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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Potatoes with increased protein content
Cis-prenyltransferases from plants
Improving the post-thaw survival of mammalian blastocyt or sperm by applying hydrostatic pressure prior to cryopreservation
Topical anti-cancer compositions and methods of use thereof
Nucleoside aryl phosphoramidates for the treatment of RNA-dependent RNA viral infection
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Glycoconjugates, glycoamino acids, intermediates thereto, and uses thereof
Immunomodulatory oligonucleotides and methods of use therefor
Heteroaroyl-substituted serineamides
Isopentyl carboxanilides for combating undesired micro-organisms
GABA analogs, compositions and methods for manufacturing thereof
Use of RNA trans-splicing for antibody gene transfer and antibody polypeptide production
Emulsified bean-based oil substitute
Structured glycerol esters useful as edible moisture barriers
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for high conductivity cooking
Removable optical assembly for a medical instrument
Single use laryngoscope
Anti-pooling vest for patients undergoing hemodialysis and in critical care
System and method for tissue sampling and therapeutic treatment
Apparatus, kits, and methods for creating cavities in cancellous bone using an elongated loop structure or bristles
Self-locking device for fastening an intervertebral implant
Minimally invasive interspinous process spacer insertion device
Internally located return electrode electrosurgical apparatus, system and method
Fluid transfer device
Metabolic monitoring, a method and apparatus for indicating a health-related condition of a subject
Guidewire having linear change in stiffness
Catheter deployment device
Method for reducing odor using colloidal nanoparticles
Electrospun apatite/polymer nano-composite scaffolds
Intraocular lens injector apparatus and methods of use
Method of inserting, rotating and releasing a spring-loaded artificial disk
Expandable lordosis stabilizing cage
Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disc
Vertebral disc repair
Inflatable prosthetic breast assembly and associated method
Mallet finger splint
5,6,7-trihydroxyheptanoic acid and analogs for the treatment of ocular diseases and diseases associated with hyperproliferative and angiogenic responses
Sublingual Formulations of Ketorolac or Salts Thereof
Ligands for the HisB10 Zn.sup.2 + sites of the R-state insulin hexamer
Piperidinyl compounds that selectively bind integrins
Carbostyril derivatives for accelerating salivation
Delta and epsilon crystal forms of Imatinib mesylate
Combi-molecules having EGFR and DNA targeting properties
Treatment of cancer of the brain using histone deacetylase inhibitors
Pyrazolopyridines and analogs thereof
Hyaluronic acid-based cross-linked nanoparticles
Metallic implant which is degradable in vivo
Method for increasing lactose tolerance in mammals exhibiting lactose intolerance
Methods of treatment involving the protease for activating clotting factor VII
Compositions comprising cell-impermeant duramycin derivatives
Method for stabilizing a protein
Drugs for ameliorating postcibal hyperglycemia
Composition for indolent wound healing and methods of use therefor
Heterodimeric fusion proteins useful for targeted immune therapy and general immune stimulation
Fusion molecules and methods for treatment of immune diseases
Compositions and methods for vaccinating against HSV-2
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Breast, gastric and prostate cancer associated antigens and uses therefor
Medicament for treating cancer
Antibodies to fibroblast growth factor-like polypeptides
Detection of biomarkers for neuropsychiatric disorders
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Transdermal delivery of oleocanthal for relief of inflammation
Burn treatment method and composition
Nanoparticles for drug delivery
Polymeric compositions
Scored pharmaceutical tablets comprising a plurality of segments
Sensory developmental cap
System for perfusion management
Catheter tip displacement mechanism
Balloon trepan
Locking component for an embolic filter assembly
Method of opening reservoir of containment device
Echogenic spacers and strands
Method, system and machine for collecting a biological fluid to which a selected ratio of solution is added
Medical valve with resilient sealing member
Intravenous catheter anchoring device
Agents for preventing and treating disorders involving modulation of the RyR receptors
Waistline slimming exercise machine
Golf club head
Gaming machine
Gaming machine
Multi-layered interactive play experience
Life size halloween novelty item
Performing Operations; Transporting
Air cleaner and method of manufacturing the same
Microfluidic element
Method of preparing a coating solution and a corresponding use of the coating solution for coating a substrate
Surface energy control methods for color filter printing
Metal encapsulation
Pneumatic grinder with an improved air intake control apparatus
Advanced workpiece finishing
Method for forming hollow moldings having thin film on inner surface
Method of making a two-piece end plug for insertion into an end of a paper roll
Methods of polymeric bonding fuel system components
Pneumatic tires
Method for forming panel units having in situ formed moldings
Carrier applied coating layers
