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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Grain bin extension deployment apparatus for agricultural harvesting machine
Device for guiding growth of scaffold branches
Water self regulated horticultural growing and support medium
Handheld pollen sifter device
Transport device having liquid resistance apparatus
Impact action cat toy
Tensionless holder for hooks and leaders
Portable fishing equipment organizer
Fish containment device for ice fishing
Method and apparatus for capturing and time-sorting insects
Heating cooker operable to deodorize/desmoke
Kitchen tool apparatus and method
Protective temperature helmet, protective temperature helmet liner
Pedicure protection device and system
Fluid application device
Container for a plurality of disposable applicators comprising a reservoir for a substance to be applied
Bottle, especially for mascara, comprising a label having barrier properties, and production method
Multi-directional wiping elements and device using the same
Container assembly mountable to a door
Sealing system for refrigerator
Child safety seat harness tensioning device
Pillow display system
Child support device with seat insert
Universal HVAC component mounting systems
Drying rack for meat
Garment hanger
Frying apparatus and method
Packaging device
Electronic endoscope system with oxygen saturation enhancing image region
Method for treating an asthma attack
Electronic portal imaging for radiotherapy
Devices and methods for positioning a stereotactic frame
Meter for fluid or powdery product dispensing device
Tracheostoma valve
Radiation/drug delivery method and apparatus
Medical device testing apparatus
Composite waveform based method and apparatus for animal tissue stimulation
Method for optimizing search for spinal cord stimulation parameter settings
Heart treatment apparatus and heart treatment method
Restriction compression weighted therapy suit
Apparatus for aerobic exercise
Apparatus for exercise, body building and rehabiliation
Progressive multi-purpose exercise device
Variable stride exercise device
Multi-dimensional abdomen exercise machine
Method of recycling a ball and ball for use in recycling method
Golf ball having a resilient material
Hand grip exercise arrangement
Knob simulating device for sporting equipment
Golf eyeglasses having function of correcting various swing errors and head up movement
Training aid for a golfer
Performance based sports scoring system
Melding card games with solving component
Control of translational movement and field of view of a character within a virtual world as rendered on a display
Method of lottery wagering on real-world events
Performing Operations; Transporting
Polysulfone polymers and membranes for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration
Mixing device
Homogenizing mixer with an agitating unit having a lifter unit
Dispenser of fluid material
Method and apparatus for cladding an interior surface of a curved pipe
Handheld electric spray gun
Assembly and method for machining of an object with a milling machine
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Forming metal preforms and metal balls
Methods and systems for installing screen protectors for electronic devices
Abrasive slurry and dressing bar for embedding abrasive particles into substrates
Torsion adjustment structure of ratchet wrench
Kitchen knife with sharpener
Apparatus for locating fixture boxes and the like
Machine and method for producing extruded concrete product
Fixed printhead fused filament fabrication printer and method
Techniques for sensing material flow rate in automated extrusion
Systems and methods for creating aberration-corrected gradient index lenses
Pellet press for producing pellets
Coated porous metallic mat
Method for producing metal thin film
Method for producing metal thin film
Ink jet recording apparatus having charged conveying belt
Printing apparatus
Inkjet print head
Image forming apparatus
Imaging device including a printhead controlled to eject fluid
Method for controlling access to an encrypted programme
Wheel with locking center bore
Adjustable support device with multiple rolling elements
Spring system for bicycles
Vehicle seat air-conditioner and vehicle temperature controller
Double duty shade system
Seat reclining device
Swiveling passenger seat
Ramp bottom transition foot
Vehicle infrared projection device
Exhaust system for battery in vehicle
Restraint system with impact recognition, taking into account environmental influences
Vehicle wheel security system
Means for moving trash receptacles
Folding drop leg for a trailer jack
Hydraulic brake handle assembly
Maintenance auxiliary tool of brake system
Brake cylinder with parking brake function
Device for preventing foreign substances from being inserted into lower part of foot pedal unit of vehicle
Adjustable walker with sitting assembly
Steering assembly for a human-driven vehicle, and human-driven vehicle
System for manipulating concrete spreading hoses
Lightweight collapsible stroller
Collapsible wagon
Undercarriage fairings for trailers
Trochoid drive system and moving body
Real-time retractable training wheels system and method
Non-motorized scooter
Bicycle motor hub
Variable hull lengths for watercraft
Dropdown railing for watercraft
Swing away helm for watercraft
Method for mounting an aircraft component and aircraft assembly
Safety cabin
Movable fastening unit for a seat frame in an aircraft
Method and device for filling containers with a filling material composed of at least one first and one second liquid component at a predetermined ratio
Filling machine provided with a cleaning in place device with individual collecting elements
Device and method for packaging objects
Cap assembly having storage chamber for secondary material with movable working member
Wastebasket for facilitating reuse of plastic shopping bags
Marine locking gas cap
Vacuum-packed diaper kit
Liquids packaging
Dispensing device for cartridges
Carrier device, transfer method and carrier hand
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Solar-powered boat lift
Combination container and integral attachment device
Packaging locking and indication system
Indicating device
Connection mechanism for connection of armrests to tables or chairs
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Positive charge control resin for electrophotographic functional component parts, developing roller, and electrophotographic apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Leno heddle
Cartridge system for dispensing substances into a washing machine
Vibration control device for washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Adaptation of flush valve for dual flush capability
Modular shelter
Photovoltaic roofing elements, photovoltaic roofing systems, methods and kits
Grooved panel covering for providing a varying pattern of shading
Golf car and mounting system for a display device incorporated therein
Dual-side unfoldable building modules
Door handle system for an automotive vehicle
Multi-sided ladder assembly and methods of utilizing same
Fence post extraction tool
Vacuum assisted post hole digger tool and apparatus with rotary clog breaker
Method and system for hydraulically presetting a metal seal
High pressure multistage centrifugal pump for fracturing hydrocarbon reserves
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbomachine actuation system and method
Enhanced elastomeric stator insert via reinforcing agent distribution and orientation
Turbine blade cooling system with bifurcated mid-chord cooling chamber
Apparatus for measuring the filling level of a urea container having an ultrasound sensor and motor vehicle having a urea container
Working gas circulation engine
Motor vehicle with heat transfer between cab and frame
Integrated turbomachine plant
Starter device for a motor driven machine
Wave power plant
Pumping devices, systems including multiple pistons and methods for use with medical fluids
Rotary lobe pump with angular gear
Electrically driven gas compressor
Net-displacement control of fluid device
Circulating device for baths
Fan frame
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic pilot control unit
Device for changing an operational status of a shifting element with two shifting element halves
Clutch housing with wide lever spring retention slots and clutch housing with axially off-set tabs
Vehicular damper device
Pulley unit
Seal between metal and ceramic conduits
Tunable fluid end
Rotary valve with product relief grooves
Mounting device for fan
Lighting device recessively mounted in a platform
Fixture accessory retaining assembly
Bulb type apparatus and bulb socket
Base for LED lamp, base set for LED lamp, socket set for LED lamp, and lamp assembly using the same
Underwater light for swimming pool
Diffractive luminaires
Lean premix burner of a gas-turbine engine provided with a flow-guiding element
Lance of a burner
Wall lining of industrial ovens
Method and apparatus for chip cooling
Heat exchanger and method for manufacturing same
Heat dissipation device with fastener and flange
Pressure differential bullet advancing structure of toy gun
Paintball marker
Compounded high explosive composites for impact mitigation
Flow sensors having a flow duct in the cover, and sensor tip as intermediate product
Methods of calibrating a clock using multiple clock periods with a single counter and related devices and methods
Apparatus for monitoring a system with time in space and method therefor
Refuse container with mechanical weight indicator and danger alerting
Instrumentation rake assembly
Air conditioner and method of operating the same
Suspension extraction device
Device for internal flaw magnification during wire drawing
Systems, devices, and methods for diffusion tractography
Wireless wireharness testing system
Mobile wimax signal analyzing method
Method for determining a route distance value
