient, and method for producing the fraction
Phosphonated glycopeptide and lipoglycopeptide antibiotics and uses thereof for the prevention and treatment of bone and joint infections
Compositions and uses thereof for the treatment of wounds
Beta-arrestin effectors and compositions and methods of use thereof
Obtaining cocoa extracts rich in bioactive peptides with ACE and PEP enzyme inhibitory activity
Liposome allowing liposome-entrapped substance to escape from endosome
Modified insulin polypeptides and their uses
Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Multi-Target recombination gene and the application of its protein to prevent and cure Helicobacter pylori
Therapeutic use of the encoding sequence of the carboxy-terminal domain of the heavy chain of the tetanus toxin
Immunogenic compositions for Streptococcus agalactiae
Methods of treatment with compositions that include hemagglutinin
Methods of treating psoriasis by administration of antibodies to the p40 subunit of IL-12 and/or IL-23
Antibodies and methods for making and using them
Anti-IL12Rbeta1 antibodies and their use in treating autoimmune and inflammatory disorders
Antagonist anti-CD40 antibody pharmaceutical compositions
Sustained release composition of therapeutic agent
Conjugate for photodynamic diagnosis or therapy and method for preparing same
Tumor antigens BFA4 and BCY1 for prevention and / or treatment of cancer
Dendrimer compositions and methods of synthesis
Oral cavity composition
Skin lightening composition for hyperpigmented skin
Photoinitiated tissue filler
Intrabuccally rapidly disintegrating tablet and a production method of the tablets
Thermosetting neutralized chitosan composition forming a hydrogel, lyophilizate, and processes for producing the same
Vacuum generation device for medical applications
Retrobulbar needle and methods of use
Medical gas humidification system
System and method for delivery of regional citrate anticoagulation to extracorporeal blood circuits
Syringe safety assembly
Device for administering of medication in fluid form
Needleless injection device components, systems, and methods
Cosmetic heat treatment method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation and/or sequestration apparatus and methods
Systems and methods for separating sand from oil
Organic polymers-separation membrane filter, and organic polymers-separation method
Cleaning device of membrane filtration apparatus
Removal of hydrophobic contaminants
Fibrous composite catalytic structure having at least three solid phases
Process for the conversion of ethane to aromatic hydrocarbons
Beverage dispensing system with automated water filter recommendation
Microfluidic devices and method for their use
Magnetic colloid petroleum oil spill clean-up of ocean surface, depth, and shore regions
Process for the production of a deposit of inorganic nanoparticles having micro gaps onto a light-transparent support
Process for making a dental restoration and resultant apparatus
Vacuum exhaust method and a substrate processing apparatus therefor
Substrate cleaning apparatus, substrate cleaning method, and substrate processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for determining shape of end of welding bead
Methods for laser scribing and separating glass substrates
System and method for metal powder welding
Method of producing anode material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Container made from expanded plastic film
Extrusion blown molded bottles with high stiffness and transparency
Method for manufacturing lens, apparatus for manufacturing lens, and method for manufacturing optical apparatus
Lens forming metal mold, lens forming method and pickup device
Coated article with IR reflecting layer and method of making same
Process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles
Substrate manufacturing method, substrate manufactured by the substrate manufacturing method and magnetic recording medium using the substrate
Method of transferring a laminate and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Multi-layer film, decorative molding film and molded body
Exterior composite finish flooring
Apparatus and method for mounting particles on a carrier
Oxide removal by remote plasma treatment with fluorine and oxygen radicals
Electrical supply and starting system for a motor vehicle and method for operating the electrical supply and starting system
Electronic device, and method for manufacturing symbol on exterior of electronic device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of operating ruthenium catalyst reactor
Composite for phosphate and ammonium ion removal
Melt stabilization and vapor-phase synthesis of cesium germanium halides
Methods of inhibiting cyanobacteria growth by administering gramine derivatives
Low V.sub.2O.sub.5--content and V.sub.2O.sub.5--free porcelain enamels
Agglomerated particulate lignosulfonate
Process for alkylation of toluene to form styrene and ethylbenzene
Process for preparing lower olefins from an oxygenate
Salts of rasagiline and pharmaceutical preparations thereof
Liquid crystalline compound and electrolyte material
Processes for preparing a polymeric compound
Process for increasing the carbon monoxide content of a syngas mixture
Kinetic resolution
Process for preparing divinyl ethers
Bio-based terephthalate polyesters
Polymorphic form of a calcimimetic compound
Biaryl derivatives as nAChR modulators
Tetrahydrocarbazoles as active agents for inhibiting VEGF production by translational control
Substituted 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydroquinolin-7-yl carbamates as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Lipoic acid acylated salicylate derivatives and their uses
Dihydropyridin-2(1H)-one compound as S-nirtosoglutathione reductase inhibitors and neurokinin-3 receptor antagonists
Amide compounds, compositions and uses thereof
Benzazole derivatives, compositions, and methods of use as beta-secretase inhibitors
Heterocyclic molecules as apoptosis inducers
Automated radiosynthesis
Process for preparing formic acid by reaction of carbon dioxide with hydrogen
Fructosylated mangiferin and preparation method therefor and use thereof
Sequence of dsRNA: ATN-RNA specific for tenascin-C
Inhibition of hairless protein mRNA
DNA encoding an anti-system ASC amino acid transporter 2 (ASCT2) antibody
Mass- and property-tuned variable mass labeling reagents and analytical methods for simultaneous peptide sequencing and multiplexed protein quantification using thereof
Method of treating cancer with an HLA-A*3303-restricted WT1 peptide and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Method for producing polymer particles
Process for preparing polyolefins
Expandable polyamide composition and polyamide foam obtained therefrom
Method for the preparation of (polybutylene-co-adipate terephthalate) through the in situ phosphorus containing titanium based catalyst
Cure acceleration of polymeric structures
Branched polysiloxanes and use of these
Photo-patternable dielectric materials curable to porous dielectric materials, formulations, precursors and methods of use thereof
Process for delamination of laminated packaging
Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tire using the same
Method for dissolving polyvinyl alcohol particles into aqueous media using high shear