Elastomeric films with brittle nonblocking skins
Underwater safety surface and method for preparing same
Method for making a vehicle panel
Hollow chamber structural component and method for producing same
Optical disc and method for fabricating the same
Ultrasonic welding of resilient layers to plates
Common carrier
Methods for producing internally-tufted laminates
Method for manufacturing pyrolytic boron nitride composite substrate
Non-stick ceramic coating composition and process
Method for preparing silicone rubber/fluoroelastomer integrated rubber article
Method of processing a workpiece in a plasma reactor with independent wafer edge process gas injection
Discrimination medium and discrimination method therefor
Hydraulic coupling with disconnect pump clutch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Zeolites with uniform intracrystal textural pores
Double-sided self-cleansing media
Inorganic composition and products and manufacturing process
Method for producing fluorinated organic compounds
Production method for ethyleneamine mixtures
Substituted piperazinyl-pyrrolidine compounds useful as chemokine receptor antagonists
Cinnamide compound
Serine hydrolase inhibitors
Imidazo compounds
Caspase inhibitor prodrugs
.alpha.-amino acid derivatives and medicaments containing the same as an active ingredient
MOF synthesis method
Platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) nucleic acid ligand complexes
Polynucleotides encoding antibodies that bind to the C35 polypeptide
Method of reducing the effects of ischemia by administration of a thrombopoietin receptor ligand
Binding member which binds to both Lewis-.sup.y and Lewis-.sup.b haptens, and its use for treating cancer
Fusion molecules and treatment of IgE-mediated allergic diseases
Compositions for the detection of enzyme activity in biological samples and methods of use thereof
Biodegradable polymers
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins
Gas-barrier composition, coating film and method for production of the same, and layered material
Multiblock copolymer, method of preparing the same, polymer electrolyte membrane prepared from the multiblock copolymer, method of preparing the polymer electrolyte membrane, and fuel cell employing the polymer electrolyte membrane
Heat-resistant sliding resin composition, production process and use therof
Moulded object exhibiting a polychromatic effect, associated light device and resin
Compositions comprising an organic polymer as the matrix and inorganic particles as the filler, process for the preparation thereof and applications of the same
Composite with natural fibers
Oxidative internal breaker for viscoelastic surfactant fluids
Energy efficient and throughput enhancing extractive process for aromatics recovery
Fuel additive
Synthetic phenolic ether lubricant base stocks and lubricating oils comprising such base stocks mixed with co-base stocks and/or additives
Methods of cleaning using a streptomyces 1AG3 serine protease
Waste converter
Apparatus for performing biochemical processing using container having wells
Regulatory segments of the human gene for telomerase reverse transcriptase
Method for differentiating mesenchymal stem cells into steroid-producing cells
Methods and compositions for tissue regeneration
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable arrays
Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules
Self-assembled proteins and related methods and protein structures
Method of detecting the presence of asthma or allergies in a patient
Methods of identifying adipocyte specific genes, the genes identified, and their uses
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Method for measuring an outline of a stratum of a reactant and a path of charging the reactant in a blast furnace
Strong, non-magnetic, cube textured alloy substrates
Process for fabrication of cermets
Partially suspended rolling magnetron
Plasma etching apparatus
Apparatus for manufacturing flat-panel display
Processing apparatus with a chamber having therein a high-corrosion-resistant sprayed film
Process for preparing porous metal organic frameworks
Hydrogen generating apparatus, fuel cell power generation system, method of controlling hydrogen generating quantity and recorded medium recorded program performing the same
Electrically active combinatorial chemical (EACC) chip for biochemical analyte detection
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and process for making tape useful as a tire cap ply
Fixed Constructions
Drain grate filter assembly with compressible anchors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus to monitor a valve adapted to control mode to gear transitions during operation of an electro-mechanical transmission
Hydraulic control system of eight-speed automatic transmission for a vehicle
Electrophoresis chip
Method for analyzing C-terminal amino acid sequence of peptide using mass spectrometry
Methods for detection of breast cancer
Isolated fluorescent protein from Clytia gregaria CGFP and use thereof
Methods for the identification of modulators of OSGPR114 or OSGPR78 activity, and their use in the treatment of disease
Regulation of F.sub.1-ATPase beta subunit cellular location
Immersion lithography fluids
Method for correcting mask
Frequency division multiplexing (FDM) lithography
Method for forming high-resolution pattern having desired thickness or high aspect ratio using dry film resist