Backplane emulation technique for automated testing
System that measures and reports local wind conditions
Protective cover for an electronic device
Optical device for monitoring a rotatable shaft with an oriented axis
Optical pulse generator for distributed temperature sensing operating at a characteristic wavelength in a range between 1050 nm and 1090 nm
Nanotube structures and methods for making and using nanotube structures
Signal interconnect incorporating multiple modular units
Coupling device with compensated birefringence
Optical fiber connector and optical fiber assembling method
Driving device, optical apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
Image blur correction device, lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Three dimensional image projector with dual light modulators
Image projection apparatus, control method, control program, and storage medium
Projector, projector control method, and projection system
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that identifies halftone process parameter
Belt driving device and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling multiple color developers using a camming mechanism
Image forming apparatus with developer supply control
Simplified resetting thumper assembly
Xerographic imaging modules, xerographic apparatuses, and methods of making xerographic imaging modules
Image forming apparatus in which transfer member is movable toward and apart from image bearing member
Developer units, electrophotographic apparatuses and methods of supplying developer material to photoconductive members
Image forming apparatus including a detachable convey-guiding member detachably attached to a fixed convey-guiding member fixed to a device main body
Image forming apparatus and image density control method
Liquid supply systems, fusers and methods of supplying liquids in printing apparatuses
Decompression valve
Electronic thermostat
Bus module for connecting electrically triggered fluidic valves
Static pulsed bus circuit and method having dynamic power supply rail selection
Managing wasted active power in processors based on loop iterations and number of instructions executed since last loop
Method and apparatus for evaluating data associated with an offshore energy platform
Reconfigurable device and control method thereof
Dual independent non volatile memory systems
Debug device for embedded systems and method thereof
Serial data communication--CAN memory error detection methods
Information processing apparatus, storage medium supporting device, and identifier changing method
Non-snoop read/write operations in a system supporting snooping
Method and apparatus for synchronizing memory enabled systems with master-slave architecture
Computer system, management computer, and volume allocation change method of management computer
Scheduling of background scrub commands to reduce high workload memory request latency
File management apparatus and method, program therefore, and recording medium
Validity of address ranges used in semi-synchronous memory copy operations
Program information retrieval system, broadcast receiving apparatus, program information retrieval apparatus, program information retrieval method, and computer program
Storage apparatus and data management method in storage apparatus
Method for assessing and forecasting the operational health of a telephone network switch
Inter-computer data transfer method and inter-computer network system
Complexity-based dynamical analysis of a network
Establishing a multiparty session by sending invitations in parallel
Using bluetooth to establish ad-hoc connections between non-bluetooth wireless communication modules
Communication management apparatus and communication management method
Method and system for facilitating group organization using mobile devices
Shadow community producing system matched to a variable area of an internet base and method of the same
Method and system for mapping organizational social networks utilizing dynamically prioritized e-mail flow indicators
System, method, and computer readable medium for creating a video clip
Selectable email signatures
Release of integration reference points
Method and apparatus for realizing positioning play of content stream in peer-to-peer network
Communication system and session establishment method
Methods and computer program products for route determination
Rapid resource provisioning with automated throttling
System and method for scalable and redundant COPS message routing in an IP multimedia subsystem
Storage device system and storage device system activating method
Graphical user interface and method for customer centric network management
Evolutionary neural network and method of generating an evolutionary neural network
Processor pipeline architecture logic state retention systems and methods
Interactive document summarization
Remote access of heterogeneous data
High-level virtual machine for fast XML parsing and validation
Foresight data transfer type hierarchical storage system
Method and apparatus for security policy management
System and method for on-demand dynamic control of security policies/rules by a client computing device
Method for ambiguity resolution in location determination
Method for operating an automation system
First normal form (1NF) data normalizer
Complex dependencies for efficient data warehouse updates
Document managing system, method and apparatus, printing apparatus and information processing apparatus for the system, program for implementing the method, and storing medium storing the program
Information managing apparatus, information managing method, and computer product
Systems and methods for computation of optimal distance bounds on compressed time-series data
Systems and methods for indexing information for a search engine
Noise checking method and apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium in which noise checking program is stored
Semiconductor device metal programmable pooling and dies
Test pattern evaluation method and test pattern evaluation device
Circuit and method using distributed phase change elements for across-chip temperature profiling
Integrated circuit device evaluation device, evaluation method, and evaluation program
Power consumption analyzing method and computer-readable storage medium
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for automatically waiving non-compute indications for a timing analysis process
Method and system for reduction of AND/OR subexpressions in structural design representations
Integrated circuit selective scaling
Vehicle planning support system
FPGA and method and system for configuring and debugging a FPGA
Wafer layout optimization method and system
Optical lithography correction process
Method for heuristic preservation of critical inputs during sequential reparameterization
Method to reduce the wirelength of analytical placement techniques by modulation of spreading forces vectors
Exemplar/PDE-based technique to fill null regions and corresponding accuracy assessment
Semiconductor integrated circuit device formed by automatic layout wiring by use of standard cells and design method of fixing its well potential
Automated dynamic metrology sampling system and method for process control
Robotic positioning and orientation device and needle holder comprising one such device
Method for working out a temperature instruction cartography at entry into a particle filter
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method for metering fuel into combustion chambers of an internal combustion engine
Method and device for determining the instantaneous mass flow of pulsating flows
Method for designing surfaces
Systems and methods for providing communication services to guests at a hospitality facility
Systems and methods for the selection and purchase of digital assets
Data management apparatus
Techniques for entry of less than perfect passwords
Computer system with multiple terminals
Distribution of video data
Compute unit with an internal bit FIFO circuit
Demultiplexer application programming interface
System for selling, buying, lending, and renting virtual region and method thereof
Creating a voice response grammar from a presentation grammar
Video contents recording apparatus and method of managing data storage medium included therein
System and method for future-proofing devices using metaschema
Optimized disk repository for the storage and retrieval of mostly sequential data
Remote space efficient repository
Substrate transfer apparatus, method of transferring substrate, and method of manufacturing electro-optical device
Snapshot management device and snapshot management method
Method and system for migrating documents
Compression of data transmitted over a network
Method and apparatus for business resource automation
Autosave functionality for web browser
Data processing method and data processing program
System and method for storing item attributes in an electronic catalog
Document alignment systems for legacy document conversions
Computer representation of a data tree structure and the associated encoding/decoding methods
Controlled access to objects or areas in an electronic document
Primitives to enhance thread-level speculation
System and method to enable parallelization of early platform initialization
Memory mapped register file
Method for modeling components of an information processing application using semantic graph transformations
Adding interactivity to artwork
Method of generating C code on the basis of UML specifications
Bounded program failure analysis and correction
Method, system, and program of a compiler to parallelize source code
Symbiotic computer application and system and method for generation and presentation of same
System and method for collecting and transporting simulation data
System and method for collecting and modeling object simulation data
Lane departure prevention apparatus and method
