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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods for controlling pests
Anti-angiogenic composition containing macrolactin A and a derivative thereof as active ingredients
Association between 4-{3-[cis-hexahydrocyclopenta[c]pyrrol-2(1H)-yl]propoxy}benzamide and an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, and pharmaceutical compositions containing it
Prasugrel in micronized, crystalline form and pharmaceutical composition thereof
Crystalline forms of kinase inhibitors
Small molecule inhibitors of bacterial motility and a high throughput screening assay for their identification
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Use of derivatives of pentaphyrine as antimicrobial and disinfectant agents
Systems and methods for maintaining the dominance of Nannochloropsis in an algae cultivation system
Frozen aerated confection and method of production
Apparatus and method for mapped hair metric
Method of performing osteotomy
Artificial functional spinal unit system and method for use
Suction fixing device
Radiometers and related devices and methods
Tissue heating and monitoring system with seat
Monitoring system
Method and apparatus for whitening teeth
Limited artifact skull pin
Method and system for determining the pressure of a fluid in a syringe, an access port, a catheter, and a gastric band
Reinforced vascular prosthesis with long-term antimicrobial action
Method of implanting a prosthesis device using bone cement in liquid form
Enzyme regulating ether lipid signaling pathways
Antifungal triazole derivatives
Niacin conjugated fatty acid mixtures and their uses
Octenidine composition
Pyrimidone compounds
Lithocholic acid analogues that inhibit sialyltransferase
Lipid-regulating agent and use thereof
Fluorinated tripeptide HCV serine protease inhibitors
Mutants PF4 polypeptides exhibiting an increased anti-angiogenic activity
E-selectin compositions and use thereof for inducing E-selectin tolerance
Predicting response to a HER inhibitor
CD127 binding proteins
Tricarbonyl complexes with tridentate chelators for myocardium imaging
Oral hygiene compositions
Pharmaceutical composition of an anthracycline
Pellet formulation for the treatment of the intestinal tract
Device for irradiating surfaces
Marked precoated medical device and method of manufacturing same
Supply chain method and apparatus for sealing and unsealing a vacuum draw path
Sleep aid device and method, program and recording medium
Infusion control device
Charged particle beam irradiation apparatus
Method for weight loss and ketogenic compositions
Disc holder dock
Wagering game with alternating picks
Method and system for operating a self-propelled vehicle according to scene images
Smart toy driving system for mobile terminal
Two-sided toy vehicle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electrocoagulation apparatus having integrated clarifier and sludge control
Arrangement of filter assembly for water dispensing-storage device
Multi-zoned catalyst compositions
Combustible gas enrichment apparatus
Process and plant for the removal of nitrogen oxides from oxygen-containing gas streams
Carbon absorbing system used in the production of synthesis gas
Apparatus for generating hydrogen
Method of conveying liquids
Sample liquid supply device, sample liquid supply device set, and microchip set
Dust filter assembly attachable to office equipment
Method of producing a microacoustic component
Conduit cleaning apparatus
Apparatus, system, and method for remediation of contamination
Coated abrasive backings with cloth treated with colloidal silicon oxide
Ceiling traveling vehicle and method for preventing protrusion from ceiling traveling vehicle
Strand pelletizer
Underwater pelletizer
Method and apparatus for assembling disposable absorbent articles
Sheet folding device and image forming apparatus
IG window unit including double silver coating having increased SHGC to U-value ratio, and corresponding coated article for use in IG window unit or other window
Coated article with low-E coating having low visible transmission
Barrier layers comprising Ni-inclusive alloys and/or other metallic alloys, double barrier layers, coated articles including double barrier layers, and methods of making the same
Scratch- and abrasion-resistant coatings on polymeric surfaces
Colored web material comprising a plurality of discrete extended elements
Belt attachment process for an absorbent article
Electronic part manufacturing method and electronic part manufactured by the method
Method and apparatus for determining proper curing of pipe liners using distributed temperature sensing
Front/back discrimination device for time card, time recorder provided with same, front/back discrimination method for the time card, and program
Apparatus for inscription of marking tags
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and pneumatic tire using same
Wave-powered autonomous plankton collector
Propeller protection apparatus
Plasma actuator
Autonomic rotor system for an aircraft
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for dispersing additive into a fluid stream
Adhesion promoter and coating composition for adhesion to olefinic substrates
Methods of flash sintering
Process for conversion of lower aliphatic ethers to aromatics and lower olefins
Compound, method for producing the same, and method for producing oseltamivir phosphate
Method for producing high-purity 1,5-pentanediol
Glycerin purification method
Method for preparation of (2-hydroxy-3-oxo-cyclopent-1-enyl)-acetic acid esters
Benzazepine compound
Methods and compositions of treating a Flaviviridae family viral infection
Tetra-cyclic carboline derivatives useful in the inhibition of angiogenesis
Triazine derivatives for use in the treatment of malaria
Process for the preparation of 5-substituted 1-alkyltetrazolyl oxime derivatives
Process for producing benzo [b] [1,4] diazepine-2,4-dione compound
Use of artemisinin for treating tumors induced by oncogenic viruses and for treating viral infections
Nonlinear luminescent molecule, fluorescent stain, and observation method
Synthesis of phosphoric esters
Cytotoxic nucleotides for targeted therapeutics
Human monoclonal antibody
Host cell protein knock-out cells for production of therapeutic proteins
Neutralizing antibodies against GDF-8 and uses therefor
Crystalline anti-human IL-12 antibodies
Polymerizable compositions
Method for bonding active molecules onto a carrier, active element obtained by said method, and chemical composition for implementing said method
Water-blown rigid foams with improved mechanical properties at low temperatures
Heterocyclic compound and heterocyclic polymers
Processes for manufacturing electret fine particles or coarse powder
Sealing composition for HDD motor and HDD motor fabricated using the same
Dispersions comprising functionalized oxidic nanoparticles
(Meth)acrylic resin composition, imidized (meth)acrylic resin composition, and film obtained by molding them
Oil release with polyethylene oxide segment-containing N-lauroyl amino acid-based compounds
Oil release with amino acid-based compounds having a long chain N-acyl group
Cleaning and deodorizing compositions and methods
Pipette tip, pipette system and method for performing analysis with the pipette tip and system
HCV entry factor, Occludin
Method for the synthesis of chiral cyanohydrins via a hydroxynitrile lyase from brassicaceae
Gene GMS 01
Nucleic acid constructs and methods of making protein
Spray dried microbes and methods of preparation and use