Method to control semiconductor device overlay using post etch image metrology
Image bearing member and image forming apparatus using the same
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Electronic keyboard instrument
Child development and education apparatus and method using visual stimulation
Media for recording devices
Additive for anode material for lithium secondary battery, anode material for lithium secondary battery, anode and lithium secondary battery using the anode material for lithium secondary battery
Composite carbonate and method for producing the same
Compound based on titanium diphosphate and carbon, preparation process, and use as an active material of an electrode for a lithium storage battery
Superconducting article and method of making
Control device for controlling electrical switchgear
Light emitting device and method for producing same
Thin film transistor, thin film transistor substrate including the same and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing a microlens substrate and method for manufacturing a liquid crystal panel
Method for manufacturing surface-emitting laser
Method of forming p-type gallium nitride based semiconductor, method of forming nitride semiconductor device, and method of forming epitaxial wafer
Method and device to reduce dark current in image sensors
Polycarbosilane buried etch stops in interconnect structures
Laser annealing method wherein reflected beams are minimized
Hybrid window layer for photovoltaic cells
Low cost die placement
Method for manufacturing floating structure of microelectromechanical system
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductro laser device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including a semiconductor substrate with stripes of different crystal plane directions
Method of manufacturing porous body
Methods for fabricating improved gate dielectrics
Stripping composition for removing a photoresist and method of manufacturing TFT substrate for a liquid crystal display device using the same
Methods of forming semiconductor devices using selective etching of an active region through a hardmask
Sub-lithographic printing method
Thermal treatment equipment and method for heat-treating
Structure and method of fabricating a transistor having a trench gate
Methods of enhancing performance of field-effect transistors and field-effect transistors made thereby
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device including a memory cell array area and peripheral circuit area
Memory function body, particle forming method therefor and, memory device, semiconductor device, and electronic equipment having the memory function body
Mounting method of semiconductor element using outside connection projection electyrode and manufacturing method of semiconductor device using outside connection projection electrode
Interconnect structure and method of manufacturing the same
Rapid heating with nanoenergetic materials
Metal seed layer deposition
Methods for making electronic devices with a solution deposited gate dielectric
Blocking pre-amorphization of a gate electrode of a transistor
Method of providing protection against charging damage in hybrid orientation transistors
High-temperature solder, high-temperature solder paste and power semiconductor using same
Organic-inorganic hybrid material, composition for synthesizing the same, and manufacturing method of the same
Center pin and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
Method for preventing erroneous loading of component-to-be-loaded on main body side apparatus, component-to-be-loaded and battery pack
Polymer battery pack
Anodes for alkaline electrolysis
Micro fuel cell
Fuel cell unit, control method thereof, information processing apparatus, and power supply control method thereof
Fuel cell stack having improved cooling structure
Regenerative oxidizer assembly for use in PEM fuel cell applications
Systems and methods for processing fuel for fuel cells
System and method for RFID transfer of MAC, keys
Method of fabricating an electrochemical device using ultrafast pulsed laser deposition
3-dimensional substrate for embodying multi-packages and method of fabricating the same
Container with multi-level shielded compartments
Gasket and display apparatus having the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn plant 94INK1A and seeds thereof
Guzmania plant named `Jazz`
Soybean cultivar 922411394
Inbred corn plant 83DNQ2 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar 962568805347
Mice models of human prostate cancer progression
Phthalimides and herbicide containing the same as active component
Cabinet with convectively heated exterior and interior mirrors
Heating systems based on alternating-current electrodes
Electric cooking apparatus
Microporous films comprising flocked fibers
Absorptive article containing titanium oxide
Compounds for the suppression of HIV TAT transactivation
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Pulverulent sorbitol and its process of preparation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Preparation of ethylene by gas permeation
Process for preparing alkylene oxide
Preparation of C10-C30-alkenes by partial hydrogenation of alkynes over fixed-bed supported palladium catalysts