Conversion/transfer of non-negotiable credits to in-game funds for in-game purchases
RFID devices using metamaterial antennas
System for data card emulation
Motion estimation with video mode detection
Cephalogram image analysis method
Method of analysing cell samples, by creating and analysing a resultant image
Mobile communication terminal and method for displaying an image
Vision based navigation and guidance system
Method of, and apparatus and computer software for, imaging biological objects
Image processing performing color conversion on an input image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Method and apparatus for multifocus digital image restoration using image integration technology
Efficient detection of constant regions of an image
Method and apparatus for detection using cluster-modified graph cuts
Data division apparatus, data division method and program
System and method for selecting and reserving airline seats
Open, neutral electronic distribution system for digital content providing distribution channel support to publishers and retailers and abstract fulfillment for publishers
Method and system for ordering and delivering a product
Method, system and program product for selecting window coverings
Interactive event planning and payment method and system
Electronic marketplace providing service parts inventory planning and management
System and method for quantitative peer travel and expense benchmarking analysis
Connection information management system for managing connection information used in communications between IC cards
Gaming system having a plurality of players and randomly incremented progressive prize
Dynamical sequentially-controlled low-power multiplexer device
Product identification system for persons with limited vision
Control system
VoiceXML language extension for natively supporting voice enrolled grammars
Speech bookmarks in a voice user interface using a speech recognition engine and acoustically generated baseforms
Optical scanning device with compact spherical aberration compensation
Recording power correction method and recording and reproduction apparatus for optical disk
Flexible optical write strategy
Sync mark detection with polarity uncertainty
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording/reproducing system, and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Built in test controller with a downloadable testing program
Method and apparatus for reducing vibration in component of a nuclear reactor
X-ray focusing device
Method for making a shielded inductor involving an injection-molding technique
Add-on heat sink
Coaxial electrical connector and coaxial electrical connector device
Connector with differently arranged contact mounting portions and connector assembly have two such connectors belly-to-belly mounted to a circuit board
Card connector and electronic apparatus
Connector with locking ring
Retractable universal serial bus connector and retractable connector
Fixing member for riser card
Electrical connector
Surface-emission semiconductor laser device
Laser apparatus, laser irradiation method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Hybrid gain guiding in laser resonators
Laser device
Surface emitting laser element array
Vertical cavity surface-emitting semiconductor laser device, optical transmission module, optical transmission device, and optical switching method
Cable routing apparatus
Electrical drive unit for a motor vehicle
Non-linear actuator system and method
Receiver, frequency deviation measuring unit and positioning and ranging system
Demodulator with configurable adaptive equalizer
Radio-frequency communication control system, radio-frequency communication control method and computer-readable storage medium
Circuits and methods for dividing frequency by an odd value
Method, apparatus and system for high-speed transmission on fiber optic channel
Communications line monitoring system, relay apparatus, and communications line monitoring method
DTV transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast data
3-Stripes gilbert low density parity-check codes
General and algebraic-constructed contention-free memory mapping for parallel turbo decoding with algebraic interleave ARP (almost regular permutation) of all possible sizes
Vehicle radar sensor assembly
Selectable Capacitance Circuit
Cycled receiver for mobile wireless devices
Portable communication terminal
Wireless connector and methods
Method of transmitting an optical signal in an optical transmission system and optical transmission system for implementing such a method
Optically connecting computer components
System and method of using variable pulses for symbology
Wavelength tracking apparatus and method in WDM-PON system
Audio processing apparatus and method
Bit rate discrimination circuit based on a low frequency component of signal
Method and system for weight determination in a spatial multiplexing MIMO system for WCDMA/HSDPA
Estimation based approach to determine the retransmission timeout value for access probe retransmissions
Receiving apparatus for swallow-type capsule endoscope
Method and apparatus for adaptive power control in a wireless voice and data communication system
Radio frequency repeater
System for information contextual distribution simultaneously in a public and individual mode
Tri-core architecture for reducing MAC layer processing latency in base stations
Code channel management in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for determining repeater use in wireless communications
System and method for frame re-transmission in a broadcast communication system
Scalable IP-services enabled multicast forwarding with efficient resource utilization
Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
Communication network system and wakeup method for un-wakeup node
Transmission apparatus
Method for providing predictive maintenance using VoIP post dial delay information
Reconfigurable media controller to accommodate multiple data types and formats
Client-side bandwidth allocation for continuous and discrete media
Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
Secret authentication key setup in mobile IPv6
Electronic watermark embedding apparatus and method and electronic watermark examining apparatus and method
Increased discrete point processing in an OFDM communication system
Resource reservation in a packet switched telecommunications network
Facilitating self configuring link aggregation using link aggregation control protocol
Data storage and processing systems
Communication device and control method for the same
Out-of-band keep-alive mechanism for clients associated with network address translation systems
Systems and methods for forming an adjacency graph for exchanging network routing data
Method and system for providing telecommunication subscriber services without provisioning or maintenance
Multiple peer groups for efficient scalable computing
VPN composing method, interwork router, packet communication method, data communication apparatus, and packet relaying apparatus
Methods and apparatus for fibre channel interconnection of private loop devices
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Method and apparatus for enabling network based media manipulation
Distortion correction control apparatus and distortion correction control method
Transmitter arrangement and signal processing method
FFT numerology for an OFDM transmission system
Method for protecting data in a hard disk
Apparatus, system, and method for deploying iSCSI parameters to a diskless computing device
Use of device driver to function as a proxy between an encryption capable tape drive and a key manager
Communication protocol method and apparatus for a single wire device
Network mobility security management
Quantum key distribution method and communication apparatus
Image printing device, verifying device, and printed material
Reversible hashing for E-signature verification
Method and apparatus for providing authentication, authorization and accounting to roaming nodes
Shaped loudspeaker output in a communications handset
Music phone, station, and system and method of using same
System and method for application location register routing in a telecommunication network
Electronic apparatus having rotating display housing
Microphone with reduced noise
Cross-channel communication of data collected by channel-specific user interfaces
Method for automatic graphical profiling of a system
Apparatus, system, and method for providing voicemail service using presence status in packet data messaging system
Network based archiving of user-specific information in a communication system
Conference call text messaging protocol using caller ID screen
Automated directory assistance system for a hybrid TDM/VoIP network
Method for testing a local number portability (LNP) ported telephone number
Method and apparatus for adaptive hybrid termination in a multi-carrier communication system
Video search assisting method, video search assisting device, and broadcast receiving apparatus
Information recording/reproducing apparatus
Playback apparatus, playback method, and playback program
Method, apparatus, and program products for socially synchronizing an experiential data stream
Image processing device and image processing method
Video data compression apparatus and method of same
Apparatus and method for adjusting bitrate of coded scalable bitsteam based on multi-layer
Multicasting system and multicasting method
System and method for multiplexing media information over a network with reduced communications resources using prior knowledge/experience of a called or calling party
Playback apparatus, playback method, and program for the same
Serial interface circuit and serial receiver
Pressure wave generator and production method therefor
Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic speaker using the same
Capacitor microphone