Methods and compositions for universal detection of nucleic acids
Forensic identification
Apparatus and method for treating materials with compositions
Thin film application device and method for coating small aperture vacuum vessels
Gallium electrodeposition processes and chemistries
Hybrid fibers, devices using hybrid fibers, and methods for making hybrid fibers
Textiles; Paper
Fluorescent whitening agent aqueous solutions
Polyarylene compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles thereof
Manufacturing process for hybrid organic and inorganic fibre-filled composite materials
Production of filled paper using biodegradable polyester fibers and/or polyalkylene carbonate fibers
Fixed Constructions
Particulate material retaining bag for wall construction and erosion control
Construction machine with hydraulic pipes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Clearance control for a turbine
Mounting device for fan
Solar wind chime
System and methods for wind energy recapture from a non natural wind source
Free floating multiple stator arrangement generator for direct drive wind turbine and methods
Fan control system
Character parameters obtaining method for displacement control mechanism of hydraulic pump and detecting device for carrying out the method
Multi-row tapered roller bearing and transmission having such a bearing
Shaft support and lubrication assembly
Mobile pipe lining apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling multi-colored light strings
Controllable lighting system
Luminaire having a socket, a radiating member and a reflecting member fixed therebetween
Heatable lens for luminaires, and/or methods of making the same
Light guide panel and apparatus for forming pattern on light guide panel
Optical system unit and vehicular lamp
Spike anneal residence time reduction in rapid thermal processing chambers
Displacement measurement device, displacement measurement method, and displacement measurement program
Probe and method for obtaining three-dimensional compositional maps of a biological sample
Intra-cavity ellipsometer system and method
Thermal detector, thermal detection device, electronic instrument, and thermal detector manufacturing method
Three-dimensional (3D) hydrodynamic focusing using a microfluidic device
Biosensor utilizing a resonator having a functionalized surface
Clamping device and method for measuring eccentricity of optical-electric coupling member
Foreign substance detection device, moving body control system including foreign substance detection device, and moving body including moving body control system
Gel-based bio chip for electrochemical synthesis and electrical detection of polymers
Method for automated measurement of the residual magnetic field strength of magnetized ferromagnetic workpieces
Methods for identifying stem cells by detecting fluorescence of cells and syncytia
Cancer diagnosis and treatment of cancer using anti-robo 1 antibody
Sensor for biomolecules
System for the analysis of liquid samples
Electronic sensing system with environmental sensor patch
Multi purpose capacitive sensor
Detection of a conductive object during an initialization process of a touch-sensing device
Electromagnetic field measuring apparatus, electromagnetic field measuring method used for the same, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing electromagnetic field measurement control program
Auto-calibrating proximity sensor for retail display security system
Compressive passive millimeter wave imager
Zoom lens system
Display device
Fresnel lens
Optical fuse devices, optical fiber lines, and methods of manufacturing same
Endoscope connector method and apparatus
Optical waveguide board having guided structure and method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing optical-electrical hybrid board
Planar waveguide element
Optical coupling lens and optical fiber coupling connector
Optical fiber connector
Optical connector with sloped surface
In-plane switched active retarder for stereoscopic display systems
Switchable window having low emissivity (low-E) coating as conductive layer and/or method of making the same
Method and apparatus for EUV mask having diffusion barrier
Patterning method, method of manufacturing organic field effect transistor, and method of manufacturing flexible printed circuit board
Image forming apparatus and control method for image forming apparatus for switching a printing method based on state of drawing object
Image forming apparatus
Method of removing the imaging drum of a laser and printer imaging cartridge
Mathematical watches
Device foot
Computer system
Method of pre-processing data on a host machine for a host-based print system
Method for compensating electromagnetic inductive pressure level
Techniques to control display activity
Touch panel-attached display device and antistatic structure
MEMS display with touch control function
Input display apparatus, tangible computer-readable recording medium and input display method
Electronic apparatus using touch panel and setting value modification method of same
System and method for a virtual multi-touch mouse and stylus apparatus
Touch sensing apparatus and method thereof
Print control apparatus, print control method, and storage medium storing program
Information processing method, system, and storage medium storing a computer program, that determine the state of an information procesing apparatus and display different contents based on the determined state
Print system and image forming apparatus for setting a transition standby period
Printing system, server apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium encoded with image processing program
AC coupling circuit with hybrid switches
System and method for processing multiple mailing services orders of varying quantities and address lists
Detecting embossed characters on form factor
Biometrics based methods and systems for user authentication
Image processing device, imaging device, image processing method
Color sequential flash for digital image acquisition
Method for detection of specimen region, apparatus for detection of specimen region, and program for detection of specimen region
Image reconstruction from incomplete fourier measurements and prior edge information
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Three dimensional CMOS image processor for feature detection
Electronic device and method for recognizing features of objects
Image storage and retrieval based on eye movements
Method for classification of videos
Spatiotemporal visualization of sensor data
Transferring a mobile tag using a light based communication handshake protocol
Wireless shelf pusher activity detection system and associated methods
Point of sale deactivation tablet and method
Heating appliance emergency reminder detection device
Water saving alarm for use with a toilet tank
System to prevent drunken driving
Hazard warning system for vehicles
Taxidermy flesh removal system and method
Simultaneous light collection and illumination on an active display
Display device, driving method of display device, and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display controller and liquid crystal display device
Adaptive control of display characteristics of pixels of a LCD based on video content
Apparatus, system, and method for simulating physical movement of a digital image
Method of providing augmented contents and apparatus for performing the same, method of registering augmented contents and apparatus for performing the same, system for providing targeting augmented contents
