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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus and methods for treating mulch in situ
Combination herbal product to benefit respiratory tract in people exposed to smoke
Adhesive brassiere manufactured by using barrier hole, and method of manufacturing the same
Applicator device with dispersive product delivery
Dual-reservoir mascara applicator with dispersive product delivery
Endoscope with surgical instrument multi-positioning capability
Capsule-type endoscope having sensor and communication method thereof
Marker delivery device with releasable plug
Method and apparatus for suture anchors with a vertical eyelet
Devices and related methods for securing a tissue fold
Atherectomy devices and methods
Bone plate system
Instruments and methods for stabilization of bony structures
Electromagnetic thermotherapeutic apparatus and system
Electrosurgical instrument with an ablation mode and a coagulation mode
Energized needles for wound sealing
Laser treatment apparatus
Calibrated medicine mixing assembly and associated method
Diagnostic method for high sensitivity detection of component concentrations in human gas emissions
Optical capsule and spectroscopic method for treating or diagnosing the intestinal tract
Process for acquiring scanned image data relating to an external body portion and/or a product applied thereto
Non-contact and passive measurement of arterial pulse through thermal IR imaging, and analysis of thermal IR imagery
Ultrasound device for medical applications
Method and apparatus for operating a micromotor in a fluid using a moisture barrier
Dual arch adjustable dental impression tray
Refastenable absorbent product with overlaid side panels and method of making same in the machine direction
Body fluid flow control method and device
Mesoporous implants for administering substances and methods of producing implants
Anti-adhesion device
Medical devices for delivery of therapeutic agents
Vascular occlusion device with an embolic mesh ribbon
Braided occlusion device having repeating expanded volume segments separated by articulation segments
Medical devices having metal coatings for controlled drug release
High strength low opening pressure stent design
Therapeutic prosthetic device
Method of treating erectile dysfunction
Patient warming applique
Transferring and holding device for high-risk neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) patients
Applicator system with vibrating implement
Sterling silver and/or metal gel and/or liquid centered teether
PVA particle for temporary embolic material and production process thereof, and temporary embolic material
Bowel cleansing composition
Medicine to treat drug addiction and preparation method thereof
Composition for regulating lipid metabolism
Method and filamentous phage for treating inflammation associated with amyloid deposits and brain inflammation involving activated microglia
Conditioned cell culture medium compositions and methods of use
ADAM-9 modulators
Anthracycline-Antibody Conjugates for Cancer Therapy
Anti-apoptotic protein antibodies
Use of anti-sphingosine-1-phosphate antibodies in combination with chemotherapeutic agents
Imaging method and device for carrying out said method
Detection and therapy of bacterial infection caused by Enterobacteriaceae
Use of benzotriazole derivatives for photostabilisation
Aerosolized fosfomycin/aminoglycoside combination for the treatment of bacterial respiratory infections
Eprosartan mesylate crystalline particles and a process for preparing pure eprosartan
Pharmaceutical dosage forms for the release of active compounds
Endocytotic particles
Expandable medical device with beneficial agent concentration gradient
Fat harvesting container
Methods and devices for concealing and securing a urine collection bag
System with a reservoir for perfusion management
Aneurysm coil delivery system
Endovascular graft
Balloon catheter and methods for pericardiocentesis and percutaneous pericardiotomy
Method and system for sustained-release of sclerosing agent
Point of care radioactive material stranding system
Drug delivery device
Drug delivery device
Injection device having a gearing arrangement
U-shaped disc shunt and delivery device
Microneedles, microneedle arrays, and systems and methods relating to same
Access needle well-suited for percutaneous implantation in a body lumen
Method and apparatus for securing a line to a patient
Prefilled retractable syringe, plunger and needle assembly
Core muscle strengthening
Lower leg and foot exercise device
Multi-layer golf ball
System for managing physical training and method thereof
Gaming device, game processing method and information memory medium
Game machine including variable pattern display units
Game controller
Apparatus and method for providing adaptive broadcast service using game metadata
External control of a peripheral device through a communication proxy in a wagering game system
Products and processes for targeting offers to players in a video game
Video game which delivers an offer to a player
Operating device for game machine
Animated character for player information delivery
Wagering games allowing player to wager on iterative simultaneous independent wagers with different variances