Apparatus and method of determining an impulse response and apparatus and method of presenting an audio piece
GPS-microphone for communication system
Self-powered positioning and modem system for two-way radio
Method for registering with a communication service
Method and apparatus for efficient dormant handoff of mobile stations having multiple packet data service instances
Packet communication system
Wireless LAN system and its broadcasting station
Mechanism for streaming media data over wideband wireless networks
LED lighting system and method for external surfaces
Electronic device enclosure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Culture medium composition useful for induction and proliferation of Taxus calli
Solitary bee nesting block
Split apron forage box container
Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers and hemorrhoids
Concentrated liquid adjuvant and fertilizer
Organ preservative solution containing trehalose, anti-oxidant, cations and an energy source
Method of delivering and releasing a pheromone
Process for production of actively sterile surfaces
Enhancers of net photosynthesis and methods of enhancing net photosynthesis
Use of a disinfectant for living fish
Fungicidal active compound combinations
Antibacterial composition comprising Oenostacin from Oenothera biennis
Polymeric broad spectrum antimicrobial coatings
Edge rolling device for dough pieces
Pizza crust and process and apparatus for making same
Preparation of dough and baked products
Method for processing an animal carcass and apparatus for providing electrical stimulation
Method and device for evisceration of carcasses
Process of making a dairy product
Petroselinic acid and its use in food
Cooking aid with reduced foaming
Tea extracts stabilized for long-term preservation and method of producing same
Confectionery compositions and methods of making
Use of liquid carbohydrate fermentation product in foods
Coating and drying apparatus
Continuous coating of chewing gum materials
Antimicrobial chewing gum
Scours treatment and method of making same
Wettable powder compositions of ionophore antibiotics
Dog chew toy containing edible pet toothpaste for dental care
Stable lactase tablets
Pediatric formula and methods for providing nutrition and improving tolerance
Paste-form natto and a process for producing the same
Particles of N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester agglomerate
Insulin supplemented infant formula
Biotin biosynthetic genes
Method of making a flavedo powder for enhancement of orange juice and product thereof
Method and combination for producing supplement-enhanced solid food product
Nursing reminder accessory and brassiere
Disposable nursing bra
Biomechanical suit
Folded corrugated decorative grass formed of paper and polymeric film
Amusement system
Carpet seam repair tool
Method of floor laying and flocked underlay and floor material to be used with the method
Sleeves formed of polymeric materials having a texture and appearance assimilating the appearance of paper
Device for waste grease removal
Endoscope with at least one sensing and recording device
Elongated flexible inspection neck
Vaginal lateral walls retractor for use in combination with vaginal specula and method of performing vaginal/cervical examination
Variable view arthroscope
Treating tool for an endoscope
Compliant framework and methods of use
Embolism prevention device
Methods of and compositions for treating vascular defects
Apparatus and method for reconstructing ligaments
Method and apparatus for use of a glenoid component
Electrosurgical cutting instrument
Back biting surgical instrument
Ballon dissector with improved visualization
Method and instruments for stretching skin grafts
Method and apparatus for positioning a suture anchor
Longitudinally adjustable bone plates and method for use thereof
Volar fixation system
Spinous process clamp for spinal fusion and method of operation
Cable tensioning device
Spinal implant with bone screws
Heat pipe nerve cooler
Corneal heat and stretch method and apparatus
Electrosurgical generator and system
Vacuum-assisted securing apparatus for a microwave ablation instrument
Irrigator for use with surgical retractor and tissue stabilization device and methods related thereto
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Alignment of master and slave in a minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Endofluorescence imaging module for an endoscope
Autofluorescence imaging system for endoscopy
Method and system for remotely monitoring multiple medical parameters in an integrated medical monitoring system
Diagnostic apparatus for analyzing arterial pulse waves
Medical sanitation system
Diagnostic system for determining and/or monitoring physiological conditions in mammals
Electronic lancing device
Extraction and transportation of blood for analysis
Blood sampling device
Methods for diagnosing visuospatial disorientation or assessing visuospatial orientation capacity
Contact digital ultrasonic densitometer
Ultrasound diagnostic instrument having software in detachable scanhead
Soft tissue diagnostic apparatus and method
Acoustic imaging catheter and the like
System and method for intraluminal imaging
Dental whitening kit and method of using same
Orthodontic bite opener
Diamond-like carbon coated dental instrument
Dental implant parts
Tooth implant and method to make it
Inflatable dental impression tray and mixing tip
Method and system for imaging and modeling dental structures
Agent and process for dyeing and tinting keratinous fibres
Disposable absorbent undergarment
Intraluminal filter
Apparatus and method for securing a stent on a balloon
Appliance collapsible for insertion into a human organ and capable of resilient restoration
Polymer coated stent
Helically formed stent/graft assembly
Device for inserting a tubular implant into a vessel
Metal composite tube for biomedical applications
Medical device with sponge coating for controlled drug release
Method of securing a graft using a graft fixation device
Intraocular implant with flexible optical part and single circular loop
Tri-composite, full root, stentless valve
Porous tissue scaffoldings for the repair or regeneration of tissue
Method of restructuring bone
Femoral sled prosthesis
Device for reduction of the anal cushions in the treatment of minor hemorrhoidal disease
Ophthalmological surgery technique with active patient data card
Method and device for sculpturing laser beams
Massage device capable of performing combined tapping and kneading massaging actions
Plastic containers having inner pouches and methods for making such containers
Collapsible internal bolster for gastrostomy device
Pneumatic squeezable nursing bottle and process of using
Cleansing composition and method for removing chemically bound residues and mineral deposits from hair
Rain forest plant extract with cellular cholesterol lowering properties
Inhibitors of prion formation
Systems and processes for spray drying hydrophobic drugs with hydrophilic excipients
Combination therapy for treating hypercholesterolemia
Controlled release solid dosage forms of lithium carbonate
Process and composition for high efficacy teeth whitening
Organoleptically pleasant in-mouth rapidly disintegrable potassium chloride tablet
Bioactivating substance
Anti-bacteria agent made from shell, and methods for purifying and desalinating water and for washing agricultural products with use thereof
Enteric coated microgranules for stabilizing lactic acid bacteria
Use of neurotoxin therapy for treatment of urologic and related disorders
Cellular immunogens comprising cognate proto-oxogenes
Method for improving the half-life of soluble viral-specific ligands on mucosal membranes
Intercellular adhesion molecule powder formulation
Pleiotrophin-based compositions for enhancing connective tissue repair
Stent lining
Filariid nematode cysteine protease nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Method to prevent xenograft transplant rejection
Method and composition for hair removal
Nutritional supplement for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus for lipodystrophy
Gel formulations for topical drug delivery
Conjugate having a cleavable linkage for use in a liposome
Immunological tolerance-inducing agent
Angiogenesis inhibitors and uses thereof
Monitoring gastrointestinal function to guide care of high risk patients
Invivo high throughput toxicology screening method
Pharmaceutical dental formulation for topical application of metronidazole benzoate, chlorhexidine gluconate and local anesthetic
Cosmetic preparations
Oral sensory perception-affecting compositions containing dimethyl sulfoxide, complexes thereof and salts thereof
Cosmetic stick
Skin whitening agents
Topical skin sensitizer
Hair conditioning compositions which provide superior wet hair feel attributes and which are substantially free of quaternary ammonium compounds
Use of amino phenol amide derivatives as depigmentation agents
Method of using an aralkylsiloxane
Compositions for metabolic protection and repair of lips
Hair dressing composition
Body cosmetic pigment composition and its production method
Modified starch solutions and their use in personal care
Hair growth stimulant
Self-destructing, controlled release peroral drug delivery system
Amphiphilic networks, implantable immunoisolatory devices and methods of preparation
Formulations of paclitaxel, its derivatives or its analogs entrapped into nanoparticles of polymeric micelles, process for preparing same and the use thereof
Polymer encapsulation of hydrophobic materials
Bioadhesive microspheres and their use as drug delivery and imaging systems
Solid mixtures of cyclodextrins prepared via meltextrusion
Stereocomplex polymeric carriers for drug delivery
Method of fabricating a banded prolonged release active agent dosage form
Oral pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising a proton pump inhibitor and a NSAID
Thixatropic gelatin carrier composition
Oral liquid compositions
