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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Culvert opening and cleaning apparatus
Plant pot coding
Squirrel repelling hanger for a bird feeder or the like
Methods of promoting tolerogenic immune responses and compositions therefor
Emulsifier composition for cakes and a method of making improved quality cakes thereof
Food and vitamin preparations containing the natural isomer of reduced folates
Method and apparatus for evacuating pockets of injected fluid in meat products
Ventilated garment with vent opening system
Airflow adjusting device of air cushion shoe
Mobile folding table having a lifting assist center torsion bar and lift off casters
Reading stand
Vehicle seat assembly having a vehicle occupant sensing system and a seat cushion insert positioned therein
Retractable headrest
Cleaning liquid dispensing in a mobile hard surface cleaner
Vacuum cleaner device with a screw conveyor
Catheter introducer system for exploration of body cavities
Retractor instrumentation for total hip arthroplasty, and methods of using same
Soft tissue repair material fixation apparatus and method
Apparatus for supporting a segmented blade on a balloon catheter
Cataract surgery devices and methods for using same
Bone fixation systems and related methods
Tissue heating device and RF heating method with tissue attachment feature
Electric operation apparatus
Laser device
Spirometer, display and method
Dual-chamber liquid receiving and containing device
Image guided surgery
D-amino acid peptides
Living body information acquiring apparatus and living body information acquiring method
Signal processing apparatus
Suction tip for dental treatment
Screw device for orthodontic treatment
Device for regenerating, repairing, and modeling human and animal bone, especially the jaw area for dental applications
Disposable pull-on wearing article
Absorbent product
Catheter and stent
Delivery catheter
Stent delivery system
Spinal disc prosthesis and methods
Ankle and foot stabilization support
Orthopedic aid with a locking device
Methods for making functionalized polymers
Compositions and methods for prevention and treatment of uncontrolled formation of intravascular fibrin clots
Hair coloring compositions
Storage stable powder compositions of interleukin-4 receptor
Breath actuated dry powder inhaler and tape dose strip
Support structures for embolic filtering devices
Catheter balloon having a lubricious coating
Device for depositing a non-flowable object or a non-flowable medicament in a body cavity
Apparatus and method for monitoring a vascular access of a patient subjected to an extracorporeal blood treatment
Method and device for determining blood flow in a vascular access
Guidewire locking device and method
Visual apparatus and visual method
Face mask and method of manufacturing the same
Hand-held drinking container
Golf ball
Novelty golf club
Golf swing plane training method and apparatus
Tool for determining optimal putter characteristics
Parlay poker
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of reclaiming a well completion brine solutions using an organic chelant
Arrangement and method for maintaining a minimum flow velocity in the coolant return of a machine tool coolant filtration system
Method for curing defects in the fabrication of a composite gas separation module
Method for using water in the processing of fuels for high temperature fuel cells
Methods and apparatus for mixing fluids
High pressure parallel reactor with individually isolatable vessels
Fuel conversion reactor
Compact chemical reactor and compact chemical reactor system
System for measuring wear in a grinding mill
Modular blade assembly with alignment means
Concentration/calcination process of zinc silicated minerals and concentrate zinc silicate based product
Lubricant mist sprayer for pinch roll
Methods and apparatus for fluidic self assembly
Optical element and method for its manufacture as well as lithography apparatus and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Palladium-containing particles, method and apparatus of manufacture, palladium-containing devices made therefrom
Cleaning method of treatment equipment and treatment equipment
Method of manufacturing a liquid jet recording head
External sleeve assisted tube bending
Lead-free solder powder material, lead-free solder paste and a method for preparing same
Portable fire extinguisher stand system
Machine tool
Method and apparatus using a sensor for finish-machining teeth
Method and apparatus for cleaning slurry depositions from a water carrier
Adjustable head for a wrench
Conductive roller
Dust collection for panel saw
Knife-like cutting die
Apparatus for preparing a gypsum wallboard core
Two-piece water box assembly for pelletizer
Solution casting process for producing polymer film
Rapid densification of porous bodies (preforms) with high viscosity resins or pitches using a resin transfer molding process
Hook fasteners and methods of making the same
Round baler
Apparatus for sealing bag bottom
Device for injection of hydrocarbons into a fluidized chamber
High density read only optical disc
Single-pass, in-line process for manufacturing multi-part articles
Rotatable label system and method
Zinc oxide crystal growth substrate
Image forming apparatus
Ink-jet print head and ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink jet head, method for driving the same, and ink jet recording apparatus
Print assembly for a wide format printer