Method of driving an electro-optic display utilizing internal capacitance to smooth a digitally modulated signal
Illuminated non-contact cymbal pickup
Exercise music support apparatus
Wind suppression/replacement component for use with electronic systems
Color storage and transmission systems and methods
Utilizing stored write environment conditions for read error recovery
Method for adjusting linear recording density and magnetic disk drive
Addressing insufficient bit error rates amongst segments
Method for production of hard disk substrate and hard disk substrate
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Threshold acquisition and adaption in NAND flash memory
Non-sequential encoding scheme for multi-level cell (MLC) memory cells
Method for achieving four-bit storage using flash memory having splitting trench gate
Serial advanced technology attachment dual in-line memory module device
Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) min/max voltage circuit for switching between multiple voltages
Silicon based shape memory alloy negative active material, negative active material composition including same, rechargeable lithium battery including same, and method of preparing same
Over-current protection device and method of making the same
EMI suppression with shielded common mode choke
Inductive power transfer system pick-up circuit
Logic circuit device comprising at least one digital input
Three-function reflowable circuit protection device
Lamp with enhanced chroma and color preference
Pulse splitter with dispersion compensation
Radiographic imaging device
Thermoelectric conversion element
Composite wafer for fabrication of semiconductor devices
Textured multi-junction solar cell and fabrication method
Single layer BGA substrate process
Fully-printed carbon nanotube thin film transistor backplanes for active matrix organic light emitting devices and liquid crystal displays
Method for forming structures in a solar cell
Programmable metallization cells and methods of forming the same
Method of creating an extremely thin semiconductor-on-insulator (ETSOI) layer having a uniform thickness
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits utilizing silicon nitride layers
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits with improved patterning schemes
Manufacturing method of trench type power transistor device with super junction
Substrate wiring method and semiconductor manufacturing device
Overlapping contacts for semiconductor device
Electrical bias methods and apparatus for photovoltaic device manufacture
Low threshold voltage CMOS device
Method of manufacturing interconnection and semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a high-voltage transistor with an extended drain structure
Scaled equivalent oxide thickness for field effect transistor devices
Embedded silicon germanium N-type filed effect transistor for reduced floating body effect
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Fabricating a contact rhodium structure by electroplating and electroplating composition
Power module package and system module having the same
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit structure incorporating one or more asymmetric field effect transistors as power gates for an electronic circuit with stacked symmetric field effect transistors
Finfets and fin isolation structures
Organic compound having acenaphtho[1,2-k]benzo[e]acephenanthrene derivative, light-emitting device, and image display apparatus
Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming semiconductor device structure and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having vertical type transistor
Zinc oxide based compound semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Transistor formation using cold welding
Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacture
Method for fabricating trench type power transistor device
Floating gate device with oxygen scavenging element
Semiconductor device including a multilayered interelectrode insulating film
Solid-state imaging device
Transparent layer with anti-reflective texture
Photoelectric conversion device
Semiconductor device
Gate electrode comprising aluminum and zirconium
Apparatus and method for extending polyolefin containing photovoltaic panel life span
Light-emitting arrangement with organic phosphor
Thiazole compounds as additives in electrolyte solutions in electrochemical cells and batteries
Battery system
Fuel cell and manufacturing method of the same
Separator, a lithium rechargeable battery using the same and a method of manufacture thereof
Catalyst ink preparation for fuel cell electrode fabrication
Alkaline fuel cell electrode catalyst, alkaline fuel cell, manufacture method for alkaline fuel cell electrode catalyst, and manufacture method for alkaline fuel cell
Anode and battery
Apparatus for electrical energy storage
Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell stack
Fuel cell
Dual-stack dual-band MIMO antenna
Ground connecting system for plane and helical microwave antenna structures
Methods and apparatus for antenna system with selectively activatable segments
Central processing unit socket assembly
Primary circuit board non-conductive void having different planar dimensions through board thickness to secure non-conducting locking member of holder
Test socket having a housing with clamping devices to connect the housing to a floating guide
Electro-mechanical connection for lighting
Implementing reconfigurable power connector for multiple wiring configurations
Methods and devices for efficient optical fiber amplifiers
Optical receiving device and communication system
Power supply device and image forming apparatus including the power supply device
Computer system and control method thereof
Turbine generator stator core attachment technique
Axial gap type generator
Vibration generation device
Method and apparatus for hybrid suspension system
Redundant braking system with constant braking torque and printing press having the braking system
Energy storage system and method thereof
Converter cell for cascaded converters and a control system and method for operating a converter cell
Power conversion apparatus, power conversion method, motor system, and two-phase induction motor
Converter control device and air conditioner including converter control device
Crystal oscillator
Piezoelectric module
Method and apparatus of cross-correlation
FET pair based physically unclonable function (PUF) circuit with a constant common mode voltage
M-ary sequence clock spreading
Light intensity subtractor, optical A-D converter, and method for subtracting light intensity
Capacitive digital to analog and analog to digital converters
TD converter and AD converter with no operational amplifier and no switched capacitor
Resistor-based .SIGMA.-.DELTA.DAC
Encoder, decoder and data processing system
Radio apparatus
Cellular phone and apparatus for tuning to a selected frequency modulation station and downconverting a corresponding radio frequency signal for audio play out
Methods and systems for encoding and decoding visible light with data and illumination capability
Method and apparatus for timing jitter measurement
Systems and methods for detecting data collisions for a near field communication system
Processor-independent communication of network availability
Adaptive transmission of resource utilization messages based on throughput
Systems and devices for emergency tracking and health monitoring
Antenna switching apparatus based on spatial modulation