Phytodrug for management of peptic ulcer and methods of preparing and using same
Method of making pressure sensitive adhesive matrix patches for transdermal drug delivery using hydrophilic salts of drugs and hydrophobic pressure sensitive adhesive dispersions
Device of bioabsorbable triglycolic acid poly(ester-amide)s, and methods of making the same
Methods for removing endotoxins from biological solutions using immobilized metal affinity chromatography
Method of enhanced sterilization with improved material compatibility
Trash receptacle sterilization method and apparatus
Method for sterilizing an endoscope
Sterilization and storage container tray
Method for crosslinking UHMWPE in an orthopaedic implant
Compositions of chondrocytes, preparation and utilization
In situ gas scrubbing method and system for odor and corrosion control in wastewater collection systems
Irrigation and suction valve and method therefor
Method of making an angioplasty balloon catheter
Percutaneous transluminal ablation catheter manipulation tool
Anti-clotting methods and apparatus for indwelling catheter tubes
Ureteral catheter and tissue expander and method of megaureter creation
Applicator for semi-solid medications
Medical connector with swabbable stopper
Multi-valve injection/aspiration manifold
Single pad for providing both an anesthetic and an antiseptic for an injection site
Cassette for intravenous-line flow-control system
Syringe loading aid
Drug delivery systems and methods
Resettable display of a device for metered administration of a fluid drug
Stimulating cell receptor activity using electromagnetic fields
Device for irradiating internal cavities of the body
Multilumen urethral catheter for transperineal brachytherapy
Methods and compositions for whitening teeth
Hazardous environment protective garment having a fusion bonded optically transparent facepiece with chlorinated polyolefin seams
Sorbent system and method for absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere of a closed habitable environment
Arm-building device
Multiple torque arm exercise device
Swimming aid with movable fins
Swimming flipper with controlled-flexibility blade
Practice pool and billiard aiming system and method of use
Double loop string vibration damper for sports racquets
Weighting system for a golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club with advantageous weight distribution
Golf training device
Ice hockey stick
Adhesive layer and its application to hockey stick blades
Portable hockey practice apparatus
Golf practice device with marking wheel
Golf swing teaching device
Aquatic exercise device and method therefor
Game system, and operation guiding system and computer readable storage medium suitable for the same
Handheld electronic game apparatus having attacking feature
Toy top structure and system
Display balloon kit and method of assembly
RF identification system for use in toys
Toy vehicle with motor-driven and free-wheeling modes of use
Spinner with continuous 3-fold symmetry for multiple utilitarian, educational and ornamental uses
Lightweight material projection system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for vapor compression distillation
Method of making ocular devices
Method for reducing the formation of foam during the treatment of a dispersion or a liquid with water vapour
Equipment for the retardation of an inflow in circular sedimentation tanks
Apparatus for use in a sewage treatment plant
Filter plate for a filter press
Plant for filling containers and a method for operating a plant for filling containers
Method for distilling a mixture of substances and device for realizing the same
Buoyant media filter with diffuser
Method and apparatus for producing a filter material
Siloxane filter for O2 sensor for bio-gas engine
Method of operating a catalytic converter
Air filter assembly for filtering air having particulate matter
Method and apparatus for the clean replacement of contaminated HEPA filters
Device for treatment and removal of aqueous liquids by controlled atmospheric action
Selective sorption and desorption of gases with electrically heated activated carbon fiber cloth element
Gas treatment system
Apparatus for use with a natural gas dehydrator
Humidity control system
Dehumidifier using non-rotating desiccant material
Distribution of corona discharge activated reagent fluid injected into electrostatic precipitators
Monolithic metallic honeycomb body with a varying number of channels and method for manufacturing the honeycomb body
Multilayer intumescent sheet and pollution control device
Method for producing a sintered porous body
Reduction of NOx in the exhaust from leanOx internal combustion engines
Filtration process utilizing heat exchanger apparatus
Precipitation-membrane distillation hybrid system for the treatment of aqueous streams
Rheology modification of settled solids in mineral processing
Programmable flux gradient apparatus for co-deposition of materials onto a substrate
Method and device for treating biogenic residues
Method for hardening granular inorganic salt compounds
Separation of platinum group metals
Sol-gel processed metal-zirconia materials
Photocatalysts for the degradation of organic pollutants
Heterocyclic aromatic anion salts, and their uses as ionic conducting materials
Electrodeionization process
Reactor for performing a catalytic reaction
Process for manufacturing potassium sulfate fertilizer and other metal sulfates
Holder for specimen examination
Locking cap for replaceable needle assembly
Apparatus and methods for arraying solution onto a solid support
Blowout springless manual air displacement pipette with mechanical assist for aiding in locating and maintaining pipette plunger at a home position
Method for producing DNA chip
Centrifugal dispenser and method of use
Assembly for analyzing blood samples
Methods and reagents for the rapid and efficient isolation of circulating cancer cells
Compact high efficiency electrostatic precipitator for droplet aerosol collection
Method and device for cleaning of a gaseous fluid
Hero-turbine centrifuge with drainage enhancing baffle devices
Computer controlled method and apparatus for fairing and painting of marine vessel surfaces
Coating apparatus
Method for depositing and/or removing material on a substrate
Coating apparatus for a traveling web
Method of forming a sealant ring within a throttle body assembly
Thermal spray powder incorporating a particular high temperature polymer
Adhesive bond tool having improved release coating for advanced composite and metallic components and method
Surface treatment material deposition and recapture
Tuning mechanism and method for vibration welding
Lawn mower cleaning apparatus and method
Strengthening method for green form parts made from metal powder
Warm compaction of steel powders
Lubricated die
Process and plant for producing atomized metal powder, metal powder and the use of the metal powder
Apparatus and method of repairing turbine blades
Cobalt-base composition and method for diffusion braze repair of superalloy articles
Solder alloy
CNC machine center with double-speed shifting feature in X and Z axes
Method and device for producing pins, such as battery terminals
Endpoint detection apparatus, planarizing machines with endpointing apparatus, and endpointing methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-substrate assemblies
Belt sander conversion system and method
Blade sharpener for curved and straight edge blades
Method of manufacturing R-Fe-B bond magnets of high corrosion resistance
Machine for finishing automotive wheels
Mapping system for semiconductor wafer cassettes
Composite lapping monitor resistor
CMP polishing pad with hydrophilic surfaces for enhanced wetting
CMP system and slurry for polishing semiconductor wafers and related method
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Method and apparatus for dressing polishing cloth
Chemical-mechanical polishing apparatus
Abrasive recovery blasting cabinet
Abrasive article with embossed isolation layer and methods of making and using
Process for preparing cellulosic composites
Method of producing ribbed board and product thereof
Liquid barrier dam assembly
Polymer gel molds
High-strength parts formed using stereolithography
Method for forming a cushion
Process for production a molded product
Manufacture of liquid crystalline polymer films
Polystyrene beads
Method of forming molded product from three or more semi-molded products and mold assembly therefor
Process of injection molding highly conductive molding compounds and an apparatus for this process
Method for connecting pieces of solid material
Method of molding circuitry using mold structure
Mold assembly for manufacturing a plastic tub with holes
Injection apparatus with load detection between support members
Arm structure for an injection molding machine
Method and apparatus for controlling torque of an injection molding machine
Method of making a multi-portion mixing element
Plastic coil and method of forming same
Forming and application of tire ply
Apparatus for making pipe insulation
Method for producing gas barrier film
Process for hot or cold-working prisms into a methacrylate optic conductor
Method and apparatus for curing the lining of a pipe
Window for motor vehicle
Deep sea insulation material
Four axis casting fixture
Method of inventory control for molded lenses
Polymer optical fibers and process for manufacturing thereof
Method of making non-planar micro-optical structures
Process for making multiple data storage disk stampers from one master
Forming device and method for forming a hose into a web with mutually sequential packaging blanks and such a hose
Soft bulky multi-ply product and method of making the same
Blends of fluoroelastomer interpolymers with thermo fluoroplastic interpolymers and the use of such blends in hoses
Coated metal articles methods for preparing the same laminated composites containing the same, and methods for preparing such laminated composites