Method and apparatus for providing a complimentary service to a player
Performing Operations; Transporting
Impregnated expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) tubing as a stationary phase
Separator helix
Device for mixing and separation of magnetic particles
Turboengine air intake provided with a controlled filter system
Porous bodies and methods
Modular compact adsorption bed
Structure provided with zeolite separation membrane, method for producing same, method for separating mixed fluids and device for separating mixed fluids
Perforated graphene deionization or desalination
Spiral type separation membrane element
Filter device for a motor vehicle
Marinating device
Polyfluoroalkylphosphonic acid salt emulsifier and mold-releasing agent comprising the same as active ingredient
Method and apparatus for the preparation of a reconstituted food product
Coiled convective heating for membrane reactor
Porous bodies and methods
Gas exchange chip
Valve for facilitating and maintaining separation of fluids and materials
System and method for electrostatic air filtering in an automotive vehicle
Apparatus and method for bar coating
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Coastal oil recovery system
Method for forming porous metal implants
Methods for preparing metal and metal oxide nanoparticles
Cutting tool assembly with an eccentric drive member
Method for reducing vibrations, which occur during a machining process, of a machine element and/or of a workpiece
Splicing technique for fixed abrasives used in chemical mechanical planarization
Grinding lamella and grinding wheel holding same
Device for machining a die plate of an extruder
Hydraulic detachable coupling
Changeable gripping element for transporting containers
Forming mold or electroforming mother die having release layer and method for manufacturing the same
Blown film extrusion device
Coloured pipes for transporting disinfectant-containing water
Method for producing expanding styrene polymer granules
System and method for folding and handling stacks of continuous web
Coated article
Functionalized halogenated polymers for microencapsulation
Composite articles made by process for joining bronze part and silicon carbide ceramic part
Sequestration of compounds from microorganisms
Composite laminate with self-healing layer
Additives for the use of microwave energy to selectively heat thermoplastic polymer systems
Method of joining two or more substrates with a seam
Modular textile system
Plasmonic coatings for reflectors
Method for protecting a display facility
Multi-layer laminate structure and manufacturing method
Polymer blend containing intermediate transfer members
Water re-dissolvable adhesive
Lithographic printing plate precursor and method of preparing lithographic printing plate
Carriage for carrying a fluid ejector cartridge
Printhead maintenance assembly for inkjet printer
Droplet discharging device and method for heating functional liquid thereof
Dual condensor
Image transfer on a colored base
Pen-like applicator
Leak-proof art instrument
Imprint method for imprinting a pattern of a mold onto a resin material of a substrate and related substrate processing method
Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices
Wind deflector comprising a linearly oscillating deflector element
Apparatus for reducing drag on a vehicle
Drive apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle seat
Vehicle cargo system with integrated rails
Travel trailer
Cargo net
Bumper crossbeam as component of a bumper of a motor vehicle
Method for treatment of a driveline
Rear-mounted aerodynamic structure for truck cargo bodies
Rear-mounted aerodynamic structure for truck cargo bodies
Luggage support hook for a scooter-type motorcycle, and motorcycle incorporating same
Wheelchair lift assist mechanism
Aircraft with transient-discriminating propeller balancing system
Apparatus for transferring slurry
Telescoping tool basket, especially for offshore operations, and method of using same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for manufacturing hydrogen-containing gas
Method and system for producing synthetic gas from biomass by high temperature gasification
Extra mesoporous Y zeolite
Zinc-oxide nanoparticles and their use for photo catalytic degradation of cyanide--a process
Methods for use of aniline copolymers
Two-layer compacted solid product for water potabilization and preparation method
Air-curing expanded concrete composed of binder-containing mixtures
Metallic paint, method for the production thereof, and uses thereof
Ink composition and image recording method
Phosphors, fabricating method thereof, and light emitting device employing the same
Blue phosphor, and light-emitting device using the same
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Method and kit
Low melting point triglycerides for use in fuels
Tools and methods useful in characterising the immunotoxic activity of xenobiotic substances
MicroRNA-based methods and compositions for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of lung cancer using miR-21
System and apparatus for sequential processing of analytes
Process and apparatus for producing metals and/or primary metal products
Reducing the height of a defect associated with an air bearing surface
Magnetic mask holder