Printhead assembly for a pagewidth inkjet printer incorporating an ink storage assembly
Ink jet recording heat and ink discharge method
Recovering apparatus for recovering a status of an ink jet recording head
Ink tank
Recording apparatus having a device for detecting the presence or absence of a liquid
Liquid spraying method, liquid spraying system, and liquid spraying execute program
Counting pen
Sensor module
Crown reinforcement with shoulder ply
Mixed mode mounting assembly for shock/strut rod
One-piece wind deflector for spanning multiple-paned vehicle window
Motor vehicle
Seat brake apparatus
Constant speed running control apparatus for vehicle and method thereof
Electric energy supply system for a ship, in particular a navy ship that can be operated with low IR signature
Vehicle seat
Console for vehicle
Windshield de-icing
High/Low passenger ingress and egress conversion for transit vehicle
Torque detecting device and electric power steering system
Offshore production system with drilling/workover rig
Ram air parachute canopy with trapezoidal cells
System and method to communicate absorbent product features to consumers
Device for storing and mixing pasty materials
Shrink wrap with sample holes
Paper towel holder and dispenser
Wire guide for a wire processing machine, in particular for a spring manufacturing machine
Sheet stacking apparatus
Paper feeding device
Sheet punch device, sheet processing device, image forming system, program, and recording medium
Retractable reel apparatus
Angular pneumatic gripper
Mobile crane with a telescopic main boom
Modular microreaction system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metal oxide nanotube and process for production thereof
Method for the solid synthesis of ferrates of alkaline or alkaline earth metals and ferrates obtained according to this method
Water treatment method using an inorganic powder reagent with high specific surface area including a step of recycling said reagent
System and method for automated casting of infrared glass optical components
Solid pigment preparations comprising surface-active additives based on alkoxylated bisphenols
Fuel additives
Scorpion toxins
Nucleic acid molecules encoding serine protease CVSP14, the encoded polypeptides and methods based thereon
Methods for producing citric acid using host cells deficient in oxaloacetate hydrolase
Methods for transfecting T cells
FBL2-specific agents as modulators of Flaviviridae RNA replication
Copper alloy material for parts of electronic and electric machinery and tools
Diamond film depositing apparatus using microwaves and plasma
Sputtered spring films with low stress anisotropy
Textiles; Paper
Resin compositions, monofilaments, process for producing the same and fishing lines
Washing machine
Method of controlling a washing machine
Press device having an extended press nip for pressing of a travelling paperboard web, and procedure for controlling the pressure curve in the machine direction by such press nip
Fixed Constructions
Dropped curb finisher
Divider barrier for roadway delineation
Hitch system using a video camera to facilitate hitch alignment
Trip edge snow plow blade
Shear wall construction
Spindle for a door handle assembly
Method of handcuff manufacture
Expanding tubing
Bi-directionally boosting and internal pressure trapping packing element system
Perforating gun assembly and method for enhancing perforation depth
Applications of waste gas injection into natural gas reservoirs
Oil production optimization and enhanced recovery method and apparatus for oil fields with high gas-to-oil ratio
Soil sample containment device and method
Well system
Rotary cutting bit having spark suppression sleeve
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stirling engine with hydraulic output
Swash plate tilting angle detector for a swash plate plunger type hydraulic unit
Apparatus and method for lubricating and cooling gear mechanisms
Integrated cam drive and oil pump assembly for motorcycle engines and the like
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
EGR cooler
High-pressure fuel pump control device for internal combustion
Method, computer program, control and/or regulation device for operation of an internal combustion engine and fuel system for an internal combustion engine
Scroll-type fluid machine
Passive speed and power regulation of a wind turbine
Hot swap fan connecting device thereof
Fan guard for blower unit
Fabrication of ultra-shallow channels for microfluidic devices and systems
Fastening structure including a bolt having a serration that is press-fit into a bolthole of a flange
Electrically variable transmission having a mechanical reverse mode
Geared fluid drive with parallel start-up capability
Distributor module for valve clusters and a valve cluster
Actuating device
Springless regulator valve assembly
Frame structure of seat for vehicle
Solid state electric light bulb
LED lamp assembly
Field bendable line voltage track lighting system
Low profile module and frame assembly for arc lamps
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Passive back-flushing thermal energy system
System and method for controlling temperature of refrigerant in air conditioner
Non-linear control algorithm in vapor compression systems
Air conditioner
Heat exchanger for air compressor
Pipe mortar
Shotgun shell flight path indicator
Heterogeneous low energy gel ink composition
Ultrasonic method of monitoring particle size distribution of a medium
Method for the diagnosis of pathological conditions in animals