Multilayer material, process of preparation and applications
Decorative sheet and process for producing the same
Easily tearable laminated barrier film and bag product using the same
Material containing a water activatable coating
Zeolite in packaging film
Resin composition and laminated film
Flexible solar-control laminates
Process for producing a 3-layer co-extruded biaxially oriented polypropylene synthetic paper of thickness 25-250 .mu.m
Magnetic recording medium
Polyester resin foamed sheets
Zero oxygen permeation plastic bottle for beer and other applications
Method for forming cross-linking photoresist and structures formed thereby
Method for enhancing an extruded substrate with a decorative laminating film
Manufacture of security tapes and security threads
Method of manufacturing laminated structures with multiple denier polyester core fibers, randomly oriented reinforcement fibers
Roll stabilizing release liner
Articles used for applying delicate films for security purposes
Method of manufacturing a fluid ejection device with a fluid channel therethrough
High performance curable polymers and processes for the preparation thereof
Tamper evident and counterfeit resisting informational article and associated method
Thermal transfer recording medium
Thermal film having at least two imaging layers with different processing characteristics and a method of forming and processing the same
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet
Recording medium
Analog and digital proofing image combinations cross-reference to related applications
Air boat with retractable wheels for ground and water travel
Air outlet system
Variable speed transmission assembly
Aluminum propeller shaft with constant velocity joint
Apparatus for changing the transmission ratio of a continuously adjustable transmission as part of a cruise control system for motor vehicles
Control strategy for a hybrid powertrain for an automotive vehicle
Multi-motor drive for motor vehicles
Device for transmitting energy
Torque limiter having cover with internal projecting portions to support forcing member of limiter plate
Automotive framing apparatus
Motorcycle transmission
Personal flotation device with front portion central pull system
Marine jet drive with isolated drive shaft
Manually adjustable variable-pitch boat propeller
Submerged rib hybrid blade
Helicopter power transmitting apparatus
Blade for the rotary wings of an aircraft
Method for forming primary label with removable self-adhesive labels
Fastening device for joining two plates together
Process for cleaning a transport belt
Longitudinal folding device in a folder of a web-fed printing machine, and method of adjustment
Efficient method of making micro-miniature switch device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for preparing phosphoric acid
Cold wall reactor and method for chemical vapor deposition of bulk polysilicon
Process for preparing metal oxide slurries suitable for the chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductors
Method and apparatus for making aerogel film
Phoenix-1, a structural material based on nuclear isotopic concentrations of silicon
Method for producing hyperazeotropic hydrochloric acid from metal chloride solutions
Method of producing combustible products from heavy fuel residue
Very high molecular weight cationic dispersion polymers for dewatering animal farm wastewater
Method for treatment of organic matter contaminated drinking water
Methods of preventing scaling involving inorganic compositions, and compositions therefor
System for preparing polymer encapsulated glass fiber pellets
Cathode targets of silicon and transition metal
System for preparing glass fiber pellets having low discoloration
Photosensitive insulating paste and thick-film multi-layer circuit substrate
Silicon-doped boron nitride coated fibers in silicon melt infiltrated composites
Chordal preforms for fiber-reinforced articles and method for the production thereof
High strength/high surface area alumina ceramics
Method for applying a barrier layer to a silicon based substrate
Ammonium nitrate propellants
Materials useful as electrolytic solutes
Polymethylenepolyamine dipropionamides as environmentally safe inhibitors of the carbon corrosion of iron
Reaction product of arginine and p-aminobenzoic acid, cosmetic, and human and animal health compositions thereof
Process for the production of radioiodinated neuroreceptor agents
Package for safe storage of electrophilic fluorinating agent
Method of preparing delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol
Stabilization of highly sensitive nucleic acid stains in aqueous solutions
Methods for screening for transdominant effector peptides and RNA molecules
Process for removing protein aggregates and virus from a protein solution
Papillomavirus polyprotein constructs
Parapoxviruses containing foreign DNA, their production and their use in vaccines
Cell lines and constructs useful in production of E1-deleted adenoviruses in absence of replication competent adenovirus
High-efficiency AAV helper functions
Therapeutic compounds comprised of anti-FC receptor binding agents
Directed evolution of microorganisms
Methods for producing neutralizing antitoxin to C. difficile toxin B
Regulated gene expression in yeast
Calcium binding protein
Methods for detecting anti-viral activity of calcium-dependent lectins
Prostate specific secreted protein
Zinc finger peptide cleavage of nucleic acids
Nucleic acids encoding NGF variants
Methods of identifying modulators of human IP prostaglandin receptor
DNA encoding a human subunit 5-HT3-C of the 5-HT3 serotonin receptor
Genes encoding neuronal voltage-gated calcium channel gamma subunits
Monoclonal antibodies specific to VEGF receptors and uses thereof
Receptors that regulate cell signaling relating to chemokines
Leishmania antigens for use in the therapy and diagnosis of Leishmaniasis
Growth differentiation factor-9
Isolation of a gene encoding human thyrotropin beta subunit
Compounds for diagnosis of Breast cancer and methods for their use
Tie2 agonist antibodies
Methods and reagents for preparing and using immunological agents specific for P-glycoprotein
Ancrod-specific monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, mixtures or derivatives thereof and use of the same
Amphoteric starches used in papermaking
Hydroxyl-containing copolymers, and their use for the preparation of fuel oils having improved lubricity
Polyurethane encapsulated fertilizer having improved slow-release properties
Manufacturing methods, based on non aqueous dispersion techniques, to produce spherical polyester particle size distributions and tailorable mean particle sizes
Photosensitive composition
Process for tinting a resin for optical materials
Fine powder of high molecular weight fluorine containing fused resins, its mold goods, and the dedicated production methods
Antiblock coating for hot melt adhesives
Sulfonated polyphosphazenes for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells
Plastic compositions for sheathing a metal or semiconductor body
Process for preparing starch and epoxy-based thermoplastic polymer compositions
Mesoporous films having reduced dielectric constants
Synergistic flame protection agent combination for thermoplastic polymers
Compositions for removing or lightening hair color
Method of making a multi-phase aggregate using a multi-stage process
Polymerizable, chromium-free, organic coatings for metal
Antifouling paint
Moisture insensitive electroluminescent phosphor
Organic light emitting devices
Chip card with bistable display
Macromolecular dispersion type liquid crystal display element and method of manufacturing the same
CMP formulations
Method for heat absorption using polyoxymethylene polymer compositions
Removal of H2S in drilling mud
Mercaptoalcohol corrosion inhibitors
Production process of low pour-point oil
Method and equipment of refining plant oil and waste vegetable oil into diesel engine fuel
Cooking oil sponge
Environmental chamber for the analysis of live cells
Mechanically elongated neuronal cells and methods for producing and using these cells
Method for identifying disruptors of biological pathways using genetic selection
Antisense modulation of lysophospholipase I expression
Non-invasive method for detecting target RNA
Antisense nucleic acids for the prevention and treatment of disorders in which expression of c-erbB plays a role
2'-deoxy-2'-alkylnucleotide containing nucleic acid
Recombination of insertion modified nucleic acids
Lentiviral packaging cells
Hematopoietic cell method for treatment of HIV infection
Methods of culturing and encapsulating pancreatic islet cells
Ubiquitin-like conjugating protein
Method of determining whether an agent modulates glycosyl sulfotransferase-3
Human protein kinase H2LAU20
SNF2 related CBP activator protein (SRCAP)
Phenolic acid esterases, coding sequences and methods
Isolated human serine protease, nucleic acid molecules encoding human serine protease, and uses thereof
Method for stereoselectively inverting a chiral center of a chemical compound using an enzyme and a metal catalyst
Method for producing optically active compound
Chimeric proteins for detection and quantitation of DNA mutations, DNA sequence variations, DNA damage and DNA mismatches
Biotechnological process for preparing hydroxylated ML-236B derivatives, known as M-4 and M-4', and analogues thereof
Astaxanthin synthase
Method for disposing waste
Method of producing erythritol by repeated fed-batch fermentation
Rapid method for the detection and quantification of microbes in water
Detection of prostatitis
T2k kinase assays
Learning and short term memory defects with Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) expression
Method of determining skin tissue cholesterol
Methods of evolving a polynucleotides by mutagenesis and recombination
Genes and enzymes for the production of adipic acid intermediates