Training-based channel estimation for multiple-antennas
Relay device
Retransmission of data using sub-carrier frequency permutation
Comfort device, system and method with electronic message display
Optical communication apparatus
Wavelength assignment in an optical WDM network
Relaying system and method with partner relays and selective transmission
Advertising with a layer three routing protocol constituent link attributes of a layer two bundle
Transmit (TX) interference canceller and power detector
Method and apparatus for antenna array channel feedback
Feedback information transmission method, mobile station apparatus and base station apparatus
Credit-based network congestion management
Method for filtering and processing data in a packet-switched communication network
Network configuration
Network system and frame communication method
Impairment simulation for network communication to enable voice quality degradation estimation
Wireless communication system, integrated base station, and terminal
Adaptive hybrid wireless and wired process control system with hierarchical process automation field network sets
Methods and apparatus to determine a capacity for a network layer topology
Method and device for parameterizing a bridge within a communication network
Apparatus and method for establishing tunnels between nodes in a communication network
Broadband access for virtual private networks
Method for equalizing the size of data packets by blocks of a multimedia stream
Methods and apparatus for centralized virtual switch fabric control
Identification of QoS classification based on packet attributes
WCDMA modulation
Communication system with signal-to-noise ratio adjustment mechanism and method of operation thereof
Efficient compressed sensing channel estimation for single-carrier communication systems
Encryption device
Data encryption and decryption method and apparatus
Responding to incoming calls
Stopping robocalls
Camel service charging in IMS networks
Access control based on receipt of defined information from access terminal
System and method of routing conference call participants
Method and apparatus for routing a call in a communications network
Content distributing system, content distributing apparatus, terminal device and content distributing method
Methods and systems for call processing in a wireline and wireless network
Providing and managing bypass of enhanced services
Scanning device
Spectral edge marking for steganography or watermarking
Method and apparatus for dynamically generating a stochastic threshold table
Sensor IC, contact image sensor and image reading apparatus
Efficient significant coefficients coding in scalable video codecs
Semi-automatic 3D stereoscopic disparity cursor
Automatic intelligent focus control of video
Determining a location using an image
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and recording medium
Video display apparatus
Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
Variable length coding of coded block pattern (CBP) in video compression
Method and system for segmenting moving objects from images using foreground extraction
Electro-acoustic converters, electronic devices, waterproof covers, and air leakage test methods for electro-acoustic converters
Magnetically one-side driven planar transducer with improved electro-magnetic circuit
Headset with retinal display and integrated computing system
Real-time quality monitoring of speech and audio signals in noisy reverberant environments for teleconferencing systems
Methods and apparatus for blackout, retune and subscription enforcement in a cellular network multimedia distribution system
Method and system for facilitating exchange of items in a network
Network system and communication log analyzer
Method and system for using cellular communication device availability information to predict coverage overlap between callers
Number of terminal estimation device and number of terminal estimation method
Integration of wired information and wireless information to locate a wireless device
Base station, mobile station, communication system, and communication method
Inter-radio access technology (IRAT) handover
Downlink control information receiving method in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
Wireless communications network base station extension
Method and apparatus for control channel operation in GERAN
Data transmitting method for machine type communication service and mobile communication system using the same
Load balancing techniques in wireless networks
Beacon frame scheduling in an independent basic service set network
LED constant-current drive circuit
Systems and apparatuses including alterable characteristics and methods of altering and coordinating such characteristics
Power supply for illumination and luminaire
Method and apparatus for synchronous sine wave dimming of luminaries
Duty factor probing of a triac-based dimmer
Multilayered printed wiring board
Electronic device assembly
Seal structure for electronic control device
Electronic device with riser card
Electrical component
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Weed hook
Method and apparatus for a transportable box blade assembly
Facile tractor hook up
Method for applying liquid nonaberrant NH3 in deep bands for agricultural crops using a process of direct high pressure injection
Cat feeder
Animal control system
Kitty corner scratching apparatus
Animal toy
Toy for animals
Composite chew toy
Chew toy for domestic ferrets and similar small pets
Pressure pulse probe for animal behavior correction
Self-cleaning bird feeder
Apparatus for the automatic feeding of animals, in particulary of calves
Negative air pressure cover
Photoperiodic control of growth
Change-speed construction for a fishing reel
Farrier's sighting instrument
Dough lump shaper
Asymmetrical trimmer disk apparatus
Apparatus and method for safely maintaining an extended restraining hold on a person
Multiple-fold automatic umbrella with penta-fold rope
Waterproof case in particular to sea water opening by mere pressure on two opposite points
Packaging for artificial lens
Perm hairgrip
Fluid applicator
Rod-shaped content draw-out container
Universal holder device
Medicinal atomizing inhaler pouch/retainer
Brush tufting
Adjustable table cord storage assembly
Linear actuator for retractable platform
Adjustable shelving for robotic work station
Fishing rod rack for boat decks
Storage cabinet
Support for casks
Tilt control for chair
Rotational adjustment device
Continuously adjustable lawn furniture
Ergonomic seat with inclined femoral portion
Elastic suspension bucket seat
Headrest for simple-structured seat
Self-leveling chair arm
Folding chair with retractable cup holder
Folding collapsible frame structure for a baby rocking chair
Bottle neck-hanging display device adaptable for different neck sizes
Wine rack and display shelf
Mobile-dining mealholder with beverage container plate-lid
Straw having valve function
Cup holder
Food container with a foldable condiment holder
Christmas tree outdoor ornament
Device for holding a lid above a container
Toothbrush storage container
Dispenser adapter for coreless rolls of products
Hanger label
Ophthalmic apparatus
System and method for orthokeratology
Aberration-free imaging of the fundus of the human eye
Digital eye camera
Glucose sensor package system
Dental instrument support mechanism
Method and arrangement for producing elongate support element and product, and use of the support element
Molded, reinforced handle
Capsule for use in preparing a dental amalgam
