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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Connector system with data communication system using induction and method
Human Necessities
Notched coulter/disc and method of making same
Floating swathgate
Method and apparatus for reducing fertilizer use in agricultural operations
Fishing float or strike indicator and attachment methods
Juice extractor including drive shaft seal and related methods
Simplified ice-cream maker
Sole construction for energy and rebound
Interchangeable shoe-forming assembly
Controlled-release fastening device
Flash memory card with enhanced operating mode detection and user-friendly interfacing system
Badge or decoration mounting
Foldable frame
Apparatus supporting mechanism, sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Ball bearing slide assembly
Quick release screed bar holder
Base plate for a chair
Vertebral column support for mesh back chairs
Knee protector dolly
Seat liner for a child's seat
Merchandise display hook for fishing rods
Multi-axis pivoting detent joint assembly for an exterior vehicle mirror
Cubical beverage packaging unit
Baby food maker
Telescoping support bar
Oral-care device and system
Sensor and analyzer for determining physiological limitations
Method for correction of the form of dental alveolar arch
Apparatus and method for removing enamel from a person's tooth
Cremation identification system and method for use of same
Wheelchair position control
Portable, space-saving medical patient support system
Supraglottic airway device and method of use
Heat management system for industrial safety equipment
Disposable tubular fire extinguisher
Spatial game apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for volatizing aromatic oils in response to wireless signals
Wood chipper
Film-forming apparatus, film-forming method and particle-supplying apparatus
Device to coat food products such as potato crisps
Method and apparatus for cleaning master disk
Channel letter machine and method thereof
Device for the free forming and bending of longitudinal profiles, particularly pipes, and a combined device for free forming and bending as well as draw-bending longitudinal profiles, particularly pipes
Method for manufacturing a solid housing
Method for shaving the inside of barrels
Dynamic verification method for a riveting process with blind rivets carried out with an automatic riveting apparatus, and verifying device for carrying out the verification
Circular saw alignment system and method
Grasping tool
Pressure-fluid-operated percussion device
Tool system with replaceable heads and offset handle
Vacuum type pickup apparatus and vacuum type pickup method
Outdoor cooker and method of use
Apparatus and method for re-coloring, recovering, repairing and reformulating cosmetic lip products
Injection molding machine
Multi-chamber vibrating valve for cementitious material
Moulding device for the manufacture of thermoplastic containers by blow moulding or stretch-blow moulding
Circumferential register for a rotary press
Printhead assembly having printhead recessed in channel body
Ink jet recording apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus with multiple capping positions
Liquid ejection apparatus and liquid supply method
Solid ink stick chute for printer solid ink transport with mating solid ink stick chute
Valve system for molten solid ink and method for regulating flow of molten solid ink
Mounting structure, module, and liquid container
Drive device of liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
Printing apparatus having appropriate correction of feed amount
Registration system for a web printer
Cap and droplet ejecting apparatus
System and method for detecting defective ink jet nozzles
Stencil printing apparatus having controlled thermal head for perforating stencil
Tire wheel set and vehicle having the same
Heavy-duty tire with tread having closed sipes and edge sipes in ribs
Wheel suspension
Piping with coolant inlet
Trailer refrigeration system
Airflow deflector assembly
Vehicle having a thermoelectric generator
Shift operating device for traveling vehicle
Automatic headrest activation gear
Vehicle front end assembly and method
Quick change tarpaulin for retractable tarpaulin system
Up-down and left-right tiltable vehicular lamp
LED road lamp
Audio component mounting system
Subframe-locating device
Variable gear ratio steering apparatus
Vehicle steering apparatus
Ambulatory vehicle
Vehicle with improved flexibility
Steering connection system for connecting two or more marine propulsion devices
Refueling boom with backup raising cable
Disposable packaging for the distribution of a liquid preparation pumped by a venturi-effect device
Method and device for the manufacture of disposable, one-way, single-use beverage kegs for use in home bars
Method and device packaging flat objects
Portable caddy
Caddy for toting cleaning tools on a trash pail
Fluid product dispenser
Cap arrangements
One touch-type stopper and a container having the same
Tennis bag
Roller track storage system and method
Load lock and method for transferring objects
Method for making a central unwinding roll and resulting roll
Image forming apparatus and sheet inserting device