Bridged bis-fluorenyl metallocenes process for the preparation thereof and use thereof in catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Particle separator and method of separating particles
Plastics sorting apparatus
Ergonomic method for sorting and sweeping mail pieces
Processor IC performance metric
Method for sorting integrated circuit devices
Method for sorting integrated circuit devices
Device for separating metal parts
Cleaning device for welding wire and method of cleaning welding wire
System for servomotor driven press to permit performance of multi purpose tasks
Apparatus for measuring a micro surface configuration and a method for manufacturing a probe incorporated in this measuring apparatus
DSP based plasma cutting system
Plasma arc torch with coaxial wire feed
Process for welding fixture pipes to opposite ends of hollow stabilizer's suspension arm for vehicle
Method for beam welding of hardenable steels by means of short-time heat treatment
Apparatus for laser processing foil material
Method and device for treating work pieces with laser radiation
Apparatus for the concurrent inspection of partially completed welds
Power supply for electric arc welding
Method for cutting a window in a vertical sheet of material, especially sheet metal
Material comprising an anti-reflective coating on a flexible glass substrate
Print media detector and method for use in a printing device
Method and apparatus for controllably moving a window
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Starter/generator for an internal combustion engine, especially an engine of a motor vehicle
Dynamic torque reference limiting in torque-controlled permanent magnet motor drives
Method for providing a quantity representing the longitudinal inclination of a vehicle
Steering column switch for motor vehicles
Device for triggering and method for operating an occupant protection device of a motor vehicle using a testable acceleration switch
Rotational-position sensing device and windshield wiper system having the same
Railway switch machine motor control apparatus
Heatable steering wheel
Power system having a radioisotope heat source
Method and apparatus for detecting and ejecting misaligned containers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Spin-on-glass anti-reflective coatings for photolithography
Microwave processing in pure H fields and pure E fields
Preparation of acetylene and synthesis gas
Process for the production of optically enriched (R)- or (S)-albuterol
Process for producing erythro-3-amino-2-hydroxybutyric acid derivatives
Methods for the preparation of taxanes using oxazolidine intermediates
Process for producing alcohols
Production of tricyclodecane dicarbaldehyde, pentacyclopentadecane dicarbaldehyde and corresponding dimethanols
Process for the preparation of aromatic or heteroaromatic sulphonyl chlorides
Process for the preparation of mercaptomethylphenois
Preparation of 1,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-hydroxypropanes
Eco-friendly method of preparation of high purity tetrabromobisphenol-A
Method for catalytic and selective oxidation of aromatic compounds
Process for preparing 1-substituted 5-hydroxy-imidazoline-2,4-diones and 1-substituted 5-alkoxy-imidazoline-2,4-diones
Naphthalene derivative, binaphthalene derivative and biphenyl derivative and cationically curable compound
Process for the production of a compound (+) catechin penta acetate useful as a precursor for the production of (+) catechin
Preparation of tocopheral carboxylates or tocotrienyl esters by acid-catalyzed reaction with carboxylic acids
Ammonium 3,5,6-trihydroxyhexanoate derivatives and preparation process thereof
Antibiotic oxazolidinone derivatives
Method for preparing lintitript potassium salt
Process for the preparation of ring-opened epothilone intermediates which are useful for the preparation of epothilone analogs
Intermediate compounds for preparing macrocylcic analogs
Method for producing metallocenes
Method for enhancement of naturally occurring cytoplasmic male sterility and for restoration of male fertility and uses thereof in hybrid crop production
Transgenic UCP2 knockout mouse and use thereof
Process for preparing ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
Topcoated adhesive
Molecular lanthanide complexes for phosphor applications
Process for converting hydrocarbons by treatment in a distillation zone comprising extracting a hydrocarbon cut as a side stream, associated with a reaction zone, and its use for hydrogenating benzene
Method of creating a transformed rice plant
Transgenic crops accumulating fructose polymers and methods for their production
Hygromycin-resistant transgenic plants
Methods for increasing stearate content in soybean oil
Fixed Constructions
Door lock controller
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method for positioning an engine throttle
Motor-operated flow control valve and exhaust gas recirculation control valve for internal combustion engine
Apparatus for converting energy from flowing liquid
Electricity generation from air conditioning exhaust
Magnetic bearing and its use
Radial active magnetic bearing apparatus and a method for operating the same
Blackbody furnace
Underwater optical load cell system
Tuning fork type vibration gyro
Inductive angle sensor with a plurality of receiving coils and an evaluation circuit
Method and apparatus for determining properties of a moving web with a differential coil sensor