Large area, atmospheric pressure plasma for downstream processing
Power loading substrates to reduce particle contamination
Erosion resistant cermet linings for oil and gas exploration, refining and petrochemical processing applications
Glass support system, method of supporting glass, and etching equipment using the same
Antireflection structure formation method and antireflection structure
Textiles; Paper
Extraction bedplate and method for manufacturing an extraction bedplate
Fixed Constructions
Portable concrete striking device with auger
Inflow and infiltration cap and seal barrier
Removable pull cover
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for repairing an airfoil
Blade of a turbomachine
Cooling duct arrangement within a hollow-cast casting
Turbine blade with chordwise cooling channels
Blade, impeller, turbo fluid machine, method and apparatus for manufacturing blade
Micro fluidic transportation device and method for manufacturing the same
Electric compressor
Rotary pressure production device
Support for rolling bearing
Integrated fuel delivery module and methods of manufacture
Serial axial fan
Radial antifriction bearing which can be taken apart only if destroyed
Foil bearing
Plain bearing composite material, use thereof and production methods therefor
Double row, angular contact ball bearing with two plastic comb cages with retaining tabs
Hydrodynamic tapered roller bearings and gas turbine engine systems involving such bearings
Wheel bearing apparatus incorporated with a wheel speed detecting apparatus
Shaft support structure for a vehicle
Multi-speed planetary transmission with up to ten forward speed ratios
Multi-speed transmission with planetary gear sets and layshafts
Multi-speed planetary transmission with two planetary gear sets and up to ten forward speed ratios
Multi-speed transmission with compound and simple planetary gear sets and with layshafts
Drive system with an 8-gear gearbox
Power transmitting apparatuses
Hydraulic control system of continuously variable transmission
Expandable pulley
Autonomous underwater plow and method of use
Vehicular climate control system
LED luminaire
Light fixture assembly having improved heat dissipation capabilities
Method for installing a secondary optical lens on a LED street lamp
Light-guiding structure of translucent press key
Light mounting apparatus
Brightness enhancement film and backlight module
Vehicle headlamp
Trolly and illumination module thereof
Fuel preheating system
Steel compositions, methods of forming the same, and articles formed therefrom
Methods and apparatus for displaying an electronic rendering of a marking operation based on an electronic record of marking information
System and method for using one or more thermal sensor probes for flow analysis, flow assurance and pipe condition monitoring of a pipeline for flowing hydrocarbons
Tool for sensor arrangement with snap-off segments
Shaped electrodes for microfluidic dielectrophoretic particle manipulation
Electrochemical carbon dioxide sensor
Monolithic electrophoresis gel system
Monolithic electrophoresis gel system
Retroreflective film containing a polymeric face film and method of manufacture therefore
Miniaturized turret-mounted camera assembly
Camera assembly capable of adjusting angle of camera
Image display device with exit pupil moving for tracking viewer's pupil
Method for making lithographic plates
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Negative charge control agents and their preparation
Multiple wager, multiple potential winning outcome gaming platform
Aural, neural muscle memory response tool and method
Method and system for creating a multiplication and division puzzle
Fabrication of magnetoresistive sensors and electronic lapping guides
Fabrication of light emitting film coated fullerenes and their application for in-vivo light emission
LED light source in incandescent shaped light bulb
LED package and back light unit using the same
Battery module composed of flexible battery cells and cell interconnect structure therefor
Process for producing metal sulfide
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Rechargeable magnesium ion cell components and assembly
Solid polymer type fuel cell separator and method of production of same
Electrocatalyst and enzymatic electrode
Electrical terminal connection with molded seal
Electrical connector having a metal shell with locking tabs extending into a recess
Electrical connector assembly
Adjustable connector system for connection to a modular appliance
High density coaxial switching jack
Contactless plug detect mechanism
Method for plasma treatment and painting of a surface
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of displaying monochromatic image on color monitor and image display apparatus for implementing the method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image producing process and apparatus with magnetic load roller
Ink ribbon cartridge with C-shaped sideplates
Image forming apparatus and method, and transferring medium cassette
Thermal head and controller for controlling the same
Image forming apparatus and laser drive control method therein
Transfer apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Vehicle indicator unit having wowing and graduation lighting function
