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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
DNA sequence for root preferred gene expression in plants
Composition and method for treating graft-versus-host disease
Polyglutamic acid-camptothecin conjugates and methods of preparation
Non-invasive detection of analytes in a complex matrix
QC phantom
Benzo (f) insoindol derivatives and their use as ep4 receptor ligands
Ketoamides with cyclic P4'S as inhibitors of NS3 protease of hepatitis C virus
Fluoroalkoxy-substituted 1,3-dihydro-isoindolyl compounds and their pharmaceutical uses
Fluorescently labeled growth hormone secretagogue
Therapy for microbial infections
Surfactant protein C esters
Radiation therapy methods
Long-acting hormone and growth factor compositions and uses thereof
Implantable medical device having a casing providing high-speed telemetry
Method for determining stimulation parameters
Modular patient support system
Multi-layer golf ball with a thin, castable outer layer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for plasma incision of matter with a specifically tuned radiofrequency electromagnetic field generator
Thermal activation apparatus for a heat-sensitive adhesive sheet
Integrated CD/DVD recording and labeling
Electronic intelligent turn signal control system
Vehicular rear and side warning device
Installation for filling receptacles by weight with filler spouts being engaged in the receptacles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fuse housing of targeted percentage tetragonal phase zirconia and method of manufacture
Process for producing acrylic ester compound
Mixed metal oxide containing sulfur
Thioacetate deprotection
Process for producing 1-acetoxy-3-(substituted phenyl)propene compound
Integrated method for synthesis propylene oxide
Gaseous acid catalysis
Imidazoline derivatives having CB.sub.1-antagonistic activity
Detection of transmembrane potentials by optical methods
Farnesyl transferase inhibiting 6-[(substituted phenyl)methyl]-quinoline and quinazoline derinazoline derivatives
Pyrrolo [2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepine-anthraquinone conjugates useful as antitumour agents
Catalytic composition and its preparation and use for preparing polymers from ethylenically unsaturated monomers
Ligands for pnicogen chelate complexes with a metal of subgroup VIII and use of the complexes as catalysts for hydroformylation, carbonylation, hydrocyanation or hydrogenation
Stra6 polypeptides
SUMO4 gene and methods of use for type 1 diabetes
Regulatory sequences for regulation of gene expression in plants and other organisms, and compositions, products and methods related thereto
Antisense oligonucleotides to type I procollagen
Process for producing phytosterols by saponification in an alcohol/water solvent
Crosslinked polycyclooctene
Polymer electrolyte membranes crosslinked by direct fluorination
Receiving-layer-forming resin for use in thermal-transfer image-receiving sheet and thermal-transfer image-receiving sheet using such a resin
Photo-cured and stabilized coatings
Biodegradable resin composition for molding and object molded or formed from the same
Composition and method relating to a hot melt adhesive
Method for producing an impact-resistant polymethymethacrylate, and corresponding polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)
Method for minimizing absorption of and effecting removal of contaminant chemicals
Methods for producing transgenic plants with enhanced resistance and decreased uptake of heavy metals
Plant anthocyanidin rutinoside aromatic acyl transferases
Variants of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase affecting phosphate sensitivity and other parameters
Lipolytic enzyme variant
Eddy current sensor with concentric confocal distance sensor
Reduced coherence symmetric grazing incidence differential interferometer
Rotor position detection in an electrical machine
Method and device for increasing the long-term operational reliability of a fiber optic interferometer
Laser beam processing apparatus
Spectroscope with thermal compensation mechanism
Polarization mitigation technique
Ruggedized digital low-light viewing device
Method and apparatus using polarisation optical time domain reflectometry for security applications
Method for determining whether a rock is capable of functioning as an oil reservoir
Apparatus for processing photosensitive material and area measurement method
Detector system for detecting a height of a particle, and lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method including the same.
