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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Weeding tool system and method of use
Seed dispenser and conveyance system for agricultural machinery
Mowing robot with mowing boundary area and grass length recognizer
Hand-operated shears
Lettuce variety 45-158 RZ
System and method for variable animal interaction device
Apparatus and method for using a toilet as a water supply for pets
Fly fishing reel
System and method for bedbug eradication
Portable device and method for cryopreservation of cells encapsulated in immunoisolating devices
Binary insecticidal or pesticidal mixture
Moldable substances and strips for making baked items with desired spatial features
Method for making mineral salt and mineral salt product
Sealing ring and atomizer in electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette atomizer, and electronic cigarette-holder
Convertible garment and a bag
Bracelet alert device
Beach umbrella system
Portable device case and accessories
Solid stick applicators and methods
Backpack jacket
Action camera foot mount
Height adjustable support tray apparatus
Weight distributing chair stabilizing device
Modular frame system
Adjustable grilling platform
Frying system and method
Dual hinged sheet product dispenser
Shower caddy for holding towel and other items
Shower rod mounting assembly
Flexible scrubbing head for a floor mop
Multi-camera endoscope
Closure device and methods for making and using them
Surgical sagittal saw blade assembly that includes a guide bar, a blade that is pivotally mounted to the guide bar, the blade having a head that extends from a side edge of the guide bar and drive rods that pivot the blade
Vibration and inertia enhanced atherectomy
Access assembly
Singer-Domanski resin MMF/reimplantation device
Intramedullary bone stent
Radio-frequency generator for powering an ablation device
Ablation catheters and associated systems and methods
Biological optical measurement probe and biological optical measurement instrument therewith
Imaging apparatus and method
Concurrent acquisition of PET fields during acquisition of a MRI field of view
Basket style cardiac mapping catheter having an atraumatic basket tip for detection of cardiac rhythm disorders
Method for providing information of a locally resolved reconstruction quality of a target volume in a three-dimensional reconstruction volume presentation
Polyol and polyether iron oxide complexes as pharmacological and/or MRI contrast agents
Physiological monitor
Gradual X-ray focal spot movements for a gradual transition between monoscopic and stereoscopic viewing
Soft body automatic registration and surgical monitoring system
Dental regenerative device made of porous metal
Surgical articles and methods
Phase separation sprayed scaffold
Tissue restraining devices and methods of use
Device and method for fixation for bone or soft tissue deformity of digits
Stents with adhesion promoting layer
Apparatus and method for replacement of a metatarsophalangeal joint with interphalangeal fusion
Preformed gastric band and method of use
Bed chair
Walker structure
Adapter and drug cartridge alignment device
Methods for maintaining or improving health, well-being and/or a physiological function in a subject
Ointment with excellent formulation stability
Compositions with a rheological modifier to reduce dissolution variability
Antigen presenting cancer vaccine
Agent for promoting hair growth and method for preparing same
Method for blocking tumour growth
Modification of recombinant adenovirus with immunogenic plasmodium circumsporozoite protein epitopes
Use of anti-CD19 maytansinoid immunoconjugate antibody for the treatment of B-cell malignancies symptoms
Chitosan composition
Pulmonary delivery particles comprising an active agent
Pluripotent therapeutic compositions and uses thereof
Oral solid formulation of compound anti-tubercular drug and preparation method thereof
Ciprofloxacin loaded diethylaminoethyl cellulose nanoparticles
Plastic scent pod and method for heating a scent pod
Methods and apparatus for performing arthroscopic surgery
Adenosine derivative formulations for medical imaging
Fixation of implantable pulse generators
Electrical stimulation leads having RF compatibility and methods of use and manufacture
Tachyarrhythmia sudden onset detection with hysteresis
Lead assembly including a polymer interconnect and methods related thereto
Implantable medical device with embedded programmable non-volatile memory
Electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerve chain
Lead assembly for implantable microstimulator
Implantable electric stimulation system and methods of making and using
Device, method, and system for neural modulation as vaccine adjuvant in a vertebrate subject
Responsive gastric stimulator
Cardiac pacemaker with pacing rate monitoring
Pacing interval adjustment for cardiac pacing response determination
Method and apparatus for capture verification and threshold determination
Oral care compositions for topical application
Triaromatic azomethine direct dyes, dye composition comprising at least one such dye, method of implementation and use
Modular physical activity monitoring system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Printing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Thermal transfer printhead and printing system using such a printhead
Dual-sided thermal print folding
Eyeliner pencil having two application heads
Transfer medium manufacturing method and transfer medium
Docking apparatuses and methods
Hybrid-type working machine
Apparatus for ratcheting multiple restraint webs via a single actuator
Brake system functional integrity detection
Driver assistance system or robot with dynamic attention module
Dispenser assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Substituted triazolopyridines
Methods and compositions for the treatment of axonal and neuronal degeneration
Synergistic effects of blending multiple additives in UHMWPE
Hydrophilic silicon particles with improved heat-resistance and touch feeling and methods for preparaing the same
Method and composition for rapid viability testing of cells
Fixed Constructions
Water dispenser and drain for use with a toilet
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cylinder pressure sensor reset systems and methods
Multifunction security device
Optical interference measuring apparatus
Traveling guidance system, traveling guidance method, and computer program
Organizing media data using a portable electronic device
Highly integrated GPS, Galileo and inertial navigation system
Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
Sensor device and method for detecting the motion of a vehicle
System architecture design for time-of-flight system having reduced differential pixel size, and time-of-flight systems so designed
Sensor integrated protection pad for shielding radiation
Method and system for determining properties of an asphalt material
Device and a method for testing the design of a seat comprising a seat area, a backrest, and a headrest
Method and a system for determination of particles in a liquid sample
Method for detecting impurities on a surface
Selective resonance of chemical structures
Food steganography
Systems and methods for measuring vehicle speed
System and method for enhanced proxy component
Liquid lens
Macro lens system
Lens barrel
Lens barrel
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Optically variable security device and method
Polymer optical waveguide and method for production thereof
System for intelligent patching of telecommunication cables with a communication network
Mounting system for telecommunications panels
Opto-electronic connector module and opto-electronic communication module having the same
Facile optical assemblies and components
Combined optical and electrical interconnection module and method for producing same
Lens barrel having an eccentricity adjusting mechanism
Optical element holding apparatus, barrel, exposure apparatus, and manufacturing method for device
Imaging lens, imaging device, portable terminal, and method for manufacturing imaging lens
Large aperture polymer electro-optic shutter device and method of manufacturing same
Electro-optic displays, and processes for the production thereof
Multi-mode multiplexing using staged coupling and quasi-phase-matching
Lateral ion pumping in liquid crystal displays
Optical touch screen device and related hand-writing system
Liquid crystal panel having retardation film and liquid crystal display apparatus having the liquid crystal panel
Display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Automatic focusing apparatus
Exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device using same
Image forming apparatus and sheet conveying device having upstream and downstream rollers
Printing system, method for controlling the printing system, and storage medium
Intermediate transfer device, image forming apparatus and secondary transfer method
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including same
Cleaning device, image forming apparatus, and lubricant
Method and apparatus for moving a free-swinging load from a starting point to a target point
Method for isolating a plant device of an industrial plant
Hybrid powertrain with electronic throttle and method of controlling throttle position
Beverage production module and method for operating a beverage production module
Remote controlled power supply system
Substrate bias switching unit for a low power processor
Method and system for registering events in wind turbines of a wind power system
Selective power reduction of memory hardware
Method and apparatus for protecting RFID tags from power analysis
Set of sensor units for communication enabled for streaming media delivery with monitoring and control of power usage of connected appliances
Method and apparatus for adaptive power management of memory subsystem
Fast resource recovery after thread crash
Systems, devices, agents and methods for monitoring and automatic reboot and restoration of computers, local area networks, wireless access points, modems and other hardware
System for providing performance testing information to users
Anomaly notification control in disk array
Signature string storage memory optimizing method, signature string pattern matching method, and signature string matching engine
Topology management in peer-to-peer content distribution clouds
Method, system, and computer software code for wireless remote fault handling on a remote distributed power powered system
Dynamic row-width memory
RAID control apparatus and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for configuring a unified cache based on an associated error rate
Method, apparatus and system for generating access information from an LRU tracking list
System and method for executing full and partial writes to DRAM in a DIMM configuration