Vehicle-applied display unit
Antenna holder
Motor vehicle lighting system
Emergency warning system for vehicles
Vehicular lighting control system
Multiplexer circuit and method for detection of the switching state of switching elements
Drive device
Signal light for railroads or the like
Truck trailer impact warning system
Textiles; Paper
Magnetic bearing arrangement for a godet roll for guiding at least one yarn
Fixed Constructions
Modular electronic door security system
Method and apparatus for sensing gate position
Motor housing and pole-well, in particular for electric window or sunroof motors
Method of commissioning and operating an electrically heated pipe-in-pipe subsea pipeline
Apparatus and method for wellbore resistivity imaging using capacitive coupling
Method and apparatus for transmitting information to the surface from a drill string down hole in a well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Generator for an outboard motor
Apparatus for testing spark plugs
Piezoelectric device with feedback sensor
Spherical bearing for electrical machines with permanent magnetic rotors
Collective head bearing monitor
Lamp string with an open-circuit-proof structure
Back lighting apparatus of liquid crystal display using optical fiber
Method for high-accuracy non-contact capacitive displacement measurement of poorly connected targets
Differential charge amplifier with built-in testing for rotation rate sensor
Method and apparatus for synchronous demodulation of multiply modulated signals
Electronic cockpit vision system
Non-contact type displacement sensor apparatus
Inductive position measuring system
Frequency compensation for rotating target sensor
Roller contact with conductive brushes
Contact pin for testing microelectronic components having substantially spherical contacts
Semiconductor inspection apparatus
System and method for measuring the thickness or temperature of a circuit in a printed circuit board
Method for monitoring power and current flow
Method for measuring the resistance and the inductance of a line
Current sensor working in accordance with the compensation principle
Probe for direct wafer potential measurements
Power metering module
Methodology for an assessment of the degree of barrier permeability at via bottom during electromigration using dissimilar barrier thickness
Integrated semiconductor circuit and multi-chip module with a plurality of integrated semiconductor circuits
Integrated time domain reflectometry (TDR) tester
Method and apparatus for calculating the electrical characteristics of materials of thin film transistors
Failure detection method and apparatus for sensor network
Integrated circuit early life failure detection by monitoring changes in current signatures
Method and system for infrared detection of electrical short defects
Monitor circuitry and method for testing analog and/or mixed signal integrated circuits
System and method for measuring fault coverage in an integrated circuit
Integrated circuit testing apparatus having stable ground reference
Logic state transition sensor circuit
Gradiometric measurement methodology for determining magnetic fields of large objects
Optically powered resonant integrated microstructure magnetic field gradient sensor
Magnetic resonance imaging receiver/transmitter coils
Apparatus and method for positioning a patient to obtain images of the vasculature
Method of shimming a magnetic field
MR apparatus and gradient saturation method for suppressing MR signals from peripheral regions situated outside an isocenter
Combining unfold with parallel magnetic resonance imaging
Location determination using location data items received by short-range communication
Real time clock for GPS receivers
Method and system for data detection in a global positioning system satellite receiver
Method of passively estimating an emitter's position and velocity using bearings-only without requiring observer acceleration
Multiple time-interleaved radar operation using a single radar at different angles
Periphery monitoring device for motor vehicle and recording medium containing program for determining danger of collision for motor vehicle
Method for performing positioning and an electronic device
Measurement and signature intelligence analysis and reduction technique
Method for correcting radar misalignment
Device for electromagnetic detection of geological properties in a well
Method for the inversion of CPMG measurements enhanced by often repeated short wait time measurements
Detecting weather sensor malfunctions
Projection optical system, projection exposure apparatus, and projection exposure method
Color liquid crystal display device without color filter
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Liquid crystal display apparatus and TFT panel
Transmission type liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus method for checking the joining accuracy thereof
Optical device and three-dimensional display device
Transflective liquid crystal display
Front-side repairable TFT-LCD and method for making
Liquid crystal picture screen with improved backlighting
Liquid crystal display having an in a pixel electrode along a boundary of differently oriented regions
Bistable nematic liquid crystal device
Electrostatic actuator and camera module using electrostatic actuator