Methods of detecting early renal disease in animals
Identifying inhibitors of intracellular protein fibrillization
Polypeptide immobilization
High sensitivity sensor for tagged magnetic bead bioassays
Method of screening therapeutic agents for nerve degeneration associated diseases
Apparatus and method for measuring the mass of a substance
Ultrafast and ultrasensitive hydrogen sensors based on self-assembly monolayer promoted 2-dimensional palladium nanoclusters
Identifying a current drawn by a load
Electromagnetic spectrum aerial surveying
Determination of complex dielectric constants from electromagnetic propagation measurements
Optical filter module and manufacturing method thereof
Optical communications adapter, system and method
Clip sunglasses for cap/sunvisor
Safety eyeglasses with integral side shield and temple
Projection apparatus with colored light path combination through a transparent optical element
Reflective illuminating optical system
Light amount control device and optical apparatus with guard portion to protect ND filter from lever member
Photothermographic material
Antireflective hardmask and uses thereof
Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, and phase shift mask
Preparation of solvent-resistant binder for an imageable element
Carrier, developer, image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Method, article of manufacture, and system for configuring controller in sliding-mode control scheme
Controlling a turbo mode frequency of a processor
Large scale integrated circuit for dynamically changing resonant point
Synchronizing compute node time bases in a parallel computer
USB based synchronization and timing system
Minimizing power consumption for fixed-frequency processing unit operation
Power supply circuit employed in computer for performing different standby modes
Computer program product for handling communication link problems between a first communication means and a second communication means
Administering checkpoints for incident analysis
Trace value correlation with data field declarations
Method and device for predicting faults in an IT system
Cloud data storage system
Geospatial optimization for resilient power management equipment
Systems and methods for open and extensible integration of management domains in computation and orchestration of resource placement
Privacy-preserving database system
Efficient discard scans
Converting a first address mapping function for mapping addresses to storage locations to a second address mapping function
Dynamic memory management in a virtualized computing environment
Variable cache line size management
Storage array controller
Server direct attached storage shared through virtual SAS expanders
Reorganization of software images based on predicted use thereof
Non-volatile memory device
Data snooping direct memory access for pattern detection
Storing branch information in an address table of a processor
Consolidating duplicate messages for a single destination on a computer network
Methods for controlling ongoing triggered SUPL session by SLP and network-side SUPL agent
Enhanced barrier operator within a streaming environment
Server apparatus, network access method, and computer program
Adaptive session compression management method, compression manager and session management system
Predictive collaboration management
Apparatus and methods for retrieving/ downloading content on a communication device
Initialization safety
Methods and systems for communications processing
Data services using location patterns and intelligent caching
Method and apparatus for performance and policy analysis in distributed computing systems
Detection of an unresponsive application in a high availability system
Programmatically determining an execution mode for a request dispatch utilizing historic metrics
Calculating a checksum with inactive networking components in a computing system
Networked gaming system having a browser manager
Automatically addressing performance issues in a distributed database
System and method for translating application program network service requests into actions and performing those actions through the management and/or control plane responsive to previously defined policies and previous requests by the same or another application program
Continuous operation during reconfiguration periods
Lookup optimization during online file system migration
Method and device for real-time knowledge processing based on an ontology with temporal extensions
Method for predicting outputs of photovoltaic devices based on two-dimensional fourier analysis and seasonal auto-regression
Method of adapting an event processing component having a plurality of event processing agents which carry out a plurality of rules complying with at least one correctness requirement to process a plurality of events
Management of data groups and data sets
Matrix re-ordering and visualization in the presence of data hierarchies
System and method for avoiding duplication of effort in drafting documents
Adaptive and personalized tag recommendation
Distributing web applications across a pre-existing web
Automatic sort and propagation associated with electronic documents
Centralized web-based software solution for search engine optimization
Generating and displaying an image tour in response to a user search query
Visualizing time-dense episodes
Method, program, and system for converting part of graph data to data structure as an image of homomorphism