Orthodontic appliance for herbst therapy and arch development
Orthodontic bracket
Modification of properties and geometry of heart tissue to influence heart function
Oral prophylactic device
Single vision lenses
Hinge mechanism for a trunk support apparatus
Chair lift for stairs
Wheelchair shifting aid
Methods and apparatus for making seamless capsules
System for dispensing pharmaceutical active compounds
Acid resistant film forming dental composition and method of use
Method for whitening teeth
Sanitary waste disposal unit
Linear flow blood pump
Centralized bicarbonate mixing system
User interface
Dispenser with doses counter
System and method for controlling the start up of a patient ventilator
Pressure support system with a low leak alarm and method of using same
Valved connector and method of use
Minimally invasive surgical techniques for implanting devices that deliver stimulant to the nervous system
Method and apparatus for assisted breathing
Connecting device for a breathing apparatus
Automatic fire extinguisher system for use on cookstoves and ranges
Wildfire protection system
Water diffuser
Wheel for a stationary bicycle
Object retrieval apparatus
Hand down indicator including pocket
Collapsible play structures
Card dealer for a table game
Game board apparatus and method of playing same
Game and method having polarized adhesion portions
Marble/disk game
Puzzles with pressure-sensitive stick-on pieces
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filtration device for a waste water treatment system
Apparatus for cleaning liquid fluids
Cartridge adapter
Method an apparatus for comminuting solid particles
Molded drain pan
Static mixer for a viscous liquid
Parallel stirring apparatus
Dispensing machine for the metered delivery and continuous homogenization of finished paint products
Container holder
Steam injection heater with transverse mounted mach diffuser
Catalyst removal workstations and systems incorporating same for tubular reactors
Automated microplate filling device and method
Element of a drum-shaped pulverizing apparatus
Method for processing semiconductor material
Method and device for disposing of scrapped gas container
Method and appliance for atomizing liquid fuel for a firing installation
Nozzle element for an automobile windshield washer system
Fluid product dispensing device
Rotary sprinkling head structure of sprinkling gun
Hand-held ultrasonic fog generator
Shower head for a sanitary shower
Fluid delivery from a spray head having a moving nozzle
Rotary atomizer for particulate paints
Dual resist dispense nozzle for wafer tracks
Pump assembly with pressure release capability
Separating device for elongate solid pieces
Double skin trommel
Hood for the protection of premises
Method of forming a fire break in a duct
Pressure washer
Wafer rinse tank for metal etching and method for using
Insertion and control apparatus
Method and device for correcting the bending of a shaft, an axle or another carrier
Slot nozzle for spraying a continuous casting product with a cooling liquid
Hydroformed tubular structures and methods of making
Exothermic sleeve compositions containing aluminum dross
Methods and apparatus for high throughput pressure infiltration casting
Vacuum induction melting system
Process and apparatus for drilling holes in the shell of a cylinder
Power tool and portable support assembly
Annular saw and method of protecting the clamping edge and of cleaning the saw blade of an annular saw
Apparatus and method for assessing solderability
Method and apparatus for removing known good die
Process and apparatus to remove closely spaced chips on a multi-chip module
Apparatus and method for removing a soldered device from a printed circuit board
Friction stir welding
Lead-free electrical solder and method of manufacturing
Baffle for a header in a heat exchanger
Router tables
Vise plates with chain blocks
Wafer flattening system
Magnetic insert in jaw plate for holding vise parallels
Connector security latching mechanism
Adjustable stroke gripper assembly
Stapler designed to receive different size staples
Retaining device for a power drill shaft
Wrench support rack assembly
Illuminated tool organizer apparatus and method
Reciprocating knife sheet material cutting apparatus with knife sharpener
Sheet finisher positioned between upstream and downstream rollers and temporarily increasing speed of the upstream rollers while maintaining speed of the downstream rollers
Drill bit with inscriber
Wood working machine
Cement mixing apparatus and method
Cover for a connector bar
Sealing device
Connector, method of manufacturing the same and die structure for executing the method
Injection molding tool for producing a rolling bearing cage for a linear bearing
Manifold system having flow control
Cord wrap with integrally molded light holders and method for making same
Mould-closing unit for an injection moulding machine
Gear extruder having gas vent ports
Pallet container
Heater assembly for blow molding plastic preforms
Adjustable clamp frame for a thermo-forming machine
System for embossing and crimping a multi-layer sheet material web assembly
Method and apparatus for applying self-adhesive protective sheeting to vehicle bodies
Hand tool for adhesive strip application
Closure mechanism with a heat-insulating filler
End finishing of plastic optical fibers using laser ablation
Composite spoolable tube with sensor
Unistage tire building drum
Rotary tabletting machine
Rotary tablet press
Tool assembly for the manufacture of ring-shaped compacts using a rotary compression press
Method of manufacturing a composite sheet steel, especially for the protection of vehicles against shots
Adhesive bonding laminates
Laminated glass and window using the same
Inkjet printer, and method of assembling the printer, for printing an image on a first receiver and on a second receiver
Printer having a medium transportation path open/close mechanism
Printing zone specially adapted for textile printing media
Thermal printer with improved ribbon transport
Method and apparatus for compensating for variations in printhead-to-media spacing and printhead scanning velocity in an ink-jet hard copy apparatus
Method and apparatus for fixing ink to a print receiving medium
Ink container for ink jet printing, holder for the container, carriage for the holder and ink jet printer
Preload of data prior to fire pulse by using a dual buffer system in ink jet printing
System that meters the firings of a printer to audit the dots or drops or pulses produced by a digital printer
Continuous ink jet printing process
Ink jet head configured to increase packaging density of counter electrode and oscillation plate
Liquid ejecting recording head having two substrates joined together
Ink-jet head with piezoelectric actuator
Electrostatic discharge protection of electrically-inactive components in a thermal ink jet printing system
Ink jet head and method of fabrication thereof
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Ink jet recording head, method of producing same, and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method thereof
Ink jet printer with a nozzle covering and cleaning device
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink cartridge
Waste ink reservoir for ink jet printer and ink jet printer incorporating the same
Printing device having pressure fluctuation accommodating structure
Print cartridge with adhesive dispensed through window of flexible circuit
Long-life spring-backed fluid interconnect seal
Detection system, liquid-jet printing apparatus and liquid container