Exposure apparatus, gas replacement method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing factory and exposure apparatus maintenance method
Exposure apparatus
Lithographic projection apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufactured thereby
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Position detecting method optical characteristic measuring method and unit, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively performing color image position adjustment
Alarm clock with remote control function
Apparatus and method for controlling moving member
Dispatching method of manufacturing integrated circuit
High-voltage regulator including an external regulating device
Method and apparatus for power supply capable of effectively reducing a power consumption
Bipolar shunt regulator
Low voltage input current mirror circuit and method
Multi-purpose digital frequency synthesizer circuit for a programmable logic device
Reduced jitter clock generator circuit and method for applying properly phased clock signals to clocked devices
Interactive input with limit-value monitoring and on-line help for a palmtop device
Power saving integrated circuit and method of controlling the same
Method for displaying information concerning power consumption and electronic device
Image data processing method and apparatus, and image processing system
Depicting and setting scroll amount
Logic circuitry-implemented bus buffer
Method and apparatus for passive component minimization of connector pins in a computer system
Method and apparatus for typographic glyph construction including a glyph server
Static transmission of FAST14 logic 1-of-N signals
Auxiliary keyboard and keyboard improved in operability for key input, and control method therefor
Graphical user interface for communications
System method and user interface for active reading of electronic content
Stick to ergonomically manipulate mouse buttons
Combination primary mouse controller and child's mouse controller
Detector constructed from fabric
System and method for displaying media interactively on a video display device
Display control system and its control method, switching device, connection device, peripheral device, peripheral device system, and their control method, and computer readable memory
Specialized programmable logic region with low-power mode
Interactive-type user interface device having root scenario
Inductor-capacitor resonant circuits and improved methods of using same
Short range communication system
RFID material tracking method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for inputting reflected light image of a target object
Method and apparatus for tiled polygon traversal
Recoloring art work
Method and system for efficiently streaming 3D animation across a wide area network
Apparatuses, methods, computer programming, and propagated signals for modeling motion in computer applications
Data aware clustered architecture for an image generator
Program and apparatus for displaying graphical objects
Processor having an arithmetic extension of an instruction set architecture
Image processing apparatus
System and method for providing interactive haptic collision detection
Implementing stack extension in a modifier stack
Scaling images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and camera
Keyless access control device for motor vehicles and method for carrying out a keyless access authorization control in motor vehicles
Apparatus and method for automatically storing an intrusion scene
Self-activating system and method for alerting when an object or a person is left unattended
Anti-thief security sensor assembly using the opening of the projector cover for beam adjustment
Protocol for avoiding interference between transmission device
Proximity signaling system and method
Display module including a plate for heat dissipation and shielding
Method and equipment for monitor calibration and storage medium storing a program for executing the method
Pixel structure of a sunlight readable display
Automatic control of gray scaling algorithms
Display apparatus
Flat display screen with an addressing memory
Plasma display device and a method of driving the same
Plasma display panel and method for driving the panel
Method and apparatus for processing video pictures, in particular for large area flicker effect reduction
Display device
Light-emitting display device and driving method therefor
Method and system of compensating kickback voltage for a liquid crystal display device
Avionic display with tunable filter
Semiconductor display device and driving circuit therefor
Liquid crystal display device having improved-response-characteristic drivability
Liquid crystal display apparatus having level conversion circuit
System and method for actuating a liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for detecting flicker in an LCD image
Drag and drop creation and editing of a page incorporating scripts
Browser-based system providing methodology for labeling of photo compact discs with a photo-facsimile table of contents
Image display control method and apparatus, and display apparatus
Method and system for spatial-temporal dithering for displays with overlapping pixels
Continuous kernel image interpolation