Non-contact radiant heating and temperature sensing device for a chemical reaction chamber
Thickness measuring apparatus and method using a microwave cavity resonator
Method and apparatus for diagnosing fault in semiconductor device
Circuit property measurement method
Radar device capable of scanning received reflection waves
Nuclear medical diagnostic apparatus and method for detecting radiation
Drift-type detector with limited noise level
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Nuclear spin resonance clock arrangements
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus using the same
Variable power optical system, image pickup lens device, and digital device
Lens barrel
Light mixing homogenizer apparatus and method
Open hole-based diffractive light modulator
Optical beam delivery configuration
Tiltable-body apparatus, and method of fabricating the same
Monochromator mirror for the EUV-spectral range
Color wheel with dovetailed balancing groove
Apparatus for optically reading target
Colorless tunable dispersion compensator employing a planar lightwave circuit and a deformable mirror
Multiple-tapped optical delay line
Optical channelizer utilizing resonant microsphere coupling
Parabolic waveguide-type collimating lens and tunable external cavity laser diode provided with the same
Colored optical fiber and optical fiber ribbon assembly containing said fiber
Focusing device
Non-ruggedized COTS display packaging for severe environment applications
Two pixel electrodes interposing the signal line extending into without extending beyond the recess on the protection film caused by the contact hole
Back light unit for liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the unit
Luminous intensity distribution control device and display having the same
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Image forming device having replacement units mounted thereto
Image forming apparatus
Image forming device
Rigid agitator and shaft assembly
Developing device featuring high viscosity developing agent and superimposed AC and DC bias voltage components
Image forming apparatus featuring a transfer bias having a polarity opposite to a polarity of a charged toner
Analogue chronograph comprising a digital display
Methods and systems for performing horological functions using time cells
Field device with display
Equipment and method for exchanging power, in shunt connection, with an electric power network, and use of such equipment
Low dropout voltage regulator
Method and apparatus for current limitation in voltage regulators with improved circuitry for providing a control voltage
Receiving unit for computer
Portable computer
Electronic device having dual adjustable press switches and its method
Apparatus and method for image-processing and computer program product for image-processing
Image forming apparatus with power saving characteristics
Wireless measuring device
Electronic apparatus for facsimile communication, control method and control program therefor
Apparatus, method and system with a graphics-rendering engine having a graphics context manager
Intercolor bleed reduction in liquid ink printers
Printer and print system capable of printing a read image without intervention of host in addition to printing of print data from host
Method and apparatus for processing interaural time delay in 3D digital audio
System and method for replacing parametrically described surface features with independent surface patches
Method for analyzing manufacturing data
Mobile robotic system with web server and digital radio links
Computer integrated manufacturing techniques
Automatic process monitoring system for associating an equipment identification and a data collection operation and method of use thereof
Job release with multiple constraints
Magnetoinductive flowmeter and measuring method for a magnetoinductive flowmeter
Endless-moving-member driving unit, image forming apparatus, photosensitive-element driving unit, and method of degradation process for endless moving-member
Method of processing a stored image
System and method for automatically recognizing electronic handwriting in an electronic document and converting to text
Method and apparatus for automatic selection and presentation of information
Redeye reduction of digital images
Diagnostic apparatus for abnormalities in image recognition system
Image upscaling by joint optimization of low and mid-level image variables
Image information describing method, video retrieval method, video reproducing method, and video reproducing apparatus
Animation distributing method, server and system
Generating a mesh
Image display method and image display device
Event driven information system
System and method for alerting sports participants who cannot detect audible signals
Substance detection and alarm using a spectrometer built into a steering wheel assembly
Remote controller
Measuring transducer
Map display device
Method for optimizing brightness in a display device and apparatus for implementing the method
Transistor circuit, display panel and electronic apparatus
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device having organic thin-film transistor and method for manufacturing the display device
Element substrate and a light emitting device
Piezoelectric transducer and electrophoretic ink display apparatus using piezoelectric transducer
Shift register circuit, image display apparatus having the circuit, and driving method for LCD devices
Image display device, pixel drive method, and scan line drive circuit
Method and apparatus for providing projected user interface for computing device
Spatial light modulator data refresh without tearing artifacts
Information displaying system
Distance-based accelerated scrolling
Image input apparatus
Multi-tracks MR offset tuning based on error count in certification process
Data storage device and servo information writing method
Media noise optimized detector for magnetic recording
Thin-film magnetic head
Spin valve with a capping layer comprising an oxidized cobalt layer and method of forming same
Ferroelectric device including a unit element having a topological outline in a C-shape or a S-shape
Information storage medium and method of recording and/or reproducing with respect to the medium
Optical recording medium driving device
Recording method, recording apparatus, reproducing method and reproducing apparatus
Magnetic storage cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of uniformly inputting/outputting data
Content addressable memory (CAM) cell bit line architecture
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Nonvolatile memory and method of driving the same
Memory system with two clock lines and a memory device
Particle beam therapy system
Signal transmission cable with connector
Coupling set for connecting ground plate for arrest of lightning
Concentric multi-pair cable with filler
Inductor device
Panel mounting system
Load drive control apparatus having minimized power consumption when functioning in waiting status
Organic light emitting element and display device using the element
Organic light emitting device, manufacturing method thereof, and display unit
Compact germicidal lamp having multiple wavelengths
Automatically aligning objective aperture for a scanning electron microscope
Method of manufacturing an image device
Method for manufacturing printed wiring board
Optical-interference type display panel and method for making the same
Strained silicon-on-insulator by anodization of a buried p+ silicon germanium layer
