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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thermotransfer printer, and method for controlling activation of printing elements of a print head thereof
Optical writing device and image forming apparatus
Line head and image forming device using the same
Image forming apparatus
Safety lock
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma producing method and apparatus as well as plasma processing apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind power generator system
Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with reconfigurable control surfaces
Interferometer using vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Measuring apparatus for performing positional analysis on an integrated circuit carrier
Three-dimensional measurement system, inspection method, three-dimensional measurement method and program
Method for measuring three-dimensional objects by single-view optical shadowgraphy, using the optical laws of light propagation
Sensor apparatus and method using optical interferometry
Methods of use for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS) systems for the detection of bacteria
Particle counting and DNA uptake system and method for detection, assessment and further analysis of threats due to nebulized biological agents
Sensor mechanism and method for the production thereof
Method and apparatus for estimating the condition of a coating on an underground pipeline
Sensing device for measuring a position of nanoscale motion apparatus
Capacitive sensor with alternating current power immunity
Multilayer semiconductor device
Accurate capacitance measurement for ultra large scale integrated circuits
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Automated disk clamping method for spinstand for testing magnetic heads and disks
Radar apparatus
Automated radar elevation angle configuration
Position determination system and position determination method
Method and system for hybrid positioning using partial distance information
Wellbore communication system
Seismic processing for the elimination of multiple reflections
Method to estimate towed array angles
Surveying method using an arrangement of plural signal sources
Optical multiphase flowmeter
Optical article including a layer siox as main component and manufacturing method of the same
Image pickup device and image pickup lens
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens system and camera including the same
Integrated modulator illumination
Electronically controlled stage lighting system
Electrophoretic display having electromagnets
Lens module
Lens barrel
Aperture stop and manufacturing method thereof
Projection optical system
Projection lens and projection display device using the same
Display element
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display
Thin film transistor array panel for a display
Liquid crystal display with group of interdigitated electrodes
Display panel with TFT and gate line disposed between sub-electrodes of pixel electrode
Touch panel
Display element
Synchronizing timing of multiple physically or logically separated system nodes
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Color image process controls methods and systems
Semiconductor device, control method of semiconductor device, and control information generating method for semiconductor device
Switching power supply, control circuit controlling switching power supply and control method of switching power supply
Computer lock system
Physical configuration of a hand-held electronic communication device
Image forming apparatus and print system
Print system, image sensing apparatus, print apparatus, and control methods thereof
Center button isolation ring
Touchpad cover apparatus and electronic device using the same
3D pointing method, 3D display control method, 3D pointing device, 3D display control device, 3D pointing program, and 3D display control program
Methods and systems for segmenting logical pages into work units for processing on multiple compute systems
Network printing system having automated selection of a destination printer
Image processing apparatus, method and program
Image and stacking orientation compensating method and apparatus for media having marginal regions with different thicknesses
Operations for product processing
Methods and systems of determining physical characteristics associated with objects tagged with RFID tags
RFID tag and construction site management system and management method using the same
Electronic device manufacturing system and electronic device manufacturing method
Power supply device
Device and method for monitoring the position of a cable in a cable operated transportation system and a cable operated transportation system
Arrival alerting device, arrival alerting method, and mobile terminal
Cooling system for a mobile terminal for wireless communication
Method and device for following objects, particularly for traffic monitoring
Plasma display panel having a crystalline magnesium oxide layer
Drive circuit
Display device, method of driving the same and display device driving apparatus
Power control method and system for polarity inversion in LCD panels
Display and projection type display
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Inverter and display device having the same
Digital image processing with inherent compression
Mobile device
Keyboard system with automatic correction
Adaptive track shape control during self servo-write
Method and apparatus for write precompensation in a magnetic recording system
Write driver system for data storage systems