Optical sensor array having multiple rungs between distribution and return buses and having amplifiers in the buses to equalize return signals
Multi-track absolute encoder
Combination weighing apparatus with improved flow of articles
Weight sensor
Sanitary weighing machine
System and method of heat signature verification/authentication of an object
Process for determination of blackening of a lamp
Apparatus and method for measuring of absolute values of penetration depth and surface resistance of metals and superconductors
Heater patterns for planar gas sensors
Probe device for measuring a magnetic field vector
Sensor for sensing rotary movement including a stationary sensor unit and a rotatable sensor unit
Apparatus and method for detecting the rate of rotation of DC spindle motor
Rotation detector having two pairs of symmetrically positioned magnetoresistive element circuits
Insulating interposer between two electronic components and process thereof
Probe needle for probe card
Microwave probe for surface mount and hybrid assemblies
Electrical test apparatus with gas purge
Probe card having on-board multiplex circuitry for expanding tester resources
Device with wide passband for measuring electric current intensity in a conductor
Fiber optic, current measuring devices and method
Differential capacitance sampler
Test structure, integrated circuit, and test method
Semiconductor device provided with a built-in minute charge detecting circuit
Antifuse repair circuit
Technique for the measurement of reflection coefficients in stored energy systems
Reverse biasing apparatus for solar battery module
Multiple test probe system
Wafer probing machine
Loading mechanism for automated verification and repair station
System and method for detecting defects within an electrical circuit by analyzing quiescent current
Method and structure for measurement of a multiple-power-source device during a test mode
Apparatus and method for testing circuit board
Method for laser analysis from the back side an electronic circuit formed on the front side of a semiconductor
Buffer circuit with rising and falling edge propagation delay correction and method
Semiconductor device testing system and method
Method for determining state of charge of a battery by measuring its open circuit voltage
Magnetic sensor having soft magnetic metallic element formed in zigzag shape
Method and apparatus for high throughput media defect testing using true reference value
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and operating method allowing multiple scans in rapid succession
Sensing head and collimator for gamma-camera
Radiation detector, an apparatus for use in radiography and a method for detecting ionizing radiation
Relating to monitoring ion sources
Nail locating device with pivotable magnet supporting indicator rod
Nuclear magnetic resonance logging with azimuthal resolution
NMR logging apparatus and methods for fluid typing
Method to enhance vertical resolution of time-decay log using forward modeling deconvolution of time-decay spectra
Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance logging
Substrate having a unidirectional conductivity perpendicular to its surface, devices comprising such a substrate and methods for manufacturing such a substrate
Thin film transistor
High aperture LCD with insulating color filters overlapping bus lines on active substrate
Ultra-high resolution liquid crystal display on silicon-on-sapphire
Apparatus for scanning sheet-like recording medium
Radiographic image reading apparatus
Operating-cycle synchronized engagement and disengagement of servo axle groups by means of electronically simulated cam disks
Circuit and method for driving capacitive load
Circuit and method for reducing quiescent current in a switching regulator
Multiple power supply circuit architecture
Arrangement for coupling out an output current from a load current and for gaining a control value to control the load current
Low voltage supply bandgap reference circuit using PTAT and PTVBE current source
Nonvolatile/battery-backed key in PLD
Interconnection resources for programmable logic integrated circuit devices
Device for recognizing diffraction optical markings
Method for capacitive image acquisition
Indicator for indicating the presence of a liquid
Function guide in electronic musical instrument
Electric current variable-type inductor having closed loop characteristics and a horizontal linearity compensation circuit
Programmable driving circuit
Electroluminescence display apparatus
Voltage supplying device, and semiconductor device, electro-optical device and electronic instrument using the same
Method of constructing stringed instruments
Swivelable sleeve for a drumstick
Shaker instrument
Drum head attachment and tuning assembly
Drumhead material and method
Tuning post for stringed musical instrument
Electronic musical instrument and recording medium
Keyboard assembly for electronic musical instruments capable of receiving key touch inputs and generating musical tones that reflect a player's power of expression
Electronic musical instrument performance position retrieval system
Method and apparatus for producing a waveform with sample data adjustment based on representative point
Method and apparatus for producing a waveform based on style-of-rendition stream data
Digital sampling instrument employing cache memory
Test circuit for semiconductor IC device