Method and apparatus for implementing interleaving and de-interleaving at second time
Efficient non-transactional write barriers for strong atomicity
Enabling spanning for a storage device
Information processing apparatus and storage drive adapted to perform fault analysis by maintenance of tracing information
Record carrier for storing a digital work
Verifying whether metadata identifies a most current version of stored data in a memory space
Storage system and storage system data migration method
Information processing apparatus implementing editing message
Asynchronous and distributed storage of data
Extended description to support targeting scheme, and TV anytime service and system employing the same
Automatic device function control based on device hub coupling selection
Memory module having signal lines configured for sequential arrival of signals at a plurality of memory devices
Printing system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Printing structure of medium surface on which dot pattern is formed by printing, printing method, and its reading method
Document management system
Content delivery server, communication terminal, content delivery system, content delivery method, content delivery program, terminal control program and storage medium containing the program
Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
Ad-funded web services
Mapping network addresses to geographical locations
Collaborative tagging systems and methods for resources
Content targeting with audiences
Delivering multimedia services
Relay server, method of controlling operation of same, and program for controlling operation of same
Method, device, computer program product and system for representing a partition of N W-bit intervals associated to D-bit data in a data communications network
Systems and methods for providing content and services on a network system
Automated message handling system and process
System and method for monitoring a grid of hosting resources in order to facilitate management of the hosting resources
Device management system
Method and apparatus for production and use of decorated networking identifier
Communication control unit and communication control method applied for multicast-supporting LAN
Machine learning using relational databases
Method for building predictive models with incomplete data
Approach for solving a constrained optimization problem
System and method for precaching information on a mobile device
System and method for providing and updating on-line forms and registrations
Apparatus and method for displaying document
Determining traits from sample events
Method and apparatus for determining a reference vehicle velocity and a rear wheel speed in a vehicle having three speed sensors
Web content management based on timeliness metadata
Hyperlinking web content
Method and arrangement for content prioritization
Memory-based FFT/IFFT processor and design method for general sized memory-based FFT processor
Method and device for coding a structured document and method and device for decoding a document so coded
Object based content management system and method
Household level segmentation method and system
Hosting multiple logical databases contained in physical database
Network server employing client favorites information and profiling
Tokenized javascript indexing system
Web browser accessible search engine that identifies search result maxima through user search flow and result content comparison
Evaluation of web pages
Hardware accelerated shortest path computation
Resolving global coupling timing and slew violations for buffer-dominated designs
Supporting method, design supporting device, computer product, and semiconductor integrated circuit
Circuit design device for conducting failure analysis facilitating design
Method of performing optical proximity effect corrections to photomask pattern
Method for optimization of light effective source while target pattern is changed
Model generating method and device and recording medium
Method and apparatus for scan path connection routing
Simulation program and simulation apparatus
Apparatus and method for processing biological information
Method and a device for calculating a starting or stop sequence for an engine
System and method for monitoring a wind turbine gearbox
Stop-start control apparatus and method for an internal combustion engine
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapon detection system comprising array of spatially-disparate sensors and environmental acuity
System and method to correct out of phase errors in DNA sequencing data by use of a recursive algorithm
System for selective encryption within documents
Diffusion and cryptographic-related operations
Method for preventing the use of a cloned user unit communicating with a server
Digital watermark systems and methods
Image processing apparatus, session managing method and session managing program
Performing a business transaction without disclosing sensitive identity information to a relying party
Pre-boot firmware based virus scanner
Data-processing system and data-processing method
Delegating a poll operation to another device
Help menu display processing with reference to provisional and definitive user selections
Methods and apparatus to generate and update fibre channel firewall filter rules using address prefixes
Collaborative development of visualization dashboards
Selective search and display for categorized channels in a subscriber television system
Method and apparatus for universal serial bus (USB) command queuing
Fibre channel input/output data routing system and method
Fibre channel input/output data routing system and method
Device control processing apparatus and method, display processing apparatus and method, and computer program
System and method for generating an informational media display on a document processing device
Video server based program delivery system and method
Control apparatus and method
Operating input device for reducing input error
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Mobile terminal using proximity sensor and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Mobile terminal and operating method of the mobile terminal
Touch screens
Illumination device, coordinate inputting device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Mutual capacitance measuring circuits and methods
Capacitance sensing circuit
Method and apparatus for displaying key information in portable terminal
Method and user interface for the graphical presentation of medical data
Method and apparatus for transparently mapping personalized alert preferences onto thin client devices with differing capabilities
Document processing apparatus, document processing method, computer-readable medium and computer data signal
Information processing apparatus, device management method, and computer-readable storage medium
Communication control apparatus communicatable with an external apparatus and a controller, and a method of controlling the communication control apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, control method, program, and storage medium
Appending identification information to a print job before it is transmitted to a printing device
Data processing apparatus, data processing system, method for controlling data processing apparatus, method for adding data converting function, program and medium
Strategies for simultaneous peripheral operations on-line using hierarchically structured job information
Failure countermeasure supporting system for mobile vehicle
Data management system and data management method
Identifier mapping from joined data
Searching, sorting, and displaying video clips and sound files by relevance
Brake assist exit method and system for vehicles
Programmable logic device with specialized functional block
Method and system for deduplicating data
Cross lingual location search
System and method for dynamically and interactively searching media data
Document near-duplicate detection
Model-based resource allocation
Concept disambiguation via search engine search results
Peer-to-peer network communication
Method for managing usage authorizations in a data processing network and a data processing network
Systems, methods and computer program products supporting provision of web services using IMS
Methods and systems to directly render an image and correlate corresponding user input in a secure memory domain
Test method of integrated circuit with random-number generation circuit and integrated circuit with random-number generation circuit
System for the automatic movement of material
Low range drive ratio transfer changeover anti-rollback system and method
Method and apparatus for allowing software access to navigational data in a decrypted media stream while protecting stream payloads
Update of software in a portable radio communication equipment
Apparatus and method to update code in an information storage and retrieval system while that system remains in normal operation
Hypergraph implementation
Intermediate language support for change resilience
Systems and methods using an invocation model of process expression
Compatibility determination apparatus and method for electronic apparatus
Broken-spheres methodology for improved failure probability analysis in multi-fail regions
Logic modification synthesis
Realizing jumps in an executing process instance
Information terminal, computer resource managing method, and virtual machine execution switching method
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
Method and system for lithography simulation and measurement of critical dimensions with improved CD marker generation and placement
Route search device and information control server
Image forming apparatus and method for responding to access request
Apparatus, method, and computer-program product for processing image
Methods, software, circuits and apparatuses for detecting a malfunction in an imaging device
Image processing apparatus and image processing apparatus control method for requesting an external apparatus to transmit image data
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
System and method for 3D imaging using structured light illumination
Device, method and computer readable recording medium containing program for separating image components
Reading a print image including document and code image for signature verification
Method and image processing system for producing result images of an examination object
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and non-transitory computer-readable medium
System and method for predicting a force applied to a surface by a body during a movement
Apparatus and method for implementing a touchless slider
Visual attention and segmentation system
Moving object detection method and moving object detection apparatus
Mining social media for ultraviolet light exposure analysis
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