Poly aryl ether ketone polymer blends
Dielectric protective layer for a self-organizing monolayer (SAM)
Ink composition for inkjet recording, inkjet recording method, and inkjet recorded material
Anionic wetting agents for stabilizing self-depositing compositions comprising oxidic pigments
Method and composition for curing lost circulation
Method for producing liquefied fuel oil using biomass as feedstock
Recovery and purification of hydroxy fatty acids from source oils
Liquid laundry composition
Methods for improved DNA release from binding substrates and/or decreasing PCR inhibition in pathogen detection
Alternating electric current directs, enhances, and accelerates mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into either osteoblasts or chondrocytes but not adipocytes
Methods and compositions involving miRNA and miRNA inhibitor molecules
Aptamer therapeutics useful in the treatment of complement-related disorders
Agent for suppressing expression of dominant allele
Whole cell biocatalyst
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Polymers for delivering molecules of interest
Process and culturing unit for culturing biological cells
Albumin Fusion Proteins
Process and device for continuous liquefaction of organic solids
Methods for recombinant expression of a polypeptide comprising a carbohydrate binding module using a host cell having reduced expression of a protease
Conversion of prenyl derivatives to isoprene
Method for diagnosing esophageal cancer
Methods and compositions for identifying and validating modulators of cell fate
Treatment prediction involving HMGCR
Method of identifying fetal antigens or cell surface markers using phage display technology
Process and apparatus for reducing charge materials containing iron ore or for producing pig iron or liquid primary steel products
Low temperature production of steel/carbon product
Electrolysis cell
Cathode scraper system and method of using the same for removing uranium
Magnetic recording medium and method for producing the same
Plating method
Device for crystallizing biopolymer, cell of solution for crystallizing biopolymer, method for controlling alignment of biopolymer, method for crystallizing biopolymer and biopolymer crystal
Textiles; Paper
Inorganic optical brightener
Method and an apparatus for producing nanocellulose
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reverse flow hydroelectric generator
Smarter health conscious electroshock device with medical implant detection
Variable reluctance type angle sensor
Plant observation device and method
Terahertz wave detection device, terahertz wavelength filter, imaging device, and measurement device
Compact fiber-based scanning laser detection and ranging system
Subpixel resolution by interpolation of crosstalk from adjacent pixels
Methods and apparatus for biomedical agent multi-dimension measuring and analysis
Composition, device and method for colorimetric detection of an analyte using imprinted polymers and photochromic switch molecules
Electrochemical detection of capsaicinoid compounds in a sample
Microarray system with improved sequence specificity
Highly sensitive monoclonal antibody residual detection assay
Magnetic immunoassay system
Use of perfluoropolymers in the determination of the receptor-ligand binding constant
Sensor element and detection method of magnetic particles using this element, and detection method of target substance
In situ membrane monitoring
Trailer light tester
Control and features for satellite positioning system receivers
Virtual pixelated detector for pet and/or spect
Radiation-monitoring diagnostic hodoscope system for nuclear-power reactors
Electromagnet assembly
Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus
Lens barrel
Catadioptric optical element and optical system including same
Optical element, optical element array, display device, and electronic apparatus
Fine pixel pitch electrophoretic display
Polarization module and image display apparatus
Personal care appliance kit
Tunable optical frequency comb generator
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and method of applying a pattern to a substrate
Positioning device, lithographic apparatus, positioning method and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and method
Near-field exposure mask and pattern forming method
Method for forming resist pattern, semiconductor device and production method thereof
Two-peak current control for flyback voltage converters
Switching power supply device, AC power supply device, and image forming apparatus
Automatic bandgap voltage calibration
Electronic device with ejection mechanism
Mobile terminal device
Integrated ethernet over coaxial cable, STB, and physical layer test and monitoring
Detecting and isolating dropped or out-of-order packets in communication networks
Packet collisions and impulsive noise detection
Image forming apparatus, backup and restore processing method
Colorimetric apparatus and colorimetric method
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Display panel
Proximity sensor device and method with activation confirmation
Electronic information terminal device and area setting control program
User interface system and method
Apparatus, methods and computer readable storage mediums for providing a user interface
Resistive touch panel and resistive touch electronic device
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium to selectively acquire and transmit registered information
Printing apparatus and printing method
Server apparatus, terminal apparatus, and printing system and data conversion method thereof
Method and apparatus for printing raster page
Information processing apparatus, method for controlling an information processing apparatus, and image forming system
Printing apparatus and method for controlling printing apparatus
Image processing system, image processing method therefor, and storage medium
Portable handheld device with multi-core microcoded image processor
Method for indicating location and direction of a graphical user interface element
Method and system for verification
Parallel rip processing for sheet images that include graphics defined by a job ticket
Processing image content for content motion or touch input
Spatiotemporal visualization of sensor data
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus to control operations of a device based on detection of a predetermined chemical substance
Reliable, long-haul data communications over power lines for meter reading and other communications services
Physiological data acquisition utilizing vibrational identification
Signal timing coordination system for crosswalk beacons
Display apparatus
Switchable viewing angle display with local dimming function
Method and apparatus for controlling the partitions of a backlight unit of a 3D display apparatus
System and method for automatic generation of image distributions
Method for providing information on object within view of terminal device, terminal device for same and computer-readable recording medium
Proximity sensor switch-controlled meter and lamp switch system
Spring force adjustment structure in high-hat stand and high-hat stand including the spring force adjustment structure
Hand-operated clapping percussion and rhythm device with controllable tone of sound