Method and system for canceling feedback current in an amplifier system
Magnetic head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the head
Storage element and memory
Magnetic memory with separate read and write paths
Content addressable memory device
Coding techniques for improving the sense margin in content addressable memories
Content addressable memory (CAM) array capable of implementing read or write operations during search operations
Semiconductor memory having electrically erasable and programmable semiconductor memory cells
Method for Q.sub.CRIT measurement in bulk CMOS using a switched capacitor circuit
Memory structure with word line buffers
Multi-layer ceramic capacitor having improved component capacity and production method thereof
Method and apparatus providing final test and trimming for a power supply controller
Momentary push button switch
Display device and electronic apparatus
Low-temperature electrically activated gate electrode and method of fabricating same
Semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing an electro-optical device or electroluminescence display device
Flip-chip packages allowing reduced size without electrical shorts and methods of manufacturing the same
Dicing die-bonding film and process for producing semiconductor device
Technology for fabrication of packaging interface substrate wafers with fully metallized vias through the substrate wafer
Integrated circuit having stress tuning layer
Circuit arrangement having a free-wheel diode
Method for producing a dielectric interlayer and storage capacitor with such a dielectric interlayer
Bottom electrode of metal-insulator-metal capacitor
Integrated circuit including an insulating structure below a source/drain region and method
Image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Radiation imaging apparatus and its driving method and program
Process for making contact with and housing integrated circuits
Integrated circuit including a capacitor and method
Four-terminal antifuse structure having integrated heating elements for a programmable circuit
Quantum device, control method thereof and manufacturing method thereof
Fast recovery reduced p-n junction rectifier
Composite semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic materials having superparamagnetic particles
Thin film transistor array panel using organic semiconductor and a method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor component having discontinuous drift zone control dielectric arranged between drift zone and drift control zone and a method of making the same
2-T SRAM cell structure and method
Body controlled double channel transistor and circuits comprising the same
Simple low power circuit structure with metal gate and high-k dielectric
Transistor with raised source and drain formed on SOI substrate
Programmable non-volatile memory (PNVM) device
Magnetic tunnel junction transistor
Electronic device and method for manufacturing thereof
Dislocation-based light emitter
MEMS sensor
Battery-capacity management device
Tag device, antenna, and portable card
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Depletion-mode field effect transistor based electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Fault condition protection
Controlling a power converter
DC-DC converter for carrying out constant output power control and maintaining a secondary battery at a set drooping voltage
Switching power supply
Sintered magnet and rotating machine equipped with the same
Rotor of permanent magnet rotating electric machine
Electrical machine with an insertion device for a permanent magnet between pole tooth halves and corresponding production method
Stator assembly
Brushless electric machine
Spindle motor having holding magnet preventing oil discharge
DC/AC cold cathode fluorescent lamp inverter
Model railroad velocity controller
Electromechanical drive system, in particular for progressive cavity pumps for oil wells
Control and motor arrangement for use in model train
Power generating device utilizing hydrodynamic force
Cascode compensation circuit and method for amplifier stability
Data transmitting circuit and transmitting method
Fault tolerant integrated circuit architecture
Integrated circuit devices having level shifting circuits therein
Logic circuit
Adjustable hold flip flop and method for adjusting hold requirements
Method and apparatus for pulse width modulation
Device for detecting the peak value of a signal
Method and apparatus for measuring and compensating for static phase error in phase locked loops
Method and apparatus for testing data converter
RF chip including shared converter and transceiver including the RF chip
Adjusting a filter of a time-continuous sigma-delta converter
Continuous-time sigma-delta modulator with multiple feedback paths having independent delays
Image processing apparatus and its method, and control method
Electronic endoscope apparatus
Stored information processing device for external storages, and stored information processing method
Image recording apparatus and method for selecting and automatically deleting an image file
Dynamic image digest automatic editing system and dynamic image digest automatic editing method
Image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus, control method, and program that accounts for time intervals from one document to another document
Reducing printhead process color non-uniformities in a direct marking device
Three-dimensional image display apparatus
Arrangement for generating a 3D video signal
Device and method for correcting kinescope scan distortion
Camera with mounting rail