Apparatus and method of removing false color in image
Detecting irregularities
Method for fast, robust, multi-dimensional pattern recognition
Method for rotating image, program for rotation, recording medium, and rotation device
Image generation method and apparatus, program therefor, and storage medium which stores the program
Image pickup apparatus, color noise reduction method, and color noise reduction program
Image converter and image converting method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Method for image processing with encoding selection
Systems and methods for modeling three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional images
Deformation measurement method and apparatus
System and method for block edge location with varying block sizes and offsets in compressed digital video
Method of rendering cross images unobservable particularly in projected or printed photographic reproductions, and reproduction thus obtained
Efficient detection of constant regions of an image
Method for fast, robust, multi-dimensional pattern recognition
Method for fast, robust, multi-dimensional pattern recognition
Systems methods, and computer-readable media for gathering, tabulating, and reporting on employee performance
Agent security via approximate solvers
Automated cross-cultural conflict management
Method and system to automate payment for a commerce transaction
Method, medium, and system of recommending a substitute item
Method and system for facility location optimization
System and method for real-time bidding for internet advertising space
Secondary market for digital objects
Tradable investment unit
Independent research consensus earnings estimates and methods of determining such
Method and apparatus for processing a cardholder's inquiry or dispute about a credit/charge card
Selecting users to whom to promote an online offering
Simultaneous customer/account strategy execution in a decision management system
Localized layout and routing in an interactive diagramming system
Method and apparatus for rendering outline of multimedia character image
Liquid crystal display panel
Display device
Liquid crystal display device which compensates for temperature characteristics in light detection and spectral transmittance
Display device and electric apparatus using the same
Enhanced input using touch screen
Touch panel device
Voice models for document narration
Method for separating source signals and apparatus thereof
Voice processing apparatus and voice processing method for changing accoustic feature quantity of received voice signal
Voice browser with integrated TCAP and ISUP interfaces
System for speech signal enhancement in a noisy environment through corrective adjustment of spectral noise power density estimations
Magnetoresistive element
Bulk eraser
Method and apparatus for compensating astigmatism in an optical storage system
Optical storage system having differential phase detector
Disk drive
Reverse optical mastering for data storage disk replicas
Hierarchical cross-point array of non-volatile memory
Static random access memory (SRAM) write assist circuit with leakage suppression and level control
Semiconductor device
Flash memory devices with selective bit line discharge paths and methods of operating the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
One-time programmable memory cell
Flash memory
Device and method for state retention power gating
Delay adjustment device and delay adjustment method
Variable capacitive element, variable capacitive device, and method for driving the variable capacitive element
Methods and apparatus for laser scribing wafers
Optical amplifier and a method of light amplification
Pulse-energy-stabilization and first-pulse-suppression optical gain fiber apparatus and method
Wavelength tunable external cavity laser beam generating device
Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (R-SOA) and superluminescent diode (SLD)
Temperature sensor mounting arrangement for a battery frame assembly
Rapid discharging circuit upon detection of abnormality
Enclosure with an E-fuse connected to multiple blade computers
Electrical overstress protection circuit
Adapter power supply having variable switching mode
Oscillator having time-variant frequency deviation and related power supply
Power conversion apparatus with M conversion levels having an individual drive unit that does not require a dedicated power supply
Receive apparatus and method in a mobile communication system
Soft-error detection for electronic-circuit registers
Encoding and decoding data using store and exclusive or operations
Soft reed-solomon decoder based on error-and-erasure reed-solomon decoder
Vehicle parameter infrastructure security strategy
Method and apparatus for non-uniform redundancy packet error correction
Forward error correction (FEC) encoding and decoding method of variable length packet based on three-dimensional storage apparatus
Low-rate long-range mode for OFDM wireless LAN
Method and apparatus for receiving signal in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for selecting antenna in a communication system
Adaptive frequency hopping in time-slotted based wireless network
Asymmetrical multicarrier interference avoidance
Delay-induced scattering with phase randomization and partitioned frequency hopping
Transmission device, and array antenna control method and device
Methods and apparatus for controlling leakage and power dissipation in radio frequency power amplifiers
Method and system for a transmitter loft cancellation scheme that maintains IQ balance
Amplifying device and transmitter apparatus
Signal processing device and method for operating a signal processing device
Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing broadcast signal in transmitting/receiving system
Multiple band direct conversion radio frequency transceiver integrated circuit
Antenna assembly for service station
Method of dynamically allocating contacts of a subscriber chip in a mobile terminal, and corresponding subscriber chip card and mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for controlling reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA)
Wavelength control method and optical transmission device
Differential eye diagrams
Transmission apparatus and line quality evaluating method
Cooperative relay scheme having backward compatibility
Priority-based wireless USB transfer service management apparatus and method thereof
Group call management
System, method, and computer program product for using a cellular phone as an interface for a VoIP-equipped computer
Audio broadcasting system and method for broadcasting the same
Method to modify the frequency hopping scheme by extending the validity of the reference signals
Semiconductor device and position detecting method using the semiconductor device
Channel access scheme for ultra-wide band communication
Equipment and method for providing broadcast/multicast service in mobile communications
Radio receiver
EVDO coverage modification based on backhaul capacity
Polarization multiplexed optical transmitter and method for controlling polarization multiplexed optical signal
Methods and systems for DSP-based receivers
Techniques to synchronize packet rate in voice over packet networks
Physical layer repeater with roaming support based on multiple identifiers
Optimization of internet traffic based on application prioritization
Method and apparatus for detecting received signal in wireless communication system
Method of transmitting ACK/NACK signal in wireless communication system
Monitoring participants in a conference call
Time labelling associated with an equipment synchronisation system connected to a network
Distributing personalized content
Oversampling with programmable pointer adjustment
Call initiation control
Methods and apparatus for handling a communication session for an unregistered internet protocol multimedia subsystem (IMS) device
Session initiation protocol (SIP) message incorporating a multi-purpose internet mail extension (MIME) media type for describing the content and format of information included in the SIP message
High data throughput wireless local area network receiver
Signal receiving apparatus, method, program and system
Method and apparatus for eliminating the effects of frequency offsets in a digital communication system
Method and system for automatic gain control during signal acquisition
Pilot allocation in multi-carrier systems with frequency notching
Multi factor authentication
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, and control program stored medium
Trusted local single sign-on
Wireless communication system, wireless host, and wireless device
Method and arrangement for providing security through network address translations using tunneling and compensations
Methods and apparatus for protecting data
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products for providing portable communication identity services
Security management server and image data managing method thereof
Device and method of synchronizing signals
Methods for the generation of identical symmetrical cryptographic keys
Method for managing and controlling the access keys to services in a communication system
Data providing device, operation device, and data processing device
System and method providing concurrent multimode communication
Communication device
Communication device
Methods, systems, and products for processing emergency communications
Mobile terminal
Anonymous hazardous condition alert system
Method and apparatus for providing automated processing of a switched voice service alarm
Apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture to predict vectored digital subscriber line (DSL) performance gains
System and method for message storage assurance in a geographically distributed voice messaging system
Identity verification using location over time information
Scene background blurring including determining a depth map
Controlling geographic location information of devices operating in wireless communication systems
Charging of circuit-switched voice, SMS, MMS and/or GPRS packet switched data
Automatic language selection for text input in messaging context
Apparatus and method for managing data in portable terminal
Personal area network systems and devices and methods for use thereof
Method and system of creating customized ringtones
Teleconference terminal apparatus, relaying apparatus, and teleconferencing system
Mobile system, a method of operating mobile system and a non-transitory computer readable medium for a programmable control of a mobile system
On-hold call monitoring systems and methods
Automatic routing and information system for telephonic services
Multi-node communication system and method of requesting, reporting and collecting destination-node-based measurements and route-based measurements
Method for controlling a multi party call and a service control entity and a service switching entity for performing the method