Musical instrument protection
Split keyboard for PC data and music output
Write pulse with adjustable slew rate
Cross-talk compensation in array based reader systems
Bit-locked interface for magnetic recording
Tape device and method of controlling tape device
Tape head system with controllable electrostatic elements
Wobble determining apparatus and method, optical disk device, and computer program
Optical recording medium
Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of driving the same
System and method for creating a bipolar resistive RAM (RRAM)
Power gated memory device with power state indication
Apparatus and method for testing driver writeability strength on an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device generating a clock signal when required
Beam head
Device and method of sanitation and/or sterilization
Electrically conducting thin films and methods of making same
Multilayer insulated electric wire and transformer using the same
Super capacitor structure and the manufacture thereof
Photovoltaic cell containing a polymer electrolyte
Rotary switch
Key assembly, rotary input device using the key assembly, and electronic device using the rotary input device
Release for an electrical switching arrangement
Sample positioning apparatus, sample stage, and charged particle beam apparatus
Metrology test structures in test dies
Replacement gate MOSFET with raised source and drain
Thin film transistor, display device having thin film transistor, and method for manufacturing the same
Inverted thin channel mosfet with self-aligned expanded source/drain
Layered system for producing a solar cell on a metal substrate, method for producing said layered system
Three dimensional FET devices having different device widths
Alkali metal-doped solution-processed metal chalcogenides
Lateral diffusion field effect transistor with drain region self-aligned to gate electrode
Integration of a titania layer in an anti-reflective coating
Thin-film transistor, array substrate having the thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing the array substrate
Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor with deep trench (DT) structure and method in a silicon-on-insulator (SOI)
Polycrystalline silicon thick films for photovoltaic devices or the like, and methods of making same
Method for fabricating capacitor
Method for making solar cell having crystalline silicon P--N homojunction and amorphous silicon heterojunctions for surface passivation
Transistor with buried silicon germanium for improved proximity control and optimized recess shape
Patterned doping of semiconductor substrates using photosensitive monolayers
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Touchless site isolation using gas bearing
Imprint method, imprint apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for cleaning semiconductor substrate
Method of manufacturing a ball grid array substrate or a semiconductor chip package
Field effect transistors (FETs) and methods of manufacture
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Aqua regia and hydrogen peroxide HCI combination to remove Ni and NiPt residues
Method of metal deposition
Active area bonding compatible high current structures
Pattern transfer method
Fabricating a wafer level semiconductor package having a pre-formed dielectric layer
High productivity combinatorial workflow for post gate etch clean development
Silicon controlled rectifier with stress-enhanced adjustable trigger voltage
Multilayer wiring substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Zinc oxide based compound semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus using the same
Microelectronic substrate having removable edge extension element
Graphene (multilayer) boron nitride heteroepitaxy for electronic device applications
Information device
Donor-acceptor fluorene scaffolds: a process and uses thereof
Dual-metal self-aligned wires and vias
Epitaxial substrate for electronic device comprising a high resistance single crystal substrate on a low resistance single crystal substrate, and method of manufacturing
Method for keyhole repair in replacement metal gate integration through the use of a printable dielectric
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device including the semiconductor device
Integrated circuits having replacement gate structures and methods for fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
Method of eDRAM DT strap formation in FinFET device structure
Solid-state imaging element and electronic device including a pixel separating section
Junction cover for photovoltaic panel modules
Thin film photovoltaic panels and repair methods
OLED display with spalled semiconductor driving circuitry and other integrated functions
Semiconductor light emitting device
Microcavity OLEDs for lighting
Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
Light emitting diode and light emitting diode package
Precursor material for bi-based oxide superconductor and process for preparing such material
Piezoelectric vibrating piece and piezoelectric device
Light emitting element with layers having complementary colors for absorbing light
Light-emitting device, illumination apparatus, and display apparatus
Secondary battery including protection circuit module
Battery device, electronic apparatus, and battery system
Ceria and strontium titanate based electrodes
Process for forming silver films on silicon
Method of producing a multilayer barrier structure for a solid oxide fuel cell
Method for conditioning membrane-electrode-units for fuel cells
Fuel cell stack and fuel cell system including the same
Hydrogen production apparatus and fuel cell system using the same
Shark fin type car antenna assembly
Radial-free collinear omni-directional antenna with gain and virtual ground
Excitation light source for raman amplification, raman amplifier, and optical transmission system
Shield wire, method for processing terminal treatment of braid of the same and apparatus for processing terminal treatment of braid of that
Universal Charger
Light with integrated inductive charger base station
Electric rotating machine
Drilling motor optical encoder mounting apparatus and method of installation
Modular windings for an electric machine
Armature of electric motor and electric motor
Pulling plate for spindle motor and spindle motor having the same
Base assembly for motor and spindle motor including the same
Control circuit for step-up switching regulator
Hysteretic switching regulator with reduced switching frequency variation
Switched mode power supply including a flyback converter with primary side control
Current-source power converting apparatus
Semiconductor device having input receiver circuit that operates in response to strobe signal
Multi-mode Doherty power amplifier
Apparatus for high rotation rate low I/O count phase interpolator
Electronic circuit comprising thin-film transistors
Key input unit and key input method
Wave dynamic differential logic
Driver having low power consumption and method thereof
Phase adjustment circuit and interface circuit
Method and apparatus for calibrating digital background through capacitor division and swapping for reducing capacitor mismatch effect of analog-to-digital converter
Method of producing low-power switched-capacitor amplifier, circuit and a pipeline analog-to-digital converter including the same