Real-time data threshold generation and monitoring
One-stop shopping system and method
Semiconductor device reliability model and methodologies for use thereof
Analysis support computer product, apparatus, and method
Method and apparatus of enabling direct memory access into a target system memory modeled in dual abstractions while ensuring coherency
Layout determining for wide wire on-chip interconnect lines
Determining chip burn-in workload using emulated application condition
Computing device and method for testing layout of power pin of chipset on circuit board
Scenario analyzer plug-in framework
System and method for dynamically measuring oxygen levels
Weighted security analysis
System and method for managing sonic token verifiers
Methods of detecting DNS flooding attack according to characteristics of type of attack traffic
Application testing system and method
Granular virus detection
Game-based selection system
Visually representing and managing access control of resources
System and method for distribution and navigation of internet content
Chip selection in a symmetric interconnection topology
Mechanism for optimized intra-die inter-nodelet messaging communication
Middle partners
Generalized application message generation service
Managing and optimizing workflows among computer applications
State machine user and validation interface system
Generating user help information for customized user interface
Customized rule application as function of avatar data
User interface indicators for changed user interface elements
Phone service menus
Dynamically configurable portlet
System, method, and computer program for displaying controls to a user
Method for implementing 32 bit complex multiplication by using 16-bit complex multipliers
Improvements to query execution in a parallel elastic database management system
Bitwise comparator for selecting two smallest numbers from a set of numbers
Advanced contact management in communications networks
Write barrier elision for reference arrays
Social media content management system and method
Processing data from diverse databases
System for extracting customer feedback from a microblog site
Method for enhancing privacy of internet browser users
System and method to implement a matrix multiply unit of a broadband processor
Packet assembly module for multi-core, multi-thread network processors
Operating a stack of information in an information handling system
Method and apparatus for improving cache efficiency
Debugging a graphical user interface code script with non-intrusive overlays
Fault detection and localization in dynamic software applications
Setting breakpoints in optimized instructions
Continuous updating of technical debt status
Methods and systems for interactive debugging in a mixed computer environment
Method for installing and managing NFC applications with pictures
Incrementally constructing executable code for component-based applications
Application programming interface naming using collaborative services
Identification of localizable function calls
Retooling lock interfaces for using a dual mode reader writer lock
Service oriented collaboration
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for scheduling work in a stream-oriented computer system with configurable networks
Method and system for measured value simulation
Method for operating non-contact identification media
Electronic device, rubber product, and methods for manufacturing the same
Tamperproof point of sale transaction terminal
Composite production rules
System and method for enabling channel community ratings in an IP marketplace
Earth rhythm light reflector
Speech coding of principal-component channels for deleting redundant inter-channel parameters
Ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) storage system
Web fabrication of devices
Method of making uniform oxide layer
Battery system for automotive vehicle
Electrical high-current contact element
Circuit board assembling structure
Display device structure with circuit board secured to display panel and method of securing circuit board to panel thereof
Loop plug
Electrical connector
Structure of bonding plastic part insert-molded with wiring board and method of bonding the same
Automatic locking electrical outlet
Retry based protocol with source/receiver FIFO recovery and anti-starvation mechanism to support dynamic pipeline lengthening for ECC error correction
Systems and methods for performing bit flipping in an LDPC decoder
Method and system for determining and displaying a text title
Uplink power control scheme
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Social networking system and methods of implementation
Authentication system and method using arrangements of objects
Authentication system and process
Optimization of spawning request handling processes in a secured computing environment
Managing security for computer services
Personal media device controlled via user initiated movements utilizing movement based interfaces
Arrangement for improved isolation between adjacent cell areas
Detected information correction apparatus and method
Two port antennas with separate antenna branches including respective filters
Service information provision apparatus and service information acquisition apparatus
Method and apparatus to provide a personalized channel
Device and method for base stations dynamic clustering in mobile communication
Devices for allocating power for uplink transmission
Expired Patents Due To Time
Full length undergarment
Sandal fashion