Apparatus and method for optically converting a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional planar image
Method of calculating ratio of visible light component and image pickup apparatus using same
Camera system with mirror arrangement for generating self-portrait panoramic pictures
Imaging operation controller
Adaptive image stabilization
Mobile communication terminal
Focus detecting apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Solid-state image pick-up apparatus capable of remarkably reducing dark current and a drive method therefor
Receiver apparatus for outputting digital video and audio signals and receiver system incorporating the receiver apparatus
Input switching apparatus and television apparatus
Control device and control method with corresponding arrangement of image regions
Digital television with subscriber conference overlay
Security system for mass transit and mass transportation
Solid-state image pickup apparatus multiplying signal charges depending on imaging circumstances
Image pickup apparatus and method
Wafer having thermal circuit and power supplier therefor
Luminous device
Ballast for at least one fluorescent high pressure discharge lamp, method for operating said lamp and lighting system comprising said lamp
Projector device employing ballast with flyback converter
Lighting controlling device of vehicle lighting equipment
Assembly packaging using induction heating
Nonvolatile memory card and configuration conversion adapter
Bezel support for flat panel display
Circuit board assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Highly concentrated glyphosate herbicidal compositions
Treatment method for preserving cut flowers
Methods of blocking an ethylene response in plants using cyclopropene derivatives
BTK inhibitors and methods for their identification and use
Fungicidal mixtures
Fungicides mixtures
Fungicide mixtures based on pyridine carboxamides
Substituted 3-phenylpyrazoles
Flufenacet-based herbicidal compositions
Use of esters or amides of hydroxylated carboxylic acids as solubilizers
Fatty analogues for the treatment of diabetes
Antioxidant composition comprising acetyl L-carnitine and .alpha.-lipoic acid
Naturally occurring compounds and their derivatives as cyclooxygenase 2 and/or 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors
Method of treating sleep apnoea
Treatment of orthostatic hypotension
Method of treating eating disorders
Nitrate esters and their use for neurological conditions
Method and composition for delivering zinc to the nasal membrane
Method for treating a patient with neoplasia by treatment with a paclitaxel derivative
Ozonide compounds with inhibitory activity for urokinase production and angiogenesis
Methods to enhance white blood cell count
Administration of carvedilol to mitigate tardive movement disorders, psychosis, mania, and depression
Remedies or preventives for intractable epilepsy
Methimazole derivatives and tautomeric cyclic thiones to treat autoimmune diseases
Anticachectic composition
Tricyclic amide and urea compounds useful for inhibition of G-protein function and for treatment of proliferative diseases
(Imidazol-5-yl)methyl-2-quinolinone derivatives as inhibitors of smooth muscle cell proliferation
Drug cominbations containing AZT
Methylxanthines in the diagnosis and treatment of autistic disorder
Compounds, compositions and methods for treating erectile dysfunction
Use of mometasone furoate for treating airway passage and lung diseases
Compound for inhibiting HIV infectivity
Gene delivery and expression in areas inaccessible to direct protein delivery
Regulation of neural enzymes
FGF inhibitor, angiogenesis inhibitor and antitumor agent containing complestatin or its derivative as effective ingredient
Method for inhibiting herpes infection
Treatment of arteriosclerosis
Process for preparation of hydrophilic or partially hydrophilic inorganic aerogels
Treatment of acne using lipoic acid
Fatty acid esters of aromatic alcohols and their use in cosmetic formulations
Compositions and methods for inhibiting photoaging of skin
Personal cleansing composition and method
Carboxylated surfactants
Gels formed by the interaction of poly(aldehyde) with various substances
Water-soluble or water-dispersible polyurethanes with terminal acid groups, the production and the use thereof
Organopolysiloxane gels for use in cosmetics
Polysiloxane block copolymers in topical cosmetic and personal care compositions
Liquid dispersion polymer compositions, their preparation and their use
Use of borate-polyol complexes in ophthalmic compositions
Oral pharmaceutical compositions containing buprenorphin
Antibacterial composition for topical administration containing antibiotic
Adhesive for application of functional articles to the skin and comfortable removal
Preparation of carboxylate-sulfonate polymers having cell proliferation-promoting properties
Method for producing a cycloolefin copolymer
Composition comprising triclocarban or triclosan
Poly-perfluoroalkyl substituted polyamines as grease proofing agents for paper and foam stabilizers in aqueous fire-fighting foams
Bacterial culture which degrades methyl-tert-butyl ether to carbon dioxide
Two component polyurethane clear coat for golf balls
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cardable blends of dual glass fibers
Cucurbituril derivatives, their preparation methods and uses
Elastomer composite blends and methods-II
Rheology, modified compositions exhibiting stress-dependent fluidity, modification agents therefor, and methods of making same
Process for producing heat-expandable microcapsules