Analog/digital converter
Method and apparatus for a current control
Multiple technique entropy coding system and method
Decoding encoded data
Low-cost connector apparatus and methods for use in high-speed data applications
Method and system for real-time calibration and reporting of processing delay
Method and apparatus for managing interference handling overhead
Apparatus and methods for relay-assisted uplink communication
Device, system and method of multiple-stream wireless communication
Method and apparatus or allocating resources to user equipments in a telecommunications system
W-CDMA communication system and method of controlling CQI transmission cycle
Multiple-frame offset between neighbor cells to enhance the GERAN signaling performance when power control for signaling is in use
Pseudowire packet loss measurement
Communication system, communication apparatus, and ring network monitoring method
Relay node, control method of relay node and network system
Control protocol encapsulation
Communication system and method of configuring a communication interface
Terminal-to-terminal communication connection control method using IP transfer network
Image reading device and image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus, control method of image reading apparatus, and storage medium
Spectral visible edge marking for steganography or watermarking
Pulse width modulator for a printing device
Imaging device for an image reading apparatus, and image reading method
Print control device and print control method
Method and system for processing 3-D video
Method and system for utilizing depth information for generating 3D maps
Alignment of closed captions
Handheld imaging device with image processor provided with multiple parallel processing units
System and method of personalizing a user interface of a portable electronic device
Roof system for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for video processing for improved video compression
Video call service
Pointer information processing device, computer-readable recording medium and conference system
Zoom illumination system
Automatic failover video coverage of digital video sensing and recording devices
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and image processing program
Methods and systems for stabilizing live video in the presence of long-term image drift
Systems and methods for registering advertisement viewing
IC tag searching apparatus
Communication method with user equipment and H(e) NB for minimizing access network extension impact
Transmission method, radio base station and mobile station
Methods and apparatus for virtual soft handoff
Zone switching method in a broadband wireless access system having regard to security association and device for same
Method and apparatus for enabling enhanced CQI update frequency
Radio communication system, radio communication method, and gateway
Enhanced control signals multiplexed with data signals
LED bulb with color-shift dimming
Electronic device
Locomotive headlight assembly
Handheld device and power supply circuit thereof
Microwave heating device and its application in chemical reactions
Nautilus self pressurizing equipment enclosure system, apparatus and methods
Holding frame for hard disk drive
Conformal electromagnetic (EM) detector
Portable computer server enclosure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Teeth arrangement for blade disks
Sod harvester
Stack wagon for handling big and small bales and method of converting small bale wagon to handle large bales
Accumulating tree felling head with picker arm
Lubrication system for a wood cutting machine
Articulated trigger/cover unit for a pump dispenser
Frost protection device
Fishing reel crank handle with dynamic balancing structure
Spinning reel spool and line economizer therefor
Dual-bearing reel centrifugal braking device
Locking preset knob for fishing reel
Fly tying vise
Ice fishing bucket
Method of protecting a horse's hoof
Reactor for manufacturing popping candy
Ozonization system
Perforating apparatus
Cigar holder
Illuminative vase-type scented ornamental decoration structure
Wheel lock releaser arrangement for roller skate shoe
Tiltable sunshade
Soft contact lens cleaning and storage system
Cooler with beverage dispenser
Case for rod-shaped objects
Longitudinally adjustable permanent wave rods
Child's nail painting toy
Cosmetic case
Fragrance packet sampler
Cylindrical hair roller cover having a protective flap
Backpack with abdominal support system
Transport case for portable expanding file folders
Personal hydration system with an improved mouthpiece
Forearm supported flexible mail carrying device
Retractable badgeholder with spinning display
Adapter for removably holding a cellular phone on a belt clip
Holster for small objects
Valve arrangement for hand held liquid applicator
Cosmetic brush assembly
Table construction
Wire cover for electronic equipment stand and furniture
Extendable swivel mounting bracket
Plastic vanity cabinet and method for making same
Shelf supporting system
Sectional rack
Two-part shelf-holder for sectional rack
Bookshelf structure
Toe kick drawer
Reusable single part bend to grip partition and door hardware
Multi-function article of furniture
Folding chair
Collapsible cot
Foldable chair with utility side desk
Hanging chair
Joint for a playpen
Safety harness
Anesthetic dispensing station and method of using same
Organizer and storage container
Shotshell storage device and dispenser, especially suitable for waterfowl blinds
Light rail for a shelf and shelf with light rail
Display assembly
Product stocking method and device
Sliding height-adjustable tray shelf unit
Fast track shelving system
Portable multi-brand display rack
Balloon support stand for decorative arrangements
Burglarproof locking display stand
Method and apparatus for a spring tensioned display device
Corner mounting bracket
Cup holder
Illuminated memorial assembly
Curtain rod with a middle support
Decorative wall mounting and mount therefor
Charcoal grill
Filter tub assembly for deep fryer
Fluid container with a thermally responsive insulating side wall
Blender having user operated drink program modifying and copying processor
Food processor with reversible motor feature
Handle for a barbecue grill
Food storage container
Rack holding structure
Easily opened wipes canister
Toilet roll dispenser for different diameter core rolls
Goods dispenser
Appliance door latch assembly
Dishwasher clip
Dish rack
System and method for bracketing and removing tissue
Device for the removal of callouses, especially during chiropody
System and methods for electrosurgical treatment of the digestive system
Coronary artery by-pass method
Ceiling mount
Ophthalmic examination apparatus
Method and apparatus for training visual attention capabilities of a subject
Methods and systems for relieving eye strain
Apparatus and method for controlling the administration of CPAP treatment
Radiation phantom
Fluoro-assist feature for a diagnostic imaging device
X-ray examination apparatus with a lifting and rotating device for an apparatus component
Dental care device
Earplugs with surface ornamentation
Bone cement system
Methods and apparatus for perfusing tissue and/or stimulating revascularization and tissue growth