Sandal upper
Keyring version of annunciating predictor entertainment device
Backpack for cooler
Square zippered travel case
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Toothbrush handle
Fabric ribbon with honeycomb type silicon coating
Linen with border
Salon chair and spa
Child's chair with storage compartments
Linen tower
Data disk holder
Modern desk with easel drawer
Double towel bar
Stackable wire telephone rack
Case for magnetic disks
Chair back
Room divider
Portable writing surface
Evenly distributed drawer organizer
Portable collapsible translucent laptop computer table
Table top
Inflatable mat
Coffee mug
Lid for use with insert for slow cooker
Barbecue grill
Food cooking appliance
Grilled meat stove
Contact grill
Door frame for a microwave oven
Tea infuser
Beverage chiller
Can holder
Stemware accessory
Bottle opener and corkscrew
Beverage server
Flow channel for drip irrigation with central cavity
Utility knife
Pocket knife
Utility knife blade
Wall stand
Off-shelf merchandise support bracket
Pliers head
Bracelet fastening aid
Hook for a string shelf
Door lock
Snow stop
Collapsible bottle
Bottle portion
Liquid container
Upper portion of a container
Wide angled advertising watch box
Floral container
Folding bowl with lid
Compressed fabric article package having a soda bottle shape
Display package for tool belts and related products
Display box for a mirror
Spool rack
Watch case with band
Jeweled watch and band
Wrist watch
Electronic scale with printer
Electronic scale with printer
Framing template
Pocket digital scale
Children's height measuring device
Speed meter
Tape measure
Fluid level gauge body
Electrical test and measuring device
Electronic scale with printer
Taxi stopper
Body jewelry--turbo
Finger ring protecting sleeve
Flower pot with grape pattern
Sphere cage for decorative arrangements
Basket shopping cart
Anchor tie for boats
Anchor tie for boats
Tail rotor yoke assembly
Helicopter dolly
Contoured motor vehicle/model contoured motor vehicle
Stroller with sunshade
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Towing unit for a snowmobile
Adaptor for extending the length of trailer tongues
Illuminated license plate frame
Fuel tank cap
Vehicle-wheel front face
Safety switch cover
Receptacle housing for a wall mounted media converter
Quadruple interconnect enclosure for computer and audio visual equipment concealable in furniture
Electrical connector
Board to board plug connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Radio receiver combined with clock
Voice recorder
Disc recorder
Combined digital audio disk player and radio
Combined clock and radio
Decorative dust cover for computer monitor and keyboard
Server appliance bezel
Front panel for an electrical appliance
Portable terminal
Double front panel for an electronic device
Data storage device
Document printer
Display device for arithmetic and control unit drive
Computer mouse
Mobile phone
Television receiver
Mobile phone
Decorative marker for antenna
Interior roof mounted video system
Mobile phone
Visual display unit
Disposable pre-paid mobile phone
Integrated appliance
Television receiver
Cellular phone
Air pump
Implement carrier
Hood for a front engine riding mower
Containment member for vacuum apparatus
Vacuum cleaner dirt receptacle
Tool for a floor care appliance
Refrigeration system
Refrigerator control unit
Refrigerator door handle
Ice bin
Collet head
Industrial robot
Video camera
Video camera
Infrared illuminator housing
Paper shredder
Paper shredder
Correcting fluid dispenser
Barrel for a pen
Retraction mechanism for writing instrument
Clip for a writing instrument
Apparatus for aiding the layout and/or editing of items of sheet material
Cap for a writing instrument
Capped two piece pen
Play ball
Interconnectable play cube
Swim fin having extending tips
Multi-function exercise apparatus with articulating arm
Toy surfboard
Golf ball in a jar
Curved climber
Combined indoor and outdoor hop scotch play mat
Sling swivel
Recoil buffer for Glock's
Shower control knob
Combined container and support for a water garden feature
Filter housing header
Fitting support
Towel bar and tissue holder
Water closet
Toilet tank
Outdoor fireplace with ash drawer
Outdoor fireplace
Portable heater
Drug conversion device
Injection device
Ultrasonic transducer assembly controller
Anorectal apparatus
Femoral fixture for a hip joint prosthesis
Tennis elbow support
Paraffin bath
Corner post for a storage shed
Fence panel
Crash rail
Exterior door with curve to glass
House facade
Wall lamp
Wall sconce with arched and convex shade
Chandelier gallery
Console ashtray
Animate form dental flosser II
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Hair styler
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Hair dryer
Electrical fluff remover
Battery toothbrush
Ear and nose trimmer
Hair clipper
Nail file
Anti-fog face mask
Kneeling disk
Single-level cat play structure
Transparent pet bed with a comfort rim
Vegetable cutting unit
Coin dispenser
Human Necessities
Rake attachment for skid steer loaders and front end loaders and method for converting a loader bucket into a lawn preparation tool
Two stage hydraulic tongue swing mechanism
Mower unit
Automatically adjusting shaker head harvester with steering correction and improved shaker head mounting
Crop conditioning system
Method and system to facilitate deep phytoremediation
Hydroponic cultivation apparatus and method
Planter and method of manufacturing same
Spray booth for reproducible application of agrichemicals