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device by doping impurity element into a semiconductor layer through a gate electrode
Solid-state imaging device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device manufacturing method including static charge elimination
Polysilicon crystallizing method, method of fabricating thin film transistor using the same, and method of fabricating liquid crystal display thereof
Method and system for etching a film stack
Insulated gate type semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Recessed polysilicon gate structure for a strained silicon MOSFET device
Method for fabricating metallic interconnects on electronic components
Methods for forming cobalt layers including introducing vaporized cobalt precursors and methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same
Ultra thin, single phase, diffusion barrier for metal conductors
High-frequency wiring structure and method for producing the same
Warpage control of array packaging
Method for forming dual damascene interconnection in semiconductor device
Method of preventing photoresist poisoning of a low-dielectric-constant insulator
Method to avoid a laser marked area step height
Thin film semiconductor device, polycrystalline semiconductor thin film production process and production apparatus
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Expansion constrained die stack
Wafer level package for micro device
Suppression of localized metal precipitate formation and corresponding metallization depletion in semiconductor processing
Method and apparatus for reducing electrical interconnection fatigue
Lateral lubistor structure and method
Method of manufacturing thin film capacitor
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Electrical and thermal contact for use in semiconductor devices
High performance lateral bipolar transistor
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having a crystalline semiconductor film
Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing method
Semiconductor devices formed of III-nitride compounds, lithium-niobate-tantalate, and silicon carbide
Magnetoresistive element, method for making the same, and magnetic memory device incorporating the same
Semiconductor display device
Transparent contacts for organic devices
Superconductive filter module, superconductive filter assembly and heat insulating type coaxial cable
Handset quadrifilar helical antenna mechanical structures
Low-sidelobe dual-band and broadband flat endfire antenna
Antenna for ultra-wide band communication
Dual band, dual pole, 90 degree azimuth BW, variable downtilt antenna
Electrically controlled uniform or graded reflectivity electro-optic mirror
Laser stimulated sympathetic vibration of molecular structure of a body
Low-noise high-power SHG laser system
Broad-band light source using a semiconductor optical amplifier
Gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier
Floor access box adjustment method
Temperature protection device for power devices
Stepping motor
Motor and method of manufacturing the same
Power converter having a primary side switching circuit
Half-controlled silicon-controlled rectifying system and method thereof
High-stability piezoelectric oscillator
Dual layer signal processing in a layered modulation digital signal system
Phase-compensated filter circuit with reduced power consumption
Power amplification circuit and communication device using the same
System and method of carrier reinjection in a feedforward amplifier
Timing signal generating circuit having simple configuration with low supply voltage and generating timing signals with high accuracy
Reflection loss suppression circuit
Modified high-efficiency phase shift modulation method
Equalizing a signal for transmission
Input buffer structure with single gate oxide
Level-shifting circuitry having "high" output impedance during disable mode
High frequency switching circuit and semiconductor device
Generating multi-phase clock signals using hierarchical delays
Method and system for nonlinear and affine signal processing
Method for cell search under effect of high clock offset
Calibration of a phase locked loop
Method and apparatus for I/Q mismatch calibration in a receiver
Methods and apparatus for spectral filtering channel estimates
RF system integrated with RF switch and RF modulation
Serial bus interface for direct conversion receiver
Trailing artifact avoidance system and method
System for regulating optical output power
Method and an apparatus for signal transmission
Automatic wind noise reduction circuit and automatic wind noise reduction method
Deriving a more accurate estimate from prediction data in closed loop transmit diversity modes
Transmitting electric power control method in the CDMA system
Frequency-domain method for joint equalization and decoding of space-time block codes
Providing idle periods in an otherwise continuous transmission to monitor signal quality in alternate communications channels
Modulation switching for DSL signal transmission
Bi-directional wavelength division multiplexing self-healing passive optical network
Transmitting apparatus using multiple lambda source in WDM network
Methods and apparatus to evaluate statistical remultiplexer performance
Removing jitter by adaptive slope tracking
Multimedia multiplexing method
Decryption system for encrypted audio
Security framework for an IP mobility system using variable-based security associations and broker redirection
Efficient universal hashing method
Decoding system and method for digital communications
Method and system for modeling and advertising asymmetric topology of a node in a transport network
Packet switching apparatus
Providing gateway functionality in a virtual private network
Resilient detection of repeaters
Intelligent address registration for optical user-network interface
Digital subscriber line communicating system
Method and apparatus for implementing a Viterbi decoder
Method and circuit for digitally correcting the frequency of a signal
High-speed modem with uplink remote-echo canceller
Method for sampling phase control
Systems and methods for providing secure server key operations
Cipher generating device, cipher decoding device, cipher generating program, cipher decoding program, authentication system and electronic device
Method and system for providing mobility to enhanced call service features at remote locations
Method for controlling a hands free system, radio apparatus, and hands free apparatus
Method and apparatus for ascertaining the capacity of a network switch
Method and apparatus providing caller identification telephone service with a real time audio message
Method of securing a mobile telecommunication terminal
System for event correlation in cellular networks
Method and system for automatically tracking phone cells
Print system, printing method, and server
Pagewidth inkjet printer having composite image printing control
Digital TV receiver for processing teletext information
Digital broadcast receiver unit
Handheld fish measuring apparatus with integral camera
Method and apparatus for processing digital pixel output signals
Folding mobile communication terminal
Apparatus and system for prompt digital photo delivery and archival
Expanded switching of video/S-video signals by auto-sense apparatus designed to initiate switching of a different type of video signal and apparatus for emulating one type of signal by another type of signal to initiate said switching