Strapping device for patient transport
Lock mechanism
Wheelchair transfer device for use in amusement rides
Sterile connector for containers which contain medicinal liquids
Device for cleaning contact lens and similar utility items
Cartridge for holding a first and second fluid
Aerosol enhancement device
Oxygen conserver
Anesthetic gas occluder
Apparatus for providing heat/moisture to respiratory gases
Device for respiratory assistance
Pinch obturating device for a flexible tube
Respirator filter protective cover
Smoke and fire rescue system
Robotic fire protection system
Skate with removable blade
Tool-free adjustment system for a leg support member of a binding
Multi-player gaming platform allowing independent play on common visual display
Multiple play keno game with bonus feature
Outdoor game kit with radio frequency transmitters and receivers
Jigsaw puzzle carrier
Walking device
Sound responsive illumination device
Art table
Foam book with bendable memory retaining elements
Fountain, kit, bracket and method of assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for recuperating floating materials in a sedimentation tank
Filter cartridge with grommet spring
Apparatus for separating liquids from solids
Apparatus for separating suspended fibrous material
Oxygen enrichment device for the combustion air of internal combustion engines
Conduction mixers
Interface elements for shredder mills
Method of separating iron sheets from wasted iron products
Bladder water gun with shaped stream discharge orifices
Dispenser with manually operable discharge device
Liquid dispenser and assembly methods therefor
Fixing member for a dispensing device
Pump dispenser package
Fluid dispenser apparatus
Pump dispenser piston provided with a plastic inlet check valve insert
Pump dispenser closure having snap connection
Pump dispenser having piston retainer and stop
Refillable dispenser and cartridge
Reversing gear drive system for irrigation sprinklers
Viscous material dispense system
Sieve insert for a cylinder sieve machine
Screening device and apparatus including same
Cleaning apparatus for paint applicator heads
Aerobic landfill bioreactor
Bonding of steel strips in steel strip laminate pipe
Rotor winder
Reinforced ceramic shell mold and method of making same
Method of casting an article
Method for swaying a continuous casting mold
Variable tip width adjustment system
Method and device for casting metal close to final dimensions
Cast wheel with hollow core insert
Apparatus and method of forming battery parts
Device and method for manufacturing an engine block
Hand held apparatus for fracturing risers from castings
Molded chuck
Work head for a machine for shaping objects
Friction stir welding of containers from the interior
Brazing Apparatus
Soldering apparatus
System and method for handling tubular members
Machine tool with a working area cover
Vacuum holding apparatus
Armature assembly support pallet
Pinion support
Vehicle wheel hub and bearing unit assembly and method for producing same
Device for holding a tool bit and selectively transmitting or releasing torque between a torque generating means and the tool bit
Lighted handle
Modular system and fixture for positioning and clamping a workpiece
Clamp apparatus
Clamp apparatus
Electric nailing tool
Fastener driving tool with twist actuation
Air-driven nail puller device
Device for preventing action rod of nailer from descending
Accessory tray for a hand-held power tool
Portable electric tool
Storage pod for underground mining machine
Socket holder
Robot for handling
Holster assembly with disposable blade well
Single or multiple mortising, tenoning and dovetail woodworking jig
Bit and bit holder/block having a predetermined area of failure
Method and device for processing automobile tires
Anti-tack bladder
Synthetic resin-made intake manifold and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a plastic material particularly provided with additives
Airbag cushion comprising sewn reinforcement seams
Flexible pipe and method of manufacturing same
Manufacturing apparatus for single-wire bead
Negative-pressure control for a lateral pulling device
Method and apparatus for bearing hub alignment in print engine chassis
Printer weighing less than two pounds with card reader and encoder
Media advance system for a printer
Calibration of a media advanced system
Greeting card feeder module for inkjet printing
Apparatus for feeding media in a printer
Method and apparatus for recording used labels
Correction system for droplet placement errors in the scan axis in inkjet printers
Thermal printer and recording method thereof
Continuous ink jet printing process
Continuous ink jet printing head having feedback control housing parts and field replaceable filter and nozzle assemblies
Continuous ink jet printer with a notch deflector
Acoustic ink printing method and system for improving uniformity by manipulating nonlinear characteristics in the system
Duplexed redundant print engines
Apparatus for and method of driving ink-jet recording head for controlling amount of discharged ink drop
Image recording method and image recording apparatus permitting good picture quality to be provided
Electrostatic ink jet recording apparatus
Spray device for ink-jet printer and its spraying method
Barrier island stagger compensation
Liquid delivery system
Printing apparatus and method utilizing light-activated ink release system
Ink jet with rotary actuator
Particle tolerant ink-feed channel structure for fully integrated inkjet printhead
Replenishable coating for printhead nozzle plate
Image printing apparatus and method
Thermal actuator
Color printing using multiple inks
Ink-jet head and method of manufacturing the same
Ink jet heads having photoresist layer containing poly (amic acid)
Printhead of ink jet printing apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Ink jet recording apparatus and cleaning control method for the same
Ink jet printer and ink priming method therefor
Method and apparatus for keying ink supply containers
Refilling needle for refilling an ink cartridge
Pressure control device
Inkjet print cartridge design to decrease ink shorts due to ink penetration of the printhead
Fluid accumulator for ink-jet print heads
Pivoted printhead handle with recessed rest position
Printing apparatus, and a control method for resetting the printing apparatus
Film with a security feature, a process for the production thereof and the use thereof as packaging material
Ink jet recording element containing polymeric particles
Ink jet printing process
Book cover preparation system
Combination shipping label/detachable packing slip/label
Book holder
Folder having covers with support portions
Ring binder having actuating lever with cushion member
Stackable, all-plastic module for supporting hanging file folders
Organizational apparatus
Self tabbing label and system therefore
Pivot member for an EVA book
Paint roller cleaning device
Retaining device adapted to retain tensely spokes between a wheel rim and a hub of a bicycle wheel
Portable wheel assembly
Tire tread pitch sequencing for reduced noise
Tire structure
Rotary air coupling for tire inflation system
Band element and method for building same for a run flat banded tire
System for towing small four wheeled vehicles
Trailer hitch and lock assembly
Pivoting trailer hitch adapter system