Method of primer-extension preamplification PCR
Process to study changes in gene expression in granulocytic cells
Method of DNA sequencing
Method for comparing the number of replications of nucleic acid sequences
Quantitative determination of nucleic acid amplification products
Method for identifying or screening agonist and antagonist to PPAR
Method of crystallization with the particle size distribution being controlled
Quenching apparatus and method for hardening steel parts
Grain oriented electrical steel sheet having very low iron loss and production process for same
Method for selectively hardening a carbon steel screw
Deep-drawn parts made of spring sheet steel which are especially used as a lightweight structural member or vehicle body part, and a method for the production thereof
Separation of platinum group metals
Apparatus for removing noble metal contamination from liquids
Method for reprocessing steel slags and ferriferous materials
Process for precipitating compounds from zinc metal baths by means of a hollow rotary body that can be driven about an axis and is dipped into the molten zinc
6XXX series aluminium alloy
Diecasting alloy
Metal-based powder compositions containing silicon carbide as an alloying powder
High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet having excellent stretch flangeability, and method of producing the same
Steel material for hot work tools
Electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent high-frequency magnetic properties and method
High-strength, high-toughness rolled shape steel and method of producing the same
Aluminum-containing member and a method for producing such an aluminum-containing member
Diffusion coating applied by magnetron sputtering
Chamber, at least for the transport of workpieces, a chamber combination, a vacuum treatment facility as well as a transport method
Thermal barrier coatings for turbine components
Method of forming dielectric film with good crystallinity and low leak
Method and apparatus for arc plasma deposition with evaporation of reagents
Combined RF-DC magnetron sputtering method
Sputtering apparatus and process for high rate coatings
Method for producing ceramic coatings containing layered porosity
Method of manufacturing a diamond film coated cutting tool
Coating method and device
Method for depositing high density plasma chemical vapor deposition oxide in high aspect ratio gaps
Ammonium halide eliminator, chemical vapor deposition system and chemical vapor deposition process
High temperature chemical vapor deposition chamber
Support assembly with thermal expansion compensation
300 mm CVD chamber design for metal-organic thin film deposition
Cold gas-dynamic spraying process
Abradable coating applied with cold spray technique
Process for forming metal layer on surface of resin molded product
Electric-discharge surface treatment method, and apparatus and electrode for carrying out the method
Corrosion resistant gas cylinder and gas delivery system
Surface treatment method and device therefor
Circuit manufacturing using etched tri-metal media
Limited use components for an electrochemical device and method
Method for operating a high pressure electrochemical cell
Universal fuel basket for use with an improved oxide reduction vessel and electrorefiner vessel
Surface coated non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Method for producing hard protection coatings on articles made of aluminum alloys
Wafer plating jig
Substrate plating device
High current density zinc sulfate electrogalvanizing process and composition
Manufacturing method for a thin film magnetic head having fine crystal grain coil
Method for electrodeposited film formation, method for electrode formation, and apparatus for electrodeposited film formation
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a silicon single crystal having few crystal defects, and a silicon single crystal and silicon wafers manufactured by the same
Methods for growing large-volume single crystals from calcium fluoride and their uses
Textiles; Paper
Thermostatic melt blowing apparatus
Method and device for making industrial continuous filament yarn by entanglement, and polyester continuous filament
Electret treatment of high loft and low density nonwoven webs
Spin finish
Formaldehyde-free flame retardant treatment for cellulose-containing materials
Compact cord
Process for producing a wood pulp having reduced pitch content and process and reduced VOC-emissions
Method of high pressure high-speed primary and secondary refining using a preheating above the glass transition temperature
Method for measuring properties of the stack and the corrosion of materials in a soda recovery unit
Method and apparatus for drying a paper web
Apparatus and process for processing a material web
Raw stock for photographic paper
Wet-laid nonwoven mat and a process for making same
Fixed Constructions
Pavement marking articles having enhanced retroreflectivity under dry or wet conditions and method for making same
Process of extruding reinforced exterior siding
Positive pressure automatic swimming pool cleaning system
Peripheral seal for vacuum IG window unit
Methods and compositions for forming permeable cement sand screens in well bores
Compact, high-efficiency, gas/liquid separator method and apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Screw compressor having a compressor screw housing and a spaced outer housing
Rotary vane pump with continuous carbon fiber reinforced polyetheretherketone (peek) vanes
High temperature capable flange
Hollow finger dovetail pin and method of bucket attachment using the same
Turbocharger rotor with alignment couplings
Partially coated airfoil and method for making
Control system for outboard motor
Grommet assembly for outboard motor
Planetary gear
Pump apparatus for hydraulically powered fuel injection systems
Wind turbine having ground winch pivot erection support structure
Vibratory pump apparatus
Control valve means in an external conduit of a variable displacement swash plate type compressor
Endplate for use with outboard bearing designs
Valve structure with configured retainer
Structure of a miniature pumping machinery
Air pump apparatus
Internally ported hydraulically actuated down-hole pump
Method of and apparatus for controlling vacuum pump
Bubble detection and recovery in a liquid pumping system
Fuel injection pump
Pump with a pulsation suppression device
Scroll-type fluid displacement apparatus
Scroll compressor with dual suction passages which merge into suction path
Rotary piston machine with three-blade rotors
Vane pump
Submersible pump containing two levels of moisture sensors
Ceiling fan structure
Ceiling fan structure
Vertical shaft blower on trailer
Fan body assembly
Toolless assembled fan
Centrifugal fluid machine
Cogeneration system for a fuel cell
Liquid-gas jet apparatus
Jet pump comprising a jet with variable cross-section
Operation method for a pumping-ejection apparatus and pumping-ejection apparatus for realizing this method
Power-supply unit having connector of variable orientations
Axially adjustable steering shaft assembly with ball spline
Torque-transmitting connecting arrangement
Installation apparatus for a coupling device having a holder, which is provided on a flywheel mass, for a driver
Multi-piece flexural pivot
Disconnect for high-speed rotating shafts
Power transmission mechanism
Damping device
Torsion vibration damper and process for its manufacture
Quick-connection link, for a bicycle chain
Interior guided chain system for lateral chain control
Multi-speed power transmission having six forward ratios and one reverse ratio
Differential axle assembly with adjustable gear offset
Sprocket for roller chain drives
Automatic splitter control for manually shifted transmission
Clutch control system for upshift of an electro-mechanical automatic transmission
Model-based transmission upshift control with engine torque management
Automatic transmission dynamic electronic pressure control based on desired powertrain output
Automatic transmission control system
Hydraulic control system for a continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for operating a clutch in an automated mechanical transmission
Blade chain tensioner
Belt tensioner and method of installing the same
Air permeable cap and outdoor lamp, automobile lamp and electrical component comprising same
Gas burner
Gas burner
Method for lowering the VOCs emitted during drying of wood products
Partially studded radiant tubes
Sensor device and method of producing a sensor device
Process for producing a sensor membrane substrate
Method for producing a suspended element in a micro-machined structure
Headspace instrument
Method for characterization and quality control of porous media
Sheath flow cell and blood analyzer using the same
High throughput electrochemical test for measuring corrosion resistance
Reagentless analysis of biological samples
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Gas sensor
Electrode ink formulation for oxygen sensor
Oxygen sensor
Motorized positioning apparatus having coaxial carrousels
Methods for controlling and/or measuring additive concentration in an electroplating bath
Method for stopless and splitless flow field-flow fractionation
Fluid handling apparatus
Thin film thermal oxidative oil deposit testing device and method
Arrays of protein-capture agents and methods of use thereof
Collection device for lateral flow chromatography
Compositions for detecting and surgically removing lymphoid tissue involved in tumor progression
Vitro system for determining formation of A.beta. amyloid
Gender determination of avian embryo
Method and apparatus for storage of test results within an integrated circuit
Magnetic element, magnetic memory device, magnetoresistance effect head, and magnetic storage system
Pulsed wave doppler processing using aliased spectral data
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging methods for extended field of view