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yograceland`
Shrub rose plant named `POULrust`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yohartford`
Hosta plant named `Old Glory`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoelmira`
Calibrachoa plant named `Colorburst Cherry`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoseattle`
Peach tree named `Burpeachfive`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S8`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Reggie Dark Pink`
Philodendron plant named `Xanadu-II`
Nectarine plant named `Taylor 14L22`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cachi Dark`
Peach tree named `Burpeachthree`
Euphorbia cyathophora plant named `Yokoi's White`
Nectarine tree named `Burnectone`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisson Orange`
Shrub rose plant named `POULor`
Shrub rose plant named `POULrijk`
Poinsettia plant named `Fiscor Hot Pink`
Bald cypress tree named `Nelson`
Method for deflowering sweet gum trees to eliminate seed and fruit debris
Plant-damaging animal repellant fence
Audible fishing lure
Damped fishing rod
Insect control pouch
Wind-powered apparatus including animated figure
Shirt with adjustable sleeves
Buttocks support device
Foul-weather clothing system
Convertible wet weather garment
Glove with removable outer layer
Multipurpose sport and leisure garment and method for making same
Protective hat
Footwear attachment
Corrective shoe sole structures using a contour greater than the theoretically ideal stability plan
Tongue stiffener for footwear
In-shoe remote telemetry gait analysis system
Health care shoe
Pack boot with retractable crampons
Utility belt buckle device
Break-away buckle
Load-bearing frame of metal for a vehicle seat belt buckle
Adjustable strap buckle
Combination carrier and cooler for beverage containers
Travel case pull handle
Controlling device for retractable wheels of a luggage barrow
Toothbrush having an exchangeable bristle plate
Fertility pillow
Support mechanism, particularly for bed side rails
Earthquake-proof sleeping place
Edge support for a mattress
Open-fronted, refrigerated showcase with dual evaporators and dissipater pans
Grapefruit knife
Cooking machine
Home-style decoctor endowed with steamy boiling function, and method of preparing red ginseng extract using the same
Multiple beverage preparation device
Hardened glass or glass-ceramic cooking vessel formed as a wok, and method of making same
Stick resistant coating for cookware
Multi-purpose cookware
Filtration housing unit for use with a ventilated toilet seat
Hand-held vacuum cleaner with interchangeable control panel module
Biomechanical measuring arrangement
Electric toothbrush
Apparatus for contracting, or crimping stents
Apparatus and method for upgrading a hospital room
Support pillow
Powered toilet seat lift
Overflowing soaker bath tub
Firestop collar means with improved mounting means
Container and testing device for sport balls
Wearable effect-emitting strain gauge device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for extracting water from air
Oxygen separator designed to be integrated with a gas turbine and method of separating oxygen
Methods for producing glass powders
Liquid chromatography and column packing material
Device for ultrasound radiation into a material
Empty envelope assurance apparatus and method
Containment system
Feed control device for plumbing apparatus
Process and machine for the treatment of residues
Calibration of an instrument for the cold-rolling of tubes
Flanged pipe unit and method of producing same
Method of assembling a remote keyless entry transmitter
Fillet rolling work roller cage
Wafer polishing method and apparatus
Nut for accommodating the head of a fastening element or for inserting into the same
Tool for restoring roundness to pipe couplings
Tool for removing a drain basket or similar fitting
Pull stud removal device
Garbage disposal split-ring insertion device
Tool for opening a locked vehicle door and method of making same
Folding knife with blade actuating mechanism
Blade assembly for shear
Rotary deflashing apparatus
Variable velocity cutting cylinders
Rip fence with dual locking mechanism
Workpiece guide with positionable guide surface
Water soluble thermoplastic printed wiring board spacer
Gear mechanism, especially for a double screw extruder
Resealable bag for filling with food product(s) and method
Decorative flower pot sleeve
Imaging device and method for forming an image on a printing form for an offset printing press
Method and device for drawing in a strip of material
Bridge mandrel for flexographic printing systems
Apparatus for the axial guidance and adjustment of a cylinder
Corner member for a screen printing roller frame
Doctor blade systems
Apparatus for and method of printing on three-dimensional object
Method of manufacturing an orifice plate having a plurality of closed slits
Roller stamp having interchangeable symbols
Pre-inked hand stamp
String line weight
Non-attached monitoring assembly for pneumatic tire
Air conditioning system and method of controlling same
Single can automotive air conditioner refill and treatment
Method and device for testing and diagnosing an automotive air conditioning system
Counter flow air cycle air conditioner with negative air pressure after cooling
Condenser with integral receiver dryer
Offset transmission shift lever arrangement
Method of making an upper housing for a bussed electrical center
Bumper beam assembly and method
Wheel lock