Roller mechanism and image forming device
Information distribution system for use in an elevator
Lifting system and apparatus for constructing wind turbine towers
Vehicle-mountable hoist
Controllable door handle sanitizer
Automatic water cooler replenishing system
Textiles; Paper
Fixed Constructions
Suspension apparatus for a work implement, work implement for use with such an apparatus, and vehicle provided with the suspension apparatus
Tower foundation, in particular for a wind energy turbine
Portable compressed-air gun for unclogging single drains
Weep vent
Versatile guard for locks securing roll-up doors
Trailer with sliding safety door
Adjusting system for a motor vehicle door
Entryway for disposition in a door opening of a building
Fastening device with improved fastening portion for securement of a glass pane or a plate in a frame
Burst plug for a downhole fluid passage
Fluid collecting apparatus
Cleaning apparatus
Methods of perforation using viscoelastic surfactant fluids and associated compositions
System, method, and apparatus for post-fracture treatment
Interface for deploying wireline tools with non-electric string
Rotary directional drilling apparatus and method of use
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Lubrication arrangement for a bearing
Device and method for retaining a valve bridge
Electrically heated particulate filter regeneration using hydrocarbon adsorbents
Exhaust gas purification system for internal combustion engine
Arrangement for supplying a medium into an exhaust gas conduit in an internal combustion engine
Exhaust heat recovery device
Intake channels for internal combustion engines
LPG fueled internal combustion engine powered devices
Integrated gasification combined cycle plant, method of controlling the plant, and method of producing fuel gas
Fuel-supplying structure for a V-type multi-cylinder engine, and engine incorporating same
Convertible gas turbine engine
Fuel control system for gas turbine engine reheat apparatus
Injector for fuel injection in an internal combustion engine
Dynamically tensioned peristaltic tubing pump
Threaded fasteners with ribbed shanks
Oil-bearing shaft that supplies lubrication to the components of a transmission
High torque one way clutch
Marine pipelay system and method
Safety release adapter
Cable constraining device for reduced cable wear
Subsea choke insert locking apparatus
LED-based lighting fixtures for surface illumination with improved heat dissipation and manufacturability
Light source module, light source apparatus and liquid crystal display
Retractable lighting system
Light-emitting diode illuminating equipment
High power LED lamp with heat dissipation enhancement
Forward combustion type condensing gas water heater
Self-heating beverage container
Portable sprinkler system
Indoor unit of air conditioner
Air-to-air aftercooler
Mitigating recoil in a ballistic robot
Weapon storage and loading system with rocket launcher and ammunition compartment for storing rocket containers
Method and apparatus for combining light from two sources to illuminate a reticle
Anchor bolt positioning system
Thread gauge checker
Measurement of micromovements
Method and system for heading indication with drift compensation
Solid ink stick with reversible keying and interlocking features
Knob deco for laundry machine and manufacturing method thereof
Device for detecting spatial position
Rotor clocking bar and method of use
Chemical liquid supply device
Speech recognition system, speech recognition apparatus, and speech recognition method
Device for measuring mechanical quantities, method for measuring mechanical quantities and use of a device for measuring mechanical quantities
Digital pressure sensor
Torque insensitive header assembly
Apparatus for adjusting position of vertebral column of dummy model for estimating feeling of sitting in seat
Nanoindenter tip for uniaxial tension and compression testing
Strap lengthening arrangement for a retractable eyewear retaining strap
Frame for eyeglasses, associated temple, and method of making the same
Stereo projection optical system
X-prism for use in projector
Image display apparatus
Temperature adjusting apparatus for use in LCD projector and related method
Projector with image sensor
Shutter and camera module having same
Electronically controlled direct injection foam delivery system with temperature compensation
Method and apparatus for distributing a self-synchronized clock to nodes on a chip
System and method for adjusting I/O processor frequency in response to determining that a power set point for a storage device has not been reached
System and method for saving and/or restoring system state information over a network
Methods and structure for improved fault tolerance during initialization of a RAID logical unit
Method for re-assigning data, apparatus for recording data and program
Method and system for rollback-free failure recovery of multi-step procedures
Method and system for replacing a read-modify-write operation with an atomic set-bits or clear-bits operation
Disk array apparatus
Specialized memory device
Management of hierarchically configured storage
Device and method for handling MPLS labels