System and method for analyzing, optimizing and/or designing spectral sensitivity curves for an imaging device
Arranging a plurality of imaging pixels in an imaging acquisition apparatus
Selectively overlaying a user interface atop a video signal
Digital television system and method for supporting a film mode
Device and method to detect video format based on a cyclical period of a horizontal synchronizing signal
Capture of sensory data in association with digital still images
Method and apparatus for recording/reproducing digital video signal or audio signal, and optical disk apparatus
Systems and methods for using structured representations to index recordings of activity
Digital VTR
Method for coding and decoding a digitalized image
Method for designing de-emphasis circuit for video signal processing integrated circuit and integrated circuit made by the same
Method and apparatus for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel
Unicast agent advertisement based on layer 2 and layer 3 motion detection
Method to solve the multi-path and to implement the roaming function
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Transmission level control method and transceiver apparatus in wireless local loop system
Integrated wireless local loop (WLL) and wireless local area network (WLAN) transceiver apparatus
Location-based vehicle messaging system
Portable radio communication apparatus
Flat acoustic conversion device
Excessive temperature warning device using warning symbol outside fiber optic cable or light guide
Backlight unit for liquid crystal display
Position fixing in printed circuit boards
Printed board and meter unit provided therewith
Techniques for providing ventilation and EMI shielding to electronic circuitry using a panel member with brimmed holes
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and device for combined heat treatment of body tissue
Photodynamic therapy light diffuser
Movable transmit or receive coils for location system
Method and apparatus for planning brachytherapy surgical procedures
Time frame synchronization of medical monitoring signals
Generic integrated implantable potentiostat telemetry unit for electrochemical sensors
Personal ambulatory cellular health monitor for mobile patient
Method of and apparatus for Identifying a portion of a waveform representing a physiological event
Biomedical electrode with vital skin penetration
Predictive probe stabilization relative to subject movement
EMG assistant: a method for the automated localization of root/plexus/nerve/branch-damage, using the routine clinical (needle) electromyographic study results
Method and system for brain volume analysis
Portable hearing-related analysis system
Methods and apparatus for CT scout image processing
Sound pressure detecting system
Apparatus and method for closed-loop intracranical stimulation for optimal control of neurological disease
Electrode system in iontophoretic treatment devices
Biostable small French lead
Interconnection technique between a cable conductor and an electrode of an implantable medical device
Defibrillator battery with memory and status indication guage
Implantable device and method for the electrical treatment of cancer
External stimulator for adjunct (add-on) treatment for neurological, neuropsychiatric, and urological disorders
Implantable nerve stimulator electrode
Electronic stimulation equipment with wireless satellite units
Implantable cardiac stimulation device and method for self-regulating sampling of measured parameters
Extraction of hemodynamic pulse pressure from fluid and myocardial accelerations
Deterministic and jitter-free dual-chamber cardiac pacemaker
Electromagnetic field source device with detection of position of secondary coil in relation to multiple primary coils
Photon irradiation human pain treatment monitored by thermal imaging
Pharmaceutically enhanced low-energy radiosurgery
Radiotherapy machine including magnetic resonance imaging system
Rolling circle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Distributed database for analytical instruments
Method of modifying a populated database structure by modifying metadata describing the database structure
Method for collecting and transporting groups of partly superimposed postal objects
Self-teaching robot arm position method to compensate for support structure component alignment offset
Coordinate measurement machine with articulated arm and software interface
Simultaneous multiple layer curing in stereolithography
Digital image region detection method and apparatus
Image forming systems and methods for determining whether an image job will be imaged
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Damping force control device and method
Vehicle driving control system
Engine control system for providing incentive to drivers
Following distance alarming apparatus and following distance displaying apparatus that display difference between measured following distance and that at which warning is given
Vehicle control device
Mobile phone holder
Method and device for limiting transversal acceleration in a motor vehicle
Yaw rate estimating apparatus
Power steering apparatus
Method for providing command augmentation to a command lane within a vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthetic genes for enhanced expression
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of estimating barometric pressure in an engine control system
Method and configuration for diagnosis of a capacitive actuator
Monitoring fault in control device CPU containing exercise calculating section executing on proposed data to produce monitor converted result
Ceiling fan having one or more fan heaters
Method for controlling an automatic transmission
Light-illuminating rods
System and method for measuring stress during processing of an optical fiber
Method of forward motion compensation in an aerial reconnaissance camera
Coordinates detecting apparatus for independently correcting coordinates
Terrain navigation apparatus for a legged animal traversing terrain
Method and apparatus for orienting a map display in a mobile or portable device
Method for navigating a vehicle
Method and system for representation and use of shape information in geographic databases
Method and system for automatic centerline adjustment of shape point data for a geographic database
Method of navigating of and a navigation system for a moving means
Navigation device
Height estimating apparatus
Tokenless electronic transaction system
System and method for analyzing signals generated by rotating machines
Fiber optic probes for indwelling investigations
Pixel based machine for patterned wafers
X-ray sensor signal processor and X-ray computed tomography system using the same
Identification of features in indexed data and equipment therefore
Minimally invasive methods for measuring analtes in vivo
Adaptive sampling rate based on power system frequency
Jitter measuring method utilizing A/D conversion and device
Self-adaptive test program
Apparatus and method for estimating the coil resistance in an electric motor
Apparatus and method for contact failure inspection in semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for testing adjustment of a circuit parameter
Implementation of signature analysis for analog and mixed signal circuits
Method and apparatus for providing controllable compensation factors to a compensated driver circuit which may be used to perform testing of the structural integrity of the compensated driver circuit