Image data conversion processing device and information processing device having the same
Thin and lightweight inner rotor motor and disk unit using the same
Spindle motor for disk driving device
Data randomization in a data storage system
Code converter and method of code conversion
Video editing apparatus and method
Integrated field generator for actuating magnetic heads
Method for optically recording information on an optically re-writable information medium
Ultra low power tracked low voltage reference source
Apparatus for controlling input termination of semiconductor memory device and method for the same
Magnetic sticking sheet and method of producing same
Silicon-based inductor with varying metal-to-metal conductor spacing
Noise reduction filter array
Sleeved case design for adjustably increasing creepage distance
Control unit comprising an electric motor with a rotary magnet
Switch having integral remote actuating device
Operating device for driving and controlling an electrical switching apparatus
Micro electro-mechanical system method
Remote operated circuit breaker panel
Circuit breaker switch
Self-recovering current limiting device with liquid metal
Circuit breaker including mechanism for breaking tack weld
Plasma display panel and method for producing the same
Plasma display panel and plasma display device
Color cathode ray tube
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube
Plasma processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for determination and control of plasma state
Lamp cap, assembly of lamp burner and lamp cap, and method of fastening a lamp
Low volatility slurry for emission mix powder
High-pressure discharge lamp
High-intensity discharge lamp, system for lighting the lamp and lighting appliance using the lamp
Short arc type ultra-high pressure discharge lamp
Super-high pressure discharge lamp of the short arc type
Ultra-high pressure discharge lamp
Field emission display device with minimal color cross-talk between two adjacent phosphor elements
Alternating current driven type plasma display device
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Coolable infrared radiator element of quartz glass
Minitab rectifier for alternators
Inductor for integrated circuits
Semiconductor device for wafer examination
Active pixel sensor with programmable color balance
Light-emitting element
Actuator and driving method thereof
Actuator and method of manufacturing a strain element
Organic light emitting device having a current self-limiting structure
Rechargeable battery having permeable anode current collector
TEM band pass filter having an evanescent waveguide
Waveguide directional filter
Ka/Ku dual band feedhorn and orthomode transduce (OMT)
Inverted microtrip transmission line integrated in a multilayer structure
Impedance matching/power splitting network for a multi-element antenna array
Tapered constant "R" network for use in distributed amplifiers
Antenna mounting apparatuses and methods
Furniture piece facilitating wireless local area network access
Structurally-integrated, space-fed phased array antenna system for use on an aircraft
Multifrequency antenna
Satellite dish cover
Converter for satellite broadcast reception that secures isolation between vertically polarized waves and horizontally polarized waves
Satellite dish for trucks
Narrow width dual/tri ISM band PIFA for wireless applications
Cylindrical commutator securely fixed to mold resin
Digital protective relay
Apparatus and method for cooling power transformers
Protective and monitoring apparatus for a generator, and use of such a protective and monitoring apparatus
Selectively activated electrochemical cell system
Electric rotating machine having structure of shifting stator position by predetermined angle
Series-wound motor
Power generator
Integrally skewed permanent magnet for use in an electric machine
Permanent magnet structure for brushless motor and power assist actuator using the same
Orientation device and magnetization device
Segmented induction electric machine with interdigiated disk-type rotor and stator construction
Brushless motor having isosceles sided stator coils and position detection capability
Motor assembled by using motor-base-holder and method of assembling the same motor
Electromagnetic motor
Electric motor with reduced axial length
Automotive alternator
Rotating electric machine
Stepping motor
Electric motor assembly
External connecting structure of electric motor
Linear actuator using two rotors
Disc-shaped eccentric rotor and flat type vibrator motor having the rotor
Drive control apparatus for stepping motor
Semiconductor device including power supply circuit conducting charge pumping operation
Voltage regulator with pulse width modulation in dual frequencies
Controller for air conditioners and heat pumps
Method and system for determining induction motor speed
Actuator drive circuit
Electronically commutated motor
Servo-control apparatus for motor
Pole position detector for motor
Device for producing electricity having voltage-booster chopper circuit with an IGBT transistor
Symmetric oscillators
Low-phase-noise oscillator with a microstrip resonator
Voltage controlled oscillator with enhanced sensitivity of change of oscillation frequency
Area efficient waveform evaluation and DC offset cancellation circuits