High speed low power data transfer scheme
Logic circuit
Method for measuring the thickness of oxide layer underlying crud layer containing ferromagnetic material on nuclear fuel rods
Cross web for data grade cables
Tuned patch cable
Non-tangling line
Fully-terminated solid-core wire cable
Resistor element comprising peripheral contacts
Electromagnet and magnetic field generating apparatus
Cover plate terminal assembly for a transfer switch
Device for actuating an electrical switch
Illuminated button
Key panel and strip switch assembly configurations having variable aspect ratios and method of making
Composite switch
Switch assemblies
High voltage circuit-breaker with a counter-contact which can be actuated
System and method for controlling one or more mains voltage electrical devices from an extra-low voltage source
Electrical switch extraction handle with lockout
Charge-up suppressing member, charge-up suppressing film, electron beam apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Frame for a color selection mechanism for a cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube having a light absorbing filter layer formed on a glass panel thereof
Environmental SEM with a magnetic field for improved secondary electron direction
Electron beam type inspection device and method of making same
Scanning electron microscope
Focused ion beam processing apparatus
Method of forming a quadrupole device for projection lithography by means of charged particles
Method and apparatus for correction of initial ion velocity in a reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Internal calibration of time to mass conversion in time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Universal operating DC ceramic metal halide lamp
High-pressure sodium lamp
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus using the same
Method for fabricating a field emission display having a spacer with a passivation layer
Wafer holder for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Gallium-nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method
Metal-polycrystalline silicon-n-well multiple layered capacitor
Ferroelectric integrated circuit having hydrogen barrier layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Scalable tunnel oxide window with no isolation edges
TFT having hydrogen containing buffer and substrate regions
Integrated circuit device with depressions for receiving solder balls and method of fabrication
Electrical connecting device and electrical connecting method
Electrical circuits, circuits, and electrical couplings
Interconnect structure
Thermally enhanced semiconductor ball grid array device and method of fabrication
Cylindrical capacitor structure and method of manufacture
Trench isolation for CMOS devices
Wafer trench article and process
Unlanded vias with a low dielectric constant material as an intraline dielectric
Method for forming a metal wiring structure of a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Submicron semiconductor device having a self-aligned channel stop region and a method for fabricating the semiconductor device using a trim and etch
Integrated-circuit isolation structure and method for forming the same
Gate insulating structure for power devices, and related manufacturing process
High density integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Heat-dissipating assembly for removing heat from a flip chip semiconductor device
Thermoelectrically cooling electronic devices
Integrated circuit package
Stacked-chip semiconductor device
Electrical redundancy for improved mechanical reliability in ball grid array packages
Flex circuit substrate for an integrated circuit package
Chip with internal signal routing in external element
Bond pad structure and its method of fabricating
Filled solder
Flip-chip on flex for high performance packaging applications
Integrated circuit package with EMI shield
Configuration for testing chips
Sacrificial structures for arresting insulator cracks in semiconductor devices
Semiconductor protection device
Method and device for interconnected radio frequency power SiC field effect transistors
Electromagnetic interference suppressing device and circuit
High-frequency input/output feedthrough and package for housing high-frequency semiconductor element using same
Stacked chip scale package
Power semiconductor module with terminals having holes for better adhesion
High voltage trigger remote-cathode SCR
Electro-static discharge circuit of semiconductor device, structure thereof and method for fabricating the structure
Electrostatic discharge protection device having a graded junction
Integrated circuit devices that use antiparallel diodes to reduce damage during plasma processing
Method and apparatus for elimination of parasitic bipolar action in complementary oxide semiconductor (CMOS) silicon on insulator (SOI) circuits
Semiconductor memory storage electrode and method of making
Memory cell configuration and method for fabricating it
Semiconductor device
Solar cell module and manufacturing method thereof
CMOS active pixel with scavenging diode
CMOS active pixel sensor
Electroluminescence display apparatus
Multicolor organic electroluminescent panel and process for production thereof
Lateral bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device and method of increasing channel length to eliminate short channel effects of corner devices