Method and apparatus for providing caller recognition based on biometric data and biometric mobile device address book
Printing system and control method thereof and program
System and method of halftone printing of image spot colors using ranked ordered pairing of colorants and halftone screens
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Image processing method and apparatus for executing error diffusion when the obtained image data is read by a scanner
Self-configuring IP video router
Video system and display device and eyeglass device used in same
Stereoscopic imaging using split complementary color filters
Stereoscopic image pick-up apparatus
Operator control unit with tracking
Terminal, camera unit, and terminal camera unit system
Microscope system and method of operation thereof
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Movement signal generation apparatus, optical device, optical device control apparatus, and video production system
Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
Solid-state image pickup device, image pickup system including the same, and method for manufacturing the same
Image pickup apparatus and reading method thereof
Interactive entertainment and information system using television set-top box
Recording medium, and method and apparatus for reproducing the recording medium
Reproducing apparatus, display apparatus, reproducing method, and display method
Video decoding device and video decoding method
Image converter
Techniques to perform fast motion estimation
Processing compressed video data
Digital broadcast methods and apparatus
Method for correcting a quantized data value and associated device
Encoding apparatus, method of controlling thereof, and computer program
Image processing apparatus
Video stream modification to defeat detection
Dual television tuner
Adaptively maintaining sequence numbers on high availability peers
Camera apparatus having an auto-tracking function
Infrared derived user presence and associated remote control
Method, device, system, program, and integrated circuit for wireless transmission
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Apparatus and method for outputting image using a plurality of chroma-key colors
Method and system for transmission of uncompressed video over wireless communication channels
Upgradable on screen display system
Entertainment system for use during the operation of a magnetic resonance imaging device
Audiometric devices
Headphones and earmuffs
Method, computer readable storage medium and system for localizing acoustic source
Playback method and apparatus, program, and recording medium
Audio menu navigation method
Method and system for channel estimation in a single channel (SC) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system comprising two-transmit (2-Tx) and multiple-receive (M-Rx) antennas for WCDMA/HSDPA
System and method for ran assisted location update
System and method of position location transfer
Base station apparatus, method, and radio communication system
Wireless network, access point, and load balancing method thereof
Navigation within a wireless network
Apparatus and method for establishing ad-hoc mode connection using cellular network in wireless communication system
Social networking and advertisements in a mobile device on a local personal area network
Methods and devices for interworking of wireless wide area networks and wireless local area networks or wireless personal area networks
Electronic-mail filtering for mobile devices
Content distribution platform
Methods and systems using efficient transmission of DCD/UCD messages in a WIMAX system
Femto-BTS RF access mechanism
Concurrent transmission of multiple signals in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for controlling a transmission data rate based on feedback relating to channel conditions
Connection state reporting method and mobile terminal used in the method
VOIP group resource management
Method for supporting coexistence with wireless local area network
Mobile-station-initiated removal of a high-congestion sector from the active set
UE initiated frequency partitioning based CoMP scheme for downlink cellular communications
Peer-to-peer location service
Method and system for cell update
Wireless communication system and method of assigning wireless resources in the same system and controller
Method and controller for allocating whitespace spectrum
Detachable network communication device, electronic device and communication device
Portable terminal
Mobile terminal
Electronic component module and method for manufacturing the same
Container data center and ventilating system thereof
Electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Corn event MON810 and compositions and methods for detection thereof
External tank filter, in particular for an aquarium
Methods for storing neural cells such that they are suitable for transplantation
Coformulation of an oil-soluble herbicide and a water-soluble herbicide
Non-hazardous pest control
Herbicidal compositions
Control of shoot/foliar feeding pests with pesticide seed treatments
Method for producing a pH enhanced comminuted meat product
Airflow distribution systems for food processors
Foaming ingredient and powders containing it
Method for purifying marine mammal oil enriched in omega 3 fatty acids and compositions comprising same
Edible oil and production process thereof
Processes for preparing sterol esters
Antialopecia agent
Sweet-stable acidified beverages
Frozen beverage topping
Confectionery product comprising vegetables solids
Vegetable oil having elevated stearic acid content
Sugar wafers
Protein free non-tacky egg wash substitute
Oral compositions providing optimal surface conditioning
Frozen dessert novelty and method for its preparation
Uses of kombic acid as an anticancer and cholesterol-lowering agent
Composition comprising carbohydrate and peptide material and its use as an energy supplement after or during physical exercise or as a metabolic nutrient for oral consumption
Masa based food products modified with an enzyme or a reducing agent
Water purifying apparatus with electric field generator
Asian energy soup and method therefor
Method of making bacon products
Process and device for preserving the physical characteristics of cut seafood during handling and transportation
Method of producing food patties using multiple row molding apparatus
Methods and apparatus for treating hemorrhoids and similar ailments
Chemical resistant, water and dry particle impervious, flame resistant laminate
Method of manufacturing rubber plates or sheets
Process for manufacturing a shoe and shoe manufactured using said process
Surface imaging method for a vehicle seat
Assembly for generating milk foam and for heating milk
Method of tea extraction
Bagless canister vacuum cleaner
Method of closing an opening in a wall of the heart
Guiding tool for wound closure element
Apparatus and methods for closing septal defects and occluding blood flow
Spinal disc space distractor
Surgical procedure and apparatus
Frame and method for suturing of a wound
Vessel eversion instrument with conical, expandable mandrel
Methods and apparatus for forming anastomotic sites
Device and procedure for joining hollow organs
Apparatus for positioning the angle of a bone cutting guide
Humeral head resection guide
Compliant tibial tray assembly
Apparatus and method for reconstructing a ligament
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Devices for creating collateral channels
Laminoplasty cage
Resorbable, macro-porous non-collapsing and flexible membrane barrier for skeletal repair and regeneration
Apparatus for delivering a viscous liquid to a surgical site
RF probe for electrosurgical instrument
Apparatus and method for treating venous reflux
Methods for electrosurgical spine surgery
Method for treating a sphincter
Flashback blood collection needle
Powder dispensing baby diaper
Glass-like polysaccharide useful as absorbent for liquids
Tear-resistant bond pattern
Method of fabricating a multiple component web
Hernia repair prosthesis and methods for making same
Implantable blood filtering device
Stent with differential lengthening/shortening members
Methods and devices for lining a blood vessel and opening a narrowed region of a blood vessel
MRI compatible stent
Soft tissue anchor
Scleral expansion segment
Deformable intraocular lens injecting apparatus with transverse hinged lens cartridge
Porous ceramics body for in vivo or in vitro use
Reinforcement endoprosthesis
Acetabular component of total hip replacement assembly
Custom replacement device for resurfacing a femur and method of making the same
Acromial-humeral prosthesis and method of implantation
Annulus-reinforcing band
Lower leg prosthesis
Body waste collector
Method and apparatus for tubal occlusion
Ocular therapeutic agent delivery devices and methods for making and using such devices
Eye positioning system and method
Laser surgery apparatus
Method for inhibiting pathogenesis associated with particle-inhalation
6-Methoxy-2-naphthylacetic acid prodrugs
Retinoic acid receptor antagonists as promoters of angiogenesis
Method for treating cartilage related diseases
Supplement for dialysis patients
Antimicrobial activity of gemfibrozil
Tea polyphenol esters and analogs thereof for cancer prevention and treatment
.DELTA.9 tetrahydrocannabinol (.DELTA.9 THC) solution metered dose inhalers and methods of use
Substantially pure glycopeptide antibiotics AC-98-1; AC-98-2; AC-98-3; AC-98-4 and AC-98-5
Agent for controlling animal diseases caused by parasites
Method for treating glaucoma VI
Use of nicergoline in the treatment of spasticity
Use of vitamin B6 to mitigate visual field defects associated with the use of GABAergic drugs in mammals
N-acyloxylated cycloalkyl compounds, composition containing the same and methods of use therefor
Neutral antagonists and use thereof in treating drug abuse
Phenylahistin and the phenylahistin analogs, a new class of anti-tumor compounds
Tricyclic compounds
Bicyclic compounds capable of inhibiting tyrosine kinases of the epidermal growth factor receptor family
Chromium picolinate compositions and uses thereof
Withania Somnifera composition, method for obtaining same and pharmaceutical, nutritional and personal care formulations thereof
Methods for the prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of cardiac tissue damage
Use of aryl N-substituted carboxamides directly and as radio-and chemosensitizers for killing tumor and cancer cells and novel compounds for such use
Use of IL-7 for treating auto-immune diseases and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in particular
Herpes viruses for immune modulation
Phytochemotherapy for cancer
Methods of using hedgehog proteins to modulate hematopoiesis and vascular growth
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Dietary supplements and methods for treating pain and inflammation