Testing methodology for embedded memories using built-in self repair and identification circuitry
Data prediction in DSP methods for transient spectroscopies
System and method for measuring round trip delay on the paging and access channels
Method and apparatus for measuring displacement of object using GPS
Signal transformation for aural classification
Noise estimator for seismic exploration
Method of and apparatus for independently determining the resistivity and/or dielectric constant of an earth formation
Method of detecting breaks in logging signals relating to a region of a medium
Optical waveguide sensors having high refractive index sensitivity
Tunable optical fiber grating
High reliability fiber coupled optical switch
Optical switching device
Integrated optics beam deflector assemblies utilizing side mounting blocks for precise alignment
Optical cable for routing in sewers
Adhesive precision positioning mount
Design method for optical curved surface
Tunable optical waveguides
Apparatus and method for adapting a 35mm SLR still camera to a 35mm motion picture viewfinder
Distance measuring apparatus for camera
Camera with print quantity designation for each exposure provides print cost total
Equipment using solar battery
Blur preventing system of camera
External flash control system
X-ray mask blank, X-ray mask and method for manufacturing the same
X-ray mask, method of manufacturing the same, and X-ray exposure method
Image forming apparatus including preselected range between charge injection layer and voltage potential
Mandrel for a photoreceptor belt formed of a rigid machinable foam material
Image processing device
Spherical silicone additive for reduced photo receptor drag and wear
Customizable control panel for a functionally upgradable image printing machine
Image-forming apparatus system and method for remotely supervising a plurality of image-forming apparatuses
Color image forming apparatus with toner recycling
Color image forming apparatus
Charger wire tensioning mounting mechanism and method of using
Toner supplying device and developer transporting device
Printing or copying system with a reusable container for consumable materials and method for using said container
Developing device and electric energy supply part for applying developing bias voltage
Image forming apparatus having a mechanism to clean a driving roller by a recording material
Induction heating fixing device
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming unit with high positioning and rotating accuracy and image forming apparatus using the same
Radio paging receiver having time correction function
Time display method and apparatus
Computer integrated personal environment system
Statistical process window design methodology
Apparatus and method of providing configuration information to an operator of a work machine
Critical control adaption of integrated modular architecture
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive altitude preselector units
Data processing system for conducting a modified on-line auction
Method for controlling access to electronically provided services and system for implementing such method
Copy security for portable music players
Apparatus and method for providing and authentication system
Power management system with programable configuration circuitry using digital power level signal to selectively configure operations of electronic circuits
Unbalanced clock tree for a digital interface between an IEEE 1394 serial bus system and a personal computer interface (PCI)
Method and apparatus for coupling signals between two circuits operating in different clock domains
Combination laptop and pad computer
Method and apparatus of measuring current, voltage, or duty cycle of a power supply to manage power consumption in a computer system
Power management fault strategy for automotive multimedia system
Low power power-on reset circuitry having dual states
Physical write packets processing when posted write error queue is full, with posted write error queue storing physical write requests when posted write packet fails
File server system tolerant to software and hardware failures
Method and apparatus for differential backup in a computer storage system
Computer data storage physical backup and logical restore
Method and apparatus for maintaining connection state between a connection manager and a failover device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Circuit arrangement for in-circuit emulation of a microcontroller
Data collection agent for computer networks
Fast trace log
Method and apparatus for recreating fiber channel traffic
Methods and apparatus for diagnosing and correcting faults in computers by a support agent at a remote location
Method and system for debugging a microprocessor core
Disc array apparatus having a presupposed response time and a number of disc units
Page memory management in non time critical data buffering applications
Address conversion circuit and address conversion system with redundancy decision circuitry
Apparatus and method for accessing an object oriented object using a smart passive reference
Method and system for symmetric memory population
Write combining buffer that supports snoop request
Cache channel at network nodes to pass request and data or pointer to shared buffer
Cache aware memory allocation
Apparatus and method for shorting retransmit recovery times utilizing cache memory in high speed FIFO
Systems and methods for electronic data storage management
Method and arrangement relating to communication in a network
Audio system for playback of waveform sample data
Method and device for emulation of peripheral input/output (I/O) controller of a computer system
Large-scale integrated circuit (LSI) circuit for controlling electronic device including LSI, and method of controlling the circuit
Method of determining data transfer rate of a device by measuring the transfer rate of data between a virtual drive and the device
System for updating an identity of a device in response to determining that a neighbor device has an identity different from one stored therein
High availability asynchronous computer system
Dependency controller and method for overlapping memory access operations
Programmable memory controller
Method and apparatus for processing input/output request by using a plurality of channel buses
Multi-user communication bus with a resistive star configuration termination
Slave interface circuit for providing communication between a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) domain and an advanced system bus (ASB)
Pass-gate inputs that temporarily hold state on a high input impedance, strobed CMOS differential sense amplifier
Method of and apparatus for dynamically enumerating objects representing devices within an IEEE 1394 serial bus networking
Accounting for clock slew in serial communications
Methods and apparatus for manarray PE-PE switch control
Distributed processing system where a management computer automatically connects remote reduced-capability workstations with centralized computing modules
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Reconfigurable functional units for implementing a hybrid VLIW-SIMD programming model
Methods and apparatus to support conditional execution in a VLIW-based array processor with subword execution
System and method for performing a fast fourier transform using a matrix-vector multiply instruction
Using query language for event filtering and aggregation
Automatic database statistics maintenance and plan regeneration