Automobile steering lock
Low vent pressure master cylinder reservoir cap diaphragm
Spring brake actuator
Detection and identification of pressure-sensor faults in electro-hydraulic (EHB) braking systems
Adaptable platform door system
Installation for moving persons from a mountain station into a valley station
Vehicle steering wheel
Automotive manufacturing system for frame component
Motorcycle clutch lever cable cover
Sand spike system
Machine and method for fastening a load
Method for bulk cartooning of books
Method for converting a dock leveler to a dock leveler operated with an inflatable member and a dock leveler produced by the same
Dock leveler with integral bumpers
Process for exchanging the bearings of a traversing fiber guiding rod and textile machine accommdating same
Apparatus and methods for splicing silvers of yarn during yarn formation and processing
Method and apparatus for opening containers and reducing waste from containers
Apparatus and method for controlling fluid delivery temperature in a dispensing apparatus
Micromechanical device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the manufacture of quartz glass granulate
Sol-gel method of preparing powder for use in forming glass
Method of making polarization retaining fiber
Enzyme inhibitors, their synthesis, and methods for use
Methods of re-coating and re-covering bitumen-based built-up roofing membranes
Mechanically bonded fiber mulch and process for producing same
Process for extruding a metal section
Electrical contact having surface coating layer with irregular surface due to hard particles dispersed in the surface coating layer
Textiles; Paper
Fiber material feeder having a spiked lattice
Spinning ring having amorphous chromium bearing surface
Ring for ring frames and ring twisters
Household circular knitting machine
Braiding machine
Curly ribbon product making machine
Method of monitoring the needling of fiber structures in real time, and needling apparatus for implementing the method
Washing machine adapted to be supplied with different levels of water during a washing operation
Liquified gas dry-cleaning machine with improved agitation system
Dryer-ironer with heated ironing cup and heat carrying fluid
Electric pressing iron and method of manufacturing an electric pressing iron
Bituminous roofing membrane, and method of joining two roofing membranes
Rope for conveying systems
Fixed Constructions
Guide unit for a tension member at a structural component
Tractor implement for scrubbing pavement
Ocean wave energy extraction
Tiltable bucket assembly
Method and an apparatus for an electro-hydraulic system on a work machine
Universal fixture support
Pressurized water closet flushing system
Weep hole insect barrier
Hat-channel stud for modular building system
Circular building structure
Universal support clip for suspended ceilings
Metal building truss and method of construction
Photovoltaic cell module tile
Roof support system for a solar panel
Anchored/resilient hardwood floor system
Coping assembly for building roof
Drywall-trimming accessory having break-away panes
Universal accent channel
System for laying out an installation of components and method of use
Surface panel and associated ICF system for creating decorative and utilitarian surfaces on concrete structures
Incarceration facility
Locking drain cover
Portable shade shelter for small aircraft
Containment enclosure
Mechanism for locking and unlocking electronic safe lock barrel
Lock that can be locked from two sides thereof
Motor vehicle opening leaf handle comprising operated disengageable means for operating a lock
Security anchor/tether assemblage for portable articles
Lockset knob assembly for use with an interchangeable lock core
Spring steel door hold-open tool
Foot operated door opener
Two-piece mullion reinforcement
Window sill cover
Resilient door panel
Insulated glass window spacer and method for making window spacer
Sheet glass attaching construction
Weatherstrip product formed by sequential extrusion of cellular and non-cellular plastic resins
Apparatus and method for aligning tubulars
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic rotating axial piston engine
Method and apparatus for measuring lean-burn engine emissions
Intelligent electric actuator for control of a turbocharger with an integrated exhaust gas recirculation valve
System and method for reducing vehicle emissions
Pre-ignition detector
Method and apparatus for enabling lean engine operation upon engine start-up
Axisymmetric, converging-diverging exhaust nozzle swiveled by a guided ring
Chevron exhaust nozzle for a gas turbine engine
Rocket motor with desensitizer injector
Exhaust gas heat exchange system for an internal combustion engine
Method for locating injector ball valve guide
Device for detecting the knocking of an internal combustion engine
Compressor mounting device with integrated muffler
Method of making micromotors with utilitarian features
Fluid operated rotary drive
Control system for a hydraulic transformer
System and method for recovering energy from an air compressor
Hooked latch with ball lock sliding sleeve retainer
Power transmission apparatus and vehicle using power transmission apparatus
Transmission system in working vehicles
Hydrodynamic converter with channel inserts
Motor vehicle having a selecting device
System for controlling a hydraulic vehicle drive
Method for controlling the concentricity of a member with a centering device
Adjustable aperture mechanism