Embedded high-contrast distributed grating structures
Electrical and/or optical connector with a latching arm
Device and method for providing a true semiconductor die to external fiber optic cable connection
Optical fiber coupler assembly
Process for forming polycrystalline thin film transistor liquid crystal display
Aqueous photothermographic imaging elements comprising aqueous silver halide emulsions precipitated in the presence of cationic starch peptizing agent
Compound and silver halide photographic material containing the same
Method of making a random color filter array
Photographic bleaching compositions and method of processing color reversal elements
Photographic elements containing aryloxypyrazolone couplers and sulfur containing stabilizers
Photographic processor having an improved replenishment delivery system
Pattern density tailoring for etching of advanced lithographic mask
Electrostatic discharge damage prevention method on masks
Method for making a nano-stamp and for forming, with the stamp, nano-size elements on a substrate
Self-contained imaging media comprising opaque laminated support
Photosensitive polymer composition, method for forming relief patterns, and electronic parts
Photoresist composition for deep UV radiation
Blends of hydroxystyrene polymers for use in chemically amplified positive resist formulations
Low temperature anti-reflective coating for IC lithography
Pattern for measuring focus of light exposing apparatus and method thereof
Automated variation of stepper exposure dose based upon across wafer variations in device characteristics, and system for accomplishing same
Automatic developing apparatus and method of replenishing replenisher for developer for said apparatuses
Concentrate and aqueous developer produced therefrom for imagewise exposed recording materials
Aperture width reduction method for forming a patterned photoresist layer
Apparatus and method for assessing a photoreceptor
Nitrile-silicone rubber surface release layer for electrostatographic members
Fusing member for hot pressure fixing of toner particles and for transfusing toner particles
Photosensitive member for electrophotography with specic surface protective layer
Light receiving member for electrophotography
Electrophotographic toner receiving material
Toner and developer providing offset lithography print quality
Toner for development of electrostatic image and production process thereof
Process for controlling triboelectric charging
Marking particles
2,4-dicyanoglutarimides negative charge control agents for electrostatographic toners and developers
Toner for developing electrostatic image, image forming method and process cartridge
Developing method and a developer for electrophotography
Palmtop computer docking system
Ejecting apparatus
Method for contacting a circuit chip
Combination selection and display method and apparatus for a gaming terminal
Networked gaming devices that end a bonus and concurrently initiate another bonus
Gaming machine with sorting feature
Electronic amusement device offering secondary game of chance and method for operating same
Gaming device security system: apparatus and method
Method for adaptive training of listening and language comprehension using processed speech within an animated story
Techniques for mastering a body of knowledge by writing questions about the body of knowledge
FD-shaped adapter used for card-shaped memory device having comparatively large thickness and solidly-built structure
Spin-valve magnetic head with the pinned layer having different directions for its magnetization axis and its easy axis
Multibeam laser servowriting of magnetic data storage media
Magnetic recording media and magnetic storage device
Magnetic recording medium and a method of manufacturing the same
Erasable phase change optical recording elements
Production process for ring shaped resin bonded magnet
Manufacturing method of spin valve magnetoresistive effect element and manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head with the element
Method of sealing an ultracapacitor substantially free of water
Dome-shaped inductive coupling wall having a plurality of radii for an inductively coupled plasma reactor
Method for controlling plasma processor
Plasma reactor having a dual mode RF power application
Method for fabricating a field emission device and method for the operation thereof
Plasma assisted semiconductor substrate processing chamber having a plurality of ground path bridges
Method for evenly immersing a wafer in a solution
High density MRAM cell array
Method of manufacturing a photovoltaic device
Formation of silicided ultra-shallow junctions using implant through metal technology and laser annealing process
Treatment on silicon oxynitride
Method and apparatus for reduced flash encapsulation of microelectronic devices
Method for producing a flip chip package
Semiconductor structure and manufacturing method
Process for manufacturing semiconductor package and circuit board assembly
Partial underfill for flip-chip electronic packages
Process for forming anti-reflective film for semiconductor fabrication using extremely short wavelength deep ultraviolet photolithography
Process for spin-on coating with an organic material having a low dielectric constant
Connecting multiple microelectronic elements with lead deformation
Method of inspecting a depth of an opening of a dielectric material layer
Substrate transport container
Wafer atmospheric transport module having a controlled mini-environment
Method for nitride based laser diode with growth substrate removed using an intermediate substrate
Circuit device manufacturing equipment
Fabrication process of semiconductor package and semiconductor package
Method for singling semiconductor components and semiconductor component singling device
Process for manufacturing in integrated circuit including a dual-damascene structure and an integrated circuit
High-voltage complementary bipolar and BiCMOS technology using double expitaxial growth
Arrangement for heat dissipation in chip modules on multilayered ceramic carriers, in particular multichip modules
Method of manufacturing a ball grid array type semiconductor package
Spring contact for providing high current power to an integrated circuit
Method of connecting a die in an integrated circuit module
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having data pads formed in scribed area
Method of determining the impact of plasma-charging damage on yield and reliability in submicron integrated circuits
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Field effect transistor formed in SOI technology with semiconductor material having multiple thicknesses
Angle cavity resonant photodetector
Method of manufacturing an organic electrolyte electrochemical cell of unitary structure
Cathode belt structure for use in a metal-air fuel cell battery system and method of fabricating the same
High-power bussing connection system for a battery pack
Convective air manager for metal-air battery
Lithium secondary battery
Nonaqueous secondary battery
Thin profile batteries
Fuel cell and separator comprising contact lugs with specific widths
High-efficiency fuel cell system
Fuel cell having water permeability adjustment capability
Direct antifreeze solution concentration control system for a fuel cell power plant
Wire connector
Battery terminal connector
Battery terminal connector
Structure of a frame for multi-port connector
Shielded electrical connector with flange support member
Electrical connector with improved supporting devices
Electrical connector with low force of insertion particularly with blade contacts, for a flexible circuit
Terminal fitting for flat conductor
Electrical cable connector
Female metal terminal
Connector including a releasable contact engaging latch
Electrical outlet cover
Water proof connector
Water-proof structure for connector with cable seal
Sealed electrical connector, provided with a front grill for locking contacts
Cable connector
Connector locking mechanism
Connector with articulated latch
Audio jack with a controlled normal force for retaining a mating plug
Electrical connector with tension disconnect
Thumbscrew with automatic torque-limiting feature
Electrical connector
Backshell with forced electrical connector orientation
Keying system for electrical connector assemblies
Modular communications socket
Cable connector assembly device with improved latching means
Multicontact connector element with means for connecting its cage to ground
Electrical connector with grounding system
Grounding device of an electric connector
Electrical connector assembly
System for terminating the shield of a high speed cable
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Filtered electrical connector
Filter device for at least one electrical line connectable externally to a housing
Connector assembly and method of mounting same
Composite interface structure for jack-plug sockets
Electrical connector adapter assembly
Rotorless holder for fluorescent lamps
Adaptor with rotary plug
Flat circuitry connector and method of connecting flat circuitries using the same
Conductor piercing washer device for a fastening member
Thin line communications jack expansion kit
Connection method and cable connector
Junction box having function electronics
Multipulse dye laser
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabrication thereof
Arrangement in terminating a cable
Power column
Sealed compressor with temperature feedback to motor protector unit
Battery carrying portable electric equipment
Method and apparatus for improving signal quality in implantable hearing systems
Method for manufacturing acoustic vibration plate
Electrical connection system and method for flat circuits
Redundant cooling system for computer assembly
Graphite-fiber enhanced molded plastic for electronic enclosures
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