Device and arrangement for filling an ink reservoir
Method and device for determining the distribution of product present in a reservoir, notably ink in an image device
Direct electrostatic printing method and apparatus
Direct electrostatic printing method and apparatus
Optical writing printer head and printer using the same
Self-calibrated sensor module for inkjet printing devices
Flat bed raster drawing machine
CD-ROM holder suitable for binding
Spinning disk assembly
Multi-ply integrated label form
Transportable note pad holder
Paper storage item and method of making same
Device for binding together a stack of document sheets
Input pen
Pressurized writing instrument employing a compressible piston member
Caster structure with functions of brake and rotation constraint
Plastic wheel assembly and improved mounting sleeve therefor
Pneumatic tire with sidewall reinforcing rubber and bead reinforcing layer of approximately circumferential cords
Runflat wheel for tubeless tire
Trailer jacking device
Composite leaf spring with improved lateral stiffness
Vehicle suspension system
Roll control actuator
Vehicle air conditioning apparatus with hot water flow control
Single heat exchanger
Stowable deck lid
Tarp retraction system
Openable motor vehicle roof with a tiltable cover for closing and exposing a circular roof opening
Mechanical latch
Vehicle sunroof device
Fuel tank
Active fuel system bladder
Method and apparatus for estimating the maximally transmissible drive torque in a motor vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicle
Thermal management of fuel-cell-powered vehicles
Current collector
Seat riser fold and tumble mechanism
Seat cushion height adjuster
Vehicle seat with anchoring wire to secure an element onto this seat
Vehicle seat with displaceable headrest
Bolt with expandable bushing for pivot attachment
Vehicle floor covering with integral threaded drain tube and method of making same
Vehicle cupholder
Compartment mounted automotive beverage container holder
Multicombination vehicle and method for transporting a payload in an underground mine
Rotatable feedgate
Vehicle carrier
Personal watercraft carrier
Boat protection system
Load rack apparatus
Vehicular lamp
Dual pump unit
Highway traffic warning reflector
Pivotable external rearview mirror assembly for utility vehicles
Stabilization device
Television stand for a vehicle
Electrical module for multiplexed control of a set of lighting or signalling lamps for a motor vehicle
Automotive frame bumper interface for discriminated deceleration response
Work vehicle grille screen
Method of opening a burst disc on a pressurized container as well as a compressed gas source for activating a vehicle occupant restraint system
Air bag contoured for safety
Airbag and airbag module for a front passenger
Folded inflatable side curtain with tether
Airbag with interior deflection device
Head-protection air-bag device
Gas bag for a vehicular occupant restraint system
Air bag module as vibration damper
Inflator seal retainer for an air bag module
Seat belt retractor with torsion bar
Seat belt retractor
Vehicle mounted locking firearm support
Vehicle rack assembly with hydraulic assist
Container transporter
Device and method in braking systems for motor vehicles
Hydraulic brake system
Method of braking in an integrated train propulsion and brake system
Hydraulic brake booster
Method for controlling a valve in a hydraulic braking system
Pedal assemblies for vehicle braking systems
Automatic operation detector for automatic brake unit
Yaw control system
Means for connecting a closure part to a bush of a piston pump for a brake system
Brake pressure control device and a method for activating and deactivating a hydraulic brake booster
Friction drive system trolley conveyor
Magnetically coupled transportation module
Locomotive with operator cabin rear impact protection
Slackless railway coupler with buff/draft gear
Method and apparatus for controlling trains by determining a direction taken by a train through a railroad switch
Wheeled platform for erectable canopy shelter
Add-on drive assembly for baby strollers and carriages
Positioning device for a backrest of a stroller
Steering structure of vehicle
Front automotive reinforcement structure for distributing impact force
Frame mounting structure for frame body automotive vehicle
Bicycle seat assembly
Cooling device for motorcycle
Single pivot bicycle suspension apparatus and related methods
Damping apparatus for bicycle forks
Portage device
Playcart movable with hands
System for balancing a two-wheeled vehicle at rest
Sea anchor and method for its deployment
Lifting device
Personnel lift device and amusement use thereof
Motorized paraglider with automatic steering system for preventing upset
Landing gear
Coupling membrane for a helicopter rotor head
Blade profile for aircraft rotor and rotor comprising same
Automatic wing-flap
Nacelle assembly for a gas turbine engine
Inert loading jet fuel
Hybrid deicing system and method of operation
Method and apparatus for removal of moisture from rotor blades
Configurable space launch system
Expendable launch vehicle
Cryogenic composite tank seals
Steering control for skewed scissors pair CMG clusters
Docking system & method for space travel vehicle
Dispensing mechanism for a produce packaging machine
Strap feeding and withdrawing structures of an upright binding machine
Volumetric doser apparatus for pasty material
Apparatus and method for delivering a fluid to a container
Article grouping mechanism
Device for stacking articles advancing on a conveyor line
Carton sleeve with interlock
Transport assembly
Handle bag with closure
Sliding mechanical closure with consumer-releasable motion-limiting features
Top opening reclosable bag and method of manufacture thereof
Container closure having a frangible seal
Multiple compartment package design
Tamper-evident drum closure overcap
Disposable condiment pouch
Tubular package container
Device for dispensing a liquid under pressure
Flip-top box for cigarettes
Compact disc folder booklet
Cluster roller assembly with improved roller
Conveyor system
Low profile belt conveyor
Conveyor belt and method of making the same
Fiber filled chain link for a modular conveyer chain
Conveyors for feeding containers in equally spaced manner
Unit load transport device
Trolley chassis
Transverse conveyance apparatus for roller conveyors and a lift device
Conveying apparatus for electric parts
Portable telescoping radial stacking conveyor
Conveyor belt scraper tensioner
Automated conveyor cleaning system
Device for grouping or isolating articles
Feeding and sorting apparatus
Apparatus and method of inventorying packages on a storage device
Belt carrier for dispensing machines
Article transfer apparatus
Two axis bottle guide rail change over for an air conveyor
Frictionless transport apparatus and method
Sheet feeding apparatus, image forming apparatus and sheet feeding method
Erroneous container insertion prevention structure and container processing apparatus
Field fence unroller and stretcher
Paper roll supporting device for an image forming apparatus
Reel winding device and process for supporting a winding reel
Controlled cutting of multiple webs to produce roofing shingles
Air cushion guide for sheet or web-formed material
Sheet feeding apparatus, image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet deposition device for selective deposition of sheets on superimposed supports
Power transmission device between a feed reel and a take-up reel in a film-transferring device
Sheet dispenser mechanism