Active current bias network for compensating hot-carrier injection induced bias drift
Distortion reduction
Predistortion type distortion compensation amplification apparatus
Buffer circuit for op amp output stage
Circuit configuration with selectively operating amplifiers
Semiconductor amplifier circuit
Differential amplifier with gain substantially independent of temperature
Sensor structures and methods for reduction of differential-heating signal errors in integrated circuits
Operational amplifier having large output current with low supply voltage
Variable gain amplifier and filter circuit
Self-configurable amplifier circuit
Power amplifier clipping circuit for minimizing output distortion
Gate modulation for high power amplifiers
Method and apparatus for a limiting amplifier with precise output limits
Supply noise filter for clock generator
Integrated programmable continuous time filter with programmable capacitor arrays
Method of fabricating thin film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) and FBAR structure embodying the method
Monolithic electronic device
Method and apparatus for filtering signals utilizing a vibrating micromechanical resonator
Surface acoustic wave device
Radio frequency filter, radio frequency circuit, antenna duplexer and radio terminal
Surface acoustic wave element
Bootstrap capacitor low voltage prevention circuit
Programming on-the-fly (OTF)
Internal bus termination technique for integrated circuits with local process/voltage/temperature compensation
Output driver devices
Input buffer with voltage clamping for compatibility
I/O cell configuration for multiple I/O standards
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Level shifter and electro-optical apparatus incorporating the same
Output buffer having programmable drive current and output voltage limits
High-speed domino logic circuit
Hi-speed parallel configuration of programmable logic
Automated boundary-scan chain composition method using a device database and access mechanism for storing and retrieving situation-dependent operation options
Fast set reset latch with complementary outputs having equal delay and duty cycle
Current pulse receiving circuit
Master slave flip-flop circuit functioning as edge trigger flip-flop
Semiconductor controlled rectifier / semiconductor controlled switch based ESD power supply clamp with active bias timer circuitry
Lock detector and phase locked loop circuit
Prepositioned frequency synthesizer and method therefor
Frequency division/multiplication with jitter minimization
Voltage controlled oscillation circuit having easily controllable oscillation characteristic and capable of generating high frequency and low frequency internal clocks
VCO with programmable output power
High resolution digital controlled oscillator
High frequency signal source and method of generating same using dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) circuit
Digital to analog converter with reduced ringing
A/D converter
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Electro-optical analog to digital conversion method and device
Method and apparatus for integer-based encoding and decoding of bits
Method for compressing data
Mobile video telephone system
Compact, wide-band, integrated active module for radar and communication systems
SAW antenna duplexer having a phase shifter with less than 50 ohm characteristic impedance
Dynamics compressor for an analog signal to be compressed
Electronic device incorporating vibration generator
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Image processing system
Three dimensional screen display
Efficient dark current subtraction in an image sensor
Electronic image pickup apparatus
Combined still camera and video camera device utilizing optics to simultaneously provide the same view to both cameras
Video camera having a liquid-crystal monitor with controllable backlight
Internal indication of a viewfinder of a camera
Portable image pick-up apparatus and method of controlling operation thereof
Arrangement for processing video data
Producing panoramic digital images by digital camera systems
Electronic endoscope selector
Method of displaying digital broadcasting signals through a digital broadcasting receiver and a display device
Infrared remote control device for plasma display device
Image signal processing apparatus and digital signal processing method
Video/audio communication system with confirmation capability
Maintaining eye-contact in teleconferencing using structured light
Security camera system and displaying method by security camera
Optical sensor employing motion compensated integration-device and process
Method for encoding animation in an image file
Color filter pattern
System and method for providing a graphical user interface to, for building, and/or for monitoring a telecommunication network
Event and arc detection in lamps
Lighting apparatus, lighting control system and home electric appliance
Lamp transformer for use with an electronic dimmer and method for use thereof for reducing acoustic noise
Inverter transformer
System and method of automatic cycling control for HID lamps
Microwave oven
Beam accelerator
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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