Leaf spring to axle articulating connector
Torsion bar anchor
Mid-axle suspension
Wheel lifting method and apparatus
Adjustable vibration damper with safety device
Frequency dependent damper
Wheel damping
Independent suspension and drive arrangement and vehicles incorporating same
Heating device
Quickly detachable glazing sheet
Attachment devices for attaching a window for a motor vehicle
Sealing element for a vehicle roof with a roof opening
Door structure of vehicle
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Adjustable folding top for a motor vehicle
Package tray for vehicle
Air deflecting apparatus for a motor vehicle
Vehicle front end structure
Motor vehicle fuel cap inlet and outlet vent apparatus
Front wheel drive clutch for tractors
Adjustable pedal assembly--floating floor
Wire harness retainer
Intelligent coast-down algorithm for electric vehicle
Method and apparatus for coupling an engine and transmission with a starter/alternator
Device for fixing a vehicle seat
Head rest for vehicle seat
Stop element for limiting the regulating distance of a longitudinal adjustment device for seats, especially motor vehicle seats
Articulation mechanism for a vehicle seat
Multi-functional tailgate for truck-like vehicles
Apparatus for adjusting a headrest on a backrest of a vehicle seat
Grab handle bracket/airbag igniter retainer
Telescopic load beam with longitudinal locking device
Removable feedgate
Hydraulic lift for motor home
Air return bulkhead for use with a transport temperature control system
Lighting device for motor vehicles
Light housing
Shape memory alloy rearview mirror
Back mirror comprising automatic glare-proof function
Remotely adjustable anti-glare vehicle mirror system with automatic features
Vehicle display monitor system with improved retention system
Structure for installing an electronic apparatus
Manually actuated valve
Electric actuator casing comprising fall sensitive elements, especially one or more sensors intended for triggering protective device inside vehicles
Cable reel
Vehicle bumper concealment
Seat occupant weight sensing system
Stowable interior divider for truck cabs
Vehicular hood apparatus
Side airbag system and method for manufacturing the same
Self locking fastener
Vehicle air bag restraint assembly
Steering wheel with a driver airbag module
Air bag and module
Air bag module for a vehicle occupant restraint system
Retainer ring having air deflector and airbag mounting structure using the same
Motor vehicle trim assembly including a hollow plastic panel for a side impact inflatable air bag system
Inflatable curtain housing with deployment flap
Motor vehicle occupant safety device
Dual stage air bag inflator
Selectively heat treated airbag canister and method for making same
Air bag gas generator and air bag apparatus
Arrangement for a belt level adjuster of a safety belt system
Belt retractor with force limiter
Seat belt retractor with adjustable tip gap
Belt tensionser coupling with a rotary drive unit
Sheet or tissue dispenser box holder for clinic, vehicle, factory or household applications
Fastening device for a windscreen wiper system
Device to provide heated washer fluid
Scooter hand & foot braking mechanism
Electronic sensor for a quick release hand brake
Actuator with slipping prevention structure
Brake control system, self contained electronic brake control device therefor and methods of making and using the scene
Brake control device
Method for activation of a safety arrangement in a vehicle
Automotive brake system and method
Automotive brake control system
Steering knuckle sensor assembly
Solenoid valve for anti-lock brake system
Electromagnetic valve and hydraulic circuit
Method and device for regulating the driving stability of a vehicle
Vehicle brake boost assist control
Lightweight railroad car for carrying steel coils
Gate assembly for a railroad hopper car
Apparatus for a quick release mechanism in a railcar hand brake
Brake cylinder piston travel indicator
Sintered material for a magnetic track brake
Lower supporter for a golf cart
Three-position hand truck using multiple locking mechanisms and/or a combination connecting member and channel
Hay bale cart
Snowmobile sled
Method and apparatus for transferring wafer cassettes in microelectronic manufacturing environment
Shopping cart with multiple child seats
Child carrier accessory attachable to a shopping or luggage cart
Telescoping steering column and bracket
Electrical power assisted steering assemblies
Pressurized structural member of a motor vehicle frame
Reinforcement structure for front pillar portion of automobile
Side sill load path initiator
Rear end cross member reinforcement structure of automobile
Tailgate extender
Cab locking mechanism
Electric power steering system
Electric powering steering apparatus
Press fit roller assemblies of an undercarriage assembly of a work machine and method of making the same
Flexible track drive device for all-terrain vehicle
Shock absorber for saddle of bicycle
Folding bicycle to lie within the bulk of its wheels laid side by side
Bicycle frame
In-line scooter stand
Control system for motor-assisted bicycle
Snorkel having a secure yet adjustable strap hook
Rowboat/canoe transport device
Method and apparatus for the offshore installation of multi-ton packages such as deck packages and jackets
Shell component for an aircraft fuselage and method of manufacturing the same
Remote piloted vehicle powered by beamed radiation
Structure for reducing fluid resistivity on body
Engine integrated with rotary wing aircraft transmission
Airwing structure
Aircraft airfoil with close-mounted engine and leading edge high lift system
Method of using dwell times in intermediate orbits to optimize orbital transfers and method and apparatus for satellite repair
Container filling apparatus
Apparatus for handling bags
Loop fastener dispensing tool
Compact disk labeling systems
Container for dispensing oil into an engine
Bottle handle and carry assist device
Condiment container for attaching to other objects
Resealable package having a slider device and void arrangement
Toothpaste dispensing system
Access screw cover for containers and enclosures
Security box for papers, such as banknotes, cheques and the like
Dispensing lid
Clamshell package including both permanent and resealable fastening structure
Articulable food container
Apparatus and method for transferring fluids from flexible containers
Container having a plurality of selectable volumes
Bulk box with quick-lock bottom and set-up feature
Package with embossed product symbol and a method of associating a symbol with a product
Lightweight, recyclable isolation packing for delicate items
Easy-opening collapsible container
Device for opening packages of pourable food products
Can container device for maintaining separate ingredients in liquid food products
Cap for containers
Cup lid packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such discs and material
Coupon dispenser assembly and shroud
Battery package with rotation prevention
System for dispensing premeasured quantities of concentrated materials
Disposable all-purpose container assembly
Child resistant pill dispensing package
Anti clog terminal orifice for power dispenser
Accessories for use with aerosol containers
Envelope having nested rings
Access bar for a shipping container