Method and system for transforming memory location references in instructions
Method for extending the local memory address space of a processor
Hierarchical storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof
Method of performing reliable updates in a symmetrically blocked nonvolatile memory having a bifurcated storage architecture
Integrated circuit device that stores a value representative of an equalization co-efficient setting
Look ahead split release for a data bus
System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
Method and apparatus for assessing quality of service for communication networks
Plural bus arbitrations per cycle via higher-frequency arbiter
Multimodal document reception apparatus and multimodal document transmission apparatus, multimodal document transmission/reception system, their control method, and program
TCP/IP offload network interface device
Methods and apparatus for requesting link state information
Run-time reconfiguration method for programmable units
System and method for managing router metadata
Multi-priority media access control method for multi-channel slotted ring networks
IP subnet sharing technique implemented without using bridging or routing protocols
System, device, and method for supporting virtual private networks in a label switched communication network
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Method and system for an online-like account processing and management
File system image transfer
Computer program having an object module and a software development tool integration module which automatically interlink artifacts generated in different phases of a software project
Computer network security system and method having unilateral enforceable security policy provision
Layout verification method and method for designing semiconductor integrated circuit device using the same
Acute angle avoidance during routing
Communication log for an electronic device
Dynamic database management system and method
Method of reproducing a multi-session disk
Providing a pre-boot driver for use during operating system runtime of a computer system
Build and install for software applications
Microcomputer control system in which programs can be modified and newer versions of the modified programs being detected and executed
Systems and methods for defining a simulated interactive web page
Method for the dual coding of information on physical media and in a computerized format (DOTEM)
Barcode device
Image sensor based optical reader
Counterfeit and tamper resistant labels with randomly occurring features
Systems and methods for acquiring media assets
Code and a method for coding and encoding information
Decoding distorted symbols
Method and system of ordering and selling food at venues
User-personalized media sampling, recommendation and purchasing system using real-time inventory database
Reception apparatus and reception method
Illumination apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
Display system
License plate retention system
Dialog processing method and apparatus for uninhabited air vehicles
Method of determining uncertainty associated with acoustic distortion-based noise reduction
System, method and computer program product for a dynamically configurable voice portal
Audio identification system and method
Memory device
Shield fabrication of magnetic write heads
Method of making a transformer having a stacked core with a split leg
Apparatus for making tubular film transistors
Method of manufacturing a multi-layer conductive tube antenna
Connecting member with a receptacle and an insertion terminal of a shape different than that of the receptacle
Socket connector having measurement preventing contact terminal from dropping
Connector device for interconnecting circuit substrates
Electrical connector having improved contact terminal
Electrical connector transmitting high frequency signal
Underwater connector with a deformable insertion member and a sealing member squeezed by a clamping member
Electrical connector assembly with a transition board
Electrical connector
Locking connector for engaging a USB receptacle
Single chip universal serial bus (USB) package with metal housing
N-in-1 card connector
Elelctrical connector with notch for receiving mating componet
Electrical contact having improved soldering section of high compliance
Socket connector having bottom hole reinforced with simplified metallic plates
Multipurpose cable connector
Apparatus and method of correcting offset
Data transmission system
Imprinting an identification certificate
Method and system for delivering digital products electronically
Negotiating secure connections through a proxy server
Method of authentication using familiar photographs
Secure wireless local area network
Digital rights management apparatus, methods and multimedia products using biometric data
Method of synchronizing events with a digital television audio-visual program
Interactive television triggers having connected content/disconnected content attribute
Weldless mesotube grid holder
Method of manufacturing an electronic circuit formed on a substrate
Component fixing method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Basket level indicator for cotton harvester