Method of preparing metal containing compounds using hydrodynamic cavitation
Method of making bleaching clay
Process for the production of an oxidation catalyst on-line
Metallic copper catalyst and process for the synthesis of organohalosilanes
Fischer-Tropsch processes and catalysts using fluorided alumina supports
Method and catalyst system for producing aromatic carbonates
Alkoxylation catalyst
Highly functional base material
Presulfurization method of hydrogenation catalyst
Ultrasonic catalyst feed for fluid bed olefin polymerization
Slurries of abrasive inorganic oxide particles and method for adjusting the abrasiveness of the particles
Method to improve humidity resistance of phenolic urethane foundry binders
Process for the polymerization and copolymerization of certain unsaturated hydrocarbons
Heat and radio frequency-curable two-pack soy protein-based polyurethane adhesive compositions
Polyester composition and film, and production method
Polymer compositions
Composition and method for enhancing the surface adhesion of polyurethane foam to surfaces of thermoplastic blends
Ink-contacting member, ink-absorbing member, ink tank and ink-jet cartridge
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet
Dye-donor element with transferable protection overcoat
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fused spherical silica, method for producing same and liquid sealing resin composition
Glass composition and substrate for information recording media comprising the same
Process for preparing a polymeric latex
Ceramic composition having high adsorptive capacity for oxygen at elevated temperature
Non-slip artificial stone
Process for production of polyasparagine and the high nitrogen content polymer formed thereby
Process for the production of difluoromethane
Compositions of 1-bromopropane and an organic solvent
Process for producing aromatic amines
Process for the preparation of N-alkypolyhydroxyalkylamines from monoalkylamine and reducing sugar
Polyamines and coating compositions with enhanced resistance to yellowing
Biphenyl compounds and their use as oestrogenic agents
Production of alkyl 6-aminocaproate
Pentaerythrite derivatives, the production and use thereof and intermediate products for the synthesis of the same
Method for producing hydrazine derivative
Low viscosity imine reactive diluents and coating compositions made therefrom
Compositions containing cyanate ester and aromatic compounds having improved heat release properties
Perfluoroalkyl halides and derivatives
Fluoroalkanesulfonyl azide copolymers
Substituted 3,3-diamino-2-propenenitriles, their preparation and use
Thiodipropionic acid bisamides as stabilizers for nonblack elastomers
Alicyclic compound and curable resin composition
Process for producing fluoroaromatic carboxylates
Interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factors-.alpha. modulators, syntheses of said modulators and methods of using modulators
Process for co-production of dialkyl carbonate and alkanediol
Substituted aryl hydroxamic acids as metalloproteinase inhibitors
Indole and indazole urea-peptoids as thrombin receptor antagonists
N-substituted naphthalene carboxamides as neurokinin-receptor antagonists
Process for producing pyridine derivative through reaction of azametallacyclopentadiene with alkyne
Polymerization of ethylene
Preparation of heterocycles using 1,3-dihalopropenes
4-aza steroids
Aromatic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for the preparation of 4,6-disubstituted 2-isocyanatopyrimidines and their use as intermediates for active compound syntheses
Preparation of 2-methyl-4-amino-5-aminomethylpyrimidine
Trisaryl-1,3,5-triazine ultraviolet light absorbers
Process for the preparation of stilbene compounds
Isoxazolecarboxamide derivatives
6,5-fused aromatic ring systems having enhanced phosphodiesterase IV inhibitory activity
Benzoxazine and benzothiazine derivatives and their use in pharmaceuticals
Thiadiazole additives and lubricating compositions containing the same
Process for preparing Cis-2,6-dimethylpiperazine
Process for extraction of piperine from piper species
Arylysulphonamide-substituted benzimidazoles having tryptase-inhibiting activity
Antipsychotic substituted piperidine derivatives
Benzosultam oxazolidinone antibacterial agents
Quinoline and quinazoline compounds useful in therapy
Pyrroloquinolines for treatment of obesity
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically pure imidazolyl compounds
Compounds, their preparation and use
Small molecules useful in the treatment of inflammatory disease
Imidazo-pyridines, -pyridazines, and -triazines as corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
Heterocycle-condensed morphinoid derivatives (II)
Phosphodiesterase IV-inhibiting diazepinoindoles
Preparation of opiates, intermediates and uses of salts
Substituted hydrochromenopyrroles
Vinca-alkaloid derivatives and preparation method
Stable and water soluble bis Au(I) complexes and their synthesis
Product containing magnesium, halogen and alkoxy
Organometallic compound, preparation method thereof and process for polymerization of olefins by means of a catalyst composition including the organometallic compound
Process for producing epoxyorganosilicon compounds
Facile synthesis of phosphonomethylglycine from phosphonomethyliminodiacetic acid
Lactosamine oligosaccharide and method for producing the same
Ethanolate of azithromycin, process for manufacture, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
High specificity primers, amplification methods and kits