Method and apparatus for tracking and viewing changes on the web
Multi-dimensional data management system
Method and apparatus for implementing a search selection tool on a browser
Gathering selected information from the world wide web
Configurable and extensible system for deploying asset management functions to client applications
Method for analyzing the conditional status of specialized files
Keyfact-based text retrieval system, keyfact-based text index method, and retrieval method
Information presentation apparatus and information presentation method
Method and system for generation of hierarchical search results
Index and materialized view selection for a given workload
Partitioning of sorted lists (containing duplicate entries) for multiprocessors sort and merge
Method for moving an open file being accessed by at least one user
Machine-implementable method and apparatus for iteratively extending the results obtained from an initial query in a database
System and method for data manipulation in a dynamic object-based format
Aggregations design in database services
Apparatus and method for accessing a coin image compilation
Method and apparatus for querying structured documents using a database extender
Using an epoch number to optimize access with rowid columns and direct row access
Method and data format for exchanging data between a Java system database entry and an LDAP directory service
Method and system for efficiently retrieving information from multiple databases
Network security zones
Method of upgrading a software application in the presence of user modifications
Apparatus and method for describing the motion parameters of an object in an image sequence
Real-time search engine
System and method for accelerating network interaction
Method and apparatus for modeling electromagnetic interactions in electrical circuit metalizations to simulate their electrical characteristics
Method of generating finite state data for designing a cascade decomposed logic circuit
Method and apparatus for determining certain characteristics of circuit elements
System and method for concurrent buffer insertion and placement of logic gates
Dopant profile modeling by rare event enhanced domain-following molecular dynamics
System and method for browsing graphically an electronic design based on a hardware description language specification
Method of producing optimized designs using computer systems and designs produced therefrom
Publication distribution system
Apparatus and method for recording image analysis information
System for automatically initiating a computer security and/or screen saver mode
Embedding certifications in executable files for network transmission
User authentication using member with either holes or projections
Rotationally desensitized unistroke handwriting recognition
Semiconductor storage device employing cluster unit data transfer scheme and data management method thereof
Disc drive for achieving improved audio and visual data transfer
Apparatus for converting speech to text
Skew pointer generation
Vehicle instrument panel wireless communication
Adder circuit with the ability to detect zero when rounding
Method and apparatus for rounding floating point results in a digital processing system
Method and apparatus for performing signed/unsigned multiplication
Apparatus for computing exponential and trigonometric functions
Multi-dimensional Galois field multiplier
High-speed modular multiplication apparatus achieved in small circuit
Method and device for executing a decrypting mechanism through calculating a standardized modular exponentiation for thwarting timing attacks
Flexible dynamic partitioning of resources in a cluster computing environment
Critical code processing management
Processor including efficient fetch mechanism for L0 and L1 caches
Predecode buffer including buffer pointer indicating another buffer for predecoding
Digital signal processor having enhanced utilization of multiply accumulate (MAC) stage and method
Fast conversion of encoded tag bits
Compiling method and memory storing the program code
Method and apparatus for predicting a predicate based on historical information and the least significant bits of operands to be compared
Apparatus and method for fetching instructions for a program-controlled unit
System and method for synchronizing a register stack engine (RSE) and backing memory image with a processor's execution of instructions during a state saving context switch
Dynamic parsing
Method and apparatus for assessing compatibility between platforms and applications
Encoding multiword information by wordwise interleaving
Automatic invocation of objects during the entering of data in a data processing system user interface
Self-importing system change routine
Centralized, automated installation of software products
Operation of a system
Using system configuration data to customize bios during the boot-up process
Apparatus and method for identifying and modifying computer operating system components
Method and system for automatically running a program
Method and apparatus for managing classfiles on devices without a file system
Method and apparatus for producing instructions describing the removal of updates to a computer system
Program conversion apparatus for constant reconstructing VLIW processor
Efficient array descriptors for variable-sized, dynamically allocated arrays
Means and method for establishing loop-level parallelism
Compiler optimization techniques for exploiting a zero overhead loop mechanism
Method and apparatus for the dynamic filtering and routing of events
Method and digital hearing device for detecting and processing non-synchronous processes in a digital hearing device
Apparatus for and method of non-linear constraint optimization in storage system configuration
Processing CDMA signals
Method for imaging test answer sheets having open-ended questions
Method and apparatus for producing a hybrid data structure for displaying a raster image
Visual bar code recognition method
Adaptive agent using neural network
Cortronic neural networks with distributed processing
Network based legal services system
System for managing telecommunication sites
Centralized directory services supporting dynamic group membership
Optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs of major energy system at large facilities
Method and system for automatically producing loan documents
Bulk inventory network system (BINS)
Intelligent data inventory & asset management systems method and apparatus
System, a method and an apparatus for performing an electric payment transaction in a telecommunication network
System and method for electronic transmission, storage, and retrieval of authenticated electronic original documents
Product inventory category management and variety optimization method and system
Service control and management system
Audiovisual content distribution system
Image processing apparatus and method and storing medium
Video acquisition system including an improved event architecture
Methods and apparatus for generating thin-slice imaging data on a multi-slice imaging system
Median computation-based integrated color interpolation and color space conversion methodology from 8-bit bayer pattern RGB color space to 24-bit CIE XYZ color space
Integrated color interpolation and color space conversion algorithm from 8-bit Bayer pattern RGB color space to 24-bit CIE XYZ color space
Image processing method and system involving contour detection steps