Compositions and methods for modulating serum cholesterol
Combined preparation for the treatment of neoplasic diseases or of infectious diseases
Proteins from actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
Antibodies raised against immunogenic conjugates of gram-negative bacterial autoinducer molecules
Live recombined vaccines injected with adjuvant
Quinolinones and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for treating and preventing mucositis
Acid derivatives useful as serine protease inhibitors
Benzopyrancarboxylic acid derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and lipid disorders
Product and process for stabilizing aloe vera gel
Pharmaceutical aerosol composition containing HFA 227 and HFA 134a
Pharmaceutical complex
Prodrugs of etoposide and etoposide analogs
Conjugates of soluble peptidic compounds with membrane-binding agents
Mixtures of calcitonin drug-oligomer conjugates comprising polyalkylene glycol, uses thereof, and methods of making same
Metabolic therapy directed at electron transport
Targeted magnetic resonance imaging agents for the detection of physiological processes
Magnetic resonance imaging agents for the delivery of therapeutic agents
Ascorbic acid analogs for metalloradiopharmaceuticals
Growth differentiation factor-6
Blank comprised of a zirconium oxide ceramic with an oxide additive and the use thereof
Method and composition for rejuvenating hairs, nails, tissues, cells and organs by ex-vivo or immersive treatment
Topical composition comprising an aldehyde or ketone-based cosmetic bonding agent
Post-treatment of a polymeric composition
Method of vaccination of newly hatched poultry
Drug dispensing system
Apparatus and method for preparing microparticles
Coated bioabsorbable beads for wound treatment
Controlled release formulation of divalproex sodium
Controlled release formulation for treating COPD
Quick release pharmaceutical compositions of drug substances
Use of a preparation of cimicifuga racemosa
Method of treatment
Encapsulated cells containing an amplified expression vector as a drug delivery device
Nanocapsules and method of production thereof
Method of producing submicron particles of a labile agent and use thereof
Methods for increasing vascularization and promoting wound healing
Method and membrane for mucosa regeneration
Braided suture with improved knot strength and process to produce same
Sterilization tray
Ozonator for sterilizing, decontaminating, disinfecting, and/or sanitizing surgical instruments
Anaesthetic bone cement
Processing and manufacturing methods enabled using non-stoichiometric nanomaterials
Intraocular lenses made from polymeric compositions
Porous tissue scaffolds for the repair and regeneration of dermal tissue
Biocompatible coating for a prosthesis and a method of forming the same
Composition and process for preparing biocompatible polymer coatings
Reactive polymers
Intraocular lens containing releasable medication
Methods for promoting healing of skin resurfacing wounds
Coating for a stent and a method of forming the same
Polymer-coated stents, processes for producing the same and their use for restenosis prevention
Odor dispensing device and odor dispensing cartridge
Methods for removing a contaminant by a polyoxometalate-modified fabric or a polyoxometalate-modified cellulosic fiber and fabrics thereof
Disposable water seal for thoracic regulators
Single-use manifold for automated, aseptic transfer of solutions in bioprocessing applications
Method for removing and reducing hepatitis C virus
Blood return catheter
Catheter having improved flexibility control
Method of making a catheter balloon
Stent delivery system
Partial aortic occlusion devices and methods for cerebral perfusion augmentation
Multilumen catheters and methods for their use
Method and apparatus for intradermal incorporation of microparticles containing encapsulated drugs using low frequency ultrasound
Splittable medical valve
High hysteresis valve
Needle guard assembly for the needle of a syringe body
Apparatus for removing an elongated structure implanted in biological tissue
Tumor electrochemical-therapeutic device using electrothermal needles
Electrodes coated with treating agent and uses thereof
Composition for lowering the concentration of alcohol in blood containing extracts of pepino and method for producing the same
Antiperspirant or deodorant compositions
TiO2 compounds obtained from a high silica content ore
Cosmetic composition and method
Composition for dyeing keratin fibers and dyeing method using same
Golf ball
Golf ball
Method of making a golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and device for separation with variable-length chromatographic zones
Rinsewater separable and recyclable heat curing impregnation compositions
Gas/liquid phase separator for electrolysis cell
Apparatus and method for deaerating liquid crystal
Method of fastening filter media to flat circular support structure
Reinforcement for a moulded filtering screen support frame
Liquid filter assembly with concentric filter sleeves of bag-type media
Filter for filtering water for a pump for an aquarium or a pond
Graded particle-size retention filter medium for cell-type filter unit
Submerged intake filter assembly
Method of cleaning a cylindrical water strainer utilizing reverse flow and ultrasonic energy
Dual-action decontamination system
Perlite products with controlled particle size distribution
Filterable composite adsorbents
Process for manufacturing wet-felted and thermally bonded porous structures and porous structures formed by the process
Particle trap and process for separating particles out of an exhaust gas flow and honeycomb body and exhaust system having a particle trap
Exhaust aftertreatment device with flow diffuser
Seals for air filters
Air filtration device
Engine emission control system and method
Meal cooler centrifugal separator
Process for the purification of industrial waste water from a propylene oxide production process
Siloxane removal system
Gas adsorbent filter
Carbon dioxide gas absorbent and carbon dioxide gas separating apparatus
Oxygen concentrator system with altitude compensation
Oxygen concentrator system
Method and apparatus for renewable mercury sorption
Purifying device for liquid
Enclosed excavator for low moisture contaminated sediment removal
Electrodialysis of multivalent metal salts
Device and method for the treatment of contaminated media
Process for mixing and reacting two or more fluids
Inorganic metal oxide/organic polymer nanocomposites and method thereof
DNA chip, PNA chip, and their preparation methods
Electrochemical cells comprising laminar flow induced dynamic conducting interfaces, electronic devices comprising such cells, and methods employing same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Rotating process chamber with integral pump and energy recovery turbine
Apparatus for treating fluids
Structured packing
Liquid clarification method and apparatus
Optically active poly (N-methylbenzylmaleimide), method for its production and its use
Process for manufacturing an adsorbent for reducing the concentration of fibrinogen and/or fibrin, an adsorbent and method of producing an adsorber from the adsorbent
Process for producing hydrophilic ODS packing material made of silica gel
Method for reactivating activated carbon and activating carbon
Catalyst for removing carbon monoxide in hydrogen rich gas and production method therefor
Slurry hydroprocessing using bulk multimetallic catalysts
Catalyst that contains a zeolite that is high in an element of group VIB and/or VIII and its use in hydrorefining and hydrocracking of hydrocarbon fractions
Crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic composition: UZM-9
Method for processing pTHF polymerization catalysts
Enhanced-impact LLDPE with a shear modifiable network structure
Method for producing optically active lactone compounds by using salen cobalt complexes having a cis-.beta. structure
Carbon nanotube-containing catalysts, methods of making, and reactions catalyzed over nanotube catalysts
Molecularly-imprinted material made by template-directed synthesis
Method for treating metal-working fluid
Flow cell for chemical reactions
Method for generating hydrogen for fuel cells
Microarrays and their manufacture
Method and apparatus for the delivery of samples to a chemical sensor array
Method of making a liquid analysis cartridge
Method of forming a containment border on an analytic plate
Dispensing method and assembly for liquid droplets
Devices for biofluid drop ejection
Electro-kinetic air transporter-conditioner
Control system for metering pump and method
Painting method
Apparatus and method for application of lubricants to the surface of metallic sheet material
Doctor blade device
Particulate metering and alignment apparatus
Methods for angle limiting deposition mask
Highly tetrahedral amorphous carbon coating on glass
Method of making fluid diffusion layers and electrodes having reduced surface roughness
Environmentally safe apparatus for storage of discarded tire rubber
Metal-flake manufacturing apparatus
Physical vapor deposition targets
Method for the reduction of nickel from an aqueous solution
System for thermally treating workpieces with an explosive gas mixture, in particular, a thermal deburring system
Metal superplasticity enhancement and forming process
Surface-alloyed cylindrical, partially cylindrical or hollow cylindrical component
Welding method, filler metal composition and article made therefrom
Flame-cutting of cold or hot slabs using one or more oxycutting torches
Polymer-treated abrasive substrate
Method for producing a flame resistant cellulosic sheet material
Fire retardant wood composite materials
Method for the production of slabs of ceramic material
Method and apparatus for injection molding parts which have at least one cavity
Manifold system having flow control
Process for producing a methyl methacrylate-based resin article
Polycarbonate with high extensional viscosity
Single-row and multi-row stretch blow molding method and apparatus therefor
Low-pressure medical balloons and method of making same
Hollow foamed polyolefinic resin container
Method for making composite structures
Automated process and apparatus for forming a molded article
Method of forming a composite structure of expandable matrix and a reinforcing medium
Infiltration of three-dimensional objects formed by solid freeform fabrication
Method for calendering tissue paper
Fins and profiles for plastic bags
Thermosetting low-dielectric resin composition and use thereof
Insulative ceramic compact
Multilayer thermoplastic structure
Multilayer material
Magnetic recording medium and base film for the same
Movable transparent composite systems and a process for preparing the same
Tear tape
Vinylidene chloride film having reduced protein adhesion