S-substitute 11.beta.-benzaldoxime-estra-4, 9-diene-carbonic acid thiolesters, method for the production thereof and pharmaceutical preparations containing these compounds
Dirofilaria and Brugia ankyrin proteins and uses thereof
Parasite-derived resistance
Peptides and nucleic acid sequences related to the Epstein Barr virus
Method and probes for the identification of microbial genes specifically induced during host infection
Sequences of E. coli O157
Regulatory element for expressing genes in plants
Pharmaceutical and diagnostic use of Serum Amyloid P component
Y2H14 an IKK binding protein
Translational regulator
Antibodies to lipocalin homologs
Methods and reagents for modulating TGF-.beta. superfamily signalling
Polynucleotides encoding IL-1 Hy2 polypeptides
DNA coding for a human vasoconstrictive peptide and use thereof
Methods and compositions for inhibiting inflammation and angiogenesis comprising a mammalian CD97 .alpha. subunit
Human cardiac/brain tolloid-like protein
Soluble LDL receptor, its production and use
Phosphonic and carboxylic acid derivatives as inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B (PTP-1B)
Low molecular weight peptide derivatives as inhibitors of the laminin/nidogen interaction
Process for obtaining stereoisomers from biomass
Boratabenzene cocatalyst with metallocene catalyst
Polyolefin catalysts
Method for preparing polybutadiene latex
Method of manufacturing fluoropolymers
Preventing upsets in polymerization reactors
Polymerization processes
Rapid preparation of foam materials from high internal phase emulsions
Photoinitiators for cationic curing
Propylene/ethylene random copolymer, molding material, and molded article
Process for the preparation of random propylene copolymers and products obtained therefrom
Continuous, solvent-free process for making terpolymers of maleic anhydride, C1-4 alkyl vinyl ether and isobutylene
Process for preparing monodisperse crosslinked bead polymers
Electrodepositable coating compositions comprising onium salt group-containing polymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization
Process for the production of propylene terpolymers
Two-component supported catalysts and their use for gas-phase polymerization
Method of reducing the quantity of residual monomers in aqueous dispersions of polymers
Synthetic polymers having hydrogen bonding capability and containing aliphatic hydrocarbon moieties
Amorphous vinyl cyclohexane polymers
Spiro-ammonium ionomer carboxylates
Polyacetal copolymer
High green strength reactive hot melt by a prepolymerization in the main reactor
Curable compositions composite coatings and process for having improved mar and abrasion resistance
Thermoplastic polyurethane resin
Polyestercarbonates and methods for the direct incorporation of acids into polycarbonate chains by SSP
Method for removing volatile components from solid polymeric materials
Branched polycarbonate and method
Polymerizable composition and process for producing optical resin comprising the same
Process for the production of polyether block copolysulfones
Grafted polysilanes useful as photoinitiators and process for preparing same
Rubber compounds containing solution rubbers which contain carboxyl groups
Pigment concentrate
Azeotrope-like compositions of pentafluorobutane and water
Silicone rubber sponge composition and sponge articles therefrom
Nanocomposite material
Transparent resin compositions with near infrared absorption characteristics
Rubber product
Process for stabilizing oxymethylene copolymer
Resin composition and molded or formed product comprising vinyl cyclic hydrocarbon polymer
Synergistic stabilizer mixture
Reduction of carbonized particles
Water-soluble monoazo dyes, their preparation and use
Bridged disazo compounds
Method for producing thermally cleavable, soluble pigment derivatives
Dye composition
Biodegradable/compostable hot melt adhesives comprising polyester of lactic acid
Self-lubricating liner using poly (p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) fiber
Vegetable oils containing styrene/butadiene copolymers in combination with additional commercial polymers that have good low temperature and high temperature viscometrics
Melt cast solid shaped detergent bar compositions with high water content
Process for manufacturing solid cast silicate-based detergent compositions and resultant product
Agglomerated antimicrobial detergent additive comprising swellable layered silicate and surfactant
Laundry detergents and cleaners comprising bleaching-active dendrimer ligands and metal complexes thereof
Dishwashing detergent compositions containing organic diamines for improved grease cleaning sudsing, low temperature stability and dissolution
Asymmetrical imide bleach activators and compositions employing the same
p53 antisense agent and method
DNA-Armed ribozymes and minizymes
Process for preparation to stereoisomeric carboxylic acid esters
Process for producing carboxylic acid isomer using Nocardia diaphanozonaria or Saccharopolyspora hirsuta
Stripping nucleic acids with iodine and sodium thiosulfate
Zymogenic nucleic acid detection methods, and related molecules and kits
Electrochemical denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acid
DNA and peptides of a diabetes-specific endogenous retrovirus
Method of forming integrated circuitry
Process for depositing thin films containing titanium and nitrogen
Batch processing for semiconductor wafers to form aluminum nitride and titanium aluminum nitride
Method for performing metallo-organic chemical vapor deposition of titanium nitride at reduced temperature
Production of silicon carbide bodies
Method for depositing silicon carbide in semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing epitaxial wafer