Automatic analysis in virtual endoscopy
Adjusting an electronic camera to acquire a watermarked image
3D profile analysis for surface contour inspection
Data converter apparatus and method particularly useful for a database-to-object inspection system
Analysis of multi-spectral data for extraction of chlorophyll content
Stereoscopic image processing apparatus and method
Motion vector estimating apparatus with high speed and method of estimating motion vector
Adaptive rate control for digital video compression
Method and apparatus for a delay-adaptive rate control scheme for the frame layer
Perceptual preprocessing techniques to reduce complexity of video coders
Image predictive decoding apparatus
System for preparing mail items
System and method for recording a compressed audio program distributed from an information center
Computer-implemented optimization of publication layouts
Value transfer system
Personalization of smart cards
Enhanced short message and method for synchronizing and ensuring security of enhanced short messages exchanged in a cellular radio communication system
Method and apparatus for allowing a user of a display-based terminal to communicate with communication units in a communication system
Musical cube
System and method for computer-based automatic essay scoring
Method and apparatus for improved duration modeling of phonemes
Concatenation of speech segments by use of a speech synthesizer
Method and apparatus for managing voice registration entries of voice recognition apparatus for use in both handset and hands-free kit
System and method for providing remote automatic speech recognition services via a packet network
Voice encoding method
Technique for multi-rate coding of a signal containing information
Method and apparatus for suppressing acoustic background noise in a communication system by equaliztion of pre-and post-comb-filtered subband spectral energies
Disc changer
Disk drive with compensation of disk eccentricity
Method and apparatus for logically rejecting previously recorded track residue from magnetic media
Circuit for detecting the mirror signal in an optical disk drive and method therefor
Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and method of allocating spare area and method of managing defects
Multi-level error detection and correction technique for data storage recording device
Disk cartridge with disk support members having high wear resistance and lubricity
Raid library apparatus for transportable media and method of controlling the library apparatus
Imaging apparatus alignment system and method
Speech driven lip synthesis using viseme based hidden markov models
Apparatus with digital interface and digital interfacing method
Scheme for extractions and recognitions of telop characters from video data
Ultra high density disk reader/writer comprising two interferometers
Machine readable recording medium, reproduction apparatus, and method for setting pre-reproduction parameters and post-reproduction parameters for video objects
Optical pickup having two laser beam sources having wave lengths different from each other and optical device including the optical pickup
Tilt angle adjusting mechanism for optical disc driver
Cache memory
System and a method for defining transforms of memory device addresses
Accelerated carry generation
Method and apparatus for software controlled timing of embedded memory
Method and system for bypassing pipelines in a pipelined memory command generator
Storage and dispatch container for radioactive miniature radiation sources
Anti scatter radiation grid for a detector having discreet sensing elements
X-ray tube cooling system
Method of determining a wafer characteristic using a film thickness monitor
System and method for determining yield impact for semiconductor devices
Manufacturing reference database
High-frequency semiconductor device and radio transmitter/receiver device
Utilizing navigation direction data in a mobile antenna signal combiner
Method and apparatus for determining and forming delayed waveforms for forming transmitting or receiving beams for a sonar system array of transmitting or receiving elements
I/O connector combination module of a portable computer
Multiple outlet telephone jack
Limitation of oscillation caused by Raman amplification due to the use of different fibers
Stepped etalon semiconductor laser wavelength locker
VSAT system
Mobile telephone system
Sub-symbol matched filter-based frequency error processing for spread spectrum communication systems
High stability fast tracking adaptive equalizer for use with time varying communication channels
Diplexer duplexer and two-channel mobile communications equipment
Frequency snythesizer with a digital frequency window detector and a receiver incorporating the same
Pipelined fast fourier transform (FFT) processor having convergent block floating point (CBFP) algorithm
Method and circuit for sampling timing recovery
Multi-bit error correction system
Control information assigning method, control method, transmitting method, receiving method, transmitter and receiver
Systems and methods for receiving a modulated signal containing encoded and unencoded bits using multi-pass demodulation
Circuit and method of frequency synthesizer control with a serial peripheral interface
Method and apparatus for providing RF output power compensation for a battery backup system
Input protection circuit for a radio frequency
Local oscillation circuit and a receiving circuit including the local oscillation circuit
Apparatus and method for wireless communications
Wireless transmitter/receiver utilizing DSSS technology
Compressive receiver with frequency expansion
Reduced power matched filter using precomputation
Efficient communication system using time division multiplexing and timing adjustment control
Constrained-envelope transmitter and method therefor
Integrated optical transmitter and receiver module
Wireless optical communications without electronics
Apparatus and method for combining two separate RF signals on a single optical fiber with monitoring and alarm capabilities
Submarine optical gain equalizer, submarine optical transmission line and its installation method
Composite optical fiber transmission line method
Apparatus for distributing optical fiber transmission paths
Method and apparatus providing high quality high level signals using low voltage integrated circuit drivers by summing partial signal currents and magnetomotive forces
Transfer station for wireless telephone distribution system with time and space diversity transmission
Signal acquistion method and apparatus
End-to-end transmission techniques for a processing satellite system
Priority-based bandwidth allocation and bandwidth-on-demand in a low-earth-orbit satellite data communication network
Integration of remote microcell with CDMA infrastructure
Multi-channel sound transmission method
Method and apparatus for achieving data rate variability in orthogonal spread spectrum communication systems
Radio with synchronization apparatus and method therefore
Data transmission frame and methods and apparatuses for transmitting and receiving such a frame
Method and apparatus for real time communication system buffer size and error correction coding selection
Self-healing networks using virtual rings
Method, system and apparatus for telecommunications control
Radio communication device and method of controlling transmission rate
Bandwidth efficient acknowledgment/negative acknowledgment in a communication system using automatic repeat request (ARQ)