Multilayer product, its use for the production of light, acoustic-insulated, self-supporting articles and articles obtained with said multilayer product
Medical containers
Laminating film and laminate
Multi-layered stretched resin film
Insulating material containing cycloolefin polymer
Polyester film laminate with enhanced impact and tear resistance and method for its production
Optical information recording medium
Acoustically effective rear parcel shelf
Method of manufacture wrist pad
Compliant fibrous thermal interface
Process for making elastically stretchable composite sheet
Nonwoven buffing or polishing material having increased strength and dimensional stability
Uniform stretchable fabric with flat surface appearance
Latently dispersible barrier composite material
Fluorine-containing adhesive and adhesive film and laminated article produced by using same
Ink jet fabrication method
Alkylsiloxane-containing epoxy resin composition, surface modifying method using the same, ink-jet recording head and liquid-jet recording apparatus
Method of forming an electronic device
Method of producing secure images using inks comprising modified pigment particles
Thermal transfer recording material and thermal transfer recording method
Photopolymerizable composition and photosensitive thermal recording material
Metallic luster tone thermochromic laminate member
Ink jet recording material
Method for making a high solids interactive coating composition and ink jet recording medium
Printing sheets
Generating bound documents
Sampling kit form
Printed matter
Silica reinforced rubber composition prepared with pre-treated silica article of manufacture, including a tire, having at least one component comprised of such rubber composition
Air purification device for automobile with oxygen-supplying function
Low permeability, high strength timing fabric for utilization within airbag inflation modules
Method of forming airbag with gas preventing joining portion
System for stretch-wrapping
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Self-aligned vertical combdrive actuator and method of fabrication
Stress controlled dielectric integrated circuit fabrication
Method for fabricating thin-film substrate and thin-film substrate fabricated by the method
Hermetically packaging a microelectromechanical switch and a film bulk acoustic resonator
Method of etching a deep trench in a substrate and method of fabricating on-chip devices and micro-machined structures using the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon nanotube structures and method for manufacturing the same
Purified silicon production system
Process for preparing high barrier nanocomposites
Process for producing chlorine
Dispersible aluminium hydrate, method for preparing same and use for preparing catalysts
High-energy, rechargeable electrochemical cells
Lithium-manganese oxide for use in lithium secondary cell cathode and method for producing the lithium-manganese oxide
Process for synthesizing noncrystalline lithium based mixed oxides by high energy milling
Methods of phosphorous reduction in stormwater runoff systems using iron humate
Stationary bilge water filter apparatus
Sewage treatment process with phosphorus removal
Improvements in or relating to tempered glazings and glass for use therein
Curable slurry for forming ceramic microstructures on a substrate using a mold
Hydrophilic DLC on substrate with UV exposure
Fluoroalkyl-functional organosiloxane-containing compositions based on alcohol, a process for their preparation and their use
Optical glass for precision press molding and optical element
Glass article and glass substrate for information recording media using the same
Method for improving the mechanical strength, particularly the strength "at the young ages" of cement matrices, and the cement matrices obtained thereby
Compositions for the manufacture of organo-mineral products, products obtained therefrom and their use
Ceramic laminated article, a method of producing the same and a ceramic laminate
Method for the reduction of the degree of shrinkage of hydraulic binders
Pre-blend composition, and method of making joint compound using same
Method for rehabilitative and/or protective corrosion-inhibition of reinforcing steel embedded in a hardened concrete structure by means of surface-applied corrosion-inhibiting compositions
Insulating and functionalizing fine metal-containing particles with conformal ultra-thin films
Method to produce a ceramic product having controlled modules of elasticity and internal friction characteristics
Burn rate enhancement via a transition metal complex of diammonium bitetrazole
Derivatives of 3,3-diphenylpropylamines
Fatty acid derivatives
Treatment of breast cancer
Ether compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
1,2-Naphthoquinone-2-diazidesulfonate ester photosensitive agent, method for producing the photosensitive agent, and photoresist composition
Sulphonamide derivatives
Synthesis of [2H1, 13C], [2H2, 13C] and [2H3, 13C]methyl aryl sulfides
PPAR-.gamma. agonists as agents for the treatment of type II diabetes
Phenyl, naphthly or fluorene cyclopentyl epoxy resins
Process for production of fatty acid methyl esters from fatty acid triglycerides
Ester wax and toner using the wax
Chiral peptide nucleic acids
Antifungal molecule 2-(3,4-dimethyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrol-2-yl)-1-methylethyl pentanoate
Piperidine-piperazine ligands for neurotransmitter receptors
Optical data stores containing a Co-phthalocyanine complex in the information layer recordable using light
Substituted heterocycle fused gamma-carbolines
3-(imidazolyl)-2-alkoxypropanoic acids
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Working up a mixture comprising alkene and oxygen
Process for preparing optically pure (S)-3-hydroxy-.gamma.-butyrolactone
Ether monomers and polymers having multi-ring structures, and photosensitive polymers and resist compositions obtained from the same
spla2 inhibitors
Amorphous benzothiophenes, methods of preparation and methods of use
Heterocyclic derivatives
Magnesium omeprazole
3,4-dihydroquinolin-2(1H)-one compounds as NR2B receptor antagonists
Antiviral 2,4-pyrimidinedione derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Benzimidazole cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
7-[(4'-trifluoromethyl-biphenyl-2-carbonyl)amino]-quinoline-3-carboxylic acid amides, and methods of inhibiting the secretion of apolipoprotein B
Thiazine or pyrazine derivatives
1-cycloalkylpyrazolyl-benzoyl derivatives
Cyclocarbamate derivatives as progesterone receptor modulators
Heterocyclic compounds
7-Amino-benzothiazole derivatives
Tricyclic benzodiazepines as vasopressin receptor antagonists
[1,2,3]-triazolo[4,5-d] pyrimidine compounds
Method for the synthesis and evaluation of porphyrins, calix (4) pyrroles and allied macrocycles
Methods of using thiazolobenzoheterocycles
Crystalline antifungal polymorph
Alkyl cobalt (III) dioximates and process for forming the same
Formulation of boronic acid compounds
Organoboron derivatives and process for coupling organic compounds
Hydrolyzable and polymerizable silanes based on methylene dithiepane
Pyrrolopyrimidines as therapeutic agents
Enzymatic synthesis of L-fucose and L-fucose analogs
6-O-carbamate-11,12-lacto-ketolide antimicrobials
Therapeutic uses of di(uridine 5')-tetraphosphate and salts thereof
Apparatus for quantitative analysis of a nucleic acid amplification reaction
Synthetic peptides that inhibit leukocyte superoxide anion production and/or attract leukocytes
Viral particles which are released after the infection with the human cytomegalovirus, and the use of said particles as a vaccine
Compositions and methods for detecting, preventing, and treating African Hemorrhagic Fever
Production of attenuated respiratory syncytial virus vaccines involving modification of M2 ORF2
Compositions and methods for protecting animals from lentivirus-associated disease such as feline immunodeficiency virus
Broad-spectrum .delta.-endotoxins
Acinetobacter outer membrane protein and gene sequence compositions and methods
Immunologically active polypeptides with altered toxicity useful for the preparation of an antipertussis vaccine
Bacterial superantigen vaccines
Purified heat shock protein complexes
End selection in directed evolution
Non-stochastic generation of genetic vaccines and enzymes
E2F activity inhibitory compounds
Strategy for suppressing the expression of an endogeneous gene by using compounds that are able to bind to the non-coding regions of the gene to be suppressed
Modulation of A.beta. levels by .beta.-secretase BACE2
Methods for detection of gamma-secretase activity and identification of inhibitors thereof
Enhancement of peptide cellular uptake
Methods and composition for the diagnosis and treatment of body weight disorders, including obesity
Magnetizable device
Peptides for treatment of HIV infection
Method of mobilizing stem cells with chemokine .beta.-8
Cell matrix plaques of initial bone formation
Tyrosylprotein sulfotransferases
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences for ATP-binding cassette transporter and methods of screening for agents that modify ATP-binding cassette transporter
Methods of modifying feeding behavior, compounds useful in such methods, and DNA encoding a hypothalamic atypical neuropeptide Y/peptide YY receptor (Y5)
Preparing membrane receptors from extracellular baculoviruses
Fibrin/fibrinogen-binding conjugate
Process to inhibit binding of the integrin .alpha.4.beta.1 , to VCAM-1 fibronectin and cyclic peptides thereof
Death domain containing receptors
Buforin I as a specific inhibitor and therapeutic agent for botulinum toxin B and tetanus neurotoxins
Artificial T helper cell epitopes as immune stimulators for synthetic peptide immunogens
Synthetic immunogenic but non-amyloidogenic peptides homologous to amyloid .beta. for induction of an immune response to amyloid .beta. and amyloid deposits
Methods for alleviating symptoms associated with neuropathic conditions comprising administration of low levels of antibodies
VZV gene, mutant VZV and immunogenic compositions
Directed evolution of thermophilic enzymes
Substituted cycloalkyls as inhibitors of a beta protein production
Compounds useful as modulators of melanocortin receptors and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same
Compounds which modify serotoninergic transmission, diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Retrocyclins: antiviral and antimicrobial peptides
Immunoassay method for measuring a cyclosporine and its metabolites
Synthetic procedures for peptide nucleic acids
Metallocene capable of being used for the process for the preparation of a syndiotactic polyolefin
Ethylene copolymerization process
One pot preparation of bimetallic catalysts for ethylene 1-olefin copolymerization
Catalyst modifiers and their use in the polymerization of olefin(s)