Height-adjustable support assembly, particularly suited for food processing equipment
Display screen enclosure
Device for modifying vehicle operator driving behavior
Performing Operations; Transporting
High-resolution seismic acquisition device
Method of straightening the supporting surfaces of supporting elements for optical elements
Laser thermal processing apparatus and method
Providing interactions between simulated objects using force feedback
Method and apparatus for manipulating and displaying graphical objects in a computer display device
Planar microlens array and method of manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for detecting stripe defects of printed matter
Line-scanning optical printer
Self-aligned common carrier
Thermal stencil making method
Thermal correction for image-forming exposure device and method of manufacturing the device
Image display device
Method and apparatus for measuring and accumulating critical automobile warranty statistical data
Rearview mirror assembly incorporating electrical accessories
Method of determining the object on a seat for determining the deployment mode of a safety device
Rendering device
Warning light
Transponder system
Vehicle security system having transmitter learning and feature programming based on a single-digit user code and related methods
Underwater seeing device
Record and playback system for aircraft
Micro-electro-mechanical optical device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method to determine the identity of a material in an object
Method of forming a conductive and reflective thin metal film suitable for a reflective LCD device and a device produced by the method
Infrared radiation reflector and infrared radiation transmitting composition
Cholesteric liquid crystal display that prevents image sticking
Method and apparatus for optical detection of effluent composition
Fixed Constructions
Magnetic closure mechanism for a portable computer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromagnetic actuator
Parallel resistor array for progressively detecting brake lining wear
Magneto-spring structure
Flat display with a replaceable base stand
Light pipe unit, plane light source unit and liquid-crystal display device
Laser image contrast enhancement system
Method and system for high speed measuring of microscopic targets
Apparatus for aligning optical elements in response to the display of a reflected reticle image and method of aligning
Apparatus for detecting position
Force feedback cursor control interface
Dual beam laser sighting aid for archery bows
Component holder for a hall sensor and process for manufacturing a component holder
Wide area remote telemetry
Electronic device for use in regions subject to explosion hazards
Apparatus for transmitting light source to a light detector
Instrument for measuring the near-end crosstalk per unit length of multicore fibers
Optical fiber distortion measuring apparatus and optical fiber distortion measuring method
Diode laser based measurement apparatus
Real-time in situ multiple gas species sensing method
Optical inspection method and apparatus utilizing a variable angle design
Apparatus for detecting defects in wood processed by a planer
Diagnostic functions for power supply
Method and device for detecting and locating irregularities in a dielectric
Method and apparatus for early detection of reliability degradation of electronic devices
Method and circuit to perform a trimming phase
Magnetic resonance imaging
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus therefor
Re-entrant RF cavity resonator for magnetic resonance
Control of MRI system
Planar dual band microstrip or slotted waveguide array antenna for all weather applications
Fast acquisition of spread-spectrum signals by dynamically varying spacing of search bins
Method and sensor for detecting foreign bodies in a medium with a radar
Neural network radar processor
Method and a system for monitoring plurality of movable objects
DME system with broadcasting function
Vehicular radar
Location of aircraft with time difference of arrival
Monitor for montoring periphery of vehicle
Enhanced determination of position-dependent signal characteristics of a wireless transmitter
Computer workstation tool for displaying performance estimate of tagged object geo-location system for proposed geometry layout of tag transmission readers
Device for directionally emitting and/or receiving electromagnetic radiation
Radar system for motor vehicle
Delta-sigma beamformers with minimal dynamic focusing artifacts
Underwater high energy acoustic communications device
Geophone and method for the study of eleastic wave phenomena
Method and apparatus for acoustic logging
Walk-through security device having personal effects view port and methods of operating and manufacturing the same
Reticular objective for microlithography-projection exposure installations
Lens system for reading images and image reader
Optical imaging system
Reflecting type optical system
Observation apparatus
Clear container with magnifying feature
Multi-beam scanning method, apparatus and multi-beam light source device achieving improved scanning line pitch using large light emitting points interval