Power driven fish tape
Sheet alignment device for use in a sheet handling device
Elevator system, including control method for controlling, multiple cars in a single shaft
Elevator system and speed governing apparatus
Safety system for a vertical reciprocating conveyor
Crawler-mounted crane with detachable lateral stablizers
Aerial bucket support apparatus
Bellows-type dispensing pump
Liquid dispensing tap
Vapor recovery line diagnostics
Dual-chamber canister for producing diluted ready-to-use-solutions with anti-confusion protection
Coaxial vapor flow indicator
Spring structure with self-aligned release material
Micromachined silicon beam interconnect
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen absorption indirect heat exchanger
Processes for forming styrenic copolymers
Nanoparticles for printing images
Powder slurry coating composition
Low burning candle
Plasma reactor with a deposition shield
Method of protecting quartz hardware from etching during plasma-enhanced cleaning of a semiconductor processing chamber
Sub-atmospheric chemical vapor deposition system with dopant bypass
Method for feeding gases for use in semiconductor manufacturing
Hardfacing with multiple grade layers
Textiles; Paper
Garment folding apparatus
Screen device comprising two screen chambers for separating fiber suspensions
Cleaning device in paper machines, board machines or other similar machines for cleaning a fabric, such as wire or felt
Fixed Constructions
Tired roller
Method and apparatus for constructing a temporary parking lot
Snow disposal apparatus
Erosion control and bulkhead apparatus
Dock support and height adjustment apparatus
Sanitary fitting
Modular lavatory faucet spout mounting
Holding device for a hand-operated shower head
Control apparatus for pneumatic evacuation and water valves, operated by vacuum pressure
Stormwater dispensing chamber
Device for attaching a collapsible canopy to a vehicle
Concrete form waler bracket
Self-erecting and collapsible shelter
Fluid distribution valve
Method and apparatus for constructing a turndown pad
Adaptable low-power electronic locking mechanism
Lock apparatus
Locking fitting for a door, French window or the like provided with a spring-bolt elastically restored into locking position
Apparatus and methods for opening a vehicle hood
Personal passive restraint system
Casement fastener closure for thick-walled doors, shutters or the like
Base for quick fastening of a hinge for furniture
Overhead doors
Operation, control and suspension system for a vertical vane covering for architectural openings
Single stile ladder having dual adjustable leg supports
Borehole opener
Multiple plug container
Apparatus for and a method of supporting a tubular member
Drilling vessel provided with auxiliary tower or auxiliary mast
Blocking system for a directional drilling machine
Casing annulus monitoring apparatus and method
Electrical heater
High capacity thrust bearing
Centrifugal submersible pump
Method and apparatus for communicating with downhole devices in a wellbore
Apparatus and method for performing downhole measurements
Soil sampling device
Combination whipstock and anchor assembly
Mining control system for adjusting the advance of mining tools
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fastening devices for heat-protection shields
Methods and apparatus for directing airflow to a compressor bore
Heat shield for a gas turbine
Mechanism for variable valve lift and cylinder deactivation
Internal combustion engine variable valve characteristic control apparatus and three-dimensional cam
Exhaust pipe assembly of two-passage construction
Apparatus and method for filling a motor vehicle cooling system with coolant
Service equipment for engine cooling systems
Thermally reactive radiator closure assembly
Insert molded electronically controlled engine cooling module for DC motors
Piston top geometry for optimized combustion
Charge control device for and method for controlling the functioning of a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Method for operating a four stroke diesel engine
Engine combustion system
Exhaust gas recirculation cooling system
Self-aligning and locking mount for engine accessory
Aircraft engine acoustic liner and method of making the same
Load setting device
Mode transition control scheme for internal combustion engines using unequal fueling
Method and apparatus for controlling the power output of a homogenous charge internal combustion engine
Fuel volatility detection and compensation during cold engine start
Self-adapting method of controlling the mixture ratio of an internal combustion engine injection system
Method and device for controlling an electro-magnetic load
Rocket piston internal combustion engine
Engine holder structure for four-cycle outboard motor
EGR and oil cooling system
Intake system
Check valve with an integral breakaway retainer
High pressure hose particularly suitable for automotive fuel delivery system
Control module for controlling hydraulically actuated intake/exhaust valves and a fuel injector
Fuel injection system and a method for operating
Reduce initial feed rate injector with fuel storage chamber
Fuel injector with independent control of check valve and fuel pressurization
Switching valve
Gaseous fuel injector having high heat tolerance
Mounting apparatus of fuel injection valve
Fuel injector sac volume reducer
Fuel supply apparatus
Fuel injector
High temperature compensation circuitry for an ignition control circuit
Wind energy installation
Valve plate with hydraulic passageways for axial piston pumps
Fluid pumping system for automatic transmission
Displacement control valve
Suction muffler and hermetic compressor
Vibrating membrane fluid circulator
Variable clearance system for reciprocating compressors
Fuel pump
Scroll type compressor having a gap that collects and supplies oil to an oil supply path or the eccentric bearing
Medical gear pump for suctioning and rinsing
Horizontal rotary and method of assembling same
Electrically driven compressor with contactless control
Scroll compressor with pivoting slider block and improved bore configuration
Fuel delivery system
Centrifugal pump for a gas turbine engine
Crossing spiral compressor/pump
Axial-type supercharger
System and method for locking parts to a rotatable shaft
Arrangement for mounting a fan motor on a heat exchanger and automobile vehicle front assembly provided with that arrangement
Control of flow separation with harmonic forcing and induced separation
Fastening system for connecting actuators, or other attachable devices, to rotary valves
Fastener assembly with interference element
Mounting device
Screw joint for pipes
Screw for torque-limited fastening
Quick locking fastener
Permanently placeable fasteners, inserter head for fastener placement and related methods
Parallel wave washer
Retaining means for evaporative cooler pads
Telescoping rod
Attachment element for securing a rail foot
Journal bearing
Dynamic pressure bearing
Hydrodynamic-pressure bearing device and motor provided with the hydrodynamic-pressure bearing device
Clutch strap
Drum-in-hat park brake assembly
Balanced brake assembly having coincident piston application
Progressive brake lining wear sensor
Clutch divider plate
Antivibration mount and mechanical assembly comprising such mount
Vibration damper
Adaptive hydraulic engine mount
Clutch having a damper spring
Solid girdle hoop for an air spring and method of assembly
Damping adjuster for shock absorber
Double-tube shock absorber using a hydraulic fluid and a magnetorheological fluid