Silicon carbide junction field effect transistor
Ohmic electrode, method of manufacturing the same and semiconductor device
Dual direction over-voltage and over-current IC protection device and its cell structure
Semiconductor device
Edge termination of semiconductor devices for high voltages with resistive voltage divider
MOS-gated power device with doped polysilicon body and process for forming same
Power MOS transistor
Roof tile-cum-solar battery module
Apparatus for performing wavelength-conversion using phosphors with light emitting diodes
Luminescent diode
Methods on constructing an avalanche light emitting diode
Focusing cup for surface mount optoelectronic diode package
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting element and process for production thereof
Bidirectional semiconductor light-emitting element and optical system
Superconducting tunnel junction device
Ultrasonic motor and electronic apparatus with ultrasonic motor
Ultrasonic motor
Composite piezoelectric transformer
Magnetic tunneling junction device
Dual gate field effect transistor utilizing Mott transition materials
Organic light emitting diodes with distributed bragg reflector
Battery saving electron flow blocking system
Circulator conductor arrangement
Electronic ballast for stabilizing current in a gas discharge lamp and method of manufacturing same
Excimer laser device
Polyimide/silicon oxide bi-layer for bond pad parasitic capacitance control in semiconductor electro-optical device
Spark plug and method of making the same
Spark plug having tapered ground electrode
Waterproof enclosure for electrical devices
Overhead cabling system for a telecommunications switching center
Cable management rack with vertical wire guides
Electrical box
Anti-pinch power window system and method
Battery charger for lithium based batteries
Charging method of rechargeable battery
System for automatically charging the battery of a remote transmitter for use in a vehicle security system
Electromagnetic induction type supply side charging apparatus and electromagnetic induction type charging system
Power supply system and state of charge estimating method
DC pump control system
Stator module for an electric motor
Separately excited electric machine
Canned motor pump with winding carrier
Round linear actuator utilizing flat permanent magnets
Power generation system with flywheel apparatus
Brushless motor and its assembly method
Rotary electric machine
Circuit device for operating a discharge lamp by means of a high-frequency current
Switching power supply with overcurrent protection and method
Hysteretic-mode multi-phase switching regulator
Voltage regulator for reducing EMI
Switching voltage regulator with dual modulation control scheme
Method and apparatus for electronic power control
Capacitor power supply unit
Dual mode controller for switching circuirty
Motor starter and speed controller system
Method and arrangement for regulating the current in a switched reluctance machine
Method and circuit for generating a pulse-width modulated actuating signal for a direct current actuator
Mosfet control circuit for dual winding alternator
Data frequency detector
Unidirectionality in electronic circuits through feedback
Surface acoustic wave device and communication device
Output buffer with control circuitry
Method and apparatus for buffering an input-output node of an integrated circuit
Digital CMOS voltage interface circuits
BiDirectional active voltage translator with bootstrap switches for mixed-supply VLSI
CMOS dynamic logic circuitry using quantum mechanical tunneling structures
System and method for increasing a drive signal and decreasing a pin count
Programmable logic array integrated circuit architectures
Programmable logic device macrocell with improved logic capability
Data receiver
Soft error resistant circuits
Input buffer circuit for low power application
Digital output circuit
Tristate driver for integrated circuit in interconnects
Circuit for producing low-voltage differential signals
Input circuit, output circuit, and input/output circuit and signal transmission system using the same input/output circuit
Telescopic cover structure of an electrical device
Image reading apparatus
Smart column controls for high speed multi-resolution sensors
CRT display apparatus
Optimized power supply system for an electronic circuit
Thin heating element made from low resistance material
Power controller for setting the power of the electrical loads of an electrical appliance
Battery powered light
Changeable power sensing switch
Starter modules for motor vehicle headlight discharge lamps
Lamp ballast for reducing interference current
Starter circuit configuration for a discharge lamp lighting circuit
Fluorescent lamp ballast with integrated circuit
Electronic ballast for at least one low-pressure discharge lamp
Segmented compressed induction heating coil assembly
U-shaped adhesive bonding apparatus
Standing wave particle beam accelerator with switchable beam energy
Multi-layer printed circuit board with dual impedance section
Printed wiring board
Printed circuit board with resist coating defining reference marks
Multilayer printed wiring board
Enclosure for electrical package and end piece therefor
Recessed handle for structural member
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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