Self diagnosing communications bus and method of operating same
Chat distribution service system for alternatively delivering the URL linked to a message determined by the chat client device to be unsuitable for distribution
Method and apparatus for a buddy list
Method, computer program product, and apparatus for collecting service level agreement statistics in a communication network
Event simulator for telecommunication networks and method for simulating the operation of such a network
Relevance access of Internet information services
Distributed control in a communication system
Monitor particularly suited for naval tactical data system interface type E
Method and base station for transmitting data over a radio interface in a radio communications system
Device for connecting a subscriber to a bus line
Transferring data communications from one ATM SVC to another ATM SVC
Network router integrated onto a silicon chip
Commercial network based on point to point radios
Wireless communication network having voice and data communication capability
Route selection service control system
Automatic equalizer
Technique for treating channel impairments involving measuring a digital loss in transmitted signals in data communications
Method of estimating pilot signal phase in a digitally modulated RF signal
Method and device for controlling signal clipping in a discrete multi-tone communications system
Multi-carrier transmission systems
Extending SSL to a multi-tier environment using delegation of authentication and authority
Computer system having remote wake-up function and remote wake-up method thereof
Method for detecting dedicated link between an end station and a network device
Automatic detection of full or half duplex capability in a remote network device
Method and apparatus for providing mini packet switching in IP based cellular access networks
Method and apparatus for providing mobility within a network
System and method for verifying users' identity in a network using e-mail communication
Method and apparatus for interactively providing information at multiple sites
Unified interface between an IEEE 1394-1995 serial bus transaction layer and corresponding applications
Method and system for conducting a multimedia phone cell
Method for providing IP telephony with QoS using end-to-end RSVP signaling
NETBIOS protocol support for a DCE RPC mechanism
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for implementing language capabilities using the same
Method for routing calls from a terminal in a first telecommunication network to any terminal in an external telecommunication network
Method and apparatus for a Gigabit Ethernet MAC (GMAC)
Multiple parallel asymmetric interfaces with reversed asymmetric links
Asymmetric modem communications system and method
Method of estimating timing phase and rate offsets in digital data
Method and device for recovering synchronization on a signal transmitted to a mobile-telephone receiver
Method for generating secure symmetric encryption and decryption
System and method for providing service assurance for prepaid telecommunication services
Method and apparatus for telephonically accessing and navigating the internet
System and method for providing universal access to interactive voice response systems
Call related information receiver unit
Procedure for the transmission of a subscriber number
Wireless communication system with symmetric communication protocol
Communication device having capability to convert between voice and text message
Mobile phone extension set
Cellular telephone
System for integrating a telephone to a computer
Alarm report call rerouter
Remotely accessed alarm system
Loop integrity test device and method for digital subscriber line (XDSL) communication
Method and system for service control point billing
System and method for providing a musical ringing tone on mobile stations
Online call routing apparatus and method
Apparatus, method and system for providing variable alerting patterns for multiple leg telecommunication sessions
Controlling interactive voice response system performance
Telephone services
Adjustment of call selection to achieve target values for interval-based performance metrics in a call center
Method of routing calls in an automatic call distribution network
Remote ACD data base modification via telephone
System for generating a list of qualified call recipients
Extended access for automatic call distributing system
Remote conference calling for wireline systems
Method and apparatus for using a VM tone to prevent a voice announcement in a group call
Portable terminal device for transmitting image data via network and image processing device for performing an image processing based on recognition result of received image data
Method of and apparatus for image processing
Method and apparatus for automatic aspect format detection in digital video pictures
Electronic program-guide system with sideways-surfing capability
Navigation system
Internet information displaying apparatus
Programmable filter for removing selected user data from an MPEG-2 bit stream
Image data decoder for still and moving picture data
Optimal handling and manipulation of high-speed streaming media in a computing device
Moving picture coding method, moving picture decoding method, and apparatus therefor
Digital broadcast receiving/recording apparatus and method
Free space optical switch with lenses for re-collimating the light
Strictly non-blocking optical switch core having optimized switching architecture based on reciprocity conditions
TDM backplane stream resource distribution system
Method and apparatus for generating permanent virtual connections using graphical user interface
Connection switching apparatus, connection switching network control system and connection switching network control method
System and method for alternative routing of subscriber calls
Method and apparatus for migrating embedded PBX system to personal computer
Modular time-space switch
System and method for supporting and managing telecommunications services
System for achieving local number portability
Telecommunications architecture for call center services using advanced interactive voice responsive service node
Method and system for translating call processing requests
Method and system for state-dependent admission control and routing of multi-rate circuit-switched traffic
Method of, and system for, transmitting messages
Caller identification delivery in a wireless local loop or other systems
Radio terminal operation data write method in private mobile communication system
Method for configuring cross-connections of a radio system and a radio system
Radio portable information terminal and radio data transmitting receiving system
Exploring radio base station configurations
Multi-sectorized base transceiver station system
Real-time spectrum usage data collection in a wireless communication system
Synchronization of forward link base station power levels during handoff between base station sectors in a mobile radio communication system
System and method for time of arrival based positioning during handover
Method and apparatus for rapid assignment of a traffic channel in digital cellular communication systems
Using two SIM cards with same MSISDN number
Programming pill and methods of manufacturing and using the same
Microphone assembly for hearing aid with JFET flip-chip buffer
Reducing dark current in a standing wave linear accelerator
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