Polyethylene moulding compound with an improved ESCR/stiffness relation and an improved swelling rate, a method for the production thereof and the use thereof
Method of making a copolymer useful as viscosity index improving additive for hydraulic fluid
Polymer composition
Urethane (meth) acrylate oligomer, process for its production and photocurable composition
Resin composition for coating and coating composition for curing
Star block copolymer
Pressure sensitive adhesive with improved peel strength and tack
Redox system and process
Electrostrictive poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) networks
Waterborne polymer compositions
Method for forming fluorinated ionomers
Method of preparing rigid polyurethane foam and composition of rigid polyurethane foam
Dimethylpyrazole-blocked isocyanate mixtures
Moisture curing hot-melt adhesives
Low-friction chromate-free coating of epoxy resins and sulfonyldianiline
Low dielectric constant materials with polymeric networks
Copolymer comprising alkylene carbonate and method of preparing same
Species modification in macrocyclic polyester oligomers, and compositions prepared thereby
Copolyester resin composition and a process of preparation thereof
Bis-hydroxyphenyl menthane polyesters and polyester/polycarbonates and methods for preparing same
Ultrasound assisted process for increasing the crystallinity of slow crystallizable polymers
Formation of polymer polyols with a narrow polydispersity using double metal cyanide (DMC) catalysts
Method for anionic polymerization of lactames
Materials for inducing alignment in liquid crystals and liquid crystal displays
Preparation of polyimide polymers
One-pack room temperature-curable sealant composition for automobile
Method to make a solid polymeric phosphate and resinous compositions containing it
High solids emulsions of silylated elastomeric polymers
Solid polymer dispersions and method for their preparation
Universal masterbatch
Composite PTFE article method of manufacture
Cast films
Resin compositions and use of the same
Biaxially stretched biodegradable film
Black dye mixtures of fiber-reactive azo dyes, methods for their preparation and use thereof for dyeing hydroxy-and/or carboxamido-containing fiber material
Bituminous foam
Removable imbibition composition of photochromic compound and epoxy and polyol kinetic enhancing additives
Rubber compositions with increased reinforcing filler dispersion
Compositions containing polycarbonate
Flame-resistant and heat-resistant polycarbonate compositions
Aminoplast-based crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Method for crosslinking asphalt compositions and the product resulting therefrom
Rubber powders having pulverulent silicatic fillers and prepared from rubbers present in organic solvents, a process for their preparation, and their use
Sealing material for solid polymer fuel cell separator
Low viscosity filler composition of boron nitride particles of spherical geometry and process
Foams and methods for making the same
Mixtures of thermoplastic fluoropolymers
Aromatic oligomer and use thereof
Process for producing epoxy resin composition for photosemiconductor element encapsulation
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers formed from nylon resins
Storage-stable modified asphalt composition and its preparation process
Dis-azo dyestuffs and use thereof in ink-jet printing
Metallized azo dyes and inks for ink-jet printing containing same
Granular compacts, their production and use
Paint colorant product and method
Pigments treated with organo-phosphoric acids and their salts
Ink jet composition
Ink jet printing process
Water-based pigmented ink for ink jet printing and ink jet recording method
Phase-change ink composition
Ink jet ink composition
Coloring composition, ink-jet ink and ink jet recording method
Sol-gel coating
Exposing carboxyl polymer-polyepoxide powder to amine for powder coating
Methods of coating fabrics with emulsions of elastomeric polymers and polyurethane dispersions
Addition-crosslinkable epoxy-functional organopolysiloxane polymer and coating composition
Ultraviolet curable silver composition and related method
Hard coating material and film comprising the same
Liquid-crystalline composition of matter
Peelable foam coating composition
Electrodepositable dielectric coating compositions and methods related thereto
Adhesive and the utilization thereof in composite materials
Organic electroluminescence element
Organic EL device
Phosphor and its production process
Method of removing catalyst particles from wax
Alternative fuel
Energy conserving power transmission fluids
High performance engine oil
Method for reprocessing waste oils, base oils obtained according to said method and use thereof
Colored flame candle and manufacture thereof
Resist and etching by-product removing composition and resist removing method using the same
Detergent compositions
Toilet bowl cleaner
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Method for textile treatment for spandex containing fabrics
Apparatus for separating biological materials
Method of producing interleukin-1 receptor antagonist in a syringe filled with blood
Process and device for the screening of molecules with regard to their individual binding behaviour towards at least one given ligand
Electroporation cuvette insert for facilitating membrane-based fusion
Circular site-directed mutagenesis
Method for identifying ligand of estrogen receptor beta
Method for the mass propagation of adventitious roots of ginseng, camphor ginseng and wild ginseng by tissue culture and the improvement of their saponin content
Cellular immunotherapy treatment of patients afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome
Human CNS cell lines and methods of use therefor
Methods for identifying potential therapeutic agents for treatment of osteoporosis using mitogenic indices
Immune enhancing agent for treating HIV infected humans
Isolated human UDP-glycosyltransferase proteins
Glycosyltransferase vectors for treating cancer
Nek1-related protein kinase
Effector proteins of Rapamycin
Nucleotide sequences which code for the eno gene
Whole cell catalysts
Biochemical assay to monitor the ubiquitin ligase activities of cullins
Method for determining alkaline phosphatase
Method for identifying modulators of sulfotransferase activity
High expression and production of high specific activity recombinant S-adenosyl homocysteinase (SAHH) and improved assays for S-adenosylmethionine (SAM)
Methods and compositions for high throughput identification of protein/nucleic acid binding pairs
DNA glycosylases and their use
DNA probes, method and kit for identifying antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria
Detecting genetic predisposition to sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy
Methods for genotyping by hybridization analysis
Method for mapping a nucleic acid
Fluorescent energy transfer mediated chemical activation (fetma) for the elucidation of the three-dimensional structure of biomacromolecules
Gene discovery using microarrays
Method for detection of drug-induced mutations in the reverse transcriptase gene
Method and apparatus for optimized mixing in a common hearth in plasma furnace
Warm compaction of steel powders
Powder metallurgy produced valve body and valve fitted with said valve body
Ferritic heat-resisting steel
Non-heat treated crankshaft
Sintered alloy for valve seat having excellent wear resistance and method for producing the same
Formation and applications of AlCuFe quasicrystalline thin films
Thin alkali metal film member and method of producing the same
Method and its apparatus for detecting floating particles in a plasma processing chamber and an apparatus for processing a semiconductor device
Magnetically coupled linear servo-drive mechanism
Method of forming a metal nitride layer over exposed copper
Barrier layer deposition using HDP-CVD
Multilayer structure used especially as a material of high relative permittivity
Substrate processing apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for removing foreign matter, method for forming film, semiconductor device and film forming apparatus
Methods for silicon oxide and oxynitride deposition using single wafer low pressure CVD
Method of electroless plating copper on nitride barrier
Methods and apparatus for airflow and heat management in electroless plating
Gas wiping apparatus and method
Oxide coated cutting tool
Grain-oriented silicon steel sheet excellent in adhesiveness to tension-creating insulating coating films and method for producing the same
Magnetic recording medium
Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia
Integrated ozone generator process
Electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Removal of substances from metal and semi-metal compounds
Clean aluminum alloy for semiconductor processing equipment
Process for metallizing a plastic surface
Device for producing single crystals
Feed rod for growing magnetic single crystal, magnetic single crystal, and method of producing a magnetic single crystal
Surface modification process of quartz glass crucible
Large grain size polysilicon films formed by nuclei-induced solid phase crystallization
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and methods for electrospinning polymeric fibers and membranes
Regenerated collagen fiber with excellent heat resistance
Spin finish
Forming board for papermaking machine with adjustable blades
Method for manufacturing paper and paperboard using fracture toughness measurement
Papermachine belt
Method for calendering
Method and arrangement in tail threading in a paper machine
Method of operating a machine for the manufacture and/or refinement of material webs
Papermaking pulp and flocculant comprising acidic acqueous alumina sol
Method for production of paper
Method for manufacturing a paper or board web and a paper or board machine
Method of producing self-cleaning and non-adhesive paper or paper-like material
Fixed Constructions
Combination fluid collection container and drive-up service point in a traffic lane
Method and apparatus for recovery of a slick floating on the surface of a liquid
Method and apparatus for molding plastics with elongated metallic cores
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Process and apparatus for reducing the nitrogen oxide content in exhaust gases by the controlled addition of NH3
Structured catalysts for selective reduction of nitrogen oxides by ammonia using a compound that can be hydrolyzed to ammonia
Purification catalyst for internal combustion engine exhaust gas
Light-off and close coupled catalyst
Device for articulated connection between a control element and a control rod with a ball head
Cryogenic process utilizing high pressure absorber column
Method of manufacturing a contract element and a multi-layered wiring substrate, and wafer batch contact board
Color temperature indicator
Process for manufacturing an electrical resistor with at least two connection contact pads on a substrate with at least one recess