Solid state electronic device fabrication using crystalline defect control
Textiles; Paper
Foamed facer and insulation boards made therefrom cross-reference to related patent application
Photo-curable resin composition used for photo-fabrication of three-dimensional object
Method for patterning dual damascene interconnects using a sacrificial light absorbing material
Cleaning and drying method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method for forming a thin film resistor
Method for independent control of polycrystalline silicon-germanium in a silicon-germanium HBT and related structure
Method for forming a uniform network of semiconductor islands on an insulating substrate
Laser thermal process for fabricating field-effect transistors
Process for making a non-volatile memory cell with a polysilicon spacer defined select gate
Method for forming doped p-type gate with anti-reflection layer
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Chemical vapor deposition process
Method and apparatus for a direct buried strap for same level contact interconnections for semiconductor devices
Isotropic resistor protect etch to aid in residue removal
Method of manufacturing a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Techniques for improving adhesion of silicon dioxide to titanium
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit
Method for producing PMOS devices
Flash memory process using polysilicon spacers
Dual gate process using self-assembled molecular layer
Cylindrical capacitor structure and method of manufacture
Method of processing a substrate in a processing chamber
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices utilizing in situ passivation of dielectric thin films
Method and structure for reducing contact aspect ratios
I.C. thin film resistor stabilization method
Method of forming a MOS transistor
Method for producing a heterobiopolar transistor
Structure and method for gated lateral bipolar transistors
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated memory devices with cells matrix having virtual ground
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating a semiconductor insulation layer
Advanced cobalt silicidation with in-situ hydrogen plasma clean
Elimination of junction spiking using soft sputter etch and two step tin film during the contact barrier deposition process
Integrated high density plasma chemical vapor deposition (HDP-CVD) method and chemical mechanical polish (CMP) planarizing method for forming patterned planarized aperture fill layers
Method of forming gate oxide layer in semiconductor device
Apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Methods of forming power semiconductor devices having tapered trench-based insulating regions therein
Method for antimony and boron doping of spherical semiconductors
Integrated process for I/O redistribution and passive components fabrication and devices formed
Fabrication of P-channel field effect transistor with minimized degradation of metal oxide gate
Method for manufacturing nonvolatile memory device using self-aligned source process
Small particle size chemical mechanical polishing composition
DRAM cell having a vertical transistor and a capacitor formed on the sidewalls of a trench isolation
Process to improve the flow of oxide during field oxidation by fluorine doping
Method for making a concave bottom oxide within a trench
Self-aligned double-gate MOSFET by selective epitaxy and silicon wafer bonding techniques
Method for forming dual-polysilicon structures using a built-in stop layer
Two chamber metal reflow process
Method of improving electromigration in semiconductor device manufacturing processes
Tungsten silicide nitride as a barrier for high temperature anneals to improve hot carrier reliability
Self aligned dual damascene method
Method of making a slot via filled dual damascene structure with middle stop layer
Dual-damascene process with porous low-K dielectric material
Process without post-etch cleaning-converting polymer and by-products into an inert layer
Method for fabricating a contact layer
Method to eliminate shorts between adjacent contacts due to interlevel dielectric voids
Method for forming a high-precision analog transistor with a low threshold voltage roll-up and a digital transistor with a high threshold voltage roll-up
DRAM technology of buried plate formation of bottle-shaped deep trench
Method of manufacturing SOI wafer with buried layer
Passivation for tight metal geometry
Chip carrier and method of manufacturing and mounting the same
Method of making a semiconductor device including testing before thinning the semiconductor substrate
Composite bump bonding
Mask repattern process
Microelectronic interconnect material with adhesion promotion layer and fabrication method
Creation of subresolution features via flow characteristics
IC resistor and capacitor fabrication method
Semiconductor manufacturing method using a dielectric photomask
Method of forming semiconductor device with decoupling capacitance
Transistor and method
Method for producing an ohmic contact
Method for manufacturing self-matching transistor
Method for making an I - shaped access transistor having a silicide envelop
Method for making flash memory cell having reentrant angle floating gate
Method of manufacturing a transistor in a semiconductor device
Separating layer for heat treating superconducting wire
Oxide superconductor having excellent crack-resistant property and process of producing same
Optical illumination system and projection apparatus
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