Multi-beam scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using the same
Scanning optical device and image forming apparatus using the same
Relay optics for a deflection system, and a deflection system
Diffractive-refractive achromatic lens
Optical pickup apparatus and objective lens
Projection image display optical system
Electronic device with miniature virtual image display
Method and apparatus for programmable field emission display
Optical imaging system
Lenticular image product with zoom image effect
Method and system for providing an in-line optical circulator
Polarization-sensitive beam splitter, method of manufacturing such a beam splitter and magneto-optical scanning device including such a beam splitter
Waveguide array-based image sensor for document scanner scan head
Photonic crystal
Optical multiplexing and demultiplexing
Method and apparatus for providing permanent magnetic signatures in buried cables and pipes to facilitate long-range location, tracking and burial depth determination
Digital camera with moveable image pickup device
Light modulator comprising a photochromic layer
Electrochrome cell
Method and apparatus for removing removal part in liquid crystal display device using jet of compressed air to remove part of the substrate
Display apparatus and process for production thereof
Multiple light source color balancing system within a liquid crystal flat panel display
Structure for mounting driver module of flat panel display
Active matrix liquid-crystal display device having improved terminal connections
High contrast, ultrafast optically-addressed ultraviolet light modulator based upon optical anisotropy
Scanning apparatus having two transmission systems
Photographic and video image system
Laser exposure utilizing secondary mask capable of concentrating exposure light onto primary mask
Image forming apparatus and method
Projection optical system, production method thereof, and projection exposure apparatus using it
Drive apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method of using the same
Exposure method and exposure apparatus
Transmissively viewable reflection hologram
Transmission hologram fabrication process
Rendering methods for full parallax autostereoscopic displays
Method and apparatus for forming hologram
Open-faced watch display
High illumination alarm clock
Interference structure for emergency response system wristwatch
Power source device, power supplying method, portable electronic equipment, and electronic timepiece
Current limiter for a network
Man-machine interface for a virtual lockout/tagout panel display
Programmable voltage regulator
Switching power supplies incorporating power factor correction and/or switching at resonant transition
Forward body bias voltage generation systems
Vehicular input device including single manual operating unit for operating various electronic devices mounted on vehicle
Digital delay line
Housing with card-retention capability
Hideaway integrated docking cradle
Docking unit for portable electronic device and locking method of docking unit
Hand-held input devices for personal computer systems
Planar display unit that is separably connected to a computer
Portable information equipment
Modular computer
Bracket for mounting a computer drive device
Computer with translating door
Device for locking cards or caches into place in the frame of a computer central unit
Heat dissipation structure for electronic apparatus component
Cooling mechanism, heat sink, electronic equipment and fabrication method therefor
Dynamic bias circuitry utilizing early voltage clamp and translinear techniques
Methods and circuits for dynamically adjusting a supply voltage and/or a frequency of a clock signal in a digital circuit
Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption of an integrated circuit
Visualization system including data navigator for use with digital computer system
Method and system for managing a display image in compressed and uncompressed blocks
Autobauding with adjustment to a programmable baud rate
Image display control apparatus for displaying images corresponding to action of an object
Programmable correlator coprocessor device and method
Media browser using multimodal analysis
Multidimensional information visualization using attribute rods
Zooming controller
Selection by proximity with inner and outer sensitivity ranges
Touch operation signal output device
Contaminant processing system for an acoustic touchscreen
Camera system
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple NPT display sessions on a single address
Visual programming method and its system
Communications systems and methods
Vector-signal processing circuit
Peeker detection and correction
Clock independent pulse width modulation
Method and apparatus for attaching tags to medical and non-medical devices
RFID tag employing hollowed monopole antenna
Monitoring of individual internet usage
Generating three-dimensional bar charts with unobscured blocks
Electronic imaging system for generating a composite image using the difference of two images
Dynamically selectable texture filter for a software graphics engine
Generating image data