Ball valve with integrated removable flow venturi, flow balancing means, and pipe union means
Fluid storage and dispensing system featuring externally adjustable regulator assembly for high flow dispensing
Aviation fuel sampling safety valve assemblies
Combustor arrangement
Apparatus for converting solar energy into electrical energy
Anticyclone powered active thermal control unit
Method and apparatus for refrigeration system control having electronic evaporator pressure regulators
Freezing system having two vaporizers for refrigerator
Method and apparatus for cooling air to cryogenic temperatures for recycling processes
Apparatus and method of heating pumped liquid oxygen
Drying tunnel for fruit and vegetables
Crossover grain conduits for stack dryers
Steam condenser
Security apparatus for authorizing use of a non-impact firearm
Muzzleloading rifle with pivotal bolt action
Firing probe for use in a non-impact firearm
Electronically fired revolver utilizing percussively actuated cartridges
Majority voting 3-stage servo valve system
Projectile discharge apparatus
Aiming device for use on gun or other projectile-firing device
Day/night weapon sight
Projectile for missile-repulsing machine guns or the like
Unchambered ammunition for use with non-lethal electrical discharge weapons
Alignment fixture
Adjustable caliper
Level having a laser beam source
Angular velocity sensor, related method for manufacturing the sensor, and piezoelectric vibrator element used in this sensor
Microgyroscope with closed loop output
Incremental encoder having absolute reference marks
Method and corresponding sensors for measuring mass flow rate
Device for measuring liquid level preferably measuring tide level in sea
Flowmeter calibration system with statistical optimization technique
Load cell device for aircraft waste measurement
Weight sensing system
Pressure sensor apparatus
Web tension transducer
Method of controlling a chassis dynamometer
Automated diagnosis and monitoring system, equipment, and method
Coordinate input device
Method and apparatus for reducing vibrations transmitted to a vehicle from a wheel unit
Device and method for testing vehicle shock absorbers
Environmental testing chamber
Method and sample extractor for the extraction of intact fluid samples
Liquid measuring device and method of using
Piezoelectric sensor device and a method for detecting change in electric constants using the device
Materials and methods for the analysis of substances passing through a membrane
Method and apparatus for investigating surfaces
Method for calibration of chemical sensor in measuring changes in chemical concentration
Method and apparatus for determining chemical properties
Gas sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Oxygen sensor monitoring
Condition monitoring system and method for an interface
Transducer for measuring acoustic emission events
Sound detector device
Method and system for interpreting and utilizing multimode dispersive acoustic guided waves
Devices for measuring gases with odors
Acceleration sensor and acceleration detecting device
Acceleration sensor
Method and apparatus reducing output noise in a digitally rebalanced accelerometer
Optical communication transmission system
Electronic throttle control accelerator pedal mechanism with mechanical hysteresis provider
Dual position foot pedal for ophthalmic surgery apparatus
Adjustable pedal apparatus
Method and apparatus for N-Nary logic circuit design tool with precharge circuit evaluation
Processor power delivery system
Method for incremental timing analysis
Method and apparatus for clock tree solution synthesis based on design constraints
Semiconductor integrated circuit and manufacturing method therefor, semiconductor macro cell and automatic layout method therefor, and mask processing method
System and method for detecting an excessive number of series-connected pass FETs
Method of analyzing a circuit having at least one structural loop within a channel connected component
Partitioning using hardware
System for synthesizing a circuit by re-writing signed variables into unsigned variables and sharing resources for identical operations having different timing
Verification of sensitivity list integrity in a hardware description language file
Carry chain standard cell with charge sharing reduction architecture
Analog/digital data storage system
Conversion display drive mechanism
Container with label
Tamper evident buckle
Data storage cartridge with multiple labels
Collapsible shelf sign
Magnetic product display
Method for producing a magnetic head
Method of producing a support mechanism for magnetic head sliders
Glide heads and methods for making glide heads
Method of making wireless suspensions with alignment feature
Microelectromechanical actuators including driven arched beams for mechanical advantage
Universal package and method of forming the same
Torsional texturing of superconducting oxide composite articles
Cantilever latch mechanism
Method of manufacturing wire harnesses
Stripping machine
Window object detection system with vibration compensation
Skewless differential switch and DAC employing the same
Method and apparatus for selectively performing a plurality of logic operations and memory functions
Bandwidth efficient communication of user data in digital television data stream
Bidirectional interface tool for PWB development
Circuit fabrication
Method of mounting a structural member in a cabinet for space conservation
Cooling system
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