Waste can with concealed waste bag and swing-open lid
Waste container with displaceable panel closure
Waste handling intermodal container with sliding lid, side-hinged, end-mounted dump door and swing-away header
Ergonomic platform truck
Storage arrangement for components and device comprising such a storage arrangement
Chain conveyor system
Modular conveyor system with side flexing belt having roller support
Walking beam conveyor and method
Conveying device for forming and conveying groups of products
Multi-station rotary die handling device
Sheet accommodating device
Apparatus and method of producing rolls of bags
Automatic two-ply web splicer
Process and winding machine for winding a material web
Reel winding arrangement and process
Device for deviating rail-guided transport items from one rail track to another
Apparatus for feeding sheet-like articles from a stack
Document feeder with overlap prevention
Method and arrangement for removing air inclusions when forming stacks from sheets
Apparatus for jogging mail
Multi-purpose stationary assembly
Tape dispenser
System and method for providing sheets to an inserter system
Manual device for transferring a film from a supporting strip to a substrate
Coating film transfer tool
Configuration for determining the dimensions of printed media
Weft pre-spooling device for air jet loom
Method and apparatus for print media detection
Loading wheel for integrated circuit packing band
Elevator system controller and method of controlling elevator system with two elevator cars in single shaft
Elevator rope arrangement
Method and apparatus for installing elevator components
Remote rescue of trapped elevator passengers
Linear tracking mechanism for elevator rope
Tension member for an elevator
Straddle type container lifting device
Hydraulic oil feed plunger cylinder
Low profile lift assembly
Self-monitoring, intelligent fountain dispenser
Device and method for installing bottle in dispensing unit with minimal spillage
Telescoping valve assembly and method for use thereof
Fluid control and dispenser apparatus
Crash valve actuator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing briquetted and pressed granular material and use thereof
Machine for displacing grindstones
Emulsion for well and formation treatment
Methods of reducing the water permeability of subterranean formations
Method for sand control in oil, gas and water wells
Textiles; Paper
Arrangement for sealing a closed production system
Steamer for treating dyeing, finishing, washing, etc. at least one running band of narrow fabric, tape or the like
Fixed Constructions
Block boot for railway track systems
Guide rail with engaging-releasing slots for a roller guide assembly in particular with inclined rollers
System for working the surface of a road
Flexible hydraulic structure with right angle tube fitted therethrough
Queue clip for control gates
Mobile apparatus for securely retrieving and placing markers on a surface and method therefor
Floating dock including clips for utility lines
Pile driving transition piece
Underwater pile repair jacket form
Rod driving and extracting tool and methods
Connector system for earth working machines
Control and method for positioning a tool of a construction apparatus
Massage bath tub faucet structure
Multifunction wallboard installation tool
Device for injecting grout
Beam supporter
Erectable shelter with collapsible central roof support
Self-deploying tubular enclosure
Seismic isolator for exhibits
Closing device, particularly for the trunk of a motor vehicle
Locksmith's wedge for opening vehicle doors
Easy-to-install door lock with burglar-proof effect for outside rose assembly
Drawing plate structure of a latch of an auxiliary lock
Apparatus for securing sash window
Vehicle compartment latch
Electric lock, particularly for the door of a motor vehicle
Pivoting bracket for connecting articulated door panels
Structural protective system and method
Fixture support system
Ladder shield for stepladders
Hybrid riser for deep water
Blowout preventer protector and method of using same
Vibration damping tool
Drill pipe handling apparatus
Single trip perforate and gravel pack system
Downhole actuator, and a flow rate adjuster device using such an actuator
Shroud for use with electric submergible pumping system
Lightweight methods and compositions for well treating
Establishing positions of locating field detectors and path mapping in underground boring tool applications
Flow monitoring and control in multi-lateral wellbores
Well management system and method of operation
Method of determining fracture closure pressures in hydraulicfracturing of subterranean formations
Downhole flexible drive system
Apparatus to actuate a downhole tool
Directional drilling apparatus
Cutting heads for horizontal remote mining system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fan case for turbofan engine having a fan decoupler
Actuator unit with a deflection device
Camshaft adjuster for internal combustion engines
Device for changing the control timing of the gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine, in particular a hydraulic camshaft adjustment device of the rotary piston type
Fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite internal combustion engine intake/exhaust valves
Flexible oil fill tube
Multi-position, operator-carried, four-cycle engine
Acoustically non-resonant pipe
High performance muffler
Engine cooling system
Fuel injector pump advance arrangement
Implement driven by an internal combustion engine having a carburetor
Idle shutdown override with defeat protection
Fuel injection control device
Air induction control system for variable displacement internal combustion engine
Method for regulating the engine speed in multi-cylinder internal combustion engines
Apparatus for speed limitation of engines and/or for velocity limitation of engine-driven motor vehicles
Device for controlling a regulator
Method for ensuring combustion of evaporative fuel in a stratified charge engine using multiple fuel injection pulses
Electronic throttle return spring assembly
Diesel engine having a cylinder liner with improved cooling characteristics
Direct-fuel-injection-type spark-ignition internal combustion engine and method of fuel injection
Intake port structure in four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation pressure differential sensor error compensation
Evaporated fuel treatment apparatus for internal combustion engine
Vacuum leak verification system and method
Proportional solenoid for purging fuel vapors
Carburetor fuel bowl having increased fuel carrying capacity
Integral armature/spacer for fuel injector
Solid state lift for micrometering in a fuel injector
Hydraulically actuated fuel injector with seated pin actuator
Electronic fuel injector actuated by magnetostrictive transduction
Fuel injector valve with motion damper
Fuel injection valve
Accumulator fuel injection system
Method for the starter cut-out of an internal combustion engine
Pull starter for engine
Lubricating system, preferably for refrigerating machinery and comprising a pitot tube pump
Vacuum pump and vacuum apparatus equipped with vacuum pump
Cooling fan, in particular a radiator fan for motor vehicles
Method of air-flow measurement and active operating limit line management for compressor surge avoidance