Method and apparatus for morphing objects by subdividing and mapping portions of the objects
Snapshot damage handling for rendering objects in a zooming graphical user interface
Scaling method and apparatus for a flat panel display
CFA correction for CFA images captured at partial resolution
Method and a system for correcting distortion aberrations in high resolution images
Triangle mesh compression
Device for detecting a human body
System for detecting missing golf clubs
Paired lost item finding system
Remote recovery arrangement for alarm system
Restaurant waiter paging system
Articulated transformer for measuring torque on a rotating shaft
RF tag based system and method for drive-through applications
Able to operate tag
Method and device for managing road traffic using a video camera as data source
Celestial object location device
Image-size varying apparatus, image-size varying method, and monitor apparatus
Method of color conversion, apparatus for the same, and computer program product for realizing the method
Display driving method and device
Method for driving a liquid crystal display apparatus and driving circuit therefor
System and method for displaying modem information on a graphical user interface display
Display device including a cache memory having a plurality of memory segments
Apparatus for generating ultrasonic fields
Optical recording medium with solid protective layer having self-lubricating property
Magnetic tape apparatus
Storage system including a storage device and a storage container and positioning means for positioning the storage container in the storage device
Single disc clamp nut for disc clamping in a disc drive
Optical pickup for discriminating between and reading different types of optical discs
Output device for digitally stored data on a data carrier
Universal CD player
Reproducing and recording apparatus, decoding apparatus, recording apparatus, reproducing and recording method, decoding method and recording method
Method for reducing data overhead in PRML data channel
Circuit and method for determining the phase difference between a sample clock and a sample signal by linear approximation
Data storage medium having servo pattern of different phase and tracking method thereof
Apparatus and method for reducing structural vibrations in a disc drive utilizing fusible alloys
Glide test head with active fly height control
Adjustable writer overshoot for a hard disk drive write head
Method of restoring the orientation of a pinned layer of a magnetoresistive head
Mr head read signal preconditioning circuitry
Thin film magnetic head, a magnetic head device and a magnetic disk driving device
Head supporting arm having laser beam exposing aperture
Actuator arm with tapered trailing edge and recessed head conductor
Method and apparatus for improved static angle adjustment
Large-capacity magnetic disk drive having head load pressure adjustment
Helical scan tape drive error recovery using track profile mapping
Method of head disc assembly serial number encoding and retrieval and disc drive apparatus having an encoded head disc assembly serial number
Patterned and directional selective roughening of a slider air-bearing surface
Electron exposure apparatus
Magnetoresistive memory having elevated interference immunity
Semiconductor memory device using ferroelectric film
Apparatus and method for dynamic memory refresh with multiple clocks
Semiconductor memory device
Memory subsystem employing pool of refresh candidates
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of readily adjusting circuit characteristic
Semiconductor memory of the dynamic random access type (DRAM) and method for actuating a memory cell
Address decoding in multiple-bank memory architectures
Wide databus architecture
Four transistors static-random-access-memory cell
Static random access memory (SRAM) array central global decoder system and method
Semiconductor memory device capable of automatically controlling bit-line recovery operation
Nonvolatile memory device and refreshing method
Method for programming multi-level non-volatile memories by controlling the gate voltage
Selective erasure of a non-volatile memory cell of a flash memory device
Nonvolatile configuration cells and cell arrays
Process for making and programming and operating a dual-bit multi-level ballistic flash memory
Plurality of integrated circuit chips
Method and apparatus for low voltage sensing in flash memories
Circuit configuration for programming an electrically programmable element
Integrated circuit memory having column redundancy with no timing penalty
Method and apparatus for repairing defective columns of memory cells
Electronic memory device
Method for checking a semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device operating by receiving a plurality of operating voltages
Regulated reference voltage circuit for flash memory device and other integrated circuit applications
Protection after brown out in a synchronous memory
Error write protection circuit used in semiconductor memory device
Circuit configuration for generating an output clock signal with optimized signal generation time
Synchronous memory with programmable read latency