Shock absorber with flexible connection between an airlift component and top mount
Connection arrangement for a hydrodynamic torque converter
Apparatus and method for controlling temperature of fluid in a differential assembly
Housing of vehicular shift lever
Recessed groove/seal surface for seal effectiveness
Oppositely angled piston ring grooves
Device for fixing lower members and fluid control apparatus incorporating same
Tapping sleeve with a mechanical joint adaptor
Coaxial valve with electric actuating drive
Locking valve with joint allowing packing service
Methods for monitoring wear in seat materials of valves
Valve for use with high purity gas
Face seal for barrel type water valve
Pinch valve having a flexible tube member
Variable flow-through control plug
Device and method for installing pipes at very great depths
Seal for preventing leakage of fluids between irregular areas on mating surfaces
Adjustable plumbing connector and method
Apparatus for reducing fastener bending stress in flanged connections
Coupling device
Pipe coupling
Assembly of a flexible pipe and an end-fitting
Method for attaching an ANSI stub-end flanged connector to a composite tubular member
Modulator body and fluid accumulator for use in vehicle brake system
Closure device for a pipe/wall aperture
Liner for reinforcing a pipe and method of making the same
Thermal insulating panels
Method and apparatus for leak testing and lubricating track joint
Docking assembly of a pressurized-gas canister assembly with a manifold assembly
Fast fill method and apparatus
LED indicator retaining device
Pull-on bifurcated clip for improved reflector trim retention
Operating theater luminaire including discharge lamps within a reflector
Safety structure to prevent a socket from being over-heated in a lamp string
Simulated neon light using led's
Lighting device convertible between reading light and flashlight configurations and having separate light actuating switches
Light apparatus for illuminating a compact computer video screen
Lens system for enhancing LED light output
Off-axis and segment collimation and projection
Vehicle lamp and method of determining reflective surface of reflector thereof
Optical design for a reflector for reflecting light beams
Interactive light display
Light diffusing apparatus using light guide
Injector for a burner and corresponding injection system
Apparatus for premixing in a gas turbine engine
Method of operating a furnace based upon electrostatic precipitator operation
Refractory lining for tubular wall
Method and means for automated variable heater control for agricultural unit heaters
Method and apparatus for operating a combustion plant
Appliance with light mounted in door
Device for heating fluid
High temperature materials processing furnace
Cooling device boiling and condensing refrigerant
Air gun firing system
Archery bow limb mounting assembly
Eccentric for archery bow with let-off adjustment module
Process and device for guiding a flying craft, in particular a missile, onto a target
Methods and apparatus for swash plate guidance and control
Microsensor housing
Device for directed dispensing of free-flowing materials
Temperature sensing termination
Power steering mechanism with magnetoelastic torsion bar
Handheld ultraviolet inspection lamp
Device for measuring the thermal conductivity of a fluid
Reflection reduction projection optical system
Capillary fluid switch with asymmetric bubble chamber
Color projection system incorporating electro-optic light modulator and rotating light-transmissive element
Method and apparatus for generating three dimensional light patterns
Mounting opto-electric modules on circuit boards
Terminal end of a connector on an optical fiber
Fiber optic connector module
Connection apparatus
Optical device and optical module provided with optical device
Lens barrel
Optical device fixing device
Film transport device and camera
Takeup leader for single reel tape drives with increased flexibility for improved performance
Method and apparatus for inhibiting projection of selected areas of a projected image
Projector with adjustably positioned image plate
Belt drive rack and tank photographic processing apparatus
Apparatus for providing a photochemical reaction
Ladder boat for supporting wafers
Children's sleeptime timer and clock device
Temperature-responsive mixing valve
Mass flow controller
Circuit card retention mechanism
Electrical card connector
Circuit board stuffing process
Portable cards
Vandal proof electronic memory card reader
Card access system supporting multiple cards and card readers
Retro-reflective scan module for electro-optical readers
Method of reading two-dimensional code and storage medium thereof
Hand-held scanning system for heuristically organizing scanned information
Label and/or form for special service mailing and a method of assembling a mailpiece requiring special mailing services
Secure print sensing smart card with on-the-fly-operation
Methods and apparatus for employing a hidden security partition to enhance system security
System and method for improving a user's performance on reading tests
Tetrahedral twist: chemistry puzzle and teaching device
Skill acquisition, transfer and verification system hardware and point tracking system applied to health care procedures
System for instruction thinking skills
Dynamically controlled vehicle simulator system, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Labels for detecting counterfeit products
Recording and/or reproducing device having a take-up reel and having a tape pull-out assembly which can be positioned radially with respect to the take-up reel
Apparatus for holding and displaying a plurality of objects
Noise damping device of rotation driving apparatus
Method of determining contact wear in a trip unit
Solenoid switch for starters
Mammography x-ray tube having an integral housing assembly
Heat dissipating assembly
Cooling apparatus for electronic devices
Large surface LED lighting device
Ventilation system for an enclosure
Mounting bracket for PCS and other antennas
Header or receptacle for use in a power connector and process of assembling same
Right angle, snap on coaxial electrical connector
Electrical connector
Terminal fitting, a connector housing and a connector comprising the same
Connector with a side retainer
Cover-provided connector
Connector module retainer especially suitable for wafer connectors and connector assembly utilizing same
Pothead with pressure energized lip seals
Electrical plug-in connection
Connector housing for a watertight connector and a watertight connector
High voltage connector
Retainer for mounting on a card edge connector
Connector system
Electrical coupling device for aligning and interengaging a plurality of multi-pin connectors
Electronic card connector having an integral ejector mechanism
Half-fitting prevention connector which positively prevents a half-fitted connection
Lever-type connector
Clamp-on multiple lug buss bar assembly
Shield and spring interface to a spark plug from a pencil coil
Adjustable contact jaw spacing for circuit breaker plug-in base
Electrical junction box
Flexible cable management system
Reduction of intercolor or bleeding in liquid ink printing
In-wall speaker mounting apparatus
Surface-mounted low profile connector
Retention system for electrical connectors
Electrical connector
Snap-in module inserter/ejector with board mount and alignment features
Data storage chassis with adjustable rack mounting
Electronic components cooling apparatus
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