Regenerative turbine pump
Valve means
Adjustable slow shift control unit
Methods and devices for joining panels
Panel fastener assembly
Multiple locking position clip with grommet and pin
Universal connector for remote control vehicles
Torque-controllable screw with knob
Device for preventing anti-rotation of a fastening element
Nut having corrugated thread
Nestable hook assembly
Finger device for blocking one component relative to another
Chain of rolling elements chain arrangement
Bearing rail system
Hydrodynamic bearing and motor having the same
Sheet-metal cage for a rolling bearing
Armature for a selectively engageable and disengageable coupling
Freewheel clutch and a method of transmitting power using a freewheel clutch
Combined disk and drum brake with an internally ventilated brake disk
Wear insert for brake shoe trunnion slot
Shear mount
Rubber bearing with radial travel limitation and damping agent channel
Active hydraulic anti-vibration support and an active anti-vibration system incorporating said support
Bearing for a power unit
Piezoceramic elevator vibration attenuator
Balance weight for vehicle wheel
Wheel balancing weights
Mechanical device having two modes of displacement
Conservative broadband passive mass damper
Arrangement for the rotationally fixed connection of a hydrodynamic coupling device to a drive component
Hydrodynamic torque converter
Lubricant supply device
Piston pin assembly
Dual pressure balanced noncontacting finger seal
Cartridge for a single-handle mixer faucet
Excess flow shutoff valve
Stream switching system
Method of energizing solenoid operated valves
Utility valve key
Throttle valve control device for an internal combustion engine
Automatic rod assembly
Jack mechanism for J-Lay pipelaying system
Internal flush coupling for composite coiled tubing
Fitting with integral half clamp
Conical flange interface for railway applications
Universal electrical wire hanger
Roof top pipe support
Vehicle service line retainer system
Modular center spine cable way
Pipe joint
Tube connecting device
Weldable clamp for a pipe made of thermally weldable material
Corrugated pipe adapter and connection system
Device for closing a pipe at its end side
Stand for supporting a computer
Rotary load counterbalancing mechanisms
Tripod plate
Apparatus for illuminating an archer's arrow
Hand-held spot light having a battery by-pass circuit
Channel system for light strings
Waterproof LED display
Vehicular indicator lamp
Adjustable up-angle led lantern utilizing a minimal number of light emitting diodes
Universal adapter bracket and ornamental trim assembly using same for in-ceiling recessed light fixtures
Ceiling lighting assembly
Device for receiving a gas discharge lamp of a vehicle headlight
Vanity light fixture
Illuminator having brightness compensation
Backlight system
Potassium hydroxide flue gas injection technique to reduce acid gas emissions and improve electrostatic precipitator performance
Combustors and burners with high turndown ratio
Log burning device
Integrated gas valve assembly
Heat storage apparatus
Flow merging and dividing device and heat exchanger using the device
Wireless damper and duct fan system
Drying suspensions of materials
Device and method for absorbing and radiating heat in very small space by alternately pushing two fluids
Heat exchanger with tube plates
Manifold assembly
Beaded plate for a heat exchanger and method of making same
Plastic counterflow heat exchanger
Integral-type heat exchanger
Gun barrel holder and support base
Automatic pressurized fluid gun
Arrow rest
Articulated nose missile control actuation system
High speed infrared radiation thermometer, system, and method
Determination of the measuring spot during x-ray fluorescence analysis
Ebulliometric device for measuring with high precision a physical parameter of liquid substances
Electrophoretic sample excitation light assembly
Solar collection system
Dynamic system for maintaining spacing between two or more objects
Virtual image projection device
Panel mounting assembly for optical fiber connectors
Dual polarity fiber optic adapter
Stackable multi-fiber ferrules having improved interconnection density
Reusable fitment for use in an optical fiber
Floating connector assembly
Optical transmission module for achieving an optimum optical connection and useful for high density mounting
Upgradeable media wall converter and housing
Blowing head including a buckle detector
Adjusting mechanism for shaft of eyeglasses
Lens with surface correction
Contact lens useful for avoiding dry eye
Simultaneous multifocal contact lens and method of utilizing same for treating visual disorders
Eyeglass device having primary and auxiliary frames with lenses and method of forming the same
Pneumatic flotation device for continuous web processing and method of making the pneumatic flotation device
Image projection apparatus
Image displaying apparatus
Solid state based illumination source for a projection display
Photograph processing apparatus
Transfer apparatus for transferring pre-processed sheet materials, and photographic processing apparatus using the same
Solution processing apparatus
Reticle transfer system
Apparatus for processing substrate using process solutions having desired mixing ratios
Fluid pressure regulator with differential pressure setting control
Flow control of process gas in semiconductor manufacturing
Adjustable pressure regulator
Sanitary thermostatic valve
End user requirement supply using segmentation
Computer storage systems for computer facilities
Printing method and printing apparatus
Dual-mode data carrier and circuit for such a data carrier with potential cut-off for at least one contact terminal
Chip card having a contact zone and method of producing such a chip card
Drug dispenser and quantity input device
Card changing system
Lottery ticket sales in fueling forecourt
Coin catcher and container
Adaptive string detector for currency validators
Magnetic refrigerator organizer
Fail-safe illuminated display comprising multimodal illumination components
Resealable container
Personal luggage identification system and methods for use
Tape loop/slack prevention method and apparatus for tape drive
Recording and/or reproducing device having a take-up reel and having a tape pull-out assembly which can be positioned tangentially with respect to the take-up reel
Take-up reel assembly with cushioning member
Box for packaging or storing DVDs CDs and/or VCDs
Disc storage container
Adjustable multimedia storage rack
Data reading apparatus
System for conserving a resource by flow interruption
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for aligning and attaching balls to a substrate
Material transport system
Small footprint carrier front end loader
Cooling devices
Universal power connector for joining flexible cables to rigid devices in any of many configurations
Quick replacement igniter assembly
Method and apparatus for optical reception
Liquid crystal projector
Projection display device for displaying electrically encoded images
Acoustical cabinet grille frame and method of molding
Rotating bulb x-ray radiator
Tape connecting method, member, and tool
Apparatus and method for handling an integrated circuit
Pick and place system and unit therefor
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