Synchronizing data operations across a synchronization boundary between different clock domains using two-hot encoding
Reduction of noise in memory integrated circuits with dedicate power supply bus and ground bus for sense amplifiers
Semiconductor storage device
Circuitry for reading from and writing to memory cells
Method and apparatus for anticipatory selection of external or internal addresses in a synchronous memory device
Method and system for controlling the slew rate of signals generated by open drain driver circuits
Random access memory
Fast FiFo memory storage system
High speed semiconductor memory device with short word line switching time
Circuit for controlling equalization pulse width
Current limiting device and materials for a current limiting device
Structure of making a thick film low value high frequency inductor
Mains filter
Cartridge capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor assembly
Electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing it
Push button structure of keyboard
Apparatus for safely disconnecting an electrical load from an electrical DC voltage supply
Mems magnetically actuated switches and associated switching arrays
Support and alignment structure for magnetic trip device
Accessory and recess identification system for circuit breakers
Circuit interrupter rotary contact arm
Power supply shut-off apparatus
Method and apparatus for spacing apart panels in flat panel displays
Image-forming device
Ferroelectric non-volatile memory cell integrated in a semiconductor substrate
Bi-state ferroelectric memory devices, uses and operation
Method of operating flash memory
System and method for cooling electronic components
Multiple sources ESD protection for an epitaxy wafer substrate
Motion estimation using intrapixel logic
Horizontal charge coupled device of CCD image sensor
Lattice-relaxed vertical optical cavities
Multilayer ceramic electronic part and conductive paste
Resonator filter
Low PIM coaxial diplexer interface
Non-reciprocal circuit device with capacitor terminals integral with the ground plate
Vertical interconnect between coaxial or GCPW circuits and airline via compressible center conductors
Antenna holding device and method for mounting antenna
Method and apparatus for mounting an auxiliary antenna to a reflector antenna
Satellite antenna alignment device
Portable radio antenna enhancement using non-contacting device
Method and apparatus for overmolded antenna
Antenna device and portable radio set
Wrist mounted wireless instrument and antenna apparatus
Main reflector and subreflector deployment and storage systems
Integrated dual beam reflector antenna
Multi-beam reflector antenna system with a simple beamforming network
Antenna protection device
Planar antenna with switched beam diversity for interference reduction in a mobile environment
Antenna structure and associated method
Phased array beamformer module driving two elements
Low profile high polarization purity dual-polarized antennas
Phase stabilization in adaptive arrays
Adjustable-tilt antenna
Planar antenna with two resonating frequencies
Radio frequency antenna
Method for supporting a wall
Optical amplifier gain control
High power laser
High average power fiber laser system with high-speed, parallel wavefront sensor
Fast gain control for optical amplifiers
Wavelength selective laser system and associated method
Semiconductor laser module and an optical amplifier installing the same
Semiconductor laser with kink suppression layer
High power single mode semiconductor lasers and optical amplifiers using 2D Bragg gratings
Surge absorber without chips
High-voltage supply including first and second segments respectively including only low voltage components and low and high-voltage components
Method and apparatus providing a multi-function terminal for a power supply controller
PWM rectifier having de-coupled power factor and output current control loops
Power supply device for enhancing heat-dissipating effect
Self initialization for charge pumps
Voltage conversion circuit
Switching power supply apparatus
Resonant switched power converter
Circuit and method for automatic rectification in converters
Power control method and circuit, and power supply unit
DC-DC converter with reduced energy loss under lowered load impedance
Switching power supply apparatus with active clamp circuit
Cross current sensing in power conversion
Integrated circuit layout for LF - signal acquisition in the case of contactless data transmission
Multi-impedance input stage
Amplifier with stabilization means
Single-to-differential low noise amplifier
Semiconductor amplifier circuit and system
Efficient ground noise and common-mode suppression network
High-efficiency power modulators
Video preamplifier
Double pass band amplifier circuit and a radio frequency reception head
Fast rail-to-rail class AB output stage having stable output bias current and linear performance
PNP high-current, high-swing output stage and method
Low voltage rail-to-rail CMOS input stage
Active filter circuit
Surface acoustic wave element having two filters with more IDTs in the lower frequency filter
Ladder-type piezoelectric filter having a substantially square resonator with the four corners cut