Continuous, laminar flow water-based particle condensation device and method
Flow cytometer
Mask for evaluating selective epitaxial growth process
System and method of using luminescent piezoelectric to detect biological and/or chemical agents
Electrochemical sensor
Ion chromatography system for exchanging an ion exchanger in a suppressor and a suppressor means
Method for identification of flunitrazepam
Method for assessing genotoxicity of a compound
Methods of identifying compounds that bind to target species under isothermal denaturing conditions
Attachment of biomolecules to hydrophobic surfaces
Systems and methods for performing magnetic chromatography assays
System for electrochemical quantitative analysis of analytes within a solid phase
Identification of human allergens and T-lymphocyte antigens in vitro
Metastasis-associated antigen and antibodies thereto
Methods of identifying ocular hypotensive compounds having reduced hyperpigmentation
Dry chemical analysis element cartridge
Method for screening semiconductor devices for contact coplanarity
Magnetic devices using nanocomposite materials
Cellulose ester film, optical film, polarizing plate, optical compensation film and liquid crystal display
Color filter array having a green filter layer
Method of producing silica micro-structures from x-ray lithography of SOG materials
Display device and a method for manufacturing the same
Electrochromic element
Silver halide photosensitive material
Method for processing a black-and-white negative recording film material for motion picture soundtrack
High contrast photographic element containing a polyhydrazide nucleating agent
Silver halide emulsion
Thermally developable emulsions and imaging materials containing binder mixture
Black-and-white aqueous photothermographic materials containing mercaptotriazole toners
Sound recording film
Method and composition for the preservation of film
Reticle cleaning without damaging pellicle
Multiple pass write method and reticle
Pellicle and method of using the same
Microscale patterning and articles formed thereby
Photosensitive ink composition
Terpolymer for amplified resist
Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
Apparatus for monitoring discharge of photoresist
Lithography method for preventing lithographic exposure of peripheral region of semiconductor wafer
Substrate processing system and substrate processing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit devices
Substrate exposure apparatus and method
Method of fabricating high density sub-lithographic features on a substrate
Developing method and developing apparatus
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with improved removal of resist residues
Curing processes
Photoconductive members
Systems including replaceable fuel cell apparatus and methods of using replaceable fuel cell apparatus
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of thin film magnetic transducers using a compliant, soft lapping process
Method of manufacturing thin film magnetic head
Etching mask and magnetic head device
Single layer lift-off method for making an electronic device
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording device
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus
Magnetic recording medium
Optical information-recording medium and optical information-recording method
Semiconductor memory device having a trench and a gate electrode vertically formed on a wall of the trench
Process for producing transparent conductive layer forming coating liquid
Secondary cell protection circuit device and secondary cell assembly
Composite polymers containing nanometer-sized metal particles and manufacturing method thereof
Carbon-conductive ink resistor printed circuit board and its fabrication method
Composite magnetic body and electromagnetic interference suppressing body using the same
Magnetorheological fluids and related method of preparation
Field emission tips and methods for fabricating the same
Cathode ray tube and method for manufacturing thereof
Chamber having process monitoring window
Field emission arrays and method of fabricating emitter tips and corresponding resistors thereof with a single mask
Recycling apparatus
Apparatus for spin-coating semiconductor substrate and method of doing the same
Deformation reduction at the main chamber
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method for fabricating a memory device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for producing semiconductor article using graded epitaxial growth
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Methods for dry etching at low substrate temperatures using gas chemistry including a fluorocarbon gas and a gas including oxygen
FeRAM sidewall diffusion barrier etch
Method for fabricating capacitor of semiconductor device
Method of planarizing polysillicon plug
Single RIE process for MIMcap top and bottom plates
Process for the preparation of an ideal oxygen precipitating silicon wafer capable of forming an enhanced denuded zone
Nitrogen oxide plasma treatment for reduced nickel silicide bridging
Semiconductor processing method
Method for manufacturing synchronous DRAM device
Method of self-aligning a damascene gate structure to isolation regions
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same including raised source/drain comprising SiGe or SiC
Method of forming a nanometer-gate MOSFET device
Method to reduce parasitic capacitance of MOS transistors
Method for making a semiconductor device comprising a stack alternately consisting of silicon layers and dielectric material layers
Method for fabricating source/drain devices
Semiconductor device manufacturing using one element separation film
Method of preventing resist poisoning in dual damascene structures
Interconnect line selectively isolated from an underlying contact plug
Flip chip interconnection using no-clean flux
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having self-aligned contacts
Implanting ions in shallow trench isolation structures
Methods for polymer removal following etch-stop layer etch
Method for forming contact plug in semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric
Method of forming a semiconductor device with a capacitor including a polycrystalline tantalum oxide film dielectric
Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
Method for improving the stability of amorphous silicon
Method for depositing dielectric materials onto semiconductor substrates by HDP (high density plasma) CVD (chemical vapor deposition) processes without damage to FET active devices
Method for forming an etch mask during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a bipolar junction transistor including undercutting regions adjacent to the emitter region to enlarge the emitter region
System for reducing segregation and diffusion of halo implants into highly doped regions
Flash memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method of forming a trench MOSFET with structure having increased cell density and low gate charge
Double diffused field effect transistor having reduced on-resistance
Process for planarization of integrated circuit structure which inhibits cracking of low dielectric constant dielectric material adjacent underlying raised structures
Method of thinning a wafer utilizing a laminated reinforcing layer over the device side
Manufacturing method of thin film transistor panel
Method for fabricating a MOSFET
Method of forming a bottle-shaped trench in a semiconductor substrate
Mask read-only memory and fabrication thereof
Ferroelectric memory device using via etch-stop layer and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile memory device with enlarged trapping layer
Inverter made of complementary p and n channel transistors using a single directly-deposited microcrystalline silicon film
Methods for filling shallow trench isolations having high aspect ratios
Fabrication of semiconductor devices using anti-reflective coatings
Method for forming a damascene structure
Vapor treatment for repairing damage of low-k dielectric
Method for forming an insulator having a low dielectric constant on a semiconductor substrate
Method for obtaining adhesion for device manufacture
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of fabricating a non-volatile memory device to eliminate charge loss
Method of forming semiconductor device including interconnect barrier layers
Interconnect assemblies and methods
Fabricating dual voltage CMOSFETs using additional implant into core at high voltage mask
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process for integrating in a same chip a non-volatile memory and a high-performance logic circuitry
Method for fabricating a split gate flash memory cell
Method to remove an oxide seam along gate stack edge, when nitride space formation begins with an oxide liner surrounding gate stack
Methods of forming a line of flash memory cells
Semiconductor manufacturing using modular substrates
Contact integration method
Method for fabricating a semiconductor apparatus including a sealing member with reduced thermal stress
Lead frame for semiconductor package
Super low profile package with high efficiency of heat dissipation
Method of making an electronic product including package-based inductor coupled to integrated circuit
Antifuse incorporating tantalum nitride barrier layer
Semiconductor device and laminated leadframe package
Method for forming a resistor to replace a N-well resistor
Methods of forming switchable circuit devices
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Pressure heat treatment apparatus employed for preparing oxide superconducting wire
Piezoelectric element and process for production thereof
Organic electroluminescence device and organic light emitting medium
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery with an organic magnesium electrolyte compound
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery with a polyolefin microporous membrane separator
Positive electrode active material for secondary battery and secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte rechargeable batteries
Vent valve and a storage cell including it
Square shaped battery
Arrangement for implementing a safety feature in a battery
Porous carbon electrode material, method for manufacturing the same, and carbon fiber paper
Fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Multifuel fuel cell system and a method for its operation
Membrane electrode assembly, and solid polymer fuel cell using the assembly
Manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method of solid polymer film with catalyst deposited thereon
Electronic parts
Multilayered printed wiring board
Bumping process
Light-transmitting electromagnetic shielding material and method for manufacturing the same
Coding method for mask ROM
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