Adjusting method for group-delay characteristics of piezoelectric resonators
Thermal management of an electronic switch
Method for an output driver with improved impedance control
Buffer circuit having Schottky gate transistors adjusting amplitude of output signal
High bandwidth clock buffer
Device for controlling a translator-type high voltage selector switch
Semiconductor driver circuit utilizing substrate voltage control
System for quantizing an analog signal utilizing a resonant tunneling diode differential ternary quantizer
High performance impulse flip-flops
Voltage comparator circuit with hysteresis
Delay circuit having variable slope control and threshold detect
Waveshaper for false edge rejection of an input signal
Waveform correction circuit
Reference voltage generators and methods including supplementary current generation, and integrated circuits including the same
Very low-power comparison device
Method and arrangement for generating a control signal
Temperature compensated oscillator, method of controlling temperature compensated oscillator, and wireless communication device
Linearized digital phase-locked loop
Delay locked loop circuit and method for generating internal clock signal
Phase synchronous circuit and electronic device using the same
Loop filtering apparatus for reducing frequency lock-up time and phase noise of a phase locked loop for use in a mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for providing a clock generation circuit for digitally controlled frequency or spread spectrum clocking
Phase-locked loop based clock phasing implementing a virtual delay
Selecting circuit, digital/analog converter and analog/digital converter
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Integrate and fold analog-to-digital converter with saturation prevention
System for continuous-time modulation
Methods for coding and decoding nibble inversion codes and block inversion codes and coding and decoding apparatus for the same
Method of generating a carrier wave of common channels, and a radio system
Spread spectrum communication system
Compensation for phase errors caused by clock jitter in a CDMA communication system
Processing for improved performance and reduced pilot
Spread-spectrum data detection using matched-filter obtained side information
Spreader architecture for direct sequence spread spectrum communications
Optical-signal transmission apparatus and method, and signal processing apparatus
Remote monitoring of an optical transmission system using line monitoring signals
AC performance monitor with no clock recovery
Burst mode wavelength manager
Gain-locked dual stage optical amplifier
Optical decision circuit and use thereof
Pulse interleaver
Optical transceiver EMI detuning device
Underwater reconnaissance and surveillance system
Power control in two-way paging systems
Method of intrinsic continuous management data transmission in fiber optic communications
Optical transmitting device using wavelength division multiplexing to transmit signal lights having frequencies arranged to eliminate effects of four-wave mixing (FWM)
Variable rate spread spectrum communication method and apparatus
System for acquiring, processing, and storing video data and program guides transmitted in different coding formats
Power shut-off and recovery circuit for data communication devices
Method for the terrestrially transmitting digital signals
Enhanced graphic user interface for mobile radiotelephones
Integrated digital television and video printer
Image reading method and apparatus
Arrangement for lengthening sensor lines in an optoelectronic camera
Method and device for the digital detection of transparent and opaque documents
Image readout apparatus
Communication apparatus and method
Printer calibration method and apparatus therefor
Synthetic panoramagram
Testing components in digital imaging devices
Method and system for measuring the quality of digital television signals
Solid state imaging device having a reset switch for resetting potential of capacitor and vertical signal line
Vertical sync detection and output for video decoder
High speed readout architecture for analog storage arrays
Image data editing
Projection type video display apparatus using a progressive scanning mode
Television control system for universal control of hospital televisions
Single port video capture circuit and method
Transmitting sequentially scanned images through a channel intended for interlaced images
Subtractive color processing system for digital imaging
Card cage for circuit cards in an optical network unit
Optical network and switch control method for use in the optical network
Method for reliable exchange of modem handshaking information over a cellular radio carrier
Multi-layer printed circuit board with signal traces of varying width
Electrical component stacking system
Electronic parts mounting apparatus
Dual-socket interposer and method of fabrication therefor
Holder for closely-positioned multiple GBIC connectors
Arrangement for securing a circuit board in a housing
Electronic module with integral refrigerant evaporator assembly and control system therefore
Apparatus and method for inhibiting electromagnetic interference
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